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Pre-recorded Video of Portions of Joe Biden’s Formal Inauguration Events Produced Prior To January 20/2021.

Portions Of Joe Biden’s Inauguration Pre-Recorded

Produced By January 19/2021 = 1-19-21

1-19 = 911 …

1-19-21 = 9-11-9 … 21 coincides with 9 on the 1st clockface

January 19, 2021 was 7070 days since 911.

“Think” … James Bond – 007 – J and B Pillars of Solomon’s Temple etc.

7070 = 0077 = Suggests the 2nd 911 strike … 1st strike on 9/11/2001 “flight 77” hit the Pentagon @ 77 degrees W/ 38.5 degrees N. (38.5 = 0ne Half of 77).

All the fences erected around the Capitol Area, along with cement barricades, dozens of traffic check points, and some 30,000 plus troops kept the crowds at a distance while the supposedly “fraudulent inauguration” was viewed by a couple of thousand political interests who participated in the illusory event within the Capitol Building .

Many formal pre-recorded dignatory scenes inside the Capitol Building on the National Mall may have been produced inside the Capitol and inserted in between the “live” crowd scenes. It’s all very sketchy at this point, but worth paying attention to. Interestingly, some of the National Guard reported that they saw no inaugural events taking place, and that they never witnessed any fireworks at the end of the day. So much fraud … it’s almost inconceivable.

The information is very uncertain and confusing at this point. But something unusual is unfolding. All of this inauguration was presented on January 20, 2021, and the MSM “confirming” over and over again that this was a “live event”. No it wasn’t! … it would seem … at least not totally “live”.

The populations of the world are being “played”, one way or the other. What ever eventually bears out to be “truthful” according to 3D “truth”, these events are most interesting. And the events are literally “screaming” that something massive is underway.

President Trump has left the White House.

The military is now “supposedly”, in control of running the military aspects of the USA country, with no Pentagon cooperation with the Biden Admin.

The Biden Admin. can “supposedly” do some civilian duties and a bit of foreign duties, … but “supposedly” nothing military.

Eventual arrests are expected in the days and weeks ahead, but nothing for certain as of this writing. Some arrests of high level criminals working on behalf of the “Deep State” have supposedly already occurred. Some of the names include Adam Schiff, John Podesta, and supposedly, Tony Podesta who may actually be deceased as well. Will never know for sure until this insanity completely plays itself out.

... as always, … watch, … wait, … simply observe.


(This writer ran across the following article by “Mr. Ed”. This explains more of what’s going on. After which, this writer will add further comments if time permits).

INTEL – Why Trump Fenced Off DC & Moved Out – Never to Return to the White House?

What is Maritime Law?

Washington DC, Westminster, the Vatican and also the UN.

Known as Independent city/states which together create “The Empire of the City”, but it is really the Empire of the Global Estate Trust!

Why Trump fenced off DC (the Capitol area) and why he moved out and is never going back to the White House?

And why there will be a NEW capital elsewhere.

Occupying a foreign land – The act of 1871 was a seditious act by the US government.

They secretly rewrote the constitution from “We the people” (by
changing the capitalization on the document to all caps) which changed its legal binding meaning and transferred the power from “We the People”…to…
“THE CORPORATION OF AMERICA”. (which was centered in Washington DC)

Washington DC is a ‘FOREIGN ENTITY’ on American soil of sovereign states. (it is not a state but a territory)

The 100 square miles (10 miles x 10 miles), of the District of Columbia (known as DC) belongs to the queen.

It was established through a loan from the Vatican when DC was transferred into a city/state and this corporate entity then ruled over the people.

Citizens rights got taken from them.

Nobody realized this.

When they did the broker deal to get the loan from the Vatican (via Bank of London) it came at a high price.

They transferred all of the property in DC Columbia to the
ownership and control to the corporate entity of DC.

Trump saw this coming long ago.

In 2018 he signed an Executive Order outlining how corporate assets would be seized via election fraud.

