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Google Video – illuminatiMATRIX explanatory video detailing the foundational root of hypnosis, religion, intellectualism and who and what god is.

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YouTube Video highlighting some of the subliminal elements hidden in the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem

Please read the next paragraph before watching the ROCK VIDEO.

On the ROCK VIDEO, the World Trade Center is mistakenly called the ROCKEFELLER PLAZA. The WTC was conceived and promoted by the Rockefellers. The Rockefeller Plaza is to the north of the World Trade Centre, on the MANHATTAN ROCK, or MANNA STONE. The WTC and the Rockefeller Plaza , along with the area of CENTRAL PARK, relate to the TEMPLE MOUNT in Jerusalem, and the Al Aqsa Mosque, the Dome of the ROCK, and the Temple Courtyard. These in turn relate to the North American West Coast. See page 39 for more details.

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Science and Religion – 2 Peas In A Pod

Up to this point we’ve been looking at the flawed number and language systems of the world. Now we’ll take a look at world manipulation / reality manipulation, using a combination of RELIGION and SCIENCE. These two corruptioning forces are two peas in a pod. It’s really hard to separate one from the other, especially in light of the fact, that the Atom symbol (a science symbol), and the 6 Pointed Star (a religious symbol), are the exact same symbol.

To give you an example of how science and religion are used to manipulate, consider this. This example is a DEMONSTRATION = DEMON-St-RA-SION = DEMON-STRAY-SUN.

The painting below is called Slaughter of Atlantis 2012. Of course, this is an obvious reference to the modern day reverence paid to the Mayan, blood and human sacrifice society of long ago, if you notice the Mayan Pyramid in the background and the blood flowing down the steps. The Mayans were of the same illuminated luciferian agenda which had begun at the onset of the conjuring up of civilization in old Sumeria/Babylon and were of the same purpose as we see in the world today. The New Age Movement, the Age of Aquarius, the Age of Reason, the New World Order, and the Coming of the Messiah, the Messianic Kingdom of God on earth, the Environmental Green Movement are all one and the same thing. Each one of these dogmas worship the Mayan Mysteries overtly and covertly through the very systems I have been exposing on these pages.

The Slaughter of Atlantis 2012 is a reference to the god of war – the luciferian Mind of the Thinking Entities which run the world through the illuminati families such as the Rothchilds (RA-shield, or RED-shield), Rockefellers (ROCK-EY-fellers, or ROCK-e-RELIEF), Hapsburgs, House of Lorraine, de Medici, Li, Astor, Onassis, Kennedy, Russell, Thurn und Taxis, Dupont and Van Duyn. Also, some extremely powerful families affiliated with the major top 13 families include: Bundy, Disney, Collins, Freeman, Reynolds, Krupp, McDonalds, etc. (Sometimes the top 13 list varies). More family names that have succumbed to the luciferian Mindset include the Harrimans, Tafts, Lords, Kelloggs, Goodyear, Whitney, Vanderbilt, Sloanes, Perkins, Bush, etc. Some people also suggest there are only 12 major families.

The Order Of Death

The Russell family is one of the major bloodline families and Charles Taze Russell is the founder of the Watch Tower Society (Jehovah’s Witnesses). The Russell Trust founded the Skull and Bones Society at Yale Univerity, a Mausoleum Death Cult known as The Order of Death. The Russell family made much of their wealth running drugs during the Opium Wars of the 19th century. They flew the Skull and Bones flag on their drug ships. This would seem to be, not to significant in the whole scheme of things, except that George W. Bush Jr., George Bush Sr., and Prescott Bush (the grandfather and supporter of the NAZI’s in Germany, during the 2nd World War) are members of the Skull and Bones Secret Society.

The major empire of the day is the United States of America which is being used to perform blood and human sacrifice through artificially fabricated wars. This luciferian egregore group of Thinking Entities, masquerading as the Living God, needs this blood and horror to cultivate the soil required to perpetuate the hypnotic Trance State. The Bush family is but one of the elite Merovingian bloodline families that tie directly into the Royal Elite families of Europe. At least 34 of the 43 presidents to date, (MARCH 2007), can trace their lineage to Charlemagne (800 AD). The Bush family can even be traced to Alexander the Great, (325 BC – New England Genealogical Society and Burke’s Peerage). Some suggest the Bushes can be traced to the Pharoahs of Egypt. In other words, all the presidents of the United States are cousins>. Even with the introduction of Barack Obama into the list of presidents, as Barack Obama is the 8th cousin of Vice President Dick Cheney.

Amazing, isn’t it, how DEMOCRACY / DOME-SEE-RA-SEA, (an anagram suggesting the Dome, the rising of the Sun God Ra, in the day of the Flood), can keep producing presidents who are blood related. In other words democracy is a sham. Bush Jr. lost the last 2 elections and still continued to be president. WHY? Simply because of the symbolism established for his 3 dimensional life experience is more appropriate for this stage of the luciferian agenda. Basically, Bush is a stronger symbol than John Kerry (as will be shown in the pages that follow), who also is a cousin of the Bushes and a fellow member of the Skull and Bones Society.

In the painting below the eagle represents the phoenix bird of ancient Egypt, delivering his victims in the clouds to the sacrificial pyramid for slaughter. The victims can faintly be seen in the flags of the friends and enemies of America, as they hang draped over the top edge of the pyramid. Off to the left you see the All Seeing Eye of the Mother Goddess, who goes by many names, as mentioned on page 11.

The reason for the woman in each picture, other than the beauty and sexuality of the woman, is that everything we see in this 3 dimensional space is the woman. The woman, the negative female energy, whirls around the protons and neutrons, creating the hexagon of sexual deceit. By deceit, no implication is intended to either right or wrong, only to deception. The positive male protons and the neutral neutrons, are hidden within this hexagon created by the whirling electrons. All we see in the 3 dimensional illusory realm, are electrons, or, the woman. For this reason all of the 3 dimensional space is based on the worship of the woman, the light that forms every 3D object we think to be real.



Double Agent – Triple Agent – Illuminati Agenda That Isn’t

The luciferian illuminati agenda for the world reads like science fiction. Of course, that’s the best possible way to hide the whole scenario. Create loads of propaganda that mirrors the truth and then establish in people’s minds that this mirrored truth, is just that, a fake. With this accomplished, anyone can do endless manipulation in the world without getting caught.

As you progress through this site, you’ll soon come to realize that those things uncovered by all the searching people are only those things the luciferian Thinkers want us to find out. Those things that have been discovered, regarding the involvement by the American administration in the World Trade Center attack are true. How the Rothschilds and Rockefellers, establish and fund organizations such as the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, the Red Cross, the Salvation Army, the United Nations, NATO, the Jehovah’s Witnesses, the Mormons, … the list is literally endless, … and this is all valid information.

However, this is only the tip of the iceberg, and I mean Iceberg, in the literal sense as well. You cannot find out what the illuminati agenda, the luciferian egregore group Mindset agenda is, unless you unlock it piece by piece, based on what the agenda is founded on, or more specifically, the Light Beam particle, which in turn is, the lowly Atom symbol. By this method, and only this method, can you follow the luciferian, LIGHT BRINGING AGENDA, which is the ILLUSION and HYPNOTIC CONTROL, that involves the whole world. Only by this method of uncovering the true cause and the true objectives of these luciferian elite Thinking Entities, can you also realize the weapon necessary to terminate the whole ridiculous Trance State that has been perpetuated for centuries. Even from the very beginning of human history, we’re at that place now, where the lie stops, and the real agenda is revealed. The real agenda is far more hideous than just tracking the workings of the Council On Foreign Relations, or the Club of Rome, etc. These are only smokescreens, or cover stories,, perpetuated by the lost leading the blind, allowed by the luciferian world elite, to lead the masses into a state of anxiety and confusion, with no ultimate escape or recognition of what Reality entails.

On this page we’ll take a look at ARMAGEDDON = MAR-A-YED-DON = SEE-A-DEY-DAWN, or SEE/SEA A DAY DAWN, the lost continent of Atlantis (which isn’t lost at all), the Chemtrails and subsequent natural disasters that are meant to kill most of us and the attempt to change times and seasons through such things as Standard Time, and Daylight Savings Time and the Gregorian Calendar.

Pope Gregory – The Gregorian Calendar – The Eye-Ray-Orion Calendar

Pope Gregory gave us this calendar which could very likely be 12 years off the mark, or at least 1 year or 2. BUT WHY? After the Gregorian calendar was instituted, it just happened to skip ahead a certain span of Time. The reason for this skip of however many years, was to throw the world into confusion as to what was coming. As I’ve stated thus far, the Hebrew nation has been manipulated through horrific events to be used by the elite families of this illusory 3D plane, for luciferian agenda purposes. The Hebrew Calendar began (their 1st day of creation) on SEPTEMBER 11 – or 09/11. In 1999 AD, according to the Gregorian calendar, the Hebrew Calendar celebrated its 6000th anniversary. (Although other sources state the actual age of this illusory plane to be 200-300 years less).

The length of Time since the conjuring began is irrelevant. What is relevant, is that the luciferian agenda is following the Gregorian calendar outwardly, but symbolically, they’re following the Hebrew Calendar in many respects. Being ritualistic obsessives, they’ll wish to have their NEW WORLD ORDER, their MESSIANIC INSTITUTION and their NEW AGE OF ENLIGHTENMENT, administering the ENVIRONMENTAL GREEN MOVEMENT to implement, and put in place, the New Earth scenario, on or before, the year 2012. After 2012, the world will operate under a new set of rules, all based on the luciferian vision that’s been revealed to the masses throughout these illusory ages, through the Secret Societies such as Skull and Bones.

The year 2013 = 20+13 = 33, the highest obvious degree of Freemasonry.
2013=2+0+1+3=6, the Sacrificer which refers to SICKS, or the disease ridden world, which is designed to implant endless frear.

The painting below is called Armageddon Warrior. This is obviously speaking of the last final battle of the fabricated luciferian God to destroy evil in the world. There’s just one slight problem here. The so-called good guys and the so-called bad guys are the same guys … The pages coming up on this site will show just how horrific and how convoluted the magnitude of this last battle will be. This battle is even now raging, but the pace will quicken immensly from the year 2008 on.

Allow me to quote from the luciferian inspired Christian Bible. Occasionally I’ll quote passages from time to time, but not because I place authority in these writings as the word of God, or that there’s any truth to be found within thsese pages. Quite the contrary. This book, the Old Testament, the New Testament, the Qur’an, and all religious writings in the world, are all luciferian based.

The Thought Process – The LIE-ght Process

Genesis 1:1 says “In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth…”

Everything written up to this point has been to show that conjuring up a thought, which is a word, which is a sound and which is a LIE, is intended to disconnect us from our Original State of Reality and Wisdom. This THOUGHT, of combining a sound with a shape and colour, results in matter becoming visible, or being created, or conjured up. This is the Hebrew notion referred to as “AYIN”, SOMETHING FROM NOTHING.

AYIN = EYE-IN = N-INE, or the number 9, which is the FALL into the illusory 3D life experience called the TRANCE STATE, which is the concept we refer to as DEATH. The number 9 refers to this beginning of the illusion, or the creation of the Universe, and 9-11 is the 1st day of creation to those who worship the Light Bringing luciferian Thought Process. Likewise, 9-11, in the year 2001, was the beginning of the END OF THE OLD WORLD, and the transition leading into the NEW WORLD ORDER by the year 2012 and beyond. Within the Trance State, it’s impossible to see this concept, where the end of the Old Order has come to pass, and is passing away. However, from the perspective outside the Trance State, it becomes very evident that we’ve just witnessed the END of the OLD, and are well along into replacing the OLD with the NEW.

