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Throughout this blog, the occasional use of the word “luciferian”, does not refer to the notion of an entity called Satan, or the Devil, … but the term “luciferian” simply means the “light bringer”.

Genesis, chapter 1, quotes the conjurer (referred to as “god”), where “god” said “let there be light, and there was light.

The god of the Old and New Testaments, is the light bringer, and is lucifer, and is the conjured up notion of the creator.

the luciferian blueprint – the key that unlocks – the source of religion

Many thanks are extended to the individuals in different parts of the world who have come to understand the information presented on this blog, and have taken it upon themselves to translate some of the information into their native tongue for the benefit of those who cannot read English.

Thank you for the French translations, from a resident of Quebec, Canada.
Thank you for the Arabic video translation of the “What In The World’s Going On” video, from a resident of Jerusalem, Israel.
Thank you for the Spanish sub-titles on “The Rock Video” and “What In The World’s Going On” video, from a resident in the Canary Islands, Spain.
Thank you for the German translations, from a resident in Berlin, Germany.

Words alone cannot describe the incredible effort that’s involved in translating this most unconventional information. With the deepest appreciation, thank you to all of you.

illuminatiMATRIX en francais

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Spanish sub-titles ‘What In The World’s Going On’ video

Spanish sub-titles ‘The ROCK VIDEO’

October 28, 2011
ترجمة عربية للفيديو على اليوتيوب – ماذا يحدث فى العالم ؟ – من يسيطر على العالم؟ – كيف يخدعون البشرية؟

Page 42 – NEW ACCURATE TRANSLATION of Arabic text for YouTube video “What In The World’s Going On” – ” Arabic translation/subtitles for youtube video – whats going on in the world ? – who controls the world ? – and how they manipulate humanity ?…

Page 42 – ARABIC TEXT to accompany YOUTUBE Video

What In The World’s Going On!

Page 41 -TEXT to accompany YOUTUBE Video

What In The World’s Going On!

Page 41 is highly recommended for those new to this site. The foundation for understanding this site is available on this page.


Bryan Kemila


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Google Video – illuminatiMATRIX explanatory video detailing the foundational root of hypnosis, religion, intellectualism and who and what god is.

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YouTube Video highlighting some of the subliminal elements hidden in the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem

Please read the next paragraph before watching the ROCK VIDEO.

On the ROCK VIDEO, the World Trade Center is mistakenly called the ROCKEFELLER PLAZA. The WTC was conceived and promoted by the Rockefellers. The Rockefeller Plaza is to the north of the World Trade Centre, on the MANHATTAN ROCK, or MANNA STONE. The WTC and the Rockefeller Plaza , along with the area of CENTRAL PARK, relate to the TEMPLE MOUNT in Jerusalem, and the Al Aqsa Mosque, the Dome of the ROCK, and the Temple Courtyard. These in turn relate to the North American West Coast. See page 39 for more details.

Click here to watch the new Rock Video on YouTube.

“What In The World´s Going On?” Full length(35:39):

Wer das lieber in Häppchen gucken mag:

Part 1 of 4 (09:22):

Part 2 of 4 (09:22):

Part 3 of 4 (09:22):

Part 4 of 4 (09:22):

Video “The Rock” (09:37):

The World Trade Center Attack Was The Start Button

This site deals exclusively with breaking the world hypnotic trance. The powerful elite leaders throughout the world are unwittingly, and sometimes not so unwittingly, plotting a major cataclysm and massive devastation over the next few years. This site shows how and why, and what the SECRET MYSTERIES entail, and WHO the agenda is being carried out for. This site is not based on simply rehashing information from other sources, but demonstrates the SECRET MYSTERIES UNCOVERED and EXPOSED through the use of hundreds of original charts and approximately 400,000 words of text to date, to show the luciferian illumaniti egregore group agenda. The information on these pages is not based on paranoia. This site exposes the source of every religion, and the force behind every world system used to manifest the hypnotic trance. This information is the result of over a 40 year search and emergence from the trance state. What was discovered is now available on these pages. Nothing is for sale. Everything is free. There is no group to join. Sanity, awareness, and most importantly answers are available if you take the time to read.

The governments of the world and the royal elite are not here to take care of you. They are here to kill you. They are not unwittingly trying to kill you. They are deliberately trying to kill you. They are deliberately trying to kill you, but for a reason that eludes even them. Within in the trance state, what seems good and right, and what is justified as sound reasoning and socially acceptable, is absolute insanity when held up to the standard of awareness and wisdom. This site shows how this deliberate, elusive, and unwitting state of confusion drives the elite of the world to serve a master they know little of.

These pages expose the real luciferian illuminati agenda, not just the juicy tidbits the illuminati families ALLOW many searching people to find. The information that has been made available from other sources has been allowed as a smoke screen to throw those seeking off track. What is coming is far worse than a global fascist/communist state. What is coming is a devastation so massive humanity is going to plead for a New World Order and a messianic-style king.

The pages from 1 to 12 lay the groundwork. However, for your physical and emotional well-being don’t hesitate to skip to pages 13 – 39.

Heed these next words very seriously:


As you progress through the pages a pattern will become obvious, and the REAL AGENDA will be shown. Not just hinted at, or suggested, but SHOWN STRAIGHT OUT what the agenda is. The next 9-11 has been uncovered and is already in progress. It’s massive and affects every person on the planet. The World Trade Center attack was the start button.


2 Sides Of The Same Coin

This site is the blueprint for this luciferian / LIGHT BRINGER scenario’s origin … and lays the groundwork to interpret what is written throughout this site. This may be a disturbing read, so be prepared. The horrors of the luciferian controlled illuminati and the truther conspiracy movement, (2 sides of the same coin), are revealed in these pages, BUT also included is the SOLUTION TO END THIS HORROR on an individual basis. The luciferian agenda, (which is this thing called the Thought Process), will always masquerade as a false reality, however, each conjured up individual 3D illusory human being can completely detach emotionally from the lunacy at any illusory moment and be free of the manipulation concerning this agenda.

It should be noted that the term “luciferian” does not imply a “devil” or a “satan” as expressed in religious terms. This site will use these terms from time to time, however, the reader should be aware that this is only to assist in comprehending the material. As the reader becomes acquainted with the perspective associated with this material, the terms, “satan”, “luciferian”, “devil”, “demons”, etc., will be phased out with terms associated with hypnosis, hypnotic suggestion, and subliminal manipulation, which are just some of the manipulative aspects of the Thought Process.

The terms “angel”, “spirit”, “soul”, “saint”, etc. will also be redefined in terms of hypnosis and subliminal hypnotic suggestion. Gaining an understanding from this perspective allows the reader the ability to comprehend all the mysteries of the universe and to walk free of this “hellish” prison. The terms “hell”, “heaven”, “judgment”, “good”, “bad”, “right”, “wrong”, etc., all of these will also be shown to absolute lunacy, and tools used by the luciferian Mindset which functions completely in the realm of hypnotic suggestion, … none of which is valid, or real, or of any worth.

The Thought Process, which is hypnotic suggestion, is the luciferian agenda. The term “lucifer” simply means “light bringer, or light bearer”, and the “light” is the “lie” that has conjured up what humanity is entranced to believe is real. Humanity itself, is the most deceptive conjured up aspect of the Mind of the Thought Process, and humanity is itself, the thick veil of deceit which is designed to separate Illusion from Truth. This separation cannot possibly succeed as pertaining to Who and What we really are (which will become apparent as the reader progresses through this material), … however, the misery it produces seems real and valid until each individual, … illusory, … human life experience, comes to the realization that everything is a lie and without validity, … which does include each illusory human being on the face of the earth.

The Chameleon Principle

The prince of darkness – The angel of light

Author: Bryan Kemila

All artwork, charts and diagrams on this site created by Bryan Kemila copyright 2000 – 2013. All charts, diagrams or artwork not allowed for print publication. Brief reference use on websites is allowed, if copyright notice is maintained and link to illuminatiMATRIX.wordpress.com is included in reference to material used.

