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Google Video – illuminatiMATRIX explanatory video detailing the foundational root of hypnosis, religion, intellectualism and who and what god is.

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YouTube Video highlighting some of the subliminal elements hidden in the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem

Please read the next paragraph before watching the ROCK VIDEO.

On the ROCK VIDEO, the World Trade Center is mistakenly called the ROCKEFELLER PLAZA. The WTC was conceived and promoted by the Rockefellers. The Rockefeller Plaza is to the north of the World Trade Centre, on the MANHATTAN ROCK, or MANNA STONE. The WTC and the Rockefeller Plaza , along with the area of CENTRAL PARK, relate to the TEMPLE MOUNT in Jerusalem, and the Al Aqsa Mosque, the Dome of the ROCK, and the Temple Courtyard. These in turn relate to the North American West Coast. See page 39 for more details.

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Ford – Chrysler – Oldsmobile – Citreon – Auto Sex Magick Manufacturers

Up until this point, on this site, what appears to be reaching for the unbelievable, will now seem almost within the realm of sanity when compared to what will now be presented.

One of the major methods of achieving mass hypnosis has been the invention of the automobile. This invention is 100% based on the use of sacred geometry, the holiest of all tools of the luciferian mind.
The whole form, function and freedom experience of this invention is straight out of the mind of the destroyer.

Although the automobile was invented
in the latter years of the 19th century, it did not gain prominent status
on the world scene until Henry Ford (a freemason) set to work in 1903, on
a little number called the “Model A”. This preliminary model produced only
a few vehicles and a few prototypes. The next in line was the “Model N”.
A strange letter to pick, but hey, why not. After that came the “Model S”,
even a stranger letter. Why didn’t they pick the letter U to follow after
the N? Yet another model was produced called the “Model T”. This little baby
hummed. But strange as it may seem, this letter T actually followed the letter
S in natural alphabetic sequence. What gives? The first models bounce all over the place, then it’s “ST” back to back. The “Model T” began production
in 1908 (08 = total control) and continued until 1927 (27 = number form of the deity) when, low and behold, production on the
Model T stopped and they began to produce another car called, (now get this)
the “Model A”, again. All right, what really
gives here?

Here’s what gives. Henry Ford was an anti-semite freemason
thinker. In other words, he was a luciferian worshipper. He received an award
from the Nazi’s of Germany for his anti-semitism and very fittingly, made
a ton of money, selling supplies to the Nazi’s in World War 2. It is this
luciferian thinking fellow who came up with the automobile model names of
A-N-S-T-A. When rearranged to portray the real
intent this spells S-A-T-A-N. This is why the
S and the T were named successively. To send the subliminal and the hypnotic suggestion that the ST. (saint – a holy thing) was behind the manufacturing process all the time.

What actually became the strength for the Ford company was the mass producing assembly line. This little bit of wisdom was actually borrowed from the Chicago Stockyard slaughterhouse DISSASSEMBLYLINE. In other words, one of Ford’s associates saw the practicality
of making people become, basically robots, and repeat the same function over and over again in the slaughter of animals, and thought what a wonderful thing to apply to this TRANCE-PORTATION DEVICE.

Model Tease

It should be noted that Henry Ford, besides being a Freemason, was also a machinist and engineer with the Edison Illuminating Company. Edison too, was a Freemason. No small wonder the Edison Company was called the Illuminating Company. Henry Ford was born on July 30, 1863, in Greenfield Township, Michigan. This date translates as 07/30/1863. When comparing this to the clock charts on this site, the 7th month = 7. The 30 day coincides with 6 on the 3rd clock face. The year 63 coincides with 3 on the 6th clock face. What this date symbolizes is the COMPLETION (7) by the duality of the CHRIST/ANTICHRIST (6), of the DEITY (3). This birthdate is totally with in the realm of probability since it is that the luciferian mindset has created everything we see and is in total control of the illusion of births and deaths.

The next birthdate I wish to point out, is that of Aleister Crowley. On page 17, the connection of Crowley, with that of Barbara Bush was demonstrated. Now for the connection to Henry Ford and the automobile. Aleister Crowley was born 12 years later than Henry Ford on October 12, 1875. (99 years after the USA became a country – 9-11’s). He was born in Leamington Spa, England. This date translates, 12/10/1875. On the clock faces on this site, this registers as 12, 10 and the year 75 coincides with 3. 10 is the number of intensity, 12 the number representing a full cycle or completion and 75 (which is 3) is the deity shape/form number. What this is saying is that the 2 geometric tables used to create the sacred geometry of the luciferian thought form, the 12 and 10 times tables, will be used by the deity (3), through the life of Aleister Crowley.

Aleister Crowley went on to combine the ancient mysticism of the EAST with the scientific understanding of the WEST. He called this new religion the LAW of THELEMA. He then became head of the Ordo Temple Orientus – the O.T.O. This order carried with it a ritual known as SEX MAGICK (described briefly on page 17). The acronym O.T.O. is not accidental or without deliberate intent. It is exactly the sound of the word AUTO. It is the auto-mobile that was the prime driving force behind creating, what eventually became the most elaborate SEX MAGICK TRANCE INDUCING SYSTEM the world has ever seen. The development of the automobile led to the creation of the Interstate Highway System of the USA that Henry Ford was a vigorous proponent of establishing in the early years of the automobile. To state it more correctly, The Interstate Highway System should read as – The MIND ALTERING STATE – EYE WAY – CYST – M of the luciferian entity.

Without this mesmerizing automobile hypnosis upon the masses, World War 1 and 2 would have been little more than skirmishes, or would never have occurred. The Wright Brothers airplane and the
ultimate jet travel of today would never have gotten off the ground. The space race would have never begun and the FAKED MOON LANDINGS would never have occurred. (The moon landings never did occur, but even the faking of them would never have occurred, because they needed the air and ground transportation systems in place to fake it).

