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Bryan Kemila sculpture:

Quiver of Eros

Handcarved Pink Chinese Soapstone

Quiver of Eros: 9 Rose Petals / 11 Phallic Arrows

Eros = Arrows … Arrow = Penis … Quiver = Vagina … Cupids Bow = Boaz … Boaz = Temple Pillar … Bows and Arrows = Pierced Valentine Heart = Sex … Valentines Day = February 14 … February 13 = 144th Day … February 12 = Lincoln’s Birthday … Oregon = Tower 1 … Arizona = Tower 2 … Oregon and Arizona = Join Union = February 14 … February 12, 2032 Lincoln’s Birthday on Leap Year = 144th Day … February 12, 2032 = 11,111 Days From World Trade Center Demolition Sacrifice On September 11, 2001 … 11,111 Days From WTC Event … To February 12, 2032 = 365 Months … 365 Months / 365 Days / 1 Year = 11,111 Days … 365 Months = Suggesting The Great and Terrible Day …

September 11 = 111 Days To End Of Year … 111,111,111 x 111,111,111 = 12,345,678,987,654,321 Every Number … 1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9+8+7+6+5+4+3+2+1 = 81 … 81 = 9X9 … 81 = 8+1 = 9 … 111,111,111,111,111,111 = Or 9 Sets of 11 … 11 Western States … San Francisco Area Coincides With Lincoln Memorial … Lincoln = Lion King … Embarcadero San Francisco = Huge Bow And Arrow … “I Left My Heart In San Francisco … Heart = Valentine = Lincoln = Quiver Of Arrows … Eros = Sex Ritual In San Francisco … Sex Sacrifice Ritual Lincoln’s Birthday February 12 / 144th Day Of The Year 2032 …

The Golden Gate = San Francisco … The “Saviour” Will Come Through The Golden Gate In That Great and Terrible Day … 11 Western States = 3rd Solomon’s Temple … San Francisco = Heart Vagina To Be Pierced By Eros/Arrows … ROSE = EROS = AEROS = AEROPLANE = Fabricated Airplanes On 9/11/2001 …

Bryan Kemila Sculptor “Quiver of Eros”

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Quiver 8

Quiver 1


First Nations Residential Schools – Church & State Crime Scene

1. The implementation of the Gradual Civilization Act, empowered Canada and the United States to operate residential boarding schools. Beginning in 1832 in the United States, and 1857 in Upper and Lower Canada, the residential school system was established for the retraining and reprogramming of the First Nations population. This was decreed necessary for the assimilation of the First Nations people into the European culture already established by the arrival of the pioneer settlers in North America.

The First Nations people and culture were regarded with disdain and derision as evidenced by the Gradual Civilization Act. The Christian church, established in North America at the time, was assigned the mission of “civilizing” the “savages”. History records the First Nation peoples as “savages”. History, however, is written by the oppressor about the vanquished. Such disinformation was recorded and disseminated by the Christian church and the church-sponsored schools.

Christian denominations involved in this endeavour included, among others:

Anglican Church
Baptist Church
Methodist Church
Presbyterian Church
Roman Catholic Church
United Church of Canada and the USA

2. There were many hundreds of First Nations residential schools established in the United States and Canada. Children were often taken from their parents and community by force. In Canada, it was not uncommon for the Northwest Mounted Police (RCMP forerunner) to descend upon the family home and simply steal the children away. Initially the location of the residential schools was within or nearby the children’s home community. Being in close proximity to family and traditional ways was deemed unproductive for re-programming, therefore the schools were established great distances from their home community. Many children would not be allowed to go home for weeks, and some for years.

The result of this re-education, retraining and reprogramming over the course of almost two centuries, was the near genocide of the First Nations culture and the people themselves. The discipline enforced on the children was barely short of torture and outright murder.