Due to requests from art collectors wanting to purchase the artwork produced by the author of this site, … the reader should be directed to our NEW COMMERCIAL WEBSITE of art and design:

Bryan Kemila Fantasy Fine Art Studio Gallery

This site discusses the root source of SUBLIMINAL MESSAGING. Through this messaging the luciferian-based THINKERS control and manipulate an illusory smoke and mirrors reality through indoctrination of the masses in intellectual and religious lunacy. Humanity is in a massive state of hypnosis. HUMANITY IS ITSELF, an illusory form, and the product of HYPNOTIC SUGGESTION. The consideration of this information WILL BREAK the TRANCE STATE.

The 3 dimensional curtain of deception, otherwise referred to as a SINISTER FORM of HYPNOTIC MISDIRECTION, separates us from our natural state of Wisdom, through Awareness. The 3D perspective, everything we see, is a curtain formed in 3 directions – height, width and depth. Part of this 3 dimensional curtain is our physical body. The body has 5 physical sensors programmed to be receptive to the 3 dimensional illusion around us. The way these sensors pick up the signals from the 3D curtain is through subliminal messages. Subliminals are constructed through such techniques as simple shapes, sounds and colours, and then more complex, multi-layered methods, such as reverse imagery, reverse symbolism, distorted symbolism, reverse speech patterns, neuro-linguistic (brain language) programming techniques, and the elaborate use of the language and number systems, among other devious modes of manipulation.

Subliminal Messages Are Thoughts – Which Are Lies

Thoughts appear to make sense and relate to reality, sort of. This is why they’re subliminal. A subliminal is a message that doesn’t rise above the conscious threshold. A subliminal is designed to act on the mind at a subconscious level. That’s why the information on this site seems to almost make sense, but not quite. The 3D world is one huge subliminal. The luciferian mindset has manipulated the suggestible elite of the world to do whatever it requires to be done. If subliminal messaging were rational and able to be recognized on the conscious level, it wouldn’t be subliminal. We would never pay attention to it, and humanity would ignore this illusory 3D experience and stay connected to it’s Original Wisdom State through Awareness. The 3D illusion would then simply dissolve on an individual basis, which is to say, that it would become of none importance or relevance.

For instance, if someone consciously told you to kill someone, you wouldn’t do it. That just doesn’t make rational sense. However, if someone says this is the law, “thou shalt not kill”. The subliminal message is this: if you really want to get even with someone or with society, then commit murder. The idea is just suggested in the phrasing, coupled with the fact this is the law of the land. Therefore, the way to stop killing, war, murder, and any kind of aggressive bloodshed is TO NOT HAVE A LAW AGAINST IT. It is apparent society is over-burdened with laws, and in turn, over-run with killing, corruption, lying, hatred, etc. There are laws against all these things and therefore, these things abound because of the subliminal message attached.

The 3 dimensional illusion is CREATED BY THE THOUGHT PROCESS. Thinking is not being aware. Thinking is that thing any conscious being APPEARS TO DO to attempt to manipulate the future, or relive the pain/pleasure from the past. Both these time zones, the future and the past, do not exist. Therefore, thinking about them to manipulate them is a deception. However, to consider what is happening in this moment is not called thinking. Staying in the moment and meeting the needs of the moment is awareness of the 3 dimensional space, albeit, an illusory space. To function within this 3D space requires that needs be met. Reality, and our true eternal wisdom state, extends beyond the 3D illusory forms, and that wisdom state simply knows everything through awareness, ALREADY. Our eternal wisdom state knows the manipulation process of the luciferian egregore group of thinkers. Wisdom knows that this luciferian group plays god and plays the devil. Both of which are none existent. Wisdom, through awareness, sees how this group mindset bands together to manifest the reality they want all humanity to follow.

The luciferian entity is the fabricated creator god. In creating this illusory 3D reality using subliminal, subconscious messaging, this group entity conjured up and controls all power and energy, and in turn, the reverent respect of their illusory master creation called humanity. This adoration by humanity gives the luciferian group and their chosen elite the riches and servitude of this world and ABSOLUTE CONTROL OF THE ETERNAL PARADISE STATE. Because they, themselves, chose thinking and lying above awareness and wisdom, this 3D illusion is their reality. However, it is a reality fragmented, corrupted and filled with all manner of duality. They see this reality as superior to the reality of wisdom. Wisdom does not exhibit 3D manipulation through shape, colour or sound, so ultimately, wisdom is a reality of peace.

Wisdom knows this. Wisdom is not thinking about how to manipulate affairs so that events work out in its favour. Wisdom performs none of this. Wisdom just knows that we are being manipulated. To stay connected to wisdom through awareness, we need simply to stay in the moment. This involves doing NOTHING. This involves NO PRAYERS, NO MEDITATION, NO MANTRAS, NO RITUALS, NO JOINING,… NO THING. All practices, be they MEDITATIVE or PHYSICAL ACTIVITIES, are exercises in remaining OUT OF THE ONE ETERNAL MOMENT. This is not to say that meditating is bad or wrong, just as physical activity is not bad or wrong. On this site it will be repeated many times, that there is no such thing as good or bad, or right or wrong. However, these exercises avail no benefit in reconnecting to the wisdom state. Only emotional detachment, which is to place NO REAL WORTH or REAL VALUE in anything 3 dimensional, is true reconnection to reality.

There is no such thing as TIME and SPACE, and to enter into activities where you confess, and admit, disconnection from wisdom, simply by entering into that activity whereby you hope to reconnect to wisdom, (or as some call it, ENLIGHTENMENT), then you have not RECONNECTED WITH your original WISDOM STATE.

(Enlightenment is a luciferian term that sounds and seems to speak of reconnection to wisdom, however wisdom and enlightenment have nothing in common).

When you do NO THING, other than being fully aware that the 3 dimensional experience is an illusory deception conjured up through the THOUGHT PROCESS,, which is turn was meant to disconnect us from REALITY, then you have reconnected to your original eternal wisdom state. There’s nothing to do, just simply become AWARE of what is transpiring. Perfection and purity is what we are ALREADY. This is wisdom and this is liberty, this is the freedom and the power and strength of what we ALWAYS HAVE BEEN. The illusory 3 dimensional teachings of intellectual and religious thought systems, that instruct us to believe that we are born sinners, and need to repent, to avoid some hell fire, are conjured up lunatic notions straight from the mind of the luciferian egregore group mind. (This will be explained and fully laid out in the pages on this site. Do not stop reading if you desire to reclaim your ORIGINAL PARADISE STATE RIGHT NOW).

The aim of the luciferian group egregore is to establish a New World Messianic Age, where the control of the illusion we call humanity, is the manipulation tactic that will be increased to such an extent that escape from being manipulated by the total 3D illusion is all but impossible. Wisdom knows, and sees the lunacy of this 3D illusory reality. The illusion called humanity, (and humanity is an illusion), will awake from the trance and reconnect to our original state through awareness. These entities, who manifest their CONTROL OF REALITY through the lives of the elite, will soon dissolve in frustration as humanity stops responding to the subliminal messages that bombard the wisdom state in endless fashion. For it is that the 3 dimensional experience is NOT REAL, and it only exists IN OUR MINDS. Therefore, its in OUR MINDS, (which are in reality, THEIR MINDS), that we disconnect emotionally from the 3D space and reclaim our eternal state, which is here now. This is what we are! We are the original eternal paradise state, and the 3D illusion was simply conjured up through the THOUGHT PROCESS to separate us from this immense power and peace of the wisdom state and thereby deceptively manipulate this ultimate state of being into servitude to the luciferian egregore. The beneficial aspect in understanding this, is that at any moment of our choosing, we can become aware of the luciferian hypnotic manipulation, and we can reclaim our wisdom state, and experience the freedom of the paradise state right now.




Below is a map of the United States and its relationship with the World Trade Center on the ROCK of Manhattan. The World Trade Center, Manhattan, and the Rockefeller Plaza (just to the north of the WTC), is symbolic of the BIG COURTYARD being used for the marriage supper of the lamb. The ‘marriage supper of the lamb’ is bible jargon for the feast given when the messiah returns to establish his kingdom. This feast is the slaughter of untold masses of humanity. This is a subliminal that has been established for thousands of illusory years. This is the New World Order and is the messianic rule based on the Jesus myth. The illuminati elite, aka Moriah Conquering Wind, adheres literally and symbolically to the writings of their holy-luciferian-judeo-christian-bible. These elite have written every religious manuscript in existence. Not from a literal perspective, but by manipulating the 3D illusory experience, they inspire those that seek reality to fall prey to the concept of a supreme god as they seek salvation, the result being religious lunacy, and a new religious pattern is thus conjured up.


