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Google Video – illuminatiMATRIX explanatory video detailing the foundational root of hypnosis, religion, intellectualism and who and what god is.

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YouTube Video highlighting some of the subliminal elements hidden in the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem

Please read the next paragraph before watching the ROCK VIDEO.

On the ROCK VIDEO, the World Trade Center is mistakenly called the ROCKEFELLER PLAZA. The WTC was conceived and promoted by the Rockefellers. The Rockefeller Plaza is to the north of the World Trade Centre, on the MANHATTAN ROCK, or MANNA STONE. The WTC and the Rockefeller Plaza , along with the area of CENTRAL PARK, relate to the TEMPLE MOUNT in Jerusalem, and the Al Aqsa Mosque, the Dome of the ROCK, and the Temple Courtyard. These in turn relate to the North American West Coast. See page 39 for more details.

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The luciferian created illuminati bloodlines are ritualistic in nature. They must have rituals, and symbolism attached to these rituals. These rituals and symbolisms act as sigil magic manipulation tools (also called hypnotic suggestion), that these elite members of society use to control the masses. Their luciferian reptilian based nature shows up throughout the world. This nature is seen in the systems they’ve created to manipulate and disconnect us from reality. Their nature also shows up in their physical appearance, which we have become so accustomed to, that we now just take it for granted. Their incredible arrogance and their ease at uttering lies is legendary. All this, coupled with how they talk down to the masses with their patronizing attitude and religious/political/intellectual double-speak, is directly implanted as part of their character by the luciferian egregore group of Thinking entities.

Have a look at one of their elite, one of their highly venerated elect, who has since passed on. This is John D. Rockefeller, the family patriach, who whose family inspired the building of the World Trade Center plaza, and the family who the Rockefeller Plaza, to the north of the WTC, was named after. (Not to mention, the beloved John Deere tractor, with its reindeer logo and yellow and green colours. The colours of a new world order, regeneration, and the environmental GREEN movement).

This name, Rockefeller, has now been traced, on this site, through overwhelmingly obvious symbolism, to the totally fabricated war on terrorism, and war on muslim extremists. Muslims are no more extremists than anyone in the world. However, the connection to the Rockefeller name and the religion of Islam is revealed in the upcoming pages. (Pages 16 to 52).

ROCK e FELLER in reverse is RELLEF or RELIEF.

The inspiration for the Rockefeller name comes from the Relief of the Rock under the 8 sided Islamic Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem, the historic site of Solomon’s Temple.

The connection to 11 of the western United States and how they’re situated on the Rockie Mountains – the biggest RELIEF of all, and how they connect to the Rockefeller Plaza and the Relief of the Rock under the Dome of the Rock, has been made.

The connection, with the shape of these 3 locations, as well as virtually the same name, albeit, hidden in symbolism in all 3 instances, ties the elite Rockefeller family to the massacre at the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001. However, this is not the only elite family that will be tied to the WTC attack, but it is the highest profile one. As well, because this is all hypnotic suggestion, and the illusion appears to include thousands of illusory years, this conjured up Rockefeller family was already in the luciferian cards thousands of illusory years ago. In reality, since there is no such thing as Time, the symbolism associated with this family appeared to be conjured up thousands of years ago, … but in reality, … the conjuring occcurred RIGHT NOW! As with the whole 3 dimensional illusory plane, everything that appears to form the history of the universe, is occurring RIGHT NOW!

The Foundation Rock under the Dome of the Rock is the Relief of the Rock called Mount Moriah.
In North America, the Rockefeller Plaza is located in Manhattan, which is a subliminal form of Mountain. As well, the Rockefeller inspired World Trade Center is located on this Mountain/Manhatten, on the southern tip.
The Western United States are located amongst the Rockie Mountains / Rockefeller Manhatten.
The final Rock, the 3rd in North America, is formed within all of Western Canada, the Arctic and Greenland. This is called the North American Craton Rock, which includes much of the USA as well.

See pages 18, 19, 20, and 21 for the diagrams and pictures backing up this evidence regarding these ROCKS and especially the 3 North American rocks. The Rocks are the Rock symbolism of christianity, where Jesus claimed, “upon this Rock I will build my church”. This Rock is being used to bring in the New World Order, the so-called Messianic Kingdom and the Age of Aquarius. All under the guise of things such as the Environmental Green Movement.

Now have a look at the chap so adored by many in the land of the free, J.D.Rockefeller.


ET’s – Luciferian Thought Forms

Now check out a distant cousin of Mr. Rockefeller. Notice the family characteristics. These ET’s, as they’re apt to be called, are just as real as Mr. Rockefeller. The only problem is, they’re not from outer space and another galaxy, and they’re not the Annunaki reptilian race who inhabit the space surrounding our planet. They’re luciferian Thought Form creations! These ET’s are conjured up life forms just as we human beings are conjured up light energy forms. They were created to throw a massive amount of confusion in the way so that unsuspecting people, looking for answers, would latch onto the concept of a reptilian race from other planets notion. The elite of the world, and these little grey’s, as they’re affectionately known, are luciferian minded, and Thought Based, but are, like everything else, just egregore thought forms used to construct a veil called humanity and the wisdom of the awareness state. This veil of deceit, this veil which is the whole body of humanity and all of the 3D sphere, causes a disconnection using humanity from the power of All Knowing. Humanity is the luciferian illusion, that has been fabricated to attempt to manipulate Reality, (which is who and what we really are), into believing that this body of humanity, is who and what we really are. If this sounds a bit confusing, it was designed to be that way.

Grey Alien

Mr Rockefeller was, just as his family still is, an interbred luciferian minded bloodline leader who has had an incredible part in hourding the wealth and destroying the health of the illusory body of humanity. Again, this is by design. This intentional suffering initiates an emotional response and connection to this illusory 3 dimensional realm. This intentional suffering drives a massive amount of humanity into suffering and death, which perpetuates the luciferian emotion of CARING and CONCERN, and the trance state is further enhanced because of it. This is the patriarch of the Rockefeller family that built the World Trade Center between the dates of August 5, 1966 to April 4, 1977, all in the shape of a number 11. With the full intent then, of doing the attack of 2001.

This construction took exactly 6.66 years, to the day. This breaks down to exactly, 80 months, to the day, with 8 being the number of total control.

If you’ve ever wondered why George Bush Jr. sat so calmly in a Florida schoolroom while the nation was supposedly, under attack, it’s because the Bush family had known for decades that this was the plan, but did not know why. Not in the overall sense. They knew the attack was going to happen, but because of their deep trance state, and deep devotion to what they regard as the Supreme God, they were doing God’s will. They have no concept whatsoever, that they are fulfilling the wishes and the agenda of the luciferian egregore group of Thinking Entities. This is why he was in his brother’s state, Jeb Bush’s Florida, where martial law had been declared a couple of days before the attack. Why martial law? Of course, just in case something went wrong. It’s this kind of stuff that the elite in the secret societies, such as the Skull and Bones club, discuss. That’s why it’s secret.

