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the all seeing eye – numbers 1 to 6


Religion has hypnotized the human race. We have been convinced we are lost sinners and in dire need of a saviour. This fear-based trauma tactic has deceived humanity for centuries.

It is imperative to explain the many forms religion manifests itself. Our hope is the insidious and conniving mindset of the luciferian hypnosis will be recognized. This involves examining the origin of the number system. The creation of astrological, numerological and scientific formulae are based on the multiples of 10 and 12. We were introduced to these in grade school as the 10 times table and the 12 times table.

(You may want to jump to page 16, top of the page, to see diagrams illustrating how the 10 and 12 times tables are symbolized in the Hebrew Temple).

When simplified, the number system is based on 1, 2 and 3. The number system manipulates 1 beam of light with the duality of 2 opposing characteristics – positive and negative – north and south – male and female. These characteristics along with others, form the duality of religion. A beam of light has 3 primary colours (red – yellow – blue), 3 primary shapes (a line – curve – angle), 3 primary parts to sound (volume – tone – rhythm).

The system that manipulates energy can easily manipulate humanity when enough methods of seduction (or enough wires of thought, which is energy, are coiled around us, as in an electromagnetic field) are introduced. These systems are derived (similar to the basic religious trinity idea – see home page), from the manipulation of a beam of light. The single beam of light is highly symbolic and immensely powerful to the luciferian egregore group mind.

Notice that the illustration on the light beam chart depicts the atom symbol. The three primary colours overlap in the centre forming a hexagon. The hexagon represents the light of the world and is seen as black. The black hexagon is the pupil of the eye, the all seeing eye, the illuminated knowledge used to manipulate humanity.

The HEXAGON is symbolically represented as BLACK when considering SUBTRACTIVE COLOUR MIXING. When considering ADDITIVE COLOUR MIXING the HEXAGON is WHITE. This is the very nature of the DUALITY BASED luciferian egregore THOUGHT PROCESS. The thought process creates the illusion of black and white, good and bad, and every opposing notion within the 3D plane.

Here the colour black symbolizes wisdom and truth. Applying the luciferian mindset, which is the THOUGHT PROCESS, to undivided black light, creates a rainbow of divided light. Black light becomes divided light when the luciferian entity manipulates light energy through the THOUGHT PROCESS and attaches any notion of form. Light energy is sexual generative energy. It requires the dual nature of the light and dark energy to inter-sect or to inter-course, producing the SECT ACT, or the SEX ACT, thereby pro-creating.

Sexual energy is observed within the magnetic and electrical fields we experience in varying degrees in the 3D illusion. The ultimate sexual ecstasy is experienced when we are liberated from the luciferian hypnotic trance state, and awareness of what’s transpiring in the 3D realm, and for that matter, what the 3D realm actually is. Through sex we try achieve the ecstasy only awareness can provide. We attempt to reconnect and reclaim the original PARADISE STATE using ineffective and deficient means of substitution within the sex act, that can achieve nothing more than physical gratification. Sexual gratification is delightful, and does not in anyway impede the reconnection process to our original WISDOM STATE. However, even though sex is a pleasure, it pales in comparison to the bliss of awareness of what is transpiring in this 3 dimensional illusory state.

The luciferian thought process conjures up light. As individual thought charactistics are applied the whole black light becomes divided appearing to separate male and female. In other words, this illusion manifests as male and female, dividing and disconnecting us from awareness of our wisdom state. The original male/female oneness does not manifest in energy atoms. The original male/female knowing had no physical form or no physical atom energy. We were purely WISDOM, we were, and still are, FORMLESS, and fully WISE. However, the luciferian mind conjured the human form and the human psyche, and used this illusion as the receiving dish for the THOUGHT PATTERNS they wished to extend to us, manifesting as a 3 dimensional reality, and in the process disconnecting who we really are, WISDOM and FORMLESS, from our ETERNAL PARADISE STATE.

Keep in mind as you consider these words. There is no such thing as TIME, and this process is just occurring NOW, even as I write. It wasn’t initiated centuries ago, or untold billions of years ago. Its occurring right now.

Luciferian thinking entities cannot directly cause awareness to become unaware. They must first create the atom (the first Atom and Eye), and thereafter create systems based on the atom, such as religion, science and magic. These manipulate humanity through a physical sexual experience, or an energy exchange, distracting our awareness from reality to the illusory images presented to us. This is the process called HYPNOSIS. Hypnosis is simple MISDIRECTION of REALITY. This is why the world systems are based on sex ritualism and sexual innuendo, though very pleasant, they are very distracting and disconnect us from our eternal wisdom state if we allow our awareness of this luciferian sex driven thought process to destroy our connection to wisdom and reality.

