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Google Video – illuminatiMATRIX explanatory video detailing the foundational root of hypnosis, religion, intellectualism and who and what god is.

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YouTube Video highlighting some of the subliminal elements hidden in the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem

Please read the next paragraph before watching the ROCK VIDEO.

On the ROCK VIDEO, the World Trade Center is mistakenly called the ROCKEFELLER PLAZA. The WTC was conceived and promoted by the Rockefellers. The Rockefeller Plaza is to the north of the World Trade Centre, on the MANHATTAN ROCK, or MANNA STONE. The WTC and the Rockefeller Plaza , along with the area of CENTRAL PARK, relate to the TEMPLE MOUNT in Jerusalem, and the Al Aqsa Mosque, the Dome of the ROCK, and the Temple Courtyard. These in turn relate to the North American West Coast. See page 39 for more details.

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This page is under construction.

This page will show the beginning of a time line which will be elaborated on when you arrive at pages 15, 16 and 17. This information may challenge your sanity. The intent is to liberate the reader. Liberation does come with a price: not financial,but it will cost you your belief system.

The chart immediately below shows how symbolic numbers are arrived at, and worshipped, using a simple clockface with its coinciding degrees. This also demonstrates why the Freemasonic inspired government of the United States, deep within the Trance State, was utilized in the World Trade Center attack. The connections between the Freemason 33 degrees, the 11th hour, and the FALL season which coincides with the 9th hour is shown. The World Trade Center towers FELL, acting as a major subliminal, which will correspond to the FALL of the 2 BIG TOWERS, which ultimately, are the 2 BIG POLES, North and South, in the next and last 9-11.

The Source And Inspiration Of The Number 9-11

9 – 11 is the number of the FALL INTO DEATH. The first day of creation, according to the Biblical Old Testament and the Hebrew Calendar, is regarded as September 11th, or 11/09, or 09/11. This is the first day of the FALL, and according to the fabricated story of creation, it was the day when the FALLEN ONES – the mythological Nephilim race, rebelled against god and were cast out of heaven. What actually transpired goes more like this.

The luciferian Mind – the egregore group of Thinking Entities, knew how to conjure up and manipulate matter, simply by THINKING A THOUGHT. This created the 3 dimensional reality we are now experiencing and everything we see is simply a THOUGHT manifesting as, what appears to be, MATTER. This is the real FALL INTO DEATH experience which relates to the numbers 9 and 11. 9 symbolizes the fall and 11 symbolizes death. The concept of CREATION wasn’t a springing forth into life, but a falling into death. With the initiation of the Thought Process, everything within this Process, (which is the 3D illusory plane), … DIES.

Light Chart 911-330

Adam and Eve

The luciferian Mindset is the creator/conjurer of this 3 dimensional reality. When the heavens and earth were conjured up, humanity was also conjured up. The Old Testament speaks of Adam and Eve as the first man and the first woman, from whom sprang the world population. It was the luciferian Mind that conjured up this physical human body complete with 5 gullible senses. The human body is a manifestation of conjuring, or the Thought Process. The human body is an illusion, and a fabricated illusory being, designed to instill reverence, respect and worship, one human to another, but which ultimately creates an environment of MASS HYPNOSIS. Mass hypnosis persists, simply because the whole body of humanity is an illusion, and this illusion called humanity is used to convince the Original State of Reality, that the illusion is real. Who and What we really are, is not this human form.

We are the Original State of Reality and Eternal Wisdom.

Humanity was conjured up to destroy awareness of our Eternal Paradise State.

The Old Testament refers to one language spoken in the Mesopotamian region, and that God eventually confounded the languages which sent like-speaking people to the farthest corners of the globe. Interesting concept. Unfortunately this is another lie. Everything you see, including our physical bodies are just illusions. They are mere veils of deceit stuck together with 5 senses. If you remove these 5 senses you would re-establish your focus on the Original State of Being, which is Wisdom.

Quote from the Old Testament:

Genesis 2:8,9 … god planted a garden eastward in Eden…there he put the man … v.9 … the Tree of Life also in the midst of the Garden … and the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.”

The luciferian God has an illusory Garden with two special trees in a place called Eden. One tree has life, and the other has the knowledge of good and evil. As early as Genesis chapter 2, luciferian TREE symbols are already in place to manipulate humanity to be used in creating the veil of deceit, which has been designed to destroy our ability to recognize what Reality is. What’s the purpose of speaking with secretive tree symbols unless the intent is to instill confusion and deceit! Why attempt to try and create a MYSTERY?

There was no tree of life.
There was no tree of the knowledge of good and evil.
There was NO GOD!
… and there was NO EDEN!

This is simply luciferian wordplay, or LIES, to supply the intellectually indoctrinated, the necessary tools to use the 3 dimensional sphere, and in particular, the illusory body of humanity, to disconnect us from Reality, thereby, attempting to control the incredible power of the Eternal State of Being.

In Genesis 6:4 – “… there were giants in the earth in those days; and ALSO AFTER, when the sons of god (referring to the luciferian Mind as god, and his sons are the Thought Forms generated by the Thought Process) came in unto the daughters of men, (these Thinking Entities had sex with conjured up human women) and they bare children to them, and the same became mighty men, men of renown”.

In the early days of this 3 dimensional illusion, there were giants in the earth. The word “giants” is translated Nephilim, which means the FALLEN ONES.

This Bible scripture referring to the Nephilim as the FALLEN ONES, is a direct subliminal, corresponding to the World Trade Center Attack of 9-11.

ONES = 1 and 1, or the number 11

Not only did they exist in the world in those days, but they did after that time as well . These mighty men, the offspring of these Thinking Entities and the daughters of men, became the rulers of ancient Babylon. These are the intellectually indoctrinated elite who are used by the very luciferian Mindset that conjured them up. They have controlled the world under the guise of being the divinely CHOSEN PEOPLE of God. These are the royals, popes, presidents, prime ministers and powerful movers and shakers behind the scenes, … the INTELLECTUALS of the WORLD, that are used within their deep hypnotic Trance State to control every aspect of this illusory world.

Babylon – Blood – The Chosen People Of The Sun

Through fear and guilt, the rulers of Babylon manipulated their subjects to worship the one true god, who had an insatiable appetite for bloody sacrifice. Later on in Egypt, the Hebrew people, who were Egyptians, were fabricated to assume the role of the chosen people and were used and abused (as they used and abused other nations) to establish this chosen people propaganda.

See the diagram of solomon’s temple a bit lower down and the symbolism used by every powerful culture throughout history. Notice also that the United States and the World Trade Center complex pays homage to this luciferian god. Keep in mind that sol-o-mon is simply a name meaning sun and moon and that wise King Solomon is simply a reference to the Zodiac, and the sacrifice made to the illusory luciferian God. That sacrifice is the sacrifice of the SUN and MOON, which in turn is the SON of MAN.


The sacrifice of the Judgment Day of the Lord, is the sacrifice of SOLOMON, which is the Son of Man, or the Christ, and the Christ in turn is symbolic of the illusory body of humanity, … whose body and blood we’re suggested to be.

Immediately below is another light chart which shows the Freemasonic magic square connection to the numbers associated with time on the zodiac circle. The zodiac circle is our clock and the main tool used by luciferian Thinkers to establish their symbolism throughout all of this illusory 3D history. Notice the association with the minutes, hours and days and which particular magic square they were associated with. There are also some interesting characteristics regarding the World Trade Centre attack on September 11, 2001.

Light Chart Freemason Occult #’s

911 The Number Of Creation CONJURING

This next chart focuses on the number 111 when multiplied by any number 1 to 9. The corresponding relationships as to where the number lands on the light chart are incredibly revealing. The information on this chart demonstrates that the luciferian Mind, the group egregore of Thinking Entities, was behind the World Trade Centre attack, as well as every horrorific event throughout history. The intellectual elite were but mere waterboys in the whole process.

The number 111 is the number that symbolically suggests the conjuring up of all of the 3D realm. Everything is mathematical, and the 3 dimensional manifestation that results from this numbers game, appears to come into existence based on the number 111.

Multiplying 111,111,111 x 111,111,111 conjures up every other number, or the prime aspect required for matter to appear.

111,111,111 x 111,111,111 = 12,345,678,987,654,321
= 9 sets of 11
11 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 11
1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9+8+7+6+5+4+3+2+1 = 81
81 = 9×9 and contains the subliminal 99, or 9-11’s
81 coincides with 9 on the 7th clockface
81 = 8+1 = 9

This sequence of numbers is just a small portion showing the mathematical structure and interaction of the 3 dimensional sphere we refer to as the universe. Everything is based on the number 111, or in the simplest term, just the number 1. Everything about the 3D sphere, and the number 1, relates to the number 9, which is symbolic of the FALL, and relates also to the number 11, which is symbolic of DEATH.

The whole 3D universe was conjured up with the prime objective of taking control of the Eternal State of Reality by implementing the mathematical manipulation aspects of the Thought Process. This Thought Process is the CREATOR/CONJURER of ALL THINGS. This has no bearing whatsoever on a good God, but represents the workings of Mindset utilizing an illusory reality based on fear, guilt, suffering and death.

Light Occult #’s 3rd

Solomon’s Temple – H E Double L – The Subliminal Called HELL

The Letter E – EL – Electricity

The letter E is symbolic of the EYE, and relates to the name EL or ELI, the father of all gods. (El = Eli = Electricity). On the chart immediately below, the full triune godhead is incomplete without symbolically including the mother and the son, so the 2nd E, mirrored, represents the opposite of the father, which is the mother. Together, the father E and the mother E produce the H which is symbolic of the sun/son god, by the name of Horus.