Aleister Crowley and Henry Ford, unwittingly colaborated on combining eastern mysticism with western scientific manipulation. Just as Barbara Bush (quite likely the daughter of Aleister Crowley), by marrying George Bush, colaborated unwittingly again, with Henry Ford. Here’s how. It was Henry Ford who pushed vigourously for petroleum stations to be built all across America. The stations had to be built to feed the cars that the masses would buy. It is the Bush family who delight in petroleum sales because of their connections to the oil business, not to mention the military arms and banking systems. Their primary residence is in Texas, the home of Texas Tea (think T for sex ritual cross), sometimes called BLACK GOLD. Texas “T” is a reference to the Swastika of Nazism, which was an ancient religious sex ritual sun symbol. Simply switch the first and second halves of the word and SWASTIKA reads TIKS- WAAS. By placing the extra S after TIK and the extra A in WAAS is not at all manipulating the intent with this symbolic acrobatic move. The Swastika can be drawn quite nicely in the shape of the state of Texas and the subconscious has no trouble whatsoever reading the letters TIKSWAAS as TEXAS. See the Texas / Swastika diagram a bit farther down the page.

The unwitting connection between the Bush, Crowley and Ford families overlaps when considering the automobile, oil, satanism, sex, money, fascism, the swastika, the highway system and of course, murder. Murder has flourished because of all these other activities and inventions these families have perpetuated. So together, the two Nazi minded families of Crowley/Bush perpetuated the ideals of the Nazi Ford legacy. It should be noted that the name FORD is another subliminal which means FOR – Death. FORD also contains the RO from which we obtain the word ROYAL, that refers to the elite who ROSE above the commoners. Wherever you see the RO letters together, especially within the construction of word, it is a reference to the ROSE LINE of ancient Egyptian sun worship. The word WORD itself is declaring this very thing. Let’s have a look at this word.

WORD = D death + ROW
Death ROW = Death ROW-S = Death Rose
Adding the S to D-ROW spells SWORD, the symbolic instrument of war and death through the ages. This is what words are, swords that destroy.

This is exactly what words are all about, Killing and Deceit and Manipulation.

Once again, in reference to the Texas Swastika, in the English language, this adding and deleting of letters is done consistantly. For instance, RITE, WRITE and RIGHT all mean something different. They all sound the same but we’re taught that they mean something different. Still when examined against the luciferian mindset, they are all connected. A RITE is a RITUAL established by WRITING down the incantation which will manipulate the RIGHT side of the brain. This is considered RIGHTEOUS in the eye of the luciferian mind. Aye, it is!

Now have a look at the symbolism of O.T.O. and the AUTO. This diagram is again based on the light beam chart developed for this site. Everything we see and hear is an illusion, a manipulation of the truth, which is light.
This is just one more example of the hypnosis of that manipulation. If you were on a stage at this moment, with a stage hypnotist, and you swore there was a giraffe on the stage with you, the audience would be splitting their sides at your ridiculous behaviour. This is precisely what is occurring as we look at the 3D space around us. It’s not there except for the fact that the great hypnotist has subliminally convinced us that it is.

O.T.O. AutoMobile

The Interstate Highway System of the United States – TRANCE AMERICA

The map below with a few details added, demonstrates the symbolic numbers of the Interstate System, which is totally based on luciferian thinking. The whole system was devised to especially highlight the 4 Corner states of Utah, Arizona, New Mexico and Colorado. These 4 states form the Cross of the Rose from the Dead doctrine, which has perplexed humanity for 6,000 years. Here is the final location of the last cross which stands ready to serve the luciferian christ called jesus at its 2nd coming. The final service to this demonic entity which will establish the messianic new world order of the luciferian god on earth, will be the Marriage Supper of the Lamb.

Notice that there is NO EYE-50 or EYE-60, as this would not facilitate the numbers 15 (deity), 70 (completion), 25 (1 quarter of the 4 seasons alotted to man) and 66 (christ / antichrist) desired to border the cross at 4 Corners.

Make special note of Route 66, which was decommissioned in 1985, and is basically, now, a SHRINE. This highway is called the MOTHER ROAD. This highway passes through 7 states (# of completion). 66 is referencing back to the christ / antichrist concept. The notion of a Mother Road hearkens back to the thought of the Mother of God, Mary. Who in turn, was borrowed from many previous Mothers of God, who all had a dove (representing the HOLY SPIRIT) land on their head. The concept of Mother, perpetuates the idea of HOLINESS. This Mother Road called Route 66 is subliminally suggesting that it is a Holy Mother Highway. The word MOTORWAY is none other than MOTHERWAY. A Physical Motor is a Spiritual Mother. The geometric, mathematical engineering marvel that is the Engine manipulates the spiritual stability of humanity. Remember, at one time, the invention of magnificent machines was considered magic. Today we look at machines and engines as just commonplace, and therefore because we are accustomed to it, we believe it not to be magic or demonic. Nothing could be further from the truth.

The inspiration for this bit of engineering marvel, the road system, hearkens back to old England and to ancient Rome. See the diagram below and follow the AROMA of the ROSE. Keeping in mind that in ancient Rome, the road was named after the emporer who was in power when the road was finished. In the case of A66 in England and Route 66 in the USA, it would seem the Christ / Antichrist (666) dual personality entity is in power.

A66 Road

Now read this verse from the luciferian holy book in Isaiah 34:8 – “For it is the
Day of the Lord’s VENGEANCE… (then to Isaiah 35:8) and an HIGHWAY shall be there, and a WAY, and it shall be called the WAY OF HOLINESS…the unclean shall not pass over it;…”

What you have here is instruction given to the elite, the elect of the luciferian god, that they might build this Highway so that in the day of the lord’s KILLING SPREE everybody will know that this must be of god. Why? Well it says right there in the holy bible, that this Mother Highway will pass right through this WAY OF HOLINESS. If you have trouble equating the United States of America with Holiness then you’re not alone.

Eye Ways USA

The states were all designed centuries
ago, by the luciferian mind, as pertaining to shape and location. One such
demonic design is the state of Texas. This is the home state of presidents
Bush Sr. and Jr. They, along with their father Prescott, who was a Nazi business
associate, do not shy away from taking away the liberties of the American
people. Fascism is alive and well in Texas as this next map demonstrates.

Texas Swastika

California – Da Vinci’s Real Last Supper Symbolism

The Marriage Supper of the Lamb is the REAL LAST SUPPER which will occur and even now is being made ready for the Day of the Vengeance of the Lord. The day when the luciferian messiah called jesus, is going to come and kill most of us. Have a look at Da Vinci’s mural painting of the Last Supper and see if you notice anything symbolic.