This is the patriarch of the banking family who is a major player in the Federal Reserve in the United States who take all the income tax money from the American population and put it into their pockets (100% of it) and there is no law that has ever been passed to make this legal. The 16th amendment tried in 1913 but failed and was never ratified. However, it was announced to be law, the IRS has a big gun and a lot of muscle, and so therefore, it is law. Keep in mind, as you progress through this site, that the number 16 associated with this amendment is subliminal, and hypnotic suggestion relating to Lincoln, the 16th president, who in turn, corresponds to Moses, the Lion King of Egypt, which is symbolized by the Great Sphinx that sits to the east of the Giza Pyramids. Later pages will discuss the symbolism and the events now occurring around the suggestion of Lincoln, as well as Obama, the 44th president.

Below is the symbolic Eye of Horus the son, which is also the Eye of Lucifer, the triune god, that they do all this horror for. It is the Engl-ish language – the Angel Man language – the universal world language that this elite bloodline uses, to conjure its spells to manipulate humanity on behalf of this luciferian group thought form.

ENGLISH = ANGL-MAN = ANGLE MA which corresponds to the Sacred Geometry of Secret Societies.

For instance, from the name Horus – we derive the word horizon – or rising son. This is where the name for the state of Arizona comes from. The sun is rising – as is the son of god (which represents christianity throughout the ages), to continue eternal life. Horus was the keeper of the 12 hours of daytime. Horus, Horizon, Arizona, all refer to the constellation Orion. This will also be revealed in detail further into the site.

The name Satan comes from the word – Set – which was the name given to the brother of Horus, in ancient Egypt, the keeper of the 12 hours of darkness. From Set we get Setting Sun – or SA-TAN – an abbreviated form of setting son – the satanic god sinking into darkness. Set is also symbolized as the father god, and is in his setting years, or the retiring sun. Horus, the son, is youthful and rising, while the father/brother Set, is old and dieing. Together, these 2 brothers, or the father and the son, form one complete 24 hour day. From this symbolism, we arrive at the word Deity, the 24 hours of the Deity.

Don’t be thrown by the thought that the brother is the father and is the son. This is a simple curve thrown many times, in many ways, to attempt to keep anyone searching from finding out what’s really going on. The Christian religion even teaches this doctrine that the father and son are one.

The word HOURS is likewise just a subliminal suggestion being passed our way to hold us in the trance state. HOURS = HORUS the sun god – that in turn = HORSE and the sport of kings. There is incredible similarity between these words in sound, shape and the specific number of letters (5), as well as the particular letters used. This is a subliminal message. All 3 words Horus, Hours and Horse, are all worshipped by luciferian thinkers. Horus is the Rising Son of god, Hours are equated with Father Time, (Cronus or Jehovah), and a Horse is a Mount. This last symbolic connection with the Mount makes the further connection to the Mount Moriah Rock under the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem, as mentioned above. From this Mount Rock, we connect to the Rock at the Rockefeller Plaza located in Manhattan (Manhattan is a hidden form of Mountain), and then to the Rockie Mountains and the Western United States. The 4th Rock is the biggest of all, described on page 21, and is the Canadian Rock, the Canadian Shield, the Canadian Polar Arctic, the Canadian Rockie Mountains, the State of Alaska, and the country of Greenland. It literally doesn’t get any bigger than this. This 4th Rock, the 3rd one in North America, is the hypnotic suggestion that has been established in the minds of humanity to bring about the global climate change devastation. See the charts and diagrams on page 21 regarding the 4th Rock of Canada.

It should also be mentioned:

HOURS = HORUS = HORSE = WHORES, with the significance of each relating to the luciferian agenda.

The whole configuration of the light particle and the geometric way its constructed, lends itself to the formulation of a thing called hours. However, this isn’t a very potent subliminal in itself, so let’s now attach a religious thought to the whole thing and called it Horus the sun god, or son of god. Now we feel compelled to take it a bit more seriously. However, to push the hypnotic suggestion even farther, let’s conjure up a creation that runs like the wind and call it a horse. This horse notion, and horse racing, may be the pasttime activity of the elite of the world. This sport of kings has helped cause the elite of the world to believe they’re really in control and in the know, but in reality, are the most deeply entranced of all.

Become acquainted with this word, sound and shape association, because in it, all the secrets of the luciferian mind are revealed, and the events of the next few years can be foreseen. Keep reading the pages on this site and you will become familiar with the most fundamental and important secrets of all.

One other luciferian reference to the word Satan. The last day of the week is Saturday – derived from Saturn – but used for the last day of the week because of the setting characteristic in the name. The planet Saturn is nothing more than a conjured up All Seeing Eye, with its rings and planet ball in the centre.

SATURN = ST.URAN = Saint ORION – an anagram suggesting the constellation Orion.

Alphabet Eye

So as we examine the alphabet and language manipulation, keep in mind that we’re not going to do it according to the terms laid out by the logical thinking, luciferian manipulated elite systems of the world. In other words, we will be looking at the language from a non-scientific point of view. You’ll never see what they’re up to if you approach it scientifically. They created the scientific systems (science/seance systems) of the world and schooled us (school is skull – as in skull and crossbones) to believe that it’s FACT, when in actuality, it’s a total fabrication.

Here’s an example of what words really mean.


Simply change the vowel sound to a long or glided A sound, and it is simply saying that a FACT is the FACE – T. T refers to the intersecting T lines of the zodiac circle light beam chart demonstrated on this site. In other words, its been demonstrated that the light beam particle was created to place a lie and deception using humanity, using our 3D illusory form, to destroy our awareness and disconnection from what Reality is. To say something is a fact, is indeed to say, that it is a lie. They do this with all words just so the hypnotic suggestion can be there to manipulate everyone subliminally, without you ever becoming aware that manipulation is taking place.

The universal language of the day has been constructed using shape, sound and colour. Examining this language will be done with word shape and sound association. You’ll see that reverse and mirror symbolism will be used extensively. Sometimes colour may be referred to, however, in revealing the sigil nature (magical incantation and the hypnotic nature) of the alphabet and language, most references will be to shape and sound association that refers to the actual shape and sound of the letter. Always remember, this stuff isn’t logical. Hpynotic suggestion doesn’t have to be logical, it just has to suggest.

Symbolism Strength 2

One example of simple shapes being subliminally placed in our way every day is seen on the backside of the American $1 bill. Here we see the luciferian egregore group mind working its hideous magic. There are 13 stars above the head of the eagle (which itself is representing the phoenix bird of ancient Egypt). The word EAGLE is actually EAY-EL or EYE of EL, as there is no G or J sound in the ancient Hebrew. It is always substituted with a Yod sound. This is to hide the subliminal message, even though the ancient Hebrew people had no real idea why this sound was not included in their language. They were told it was because they didn’t want to say the name of God, because it was to holy.

This 6 pointed star is the oldest sex ritual symbol in the world and it is the atom symbol. You have to ask yourself, “What’s it doing on the back of the currency…of a supposedly Christian, god fearing country”? It should be quite obvious by now, that Christ and God are but 2 notions of religious thought which represent the worship of lucifer, the light bringing group entity creator of this illusory 3D world and a great portion of American society is indoctrinated to believe that God is real and good, and is the truth. Of course, not only Americans, but every society in every corner of the world is inundated with this hideous luciferian propaganda.

