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Google Video – illuminatiMATRIX explanatory video detailing the foundational root of hypnosis, religion, intellectualism and who and what god is.

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YouTube Video highlighting some of the subliminal elements hidden in the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem

Please read the next paragraph before watching the ROCK VIDEO.

On the ROCK VIDEO, the World Trade Center is mistakenly called the ROCKEFELLER PLAZA. The WTC was conceived and promoted by the Rockefellers. The Rockefeller Plaza is to the north of the World Trade Centre, on the MANHATTAN ROCK, or MANNA STONE. The WTC and the Rockefeller Plaza , along with the area of CENTRAL PARK, relate to the TEMPLE MOUNT in Jerusalem, and the Al Aqsa Mosque, the Dome of the ROCK, and the Temple Courtyard. These in turn relate to the North American West Coast. See page 39 for more details.

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Today is January 1, 2014.

DOW JONES CLOSES @ 16,576.66 On December 31, 2013

After 52 new record highs reached by the Dow Jones Industrial Average throughout all of 2013, the last high was reached on the last day of 2013, … and on the last day of the Federal Reserve Chief, Benjamin Solomon Bernanke’s, last day on the job.

As a parting gift to the country and the world, B.S.Bernanke (as folks like to call him), oversaw the last trading day of 2013 close at an extremely symbolic number of 16,576.66.

Here’s just a bit of what that number tells us:

16,576.66 = 16 or 4×4, suggesting Lincoln, the Lion King, the Sphinx, and Obama the 44th president, etc.
16,576.66 = the 576 portion
= 576 divided by 2 = 288
divided by 2 again = 144, suggesting 12×12, or the Fullness of Time.
16,576.66 = the 6.66 portion
= 6.66% of a circle/clockface which coincides with number 8.
The original World Trade Center in New York was built in exactly 6.66 years or 80 months which relates to 6.66 in the Dow closing number.
16,576.66 rose .44% to reach the 52nd new high for 2013.
The number .44 suggests Lincoln, Lion King, Obama, etc.
There were 52 new highs reached in 2013, which averages out to 1 new high for each week of the year.
The number 52 coincides with 4 on the 5th clockface.
Adding 4+5 = 9 The FALL.
Multiplying 4×5 = 20, which coincides with 8 suggesting the Flood and Control.
The new high 16,576.66 was reached as the Dow Jones rose 72.37 points.
The number 72 = 7+2 = 9, the FALL.
The number .37 suggests the Lion King Lincoln Obama again.
Adding 3+7 = 10, suggesting inTENsity and California.
Adding 16,576.66 as 1+6+5+7+6+6+6 = 37 suggesting the Lion King again.
Adding 16+5+7+6 = 34 added to the 66 decimal number = 100.
The number 100 = 10×10 suggesting California @ 10×10.
Adding 16+576 = 592.
Dividing 592 by 2 = 296.
Dividing 296 by 2 = 148.
Dividing 148 by 2 = 74.
Dividing 74 by 2 = 37 again suggesting the Lion King scenario.
… yet again, multiplying 16×576 = 9,216.
Dividing 9,216 by 2, for a total of 10 times = 9, the FALL.
Dividing it 10 times by 2, suggests California again.

Interestingly, … this closing number of 16,576.66 occurred on the EVE of a NEW MOON.

Not just any moon, but what’s known as a SUPER MOON, where the moon passes the earth at it’s closest point. January 31 will also have a 2nd SUPPER MOON occurring in the month of January.

From today, January 1, 2014, there will be exactly 37 days until the EVE of the SOCHI OLYMPICS.

So far, within the last few days of 2013, there have been 3 terrorist bombings in Volgograd Russia, just a few miles from Sochi and the Olympic site, which has killed dozens and injured scores more.

It should be noted at this time, that these bombings, and Sochi Russia, are also close to the nuclear disaster which occurred @ Chernobyl Ukraine on April 26, 1986.

APRIL 26 is the 116th DAY OF THE YEAR!
Suggesting 911 when rotated 180 degrees.

Oddly enough, there are 249 days left in the year after April 26.
The numbers 249 act as a numerical anagram for 4/29, or April 29.
April 29 is the date of Hitler’s marriage to Eva Braun and Prince William’s marriage to Kate.
April 29 is the 119th day of the year, suggesting 911 one more time.
Then again, when multiplying 4×29 = 116, the same number as April 26, the 116th day of the year, and when rotated 180 degrees, suggests 911.

Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster to Fukushima to Sochi Olympics

From Chernobyl to Fukushima there were 9,085 days.
From Chernobyl to the Fukushima disaster, and then adding exactly 777 days = April 26, 2013, which coincides precisely with the 27th anniversary of Chernobyl.

The number 27 = 3x3x3 or a perfect cube.
The number 777 relates to Perfection and Completion, not to mention the coordinates of Washington DC @ 38.5 N (or 77 divided by 2), and 77W, etc., thereby linking the capital of the USA to Chernobyl and Fukushima.
Also linking Washington State at 49 degrees N, or 7×7, the home of Mount Olympus Washington on the Olympia Peninsula, and the region of the 2010 Vancouver Olympics, which began on February 12, 2010, … LINCOLN’S BIRTHDAY.
From the Fukushima disaster to the Sochi Olympics on February 7, 2014, there are an additional 287 days for a total of 1,064 additional days to be added to the 9,085 days from the Chernobyl disaster to Fukushima.

However the actual games do not begin until February 8, 2014.
Numerically that reads as 2/8/2014.
Adding 9,085 + 1,064 + 1 more day = 10,150 from Chernobyl to the Sochi Olympic Games beginning.
The number 10,150 = 10x10x10x10 + 10×15 = 10,150.
This in turn suggests California and extreme inTENsity, and the number 15 which is the number most closely associated with god, which is multiplied again, by inTENsity.

The days from Chernobyl to Fukushima to Sochi, link together these events in regards to the location of Chernobyl on the Black Sea where Sochi is also located, … as well as to the 27th anniversary of Chernobyl just 777 days after Fukushima on April 26, 1986, … and by the 288 days from the 27th anniversary of Chernobyl until the Sochi Games actually begin on February 8, 2014.

The number 288 multiplied by 2 = the portion of the Dow Jones closing number “576” shown above.
Dividing 576 by 2 = 288 = 2+8+8 = 18 = 1+9 = 9.
Dividing 288 by 2 = 144 = 1+4+4 = 9.
… continuing to divide 144 by 2 = 72 = 7+2 = 9.
Divide 72 by 2 = 36 = 3+6 = 9.
Divide 36 by 2 = 18 = 1+8 = 9.
Divide 18 by 2 = 9, the number of the FALL.

The date of February 7, the day of the Opening Ceremonies of the Sochi Olympics is the exact official date of the collapse of the SOVIET UNION, 24 years previous, on February 7, 1990.
The number 24 suggests ONE FULL DAY, or the Fullness of Time.

Therefore, the collapse of the Soviet Union was all part of the Chernobyl, Fukushima, fall of the Berlin Wall, Sochi Olympic Games and the eventual Big One, Ring of Fire, bullshit judgment day event.

