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World Population Growth … The Reason and Cause


See the link by clicking on Egon’s name:

by Egon von Greyerz

So, … Let’s Talk About Money … rather … paper currency!

(DISCLAIMER: The following is just a portion of Egon’s article. I will be expounding on this article somewhat, but this does not mean that Egon von Greyerz endorses this writer’s point of view). Emphasis per this writer.

Will the Coronavirus be the catalyst … of not just a depression but also major reduction in global population?

The growth in world population since the 1850s has been explosive.

In the 1850s there were 1 billion people and today we are 7.8 billion.

Although many “experts” have extrapolated the growth to 10 billion and more in coming decades, this has in my view not been based on sound reasoning. Instead, as I have been writing about and discussed many times the spike in population that we have seen in the last 170 years will not end well.
Anyone who can read a chart knows that a spike on a major sample doesn’t continue straight up. And it doesn’t just correct sideways either.

At some point, a spike up is always corrected by a major spike down.

I talked about this in my article from April 2018. Below is an extract from this article:


The world has had many crises of various degrees in the past, be it the Black Death in the mid 1300s when an estimated 75 to 200 million people died in Europe and Asia. Around 50% of Europe’s population is estimated to have perished. In WWI around 20 million people died and in WWII around 60-80 million. So major catastrophes are part of history and the coming one could also see a major reduction in world population be it from economic crisis, famine, disease, social unrest or war.

From the mid 1800s to today world population has grown from 1 billion to 7.6 billion. If we look at the graph it is a straight spike up in the last 170 years. From a technical perspective, spikes up are always corrected by a spike down. We can’t tell when exactly that spike down will come but it is likely to be connected to the coming collapse of the financial system. A reduction in global population of 3-4 billion in the next few decades is a real possibility.

As I have stated in many recent articles, Coronavirus is not the reason for the downturn in the world economy that is now starting but the catalyst. I did not forecast that a pandemic would be the trigger.
But in retrospect, the end of the biggest economic bubble in world history really had to come with an unexpected and unconventional catalyst.


That the world economy for the last 100 years was totally dependent on credit and printed money is not a new miracle paradigm but a the sign of diseased system. Issuing fake money at zero cost always had to end badly. In a perverse way it is almost ironic that the trigger for ending this sick financial system would be a pandemic disease. But this is Murphy’s law. If anything can go wrong, it will go wrong in the worst possible way and at the worst time.

As I said in my article above, “So major catastrophes are part of history and the coming one could also see a major reduction in world population be it from economic crisis, famine, disease, social unrest or war.”

Now the world is in a situation when all of those factors will probably come to pass. We already have the economic crisis and we have a disease. There is not a major famine yet but this is likely to come. Social unrest and war are probable consequences of these problems. Hungry and poor people will rise against their leaders and against the elite. The differences in income and wealth between the rich and the poor have created an untenable situation. This is virtually without exception how every revolution starts.


Central banks around the world are of course doing their best to stop the world from going into poverty. They are now creating unlimited amounts of money in order to assist small and big businesses as well as individuals. Everybody is expecting a handout whether it is a major US business or an unemployed individual. It is of course wonderful that everyone gets help but no one asks “where is the money coming from”?
Nobody worries about that THERE IS NO MONEY. The $ 100s of billions and trillions that are being given to the needy don’t exist. They are just created out of thin air. Since the crisis started in the early autumn of 2019 with the Repos, the Fed’s balance sheet has gone up by almost $3 trillion to $6.5T. But this is just the beginning. The forecast is that it will reach $9T in June and probably $12T a couple of months later.

(End of portion of Egon’s article).

How and Why Did the WORLD

The following link:
… by Rictor Norton … explains the absurdity in regards to sexuality that led to world population growth and ultimately, abortion for profit, child molestation, and human trafficking.


(This writers’ comments will appear in blue).

