69 – The HOLY GRAIL / The HOLY BLOOD = The Chalice of The 11 Western States, British Columbia, Yukon and ALASKA / Al-Aqsa – The Mystery of Rennes-le-Chateau France – All Dressed Up For The LAST SUPPER / The MARRIAGE SUPPER – The Knight Tour of the TEMPLARS and Rennes-le-Chateau = The Night Journey of MUHAMMAD on BURAQ/BARACK = The Dark Knight Rises BARACK OBAMA – Top Hat Tails and a BOW TIE = BOAT EYE – Washington = SHANIA TWAIN – The HAT TRICK – The Number 13 All Over the Great Seal of the USA – The 13 Stripes / 50 Stars On The STARS and STRIPES – The Sandy Hook Massacre and the PT-109 of President Kennedy – The Queen Mary Parked At Los Angeles?? – CLEOPATRA = YELLOWSTONE = The Holy Rock of LINCOLN – Britannia Sails The 7 SEAS / SEES / SEIZE – January 30, 2013 Hitler’s 80th Anniversary Came … and DIDN’T DISAPPOINT! – Enter The RING OF FIRE EARTHQUAKE RUN! – February 1, 2013 DOW JONES HITS 14,000 14 Days Before February 14 / 1st Time Since October 2007 – SANDY HOOK Sacrifice Baphomet Pentacle and Freemason Fire Hall – FEBRUARY 3, 2013 Super Bowl 2012 – BEYONCE and DESTINY’S CHILD = The STONE of SCONE = DESTINY STONE = LEATHER and LACE – Justin Timberlake SUIT and TIE – Dressed To “KILL” For The WETTING SUPPER of the Lamb = February 5th Strong EQ’s In Santa/SANDY Cruz Islands – Santa Cruz San Francisco “The HOLY CROSS” of Sacrifice – The number 377 and the Earthquake Swarm of Santa Cruz Solomon Islands – The Santa Cruz EQ’s ANNOUNCES the SOCHI 2014 Olympic Games On The BLACK SEA – Super Bowl Lights Out @ 13:22 Remaining In The 3rd Quarter – The BIBLE Book of Hypnotic Suggestion Genesis 6:13 to 22 The FLOOD of NOAH – “I Smell A RAT-ZINGER” February 11, 2013 Pope BEN-edict XVI Resigns On 02/11/2013 Effective On 80th Anniversary of NAZI CONTROL – Chris DORNER DRONES and DRONE HONEYBEES – Choosing The 112th POPE At YELLOWSTONE / HOLY STONE And The WHITE HOUSE – February 22, 2013 New York Stock Exchange CLOSING NUMBERS – The HOOVER DAM – President Herbert Hoover – J.Edgar Hoover and the F.B.I or F.I.B. Nazi Police State Begins – The HOOVER DAM – The Dam For LOVERS – Shania Twain Black Swan Event In Las Vegas

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Google Video – illuminatiMATRIX explanatory video detailing the foundational root of hypnosis, religion, intellectualism and who and what god is.

Click here to watch video.

YouTube Video highlighting some of the subliminal elements hidden in the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem

Please read the next paragraph before watching the ROCK VIDEO.

On the ROCK VIDEO, the World Trade Center is mistakenly called the ROCKEFELLER PLAZA. The WTC was conceived and promoted by the Rockefellers. The Rockefeller Plaza is to the north of the World Trade Centre, on the MANHATTAN ROCK, or MANNA STONE. The WTC and the Rockefeller Plaza , along with the area of CENTRAL PARK, relate to the TEMPLE MOUNT in Jerusalem, and the Al Aqsa Mosque, the Dome of the ROCK, and the Temple Courtyard. These in turn relate to the North American West Coast. See page 39 for more details.

Click here to watch the new Rock Video on YouTube.


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Today is January 20, 2013.

The HOLY BLOOD – The HOLY GRAIL – The Secret Mysteries of Rennes-le-Chateau

The chart below shows the 11 Western States, British Columbia, the Yukon Territory, and Alaska.


The chart below illustrates the 11 Western States, British Columbia, Yukon, and Alaska, with 1 diagram reversed and overlaid on the first.


