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Hermaphrodites / Intersex – We are all male and female.

Question: “What is a hermaphrodite?”

Babies that are born with both male and female sexual organs, or characteristics of both organs, are called hermaphrodites or intersex. A child who is in an intersexual state is classified in one of three categories:

1) true hermaphrodite – an infant born with both ovaries and testicles and has both male and female sex organs.

2) female pseudohermaphrodite – a genetic female with male external sex organs.

3) male pseudohermaphrodite – a genetic male with external sex organs that fail to supposedly develop properly, resulting in female or male/female physical characteristics.

When babies are developing in the womb, they all begin with sex organs that look female. If the baby is male, he begins to produce testosterone, and if the hormone reaches the tissues (supposedly again) correctly, the external genitals become a scrotum and penis. Chromosomal or sex hormone abnormalities (supposedly), can produce an infant in an intersexual state. It can also be caused by a condition called congenital adrenal hyperplasia, which is a disease that blocks the baby’s metabolism. It is not as uncommon as we might think; about 1 in every 2,000 newborns is born in an intersexual state.

Child born with both sex organs can grow up to have a healthy view of sexuality and successful relationships. Just like any other male or female person. That is of course, if the religious and intellectual indoctrination doesn’t confuse intersexual individuals that they are abnormal. When in fact they are not abnormal, but incredibly normal. We all basically, begin our 3D life experience as female, until the male aspect of our gestation kicks in and the hormone testosterone begins the development of the scrotum and penis.

From this we can see that we are all male or female, with simply slight variations in how our gestation period moves along. We are not developing as gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender. We are developing as human beings with predominantly male or female genitalia, and in the case of intersexuals, we develop on a “sliding scale” (shall we say), of being male or female other than the predominant development.

However, this is how it is for all individuals. We all have testosterone and estrogen in varying degrees within our physical forms. In actuality, we are all (in one sense or another) intersexual beings. However, most individuals have an extreme genetic makeup for being identified specifically, as either male or female, and as a result, act out as being very male or very female. However, those who have developed as less extreme male or female, have a more balanced, more insightful interconnection with this 3D illusory plane. These individuals can generally tend to be more useful to society, more calm, gentle, and able to perform tasks customarily assigned to either male or female. In other words, the more intersexual a person develops as, the greater benefit they are within there community and society.

When religions and intellectual thinkers begin suggesting “a curse from God” (a God which does not exist), … or that the intersexual person should undergo “transgender” surgery and hormonal intrusion, these are just the workings associated with the extreme male, or the extreme female “Thought Process”. Egotistically feeling “blessed” that they are normal, simply because they are obviously male or obviously female. When in fact, persons identified as extreme female or extreme male, generally result in conjuring up the hideous notions within our societies that we see in the world today. It’s these “extreme” individuals, who conjure up the more extreme “things”. Persons of a more balanced intersexual nature, naturally comprehend much of what is kept hidden from the extreme and often destructive, individuals.

One example of how destructive these “extremists” can be, is witnessed in the age of sexual consent with the opposite sex. Some jurisdictions state 18 years, some 19 years, … but in 3D illusory “reality” there should be no age of sexual consent for young adults. It should be taught from childhood, that sex between young and immature adults should be abstained from. Until such time as these young people are mature adult individuals. Well into their twenties at a minimum.

This is completely opposite to the “progressive” thinkers of today, who now state that pedophilia could be a “sexual orientation”. How can abusing a child (and I might add … this abuse can have far reaching affects for a lifetime), be considered a sexual orientation?

History is always written by the “victor” in matters of domination and overthrow of other states and cultures. In this instance of child abuse, Christianity rewrote history! Christianity deleted the historical references and teachings of what guiding young children and young adults actually entails.

The Romans, for instance, would decorate their personal possessions with scenes of young adults doing their sports and studying at the feet of the masters, the most effective way to be a soldier warrior, and the most beneficial activity to engage in with regards to sexuality. All this to keep young males from abusing young girls, who are not at all prepared to be a wife or mother.

This has been all written out of history!

Christianity (the new form of the Roman Empire for the time), needed to establish a form of total control and mind manipulation. The Universal Roman Catholic Church became the new Roman Empire entity. As the centuries passed by, eventually over 1 billion faithful to the Church of Rome (and by extension including every Protestant and Evangelical group), split off into extreme conservative and extreme liberal entities.