The coordinates of Sochi are extremely symbolic:
They are 44 degrees N / 40 degrees E.
The number 44 coincides with 8 on the 4th clockface.
The number 40 coincides with 4 on the 4th clockface.
The number 44 relates directly to Obama the 44th president.
The number 40 relates to the Flood of Noah as well as Obama.
The number 44 relates to Yellowstone, which is centred at 44 N.
Furthermore, when the National Mall is laid over the nation of the USA as a whole, the White House coincides with Yellowstone @ 44 N. (See page 29).

The Olympics were awarded to Sochi on July 4th, 2007, the USA birthdate.
July 4, 2007 written numerically reads as 7/4/7, … another 7 years before the games begin in 2014.
These games were awarded at the 119 I.O.C. meeting which again suggests 911.
As stated previously, these are the 22nd Winter Olympics.
The number 22 relating to the Marriott Hotel and California, not to mention the 322 aspects and the George Washington connections stated on page 73.

The motto for the Sochi Olympics is “HOT! COOL! YOURS!”
This would suggest:

… Hot=Volcano,
… Cool=Water,
… Yours=Humanity,

and in particular, for those on the Ring of Fire. After all, these are the Olympics, where the RINGS and the TORCH FIRE blaze away all throughout the Torch Relay and the Games as well.

Sochi was founded in 1838 AD.
From 1838 until 2014 their are 176 years.
Dividing 176 by 2 = 88 the number of the Flood and Control.

From 1776 (the USA birthdate) to 2014, there are 238 years.
Divide 238 by 2 = 119, or 911.

As shown on a previous page as well, the Black Sea is symbolic of the Pacific Ocean with the Bosphorus symbolic of the birth canal. The Bosphorus in turn, and the Golden Horn located on the Bosphorus, … relates to the Golden Gate that is the entrance to San Francisco Bay and ultimately leading to the Sacramento Valley in central California, … the symbolic site of the Sacraments, or “crucifixion” of the Sun/Son of god.


Today is January 10, 2014.

January 9, 2014 DOW JONES CLOSES @ 16,444,

Keeping in mind that Wall Street and the location of the World Trade Center is none other than a representation of Solomon’s Temple, yesterdays closing numbers carry a lot of symbolic foretelling.

The Dow closed @16,444 which relates to the Lion King, the Sphinx, Lincoln, Obama, etc.
The Dow closed with a decimal place of 16,444.76.
The number 76 divided by 2 = 38 = 3+8 = 11, or DEATH.
The Sochi Olympics also begin on the 38th day of the year.
Rounding 76 up = 77, suggesting Washington DC, Washington State, and California @ 770 miles high.
The Dow Jones closed down 144 points from its all-time high.
16,444 closed down .11% suggesting DEATH.
The Dow also closed down 17.98 = 18 = 6+6+6 suggesting 666.
This splurge of symbolic numbers occurred just 29 days before the Sochi Olympics
The number 29 = 2+9 = 11, or DEATH.
The number 29 coincides with 5 on the 3rd clockface.
Adding 5+3 = 8, suggesting the FLOOD and CONTROL.
Also, 29 is a direct harmony to 35 on the 3rd clockface, which coincides with 11, suggesting DEATH.
Adding 3+5 = 8 again, suggesting the FLOOD and CONTROL.

Besides the Dow having a flurry of symbolic numbers the S&P (relating to the 2 Pillars of Solomon’s Temple), closed at 1,838.13.
The number 1,838 suggests 1+8 and 3+8 = 9 and 11.
The S&P rose .64 points suggesting 8×8, or FLOOD and CONTROL.

Some more telling numbers included the Nasdaq which closed @ 4,156.19.
Adding 41+56+19 = 116, suggesting 911 when rotated 180 degrees.
The Nasdaq closed down .23%, which coincides with 11 on the 2nd clockface, suggesting DEATH.

Always keep in mind that we’re talking hypnosis here, … where suggestion and subliminal manipulation of the mind and reality DO NOT FOLLOW LOGIC, REASON, or RATIONAL THOUGHT, … in other words, observing things that occur as cyclical occurrences, or recurring suggestion based on the Thought Process, is to observe and contemplate events accurately and is, in turn, profoundly revealing. Revealing to all but the entranced masses who have been dumbed down through intellectual and religious indoctrination to consider things logically, reasonably, and rationally. Which in turn, reveals nothing!

You know, religion, … where a big bad man in the sky who would just as soon kill you as look at you in judgment. That’s logical!

Or again, intellectual indoctrination, where one studies in a tunnel to become an expert in one particular aspect of this 3D illusory plane, and thereby gains a complete grasp on the bigger picture of what drives this 3D illusory plane. That’s logical!

The symbolism of January 9, 2014 stock market number didn’t confine itself to NY and the Dow. The Japanese Nikkei also closed down 15,880.33 with the obvious symbolism blatantly staring the reader in the face.

The number 15,880.33 suggests 15+88+33 = 136 = 1+3+6 = 10 California.
Again, 15+88+33 = 136 which coincides with 4 on the 11th clockface.
Multiplying 4×11 = 44, the Lion King, Lincoln, Obama, etc.
Again, 1+5+8+8+0+3+3 = 28 = 2+8 = 10 California.
The number 28 suggests 1 lunar month, or ONE MOON, suggesting the Flood and Control.
This suggests the Flood of radiation that’s killing the Pacific Ocean since Fukushima, and the radioactive wave that’s just a few short months away from reaching the West Coast of North America.

SOCHI OLYMPICS and the MONOPOLY of the MegaCorporations and the TO-BIG-TO-FAIL BANKS

The Sochi 22nd Winter Olympics begin on February 7, 2014.
These will be the most expensive Olympics in history.
Corruption and unbelievable money siphoning has occurred all through the building process leading up to the Olympics.
The mega-corporations and elitists placed in positions of leadership have MONOPOLIZED this construction and have taken advantage, and have deliberately been given advantage by the Russian government, to become exceedingly wealthy in the process.

The suggestion that’s led up to this hideous crime of blatant robbery relates to the old, but extremely popular board game called MONOPOLY. This game has, over the decades, become one of the most popular board games ever. In becoming overwhelmingly popular, it also became the tool to implant the notion that the rich could become mega-rich, and the Monopolies could Monopolize even more, and more, without end.

Interestingly, the board game MONOPOLY was released in it’s popular form on FEBRUARY 7, 1935, the same day as the Sochi Olympics, only 79 years later.

However, when the Sochi Olympics begin on February 7, 2014, … Monopoly will now be in it’s 80th year.
If the reader recalls, … the World Trade Center was built in exactly 80 months, which coincides with 6.66 years. Just as the number 8 is 66.6% of a circle or clockface.
The original WTC construction began in 1966 as well.
From this, the relationship between Wall Street, the WTC complex, the Big Banks, and the Board Game (B and G words)MONOPOLY is obvious.
Certainly, logically speaking, this is ridiculous, … but unfortunately, that doesn’t discount the obvious.