The 6 Pointed Star of Subliminal Sex – The Snowflake

(See the chart immediately lower down on this page).

The main purpose of displaying this 6 pointed star at this time, is to show how the luciferian mind thinks when it comes to forming their symbols. When they are dealing with the number 7 the 6 points of the star plus the 1 centre of the hexagon satisfies their ritualistic need as far as establishing a number 7. To obtain a number 13 they then add a star to each corner of the hexagon, along with the 6 points of the star and the 1 centre, for a total of 13. Notice that one star (or the suggestion of a star, if no star is actually used) is placed at the centre of the 7 or 13. In the case of 7, the star at the centre would represent 4, which is the number of sides to a square as seen in previous diagrams, and is synonamous with the woman. When drawing intersecting lines from each corner of the woman square, they cross in the centre of the hexagon. This represents the point of sexual union.

The number 7 would then be at the centre of the star when symbolizing the number 13. When comparing this to the English language, there are 2 sets of 13 letters. The centre in the first half of the alphabet is G and the centre of the second half is T. These are both sex ritual symbols standing on their own, but are further strengthened with the sex ritual overtone by being placed in the centre of each of the 2 sets of 13 letters of the alphabet. Alpha-bet is a word meaning beginning and fertility.

The number 13 is highly sexual in symbolism. It is the source of luciferian thought for the Christ and the 12 disciples, the 12 tribes of Israel, or King Arthur and the 12 Knights of the Round Table, etc.. The number 7 is the number associated with completion, and the 6 pointed star (sex pointed star) extends the subliminal that regeneration has taken place, the cycle is completed and new life will spring forth.

This numbers 6 and 7 = 13 when added together. At the top of this page, the year that the World Trade Centre began construction, was in 1966. They were completed in 1977. The two 6’s in 66, and the two 7’s in 77 are no accident. It was designed this way because they know these towers were going to be blood sacrifice altars to the luciferian god, in the year 2001. Further into this site, the number 7 occurs repeatedly in reference to the perfection and completion of the luciferian agenda.

The most incredible, and the most massive sex ritual symbolism using the 6 pointed star would have to be the snowflake. This little beauty is always, without fail, 6 pointed. They even say that no 2 snowflakes are identical. This unbelievable subliminal, the snowflake, resides in the colder regions of the world, and to be more specific, mostly in the northern hemisphere. This is where tradition holds, that the god of war resides, in the sides of the north. It is this pretty little sex ritual symbol that is going to be used in Al Gore’s horror story of global climate change, to offer as sacrifice, a great portion of humanity from the face of the earth. The conjured up illusory body of humanity has been designed, and is meant to be sacrificed in diverse portions, and at diverse times, as a manipulation ploy to distract us from our original Reality State.

When you stack a bunch of snowflakes one on top of the other, you eventually create iceburgs and Arctic and Antarctic size icecaps. These will melt when enough subliminal suggestion is concentrated their way, shifting our focus in hypnotic fashion. This will unleash the supposed Age of Aquarius, or the Passover of the Final Judgment Day of God, as he cleanses the earth. This will usher in the New World Order which should more correctly be stated as the messianic kingdom of bullshit.

Language – Angelman – Brightman

Even the word, language, is a word of symbolic sigil magic, (when using another of their mirror techniques of putting the first letter of a syllable to the end of the same syllable) and you get angl-uage. When applying the sound, shape association, (not historical evolution of a word) we see that the word language is really angel-uage or a spiritual communication, angel way. Taken even further, angel way is actually Eyn, or EYE El Way. This spiritual communication is called channeling, and we are all forced to perform it. This sort of channeling is not passing on awareness however, for all thoughts are sounds, which are lies, and these lies act as a curtain that appears to disconnect us from our original wisdom state by creating distractions that hinder our awareness. This distraction and seeming disconnection creates the 3 dimensional illusion we call reality.

Obviously, this is not very scientific to be sure. But why stop there. English is Angel-man. In other words, the English Language is the perfection of the luciferian mind communicating with humanity. All language slowly evolved (on purpose) so as not to get the symbolism to powerful, to fast. Humanity was conjured up to swallow the lunacy we see in the world today, at this particular time in history, as the luciferian / illuminati agenda, using their ultimate manipulation language, English, came into play. This was done purposely, on a time delay schedule, but not before the MATRIX of deceit had been firmly established.

It should be pointed out that when the basic block style letter was first introduced just a few centuries ago, the people were disgusted with the look. There were no serifs on the letters as they were accustomed to. The classic Roman letters with the little points on the corners were simply cut off and the strokes, both vertical and horizontal, were basically the same thickness. This style of writing became known as Grotesque design. It may be grotesque to look at, but this alphabet would take the world to the next levels of the manipulation. So let’s take a look at the alphabet symbols and the placing of the vowels and consonants.

Something to be aware of, regarding vowels, they can be used in substitution, one for the other, as you never have to close your mouth or touch your teeth or tongue together, to pronounce them. Try saying the letter A and then proceed without stopping, to say E, then I, then O and finally U. What you will hear are different frequencies that form a simple incantation. Do it again, and you’ll experience a strange revelation, something akin to repeating a magical incantation. In a manner of speaking, that’s exactly what took place, but without a definite thought focus, it just basically drifted off without any noticeable manipulation. This is what magic or spirituality really is. There’s nothing magical or spiritual about it. It’s just the way the energy of the 3 dimensional world was intentionally designed and the common man isn’t supposed to find out how it works. In becoming aware of how we, the body of humanity, are simply conjured up illusory thought forms, with no basis in reality, this realization sets us free from the prison of the 3D life experience and the pressure to attempt to make it work. This life experience was designed to fail, to be filled with guilt and shame, anxiety and disease, with the ultimate goal we refer to as death. All of which are illusory hypnotic suggestion.

US $1 - 13 Alphabet

Where to begin on the most revealing of all aspects of the manipulation of a beam of light? It hardly seems probable that so much information could be tapped out of such a concept. However, this system of deceit has to come from this source and from this simple pyramid shape of the three primary colours and the ultimate rainbow of colour known as the colour wheel. Why? Because we, as this illusory body of humanity, have been created by the luciferian egregore Thought Process to be a form of light energy, or to appear as a physical 3D form. If this group entity wants to manipulate us, it must create systems based on how they conjured us up and what we respond to.

Alphabet Shapes 2

Alphabet 3&5

The sounds and shapes of the letters of the English alphabet all have special primary characteristics. A – of course, is a pyramid with the separated capstone. This lets you know how important the pyramid and the triangle are to the whole system to hold down the primary position. This is Alpha – the beginning. This is the first syllable of the word alpha-bet. It is also one of the strongest vowel sounds to project from a physical point of view. The word PYRAMID = PEER – to see / A / MID or DIM when reversed. Pyramid is a Paradigm, an example serving as a pattern. From this example of subliminal messaging, the whole pattern of hypnotic suggestion takes its course. Furthermore, a double subliminal, one suggestion that reinforces the first, is that the Pyramid is the Peer, or ability to See, in the Mid, or middle, of the All Seeing Eye, atom symbol. Yet, a further, third subliminal is achieved, in that, PYR = FIRE, in the MID = MIDST. The All Seeing Eye is the FIRE of SEXUAL REGENERATION in the midst of the male and female pyramids.