The one person most responsible for the creation of the labels to be used in the discourse about homosexuality was Karl Heinrich Ulrichs (1825–95). He was a German law student, secretary to various civil servants and diplomats, and a journalist – he was not a medical doctor. In May 1862 his acquaintance Johann Baptist von Schweitzer, active in the Social Democracy workers’ movement, was arrested for ‘public indecency’. Ulrichs wrote a defence and sent it to Schweitzer, but it was confiscated by the authorities. Ulrichs, who had been sexually attracted to men since his early teens, decided that now was the time to solve this ‘riddle’.

(The thing to notice here, is that Ulrichs decided to solve this “problem” concerning homosex or heterosex in 1862. This, after his attraction to men began in his early teens. He would have been around 40 years old when he set off on his explanation of human sexuality. His life would have been one of confusion, so he set out to do away with the confusion, … however, in the process, conjured up such a level of extreme confusion, that it literally began to make no sense whatsoever.

Notice, that Egon’s article above lists the same time frame that the world population began to explode in the mid 1850’s and onward from there.

In 1839, at the age of fourteen, Ulrichs experienced his first sexual encounter with his riding instructor. He graduated in law and theology from Göttingen University in 1846.

Obviously, a religious man with a legalistic bent, … instilling him with a total lack of wisdom, seeing as he was indoctrinated in the two most “common sense” destroying activities one can experience in this 3D illusory life experience. That of a religious and intellectual trance induced being.

Still, this writer acknowledges that Ulrichs had the correct motive in attempting to explain the almost unexplainable. Ulrichs had forsaken his natural common sense after having been heavily indoctrinated in “book learnin'”.

Sex is not complicated at all. Only the insertion of religious and intellectual dogma perverts and distorts all sex. All sex is natural, and male and female homosex are both our primary (or first) sexual experiences, and are both perfectly natural.

Late in life Ulrichs wrote:

Until my dying day I will look back with pride that I found the courage to come face to face in battle against the spectre which for time immemorial has been injecting poison into me and into men of my nature. Many have been driven to suicide because all their happiness in life was tainted. Indeed, I am proud that I found the courage to deal the initial blow to the hydra of public contempt.

Sex is no more complicated than the fact that it’s pleasant and we enjoy pleasant things. But like Ulrichs states late in life, … “the spectre which for time immemorial has been injecting poison into me and into men of my nature.

Ulrichs religious and intellectual indoctrination did the very opposite of what he was counting on. Instead of setting the record straight in regards to sexuality, he fostered a propagandists’ “wet dream”. Which of course, the religious institutions of his day latched upon, and vigorously employed in misleading their followers into a sick sort of temporary perdition all for the sake of profit and power over the population.

In November 1862 Ulrichs told his relatives of his intention to publish a study of ‘The Race of Uranian Hermaphrodites, i.e., the Man-Loving Half-Men’. He finished most of it in 1863, and published it in 1864, as Forschungen über das Rätsel der mannmännlichen Liebe (Researches on the Riddle of Male–Male [Man-to-Man] Love). He used the pseudonym Numa Numantius in deference to his shocked relatives, but acknowledged his identity in 1868. By 1879 he had published twelve volumes on this subject.

Immediately below is a painting of the goddess Aphrodite Urania:

… the goddess from whose name Ulrichs derived the term Urning for homosexuals.

Ulrichs invented many different labels in regards to sexuality. He had labels for bisexuals, heterosexuals, intersexuals, … all of which became an even greater poison injected into the illusory life experience of humanity.

Ulrichs’s ‘scientific’ inspiration was contemporary embryology, which had discovered that the sex organs are undifferentiated in the earliest stages of the development of the foetus. By analogy, homosexual desire was just as ‘natural’ as this containment of the opposite sex within the developing embryo. He believed that the ‘germ’ of the female sex could be retained in the fully developed male, creating a kind of psychic hermaphrodite or half-man: a feminine direction of the sex drive within a masculine sex. (This direct linking of sex organs to direction of sex drive is a common non sequitur.) After some refinements he settled on the phrase anima muliebria virili corpore inclusa – a feminine soul or mentality confined within a masculine body.