Finally the first seizures have begun.

With the 10 miles of razor wire fence (10 miles x 10 miles = 100 sq. miles) … (7′ tall containment area) the military have



That EO was primarily directed at Washington DC.

The reason Trump is moving now is because he can’t rule a sovereign nation from a foreign land. (which is where the White House is located)

Castle Lock:

Once Trump exits the White House, the castle will be locked. And supposedly, no one has actually been in the White House since the inauguration. Castle Rock Studios in Hollywood have been providing the Biden “troop” the use of their White House Oval Office recording set.

It will not be possible for a foreign leader to rule over a sovereign country, so therefore he must be locked out.

That would be Joseph Biden.

We are literally watching the American citizens reclaiming their republic.


(Writer’s comment: It would seem that Joe Biden may have entered the White House only briefly, if at all. However, the National Mall still has Troops and a large fence and razor wire surrounding it. The locks are on the outside of the fence.


(The following comments regarding the above).

In Response To: INTEL – Why Trump Fenced Off DC & Moved Out – Never to Return to the White House? (Mr.Ed)

Re: INTEL – Why Trump Fenced Off DC & Moved Out …

Dear Mr. Ed

You are absolutely correct in this. I have been telling people for the past 20 years that freedom here is an illusion kept alive just as long as it served THEM. This country has been a democratic socialist country since the 60s. A slow degradation toward communism.

Notice how the Act of 1871 came about….

“Congress Overview The 42nd Congress (1871–1873) began with (118th) President Ulysses S. Grant’s request for additional power to combat domestic terrorism against freedmen at the polls. Congress responded with the Third Ku Klux Klan Act and a joint committee to investigate conditions in Southern states. After a failed attempt to establish a provisional civil-service program, Congress began investigating bribes in the form of Crédit Mobilier stock given to various Members of Congress to ensure the passage of the Pacific Railroad Act. Congress also passed legislation that doubled the salaries of federal officials and Members of Congress.”

Graft and bribery are nothing new. Same ole, same ole. Peat and repeat. All THEY do is raise the bar each time. Now THEY don’t even care who knows what THEY are up to. That is the power of F.E.A.R. (Feeding Energy Against Righteousness).

I might add another tidbit about this Act of 1871….I cannot provide a source as it is long gone, but it is my understanding that this corporation set up the Vatican as the official provider for religious activity, Rothschild for monetary interests and the Freemasons as the governing body of the Corporation of the United States.

EVERYTHING in Washington D.C. stinks of Freemasonry. All the architecture, paintings, etc. And I can go on and on with other examples showing how this “trinity” has ruled here ever since 1871.



The links below were provided by a longtime reader in Washington State. The link is today’s post (January 22, 2021), authored by Anna von Reitz. She has studied the corruption of world for decades, and shares her insights with what and why America and the world is being raped of everything they thought they owned.

January 22, 2021 post:

PART 1 – January 15, 2021 post by Anna von Reitz:

PART 2 – January 15, 2021 post by Anna von Reitz:

There are many more of her writings about this; and, the “Team Law” that
she references in part 1 has a full historical outline regarding it also.

January 26, 2021


On January 9, 2021 … opponents of President Trump attempted an assassination on his life.

On January 9, 2021 … opponents of FLOTUS … Melania Trump attempted an assassination on her life with poison on the bottom of a make-up container. Which the secret service security discovered on the container. That agent ultimately had to be hospitalized immediately.

President Trump, on January 11, 2021 was then sworn in as President of the New United States Republic, by the army who took control of the government previous to this … for all 50 states which he won in the general election on November 3, 2021. As the days go by, it would seem more and more likely that the military is in control, and February is said to be one of incredible turmoil and revelation regarding the unbelievable amount of corruption, … and how widespread it has become.

The only entity President Trump did not win, was the city/state of Washington DC, which has always been a “foreign entity” since 1871, when they moved from following the original Constitution. They then proceeded to rule over the 50 states … raping and pillaging any and all wealth they could get under their control. Both domestically and internationally. All in accordance, and with the assistance of, the Vatican, and the world financial centre located in the Inner City of London.

