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Google Video – illuminatiMATRIX explanatory video detailing the foundational root of hypnosis, religion, intellectualism and who and what god is.

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YouTube Video highlighting some of the subliminal elements hidden in the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem

Please read the next paragraph before watching the ROCK VIDEO.

On the ROCK VIDEO, the World Trade Center is mistakenly called the ROCKEFELLER PLAZA. The WTC was conceived and promoted by the Rockefellers. The Rockefeller Plaza is to the north of the World Trade Centre, on the MANHATTAN ROCK, or MANNA STONE. The WTC and the Rockefeller Plaza , along with the area of CENTRAL PARK, relate to the TEMPLE MOUNT in Jerusalem, and the Al Aqsa Mosque, the Dome of the ROCK, and the Temple Courtyard. These in turn relate to the North American West Coast. See page 39 for more details.

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The illuminati cabal are known by the title Moriah Conquering Wind, The
Circle, The Family and the Enlightened Ones. Not so commonly known is the
title The Olympians. This page will show the connection of this religious /
political satanic organization with the modern day Olympics. This will include symbolism of the Beijing Olympics of 2008, the Vancouver Olympics of 2010 and the London Olympics of 2012. In 2011 the Freedom Tower will open in
New York and a major event will have symbolically and literally transpired
for the luciferian mind. This will include the Marriage Supper of the Lamb.
This Marriage Supper heralds the jesus myth concerning the 2nd coming of the
. According to this myth, jesus comes for his bride and slays his enemies and those that are invited to the supper are the elect of this luciferian god.

Be sure to read this whole page as it shows that the symbolism and the physical shape of the city of Greater London is indeed a ROSE. Also shown is the London Olympic logo which is a stylized version of the physical shape of Greater London and actually spells ROZ or ROSE in reverse.

oil – o.t.o. – gates of human sacrifice – devils triangle – devils sea – the big one


E PLURIBUS UNUM – Out of Many One

On the back of the American $1 bill we see this phrase dangling from a banner in the eagle’s beak. On this page it wil become obvious that the whole purpose of the USA becoming a country was to unite the world in the demonic snare of the god of commerce.

On page 16 we left off examining the 3 wise men(of the concocted christmas story), New York, San Francisco and Hawaii. We left off looking at the old city gates of Jerusalem and how they coincide with the different locations around the Pacific and how they symbolically tie into the Oympics of Beijing and Vancouver. Together, we’re going to continue that theme on this page, only with more symbolic connections and more detail. You see, symbolism is everything to the luciferian mind. This luciferian way of thinking understood the concept of manipulating light energy by attaching sound to light to slow it down. Then by combining an egregore thought form to this light energy this 3 dimensional reality appeared. In other words, everything you look at and touch is just light energy slowed down by a group thought. The slower light energy moves the more physically solid it becomes. However, at the same time that it becomes more physically solid, the denser it becomes, in its physical weight and it’s spiritual wisdom. From this simplistic reasoning we get the word “dense“. This has come to describe a person exhibiting very little wisdom. The more dense that something is, the greater are the characteristics of an actual physical rock demonstrated, in their actions and reasoning. It follows that nothing is quite as dense as the luciferian mind, as it obviously has no wisdom. Therefore it must exhibit the qualities, symbolically and literally, of rock.

Taking this train of thought one step further, it stands to reason that if this mindset is 100% dense, that it has no wisdom whatsoever, then symbolism is all it has, and symbolism is what it must work through to enact its’ desires and agenda.

Going even one step further, the number 15 is associated with the number of the deity. That 15 keeps showing up symbolically in many ways. The Freedom Tower is 1500 ft. tall to the roofline. The islands of Hawaii are 1500 miles long, There are 15 letter A’s in the landmasses that surround the Pacific Rim. The Bermuda Triangle is 1.5 million square miles. Now there is yet another. The CORE of the EARTH, (CORE = ROC = ROCK reversed) and (EARTH = THREE reversed). 3 is the shape of a triangle, the most powerful symbolic form of the deity, and coincides with the number 15 on the 24 hour clock. Here we see ROCK in the CORE of the EARTH, together representing the 3 triangle shape and 15 as the density of the luciferian mind (as seen in these numbers with 15). It just so happens that the CORE of the earth, the very centre of the earth, with all its molten lava is 1500 miles across. It is one molten CRYSTAL BALL. Ever heard that phrase before? This kind of puts a demonic twist on looking into the crystal ball for wisdom or predicting the future. Your simply looking into the mind of lucifer, symbolically and literally.

Oil – The Lion from the Tribe of Judah – The 24 Hour Clock

The first little bit of symbolism to look at on this page is OIL. It’s quite obvious that oil plays a big part in our modern day lifestyle. However, we must ask, “where did the word oil come from”? I’m not talking from a grammatically correct source of origin, I’m talking about why was it symbolically chosen to be called OIL by the luciferian thinkers.

Let’s look at the word OIL. (You knew I was going to do this, didn’t you)?

OIL = LIO when reversed
LEO = LION this is the LION from the tribe of JUDAH.

The Lion from the tribe of Judah is a title given to the messiah of the old and new testament. This is once again, lucifer. He is the redeemer, the prince, the king – THE KING OF BEASTS. The long flowing main of the Lion is again symbolizing the HAIR of this entity – and once again we have to look at this word – HAIR = RIAH = REAH = RAY.

The lion’s hair is a symbol of the son / sun of gods hair or rays. The old Egyptian name for this entity was RA or RAY (derived from Amen Ra). Therefore, when we see OIL playing such a massive part in the world plan in our modern time, it just has to significantly tie into the luciferian agenda somehow. Here’s how. But first have a look at the lovely Playboy models who so graciously allowed me to paint this picture of them.


Oil drives the world economy. Without oil all the engines of the god of commerce would stop. Or put another way, without this symbol of the messiah, the lion from the tribe of Judah, that causes the rich to be richer and that causes death to millions in pursuit of this black sludge, the whole world economic system would collapse. Oil is one monstrous messianic type characteristic that has caused humanity to worship at the throne of this god. It is for this reason that any amount of killing is justified to maintain the supply of oil to the industrialized world. WHERE DOES OIL COME FROM? From the EARTH, (THRAE or THREE). Out of the CORE (ROCK) of the earth. The Core is symbolic of 15, the number of the deity. 3 is the Earth when reversed (THRAE) . It is this rock that is the most dense matter on the face of the earth and therefore, because of this density, it is of the luciferian mind which is the mind that totally lacks wisdom and therefore exhibits itself in the density of matter.

We saw on page 16 how lava had many characteristics associated with biblical terms and now we see the ENERGY of OIL that drives the modern commercial world is also found in the ROCK of the EARTH. The 15 and 3.

Just below I have put together a 24 hour clock to demonstrate the connection and symbolism of numbers larger than 12. For instance, the number 8 is the number of complete control, but so is 20. The number 3 is the shape of the deity and likewise is 15 the number of the deity. 9 is the number of the fall and so is 21 (as is 45 minutes). This is also why the magic cube with 9 squares is revered by the intellect of the serpent mind. The 9 squares coincide with 9 o’clock and 45 minutes. The 9 squares added up in any direction = 45. Oh, how brilliant…if it wasn’t so ridiculous.

6 is the number of the christ / antichrist and so is 18 (or 30 minutes). This is also why 81 is strong symbolically when it is 18 reversed). You get the picture.

However, here’s the number that we must pay very close attention to in all this. That number is the number of DEATH – 11. 11 coincides with 23. 11 is the death number during the daylight hours, when Horus, the son of god is RISING. 23 is the number of death during the nightime hours when the son is setting, or when the DAY IS ENDING (think DEITY IS ENDING). One full day is made up of the son’s 12 hours and the fathers 12 hours. This is one full deity. However, it is the last hour of the day that symbolically speaks of the day dieing. This is the number 23 and there is but one hour left in the DEITY.

Let’s pause for a moment to look at the word O’CLOCK.

O’CLOCK = O the all seeing eye – CLOCK = CLOAK the MATRIX veil of deceit
TIME = EMIT when reversed – means to send forth
TIME sends forth this 3 dimensional reality through experiencing space or distance
DISTANCE = DIE – STANCE the stance we take to experience death

All this is the CLOCK. As we watch the seasons or the hours change, we’re observing time and space, we’re observing DEATH, the DIE STANCE, subliminally hypnotizing us into believing time and space, this 3D illusion is real.

Of course, if we reverse the process, by not watching or giving credence to time and space, by snapping out of our hypnotic stuper, the DIE STANCE ends and we become aware our eternal paradise state once again. This is how we, through wisdom, terminate the illuminatiMATRIX agenda. We stop believing it has any worth. It is absolutely corrupt.

Now back to the 24 Hour Clock.

Below are 12 – 12 hour clocks with the numbers listed from 1 to 144. This is the source of number symbolsm and the value the luciferian illuminati serpent thinkers assign. The more symbolism a certain face produces, the stronger and more important is the number used. Take time to study the clocks and the coinciding number values. For instance, one strong reason for the the first day of creation (according to the Hebrew calendar) is September 11 is that it coincides with the number of the deity, which is 15, but on the 10th clock face, this coincides with the number 111. Therefore, 111 days from the end of the year is but another reference to the demonic entity placing yet another hidden symbol in the mix.

Clock - 1 to 6 faces

Clock - 7 to 12 faces

Imagine for a moment that the whole of human history is one 24 hour DAY or TIME of the LORD (lucifer), then all we have to do to find out how long each hour lasts in literal years is divide the total amount of actual years by 24 hours. We must use the illuminati luciferian number that they assign to how old the world is, simply because lucifer created everything. Everything is of this entity and therefore we will do the calcuations on its timeline.

These serpent thinkers follow the Hebrew calendar (the lucifer mindset invented the Hebrew calendar) which just celebrated its 6000 year on September 11, 1999. So we divide 6000 by 24 hours and we get 250 years per hour. The empire of the day is the United States of America. To find out the significance in the date that the USA became a country we simply subtract 250 years from 6000 (in 1999) and we have a total of 1750 AD. (4000 years BC and 1750 years AD). Taking into account that the Gregorian calendar skipped 12 years in its conception and indoctrination into the world scheme of things this takes us up to 1762 AD. Then if you add the 24th hour to this new total you get 2012 AD. Curious isn’t it, how the year 2012 just keeps popping up all over the place as some sort of pivotal year. The luciferian serpent agenda is going to reaching its self proclaimed moment of glory somewhere near this date.

