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Bryan Kemila painting:


High resolution scan of Cruci-FICTION … HERE

Scroll halfway down page 103.

Horus the Falcon … America the Eagle … the Collapse of Empire … the fruit of religion … and the lust for war …

Death of the Empire

the FICTION of the Cross

Heartless Monstrous Empire


Silver Spoonfed Blueblood

Sanctuary of the Sexual Serpent – Normal Natural

Orientation and Eros – Pan Sexual – All Sexual – No Closet

Pillars Priestess Piercing

All Exist In A Pan Sexual State of Being – Nothing Deviant

Golgotha 322 Bloody Stripes

The Children of Abraham … Jews, Christians, Muslims … the one religion that foments war and strife.

Be logical … be reasonable … be rational … the mantra of the indoctrinated into religious induced state of being.

Oh, … and by the way, … the saviour died and rose again.
(Logical, reasonable, rational? … Hardly!).

The Hegelian Dialectic:

Problem – Action – Solution

The recipe for control.

Create a problem – HELL
Get a reaction – FEAR
Offer a solution for the problem created – SAVIOUR

The original Hegelian Dialectic = RELIGION!

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