Common acts against children included Christian instructors pushing a child forcefully down a long and high stairway, maiming, if not killing the student. Another technique would be to lace the children’s food with a potentially deadly disease such as tuberculosis, that would spread rapidly throughout the school. Many thousands of children are officially numbered to have been murdered, or succumbed to deliberate contagious disease. The official number of dead is stated as approximately 6,000 students. In actual fact the number was much higher, but the wherewithal to gather a precise number is unknown.

Considering the above, surely there was an unstated motive to justify such extreme expenditure of both time and money. And of course, there was. The First Nations people had a unique way of doing things, a unique way of understanding life. In other words, theirs was a life philosopy that was incompatible with the ways of the European settlers and their Christian doctrine. The First Nations way of doing things and preferrably, the people themselves, had to be eliminated to allow the domination, exploitation and profit that was to follow. There was to be no challenge to this agenda.

3. Monotheism, in ancient Rome, was not the common belief among the Roman people. Ancient Rome had a multitude of gods, as did the Greeks, Egyptians, and Babylonians. The Roman Catholic church took it upon themselves to fabricate burdensome church doctrine and dogma around the 4th century AD. The doctrine of monotheism – belief in “the one and only true god” – excluded as heresy the concept of multiple gods.

The Roman Catholic brand of monotheistic rigidity spawned an enormous number of dogmatic, religious zealots. Catholicism was resolute that its particular doctrine relating to the “one true god” was absolute truth. Outwardly pious and charged with saving souls from eternal hell fire, these zealots used the authority of the church to inspire congregations towards ever more rigorous piety, leading the faithful into a darkened trance-induced state of mind.

This rigid strictness within the European Christian community was in fact the trance-inducing re-education and reprogramming of the European population, steering away from the previous ways and norms of ancient Rome. Belief in multiple gods was banished.

Native Americans and First Nations people in Canada did not necessarily believe in a monotheistic god. There were many tribes (nations), and each one chose there own spiritual path. Generally speaking, the North American native people held the “Great Spirit” in high regard. They showed respect for the earth. The sun and moon were prayed to in some instances. There were “thunder beings” that were close to the earth. The stars, planets, wind, lightning, rain and thunder were sometimes regarded as part of a creator god. Some nations believed in solar and lunar deities. In general, it was a mix of a “Great Spirit” creator god with certain deities being observed at the behest of individual nations.

Monotheism was not part of the Native American or First Nations peoples as a rule. When Christianity was brought to North America with the European settlers, natural “spiritual” observation was crushed mercilessly.

(The term “spiritual” should be regarded as referring to the “natural energy” manifesting as the 3D illusory plane).

The power of Christianity, and all religion in general, revolves around the concept known as the Hegelian dialectic. This principle refers to the problem – reaction – solution scenario. Those who wish to manipulate a population merely conjure the “problem”, causing the predictable “reaction”, and finally provide the “solution”, which was the intent of the contrived problem.

Example of the Hegelian dialectic:

Create a problem: Hell
Provoke a reaction: Fear
Offer the solution: Obedience to the church

Once the Hegelian dialectic is entrenched in the social mindset, hypnosis and trance-inducement occurs. The population can be controlled and and easily programmed by the self-appointed elitist rulers. Europeans (previous to immigrating), and later the First Nations people had to be brainwashed of their natural freedom and awareness. They needed liberation from their “sin”, because “hell” awaited them. Of course this caused “fear” of eternal damnation. The “solution” was obvious: strict obedience to the church.

4. Of the many sins flogged by the church, the prime obsession was with sex. According to the church, nothing was more aligned with sin than sex. Therefore, the fearful faithful required instruction in the proper and godly manner by which to copulate. Isn’t it strange that throughout history and prior to the influence of the church, sex just naturally occurred? However, the church decreed the pagan ancestors had been doing it wrong the whole time.

