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President Donald Trump and the Dove … Crucified On the 4 CORNER CROSS

Similarity Between President Trump and the life of the mythical Jesus.

Jesus = Eh-ZEUS

The 4 Corner Cross located at the intersecting coordinates of Utah, Colorado, Arizona and New Mexico.


COLORADO = DOLOROSA = “The Way of Sorrows” = George Soros


NEW MEXICO = NEW MEGIDDO = Site of the Battle of Armageddon

The Sphinx is the “Great Hunter”.

The Sphinx is located in the Giza pyramid plain at Cairo Egypt.

The 3 main pyramids of Giza line up with the 3 stars in the Belt of Orion which corresponds to San Francisco at 37 degrees N. Then extends to Sacramento, “the Sacrifice”, and on to Lake Tahoe, (the New Greater Israel “Sea of Galilee”).

Today is January 7, 2021 – the day after the Washington DC political presidential nonsense.

After January 6, 2021 … the President Trump Supporters Need A “MIRACLE”

… and I reckon “a miracle” will come along right on cue!

What each person needs to keep in mind at this point. President Trump’s position as the “coup” continues in the USA (and it is an obvious coup to the whole world), is that he is the spokesperson, the front man, for “The Greater Israel Project”. Greater Israel is the United States of America. Therefore keep the following in mind that will one day come to pass … either sooner or later, but will certainly come to pass, and be recognized as “The Miracle” from “god”. The “miracle” needed to destroy the Zionist Deep State so that the Zionist “Greater Israel” may arrive at it’s ultimate goal of “world domination”. The intensely corrupt and vicious, murderous Zionist Deep State (worldwide) must be eliminated. However, the unknown is this, … how will the Greater Israel differ from the other half of the Zionist plot.

Just like the Zionist elitists supported both sides in the two World Wars, … once again, the secret society Zionist elitists, are funding and promoting the two Zionist entities to conjure up chaos and corruption as they make war and horror for the world as a whole.

DO NOT ULTIMATELY PICK A SIDE … EVER! This is all a fraud!

But first, … the massively corrupt Deep State Zionist element must be eliminated. We’re talking “universal world level” stuff here. But what is unknown is the ultimate relationship of the Zionist Greater Israel completed project with the population masses of the world. The Zionist Greater Israel is the gathering together of the Children of Abraham, … the Jews, the Christians, and the Muslim populations. These groups antagonize each other, and manufacture a scenario unwittingly, where confusion and chaos play out by these self-righteous and zealous organizations that work the agenda of the Zionist plot.

So, … keep these things in mind (listed below), as the weeks, months and years roll by. As well, keep in mind that the next significant symbolic day that is recognized by this writer at this present moment, is January 19, 2021.

This is one day before the “possible” inauguration of a USA president on January 20, 2021. If there is to be a counter-event by the conservatives against the leftist socialist/communist Zionist Deep State entity, then this would be a highly symbolic day to act. January 19 is 7,070 days exactly, since the WTC event on 9/11/2001. Symbolically meaning, we’re looking at a “9/11/2021”. Which is 7,070 days or 20 years later. Highly symbolic in its own right. January 19, 2021 reads numerically as 1/19/21. Or symbolically, it is 9-11-21, which suggests 9-11-9, … as the number 21 on the 2nd clockface coincides to 9 on the 1st clockface. And adding this 9+2 = 11, yet another symbolic suggestion. (Remember also, this is all hypnosis).

So, 9/11/21 = 9-11-9-11. Suggesting the 2nd, and LAST 911 event. On 9/11/01, the first fake airplane struck Tower 1, and the flight number was “11”. The 2nd pretend plane was flight 175 and hit Tower 2. The number 175 relates to the number 176 (depending which side of the world one is located). Dividing 176 by 2 = 88, the number of total control. The number 88 symbolically reaching back, all the way to the founding year of the Greater Israel and the year 1776. Divide 1776 by 2 = 888. And the new construction of 1 World, or the interlocking pyramids of the original Tower 1 and Tower 2, corresponds to Washington State, and when viewed from above, forms a perfect 8 sided octagon at its centre.

The trouble now occurring in Washington DC correlates to Washington State, the site of Mount Olympus, the mythological site of the “god” Zeus. And Zeus being a name and term used that is none other than the name Jesus. JESUS = Eh-ZEUS, when correctly pronounced in Hebrew, Spanish, German, and other languages around the world.

