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Coming Soon! … “Amoeba” … revised and almost completed after 16 years in limbo.

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New World Order (aka … New Heaven and New Earth religious propaganda) … the beginning of millions eventually being drawn into the Valley of Megiddo … the Valley of Mexico … for slaughter.

The following was written on PAGE 55 of this blog, early in 2010, … pointing out the troubles concerning the Valley of Megiddo / the Valley of Mexico … the site of the Battle of Armageddon.

May 25, 2010 – 1,200 USA troops were sent to the border with Mexico.
The Battle of Armageddon is to be fought in the Valley of Megiddo.
VALLEY = VA, Water, with the Hebrew value of 6.
VALLEY = VA-LLEY = Water L-LEY = Water LA, or Water Los Angeles.

The religious hypnotic propaganda suggestion originating with the Children of Abraham was initiated thousands of years ago.

Joel 3:1-2 (Context)

1. For, behold, in those days, and in that time, when I shall bring again the captivity of Judah and Jerusalem, 2. I will also gather all nations, and will bring them down into the valley of Jehoshaphat, and will plead with them there for my people and for my heritage Israel, whom they have scattered among the nations, and parted my land.

Currently (as of November 4, 2018), there are immigrants on the verge of attempting to enter the United States as illegal immigrants. There are an estimated ten thousand or so, give or take a few thousand, moving methodically through Mexico, towards the US border. Estimates place the immigrants as having arrived to join the invading caravans from more than 21 countries at present.

Those migrating are simply innocent common peoples searching for a better life. However, sprinkled among the innocent are known terrorists and dangerous persons. This is simply the beginning of alien immigrants flocking to the Valley of Mexico. Over the immediate few years, the numbers will increase exponentially. Many millions more will be drawn to the Valley of Decision … the Valley of Jehoshaphat … the Valley of Megiddo … the Valley of Mexico. All of which are names referring to the Valley of Armageddon final battle.

The Big One Earthquake will occur sometime during this immigration invasion, creating a massive tsunami which will enter through the GOLDEN GATE in San Francisco flooding the Central Valley. Ultimately flooding Los Angeles and the entire region to one extreme or another. This flood relates to the sacrificial washing and cleansing of Solomon’s Temple outlined in the Old Testament, … as well as by the death, crucifixion and rising from the dead of the Jesus propaganda myth in the New Testament. When, ultimately, the risen saviour Jesus, will return again, entering the Old City of Jerusalem through the GOLDEN GATE, whereupon judgement will be meted out.

Understand that the Pacific Ocean is JERUSALEM!

See page 16 of this blog:

The Pacific Ocean measures 9,000 miles x 11,000 miles.

One very ominous 9/11 number.

JERUSALEM – City of Peace


See the chart above and how the Golden Gate coincides with San Francisco, which is on the Eastern Wall of the Pacific Ocean.

The Pacific Ocean relates to the Old City of Jerusalem and just as the Golden Gate is located on the Eastern Wall of the the Old City of Jerusalem, so is the Golden Gate Bridge located on the Eastern Wall of the Pacific Ocean at San Francisco.

On the Eastern Wall of Old Jerusalem, the Lions Gate is located just to the north of the Golden Gate. This coincides with the Lions Gate Bridge at Vancouver, just to the north of San Francisco.

Jews, Christians and Muslims all believe in this mythical hypnotic suggestion. And are bound together as the Children of Abraham, believing that this event, as is proclaimed / suggested and trance induced … will come to pass.

As written in the Old Testament book of propaganda, … these are the days, … and these are the times.

For anyone who may be concerned by such a statement, should examine the evidence put forward for the last 12 years in this written blog and art creations, and consider the necessary steps to take necessary to deal with this coming illusory event.

The reader would be prudent to read the previous page 104. The information on this previous page will assist anyone in understanding how the Valley of Armageddon has been prepared for the coming sacrificial onslaught. It’s at this time that men need to be men, … that women need to be women. (These are the correct pronouns to be used in spite of what lunatic “thinkers” might suggest). The information relates to the sexuality of humanity, and especially, the destruction and confusion regarding sexuality and natural homosex.

The information on page 104 counters the propaganda espoused by the religious teachings of the Children of Abraham. Those who read page 104, who still linger in a religious trance state will have major difficulty escaping their religious and intellectual hypnotic indoctrination. But for those who persevere and understand the simplicity of understanding the sexual construct of the human illusory 3D experience, will escape the indoctrination and will come to understand and to make peace with their own sexuality. We are all sexual, … and no labels or nonsensical indoctrination can ever change that.

Understanding and comprehending natural sex, is just that. Understanding!

Just understand that our primary sexual desires relate to homosex. Men with men and women with women. It in no way means that a man goes in earnest looking for a man to sexually bond with, nor does it mean that a woman goes looking for a woman to sexually bond with. Understanding primary sexual desires simply means that we are homosex conjured up illusory human forms. Therefore, we have no need to judge anyone in relation to their homosex desires. We can all enjoy the pleasures associated with homosex even if we are not active participants. Just enjoy that it is our “makeup”, our “primary desire”, to be able to enjoy knowing that we are homosexually fashioned, or conjured up.