The table is set at the Marriott, which is the state of California, and the dishes are being prepared in the Ring of Fire around the Pacific Ocean. The main course servings are dished up symbolically and literally (the record breaking natural disasters, the fabricated middle east wars, etc.). In 2008 things will really began to let loose. Now, in 2009, with the election of Barack Obama, its as if a hurricane, a tidal wave, and a massive earthquake have struck the world in unison. The combination of the Financial Crisis, the Energy Crisis, the Environmental Green Movement Crisis, the Political Crisis’ around the world, not to mention war and disease, have reached a peak, ALL AT THE SAME MANIPULATIVE MOMENT. The World Trade Centre attack of September 11,2001 was just the appetizer leading up to the Great Feast.

Moriah Conquering Wind masquerades behind the symbols of the Olympic Rings logo and the Olympic Torch of fire. The Beijing Olympics2008, the Vancouver Olympics2010 and the Freedom Tower opening – now set for 2014 are all significant markers. The seismic volcanic Ring of Fire around the Pacific Ocean is symbolic of the Olympic Rings and their Olympic Torch. The Olympics are religious celebrations and always have been. These celebrations involve ceremonies and sacrifices. The sacrifices were to the 12 elite Greek gods, of whom Zeus was the chief, and took place symbolically on Mount Olympus.

Jesus is Zeus!

In Hebrew there is no Jay or Gee sound, therefore

Je-Sus is Ye-Zeus!

or more literally

You Zeus

or again


in accordance with the Spanish pronunciation of Jesus.

On the chart below, notice the Mount Olympus symbolism in Washington State, just below the tip of Vancouver Island, right next to Vancouver, BC, the site of the 2010 Olympics. Hey-Zeus and his clan of 11 disciples are SEATED, in SEATTLE, the SEAT of EL, (another name for the creator/saviour god ZEUS). Seattle is located right at the base of Mount Olympus Washington and Vancouver/Whistler, and the luciferian gods are ready to pour their judgment from Mount Olympus, as has been suggested since the days of the Olympic gods in ancient Greece. Subliminal messaging is not limited by TIME or SPACE, as neither exist in reality. However, as it is that humanity has been taught that TIME and SPACE do exist as we become indoctrinated in the hallowed halls of higher intellectual learning, it then becomes totally impossible to contemplate that there is no such thing as TIME and SPACE, and in so doing, we find it impossible to consider that simple hypnotic suggestion could conjure up the whole 3D reality and thereby control our original wisdom state.

Judeo/Christian/Islam – The Human Sacrifice Religion of Abraham

The following is a list of Old Testament types of sacrifice which need to be fulfilled in New Testament times. Notice this is subliminal suggestion and wordplay meant to hypnotize.

Leviticus 27:28,29 – “…no devoted thing, that a man shall devote unto the Lord of all that he hath, both of man and beast … shall be sold or redeemed: every devoted thing is most holy unto the Lord. (It will be shown who the lord really is on this site).

v.29 – None devoted … shall be redeemed; but shall surely be put to death.”

It is clear the lord of the old testament demands both man and beast dedicated unto him to be surely put to death. Today this is done systematically through such strategies as war, crime, the medical drug system, chemtrails, scientific advancements and so on. In other words, human sacrifice is fulfilled literally through the mind numbing doctrine of religion and academia. It is well hidden, but nonetheless it is human sacrifice.

Another example:

Exodus 22:29,30 – “Thou shalt not delay to offer the first, or thy ripe fruits, and of thy liquors: the firstborn of thy sons shalt thou give unto me…v.30 Likewise…do with thine oxen, and …sheep: seven days it (the sons, oxen and sheep) shall be with his dam (mother); on the eighth day thou shalt give it unto me. (In other words – god demanded the firstborn son to be killed in ritual sacrifice).

These quotes are from the judeo/christian bible, although it seems straight out of some sort of satanic ritual book. This is because the bible is a luciferian-based satanic worship guidebook. The hypnotic trance of religion allows us to gloss over, what should be obvious.

Another good book passage – the Battle of Jericho:

Joshua 6:20,21 “…the people shouted…the priests blew their trumpets…the wall fell down flat…v.21…they utterly destroyed all that was in the city, both man and woman, young and old…with the edge of the sword.

Numbers 31:26 “…Take the sum of the prey that was taken, both of man and beast… v.29 … and give it unto Eleazar the priest, for an heave offering (a blood sacrifice) of the lord. …v.40 ….and the persons were sixteen thousand; of which the Lord’s tribute (the sacrifice portion for the lord) was thirty and two persons“.

In this instance 32 human beings are sacrificed to the luciferian entity, calling itself lord.

The lord lucifer said unto Abraham in Genesis 22:2 “… Take now thy son …Isaac…and get thee into the land of Moriah…and offer him there for a burnt offering upon one of the mountains which I will tell thee of…”.

Again, we see the luciferian lord instructing Abraham to kill his son in the land of Moriah. This is where the illuminati families obtain their name Moriah Conquering Wind and as will be demonstrated, the MOUNTAIN in question, will appear in many forms, in many parts of the world, as the luciferian agenda is revealed.

These are just a few demonstrations that Judeo-Christian teachings are devoted to human sacrifice. Because of the big three religions, including Islam, that compose the whole of the children of Abraham, world attention is focused on the middle east and we are totally missing where and when the next 911 is taking place. And it is taking place, the next 9-11 is transpiring at this illusory moment in time.

The heave offering is an offering to and from heave-n. Consider that this heave-n is the underworld to the luciferian mind and a heaving up on a massive scale is about to be unleashed. This heaving up will coincide with a wave offering in the luciferian illuminati agenda. This has already created a social attitude where the messianic rule of the new world order will make absolute sense.

Again, quoting from the blood-drenched bible:

In Leviticus these heave and wave offerings are meant to (Leviticus 10:10) “…put difference between holy and unholy“. v.15… “the wave breast and the heave shoulder shall ye eat in a clean place…” v.15 …”the heave…and the wave…shall they bring with the offerings made by fire…”

These heave offerings will continue to be made by fire (think volcanic earthquake activity) in the Pacific Ocean volcanic Ring of Fire. People throughout the Ring of Fire region are waiting for The Big One to come, and none more so, than those on the west coast of North America, from Vancouver Island to Baja Mexico. The concept of the Big One is part of the hypnotic trance and has conditioned humanity to plead for the messianic new world order when the Big One is let loose. These heave offerings unleash the wave offerings already demonstrated in the tsunami of Boxing Day 2004, in the Indian Ocean.

One more passage from Judges 11:31

“… whatsoever cometh forth of the doors of my house (Jephthah’s house) to meet me,… shall surely be the Lord’s …and I will offer it up for a burnt offering. V.34…and Jephthah came…unto his house, and, behold, his daughter came out to meet him… v.39…and it came to pass… that her father… did with her according to his vow…”.

In other words he sacrificed his daughter to the luciferian THOUGHT FORM.

Notice the offerings and sacrifices made to the luciferian mindset are given the positive subliminal message of being up. As in upbeat, positive and a good thing. This is the Shekhinah Glory of the luciferian THOUGHT PROCESS, who followed the Israelites out of Egypt during the exodus. This Shekhinah Glory, or shock and awe glory, (SHOCK and AWE = SHEK-HIN-AH from a subliminal perspective), was a cloud by day and a pillar of fire by night.

See page 11 and 16 to understand clearly how the symbols of the Shekhinah Glory – the female presence of the lord, have been branded into our consciousness. These 2 PILLARS of the Shekhinah Glory are the 2 TOWERS, the TWIN TOWERS of the World Trade Center. These are the Pillars of SMOKE and FIRE symbolically guiding the luciferian illuminati agenda to its ultimate goal.

The symbolism from the chart immediately below is repeated in hundreds of ways, and is accompanied with hundreds of other charts to build, layer by layer, the luciferian agenda demonstrated throughout the pages ahead.


Bridal Eyes by Bryan Kemila – Modeled by Devine Devasquez – Playboy

The painting below includes symbolism in regards to the luciferian illuminat agenda. Throughout this site, paintings I’ve produced over a period of 8 years are included among the charts and text. My sincere thanks to the Playboy and Penthouse models who posed for these paintings.