Paradise Lost

For this reason humanity spends its physical life trying to reconnect to the awareness lost. We want to return to our original knowing state, but always seem to lose our way. We continue to lose our way until we become conscious that the luciferian egregore, or the creator god, is not a loving god, or a divine creator, but deliberately aims to manipulate who we really are, and to destroy our connection to the eternal wisdom state. It is this eternal state, and awareness of this paradise state, that stands between absolute power and worship for the luciferian entities, who can thereby fabricate an eternal state of subservience, in turn directing all the power of the eternal state unto themselves.

Trying to reconnect to our awareness may take on different forms of sexual orientation, or an active sex life. There is, with sex, no such thing as sin, therefore no right or wrong sexual orientation. The sin concept is derived from manipulating the light, and when the light is divided all sorts of legalism concerning right and wrong is suggested and attached to the limitless colours, shapes and sounds.

In our original state of awareness, there is no light or energy. There is NO SPIRIT and NO SOUL. Each man and woman, is without form, without division, and are not man and woman. This differs from the 3D state in that there are no physical forms to deceive, causing the ecstasy to end. Simply put, we are complete in awareness in the wisdom state, and the ecstasy of being one in union is constant and eternal. There is no division, no individuality, no male or female in the Paradise State. We are not WE, which denotes individuals, or division, but we are WISDOM and the ultimate state of being, and we are that WISDOM ALREADY. We just have to reconnect to who we already are.


The subliminals in these 2 words alone, will be used repeatedly throughout the implementation of the luciferian agenda, as it unfolds towards its hoped for goal of total control.


When light is divided into the 3 primary colours, the 3 basic shapes and the 3 simple parts of sound, it becomes integrated with a thought form. The shape imagined in the thought process then appears to be solid. In reality the shape is only divided light with the egregore thought form attached.

This process describes the origin of the all seeing eye symbol used throughout history by the luciferian mind. The EYE, or I, is the ancient symbol of all religion as evident in Babylon, Egypt, Phoenicia, and in modern times observed in Catholicism, Freemasonry, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Mormonism, Evangelicalism, Protestantism and so on.

However, the most manipulative religion is, without a doubt, science. It is based upon the ATOM (or ADAM), the oldest sex ritual symbol in the world, and is the source of the 6 pointed star (see page 1). Science as religion is based on the atom, which in turn is the symbol of energy, sex, regeneration and divided light.

Albert Einstein was an acclaimed genius, an incredible scientist, theorist, and a believer in god. Being of Jewish heritage, he had an edge in understanding how energy can be manipulated. Despite this, Einstein comes up short in wisdom. He accelerated scientific thought in the 20th century, allowing the world to succumb to even more of the luciferian mindset. The 20th century was significant because, like the number 8, the number 20 is associated with total control. (See the clockface charts below and 20 coincides with 8 on the 2nd clockface). During the 20th century the New World Order was actually realized, or was arranged in such a fashion as to allow for the events we’ve witnessed since the WTC attack of 9-11. By the year 2012, the New World Order, which is a more contemporary title for the Messianic Kingdom of God on Earth, conspires to completely annihilate our awareness through the luciferian THOUGHT PROCESS.

Albert Einstein worked intimately with the atom and energy. This symbol is the All Seeing Eye, the symbol of sun god worship throughout the ages. Let’s have a look at the word EYE as it relates to EINSTEIN.

ALBERT = EL the father of all gods – BERT B beta the fertility letter, relating to both BIRTH and DEATH, or LIFE and DEATH, as they are inseparable, and T is the sacrifice CROSS, the sun god of ancient Babylon and in turn symbolizes the cross of sun and light worship.

This is all subliminal suggestion. The name, Albert Einstein, relates to, and supports the activities of this scientific genius. Without the strong hypnotic suggestion locked within the name, the control over the word’s consciousness would have been weakened.

This all seeing eye shows up in all religion in one way or another: as the eye symbol, the eternal flame (representing light or illumination of knowledge), as the sun or any spin off symbol representing rays from the sun as seen in the christian cross with or without the circle representing the sun’s rays and sphere.

This is the source of one common name for the sun god RA – or RAY. The black PUPIL of the eye is also the word for a student who is studying a particular craft, trade or expertise. The student is referred to as a PUPIL. The pupil is gathering KNOWLEDGE, which is synonamous with LIGHT according to the luciferian thought process. The knowledge of the craft is symbolized by the dark hexagon pupil of the all seeing eye, which in turn represents the luciferian mindset.