B – is derived from Beta, the fertility letter, or breast. Tip the letter B to the right 90 degrees and you have the female cleavage. This whole luciferian system is completely obsessed with throwing in sex whenever possible, for everything in the 3 dimensional sphere is sex related. Manipulating who and what we really are, by conjuring up this 3D life experience with its sexual nature, is how the luciferian egregore group entity functions. Making us feel guilty for being human and functioning according to how we were conjured up is the ultimate corruption.

When you put A and B together you get a strange sound. AB. Say it out loud and what you really hear is AB-BA. Saying the letter B forces you to say ABBA which means father. Ancient Egyptians have a meaning for the sound BA, which refers to the SOUL, or SOL, which is the SUN. This SUN, in turn, is the SON, the One to be sacrificed to SAVE OUR SOUL. Reading through this site reveals that this SUN / SON sacrifice is referring, not to some messianic saviour, but to the illusory body of humanity, that is sacrificed constantly, on a daily basis, to the luciferian egregore god. The lucerfian mind establishes right off through the first 2 letters of the alphabet, that it is our father.

FATHER = FODDER = dried food for cattle, etc.
We are of our FODDER, and are likewise implanted with the concept, that we are expendable.

This is why Abraham is the father of the Jews, Christians and Muslims. Abraham is but one name for the luciferian, human sacrifice group entity, who supposedly was the father of the chosen people. Abraham has the Abba sound of father, but with the letter R thrown in so that you know the father of the chosen people is Ra, the Egyptian sun god. Ra simply means Ray, as in sun rays.

These 2 letters can also be spoken instinctively as each child learns to speak. But let’s jump ahead for a moment to the last letter of the first half of the alphabet. The letter M. M stands for mother, the matriarch, the maternal one, the MATRIX. Combine the M with an A and you have the term MA, which, when spoken out loud instinctively wants to repeat itself to say MA-MA. So we have the father and the mother at very important positions in the letter system. Take note that the M is 2 pyramids joined together and a reverse pyramid coming from above. This symbolizes the father, the mother and the son being produced by the union of the two. More sex stuff.

MOTHER = MATTER = the womb of the 3D illusion

This is also the deliberate design symbolism built into the new Freedom Tower – World Trade Center 1 which is being built to symbolize the total control of our original eternal Paradise State.

If that wasn’t enough to see the obvious intent of letter symbolism, take a look at the G in the very centre of the 1st half of the alphabet. It is the generative god letter. It is a sex symbol as seen in the opening on the right side with the penetration of the stroke (phallic symbol) into the letter. The circle of the G is the woman and the horizontal stroke is the male penis. Now look to the right of the letter G and you find the Son has been produced in the form of the letter H. The Son is the one, concerning religious thought, who takes control, and submits all things unto himself.

H stands for Horus. This is the ancient Egyptian sun god or son of god. This is the source of the word Hor-izon. Horizon meaning Horus – the rising son. But now, take a close look at the formation of the letter. There are 2 vertical strokes – the man and the woman, both joined by the horizontal stroke which is the sun/suo. Here we see the letter H is symbolic of the triune or trinity god concept. The letter H symbolizes that, not only are the father and son One and the same, the mother is also part of the triune god concept.

The letter H also sounds like 8. The number 8 is the number of TOTAL CONTROL, as demonstrated by the OCTAGON, or Stop Sign. The letter H, representing HORUS, the SUN GOD, takes CONTROL of ALL THINGS, and then submits in turn, unto the Father, the FODDER. All this might sound like some notion of a saviour, but it’s double-talk, and hypnotic manipulation, that’s really saying, that we, this illusory body of humanity, will be 8, or ATE, or EATEN, for we are of our FODDER. This event is recorded in religious writings, as the Marriage Supper of the Lamb. We are, of course, the LAMB to be EATEN.

Being that we’re not looking at these things scientifically, (because of course, science is part of the flawed system, SCIENCE is SEANCE) but looking at these things as they really are, through sound, shape and colour association, the ability to reveal is fascinating.

However, we’re not finished with the centre G and H of the first set of 13 letters just yet. Take a look at what’s on the left side of the letter G. It’s the letter F. Now what word in common use today starts with the letter F. I’ll give you a hint. It can be used as a curse word or as an expression at the moment of orgasmic delight and sounds like duck. Okay, so you get it. This word is derived from fecundate, which means to fertilize, pollinate or impregnate. Some also tell us that it is an acronym for Fornicate Under the Command of the King – F.U.C.K. Supposedly ordered by one of the kings of England in the not so distant past.

F also makes reference to father. So, here we have 3 letters in the very centre of the first 13 that speak symbolically of the father, mother and the son and the sexual union is suggested in all 3 letters. English is a pretty hot language when observed from this perspective.

Following the letter H is the letter I. The letter I is the one supreme being – or as seen in the diagram above, the one supreme being is the All Seeing Eye. After all, it is the luciferian mindset we’re examining here. The word EYE has two E’s representing the father of all gods and the Y, with the sound of I in its pronunciation. So basically the spelling of the word EYE is a three lettered word symbolizing a father E – a mother (the 2nd E) and the Y – the son in the middle.

Using the substitution rule of changing a G or J to a Y, in REVERSE, and the word EYE = EGE = EGO, as vowels can be substituted as well. The EYE is the EGO, which initiated the Thought Process, inasmuch as the EGO THOUGHT IT KNEW SOMETHING.

Have you ever heard this song – Old MacDonald had a farm, E – I – E – I – O… hypnotic suggestion comes in all kinds of peculiar packagages.

So why is the Y representing the son? Simply because it’s an upside down, three pronged beam of light, or the 3 primary colour pyramid demonstrated on this site. Simple shape subliminal symbolism. The point of contact on all 3 strokes of the letter Y is in the centre of the hexagon of the 6 pointed star, and at the centre of the letter Y itself, and therefore, once again, is referring to sex. The product of sex is a child, and in this case, the son. The word Eye basically has all the symbolism of the F, G and H letters. This will happen many times throughout the alphabet.

After all is said and done, the letter I is the middle vowel. A, E, I, O and U. What eventually can be shown, is that I or EYE is actually the only word and ultimately, the only sound in the English alphabet. All other sounds, letters and shapes symbolically point back to the Eye, the letter I. Everything must glorify the luciferian egregore group entity, which is the All Seeing Eye shape and sound.

Jack Off In The Box

The self centred, arrogant mind of corruption and deceit. The F and G produce an H and the 3 together form the great I (eye) of the “I AM that I AM” of the Christian Bible. (AM is, of course, the 1st and last letter of the first set of 13 letters).