But let’s try this one on for size. Let’s say the United States is the last empire to fulfill the 23rd hour of death in the span of the deity. Let’s take the year 1776 AD plus 4000 years BC which equals 5776 years. Now divide 5776 years by 23 hours (up to that point in history) and you get 251.1 years per hour on the 24 hour clock. Add 251.1 years to 5776 and you get a total of 6027.1 AD. Now subtract the 12 years of skipped Gregorian calendar years and you arrive at the year 6015 or 2015 AD. Here you see the number 15, the number of the deity, and the number 20, the number of total control (because 20 coincides with 8). The luciferian christian bible however, speaks of what this mindset is going to do in the last moments before it declares itself to be the messiah within the new world order of things. It states in Matthew 24:21 & 22 of the new testament that…”then shall be great TRIBULATION…such as was not from the BEGINNING OF THE WORLD to this time…v.22 and except THOSE DAYS BE SHORTENED, there should NO FLESH BE SAVED: …but for the ELECT’S SAKE those days SHALL BE SHORTENED”.

And yet verse 27 states …”For as the lightening cometh out of the EAST, and shineth even unto the WEST; so shall also the coming of the Son of man be”.

So here you see that lucifer wrote that it’s going to SHORTEN THE DAYS of the coming of the son of man (the return of the messiah). So, by the 2nd set of calculations, the year of the messianic age should come by 2015 or sooner. Lets do a little jousting with this year 2015 to see how much symbolism might be attached to it. Add 20 and 15 = 35. 35 minutes coincides with 7 hours on the 24 hour clock. 7 is the number of completion. If you let 20 be the number of total control 8 and add it to 15 you get 23 – the number of death. If 15 is 3 and you add it to 20 you get 23 again – the number of death. How about substituting both the 20 and the 15. This would be 8 plus 3 = 11 – again the number of death. Kind of bizarre but thats just the flippy way the luciferian mind thinks. It really is a dumb paper dragon type of entity and this is the extent of its brilliance.

On the 24 hour clock just below I demonstrate yet another take on determining the year of the serpent thinker and the year that it will attempt to declare its hideous kingship on this planet. What it boils down to is that the USA is the monster state used by the demonic thinkers to use the ENERGY OF THE BEAST, which is OIL (the LION), to cause war and blood to pour from the veins of humanity.

This is why Revelation 6:5 & 6 in the luciferian christian bible says…”he…opened the third seal…and lo a BLACK HORSE…he that sat upon him had a PAIR OF BALANCES in his hand. v.6…I heard a voice…say…HURT NOT THE OIL and the wine.”

This little bit of serpent writing is referring to the times of tribulation in the world. So piously the serpent entity states that a BALANCING or JUDGMENT is going to be meted out. This is a reference to the horrors that the reptilian illuminati thinkers will help to manifest in the Ring of Fire which will unfold in the Pacific Ocean on both sides of the EQUATOR. The EQUATOR is the EQUALIZER or BALANCES of JUDGMENT to be used by the god of judgment, lucifer, in the next few years. There is a warning however… DO NOT HURT THE OIL and the wine. This is the ENERGY and the drink of the mighty men of the earth, the ELECT of god.

24 hour clock

The RoseBush Family that Pierces

So just what sort of serpent thinkers will be used in these days to protect the OIL and the WINE?

Back in the 1920’s a pretty and rich socialite lady named Pauline Pierce was married to Marvin Pierce. Marvin was the publisher of REDBOOK and McCALL’S magazines. Pauline was described by W magazine as “Beautiful, fabulous, critical and meddling… a former beauty from Ohio with extravagant tastes. Pauline was a direct descendant of President Franklin Pierce Sr., the 14th president of the USA who was likewise a descendant of Thomas Percy who tried to blow up the British Parliament and King James 1.

Pauline had 2 young children, ages 3 and 4, when she decided to have some fun by leaving her children and husband in the states and heading off to France. Once there, she spent time with her friend Nellie O’Hara and Frank Harris. Frank Harris also had a friend who was none other than Aleister Crowley, the head, at that time, of the satanic organization known as the O.T.O. – the ORDO TEMPLUS ORIENTUS – or the ORDER OF THE TEMPLE OF THE ORIENT.

This excursion to France took place in 1924, the very same year that Aleister Crowley claims to have first experienced his “ECL” or EROTO-COMOTOSE LUCIDITY. In this erotic comotose state which was entered into through regulated sexual exhaustion, one could supposedly commune with the most holy lord god, maker of heaven and earth. As I’ve previously pointed out, this is lucifer. This erotic comotose state was reached by sexual exhaustion, where climax after climax causes the person climaxing to eventually fall asleep. They would then be sexually aroused but as soon as they would begin to awaken they would be allowed to fall asleep again. This would continue until they were neither awake nor asleep, but in a comotose sort of state of consciousness. This could continue until the participant was awakened by the sex act or would continue until death occurred. The most favourable death occurring during ORGASM. Aleister also had a favourite sex position called “PVN” which supposedly referred to a latin phrase meaning “By way of the infernal entrance”. To experience this erotic comotose state Aleister Crowley would need assistants. He was a bisexual person, and therefore it is not at all unlikely that all 3 of his comrades were assisting him in reaching this desired erotic zone.

This all happened in 1924. In early October 1924, Pauline returned to the USA to her children and husband Marvin. Exactly 9 months later she gave birth to a daughter whom they named Barbara Pierce. Barbara was born on June 8, 1925 and would go on to marry the 41st president of the United States, George Bush Sr.

The symbolism here is incredible. This Pierce connection to the Bush family is referring to the piercing of the messiah of the crucifixion myth of jesus. Jesus (soothsayer) was supposedly pierced in the side with a sword (s-WORD of the serpent) of a Roman soldier. He was flogged till his flesh was ripped to shreds (FLOG = GOLF the sport of freemasonry Scotland. SCOT = TOCS – or TALK and the MONEY symbol $ – MONEY TALKS). He was pierced in his head with the crown of thorns. This is all symbolism for how the Pierce and Bush presidential serpent thinking bloodline families would come together to be used in the Order of the Rose-Bush which will now Pierce those who PIERCED him. Those who crucified him are the folks who don’t believe in him. Or another way of saying it, those who don’t believe in him are the less desirable people on the planet who are soon going to be sacrificed. Even as they are being sacrificed by the thousands daily in Africa, India, China and every poor region of every continent on earth.

Aleister Crowley used to describe himself as The GREAT BEAST 666 and friends used to call him AC (think electrical Alternating Current here). This little exercise in erotic comotose lucidity was referred to as SEX MAGICK. It is this sexual manipulation that is completely akin to the spirit of the kaballistic knowledge of ancient times. Hence the name Ordo Templus Orientus, or Order of the Temple of the Eastern Star, the ancient wisdom of the kings of the east. Kaballism is knowing how to manipulate electrical energy and through this sex magick ritual, the exact same manipulation understanding is revealed.

Seeing that Pauline came back to the USA and exactly 9 months later she had a baby, it is not at all inconceivable that she gave birth to the baby of Aleister Crowley. Look at the photographs below and consider which man might be the father of Barbara Bush (nee Pierce).

Here’s Barbara and Crowley side by side.

Bush Crowley

Here’s Crowley, Bush and Marvin Pierce, the man who raised Barbara and could well be her father.

Bush Crowley Pierce

Here’s a photograph of Pauline Pierce who really was a lovely looking woman.

Pauline Pierce

This photograph shows Pauline Pierce holding her grandchild George W. Bush.

Pauline Pierce holding George W. Bush
The similar facial characteristics between Aleister Crowley and Barbara are undeniable. But here’s what we should really be considering. What was a rich socialite woman who was a direct descendant of a president of the USA doing in France, associating with one of the 20th centuries most prominent satanists? She was there and it is known for certain that they were together during her excursion looking for excitement. I doubt they were playing checkers.

Keep in mind that everything that I write on this site is referring to the demonic entity who is really in control. So let’s take a look at a few dates that this entity, who is the luciferian mindset, could totally control from a symbolic point of view. Now if you don’t acknowledge that there is such a mind as the luciferian entity then none of this will be of any value to you. On the other hand, if you are aware that there is some sort of corrupt entity in this 3D existance we’re experiencing, then this examination of dates and numbers will mean something.

The date of Barabara Pierces’ birth was June 8, 1925. Eight is the number of complete control, and this child would be used to marry into and give birth to the family which would be in power when the agenda for total human domination would play itself out. This is the Order of the Rose of which George Bush Sr. is and has been the main orchestrator for half a century. If you look at the light chart above and go to the 20 hour on this clock, you’ll notice that 20 coincides with 8. Therefore, 20 is also the number, symbolically, of total control. It is this last century, the 20th century, which plunged the whole world into the seductions of the luciferian web of deceit. The 20th century totally took control of humanity. The whole world is so totally demonic in its reasoning and way of living that we are totally convinced that this is the way things should be.

Another date to consider is the date of Pauline Pierces death and the manner in which she died. She was killed while riding in the car driven by her husband Marvin. They hit a stone wall as he reached for a cup of coffee about to spill. A stone wall is a ROCK WALL and is symbolic of the lucifer entity described above and on page 16. The date of her death was September 23, 1949. September is the 9th month of the year, the number associated with the FALL, as in 9-11. 23 coincides with the number 11 on the 24 hour clock and is therefore also the number of death, but with even stronger intent as it is the last hour before midnight. The year 19-49 is 7 x 7 or the number of completion. 19 is also coinciding with 7 on the 24 hour clock.

All this can be controlled by the luciferian entity. And all this was controlled in this manner because this was truly one of the most important births, from a demonic point of view, in modern times. How much suffering has been caused by the spirit of this woman, and probably that of Aleister Crowley, as she eventually married the father of and gave birth to the entity sitting as president of the USA today.

See the map below of the United States in relationship to some of the energy grid lines which have been drawn geometrically on the globe with lines of latitude and longitude. These lines would seem to have been drawn at random, however, geometry is sacred to these symbolism freaks and the symbolism and location of these lines gives them power. They are not drawn to line up with areas of energy in the earth, the geometry of the lines gives the intersecting lines their energy. You see, to the serpent mind, what you SEE, the IMAGE, is EVERYTHING. Why? Because everything is just an illusion, and the serpent mind knows it. Therefore, the only thing that really has any power is what you see. You only react to what you see in 3D. This is, after all, the ALL SEEING EYE liar.

Immediately below is a map showing the RING OF FIRE in the Pacific Ocean. (This is not my work but my appreciation to the creator of this work). Here we see the ring of fire extends into the Indian Ocean, the site of the massive tsunami of 2004. The direction of activity leads all the way back to the location of the first Boxing Day earthquake in Bam Iran. There is definitely a pattern being established here as the earthquake activity is progressively heading towards the ring of fire and moving up towards Beijing. This is the location of the old Jerusalem wall New Gate (as shown on page 16). Furthermore, every Olympics attempts to outdo the previous in the originality of the Torch Relay. In 1928 the Torch Relay began for the first time. If you add 80 years (that total control number 8 again) you arrive at 2008. This is the year of the Beijing Olympics.