EHE = EYE, the All Seeing Eye

These 2 ELL’s, combined with the H in Horus, give us the notion of HELL and the place of torment. The name Horus is where we get the word HORIZON which is symbolic of the sun rising upon the earth.

HORUS = ROH-US = ROSE = TO RISE = HORIZON, which corresponds to the ARC, or DOME of the RISING SUN / SON

Horizon, is in itself, another play on words, relating to the sound of:


This is a foundational subliminal within the luciferian agenda, suggesting the electrical ION.


In the diagram of Solomon’s Temple immediately below, the sacrifice offering to the lightbearer/luciferian egregore group sun god, occurs in the centre of the H formation. This luciferian egregore of Thinking Entities, is the father, mother and son, all rolled into one. As you read through this site, don’t get bogged down in details about which name is relating to which god, or what name corresponds to what event. Everything has been constructed in our world systems to completely mislead, misinform and misdirect anyone searching for the truth. All the names of all the gods, and all the events they refer to, are simply subliminals, designed to instill confusion and a loss of focus on Reality. All the gods and the accompanying symbolism surrounding these gods, are simply doing one thing, that is to induce a deep hypnotic Trance State. There are many names which apply to the Queen of Heaven, to the Son of God, and to the Father of All Gods. There’s enough confusion associated with this endless name and gender designation relating to the gods, that has been endlessly perpetuated, to make the hunt for Reality and Truth an impossible task.

In reality, all one needs to know is that there are no gods, just subliminal suggestion, and the mother, father and son gods can all be looked upon as being ONE ILLUSORY GOD, and the names and gender can be interchanged at will, without losing any of the subliminal effect, or altering the intent of the luciferian agenda.

Note the symbolic number 11’s within the temple structure, that relates to Secret Societies throughout the ages, and for that matter, ALL RELIGIOUS DOGMA.

Solomons Temple San Fran

Here’s another quote from the luciferian Christian Bible –

Revelation 21:22 – “… and I saw NO TEMPLE therein: for the Lord God almighty and the Lamb are the Temple of it.”

The proposed Freedom Tower complex has no temple indicated in the plans. However, the H-shape of Solomon’s Temple is represented in the original World Trade Center complex. Located to the east of WTC Tower 1, the H formation was symbolically hidden within the shape of the buildings. The east represents the light from the rising sun/son god. This wedge of light is planned to pass between the new Towers 2 and 3, directly over the transit hub, also called the P A T H Station, which happens to be the shape of the All Seeing Eye, when viewed, both from above and at ground level. The position of this H coincides with the Zodiac symbol that was worked into the layout of the Courtyard and appears as sort of a Compass Rose.

A Compass Rose = Zodiac Circle = Light Beam Chart = Cross of Sacrifice

Because the Compass Rose Cross was located in the courtyard of the WTC, the planned sacrifice, and ultimate destruction of the WTC was inevitable.

In similar fashion, a Sacrificial 4 Corner Cross is located in the 11 Western States, as well as in the Nunavut Territory of Canada, that encircles Hudson Bay. It is inevitable that the location of these 2 Crosses, along with the that of the WTC Cross, symbolizes a major sacrifice is to be performed, concerning the whole of North America.

(See the photographs below of the WTC Compass Rose and the PATH transit hub lower down on the page).

The World Trade Centre Compass Rose and Horus

The destruction of the World Trade Centre was planned before it was even constructed. It was planned thousands of illusory years ago, as will become evident in the pages to follow. This event was a significant part of the master plan, orchestrated by the luciferian Mindset, utilizing the Trance induced illuminati elite of the world.

Freedom Tower Missing Temple

Ruling And Reigning Through Subliminal Hypnotic Suggestion

Compare the triangular pyramid shape of the painting of the Tower of Babel below, with that of the Hebrew Temple pyramid just above. Calling a god by a different name doesn’t make it a different god. If a god demands worship with bloody death sacrifices, and is established by symbols based upon sex rituals with secret mystic roots, then this god is the Light Bringing luciferian egregore group god. There truly is no god, however, the luciferian Mindset makes a bold attempt at pretending to be such an entity. It’s only this Mindset that demands worship. The luciferian Thought Process demands that these symbols be repeated in everything, … everywhere, … and all of this illusory notion we call TIME. It’s these symbols and subliminal messages conjured up throughout history, that have created the trance state which is uses the illusory body of humanity to manipulate Reality. If they don’t show them, or suggest them repeatedly, they have absolutely no power to manipulate, and thereby, no power to rule. For this reason, the whole of this 3D illusory sphere continuously exhibits these symbols, and the subliminals attached to these symbols. In other words, the Thought Process is a process of symbolism, or the manifestation of illusory matter based on intellectualizing. This manifestation of matter is achieved by engaging in the act of THINKING. All thought characteristics are, in turn, geometric and mathematical in nature. Therefore, the symbols associated with the Thought Process manifest in geometric and mathematical shapes. When this is coupled with another characteristic of the Thought Process, referred to as deceit and lies, the symbols are subsequently couched in myth and propaganda.

Farther down the page the pyramid image is obvious throughout the city of New York. Consider New York to be one stage of the prophetic fulfillment of the New Jerusalem . The luciferian Mindset rules everywhere in this 3D sphere, so of course, this pyramid symbol is evident throughout the world in many settings. (See the ‘Created in the Image of God’ chart lower down on this page).

Tower of Babel

If You Build Them – They Will Blow Them Up

In the Old Testament, the elite intellectuals of the Time manipulated the Israelite nation through religious legalism. The Israelites eventually settled in Canaan/Palestine and established the holy city – Jerusalem. Jerusalem is to the west of Babylon where the Garden of Eden supposedly existed. This little bit of symbolism is now repeated with the city of Babylon, New York, as part of the Greater Metropolitan area, to mimick this geographical situation. We are told that Solomon built a temple in Jerusalem that was eventually destroyed. Just prior to the time of Jesus, it was rebuilt in lesser glory than the original temple, but nonetheless it was rebuilt.

EVEN AS THEY REBUILT IT, the builders knew from the prophecies THAT IT WOULD BE DESTROYED.

This is similar to the construction and destruction of the World Trade Center. It was built with the complete foreknowledge of blowing it up in order to mirror the events of the Old Testament within the pages of the New Testament.

Let’s consider the New Jerusalem, the so-called, holy city of god. (See the pictures below). This is a deceit-riddled fulfillment of bible prophecy they don’t want us to notice. A fulfillment of prophecy, which is not in the least way, prophetic. As it is, that the luciferian Mindset inspired these words, that they should come to pass as the INTENSITY and TENSION of the 3D plane reached its ultimate goal of total control of the Reality State. It’s this INTENSITY AND TENSION that we now witness since the WTC attack, and more specifically, in this year of 2010, or 20-TEN.

See the layout, (3 charts lower on this page), for the new Freedom Tower complex in the city of New York. The north arrow points upwards in line with the 2 WTC footprints and the Freedom Tower. NORTH = THRONE in reverse. Another subliminal. As well:


A study of the artist’s drawing shows the position of the buildings and where the beam of light enters the complex and shines on the old North Tower Footprint. This is ancient Egyptian and Druidic sun worship. Notice also, how the light from the sun travels right over the All Seeing Eye Transit Hub. Yet another example of how everything 3 dimensional is manipulation and worship of the Sacred Geometry of the luciferian Mindset. These words TRANSIT, TRANSPORTATION and the like… are all based on the TRANCE STATE that is the 3D illusory experience. Page 17 will eloborate on how and what TRANCE PORTATION really is.

Twin Reflecting Pools

The Freedom Tower (World Trade Center 1) site, on the drawing directly above, show the Transit Hub represented very obviously as the All Seeing Eye and the beam of light from the rising sun splits the angel wings on top of the Transit Hub.

(See the photo lower on this page).

Tower 2, within the new Freedom Tower configuration, is in the northeast corner. This is Secret Society symbolism for the cornerstone of a building. It now applies to this piece of real estate. Tower 2 of the new Freedom Tower complex has the roof slanting directly down towards the reflecting pools. The CROSS design in the roof is representative of the luciferian intersecting crosslines of the Light Beam Chart demonstrated throughout this site, as well as being the cross of the Zodiac, or the cross of christ, and so on. All of which are one and the same things.

The cross slants down toward the footprint pools in a manner that emphasizes the blood sacrifice made at this location on 9-11. This blood sacrifice is the CORNERSTONE that the Judeo/Christian/Islam religion of Abraham is built upon. This attack on the WTC was a high point (high mass – high massacre) of the ongoing sacrifice of millions of illusory beings offered to the luciferian group god. It was a CULMINATION, so to speak, representing the blood sacrifice to the luciferian god throughout these illusory ages, up to this point. It is also, the start button for the final push for introducing the establishing the fabricated Kingdom of God on earth, also called the New World Order, or the Age of Aquarius, or New Age Enlightenmentall coming together under the umbrella of the Environmental Green Movement.


CUL – to separate the old and weak substandard by death
MI – personal = belonging to me – my
NATION – the place and people of my existance

CULMINATION = Cul, or Kill, My Nation


The position of the Freedom Tower in relation to the 2 FOOTPRINTS of the original World Trade Center line up pointing north, symbolic of the god of war in the sides of the north.

(The word NORTH – reversed = THRONE

This is the same positioning of the 3 Pyramids of Giza in Egypt. The pyramids of Egypt were built in such a manner as to honour the sun god (who, in actuality is the luciferian egregore of Thinking Entities), who is also the god of war. (The war of manipulating Reality). Even though there are many different names, all still refer to the same sun god, and the same entity.