Intellectualism is indoctrination in the spirit of sun worship. As mentioned before, the SPIRIT and the SUN, or SOUL, are illusions. In spite of these illusory concepts intellectualism has become common place in our modern world, and it is all but impossible to think of it as anything but normal. However, the world societies have drifted into the clutches of this mind trap, carrying our connection to reality with it, and as a result we now face the spectacle of immense destructive luciferian events, foretold for thousands illusory years. We now face the contrived JUDGMENT of GOD!

These events are unfolding today, and will continue to unfold at an accelerated pace until the luciferian scenario is complete, and the so-called Judgment of God has gone about its business of creating a massive manipulative ploy, to herd any hint of reality we might have left, into a pit of lunacy. In the following pages, this lunacy will be demonstrated to be the Environmental Green Movement, the Global Warming fiasco, the War on Terrorism and the fabricated World Financial Crisis, among a host of other topics. The events were programmed to happen at this illusory point in time, after the complete manipulation of humanity had been achieved. It wouldn’t have mattered who populated the world in these days, as no group of humanity would be any more chosen or condemned than any other group. However, this egregore group of entities will attempt to convince us that it has wiped corruption and heresy from the globe.

The colours within the dark hexagon pupil represent the colours seen in the IRIS of a human eye. This name IRIS is derived from the Egyptian sun god Os-Iris, and is the root word for symbolically establishing the thought of the Christ, THE SUN GOD, rising from the dead: Christ being the light shown in the iris colours, and death being the black pupil.

Let’s have a look at this word OSIRIS.

OSIRIS = O – S – I – RIS
O = the symbol of the All Seeing Eye
S = the symbol of the serpent prince, or the heavenly queen
I = the symbol of the All Seeing Eye as the one supreme god

OSIRIS = OZ-I-RISE = The Wizard of OZ Rises As A 3D Illusory Plane

This is subliminal messaging. Subliminals are all around us and lock us into a state of hypnosis almost impossible to escape. This is the foundation of the Order of the Rose – Christ RISING, or the Christ who ROSE, from the dead – and the order of death. Suggesting there can be no resurrection unto eternal life without death, as symbolized by the black pupil.

Osiris was the Egyptian sun god of life, death and fertility. He was the father of Horus, the Rising Sun god, the supposed saviour of the world. HORUS is where we obtain the word HORIZON, and the name of the State of ARIZONA in the USA. However, Osiris also had the title of Redeemer and Judge, just as Jehovah does in Christianity. Jesus is synonymous with Horus. Jesus is the son of Mary and Jehovah, just as Horus was the son of Osiris and Isis.

The Same Fucking Story

This same story, the FATHER GOD having sex with an EARTHLY WOMAN, (immaculately, of course), is repeated over and over throughout history. The Mary and Jesus story was about 1 out of 50 Christ saviour myths, (and probably many more of lesser fame) all of whom were born on December 25th.

This is all based on corruption. This isn’t sinful, because sin doesn’t exist. However, all knowledge is corrupting and hinders our awareness, if we let it. We then become saturated in the knowledge of this dark hexagon pupil of deceit with the ultimate HEX of the hypnotic thought process placed upon the people of the world.

Consider the chart below and the origin of the All Seeing Eye. Keeping in mind, that the word ALL = OWL, and is the inspiration for the OWL symbolism, and the WISE OLD OWL adage, used in society.

All Seeing Eye Diagram

Even the religion known as atheism boasts the atom symbol, which is the All Seeing Eye, as their logo. In the TRANCE STATE of this 3 dimensional plane, the deeper one is indoctrinated in the belief that SCIENCE actually has some validity, or reality, the greater is the disconnection from WISDOM and the original state of being. Atheists will argue vehemently that science (which is seance), proves there is no god, which of course there isn’t. However, they will continue to trust in the knowledge offered up through scientific research which is based on the foundation of the ELECTRON, PROTON and NEUTRON, which is the TRINITY of the GODHEAD.

Atheists Logo

The All Seeing Eye of Freemasonry

The United States of America was founded by Freemasons, the most prevasive secret society in the world. They designed the back of their one dollar bill with the all seeing eye above the 13 tiered pyramid. Many will deny the Freemason influence on the currency design. Many even deny Freemasonic influence in the design and direction of the United States as a country. So be it. Suffice to say, Freemasonry, or Secret Societies of any stripe, are still the driving force behind every structure of government throughout the world. Freemasonic influence and world manipulation is basically a smokescreen tactic used by the luciferian egregore, used to call the dogs off if anyone gets to close to reality and the truth.

All Seeing Eye

The US boasts that its founded on Christian principles. However, the actions of this so-called Christian nation, against their own people and those of other nations, lets it be known what the Christ of Christianity truly is.