The 3 dimensional world appears because of this lieing Thought Process. This Thought Process is communicated to humanity through the number and language systems devised by the luciferian group egregore Mind. This thought process conjures up the appearance of matter, and ultimately, conjures up TIME and SPACE. Therefore, it is no giant leap (unlike the faked moon landings), to see that the heavens and the earth and everything in them, were created by the luciferian egregore Thought Process… and that includes you and me!

The luciferian Mind is our Creator and is our God, in a manner of speaking. This luciferian group of Thinking Entities called God, conjured up the hypnotic trance State to attempt to separate who and what we really are from our Original Wisdom State, and Reality. The system we live in and the hoops we’re forced to jump through as we pay homage to this lunatic concept, (which is to give credibility to it), causes us to make this intellectual Thought Process, this way of existing – be our God. The really good news in all this, is that when we realize that this is how it works, we ESCAPE. We don’t have to intellectualize anything in our life, or plan for the future, or, worry about the past. Realizing this (REAL-EYES-ing), allows us to reconnect through this awareness, to our Original Paradise State, which is what we already are. The Real Ultimate Expression of Being is who we really are, already, and this is the Paradise State. We are the Paradise State! We’re not going to become part of the Paradise State, we already are, and always have been that Eternal State of power, freedom and liberty. We don’t need some luciferian Mind to manipulate us to constantly believe we need to think, for all thoughts originate with the Thinking Entities, and are simply implanted in our mind, which is their mind they conjured up for us, and all suggestion and subliminal manipulation manifests in the way they, the Thinkers, want us to think. We don’t need to think because we just know all things, already.

Following after the endless luciferian Thought Process is to become indoctrinated in higher learning – which, in the world system, translates into higher earning – which translates again, into making merchandise out of everything imaginable. The indoctrination into the hallowed halls of science and education is nothing more than the worship of the delusionary God called lucifer, the egregore group creator / conjurer of heaven and earth. This conjuring, and creation of the illusion of matter, is the coming of the LIGHT, the coming of the LIE, and the coming of DEATH. This luciferian group God and its Thought Process is the attempted introduction of mass hypnosis into the Eternal Paradise State, which is being executed at this very single eternal moment.

There is no such thing as TIME, or SPACE, and the battle for control of the Eternal State is raging, and the INTENSITY is building, even as the TENSION mounts to completely take control of Reality, by manipulating an illusory reality within the minds they’ve conjured up for us, attempting to force us to believe, this is real.

The Battle of Armageddon – Megiddo – Mexico

This is the real Battle of Armageddon! This last battle in this illusory Time Zone, is the struggle of connecting to our Original Wisdom State through awareness, versus being disconnected by their hypnotic manipulation and mind control. This battle is within us, within our illusory minds which have been conjured up for us. However, the hypnotic suggestion that induces the Trance State, unfolds in the actual physical Valley of Megiddo, which is located in the New World. The Valley of Megiddo is the valley of sacrifice and death. This battle is the Day of the illusory Lord’s Vengeance, where he / it, (the luciferian Thought Process God), performs an ongoing cull of humanity, and the attempted total control of the our Original Eternal State. This luciferian group of Thinking Entities will manipulate and destroy to further instill again, a deeper Trance State. This will be described more completely on pages 18, 19, 20, 21 and 22. The Valley of Megiddo is the vast territory once occupied by New Spain, the territory saturated in the worship of MARY perpetuated by the Roman Catholic Church. This territory is called MEXICO.

Megiddo is Mexico!

Continue reading the upcoming pages to see the symbolic evidence to justify this claim and to understand how vast an area Mexico really is.

The Numbing Number System

What I have just stated is the connection between two seemingly opposing factions of the luciferian agenda, the scientific and religious factions. To become indoctrinated in the NUMBING numbering system and to be ANGLED / ANGELED (or manipulated by the luciferian Thought Process energy/spirit called angels) into the language system, is to revere the God of Deception.

To be void, or to not be schooled and indoctrinated in higher intellectual learning, is not to be void of wisdom. In fact, the less higher learning one is indoctrinated in, the less ignorance one acquires. Higher learning is basically ignorance. We’ve been taught to IGNORE WISDOM. Wisdom only knows what to do in that one eternal moment outside the Trance State. The intellectual Thought Process (which is higher learning), enslaves and corrupts, and is constantly looking to take care of the future and to erase the guilt of the past. The corruption occurring all around, in the world and in the confusion of our illusory minds, is a result of the belief that learned knowledge is good. Wisdom, on the other hand, is something that we are already. No need to learn, or study to be wise, for Wisdom is the Original State of who and what we really are. If the 3D human life experience had never been conjured up for the soul purpose of manipulating Reality, our connection and focus on our Eternal Wisdom and Paradise State would be easily recognized. Learned knowledge is fabricated fantasy and was designed to manifest division, confusion, suffering and death.

(The painting immediately below is entitled Armageddon Warrior. Modeled by Playboy model Veronika).

Armageddon Warrior

The Continental Drift – Atlantis Drift

One major event which took place and was performed by the luciferian mind was the Continental Drift. This was the channeling of the earth into, what has become known as, the EAST – WEST – and THIRD world. This began rapidly in the days of Peleg, about 3000 BC, (according to the luciferian Mindset, inspired and written, Old testament) and is still continuing (about 1 inch per year). What happened was the luciferian Thought Process needed to reserve a grand portion of the world landmass and wealth for the later stages of the manipulation of reality. Therefore, they had to rip off and divide the one huge land mass that existed from the beginning of this conjured up creation, and hold it in store, until the luciferian agenda required it to be put into play.

The kabbala secret mystery is that matter can be manipulated one molecule at a time through incantation sound, shape and colour combinations. This is the Thought Process, or the Hidden Hand, the Mystery of the Ages. This is also the process by which weather and natural disasters can be manipulated upon the world. As you proceed through this chart in the later pages, it will become abundantly clear as to the validity of this statement).

This Continental Drift was just such a luciferian Thought Process, and a wonderful exercise in manifesting all kinds of foolish notions about where the lost continent of Atlantis was and who may have originally populated it. From there, the question then arises, (among those most easily manipulated within the hypnotic Trance State), …”were the original occupants of Atlantis extra-terrestrials or some other entities?”

In reality, it was simply the luciferian Mindset, the egregore group of Thinking Entities, applying the kabballistic understanding of manipulated sub-atomic particles through THOUGHT, that caused a division of humanity and of the continents. This effectively created Time and Space divisions and barriers which would help perpetuate endless events and wars and the situation we find ourselves experiencing now.

As for the ET’s they’re real, as much as anything in this 3 dimensional space is real, but they are not from other planets. (See page 11 for more on this.)

15 Letter A’s – The Deity Number and Letter

One simple sign of who was behind the channeling of the physical 3D illusory world, can be seen in the symbolism of the names given to the continents and the number associated with them.

There are 7 continents:


Ring of Fire

The peculiar thing about these names, is that 6 of the 7 continents start and end with the letter A – a pyramid letter. The letter A , besides being the Shape Most Strongly Associated With The Deity, is also another form of the name of the Deity. The letter A is a subliminal referring to the AYE, or the EYE. With a long, or glided sounding vowel. Sounded out as a short vowel, or unglided sounding vowel, it sounds like AH, as in the Jewish word for God, which is YOD, or YAH-D. The suggestion attached to this letter, both in sound and shape, is referring to the All Seeing Eye, or to ALLAH, or again, to YAHWEH or JEHOVAH, … etc.. For this reason, the continents are named in such a manner, as to invoke worship of Allah, etc., all in a subliminal, hypnotic sense. Completely undetected, but totally able to manipulate reality.

6 continents also include an I – EYE, within the body of the word. 5 of the 7 include an R – the sun god symbol for RA. EUROPE has no A at either end, but does have an E at each end. This is symbolic of EL, another name extended to the father of all gods. EL refers to EL-ECTRICITY, or the energy/spirit, conjured up through the Thought Process.

Europe does have an R and an RO – and RU in reverse – and the word ROPE as well. So … , where did these names come from? All this is inspired and conjured up by the luciferian Thought Process, and suggested to, or implanted within the minds of those who have succumbed to intellectual indoctrination, which is to willingly enter into the Trance State.

If you’ve read the Alphabet pages dealing with the letter R, you’ll remember that RO was the original word from which we get ROYALTY. Anytime you see the RO together, it is symbolism for the ROSE. The Rose is referring to, and is symbolic of, the Saviour who Rose from the Dead. The Rose and the Dead are the 2 symbolic Orders that rule the whole world through the Hidden Mysteries of the Thought Process.

People, such as the Presidents Bush, belong to the Order of Death and the Order of the Rose. Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau of Canada, and Prime Minister Brian Mulroney, also belonged to the Order of the Rose. The list of the entranced luciferian elite is quite extensive.

The Merovingian Bloodline – The European Rope – The Mer-Sea-Vine

Europe is the continent of the major ROYAL elite bloodline, the Merovingian bloodline, that has conquered the world. All these royal families are really only one family, the vine or rope, which winds its way through the dynasties of these countries. (The vine/rope is a Freemasonic symbolism).

There are 7 continents, 6 speak symbolically through the letter A at the beginning and end of their name, of being surrounded or controlled by the All Seeing Eye, the God of the Pyramid. The 7th is the Royal continent, which controls all the other continents, through the cities of London, the Vatican of Rome and Washington DC. Washington DC, like London and the Vatican of Rome, are city states that have no federal state over them. (As well, Canberra Australia, and Singapore, amongst others, are also city states). Despite the location of Washington in North America, it’s a territory of Europe, in deed, if not on paper.

The continent of ASIA doesn’t have an R or an E in it. However, ASIA does have the Serpent symbol S and an I, or EYE in it. Together, the S and the letter I, conjure up the notion of ISIS, the Egyptian Queen of Heaven goddess. This is the land of the Dragon Kings and the All Seeing Eye of the luciferian Thought Process. From this we can surmise, that this Mindset controls this continent like all the rest. This continent is different in culture, but the intellectual indoctrination is identical. The cultural differences are intended to keep the world separated for use in the final battle to manipulate reality with the ultimate loss of focus on our Original State of Wisdom.

That battle is described on pages 16 to 20, and is not at all limited to a conventional war.

Still another oddity in the continent names lies in the fact that there are 2 America’s. The 2 America’s are NORTH and SOUTH, 2 poles, male and female, positive and negative. Take a close look at the map, these continents are also similar in shape. (Triangular shape). The words north and south each have 5 letters. 5 is the number of sacrifice and relating in particular to the sacrifice of humanity. 5 is the luciferian pentagram star. 5 is the shape of the human form. (See page 13 and the diagram of how lucifer made the illusory woman/man).

All this continent symbolism could be blamed on the luciferian Thinkers just trying to put symbolism into the names. However, if that’s all there is to it, how did they get 7 continents? 7 is the number of Perfection and Completion. How did they get 5 oceans? The number that again relates to human sacrifice.