However, this splitting off into two main groups of thought, has been done in such a way, that all sides claim the “truth”, … virtue signalling with their “christianized” tone of voice and plastered on smiles, … or the liberal left virtue signalling by not knowing what a male or a female is. Not knowing what pronoun to use when addressing someone in person or in writings. Completely confusing the crime of pedophilia with the necessary guidance of pederasty by a well established and wise mentor. Teachings that are so desperately needed to guide young children and young adults into responsible and sound adulthood.

Recently, a report (that is supposedly written by civilized
people), now claim this very thing. This is utter lunacy and has totally confused what world history has taught us in regards to raising our children and guiding them correctly concerning sexuality. Not as the child molesters within our societies. Molesters, pedophiles, … who molest in secret, … behind closed doors … after business hours in the school or church), … but pederasty mentors taught their subjects out in the open, as part of their culture, including it in some fashion within every subject or skill studied throughout every day. Where boys were taught respectful sexual interaction. With the act of frottage (rubbing of genitals together), being the prominent activity. Children were unashamedly taught that homosex was the first, the original, normal response for guiding their sexuality in a beneficial and productive manner.

This has all been written out of the history books.

The same for young girls before reaching puberty. There is a tremendous need to learn from emotionally well adjusted female mentors, who will instruct the young girls in the sexual pleasures of female with female. This is how it was within ancient societies and cultures. Of course, maybe we could learn from what amounts to simple common sense.

Common sense is literally a thing of the past. The religious and intellectual teachers of today have malevolent harmful teachings replacing benevolent and wise historical practices. Even writing these comments on this blog will make some readers question the intent of the writer. (That’s how fucking confused this society is now, … so that, even if historical evidence is explained well and clear, the trance induced extremists on both sides, will only question someone’s motives).

Well, the writer understands that mixed gender sex is extremely destructive among young people today. The writer understands that pedophilia is a crime, and is so much the result of religious organizational teachings and intellectual technological advances. There is immense confusion regarding this particular topic. All for the benefit of the elite and powerful of this world who have been known to refer to the common people as “useless eaters”.

(… teachers nowadays teach math in such an insane fashion … that 2+2=5). Sorry, but that doesn’t work for me.

(… preachers within the Roman Church tell their flock to believe in a savior who died … rose again on the third day … and ascended to the throne of god. Just like the winter solstice sun is perceived as “dead” for 3 days, and then after 3 months, at the spring equinox, the “sun” overtakes the night and goes up, up, up … to sit at the throne of god).

In today’s world, the religious and intellectual teachers and thinkers confuse in “horrific fashion”, the difference between a sexual adult “mentor”, and those adults who take part in abusing children … by the act of pedophilia.

In ancient Rome, the “mentors” were wise to teach and guide the young people in proper sexual roles. Not like today, where a school teacher, grabs a textbook and teaches “sex-ed”. (What the fuck is sex-ed … where you teach a boy what equipment goes where on your sex partner. Sorry, but that is not a mystery), … and why is it being taught by a school teacher who has learned everything out of a textbook!

And of course, … there are those priests and ministers, who grab their textbook and say, “see, right here, God says you shouldn’t have sex out of wedlock”. Or, young people shouldn’t masturbate because it’s a sin to let your “seed” fall to the ground.

This is such lunatic virtue signaling that leaves the young people totally exposed to being manipulated and abused by pedophiles. Just like the age of consent issue. When an age of sexual consent becomes the law, … then when a young adult is 18, or 19, or whatever age is the law, … then all hell breaks out as the young people fuck themselves into some sort of hysterical mindlessness. The age of consent issue is simply teaching older children to go ahead and fuck with the opposite sex. When in fact, the young people are being fed to the wolves, without the slightest degree of guidance in sexual matters.

When all the time, if the preachers and teachers would just stop teaching about lunatic concepts of human sexuality, and allowed homosex activity to be recognized as “normal sex” and the first “primary sex experience as children” … then sex between the opposite genders could have remained a beautiful and wonderful thing for the mature adults.

Whereas, the way it is now, … there are millions of unwanted babies born to mothers who are no more than children themselves. (… as mentioned on previous pages, the number of abortions would be reduced to almost non-existence. In 2018 the number of abortions world wide totaled approximately, 41.9 million).

The abortion industry is a for profit industry. Just as the pharmaceutical industry and the military industrial war machine are all designed for profit, at the expense of the “deplorables” and “useless eaters”. Abortion clinics teach, and need desperately, many dead babies. Young unborn children body parts bring a good not so good dollar in today’s market!