So, what purpose is there for this luciferian symbol, the all seeing eye and the pyramid? This Eye is called the Eye of Horus, the sun god of Egypt, who was born to die for the sins of the world. (Sounds kind of Jesus like). This Eye is also called the Eye of Lucifer, the light bringer. Light initiates corruption and is the corruptor of this world. The very nature of light, which manifests as the 3 dimensional reality, is completely an illusion saturated entirely in corruptibility. Both these symbols, the eye and the pyramid, come from the triangle created by connecting the 3 primary colours from the colour wheel and manipulating them as shown in the All Seeing Eye diagram above. (See illuminatiMATRIX home page – half way down – Where Does the Atom Symbol Come From).

Zodiac Clockfaces of the Luciferian Egregore

Immediately below are twelve – 12 hour clock faces with the numbers from 1 to 144. These clocks or light beams are zodiac circles. They are the source of the luciferian number symbolism and the value they assign to each number. As you read through this site you will become familiar with the importance of this symbolism and the secrets they unlock. Be prepared to see into the mindset of the these lying entities. By the time we get to pages 13 to 41 and beyond, it will become abundantly apparent, the massive devastation that is written in these little clock face charts.

This information has not come through spiritual channeling as it is that spirit channeling is the very topic this site is exposing as being the luciferian intellectual and religious systems of the world. This is just observation of the symbolism, interpreting it based on known principles of interpretation, and passing the information on through words and diagrams.

Clock - 1 to 6 Faces

Clock - 7 to 12 Faces

Number 1

Number one is a new day, a new age of reason and a new start. In short, it’s the supreme god concept blowing its own horn and thumping its own chest while announcing to its conjured up creation: Let the worship and adoration of ME, the ALL SEEING EYE, begin!

Number 1

The examination of the origin of numbers may seem trivial. You might say, “So what if number 1 came from this source and number 2 came from another … and so on?” Without this manufactured number system there could be no astrology, no numerology, no science and no form of magic (which is what these systems are, and have been referred to throughout history). Magic was the word given to the unexplained. Anything that deceived in the seen or unseen realm was looked upon as magic. Of course, we now know everything physical is only light energy, and the ability to manipulate this energy draws from the scientific to the esoteric, of which there is no difference. All energy manipulation, whether scientific or esoteric, is produced by applying the number system. There could be no religion or science without a number system, and therefore no hypnosis of humanity. The number system, instituted in formulating any language system, creates a thought pattern used to manipulate the mind and thereby create a 3 dimensional veil of deceit.

ONE = WON = NOW = NWO – The New World Order subliminal is hidden in the number 1.

Number 2

The number 2 represents the Duality nature of the messiah concept. It is this dualism, this constant confrontation, that keeps humanity in the grip of hypnosis. Duality is how the luciferian egregore group of entities perpetuates their illusion, and how they establish a controlling mechanism to direct the 3 dimensional realm as they desire it to go. All the while remaining undetected and free from being exposed.

Number 2

Number 3

As numbers are established, the complexity and power behind them increases. The number 3 has a vast amount of symbolism. The obsession with the pyramid and triangle throughout history is easily apparent.


Not so apparent is this shape, which has been derived from the 3 primary colours of a beam of light, also represents the Sun (or Son of God). This is the seed of god, the Atom – the Adam. This is the triangle pyramid, the most powerful form of the luciferian deity, the creator of every illusory 3 dimensional object we see.

The number system is developed from the notion the sun is the source of life because the sun is the light of the world. All numbers are developed with this concept in mind: light is god, and worship of the sun/son is rewarded with salvation. Building one layer of religious thought upon another in this manner has led to the mind-controlled hypnotic state of the 3D world, and is in itself, the very reason the 3D world even appears to be real. This triangular shape permeates society and for good reason. This is the shape used to penetrate the consciousness of man. The triangle is the tip of the spear, used in the hunt to kill the awareness of humanity. As mentioned above:


Number 3

Number 4

The origin of the number 4 brings with it some curious revelations. We see the manipulation of a beam of light, conjured up through the THOUGHT PROCESS, is designed to use the illusory body of humanity into believing we should worship the sun as a god. This manipulation immediately DISCONNECTS our being from our ORIGINAL STATE OF WISDOM. The next logical step to solidifying this notion is to divide the light beam into 4 quarters or 4 seasons or 1/4 of 1 whole or 25% of 100. All these refer to the number 4 or one quarter. This next word break down will follow through frequently in the pages that follow:


For those new to the information on this site, the word QUARTER relating to the word ROCK and to WATER, and having originated from ONE QUARTER of a BEAM of LIGHT will seem insignificant at this point. However, as the information is considered in the pages that follow, the incredible importance and revealing of the luciferian agenda will link very powerfully to understanding the symbolism in the word QUARTER.