Let’s go one letter further and see the letter E which precedes the F. This is a strange little arrangement of strokes. We see that the 3 horizontal lines are all connected by the 1 vertical stroke. This again symbolizes what’s coming just ahead in the alphabet. Except this time it’s telling you flat out that the next 4 letters are a lie. Here’s how it reads, E, F and G speak of an effigy. A fake! A symbol! A puppet god! The great I AM is a fake and it’s telling you it’s a fake. But go to the letter J, which symbolically is a hook and you find that you’ve been hijacked along the way. How you ask? It’s quite obvious. The H-I-J-K spells hijack. To be hijacked is to be taken prisoner along the path as you travel. It’s from this thought, sound and shape concept that we get the sexual term ejaculation (jack off) and, ridiculous as this may seem, the children’s toy called Jack In The Box. This Jack is the sexual male symbol inside the Box which is a slang term for the female sexual anatomy, the vagina. Like I say, this is not scientific, just the way it really is when it comes to sigil magic and hypnotic mind control of the masses. Subliminal messaging and suggestion doesn’t have to make sense, it simply has to suggest.

The letter J is very tricky in the power it plays with the human consciousness. It is shaped like a hook. This again is no coincidence. The ancient Babylonian fish god was called Oannes. This may not seem to tie into the letter J until you realize that J can be pronounced, and can only be pronounced in Hebrew, like a Y – as in Yes. This leads us to the name of Joannes (sort of pronounced like y-waness). (Oneness). Then when you give it the alternative sound of a hard J (as in Jaybird) you have the name J-ohn.

JOHN = Y-OHN = I-ON the electrically charged ATOM.

So much for the Christian Bible verse, John 3:16, for God so loved the world … stuff.
The name John is just a subliminal for the word ION.

The verse number 3:16 refers to the pyramid shape of the 3 primary colours, the shape and number associated with the deity. The number 16 is associated with Abraham Lincoln, the 16th president, which will be elaborated on at large, in later pages. Lincoln corresponds to the LION KING of EGYPT, the Great Sphinx, who is Moses, and all the suggestion in regards to the luciferian agenda, hinges on much of the roles these figures represent throughout history.

This is the evolution of the name John the Baptist in the Christian Bible. This is also why, just as Oannes was a fish god and associated with the water, John is also associated with baptizing with water. Again, no coincidence. Oannes came out of the ocean and taught humanity to write, the arts and various sciences. This is the whole purpose of the luciferian elite egregore and the elite slaves of the world, to perpetuate the illusory body of humanity to be completely inundated with the world and all its systems built upon language, science and the arts.

Oannes, or Joannes, was half fish and half human. His sacred day of the year is June 24, which is St. John Baptiste day in Quebec, a province of Canada. Again, no coincidence. The Pope’s serpent shaped fish hat known as the mitre was also inspired by the fish god Oannes.

The name of John the Baptist and the symbolism of the name is thus transferred to John the Apostle. On page 20 of this site, it will be demonstrated how John, the apostle of Christ, finds the large upper room for the last supper passover feast. This he does, by following a man bearing a pitcher of water. Be certain to read page 20.

Jehovah – Jesus – and Zeus

With this little bit of information, let’s have a look at the name Jehovah and Jesus. Here we have two well known and frequently used words with the little ‘J’ hook symbol as the very first letter. Jehovah used to be, and to some folks, is still considered to be, to holy to speak out loud. So they would make up all kinds of rituals to refer to the great god without saying the great god’s name. They would refer to him as JH?H. Sometimes JHVH, but that was considered a little to risky. (Worshipping a fish or anyone who wears a fish hat somehow seems normal to the faithful).

This name dance all started out with the name EOVE or EOVA an ancient Egyptian priest. Eventually, the sound and word association developed into JHVH that became YAH-VEH. After this bit of juggling YAW-VEH then became YAH-WEH, and eventually landed on the form of YAH-WAY. If you carry it one more ridiculous sound association step further, you get THE – notice (YAH sounds like THE) – WAY.

THE = THEO = GOD, so THE WAY is referring to GOD’s WAY.

Here we see, through time and tradition, that EOVA has become THE WAY.

Where have you heard that phrase before? THE WAY? That’s the term used for THE WAY of living when you believe in JESUS. Jesus is THE WAY – YAH-VEH – the truth and THE LIGHT. Jesus is the LIGHT and the WAY, and his name is associated with the sigil magic hook letter J, that is further associated with the fish god of ancient Babylon. Jesus is taught to be the light bringer, the one true real light of the world. (The LIGHT BEAM). Lucifer is also the name that means the light bringer. From this simple symbolic connection it has been shown how Jesus is none other than the Egyptian sun god of old, Eova, Jehovah, The Way, and is lucifer, the bright and morning star.

Even reversing his name, JESUS = SUSEJ which in turn = SOO-SAY or SOOTH-SAYER. A Soothsayer is someone who divines or predicts the future. That is most definitely the character of someone who is representing the godhead. However, just say Jesus the way the old Hebrew or Spanish might pronounce it, with the J being spoken as a ‘Yod’ sound. Then Jesus becomes Ye-Zeus, or Hey-Zeus, the chief god of the 12 elite gods of Mount Olympus in Ancient Greece. This information regarding the name of Jesus, and how it equates with Zeus will be very important to understand as you read the pages ahead that describe the next 9-11, the attack against our original eternal state called Reality, using the conjured up illusory body of humanity that is already well under way.

John the Baptist baptized Jesus with water, and both chaps, Jesus and John, had the J hook and thereby, the association with the fish god of ancient Babylon. Jesus is the One Saviour of the world and John simply is spelled out as One, albeit, with a symbolic J as the first letter. Together, they form the Greek god Zeus who can be coupled with other Greek gods such as Poseidon. Poseidon was the Greek god of earthquakes, of the sea, and of horses. This may seem like a strange grouping to be god of, but as you progress through these pages, it will become very evident how current the understanding of this symbolism is. Poseidon was the brother of Zeus and Pluto, and further equated with the Roman god Neptune.

One helpful tip in understanding the luciferian agenda, is to group all of the mythological gods throughout history, into one big myth, or one big god. All of the characteristics of all the gods grouped together, lays out exactly what the luciferian agenda has planned. Never mind to differentiate between female and male gods. For all forms and fables are simply established to act as a smokesreen to throw the reader off the trail, without revealing the deceit being perpetuated, that there are no gods at all, there is only hypnosis, and all the gods, and all of intellectual indoctrination adds up to a mass hypnotic trance state

Be very prepared for what you will read as you progress through these pages. The information is, for many, not able to be contemplated. The evidence is overwhelming showing the coming devastation. However, keep this in mind, uncovering the horror also brought with it, the uncovering of the solution to end the lunacy of the luciferian / illuminatiMATRIX web of deceit.

It must become quite evident from this little scramble with the English language that Oannes, Jehovah, John and Jesus are obviously referring to the same type of character that relate back to the light particle symbolism. That being the luciferian serpent minded fish god of Babylon. Why were Nimrod, Poseidon and John the Baptist, equated with the sea and earthquakes. Pages 16, 18 to 21 show the old connection of the sea and earthquakes to this very day in which we live, and the literal fulfillment of the subliminal messages passed on to us, for centuries, to actually cause us to bring the devastation upon our illusory selves.

Of course, that’s the reason for the symbolic use of the fish in evangelical and pentecostal christianity today. As well, the heavy use of the fish symbolism in the Catholic church. They are truly worshipping the fish god of Babylon, Oannes. Or, in more literal terms, the Fish God of Babylon is the illusory story relating to the ATOM / ATOM, the electrified ION.