Bridal Eyes

The Chameleon Principle

The prince of darkness – The angel of light

This site will discuss the luciferian illuminate agenda in the world today. The illuminati (or as they like to be called nowadays – Moriah Conquering Wind – as well as The Olympians) are the wealthiest elite and royal bloodline families in the world. They are behind each hideous act of war, disease, deceit, act of depravity … you name it and they’re behind it. Their agenda has gone on for thousands of years. They are melded together through a strict plan of intermarriage so as to not weaken the genetic link (a natural inclination towards corruption and deceit) to a secret knowledge that stretches to antiquity. However, their days of power and control are numbered. Their agenda is unravelling even as you read these lines. Let’s take a look at who these beings are, where they came from, how the manipulation transpires, and (what has never been revealed before), who the luciferian lord really is.

(The luciferian lord is touted as the supreme god of heaven and at the bottom of this page it will be demonstrated exactly who and what this god is).

Consider that what will be shown lower down on this page is the blueprint of the luciferian mind. Just as a blueprint can indicate the design and structure of a building, this blueprint unlocks the mystery of the ages used to manipulate humanity. With this awareness the reader will recognize the path of “reason” the illuminati cabal follow.

If you want to learn how to read the blueprint so you can discover the answers to the multitude of questions we all have, then diligently continue on this site. It may be tough reading, but you will learn something that can prepare you for the luciferian onslaught.

The operation of the luciferian mind is built upon deceit, such that most can not begin to comprehend. It divides and conquers. It manifests as both right and wrong, black and white, angel and demon. Even as different seekers discover who the illuminati cabal are and what they’re up to, the truth seekers themselves become identified as part of the luciferian master plan.

For instance, George Bush Sr. addressed the US Senate on September 11, 1990 (11 years previous to 9-11) and declared that a New World Order was on the horizon. Coincidentally, the new age thinkers declare the Mayan Calendar predicts a new consciousness will come upon us somewhere around 2012. Coincidentally, many of the religious leaders of the world declare their christ is coming, and soon! On and on it goes. Guess what? They will all claim victory because they all are part of the same agenda sprung from the luciferian mind.

The Real Illuminati Agenda

The luciferian illuminati agenda is not just to create a world society controlled by fascism, communism, capitalism, socialism, and every other “ism” all rolled up into one. Their ultimate desire is for humanity to cling to this illusory 3D existence.

We are naive children being hammered with a hefty dose of reverse psychology. By threatening to take away our rights, our physical health, our material wealth and our spiritual freedom, we react and scream bloody murder. No way can you do this to me … to us! We are full of indignation. We want to keep our health, our wealth, our comfort, our guns … and the freedom to move about at will. This is how we succumb to the great liar of the universe, and yet all the while we thought we were doing a good and godly thing. Not realizing for an illusory moment that our 3 dimensional experience, which we call our LIFE, is the great illusion, and the UNIVERSE itself is completely NON-EXISTENT.

Consider this. Those exposing the luciferian illuminati agenda are christians, jews, other religious zealots, ex-CIA sex slaves, New Age spiritists, scientists and the like. I have yet to read information from any source that points directly at the real culprit in all this … the luciferian mindset. They don’t point the finger because they don’t recognize the direct involvement of these THINKING ENTITIES in manipulating the whole 3D agenda experience. If this were to be recognized and research was done into the dark mysteries of Babylon, the realization would soon point to themselves and their misled belief systems.
However, I don’t exclude myself, or anyone for that matter, from being used by the luciferian mindset in perpetuating the 3D illusory trance state. Every 3 dimensional form is meant to support and extend the lunatic notion that the 3D experience has some basis in reality. We are all enemies of REALITY, and because we go looking for the enemy in everything else other than ourselves, we will never find, (on an individual basis), or conquer the real adversary that disconnects each one of our illusory 3D forms from reality.

This site is concerned with the real culprit stirring the manipulative witches brew. Furthermore, the solution for ridding ourselves of this culprit is also discussed. It is surprisingly simple how to bring this hideous hypnotic control to an end. However, because of the reverse psychology applied to our consciousness, the tricky part is realizing the simplicity of dissolving this demonic agenda. We want to keep the 3 dimensional world experience intact. Therefore, we unwittingly keep the luciferian illuminati thought form alive. The luciferian THOUGHT FORM is a room full of mirrors, reflecting the initial illusion countless times, until the immense vastness of the reflection overwhelms any sane individual from even beginning to question its existence or reality. Because of this, no one of sound mind even dares to cross over that fine line between reason and lunacy. However, the power of these mirrors reflecting their illusion also retains its own destruction. All it takes is for ONE MIRROR TO CRACK, and they ALL REFLECT THE CRACK in the same instance and the ILLUSION IS FINISHED.

The illuminati – Moriah Conquering Wind – the Olympians – it doesn’t matter what moniker you give them, they are the elite royal bloodlines who orchestrate world affairs on behalf of the luciferian THOUGHT PROCESS that conjured everything up initially. Yet even they pay homage to this luciferian force so cunningly deceptive, that they are being manipulated as well. They do the bidding of this sinister mind without hesitation because they are the direct, emotionally connected offspring of this entity. They fulfill their duty to the luciferian lord through the academic and religious systems of corruption which they have created for the express purpose of destroying our connection with WISDOM and with REALITY. The intellectual systems of the world are the THOUGHT PROCESS SYSTEMS that indoctrinate our illusory 3D life forms into a state of extreme hypnotic TRANCE CONTROL.

The greater the intellectual knowledge acquired, the greater the degree of hypnosis, and the greater the degree of responding to the luciferian mindset and its agenda for total control of REALITY.

The Monster Called Religion

First, we’ll discuss the monster in the world named religion. Religion, wielding the twin weapons of guilt and fear, was the first strategy employed to manipulate the world. Did you ever wonder where religion came from? I don’t mean, why do people turn to religion and worship gods? Sure, when things get tough, people feel a need to call on something to save them from their predicament. But where did the very concept and this need for religion originate? Why was there a predicament in the first place? Once this problem was introduced into the scheme of things, why was there a response from the people that they needed to be saved? And of course, once the population responded to the problem, who came up with the notion of worshipping a god?

In Psalm 14:1 we are told that “The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God. They are corrupt, they have done abominable works, there is none that doeth good.”

Now if this is the word of god, and for that matter, if god were really a wise and great creator, I might be a tad shaken by these words. What follows may appear foolish, but to the open minded, it may be a breath of fresh air. You see, this bible quote was written by the luciferian mind, the corrupt entity that rules the planet. There is no god, there is only the luciferian mind of corruption that conjures up the 3D reality we are experiencing. In fact, the bible and every religious book written is inspired by the corrupt entity that governs the illuminati agenda. When I say every religious book, that includes every science text, every new age bestseller, every book on esoteric magic, every astrological/numerological notion … everything!

We will consider the question – Where did religion come from? I’m talking all religion, including atheism. Yes, even atheists are religious zealots. Even though I state there is no god I am not an atheist in as much as I do recognize infinite awareness and wisdom do exist. This awareness and wisdom is NOT SPIRIT, neither does it have any connection to learned knowledge. The worship of a creator, a supreme being who cares if I’m good or bad, and I better obey … I don’t buy it!

Everything that everyone does is the result of his or her particular religion. It doesn’t matter the lifestyle we choose to lead, we are all duped into being religious dogs for the luciferian mindset, constructed to imprison humanity’s awareness. We all have been thrust into this religious system called the 3 dimensional reality – and we exist in a hypnotic stupor, bewildered by it all. However, we don’t need to exist this way. Quite simply, we don’t need to buy it anymore. The whole 3D experience is symbolized in the short little word – BUY.

BUY – is an accurate reference to the former World Trade Centre. These 2 towers symbolize Boaz and Jachin or Gachin, the two pillars flanking the entrance to the old Hebrew Temple. B for Boaz. J/G or Y for Jachin/Gachin, as there is no jay or jee or gutteral guh sound in Hebrew. These two pillars together enunciate as BY or BuY. This was the World Trade Centre: the mighty symbol of commercialism in the world. The system of BuYing.