The substantive source for Ulrichs’s theory was not heterosexualist medicine, but Plato’s Symposium, in which Pausanius says that love for males is the offspring of Heavenly Love (Aphrodite Urania) who is the daughter of Uranus, while love for females is the offspring of Common Love (Aphrodite Pandeumia) who is the daughter of Zeus and Dione. Ulrichs modified the Platonic/Pausanian terms in accordance with German linguistic usage and came up with Urning for homosexual male, Dioning for heterosexual male, Urningin for lesbian and Dioningin for heterosexual female. As Ulrichs became more widely acquainted with other homosexuals, he realized there were many varieties, and he expanded his system of classification:

Urningthum, male homosexuality (or urnische Liebe, homosexual love)

Urning, male homosexual; subdivided into:
Mannlinge, very masculine except for feminine soul and sex drive towards effeminate men
Weiblinge, feminine in appearance and behaviour as well as soul and sex drive towards manly men
Variations between these extremes, such as the Zwischen-Urning who prefers adolescents

Uranodioning, male bisexual:
Conjunctive, with tender and passionate feelings for men
Disjunctive, with tender feelings for men but passionate feelings for women

Virilisierte Mannlinge, homosexual men who have learned to act like heterosexual men, through force or habit

Uraniaster or uranisierter Mann, heterosexual man who acts like a homosexual (often due to lack of women, e.g. in prisons or military environment)

All of these were matched by female counterparts for the Urningin.

Kennedy (1980) remarks that ‘the theory seems ready to collapse under the weight of its own complexities’, and the terminology of Uranismus was gradually dropped, although it lived on in England for almost half a century as ‘Uranian love’ (and the modern gay tourist agency Uranian Travel). But let us honestly acknowledge that the system of descriptive classification used today is nearly the same as Ulrichs’s, though the terminology seems less absurd:


active/masculine or

closet or latent gay
situational homosexual

In 1869, the Austrian writer Karl-Maria Kertbeny coined the word “homosexual”, and from the 1870s the subject of sexual orientation (as we would now say) began to be widely discussed.

(End of this portion of Rictor Norton’s article).

What this tells us to this point, is that, around the mid to late 1850’s, the use of the term homosexuality became a label that would stigmatize one segment of society, … that segment being those who saw no corruption with homosex. Either male or female.

This sexual labeling soon destroyed natural male homosex as a degrading, vulgar, and sick activity. Female homosex was less stigmatized. From this, heterosexuality became a kind of offensive force to bring the male sex-drive to heel. To be used mainly for procreation. The beginning of effeminacy of men began to flourish as men with men sex was scorned. For an intimate sexual relationship, men were now sequestered (more or less), to only participate in heterosexual sex. Even though the male sex drive and the female sex drive are often a universe apart.

The damage done to the male psyche when male homosex is scorned and condemned is without limits. The male has a primary “need” for homosex to be recognized as his natural primary state of desire. The male does not look at the male sexually, the same as he would look at a woman. The woman is to be enjoyed for her feminine qualities. Her beauty, her comfort, her wisdom in nurturing, etc.

The male enjoys the male for his muscle, his strength, and his phallus. All of the males attention towards other males centres primarily on the phallus. This is not out of being a lewd bastard, it is the very natural nature of being a male. The healthy and true nature of the male psyche, needs to cleave to his male sex drive. His soundness of mind, his primary most beneficial desire, and his ability to instill “wisdom”, all relates to how the male relates to his primary sex drive.

When this natural inclination and desire is subdued, the male becomes effeminate and a “yes ma’am” bowl of jelly. Waiting in the wings for a little hand-out of pussy to tide him over. When in fact, the male focuses on sex on an almost continual basis. This is of necessity. The male sex drive must be focused upon as the basis for a healthy society. This focus is ready to fight to protect, to provide for the needs of the woman and family, to be virile and satisfied, and ready to lay with his mate in passion and desire.