As for the word JEW, the Hebrew letter YOD is the equivalent to our I – J or Y letters. I’m supposing as well, that our letter U as some connection as well. All these letters have a Yah sort of sound attached. The letter I has eye-YAH. The letter J, in the silent form is YAH. The letter Y also has the eye-YAH sound. The letter U has a YAH sound at the beginning, but trails off into the OO sound. This is a repeating sound throughout the English alphabet and must be recognized to have sigil incantational strength.

JEW = YEW = WEY in reverse, referring to THEO WAY
JEW = YEW = EWE = SHEEP, god’s chosen people are the SHEEP who have gone astray, and have been used as sacrificial lambs, or to sacrifice lambs in the name of God, all throughout this illusory 3D conjured up history.

God’s Chosen People?

The rulers of this nation laid claim to the Divine (god given) Right of Kings to Rule. They thought of themselves as the Chosen People and are now recognized throughout the world, (inaccurately that is), as God’s chosen people, calling themselves the Jews. Remember, it’s not the everyday Jewish person you see who received and perpetuated this Kabbalistic knowledge and sigil magic, it was the luciferian Thought Process, the Mindset that conjured up rulers of old Sumer and Babylon. They were, and still are, the inspired luciferian elite, who have manipulated Reality, using the conjured up, illusory, unsuspecting group of humanity, to be used as pawns. The elite Jews of the world, have used the common Jews of the world without mercy, to fulfill the luciferian agenda. Being manipulated by the corrupt elite has placed the Jewish nation into a deep hypnotic trance, just like the rest of humanity, and they are helpless to see through the deceit. A great many of the Jewish people practise Kabbalism to this day and even sell their lucky charms and Talismans for good luck. The Jewish nation has been recognized throughout history as a nation of magicians and this is why.

It’s helpful to understand that the Thought Process, the luciferian egregore group of Thinking Entities, IS THE HIDDEN MYSTERY of the mythological illusory gods of old. The Thought Process, or what we refer to as intellectualism and religion, is the group entity that acts as the supreme god and, in the same breath, the illusory satan, or devil. Neither of which has any validity. This hidden entity is not hidden at all, except for the TRANCE STATE, wherein, its been suggested endlessly by the Thought Process, that intellectualism and belief in a supreme being is valid, thereby initiating the manipulation of our reality. This is the process of hypnotic suggestion.

Jehovah’s Witnesses – The Rothschild Religion

Another modern day group which was funded by the luciferian conjured up German Jewish Rothschild family, are the Jehovah’s Witnesses or Watchtower Society. The acronym for this group is JW. JW in reverse is again, WJ or WaY, by once again, substituting the J for a Y. The symbolism never strays very far from the overall plan. They again have this strong connection to the J hook sound of the Oannes fish god of ancient Babylon. Their dogma has been very pro-Jewish / Zionist ever since their inception. The ordinary members of this group are manipulated through simple mind control techniques to buy into this dogma, while the luciferian inspired elite, at the top rungs of power, go about undetected, manipulating yet another vast section of humanity. The Rothschild family used Freemason – Charles Taze Russell, the founder of this religion, to get the Watchtower Society up and running.

Charles Russell is the offspring of the Russell Trust, the family that was involved in The Freemason Secret Society called the Skull and Bones Order of Death at Yale University. (The Bush family belong to the Skull and Bones Secret Society, with Bush Sr. taking the nickname of Magog and Bush Jr. adopting the name Temporary. The Bush family goes back many decades in its membership to the Skull and Bones.) The money of the Russell family was accumulated through the OPIUM drug wars of the 19th century.

Of course, the JW organization denies that Charles Taze Russell was a Freemason but the evidence is overwhelming that he was. See the photograph below of Charles Taze Russell’s grave site. You will see the strongest Freemason symbolism in the Pyramid with the Capstone line of separation, along with the All Seeing Eye faintly visible in the capstone. On the lower section of the pyramid is the Knights Templar logo (the forerunner of Freemasonry), the Cross and the Crown, which is now used by Freemasons. On the map photo you will notice that one road is marked Masonic Way. This is the location of the Masonic Temple which is in close proximity and easily visible in the background at the Russell Grave site. Keep in mind, that this is how the symbolism of the luciferian Mind works. The more symbolism they’re able to employ as they go about their agenda, the more confident they feel that their agenda for total control of our original eternal wisdom state called REALITY, using the illusory body of humanity to distract and confuse, will succeed. It is through symbolism, that hypnotic suggestion has strength. For this reason they must use symbolism everywhere, and yet, ever so slightly hidden. Everything on the 3D plane is symbolic, and conjured up by the luciferian Mindset, however, there’s symbolism that is the culmination of many layers of suggestion, and becoming aware of these layered subliminals reveals everything that’s transpiring in the 3 dimensional life experience. This will become apparent in the pages on this site.

Russel Grave Map

Russell Grave 1

Russell Grave 2

Watch Tower Tract

Pyramid & Mason Temple

The Freemason Ritual KNEEBENT

Masturbating New Initiates To A New Level

Something to also keep in mind, is the Freemason ritual for initiates moving up through the different levels. Every year in Canada, and presumably elsewhere, the Freemasons dress their initiates in a little loin cloth. This is on June 24 every year. On this ritual day of the fish god Oannes (Nimrod), whose Christian counterpart is John the Baptist, (St. John Baptiste day in Quebec), they masturbate the initiates who are moving on up to a new level of Freemasonry. This locks the members into yet another emabarrassing secret of the organization as they are to ashamed to reveal the nature of the JACK OFF (fuck-fest) ritual they hold every June 24 in honour of the John fish god.


Here’s another curious notion regarding the letter E and T. Take a look at the picture of the Eiffel Tower. The Eiffel Tower and the city of Paris play a very major part in the luciferian agenda, and in particular, the events surrounding the sacrifice of Princess Diana, (as documented on page 40).

Eiffel Tower

Now take a look at the beam of light diagram.

Light Beam Eiffel

Now look at the beam of light overlayed on the Eiffel Tower.

Eiffel Tower & light beam

Consider the name – EIFFEL = EYE FULL or FULL EYE.

This tower was named after a French fellow named Eiffel who built this monument for the world’s fair of 1889, still, look at the symbolism of this structure. It’s a pyramid, an obelisk (a female, male sex symbol), it has an arch in the base, speaking of the rising sun / son, it’s made of iron (symbolic of the iron fist of luciferian control which will be demonstrated to originate with ORION), and when you overlay it on the light beam you see quite clearly the resemblance, and the manipulative mind behind such a creation. The nucleus / hexagon centre of the light beam is located just above the arch of the base. This hexagon is the centre of the sex ritual symbol which is the six pointed star. Of course, sex has everything to do with love and romance, and that’s what the Eiffel Tower is famous form as well. Again, not a coincidence.

Just as the demonic elite bloodlines of the illuminati families delight in building pyramids of stone and skyscrapers of steel, as well as cathedrals of immaculate design, bolstering their magnificance, here we see that towers are also more sigil magic forms to hypnotize the masses.

