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MENE, MENE, TEKEL UPHARSIN … the writing is on the WALL …

The Children of Abraham:

Judaism = 6 Pointed STARSex Ritual Symbol … male triangle over female triangle.
Christianity = the SUNSex Ritual Symbol … two intersecting cross lines … inter-SEX-ing cross lines.
Islam = the MOONSex Ritual Symbol … two overlapping circles forming a vesica pisces … female genitalia.

Acrylic on artboard

“Mene Mene Tekel Upharsin”

You Have Been Weighed In The Balances And Found Wanting …

Weighed On The Scales Of Blood And The Book Of Propaganda … Deep State Hand Writes

Fuck You States The Finger On The Hand Of Manipulation

And I Saw A Beast Rise Up Out Of The Sea

A Beast And Ghouls … The Product Of The Children Of Abraham

Ghoulish Hellish Impregnate MARY

ISIS Goddess Of Death … Liberty Destroyed

Cocked Bombs Explode Upon MARY Mar the Sea

MARY Spreads Wide To Receive The Phallic Bombs

Mene Mene Tekel Upharsin … FRAMED

The ZODIAC BASED ONE WORLD RELIGION of the Children of Abraham … symbolized by the STARS … the SUN … and the MOON.

The Children of Abraham … Judaism, Christianity, and Islam … as stated above, together form a completely SEX OBSESSED RELIGION!

The Children of Abraham One World Religion consists of a lie, built upon a lie, and then multiplied countless times, so that the lies become so extreme as to mimic “truth”.

The “Book of Lies” … the Pentateuch … the first 5 books of the Old Testament, also referred to as the “Five Books of Moses”, includes one book entitled Numbers.

The Book of Numbers lists the generations from Adam which was ultimately declared to be the establishment of the “Chosen People of God” nation called Israel.

Depending on whose authority one chooses to accept as the “true” number of years from the “creation” of Adam until the present year of 2019 (Gregorian Calendar), it would be somewhere around 5,779 to possibly 6,045 years.

However, as stated throughout this blog, the first “man” Adam, is actually a hypnotic subliminal suggestion referring to the ATOM SYMBOL. The intent being to induce a deep trance state, whereby the masses will give their lives protecting the lies incorporated within the doctrine and dogma of this SEX OBSESSED RELIGION.

The first “woman” Eve, a supposed rib taken from the side of Adam, was not a woman, but as the name “Eve” suggests … only refers to the “COMING OF THE LIGHT”, … which is precisely what the name “Eve” is defined as.

This however, is a perfect example of the absurdity to be found in the “holy books” of the Children of Abraham religion. They obviously couldn’t find a more convincing way to show how the “first man” and the “first woman” came to be, … so what the hell, the trance inducement will take care of that nicely, and from that point on, anything stated as being the will of “god” is fair game in war of logic versus Truth.

The Atom is a symbol of “energy” which produces a “glowing” … or the illusion of something appearing as having substance, or matter. This is what the name “Eve” is referring to.

This is, of course, the initiation of the subliminal hypnotic trance inducement process, which was required to establish this “new religion” which would eventually consume all things unto itself. Unfortunately, nothing can resist being consumed and ultimately trance inducement occurring without this understanding of the Atom, and the conjuring up of the Atom/Adam.

This religion preaches logic, reason, and rational consideration in all things, and yet, this religion is the most irrational, illogical, and unreasonable of most any belief system within the 3D illusory plane. With Judaism founded upon the Atom, Christianity founded upon a death and resurrection myth, and Islam founded upon a “prophet” who flew up to “god” in the 7th heaven on his magic horse al-Buraq. Not at all logical according to 3 dimensional reasoning. Bit of a problem here! … Oh yes, the conjurers then came up with the concept of something called “Faith”. This little term “faith”, could cover a multitude of devious hypnotic suggestions. The “faithful” would never dare to double-guess “god”, or the intent of what would be declared as “absolute truth”, for fear of “hell fire”. Seems they get the populace coming and going. Trapped like a rat in a cage.