(Have a look at the writer’s newest painting on page 115 of this blog, … it is called “Wag the Dog” and the setting is inside the Vatican main hall).

Within the last few days, President Trump has opened an office in West Palm Beach Florida, called “The Office of the Former President”.

On January 11, 2021 … the 2nd Declaration of Independence was signed by President Trump as he was confirmed as the President of the 50 States under the details associated with the Original Constitution.

On January 11, 2021 … The First Lady, Melania Trump, supposedly, also signed the 2nd Declaration of Independence.

The fabricated Biden administration is now momentarily being “presidential” over the excommunicated city/state of Washington DC … and only Washington DC. And “ONLY” momentarily. Things will become extremely evident over the next few weeks that will continue through the next couple of months or longer, until the whole “Deep State” entity is erased in one fashion or another.

NOTICE the dates of the assassination attempts and the signing of the 2nd Declaration of Independence.

Assassination attempts: January 9, 2021

Signing of the 2nd Declaration of Independence: January 11, 2021

President Trump’s inauguration: January 11, 2021

This was 9-11 … but this time with much more profound implications.

Those involved in this attempted coup and assassination attempts were the “Deep State” entities, from both the conservative “Rhino” element, and the liberal “Leftist” element. Political affiliation has no bearing upon this attempted coup to remove a dualy elected administration. Elected by approximately 80% of the population. Greed knows no bounds whatsoever.

The writer of this blog has illustrated over the last 15 years, that the 911 event was an inside job perpetrated by the very criminal element that has attempted to steal the last USA election.

It has been repeatedly pointed out, that all of this will eventually be played out in the 11 Western States, which is the “Valley of Megiddo”, … symbolically meaning the “Valley of Mexico”. It has been demonstrated that the WTC building layout coincided with the 11 Western States.

The Bush family was behind the 911 event along with the other previously mentioned “Deep State” players. The Bush family have been generational members of the Skull and Bones Secret Society who were behind the assassination of President Kennedy.

The Skull and Bones have a “secret” number which is 322.

It has been pointed out that California coincided with Building 3.

Each of the Twin Towers were 110 stories tall.

Tower 1 coincides with Oregon.

Tower 2 coincides with Arizona.

When adding 110 + 110 stories this = 220 stories.

Reverse the number and it reads as 022.

The Twin Towers and Building 3 symbolically, and hypnotically suggests the number 3-22.

This is the number of the Skull and Bones Secret Society.

(… the writer doesn’t have time to proof read any of the new comments above, so please be patient if there are any glaring errors).

January 28, 2021

The “LOGIC” Behind The Vaccines

Follow the link below that was made public almost a decade ago. It explains in less than 5 minutes what the intent of the corona vaccines are all about. There are more complex explanations one can find on the internet, but they all seem to lead to the same conclusion in one way or the other.

Those who read this blog, know that the writer does not believe in a “creator god”, … but has demonstrated that there is a “conjurer sort of god” called the Ego. The Ego “thinks”, and thinking thoughts are “Lies”, … and “Lies” equate to propaganda, which is turn is what we call “Hypnosis”.

This video is called FUNVAX, … and aims to inject within the population, a means by which fundamental religious people will lose their “FUN-damental” desires, and literally become “happy and obedient” morons regardless of what the “Deep State” entities desire to do.

Although this writer does not have any fundamental religious interests, defending those who do, be they Christians, Muslims, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists, Taoists, etc. … or any other belief system (and the writer means “any” belief system), they have the right to believe as they do. So here’s the link:

Vaccines Kill – Anyone Administering A Vaccine Without Telling The Recipient That The Vaccine Is Experimental Is Guilty of War Crimes As Stated In The Nuremberg Trials After World War 2.

This law is still in affect … watch this video

by Dr. Vernon Coleman @

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