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The Worship of “Jesus” Titus Flavius Caesar

The Worship of Jesus Titus

1. From the outset of writing this blog some 13 years ago, and realizing the true nature of this 3D illusory plane, many things became abundantly clear.

First off, … there is no god. No “creator”. No benevolent “spirit” in the sky.

There is however, … a conjurer.

That eternal concept we refer to as the Ego. The Ego … this thinking entity that manufactures and conjures up the whole 3 dimensional illusory plane. Ultimately conjuring the 3D experience through thought, and the ultimate trance induced state called “life”.

The notion of Adam and Eve and the beginning of life on earth is simply a fable. A myth born within the trance induced hypnotic state.

Adam (the first man) is a subliminal hypnotic suggestion relating to the Atom.
Eve (the first woman), is a subliminal hypnotic suggestion that refers to the light which emanates from the atom. Eve literally means, “the coming of the light”.

Exercising the Ego/Atom produces thought.
Thought conjures up words, or ideas.
Words, … ideas, … are known by the sound that they produce within the mind. Words are recognized as ideas because of the movement of sound associated with ideas.
Without words being conjured up, there would be nothing to disturb the “peace of mind.” Only words can obliterate “peace of mind”.

That disturbing occurrence within our mind is sound. The movement caused by thought, words, and sound, is vibration.

Sound vibrates. In other words, … words cause sound … and sound vibrates.
Vibration is energy … energy glows … and glowing is light.

Light is everything we see within this trance induced hypnotic state we call life.


2. Understanding that there is no god, no creator, no creation, no savior … but just light dancing the illusory dance of life. Then in turn, it demands that reason and logic cannot lend credence to the notion of a savior.

Understanding this, the concept we recognize as religion is therefore also a fabrication and a myth.

The Ego, … the thinking entity which manifests within the 3 dimensional plane as “reality”, has in fact, no relationship to reality.

Thinking, or conjuring up light beams through the process called thinking, … forms the 3D illusory plane. Observing that “humanity thinks”, then reason states that humanity must be the Ego. Humanity is the lying entity that creates the trance induced 3D illusory plane called the life experience.


3. This particular blog post will now deal with the advent of Christianity and the Jesus myth.

The man Jesus never existed.

On the very first page of this blog, it became quickly evident that the name Jesus was just another form of the name Zeus.

The name Jesus basically sounds like the name Zeus when pronounced with a Spanish or Hebrew feel to it, and sounds sort of like “Hey Zeus”.

There is no historical record of an actual Jesus personage.

There is a record of Josephus writing about a person by the name of Jesus who supposedly lived and started his ministry in the year 30 CE.

However, Josephus lived some 40 years after the supposed beginning of the ministry of Jesus, … which were in fact … actually writings concerning the military events and conquests in regards to the Flavian Caesars.

The Flavians had wrested the power and throne of the Roman Empire from the Julio Caesars. After capturing the leader of a faction of Jewish rebels … one Josephus … who was to turn traitor … became the propaganda writer for the Flavian Caesars.

The story of Jesus was then produced by the captured leader and writer Josephus. Josephus was eventually adopted into the Flavian Caesar fold and took the name of Josephus Flavius.

The Flavian period of rule unfolded between the years 69 to 96 CE.
During the time of Nero (54 CE), the Jews rebelled and by 69 CE, the Flavians had taken command of the Roman Empire.


4. At this time, two of Romes greatest warriors were Vespasian Flavius Caesar and his son Titus.

There was a rebellion going on in Palestine whereupon Nero called upon Vespasian and Titus to quell the Jewish revolt. Shortly thereafter, Nero committed suicide and in 69 CE Vespasian returned to Rome and seized the throne.

Vespasian’s son Titus Flavius continued the battle against the Jews in Galilee after which he then sets his sights on Jerusalem in the year 70 CE. Exactly 40 years after Jesus had started his ministry in Galilee.

Upon reaching Jerusalem, Titus built a wall around Jerusalem and laid seige, … destroying the city and the Jewish Temple built by Herod.

This is the exact same sequence of events attributed to Jesus, … who supposedly began his ministry in Galilee and then, making his way to Jerusalem to preach his ministry message. Supposedly fulfilling a prophecy in regards to the coming messiah … and to the city of Jerusalem being destroyed “before that generation would pass away”.

This event supposedly referring to the beginning of Jesus’ ministry, actually occurred in 70 CE, but in the Jesus myth it was backdated by Josephus to 30 CE, so that after 40 years (the length of a generation at that time), it would appear that the prophecy had been fulfilled. The character Jesus would be recognized as the fulfillment of this prophecy, and ultimately many other prophecies thereafter attributed to Jesus.