Now, we’re looking at a symbolic “flight 11” coming down from the “hand of god”, coming down from Mount Olympus (shall we say), to strike first. (The number 11 is symbolism referring to the Solomon Temple Twin Towers of the 911 WTC event”). Also, … flight 70-70 (7,070 days that is), will strike the Pentagon, symbolically shaped as a 5 Pointed Star, which is a symbol of death. For those who are curious, the 5 Pointed Star relates to Building 5 of the original WTC building layout, and includes Colorado (Dolorosa … the Way of Sorrows … George Soros), Wyoming and Yellowstone … which corresponds to the White House, and also includes Montana where Yellowstone National Park also extends.

Just as flight 77 hit the number 5 “Death” centre of the USA military industrial complex, even now, the number 7070 is suggesting the exact same thing. Somehow, the “fake terrorists” supposedly knew that the number 77 related exactly to the 77 degrees W. coordinate of the Pentagon. Then when dividing 77 by 2 = 38.5 degrees N. … the exact North/South coordinate of the Pentagon. Of course, there were no terrorists, no planes, just explosives installed throughout both Twin Towers, the Pentagon, and in the field in Shanksville Pennsylvania.

The 7,070 days since 9/11/2001 is going to be symbolically repeated, somehow, in some way, in short order. It would seem that it would need to happen, sooner than later, if it’s to benefit the Greater Israel Project. Even consider that this coming Monday, January 11, 2021, reads numerically as 1/11/21. Today is Friday, January 8, 2021, … and next Monday would not be out of the question for some preliminary act to occur in regards to Zionist usage of symbolism in all of their deeds, … whether for the Deep State or the Greater Israel goal.

January 11, 2021 numerically reads as – 1/11/9 when the number 21 relates to 9 on the 1st clockface. Therefore, the days immediately ahead are speaking 911 in some insane repetitious fashion. The writer know nothing of what will immediately occur, … only knows that the symbolism associated with the ATOM, is a reference to ADAM, and EVE is the coming of the Light, the energy produced by the Atom. This Atom, this Energy, is the hypnotic characteristic that conjured up the notion of “god”, and conjured up every last thing in the universe, including every human being. We are “fake”! Fraud just wreaks throughout everything within this 3 Dimensional illusory plane. As evidenced by the systems that drive the illusory plane. Don’t believe this fraud, and you will experience the freedom, joy and pleasures of our Original Paradise State. Believe the fraud, … and hellish bullshit becomes our “reality”.

When the above mentioned occurs, … OREGON will be the first to be hit. Right on the west coast, as identified on the Foundation Stone which is located under the Islamic Dome of the Rock Shrine in Jerusalem. OREGON relates to Tower 1. (See page 19).

The 2nd strike will hit ARIZONA, symbolized by Tower 2 of the original WTC.

Together, these 2 strikes will crush CALIFORNIA (relating to the original Building 3, the MARRIOTT HOTEL … which was Building 3 and was 22 stories high … (Skull and Bones secret society “secret” number 322), … as the “flood” from the Pacific Ocean, (symbolically Jerusalem … which is the Bronze Bowl in front of the original Solomon’s Temple used for washing the sacrifice), enters between the Twin Towers of Oregon and Arizona, and floods California.

We see this playing out already, as so much of the California population just feels driven to leave the state, knowing something horrific is on the horizon. As well, we see it already beginning to take place as the corrupt Zionist (Zionists are the corrupters, not the Hebrew people per se), Deep State player Governor Newsom is now on a recall effort to remove him from power. This is just the beginning of what’s coming. The corruption of California politicians is widely known. Just as the corruption of New York state is also widely known. Keep in mind that New York and California are basically mirroring each other. New York and the original 911, … and now California and the “Big One” 911 which is on the doorstep.

This said, … expect a massive earthquake, a voluminous flood, and a horrific volcanic eruption emanating from the Yellowstone “Judgement Seat”. Will they occur simultaneously, or separated by a length of time in the weeks, months, and years? Only “time” will tell, … but the symbolism is incredibly strong that circumstances are now in place for absolutely anything to transpire.

  • The Pacific Ocean = the Sea of Peace = Jerusalem = the City of Peace
  • NOAA = flood of NOAH = National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
  • The World Trade Center 911 = The 11 Western States = SOLOMON’s TEMPLE = the SUN and MOON TEMPLE

This, of course, is all an illusion. Only effective once trance inducement is achieved within the vast majority of the population. Think “social justice warriors” and “religious zealots”. It is the propaganda produced by these 2 Zionist elements that will see the “Battle of Armageddon” play out in MEXICO, … which is symbolically, … MEGIDDO, … the site of the final battle to achieve the completed Greater Israel Project. Mexico, literally positioned from the USA Canadian border extending south along the west coast of North America, Central America, and South America.