How did they channel the earth to get 3 worlds? 3 is the sacred number of the triune pyramid god, called the EYE which includes the 3 primary colours, 3 basic parts of sound and 3 simple shapes. And how did they make 2 continents be similar in shape and connecting in the middle (much like the sex ritual symbol of the hour glass), where the male and female continents, North and South America, connect at the centre?

PaNaMa – The Continental Hourglass Trinity

North and South America are roughly shaped like triangles, much like the DELTA of a river is a rough triangle pyramid and thereby sacred, or usable, to the luciferian hypnotic Mindset. Where these 2 continents join is the sexual point of contact between the male and female and is literally at the country of PANAMA. Take a very close look at this name, PANAMA. Here we have the symbolism of the whole triune godhead connected. The father and the son are one (North and Central America) and connect to the mother (South America). All this takes place at the sexual point of union between the man and the woman. This symbolically and literally occurs at the Panama Canal.

PA-NA-MA = PA an MA.

The may seem ridiculous but the word PA is a shortened form of PAPA as in the Papal Holy See, or the POPE. This is the father.

The MA word is the MATRIX, the mothers womb that grows the seed. The Panama Canal symbolizes the vaginal canal, the female sexual anatomy. Every ship that slips through this canal is a sex ritual event to the luciferian mindset.

The Panama Canal was first used on August 15, 1914.

The year 1914 corresponds again, to the Season of LENT, or Va-LENT-ine.
August is the 8th month, suggesting CONTROL.
15 is the number most closely associated with the Deity, the luciferian Thought Process.

The name of the engineer who built the Panama Canal was:


The importance of George Washington, from a subliminal, or symbolic perspective will be shown throughout this site. Just as names, events, or places, using B and G, or J, names, which refer to the 2 Sacrifice Pillars in front of Solomon’s Temple. Everything suggesting, or corresponding to George Washington is a reference to the Judgment Day and the cleansing of the earth is some form or another. The Goethals Bridge between Staten Island, New York City and Elizabeth, New Jersey is named in his honour. Again, a highly symbolic honour to be used within the luciferian agenda.

Keep in mind, this not how I think, this is how this luciferian egregore group of Thinking Entities thinks. Symbolism means everything to an entity that controls totally through subliminal messaging. Furthermore, intellectualism means everything to a Mindset void of Wisdom.

Continental Panama Atlantis

Standard Time – Daylight Savings Time

Daylight Savings Time is a concept that originates within the luciferian, Freemason, sun god worshipping Mind. This is an absolutely ridiculous sun ritual we do twice a year. We even admit that we do it to get more daylight, or more of the SUN / SON, into our workday. However, this causes way more grief to every society as we’re forced to spring ahead one hour and then fall back one hour, six months later. Here’s how it came about.

Between 1835 and 1885, Canada built a national railroad system across the entire country. Sir Sanford Fleming was one of the principles in overseeing this undertaking. No small task if you’re familiar with Canada at all. By the time this freemason chap (who was a founding member of the Freemason influenced Royal Society of Canada – associated with the Royal Society of London) reached the Saskatchewan / Manitoba border, (2 prairie provinces in Canada, and highly significant locations in the Last Judgment Day scenario), somebody decided to name a tiny little town after Mr. Fleming. This town is now known as Fleming, Saskatchewan. The railroad continued on to the Pacific Ocean on the west coast, but Mr. Fleming must have fallen in love with Saskatchewan, for he set about to establish Standard Time. Standard time divided the whole world into 24 standard time zones. This was accomplished in 1878.

Fleming Saskatchewan – The Foot of the Luciferian Cross

By the middle of the last century, the little town of Fleming had grown to a couple of thousand people. It was then struck by a fire that virtually decimated the town to a few hundred. This is sun god worship, that is repeated over and over again, as an offering, or sacrifice to the Sacred Sun God of Geometry and Mathematics. Create and build a ritual event to the luciferian egregore group god, under the quise of, say, a RAILROAD, then BURN THIS SACRIFICE in adoration towards the great architect of the universe that gave the ingenuity to build the structure in the first place. This is symbolized in the story of Solomon’s Temple as well. This is precisely what the building up of the whole planet is leading to. Soon, and even now, the fire and water is being unleashed as a massive sacrifice to the luciferian Master Hypnotist. By the time you read through to page 21, you will see how absolutely significant, this location, as remote as it is, will be in the luciferian inspired, illuminati elite scenario. This little town of Fleming Saskatchewan is located right on the Manitoba/Saskatchewan border, the foot of the 4 Corner Cross of Canada. This 4 Corner Cross didn’t come into existence until 1999, well over 100 years since the railroad, and town, were built. It was all part of the agenda, even without the entranced participants having knowledge of what was transpiring.

A massive subliminal message has been established through the creation of Standard Time, and the ultimate manipulation technique called Daylight Savings Time. All of this stuff connects back to Greenwich Mean Time in England, or Universal Time Coordinated, UTC, and to the International Date Line, which cross the Equator, forming 2 – 4 Corner Crosses of Judgment, one on each side of the world.


The importance this part of the world is playing symbolically, in the luciferian agenda, has completely been overlooked by everyone. On page 20, you’ll see the significance of Canada, and especially western and northern Canada, in the ultimate luciferian attack on humanity withing the next few years. All of Canada has been conjured up, and designed to follow the agenda of manipulation extending back to Babylon and Egypt. The symbolic naming of the provinces, cities, etc., and the angles in the borders of the provinces, all relate to the Constellation Orion, which in turn, relate to the 3 Stars of Orion’s Belt, which in turn, relate to the Pyramids of Egypt. This will be elaborated on more, in upcoming pages.

Standard Time was the forerunner of Daylight Savings Time established in Germany and Britain during the 1st World War between 1916 and 1917. (Obviously, they didn’t get enough killing done, so they had to catch a few more minutes of daylight to achieve their quota). Now, virtually the whole world does this lunatic notion twice a year, of moving the clocks forward 1 hour and then 6 months later, back 1 hour to Standard Time. This is ridiculous enough, but Saskatchewan doesn’t move its clocks, EVER. Furthermore, Saskatchewan’s border is now blessed with the unique symbolic shape of a Pyramid, with the Capstone separated by the 60th degree coordinate, which forms the border with the new NUNAVUT TERRITORY created in 1999. We’re talking Big Pyramid here. It’s about 1500 miles high and about 450 miles wide. That’s just to the capstone portion. Add another 2,000 miles or so and it peaks off at the North Pole. The symbolism of all this becomes apparent on page 20. For those with incredible endurance and able to continue reading this blog, the importance of this area of the world will become apparent.

But what could be so significant about doing this? The whole world is now sectioned off into pyramids and/or capless pyramids through the lines of latitude and meridians of longitude. Of course, this is all luciferian symbolism to divide the world into sacred geometric patterns because it guarantees (in their Mind) absolute success if the plan is loaded with this symbolism.

Why does symbolism guarantee success? … Symbolism is subliminal, and the suggestions extended from all subliminals establishes the Trance State through mass hypnosis.

Sounds, shapes and colours are all symbolic suggestions that induce the Trance State. This is why, as you progress through this site, the coordinates of latitude and longitude will become very significant. Everything is a subliminal! The more widespread that a particular suggestion has been extended, the more importance is attached to that subliminal, and the importance of the physical location of it’s origin. In fact, by understanding the code of subliminals built into the coordinates, it’s almost possible to identify the luciferian agenda using coordinates alone.

All of this pre-amble regarding Time and coordinates is just to familiarize the reader with the massive scale that the whole luciferian agenda has to be contemplated on. The hypnotic subliminals will even be shown to extend into the constellations, in a very important way. This is not giving credence to astrology, but showing how these luciferian Thinking Entities have conjured up, and use the whole universe as one big, … very big, subliminal. Everything is based on a form of astrology and numerology, however, the numerological and astrological forms commonly used are not accurate, but are introduced into the agenda as a smokescreen and front. The accurate and true astrological and numerological functions are shown on this site.


The term, ‘to be railroaded into doing something’, describes the absolute control someone or something has over your affairs which causes you to do something you would rather choose not to do. Consider also, that RAIL is LIAR when reversed. The railroad is a magnificent piece of hypnotic luciferian symbolism. Even the construction of the railroad tracks themselves are symbolic of a geometric pattern of cross ties and iron rails which snake across the continent like a serpent.

IRON = ORION = the ROYAL ION, or ELECTRIFIED ION, which is the product of the Thought Process.

See the diagram below and the unique shape of the province Saskatchewan. It should be noted here as well, that the word railroad is itself, full of sigil magic symbolism. Here we see the usual RA-il-RO-ad, referring to the sun god RA. As well, there’s an RO, for the connection to the Royal illuminati elite. This is significant again, because of Sir Sanford Fleming’s (not Alexander as shown on the chart) connection with the Royal Society of Canada.


Of course, freemasonry symbolism throughout Canadian culture is immense. The tallest phallic obelisk in the world (at least for a few years) was the CN Tower in Toronto (Canadian National RAILWAY Tower). This is a phallic symbol, with the restaurant head of the phallus squirting a communication tower spire of sperm high into the sky. The base of this obelisk penis, is that of a CROSS, (when viewed from above), as demonstrated by a zodiac cross. This is the cross of the Knights Templar, (the cross of the Red Cross organization), the forerunner of Freemasonry.

Eventually, the Sky Dome was built right at the base of the tower. This Sky Dome opens up just like an All Seeing Eye for all kinds of sporting events, which are in themselves, luciferian rituals of manipulation. The real symbolism is evident in that it’s built on one of the 5 Great Lakes. The number 5 is symbolic of human sacrifice. (Such as is suggested in the terms Pentagon, Pentagram, Pentacle, etc.) The word GREAT means Y-RAE-T or EYE RAY of T, and suggests IRATE, or ANGER, the ANGRY GOD of JUDGMENT. The word LAKES means EL-A-X. L, or EL, is the father of all gods, A is the pyramid subliminal, and KES is the sound of the X, sex ritual cross of the zodiac light beam. The word LAKES refers to the MOON Goddess, or God, and suggests:

LAKES = AL-A-X = ALLAH, and the LAX, the International Airport at LOS ANGELES.
LAKES or LAX is a subliminal for the Sacrifice of ALLAH, or LA, which is Los Angeles.

A reminder once again, this is subliminal messaging, and it makes absolutely no logical, or rational sense. However, as you keep reading the information presented, it will become abundantly clear, that this is the suggestion within the luciferian agenda.

This is yet another example of the luciferian Mindset preparing the necessary geographical locations, and creating or conjuring, through hypnotic suggestion, 5 Great Lakes for just this purpose. These lakes, the Atlantic Ocean and the continents of North and South America weren’t even formed in their present shape until the Continental Drift ripped the world in two as recently as 4,500 illusory years ago. The luciferian Mindset built in the necessary suggestion that this occurred many millions of years ago. It’s for this reason that the intellectually trained, or more accurately, the luciferian controlled Trance State of the scientific community of the world, believes this 3 dimensional light illusion to be real and show an abundance of evidence proving that it is. At least, they almost prove it, but they just can’t quite totally agree on a few points. Actually, quite a few points. That’s because none of this is real.

The main power centre of Atlantis is the United States of America. The names of the Great Lakes are Superior – Huron – Erie – Ontario and Michigan. Again we see the need to use names with AR – ER – IR – OR and UR. However, Michigan Lake doesn’t have any R’s in it. Lake Michigan is different, just like the Continent of Europe is different from the other continents. Lake Michigan only goes into the United States, the other 4 lakes are located in both Canada and the United States.