ATOM and EVE – Energy Demons

Below are charts exposing the luciferian egregore lie. We’ve been manipulated into believing we’re merely our physical and emotional/spiritual body, responding to the stimulus of this 3 dimensional realm. Everything within this 3D space is divided light and therefore is energy. Divided light is a rainbow. Everything physical is formed from this rainbow in some form or another. Everything, from the tiniest sub-atomic particle to the galaxies above, is made of bits of the rainbow. The rainbow canopy of light that surrounds our true awareness, has seduced us into accepting the illusion as the real deal.

All energy is divided light, and is visible in the form of atoms. Some will argue that not all energy is visible. However, all energy is visible, regardless of the frequency, when a proper visual aid or frequency responder is utilized. In many instances, different segments of society are able to see things with the naked eye, that others are unable to witness. When awareness is seduced by a lying thought form, awareness focuses on the form, steps out of the moment and into this construct we call time and space. Energy is simply a THOUGHT that blocks out wisdom, and WISDOM IS the ABSENCE of ENERGY. It is this energy thought form, the ATOM, that is the seducer, conjured by the luciferian mindset. Divided light, the rainbow, the atom, the physical 3D space, is a lie – deception – illusion. Our original awareness state has NO THOUGHT and therefore NO ENERGY. Wisdom is simply knowing through awareness. Our original eternal state has no 3 dimensional form, no colour, sound or shape.

Thoughts Are Always Lies

Thoughts are always lies. Thoughts are words, words are sounds when communicating the thought. We know we have a thought, or word implanted in our mind because sound vibrates. Sounds vibrate, vibration is energy, energy glows, and glowing is light. Thoughts are therefore, LIGHT, and light is an illusion, able to be manipulated by the simplest of thoughts. In other words, since everything 3D is simply a THOUGHT, then changing that THOUGHT through subliminal messaging will create a new 3D illusory world for anyone receiving the new implanted THOUGHT FORMS.

These diagrams depict every world system functioning today is based on manipulated light. Since humanity is not light energy, we must understand we are only being manipulated by the manifest appearance of light energy. Even our physical bodies are hypnotic suggestions we believe are real.

The manipulation tactics used to deceive humanity include the number and language systems that enabled the establishment of religious, esoteric and scientific thought used to dupe the masses. Or put another way, the religious, esoteric and scientific thought patterns of the world are luciferian, satanic, knowledge based, illusion inducing concepts that disconnect us from REALITY. It makes no difference what old-time religion, new age secret, or ivy league indoctrination you deem to be true. These intellectual systems are based on the flawed number and language system. In other words, everyone is wrong in their precepts. There is no truth in this 3 dimensional realm.

So here’s a question. “What is wisdom”?

Wisdom can only be determined when the moment presents itself. WISDOM knows just what to do only at that moment, and this is only in reference to the 3D life experience. Wisdom never knows what to do before the moment arrives because wisdom doesn’t recognize time or space. Wisdom is always in the moment because there is only one moment in the original awareness state. Therefore, wisdom is never able to be manipulated because it has no preconceived idea of what is right or wrong, good or bad, past or future. The moment decides what needs to be done. In the 3D scope of things, moment by moment, for WISDOM, it is always now.

The illuminati world system wants us to be divided one against the other. The luciferian illuminati agenda wants us to choose a side. It doesn’t matter which side, just prejudge and predetermine that something is right and something is wrong. In this fashion all of humanity can be manipulated to jump through the hoops of deception, fully convinced that indeed they are HUMANITY, and indeed, are REAL.

The charts below will be explained in the following pages, but for now simply understand that all colour, (3 primary) all shape forms (3 simple forms used to build any shape – line, angle, curve) and all sound (3 simple parts – volume, tone and rhythm) are all found within the structure of a beam of light. Even the DNA tape running within our physical being has a built-in alphabet-based language system. Systems based on these structures, or symbolic colour, shape form and sound, have given way to producing numbers and language derived from the physical structure within a beam of light.

Even though sound is an extremely slower frequency than light, the two are inseparable. They are welded together by a thought. A thought traps sound within a light illusion. Thought travels faster than light, and is able to contain and merge the slow frequency of sound with the faster light frequency. Every 3 dimensional object has sound locked within its structure. The recording industry deals with this very concept. However, a simple test that demonstrates how sound is locked within a light energy particle, is to burn a log and listen to the fire roar. Even with the absence of water in a substance, there will be a searing sound, however faint, sound is present.

Let’s think of ourselves as an electrical machine of some sort. To cause us to function we need to plug a power cord into an electrical outlet, flip a switch, and we fulfill our duty. In the same way our senses of sight and sound are the power cord that we plug into the manipulator’s system of numbers and language. The numbers and language (alphabet) have shape, colour and sound attached to them. These shapes, colours and sounds are the switch that turns us on. The other senses of taste, touch and smell, support the illusion manifested through the senses of sight and sound.

On this site I’ll demonstrate what words are really saying. A fine example is the word SWITCH.

SWITCH = S the letter that symbolizes the serpent – WITCH as in witchcraft.

Kaballism – Sigil Magic – The Egregore Thought Form

The characteristics of shape, colour and sound, in turn, have sigil magic strengths. SIGIL MAGIC is the ancient kaballistic knowledge of manipulating matter through sight and sound, one molecule at a time. By attaching an egregore thought form (a group thought form), and directing it towards a specific physical form, then attaching an incantation (sound), ANY and ALL physical matter (energy atoms) can be changed or manipulated, one molecule at a time. This is how everything appeared to be created in the first place, by the luciferian GROUP mindset. This is how everything still appears to be created today. In Genesis of the Old Testament, the god (lucifer) said, let there be light (divided light or energy), and there was light, and everything became visible. Nothing was really created, it just appeared to be created by the lie that conjured forth the energy. This energy had a specific form to take, due to the THOUGHT PROCESS applied to it, and so it whirls in our face, seducing us to believe it really is there. And yet it’s not there at all. The name LUCIFER means LIGHT BRINGER, or LIGHT BEARER, and it is the fabricated god of the Old Testament, and every other religious writing, that is the light bringer, or the Shaitan, the Satan, the one who brings knowledge or enlightenment.

In the course of a day we see and hear many thousands of these number and language sigil incantations. As we absorb the numbers and the language we are unconsciously manipulated into the behavior desired by the programmer. Yet, all the while we believe we act according to our free will.

For example, corporate logos are very simple sigil magic forms. The advertising of a product comes with simple colours and, if sound is available, a catchy jingle is included. Next time you drive by the golden arches of McDonald’s, just listen to what your mind is telling you. This is not a gentle nudge to nourish your physical well-being. This is a whisper from a corrupt mind that would just as soon kill you as look at you. (Incidentally, the founder of McDonald’s was a freemason – Freemasonry is the largest, secret, luciferian organization in the world today).

(The Golden Arches of McDonald’s is a symbol of the rising sun, the new age of enlightenment. Look very closely at the shape of the arches and you’ll notice that they are ONE RING OF THE ELECTRON from the ATOM SYMBOL. The significance of this will be demonstrated in the chart at the bottom of this page).

Killing us is what its all about. Slowly, methodically, lucratively, every corporate advertisement is fashioned to suck dry our wealth, our health and our wisdom. This is achieved through hypnosis via the language and number messages directing us subliminally. Eventually this leads to stress on our body, an inability to focus mentally, and in desperation we grab any form of seductive pleasure in an attempt re-energize. Corporate logos are derived from the simple forms that can be created from within a beam of light. Consider the diagram below.

Light Beam Face Chart

This information may shake your belief system. You may not like what’s presented. Many readers may not persevere to the conclusion. Some may dismiss it, others may wish they didn’t even begin. Still others may want to continue, but distractions intervene. May I encourage you to persevere. This information may not make friends, but we need to know that something very big and very ugly is afoot. We need to realize we MUST NOT REACT to anything we see unfolding.

The Still Small Voice of Deceit – Angels and Channeling

No matter what befalls the world, we MUST NOT FALL INTO A REACTIONARY SCENARIO thrust upon us by the illuminati. Don’t believe anything you see or hear from the media. Everyone (including me) is intentionally or unintentionally lying to you. These words are written using a flawed language system that lacks any perfect ability to convey the complete truth. People may ask, “How do we know you’re not working for the illuminati agenda“? The answer is simple, “I am working on their behalf. Due to the fact I am in a 3 dimensional physical body, using audible sounds and sigil magic alphabet forms to communicate my message, I am by default working and conjuring deceit. My intention, in spite of that, is to take the sound, shape and colour (as seen in my paintings on this site), and bounce them off each other in an irrational and illogical presentation, in the hope that someone may stop hearing the sounds, stop seeing the shapes and stop identifying with the colours of deceit. In other words, I don’t want you to hear the still small voice from within telling you what is true and right. I want that still small voice to SHUT UP. You already have wisdom. Wisdom doesn’t talk. Wisdom just knows. For this simple reason, when people channel entities and hear voices, it is always 100% of the time, luciferian inspired, because wisdom doesn’t have sound, shape or colour. There are no good angels, or bad angels, just luciferian light bringing thought forms we might refer to as demons.