Judaism is a very new and recent religion is respect to other cultures that were in existence before the advent of this monotheistic “one god religion” was conjured up. Of course, that’s if one is to believe that “Time and Space” are valid concepts, and that “time” is an actual characteristic of the 3 dimensional plane. However, “time” is simply an aspect of the trance induced state of mind. As is “space”, … both being requirements to support the trance state on a continuous mythological cycle of deceit.

The Book of Numbers simply recorded the genealogies that led eventually led to the establishment of the Jewish nation as an elaborate cover story … a hoax … leading all the way back to DAY SIX … the day “god” created Adam and Eve (the Atom and the Light emanating from the Atom). (Keep in mind that SIX = SEX = the 6 Pointed Star of the Zodiac based Jewish religion).

This Book of Numbers needed to be written down, … how so and so begat so and so, … who begat so and so, … who begat so and so, … all the way back to Adam (the Atom).

The really huge flaw in this reasoning, is of course, that Adam (as stated above), and as demonstrated by the Atom Symbol throughout this blog, was not a man, or matter of any sort. Adam was an illusion, a conjured up illusory form only appearing as a “man”. This conjuring was initiated by the “Thought Process”, which is the “Energy Conjuring Process“.

Thought initiates Energy. This Energy Glows and conjures up the illusion of colours, shapes and sounds. Simple stuff actually.

Therefore, if Adam did not exist as a man, but only as an illusion, then Eve, who was taken in the form of a rib, from the side of Adam, … neither did she exist as a human being, but only as an illusory form which became apparent with the “coming of the light”. This “light” only being a myth, a conjured up long winded tale attempting to legitimize a monotheistic god, a nation chosen by god, a nation which would not hesitate to shed blood at any turn against any peoples who might not worship this “one true god” … and on and on, until the screws were tightened, which led to step two of the conjuring, and the establishment of an even deadlier belief system based on Judaism, … a religion we now recognize as Christianity.

From this illusory conjured up subliminal, hypnotically induced mythical tale that started with Judaism, then led to Christianity, was eventually bested by the establishment of the third stage of the Children of Abraham, what we now refer to as Islam.

And from here the Children of Abraham make war with one another. The original intent to create chaos and confusion. This three headed beast now prowls this illusory earth. It is nigh to impossible to know how to counter such total and utter deception. Unless, of course, one understands that this is all illusory, and that none of this is actually occurring, save for the seemingly valid experience within the trance induced state of mind.

All the “begats” in the Book of Numbers are obviously just empty words, deceptive letters, and misleading numbers, all designed to induce a trance state.

Adam and Eve were but illusory concepts conjured up by the corruption based EGO referred to throughout this blog as the Thought Process. In turn, the Thought Process is the Energy Conjuring Process, … manifesting as the 3D illusory plane, along with everything appearing within it. This includes everything! Including every human representation manifesting as something valid. Everything is but a total sham.

Since Adam and Eve were illusory, then Cain and Able were illusory, … after which, all the descendants from Adam and Eve were illusory, right up until the present “time and day” (which are illusory as well), … making the concept of the “Chosen People of God”, … simply a fantastic joke lacking any manner of validity or truth. Only appearing “valid” for the “faithful”, who delight in being deceived and being obedient to the “bloodletting” of this vicious and warmongering religious concept.

Those who perpetuate this myth, do so within the trance induced state of mind, which has the promise of power, riches, and glory. In the present life, and in the life to come, … both of which are illusory. Those who perpetuate this myth endlessly, are the elites that form this 3 headed beast. Presently referred to by some as the “Deep State” … with all of its various tentacles sucking from this illusory plane, … primarily using the doctrine and dogma of this Children of Abraham religion to make war and to slaughter untold multitudes of every nation who will not succumb to the lunatic notion of “faith in god”.

What we see occurring before our very eyes at this moment in “time”, … with the conflict and anger being displayed by the “right” and the “left”, … under the guise of liberalism and populism, or any such term which identifies the division with the 3D illusory plane, is the establishment of the new order, with a whole new set of rules and regulations. All achieved through confusion and chaos, simply to play out and to start all over again.