The Last Supper No Words

Now have a look with a few detail words added.

Still nothing to obvious other than the 4 groupings of 3 disciples which represent the 4 seasons of the zodiac. Notice, where jesus’ feet would be, there is a doorway arch. A doorway is an entrance or portal to another room. This was built into the wall where the mural is located many years after the painting was completed. Then, after many more years passed, the doorway was sealed up leaving an archway with 2 doorposts still visible. You will see in the paintings below, that this was deliberate symbolism. The luciferian entity obviously felt much more confident in building the symbolism over generations, thinking this would hinder the symbolism from ever being discovered.

If you look carefully, you’ll notice jesus is situated at the centre of the table. What has become known as the sacraments of the bread and wine are within his reach. Notice also, that there are round red fruits on the table and the loaves of bread are also round. The table is set with dishes that appear to be more elaborate than the usual day to day setting. One more thing to pay attention to, is the WHITE tablecloth, spread from end to end across the table and with table supports at each end of the table. This is one very long table to have only two sets of supporting legs at opposite ends.

The Last Supper Full

The Real Da Vinci Code – The Angel Wing of the Golden State

The correct way to see the symbolism in The Last Supper is to view it flipped vertically with the map of California overlayed. The magic square of Sol, the sacred geometry of occult thinking, is immediately visible as PRISON BARS. If you take a close look at the painting on its side, you’ll notice that the vertical line created by the white tablecloth is the vertical stroke of the letter K. The angular shape created by the panels of the walls form an arrow triangle shape pointing
to the centre of the tablecloth. Together this creates a capital letter K,
the letter of the KING and KILLING. These two words mean basically the same thing, both from sound and shape association, as well as what action is involved to manifest a king or a killing.

California Map - Magic Square - Last Supper

With a little removal of incidental portions of the painting along the coast of California, it is easy to see how the term ANGELS came to be applied to the city of Los Angeles and California in general. The obvious DELTA WING shape with the christ form in the exact centre is hard to overlook. All the saints lined up along the length of the table is symbolism for the angelic beings who reign with christ. On the opposite wall to this mural, in the dining room of Santa Maria Delle Grazie, is a CRUCIFIXION FRESCOE. This completely corresponds to the 4 CORNERS CRUCIFIXION CROSS formed by the 4 states of Utah, Arizona, New Mexico and Colorada. Suppose for a moment that California is on the left side of a room, then Nevada is the centre of that same room, the opposite wall would be the centre of the 4 Corner States that form a perfect zodiac christian cross.

The symbolism doesn’t end there with the cross notion. Two thieves were crucified with jesus (according to the story), one on the left and one on the right. One of the thieves railed on jesus and said something to the effect, “If you’re the son of god, save yourself and us too”. The other thief retorted something like, “We deserve what we get, but this man has done no wrong”.

The thief that railed on jesus is symbolized by the state of Utah. UTAH spelled in reverse is HAT – U. Spelled correctly is says – HATE YOU. The other thief is symbolized by the state of Colorado.

A light beam of COLOR is the light of the world – the title attributed to jesus (and lucifer) – ADO is adieu, a loving farewell or goodbye.

One thief (THIEF = FEITH = FAITH in reverse) hated jesus. One thief acknowledged jesus as the light of the world and bid him adieu. Jesus replied, “this day will you be with me in paradise”. Touching story, it’s just to bad it’s a lie, because it never happened. It couldn’t have happened because jesus never existed. And just in case you’re wondering, the word PARADISE is PAIR OF DICE. This is referencing the next door state of NEVADA (the state of NAVIDAD) the birthplace of the christ which is the mecca of money made through deceit. Remember also, the story of how they rolled dice for the belongings of jesus at his crucifixion. Now you know why – Las Vegas, Navidad, Nevada, Sin City, and dice. How symbolic! This is the christ principle, to be driven by the accumulation of wealth – making Something out of Nothing. This is the Jewish Temple.

Immediately below is a map that demonstrates how the refectory
walls with the Last Supper painting and the crucifixion frescoe, were inspired
by the luciferian mindset to be played out in the new world and in particular,
the state of California and the 4 Corner States of Utah, Arizona, New Mexico
and Colorado.

Last Supper Wall Opposite

California Last Supper Overlay

Let’s have another look at the painting in the horizontal position again. This time
the sacred geometry of luciferianism will be placed over the work. There
are 8 panels on the walls, the number of total control. There are 3 windows
symbolizing the light of the trinity. The 4 groups of 3 disciples each, represents
the 4 seasons of the zodiac. The 3 windows and the 8 panels total 11 squares.
11 is the number of death. the 2 overlapping hourglass sex ritual crosses
with a break of white in between them gives the 8 sided IRON CROSS of NAZI
inspiration. This is the octagon shape formed around the head of the christ
figure in the middle.Last Supper Iron Cross of Zion

Just below is the painting flipped on its side one more time. This time you see a few
modern names of significance placed in their approximate locations. In the
old testament, the PROMISED LAND is a LAND FLOWING WITH MILK AND HONEY. This is one nickname given to California. The floral emblem of California is the POPPY. This is another form of the ROSE flower. For instance, the Pope is referred to as PAPA. He is the HOLY SEE. This is symbolic of the all seeing
eye. Therefore, the POPPY is the Papa EYE. The EYE of the FATHER. The EYE is the HEXAGON ROSE of the 6 pointed star, the nucleus of the ATOM SYMBOL, the CROSS of the MESSIAH and the symbol of eternal life. The weather vane
COMPASS ROSE which points to all corners of the world – N – E – W – S is what the new world order and the messianic kingdom is all about.

California Marriage Supper

Now for a look at a few of the saint cities on the coast of California. It’s as if somebody knows something that they don’t really want the rest of us to know.