Ancient Rome had no labels for heterosexual or homosexual experience. Individual desire drove the sexual experience. Whatever that desire may be was not relevant. Differing forms of sexual experiences in ancient Rome were highly regarded, even as differing sex acts lacked defining labels. This can be observed in the artistic depictions on surviving relics of men sexually interacting with men, and women with women. This sexual freedom blatantly contrasted with church doctrine. Strict sexual taboos were incorporated to frustrate and thereby effectively manipulate the population. Incessant reminders of hell fire was the primary control mechanism.

Once you label me, you negate me. ~ Soren Kierkegaard

Sexual labels were non-existant in ancient Rome, and there were no labels within the First Nations societies. No one was considered heterosexual or homosexual. People were just sexual. There were no labels such as bisexual, gay, lesbian. Sex was just sex. It was recognized that members of society had natural inclinations to express sexuality in various ways.

The First Nations population who recognize their traditional ways regarding sexuality are reclaiming this ancient understanding. They refer to the recognition of men with men, and women with women sexually, as two-spirit. For centuries, First Nations people held bisexual or two-spirit individuals in high regard. In Siberia, the ancient homeland of the First Nations, homosexuality and bisexuality were commonly accepted sexual experiences. The labels of homosexuality and bisexuality didn’t even exist. All sex was simply sexual expression. Migration to North America from Siberia spread this natural and simple understanding of sexuality.

The ancient civilizations of Rome, Greece, Egypt and Babylon, shared this common understanding of sexuality. Two-spirit persons were highly regarded in much the same manner as in ancient Rome. Same gender sex was just the other side of the sexuality coin. It was commonly accepted for man to be with man, or woman with woman, as well as man with woman.

Interestingly, a balanced understanding of human sexuality occurs most readily without labels attached. Christianity and monotheism had largely succeeded in reforming the “savages”, right up until the present day. Christianity smeared the honour and integrity of the native people by confounding their understanding of sexuality and replacing it with monotheistic dogma and eventual labels, first appearing around 1860.

The First Nations people of North America looked upon the two-spirit person as being doubly-blessed, since they could fulfill the roles of either a man or a woman. They were gifted in artistic endeavours and added immensely to their culture and society. The term, two-spirit, is also a label. This term was simply adopted as a statement referring to the native people reclaiming their traditional way of sexual interaction. Having had this concept methodically stamped out by the church for almost two centuries, First Nations people are reclaiming their original “ways of doing things”.

Acceptance of same gender sex is necessary for a healthy society. Intimacy is a necessary release of sexual tension. The balanced understanding that same gender sex is the missing piece of sexual acceptance brings liberation from self-righteous and hypocritical religion. Even without the actual experience of same gender sex, simply acknowledging that this is a balanced expression of the human sexual condition brings peace and an emotional calm to the condemned, trance-induced mind. It is a disservice to label and divide society into various sexual identities. Those who would control us, want us divided. The full spectrum of sexual experience may be simply stated: this is who we are.

5. Unwittingly the overzealous European Christian settlers and the Christian church leaders had (by this time), been thoroughly indoctrinated to believe they were doing god’s work. With the threat of eternal hell fire, Christianity programmed the European masses into a monotheistic belief system and secured their unbending devotion to strict rules and ritual. Their zeal for proselytizing the native population burned deep within. It would be a sin to not share the gospel and reap converts. It was absolutely unquestioned that the “savages” must be converted to Christianity.

If the native populations of North America were not reprogrammed, or eliminated, the future North American society would not be subservient to their overlord elites. In the name of re-programming and re-education, the whole of America needed to be “dumbed down”. The First Nations population had to be force-fed monotheistic propaganda. Absent this propaganda, North American society would be relatively free and aware, experiencing life as complete sexual individuals within peaceful communities. However, a free and aware population would be non-compliant and a constant hinderance to the indoctrination/propaganda that was to follow.

Labels and condemnation of the First Nations simple understanding of sexuality were key to destroying their traditional ways. Destroying the native populations high regard and reverance for two-spirit sexuality weakened the integrity of the First Nations. Two-spirit sexuality has been respected throughout time. Monotheistic Christian church doctrine banned this perspective as heresy, which has contributed to the state of sexual confusion.