The Fake God Of Light

We have a fake god, with a fake religious trinity notion, telling you it’s a sham and that it’s there to steal your gullible soul. Of course, as you read this you will hear that little voice, telling you that what I’m saying, is ridiculous. Absolute rubbish! But keep reading. It gets even more outrageous. This is how the luciferian mindset works. The Freemasons (one of the largest luciferian secret societies in the world today, not counting every religious and intellectual organization who are also secret societies) sacrificed Princess Diana in the Pont de Llama tunnel in Paris. The tunnel is the passage of the moon goddess. They had previously erected their eternal flame some 10 years earlier above the location where the sacrifice would take place. They’re telling you they did it, they mark the spot with their eternal flame, the eternal flame of the Olympic Gods, (another symbol of illumination or enlightened knowledge regarding the All Seeing Eye). The entranced members of Secret Societies do the ritualistic things they do, however, being deeply entranced, they’ve been programmed to believe they do these things on behalf of a Supreme God, for the greater good of humanity, and … a spot in the afterlife to RULE and REIGN with this Supreme Deity. This is how our English language is constructed, to allow subliminals, suggestions and symbolism, to be injected without hardly a risk of detection, and most importantly, so the ritualistic entranced elite of the world will never see, or become aware of, the manipulation process they perpetuate. They throw in all kinds of ridiculous hidden messages, telling us that the luciferian Mind did this, and at the same time indoctrinate us through the religious and the educational systems, that to even begin to reason this way borders on insanity. What a clever way to add confusion to an already deceived populace.

Always be aware, that humanity, the whole population of the world, is illusory. That includes the one reading these words. Humanity is not real or valid. The illusory body of humanity is not at all who and what we really are. We have simply been conjured up, given a 3D name, body, mind and spirit/energy, (all aspects which are fake), and then filled with endless suggestions in our illusory brain, that this is who we really are. From this point on, in our 3D life experience, believing that our 3 dimensional life experience is real, leads to endless confusion and suffering. This belief manifests the notion of being imprisoned. However, we are not imprisoned, but if we believe we are, then for all intents and purposes, we might as well be.

D for Death – The Dessert Of Kings

The letter D is symbolic of Death. It’s the shape of one half of the All Seeing Eye being the letter O – but cut in half. It’s the destroyer. It’s desolation. It’s a Dog. …Dog? Of course, with a touch of reverse symbolism, (mirroring letters) Dog is God. With a bit more manipulation, DOG = DOY, or YOD, which suggests the word for GOD in Hebrew. YOD, suggesting GOD, is then suggesting DEITY. An even trickier part to this subliminal messaging, is that DEITY then suggests the number 8, as in EIGHT, and yet again, ATE, as in a Supper Meal. All subliminals which will have an incredible manipulative effect as part of the luciferian agenda. All of which will be shown in the pages on this site.

When you see the hieroglyphs in ancient Egyptian tombs and temples and you see the dog, therein lies just another representation of the god of deceit. This is how the luciferian Mindset thinks, or conjures up the 3D illusory reality we’re now experiencing. It’s not how, Who and What we really are, would do things, it’s how the luciferian inspired and manipulated elect does things. Strangely enough, to hide this incidious way of reasoning, they teach us in the school systems they build for us, that if we even begin to think that the world is run by a luciferian egregore group entity, that in turn manipulates the rich and royal elite puppets who agree to perpetuate the lunacy through rituals, then we’re considered to be a few cards short of a full deck.

The Letter C – See – Sea – Sesame Street

The letter C is yet another All Seeing Eye symbol. It is pronounced SEE. The shape is the eye observed from the side with the pupil opening to the right. This is symbolizing the light or knowledge of the world coming in and going out. Of course, we’ve been taught that when the light enters the pupil it hits the back of the eye and is flipped upside down or reversed. This is one source of inspiration where reversed symbolism is drawn from in luciferian Thought Process. By the time the optic signal reaches the brain it, supposedly has it turned right side up again. This is also the inspiration behind the source of the Freemason slogan, Order Out Of Chaos. They perpetuate chaos in the world, where none existed, only to take total control and re-establish order in accordance with the luciferian Mindset agenda. This is why the All Seeing Eye is such a significant symbol in Freemasonry, Catholicism, and the like.

The letter C = SEE / SEA / and can also represent the K sound.

K = KA = KILL = the AFTER LIFE – and DEATH

The letter K stands for kill. What we have here is an arrow or spearhead, striking someone, as symbolized by the vertical line stroke. K is the 11th letter of the alphabet and 11 is the number associated with death. This spear or arrowhead shape in this letter is a subliminal, suggesting an attack by the “A”, father pyramid letter, or the “V”, virgin, vixen, victory letter. The shape of the letter K is an incredibly strong sigil marker, and the hard sound of the letter, combined with the shape, makes it appropriately part of the word kill. The straight vertical LINE of the letter K suggests the sacred NILE in reverse. The ANGLE portion of the letter K is the ANGEL, or the SPIRIT of the symbolic shape. All letters have this spiritual symbolism which is used to induce a Trance State when repeated in endless fashion.

Even in the word ATTACK, the use of the letter A as the first letter in ATTACK is not a coincidence. Look at the word ATTACK. It is combined with 2 “T”‘s, which are symbolic of the intersecting death cross lines of the zodiac light molecule, or zodiac cross, which is the root source of all religion. But there are 2 crosses – a double cross. This is the symbol for the House of Lorraine, one of the main illuminati bloodline families of France. They use the cross with one extra stroke in it. This term, double cross, is now synonamous with deceit or being tricked, something the House of Lorraine lived up to. Also, it is the logo of the massive oil conglomerate EXXON. This again, is no coincidence. Everything of power and wealth is of the luciferian conjured up illuminati elite. They are obsessed with symbolism and ritualistic thinking. Because of this it is a incredibly effortless to see who they are and what their intent is.

The word ATTACK is further constructed with another “A” pyramid – creating a mirror image – ATTA. This is important symbolism to the luciferian Mindset. It is reverse symbolism again. Reversing or mirroring things, is a sacred thing to the luciferian Thought Process. All manner of manipulative subliminal messaging can be implanted, and yet remain undetected by reversing or mirroring information. Keep in mind, that REVERSE IMAGERY and MIRRORING are not limited by TIME or SPACE, which are NOT REAL or VALID CONCEPTS. As the reader proceeds through this site, the extent of REVERSE IMAGERY and MIRRORING will become evident.

This is the Hebrew expression concerning the tabernacle which is above, expressed down here below, or “As Above, So Below”. All this is lunacy, of course, but to the luciferian Thinking Entities, it’s gospel.

The 2nd letter A in the word ATTACK is followed by the C letter, which suggests the ABILITY TO SEE. Keep in mind, just because letters and numbers are usually observed in small print, this doesn’t diminish the sigil magic and subliminal strength in the least. Consider the little owl that sits in the hook of the number 1, on the front of the American $1.00 bill. It is virtually indistinguishable to the naked eye. But it’s there, serving it’s manipulative hypnotic purpose.