The last Olympics in Athens (2004), saw a 747 dressed up with the Olympic colours and was christened Zeus. Zeus is the great Greek father god of FIRE. A bit of fire was stolen from him and from this the Olympic Torch idea began. Well, in 2004 they flew the jet to all 5 continents and virtually included the whole world in their ritual. This time, the 2008 Olympic Torch Relay includes the Boxing Day earthquakes, the Solomon Islands tsunami, and the myriad of other incidental earthquakes and bizarre weather patterns being experienced around the world leading up to the games. This would include the Katrina Hurricane of August 2005. August being the 8th month of the year. This year (2007) is the year of extreme sedation and distraction of the masses. 2008 will see incredible tightening of the screws.

Let’s take a look at the word BEIJING before looking at the Ring of Fire map below. Keeping in mind, the G and J letters have such a similar sound and are very often interchangeable in words. In this instance we’ll adopt the gutteral G sound.

BEG – ING = BE – GIN – ING as in a new beginning – as in a NEW WORLD ORDER – a NEW GATE or entrance – portal – doorway. The jesus myth is the WAY – the DOOR into heaven

BEIJING is called the FORBIDDEN CITY and the CITY OF HEAVENLY PEACE. Remember that the Imperial Royal Palace has 800 buildings containing 8,886 rooms. This is almost to poetic… “In my father’s house are many mansions, if I go away, I go to prepare a place for you”. (Or something of that nature).

Thanks, but no thanks! I’d rather trust in my own intuition.

Beijing ued to be called Beiping up until the communists took over in 1949. From 1928 to 1949 it was known as Beiping – “Northern Peace”. The Imperial Palace, the Forbidden City, was constructed between 1406-1420. The Temple of Heaven, on the grounds of the Forbidden City, was built in 1420. The Gate of Heavenly Peace is the front entrance to the Imperial Palace. This is also known as Tiananmen – the site of the 1989 protests at Tiananmen Square. Tiananmen means HEAVEN – PEACE – GATE. Or more literally, “The Gate of Heavenly Peace”. This title has a longer, more descriptive phrase in Chinese… “receiving the MANDATE from HEAVEN, and STABILIZING the DYNASTY“.

See how important this word Gate is. The reason for such importance is seen in the old Hebrew Temple design. The Porch which led into the holy place was the GATE or ENTRANCE (think IN – TRANCE) to commune with god. Of course, god is lucifer, the deceiving entity. This Porch had the TWIN PILLARS in front which symbolized the father and the son (in most cases). These in turn are the Twin Towers of the World Trade Centre and by blowing them up the illuminati agenda can now enter the holy place and beyond, even into the HOLY OF HOLIES. This, of course, will be the slaughter of untold multitudes very soon, as the ELECT (think ELECTRICITY) sit down to dine with their king in California.

This Gate of Heavenly Peace is also the NEW Gate of the old city wall of Jerusalem. The Gate where the god of war from the NORTH will unite the EAST and the WEST in HEAVENLY PEACE. North East West equals the N.E.W. Gate – the NEW WORLD ORDER of the MESSIANIC AGE. It is also no coincidence that the GROUP of 8 world leaders of the 8 industrialized countries are most commonly known by their acronym G8. Quite obviously this spells G-EIGHT or GATE, again utilizing the number of complete control. It is this group of countries that is used by the luciferian thought form to manipulate the world into war, sacrificing human beings to a demonic entity.

We have to check out these words from that Chinese phrase a bit closer.

MANDATE = MAN all of humanity – DATE = a fixed moment in time for some event
HEAVEN = heave up from the UNDERWORLD which is heaven to the demonic mind
STABILIZING = STAB to be pierced with a sharp object – IL = ILL to be sick – and IZING = EYE’S ing. In other words, conquering the human spirit stabilizes the luciferian empire in this 3D illusion.

Remember once again, we’re doing sound and shape association which is all that really matters to the serpent mind. For this is where the real power lies; in symbolism.

Here’s another bit of symbolism. The City of Washington DC is a sister city with Beijing. A city is a site (sight) and this is the ALL SEEING EYE demonstrating yet again, the twinning of 2 cities (sights), 2 ALL SEEING EYES. This is the mirroring symbolism as demonstrated by the 2 pillars of solomon’s temple and the 2 towers of the WTC, the Lion’s Gate Bridge, the Golden Gate Bridge and yes, the Tower Bridge in London, the site of the 2012 Olympics.

Have a look at the zodiac circle city of Washington DC. It is designed after an Egyptian Necropolis, which is a temple of the dead. In this picture, you can see that it is also divided into 4 quarters, just like the old city of Jerusalem, the Pacific Ocean and the zodiac circle light chart on this site.

Interestingly, it has its borders forming a square, which represents the woman goddess on the light chart. Inside the square is the circle, father god, and inside the circle is the triangle, son of god. This has been demonstrated on the preliminary pages on this site. If you scroll down to the map of 1888, showing the layout of the city of Washington, DC, you’ll notice that it is absolutely saturated with triangle pyramid shapes within the square, within the imaginary circle. One very notable triangle is the street pattern from the CAPITOL BUILDING to the WHITE HOUSE to the PENTAGON. The Pentagon wasn’t built for another 53 years, but somehow, some thought form, had this little part all predetermined.

It should be noted that we now have


represented in the scheme of things. There is the GREAT WHITE PYRAMID of China – built 3,000 feet high to honour Empress Wu.
There is the GREAT WHITE BULL that Europa, the goddess of Tyre, climbed upon and swam to New York thereby establishing the symbolism of the Bull Market.
There is the WHITE DOG who escorts the goddess PELE of Hawaiian volcanic legend.
There is the LONG WHITE CLOUD of New Zealand which symbolizes the SHEKHINAH GLORY of the lord and is enhanced by the presence of the illuminati goddess Shania Twain.
Now we have the WHITE HOUSE and the central PUPPET command centre of all the horrors of the last century.

It should be noted that the messiah will come out of ZION to establish his kingdom. This is symbolized with the Pentagon location just off the southwest quadrant of Washington DC. The messiah will establish his kingdom by coming through the Golden Gate (as mentioned in old testament folklore) but he will establish his rule, in and through, ZION.

Let’s look at this word ZION.

ZION = NOIZ when reversed = NOISE

That’s all that Zion really means – IT’S JUST NOISE. There is nothing sacred about Mt. Zion in the old city of Jerusalem. Mt. Zion is wherever the most NOISE can be created to distract, confuse and deceive the masses as to what the whole corrupt plan entails. There’s nothing noisier than wars, disease, entertainment, finances, law… and the like. All of which have been controlled in a very huge way, by the powerful Jewish tycoons throughout the ages.

Washington DC - Quadrants

If you look at the plan of Washington DC from 1888 you’ll notice that here again, the concept for global SPIRITUAL domination was on the books. The streets are completely saturated with triangles and pyramids, the form most powerfully associated with the deity. The deity, of course, is the demonic lucifer mindset. Frequently referred to as the father and jesus in christian circles (the 2 are one just like the protons and neutrons in the nucleus of the atom).

It is also curious, that the coordinates for Washington DC are 77 degrees West of Greenwich. 7 is the number of completion. Just as we witnessed with the LIVE EARTH (Evil Three) CONCERT, held on 7/7/7. All this in conjunction with the release of a booklet entitled 77 Essential Skills for combating global warming, written by David Mayer de Rothschild, a bright young lieing member of the most powerful elite serpent thinking family on the face of the earth. This young man is 29 years old and in 2008, the year symbolizing total control, he will be 30. This is the age that the myth messiah called jesus began his earthly ministry. In 2012, this DAVID who will more than likely be leading some serpent thought form, will be 33, the age of the crucifixion of the jesus mythical character. Interestingly enough, he even looks like the modern concepts we see of paintings of jesus. This is just more subliminal messaging and the mindless flock eat it up.

Look at the title of this booklet. 77 ESSENTIAL SKILLS. Essential refers to the ESSENCE of the Deity. SKILLS is simply S – KILLS or Serpent KILLS. This is all symbolism, but that’s all that matters to these killers.

The other coordinate for Washington DC is 39 degrees North of the equator. This lines up with the fourth clock face and the 3 o’clock hour. 3 is the number of the DEITY. Therefore 39 is also the number symbolizing the deity and this city was the city chosen to implement the COMPLETION AND TOTAL CONTROL of the whole world on behalf of the luciferian mindset. All this has been achieved through the notion of christianity throughout the ages, and the last destructive one called jesus, the soothsayer. (JESUS = SUS-EJ – j sounds like a Y. SUS-EY = SOO-SAY = SOOTH SAYER). A soothsayer is one who DIVINES or PREDICTS FUTURE EVENTS. Jesus never lived or had an earthly ministry.

Washington DC 1888 CITY PLAN

For those who aren’t familiar with the symbolism of the Pentagon. As mentioned before, construction began on September 11, 1941. (911). It has 5 sides, 5 rings, 5 stories and sits on 5 acres. One ACRE = 66 feet x 660 feet. The courtyard at the centre of the building is called GROUND ZERO and includes the GROUND ZERO SNACK BAR. This is a subtle reference to GROUND ZERO which would be created with the WTC attack. Always keep in mind that the WTC attack didn’t just happen as part of the plan for global fascism. The plan is much, much bigger than that. Never lose sight of the fact that it is the luciferian entity which is behind all of these deeds and cementing the human spirit into the grip of this 3D illusion for eternity is the real agenda.

Of course, the WTC attack was the APPETIZER or SNACK for the bigger feast coming. (See page 16 as well, for more information regarding this feast and scroll further down for the map diagram showing the WTC layout and the western states). The Pentagon also employs an average of 23,000 people. The number 23 is the number of death (it coincides with 11 o’clock). Also, the angles of a regular pentagon are 108 degrees. This lines up with MIDNIGHT on the 9th clock face. The address is located on Virginia State Route 27. The number 27 coincides with 3, the number of the deity, on the 3rd clock face. Furthermore, renovations on the Pentagon began in 1998, that will include the whole building. The renovations will be completed by 2010. The year of the Vancouver Olympics. The opening of the Freedom Tower is in 2011. The Freedom Tower was planned many decades ago to replace the WTC. (See the information on Page 13 regarding the symbolism of this hideous structure). The people in charge at the Pentagon knew in 1998 that there was going to be a big party 12 years down the road and had to get the slaughter house all cleaned up. The feast being referred to in this paragraph, is none other than the MARRIAGE SUPPER OF THE LAMB of biblical writings. This is the massive global feast that is supposed to take place when the messiah returns and slays his enemies.