However, there’s more to it than that. Look at the name Superior. Let’s break it down a bit, because all these names are given by luciferian inspired Freemasonic ritualistic minds, and symbolism will be attached. The largest of the Great Lakes is SUPERIOR.

SUPERIOR – SUPER meaning over, or above the normal. In this case, this lake is higher in elevation, larger in size and farthest north. However, look a little closer, SUPERIOR = SUP-E-RIO or SUPPER RIVER. This name now becomes very significant, as the word RIVER or RIO, is to REVERE, or worship. This is the subliminal, not the actual definition. The word Superior corresponds to the title given to a sister, or nun, within the Roman Catholic Church, who oversees others in her jurisdiction. The title is Mother Superior. The city of Sault Ste. Marie is located at the junction of Michigan, Huron and Superior Lakes, when entering Lake Superior from the east.

The name Sault Ste. Marie is symbolic of the Moon Goddess, the Queen of Heaven, who is MARY.
MARY, in turn, is the SUPERIOR ONE.

Let’s look a little closer. The letters RIO are the same as those in the word ORION, the constellation. This would seem insignificant, if it weren’t that all of sun god worship, which includes all religion, is based on the sun, the moon and the constellations, and especially ORION. The 3 stars on the belt of Orion, are known as the 3 Kings. These are the 3 Wise Men of Christianity. This belt of stars is highly significant in the establishment of the subliminal messages being established, that prepare humanity, and in fact, have conjured up the whole body of humanity, to accept the New World Order which is the Messianic Kingdom on earth. This manipulation of Reality, using the illusory body of humanity, is designed to disconnect and distract us from staying focused on Reality and our Original Wisdom State.

This is the suggestion in the name Superior. This will be the Last Supper / Super-ior that will be symbolically established over the next few years.

This is tough stuff to track with, without a doubt, but the coming pages will clarify and bring into focus, what has just been written.

The name HURON = HORU-S = HORUS the sun god. This is a simple anagram, a repositioning of letters that hides the subliminal only slightly. The letter N in Huro-N, is the EYE-N of the sun god. Lake Huron also has a huge body of water attached to it called GEORGIAN BAY. The word GEORGIAN = EYE ROSE EYE using the substitution rule of the Y in place of a G or J. This is the same rule that shows the name of George Bush to mean Rose Bush. The names HURON and GEORGIAN are both anagrams that correspond to the constellation Orion, just as Lake Superior does. Keep in mind, that subliminal suggestion is most effective when hidden, but still, almost recognizable at a conscious level.

… Georgian has the G’s substituted with the letter Y:

Lake ERIE = ER = pronounced EAR, plus the IE = EYE. This is eerie, which means to be mysteriously frightening. The subliminal is to instill fear through what we see and hear.

ERIE = ER, or RE, or RA, which in turn is WA, or WATER, and the letters IE= EYE.
Lake ERIE means WATER EYE, and is suggesting the coming Flood associated with Day of Judgment.

Lake Ontario also suggests ORION. This again, is an anagram meaning, AT ORION.

AT ORION comes from the angle of the border with Manitoba which is 135 degrees, and the angle of the border with Quebec, which also is 135 degrees. This is the angle of the stars in the constellation Orion. The number 135 coincides with 3 on the 12th clockface.

12+3=15, the number most closely associated with the Deity.

Using the substitution rule of changing the G to a Y, LAKE MICHIGAN is an anagram for the MOON GODDESS, by the name of ISIS, the Queen of Heaven, which was an Egyptian forerunner of MARY:


All the gods and goddesses are just electrified IONS, conjured up by the Thought Process. The act of THINKING generates ENERGY, and this ENERGY, in turn, manifests as a 3D form. This is the illusion and is the hypnotic Trance State. In an attempt to keep the illusion, and the manipulation of Reality hidden from the Eternal State (which is who we really are), the notion of creating gods and goddesses was introduced.

The name MICHIGAN also relates to Michael, the Archangel of the Jews and Christians. In christianity, his feast day is September 29. Which is 9-29.

9 is the number of the FALL.
29 coincides with 5, SACRIFICE on the 3rd clockface.

The feast day of Michael, 29/09, relates to the sacrifice associated with 9-11.

Michael, the Archangel, should be read as the ARK, as in ELECTRICAL ARK, and ANGEL as ANGLE. This is because this whole 3 dimensional hypnotic trance is based on the light particle, the atom symbol, the electrical energy/spirit that all of religion is based on. Everthing in this 3D space is electrical energy combined with angles/angels, of one description or another. Therefore, Lake Michigan, is symbolic of the archangel of battle, who is the patron saint of Law Enforcement Officers. Law Enforcement Officers, the POLICE, are well represented within the ranks of Freemasonry, and religion, in general.

This should give a better understanding of what the Great Lakes are really there for, from a subliminal perspective. Especially in respect to Lake Michigan. Make special note, as you read through this site, that Lake Michigan is pointing directly at a little city called Cairo, Illinois. In a part of the State of Illinois, know as Little Egypt. This is right in the junction of the Mississippi / M-ISIS-IP-I and Ohio / O-EYE-O Rivers, at 37 degrees north of the equator. This is exactly the same as the 4 Corners Cross of the western United States of Utah, Arizona, New Mexico and Colorado. This is exactly the same longitude as the City of San Francisco, and all three of these locations will be shown later on this site, to be highly significant to the luciferian agenda. Cairo, Illinois is located on an active earthquake fault.

The number 37 = 3+7=10.
The number 10 is IN-TEN-SITY.
This number 10 relates to the coordinates of Los Angeles, and California, and will be shown repeatedly throughout this site.

All this will become relevant in future pages.

Now have a look at the earthquake hotspots in the United States, courtesy of the USGS site. Make special note of the area around Cairo Illinois. Lake Michigan aims directly at this earthquake hotspot. Also, notice the names of the 2 rivers, The Mississippi and The Ohio. Both are symbolic of ISIS and the EYE.

Earthquakes USA

The Egregore Thought Process – Entities Of Thought

In the diagram of the world showing the continental drift, (see above) it should be noted that the words
EQUAT-OR, T-RO-PIC, CANC-ER and CAP-RI-C-OR-N all have an OR, RO, ER or an RI included in them. How come all of these key words have an R and a vowel? This is kabbalistic sigil magic subliminal hypnotic suggestion… sound, shape and colour association.

What sets this thing, the egregore Thought Process, into motion, is the gathering of like Minded Thinkers, who have a similar purpose or desire, called the EGO. This group of like Minded Thinkers is the EGREGORE, or EGREGORI, the Hidden Mysteries of this illusory 3D plane. From this word, through sound and shape association, we get the words CON-gregation and gregarious. The meaning of congregation is obvious, it is to con, or trick, the gregarious. These are people who delight in gathering together for ritualistic worship.

The real oddity in all this, is that the messianic worshippers, the new world order worshippers and the new age thinking worshippers, are all forming, unwittingly, a massive egregore, or like-minded ritual. All will proclaim victory from within their own unique Trance State perspective and the killing and bloodshed will still continue on as before.

Who What and Where Is The Luciferian Head?

This word EGREGORE is a little understood concept, that represents the Thought Process and a collective group mind.

EGREGORE = substitute G for a Y = EYRE-YORE = EYe-RAY-ROYal-RE = suggesting ROYAL WATER, or the ROYAL ION.
The ROYAL ION is the ROYAL LION, and refers back to the Great Sphinx of Egypt, the LION KING.
The symbolism of the Lion King, is central to the luciferian agenda, and is worth noting, that the Lion King is the Egregore Thought Process.
This Lion King symbolism will show up repeatedly throughout this site.

In actual practice, the egregore ritual group mind is witnessed when a church congregation joins together to worship. In the christian bible we read that “wherever 2 or more are gathered there I AM also.” This, I AM, is the luciferian group of Thinking Entities.

I AM = EYE AM = EYE MA = or the MOTHER EYE, the All Seeing Eye, or ALL-AH, or ALL EYE.

Again, the bible says “forsake not the gathering of yourselves together…”, this is so the Kabbalistic Magic can be performed. Some call it miracles, some refer to it as signs and wonders. This is actually mind and light manipulation of physical matter in accordance with the kabbalistic knowledge based on luciferian principles of creating an illusion.

This is the Secret behind Secret Societies!

Who then, or what, is this luciferian egregore Thought Process? Where is it located? Simply put, this luciferian group god is in everything you see. We’re told in the christian luciferian bible, that creation shows the glory of the creator. This is yet another subliminal message, suggesting that everything is wonderful in creation, and therefore, must be good. In actuality, the Thought Process, the very Act of Thinking, is evident in everything, for it’s Group Thought that brought all of this conjured up creation into existance. However, this is not one Supreme Being, but A MASSIVE GROUP OF LYING ENTITIES. This is all they are, … and this is all that the notion of God is. They are Conscious Beings, Thinking Beings! It’s this Thinking Process that causes them to manifest corruption, which ultimately creates the illusion of DEATH, by instilling the FEAR of DEATH within the 3 dimensional life experience. Wherever there is Thinking, there They are!

Thinking is where you attempt to plan the future, or correct the past, both of which are non-existant. There is only One Moment in Reality, and it can only be experienced outside of the Trance State. To move forward, or to move backward, within the illusory Time and Space 3D realm, and out of the Eternal Moment, which exists only outside the Trance State, is to move out of our Original State of Wisdom. This movement is corruption, or Death related. Death doesn’t actually occur, but within the Trance State, Death only appears to take place because of the suggestion within the Trance State, which is constantly alluding to Death.

The luciferian group entity is ONLY a THOUGHT. This is the Egyptian Father God called THOTH, which is simply, THOUGHT.

THOUGHT destroys, controls, and appears to kill everything. It messes with our mind. It uses the manipulation of light as it’s main weapon, in creating the 3 dimensional illusion to come between us and our eternal, One Moment, Wisdom State. If you want to know where the luciferian God resides, where its Mystery abides, just open your eyes, you’re looking at it. If you want to know what it is, just attempt to plan something in the future, or correct something from the past. This is what the luciferian Mind is.

Since thought is all the luciferian Group Entity has, and thought is all it is, when we stop reacting to the Thought Process, and remain in the eternal moment outside the Trance State, we reclaim the Freedom and Liberty associated with the Eternal Paradise State. All of it’s deceitfulness, the only weapon it has, is silenced. This is why the world systems are so devoted and dedicated to planning for the future, investing and ensuring for a lavish retirement, hoarding massive amounts of money, food and clothing. This is total preoccupation with something that’s a complete illusion. All that needs to be done, is to watch, wait, and observe. Eternal Wisdom, which is Who we really are, dictates what to do, even within the 3 dimensional illusory plane.

Emotion shouldn’t become a part of your 3 dimensional experience at all. E-MOTION is E-lectrical Motion, or movement out of the eternal moment, through the manipulation of electrical energy which is itself, the 3 dimensional space. Expression and vitality doesn’t have to expend emotional energy.