Those who succumb to the trance inducement are virtually blameless, and only responding to the instruction of the elite power brokers, who themselves, are the most trance induced. The followers are only attempting to do what is right and true. Accepting an extremely hideous trance induced state of mind. Resulting in endless suffering and pain, … and all of this … for no other reason than to collapse what is now in control, … and again, to start all over again.

The societies and cultures previous to the introduction of the Children of Abraham myth, basically functioned according to the natural laws within the conjured up illusory 3D plane. These societies tended to have much in common with one another, but with the advent of the “new religion” called the Children of Abraham, … how to function within these new rules and regulations, soon started to take their toll, and the societies started to crumble, … forgetting, or being forced to forget, what would just seem natural and instinctive. Even forgetting what natural functions were actually just that, … “NATURAL” … in regard to the elders teaching the young … and instead the “new dogma and new doctrine” of the myth makers forced the masses to listen to the “LAW of GOD” (a completely fabricated myth), to forsake their “natural” inclinations and common sense, … so that now, in this very “moment”, we see the “hand writing on the WALL” … MENE MENE TEKEL UPHARSIN … “you have been weighed in the balances and found wanting”.

ABORTION and the Children of Abraham.

There are more than 40,000,000 to 50,000,000 (that’s millions), abortions performed each year according to official numbers. Approximately 1.72 billion abortions in the last 40 years.

How could a “so-called” civilized planet ever succumb to such a horrendous practice as aborting unborn illusory human manifestations?

Contemplating the ordeal that child bearing young woman have to go through as they struggle with the decision to abort or to go to full term is beyond comprehension. Sometimes it comes easier to make the decision depending on the circumstances, but one would assume that in most instances, it is a heart breaking decision.

So how did this planet succumb to such a morbid state of affairs?

Abortion occurs in basically every culture and society to some degree or another.
However, the western world has conjured up societies that has almost popularized the notion of abortion as almost a “cult exercise”. Nothing at all to be unnerved by.

At the outset it must be stated that those who find themselves in this predicament of deciding to have an abortion, are totally and completely guiltless, and under no danger of “judgment” from a mythical “god” concept. If they decide to abort or not abort is not a moral decision, but a decision of what they feel they can probably deal with in their own given situation. Morality is a notion conjured up by religious hypocritical tyrants to control the masses. Those having to make the “decision” are totally blameless and must be treated so by society.

However, … in respect to western society, … how did abortion become such a widespread practice … when the very nature of the act is painful in every respect?

The answer to that question lies with the doctrine and dogma encapsulated within the Children of Abraham religion. Especially in regards to the Christian tentacle of that religion. The hypocrisy of Christianity as pertaining to abortion is beyond fantastic. With one side of their proverbial mouth they strongly condemn the practice of abortion. With the other side of their mouth they condemn the very natural and ancient practice of homosex activity. The very activity that could virtually eliminate any need for abortion.

Of course, … the very mention of homosex being an allowable activity in a godly nation and society is anathema to the “faithfully” minded hypocrites. After all, the belief goes, that a man having sexual relations with another man is condemned in the “eyes of god”. Or that a woman having sexual relations with another woman is a perversion and a complete abomination in the “eyes of god” as well.

If this be so, … then let the world know “what is it that is so abominable and worthy of condemnation”, … other than some fabricated notion, written down in some “holy book”, … based on a mythological belief system … based on a contrived monotheistic god that thrives on war and (in the case of America), regime change around the world, … just for the “fun” of conquering.

One has to wonder, just “how did this horrendous bloodletting find its roots within the Christian world”?

Looking at the Old Testament provides a very clear answer to this bit of wonder.

The “one true monotheistic god (who loves you)”, … told his “chosen people” repeatedly, … when they were on the rampaging war adventures, … to utterly slay every man, woman, and child, … and even those who were unborn and in their mother’s womb.

And speaking of war, … the unborn child is a child. And when this child is born, they nurture the child for 18 years, and then, craving more blood lust, the elitist power brokers (all christianed up), … start a war and send the young 18 year old men (and sometimes women), to go out and kill or be killed. No different than aborting a child in the womb.