The 3 targeted buildings of 9-11 (the Pentagon and the Twin Towers) began their construction corresponding to 9-11 dates. The Pentagon sod-turning and construction began on September 11, 1941.

The WTC Towers began construction at the sod turning on August 5, 1966. A closer look at that date gives you 08-05-66.

In other words the 8th month – the number of total control, and as will be shown throughout this site, the number 8 relates to the DELUGE of NOAH, or the FLOOD.

The 5th day – the number corresponding to human sacrifice.

In the year 66 which refers to the SACRIFICER. What the date indicates is that total control of Reality will be accomplished for the luciferian Hidden Entity, called the Thought Process.

The number 19 (in 1966), is symbolic of PERFECTION and COMPLETION, as it coincides with the number 7 on the 24 hour clock, or the 2nd clockface. As well, 19=1+9 = 10, or inTENsity, and refers to the number of TEN-SION.

The WTC ribbon cutting took place on April 4, 1973. This is EXACTLY 80 MONTHS to the day from the moment of sod breaking. The number 80 again represents the number of complete control, only this time in-TEN-sified with the ZERO (EROS) as in the term GROUND ZERO. Ground Zero, as the WTC site became known, is an expression suggesting sexual love/lust.

The date of the ribbon cutting is 04/04/73.

04/04 suggests 44, the 44th president, which is Barack Obama.

04/04 also suggests 4×4, or the 16th president, which was Abraham Lincoln.

The year 73 suggests 7+3=10, or the year of IN-TEN-SITY, or 2010.

2010 experienced the 2010 Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver, which began on FEBRUARY 12, LINCOLN’S BIRTHDAY.

(Much more is said concerning the Olympics in Vancouver, in later pages. Check the page titles to the right if you wish to read the information before proceeding on this page).

4 plus 4 again equals 8 – the number of complete control.

When adding 4+4×10, the total is 80 months which were alotted to construct the towers.

Construction of the towers took:


and spanned 6 – 911’s.

Symbolically, the Towers were built 30 years after the Pentagon was begun. Even though it actually only took 6 years to build the towers, they delayed the ribbon cutting for another 4 months to coincide with the 80 months. This is luciferian ritualism that follows the mathematical sequencing that ensures the slaughter which was forthcoming. This ritualistic symbolism, creates a subliminal message that manipulates Reality, and in turn, conjures up this illusory 3D reality, which we believe to be real.

The illusory body of humanity doesn’t consciously think that we’re going to blow up the WTC complex. However, below the threshold of conscious realization, (which is still part of the Trance State), the mind-controlled Secret Society sun god worshippers, are going about doing the business of putting all the pieces together, so that our illusory reality corresponds to the desire of the Master Hypnotist, which is the luciferian group of Thinking Entities. Once again, our reality is created subliminally, just below our 3D conscious level of reason. Our human conscious level of reason still has nothing to do with wisdom or awareness.

Setting The Stage For The Final Assault

The World Trade Center attack was the beginning of the final assault on Reality. This is significant in that the East and West entrances on the new Freedom Tower will both be 30 feet wide, to commemorate their construction as part of the plan and to symbolize the uniting of the east and west as ONE in the New World Order, the Kingdom of God, the Age of Aquarius, and all UNITED under the One World Religion called the ENVIRONMENTAL GREEN MOVEMENT. (See pages 16 and 17).

The North (throne) entrance will be 50 feet wide. Symbolic of the number 5, or human sacrifice, with in-TEN-sity. The South entrance will be 70 feet wide in remembrance of the 70 years. Symbolic of the number 7, PERFECTION and COMPLETION, with in-TEN-sity. The Freedom Tower is set to open sometime in 2013. The actual date is still unknown.

2013 = 20+13 = 33, the number of degrees in Freemasonry.
2013 = 2+0+1+3 = 6, the number relating to the Sacrificer.

All four entrances will be 60 feet high as a memorial to the 60 years from the sod-turning at the Pentagon to the actual blood sacrifice of September 11th, 2001. Again, the number 6 refers to the SACRIFICER, with in-TEN-sity.

These dates and numbers are extremely symbolic, in that the Hebrew Calendar has SEPTEMBER 11, or 9-11 as the first day of creation. This date originates with the luciferian conjuring up Thought Process and the Old Testament is just one of their Holy Books. The fabricated Hebrew nation, in conjunction with what would eventually include Christianity and Islam, together became the Children of Abraham, and the DUALITY RELIGION of MANIPULATION.


What appears to be the act of thinking, or the desire to manipulate our 3 dimensional life experience, is under the direct influence of the luciferian Mindset.


This is why SCHOOLING / SKULLING, referring to the education system, is really indoctrination, or Trance inducement of every human on the planet. The Trance State has varying degrees of influence, but all degrees exhibit the characteristics of HYPNOSIS. This is why the SKULL (which is the SCHOOL) is used as the symbol for the Skull and Crossbones Secret Society logo. It is the indoctrination into death of every person who enters into intellectual learning. Intellectualism is the very essence of the luciferian, Light Bringing Mindset.

The Skull and Crossbones, or Skull and Bones symbol, is also the symbol of piracy. This symbol serves as a subliminal manipulation tool of this illusory reality, in regards to the PIRATES OPERATING OFF THE SOMALIAN COAST in 2009 and 2010. The symbolism of these acts of piracy are assisting in establishing the Big One Earthquake which is being suggested to occur on the west coast of North America, Washington State, Yellowstone, and Hawaii. Somalia is centred right on the Great Rift Valley, a massive earthquake fault in the Arab world, that relates to the earthquake seismic plates of western North America. More information is available on the symbolism of the PIRATES, on p.54 of this site.

There were 6 floors built into the foundation of this sacrifice alter. Just as there were washing basins in the old testament for the animal sacrifices, so to, these 6 levels were called the BATHTUB, a subliminal corresponding to the animal sacrifice which would occur here in 2001. This bathtub includes the Slurry Wall built to hold back the Hudson River, which itself plays a symbolic role in the 911 sacrifice. (See further symbolism regarding the Molten Sea Basin on page 16 and the height subliminals of the WTC Buildings recently added to page 55).

The 6 levels of the BATHTUB refers to the SACRIFICER.

The BATHTUB levels also correspond to the WELL OF SOULS on the ROCK, under the Dome of the ROCK in Jerusalem. This is a CAVE carved under the ROCK, with its accompanying Islamic folklore, suggesting that one can “hear the voices of the dead mingling with the RIVERS OF PARADISE”, by listening closely at a HOLE in the cave, which leads up to the surface of the ROCK. This HOLE is the WELL OF SOULS, and is shown in more detail on page 18 and beyond, throughout this site.

This HOLE in the CAVE, in turn relates to the HOLE that is below, or part of the subterranean makeup of some of the western 11 States. The WELL OF SOULS corresponds exactly to the areas of Southern California, Nevada and Arizona. Again, shown in more detail on p.18.

Just as the Egyptian Pharoahs used symbolism in everything that guided their decisions, so too, do the Pharoahs of today follow in these rituals. The WTC Tower footprints are reflecting pools in the new Freedom Tower / 1 WTC. Compare the similar positioning of the pyramids and the Freedom Tower layout. The pyramids of Egypt are perfectly aligned with the 3 Stars in the Belt of Orion. In turn, these Stars, and Pyramids correspond to the western states of Oregon, California and Arizona.

Using the substitution rule of changing the G, or J, to a Y, as is the Hebrew custom, these names become:


Just as the Egyptian Pyramids are built around a necropolis, or cemetery, these western states are intended to be one massive graveyard. The Well of Souls folklore suggests this massive amount of death. Even the angle of the California border also relates to the angle of the constellation ORION, at 135 degrees.

Giza Pyramids

The luciferian New World Order will be symbolically achieved using the New World a place of Sacrifice. (Of all places). The New World is saturated with names such as New-Foundland, Nova Scotia (New Scotland), New France (Quebec), New England, New Netherlands (original owners who first stole it from the natives), New York, New Hampshire, New Jersey, even New Babylon in Suffolk County. There is even a New Caanan – but we call it Canada.

Notice the similarity between the words CANADA and CANAAN in regards to shape/sound association?

All events recorded in regards to the land of CANAAN, and the supposed miracles of Jesus at CANA, and the modern day location of CANADIAN troops in KANDAHAR, Afghanistan, are all working together in subliminal fashion to bring about an intended cataclysmic scenario.

The United States has 50 states represented by 50 pentagram stars on the Stars and Stripes flag. Canada has 10 provinces represented by a pyramid-shaped maple leaf with 11 points. Note that 9 of the points are in 3 groups of 3. The symbolic numbers 9 and an 11. The Stars and Stripes also have 9-11 symbolism. Count 2 vertical rows of stars and it totals 9. Count 2 horizontal rows and it totals 11. This is by design. Completely unknown to the designers and those who worship such iconic symbols. However, the Thought Process, the luciferian Mind of the group egregore of Thinking Entities, knows completely what these things represent and how this illusory reality can be conjured up as desired.

Everything within this 3 dimensional illusory plane is based on the Thought Process, or mathematics. Symbolic references to 9 and 11 have to appear in a great many situations. Basically, the Thought Process, or mathematics, can’t help itself. It just has to pro-create, or pro-conjure, the very characteristics of itself, in subliminal, symbolic form.