Europeans and consequently the North American population struggle with their sexuality, attempting to discern whether they are heterosexual, bisexual, gay, lesbian. The labels go on. The search for identity too often brings dispair, depression and even death. This is not a free and aware population, when a simple act of nature is so misunderstood.

The North American population have been heavily indoctrinated by the church. The stigmatism associated with “two-spirit” sexuality is deeply entrenched, often disparaging those who take pleasure in homosexual acts. Even those who do not profess religious belief, still abide by strict, dogmatic rules in regards to sex. Although this shallow cultural understanding of sexuality would seem to be changing, it is not really so. Rainbow flags and symbols acknowledging diverse sexual orientation do not reveal a true understanding of human sexuality. The celebration of divisive sexual labels within contemporary society is far removed from the traditional naturalness of sexuality.

People are labelled gay, lesbian, or bisexual. These labels pigeon-hole and limit a person’s identity to the label. In actuality anyone may be inspired to experience a variety of sexual scenarios. This openess to expression may ease the confusion suffered by those anguishing about a specific sexual identity. Such an open understanding of sexuality allows no space for judgement and condemnation. A liberated and aware populace would quickly reject dogma as presented by the church and institutions peddling intellectualism. Being open to sexuality frees the individual from confusion and guilt – which is anathema to the church.

6. The First Nations residential schools existed for nearly 200 years and have been in the process of closing during the past twenty years. As September 11, 2001 approached, the mission of reprogramming the “savages” was complete. Not only the the First Nations people, the North American populace, and indeed, the entire globe was subject to a trance-induced state of mind. Generations of minds programmed via the Hegelian dialectic were gullible believers as the global elitists spun a deception so huge that it had to be true.

Problem: Terror – Terror – Terror … the mantra that would protect America.

Reaction: Fear – Fear – Fear … experienced by the population.

Solution: Patriot Act & Homeland Security … loss of privacy and freedom at home and war overseas.

11 September 2001 was not the first manifestation of 9/11. The 9/11 event was the beginning of the 3D illusory plane. In fact, Jewish teaching states 9/11 is the first day of creation. 9/11 is not a new concept, but is the key aspect of all that exists within this illusory plane. It is the agenda of the Ego.

Religion and intellectualism were necessary to establish the groundwork for the 911 event. North America was the “chosen land” for this event. North Americans, specifically United States citizens, are indoctrinated to believe they are the indispensible and exceptional people, aka the “chosen people”. The church had reprogrammed the western world, allowing the 911 event to unfold.

7. The natural way of life and sexual inclinations of the First Nations people had to be eliminated. Their clear-eyed philosophy dare not neutralize the monotheistic teachings of Christianity, thereby twarting the “ego-driven agenda” complete with ritualistic blood sacrifice and death.

Monotheistic religion, and in particular, Christianity, thrives on blood sacrifice. Bloody human sacrifice is central to the Christian religion, as per the torture and crucifixion of Christ. Blood sacrifice is central to both Judaism and Islam via animal sacrifice. Christianity delights in ritual blood sacrifice and death, as per the communion ritual of eating flesh and drinking blood. Blood sacrifice is central to the Christian doctrine and provides zeal to dogmatic principles.

A sexually free and aware (3D speaking) population would interfere with the trance inducement of the masses. This would result in failed mass manipulation of the minds of the populace, not only in America, but the world in general. The problem, reaction, solution scenario was designed to plunder wealth and power from the many and concentrate it into the hands of the few.

The “thinking entity” called the Ego, conjured the 3D illusory plane to worship the ego itself, as a type of god. This is the same god the Ego “thought up”, intending to bring horror and misery to the masses. Misery and pain is what the Ego is all about, and provides the Ego with its own flavour of sexual pleasure.