4 = 4 SQUARE = 4 RAUQS in reverse = 4 ROCKS the 4 SQUARE FOUNDATION that the 3D illusion is built on.

After all, it takes 4 seasons to go around the sun, so it makes sense this thought should be introduced. The number 4 represents the foursquare concept of sun god worship – the very foundation that Judeo/Christian/Islamic thought, and religion as a whole, is built upon. All religions are sun god worship religions. All religion is sun god, zodiac based, but Judeo/Christian/Islamic thought, forms one religion, that of the children of Abraham. This one religion includes half the population of the world, or approximately 3.3 billion people.

The 2 intersecting lines indicating the 4 seasons of the zodiac circle, form a CROSS in the centre of the triangle, which in turn forms a 90 degree right angle at each corner of each square. These intersecting lines form a symbolic cross overlayed on a symbolic sun. The lines become the equinox and solstice season dividers. By placing a compass point at the intersect of the 2 lines of the cross we can draw a circle around the triangle. The circle represents the path of the earth around the sun in one year. This circle symbolizes the father god, in much the same way as the protons represent the father god in the atom diagram.

This circle is the symbol of the Rose – the Compass Rose – the symbol of the Order of the Rose – which follows a path around the earth to imprison and manipulate humanity. The Compass Rose points to the North, East, West and South, symbolically including the entire world in its spell.

North East West South = NEWS = the Good NEWS of the GOSPEL = God NEWS of the GO cast a SPELL

As this is a very long bit of information to take in, its highly encouraged by the author, for the reader to skip ahead to pages showing how this information will play out, and is playing out in the luciferian agenda for domination of our Paradise State. Do return to this point in establishing a sound basis for comprehending all the information and to then use this to decipher all the mysteries that present themselves in this illusory time bubble.

The Mishkan – The Tabernacle Above and Below

This circle with its seasons portrays the earth’s orbit of the sun. This is the Mishkan of Judaism. The Mishkan is the Tabernacle of god and represents the reflection of what is above. As the earth goes around the sun, symbolized by the zodiac chart, and Compass Rose, the Order of the ROSE travels around the globe fulfilling the agenda of the luciferian thought form working through the illuminati families and its puppet governments and power brokers of the world.

The son (the seed – as seen represented by the triangle) is inside the circle (which represents the father). The centre point of the circle is the eye of the penis. These intersecting lines not only divide the year into 4 seasons, they also represent the intersessor, or the notion of a messiah at the eye of the penis position. This is the inspiration for the seed of the father god, who is the son of god, who is referred to as the messiah. The messiah, formed by the intersecting lines of the cross, is also the inspiration for the word intersection and source of the word sex. Therefore, the messiah/saviour/intersessor notion of eternal life springs from the concept of sex equals eternal life. We must have the sex act to have eternal life, according to the luciferian mindset. In other words we can only be in the presence of god through his son, the intersection, the inter-sex-son ritual.

The 90 degree angles / angels demonstrate how the magnetic field of the energy light beam interplays in all this. The sexual attraction of man and woman occurs at 90 degrees just as a magnet only attracts at 90 degree right angles. Again we see 2 triangles making contact at the intersecting point, just as observed with the number 2 and the hourglass symbol. Further, the 90 degree angle shows another example of the 10 times table. This is the product of 9 x 10 or 3 x 3 x 10. Three times three is significant and will be demonstrated in the origin of the number 9.

The large square drawn around the circle represents the mother goddess. This is similar to the electrons (negative female energy) spinning around the nucleus of the atom. The nucleus of course, contains the protons (positive male energy) and the neutrons (neutral seed energy). The worship of the sun/son god manifests itself in worshipping the image of the woman. She is the mesmerizing pendulum by which humanity has been seduced. She is the totality of the godhead. All three segments of the sun god are manifest through her image. When an obelisk is erected we see the phallic symbol. We also see by implication, the female sexual organ (square), which has within it the male (circle) sexual organ, which has within it the son seed (triangle). After all, it is the woman (female energy) who inspires the erection.

Number & 4

Number 5

The number of MAN – the number of SACRIFICE

As with the previous numbers, sexuality plays greatly into the number 5. In fact it is even more sexually symbolic than any of the previous numbers. The pentacle can attribute its power to the symbolism of the number 5. The pentagon formed in the centre of the pentagram star can be physically formed by taking a flat cord or paper and tying it in a knot. The resulting knot is a pentagram. This is the meaning and origin of the term, tying the knot, being sexually involved with someone, or getting married.