Another example of why the use of 9 and 11 is so important to the luciferian agenda, which is the agenda for TOTAL CONTROL of REALITY, is to add 9+11=20. The number 20 coincides with 8 on the 2nd clockface, the number symbolizing CONTROL, as evidenced by the common OCTAGON STOP SIGN.

Yet again, 20 coincides with 8 on the 2nd clockface. Adding 20+2=22, or a multiple of 11×2. The number 11 representing Death, and the number signifying the Duality nature of the 3D plane. For those who might wish to skip ahead to p. 55, scroll down to see the chart of the World Trade Center buildings. The height of the Marriott Hotel was 22 stories. The height of Tower 1 and Tower 2, were each 110 stories, equalling 220 stories. Building 4, 5, and 6 were each 9 stories. All the buildings were relative to the numbers 9 and 11. Building 7 was 47 stories, which coincides with 11 on the 4th clockface. The mathematical symbolism of this 3 dimensional hypnotic Trance State is saturated with this manner of symbolism, for any who wish to become aware.

The Canadian flag has 2 red bars on either side. Red is symbolic of BLOOD and IRON. In turn, these 2 red bars are symbolic of the 2 gold pillars, which are at the entrance to the Egyptian and Hebrew Temples (they’re similar temples because they worship the same illusory god and some suggest are one and the same people). Gold is symbolic of the metal of the gods. Gold represents the riches, or life blood (the food) of the gods. Gold is always symbolic of blood. Likewise, whenever you see red, this is symbolic of blood, and in turn, gold. The word Ritual comes from Ritu, meaning Red, and in turn, blood. Therefore, Gold, and the many new world Gold Rushes, were simply subliminal messages to RUSH FOR BLOOD. The Gold Rushes have perpetuated the luciferian agenda to ritualistically and hypnotically progress through greed and bloodlust.

This flag was brought into Canadian culture in 1964 by Prime Minister Lester B. Pearson. Mr. Pearson was one of the driving forces behind establishing NATO of the illuminati.

NATO = OTAN in reverse = L’OTAN in French = the guardian Dragon LOTAN in the Garden of Eden.

Mr. Pearson was also the first Secretary General of the Security Council of the United Nations – the One World Governing Body. (The Rockefeller family donated this land for the United Nations and were the driving force behind the establishiment of the World Trade Centre complex in New York).

Mr. Pearson nurtured the Jesuit-educated Pierre Elliot Trudeau, destined to become Canada’s most flamboyant prime minister. Mr Trudeau plunged Canada into national debt from which the country has never recovered. This is how the luciferian agenda uses manipulation to establish total control. Mr. Trudeau is also named by CIA sex slave, Cathy O’Brien, in her book “Trance-formation of America” as sexually abusing her (along with his poodle), for personal gratification. Mr. Trudeau always wore a red rose signifying his involvement and commitment to the Order of the Rose, an emblem of those ushering in the new world order. This information regarding Mr. Trudeau has never been denied or challenged in court.

The Temple Of Solomon In New York

With much of the Old World represented in the New World, it’s not a great leap to consider that New Jerusalem might also be represented in the New World. New York has the highest population of Jewish people in the world, even more than Israel itself. After New York, the 2nd largest Jewish population in the USA is located in San Francisco.

The new Freedom Tower, or 1 World Trade Center, constructed with its interlocking Egyptian styled pyramids of glass, is being built to replace the Twin Towers that were blown up on September 11, 2001. (September 11, is the first day of creation according to many who follow the Hebrew calendar). The original temple of Solomon, was located on Mount Moriah. Mount Moriah is in the Old City of Jerusalem. Today, this is the location of the Islamic, Dome of the Rock. The RELIEF portion of Mount Moriah is a Rockand was originally used as a threshing floor in time of harvest. The Freedom Tower is to be built in the same location as the old World Trade Center – on the World Trade Center Plaza. The Rockefellers owned this land and were the inspiration behind building the WTC. The Rockefellers, and other elite families who run the world, like to be referred to as MORIAH – CONQUERING WIND. This WIND was used to separate the grain from the chaff. This is how the name Moriah Conquering Wind is derived.

Just as Mount Moriah was the ROCK RELIEF, or RELIEF of the ROCK, at the top of the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, so to, was the WTC Plaza, symbolically the RELIEF of the ROCK associated with MORIAH, and the CONQUERING WIND, in New York.


Subliminally and symbolically speaking, here’s what’s transpiring. The Old Testament rituals, blood sacrifices, secret mystical use of numbers, reverse and mirror imagery, the law and legalism, messianic worship, New Testamaent prophetic fulfillment, etc. are the religious writings of the luciferian / illuminati agenda. When you read anything and everything in the Old Testament, you’re reading the luciferian egregore plan for this illusory 3D world. The Old Testament is but an inkling of what the luciferian agenda consisted of throughout these many illusory centuries to be fulfilled in New Testament times. When the Old Testament speaks of sacrificing 10 or 20,000 cattle or sheep in a single day, this is subliminal, and symbolism, for the agenda to slaughter hundreds of thousands and even millions in these illusory days we’re experiencing, through manipulated wars and disease. Inspired and formulated in such places such as Bohemian Grove, 75 miles north of San Francisco. We, the illusory body called humanity, are just sheep and cattle, conjured up for the luciferian agenda to slaughter for their pleasure. This slaughter is designed to misdirect our focus from our Original Reality State onto the illusory 3D world experience, through the process of hypnotic manipulation using fear, and subliminal manipulative means to gain control.

Below is an artists rendering of what the new Freedom Tower / 1 World Trade Center, will look like.

Freedom Tower Hudson


New York has a Rose for their state flower. The name York comes from the old House of York, the ruling royal family, who, a few hundred years ago, had the Rose as their emblem. The Order of the Rose is connected with the Order of Death and the two orders refer to the Messiah who Rose from the Dead. The Messiah being suggested, is not just referring to Jesus of the New Testament, but is the totality of all the mythical gods of old, all bundled up together to form the luciferian agenda for total control.

MESSIAH = MESA = MECA = MECCA the most holy place to Islam in Saudi Arabia.
MECCA is based on the worship of the FISH, MOON and FLOOD GOD, ORION.
NEW YORK is an anagram for ORION.
NEW YORK = OWRYEN-K = ORION K, with K being the 11th letter, symbolic of Death, and New York was the 11th State to join the Union.

The worship of these mythical GODS shows more 9-11 symbolism hidden within the word GOD.

GOD = DOG in reverse.
K-9 = the 11th letter of the English alphabet, in combination with the number 9.

In other words, the word GOD had the 9-11 concept built into the luciferian agenda, right from the initiating of the Thought Process. The 9-11, WTC attack, is far more important (in respect to 3 dimensional activities), than just a terrorist attack, or a bid to control more of the world’s oil, or forming a one world government. The 9-11 attack, was an event, central to the functional integrity of the whole 3D plane.

References to GOD also show up in the name of media outlets, the voice of manipulation for the GOD/DOG of the luciferian agenda. For instance, the news network CNN:

CNN = C can sound like a K-NN = CANINE – K-9, or 11-9, or GOD in reverse.


logo is simply a fasci symbol with a dome, laying on its side.

George Bush Sr. has been one of the main actors on the luciferian stage in recent times, being directed to direct the Order of the Rose. This is why he symbolically has the last name Bush – as in RoseBush. His wife Barbara’s last name, before she married Bush Sr., was Pierce. This is symbolic as to the Thorns on a RoseBush which would be used to PIERCE THE MESSIAH. This is all part and parcel of the massive subliminal messaging that has been implanted throughout this illusory world since the conjuring began, to cause our illusory reality to experience the devastation they want to bring to pass. (See some incredible symbolism regarding Barbara Pierce on Page 17).

As you read this information, keep in mind that this is HYPNOSIS. Hypnosis is not logical, rational, and lacks 3D learned reasoning. In other words, HYPNOSIS is INSANITY. For this reason, the luciferian agenda is virtually impossible to be detected, because those looking and searching to know the truth, have to enter into a bizarre relationship with insanity.

The New World Order declaration will include the notion of the messiah who Rose from the Dead. This is why the Rose Bush family belong to the Skull and Bones Order of Death, and who are devout Christians who believe in the Order of the Rose messianic concept. Christianity, and Skull and Bones members, are both luciferian forms of mind control and are human sacrifice religions.

Here’s another bit of symbolism. (Originally written in 2008, but updated in May, 2010, the symbolism is still relevant, and has played its part in establishing the illusory reality we now experience in 2010).

Michael Bloomberg, the current mayor of New York may now attempt a run for president. Bloomberg is the 44th richest man in America and may want to become the 44th president. He was the 108th mayor of New York and now may try to be president in 2008. Look at those numbers! 4 + 4 = 8. Two times mentioned here. He is the 108th – yet another 8. The year of the election is 2008 which is actually 20-08, or 88, because 20 is a number of total control, as is 8. These 2 numbers, 20 and 8, coincide on the 1st and 2nd – 12 hour clockfaces.

MICHAEL – an old testament name for the messiah – the archangel (ARK as in electrical ark – who will lead the saved souls to heaven)
BLOOM = a FLOWER = FLOW-ER, or FLOW-RE = FLOW RA, or FLOW WA, which is FLOW WATER, from a subliminal perspective, and which will be demonstrated throughout this site.


The designers of the Freedom Tower had this to say of their creation. Keep in mind, that this is just one more subliminal thrown into the mix. This is not the end of the luciferian plan of manipulation. Read the symbolic references, and know that these are subliminal suggestions leading to an even deeper hypnotic state.

“The tower will be a monolithic GLASS STRUCTURE reflecting the SKY and topped by a sculpted antennae.”