The First Nations philosophy of two-spirit sexuality offers much to soothe the human condition. Recognizing this simplicity enlightens one to be free and aware of the machinations of the Ego. This awareness includes comprehension of our true sexual state, even as we experience the illusory 3D existance. To peacefully exist in the 3D state, we acknowledge what the Ego does not want us to understand. We come to the realization of how we have been sexually conjured and confounded.

The Ego “thinks” it knows something. That “something” is division and suffering. Without the chaos of division, the 3D illusory plane would not provide the satisfaction and release desired by the “god of this illusion”. The illusory plane would ultimately dissolve without continual chaos.

Religion is to be rejected, especially monotheism as exists with the children of Abraham, who are the Christians, Jews and Muslims. Reject intellectualism masquerading as wisdom and truth. Be and let be. Know all is well, even within the illusory 3D plane, that ultimately doesn’t matter at all.

Foundation of Same Gender Sexuality

Below are two original charts the writer produced for page 1 of this blog, 12 years ago in 2006. These charts reveal everything concerning the foundation of the 3 dimensional illusory plane. That includes the natural same gender and male/female sexual inclinations of all humanity.

The first chart shows the foundational root of religion, intellectualism, and the combining of the two creating mysticism. Mysticism relates to the 3D illusory plane we refer to as reality.


The second chart shows the initiation of the “atom”. The conjuring up of all that appears to be. This is the Thought Process manifesting as an illusion, with convincing 3D physical characteristics.


This chart reveals how “thought” conjured up the light of the rainbow.
Rainbow imagery suggests how the illusory plane is constructed.
Sexuality in the 3 dimensional plane includes same gender and male/female experiences.
Rainbow imagery does not suggest “labels” for different aspects of sexual desire.
Rainbow imagery states that sexuality in its entirety is what we are.

When the 3 primary colours are overlapped a 6 Pointed Star is conjured up.
The 6 Pointed Star exists within the Atom Symbol.
The triangle pointing up refers to the male phallus.
The triangle pointing down refers to the female vagina.
The two triangles are joined together as a result of the neutron.
This illustrates same gender interaction produced by the orbiting female electrons and the nucleus containing the male protons and male/female (androgynous) neutrons.

The electrons circle the nucleus creating the sensation of physical matter.
The electrons are referred to as the female negative energy.
The electrons are the natural occurrence of “thought”.
This illustrates female with female interaction.
This is female same gender sexual energy.

The 6 sided nucleus contains the protons and neutrons maintaining the electron orbit.
The proton is referred to as the male positive energy.
The protons are the natural occurrence of “thought”.
The neutrons are not positive or negative.
The neutrons are neutral, or androgynous, both male and female.
This relates to the “saviour” narrative of one that “never marries”.

The proton and the neutron are located within the nucleus.
This illustrates male same gender sexual energy.
Again, this illustrates male/female sexual energy.

From this chart the foundation of natural sexual desires and inclinations includes same sex experiences and male/female sexual interaction. Both are conjured up as natural sexual expression. Condemnation of this foundational sexual desire and inclination is harmful and inappropriate.

The Church, Abortion and Unwanted Children

Condemnation of abortion from the Christian Church is the height of hypocrisy.

Historically, Christianity has condemned abortion.
As illustrated in the above article, Christianity condemned same gender sex experiences.
Same gender sex is a method of natural birth control.
Pregnancy is impossible as a result of same gender sex.
Sexual frustration would be eliminated if same gender sex were highly regarded and revered.
Male with male, and female with female sexually, eliminates unwanted pregnancy.
Same sex experiences should be looked upon as responsible sexual interactions.

Children are the result of male/female sex.
Had the church not fostered condemnation and stigmatized same gender sex, it seems conceivable that many unwanted children would not have been born.
If unwanted children had never been born, abortions would be minimized and possibly non-existent.

The Christian church faithful scream the loudest and longest in regards to the abortion industry.
However, it is the Christian doctrine and dogma which has perpetuated unwanted children and the “supposed” need for abortion.
Again, Christian doctrine and dogma has resulted in sexual frustration which has resulted in depression, disease and death.