Remember also, none of this is good or bad, … it’s just an illusion … a conjured up facade, … so don’t believe it, … just watch, … and wait, … simply observe, and things will be just fine if one does not become “trance induced”. Believe it to be “real and factual” and suffering will ensue.

January 11, 2021

The United States of America Is The Greater Israel!

(The following may be extremely confusing to new readers of this blog. But read what is written below, knowing that the events that are at this present time occurring in the USA and throughout the world are explained in the comments below. Read slowly, and refer to other pages in the blog to answer any questions that will arise).

A few of the early pages to assist in deciphering the following can be found on pages, 1, 16, 19, 27, etc. This blog has been written over the last 15 years. Much of it is a “fishing” expedition … just dragging many hooks along through the waters, waiting to snag anything that might be beneficial. None of the following is literal. It is all symbolism which suggests and actually points to the literal fulfillment of these extremely unusual times.

… The 2001 World Trade Center building layout complex in New York City was based on the Foundation Stone under the Islamic Dome of the Rock on Mount Moriah in Jerusalem.

… The shape of the Foundation Stone matches the mapped out shape of the 11 Western States almost perfectly.

… The World Trade Center building layout was a type of Solomon’s Temple where the building layout relates to the states that form the 11 Western States.

… The topography of the 11 Western States matches the topography on the Foundation Stone.

… Just as the WTC was a type of Solomon’s Temple, so too, the 11 Western States not only form the Solomon’s Temple Foundation Stone in total outline shape and topography, but also relate to the actual functioning of Solomon’s Temple.

… Solomon’s Temple had a huge Bronze Bowl at the initial approach to the temple. This was located before arriving at the Sacrifice Altar.

… The Bronze Bowl symbolizes the Pacific Ocean and the Altar is California.

… The sacrifice was washed in the Bronze Bowl to clean it before being slaughtered on the altar before entering the temple.

… The sacrificial blood was then taken up a flight of stairs to the Holy Place in the temple.

… This flight of stairs relates precisely to the Sierra Madre Mountains just east of Santa Barbara County progressing on to the Death Valley Mountain range of eastern California.

… California is the sacrificial altar of the temple.

… The sacrificial blood is taken into the Holy Place by the priests and then passed over to the High Priest who then climbs another set of stairs into the Holy of Holies where the sacrificial blood is offered to god for the forgiveness of sins.

… This set of stairs coincides with the natural geographic formation of the Grande Staircase Escalante, which goes through Utah, leading northeast and heading towards the northwest corner of Wyoming. The whole time rising like a huge set of stairs as it heads northeast.

… Inside the Holy of Holies is the Ark of the Covenant within Solomon’s Temple.

… the Ark in the Holy of Holies relates to Yellowstone National Park.


… There are 2 angels with outstretched wings which reach over the Ark of the Covenant.

… Moses brother Aaron’s almond tree rod was placed inside the ark in the Holy of Holies which also included an Menora lamp which visually illuminated the Holy Place and the Holy of Holies.

… The angel wings, the rod, and the golden menorah lamp represent the Judgement Day apparatus to be used by “god” as he cleanses the earth of sin.

… The volcanic lava located within the Yellowstone Caldera is symbolized by the Ark, the Rod, and the Menorah.

… The sacrificial blood offered in the Judgement Day proceedings will be the blood of those living in California, Oregon, Arizona, and whichever surrounding states are affected by the the “BIG ONE” earthquake, the “Flood of Noah” tsunami, and the eventual Yellowstone eruption.

… Referring back to the sacrificial altar, the blood had to be taken by the priests as they entered the Porch to the temple where they passed between the 2 Pillars, one on each side of the Porch.

… These two pillars are the states of Oregon (Boaz), and Arizona (Gachin or Jachin).

… The Bronze Bowl relates precisely to the Pacific Ocean, which is Jerusalem.

… JERUSALEM means City of Peace. The PACIFIC OCEAN means Sea of Peace.

… A city is geographical SITE . A site suggests SIGHT … SIGHT is how we SEE … SEE suggests SEA as in OCEAN.

… Therefore, Jerusalem, the City of Peace, suggests the Pacific Ocean, the Sea of Peace. Hypnotically suggesting that Jerusalem is the Pacific Ocean.

… The Old City of Jerusalem has an east wall that faces the Garden of Gethsemane.

… The east wall had 2 main gates, the southern gate on the east wall is called the Golden Gate.

… The northern gate on the east wall is called the Lions Gate.

… Since Jerusalem is the Pacific Ocean, the east wall of the Pacific is the west coast of the United States.