Kabbalism – Satanism – Coming Of The Light

Luciferian Minded groups which use this knowledge for powerful effect are sex cults who form a circle, join hands, say a few phrases, get aroused and enjoy the orgasm. All fine and dandy, however, this is just an illusion of being in touch with reality or wisdom. The term ‘Luciferian’, describes the Thought Process that caused light/energy/spirit to manifest. Other names with similar meanings are Shaitan, or Satan, and even the name Jehovah, Yahweh, etc., all refer to the Light Bringer, or the One that brings enlightenment or knowledge. This egregore is also present at concerts, sporting events, and the like. The audience gathers around the STAGE or SET (Set or Seth is one ancient Egyptian name from which we also derive the term Satan), and focus on the action occurring before them. The energy created at an event, in this way, is massive. The hypnotic Trance State achieved is powerful.

The resulting emotional crash after a sporting event, rock concert, etc., is also devastating, as the energy released at an event such as this, is very hard to recover from. Quite often at a religious crusade the people will be asked to join hands. Or similarly, a relatively new thing at sporting events is the WAVE, where people throw there hands up in sequence to create a wave affect around the arena or stadium. This is the undulating, hypnotic motion of the luciferian Mind. This is the pivotal sway of the Mystery Woman. An immense amount of energy is expended on behalf of this egregore group of Thinking Entities. Ancient Rome was known for their Bread and Circuses which were provided for the population, to keep them sedated and in a hypnotic Trance State. Today it’s a perfected manipulation art form.



Bread and Circus is sex and sleep. 2 potent tools that can be used to induce the trance state. Neither are good or bad, right or wrong. Bread and sex are both pleasant and temporarily satisfying. However, they can be used to manipulate reality without the slightest hint of being manipulated.

Consider also, that Disneyland, (named after the elite family – Disney), is a Military / Industrial mind control complex. It was established by the FBI under the directon of 33 degree Freemason J.Edgar Hoover for mind control purposes.

Just recently, 3 former Mouseketeers won awards at the Grammy’s. These mouseketeers were Christiana Aguilera, Justin Timberlake and Lindsay Lohan. This is not just some mere coincidence. Every world system is laced with luciferian Mind control methods of operation. However, it’s not just the mind control facets of government that are in the business of inducing the Trance State. We are all manipulated by the manipulators, who are themselves manipulated by the luciferian Thought Process itself. The way this is achieved, is through many forms of peer pressure. To be considered upstanding citizens, we’re expected to go out and inspire others to be manipulated as well. The blind leading the blind.

The Hypnotic Trance State – The Luciferian Mindset

This is exactly how the luciferian Mind perpetuates events in the world to further the ultimate goal of a new world messianic order. Everyone on the planet is drawn into a hypnotic trance through the religious and educational systems of the world. This Trance State is achieved using subliminal hypnotic suggestions that flood the world, through the language and number systems. Because we believe the suggestions thrown at us, we actually make the suggestion happen. Much like when a stage hypnotist makes suggestions to his intended subject. The one hypnotized only recognizes what the hypnotist suggests as reality. However, it’s not reality, it only appears to be reality because of the suggestion.

This is the 3D world system in which our life experience is manifested. Suggestions are made through the systems that taught us how to submit to Thought Process, and because we have been taught how to submit, anything that fits within that realm of logic and reason, will seem viable and real and we can’t be convinced otherwise. This establishes our illusory reality for us. This is hypnosis.

Being In The Trance State Won’t Let You Believe The Next Paragraph

The reason the luciferian egregore Thought Process uses subliminals and hypnotic suggestion, is because we, as the body of humanity, are actually suggestions ourselves, or Thought Forms, manifesting as 3D beings. The Thinking Entities must use suggestion, because that’s all they have. The pictures we conjure up of the great satan, the devil, demons, monsters, goblins, gremlins, and the like…are all simply suggestions. Anyone who has the opportunity to actually see any of these forms is looking at a manipulation of light through hypnotic suggestion. That’s not saying they aren’t seeing something, because they are. However, everything you see is a manipulation of light and isn’t really there. Even as human beings recognize one another, but in reality, none of us are really here, in the 3D sense. The manipulation weapon of the luciferian Thought Process is the lie. It’s for this reason that no one has ever seen the luciferian god at any time, because it doesn’t have a physical 3 dimensional form. Not that it doesn’t have, or can’t have, a physical form. For in actuality, the whole 3 dimensional existence is its physical form, in the sense, the everything formed of energy, is the Mind, or the Thought Process, manifesting before us. However, taking on a singular physical form would be a massive step backwards from its arrogantly self-titled name, ‘Lucifer, the most beautiful of all the angels‘.

These entities can conjure up physical bodies for manipulating, breeding, and so on. However, their real power is found in remaining hidden, creating distractions and conjuring up lies. These Thinking Entities conjure up all of humanity, with elite segments to be their puppets, who do the deeds and fulfill the agenda, attempting to take total control of Reality and the Paradise State. For this is Who and What we really are; we are Reality and we are the Eternal Paradise State. It’s this powerful liberated state of being that they desire to control.

Smalltown Freemason Symbolism – Courtenay British Columbia

Freemason symbolism doesn’t just happen in massive cities, where the mayor is respectfully called Right Worshipful, a Freemason title. In the small town of Courtenay, British Columbia for instance, the mayor is only referred to as Worshipful, because it’s only a small town of about 20,000 people (this is more Freemason symbolism). In Courtenay, the Freemason Lodge is on 5th street with not a window on any wall. The building is situated on the north side of the street which is symbolically, the direction of the god of war. More accurately, 5th Street runs on an angle Northwest to Southeast. So the important NORTHEAST corner of the building, the CORNERSTONE corner of the building, actually points to the north.

The Freemasons are consumed with symbols of death like the coffin, the skull and bones and the hangman’s noose. In the back of the Lodge in Courtenay, just across the alley is Piercy’s Funeral Home. But that’s not all. In paying homage to the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry and to the British York Rite, we find that the lodge is located at the corner of 5th Street and England Avenue. Across the street is the Bank of Nova Scotia, which is symbolic for New Scotland. Those belonging to the Freemasons have no idea of the symbolism that is manifested by their introduction into ritualistic endeavors. However, once the Trance State is deeply induced by the ongoing cycle of ritual, inspiration for how to design a town, a city, a state or country, becomes, somehow, obvious.

… and there’s more. As many are aware, the Freemason’s love to worship trees. Especially the evergreen because it speaks to them of immortality. At the corner of 5th and England, we find this permanent fixture, the town’s Christmas Tree which lights up every winter to wait for the Sun God / Son of God, to rise again. Furthermore, if you look to the southwest, up 5th Street, you’ll see a permanent Glacier mountain called Comox Glacier – (GLASS-SEER), a beautiful glacier with the flat top, suggesting a missing capstone. This glacier mountain is about 4,000 feet tall and it is perfectly flat at the top. This lodge actually has a very justifiable right to include such symbolism in their location, because this area of the world just happens to be sitting right on the edge of the hoped for devastation meant to come in that Great and Notable Day of the Lord’s Wrath.

Just to the north of this glacier, the first line of lower mountains in front of, and to the right of the glacier in the picture, we have, Forbidden Plateau. This is the site of the Canada’s largest crustal earthquake. Then just north of that, another 5 miles or so, we have a bigger mountain, called Mount Washington. Again, the name of Washington, the Freemasonic president of the USA, shows up in Canada. Just north again, on the coast of the mainland, we have Kingcome Inlet. Continue reading this site as there are pictures, maps and diagrams to show beyond a doubt, what’s just ahead.

See the glacier represented in the lower background of the painting just a bit further down the page called Bridal Eyes. Modeled by Devin Devasquez from Playboy. (The majority of my models are Playboy models who have consented to be part of my paintings).


In the painting below – Bridal Eyes – the Comox Glacier is depicted in the lower background. This has strong spiritual symbolism for the Komoux / COMOX Indian Band. Those familiar with the West Coast Canadian art will recall the Totem Poles with all manner of symbolic forms carved out of the Western Red Cedar trees of this area. Many forms include bears, fish, eagles and so on. But the one which is of most interest is the serpent, lizard forms depicted from time to time. This is in reference to the ancient stories past down from generation to generation in regards to the Serpent Gods and Serpent Kings. It’s these Serpent Entities that have been rendered down through history, that have been used a front, to instill the belief in a Serpent Race from other planets, who run the world, and who will ultimately seek to control it completely. In reality, of course, this is just the suggestion attached to the hypnotic Trance State, and those who are deeply entranced by this suggestion, seek to perpetuate the myth of a Serpent Race, not realizing for a moment, that it’s they, themselves, who are establishing the illusory reality that will include some form of Serpent Minded, or luciferian Thought Process based, ruling elite.

Bridal Eyes

Behold – He Comes With Clouds

“Behold, he comes with clouds”, … is a passage from the Christian Bible, implanting the suggestion, that in the day of the Lord’s return, he’ll come in judgment with the clouds. This has been brought in our illusory reality state, with the advent of CHEMTRAILS, as depicted in this painting entitled ORACLE modeled by Playboy model Veronika.


Chemtrails – He Comes

CHEMTRAILS – The death of millions! – The Smokescreen To Hide Behind!

Quotes that follow are from the luciferian inspired Judeau/Christian Bible …

Consider this – Revelation 1:7 states …”Behold, he COMETH WITH CLOUDS; and EVERY EYE SHALL SEE HIM, and they also which pierced him: and all kindreds of the earth shall wail because of him. Even so, AMEN.” (Amen is the referrence to Amen Ra, the Sun God of Egypt.)

MILITARY Fighter Jet Chemtrails

This verse was written by the luciferian Mind, just as every other verse and word in the Christian Bible was. The word lucifer means LIGHT BRINGER, and it’s the Judeau/Christian God called Jehovah, who said ‘Let there be LIGHT”… and there was. How did this Mindset of horror know that clouds were going to play a big role in the last push for control of reality? Simply put: because the plan was to do this manipulation from the very beginning of initiating the Thought Process. They plan things ahead of time. They write (RITE) things down. The luciferian Mind intellectualizes everything. They need words and symbols and maps to guide their group Mind.

Chemtrails Brooks - Fighter Jets

What you have in this scripture verse is the scientific experiment known as chemtrails. Those hideous clouds of poison which are being distributed throughout the whole world, causes every eye to indeed see them. These chemtrails are passed into the atmosphere by commercial jet liners and military jets under the guise of being simple jet exhaust vapour trails. THEY ARE NOT! What you have are a host of cancers, sedatives, vaccines, heavy metals, molds, fungi,…etc. These poisonous agents are meant to sedate us, or make us sick or dead. The elite of the world have been inspired to enter into this manipulation of the environment, for the purpose of creating anxiety and stress, to manipulate the already deeply entranced, who will, in turn, manipulate the whole body of humanity on behalf of the luciferian agenda.

Chemtrails Brooks Alberta - Fighter Jets

It should be pointed out that all these things are already being accomplished by the luciferian group Thought Process. What needs to happen however, is that it looks like the powerful elite of the world did it, using the chemtrails, among other tools of manipulation, and not the luciferian mindset.

Harpers Harping On Their H.A.A.R.P.’s

The CHEMTRAIL activity has been undertaken by the Thought Process to establish in a subliminal way, the coming of a New World, or the Kingdom of God. Chemtrails are designed to implant suggestions of CHANGE, …massive CHANGE, including the environment, the population, and the belief systems of the world. Everything illusory and 3D, is bearing witness that things will not continue as they once were.