Keep in mind as well, that the BIG BANKS, which are supposedly, To-Big-To-Fail, refers to the West Coast and in particular to that of California. The Banks are the Coastal Banks of the Pacific Shore. These Banks are not to big to fail. So, in keeping with all the ridiculous information just presented, when the Dow Jones begins to tumble, when the Big Banks start to fail, when the mega-corporations start closing locations, and when Silver and Gold begin to soar, … then the real manipulation will begin.

As mentioned on this site many times, those who profess to be exposing the truth, by pointing fingers at these hideous corporations, and elitists who run the world, and the now present fascist tyrannical governments of the world, are not exposing anything of what’s really transpiring. These same finger pointers take aim at the Main Stream Media (MSM), shrieking about the complete lack of accurate reporting, or the absence of reporting, as being an indication of the media being controlled by the elitists. Which of course, is more than accurate. However, these finger pointers are not telling us anything with this information.

The MSM is simply a front, a cover-story, a distraction for the finger pointers to point to, when all the while the real MSM is the ALTERNATIVE MEDIA, invented by, set-up, funded, and perpetuated by the very mega-corporations that the finger pointers are accusing of being corrupt and simple mouthpieces for the elitist corporations.

Unfortunately, the finger pointers seem to forget that GOOGLE, MICROSOFT, FACEBOOK, TWITTER, … and the list goes on, … have become the mega-corporations who have slipped quietly into bed with the governments, the banks, and with society as a whole, and in so doing, have bled off the wealth of the ordinary person, into the coffers of a very few.

The INTERNET has provided the vehicle for the Big One, the Big Heist, the Great Train Robbery, … as people have been TRAINED, or MANIPULATED into REACTIONARY EMOTIONAL IMPULSES. This is the agenda of the New World Order, or the Thought Process.
Get the people to react.
Create chaos.
Get them to point fingers.
Give them unlimited quantities of easily accessed information.
Give them platforms and venues to shout their venom to the world.
Give them Black Swan events that are hidden, … but of course, … NOT TO HIDDEN!
Give them, … well, … give them whatever they need to manipulate the masses into reaction and retaliation.
Give them everything they need to fulfill the luciferian agenda of Total Control.
… but alas, … don’t give them the ability to see the folly in all that they do.
The finger pointers are simply being used by the elitists to fulfill the agenda of the power brokers of the world, … being used as the very slaves the finger pointers never want to become.

But the greatest manipulation of all.

When all is said and done … the elitists will fall.
The elitists will fail.
The elitists and the mega-rich will lose everything.
… and then … the finger pointers will declare victory.
… and then … bliss … except for one little thing of course.
The wealth will have transferred to the ordinary little person.
With wealth transferring, a new set of monopolizing will ensue.
The duality nature of this 3D illusory plane will begin all over again.

… even before, during, or after, … the great illusory leveling and cleansing occurs.

… in the financial realm, the money experts are of the opinion that there’s going to be a great levelling, where the wealth of the world will transfer completely to the elitists. This is happening right now. What these guru’s don’t understand however, is that this is not the final end of the agenda. The real manipulation comes, when events will transpire, whereby the Big One, the cataclysm unfolds (the cleansing), and all that the rich and powerful have control over will be taken away. This is the real manipulation where all the little people of the world will believe that the ‘lord’, or the “saviour”, or “whatever”, has delivered them from evil, and the world systems will be reconfigured and the 3D illusion will continue on, and the illusory plane of complete ignorance will persist. The little people will believe in their gods, in their myths, and worship lunacy, just like now, only more convinced in the belief of some great creator god.

Watch and Wait, … simply observe, … this is the only way to escape the lunacy!


Today is January 12, 2014.

911 Fake Planes Video


911 – NINE ELEVEN – Another Name of God



Today is January 16, 2014.

The Number 16 – The Sphinx Lion King Lincoln Obama



Today is January 24, 2014.

The Baby Black Sea Delivered by the UKRAINE / You CRANE / BENNU Bird

Below is a chart borrowed from p.68 of this blog. The chart shows how the Black Sea, the Mediterranean Sea, the Gulf of Mexico, and the Pacific Ocean, are a linked body of water progression leading to the ultimate “birth of a new world order” on the Pacific Ocean.


Another chart borrowed from p.68 immediately below, showing how the baby is the Black Sea which will give birth through the Bosphorus Water Channel directly into the Mediterranean Sea.



The Sacred Egyptian BENNU BIRD Delivers the New World Order Baby.



Today is January 26, 2014.

9/11/2001 – Flight 175 = Flight 88

The symbolism surrounding the flight numbers of the faked airplanes on 911 all had blatantly obvious subliminal suggestion.

For instance, the first fabricated plane, Flight 11 supposedly hit Tower 1 on 9/11/2001. Suggesting death, water (tower=woter=water). As shown many times on this site, Tower 1 coincides with Oregon in the 11 Western States.

Flight 77 supposedly hit the Pentagon which is located in Washington DC, which coordinates of DC are 38.5 N (1/2 of 77) and 77 West. Suggesting California as well as perfection and completion.

Flight 93 which supposedly crashed in a field in Shanksville Pennsylvania, suggests the number 9, as the number 93 coincides with 9 on the 8th clockface. Multiplying 9×3 = 27, a perfect Cube (3x3x3). As well, adding 2+7 = 9 again, suggesting the Fall.

Flight 175, the second fabricated plane to supposedly strike Tower 2, also has hidden symbolism, and coincides with Arizona in the 11 Western States. The symbolism hidden in the number 175 shows up when dividing this number by 2 = 87.5. Then, rounding 87.5 up to 88, suggests the flood and total control.

Something to keep in mind at this point, is that both Oregon and Arizona, joined the Union of the USA on February 14, Valentine’s Day, but in different years. Oregon joined 155 years ago in relation to 2014, in 1859. Oregon is Tower 1, which was struck first.

Adding 18+59 = 77, suggesting California and the Pentagon in Washington DC, as well as Completeness and Perfection.

Oregon joined the Union on Valentine’s Day in 1912.
Adding 19+12 = 31 which coincides with 7 on the 3rd clockface.
The year 1912 suggests 911-2, relating to Death, the Fall, and Tower 2. These subliminals are present along with many more.

The Freedom Tower / One World Trade Center OPENING DATE LATE JANUARY or EARLY FEBRUARY 2014

The One WTC building is formed of 2 sets of 4 interlocking pyramids which form a perfect octagon at mid-point on the tower. This building is built on the site of the old WTC Building 6.
Building 6 coincides with Washington State which is located at 49 degrees North on the US/Canadian border.
The number 49 = 7×7, suggesting again, both California and Washington DC.
1 WTC is designed to symbolize Tower 1 and Tower 2 in one majestic form that reaches the height of 1776 feet.
The number 1776 divided by 2 = 888, the number of the Flood and Control.

Keeping in mind that the Freedom Tower is supposed to open in late January or early February of 2014, some symbolic dates come to mind that would reveal the Mindset behind this 911 event.

The first date that comes to mind would be February 14, 2014, … as both Tower 1 and Tower 2, representing Oregon and Arizona, both joined the Union on February 14.