… The Pacific east wall, has a GOLDEN GATE located at San Francisco on the southern section of the wall, which flows under the Golden Gate Bridge, just like the Golden Gate in Old Jerusalem’s east wall.

… Directly north of the Golden Gate and located at Vancouver British Columbia, is the LIONS GATE, which flows right under the Lions Gate Bridge. (It should be pointed out once again, that Building 7 of the destroyed WTC is British Columbia, which connects the lower 48 states with Alaska, the Al-Aqsa Mosque.

… These 2 Pacific “Gates” relate precisely to the Old Jerusalem “Gates” on the old city east wall.

… The Old City of Jerusalem’s Golden Gate has been suggested to be the gate where “Jesus” will come through and sit on the Foundation Stone under the Islamic Dome of the Rock, and judge the righteous and the sinners.

… Islam and Judaism also believe that “god” will come through the Golden Gate and judge the wicked.

… Within Christian teachings the story goes that “Jesus” is the Prince of Peace and will sit at the right hand of “god” on the “judgement seat” of the Foundation Stone, and pour out his “judgement” on the Judgement Day.

… The Pacific Ocean is the Sea of Peace. “Jesus” is the Prince of Peace. In other words, Jesus is the “Prince of the Pacific”. Stated another way, “Jesus” is the Prince or the child of the “Mother Water”, … which is symbolic of the “Holy Spirit”. This Christian “mother” of the Prince Jesus is MARY.

… The name MARY is derived from the latin word “MAR”. Mar means “SEA” or “OCEAN”. Mary is the “water”, or the “spirit” which flows from “god” to the believers where it indwells their “souls”.

… Pacific Ocean in Latin = MAR PACIFICUM = PEACEFUL SEA = JERUSALEM … with the extra Catholic suggestion that PEACEFUL SEA = PEACEFUL SEE … referring to the representative of “Jesus” on this earth, or the HOLY SEE.

… What should be noted here, is that the 3 stages, or groups, of the Children of Abraham, are all found symbolically to being located in the United States in the 11 Western States, in the Pacific Ocean, and of course, in the state of Alaska, which is the Al AQSA mosque.

… The Al Aqsa Mosque, the Muslim mosque, is the mosque located the farthest away possible from Mecca.

… Mecca is exactly 39 degrees east of Greenwich England located at 0 degrees.

… The eastern vertical border of Alaska is located at precisely 141 degrees west of Greenwich 0 degrees, and when adding 141 + 39 = 180 degrees.

… 180 degrees from Mecca makes Alaska exactly one half of the way around the world. One cannot get any farther away from Mecca.

… All of this is subliminal hypnotic suggestion, and meant for the purpose of a deep trance inducement state as the “Christian savior” returns the second time to judge the sinners.

… Again, this points to Islam’s belief of the last and true prophet Muhammad and his “Night Journey” to the Al-Aqsa Mosque, which Muslims believe is supposedly the one Al Aqsa Mosque on Mount Moriah in Jerusalem. (Islam refers to the Al Aqsa on the Temple Mount and Mount Moriah as the Noble Sanctuary). However, this actually symbolically refers to the “ALASKA” mosque which lies on the eastern wall of the Pacific Ocean. This is the area where the sacrifice is brought into the courtyard to be washed at the Bronze Bowl, before being slaughtered on the Altar, which is leading to the Porch of the temple where the blood of the sacrifice is given to the priests who enter the temple.

… All the groups of the “Children of Abraham” religion, are all represented in the United States, and on the eastern wall of the Pacific Ocean.

… The judgement pouring out of Yellowstone will be coupled with the “Big One” earthquake situated in California, which will cause a massive tsunami of water to flow into California, under the Golden Gate Bridge, which in turn will wash the sacrifice clean. The blood of the sacrifice will be given to the priest to give to the High Priest, who will enter the Holy of Holies called Yellowstone.

… This massive flood which will enter California … is the Prince, the Son/Sun of God, … and is Jesus. Or maybe someone who is fulfilling the “judgement day” of the second coming of Jesus.

… There is more that could be said, …. but this should help to explain something of what is going on politically, financially and “religiously” in the United States over the last few months and years.

… When Donal Trump was debating in his first bid to become president in 2016. He said something to this affect in regards to those who might oppose him during his presidency. It was something like (concerning his enemies), … “he knows what they’re going to try do, … but they don’t know what he’s going to do”. And of course, they absolutely have no idea. Even (the writer might add), neither do his base supporters.

… The event soon to unfold (whenever that may be), … unfolds now by the hour and day.

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