The people behind these hideous schemes, who serve the luciferian Mindset, are also behind the H.A.A.R.P. experiments. (High Activity Auroral Research Program – Patent #4686685 License to Control and Alter the Atmosphere). The purpose of this patent is to control Life by controlling the Climate. HAARP also holds a patent to use large amounts of Barium in the atmosphere. When sunlight hits this concentration, electron density increases dramatically. This can then be manipulated to perform the same function as a HEATH TYPE NUCLEAR DEVICE WITHOUT A DETONATION. A Heath Weapon can lift the magnetic field of the earth itself without the expenditure of massive amounts of energy. Communication and Radar interference or enhancement as well as the ability to TOTALLY CONTROL THE WEATHER are the ambitions of the HAARP agenda.

Keep in mind, this is the luciferian agenda, set into motion by the actions of the illuminati elite. This is hypnotic manipulation, with strong subliminal suggestion that brings about the very things that are suggested with the creation these inventions, … and this is the agenda of our political leaders running the world today. This is a highly sophisticated electro-magnetic grid in the state of Alaska. From this position, high altitude frequency signals are sent into the atmosphere and the resulting reflection back to earth, creates an immense amount of energy which penetrates deep into the earths core. One problem with this little trick, is that the frequency used to perform this deed, is that the same frequency is used by the human brain to function properly.

(The information just presented regarding Chemtrails is courtesy of

The positioning of this grid in ALASKA is not some random choice. In upcoming pages, it will be shown how the State of Alaska is related to the religion of ISLAM and the mythology surrounding MUHAMMAD.

What we must realize, is that this CHEMTRAIL and HAARP acitvity is being done, not just for the reasons stated, but to act as a smokescreen for how it is actually carried out, that of subliminal hypnotic suggestion. The intended devastation coming, will not be a result of CHEMTRAILS and HAARP frequencies, it will only appear to be. The devastion and manipulation of Reality will be a result of mass hypnosis. For this reason, we are all being allowed to find out that all these things are going on, and at the same time, told they’re not. This creates a distraction, and confusion, and the resulting loss of focus on Reality, and then replaced with a fervent desire to maintain this illusory 3D realm, or more literally, to maintain our 3D life experience. In other words, … we don’t want to die.


This is the luciferian agenda. To use the conjured up illusory body of humanity to appear to be, and to act, as if this is who we really are. To attempt to separate us from our Original State of Wisdom. For Wisdom is who and what, we really are. When the luciferian egregore initiated the Thought Process, their desire was to control the power of the Wisdom State, or to control who we are, which is the Ultimate Expression of Being. The resulting elaborate 3 dimensional illusory plane was conjured up for just this purpose. However, as elaborate as the whole 3D universal plane is, it pales in comparison to the Wisdom State that we really are. For this reason, the egregore group of Thinking Entities have conjured up the Thought Process to attempt to gain complete and total control of this Eternal Paradise State, as they recognize the benefit for themselves, of manipulating this immense power and strength for their own ends.

The Rabbit Hole Revisited

Immediately below are two diagrams explaining how global warming and climate change occurs. This concept has to be understood to assist in grasping what is actually occurring, and has been occurring throughout history, when it comes to using humanity, the manipulate REALITY. Before reading the information concerning Al Gore and John Kerry, take a moment to consider the 2 diagrams below. Everything we see is Light and is an illusion. This whole illusion has, what appears to be, incredible physical qualities that establishes in our minds, that everything physical is real. This is what hypnotic suggestion is.

Part of hypnotic suggestion, and the power of hypnotic suggestion, is THE SUGGESTION, within the hypnotic suggestion itself, that THIS IS NOT HYPNOTIC SUGGESTION.

Consider the points put forward in this diagram and then apply them, not only to global warming, but to every area of manipulation throughout this illusory 3D history. This is the Rabbit Hole of endless deceit. This is how incredibly vast and deep the luciferian based illuminatiMATRIX rabbit hole is. Understanding this concept gives us the ability to emotionally detach from any concern or care in regards to global warming, the fabricated war on terrorism, death, disease, fear,…and the whole 3 dimensional illusion itself. The cycle of lunacy can be stopped right now, by simply emotionally detaching from belief in the validity of the 3D plane. After all, none of this is REAL, or REALITY, so why indeed, have any concern for maintaining, or perpetuating an illusion. This realization is the deprogramming process, which is to literally COME OUT OF THE TRANCE. Once out of the Trance State, it becomes extremely obvious as to why there should be no CARE or CONCERN for maintaining this lunatic 3D experience. All we do is just WATCH and WAIT. Doing this watching and waiting is to reclaim our Ultimate Power of the Wisdom State, even as we continue to experience this 3 dimensional life.

The first diagram is based on the simple premise established by allowing sunlight to pass through a magnifying glass onto a combustible material. As the heat is concentrated onto a small space, the concentration will ignite the material. Now take this same concept onto a global stage, with a global agenda that needs to be set ablaze by the globalists. The magnifying glass in the diagram represents the illusory Minds of humanity, the Minds conjured up by the Thought Process.

The human mind, or brain, has the same physical properties as a magnifying glass, a crystal receiver, or prism, and will react in exactly the same way. Once thoughts concerning a particular topic, (and all thoughts are energy and light), are directed at the subconscious mind, that topic eventually becomes reality to the consciousness of humanity. As the whole body of humanity receives the thoughts, or as the subliminal hypnotic suggestions have been introduced into our subconscious mind, certain manipulation techniques are used to push these particular subliminal buttons within our subconscious mind, and it then rises from the subconscious to the conscious, to become the consciousness of all of the illusory body of humanity. The suggested and desired reaction of the manipulators is realized. This concentration of thought energy creates a hotspot of conscious awareness wherever the manipulators wish for humanity to see AS REALITY, what is being suggested. In the case of global warming, the polar icecaps begin to melt because they suggested they would, and so they do. They also suggest that the whole universe is even warming up, (in spite of the lack of CO2 gases), but because of increased sunspot activity, among other events, and the whole universe is, (in this illusory universal plane), now warmer.

This manipulation can be applied to everything that happens in the world. WORLD = WHIRLED. Without suggestion first, nothing appears to exist, for nothing appears real in this 3D plane without subliminal hypnotic suggestion.

How Global Warming Occurs

This same principle can also be applied to returning us to our Original Wisdom State through awareness. Instead of focusing on this 3 dimensional space as being real, become CYNICAL about everything you see and hear, because everything is a lie. Don’t simply be a pessimist, for pessimism still believes in the validity and reality of the 3D plane. Be 100% CYNICAL.. Without attitude, without emotion, without any reaction whatsoever, … be a complete cynic. This attitude will reconnect you with the Original Wisdom State. You virtually eliminate the veil of deceit and lies. You eliminate the human aspect concerning your 3D life experience, that you’ve believed your entire life, is who you really are. Cynicism doesn’t have to be equated with depression or despair, or even anger and resentment. Cynicism is to shun stupidity, ignorance, and lunacy, in all its intellectual and religious forms … and reconnect and refocus on the Eternal Wisdom State. We simply don’t need to be influenced by a Beam of Light. This influence is nothing more than to partake in the worship of the Sun God, for the Sun is just a Beam of Light. Worshiping a Beam of Light is to worship an Illusion.

Rabbit Hole

An Inconvenient Truth – The Fabricated War On Terrorism Continues

Al Gore, the master hypnotist, whose name really means:


All names given to every human on the planet, are suggested by the Thought Process. Individuals that are used to a greater degree, to perpetuate the illusion, have highly symbolic names. Such as those names that begin and end, or have strong syllables, beginning or ending, with B and G.

Again, there is no G sound in the old Hebrew, just a ‘yod sound’. Say Gore backwards with a silent E and Al Gore is Roy-Al. What’s going on here is mass hypnosis, causing the world to stay focused on a particular topic, whereby the concentration of thought energy/spirit actually causes the acceleration of global melting ice. The Thought suggestions accumulate, and become extremely concentrated, generating the illusion of the illusory ice caps melting. In reality, the ice isn’t really there, and they’re not really melting, however, the illusion is that they are. In exactly the same way, holding a magnifying glass up to the sunlight, aiming at a piece of paper, will cause the paper to ignite. The concentration of energy/spirit, which is nothing more than generated thought, causes heat, or energy, to be generated wherever the focus is directed. This is kabbalism, intellectualism, science, religion… , this is how they’re making the whole conjured up illusory body of humanity lose touch with Reality. They’re doing it deliberately, and methodically.

__________ Global Warming News Article – Dec.13, 2007 – Bali _________

BALI, Indonesia – Nobel laureate Al Gore accused the United States on Thursday of blocking progress at the U.N. climate conference, and European nations threatened to boycott U.S.-led climate talks next month unless Washington compromises on emissions reductions.

The former vice president urged delegates to take urgent action to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases blamed for global warming, and told them that the next U.S. president will likely be more supportive of international caps on polluting gases.

“My own country, the United States, is principally responsible for obstructing progress here in Bali,” said Gore, who flew to Bali from Oslo, Norway, where he received the Nobel Peace Prize for helping alert the world to the danger of climate change.

Asked about Gore’s charge, Kristen Hellmer, a member of the American delegation in Bali, said: “The U.S. is being open and working very constructively with the other countries that are here. We are rolling our sleeves up and really working to come up with a global post-2012 framework.”

Earlier, the United Nations warned that time was running out for an agreement aimed at launching negotiations for a successor to the Kyoto Protocol when it expires in 2012 and the talks in Bali were in danger of “falling to pieces.”

Al Gore Roy-Al

_________ End of News Article Dec. 13, 2007 __________

The recent movie “An Inconvenient Truth” (Al Gore) is produced on behalf of the luciferian egregore group of Thinking Entities causing the whole thing. Why do they know this is going to happen? Because they’re the ones behind making it happen. Why do the governments of the world, all of a sudden, seem to be putting the WAR ON TERRORISM to the back burner and the WAR ON THE ENVIRONMENT is front and centre? In later pages, it will become extremely evident, that the war on the environment, the global climate change, is nothing more than an extension of the fabricated war on terrorism. Study the pictures below taken on just any ordinary day. These are not normal clouds.

John Kerry’s Book – This Moment On Earth

Similar to Al Gore’s passionate “Inconvenient Truth” movie, is a book by John Kerry called “This Moment On Earth”. This has just been released in the same year that the environment becomes issue #1 in the world. How did John Kerry know it was going to be the top story of the year? How did Al Gore know the environment was going to be front and centre immediately after he would win an Oscar for his work? Simply because these luciferian waterboys are the dupes for establishing the hypnotic subliminals that cause the whole thing to come to pass. John Kerry even mentions about the success stories in environmental clean-up around America. John Kerry is a member of the Skull and Bones Secret Society, also known as The Order of Death. Why would such a member of a death cult be so concerned about the death of humanity through environmental disaster? The Skull and Bones Secret Society is also revealed in later pages, including their secret number 322.

The truth is, John Kerry doesn’t care for the reasons he puts forward. He cares about people becoming aware of this hideous hoax, using the illusory body of humanity so that the luciferian lunacy will ultimately succeed. In fact, it’s the concept we call CARING, that is, in reality, the very lie that perpetuates the illusion. This too, will be covered in later pages. John Kerry also makes one notable distinction about the clean-up of the Hudson River. The HUDSON RIVER corresponds to the HUDSON BAY, the northern polar waters, which in turn relate to the WEDDING SUPPER, the Marriage Supper of the Lamb, where the earth will be CLEANSED of sin and corruption. Even though there is no such thing as SIN, for in reality, this is all just illusion.