The term, sexual union, and the word, sex, comes from the intersection of the cross lines derived from the manipulation of the beam of light. Children, the product of sex, are not a gift from a benevolent god. They are the product of the manipulation of light by the luciferian egregore group of thinking entities, posing as some supreme god. Children come into existence because of this manipulation, and like everything else in the 3D scheme of things, children are an illusion. They don’t ask to come here, and truthfully, every human just wants to go home to the original awareness state, and the original Paradise State of liberty and freedom. Everyone wants to be free of the illusory body called humanity. Child worship, which is in essence praising the luciferian thought form, and the concept so sanctimoniously referred to as the sacredness of human life, is a total removal from reality and a complete plunge into the illusory dream trance state being perpetuated by the THINKING PROCESS.

I write these words as a father of 5 children. Not one of them asked to be disconnected from their original awareness state. In REALITY, they are not 5, but ONE. To continue this concept a bit farther, they are ONE with me, and WE ARE ALREADY ONE, the whole of the REALITY STATE, and the BODY OF HUMANITY is only conjured forth to create the illusion of division and the notion that who we really are is a yet another group egregore.

Once children appear in this world, every trick imaginable deceives the perfect beings that they are, (the ultimate state of ORIGINAL ONENESS) forcing them to succumb to the insanity of this DIVIDED and DUALITY BASED 3 dimensional world. Birth is only the appearance of being born into this world. In reality we’ve been here all the time, in the Paradise State, and the 3D illusion of TIME and SPACE is only suggested through the THOUGHT PROCESS of the luciferian group mindset, to distract us, and disconnect us from the original eternal state of being. However, the luciferian thought form conjures a body to appear to envelope us, and conjures up an illusory world to experience. The LIGHT BRINGING luciferian egregore group entity erringly referred to as the SUPREME GOD, has but one purpose, that being the ultimate infliction of suffering, through guilt and fear. This fear based illusory reality then appears to attach itself to our ultimate state of being through the 5 SENSES, and the disconnection from our original WISDOM STATE and the freedom and liberty of that state, is hindered immensely.

Continuing with this illusory BIRTH NOTION, at the moment of experiencing the fabricated concept of death we don’t depart from here. We shed our body of deceit, our energy, spirit, soul illusion, and reconnect to our wisdom, through awareness, and to our ORIGINAL eternal state. We don’t reincarnate! The reconnection to our ORIGINAL PARADISE STATE occurs when we BECOME DEAD TO, or STOP BEING DECEIVED BY, the 3 DIMENSIONAL EXPERIENCE as BEING REAL. The illusion of physical death allows who we really are, to connect to our Paradise State once again. This illusory death experience returns to us, our awareness that the 3 dimensional experience was just a sham. If we realize this now, in our 3 dimensional life experience, of the total sham and manipulation that forms the 3D experience, we become dead to the deceit, and reconnect immediately to the WISDOM STATE that we never left in the first place. All this is an illusion, EMOTIONALLY CONNECTING us to 3 dimensional lunacy. WE DO NOT REINCARNATE, for we were never really here in the first place. TIME and SPACE are not real, so the notion that we can return to a PLACE that doesn’t really exist, in a TIME that has to basis in reality, is utter folly. To become conscious of this REALITY is to be FREE of the TRANCE STATE, and to be FREE of the 3 DIMENSIONAL PLANE of DECEIT.


Because we’re in a state of deep hypnosis, believing the 3D plane to be real, we are conditioned to view the birth of our children as wondrous miraculous events. Nothing could be further from the truth. Once we awake from the hypnotic trance and see the farce of the 3D illusion, events such as the birth experience are recognized for what they really are, that being, to perpetuate the illusion and veil of deceit. When we regain our awareness, we immediately return and reconnect to our original state. Not only will there be no more suffering, where the illusion of DEATH LOSES ITS STING, there will also be no more seduction through colour, shape and sound. This occurs, not just at the illusory moment of physical death, but RIGHT NOW, at the moment of EMOTIONAL DEATH and DISCONNECTION from BELIEVING that the 3 dimensional experience is real. There will only be awareness RIGHT NOW. The whole illusion and hypnotic trance state of control takes place in the mind. To be emotionally disconnected from the world, doesn’t in anyway mean that you can’t do anything you choose to do in this 3 dimensional plane. JUST DON’T BELIEVE IT TO BE REAL. Not believing the lie, to have the ability to see through the TRANCE and the HYPNOTIC MANIPULATION of the luciferian THOUGHT PROCESS, allows anyone to slip from this 3D death trap, back into REALITY and the eternal Paradise State. Its all in how we REJECT the SUBLIMINAL SUGGESTIONS implanted within these illusory, luciferian MINDS, (which we believe to be our mind), that determines what becomes our reality.