911 – 2001 – Ground Eros … and the Children of Abraham

The 911 event which occurred on September 11, 2001 was a sex, blood sacrifice, ritual.

(Note: All references to religious organizations occurring in this blog, are referring to the organization in and of itself. The writing is not referring to individual Christians, Muslims, or Jews. The vast majority of faithful within these religious organizations are sincerely attempting to obey their concept of god and of morality as they’ve been instructed by their teachings. The foundations of these religions (and all religions), is the focus of all writing on this blog site.)

The twin towers stood “erect”, … side by side, … symbolizing the erotic nature of the event yet to come.

The Marriott Hotel positioned submissively between the “erections” bore all the hallmarks of a woman anticipating. She was spread, legs open in “V” formation (the physical shape of the Marriott Hotel), touching the “erect” phallic symbols with her toes.

What occurred on 911 when the “erect obelisks” collapsed, … was the destruction of the western male psyche. The vibrant strong western man was mortally wounded. Soon to become a pathetic whimpering blob.

Being crushed by the collapsing “erections”, … the woman lay covered in “sackcloth and ash”. No longer vibrant and fertile, but bloodied and barren.

… but this is not how it used to be in different corners of the western world. After the rise and expansion of Christianity (combined with Judaism and eventually Islam … together forming the Children of Abraham), the western empires began the slow slide into chaos and confusion. Each empire rising, expanding, and then falling. Until the present time when the western world is a weak, lunatic arrangement of states that is the laughing stock of the rest of the world.

Of course, … this is the Thought Process, … the “luciferian agenda” being played out within the 3 dimensional illusory plane.

2. The Children of Abraham were on a mission: … the destruction of a common sense understanding of “natural” sex.

Throughout history, natural sex included men with men, and women with women.
There were no words in ancient cultures for homosexual or heterosexual occurrences.

Sex was just sex.

Homosex is not a condition.

Homosex is an activity.

An activity that a person takes part in for pleasure. Men enjoying the sensuous arousal of their manhood. Woman taking enormous delight in exploring their womanhood.

Participating in homosex acts does not indicate a condition that requires a label. One does not become “homosexual” because of homosex involvement. Rather, homosex is only one of a multitude of sexual pleasures. Homosex is a specific “act”, not a permanent psychological condition. Homosex is normal sexual interaction. It can be the constant and preferred sex experience of an individual, but it never impedes any other sexual desires that may occur at some future time.

In ancient cultures such as Greece or Rome, for example, male homosex participants were usually married, but often had a long term / lifetime male lover. Homosex was not a license for promiscuity.

Very little is known about the sexual activities of women in ancient times, but what is known relates well to how women respond to women at present. Women gravitate to one another from a very young age, and often become involved in homosex activities with another girl. Though this writing focuses on male homosex, this information applies to women completely. When the male recognizes and regains his “manhood”, the woman is protected, liberated, and free to be the nurturer that is the woman.

Male homosex, on the other hand, is extremely well documented.

In Greece or Rome, the boy would enter a type of schooling at around 7 years of age for basic instruction. Eventually the young boy would enter into deeper studies involving wrestling, boxing, using the spear and shield, and so on, … all the while being totally nude. Not to mention incredible skills in the creative arts.

Nudity in fact, was the common attire in these warm climates. Nudity among males, from a very young age, was encouraged and desired. For a male to be clothed for no obvious reason was a bit of an oddity and not appreciated by men or women. It tended to signal shame regarding male genitals. Being clothed weakened the man and his hunting warrior nature.

Cultures and societies of the past counted on their natural instincts and desires to be their guide. In regards to the male and his sexual inclinations, their was a definite pecking order of what was natural. Homosex acts were intended to cultivate a strong, powerful, male psyche.