In actual fact, these events were simply the recording of the military escapades of Titus Flavius, the son of Vespasian Flavius Caesar, in regards to the Jewish Roman wars.


5. Vespasian was deified after the conquering of Jerusalem and was worshipped throughout the Roman Empire as “god”.
When Vespasian died, after being recognized as “god”, … passed on the title of Caesar to Titus Flavius … who in turn was deified and was recognized as the “son of god” … the pivotal point and title attributed to Jesus within the Jesus myth.

The parallels between Titus and Jesus are recognized over and over again. Not only the events associated with Titus and Jesus, but the sequence of these events also paralleled both. Thereby establishing an extremely curious and solid historical example that defies the possibility of “coincidence”.

Below is the link to a study conducted by historians in regards to the Jesus myth, … titled “Caesar’s Messiah”.

These historians have done a very in depth study of the literary account of the Jesus fable. Josephus’ writings were just that … they were just “literature”, … not based on any factual historical evidence of an actual person called Jesus.They were just literary fables concocted by Josephus.

One must remember though, that these historians are intellectual, … so their ability to see and to understand the “total” importance and far reaching consequences of the Jesus myth (from a 3D universal illusory perspective), is not recognized by any of them. What they have uncovered however, adds a bit more understanding of the deceit and lies put forward through religion in general, and Christianity in particular, all for the purpose of controlling the populace.

This control would expand and produce a trance induced hypnotic state of mind, that would, through the centuries, fester as a cancer. Eventually culminating with the 911 event and the destruction of the 11 Western States … shown throughout parts of the blog to be just another rendition of the Temple of Solomon.

When the Pacific Ocean, the “Sea of Peace”, which is the “City of Peace” called Jerusalem … floods through the Golden Gate at San Francisco, the Temple of Solomon, and the filth and feces of that city, will be washed away. The pretence and propaganda of Hollywood and Los Angeles will be destroyed along with their trance inducement abilities.

All of this occurs as the Battle of Armageddon unfolds in the historical region of Mexico / Megiddo. As invading immigration caravans gather from all nations at the southwest USA border, and the “wall” builds a backlog and concentration of illegal immigrants. None of whom realize they are the sacrifice to be offered to “god” in the Valley of Decision (the Central Valley of California). The Valley of Megiddo … the site of the Battle of Armageddon.

As pertaining to Titus, … a story of a warrior savior was needed to control the rebellious Jews, and so Titus Flavius Caesar gave them what they wanted … and what they thought they needed, and in this way, able to subdue the rebellion.



6. The next few paragraphs will deal with blunt sexual explanations.

On recent previous blog pages, particularly from page 104 to 107, certain points in regards to homosex practised by the ancient Roman and Greek military were put forward. Furthermore, homosex was practised throughout the major cultures and empires of the ancient world up until the present day.

Homosex is the primary sexual activity for both men and women. This had to be destroyed through religious beliefs so as to produce emasculated (emotionally castrated), men and frustrated and abused women.

The writings of Josephus reiterated the Old Testament religious commands of an illusory “god”, that a man should not lay sexually with a man, or a woman lay sexually with another woman.

… Leviticus 18:22, Leviticus 20:13, 1 Corinthians 6:9-10, Romans 1:26-27, …

These points of “morality” were put forward in the name of “god”, … a “god” who does not exist, … existing only in the doctrine and the dogma preached and put forward by the very religious organizations that conjured up certain literature filled with rules and commands in relation to morality, and in concepts relating to right and wrong.

As mentioned throughout this blog, there is no such thing as right or wrong. And there is no such thing as morality. As readily evidenced by the zealous religious faithful who espouse their “moral beliefs” as justification to practise their hypocrisy and bloodlust for war.


7. The emasculation of men through religion, by removing the natural male strength and manliness associated with the sexual desire to be intimate with another man, has led to the collapse of vibrant societies and cultures throughout the Christian religious world.

Man to man / woman to woman sexual desire and activity, as mentioned previously, is the primary sex act for both men and for women. A deeper and more complete satisfaction is recognized and ultimately adopted at a deeper physical and emotional level when men include within their sexual repertoire, sexual desire for men. Women with women sexually, also gain a deeper emotional sexual experience by being free to accept homosex as natural … and to be allowed to be a complete emotional and physical sexual being … without intimidation or judgement. The stigma regarding homosex has only come about through religious indoctrination in one form or another.

Men and women are intimadated through religious doctrine and dogma.

See these links in regards to man to man, homosex activity (the same concepts apply to woman to woman homosex):

Recognizing homosex as the primary natural sexual activity, simply means a person is free to actively participate in homosex activity, not that a person actually feels obligated to physically and emotionally be active in homosex acts. Everyone needs to be free emotionally to understand and accept that their desires for homosex activity is liberating and healthy … if they so choose to partake in homosex experiences.