The Last Supper Saint Cities

If you notice where the
Golden Gate Bridge crosses over to San Francisco,
there is an opening that spreads North and South
and forms San Francisco Bay. This bay is the vaginal opening for the messianic
SEED which will be delivered as the messiah
heralds his return and claims his BRIDE. The
word SEED is referring to the SEA-D.
SEE is SEA through sound and shape association
and D is the DEATH
letter. This is the Sea of Death which will
rise and claim all those poor unfaithful wretches (namely the poor and lowly
people of the world – the majority of us) and the rich and
powerful elite
will supposedly sit on the throne and rule
with the luciferian entity after this deed is accomplished.

Now take a
look at the map of Greater London overlayed
on the Ring of Fire map of the Pacific Ocean.
Make special note of how the penis finger is
positioned directly over the San Francisco bay once the maps are placed in
the closest possible match. There is no distortion or manipulation applied
to this map. It is the same map which was overlayed over China and Mongolia
as seen on page 17 and lower down on this page.

Ring of Fire Rose In the diagram map of the Pacific
just above, the place of entry for the
is in the area of San Francisco Bay. In the new
testament, the illuminati holy book, the messiah is to cause an earthquake
upon his return at his 2nd coming. The land is supposed to split from the
east to the west and move to the north and south. If this is fulfilled literally,
it is not difficult to imagine that it could and would occurr in this location.

The most earthquake prone region, and long
overdue to snap, on the whole RING of FIRE that
circles the Pacific Ocean is the Cascadia Fault line.
This fault line runs from the west side of Vancouver Island and incorporates
the waters in that area, including the waters of Georgia Strait
just off the city of Vancouver, the site of the 2010 Olympics.
The fault line then CASCADES down the west coast
of Washington State and Oregon for 1100 kilometres.
(11 being the number of death). The fault line
eventually joins up to the San Andreas fault
area and inland with a range of mountains called the Cascade

One extremely curious thing in all this. Just another
subliminal message about what is going to take place, is the song by country
singer GEORGE STRAIT entitled OCEAN
. George Strait
is the 3rd largest selling singer musician in history,
immediately after Elvis Presley and the Beatles. So this shouldn’t be shrugged
off to readily. So, just in case you missed it, the waters of the Cascadia
Fault include the GEORGIA STRAIT (George Strait)
and if a massive earthquake were to occurr, splitting along the San Andreas
and on the epicentre of Mount Diablo, disastrous events would ensue. The
waters of the Pacific Ocean could cascade throughout the entire Sacramento Valley which is barely above sea level. When you consider that the Soltan Sea is -283 feet below sea level, if a tsunami were to bear down on Los Angeles the outcome is obvious. Even the area around Death Valley is 200 and more feet below sea level. Although surrounded by mountains, with a massive earthquake, ruptures could form where they seem least likely to occur. All of this aimed right at the front door of ARIZONA (the Rising Son State). Arizona’s front door faces DEATH VALLEY and the FUNERAL MOUNTAINS where the elevation
dips to more than 200 feet below sea level. However, it would seem more likely that the Soltan Sea area and Mexico would be most directly affected. Interesting names – DEATH VALLEY and FUNERAL MOUNTAINS?

When considering the location of Death Valley in comparison to the old city of Jerusalem. The
east city wall of Jerusalem has a Golden Gate. Just outside this gate to
the east and then south, the DEAD SEA lies hundreds
of feet below sea level just as DEATH VALLEY
is situated to the east of the GOLDEN GATE BRIDGE.
Then to the east and slightly south you find DEATH VALLEY.

More Similarities between Israel and California – Galilee and Tahoe

Galilee Tahoe

On the south of the old city wall, at the east end, is a gate called the DUNG GATE. Dung is decomposing matter and this is exactly what will be occurring if the drowning of multitudes takes place. This is precisely why the Bush administration has allowed so many Mexican people to flee across the border into the USA. All the more undesirables to destroy.

The song Ocean Front Property also includes the line – “If you’ll buy that I’ll throw the Golden Gate in free“. Of course, the Golden Gate was just demonstrated in the diagrams above to be the area where the PENIS of the KING LUCIFER will enter the BRIDE
(the Bay area is the vaginal opening) and deposit his SEED (SEA-D of the sea). The symbolism doesn’t end. When the coincidences keep mounting, it’s just not a coincidence anymore.

Another curious passage from the new testament, is how, at a MARRIAGE FEAST, jesus turned the WATER INTO WINE. The host of the MARRIAGE was astonished that the BEST WINE WAS SAVED FOR LAST. This of course, is referring to the LASTSUPPER, and the SEA WATER will be turned into WINE. In this instance the WINE will be the WINEPRESS of the GRAPES of the masses as they are squeezed out SYMBOLICALLY FULFILLING the GRAPES of WRATH of the LORD’S VENGEANCE. Unfortunately it will not only be in this location, but wherever the undesirables exist around the world, the squeezing out will occur.

Last Supper China and Sacraments

Becoming aware of what this mindset is doing and how it manifests its hideous agenda, is in fact,
the antidote and ability to halt these events from taking place.

The Old City of Jerusalem’s GOLDEN GATE and the GRAVEYARD all across it’s entrance

Golden Gate Graves The State of California is but one aspect concerning the symbolism of the Last Supper of the New World Order. Just as it has been shown that Oregon and Arizona
are symbolizing the North and South Towers of the World Trade Centre, so too is the BAJA PENINSULA (BAJA PENIS-ula), another type of this hideous symbolism. The word
BaJa has the B and J representing the 2 pillars of BOAZ and JACHIN which stood outside the Hebrew Temple. This in turn, was represented with the North and South Towers of the WTC and the 6 levels of foundation known as the BATHTUB. Oregon and Arizona frame the State of California on the North and South as 2 symbolic FOOTPRINTS of these pillars and the Sacramento Valley lies waiting to be the NEW BATHTUB. (Sacramento’s nickname is the BIG TOMATO – very feastlike and blood red as well).

The luciferian mind is an equal opportunist, so it is allowing the twin towers of the North and South to be represented by the Provinces of Baja California (North) and Baja California Sur (Sur means South)(In reverse SUR = RUSe). Now we see that the bloodbath is
sharing the spotlight with the people of MEXICO. Of course, this is prophesied in the illuminati luciferian bible, where we read that in the day of the lord’s return in vengeance, he will gather his ENEMIES into the VALLEY OF MEGIDDO. There the blood will rise up to the horses bridals. The truth of the matter is that MEXICO (ME – HE – KO) is MEGIDDO (ME – yHE – DO). When you realize that the G in Megiddo is a Y sound, then the sound and shape association of these 2 words is not a
stretch. In fact, they are virtually synonamous.