Here’s a quote from the luciferian Christian Bible. These words will be mostly from the last 2 chapters of Revelation and symbolize the fullness of time as far as the luciferian agenda is concerned.

Revelation 21:2 – says “…I saw the Holy city, New Jerusalem, coming down from god out of HEAVEN,…(this ‘heaven’ is the sky mentioned in the designers quote above)”.

Rev. 21:11 – “…having the glory of god: and her light was ..clear as CRYSTAL (the crystal is the glass mentioned in the quote above)…and had a wall great and high…” (a monolithic structure of 1500 feet in height).

Rev. 21:14 – “…and the WALL of the city had twelve foundations…” (12 foundations are fabricated from manipulating a beam of light – everything from religion, science, language, numbers, astrology, numerology, music, …etc.). This is the foundation of the wall of the city which has conjured up, and manipulates the whole world.

Rev. 21:18 – “…and the building of the WALL…and the city was of PURE GOLD, like unto clear glass”. …

WALL STREET, and the FINANCIAL DISTRICT of NEW YORK: the location of the World Trade Center.

WALL = LLAW in reverse = L-LAH = AL-LAH = ALLAH, and also = LA, or Los Angeles.

Rev. 21:21 – “… and the STREET of the city was PURE GOLD, as it were transparent glass.”

Rev. 22:1 – “… he showed me a PURE RIVER of water of life, clear as crystal.

Rev. 22:2 – “… In the midst of the STREET of it, and on either side of the river was there the tree of life …”

Now for the interpretation.

What we have here is the monolithic glass structure situated in the midst of the financial district of Wall Street. No other street in the world can outstrip the gold and riches generated on Wall Street. The pure river is none other than the Hudson River, believe it or not. (In John Kerry’s new book …”This Moment On Earth” there is mention made to the incredible clean-up success story of the pollution in the Hudson River). On one side of the Hudson River we have the City of New York which shares jurisdiction over the World Trade Center Complex with New Jersey. New Jersey is known as the Garden State and here referred to, as on the other side of the river.

The above mentioned tree of life, to the luciferian mind, is money. A reference to the subliminal called a money tree? The luciferian Mindset is the reptilian brain, the mind that is emotionally attached to the illusory 3D realm, that only concerns itself with riches, power, sex, death and control. All the things listed, are clear as crystal, or like glass. It’s crystal, glass and even the water of this river that acts symbolically as a crystal prism to manipulate reality with a beam of light (to create a distraction and disconnection from reality), into a RAIN BOW – or the subliminal, into a REIGN BOW to allow the illusion to come to pass.

In Revelation 22:6 – “…these sayings are faithful and true: … the lord god of the holy prophets sent his angel to shew … the thing which must shortly be done.”

When you read the words “holy PROPHETS” … know that this refers to WHOLE PROFITS – MONETARY PROFITS. This is simply more reference to the money tree. This is how the luciferian egregore group thinks. Sound and shape association is everything. This WALL Street, ALLAH’S Street, GOD’s Street, the Street of gold, riches, power and sex.

Henry Hudson – 1609 and 1611

HUDSON = DUH-SON = DEW-SON = WED-SON, or the Wedding of the Son, the Marriage Supper of the Lamb

Henry Hudson, the English navigator, whom the Hudson River is named after, explored the Hudson River in 1609. The number 9 being singled out here. He then explored Hudson Bay in 1610 where his crew mutinied and set him adrift in an open boat in 1611 The number eleven being singled out this time. In the illusory days of Henry Hudson, 9 and 11 symbolically represented the FALL/9 into DEATH/11. This is again, symbolism generated from the luciferian egregore group of Thinkers who created all of this illusion in the first place and conjured up the numbers 9-11 to represent the first day of creation. (This will be elaborated on more, throughout this site). Furthermore, Henry Hudson’s name belongs to the OLDEST COMMERCIAL COMPANY of the NEW WORLD – the Hudson’s Bay Company. This has now grown to become the largest internet shopping centre in the world, called EBAY?

This is just one example to illustrate how events of hundreds, and even thousands of years ago, are all connected to the events being played out in our illusory Time period. Hudson is a name which has made significant contributions to the furthering of the luciferian agenda – and Henry Hudson was used by this Mindset to fulfill an extemely important bit of symbolism within the whole process of manipulation.

Revelation 22:2 further states “… the tree of life bare 12 manner of fruits, and yielded her fruit every month …”. This is a reference to the Garden of Eden and the forbidden fruit, commonly referred to as the APPLE, though never actually stated as being an APPLE. The number 12 is representing the FULLNESS of TIME, when all these things should be fulfilled. New York is also known as the BIG APPLE, the forbidden fruit of the Garden of Eden.

The APPLE is just 1 symbol of ZEUS:
APPLE = A POLE = the NORTH and SOUTH POLES, the NORTH and SOUTH TOWERS, the subliminals suggesting the FLOOD.

The word BIG = a B and G word, relating to the North and South Pillars of Boaz and Gachin, or Jachin, outside of Solomon’s Temple>

The name, New York, comes from the House of York, who ruled England from 1461-1485. They took the name of Plantgenet (plant – genet-ics). Their emblem was the WHITE ROSE.

This family had connections with the Rose Line (Roslin) of Scotland. Roslin Chapel in Scotland is basically the mother church of the Freemason Secret Society religion. A branch of freemasonry are the Rosicrusians (the rose and the cross). The Order of the Rose is the Order of Death – the CRUCIFIXION DEATH from which the MYTHICAL CHRIST ROSE.

Below is a photograph of the mausoleum at Yale University in New Haven Connecticut. This is the fraternity tomb of The Skull and Bones Secret Society, to which generations of the Bush family belong. This tomb is right next to the University grounds, but not by coincidence. Even the name YALE has symbolism built into it, as does everything in this 3D illusory plane, to one extreme or another. Remember, it’s shape and sound association that the luciferian Thinkers use as their tool of manipulation. Applying the substitution rule of changing the G or J, or a Y, as in the Hebrew tradition, but this time in reverse:

YALE = Y-ALE = JALE = JAIL, or a place of imprisonment.
Or as an anagram:
YALE = an anagram for YELA = YELLAH = YELLOW, as in YELLOW STONE, a very important subliminal illustrated throughout this site.
YALE = ELAY = LA, or AL-LAH = ALLAH, or LA suggesting Los Angeles

The J can sound like a Y in the English language, and there is no G or J sound in the old Hebrew, just the Y or Yod sound.

Skull Mausoleum

If you’ve read the pages on this site explaining the association between sound and shape, you’ll be able to make sense of this completely illogical information. If not, take the time to acquaint yourself with the real intent of the English language, and language in general, as well as the number system, by reading the previous pages on this site.

The Order of Death – the Skull and Bones Society – the Order of the Rose. All linked through symbolisms. This symbolic jargon leads back to the conjuring up of the 3 dimensional world just a few thousand illusory years ago. This is a 3 dimensional world, where the number 3 is repeated endlessly throughout this illusory plane. Why? Because 3D causes everything to have a BELIEVABILITY PERSPECTIVE when perceived by our 5 SENSES, or a pyramid triangular trojectory. This is why the TRIANGLE PYRAMID is the STRONGEST SYMBOL, or SHAPE, associated with the luciferian Mindset. Wherever you see symbolic writings or objects suggesting the number 3, the luciferian Mindset is working its magic. How frequently does this triangular symbolism show up? Quite simply, everything 3D is actually suggesting a triangle formation in extremely subtle and subliminal fashion. This is called the VANISHING POINT.

The Vanishing Point Of The 3D Illusion

When looking at a row of buildings, for example, even if the buildings are all the same shape and size, the one at the end of the row will appear much smaller than the one closest to you. This vanishing point creates a triangular shaped trojectory. This is evidence that the 3D world we see is the product of the luciferian egregore Mindset. The triangle pyramid is the most sacred and important symbol associated with the illusory God concept. This symbol is subliminally implanted within us without question, with everything we see.

So how does this triangle trojectory occur? This can be explained by considering that the vanishing point is the place of origin. This original point of initiation is where THOUGHTS conjure up the 3 dimensional realm. This VANISHING POINT IS ILLUSORY. Whatever perspective the viewer has, if that perspective changes, the vanishing point changes. Proving again, that what we see is not really there, as the perspective moves according to the characteristics of a beam of Light. What causes the 3 dimensional realm to appear is Time and Space. Butwhat causes Time and Space to appear real and valid? As with everything in the 3 dimensional plane, the number and language system which has been created by the luciferian group Mind, appoints validity to Time and Space. Numbers and language are the very tool, the root source, of all subliminal messaging. Numbers and language are the Thought Process becoming intellectualized, creating the mathematical and geometric tools and systems that conjure up the 3 dimensional illusory reality.

Without numbers to measure the distance there would be no physical distance. Without language to voice those numbers there would be no way to communicate the existance of this distance. Therefore, the subliminal suggestion of its reality would not exist and we would remain connected to our Original Wisdom State with no 3D reality interfering with our ability to remain focused on this Eternal State. This is how we re-focus, and reclaim, the Power and Freedom of the Eternal State. Emotionally disconnecting from any belief in the 3D illusion as being real, reconnects who and what we really are, to the Ultimate State of Being.

The chart below illustrates the VANISHING POINT existing in everything illusory.