Such is the MATRIX web of deceit the illuminati use to manipulate. The MATRIX is the womb, the mother, where the symbols and systems of deceit grow. The mother goddess of deceit has within her the father and the son. Likewise, the son is of the father and the mother. No matter which way we look at it, or try justify our belief system, we are all manipulated by the system. Together the triune godhead of deceit has hypnotized the masses.

Despite these flawed attempts to convey reality, my intent is that you do see the truth. No religious system or thought pattern (even my own) has complete truth in it. For all thought and all religion is built using a system of deceit. Just try to exercise one of those luciferian implanted thoughts without using language. Only wisdom is constant, powerful and true. We can rely on wisdom to guide our every moment as each moment arrives. For there truly is only ONE MOMENT. Anything else is a waste of effort – vanity and illusion. These concepts are embedded within the flawed, corrupt luciferian system.

Many searching people have uncovered data, raising awareness of the sinister nature of the illuminati global system. This so-called awareness is purposely allowed to be revealed. The luciferian cabal want us to discover what they’re up to, but not completely find out. They want us to know the majority of the world supports the illuminati agenda. Everyone assumes they’re not part of the agenda. In actual fact we are all part of the mindset that destroys and deceives on behalf of the luciferian egregore fabricated god king.

We are woven into the veil of deceit. Any reaction, revenge or resistance gives the elite the excuse they need to push forward. They will fail, of course, because this illusion called humanity has had enough. We just won’t buy into it anymore, and many folks are gaining a sense of this every day. But our awakening is dopey-eyed at best. The new consciousness of the new age light workers is doubling and tripling the dose of poison conceived previously by the scientific thinkers. New age christ consciousness is simply applying luciferian spirituality to luciferian science. When you add a lot of stupidity to a lot of stupidity you don’t become wise. You become really stupid.

New Age thinkers use the number and language system with more fervor and complexity than ever before. They combine scientific thought with spiritist notions and concoct a witches’ brew of light manipulation. This system unleashes a secret war on humanity whereby millions suffer and die, while the culprits go undetected. The illuminati families are without compassion, void of empathy, and thrive on the horror they inflict. In other words, they have no wisdom and therefore no awareness of their own. They get their power from our reaction to their conjured lies. It’s for this reason they’re not invincible.

Foundation of Illuminati Luciferian Deceit

One thing is missing from other information regarding the global agenda. That one thing is this – What is the foundational base the agenda is built upon? Rather than elaborate on the peaks of the agenda, such as the religious, educational, business, banking, media, military systems, etc., I will discuss the one simple principle at the root of all these systems. Understanding the principle root will allow humanity’s return to our original state as the luciferian agenda collapses. I refer to this as the Chameleon Principle because of the ability to alter one’s appearance, and to manipulate with serpent-like characteristics.

This principle decodes the mystery of the ages. It is the DECEPTION CALLED TIME. Remember, wisdom knows nothing. How long does it take to learn that? No time!


Firstly, religion had to be established. Religion is based on the concept that the priests know something of the unknown. In other words, they claim to have the wisdom or all seeing ability to understand the hidden things of the universe. The All Seeing Eye of Horus of ancient Egypt, the All Seeing Eye of Freemasonry, the Holy See of Catholicism, the great I Am – Eye Am of Judaism(and every spin-off organization) are all based on trickery found within the structure of a light beam.

Did you ever wonder why there’s an all seeing eye on the back of the freemason-designed US dollar bill? Or why is the pope (pope – papa – pop-eye – poppy) referred to as the holy see? Or why does religion embrace such symbols as the cross, the swastika, the six pointed star, etc. which are symbols of the all seeing eye?

Religion, including atheism and new age thought, is rooted in luciferianism – the hidden mystery mind. Pretending to know something doesn’t make one wise. The occult organizations know that all they’re doing is manipulating light energy. It’s not a big secret. However, if the gimmick is dressed in religious and scientific garb, people will believe the ark/arc of the covenant is really the presence of god in a box. It is a matter to cause electricity to arc and ultimately, electrocute whoever touches the box. This describes the Ark of the Covenant Chest of Hebrew folklore.

The symbols of manipulation include everything, everyone, and every action we perform daily. This is the number of the christ/antichrist – the SACRIFICER – 666 – that everyone has been caused to take. Not, will take. No – has taken! The world dwells in the domain of ignorance. We need not look for the antichrist to arrive, for it has long since captured our senses. Neither should we look for a christ to save us, for that is but the flip side of religious thought. What is coming is a total collapse and devastation. We need to be still, to be aware, and watch and wait without concern or any form of reaction. Become emotionally detached, come out of the TRANCE STATE, and allow the hold of the 3D illusion to dissolve.

Such is the scripted scenario from the very beginning of this 3D realm. We have been herded like sheep into an age of reason, where we consume through ignorance, all the dogma the elite feed us. We don’t need to be saved even though the demonic thought inspired holy bible says, “there is none that doeth good”. The entire bible was inspired by the luciferian egregore group mind. Every chapter and verse is a lie.

The painting below portrays the two faces of the illuminati agenda. The blood sucking vampire versus the sweet demure nun. Both will eat you alive. They represent the duality found throughout society that tempts you to pick a side. You’re tricked into loving one and hating the other, thereby generating the energy, (which is to manipulate our reality in accordance with the luciferian agenda), and that plays into the hands of the illuminati elite. Neither one is good or bad. Both are just illusions. If you BELIEVE (BEL = BAAL and IEVE = EVE or sacrifice and generation) either one is worthwhile, then you transfer your focus in accordance with the luciferian mind. It really doesn’t make any difference what you do in the physical sense, but if you give credence, or place value and worth on anything in this 3 dimensional reality, you sacrifice your wisdom.


Wake Up Time? The Illusion Called Humanity CANNOT WAKE UP!

As you read this information you may have a sense of waking from a sleep. For many it may be troubling as belief systems are challenged. Know this – those belief systems are only illusions. They are based on the hypnotic suggestion put forward by the luciferian MINDSET. These belief systems are the multi-layered veils of deceit that form the illuminatiMATRIX. Most disturbing may be the realization that it is you, and I, all of us, who are unwitting tools used by the illuminati that cause the total control of humanity. This TOTAL CONTROL is used as a distraction to manipulate us into believing that this thing called HUMANITY, is WHO and WHAT WE ARE. In REALITY, we have no relationship to HUMANITY WHATSOEVER. This is the MATRIX WEB of DECEIT.

When you realize that it’s the choices we make that cause war and disease, that perpetuate hate, pride, pollution, greed and so on … this is troubling. When we believe these choices originated within us, and by us as a person and were not the work of luciferian/light bringing Thinking Entities implanting subliminal suggestions within our subconcious minds, then our awareness evaporates, and we are deftly manipulated to follow the lunacy of the world systems, and to emotionally associate our 3D lives with these systems.