February 14, 2014 = 2/14/20-14 = 2/14/14, … or suggesting TWO 14’s, suggesting Oregon and Arizona joining the Union on February 14.

1 WTC is representative of Tower 1 and Tower 2, and supposedly has nothing to do with Valentine’s Day. Therefore, if the opening of 1 WTC occurs on Valentine’s Day, it would be a strong signal again, that the demolition sacrifice on 911 is referring to the coming destruction of Oregon and Arizona crushing California (the Marriott Hotel), both of which joined the Union on Valentine’s Day.

There’s also the logo used to promote New York City which has a very strong connection to Valentine’s Day. That logo reads as:

I (heart/LOVE) NY

Further suggestion adding to the date of February 14, comes from the St.Valentine’s Day massacre of 7 mob bosses in Chicago, during prohibition in 1929. Chicago is the beginning of Route 66 which runs from Chicago to LA, California. This massacre suggests California, and route 66 suggests the number 8, the Flood, in that the number 66.6% coincides with the number 8 on the 1st clockface.

The year 1929 was also the year of the Stock Market Crash, again illustrating the importance of the year 1929. Looking closely at the year, the subliminal most obvious in this number is 1-9-29, or One 9/11, when adding 2+9=11.

Of course, this isn’t logical in any 3D sense of the word, however, once again, this is hypnosis and mind control and mind manipulation, and logic and reason have nothing to do with these aspects of revealing how this 3D illusory plane is actually constructed.

Other symbolic dates would be January 30, the day that Hitler became Chancellor of Germany in 1933, which would be 81 years ago in 2014. The number 81 = 9×9, yet another strong symbolic number.

Keep in mind that One WTC, the Freedom Tower, is built on the 16 Acre site which relates to the Sphinx, the Lion King, Lincoln and Obama, etc.

Another date to watch, would be February 7, 2014, the opening date of the Sochi Olympics, … combined with the symbolism associated with Kiev, Ukraine, … and the Crane delivering the Baby when the Water Breaks, … and the main stadium building for the Olympics is called the FISHT Stadium, … etc., all this is worthy of taking note of.

Yet another date is February 8, 2014. February 8, 1404, was the birth of Constantine XI Palaiologos, the last Byzantine reigning emporer. This may seem unimportant until one realizes that the Byzantine Empire replaced the Western Roman Empire when it collapsed, and the Eastern Roman Empire continued as the Byzantine Empire. Much in the same way as the Western Empires are now collapsing and the Eastern Empires are emerging, along with the BRICS nations.

Myths associated with Constantine XI (the number 11 suggests death), goes that, as the Ottoman Turks were about to capture Constantine, an angel appeared and turned Constantine into MARBLE. The angel then buried the Marble Constantine in a CAVE in the earth, NEAR THE GOLDEN GATE of Constantinople. The purpose of this bit of mythology is combined with the notion that ONE DAY CONSTANTINE would rise up again, and would restore the Empire. The Golden Gate also came to be known as the Jesus Gate.

This in turn relates to the troubles now going on in Kiev Ukraine which is located on the north side of the Black Sea, and very near to Sochi, site of the 2014 Olympics.

Much of the protesting in Kiev is occurring along a few streets in the vicinity of INDEPENDENCE SQUARE. Ironically, this is also the location of the ancient Golden Gate of Kiev, the Jesus Gate, where the messiah is said to appear. Of course, this relates in the same way as dos the Golden Gate of Constantinople, to the Golden Gate of San Francisco. Only the Golden Gate in Kiev has the added little bonus of CHERNOBYL just to the north of it, on the Dneiper River, which in turn flows into the Black Sea. The Black Sea representing the Pacific Ocean, and Chernobyl symbolizing Fukushima.

The Pacific Ocean is the Sea of Peace, which is Jerusalem, the City of Peace, … which in turn is Jesus, the Prince of Peace (the RINSE of Peace), and this Prince is RA-DIATING, his RA-DIANCE, via his RA-DIUS, and a NEW DAWN, the Mother MARY / MAR / the SEA, is appearing from the land of the RISING SUN / SON.

It just so happens that ancient Constantinople had 7 Hills, just as ancient Rome had 7 Hills. These 7 Hills related to the 7 Buildings that made up part of the WTC complex that was destroyed on 911.

Ancient Constantinople is modern day Istanbul.
Istanbul is right on the Bosporus, or the birth canal leading from the Black Sea into the Mediterranean Sea.

The Golden Gate of ancient Constantinople is located at:

41 degrees N / 29 degrees E.

The number 41 coincides with 5 on the 4th clockface.
The number 29 coincides with 5 on the 3rd clockface.

In both instances the number of SACRIFICE, the number 5 is present.
Together, adding 5+5 = 10 = California.
Placed side by side = 55, relating to the Washington Monument and the 4 Corner Cross states in the 11 Western States.

The Golden Gate of Constantinople was destroyed repeatedly by floods and earthquakes over the centuries.
Constantinople is located on the estuary called the Golden Horn, which has an eerie relationship in shape to the Olympia Peninsula, and Mount Olympus Washington, which in turn relates to the Olympic Games at Sochi, on the opposite side of the Black Sea.

Constantinople also is adjacent to the MARMARA Sea, relating to Mary, the Mother of “god”, the mother of Jesus, the mother of Zeus / Zoos, who was born in a barn amongst the animals. And Zeus / Jesus, who was raised by a goat. GOAT = YOAT = TAOY = TAO, or the WAY, suggesting the name of god being YAHWEH, which in turn suggests Jehovah.

The notion that he was raised by a BAPHOMET, the goat of sacrifice, … and thereby suggesting the death and resurrection of the messiah, the Prince and See of Peace, … the Pacific Ocean, … now dying, … but will rise again.

(This stuff just gets weirder by the minute).

… hopefully the reader can grasp what actually being written here. Don’t use logic or reason or you’ll not achieve any sense of comprehension of what’s transpiring.


Today is February 6, 2014. (The 37th day of the year – suggesting the Spine of the Sphinx, the Lion King, Lincoln, Obama, etc.) … and tomorrow, February 7, is the beginning of the Sochi 22nd Winter Olympics.

The charts immediately below are borrowed from page 40 of this site. These charts show the incredible likeness of Princess Diana, who was murdered in the Pont de l’Alma Tunnel in Paris, which is on the Seine River, on August 31, 1997.

For 10 years previous to Diana’s murder, an eternal flame, an exact replica of the Statue of Liberty, was located above the tunnel where Diana was murdered. In the Seine River, just a short distance from the tunnel, stood a replica of the Statue of Liberty that the Freemasons of France gave to the USA as a gift. That gift just happened to look like Princess Diana, and was placed in New York Harbour, directly across from the destroyed World Trade Center, which is now a memorial, and a human sacrifice ritual grove. Soon, the Twin Towers will be immortalized with the opening of the FREEDOM TOWER, (or 1 World Trade Center). Remember this name, … FREEDOM TOWER, … for the sacrifice that occurred on 9/11/2001, is going to be relived through events which will relate to the building and opening of this ritual obelisk, phallic, sacrifice symbol of death.