3. Topping the list of homosex activities was frottage. Both, for men and women.
The word frottage is derived from the term frot. (Which is a French word which means “to rub”). Nude men would rub their genitals, generating strong arousal, which would frequently lead to orgasm upon each others genitals. This was not necessarily always a private intimate moment either. Often, frottage partners would indulge in a public setting which was not discouraged or frowned upon.

When boys approached their latter teen years, besides learning the skills of hunting and being a warrior, and the finer studies relating to art and music, they were also encouraged to take a male lover. In today’s Christian world, this may seem strange, if not downright perverted. In reality, the frottage sex act was very pleasurable, character building, and a bonding mechanism between friends.

Currently, such a situation of a young boy being nude in the presence of adult male instructor would be deemed pedophilia. And that would probably be an accurate statement in today’s culture. Seeing as today’s adult males have been robbed of their masculinity due to the absence of same sex instruction within society. Because of this, weak and frustrated males seek to abuse women, children and the defenseless.

In ancient times, adult males were real men. These men participated in frottage homosex with other males. Any actions considered to be abusive towards the innocent and defenseless would be counter-productive to producing a strong and necessary hunter, provider, and warrior. Therefore, abusing children was unthinkable, and would be severely dealt with. The incredible desire for man to man sex naturally overcame any abusive sexual inclinations.

That said, today’s fabricated religious doctrine of what constitutes abuse and natural sex was not necessarily looked upon as sexual abuse in ancient times. Christianity has laid claim to moral truth when it comes to understanding proper sex. However, two thousand years of Christian history proves the very opposite.

Homosex frottage bonding was necessary in the event of actual battlefield encounters. The men had to be strong and confident. The warriors had to be able to count on one another with their lives. This is where the bonding comes in. The bonding had to be strong, even to the death. Homosex provided that bond.

Having a complete army of soldiers established with bonded warriors, made for a nearly invincible force. It was the homosex frot bond that created this unbreakable warrior mentality. History has recorded the greatness of the Greek Empire, of the Roman Empire, the Egyptian and Babylonian Empires, … where frottage bonding occurred.

The following link includes a vast amount of historical information regarding homosex and frottage.

Though the writer of the linked site does not yet comprehend the illusory nature of the 3D plane, the information is of benefit for people struggling with sexuality.

WARNING: Graphic & Mature Content.

Low on the list of homosex activities was anal penetration. This act occurred occasionally, but was frowned upon. Bonding between penetrating male lovers did not occur in the same manner or intensity as frot bonding partners. Anal penetration tends to have one male dominant over the other. One is submissive and the other is in control. With frottage, male homosex is made of equals.

In our current environment, anal penetration is much like playing Russian Roulette. Frequently involving disease and death.

Today, as throughout history, frottage is a safe sex act. There is no exchange of bodily fluids to any degree. However, no sex act is completely safe. Still, frottage is recognized as a safer sex act. Knowing ones partner well beforehand, only heightens the safety element of frottage activity.

With frottage, both partners are face to face, enjoying the pleasure of penal contact, experiencing full body muscle interaction. Quite often this will lead to erotic wrestling, and powerful displays of masculinity. Frottage sex could also induce deep embrace and laying passionately upon one another. This could go on for hours at a time. The pleasure was so intense. Many times (and more than likely, … most times), this would lead to orgasm over each others penis and testicles.

Frottage activity does not have a dom and a sub. Both participants are equal.
This is where and how the bond “to the death” occurs. This manifests as a powerful male character, which builds indestructible warrior character which is an absolute requirement on the battlefield.

This same frottage bonding would also apply to women with women involved in homosex activities. Today’s western society includes many examples of women rubbing their genitals together. Vulva rubbing against vulva within female homosex activity. As with male frottage, the female frottage experience is extremely pleasurable. Obviously, this also results in natural childbirth if pregnancy is not desired. Thereby completely eliminating the discussion regarding abortion … and the right or wrong aspects involved.

Graphic & Mature Content.

