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CLIMATE CHANGE and Greta Thunberg and the Mona Lisa

Signalling 911 – The Sequel

The information presented here was originally posted about 2008 on page 18 (approximately 3/4’s of the way down the page.

Information was also originally posted on page 58 somewhere around December, 2010.

In other words, this information was posted approximately 11 years ago (and onward), … and now world events are dictating the “fullness of time” has arrived. Within the next decade and onward, the CLIMATE WILL CHANGE DRAMATICALLY as Armageddon continues playing out in MEXICO / MEGIDDO.


Here’s a framed picture of the Mona Lisa:

Mona Lisa unframed:

Greta Thunberg:

Greta Thunberg cropped and overlaid on Mona Lisa face:

Greta Thunberg completed mural in San Francisco, site of the Golden Gate where the BIG ONE EARTHQUAKE and FLOOD will occur and the CLIMATE WILL DEFINITELY CHANGE as the cataclysm unfolds:

California … Site of the Battle of Armageddon:

Some symbolic details included within the Mona Lisa painting:

Keep in mind that the background of the Mona Lisa, when reversed, or mirrored, has all the major geographical features of California included:

More symbolic descriptive details in regards to 911, Solomon’s Temple, and the coming cataclysm:

California overlaid on Mona Lisa:

Solomon’s Third Temple … the Altar of Sacrifice is on the west coast between Los Angeles and San Francisco … the stairs of Solomon’s Temple rise in the geographical land formations that enter between the Twin Tower states of Oregon and Arizona and keep rising until they reach Yellowstone or Holystone, … the so-called Judgement Seat of “god”. See the cut away view at the bottom of this photograph:

By November 11, 2020 (11/11/2020) this above scenario will be well on its way. Not as a predictive date, but simply based on the symbolic date number. This date will have exactly 7,000 days from 1 day after 9/11 up to 11/11/2020.

The next date to stay focused on will be December 27, 2022. This date will be exactly 7,777 days since 911.

Many other dates will be worth watching as the cataclysm unfolds, with February 12, 2032 being 11,111 days since 9/11, … with February 12 being Lincoln’s birthday. Lincoln symbolizes the Lion King, or the Sphinx of Egypt.

The SPHINX = PHINXS = PHOENIX rising from the ashes of the cataclysm.

The crumbling of the USA as a nation is more than obvious. The whole society is on the verge of a “shooting” civil war no matter which way the coming election unfolds. There is already a psychological and political civil war in play, only to accelerate from here on in.

The USA culture is attempting to “transgender” the whole of society to accept all the nonsensical issues regarding sexuality with endless virtue signaling and unlimited political correctness bullshit. This has resulted in “suited up” political blood suckers, spewing endless chaos and insanity. The manipulation over the decades of the “empire” has resulted in men not knowing what it is to be a man, and woman arriving at some sort of conclusion that they are the “men”, … or the dominant human element on the planet. Wait for major blow-back on this one.

When a person understands the real nature of sexuality, then understanding the 9/11 event becomes very obvious. Not comprehending man to man homosex, and woman to woman homosex, fosters a very limited insight into this 3D illusory plane.

See the previous page 109, for information regarding woman with woman homosex.

Also, click on the following links for more information concerning female homosex.

10 Of Our Favorite Sappho Lesbian Quotes To Get You Through The Week

The following links are loaded with historical information in regards to man to man homosex. Understanding male homosex results in men comprehending what it is to be a considerate, but dominant male. Lacking this understanding conjures up a 3 dimensional space where men become effeminate and easily manipulated by the female and society in general.

This lack of sexual Wisdom is a direct result of the Children of Abraham teachings … within the Jewish, Christian, and Muslim faiths. Homosex is soundly condemned within the Orthodox branches of these faiths.

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