Here we have 2 peas in a pod:

… and yet again, the similarity to Diana is slightly eerie.


The FREEDOM TOWER – BELTANE and HECATE Sacrificial Moon Goddesses.

The chart below illustrates how the building of the Freedom Tower coincides with the festivals relating to Beltane, goddess of the Underworld, and the sacrifice of the virgin on April 30 – May 1.

This chart also shows the festival relating to Hecate, goddess of the Underworld, August 30 -31. Which in turn relates to the day that Princess Diana was murdered. And Diana, like the mythological goddesses Beltane and Hecate, were all Moon Goddesses.

The chart below includes a statue of Hecate. However, Hecate has 3 FACES.
These 3 FACES are actually referring to the 3 PHASES that occur during one full calendar year.

The 1st PHASE occurs from January 1 to April 30 – May 1.
This is exactly 121 days.
The number 121 = 11×11.
April 30 is the day that Adolf Hitler “disappeared”.
On April 29, Hitler married Eva Braun.
On April 29, Prince William married Kate Middleton.

ON APRIL 30, 2012 on the Festival of Beltane,the FREEDOM TOWER became the tallest building in New York, surpassing the Empire State Building in height.

The 2nd PHASE of the 3 Phased Goddess Hecate, occurs from May 2 to August 30.
Again, this is exactly 121 days.
The number 121 = 11×11.

On August 30, 2012, the FREEDOM TOWER was topped out, reaching the symbolic height of 1,776 feet, … when divided by 2 = 888, the number of the Flood and Control.

Hecate was the goddess of FREEDOM, the PROTECTOR, the ONE WHO TURNED AWAY HARM. However, she had 3 FACES, or 3 PHASES, … one which included BELTANE, as mentioned above. Therefore, everything that applies to HECATE, also applies to BELTANE, for they are but 1 mythological goddess, but with 3 phases.

The 3rd PHASE of this 3 Faced goddess, occurs from September 1 to December 30, culminating on the last day of the year December 31.
This is again, exactly 121 days.
The number 121 = 11×11.

All 3 Phases of the 3 Faced goddess have 121 days, relating to the creation number of 11×11. (Remember 111,111,111 x 111,111,111 = 12345678987654321 …)
Adding the 1 festival day of Beltane, and the 1 festival day of Hecate, with the 121 + 121 + 121 = 365 days, or 1 full year.

The pivotal dates associated with this Moon Goddess of Sacrifice with 3 Faces, coincides with eventful moments in the construction of the FREEDOM TOWER, … which incidentally, … bears the same name as the Goddess of Freedom, … HECATE, BELTANE, and DIANA.

The chart immediately below illustrates how the PHASES of HECATE / BELTANE line up with the events concerning the FREEDOM TOWER.

Notice on this chart, that the middle of a calendar year, occurs on July 1.
Princess Diana was born on July 1.
Canada’s birthdate is July 1.
The birthdate of the USA is July 4.
July 4 coincides with the traditional deluge, or FLOODING OF THE NILE in Egypt.

What becomes obvious, is that the building of the Freedom Tower is in direct relationship to the to the worship of the Moon Flood Goddess … Diana/Hecate/Beltane.
Therefore, it stands to reason, that the opening of the Freedom Tower will also fall on some symbolic day, which will relate to this goddess, to tyranny, to control, to the flood, to Hitler, to Lincoln, to the Lion King Sphinx, … and to the movements of the sun and moon, … also called Solomon.



Today is February 7, 2014.
The start of the Sochi 22 Winter Olympics Olympics.
Today is exactly 144 days until July 1, the middle of the year, the birthday of Princess Diana, and the birthday of Canada, … leading to the birthdate of the USA on July 4, 1776.

Freedom 322 ? – The Skull and Crossbones Secret Number 322 Exposed Again!

The chart immediately below shows some of the foundational aspects concerning the secret number of the Skull and Bones Secret Society in New Haven Connecticut. This number is based on the shape of the pyramid, and ultimately takes the form of the 2 Sacrifice Pillars of Duality that stood outside of Solomon’s Temple. These pillars, in turn, are the Twin Towers of the WTC, which are now expressed as the Freedom Tower, … or 1 World Trade Center.

These pillars have nothing to do with Freedom, but have everything to do with enslaving this illusory plane using the tools of manipulation they best know how to use. The tools of LIES, DEATH, SUFFERING, and every conceivable horror possible.


The construction of the Freedom Tower is formed by 8 interlocking pyramids, which form 2 sets of 2 complete pyramids, each consisting of 3 FACES (PHASES), each.

Therefore, the Freedom Tower is symbolic of the “EVENT” yet to occur, in respect to the number 322, which is based on the shape of the pyramid as demonstrated on the chart immediately above.

The event is related to the MARRIOTT HOTEL, or Building 3 with its 22 stories, which is California. This event is again, related to the celebration of the Moon Goddess Diana, whose birthday is on July 1, just 3 days prior to the annual flood of the Nile on July 4, … which in turn coincides with the birthdate of the USA.

The Freedom Tower is symbolically 1,776 feet tall, suggesting the number of the Flood and of Control, and again, relates to the date of July 4, 1776, the day and year of the birth of the USA.

This year, July 4, 1776, the USA will be 238 years old.
Divide 238 by 2 = 119.

The number 119 suggests 9-11, the “EVENT”.

Adding together 11+9 = 20.
Multiplying 11×9 = 99, the Islamic number related to the names of God.
The number 20 coincides with 8 on the 2nd clockface.
Adding 8+2 = 10 suggesting California.
Multiplying 8×2 = 16, the number of the Sphinx, the Lion King, Lincoln, Obama, etc.
The Lincoln Memorial coincides with the San Francisco region (see the National Mall charts on page 29), where the Reflecting Pool of Water suggests the Flood Event entering through the Golden Gate (the messianic entrance), flooding the Sacramento and San Joaquin Valleys which lay below sea level.

As mentioned at the beginning of this post (February 7, 2014), today is the beginning of the 22nd Winter Olympics in Sochi.
From February 7 until Diana’s birthday (Princess Diana Moon Goddess suggestion), there are exactly 144 days.

The number 144 suggests the Fullness of Time, or 12×12.

This is the same as the 144 days from Hitler’s birth on April 20, until September 11.
This allows for 110/111 days from the beginning of the year until Hitler’s birthday … and the 110/111 days from September 11, until the end of the year.
This in turn, relates to the festival of Beltane at the end of April, 11 days after Hitler’s birthday.
And again, this relates to the festival of Hecate at the end of August, exactly 11 days before September 11.
Both moon goddess festivals are different aspects that form the festival of Diana, at the mid-point between these dates, on July 1, and subliminally linked to July 4, the birthdate of the USA.

Hitler’s birthday is 11 days before the festival of Beltane.
And the festival of Hecate is 11 days before September 11.

It is the author’s desire that the reader can grasp the information being presented here.


Today is February 9, 2014. (Day 2 of the Sochi 22nd Olympiad).