Homosex activities, whether it just involves their imagination, or intense physical and emotional interaction, sets the prisoner free from having to judge from a moral perspective, something that is so pure, decent and pleasurable.

Unfortunately, modern teachings in regards to natural homosex have wandered away from the pleasant, considerate and respectful homosex activities. Things such as anal homosex with men. Anal sex is not right or wrong, however, it is a less satisfying sexual activity, and again, unfortunately, is too often recognized as the ultimate sexual homosex experience. When in fact, penis on penis rubbing, is a much more fulfilling sexual experience for men. Anal sex itself has been perpetuated by the actions of Christian priests and pastors, as they have the power associated with leadership, to take advantage of the young and powerless.

8. Women also gain far reaching sexually satifying sexual gratification through rubbing of their clitoris’ together. This activity is called frottage, and is the most recognized ancient form of homosex. Frottage is naturally recognized as a more wonderful form of homosex, and when combined with the understanding of the sexual charms of the opposite sex (whichever it may be, the man or the woman), a very deep sexual state of mind exists … and once encouraged, is a continual “peace of mind” experience.

Heterosexuality leaves people frustrated and women naturally know that heterosex leaves them craving and wanting more. And it is never enough. Homosex, … when practised by men and women, in combination with comprehending that same sex activity is the primary sexual function, facilitates strong orgasmic release and pleasure. Whether that be involved in an actual physical homosex interaction, or just self-pleasuring, such as by masterbation.

Focusing on just the heterosex form of sexual activity is shallow and less fulfilling. For instance, for the male who has only focused on sexual desires in regards to the woman, … this tends to produce an experience of a less intense sexual moment. When heterosex desire is coupled in the imagination with homosex, the desire goes deeper, literally, and physically farther down into the pubic groin. The orgasmic release is greater, and the satisfaction will last virtually on a continual basis. Thereby causing a continual calming affect for the one participating in combining their homosex desire with any heterosex fantasies which in turn support the orgasmic experience.


9. Men can have a mild, all day sort of desire for the woman. Whether a man is mostly homosex driven or a mix of homo or heterosex desires. Male desire for the woman is usually quite shallow but long lasting. And frustratingly, not always able to be acted upon with intensity that can produce a strong sexual orgasm and lasting contentment.

When combining this long lasting, but usually shallow sexual desire for the woman, with desire for a rubbing experience of another cock, the sexual depth increases, and literally drops into a seemingly, lower sexual cavity (or whatever), of the pubic area. What is then produced is a long lasting sexual experience that includes fantasy lust for a woman/man and fantasy lust for homosex.

This then, is a complete natural sexual state of mind. A state of mind that is satisfied, and it has no need to be controlled. This is the sexual attitude associated with ancient societies. All the pleasure of homosex and the long daily heterosex desires control our passions. When our passions are fulfilled deeply fulfilled), people stay fulfilled in a complete and deep state of sexual satisfaction and completeness.

This is most rewarding for the participant as it is always gentle on the mind and extremely calming. The need for multiple sexual experiences decreases simply because practising homosex and seasoning it with heterosex fantasies (if desired), is continual and complete. One is constantly in a state of fulfillment. Content to just simply be free.


10. All of this, of course, varies slightly with every individual. Depending on how much the desire leans towards homosex or heterosex. What should be understood, is that no matter the level of a persons sexual desire, whether almost totally homosex oriented or almost totally heterosex oriented, this will determine the level the imagination leans towards when combining the two sexual activities.

There is no such thing as gay.
There is no such thing as lesbian.

There are just people who are sexual beings, … and the churches, … and religion do not want you to experience a totally natural and calm, and personally controlled and sexually satisfied state of mind. Hence, stigmatizing homosex has been indoctrinated into the very core of the human experience.

Religion has created societies based on one false precept, built upon another false concept, built upon false dogma … and an endless list of lie after lie. Religion would cease to exist, wars would wind down to a rare conflict now and again (if ever), … when people are allowed to come to the truth in regards to how to cope within this 3D illusory plane of fabricated nonsense.

Wars are virtually always fought over opposing views on god and religious beliefs. Understanding what a full and complete sexual experience is, and how it can literally control the sexual beast within us all, … this will end the war inside each one of us. If the war is ended within each of us on a personal basis, … and our sexual desires are fulfilled, … somehow nobody would show up to fight the war.

Religions, all of them, including intellectual technological lunacy, … which fuel corruption and death, would cease … which will never happen of course. But at least each can make it happen in their own 3 dimensional illusory life experience.

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