Spanish Empire

NEW SPAIN = NEW S-Pain = New Serpent Pain

Almost the whole red portion (on the map above) located in the United States and Mexico was original called Mexico. As you can see, New Spain was a vast territory that stretched all the way across the western states and up to North Dakota and the Canadian border. Recognizing this territory as the whole of New Spain, that, for the most part became known as Mexico, will help to understand the extreme natural phenomenon that occurrs in this area on a yearly basis.

These extreme natural conditions are the hurricanes of the Gulf Region, the tornadoes of Tornado Alley, the earthquakes of West Coast and the fires and other extreme weather patterns of California. They all occur within the area shown in red in the USA and Mexico. This area is roughly defined by a strange name sequence applied to the states. One sequence is North and South Carolina. Another is North and South Dakota. Yet another is North and South (Sur) Baja. If you draw a line connecting these 3 groups of 2 states/provinces, you unwittingly form a PYRAMID that encompasses the whole New Spain Territory once called Mexico. This is the basic area of focus for the biblical Valley of Megiddo where the last Battle of Armageddon will unfold and even now, has been unfolding for some time.

One such example is Hurricane Katrina. Katrina sounds like the name of Arinna, the Hittite female Sun God of the old testament. Katrina blasted New Orleans, breaking the levees and sending 50,000 people into the Superdome. The Superdome is an Arinna – Arena. It held 50,000 people. Almost 3,000 people died in that hurricane. They were drowned deliberately. A sacrifice to the sun god.

Let’s now take a look at the World Trade Centre attack. The World Trade Centre could hold 50,000 people. Almost 3,000 people died that day. Another odd similarity.

The city of New Orleans was devastated by the flood. Let’s have a look at this word.

NEW ORLEANS = New RO (rose when reversed) LEAN = NAEL when reversed. Then NAEL = NILE the New Nile River Rose of the New World.

New Orleans is a symbolic name for the Rose and Nile. It can go further than that when you consider that this Nile represents the saviour river. That saviour is the sun on the zodiac cross. The word Nile is then interpreted with the Nails that held the sun on the cross to save the world.

If you’re in any doubt that this is what the name New Orleans is referring to, just take a little trip up the Mississippi. Mississippi is a very long version of Isis, the female version of the sun goddess. She was the mother of all gods.

As you travel up the Mississippi from New Orleans, there’s towns like Baton Rouge, a red club that is symbolic of the blood sacrifice of sun god worship of ancient Egypt. A bit farther up and to the left is Alexandria, the namesake of Alexandria, Egypt. Then there’s Memphis, named after Memphis in Egypt. But the most curious name of all, is the little city of Cairo, right at the junction of the Mississippi and the Ohio Rivers. This town was obviously named after Cairo Egypt.

Again, this is all just symbolism, but it’s the only thing that matters to the serpent thinker, because it is symbology that controls the masses of humanity.

When the flood planned for the Valley of Mexico, which is the
Valley of Megiddo, is unleashed, the tens of millions of people living from northern California in the Sacramento Valley, through the San Juaquin Valley, the King Canyon and then into Mexico, are at stake. This is the symbolism already in position with the start button already pushed. There are now 30 to 40 earthquakes per day, throughout the world, with a magnitude of 2.5 or greater. (See the USGS earthquake site for the numbers). This is 300% greater, in the Ring of Fire area, when measured over the last 1000 years. Something is in the works and it’s very obvious to most people that a major earthquake will occur. What people are not aware of, is that this thing can be prevented, as can all the wars and disease and suffering. All that needs to be done is for people to realize that the demonic entity running the show, is just a hypnotist, and its now time to wake up.

The Baja Peninsula is divided into two parts:
The northern part is the state of Baja California.
The citizens of Baja California are named Baja-Californiano (Lower-Californian in English). This state is sometimes informally referred to as Baja California Norte (though not an accurate rendering). The southern part, below 28° north, is the state of Baja California Sur.
The citizens of Baja California Sur are named Sud-Californiano (South-Californian in English).

Washington DC – Another Rose

Now we’ll have a peek at the city of Washington DC. The floral emblem for this hideous metropolis is the American Beauty Rose. When the city rose map of Greater London is overlayed on Washington DC the little penis finger
is pointing straight at the Pentagon. This map of Washington DC is from 1888 AD. This is 59 years before the Pentagon was even begun and yet the symbolism points in this direction. The city of London proper is in the general area as the Capitol Building. Again, this demonstrates a massive luciferian mindset in control.

Washington DC ROSE

NEVADA – The NATIVITY – La Navidad – The Birthplace of Christ

In between the state of California and the 4 Corner states of Utah, Arizona, New Mexico and Colorado lies an interesting bit of geography called NEVADA. The fastest growing city in the United States today is Las Vegas. The nickname for this city is “SIN CITY”. This Desert Rose is blooming in the desert wilderness just as the luciferian bible said it would. It should also be noted that the Rose is the National Floral Emblem of the United States. Even the month of June is dedicated to the Rose. You just have to wonder if there are any other flowers out there to choose from. Of course, there aren’t any that quite fit the symbology needed to pull this hideous scenario off.

In Isaiah 34:8 we are told “…For it is the day of the Lord’s Vengeance, and the year of recompenses for the controversy of ZION….(chapter 35:1) The wilderness and the solitary place shall be glad for them and the Desert shall rejoice, and Blossom as the Rose. (verse 2) It shall blossom abundantly, …”

Las Vegas has variations of thought pertaining to the origin of the name. Of course, we’ll take a look at it
from the luciferian point of view. The name Las Vegas is a take off from the evening or morning star Venus. The goddess of love and the brightest planet in the sky. This is the real reason for the incredible desire for many people to just take off on a whim, go to Las Vegas and get married. Or just go to Las Vegas and have a fling. Nevada is also the only state in the Union that has legalized prostitution in many areas. What gives? Prostitution shouldn’t be a crime in the first place, but why is it legal in this state and none of the others?