Coincidences? Not very likely! Nothing is done without the symbolism being meaningful in every instance. The whole purpose of the NEW WORLD ORDER is to bring about the fulfillment of the prophecies that they invented in the old and new testaments and are, even now, fulfilling. It’s all about the 2nd coming of the jesus myth! This is not a guess. This is already happening! It’s just happening on such a massive scale that the people are missing it.


Some more symbolism is in the selection of Beijing as the city from the East to host the 2008 Olympics. This choice of Beijing is symbolized by the story of Gideon in the old testament holy book of the luciferian illuminati elite. Gideon was a man chosen by the god entity (who is lucifer) to slay the Midianites. The Midianites were the people from the EAST in the old testament writings. There were well over 100,000 Midianites to contend with. God said to Gideon, take the men I help select and go and destroy the Midianites. (Such a loving god). Gideon received a total of 300 men whom he divided into 3 companies. Each member was given a trumpet, an empty pitcher and a torch. At the appointed moment, which was at midnight, the middle watch, these 300 men of Israel surrounded the Midianite camp and sounded their trumpets and smashed their PITCHERS to expose the TORCH inside. The next thing you know the whole army of the Midianites started killing each other with their swords thinking that there were being attacked by a massive army.

This is what is being set up in the Pacific Ocean Ring of Fire and the Beijing Olympics. The Midianites are symbolized with the South Gate to the Forbidden City. This coincides with the Zion, NOISE, Gate. That South Gate is called the Meridian Gate. Remember, just shape and sound association with the words Midianites and Meridians. When you consider both of these words, MIDIAN sounds like MEDIAN – or a centre line. MERIDIAN is a line as well, as in MERIDIANS of latitude and longitude. This symbolism connects nicely for the serpent mind which borders on insanity. For rational people, this is absolutely crazy stuff, but to the luciferian entity, what a perfect place to hide the planBEHIND A WALL OF INSANITY. Really, who wants to go there? Unfortunately we have to go there or we’ll never see the whole picture.

This gate leads to the City of Heavenly Peace, the old testament promised land (biblically speaking, this is the land of Southern Israel, Southern Jordan, part of modern Saudi Arabia and the Sinai) which Gideon took through DECEIT. This is more serpent symbolism to show how it will be done in our present time. Keeping in mind that the Beijing OLympics are being held in 2008 – or more precisely, the 08-08-20-08, – now add these next numbers to the mix. The city of Beijing is exactly 888 sq. kilometres. The coordinates, the MERIDIANS, as pertaining to latitude and longitude, are 40 degrees north of the equator and 116 degrees east of Greenwich.

Do any of these numbers seem a little contrived, like there was some sort of plan involved here? You just have to ask yourself, why did they call it the Meridian Gate. There just has to be some symbolic significance in that name. Well, here it is.

40 degrees is 3.33 clock faces of the 12 hour clocks shown below. This lines up with 4 o’clock on the #4 clock face. This 4 and 4 is again symbolizing a total of 8. This is the source of the OCTAGON SHAPE. Simply laying one – 4 sided square over another and giving it a 45 degree twist. Remember, this entity uses a 24 hour clock made up of two 12 hour clocks. However, there’s no need to stop with just one 24 hour clock to see what the symbolism is of numbers higher than 24. Just keep adding another 12 hour clockface and the coinciding numbers and you’ll see that 40 degrees (allowing 1 hour for each degree) lands at 3 – 12 hour clocks plus 4 hours. This is 4 pm. The number 4 is significant in that it symbolizes the 4 seasons of the zodiac light chart that this entity follows. However, when you divide 40 by 12 you get a sum of 3.33 – 12 hour clocks. 3.33 is a multiple of 111 which is the number of days from September 11 to the end of the year. Just symbolism, but to the serpent thinker, this is good stuff. Then when you go to the #10 clock face, you’ll see that 111 lines up with 15 and 3, the number and shape most powerfully representing the deity.

The number 116 degrees east of Greenwich equals 9 – 12 hour clocks plus 8. 9 is the number of the FALL and 8 is the number of TOTAL CONTROL. Total control is likewise symbolized in the 4 o’clock position on the 4th clock face. In this we see that the number 8 even shows up symbolically in the physical location and square kilometres of this city.

The luciferian mind tells us how and what it does to control humanity. At the very same time, this corrupt mindform teaches us through the religious and educational systems that it created (via the serpent bloodlines and that we now live under), that this just isn’t so. Through this lunacy the whole world has succumbed to the nonsense of the deceit filled serpent thinkers. Now it’s time, through the New World Messianic Order, for the serpent king to claim, once and for all, (it hopes), its’ precious midianite sacrifice and promised land.

More Subliminal Messages

There are many symbolic subliminal messages set up throughout the world today. These include cities, countries, geographical formations, events, groups etc. The most important subliminal is witnessed in the symbolism of people. Certain individuals have been used symbolically throughout history and never more than at this present time. All these symbolic individuals, together form, the SWORD OF GIDEON. The symbolic 300 used to defeat the KINGS OF THE EAST. The symbolism attached to these individuals make up the GREAT RED DRAGON and the HARLOT that goes out to seduce the whole world to the BATTLE of the great god.

One such individual with an immense amount of symbolism attached to him is ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER, the governor of California. First we’ll take a peek at his name in reverse.

ARNOLD = RA reversed – N a connecting letter – OLD. or more literally RA the SUN GOD OF OLD. The ancient of days.

SCHWARZ = SWORD the sword of Gideon fighting for the lord lucifer
NEGGER = REGGEN = REGEN reversed – which is reference to the GOD OF REGENERATION or the sex crazed luciferian entity.

Arnold is a known fascist nazi. Not because somebody said he is, but by the statements he makes and the utter disrespect he shows towards woman and common decency. If you look like a duck, walk like a duck, quack like a duck…well, you know the rest.

This RA of OLD became famous, first as MR. UNIVERSE. Nice title if you’re planning to have a part in the MESSIANIC ORDER which is coming. Then, through his movies, he is most famous for his role in the TERMINATOR FILMS. The most successful one being TERMINATOR 2: JUDGMENT DAY. Oh my gosh, I can almost hear somebody say, ARNOLD’S THE MESSIAH, or the ANTICHRIST! (Depending on which side of the fence your eating the grass. Or smoking it). This is just a bit more symbolism more than anything else. If you take a look at the titles of the movies made by this android, you’ll see, the subliminal messages used to manipulate and condition humanity for a messiah to save the world is immense.

Even the stupid little ditty called TWINS with Danny DeVito is loaded with the symbolism of the TWIN PILLARS of the old testament temple. Which in turn are the TWIN TOWERS of the WTC, and the TWIN PILLARS of the GOLDEN GATE BRIDGE.

This TWINNING CONCEPT is central to the very soul of the luciferian mind. This is best seen in the symbols of the CADUCEUS MEDICAL symbol where 2 snakes are winding their way up a pole which is topped off by a pair of wings. This is an ASTROLOGICAL SYMBOL. This is another version of the number 8 and the infinity symbol – which itself is formed out of two 12 hour clocks side by side. This TWINNING is also the SPIRAL STAIRCASE symbolism of Freemasonry, which signifies going from one level to a higher level of enlightenment. This TWINNING concept is also the TWINING of TWO VINES and the sacred symbol of the DOLLAR SIGN which everybody worships dearly.

DNA Language and Letters

The real crux of this inter-twining symbol is that it is exactly the form of OUR DNA TAPE that makes up every cell of our being. This DNA TAPE has LETTERS and a LANGUAGE which is how we were created by the luciferian entity. It is this programming into our very fibre that causes us to believe that what our language is saying to us is real. Without this language in our DNA we would not give any credence to this 3D ILLUSION we call LIFE. However, because it is built into us, to deceive us, we feel we have no choice but to accept that everything is real.

One other form of this TWINNING is the SEX ACT. A delightful experience to be sure, but it is the TWINING of BODIES around each other that excites the electrical and magnetic fields of the body to ARK – SPARK and REGENERATE. The sex act is humanities attempt at becoming whole. Sex attempts to remove the chasm which was caused by the dividing of light (as seen in a rainbow) which in turn shows the separation of the male and female.

The SWORD OF THE LORD and of GIDEON was the battle cry to conquer the heathen Midianites. Likewise, the very same battle cry has been sounded for 100 years as the GIDEON BIBLE SOCIETY has given free luciferian christian occult human sacrifice bibles to hotels, motels and even to children approaching 12 – 13 years of age in schools. They have now spread the hypnotic mind control message to some 180 countries. The Gideons even use the same symbolic logo elements that the OLYMPICS use. Their logo is a pitcher with a TORCH inside a RING.This is the RING OF FIRE around the Pacific Ocean. The world will be a bit startled when they see the pitchers break and the TORCHES BLAZING through the symbolism of the Olympics of Beijing 2008, Vancouver in 2010, the opening of the Freedom Tower in 2011 and the 2012 Olympics in London. We’ve simply been set up for a massive self destructive bloodbath.

See the logo on the front cover of a Gideon Bible below. The whole purpose of the lucifer entity in using the Gideon stroy was to condition the whole of humanity to accept and to glorify this story of bloodletting which has and will continue to herald in the golden age of the messianic new world christ consciousness order. The story of Gideon took place on the MIDDLE WATCH which is the time in the middle of the night from MIDNIGHT TO DAWN. This is the hour that the messiah (the luciferian concept) will come and slay all his enemies, by natural disasters, by war, by disease and any form of corruption that it can hide behind. We’re in the thick of it right now, and the year 2007 is the completion number. 2007 has seen the most vicious attacks with CHEMTRAIL ACTIVITY not seen before. This has made the conditions, in respect to the environment and our personal immunity, ideal for the illuminati to push ahead in 2008. Everything is in place to declare TOTAL CONTROL. Total control will not be announced with just those words. No! We’ll be sold a package of deceit called UNITY under the CLOAK OF DECENCY and GOODNESS.

Gideon Bible

Remember also, that 8 and 20 are the numbers of TOTAL CONTROL and that the Beijing Olympics begin on the 08/08/20 08. Also pay special attention to how Hawaii sits dead centre in the Ring of Fire just like the pupil of an eye. The next Olympics after Beijing are in Vancouver, British Columbia in 2010. This is about as British as you can get without being in Britain. This is the lead up to the summer games of 2012 in London.