The 22nd Sochi Olympics started on February 7, the 38th day of the year.

Multiplying 38×2 = 76.
The games begin on the day after the Opening Ceremonies, or 38.5 days.
This is the coordinate of Washington DC at 38.5 degrees N.
Multiplying 38.5 x 2 = 77.
Washington DC is also 77 degrees W.

Applying this “rule” to the year 1776, it now suggests 777, or Perfection and Completion.
Also adding 1+7+7+6 = 777.
The number 777 also coincides with 9 on the 65th clockface.
The number 65 = 6+5 = 11, suggesting that 777 = 9 and 11.

As mentioned previously, February 7 is also 144 days from the birthday of Princess Diana on July 1 (Canada’s Birthdate) and 3 more days to July 4 (US birthdate). The number 144 = 12×12, suggesting the FULLNESS of TIME x FULLNESS of TIME (relating to the Grandfather Clock of Skull and Bones, etc.).

The SKULL and CROSSBONES Grandfather Clock

The chart immediately below shows the details that are present on a Grandfather Clock. These details reveal that the Skull and Bones Secret Society had everything to do with the World Trade Center demolition and sacrifice on 9/11/2001, … and have been setting up the coming cataclsym in consort with all secret societies for millenia.


This next chart shows the symbolism present in the photograph taken every year of the graduating class of the Skull and Crossbones 15 elect initiates. Every year the senior class “taps” 15 members of the junior class to be “groomed” for greater things in the future. Only in their senior year, are these 15 initiated into the “Club”, and are referred to as KNIGHTS. (Dark Knight Rising!)

Upon graduation, these knights are then referred to as PATRIARCHS, which would be a reference to the PATRIOT-ic ARCHING characteristics of the Atom/Eve (Adam and Eve) electrical energy field which we refer to as this 3D illusory plane, and which is mistakenly called reality. This electrical energy is the Light of the world (the Sun/Son), that works in conflict to the Night / Knights. It is this continual and constant conflict that is the basis of the duality nature of this 3D illusory plane, and this conflict is also the agenda associated with secret societies throughout the ages. None more so than that of the Skull and Crossbones secret society.

The Grandfather Clock is therefore the PATRIARCH, the Father, the Patron, the Proton which is found inside the HEX of the 6 Pointed Star, which is the NUCLEUS of the Atom/Adam symbol … and as such, the Grandfather Clock is a reference to the 6 Pointed Star, which in turn, is the Atom Symbol, which is Adam and Eve, and the Coming of the Light, which is a reference to the coming Messiah. All of which is luciferian “salvation” bullshit.

The Grandfather Clock is therefore, a SEX SYMBOL, relating to the oldest sex ritual symbols in the world, which are the 6 Pointed Star and the Atom symbols. Both of which are one and the same.

The Patriarchs of Skull and Bones agree together to choose opposing sides on any given issue, and then set about to establish chaos and conflict that they can manage and direct, … BUT NEVER EVER END, so that the agenda might be perpetuated and the ultimate goal achieved. That goal being total control through the fulfillment of the cataclysmic cleansing of the earth, and the removal of all infidels who will not succumb to total control.

The agenda of the Skull and Bones is to create chaos and conflict and to manage and manipulate to their own ends.

It should also be noted, that the Skull and Bones Temple is a mausoleum, which, like the 3 FACES of the Goddess Hecate, Beltane and Diana, was also built in 3 PHASES. Inside are 3 rooms numbered 322, 323, and 324. Again, 3 faces, or phases, or divisions.

The address of this Mausoleum Temple is 64 High Street.
The number 64 = 8×8 suggesting the flood.
Adding 6+4 = 10, suggesting California.
The name HIGH STREET / HIGH STRAIT suggests DEEP WATER, … relating to the “apostle Paul” in Damascus, blinded by the light after persecuting the Christians, … was healed at his location on the STREET called STRAIT. Spelled STRAIT, as in water strait, not as in a “straight line”.

At this point it should be mentioned that the Truther / Conspiracy Movement is one massive conflicting side that opposes the elitist One World Government agenda. This Conspiracy Truther Movement has been established behind the scenes, by these Freemasonic Skull and Bones type of Patriarchs, who manipulate slick smooth talking, and quite often, loud mouth schmucks, to cause the masses to rise up in disgust and retaliation. Each and every one of these “leaders” that instigate reaction and revenge are the other side of the luciferian MATRIX COIN. Wherever there’s conflict, that’s where you’ll find the secret agenda at work. Pick a side, … any side, … it just doesn’t matter, … because it’s conflict that Secret Societies want. And both sides of the conflict have been initiated, or established, by those who’ve been indoctrinated through the rituals within the Secret Societies that inspire conflict to rise.

These individuals who inspire reaction to the obvious lunacy of the elitist agenda, do so as a means of creating their own wealth (or at least a paycheque now and again), and their own glory. Completely the same inspiration for those who have been indoctrinated in these societies to conjure up and to manage these conflicts, but which are never removed. Conflict and Chaos, … this is all that matters.

The chart immediately below shows 3 different sets of the Skull and Bones Patriarchs upon graduation. The 3 photograph includes the future president George H.W.Bush.

Note that all the Grandfather clocks are set at 8:00 o’clock.
The number 8 coincides with 66.6% of the clockface, which is a circle.
The Grandfather clock symbolism is a feature associated with Freemasonry in London, with the Big Ben Tower Clock.

This clock, time, symbolism was then subliminally implemented within the London 2012 Olympics, which then played itself out in the Sandy Hook Massacre on December 14, 2012.

Sandy Hook was a SCHOOL, which, when written as SKULL, links the massacre to the “Brotherhood of Death”, which is the slogan used by the Skull and Bones “club”.

There were 20 kids massacred at Sandy Hook.
The number 20 coincides with 8 on the 2nd clockface as we can see on each clock in the photographs on the chart.
There were 6 adults also massacred at Sandy Hook, which relates to the number 666, or 66.6%, which again coincides with 8 on the clockface.

It should also be mentioned, that there were no actors taking part in the Sandy Hook Massacre. This impression was created, conjured up, and purposely used by the luciferian Thought Process through the media, both mainstream and alternative, to manipulate the masses into hysterical reaction which fed completely into the line that the elitist agenda wished to go. So, to those who swallowed this bait, hook, line and sinker, … get over it, … you were tricked yet again.

… DO NOT REACT! … DO NOT RETALIATE! … DO NOT FALL FOR THE MANIPULATIVE CONFLICT which is always, always, always, … inspired by the luciferian mind and administered through secret societies such as the Skull and Bones.

Here’s the chart, which relates to the previous chart immediately above, that shows the subliminal suggestion relating to the features of the Grandfather Clock. Which again, relates to the Big Ben, and to the Waterton Clock Company in Connecticut, the makers of TIMEX WATCHES, who advertised the face of the clock for decades, showing the precise time, day, month and year that the Sandy Hook Massacre would occur.