Being that the luciferian mind is obsessed with numbers – the coordinates for this piece of real estate called Las Vegas are 36 degrees north and 115 degrees west of Greenwich. The number 36 lines up with 12 on the 3rd clockface and 115 lines up with 7 on the 9th clockface. 12 is the number of a complete cycle or circle, totality, and 7 is the number of completion. Here we see 2 numbers representing the very same “it is finished” notion.

What they hope to have formalized within the next handful of years, is the messianic kingdom of the New World Order. This is why an 1888 foot tall hotel, called the Las Vegas Crown, is planned and hoped to be completed within a few years.

Las Vegas – the Venus Star is synonamous with the sun – the sun is synonamous with the Zodiac Light Circle
demonstrated on this site and is the Rose. The Rose in turn, is the sex ritual symbol derived from the intersecting Cross lines
of the Zodiac, as well as the six pointed star of male and female sexual union, and is symbolic of love. This Rose is blooming in the desert just as promised.

Las Vegas became a city March 16, 1911. Numerically, this date
is 16/03/1911. The number 16 is 2 eights, the number of total control. The
month is 3, the most powerful form associated with the deity (this is the
inspiration for the pyramid Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas as well). The number
19 lines up with 7 on the 2nd clockface, the number of completion. Something to be aware of however, is that all events which occurred during the 1900’s, were all taking place in the 20th century. The number 20 lines up with 8 on the 24 hour clock, and therefore, all events of the 1900’s are doubled in symbolism, by being associated with 7 and 8. The number 19 is also a combination of 9 and 10, the number of the FALL and the number of inTENsity. Finally, the number 11 is the number of Death. As you can see from this, the date of this city, becoming a city, is highly symbolic and extremely powerful in manipulating the luciferian agenda.

When a study is done of all the major cities in the world, you will find that they all have incredibly interesting coordinates when examined next to the clock face numbers on the site. The smaller a city is, or the less influential on the world scene, or if it’s not located at a strong geographical natural symbol, then the coordinates, in turn, are weaker.

Understanding that Nevada is the Navidad, the Nativity
christmas scene, and that the state of Nevada is one of the 3 states which
were symbolized in the World Trade Centre Rockefeller Plaza Courtyard, (the
others being Idaho and Utah), then what you have symbolized with the states
of California, Nevada and 4 Corner States, is symbology for the Birth (Nevada),
the Death and Resurrection (Utah, Arizona, New Mexico and Colorado) and the
2nd Coming of the christ (California), (or the 1st coming if you have a Jewish bent to your belief). These states are all lined up in a row.

Three Ships – Three Kings – Three Primary Colours

Here we have yet another subliminal message, a christmas song no less, … “I saw three ships come sailing in, come sailing in, on christmas day in the morning”.

These 3 ships are of course, referring to the 3 camels, that the 3 Wisemen or 3 Kings rode upon when they came bearing gifts for the Christ child. A fabricated story of course. The 3 wisemen are simply a reference to the star constellation, called the 3 Kings who followed Sirius, the Dog Star. On the winter solistice the 3 Kings star constellation lines up with Sirius, and continues to point to the spot on the horizon where the sun (the saviour) will rise 3 days later on December 25. In this location on the horizon, but just below the horizon, is the Southern Crux, the Southern Cross constellation. This is where the inspiration for the Christ on the cross originates in regards to astrological considerations.

This is the basic story on which all religion in the world is founded. Then taken to the extreme, the source of all religion can be back-tracked to the light charts developed for this site. Simply because it’s from the light particle construction, that the 3 dimensional realm appears, and that includes the constellations you think you see.

Everything we think to be real is but one massive hypnotic trance.
Knowing this, and becoming aware of what is real simply dissolves the hypnosis
for each person and you are free. Regardless of whether or not enough people become aware, the hypnotic trance state used to manipulate this illusory body of humanity can be broken for anyone who chooses to reconnect to their original awareness state through awareness of what’s transpiring on this 3D plane. For those familiar with the 100th Monkey theory, it too, is simply part of the trance state, inspired by the luciferian THOUGHT PROCESS, to manipulate us to react and become determined to maintain the 3 dimensional experience, when in fact the 3 dimensional experience is itself, the very trance state being used to separate us from reality and our eternal Paradise State.

Besides the 3 wisemen being subliminally suggested to us in this song, the 3 ships of Christopher Columbus, the Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria were 3 girls. The Nina literally means Girl. The original name was Santa Clara. The Pinta means Painted Girl – or a prostitute who is painted up with makeup. The Santa Maria, again, is a girl, and was referred to by the crew as “Dirty Mary”. The original name of the Santa Maria was the La Gallega, a euphemism to designate a prostitute.

In subsequent pages the references to ALLAH, subliminally and symbolically hidden within the whole North American continent are immense. Here is one such subliminal that refers to ALLAH, which in turn relates to LA, Los Angeles, and to Abraham Lincoln – initials – AL reversed = LA and in turn = AL LAY or ALLAH.

LA GALLEGA = LA YALLEYA (substituting G for Y) = LA ALLAH

(Special note has to be made that the Santa Maria ran aground after discovering the New World and was completely destroyed.)

The date of the grounding was December 25, 1492, (Christmas Day) and the place was subsequently called La Navidad (suggesting Nevada) because of this event. Today its called Mole Saint-Nicolas.

Now considering that we have 4 Corners States, that represent the crucifixion through the symbols of the Zodiac Circle, the Christian Cross, the Compass Rose, the Swastika… (it’s all the same), then the state of Nevada (La Navidad – represents the Birth of Christ), and California (represents the Coming of the Day of the Lord’s Vengeance). These states and their accompanying symbolic names are the 3 Ships which symbolize the discovery and arrival to the New World and the New Jerusalem of god. Just how symbolic these states, and the 11 Western States in particular, are in relation to the New Jerusalem will be demonstrated in the pages to follow.

This is all subliminal manipulation, and is only suggesting something that’s meant to shape our reality. Its not meant to make rational sense, its only meant to create the impression of awe and wonder, to instill the mystery of the God concept, and to leave us in a deeper trance state.