The religious and intellectual systems of the world must crush homosex, or lose the power and riches they desire. Destroy the natural strength and wisdom that the male has been conjured up with to be utilized within society, and all hell simply breaks loose.

Recognizing male homosex brings peace to the male psyche. Whether the male actively practices homosex or not. The male just needs to know that homosex, his phallus, is the centre of his sexual makeup. The male needs to know that he is not odd or perverted in any way for being aroused by focusing on the male phallus. Not as a prelude to homosex alone, but to understand that if this focus and perception is diminished within the male, he then becomes open to becoming effeminate and open to being manipulated by the female. Not necessarily manipulated on purpose, … but manipulated nonetheless. The male must associate himself with his male character, he must relate to his cock, and to his erection, … and to do this without guilt or shame. In this the male rests in peace, and strangely, feels satisfied. Then, and only then, can the male comprehend “Wisdom”.

This description of male sex also describes how the female needs to understand concerning her own sexuality as well. With this understanding the woman can find peace, confidence, and pleasure. The woman must come to understand that she is a sexual being, and female homosex is her primary and natural first desire. The woman is taught within religious and intellectual institutions, that she should be a nurturing mother by day, … but never, ever, be a fucking whore in the bed. She suffers as she is so obsessively guilt laden to seek the softness, the tenderness, as well as the frenzied desire to “know” a woman in heated passion.

This is a terrible, malevolent thing these systems of the world have done to the female psyche. Very few things are more exciting, more satisfying, more delightful for a woman, than to learn to be a beautiful illusory sexual being. Coming to this understanding, brings joy, contentedness, and peace. And it brings the ability to understand what “Wisdom” truly is. Without it, the woman will become a blistering, blabbering bitch, … not fit to conjure up anything of benefit in this 3D illusory plane.

Throughout history, the male was esteemed within societies. Phallic symbols were everywhere in a multitude of shapes, sizes, and symbolic meanings. Phallus’ would be placed over the doors of homes. Huge phallic rocks would be positioned in all manner of ways. Carvings in stone demonstrating the vitality of the male were everywhere. Even the trees of the forest were recognized as phallic symbols, and the symbol of life giving seed (albeit illusory life giving), but they meant well.

Below are just a very few examples:


Greek Phallus Rocks


Roman Phallus


Greek Frottage Phallus'


Peru Phallus Site

Wind Chime:

Cock Motion Bells

However, through the work of the religious and intellectual institutions, … the male is a looked upon as sort of perverted scum. The woman is worshiped for being a woman and for enduring the oppression associated by being bound to the male. When in fact, throughout history, wherever religious institutions were not quite so prevalent and powerful, … the male would protect, would provide, and would find comfort as he kept watch for the benefit of his mate.

Only where common sense and honouring the male is diminished to zero within the societies of the world, does the male face derision and scorn. And only in these religious societies throughout the ages, does the male learn to treat the woman as property, or just the vessel to procreate, or simply just the vessel to fill with seed. Strangely, all nations and societies are religious entities to some degree, but usually it’s the indoctrination into the Children of Abraham religion … that of Judaism, Christianity and Islam, … that the elitists of the world have formulated a “killing machine” to seize control of any and all things. That “killing machine” which works overtime, even in these illusory days we experience.

This occurs, even after some many thousands of illusory years where homosex is being practiced within this 3D illusory state.

Some sex therapists have done surveys where newlyweds have a vibrant sex life for the first few years (usually about 7 years), of marriage. Then after that, the marriage bed cools down to, well, … let’s just say “cool”.

The sex drive of the male and female have been conjured up to be slightly unsynchronized. This produces a heterosexual society where the end result is a dramatic rise in the world population. And when considering Egon’s article and chart above, the need for a massive boost in the world population was perpetuated and accommodated by the religious and intellectual institutions of the last 170 years.

One thing led to another, and eventually the world population and the birth process itself has led to a “sacrifice to the gods” type of “for profit business”, in which abortion is simply looked upon as just another form of birth control.