But the unborn child is defenseless … is often the phrase thrown about. However, an 18 year old young man or woman, having been indoctrinated in the culture where homosex is forbidden (for fear of hell fire), is also totally and completely defenseless. The young would-be soldiers would rather kill or be killed than to admit to such an abomination.

Shame and guilt keeps the entranced mind imprisoned. Shame and guilt for no other reason than some horrific murderous religion, the Children of Abraham religion, preaches that homosex is worthy of condemnation and a hellish eternity.

This shame and guilt so permeates western societies to such an extent, that even those who do not profess to be religious or Christian, will not admit to having homosex fantasies with another another man or another woman. So pervasive is this indoctrination, that those who are more strongly inclined to desire to be involved in homosex activity, will many times choose death before admitting to such wishes.

When (as stated on page 104 and 105 of this blog), … homosex is NATURAL SEX!

And as stated above, this natural desire, which reaches back into illusory historical times, was always understood and emulated. The elders taught the young how to control their sexual urges. This was not pedophilia … it was instruction necessary to avoid overpopulation and the sacrifice of the unwanted and unborn. Christian doctrine, rampant with hypocritical assertions, … identifies all adult / child sexual instruction or interaction as pedophilia, which in turn, creates a society where the young grow physically, but emotionally and psychologically, the young people grow up into emasculated males and mentally crippled females … even terrified of expressing simple nudity.

In ancient times, overpopulation did occur. Not a lack of geographical space, but a lack of the necessary support to provide for the protection and sustenance of the population. As in Ancient Rome and Greece, the young men were trained to be warriors and to bond with another young warrior trainee in a friendship which included homosex activities. The bonding was to engender a protection for one another in deadly combat if it was ever required. With the obvious side benefit of controlling the birth of children by young people who were no more than basically children themselves.

It’s a bit naive to tell young people with hormones raging, to not have sex because “god” says it’s a sin. Quite frankly, that just doesn’t cut it. In ancient “times” the young girls, in many cultures, were encouraged to not give birth until reaching 30 years of age (or thereabouts). Again, telling them to just “cool their desires” because some mythical overlord says so, hardly puts the damper on the hormones. Quite the opposite is true. Rebellion is a real sexual turn-on. Which of course, is the intent of all moralistic religious dogma. Girls having sex with girls was, and is, a natural homosex act.

Homosex is, after all, an activity, not a condition, … or a mental illness. The mental illness is that of a society that has been trance induced en masse, to believe that keeping their hormones under control according to some religious precepts will somehow avoid the pain associated with sexual activity that leads to unwanted pregnancy. The blood letting begins with such things as over 41 million abortions are performed in 2018 alone, as a sacrifice to the Thought Process “god” called the Ego. From there, many more tens of thousands are sacrificed in wars, and the “collateral damage” from war … raising total sacrifices many tens of thousands more from hunger and sickness.

Every individual on the planet has homosex desires. Homosexuality and heterosexuality are modern terms conjured up in European Christian nations in 1861-69. Up until then, there were no terms applied to homosex activity. It just wasn’t worthy of a term before then. However, when Christianity took root within approximately 100 years of the supposed existence of “Jesus” (Hey Zeus), the blood letting and indoctrination concerning homosex began. As the “centuries” rolled by, the condemnation intensified and many “perverted” individuals committing homosex acts were executed, banished, or marked as queer and abnormal.

All humans are naturally homosex oriented. The degree of homosex desire varies on a ratio percentage basis. Some have very high homosex desires bordering on total, or 100% homosex inclinations. Others have a very low homosex inclination, bordering near 0%. The majority are more or less found somewhere in the middle percentage scale. What this identifies, is that it is a total waste of time to contemplate if an individual is “gay”, “straight”, or whatever other fancy word can be applied. Homosex is normal sex. So, … no need to have parades declaring that the “paraders” and the supporters who come out to watch the parade with all the pretty rainbows, … are, … PROUD, … which is really only saying, … that they’re PROUD TO BE NORMAL!

… that’s hardly worth a parade.

And if any kind of fault is extended towards all the blood letting in regards to abortion and war, let the finger be pointed at the Children of Abraham elite conjuring ghoulish religious zealots. Let the mass trance induced individuals walk free.

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