An example of the corrupting influence of light can be seen in this example. A wheat seed found in an Egyptian tomb dating thousands of years old was exposed to the light and sprouted. At first it would seem the light of this 3D experience gave it life. In reality, the wheat seed only lived a few months. The divided light of the rainbow killed its ability to be eternal. In the absence of light, the wheat seed could have remained intact virtually indefinitely, even in the 3D sense of things.

Getting Rid Of DEATH

It is this very concept that the luciferian / illuminati intellectually indoctrinated elite, working on behalf of this luciferian minded egregore group prince, have thrust upon the world. They look upon death as life and life as death. They don’t hesitate to sacrifice the illusory body of humanity to their THOUGHT BASED god concept. In the mind of the illuminati elite, its a good thing for the common man to experience death. Its in death that the illuminati thinkers and all luciferian-minded people, believe the soul can reincarnate, or be born again and move onward and upward. This is bullshit. In reality,we don’t have a soul or a spirit, except for the illusion of these concepts in the 3 dimensional plane. Soul and spirit are the misnomers attempting to replicate our original awareness. Once we reconnect to wisdom through awareness, by removing the shackles of religion and intellectualism, which in turn is to REMOVE the BELIEF that the 3 DIMESIONAL EXPERIENCE is REAL, it becomes extremely clear that we are, and always have been here, in this one moment and eternal state. (See page 14 for more on reincarnation).


When we become aware of this truth, we reconnect to wisdom through awareness …BEFORE… experiencing a physical death. The physical 3D reality is no longer able to deceive even as we experience the 3D illusion. We have the freedom and liberty do whatever we choose because nothing is right or wrong, and nothing is good or bad. The difference is we don’t believe the deception anymore and we don’t exist, or are governed by, the code developed through inspiration of the THOUGHT PROCESS. We are far beyond, and far removed from the lunacy of religious or intellectual morality, where the code of wisdom dictates a purity and perfection unfathomable to the luciferian 3D experience. We realize that love is not the greatest virtue. Cynicism is greater than love. Note that I’ve stated CYNICISM, not SKEPTICISM, is greater than LOVE. For LOVE is an arbitrary concept with no basis in reality or truth. Love is completely undefinable! Cynicism, on the other hand, believes none of the 3D lunacy.

Skepticism, considers that there may be a chance, even hoping, for something to be valid in this 3 dimensional space. Being cynical in regards to the ultimate value of anything in this world extinguishes the power of the luciferian mind. Cynicism towards this corrupt entity, the THOUGHT PROCESS, that fabricated the veil of deceit, removes any respect we previously held. In so doing we immediately shift to our original state of awareness. In other words, we take our power back. We awake from the TRANCE. We terminate the luciferianMATRIX and the luciferian egregore THOUGHT PROCESS, we terminate the TRANCE STATE, we terminate DEATH, on an eternal, wisdom, reality level.

The word CYNIC has the sound and shape association of being an evil and corrupt thing. We’re not told straight out that cynicism is evil, but its implied. Have a look at this word.

CYNIC = SINI eye – C see – or in more concise english, to be a CYNIC is to – sin, I see.

Let’s look at the number 5.

Number & 5

Manipulating humanity through the 5 senses is a simple matter when we understand everything we see, hear, taste, smell and touch is really only a simple curve, line or angle combined with a simple sound and colour. Place these 3 things together, the sound, colour and shape, in specific proportions and the control of our original REALITY STATE is absolute.

Number 6

The number 6 = the SACRIFICER

The number 5 – the SACRIFICE plus 1 = 6 the SACRIFICER

The numbers 5 + 6 = 11 – the number of DEATH

The word sound and shape association seen in the number 6 could be applied to any of the numbers, but its very easy to see when considering the number 6. When we look at the english alphabet, the shape of each letter and the sound associated with it, is really the intent of the word. If we read words according to standard english definitions only, we don’t necessarily perceive the message the luciferian manipulator intends. Herein lies the power behind magical incantations. Incantations are everywhere, not just in practicing satanic, or enlightenment groups. All religions have their prayers, hymns, salutations, etc. All intellectual studies have repetitive formulae/equations and phrases. All these ARE INCANTATIONS which are, in effect, buzz words meant to numb the listener.

PRAYER = Pi sacrifice – RAY sun godER, or RE is equivalent to RA or WA, the sound and shape associated with WATER. How WATER plays into the luciferian agenda becomes abundantly clear.