Mona Lisa – Amused By The Thought Of Murdering Millions

Mona Lisa

Notice, that the name Leonardo Da Vinci contains the name LEO, which, when reversed, is OEL. Oel in turn is Oil through shape and sound association. Leo is also the 8th month of the Zodiac Circle, and in turn, is the number of total control. OIL is ENERGY, and the name LEO also refers to the LION, the King of Beasts. LION in turn = L-ION, or EL the father god, and ION, the energized atom particle, which is demonstrated on this site by the LIGHT CHART. Layering these subliminals, one atop the other, plus countless other subliminals supporting the previous suggestions, eventually our reality is shaped, and fashioned in the manner demonstrating total subservience to the luciferian thought process.

Vin, in Vinci, is the Vine that grows grapes from which we make Wine. This is just one more bit of symbolic nonsense referring to the oil and wine of biblical symbolism, where everything in the luciferian agenda has to be symbolic. Right down to the name of the person being used to manipulate. This naming of every illusory person that forms the body of humanity is symbolic, and the stronger the symbolism is within a name, in tandem with certain other characteristics, the more that an individual will be used to perpetuate the luciferian egregore agenda. These individuals then become part of the elite of the world, through a host of endless 3 dimensional system interventions.

Before we look closer at Da Vinci’s next painting study the chart immediately below. This lays out the Great Valley of Central California. The Cascade Range of mountains is to the north. The Coast Range is located between the Valley and the Pacific Ocean. Immediately below San Francisco is the Diablo Range (Devil Range) and the Santa Lucia (Lucifer) mountains run to the southern tip of the Valley. On the right side of the map, the Sierra Nevada mountains separate California and Nevada.

What your looking at is the area of Old Mexico, which included California, Nevada, Utah, Arizona and New Mexico, as well as a vast area to the east, north and south. This area, together with Mexico itself is the real biblical Valley of Megiddo – The Valley of Mexico. This is the area where the messianic new world kingdom will make a sacrificial Day of Judgment. This sacrifice will occur in the Sacramento Valley and the prime objective will be to capture the worship and control of our Eternal Paradise State forever.

California Great Valley

Now have a look at just a few of the significant locations da Vinci felt led to paint in the background of the Mona Lisa. Keeping in mind that Leonardo was a member of the Priory of Sion, the Priority of the Sun Secret Society. As you keep reading this site, you will see the reason why these societies are secret, and what the true nature of the conspiracy really is. The conspiracy is much worse than just trying to create a fascist state out of the world. The conspiracy is to lock us into this 3 dimensional stupidity, with absolutely no chance of escape except through death. The luciferian entities and their human puppets are attempting to create a illusory reality that will be perpetually serving them.

Mona Lisa Symbols


Mona = One ********** Lisa = Lease

One Lease = One Contract = One Betrothed

Of course, just as the Last Supper painting had to be rotated 90 degrees, in order to see the symbolism more accurately, the Mona Lisa must be observed as a mirror image. Reverse symbolism is used repeatedly by the luciferian entities and their followers.

Now have a look at the Mona Lisa with the state of California overlayed. I have also included in red, the form of a pyramid, that follows the contour of the Mona Lisa herself. Above the red pyramid shape is a smaller pyramid in white, showing the All Seeing Eye of the capstone of the enlightened ones, or the luciferian entities and their illuminati stooges.

Mona Lisa Eye

This next picture lists more details and significant locations and symbolism used in the modern day names of California cities, mountain ranges, desert regions and so on. Look very closely where the bridge is in the painting. Now focus in and see where the city of San Francisco and San Francisco Bay are located on the outline of California. This all lines up so incredibly close with no distortion of the painting, other than reversing it, and simply sizing the state of California until it covers the Mona Lisa herself.

How could this happen? How could these incredible similarities occur? The Mona Lisa was painted about 500 years ago. The new world, and California in particular, hadn’t even been discovered yet. How would Da Vinci know what to paint in? This is just a little bit of what the secret is in these hideous secret societies. But keep reading the rest of this page and the following ones. The secrets are getting unlocked one at a time. What you’re witnessing, is evidence of an egregore hypnotic group of entities. They have us believing that everything around us is reality and it is not.

The lush green valley on the left upper half of the painting is now on the right side. This is the location of the Sacramento/San Juaquin Valley. At the bottom of the valley is a little road that breaks through the mountains and enters some desert coloured terrain. If you look at the map just above, you’ll see, that the lush valley has a break at the bottom where a road winds through the hills and into desert toned landscapes. Notice also, that this valley is filled with water. It’s not just green with vegetation. This is what’s going to happen to the Sacramento Valley. It will be flooded by a tsunami earthquake, in an attempt to make the statement that the great loving god of Abraham is going to remove sin from the world.

This is all bullshit, mind you, but the event is going to be so overwhelming that any sane person would be foolish to not believe it.

The Sacraments Of The Body And Blood Of Christ

Mona Lisa Mirrored

The Last Judgment – The Sistine Chapel – Sister of Solomon’s Temple

Now let’s have a look at another painting, a frescoe inside the Sistine Chapel at Vatican City. It took 6 years to paint and is massive in size at almost 41 feet x 46 feet. It’s actual dimensions are 40.666 feet x 45.666 feet. (There’s something very symbolic about those dimensions). It was painted by Michelangelo and is called The Last Judgment.

The Last Judgment Day – Exterminating Sin – The Human Cull

Keep in mind that the J and G sounds can be verbalized as a Y sound, in keeping with the Hebrew pronunciation of this letter.

when reversed or y-DUY – MEN – T which is simply DIE MEN

This is yet another subliminal, where we’re told that there will be a judgment day. The implication is that it will be fair and just. In reality, the break-down of the word says, we’re all going to die. Subliminal hypnotic suggestion, doesn’t make rational sense in the slightest. It just suggests.

What you’re supposed to glean from this, is the subliminal message that the judgment / die men, is already made and we are all going to die. In other words, this last judgment day garbage is simply a smokescreen, so that when millions of people are mercilessly killed, the rest of humanity will just sit idly by, and continue to support the 3D illusory system, knowing that we are all guilty sinners and deserve what we get. If we’re still left alive, we’ll be so very grateful to do anything that these luciferian wackos demand.

Have a look at the Last Judgment Painting. Keep in mind, that Michelangelo was also a member of the Priory of Sion, the secret society that Da Vinci belonged to.