3D World

Another significant event, fabricated by the luciferian Mindset just 2,000 illusory years ago, was the supposed 1st coming of the Messiah to save the world – the Jesus myth. Christianity was developed as the religion from this 1st Coming and would move forward to manipulate reality to what we appear to be witnessing today. In Reality, the illusory Jesus myth was nothing more than a subliminal suggesting that the Messiah WILL COME, not HAS COME, and WILL COME AGAIN. The same sort of mind manipulation occurs in respect to the FLOOD OF NOAH. The Flood of Noah was just a suggestion, and the illusory evidence of a global deluge, has been built into this illusory 3 dimensional plane, to establish belief in the FLOOD EVENT, and therefore, the ability to firmly believe it will happen again, makes it able to happen again. Even though it never occurred in the first place.

Biblically speaking, … “as in the Days of Noah, so shall the Days of the COMING of the SON OF MAN (SOL O MOON, or SUN and MOON) be, they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in MARRIAGE (MARY the Moon Flood Goddess), and knew not until the FLOOD CAME and TOOK THEM ALL AWAY.”

In other words, the Flood never occurred as we’re led to believe, and the 1st Coming of Christ, the Messiah, never occurred. For this reason, it was simply suggested within the Trance State, then recorded many illusive centuries later as having happened, and then, at the appointed illusory Time, (such as right now), certain events will occur, which brings this subliminal suggestion to the conscious level, and thereby establishes our illusory reality where a Flood and a Messiah will manifest in many different ways. The Flood and the Messiah, are actually ONE AND THE SAME THING. This is the COMING of the SON OF MAN, which is more accurately stated as the SUN and MOON. The SUN is a subliminal for the SON Saviour. The MOON is a subliminal for the MOTHER, the MOON GODDESS, the Mother FLOOD GODDESS, or MARY, the SEA, the Living Water, that is suggested to save us.

The 3 DIMENSIONAL illusory plane appears with its Vanishing Point. A breakdown of this word DIMENSIONAL suggests Death:

SION = SUN = SON the Messiah
AL = ALL = LLA in reverse = AL-LAH = the illusory Father God.

Or put another way: All Humanity Dies Worshipping the Father and the Sun. The 3 dimensional space is the dimension of death. 3 is the symbol associated with the shape of the Deity. The Deity is the luciferian egregore group of Thinking Entities. This luciferian egregore who initiated the Thought Process is the light bringer. The Thought Process is ENERGY, and ENERGY is LIGHT. Light kills, therefore the number 3, the shape of the Deity, is symbolic of the God of Death.

The Thought Process is designed to establish our reality through a chain of subliminals that will lead to the ultimate goal within the luciferian agenda. The word DEITY suggests financial problems in the world, which in turn cause unemployment and misery. This ultimately leads to the Judgment Day of the Lord and his Day of Vengeance, and the ultimate cleansing of the earth celebrated at the Marriage Supper of the Lamb.

DEITY = DIE-TY = DIET – with the accompanying subliminal that what we EAT will bring DEATH.

Skull And Bones Secret Society

Below we have the logo for the Skull and Bones fraternity along with the number 322. The symbolism and interpretation is discussed below.

Skull & 322

The CROSSED BONES represent the point of the intersecting lines of the zodiac circle. The Cross of Sacrifice. The light charts on this site demonstrate the zodiac circle cut into 4 seasons by the intersecting lines. These intersecting lines are the source of the word SEX, as in inter SEX ion.These intersecting lines are where the male and female sexual contact occurs symbolically. The sex hexagram is formed by overlaying the male and female triangles in a mirrored fashion. This is symbolic of the sex act. This sex act occurs in the centre of the hexagram, at the very point of the 2 intersecting lines. This intersecting point is also referred to as the eye of the penis.

PENIS = PEN, or PENT, the number 5, or Sacrifice.

The crossed bones are the male and female bodies which form a sex ritual symbol. This sex ritual symbol – the CROSSED BONES and the SKULL together, both originate, and are symbolic of the hexagon, the 6 POINTED STAR, the oldest sex ritual symbol in the world. The SKULL is the SCHOOL, that houses the BRAIN, and is the receiving apparatus of all the knowledge that the luciferian Thought Process chooses to implant within the brain.

The symbolism of the ROSE / EROS, or EROTIC SEX being equated with the SKULL / SCHOOL / 6, or SEX POINTED STAR lies in the fact that life goes on in illusory eternal fashion by performing the sex act. In other words, when humanity is taught, schooled, or skulled, as the pupil of the hexagon rose, life regenerates endlessly. This is the hypnosis factor, the Trance State, that humanity is manipulated into believing is reality.

To the luciferian Mind this is synonamous with the phrase – ROSE FROM THE DEAD / or EROS, SEX CONQUERS DEATH. To have sex, to procreate, is to rise above death. The more sex you have the more alive you must be. What we see then, at the very point of these 2 bones crossing or intersecting, is the EYE of the PENIS and the petal lips, the ROSE lips of the VAGINA performing the ritual sex act. Of course, the rose has a bud as does the female sexual anatomy; the clitoris bud. It’s from this understanding and symbolism that a very important ancient female fertility goddess was called ISIS / EYE SEES.

ISIS = I SEE = I SEA = EYE SEE = ICEY a subliminal relating to the melting Ice Caps = All Seeing Eye.

The crossbones represent the crucifixion cross of Jesus. Therefore, the Christian Cross is a sex ritual symbol like any other.

Penis & Rose

Rose Bushes – A Devil Behind Every Bush

It should be noted that the Bush family of the United States, included many who belonged to the Skull and Bones Secret Society. Grandfather Prescott Bush, father George H.W. Bush, grandsons, George W. Bush, and Jeb Bush, all are members of Skull and Bones. Jeb Bush being the Governor of FLORIDA, has the added symbolism of Florida referring to the FLOWER, the FLOW of WATER, referring to the Flood of Noah. Notice that all these Bush names are GB or JB, except for Prescott Bush.

PRESCOTT = P – the 16th letter – Pi
PRES = PRESS, to apply pressure, TENSION and INTENSITY
COTT = KA – Death and Afterlife – TT DoubleCross of Sacrifice

The GB and JB letters will be very symbolic as they are directly related to the G and B Pillars outside of Solomon’s Temple. Solomon’s name means SUN and MOON. The B and G Pillars of Boaz and Gachin were the Sacrifice Pillars, and are linked to the SUN and MOON, in that the SUN / SON is the Sacrifice, and the MOON / MOTHER, is the Flood that initiates the sacrifice.

Another flower on the Rose Bush is Marvin, the brother of GW and Jeb. Marvin Bush and his cousin Wurt Walker were the principles in charge of security at the World Trade Centre, as well as United Airlines and American Airlines, the 2 airlines used in the WTC attack. They’re contract ended on September 11, 2001, the day of the attack.

MARVIN = MAR, the Sea
VIN = VINE, suggesting WINE, the 1st miracle of Jesus turning WATER, (the SEA), into WINE, for the Marriage Supper Judgment Day.

The corresponding symbolism, relating to the BUSH family and the Order of the ROSE, and the obvious subliminal relating to the ROSE BUSH, is only more curious when considering that there is a Rose Garden on the White House grounds. (Page 22 details why the White House is painted white).

Another curious thing, concerning something they did paint black, not white, is Persephone, the goddess of the underworld which stands atop the Capitol Building in Washington DC. So what’s the goddess of the underworld doing on top of the Capitol building of the most powerful Christian nation in the world, unless it’s that the Christ is the conjured up Messiah, straight out of the group mind of the luciferian Thinking Entities, the illusory Prince and Ruler of the underworld, which is the 3D world in which we live?

capitol hill


NAZI = NOZI = ZION = NEYZ = NYZE = NYSE = New York Stock Exchange

NAZI = NAZA = NASA = North American Space Administration

The Rose/Bush family connections to Nazi Germany, and connections to the World Trade Center attack are astounding. Another, seemingly unimportant symbol, is the old Skull of Nazi Germany where the skull has ROSES coming out of its EARS.


See the photo immediately below and take a moment to consider why they would do such a thing? What could possibly be the motivation for such a symbol? They were believers in the Christ, they were the supreme Aryan race.


Nazi ROSE Skull

Genetically speaking, the Rose Bush is connected very firmly to the elite of Europe.Below is a short genealogical chart showing how the Bush family, the Roosevelt’s and Churchill’s are all related to King Edward Longshanks of England, some 800 years ago. This chart shows the connections to the Plantagenet family and the Churchill family. This is the family that New York takes its name from in a symbolic sense of the word, as well as the use of the symbol of the rose. These links all point to the ancient luciferian Order of Death initiated on that first illusory day of creation/conjuring on September 11. The 9-11 date of initiating the conjuring of everything 3D is summed up in the title, ROSE from the DEAD. The initiation of this 3D illusory plane heralded the Life/Death scenario.


The conjuring up of the 3D plane is the Order of the Rose and the Order of Death. This is perpetuated through all the religions of the world, including Atheism and Science.

Bush Tree

Below is a photograph of the more traditional, Skull and Bones symbol used in Nazi Germany with the SS thunderbolts. The LIGHTENING THUNDERBOLT symbolism plays strong into the Order of the Rose and the Order of Death (see page 15). It has permeated our consciousness without a hint of it happening. This all ties in with the City of New York, The New World Order, The New Jerusalem and the New Heaven and the New Earth. All of which, when considered from a subliminal perspective, are introducing the illusory Judgment Day of the Lord, or the Age of Aquarius, the Age of Enlightenment, or yet again, the New World Order. These in turn, are simply smokescreens for the One World Religion referred to as the Environmental Green Movement, and being instilled within this illusory 3D reality by the manipulation surrounding the Children of Abraham. The Children of Abraham include the religions of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Together, the luciferian agenda intends to take control of Reality and our Eternal State by initiating a constant duality of unrest and confusion.