Chemtrail Explosion


As mentioned above, the luciferian Mindset, initiating the Thought Process, created the illusion we see around us. This means that this luciferian group of Thinking Entities is our creator – our father/mother – and we are the children of this union. Keeping this in mind, that we are the conjured up illusory children of lucifer, or, more accurately, this luciferian Group Entity (for there is no such thing as one Entity called Lucifer), and that this Mindset believes itself to be god, then it’s easy to see why we are being prepared as the final sacrifice to be a peace offering to this insane mentality. The Old Testament talks of the sacrifices made to this god. The ultimate fulfillment of these sacrifices, are to be completed in New Testament times with the advent of the New World Order, the Messianic Kingdom, the New Age Christ Consciousness, and the Environmental Green Movement, which is now, the NEW ONE WORLD RELIGION. However, worshiping the environment is not new, but goes back thousands of years to ancient Egypt and Babylon. Environmentalism is worship of the Sun / Son of God. All these, are just different names, for precisely the same movement and world event!

Combining these two notions, that we are the children of the luciferian Mind, and that this Mind delights in sacrifice, consider this verse from Genesis 22:8 – “…and Abraham said, My son, god will provide HIMSELF A LAMB for a burnt offering:…”

The next thing to comprehend is that the Father God and the Son God are one and the same. Abraham’s son Isaac saw the fire and the wood but he couldn’t see the lamb that would be sacrificed. However, Abraham knew that he was going to sacrifice his own son to this luciferian God, even though Isaac had not the slightest idea of what was to transpire. So it is today, the clouds of chemtrails that have brought about a transformation in the earths’ atmosphere, are the clouds that every eye does see, and these are the clouds of control – the clouds of the luciferian messiahs’ return – that prepare the lamb of god (you and me) for the sacrifice at hand. We don’t see what’s really going on here. Certainly, we see the luciferian agenda is altering the atmosphere and poisoning us at every turn in many other ways, but it is so much more insane than that. We are being prepared for sacrifice even as we watch thousands being sacrificed every day.

HEAVE Offerings and WAVE Offerings

22,000 sheep and 10,000 cattle were sacrificed in one day alone, in the Old Testament. The ultimate fulfillment of these sacrifices is meant to be played out in New Testament times. New testament times are here, now, and all the horrors we have seen in the name of Christianity for the last 2000 years are the supposed prophetic fulfillment of Old Testament lunacy. This is the reason for the millions who died in the World Wars of the last century alone.

All this global warming propaganda they’re selling us this year (2007) is a complete distortion of Reality. Everything has been designed to manipulate the 3D world system so that the blind and gullible buy the line, that indeed, the Messianic New World Order, the New Age Christ Consciousness era, has arrived.

In the luciferian Christian Bible it states, Matthew 24:36, 37 – “…of that day and hour knoweth no man, (when the New Messianic World Order will be set up) …but my father only (the luciferian Thinkers are the father of us all). v.37…But as the days of NOAH were, so shall also the coming of the son of man be.”

What this Bible verse is telling us, is that when the Messiah comes, the world will be INUNDATED WITH A FLOOD just as in the days of Noah. The Chemtrails are helping to cause this flood, by altering the atmosphere, but the real source of this increased volume of water are the melting ice caps which are part and parcel of the Global Warming/Climate Change subliminal suggestion. However, it won’t take much of an increase in water volume to create a massive FLOOD and DELUGE to offer the ultimate sacrifice to the luciferian Thinkers. What’s going to transpire, is a domino effect, relating to many different parts of the world, where major earthquakes, volcano’s and extreme seismic activity, will initiate TIDAL WAVES, or TSUNAMI’S These will happen one after the other, and which is recorded in the later pages 49 to 54.
(This page is being updated as of April, 2010).

Read page 20 and contemplate the diagrams that show the connection between the war on terrorism and the global melting ice caps. The luciferian Mindset that conjured up this planet is the Father God who has controlled the weather from the illusory day one. Of course, this is understandable and plausible when you realize that the Thought Process created everything in the first place. This modern flood, which will be escalating in the next 4 years in massive stages, is meant to convince the hypnotized masses that indeed, this is the promised Kingdom of God on earth, the long promised Messiah, but will be labelled as a New World Order, with a New One World Religion, called ENVIRONMENTALISM.

This is not at all out of the realm of possibility to suggest such a thing. This luciferian agenda has created Judaism/Christianity/Islam (the Children of Abraham), to run interference, using humanity to manipulate Reality. In the name of God, the luciferian agenda, the Hidden Entity called the THOUGHT PROCESS, commits horrendous sacrificial deeds without attracting even a hint of blame. Just this past Sunday, April 1st, 2007, immediately preceding the Jewish Passover on Tuesday, April 3rd, 2007, a massive tsunami with a 25 foot high wall of water struck the Solomon Islands, (or SOL-O-MON, the SUN and MOON Islands. All these natural disasters are just conditioning, softening up the victim, so to speak, implanting the subliminals, that establish when the BIG ONE will be unleashed.

King Solomon was the ruler of Israel who supposedly built a glorious temple to the living god. This Solomon Island event, sacrificing humanity through the manipulation of a natural disaster, is precisely their method of operation. This symbolism sends just enough hypnotic suggestion, that causes the masses around the world to continue on in their Trance State, and inevitably the whole of humanities’ unwitting belief, brings about the devastation this Entity desires. This is how events throughout the history of the world have been manipulated. We see the lunacy taking place, but just can’t put our finger on what’s behind it. You will see evidence in the other pages on this site that more than establishes enough evidence that the luciferian mind created everything in this 3 dimensional illusion we’re experiencing. It’s no stretch of the imagination then, to realize that setting off an earthquake / tsunami is well within the capability of this Thought Process. The symbolism of the event called PASSOVER and the significance in the name SOLOMON embodies enough symbolism to further their agenda.

Take It Slow!

The things being written here are completely able to reconnect the reader to the Original State of Wisdom. This reconnection can feel very tiring, even to the point of feeling like you’re going slightly insane. Just take it slow, especially as we get into the pages that follow. It’s very troubling to attempt to understand, or comprehend, the Wisdom State, from within the Trance State, where Wisdom has no residence. In other words, how is it possible to comprehend Wisdom without having Wisdom. Simply put, the whole illusory body of humanity is not who or what we really are. Humanity is the veil of deceit. Behind this veil is Wisdom. This is who and what we already are. WE ARE WISDOM ALREADY! Don’t attempt to comprehend this information logically, or with any sense of rational reasoning. Just read the information, with no attempt to go deep into the reasoning behind it. Approach this information like a stone skipping across the water. Don’t dwell on any facet of what’s presented, or like the stone that loses its momentum, you’ll begin to sink into the pool of intellectual absurdity. This information gets to the very heart of the luciferian agenda and unveils the deception of the Hidden Entity, called the Thought Process. Having said that, be very prepared for what you are about to read.

As pertaining to the tsunami that hit the Solomon Islands, as mentioned above, the number of the day has symbolic characteristics within it. The Passover Day took place on 03/04/07. The number 3 is the shape of the deity, or pyramid form. The number 4 is the number of the square, the shape attached to the Mother Goddess. A cubed square is equal in volume to 3 pyramids. As an example, the ISLAMIC CUBE IN MECCA, the KABAAH STONE, the symbol and source of Jewish KABBALISM, is a symbol of 3 Pyramids, or the Trinity of the illusory God. The number 7 is the number of perfection and completion. The tsunami wave, on this particular day, was a subliminal delivering this particular message, which will lay in wait for a particular button to be pushed, and then, the manipulation of our conscious reality will be established. This is Kabbalism! This is HYPNOSIS!

This sort of mathematical structure applies to dates, coordinates, currency, and any manner of numbering system. Everything is structured logically, and rationally, but in Reality, what is really transpiring MUST BE UNDERSTOOD SUBLIMINALLY.

Revelation 20:2,3 “…he laid hold on the dragon, that old serpent, which is the Devil, and Satan, and bound him a THOUSAND YEARS,…and cast him into the bottomless pit, and shut him up,…that he should deceive the nations no more, TILL THE THOUSAND YEARS SHOULD BE FULFILLED: and after that he must be loosed…”

This illusory thousand year period is the time from the beginning of the Christian era until the RENAISSANCE PERIOD which began around 1000 AD. This is also referred to historically, as the Dark Ages, when no new significant advancements in human knowledge took place. Keep in mind, that these words and this imprisoning of the illusory Devil Satan for one thousand years were actually written by the so-called Satanic luciferian Mind. There actually is no Satan, unless you’re convinced within your subconscious mind that there is. This is HYPNOSIS!

Could you think of a more clever way to throw anyone off the trail of what this whole scam is about. Simply state in the Bible, (which a great portion of humanity regards as the word of god), and declare that this is what’s going to happen, (all according to the will of God), and then you, the author, the luciferian egregore group of Thinkers, (who is the entity pretending to be God), continue to bring to pass through subliminal messaging, what you, the luciferian egregore, have written, to prove that this is the gospel truth… Unbelievable!

The Renaissance Period literally means the Rebirth of Thinking. Thinking, however, is the very opposite of wisdom. Wisdom knows nothing. Wisdom just knows what to do, ALWAYS. Thinking, on the other hand, is flawed, confused, corruptible, manipulatable and deceiving. Thinking is the Thought Process initiated by the luciferian mindset. Looking at the last 1000 years of this Thought Process on this illusory earth, one can see what thinking achieves. Thinking has brought death, disease, greed, war, pride, pollution, hate,… all kinds of reptilian brain based characteristics. We have all been placed in this hypnotic Trance State, and in fact, our very manifestation within this 3D illusory plane, is evidence of the Trance itself. Simply existing in this illusory physical plane, speaks of the Trance State being perpetuated. It’s this 3D life experience that we must become aware of, as being the Trance State, and become emotionally detached from extending any validity, or worth to it. So that even as we observe the world we live in, (and for the most part are disgusted by it) we must become aware that this is not Real. This is not Real and has nothing to do with our Original Eternal State of Being.

Nasty things happened in the first 1000 years of the Christian Era as well, but history records well, that none of the events of the first 1000 years after the Jesus myth began, can compare with the horror of these last 1000 years, and mostly accomplished by the Roman Catholic Christian Church. This last 1000 years has been the time of preparation, when total control of REALITY would be attempted, through the Rebirth of Thinking, so that the illusory eternal Messianic Kingdom on earth could be introduced as the New World Order.

The luciferian Mindset has totally seduced the whole illusory body of humanity into believing this three dimensional reality is NOT an illusion. These 2 – 1,000 year periods, equal the first 2 days of the luciferian Christ era on this earth. We are told that “one day is as a thousand years with the Lord” and so these last 2 – 1,000 year periods – have been the time of the Christ Kingdom (luciferian Thought Process Kingdom) on earth. The first 1000 years is thought effectionately, as the time of taking the gospel (the good news) to the world. Breaking down this word from a subliminal perspective, offers up a different conclusion:

GOSPEL = GO – SPELL – in other words, GO put the world in a SPELL, or the TRANCE STATE, through religion and science, the rebirth of thinking.