This has always been the way sexuality has been considered throughout history, and it is only through the religious and intellectual teachings of the elite organizations of the world that has destroyed this understanding and truth. Thereby preparing the battleground in the Valley of Armageddon for that last great battle (more propaganda), of sacrifice.

As mentioned previously on this blog site, the Valley of Mexico stretches from South and Central America to the northern borders of Oregon and Washington states. The 11 Western States will become the centre for the “judgement” of this religious “god centred” propaganda. The Altar of Sacrifice will be California … which is the altar that leads up the stairs (Grand Staircase-Escalante in Utah) where the sacrificial washing will occur … leading towards Yellowstone, the “judgement seat” of the destructive anger of “god”.

Keep in mind that the 11 Western States form the Third Temple of Solomon as outlined throughout much of this blog.

The centre of Islam is located in MECCA, Saudi Arabia.

At the centre of MECCA where the Hajj pilgrimage is practiced yearly, the KAABA STONE is located at the Cube which is central to Islamic faith.

Islamic teaching informs us that the KAABA STONE will one day be united in the Islamic Dome of the Rock Shrine in Jerusalem, … with the Foundation Stone … which is central to Jewish, Christian and Islamic faiths. In other words, central to the Children of Abraham religion.

Throughout this blog, the Foundation Stone is shown to be the 11 Western States, … the location of the Battle of Armageddon.

This is the “time” and “day” when the two Stones will unite in “judgement” in the Valley of Megiddo / Mexico … and now it would be appropriate to add … the Valley of MECCA … that once again is hypnotically suggesting MEXICO = MECCO. (Keeping in mind also, that vowels can be substituted without changing any intended meaning).

Yet again, the Dome of the Rock Shrine in Jerusalem is immediately adjacent to the Al Aqsa Mosque, which in turn is hypnotically suggesting ALASKA, … which means the furthest mosque away from MECCA … @ 180 degrees separating MECCA and ALASKA.

The Alaska vertical border is 41 degrees W. and Mecca is 139 degrees E.
The name Al Aqsa means “the furthest mosque” from Mecca.
180 degrees away is perfectly on the opposite side of the world.

As one can see, … the Islamic faith is slightly obsessed with the Western United States and Alaska, and America in general. And the United States is militarily obsessed with Saudi Arabia. Keep watching!

November 12, 2018 – Paradise City Wildfires

Coinciding with the immigrant caravan invasion in the southwestern United States, are the wildfires now active throughout California. One of the worst hit areas is the city of Paradise.

As mentioned, the caravan invasion of the southern USA border relates to the hypnotic suggestion concerning the nations of the world pouring into the Valley of Megiddo / Mexico / the site of the Battle of Armageddon. This has been suggested hypnotically to occur just prior to the fabricated “day of judgement”.

The “day of judgement” will be centred on the Judgement Stone, … also called the Foundation Stone, … or the Pierced Stone, which coincides with the 11 Western United States. This also coincides with the traditional boundaries of Mexico, from Central America up to the Washington and Oregon State borders.

The Islamic folklore concerning the “judgement stone”, states that “the voices of the dead can be heard with the sounds of the RIVERS of PARADISE”.

As of this writing, on November 12, 2018, … there have been a total of 31 people killed in the wildfires. There are currently 228 missing, quite possibly some of them have also perished in the fires.

The charts below show the pierced rock “judgment stone”, … where the pierced hole in the rock coincides with RIVERSIDE county in southern California. The city of Paradise which is on fire is north of Sacramento (sacrifice) in more northern California).

The suggestion concerning MEXICO / MEGIDDO / … Armageddon, … is simply being reiterated, preparing for the judgement event yet to play out. There are 3 charts below which have been borrowed from page 19 of this blog. Look closely at these charts which were prepared for this blog site a few years ago.

Study the charts closely and consider all the suggestion put forward in this writing. And KEEP WATCHING!

Foundation Stone Dome



Keep in mind that all the scripture references to the Old or New Testaments, or the Islamic folklore associated with the “judgement stone”, … are all forms of hypnotic suggestion … more recently referred to as mind manipulation or “PROPAGANDA”! All of which are associated and perpetuated with the “Children of Abraham” religion. The most destructive propaganda now active in the Unipolar geopolitical and financial world systems. The religious organization which has entranced literally billions of unsuspecting “believers” into the hellish coven which creates war, suffering and fear. An organization with their central focus devoted to blood sacrifice (Old Testament Jewish slaughter of nations), and Jesus’ blood sacrifice (New Testament propaganda), and the blood letting of Islam (conquering the straying masses of the prophets before Muhammad).

Keep Watching!

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