This is all finally followed by the letter K which is representing the kill all by itself. We now have to ask, where does the word “kill” come from? Where does the word “attack” come from? Why is there a C and a K at the end of ATTA-CK when the C is silent? There’s no need for it to be there unless it holds sigil magic incantational significance. The letter C sounds like SEE, or SEA, or ISIS, as in the All Seeing Eye. Using this letter repeatedly, without any audible value, helps to enhance the trance state. That’s its main reason for being there. Many words in the English language are developed in this way and with this express purpose, to implant a subliminal message.

These subliminals are created to cause a response when activated by some seemingly, unrelated sound, shape or colour. This occurs endlessly in advertising, where the simplest of shapes, words, jingles and logos cause us to respond mindlessly. This is luciferian Mind manipulation. Keep in mind, that LUCIFER is not some big bad devil, but means the LIGHT BRINGER. In religious terms, this is the Creator God who said “LET THERE BE LIGHT, and there was LIGHT…”. The luciferian mind is the egregore group of Thinking Entities, playing a good god and a bad devil, neither of which exist. We refer to these jingles, slogans and logos, as simply doing business. In reality, it is the one primary tool of advertisers and commerce, together fulfilling the luciferian illuminati agenda. This manipulation is implanted within the minds of the advertising company by these corrupt Thinking Entities. These Entities implant hypnotic suggestion using subliminals, that in turn, manipulates the one who becomes entranced, to carry on the same Thought Pattern, which in turn conjures up the desired illusory reality of the luciferian Thought Process. In this way, the group egregore of Thinkers, appears to control our original Reality State. They really don’t control it, they simply appear to control who and what we really are. The control the luciferian Thought Process is after, is what they’re attempting to bring to pass with the establishment of the New World Order, or, by another name, the Kingdom of God on earth. Also called the Age of Aquarius.

Speaking of corrupt entities and spirits, the reference to non-corrupt angels as being on our side, with good intentions, is further illusion and trickery. Anything of wisdom, does not speak, does not have a 3 dimensional form and is not at all formed of light or spirit/energy. Light, energy, sound, shape and colour are all tools that form this 3 dimensional reality, and this physical world is a total lie and illusion. What is referred to as spirits, angels, demons, the occult, magic, etc. is nothing more than hypnotic suggestion. There really are no spirits or demons in the sense of the word that we’ve become accustomed to throughout these illusory centuries. All that’s occurring is the Thought Process, implanting ideas, or notions, within the 3 dimensional plane, and depending on the previous experiences and influences of the individual mind, they’ll perceive, or recognize ‘spirit entities’ in accordance with the pre-programmed suggestions received along the way. Once this perception has been accepted as reality, then the reality of that individual recognizes angels, demons, spirits, and witnesses all types of ‘spiritual’ events, or to some, what might be described as miracles. This is simply hypnotic suggestion. Most individuals are not trying to lie or deceive, for this is their reality. The truth is, however, that everyone’s reality is an illusion, and therefore, deceiving.

This is also the reason for the incredible saturation of acronyms within our language in recent years. Acronyms are shorter, sharper, simpler, more penetrating and able to influence the human consciousness much quickly and deeper than complete language might. Did you ever wonder about all the acronym usage in the world today? You should. It’s there to manipulate you into a deep hypnotic trance.

One such acronym is NOAA. This refers to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. If someone simply saw the acronym NOAA, the story of Noah, the Ark, the Flood, the Judgment, the New Earth, etc. would flash through our mind. The less said, the more powerful the suggestion.

All The Gods Are But One Luciferian Mind Trick

The Letter L = EL = ELECT = ELECTRICITY = EL-LAH = ALLAH = LA = … Los Angeles???

The second last letter of the first set of thirteen to consider is L. Again, L sounds like El. This is the ancient creator father god sometimes associated with the rising sun (Eli) and sometimes with the dusk. This speaks of the god of time, Father Time, and El was therefore associated with the God Cronus (chronology – the process of time) in ancient Greece.

The number EL-EV-EN is figured as 11 o’clock on the clockface.
The number TW-EL-VE likewise is represented on the clockface.

In both instances, the syllable EL is coupled with the syllable EV, or VE. This suggests EL-ec-tricity and the EVE, or coming of the Light. The coming of the Light was initiated by the concept of LUCIFER, which in turn means, the Light Bringer, who again is the creator god, called EL, or ALLAH. For others, this name is Chronus, or Jehovah, etc. This is the Thought Process in action, and the word EL-VE further suggests the spirit concept, or the ELVES, the angelic/demonic entities that have been conjured up through simple hypnotic suggestion. The Light itself, is nothing more than Thought. As stated previously:

A THOUGHT is a WORD, …is a SOUND, and sound VIBRATES. Vibration is ENERGY,… energy GLOWS, … and glowing is LIGHT. Therefore, Light, or everything we see, is just a Thought.

The Phoenicians in turn, referred to Elus their king as the father god and upon his death deified him as the star Saturn. Saturn is of course, another English form of the name Satan, derived from the Arabic ‘SHAITAN’, which is the Setting Sun, the coming of Darkness.

What we have here is just a load of wordplay, meant to establish deceit and authority, so as to mesmerize humanity into a lunatic Trance State. In case anyone might have missed it, all the gods throughout all of the ages, in all of the civilizations of the world, are but one god, one big false luciferian god, one BIG FALSE LUCIFERIAN THOUGHT PROCESS. This god may be called Jehovah, Jesus, Oannes, Allah, Chronus, …Science, Higher Learning, Intellectualism, Atheism, …New Age Enlightenment, the Age of Aquarius, or the Environmental Green Movement, it doesn’t make any difference, they’re all but one god…and there’s not a drop of wisdom in the whole lot. Something else to keep in mind as one goes through these pages, it makes absolutely no difference when a particular god is referred to, as to gender, be it the mother, father or son. For all are ONE, working together within the ATOM, bearing the characteristics of the ELECTRON (mother), PROTON (father), or NEUTRON (son). Any reference to any god, is just subliminal messaging meant to manipulate our reality. The cover, or smokescreen, put to use to keep the subliminal in its subliminal state, is the god concept. Place the suggestion of a god in front of any subliminal you wish to use, and its real intent is hidden. Likewise, the ATOM symbol is the Light Beam, and the 3 PRIMARY COLOURS are found exactly 120 degrees apart on the COLOUR WHEEL. These 3 numbers, 0, 1 and 2 will become incredibly important as this information is contemplated. These numbers refer to the years 2010, 2011, and 2012, and the luciferian push for complete control of our original Paradise State, which are elaborated on in later pages.


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Google Video – illuminatiMATRIX explanatory video detailing the foundational root of hypnosis, religion, intellectualism and who and what god is.

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YouTube Video highlighting some of the subliminal elements hidden in the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem

Please read the next paragraph before watching the ROCK VIDEO.

On the ROCK VIDEO, the World Trade Center is mistakenly called the ROCKEFELLER PLAZA. The WTC was conceived and promoted by the Rockefellers. The Rockefeller Plaza is to the north of the World Trade Centre, on the MANHATTAN ROCK, or MANNA STONE. The WTC and the Rockefeller Plaza , along with the area of CENTRAL PARK, relate to the TEMPLE MOUNT in Jerusalem, and the Al Aqsa Mosque, the Dome of the ROCK, and the Temple Courtyard. These in turn relate to the North American West Coast. See page 39 for more details.

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