Ancient cultures understood this natural same sex aspect.
Male with male homosex frottage was considered the primary male sex act.
Male with male was used for pleasure and bonding, resulting in a solid male personality.
Male with female sexual activity was desired for pleasure and for childbirth.
Female with female sex was for pleasure and bonding.

Though foreign to western religious dogma, frottage homosex is the primary sex act for both men and women. Had it not been for the indoctrination by the Children of Abraham religion, the western world could have remained a reasonably sane, functioning and more or less peaceful society. The above empires were not perfect by any stretch of the imagination, but they did function. Interestingly, wars did occur between frottage influenced societies and those who did not adhere to homosex activity. Sometimes this would be the primary reason for war.

The divergence and disgust surrounding homosex activity is immense. War can easily be manufactured with opposing views. Even the readers of this post will either be completely disgusted with these words, or elated with the very concept of homosex. Very few readers will be indifferent.

But as it is, … we now have a western world (in particular), where real men are becoming obsolete, … where men are wondering which pronoun to use when addressing each other or addressing a woman. This has been marked symbolically with the collapse of the male phallic “erect obelisks” of the old World Trade Center. Which in turn, crushed the feminine natural nurturing desire in the process (with the crushing of the Marriott Hotel). 911 was a bloody sex ritual intended to destroy once and for all, … natural and revered homosex, which built character and decency within empires past.

Now we have religious indoctrination, manufactured by a fabricated notion of some “god” no one has ever seen. Convenient propaganda cover story to say the least. This has conjured up a conglomeration of lunatics and wimps.

Interesting to note, the Roman Empire collapsed with the rise and expansion of Christianity. The empire collapse did not occur because the population was involved in a drunken orgy day after day, for centuries on end. The state collapsed from a loss of strong leaders, and eventually, the loss of a homosex culture under Christianity which included the whole body of the Children of Abraham.

4. The Children of Abraham religion has done this.

By conjuring up nonsensical religious doctrine, forbidding homosex activity under threat of eternal hell fire, … immeasurable millions have suffered horrific deadly events. Today’s endless wars destroy any sense of “natural” within this 3 dimensional illusory plane. It just doesn’t stop! Since 911, wars have only escalated, and blood keeps on flowing.

This is 911. From the initiation of the Thought Process Ego “thinking it knows something”, … this was the agenda, the plot, … the conjuring up of the 3D illusory plane, laden with natural beauty and grizzly horror. All with the intent of manufacturing division and hate. Duality is the “luciferian” way of doing business. (Luciferian referring to the “light bringer”, … the bringer of knowledge, … not some conjured up “devil” or “satan” notion.

Sex is central to this agenda. As witnessed by the Atom Symbol chart (shown above), developed specifically for this blog. This illustrates the male and the female sexual interaction. But it also illustrates the male with male homosex, and the female with female homosex. These sexual characteristics are the foundation of this 3D illusory plane. All of which teach homosex and heterosex activities.

The Children of Abraham religion claims to believe in their “creator god”, and the commandments given to manifest a strong and healthy society. Yet, the symbol representing this “god” illustrates homosex which this religious entity crushes at every turn. The pagan empires of ancient times interpreted their natural sexual desires and inclinations correctly. The warmongering Children of Abraham have done everything possible to destroy the simple male homosex bonding, … and to destroy the female homosex bonding and nurturing desires of the woman.

For those who comprehend that this 3D plane is all a hypnotically trance induced occurrence, none of this is of any real concern. Realizing the illusory nature of this 3D life experience simply makes it interesting to observe, without confusion, anger, or fear. Quite the opposite. Understanding the nature of homosex manifests as invigorating, strength giving, psychological, barrier breaking ecstasy.

None of this 3 dimensional plane is real. Everything is an illusion. Why then, … not enjoy to the fullest the pleasant things that naturally occur within the illusory plane. The things that build strong character and stable societies. It is wise to reject religious and intellectual dogma and the prison it establishes.

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