In subsequent pages, the number 3.14 or Pi, is demonstrated to have a direct relationship to the number 5, or sacrifice. Also, the term RE, RA, WA, or WAY is demonstrated to be associated with WATER, the ION, and the concept of GOD.

Notice with the word numb. We see the meaning of the NUMB-er system. It is the system meant to numb the senses, thereby numbing our connection to awareness. This hypnotic numbing and forced conformity is a lack of awareness resulting from the continuous bombardment of numbers associated with all aspects of life.

This forced conformity creates polarity (north and south magnetic field) within our illusory forms and we respond obediently, we pay attention to, the one manipulating us from reality and to focus on lunacy. Scientific equations and formulae are forms of incantations or magic sigils. Couple this scientific knowledge with the doctor’s white coat and stethoscope, for example, and you have an effective manipulative tool. This is a combination of sight and sound, that misdirects our awareness from our eternal wisdom state. This is HYPNOSIS! Add a dose of mumbo-jumbo medical jargon, inject a few immune destroying and mind altering drugs and we have concocted a witch’s brew, (bewitching brew – magicians-brew – man’s-brew – he-brew).

This ridiculous word play will not appear quite so ridiculous as we proceed through the information on this site. Quite the opposite, will become apparent. Exposing the massive luciferian illuminati agenda is impossible without this apparently insane method of interpretation. Of course, that’s what the lucifer mind was hoping when it set about creating the 3D system in just this manner. Who would ever want to understand the luciferian agenda by walking into the system of insanity described on this site? If you dare to continue, what lies ahead is the complete luciferian / illuminatiMATRIX agenda, and how this whole agenda is being perpetuated to destroy our connection to REALITY and our ORIGINAL PARADISE STATE.

The luciferian agenda has provided an illusory 3 dimensional world that we have been manipulated to believe is real, and which in turn, is set before us as the reality we should be determinedly fighting to save and that we should remove the corrupt elite who run the whole shooting match. Of course, never realizing that the replacement elite, chosen to fill the shoes of the present elite, will still be the elite, working on behalf of the luciferian THOUGHT PROCESS. The body of humanity, having been disconnected from their original Paradise State, fail to see that this is the very goal that the luciferian mindset was hoping to achieve from the outset.

To reconnect to our original state we must eliminate the hold numbers have on our consciousness. Chants, rituals and symbolism are important to the system of manipulation because they’re based on numbers, repetition, duration, time and space. Even the word – system – is the syst or cyst on humanity. This is the malignant growth, the cancerous growth, which is a result of numbering.

(At this point I must interject, that a major CHANT, and luciferian RITUAL is taking place on June 19 to 21, 2009, the Summer Solstice. It will originate from Long Beach California. If you wish, skip ahead to page 39 and 40, to read the information regarding the LIVEH2O concert, and the WORSHIP OF THE WATER. This is a world wide event with significant luciferian manipulation intent).


The Left Hand Path

The intersecting lines on the number 6 diagram are mirrored in the 2 opposite pointing triangles of the male and the female. This is also the source of the left hand path of luciferian rituals and symbolism. The left hand path refers to the left side of the body which is controlled from the right brain or creative side of the brain. There is a cross over, just as the left side of the brain influences the right side of the body. Likewise the brain inverses, or reflects, every image it sees. This conjured up function is used to disconnect and separate us from realizing our reality. The obsession with mirroring or cross-over is a major tool in the luciferian mindset. The Christian Bible is written by this mind as it plays both bad and good, christ and antichrist, black and white. You can learn alot by reading this book, but not for the truth revealed in its pages. Its just one manipulation tool of the luciferian agenda blueprint.

By now it may be apparent what needs to be done to terminate the agenda. Simply wake up. Don’t seek revenge in some worldly courtroom looking to punish the luciferian illuminati puppet leaders. After all, the police, the judges, the lawyers, indeed all those in power, have been trained or broken in their ability to reconnect with wisdom. Justice is a myth. Instead become aware this manipulation is the creation of light and the dividing of light inspired by an egregore group entity. Wake up and let the value we extend towards the systems of the world collapse.

So lets take a look at where the number 6 comes from.

Number 6

We will continue with the number 7 on page 4. Go to the top of the page and click the Page 4 button – Number System – Numbers 7 to 9. If it gets to be difficult reading these early pages, certainly skip ahead to pages 12 and beyond which discuss specific current events and events happening soon. Be warned these pages can be horrific when contemplating the consequences. The trade-off in reading this information is we can all reconnect to the awareness we had no idea is ours.

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