Ring of Fire Plate Map

The diagram below shows the connections between the different VILE VORTICES around the world. These sites include megalith structures or unexplained phenomenon. The Bermuda TriangleThe Devil’s Triangle – and the Devil’s Sea near Japan both have stories of lost ships, planes and other strange occurrences. The luciferian mind behind all this global geometry is about to unleash the biggest and most devastating disasters the world has ever seen. Notice the interlocking triangles and the positions of the 6 pointed stars. There not there just because this demonic entity thinks they’re pretty. This is the strategy and the power of its’ corrupt mind to fulfill its’ will concerning humanity.


Immediately below is a map of the United States and the relationship between the Rockefeller Plaza. The Rockefeller Plaza is symbolic of the big PLAZA which is being used for the MARRIAGE SUPPER OF THE LAMB. The Marriage Supper of the Lamb is biblical jargon for the FEAST GIVEN when the MESSIAH RETURNS TO ESTABLISH HIS KINGDOM. This is the NEW WORLD ORDER OF THE MESSIANIC RULE REFERRING TO THE JESUS MYTH. Moriah Conquering Wind follow literally and symbolically the writings of their holy luciferian judeo-christian bible. The TABLE IS SET at the MARRIOTT (CALIFORNIA) and the DISHES are being prepared in the RING OF FIRE around the PACIFIC OCEAN. The main course portions are already being dished up symbolically and literally from now until 2008. The World Trade Centre attack was just the APPETIZER before the GREAT FEAST. The OLYMPIC RINGS LOGO and the OLYMPIC TORCH OF FIRE are the SIGNS that MORIAH CONQUERING WIND are operating under. The Beijing OLYMPICS2008, The Vancouver OLYMPICS2010 and the FREEDOM TOWER OPENING – 2011 are all significant markers. The RING OF FIRE and the OLYMPIC RINGS and their TORCH OF FIRE are religious celebrations and always have been. These celebrations were always involving CEREMONIES and SACRIFICE.

Follow the symbolism from this chart.

WTC & Marriage Supper

On the diagram immediately below you’ll see the yellow triangles which are referred to as the Vile Vortices. They are spaced equidistant around the globe, curiously pointing towards each other, either by the points of the triangles or with the flat sides parallel with each other. When exposing what the illuminati / Moriah Conquering Wind are up to, it is always best to get a bird’s eye view of the lucifer mind which controls them. Here we see, once again, how massive this thought form is and the geometric detail that it will go to, just to have everything symbolically in place for the final push to victory.

Notice how the Bermuda Triangle (also called The Devil’s Triangle) in the Atlantic points straight to the triangle around Easter Island. This is the 2nd connection made between the 2 triangles. The first one that I’ve noted in the diagram (2 down) has the bottom line of the Bermuda Triangle going through New Orleans (the Katrina Hurricane attack) and points directly to the CROSS INTERSECTION at the FOUR CORNERS of the 4 states immediately surrounding this cross. Then the upright stroke of the CROSS POINTS DIRECTLY DOWN TO EASTER ISLAND. The coordinates for both of these locations is 109 degrees from Greenwich. 109 degrees coincides with 1 o’clock on the 10th clock face. This is symbolizing that the task of total domination will have been accomplished by 1 o’clock, which is the first hour after MIDNIGHT.

The YELLOW TRIANGLE to the far right and above the Equator has its far left point touching the location of the Boxing Day Earthquake in Bam, Iran of 2003. This triangle then points to the Boxing Day Indian Ocean Tsunami attack of 2004.

(Now start at the left end of the diagram).

Then when you go back up above the Equator again, and leading to the right, you see the next triangle lies in the Devil’s Sea between Taiwan and Japan. Notice the point of this triangle on the left points to the area of Taiwan. This was the site of the Boxing Day 2006 Earthquake. Is there a pattern here? Yes indeed.

The next earthquake was not massive, but did follow the pattern, and struck on PASSOVER of 2007 and hit the SOLOMON ISLANDS. This is the location of the next triangle to the right and below the Equator once again.

The symbolism in this incredible. Solomon’s Temple in the old testament was the place of blood sacrifice. The world trade centre attack took place from building number 7, the Salomon Brothers Building, on September 11, the day the Hebrew calendar celebrates the 1st day of creation. Now we have a tsunami hitting the Solomon Islands on the Jewish Passover, which coincides with the christian Easter season. This is the season of RISING FROM THE DEAD. This is all leading up to the MESSIANIC NEW WORLD ORDER DECLARATION. This is the culmination of the Order of the Rose and the Order of Death.

Devils Triangles

Immediately below we see the connection again with the Four Corners of the USA states and the location of some of the old city walls of Jerusalem.

usa map

Below is a map of the earth energy grid. Notice the pentagram star in the middle of the Pacific Ocean and another one centred on the North Pole. Coincidence? I think not. The North Pole is also regarded as the location of the god of war who resides in the sides of the north.

Earth Energy Grid

Sports – Subliminal Messages – Olympics – The Hypnosis Tool Used On Humanity

Keep in mind that all of this is symbolism. This symbolism forms the subliminal messaging we receive and are controlled by in day to day life. We are conditioned to SEE and STILL NOT SEE what we’re seeing.

Take the instance of the SOCCER BALL below. We see from the Energy Grid Diagram that the world (the ball) is filled with geometric grids. The GRID PATTERNS FORM PENTAGRAMS and HEXAGONS around the globe. We know these simple shapes are used by satanic thinkers to carry out their rituals. These rituals always involve opposition to awareness.

AWARE = A – WAR – E or A WAR with E – Eli the Egyptian sun god.

Then when you apply these simple shapes to the soccer ball, as shown below, and provide two opposing teams in a soccer game, somehow the message seems to get through to the consciousness, that all is well with the OPPOSING and DIVIDED NATURE of things. Let’s take a look at the word SOCCER for a moment.

SOCCER = SOCK – ER and with a little R shuffle you get SO – CER or SOR – CER as in SORCERER.

You just have to ask yourself, where did the word SOCCER come from? Did you ever wonder why people go crazy at soccer games?

We’ve been SHOWN, we see the simplicity of it, but we simply can’t believe it. This is the real reason that the FREEMASON religion sponsors a major soccer tournament. This is also why the Freemasons, through their 32nd degree SHRINERS, sponsor CHILDREN’S BURN UNIT HOSPITALS. Remember, the SHRINERS name is “THE ANCIENT ARABIC ORDER of the NOBLES of the MYSTIC SHRINE”. Shriners have to declare faith in ALLAH. This is why the Shriners wear the little FEZ cap (a PYRAMID with the CAPSTONE MISSING) and their symbols are the CRESCENT MOON and SWORD. This is symbolism which directly relates to the demonic worship and spiritual BURNING of the human spirit and physical human sacrifice. Furthermore, this is directly connected to this RING OF FIRE concept we’re now looking at on this page.

Soccer Earth Grid

Look at the BASEBALL as well. Again, the BALL is symbolic of the WORLD. The stitching is an endless infinity type of loop, much like the figure 8. This is symbolizing the RING OF FIRE and the CRACKS IN THE FAULT LINES. (See the diagram above of the fault lines).

Notice how the Ring of Fire has little or NO ACTIVITY in the SOUTH. This is symbolized in the baseball stitches with the open ended loops. You see it, but it means absolutely nothing to you. Why not ask the question, “Why is it like that”? Why is it called a baseball? Why is the baseball game played on a field called a DIAMOND (which is another name for CRYSTAL or CHRIST). The diamond is a perfect quarter of the Zodiac Circle. The distance between the bases is 90 feet. The distance to the PITCHERS MOUND is 60.6 feet. Homeplate is the shape of a PENTAGRAM. This is one big hypnotic, and not very subliminal, message.

Baseball 2x

The BASKETBALL is no different when it comes to the subliminal messaging. Here we see the SEX RITUAL LINES of the zodiac circle, which are the International Dateline and the Equator. The other lines are referring to the Meridians of Latitude and Longitude. This geometry creates the energy fields in the earth. Symbolism is the power of the serpent mind, not the physical object or subject at hand. As we take part in these games, either as a spectator or a player, we are being placed into a hypnotic state of disbelief. When you see these things (that you’re looking at on this site) happening on a global scale, you’ve already been conditioned, to not believe, that what you’re seeing is actually happening.


The FOOTBALL is obviously an ALL SEEING EYE symbol (not to mention the most frustrating ball to try get control of if you fumble it. Whoever invented this shape for a ball should be flogged). Viewed from the END – the FOOTBALL is a SEX RITUAL ZODIAC CIRCLE with the CROSS LINES of the DEITY, the son of god symbol. This subliminal seems more in keeping when you realize that lucifer is the god of sports and then you see the athletes thanking JESUS WHEN THEY GET A TOUCH DOWN or win the BIG GAME. (Big Game – another B and G combo). Let’s have a peek at this word SPORTS.

SPORTS = STROPS reversed
STROPS = ST – ROPS or ST – ROPES the rope of the saint or demonic entity. What do you do with a ROPE? Get bound, hung or led around.

It is for the subliminal reasons shown above, that the OLYMPICS are used by the luciferian entity to manipulate the world at this last push for TOTAL CONTROL. These massive events have all the subliminal suggestion in place and this generates an enormous amount of energy and a powerful hypnotic TRANCE STATE from the masses around the world, all at the same time.


The GOLF BALL may be one of the smallest balls in the ball games, but a very influential one. Attached to this game is the suggestion of ROYALTY, ELITEism, POWER and WEALTH. It is no coincidence that this game was developed in Scotland, the home of FREEMASONRY – which is the offshoot of the Knights Templar – which is an offshoot of Kaballistic Knowledge groups throughout the ages. The words GOLF and BALL have to be looked at a bit closer.

GOLF = FLOG when reversed and BALL = LLAB reversed.
The golf ball is a LAB – a place used for PREPARATION in any branch of SCIENCE
SCIENCE = SEANCE communicating with the dead lucifer mind for a particular purpose
FLOG – to beat or strike hard repeatedly with a CANE (CLUB)

So, that’s where the world GOLF comes from and what it really means.

How about the name SCOTLAND.

S serpent COT pronounced COAT – LAND.
The COAT is used to cover up, to hide, like a matrix CLOAK. This is the COAT OF MANY COLOURS of old testament folklore and the story of JOSEPH who was SOLD INTO SLAVERY IN EGYPT. This is now seen in the many TARTAN PATTERNS of Freemason Scotland. This is more symbolism telling us we’re being sold into slavery.