Skull Nazi

The SKULL / SCHOOL / BRAIN – 6 Pointed Star

The HEXAGRAM at the centre of the 6/SIX/SEX Pointed Star created by the male and female ritual sex act is also the PUPIL (student) of higher learning. The SKULL / SCHOOL holds the brain which receives the knowledge through the PUPIL. This is the PUPIL of the All Seeing Eye. The pupil, receives light (knowledge), and in turn shares this enlightened knowledge with the world. This knowledge is schooled into the pupil’s brain. The human brain resides in the skull. The skull is the school. This is the All Seeing Eye of every Secret Society in the world, throughout all the ages experienced within this 3D illusory plane.

In Judeo / Christian / Islamic / Freemason style thinking the number of the deity (god) is 15. Every time 15 new initiates are brought in to this order they are photographed with the old grandfather clock, father time, Cronus, or the Ancient of Days. This photo session includes the Skull and Bones symbol and the 322 number which will be dealt with in upcoming pages, and in particular on page 54 of this site. See the photos directly below.

Skull & Bones 15

Skull & Bush

As demonstrated above, the SKULL represents knowledge, ENLIGHTENMENT, and the ROSE. The rose is the symbol of the pupil/student receiving suggestions relating to the Thought Process. Any and all suggestions in this 3D sphere, that allude to becoming ENLIGHTENED, are referring to the The Thought Process, and the luciferian Mindset, which is based entirely on the sex act, or REGENERATION. In turn, the PHALLIC symbol, in an aroused state, is the symbol of the ROSE, or the RISEN CHRIST. The ERECT PENIS is the ERECTION of the CROSS of CHRIST. The CROSS of CHRIST is the phallic symbol in an aroused state, as it is, that REGENERATION is suggested by faith in the sacrifice on the Cross, and the Cross is symbolic of the intersecting lines on the Light Beam chart illustrated throughout this site.

The cross-bones of the Skull and Bones logo, represent the inter-sect-ing lines (the inter-SEX-tion or inter-SEX-shun, or again, inter-SEX-sion, as in SION and ZION) and the knowledge of higher learning. Indoctrination in higher learning kills wisdom, and therefore disconnects, or distracts our focus on Reality and our Original State of Wisdom. This is the symbolic reasoning behind the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil in the Garden of Eden. This knowledge was suggested to humanity, in subliminal fashion, to instill the illusory concept of death. For this reason the Skull and Bones Secret Society is known as the Order of Death. The knowledge of the world, which is the luciferian Mindset, is death.

KNOWLEDGE = K, the 11th letter, suggesting the KA, the afterlife and death.
KNOW-LEDGE = Ka-NOW, or NewWorldOrder.
KNOW-LE-DGE = LE, or EL, or AL-LAH, or LA, suggesting Los Angeles.
DGE = DYE substituting the G for a Y = DIE

The pages that follow will demonstrate how completely obsessed the luciferian Thought Process is with the concept of ALLAH, the LLAW, and the fabricated judgment of LA the city, and the sister cities of Las Vegas (Sin City), San Francisco, Phoenix, and San Diego. The cities that relate to the Foundation Rock and the Well of Souls, located under the Dome of the ROCK in Jerusalem, and shown and described on page 18 and beyond on this site. The cities that relate symbolically to the cities of Sodom and Gommorah, as well as a few other ancient cities located on the Dead Sea, devastated by FIRE and BRIMSTONE, and destroyed by the Judgment of God. All this is simply ancient subliminal manipulation of what is about to happen to many parts of the world, and ultimately, to the 11 Western States, centred at the Head Table of California. Keep in mind that this is all hypnosis, and what appears to be ancient in the 3D scope of things, is simply occurring right now, and meant to establish our reality so as to cause all to experience the great and terrible Day of the Lord’s Vengeance. Time is not a real and true concept. Therefore, the events recorded from ancient times, are only subliminals shaping our illusory plane as we move through our 3D life experience.

Skull Weekly Meeting

The Number 322

322 – Suggesting 9 and 11

911 = 3×3 and 11
322 = 9 divided by 3 = 3 and 22 divided by 2 = 11
Suggesting 9-11 subliminally

The Order of Death also has a number. That number is 322. When you mirror this number it’s 223. The obvious mathematical equation to perform with these 2 numbers dealing with the order of death, is to subtract, or take-away, the difference of the two.

322 minus 223 equals 99. This is 9 elevens or 9-11.

Penis & Rose


Even the word OR – D – ER has reverse sigil markers within it.
OR is the reversed RO for ROYAL.
ER is the reverse for RE, RA, RAY, WAY, WATER, all of which suggest the electrical CURRENT of the ION, or the illusory God concept.
D – the symbol for DEATH. The D letter is the circle, cut in half which represents illusion of life ending.

The letter D is the 4th letter of the English alphabet. The number 4 is the 4 SQUARE Foundation that the whole 3D illusion is built upon. This 4 SQUARE foundation has been conjured up based entirely on the notion of death and regeneration. The number 4 relates subliminally to Abraham Lincoln, the 16th president (4×4), and to Barack Obama, the 44th president (4 and 4), which will be demonstrated in more detail in later pages.

Freemason Meditation Room

(The picture just above is a Freemasonic meditation room used just before an initiate passes up to a new degree.)

September 11-911-The Fall Into Death

– The Pentagon sod turning and construction began (September 11th, 1941).
– The day (September 11, 1990) that Bush Sr. announced to the US Senate the establishment of a new world order was on the horizon.
– The building of the World Trade Centre overlapped 7x – 9-11’s, from 1966 to 1973, taking exactly 6.66 years to build, or exactly 80 months, or 80 moons.
– September 11th, 2001, the attack and controlled demolition of the World Trade Center.

322 is the lowest number which can be symbolic when taken to any extreme. To the luciferian mind, it represents everything to do with sex and death (911). 3 stands for the trinity godhead, the pyramid, the most powerful symbol and the shape most closely related to the deity. 3 x 3 equals the 9 in 9-11. The area of a cube, sacred to Freemasons’ and Islam, who are devoted to Allah, is 3 times that of a pyramid. The magic cube is a sacred symbol in freemasonry and to the Islamic religion. Mecca, the holiest site to Islam, has as its centre piece, the CUBE, from which the Kabaah, and the Kabbala, and the secrets of Kabbalism are derived. 3 in the number 322, when cubed, equals 9. The 3 can be multiplied and divided to any extreme and a sacred number will result. All odd numbers are considered numbers of perfection, and any number divisable by 3, odd or even, would have that divine perfection associated with it.

When interpreting numbers that are associated with destruction, the luciferian Mind either divides or subtracts. The luciferian way to achieve success is to divide and conquer, through DUALITY, symbolized by the number 2. The egregore Thought Process utilizes DUALITY to manipulate the conjured up illusory human mind against itself. This instills confusion or double-mindedness.

The number 2 divided by 2 (as in the number 22 of 322), or divided against itself, equals 1. In other words, each number 2 divided by 2 equals 1. We have two 2’s in the number 322. Therefore, the duality nature of the luciferian thinkers is symbolized in the number 322, along with the strongest shape, or form of the deity, evidenced with the number 3.

The number 322 = 3×3, or 9, the Sacred Cube, and 2 and 2 divided by itself = 11.
The number 322, on one level, is symbolic for 9-11.

The number 322 when added = 7, the number of perfection and completion.
322 when multiplied = 12, the fullness of illusion called Time.
322 minus 223 = 99, or 9 eleven’s, and 9 + 1 + 1 = 11
3×22 = 66

Everything from the first day of creation, SEPTEMBER 11, or 9-11, according to the Hebrew Calendar, and every illusory event that has appeared to happened, up to, and including, the WTC attack of 2001, are all symbolically represented by the number 911. The WTC attack was a monumentous event in 2001, but the symbolism of 911 is bigger than that alone, 911 represents the whole 3 dimensional illusory experience from day one. Being that there is no such thing as Time, then day 1 is right now, and the WTC attack is a powerful subliminal suggesting that a New World and a New Heaven will now come into existence. This is hypnosis, and this is what’s transpiring before us within our 3D life experience. This is the manipulation and the agenda being implemented by the luciferian Thought Process, to gain control in perpetuity, our Reality, and our Eternal Paradise State.

What has been suggested, for what seems to have been many millennia, is in fact, simply an illusion, and what appears to be the 3D universe and 3D life experience, is in fact, relentless subliminal suggestion, attempting to gain control of our Original Wisdom State, and Reality.

Skull Tool

LOVE – There’s No Such Thing

When the luciferian Mindset conjured up the woman, they suggested that sex is love. Sex can be tender, or extremely stimulating, but sex is just sex. Not good or bad, just sex. This illusory notion called LOVE, has not a shred of wisdom or validity within it. Here’s a closer look at the word called LOVE.


LOVE = EVOL (when mirrored)
as in EVOLVING through regeneration
EVOL-U-TION = EVOL-U-SUN = LOVE-SUN = Loving the Sun God, or the Son of God

The term EVOLUTION suggests the WORSHIP of the SON of GOD. Despite what Christianity might say, in regards to Evolution, and it’s contradiction to Creationism, the concept of Evolution is the worship of the Son of God, called Jesus, within the Christian religion.

From the perspective of subliminal suggestion, EVOLUTION and CREATIONISM are one and the same thing. Both are fabrications within the Trance State, made to appear real by the initiation of the Thought Process.