The 2nd 1000 year period is the time of slaughter of this illusory body of humanity. These past 2,000 years will have occurred with the culmination and completing of the New Jerusalem heaven and earth – also known as the New World Order. The New Jerusalem is located in the New World, that has it’s power base centred in North America, and especially in the United States of America and Canada. These two countries have been used by the luciferian Mindset to work a slippery scheme, to lead the rest of the world into utter lunacy. The pages that follow will describe fully, just how absolutely insane, and all encompassing this Trance Inducement scheme really is. The New Jerusalem will be shown, right down to the very ROCK, or KCOR, or CORE, of what it entails. Be very prepared for what you’re about to read.

This New World Order coronation will be the beginning of the 3rd day when the illusory, Christ (the son / sun god) will sit down on the throne with the illusory Father god (luciferian Mindset). This 3rd day is when the Christ will have RISEN from the DEAD. See Page 13 for more information on the subliminal hypnotic significance of the 3rd day when Christ ROSE from the DEAD. (The Order of the Rose and The Order of Death).

This will be a time of incredible slaughter, even as we see going on today. It will only escalate to a new level. Matthew 24:39 & 40 state “…and knew not until THE FLOOD CAME, and took them all away; so shall also the coming of the SON OF MAN (or SOL-O-MON, the SUN and MOON, the luciferian One World Religion of Environmentalism) be. v.40 …then shall two be in the field; the one shall be taken, and the other left.”

This is not some rapture to glory for the faithful. This is a time of horrific blood letting, and the infidels, will be slaughtered like sheep and goats and cattle, all according to Old Testament subliminal hypnotic ritual. Al Gore, in his Oscar winning documentary, ‘An Inconvenient Truth’, even shows a map of the world where the densest and poorest populations will be devastated by the oncoming sacrificial slaughter. It sounds like he’s trying to warn everyone of the impending doom, but in reality, what he’s saying (unwittingly from his perspective), but subliminally, from the luciferian Mind, “this is who we’re going to sacrifice, how many of them and in just a few short years”.

There will be 33 cities in the world, within the next 5 to 8 years, that will have a population of over 8 million people. All of these cities will be subject to rising sea levels. The total population affected, including the countries that these cities are located in, equals 643 million people. This is the number affected just from rising sea levels. Couple this with massive earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes, fires and drought, disease, and war, and the devastation and de-population scenario is real. This all occurs with the Trance State! Detaching emotionally from the Trance State, by becoming aware of what’s transpiring, separates us from the grief intended to be experienced, which will in turn, bring to pass, a perceived control of REALITY.

This egregore Thought Process within the luciferian worshiping elite who run the world will ultimately fail, for WISDOM cannot be made UNWISE, but you must know what’s planned. We must in fact, wake up from this mindless hypnotic Trance State herding the masses to the slaughter house. We must be willing to detach emotionally from the world systems built around the number and language systems, even as we live and use these Trance Inducement systems within the 3D sphere. We must be willing to not be manipulated by the 3 dimensional reality, which is a total lie. We must be aware that our Original Wisdom State has no 3 dimensionality to it at all. We must reconnect to the Freedom of Reality, and detach emotionally from this illusion by not wanting to remain in this hypnotic Dream State anymore. Reconnect and reclaim the Original Paradise State through this awareness and this illusion will end for you right now.


You may have to read the next page (Freedom Tower – New Jerusalem,.etc.) to comprehend the things I will now point out regarding chemtrails. The whole luciferian / illuminati agenda is based primarily on the Jewish / Christian / Islamic religious dogma. Whenever you’re in doubt about what they’re thinking or what their next move might be, just read the Old Testament, or the New Testament, or the Qur’an. You will find symbolic language that will indicate how they think and what the next sacrificial ritual might be. Chemtrails are just one example.

Because of the Chemtrail activity over the last few decades, the atmosphere and weather patterns have been altered immensely. The resulting weather patterns around the world are either drought or flood oriented, or extremely severe weather events. The luciferian Mind that initiates the Thought Process, inspires the elite of the world, who have been indoctrinated in the lunacy of the this egregore Mindset, who in turn, set about to implement manipulative operations such as Chemtrails, with virtually no understanding, or awareness, of why they’re actually doing this. They are the chosen elite of the world, the elite, who are wallowing in an incredibly deep hypnotic Trance State. These elite are the chosen people of the luciferian Thought Process – which is to say – the purpose of the illuminati elite is to fulfill the deeds written down in their Holy Books which have been inspired by the luciferian mind, and recorded for manipulative purposes.

These Holy books speak endlessly of WASHING THE SACRIFICES, making them acceptable to their illusory GOD. The whole illusory body of humanity is that SACRIFICE, and the luciferian agenda is intended to WASH and SACRIFICE as deemed necessary to establish the illusion of who is God.

For example 2 Chronicles 4:6 “…such things as they offered for burnt offering they washed in them…”.

All the way through the Old Testament there were continual washings and slaughtering of tens of thousands of animals in one day. Think about it. A little country like Israel with a tiny population, supposedly taking many thousands of animals IN ONE DAY and slaughtering them. They washed and they burned, washed and burned… almost endlessly. It must be very apparent what the subliminal is with this suggestion. For the DAY OF THE LORD WILL COME AS A THIEF IN THE NIGHTto do what? Of course, WASH AND BURN THE SACRIFICE! They didn’t write this bit of lunacy for effect. This is the luciferian agenda, using hypnotic Trance Inducement, to attempt to establish control of our Eternal Paradise State, which is REALITY.

So how does this tie in with chemtrails? Quite simply, humanity is not being asked, by this illusory luciferian God, to sacrifice anything anymore. The reason being is WE ARE THE SACRIFICE. There are wars – and these are some of the death and blood sacrifices. Now we have chemtrails, where the whole illusory body of humanity is being washed in ENDLESS FLOODS for the burnt offering during a time of severe drought. There is virtually no normal weather remaining on the planet. This is by design. We are the sheep, bulls and rams being led to the slaughter. We are fodder in the eyes of the luciferian elite. Just like animals being led to the slaughter, without a hint of what was happening to them, humanity is also dumbstruck within their hypnotic Trance State, to recognize the SACRIFICE BEING OFFERED to the luciferian God, of which, we are the primary offering.


As you observe these Chemtrails in the sky (because they’re everywhere in the world) or in these photographs, remember that this is being done to sedate you, ruin your immunity and in turn, to deepen the Trance State. As we observe this phenomena, with little or no information from the elite of the world, as to what this is, the confused state within the Trance, increases to such a level, and lays the groundwork which will ultimately establish the illusory reality the luciferian egregore Thought Process wish for us to experience. The need for these elite leadersto appear to be controlling the weather and the atmosphere is imperative to the luciferian agenda, if they’re going to fulfill their obligations to the God of the Old Testament, the New Testament and the Qur’an. The luciferian agenda is now, in this illusory moment in Time, purposely creating death and blood burnt offerings, after which, the high priests of the world elite will wash their hands of the whole thing.


It is no coincidence that the luciferian conjured up and inspired person of Al Gore, along with his movie “An Inconvenient Truth”, has catapulted the environment issue front and centre in the news in the last few months (and years, as editing of this page is occurring in April, 2010). The appearance is that they’re trying to save us from environmental disaster, when in reality they are being used to create environmental disasters and are going to use these disasters to sacrifice us without being detected as having done so.

The global climate change treaty that is going to be signed by 2009 is the continuation of the fabricated war on terrorism. The treaty is supposed to be signed in 2009, and as of editing this page in April 2010, the Climate Change Treaty was signed during the week of December 8, the Christian Holy Day coinciding with the Conception of Mary in the womb of Saint Anne.

These symbolic events will manipulate humanity making it part of their reality and causing it to bring about the Big One, the cataclysmic devastation that will be escalating by 2010, the year of the Vancouver Olympics, in British Columbia. Vancouver is the physical location right next to Mount Olympus, in Washington State, USA. Again, as of editing in April, 2010, the Vancouver Olympics did occur, and the BIG ONE hit HAITI. Followed shortly thereafter, with another in in Concepcion Chile, (CONCEPTION – as in the CONCEPTION of MARY). This was followed by another in Baja California, and yet another in the Tibetan area of China. (Pages 52-54 covers this information).

The illuminati families are also called the Olympians, after the Greek Gods of Mount Olympus in ancient Greece. For this reason we have to look at the Olympics in Beijing in 2008, and the those of Vancouver in 2010, as a continuation of the war on terrorism, which is really a war of manipulation, using the whole illusory body of humanity, and the culmination of thousands of illusory TIME YEARS of MANIPULATION to take control.

On page 19 and 20 it will begin to become very clear, that the human sacrifice of many millions of people will be established using this massive environmental weapon they are creating, BUT CREATING IN OUR MINDS, that will be unleashed. Emotional detachment from this illusory 3D SACRIFICE, by becoming aware that we are in a state of hypnosis and everything in the world system has been herding us for 6,000 plus, illusory years to this final hypnotic state of total control of REALITY, can eliminate the emotional pain, suffering and anxiety, as the reconnection and focus on REALITY is reclaimed. In other words, we can escape the cataclysm by detaching from any emotional attachment to the illusion. They’re attempting to gain control through the MIND, and it’s through emotional detachment to the MIND GAMES, which cause us to believe this 3D realm is actually reality, that we reclaim the Freedom of the Liberty State of our Original Eternal State. Know what they’re trying to do, become aware of the duality nature of the luciferian Mindset, that plays God and the Devil at the same time, (both of which are none existence), but BUT DO NOT REACT or believe that this 3 dimensional plane is real.


You have to ask yourself, “What are four jet aircraft doing flying in exactly the same direction, the same distance apart, at the same time of day, leaving an exhaust trail that doesn’t go away?” Rather, they EXPLODE with all kinds of nasty stuff in them. Here’s an example of what’s been found in the Chemtrails. 6 BACTERIA – 9 CHEMICALS – 26 HEAVY METALS (including arsenic, gold, lead, mercury, silver, uranium, zinc, barium, magnesium, aluminum…breathing aluminum and magnesium together can cause blood clotting and strokes) – 4 MOLDS AND FUNGI – 7 VIRUSES – 2 CANCERS – 2 VACCINES – 2 SEDATIVES, etc. All this is being done to instill confusion and fear, … and fear and confusion are perfect breeding grounds for deepening the Trance State.






Since 1999, the year of intensified Chemtrail activity, the asmatic rate of children in New Mexico has gone from 8% to 70%. We are being herded like sheep to the slaughter. People are shouting all over the world, attempting to tell people to wake up. The problem is, the one’s doing the shouting are still asleep, and themselves, deep in the Trance State. That’s why they’re shouting, it perpetuates the hypnosis and keeps the luciferian egregore Thought Process strong and appearing real.


Google Video – illuminatiMATRIX explanatory video detailing the foundational root of hypnosis, religion, intellectualism and who and what god is.

Click here to watch video.

YouTube Video highlighting some of the subliminal elements hidden in the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem

Please read the next paragraph before watching the ROCK VIDEO.

On the ROCK VIDEO, the World Trade Center is mistakenly called the ROCKEFELLER PLAZA. The WTC was conceived and promoted by the Rockefellers. The Rockefeller Plaza is to the north of the World Trade Centre, on the MANHATTAN ROCK, or MANNA STONE. The WTC and the Rockefeller Plaza , along with the area of CENTRAL PARK, relate to the TEMPLE MOUNT in Jerusalem, and the Al Aqsa Mosque, the Dome of the ROCK, and the Temple Courtyard. These in turn relate to the North American West Coast. See page 39 for more details.

Click here to watch the new Rock Video on YouTube.

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