The new painting mentioned above, titled “Delilah”, speaks to the insanity in today’s world regarding human sexuality.

The painting “Delilah” relates to the story of Samson and Delilah.

In the mythical story, Samson is seduced by Delilah, and ultimately loses his strength after Delilah cuts off his hair.

Samson recovers his strength one last time (the mythical story goes), and pushes down two main pillars holding the temple upright.

The temple crashes and 3,000 Philistines are killed in that single day.

This relates (in subliminal hypnotic suggestion from over 2,000 years ago), to the collapse of the Twin Towers on September 11, 2001, … where 3,000 persons were also killed.

The Twin Towers were 2 phallic symbols.
They were 2 sex symbols.
Everything about 911 spoke of the destruction and perversion of human sexuality.

If anyone wonders why the cultures of the world have become so twisted and confused regarding sexuality, … look no farther than the 911 event. This was an event that demonstrated the male phallic member, and the male psyche, and the end of strong and wise manhood, coming to an end. With the advent of Christianity (the 2nd arm of the Children of Abraham), and the rise of Islam, men have now arrived at the place, where men are no longer men. Simply “pussy-whipped” eunuchs, who desperately need to grow a set.

The 911 event has resulted in all manner of “alphabet” labels (LGBT… and on and on) being applied to the simple nature of just “man and woman”.

The exact number of dead on 911 was 2,977 in the towers.
Along with 19 illusory, fake hijackers.
This totals 2,996.
I would suspect that there may very well have been 4 unknown visitors to the World Trade Center on that day (in a building capable of housing 50,000 people), that were killed without anyone even knowing of their demise.

Having said that, … here is my latest painting “Delilah”:

It was an “inside job”.

Hypnotic subliminal messaging

The 3rd temple of Solomon hypnotically trance induced.

Sex … in the wreckage of the blood sacrifice of 911

sex blood ritual sacrifice

Seduction by the religious pious pretenders

Pussy whipped Samson / Solomon

the elite super fuck-fest

The whore and the pimp … and the walls came tumbling down

beauty  desire and pleasure just a fuck away

painted face and rock hard cock

purple of the princess with glittering eyes and heaving breasts

you will tell me and I will fuck you

don’t you trust me Samson my love

Samson … stupid son of a bitch … Bushs’, Cheney, and that kind of ilk

elitist brought to nothing by the lust of a woman

the powerful fall … only to rise again

take my hair … remove my power … let’s take our pleasure

cut cut cut cunt ... and let us rejoice

let the Philistines die … let that be my reward

all wars are bankers wars … to buy for me my power and whores

the bank robbery extreme

how much the cost to fuck my beauty

cut, cut, cut, cunt … leave none of it … insert me now

clip and undress my naked empty head

cut me now … careful not to harm my jewels

hips to spread … my lust to drain … squeeze my manhood tight

preach to me sweet tidings of great joy

press my flesh with joy and pain … please me now

bind me now … chain my delight … make me submit to thee

hold me still and be my vise

chains you can believe in … the end of lust

big iron rod beam … brutality of lust … pillow of delight

rod of iron ... rod of god

rod of iron … rod of god … steel and flesh … flesh wins

burning pit of lust … rubble and dust

smell and filth and sex

burning flesh … heaving chest … bring me flaming orgasm

wrought iron beams … erections bare … exposing desire everywhere

bedroom of doom

bring the blood and bring the lust … kill

two towers stand erect … two cocks ejaculate … cum dear lord … again I say cum

the walls came tumbling down

like Jericho walls fall down … pleasure is released

the eyes have it … the All Seeing Eye … was it good for you too?

the All Seeing Eye

and the lord said cum … to the mighty men cum … fucking lunatics

The links below take the reader to Man2Man Alliance. The site contains a massive amount of historical male homosex activities. Graphic & Mature Content. See page 109 of this blog for historical information in regards to female homosex.

The links below are loaded with a massive amount of information of how ancient cultures treated nurturing and guiding children to become mature adults. Especially teaching young people about the destructive nature of mindless sexual activity with the opposite gender. No age of consent law was required because the young people were trained to respect what amounts to, as common sense. Something dearly missing in today’s societies and cultures. Maybe our present generations could learn something from the past. Before these abortion chambers built for profit came into being.

Check around on the links placed just above. It might be very difficult to do, … depending on the level of religious or intellectual indoctrination one has been exposed to.

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