The Last Judgment

Now for a few details showing the real meaning hidden in the painting.

The Last Supper Orgy of Sex – Death and Blood

The reason for all the naked people in the painting is because sex is much easier to perform when you’re naked. Study the painting immediately below very carefully. Notice that the christ is in the very centre of the painting once again. The christ forms theShaft of the Penis which is symbolizing that the messiah is coming (pun intended) to claim his bride. When the Last Judgment was painted, the people depicted were all naked. Many years later they had most of them painted over as a hypocritical show of peity. Of course, they left the big penis in the centre, with the 2 big testicle rocks bare to the breeze, hoping no one would catch on.

The story that accompanies the Last Judgment painting says that the saints are all gathered around christ, including his mother, Mary, who is leaning on him, and on his penis. This is similar to the Egyptian goddess, Isis, who married her son, in some versions of the story. Notice that there is blue water dividing the saints from the rest of the people. Towards the lower centre, Gabriel and a group of horn blowers are blowing their horns to wake the dead. This group with Gabriel are also part of the circle of saints, who initiate the resurrection of the believers and the unfaithful.

If this were not painting in this christian context, it would be looked upon as reincarnation, but because it has a christian slant to it, this is simply called the resurrection. The same goes for all the saints judging with christ. These saints are none other than the 12 main gods of Mount Olympus, judging with father time, Cronus. But because it’s in a christian context, it’s just the saints and christ. Hypnosis is an extremely blinded state of awareness. Read the labelling on this painting, study closely the location of the people throughout the painting as well as exactly where the lines of blue water divide the saints from the common folk.

Last Judgment Penis

The Skin of Circumcision of Sin

One of the disciples named Bartholemew, who has returned with the christ to judge and reign with him, is sitting on the testicle Rock 2. In his right hand is a knife and in his left hand, his own skin. This is symbolic of the judeo/christian tradition of circumcision, the symbolic act of cutting sin out of the heart. There is obviously no need for such a blood ritual since humanity is incapable of sinning, because sin doesn’t exist. So the real reason for the skin in the hand of Bartholemew is to demonstrate the cull of humanity these entities expect to fulfill.

Have a close-up look at Bartholemew and his skin. Notice how the skin drags in the water. Why is there water there? And why is there a boat in the lower right hand corner of the painting, delivering the ungodly to hell? I was under the impression hell was a hot dry place, where the fire is not quenched. There’s subliminal messages all over the place and we’re left on our own to fill in the blanks.

Skin of Sin

The Last Supper Plates and Fine China

Now we’ll look at the Ring of Fire diagram used on previous pages, in regards to the Olympics which will take place in Beijing in 2008, Vancouver in 2010 and London in 2012. The connection between the Last Judgment, the Mona Lisa, the Last Supper and the Olympics will become obvious. But first a look at the Ring of Fire PLATES which make up the volcanic earthquake region around the Pacific Ocean. Pay special attention to the word PLATES in this diagram.

Ring of Fire PLATES

One more picture of The Last Judgment will include the Ring of Fire PLATES overlayed on The Last Judgment painting. Take note of how the saints that surround the christ in the centre are all located on the main Pacific Plate. The DEAD BELIEVERS are shown RESURRECTING on the lower left hand side of the painting. This is the area of the Zion Gate on the old city wall of Jerusalem. (Also, shown to be New Zealand – The Land of the Long White Cloud and the female presence of god – the Shekinah Glory – on a previous page).

It is by the power of the resurrection myth that the strength of Zion is established. That strength (being the horrid lie that we die), but if we believe in god (who is lucifer) we’ll be resurrected in the last day. Well, we don’t die! We are eternal and wise and therefore have no need of a resurrection. Furthermore, it is the physical 3D form that we must be rid of to experience the total body that we are, that far exceeds the greatness of this physical flesh created by the luciferian serpent mind. If we believe we need to be resurrected, then what a hold on our soul these liars have.

As you look at the Pacific Ring of Fire PLATE LINES overlayed on the Last Judgment painting, go very slow in your observation. It’s hard to see, but it’s there, and very dramatically once you zero in on the path of the PLATE LINES and how they correspond to the people painted in. The LINE even follows the people in the Cocos Plate and Nazca Plate area off Central and South America. They correspond exactly. Notice also, how there is a circular blue line of water around the christ and the saints in the painting, which again corresponds to the complete Pacific Plate region. This Pacific Plate even staggers to the right at the lower section to include the Gabriel saint trumpet players who are waking the dead. A perfect match!

Judgment Fire

What we have to ask now, is there any other symbolism in the Roman Catholic Organization that also corresponds to this concept of RINGS of FIRE and BLOOD? Have a look at this next collage of paintings and symbols and it will become self evident.

Olympic Flaming Blood Heart

The OLYMPICS were always considered religious ceremonies of sacrifice and ritual. It has not changed. What has changed is the magnitude of the games and the magnitude of the SACRIFICE.

The Last Supper – The Bride Mona Lisa – The Groom Jesus – The Plates Of The Finest China – The Bedroom Is Ready

Rose Bed - See Bed

The symbolism regarding the Rose Bed of the Marriage Supper and the Last Judgment is continued on Page 19 and reveals the symbolism of the Age of Aquarius and the destruction planned for humanity.


Google Video – illuminatiMATRIX explanatory video detailing the foundational root of hypnosis, religion, intellectualism and who and what god is.

Click here to watch video.

YouTube Video highlighting some of the subliminal elements hidden in the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem

Please read the next paragraph before watching the ROCK VIDEO.

On the ROCK VIDEO, the World Trade Center is mistakenly called the ROCKEFELLER PLAZA. The WTC was conceived and promoted by the Rockefellers. The Rockefeller Plaza is to the north of the World Trade Centre, on the MANHATTAN ROCK, or MANNA STONE. The WTC and the Rockefeller Plaza , along with the area of CENTRAL PARK, relate to the TEMPLE MOUNT in Jerusalem, and the Al Aqsa Mosque, the Dome of the ROCK, and the Temple Courtyard. These in turn relate to the North American West Coast. See page 39 for more details.

Click here to watch the new Rock Video on YouTube.

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