Even though Ulrichs intent was to sexually liberate men and women from the hideous condemnation of homosex, by using labels for every conceivable possible sexual orientation, his writings did the very opposite. He conjured up a system whereby, humanities primary and natural sex drive would be recognized as being repulsive. The atmosphere conjured up where, (as Egon wrote in the above article), an “economic crisis, famine, disease, social unrest or war” … are now unfolding.

This in turn has led to the implementation of a “fake” pandemic, leading to a “martial law” type imposition (under the term of stay-at-home), which is just a lead-up to a totalitarian world civilization, where slaves and serfs are pleased to serve, just as long as free “bread and circuses” continue to flow their way. Not realizing for a moment, that it was, and is, their religious and intellectual endeavors which brought them to this place of extreme trance inducement.

As alluded to on pages 112 & 113 of this blog, … what comes next, after the Deep State that works corruption throughout the world, will become a “tempered” hidden establishment to some degree. However, the Deepest State of all, … the Greater Israel Project will then raise its fraudulent “salvation like head”.

Just today, previous to this writing, it was announced that … the US will give Israel the right to annex the Jordan Valley.


One just has to ask at this juncture; “who gave the US the right to give Palestinian land (what little remains of it), to Israel”? Of course, the United States of America “is Israel”! The United States is the Greater Israel Project being implemented. What occurs within the nation of Israel, and the different activities that are carried on there, are just “subliminals”. The events occurring in Israel today, and since the Balfour Declaration, are just “hypnotic suggestions”, which conjure up the path of the “Real Israel”, … which is the United States of America”, … which hypnotic trance inducement takes the world charging headlong into Armageddon within the whole nation of America. But most particularly, in the 11 Western States and in Mexico, the land of Megiddo, … the site of Armageddon.

This and more, will continue to be set in place, as the “reset” of the world financial system transitions from a chaotic, long lost, free market style society, … into an entity spoken of from ancient times, … The Greater Israel Project. Of which, president Donald John Trump will continue to be the spokesman.

The corona virus has been the cover story to hide the fact that the US “Deep State” administration, … the “dark and hidden” “Deep State” world powers that be, knew 6 months ago, that they would have to print trillions of dollars to help sustain the corrupt system. Otherwise their monstrous “Gravy Train” would collapse, and the ability to steal every asset on the planet would end.

Hence, a manufactured fake pandemic! … to act as a smokescreen, or a cover story, to hide the real reason for the need for “bail-outs” of virtually everyone and everything. Especially the corporations, who received many billions … before even one small business received anything.

Understand this, the US economy is finished. The USA is a “corporation, not a democracy. The USA officially went bankrupt in February of this year, and is totally and completely bankrupt. (Even as every other economy in the world is). Let’s rephrase that. The USA is beyond bankrupt, … the state of their economy and society, cannot even be considered a nation anymore. Everything theatre! Very, very, bad theatre. Their own citizens (for the most part), no longer view their once prosperous nation, as anything resembling a nation.

The ESF, the Exchange Stabilization Fund that exists within the “Deep State” of the US establishment, has endless funds that they have been accumulating (stealing since 1933). Trillions of dollars which are not on the books, but hidden, and used to bail-out anything of importance (corporate fascists), that needs bailing-out. Of course, referring to the large corporate entities only.

Now, under the guise of a pandemic instigated “lock-down” … add to the hidden trillions of dollars, fake money (paper currency) printed out of thin air, and the skies the limit to how much can be printed on a digital keyboard. All this, to rescue a bankrupt economy until the time is right to let it completely fail and implode. Of course, then taking the other nations of the world down with it.


The links below take the reader to Man2Man Alliance. The site contains a massive amount of historical male homosex activities. Graphic & Mature Content.


The following link takes the reader to page 109 of this blog with information relating to female homosex.

10 Of Our Favorite Sappho Lesbian Quotes To Get You Through The Week

In spite of everything that’s going on in this whacked out world, … just

“Remember to Laugh and Smile and Dance and Sing”


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