But we, all of this illusory Thought Form called Humanity, don’t want to do this. The 3D life experience being is willing to do this, but Who and What we really are, which is Wisdom, which is our Original State of Being, has no relationship whatsoever to the 3D conjured up illusory being that has been manifested, or conjured up, as a trick of the Thought Process. We’ve been misled. We’ve been deceived and tricked into hate and murder. Humanity is not born corrupt, humanity is an illusion, not real, neither corrupt, nor incorrupt. We are taught, or inspired, to perpetuate corruption and we’ve been designed with 5 senses to succumb to corrupt notions. Corruption is NOT SIN however. Corruption is simply manipulation that causes us to do things that we’re conditioned to believe are unpleasant, or harmful, and yet, tempting and emotionally stimulating to perform. Then, depending on which society of the world you find yourself in, it can be labelled SIN or NOT SIN. Who we really are, not this thing called humanity, wants to be free and aware. We are deceived to believe we are born sinners, and even deceived to believe that we were actually born, suggesting that we’re real and valid in our 3D life experience. These Thinking Entities use tactics that transcend conventional 3D warfare, such as just described. Our first task is to wake up, or become aware. Not that the illusion can wake up, but we must become aware that we are the Eternal Wisdom State. Humanity is not the Original State of Wisdom, but we must reconnect to Who and What we really are, which is Wisdom. Become emotionally disconnected from the deception meant to manipulate Reality, for Reality is Our Original State of Being, and Reality is Who and What we are, and Wisdom is Reality. Waking up, or becoming aware that we are not this 3D illusory being, and RECONNECTING, or REGAINING OUR FOCUS of Our Original Wisdom State through awareness, is the only task required to end the insanity. We simply have to become aware of what’s transpiring in this 3D realm. The human being CANNOT WAKE UP, because the human being is a Light Being, which is a Thought Form, which was conjured up by the luciferian light bringing egregore group of Thinking Entitites, which created this 3D ILLUSORY BODY OF HUMANITY. This illusion is unable to wake up to become one with Reality, or to be in touch with what Reality is. But we are not this illusory being. We are Wisdom, the Eternal Paradise State of Freedom and Liberty, and we are REALTY, for this is our original state. Just as it can be annoying and uncomfortable to wake up in the physical sense, so too, this waking up, or realization that humanity cannot wake up, is annoying, and quite frankly, forces us to question our sanity. However, Who and What we are is ALREADY AWAKE! Who and What we are NEVER FELL ASLEEP! It’s simply the 3D illusory life experience that was conjured up by the luciferian Thinking Entities that keeps listening to the thoughts implanted within our illusory minds that convinces us that we are this 3 dimensional illusory being, when we have nothing in Reality, and in common, with this illusion.

Now Who and What do you suppose wants us to believe that we are this mass of clay, this ball of shit, this hopeless and pathetic thing we call humanity? Of course it’s that Entity we call God, or Lucifer, the light bringer, which is not God, and is not our Creator, (for We Always Were), but is the egregore group of Thinking Entities that conjured up the illusion called the 3D universe, with the loftiest notion within this illusion, called Humanity. All we have to do is to regain our focus on our Original State of Being, which is Wisdom, and to be free of the Matrix web of deceit, is to forfeit any emotional connection to this illusory 3D life form experience.

… simply WATCH and WAIT!

The Chameleon Principle is derived from the physics of light. More to the point, it is based on the formulation and manipulation of light. Understanding the simple STRUCTURE OF A BEAM OF LIGHT releases volumes of information about who we have been programmed to think we are, what the universe appears to be, and the interconnection of it all. Most importantly, it reveals how the luciferian/illuminati mind uses this illusion to manipulate the world. We are, quite literally, manipulated to believe we are the light of the world. Every physical manifestation is light energy. E=mc2 states this matter of factly. Multiply mass by the speed of light times the speed of light and the mass becomes light energy once again. Slow it down, it becomes mass and visible. Speed it up again and it disappears to the naked eye. The only thing capable of manipulating energy in this way is a thought. A thought is the concept of living outside the moment that appears to create light energy. This thought, when combined with sound, slows and drags the energy down to make every thing physical appear.

The Religious Electrical Ark/Arc of the Covenant

Energy cannot be destroyed in this 3 dimensional realm, but it can change its form. ENERGY IS THOUGHT. The luciferian illuminati puppet families understand this concept. They know if we fully grasp this concept their hold on humanity is over. The powerful elite of the world act upon the thoughts of the THINKING EGREGORE and plot and scheme and establish our reality for us. They lie, cheat, steal, extort, kill, rape, plunder … to control a massive amount of energy, or thought patterns, and transform then into the riches and pleasures we see them acquire. They live totally out of the moment. Living outside the moment is the source of the luciferian mindsets power. This power is, quite literally, the electrical energy they use to grow rich and manipulate humanity. This is the religious ark/arc of the covenant entered into with the LIGHT BRINGING GOD.

The illuminati families perch high on the power ladder, but they’re not on the top rung. Ruling over them is a sinister group of luciferian kabbalistic manipulators with a cruel egregore group mindset. Throughout the ages this luciferian cabal has masqueraded as an angel of light. An angel of light is exactly what it is, however, this ruling egregore is equally the prince of darkness.


Every religious system emerged from the concept of light and dark. This exhibits the duality nature of the luciferian egregore thought form. This is the origin of the hypnotic control of humanity, via religion and intellectualism. We can now observe the mind of diablo – the diabolical one. We may recognize we’ve been in agreement with diablo, the group ruler of the luciferian illuminati agenda. If we can face it and press on, we can give up the struggle, disconnect emotionally and simply emerge from the prison of deceit. We can share our understanding with someone else, who will tell someone else, …and the cycle of deception will end.


The luciferian illuminati mindset has established an effective system to control humanity. This system is one deceit layered upon another, upon another … endlessly. The religious system had to come first. Trauma through guilt and fear is the basic hypnotic control mechanism. Instill fear through trauma and you automatically instill control. This is hypnosis. Living with any form of fear is living in a hypnotic state. Be it the indoctrinated fear of hell, death, or whatever, any form of fear is hypnosis.

Of course, it’s at this point in the discussion the religious person quips, “oh yes, the other fellow’s religion is hypnotic enslavement, but mine is the true religion”. Or, “The other fellow believes in the triune god, but I only believe in Jesus.”There is no truth in any religious system. There is a mirror of truth. It is a mirrored image that is exactly opposite, or veils awareness. It looks like the truth, but it’s backwards. For instance, the judeo-christian bible speaks of an antichrist and of a christ or messiah. Both of these concepts are the imagination of the luciferian LIGHT BRINGER mindset. This mindset plays black against white, up against down. Divide and conquer is the name of the game. This mindset states it is alpha and omega, the beginning and the end. In reality, there is no beginning or end. Wisdom is eternal, no beginning and no end. Remember this mirror technique as you read on. To mirror, or to do things backwards, or in reverse is a major luciferian illuminati tool. When the hypnotic state is multiplied by many layers of deceit-filled systems, the MATRIX web controls humanity.

One of the basic forms of hypnotic suggestion is to show a form, a sound or shape, a word or even a complete written message in reverse. A simple example, LIVE is EVIL, when written in reverse. This is done repeatedly in the 3D existence. When a written or spoken phrase seems to say something caring and kind, it is really a subliminal for just the opposite. It’s all in how thoughts are phrased, the tone, and how condescending it appears. Just listen to any doctor, politician, teacher, lawyer, priest and the like, and it becomes obvious they lie with every breath. In many instances, these professionals don’t even consider it to be lies, but simply manipulation of our reality to conform to the direction they desire our existence to proceed. Indoctrination in intellectual concepts places those willing to be indoctrinated, into an extremely deep trance state, and then implanting those concepts necessary to spread the trance state throughout society. How could you expect anything else? This is what they’ve been trained to do. This site will demonstrate the power found in the use of shapes, reversed or not, with a luciferian identity attached to it.

The following diagrams and charts show how this is accomplished.

Light Beam

When the three primary colours overlap at equi-distance of 120 degrees apart, the resulting symbol shows as an atom symbol. When doing additive colour mixing, when the light does not strike a physical surface, to absorb or reflect light, such as a rainbow or the colours on a TV screen, it creates a white hexagon. When doing subtractive colour mixing, where light strikes a physical pigment based surface, it creates a black hexagon. In both instances, a hexagon is produced, and it is this hexagon, that is the tool used to manipulate humanity into the hypnotic trance state.

(The 3 electron atom symbol does not exist in any element. It was developed by the luciferian THOUGHT PROCESS merely as a tool to create the total blueprint used in hypnotic suggestion).

Furthermore, it is the pigment based 3 dimensional space that is used to a greater extent to create the illusion that manipulates, so the information on this site will refer predominantly to the black hexagon. It is this black hexagon that is the nucleus of the atom. The electrons spin around the outside of the atom, and form the illusory notion of a nucleus. Religious thought originates from this concept as demonstrated below.