Golf Ball

Golf Ball Hex

Below is a satellite photograph of the Polynesian Triangle. This connects New Zealand to Hawaii to Easter Island, which in turn, connects to the Four Corners of the 4 states of Utah, Colorado, Arizona and New Mexico. This in turn connects to the Bermuda Triangle and the devastation of the Katrina Hurricane which was deliberately aimed at New Orleans as yet another sacrifice to the god lucifer. This Polynesian Triangle means MANY. (POLY = MANY). The opening statement at the top of this page reads E PLURIBUS UNIM or OUT of MANY, ONE. It is this many around the RING OF FIRE in the Pacific Ocean that will be just part of the sacrifice to the demonic god as it attempts to declare its Order of the ROSE from the DEAD a success.

Polynesia Triangle

Below you see a satellite photograph of the Bermuda Triangle. This is also called the DEVIL’s TRIANGLE. One just has to ask, “Why are there so many triangles in the ocean”? The answer is obviously because the most powerful form representing the deity is the pyramid or triangle.

Bermuda Triangle

Below we see a map of the area of the Devil’s Sea just off the coast of China and Japan. Yet another triangle and also called the DEVIL’S SEA. It should be obvious by this time that the inspiration for all these names comes from the serpent thinker and, because it is so much in our face, we just can’t see the forest for the trees.

Devil Sea China

Vancouver Olympics 2010 – The Vanity Cover

Besides the Olympics in Beijing (which by the way, is a sister city with Washington DC) in 2008, the Winter Olympics in 2010 will be taking place in Vancouver, British Columbia. Just like Beijing, the symbolic choice of this city is immense.

First, let’s look at the geographical coordinates of Vancouver. It lies 49 degrees North of the equator and 123 degrees West of Greenwich. 49 coincides with 1 o’clock on the fifth clock face. Another reference to the first hour past midnight. This is the MIDDLE WATCH of the night, when the SWORD of GIDEON, the army of individuals used to manipulate humanity, in conjunction with whatever natural disasters are forthcoming, will slay the enemies of this bloodthirsty lord.

123 degrees coincides with 3 o’clock on the 11th clock face. 3 is the number of the deity and so is 123. Eleven is the number of death and this clock face, the 11th face, symbolizes that very notion.

When we look at the old city walls of Jerusalem, the Eastern Wall has the Golden Gate looking out to the east towards the Mount of Olives. Just a bit to the north, still on the Eastern Wall, we find the Lions Gate. Now, if you super-impose the old city walls of Jerusalem over the Pacific Ocean, the Golden Gate is in the same position as the GOLDEN GATE BRIDGE in San Francisco and the Lions Gate is just to the north, the very location of the LIONS GATE BRIDGE in Vancouver. The extreme western most positions on the globe, in regards to a major land mass, are now located on the EAST side of this super-impositioning. The WEST has become the EAST and the EAST has become the WEST. This is just more symbolism and reverse imagery.

Super-imposing old Jerusalem over the Pacific Ocean is quite justified, as they both have the identical name. Jerusalem is the City of Peace, and the Pacific Ocean is the Sea of Peace. City and Sea are both derived from the word SIGHT and SEE as shown on the diagram on page 16. This is again referring to the ALL SEEING EYE, the luciferian mind, that is behind this whole lunatic notion. Both the Pacific Ocean and the City of Jerusalem are really called THE SEE OF PEACE.

The next bit of symbolism is that the Lions Gate of the old city of Jerusalem was also called the SHEEP GATE. In biblical writings, the sheep are the people of the world. It is these sheep or people that the christ (who is lucifer) uses for slaughter and sacrifice. The Lions Gate of the old city is where, tradition says, christ began his VIA DELOROSA, or WAY OF SORROWS (also called the WAY OF GRIEF). Let’s have a look at SORROWS and GRIEF.

SOR – ROWS = ROS when reversed – ROWS = ROSE

SORROWS is 2 ROSES. Significant in that the christ rose from the dead, ascended into heaven to sit at the right hand of god, only to return to slay and butcher his enemies in the great battle of god. This is the ARMAGEDDON concept. In other words the christ is supposed to RISE TWICE. Once from a PHYSICAL DEATH and once to return and to GET EVEN for putting him to death.

The LIONS GATE BRIDGE and the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver will mark the beginning of the WAY OF SORROWS, the walk that will continue to kill the masses and eventually culminate in more mass sacrifice of many of his sacrificial sheep.

The word GRIEF = FEIRG
and FEAR – G is the generative fertility god

Through FIRE – the volcanic, earthquake, natural disaster occurances, the generative sex god will cleanse and purify the world of all the undesirable sheep. This ERUPTION is the PURIFICATION.

ERUPT = T – PURE when reversed

The Olympics are the major symbolic vehicle for manipulating the world consciousness. The Olympic TORCH symbol is also called the FIRE – LIGHT – SUN – and EYE. The ALL SEEING EYE fellow, who is lucifer. Through the Olympics we have the whole world worshipping lucifer and praying for UNITY and PEACE (as seen in the RINGS) through the power of this entity.

Just as Beijing is 888 square kilometres in size, Vancouver has an interesting number as well. Greater Vancouver is 1,111 square miles in size. As well, the Lions Gate Bridge is 111 metres tall. As mentioned above, the 49 degrees NORTH coordinate aligns with 1 o’clock on the 5th clock face. Just more symbolism to let you know who’s in control. It should also be noted that Canada’s western border lies exactly on the 49th parallel with the United States. This is the symbolic reason why. Canada is symbolically connected to the USA world empire which has delivered the New World Order and messianic age to the world. Canada is really a major manipulation tool used in the war on the human population. The number 49 is 7 x 7 which symbolizes completion. Canada is used deceitfully to bring about the complete fulfillment of the illuminati agenda. And attempting to look peace loving and free the whole while sleeping with the most ruthless pimp nation in the history of humanity. 49 also coincides with 1 o’clock on the 5th clockface. Again, 1 is the first hour after midnight, the new age or day has symbolically arrived. Being that it’s on the 5th clockface is symbolizing the connection to humanity.

Vancouver is also the first time that a Winter Olympics has been held at SEA LEVEL. Yet another reference to the great judge who will use the LEVEL of the SEA as its SCALES OF JUSTICE in handing out its reward or its punishment. Interesting choice of time and location… right on the Pacific Ocean just as the New World Messianic Age is being introduced.

The date for the Vancouver Olympics is February 12, 2010. Put into numerical terms, it now reads 12/02/10. Twelve and ten are refering to the 12 and 10 times TABLES of the zodiac circle clock. 12 is the FULL CIRCLE OF DECEIT and the number 10 relates to the IN-TEN-SITY. These 2 tables are symbolic of the 2 PILLARS used to manipulate this world system but also speak of the TABLES IN THE HOLY PLACE of the old Hebrew Temple. 10 of these tables held the SHOWBREAD and 10 held the MENNORAH CANDLES. This refers to the christ (who is lucifer) as being the BREAD OF LIFE and the LIGHT OF THE WORLD.

See the temple diagram immediately below.


The 12 times table is also witnessed in the 12 BRONZE BULLS that held up the MOLTEN SEA. This is symbolic of the BULL MARKET of the New York Stock Exchange and the Pacific Ocean RING OF FIRE. (See page 16 for more on this). This Molten Sea was used to wash the priests hands and feet. There were also 10 lavers on tables for washing the slaughter residue from the hands of the priests who did the killing. These tables were immediately before they entered the Temple Holy Place.

There were also 2 CHERIBUM ANGELS in the HOLY OF HOLIES. This again is just symbolizing the 2 tables of deceit the 12 and 10 TIMES TABLES, which have been used to manipulate the whole world. These 2 angels spread their wings lovingly over the ARK OF THE COVENANT. This symbolizes nothing more than than the worship of the intellectual knowledge of Kaballism, whereby, scientific principles applied to energy can create all manner of deceitful ELECTRICAL ENERGY ARCHING. Keep in mind that SCIENCE is SEANCE, which more literally means to communicate with the dead luciferian mind.

Now let’s have a look at the communities which make up Greater Vancouver. First off, to the south, there’s Delta. This is the triangle shape formed by the Fraser River. The City of Delta, in the event of a major earthquake, could concievably turn to liquid and sink. The luciferian mind just delights in using rivers, bridges and deltas for symbolic strength. RIVERS are the snake like formations which conjure of the notion of REVERENCE. This particular delta and river finds itself passing through some of the wildest canyons a river can pass. This particular canyon is called HELLS GATE CANYON. Yet another dash of symbolism. Every year the SALMON FISH swims upstream, navigating, almost miraculously, the rapids of this monster canyon. More symbolism connecting yet again the SAL = SOL = SUN god – and the MON = MOON goddess, which together make reference to the FISH GOD NIMROD of ancient Babylon.

In the top left corner of this map we see the community of Lions Bay. This sits right on the shores of HORSESHOE BAY. This bay is nestled in the mountains surrounding Vancouver and is a major symbolic reference to the GOOD LUCK associated with the HORSE SHOE. But why is good luck associated with the horse shoe? Good luck is refering to the Rising Son god HORUS. The horse shoe is an ARK and horse racing is the sport of kings. The kings in question are the serpent thinkers who run the world on behalf of their reptilian leader.


The City of Vancouver is an incredibly beautiful city as far as cities go. It is this beauty that completely hides the demonic influence this location plays in the overall scheme of things. Let’s take a look at this name a bit closer.

– or vanity – COUVER = COVER an object used to conceal

VANCOUVER does indeed conceal one of the darkest cancers of a modern world city. The downtown eastside has a huge street population riddled with drug abuse, aids, prostitution, disease and crime. This area is recognized as one of the worst in the world. All this right at the doorstep of one of the most expensive cities to live in in Canada, and immediately adjacent to the richest neighbourhoods in the country. All this is so very luciferian. Much like the rich folks of Manhattan who get to look down upon the suffering in the Bronx, so do the rich elite of Vancouver get to scowl at the suffering and the poverty on the east side.

In the map immediately above Vancouver is highlighted in RED. The horn that points upwards is the downtown area of the city. The water inlet just on the bottomside of this horn is ENGLISH BAY. English means ANGEL-MAN. The angel in question is lucifer and this is its’ bay. Just on the south side of English Bay are two communities known as Jericho and Kerrisdale. These are wealthy and attractive areas of the city. It was from this area, in the city of Vancouver, that the MING DYNASTY in China, came to retreive some of the wood needed to build the FORBIDDEN CITY in Beijing, the site of the 2008 Summer Olympics. The wood from JERICHO built the symbolic city also called THE CITY OF HEAVENLY PEACE. All this took place hundreds of years ago, before Vancouver was discovered by the British explorer Captain George Vancouver. This is the connection between Beijing and Vancouver and why they were symbolically chosen to be the host cities for the 2008 and 2010 games.