New Jerusalem – New York – The Garden Of The New World

The City of New York, a type of the New Jerusalem and the state of New Jersey are symbols.

PEACE = E-CAE-P = CEEA-P = SEA/or SEE of Peace
JER = REJ in reverse = REY substituting a Y for a J = RAY = LIGHT BEAM = SIGHT = SEE = the ALL SEEING EYE

New Jersey, the Garden State, (representing a portion of the Garden of Eden) being on one side of the River (Hudson) and New YORK – the PLANT-A-GENET-ics (Rose Family of death) on the other side of the River. New JERSEY suggests half of the NEW JER-U-SALEM. Salem equates with Peace – the Prince of Peace – the Son of God – the HOLY SEE – the luciferian Sun God. The letter P is the 16th letter of the alphabet, and as such, is symbolic of the equation 4×4, which is the 4 Square Foundation that the 3D illusion is built upon, which is also suggesting the 16th president of the United States, who was Abraham Lincoln, as well as the 44th president, Barack Obama.

ABRAHAM LINCOLN = Abraham, the LION KING, which will be explained in great detail in the pages that follow.

Barack Obama, on one level, suggests the Kaaba Cube of Mecca, as well as the nation of CUBA, and the Province of QUEBEC which will be presented later.

The All Seeing Eye of NEW JER – SEE, or NEW RAY SEE is likewise, suggesting the illusory Prince of Peace – the Son of God – the luciferian Sun God.

The word New Jersey is best broken down as NEW = North East West, suggesting a NEW World Order. The J in Jersey must be changed to the Y sound of Yuh. JER – SEY then becomes REJ – SEY or RAY SEE, an obvious symbolic name meaning the ray, or light, of the all seeing eye. This refers back to where, (they say), it all started, the Garden of Eden. Now the luciferian Mind is going to introduce a New heaven and a New earth from their New Garden Empire State. That New Heaven and New Earth will be established through the events about to transpire in the New World, which is the North American continent. As you read through this site, this will be described in great detail.

A-MARY-KA, or the SEE/SEA = MARY, the Queen of Heaven, who is the SEA/SEE of Peace, the Pacific Ocean, will initiate the suggested cataclysm of the KA force, the Afterlife/Death force, in judgment upon the world.

Reversing the word EDEN = GARDEN of NEDE = NEED.
As well, this is an E-DEN, or an ELECTRICAL DEN. This is a DEN filled with electrical energy/illusory spirit, referred to as ATOMS, or ADAMS, used to conjure up the illusion of the whole universe. When you combine these words ELECTRICAL DEN, together with the word GARDEN you get RAG-DEN in reverse. Again, change the G to Y and you get RAY DEN of ELECTRICAL DEN. In more literal terms, this Garden of Eden is the illusory Den of Electrical Light Rays/Energy/Spirit. This is the Electrical ARK/ARC of the Covenant, and the illusory ARK/ARC of the cataclysmic FLOOD OF NOAH, destined to be poured out in judgment on the world, in that Day of the Lord’s Vengeance. These are the deals made between God and man. This is the worship of the Sun God of Egypt, Amen Ra, and in both instances, humanity receives the short END of the stick.

EDEN = EEND = the END in Judgment, more subliminal suggestion in the word EDEN.

This 3 dimensional illusion we believe to be reality only creates immense NEED. Needs that are never satisfied, but only foster fear and confusion. The New World Order, will once again, be initiated from GROUND ZERO (ground Z-EROS). The World Trade Centre Attack was an EROTIC sex, blood and death ritual symbolized by the words GROUND ZERO, or with a touch of Greek influence – Ground Eros or Erotic Ground. By changing the G in Ground to a Y:

GROUND = Y-ROUND = ORYUN-D, an anagram for ORION Death.

GROUND also relates to OREGON = OREYON = ORION, which corresponds to Tower 1 of the World Trade Center.

GROUND also relates to GROIN = ORIYN = ORION, the sexual reproductive zone of the human body.

The word GROUND is suggesting the worship of OR-ION, the ROY-AL ION, the ELECTRIFIED ATOM. This is the Lion King, the EL-ION King, who is the AL-LAH King, the illusory Father God King of All. This corresponds to the Great Sphinx, the Lion King situated next to the Pyramids of Giza, which are patterned precisely in line with the 3 Stars of Orions Belt, also called the 3 Kings of ORION/ORIENT are, as the Christmas Carol states.

FT & Pools

The Real Islamic Terrorist – The Rock Of Christ

Immediately below is a diagram in red and white, showing an aerial view of the shape of the Dome of the ROCK which is built over the site where Solomon’s temple supposedly stood. This ROCK is called Mount Moriah, the inspiration for the illuminati title, Moriah Conquering Wind. According to tradition, this is where the Holy of Holies was located, a most sacred place to Jew, Christian and Muslim. The Dome of the ROCK is an 8 sided building. The number suggesting total control. Likewise, the new Freedom Tower – 1 World Trade Center, also has 8 sides when viewed from above. This just one piece of symbolic evidence needed to connect the World Trade Centre attack to the fabricated war on terrorism and Islamic extremists. The religion of Islam was founded hundreds of years ago, with the express purpose of being used symbolically to deepen the Judeo/Christian/Muslim, Children of Abraham, Trance State, in these days in which live. The 3 major religions of Islam, Judaism and Christianity, are but ONE RELIGION, that of Abraham. These are HUMAN SACRIFICE RELIGIONS.

ABRAHAM was the father of many nations. From this perspective, Abraham could be looked upon as a KING. The symbolism of Abraham being a King will be shown to relate to the Great Sphinx of Egypt, the LION KING, which exhibits a Lion’s body and a King’s head. This Great Sphinx, the LION KING, will be shown throughout this site, to be symbolically linked to ABRAHAM LINCOLN, or LION-KING, with the subliminal suggestion attached to Lincoln, that will, in turn, connect to the World Trade Center attack of 9-11, and ultimately to the presidency of Barack Obama.

The reader must keep in mind, that this 3D realm is all an illusion, and everything that appears to be playing out in historical fashion, is in reality, just subliminal suggestion, and none of this has ever really occurred. Therefore, in Reality, the Timelessness of all history, appears to happen over centuries, but is simply suggestion being implanted in that One Eternal Moment. The intention of this suggestion is to achieve Total Control (the number 8), over our powerful Eternal Wisdom State.

Immediately below are a few architectural renderings of what the New Freedom Tower – 1 World Trade Center, will look like.

(The chart showing the Foundation Stone under the Dome of the ROCK in Jerusalem, is the shape of the 11 Western United States, and the topography of this stone also matches the topography of the 11 Western States. Watch the ROCK VIDEO … links at the top or bottom of each page. Also, see page 19 for more information in this regard. The whole site deals with this scenario in one way or another).

Foundation Stone Dome

FT Foundation

FT Tower2 Cross

FT Transit Hub2

FT Transit Hub4

FT Transit Hub6

FT Transit Hub7

Below are a few charts which should aid in understanding the Mind behind the insanity. This is the reptilian brain, the luciferian egregore group acting as a master hypnotist. Every human being has a reptilian brain because we were all conjured up by the luciferian group egregore as they entered into the Thought Process, which is the beginning of Thinking. Entering into the Thought Process conjured up the illusion of Light Energy, and the subsequent 3D world.

This is MAGIC! These are the real MYSTERIES of BABYLON – the MYSTERIES OF THE AGES. Review these charts and diagrams listing 3 different forms of magic of ancient times, which are now simply referred to as MODERN SCIENCE. The other 5 forms of magic are still not understood by the majority but are simply procedures used to manipulate LIGHT ENERGY and create a NEW ILLUSIVE FORM out of the ILLUSION ALREADY EXISTING. One form of magic even includes illicit songs. However, all songs are illicit, as pertaining to remaining focused on reality, as all songs use the language and number systems and repetition, which is incantation and the music scales are all derived from manipulating a beam of light. (See the music light chart on a previous page.)

The word SONG is deciphered as:

SONG = SAW-NG = SEE EYN the term suggesting something from nothing = SEE / SEA = the MARE, or MARY, the Queen of Heaven, and the ultimate Cleansing Judgment of God.

Science of Magic - Science

Listed below are the forms of magic now looked upon as MODERN RELIGION. This is the scource of the signs, miracles and wonders of spiritual esoteric religious organizations. There is nothing miraculous about it. It’s simply a reforming of the illusory concept of matter which is just LIGHT.

Science of Magic - Religion

Below are some diagrams illustrating the 6 POINTED STAR which is the oldest sex ritual symbol in the world. This symbol goes back to ancient Babylon and is in use right up to the present day. This symbol is rooted in the ATOM symbol. (See bottom of page 1).

Science of Magic - 6 Point Star


Google Video – illuminatiMATRIX explanatory video detailing the foundational root of hypnosis, religion, intellectualism and who and what god is.

Click here to watch video.

YouTube Video highlighting some of the subliminal elements hidden in the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem

Please read the next paragraph before watching the ROCK VIDEO.

On the ROCK VIDEO, the World Trade Center is mistakenly called the ROCKEFELLER PLAZA. The WTC was conceived and promoted by the Rockefellers. The Rockefeller Plaza is to the north of the World Trade Centre, on the MANHATTAN ROCK, or MANNA STONE. The WTC and the Rockefeller Plaza , along with the area of CENTRAL PARK, relate to the TEMPLE MOUNT in Jerusalem, and the Al Aqsa Mosque, the Dome of the ROCK, and the Temple Courtyard. These in turn relate to the North American West Coast. See page 39 for more details.

Click here to watch the new Rock Video on YouTube.

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