In sun god worship the black and white colours are considered sacred. Black and white symbolize the duality nature of the whole 3 dimensional illusion. It’s for this reason that Freemasons, Christian ministers and priests, amongst a whole host of other sun god, or son of god worshipping thought forms, manifest black and white in their costume and symbols.

foundational root - atom

All physical 3D energy is light, and all energy has an electrical field. There are positive male and negative female poles. The electrons are the smallest part of the atom and are referred to as the female negative energy. They circle the nucleus. The nucleus houses the protons – the positive male energy. As well, the nucleus has the neutrons which are almost identical in size to the protons, but are neutral – neither positive or negative. The 3 primary colours overlapping within a beam of light, cause the symbol of the atom to be formed. This is the basis for all religious and scientific thought. All religious and scientific thought is luciferian, which means, all thought results in the conjuring up of light.

Pay attention to the fact it is the electrons – the female negative energy, that create the nucleus – the womb – in which the male protons and the neutral neutrons reside. Here’s how it works.

Foundation Root of Atom & Star


The negative female energy is represented by the electrons.
These particles are the smallest of the atom just as the woman is generally physically smaller than the male.
This is the mother goddess of religion – (Semiramis/Isis/Mary etc.) Everything we see in the 3 dimensional space is an electron. In other words, everything visible is the female, or the woman, seducing and distracting all from reality. Again, this is not good or bad, its just the way it is.

The positive male energy is represented by the protons.
The protons are larger than the female electrons.
This is the father god. – (Cronus/Jehovah/El etc.)

The neutral energy is represented by the neutrons.
The neutrons are almost as large as the protons and represent the seed.
This is the son of god. Because of the neutrality of the neutrons, this is the prince of peace – the mediator – (Tammuz/Horus/Zeus/Jesus etc.)
The SEED is ONE with the FATHER.

This is the source of the Triune Godhead in religion. This is the worship of the woman. The Father and the Son are embedded within the nucleus. The woman is revolving around the nucleus. The father and the son (the protons and neutrons) are one in the nucleus. This is recorded in religious writings – The Father and the Son are One. However, this is the worship of the woman due to the fact the electrons are whirling around the protons and neutrons at incredible speed, completely blocking out the protons and neutrons from the naked eye. All we see in the 3D realm are electrons, the female portion of the triune god. This is why everything we see is so captivating, it is the beauty and seduction of the woman.

The manipulation of a light beam produces symbols, shapes, colours and sounds, through thoughts, and the accompanying doctrine (dogma and incantations), directly and deceitfully throws a veil over our ability to connect to wisdom. This occurs because we have been tricked to believe we are physically created and that life is breathed into us. In reality we have always been present, but through hypnotic suggestion, we believed our physical and mental being is reality. Life wasn’t breathed into us. Quite the opposite! A thick veil of deceit, illusion and death, has been cast over us, all in the name of the pretty rainbow of light we refer to as coming from god.

Hypnotic suggestion follows the same routine again and again. We grow up being seduced by, and responding to, the female form. When we reach puberty, we start having thoughts – sexual thoughts. This leads to the hypnotically suggested sex act, which leads to the hypnotically suggested pregnancy, which leads to the hypnotically suggested birth of a baby. All was conjured by one thought after another. Thoughts are lies, without fail. Sex thoughts, as lovely as they are, are lies. The end product of sex is the birth of yet another illusion.

This is not who and what we are! The 3 dimensional body is just the luciferian egregore group thought form, toying with our awareness, and disconnecting us from our original wisdom state.

This manipulation of light, or the male and female (positive and negative) has also produced the sex ritual/fertility symbol in use since ancient Babylon. The 6 pointed star symbolizes the sexual union of the man and the woman, once again forming the seductive hexagon of darkness in the centre. (A white hexagon formed in ADDITIVE COLOUR MIXING is just as symbolically seductive).

Bite Me

This next chart demonstrates the sound/word association the luciferian mind uses to manipulate the world. This is not scientific in the least. And that’s just the point. Science is Seance and a total sham. Just as religion and every other system in the world is a distortion of wisdom.

Hypnosis has hindered my ability to reason things clearly, also. My life has been an experience of believing one lie after another. This occurs not because I want to be lied to, but the moment I develop a belief system, I leave the moment – the place where wisdom exists. Therefore, to remain outside the hypnosis state I must not become emotionally connected to the thoughts intellectually implanted within, or build a belief structure. There’s no need for a belief structure, as wisdom knows all things. As we watch and wait, we reconnect to this unlimited knowing, and in watching and waiting, reclaiming our eternal paradise state occurs.

The information put forward in these pages might bring forth the need to defend your personal views. In the 3D sense of things we really don’t know much of anything. In the REALITY STATE of WISDOM, we KNOW ALL THINGS, and the patience of wisdom, is our power and strength. There is nothing much for the ego to boast. Once again, in REALITY, we have NO EGO. Only in this 3 dimensional experience, the luciferian THOUGHT PROCESS implants the notion of EGO, however, its THEIR EGO, not OURS, and its THEIR THOUGHTS not OURS, that’s conjured up the 3D realm. None of us illusory human beings have an EGO. EGO was exercised in the eternal paradise state by the luciferian egregore group who THOUGHT THEY KNEW SOMETHING. This THOUGHT PROCESS immediately conjured up THEIR IDEAS which we witness as the 3D PHYSICAL UNIVERSE. Look in any direction around you, and everything you see is just the mind of the THINKERS manifesting their lunacy as the 3D PLANE. What you’re witnessing, as you observe the 3D existence, is the very creator god, the supreme being, who is nothing more than an EGO, exploding with THOUGHT, that created a WORD. The WORD has SOUND which VIBRATES. This VIBRATION is ENERGY that GLOWS, and GLOWING is LIGHT. And LIGHT is EVERYTHING YOU SEE. Everything you SEE is LIGHT, and God is supposed to be the LIGHT of the WORLD. Jesus is supposed to be the LIGHT of the WORLD. Jesus is also, the WORD, we’re told. The LIGHT – WORD – EGO – THOUGHT – SOUND – VIBRATION – ENERGY – GLOWING – all this is god, and is the visible 3D experience. In turn, this is the hypnotic manipulation of our reality, through this KABBALISTIC lunacy that separates us from REALITY. This may be painful, but this is also the awakening and the liberation. Removing our ego is waking up from the hypnotic trance.

Something that will be demonstrated as you progress through this site, will be the name of ALLAH, and how this name permeates the whole world in subliminal form. One such example of this is seen in the word KABBALA. Bear with me, those of you who haven’t progressed through this site yet, as I show the meaning of this word from a subliminal perspective. Then as you read into the later pages, from about 25 and on, it will become exceedingly clear, the validity of this interpretation.

KA – Killing or King force
BA – Sacrifice
LA – L A or Allah – which in turn is LA or LOS ANGELES

The First Man and Woman – Adam and EveAtom and Eye

The first human creations referred in the judeo/christian bible are Adam and Eve. Simply put, Adam is the Atom, the first man. Eve is the Coming of the LIGHT, the light emanating from the ATOM. Therefore, the names Adam and Eve are referring to the Atom’s Light, or the Atom’s EYE, or again, the ALL SEEING EYE. This is the Ayin of judaism, where something is created out of nothing. The essence of kabbalism is thinking a thought of corresponding sound and shape, and matter appears. This is the light of the Atom and the light of the Eye. This is the duality nature, the DIVIDED LIGHT, of the whole 3 dimensional world. This is the illusion the great and loving god created around us. This was deliberately and intentionally done so that we would experience the illusion of death, and through this illusion, be manipulated into fear and guilt through the concept of SIN, and the ONLY WAY OF ESCAPE would be to call out to the SAVIOUR GOD to RESCUE US from our pitiful selves. Quite the fucked up scam when you get right down to it.

As stated at the top of the page, the elite illuminati leaders, through their puppet governments, are deliberately trying to kill us. Now you may have a clearer picture of how and why.

Sex symbolism 2

The following pages show how the number system is derived from the manipulation of light. The pages from 2 to 12 lay the foundation for how these systems began. From page 13 and on, the detail of what is transpiring in the world is not available on any known site, or any other source. All charts, text, and paintings have been personally produced for demonstrating the luciferian agenda on this site. I encourage everyone to go through all the pages, but I also encourage everyone to skip ahead to pages 13 and on, to track with events that are happening day to day, as the agenda is unfolding at a fantastic pace. Go to the top of the page and click on the Page 2 – WHY 3D – Intellectualism button in the navigation bar on the right side of the page.

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