The Forbidden City is recognized by UNESCO as the oldest and largest preserved wooden structure in the world. You just have to wonder why it was preserved so meticulously for so many centuries? Obviously, this is all playing into the ARRIVAL OF THE MESSIANIC AGE and the dream of a New World Order of unified christ consciousness. Of course, there is no basis in truth that there is going to be unity, a new order or a messiah. Everything will just attempt to continue in its ridiculous hypnotic 3 dimensional corrupt state glorifying the luciferian thought form. The new world order is here already and the messianic age is but one arrogant declaration away.

The next image below demonstrates the manipulation of the masses through sexual symbolism. Rock star musician PRINCE performed at the 2007 Super Bowl Game. For some reason the producers of this show felt the need to fly a huge curtain in front of Prince so he could make a shadow puppet of his stylized guitar look like an ERECT PENIS. This same imagery is being applied with the City of Vancouver and the world famous Stanley Park. Downtown Vancouver is the PENIS SHAFT and STANLEY PARK is the PENIS HEAD. Subliminal messaging does not have to be conciously read, nor does size matter. (No pun intended). If something is to large or too small to be consciously registered, the subconscious registers it nonetheless. This has been demonstrated on a previous page with the GIANT OWL and the MINIATURE OWL on the US $1 bill. In the case of the giant owl eyes, it is registering in our subconscious the image of the female breasts. A delightful image to be sure, but EXTREMELY HYPNOTIC.

Make sure to keep reading all the symbolism in regard to Vancouver and the sexual imagery and you will soon discover why the Olympics will be held in this city.

Prince at Super Bowl 41

Now have a look at the same map of Vancouver with a few details included. What we have is not a sovereign country, fulfilling its will according to the wishes of the people. What we have is the PARLIAMENT of WESTMINSTER in LONDON ENGLAND dictating on behalf of the LUCIFERIAN SERPENT PRINCE what we will be used for in the illuminati agenda. Did you ever wonder why all those names in jolly old England seemed to include a lot of SEX words. There’s MIDDLESEX, ESSEX, EAST SUSSEX, WEST SUSSEX… I thought the Brit’s were a bit prudish about sex? Well, here’s where the illuminati agenda gets really kinky.

Middlesex is an old name which would be part of Greater London today. Greater London includes Westminster and the Parliament. Middlesex is located just on the north side of Westminster and just to the north east is ESSEX. These names are symbolizing the SEED of the MESSIAH and the SEXUAL UNION of the LUCIFERIAN PRINCE when he comes for HIS BRIDE, the ELECT ROYAL ELITE CHOSEN RACE OF MURDERERS who run this planet.

When a man claims his bride he wants sex! It’s no different in this case.

In Vancouver we see the street known as KINGSWAY, run from NEW WESTMINSTER directly towards the DOWNTOWN CORE and STANLEY PARK. Here it turns into Highway 99 (think nine eleven’s – 9-11’s) and Highway 1A. Two highways become one. Talk about symbolism! What happens when two people marry? The 2 become one of course. This KINGSWAY street (symbolizing the Way of the King, the messiah) and HIGHWAY 99 AND 1A are the URETHRA DUCT (gland) (the Stanley Park viaduct) that is delivering the SEED OF PASSION which will CONSUMMATE THE MARRIAGE and the return of the KING OF KINGS (the jesus myth again). Consummate means to /strong>bring to completion, and as in the case of this so-called marriage, the completion of the messianic kingdom on earth will have come to fruition. Albeit, in the name of the new world order.

The highway travels through Stanley Park, which is the HEAD OF A PENIS, and CROSSES THE GOLDEN GATE BRIDGE, where christian tradition says that jesus started his WAY OF SORROWS at the Golden Gate of Old Jerusalem. The Cross formed by the bridge over BURRARD INLET (another Freemason – ROBERT BURRARD) is but another SEX RITUAL CROSS SYMBOL as shown on the light charts on this site. If you continue over the bridge, the highway turns into simply Highway 99, or 9 elevens (911). It continues as one of the deadliest highways in British Columbia, and in all of Canada, eventually arriving at Whistler, BC. Whistler in named for the Wind that Whistles through the mountains. Symbolically, this is referring to MORIAH CONQUERING WIND, who are the elite serpent thinkers and their puppet governing entities.


Greater Vancouver Is Greater London In The New World

Now have a look at the old city of London with some of the names identified that show the references to SEX and the exact same names used in both cities. These SEX names, Middlesex, Essex and although not shown on this map, on each side of Surrey there are the counties of East Sussex and West Sussex. This is the symbolism deemed necessary for the luciferian mind to feel confident that the overall agenda will succeed. These sex names are alluding to the urethra tube from New Westminster to the Lions Gate Bridge which is symbolic of the consummation of the messiah when he comes to claim his bride.

Old Map of London

For those of you who are familiar with the old testament city of Jericho, this name Jericho in Vancouver, should now take on new meaning. Jericho in the middle east is the oldest known city in the world. It is 200 feet below sea level. What it’s most famous for, is the BATTLE OF JERICHO. This is the battle where the Iraelites, who were wishing to enter the PROMISED LAND, were told to march around the city once each day for 6 DAYS with the PRIESTS carrying TRUMPETS in front of the ARK. On the 7th day they were told to march around 7 times and blow there trumpets loud and long and in so doing the WALLS WOULD COME TUMBLING DOWN. Joshua, the leader of the Israelites did this and the walls fell. The Israelites marched in and conquered Jericho and KILLED EVERY MAN, WOMAN and CHILD. A perfect example of the HUMAN SACRIFICE RELIGION that Judeo-Christianity is. Only RAHAB the HARLOT was spared, for she hid the 2 spies who had previously come to scout out the city. She then helped them escape to tell Joshua the information he requested to begin the attack.

Whether this Battle at Jericho actually happened is incidental. What is important, is that the god of this elite race absolutely delights in killing utterly, every human in the city, with the exception of Rahab. This is the spirit by which the New World messianic age will be introduced, with a ton of blood and misery. This was the first battle by the Israelites in conquering CANAAN, the promised land, and in similar fashion these Olympics, coupled with the Freedom Tower opening in 2011, are symbolic for the luciferian rule which will attempt to imprison humanity once and for all. (On page 16 I show the symbolism between Canada and Canaan).

The Lions Gate of the Old City of Jerusalem Prophetic Fulfillment

If you’re able to fathom this concept at all, that the luciferian mindset had this symbolic connection introduced before Canada became a country and before the modern Olympics were instituted, then what I’m about to say will have a ring of truth. Without that ability to reach into the realm of insanity, what I write is nothing more than science fiction. It is this, almost timeless agenda, that is the real illuminati agenda, the agenda of MORIAH CONQUERING WIND. This is the absolute imprisonment of the human spirit and the enslavement of our being.

Lions Gate Bridge

Just above is the entrance to Lions Gate Bridge. At each side of the entrance to the Bridge sit 2 Sphinx like lions, seeming to guard the way. This bridge has just been made EARTHQUAKE RESISTANT in the last few years. It was a massive feat of engineering skill. You have to ask yourself however, “Do they know something the rest of us are completely in the dark about”? The answer is definitely YES! While you’re at it, ask yourself, “Why are there 2 Lions guarding the entrance to the Lions Gate Bridge”? These are African, sun god type lions, with manes symbolizing the sun’s rays. These are not the mountain lions, called cougars, of the west coast mountains. Of course, this is just more symbolism from the luciferian serpent thinkers to manipulate the masses subliminally.

Just below is the 3 LANE Lions Gate Bridge. The number 3 symbolizes the triangle and pyramid, the most powerful form of the deity. This bridge causes Highway 99 and Highway 1A to be formed. These numbers are references to 9-11 and the NUMBER ONE – A deity. Nothing short of ridiculous symbolism, but it’s even more ridiculous when one realizes that this type of symbolism has herded all of humanity into this pasture of lunacy.

Lions Gate Bridge Aerial

Just below is a close up shot of the LIONS PEAKS. These formations are symbolic of the TWO or MIRRORING OF THE LUCIFERIAN THOUGHT FORM. There is always an opposition built into this corrupt entities mind. Be it a man/woman, father/son, black/white, up/down, right/wrong…there always has to be REVERSE IMAGERY and DIVISION for corruption to work. In this image, the lucifer entity formed these peaks, for just this time. They stand silently watching as the final WALK OF THE CHRIST, the LION FROM THE TRIBE OF JUDAH, continues his VIA DELOROSA, the WAY OF THE ROSE, to execute and shed the blood of those WHO PIERCED HIM. This is the final walk to bring in the hideous christ kingdom on earth.

Lions Mountains

Viewed from a distance, the Lions are a magnificent site. They stand quietly, majestically and at the same time ominously saying something if we care to listen. This is the fulfillment moment when the new world christ will complete the “ROSE from the DEAD” theme to declare the kingdom has come. Total rubbish to be sure, but the world has bought into it.

All throughout this incredible city and across the Straight of Georgia to Vancouver Island, the ROSE blooms beautifully and almost endlessly. This is again, massive symbolism, refering to this final moment of conquest. Just across the Strait of Georgia (notice the G’s in the name Georgia – see page 16 and the B and G subliminal sounds) in the FREEMASON beehive city of VICTORIA, the capital of British Columbia, there is a world famous garden called Butchart Gardens. Butchart Gardens is a thing of beauty, but again, an ominous symbolic message is tied to this place of delight. Butchart sounds like BUTCHER. This is precisely what will continue to take place as this WALK of the messiah is carried out. The emblem logo for the Butchart Gardens, has been for decades, the ROSE. The garden itself is SET in an old ROCK QUARRY. Again, the ROCK, is more symbolism leading back to the lucifer entity.

Victoria is named after Queen Victoria, whom, along with her consort, Prince Albert, designed the FREEMASON SQUARE and COMPASS LOGO. The peak of the compass symbolizes the A in ALBERT, and the point of the square is symbolic of the V in VICTORIA. When the compass and square are overlayed they form the SIX POINTED STAR, the sex ritual symbol which finds its source in the HEXAGON in the middle of the light beam demonstrated many times on this site. This in turn is the HEX placed upon all of humanity.

The Lions

The 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver were chosen because of the symbolism associated with this site. Many of the training venues will include locations such as Mt. Washington, symbolically and subliminally, shadowing back to the City of Washington, DC, the State of Washington and the first president of the United States, George Washington, who was a Freemason and who was used to lay the groundwork for the most hideous nation to exist on the face of the earth. Of course, in actuality, Canada is an illegitimate member of the United States, whom together form the New World geo/political wing of the British Israelite Empire.

Let’s have a closer look at this word WASHINGTON.

WASH – to cleanse – ING – the subliminal sound of KING – KILLING – RING
TON – refers to town.