The chart below also shows how the photographs form a 6 Pointed Star, which is the Seal of Solomon, the oldest sex ritual symbol in the world, which in turn is the ATOM / ADAM and EVE symbol, which suggests the Coming of the Light. This Light is a suggestion of the SUN / SON of god, who will cleanse the world in that coming cataclysmic event. All of this is, of course, total bullshit, but lies and manipulation never speak the truth.

The photographs on the chart show 2 sets of 6 Patriarchs on each side of the clock.
Together, these form the concept of the 12 disciples.
Dividing each of these 2 sets by 2 again, forms 2 sets of 3 disiples each.
This is precisely how the Last Supper painting by Da Vinci was set up, showing 3+3+3+3 disciples grouped on either side of Jesus in the centre.
These photographs, just like the Last Supper, is speaking of the LAST SUPPER yet to come, not one that has ever occurred before.
Again, these photographs suggest the coming of Christ, the Messiah, Jesus, or Je-Zeus, the first time, as it is, that HE NEVER CAME THE FIRST TIME.
Even as the Flood of Noah is said to have occurred, when in fact it never occurred, but in every culture of the world throughout all of history, it’s been suggested that it will come.

“As in the days of Noah, so shall it be in the days of the coming of the son of man (the messiah)” … in other words, none of these things have ever occurred, and none of these ancients ever existed.

The 6 Pointed Star overlaid on the photograph, is simply one way to dissect this obviously staged posing by the Patriarchs. The 2 upper side points on the star include 3 “disciples” each. And 3 on either side of the HEX. The clock, the skull on the table, and 9 of the “disciples” are nicely placed within the 6 sided HEX. HEX is a play on the word SEX, which relates to SIX, which is the number 6. The 2 “disciples” sitting in the chairs, have their legs crossed in such a fashion to express the angle of the 6 Pointed Star, with the other legs suggesting the TWIN PILLARS, … or TWIN TOWERS of sacrifice. The crossed legs, in opposing directions, suggest the CONFLICT which is the basis of this, and every, secret society.

These people are mass murderers whose desire is to destroy their country, to destroy the nations of the world, and to bring about a New Heaven and a New Earth. For this reason, the Skull and Bones is located in NEW HAVEN Massachusetts, referring to the NEW HEAVEN and the MASSACRE which occurred at Sandy Hook.

The way they achieve all of their goals is through manipulation of the masses through REACTION, … to manipulate those who follow the equally egotistical mindsets of the Truther/Conspiracy crowd leaders.

Be aware, and know for certain, that these elitists on both sides of the MATRIX COIN, are bringing, and have brought death and destruction wherever they go, but DO NOT REACT, … DO NOT EVER REACT, … just observe and be aware. Because, the whole thing is a fraud.

The number 322 = 3×22 = 66.

Throughout this chart, the number 22 is suggested, as are the numbers 3, 6, 66, 666, 8, 20, and so on. Many more examples could be related, but the reader will be able to get the jist from those illustrated.



The National Mall Washington DC and the Secret #322

The National Mall in Washington DC is 2.2 miles long from the Capitol Building to the Lincoln Memorial. The chart below illustrates how the “Mall” has been divided into 3 equal parts when stretched across the entire United States @ 37 degrees N. These 3 equal parts relate to the Moon/Flood goddess Diana/Hecate/Beltane. Once again showing how the Freemasonic Skull & Bones “Club” is perpetuating the agenda of their illusory luciferian Thought Process god. This was the plan established by the Freemason Founding Fathers of the United States if America, … and far from worshipping them as contriving a wonderful republic where liberty and freedom would reign, these murderous individuals should be looked upon for what they truly are, … hideous psychopathic lunatics.

For all those wanting the republic back the way it was originally designed, … well, … this is the way it was designed. And now, for all who remain entranced by this republic which has been designed intent on sacrifice, the time is growing exceedingly short.



Today is February 11, 2014. (2/11/14).

Poseidon is the God of the Sea, the God of Earthquakes, the God of Storms, and the God of Horses.

The symbols for Poseidon are the Trident, Horse, Bull, Dolphin,and Fish.

The Sochi Olympics are taking place, now in their 4th day of competition.

The Olympics are on the Black Sea, across from ancient Troy.

The main stadium is called the FISHT Stadium.
The Olympic Torch is the shape of a FISH.
The name SOCHI = SOCK-EYE, a type of SALMON FISH.
Fukushima Nuclear Disaster = FISSION = FISH-ION


Poseidon was the “tamer of horses”.
Waves breaking on the water were suggesting galloping horses.
The HORSES suggest HORUS, also called RA, or RE, or RAY, or RAYS, or RAISE, … who ROHUS / ROUHS / ROSE UP as a FLOOD.


The Chinese New Year = the year of the HORSE.

Ancient Troy, Helen of Troy and the TROJAN HORSE.

The TROJAN HORSE held within it, the means to defeat TROY.

See page 67 for the symbolism relating to Helen of Troy, The Trojan Horse, the Winged Victory of Samothrace, the Temple of the Gods, and Shania Twain in Las Vegas, etc.

The Shania Twain Las Vegas show features HORSES in the show, on stage, night after night.

On July 8 and 9, Shania Twain will be appearing at the Calgary Stampede, … dubbed as the “Greatest Outdoor Show On Earth”. This is a world famous exhibition, showcasing cowboys and cowgirls from all over western hemisphere, dealing exclusively with horses and cattle. Extremely symbolic! This show takes place in Calgary Alberta Canada. Alberta coincides symbolically with Nevada, in the USA.

NEVADA = NAVIDAD = NATIVITY, the birthplace of the Messiah.
Again, … a reminder, that Nevada is 322 miles wide, … relating to the 3 PHASES of BELTANE, DIANA, and HECATE.

ALBERTA = the Birth of EL, or AL.

Early July is the portion of the year dedicated to the Flood Goddess DIANA / BELTANE / HECATE, and the birthdate of Canada on July 1, and the USA on July 4, which is, as mentioned, the date associated with the Flood of the Nile. And now, Shania Twain will be featured just one day after the 9th anniversary of the London Bombing, which occurred on 7/7/05.

Nothing is just by chance, or coincidental. All things unfold according to the luciferian Thought Process cyclical agenda.

It should also be noted, that the supposed killing of Osama Bin Laden occurred on May 1, 2011, or 5/1/11, … suggested the Sacrifice (5), … of the TRINITY (111), … the number associated with creation (111,111,111, x 111,111,111), … which equals 12,345,678,987,654,321 …

May 1 is the Festival of Beltane (Diana / Hecate).
May 1 is 33.3% of the year.
May 1 is the 121st day of the year.
The number 121 = 11×11.
May 1 is 11 days after the birthdate of Adolf Hitler on April 20.
Hitlers birthdate was the 110/111 day of the year.
The Festival of Hecate (Diana / Beltane) on August 31 is 11 days from September 11.
September 11 is 110/111 days from the end of the year.
Hitlers birthdate and September 11 are symbolically connected to the Festivals of Beltane and Hecate.
Princess Diana was murdered on August 31, the Festival of Beltane, 11 days prior to September 11.
Osama Bin Laden was supposedly killed on May 1, the Festival of Beltane, 11 days after Hitlers birthday.

What has to be recognized here, is that the supposed master-mind of the 911 sacrifice event, was then killed in a supposed attack of Osama Bin Laden’s hideout, on one of the festival days associated with the the attack on 911.

… HOW VERY SYMBOLIC! All that occurred on May 1, 2011, was a bit of theatrics to further push the 911 agenda one step closer towards the goal of Total Control and the cataclysmic Flood.

Within mere weeks, the whole of Seal Team 6, who took part in the raid on Osama’s hideout in Abbottabad Pakistan, were killed in a helicopter crash, which itself was a deliberate removal of witnesses to what actually happened on May 1, 2011.
And now, just 1 day ago, on February 10, 2014, an organization using the Freedom of Information Act, who asked for the photographs of the remains of Osama Bin Laden, were told that they had been destroyed, or were given to the CIA. If they were destroyed, this would be against the law of the USA. If they were given to the CIA, they should have been released.

The importance of the 3 PHASES, or 3 FACES of Beltane/Diana/Hecate, is fundamental in tracking with the movements of the Sun and Moon (SOLOMON), and the luciferian Thought Process agenda.

It should also be noted, that the new Federal Reserve Chairwoman, Janet Yellin, gave her first face to face meeting with US Representatives today, February 11, 2014. There will be no end to the Quantitative Easing money-printing program. This caused a big rally in the price of stocks, and will set off another BULL MARKET RALLY in a totally fabricated and false economy. Remember, the FINANCIAL system is directly related to the FIANCEE, the Bride who has made herself ready to be ravished at the Marriage Supper of the Lamb. The BULL is again, … another symbol of Poseidon, … and Poseidon is Poisoned, … and is the Trojan Horse of DECEPTION that will ultimately bring this thing to a cataclysmic result.

It must be pointed out, that even as the BULL is beginning another run, … Gold and Silver are also threatening to move higher. Remember, … “Hi Yo, Silver Away” … silver is symbolic of the coming cataclysm, … but in stages, even as the 911 sacrifice led to the Madrid Bombing (Fukushima same day event 7 years apart), then to the London Bombing (coinciding with the awarding of the London Olympics and ultimately the Sandy Hook Massacre), then to the awarding of the Sochi Olympics on July 4, 2007 (which is now 7 years later, and will coincide with the Festival of Diana, the birthdate of Canada and the USA) … which are all an escalation of the workings of Poseidon.

The other symbol of Poseidon is the TRIDENT, … the 3 pronged fork. This represents the 3 PHASES, or the 3 FACES of the year, which are marked by the New Year to May 1, and the Festival of Beltane. Then from May 2 to August 31 and the Festival of Hecate. And finally, from September 1 to the end of the year to complete one full year, or one full revolution around the sun.

All the symbols ascribed to Poseidon are in play at the same time, and include the events associated with the Sochi Olympics.


Today is February 14, 2014 (2/14/20-14).

From today to the USA birthdate of July 4, there are 140 days.

Flood Goddess Reflecting Pool Calendar Year

The chart below shows just a few examples of why certain dates are picked to initiate a human sacrifice, or an event in keeping with the luciferian/creator god agenda of manipulating Truth.

All of the dates mirror one another, as pertaining to a mythological god/goddess, or to a symbolic number of days, and so on. This chart is just an example of another way that events can be deciphered, to see who, how and why things occur as they do, and on the day that they do.

Notice, that in the middle of the calendar year, the Flood Goddess Diana is situated so that all events reflect on either side of her birth. Diana was a mythological flood goddess, however, this “goddess” Diana manifested in the life of Princess Diana, who was born in the exact middle of the year, and who was sacrificed on August 31, the festival of the 3 PHASED / 3 FACED goddess Hecate. August 31 is 66.6% of the year. The number 66.6% coincides with the number 8 on the circular clockface. And as mentioned before, these are the numbers used to count the length of time to build the destroyed World Trade Center, … 6.66 years or exactly 80 months.

Diana’s birthday coincides with Canada’s Birthday on July 1.
The symbol used by Canada is the Maple Leaf.
The word MAPLE = MAY POLE, referring to the sacrifice of the virgin on May 1 at the MAY POLE, the SACRIFICE POLE, a ritual enacted during the festival of Beltane.

The goddess Diana is thereby connected to Hecate with her death on August 31, and through association with the MAPLE, Canada, and the May Pole sacrifice on May 1.

It was on May 1 that Osama Bin Laden was supposedly killed by Seal Team 6 on May 1. This was to fulfill the ritualistic sacrifice required by the elitist puppets in worship of their luciferian / creator god Thinking Entities.



Today is February 27,2014 … the 81st anniversary of the Reichstag Fire in Germany. (81 = 9×9).

Reflecting Skull and Bones Secret Number 322 a.k.a. 911!

Two charts above illustrates the 3 Faces, or 3 Phases of the National Mall in Washington DC. These 3 Phases refer to the 3 faces of the Flood Goddess, Diana, Beltane, and Hecate (just a few of the names assigned to the mythological tale).

The Flood Goddess is symbolized by water, and more accurately, she is depicted by water that REFLECTS. This is the worship of the Flood Goddess, which in turn is the worship of the Sun and Moon, or Solomon, whereby the Moon REFLECTS the Sun.

The National Mall is divided into these 3 phases over a distance of 2.2 miles from the Capitol Building to the Lincoln Memorial, … symbolizing the number 322. Further examination of the National Mall demonstrates that the worship of the Flood Goddess / Solomon, is symbolized by the 2 Reflecting Pools on the Mall, … one at the left end, or west end of the Mall at the Lincoln Memorial, and one pool at the right end, or east end of the Mall at the Capitol Building.

The number 322 also hides this REFLECTING symbolism when the number 322 is divided by 2 = 161.
When this number is rotated 180 degrees, then reversed, it REFLECTS the numerical anagram of 191, … which, when rearranged is the number 911.

In other words, the Skull and Bones Secret Number is suggesting the 911 Event of September 11, 2001. For this reason, Skull and Bones lifelong members, George H.W. Bush, and his son, George W. Bush both were placed in the presidency to bring to pass the 911 Event that they have both been heavily indoctrinated in.



Google Video – illuminatiMATRIX explanatory video detailing the foundational root of hypnosis, religion, intellectualism and who and what god is.

Click here to watch video.

YouTube Video highlighting some of the subliminal elements hidden in the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem

Please read the next paragraph before watching the ROCK VIDEO.

On the ROCK VIDEO, the World Trade Center is mistakenly called the ROCKEFELLER PLAZA. The WTC was conceived and promoted by the Rockefellers. The Rockefeller Plaza is to the north of the World Trade Centre, on the MANHATTAN ROCK, or MANNA STONE. The WTC and the Rockefeller Plaza , along with the area of CENTRAL PARK, relate to the TEMPLE MOUNT in Jerusalem, and the Al Aqsa Mosque, the Dome of the ROCK, and the Temple Courtyard. These in turn relate to the North American West Coast. See page 39 for more details.

Click here to watch the new Rock Video on YouTube.

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