WASHINGTON is the CLEANSING TOWN, where the enemies of the messiah will be eliminated. That’s basically all of us, except for the ELECT, the rich and POWER-ful elite of the world. (Whenever you see the word POWER, as in powerful, don’t hesitate to think in terms of ELECT-rical energy).

The State of Washington has to be located symbolically exactly where it is. This is the CLEANSING STATE for the serpent mind. Located in Washington state is a very influential Freemason city called SEATTLE (think SEE-ATTLE). In spite of its 3 million plus population it is not the capital city of this state. The capital city is OLYMPIA Washington. With this little bit of symbolic linking, it should be evident at this time, why it is called Olympia. The OLYMPIAN families are using the modern Olympics as there ruse, their smokescreen, to implement the New World Order messianic age.

On the diagram on this page, that shows the similarities between the World Trade Centre building layout and the western states and British Columbia, you’ll notice that Washington State lines up with Building #6. This number 6 is the number of the antichrist / christ concept. In 2010, the Vancouver Olympics will take place, and the messiah will symbolically and in some form, literally, begin his walk to slay his enemies and claim his Bride. Washington state, immediately to the south of Vancouver, is symbolically situated for the washing – cleansing, before the MARRIAGE SUPPER OF THE LAMB occurrs in CALIFORNIA. Remember now, CALIFORNIA is situated in the same location as the MARRIOTT HOTEL in the old World Trade Centre, the place of MARRIAGE BANQUETS and meeting rooms. This will see some form of event or events that will fulfill, (again – symbolically and/or literally) the messiah coming through the Golden Gate (Bridge).

Below is an aerial photograph of the world famous Stanley Park. This is immediately adjacent to the downtown core of Vancouver. There are some interesting features in this park that speak volumes when held up to the number symbolism revealed on this site. One of the more curious features is the NINE O’CLOCK GUN. 9 is the number of the FALL (as in the 9-11 events mentioned before) and the first day of creation – which is 9-11 on the Hebrew calendar. You just have to ask yourself, “Why is there a NINE O’CLOCK GUN?” The answer is that we need to have subliminal suggestion hammered into us constantly, repititiously and for endless periods of time. Then, when we’re marching in step to the hypnotic suggestion, the express purpose of that suggestion can then be achieved. Today, we’re marching totally in step to the serpent kings thought form. Every seduction the world could throw at us has been embraced and nurtured. There’s virtually no corruption we haven’t taken to heart. That being accomplished, the tricky little deal of causing the world to be a new world messianic unified type kingdom is but a heartbeat away.

Stanley Park Aerial

Stanley Park itself is a circular Zodiak symbol, and the Stanley Park viaduct cuts it in half. The 14 STATIONS of the CROSS according to christian tradition, are dotted mainly on the right side of the road. On the left side we have the HOLLOW TREE, which, if you overlayed the park map over the old city of Jerusalem, this would be the position of the HOLY SEPULCHRE CHURCH where jesus was traditionally believed to be crucified on his WOODEN CROSS or TREE. What are the odds of this happening just like this? That’s not all. In the same area of the HOLLOW TREE is the Siwash ROCK. Jesus is the ROCK! Also, this is the location of 3rd BEACH. 3 is the number of the DEITY! 3 forms of symbolism all tucked into the 14th STATION.

Stanley Park Penis

The Order of the Rose is Complete and Returns to London in 2012

The messianic order will be symbolically confirmed to the illuminati mind by 2012. The new world order formalized in the luciferian mind by this symbolic date. 20 is the number of complete control, corresponding to 8 on the 2nd clockface. 12 is the full circle of deceit (the Olympian Family Circle of the All Seeing Eye). This is the year that the serpent thinkers have waited for, for more than 6,000 years.

Take a close look at the London Olympic Logo with its stylized 2012.

London 2012 Olympics logo

Now take a look at the map of the City of Greater London alongside the logo for the London Olympics with a few details added. What we have is the very obvious form of a ROSE on the map of the city of Greater London. This is symbolizing the christ who ROSE from the DEAD MYTH which goes back all the way to TAMMUZ – the sun god or the son of god – in ancient Babylon. It is from this symbolic connection to old Babylon that the city of London actually takes its name. London is BABY – LON – DON or more specifically the DAWN of BABYLON that is used to conquer the world for the serpent prince. London is Babylon even as it has been shown above, that Vancouver is Greater London. These folks just keep overlaying one city upon another to symbolically keep the Rose Line continuous. This is the continuous Vine of the luciferian mind that has to wind its way through the world to establish total control. This is the Chosen Elite People of god (this god who is lucifer). It is from this symbolic centre of the world, that the Orders from the Rose, the orders from London, have gone out to the ROSE – BUSH family with the THORNS that PIERCE (as illustrated above), who have been in political power in the USA for 50 years.

London Rose

The Greater City of London has 20 burroughs in the Outer City. 20 is the number of total control. It has 12 burroughs in the Inner City. 12 is the number symbolizing the Complete Circle of Deceit. This is the very reason that the Olympics came to London in 2012.

The longitude and latitude coordinates for London are, of course, highly significant when you understand the Blueprint number system based on the clock faces. London is 51 degrees North of the equator. 51 coincides with 3 and 15 on the 4th clock face. 3 is the triangle pyramid, the most powerful form associated with the deity. 15 is the number that is most perfectly relating to the same deity. London is also 0 degrees, neither east nor west, as it is that Greenwich Mean Time was established here. This represents the complete cycle of manipulation and that the luciferian agenda has been fulfilled.

Now have a look of the Map of London Rose in comparison to the map of China and Mongolia. This territory was occupied by the Qing Dynasty (think luciferian king dynasty) for hundreds of years until 1911.

China Rose1

Now when you look at the map of London completely overlayed on the map of China and Mongolia, you see a startling similarity. Even the North and South Korean Peninsula is omitted in the London Map. This Rose symbol is the heart and soul of the illuminati Moriah Conquering Wind agenda. On page 18, more information regarding the Rose and how it will play out in the next 5 years will be demonstrated.

China Rose2

Just below is a photograph of the 8 sided building with the Compass Rose (weather vane) indicating North East West and South, at Greenwich England. 8 is the number of total control. It is also curious why this instrument is refered to as a ROSE.


All this is meant to correspond to the outline of the luciferian illuminati agenda which was contrived in the lucifer mind thousands of years ago.

Just below is the 2012 London Olympic logo that illustrates how the logo itself spells out ROZ – which is ROSE – in reverse. The little box in the centre of this logo is Westminster, the brain box of the serpent thinkers who conquered the world. The overall logo, is of course, the whole ROSE, which is Greater London.

London 2012 Olympic ROSE

Immediately below is the largest single roofed structure in the world. This was built as a millenium project and therefore called the Millenium Dome. However, the millenium hasn’t come yet, as the Gregorian Calendar skipped 12 years when it was introduced. Therefore in 2012 it will actually be 2000 – the REAL Y2K. This is the reason why the Gregorian Calendar performed its little slight of hand hundreds of years ago. Simply to attempt to throw off any link to this present time and the real illuminati time agenda. Any event, invention or other major topic that has occurred since 1912 will have really taken place in the 20th Century, the century dedicated to achieving total control of the human spirit. This would include everything from 1912 – and the 1st World War which began in 1914, right up to the Olympics of 2012 in London. Of course, a few notable changes have occurred over the last 100 years, and placed all together, they form the total control of humanity. This total control is not something that is going to occurr, its what has already taken place. The Millenium Dome is just there to help symbolize the total control of the sun god of ancient Egypt and Babylon.

Millenium Dome

Below is a picture of the Old British Naval Academy. This photograph just wreaks of symbolism showing the 2 worlds of East and West becoming One. This building is located at Greenwich again. The location on the globe that symbolizes neither East nor West. It is a building that reflects the war against humanity and the mirroring of the truth by the serpent mind.

Old British Naval Academy at Greenwich

Now we have a picture of the Badge of the Order of the Bath. Where do you suppose they got the idea for this little bit of symbolism. Of course, from the Molten Bowl outside the old Hebrew Temple, as well as the 10 basins just outside the Temple Porch, where the Priests who killed the sacrificial beasts, could wash their filthy blood drenched hands. This was a sun worship, human sacrifice temple, and so is this city of London, the Royal Family and the Olympic Games. Notice how the cross on the badge is again alluding to the Sex Ritual Cross. It also has 8 points which is the number of total control. Most curious however, is how it is called the Order of the Bath. Bathing just seems to be a big part of the illuminati agenda. The foundations of the World Trade Centre was called the Bathtub. Symbolism is absolutely everywhere with these guys. Even an associate of George Bush Jr., who was instrumental in arranging business dealings with the Bin Laden family of Saudi Arabia was called James Bath. This is not as simplistic as it would first appear. Symbolism in everything ensures the success of the agenda to these corrupt entities.

Order of the Bath

The symbolism that is detailed on this site demonstrates the workings of the luciferian agenda in this 3D space that we’re experiencing. This agenda has been plotted for some 6,000 plus years. If they have been waiting 6,000 years and the symbolism is dramatically and repeatedly pointing to this time in history, it is without a doubt that unbelievable events are going to occur in the next five years leading up to 2012. Humanity has been pushed and herded into a pen for these many centuries. Bringing about the collapse of this hideous mindset is going to require a total consciousness shift. When we realize that even the people who are warning us of this imprisonment, are themselves the imprisoners, then the corruption will crumble.

Speaking of hideous, nothing beats this less than subtle symbol of the luciferian illuminati eye. All seeing, all knowing and all revealing as to how incredibly weak this entity really is. Take note that the COMPASS ROSE of FREEMASON thought form holds the whole monstrocity up. This is the very same logo/symbol used by the Mount Shasta Shalomar event in California on August 9-12, 2007. See page 1 (and page 18 which is now in progress).

London Eye

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Google Video – illuminatiMATRIX explanatory video detailing the foundational root of hypnosis, religion, intellectualism and who and what god is.

Click here to watch video.

YouTube Video highlighting some of the subliminal elements hidden in the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem

Please read the next paragraph before watching the ROCK VIDEO.

On the ROCK VIDEO, the World Trade Center is mistakenly called the ROCKEFELLER PLAZA. The WTC was conceived and promoted by the Rockefellers. The Rockefeller Plaza is to the north of the World Trade Centre, on the MANHATTAN ROCK, or MANNA STONE. The WTC and the Rockefeller Plaza , along with the area of CENTRAL PARK, relate to the TEMPLE MOUNT in Jerusalem, and the Al Aqsa Mosque, the Dome of the ROCK, and the Temple Courtyard. These in turn relate to the North American West Coast. See page 39 for more details.

Click here to watch the new Rock Video on YouTube.

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