The chart immediately below shows how the IRON CROSS of Nazi Germany and Hitler is embedded in the 4 Corner Cross, when the reverse overlay is employed. This symbolizes the HOLY BLOOD of the Templars, perpetuated by the modern Freemasons who founded the USA as a country.
The IRON CROSS was first used by Germany on March 10, 2013, EXACTLY 200 YEARS AGO.
This chart also reveals the HOLY GRAIL CHALISE which has been searched for throughout the centuries all to no avail. … and for good reason. As the reader can see, the Holy Grail Chalise is hidden within the face of Montana, with the cup portion being British Columbia and the DRINK OFFERING being poured out of the CROWNS of ALASKA – the Al-Aqsa Mosque.
The 11 Western States correspond to the Foundation Stone under the Dome of the ROCK on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, along with the Al-Aqsa Mosque on the Temple Mount. Therefore, the Holy Grail Chalise as illustrated on the chart below, is the west coast of North America, and is in turn, the Temple Mount.
The double faces of MONTANA form the Chalise Stem.



Today is January 22, 2013.




Today is January 23, 2013.

Lincoln’s Stove Pipe Top Hat- BOW TIE and Tails

All dressed up for the Last Supper – the Marriage Supper of … Lamb … or SHEEP.

BOW TIE = BOAT EYE = SHIP HIPS = SHIP EYE / SHIP VESICA PISCES the Eye / the Birth / the Boat Berth.

Ancient mythology includes the notion of a BOAT carrying the lost souls into Hades.
As mentioned on the previous page, the SHIP = HIPS, the Mother’s Womb, which is the SHIP that gives BIRTH / BERTH, which of course, is North America (as shown above), the BERTH or BED of the New World.

Abraham Lincoln wore a Top Hat, a BOW TIE, suggesting the BOAT EYE.
The EYE is the Vesica Pisces, the vagina, created by overlaying 2 MOONS, manifesting as the 2 CRESCENT MOONS, the Waning Moon and the Waxing Moon.
This is the FLOWER OF LIFE diagram of overlaid circles.
A Boat is a Ship.
A Ship are the HIPS.
The Hips give birth via the Vesica Pisces vaginal birth canal.
This symbolizes the Ship and its BERTH or BED, where the BABY waits to be delivered.

Abraham Lincoln wore the Stove Pipe Top Hat.
Around his neck he wore the ever present BOW TIE / BOAT EYE.

Uncle Sam wore a Stove Pipe Top Hat.
Around his neck he wore a red BOW TIE / BOAT EYE.

UNCLE SAM = SCUN-EL-MA = SUN-EL-MA = Son Father Mother = Son And Moon = Solomon.
SOLOMON = Sun-O the Circle is the Father – Mon / Moon / Mother.
Uncle Sam is a symbol of the Trinity which is the Electron (mother), Proton (father), Neutron (son).

Uncle Sam’s top hat also sports a Pentacle.
This is the sign of the sacrifice GOAT, the Baphomet, when inverted.
The Baphomet Goat is a KID, and Uncle Sam is saying I WANT YOUR KIDS for SACRIFICE, … IN WAR, … or NOT IN WAR. As in the case of the Sandy Hook Massacre.

When comparing the statuesque image of Lincoln, or that of Uncle Sam, to the 11 Western States, British Columbia, the Yukon and Alaska, the Top Hat equates with the Crown of Alaska.
Out of this Crown, or Top Hat, pours the water or wine or blood, suggested subliminally to fill the CHALISE of the sacrificed Christ. Of which, the SHEEP / PEOPLE are the body of Christ to be sacrificed.

The Templars story includes the search for this Chalise, this Holy Grail, which is the womb that carries the BLOODLINE of Jesus (or so the story goes). The womb is said to be that of Mary Magdalene, who carries the off-SPRING of Jesus.

MARY MAGDALENE = MARY, MAR, the Mother Pacific Ocean.
MAGDALENE = EL-MAG-AD-EN = EL father god who is one with the son and MAGADEN = the SON RA, or AR ub reverse, suggesting ARMAGEDDON.
The name Mary Magdalene is suggesting the Father, Mother and the Son all over again.
Also suggesting that the name Mary Magdalene is located in the land of MEGIDDO (Me-he-do), or MEXICO (Me-he-ko), just below the Chalice created by British Columbia and the faces of Montana, and the Iron Cross of Sacrifice at the 4 Corner States.

Now, … to bring it a bit more up to date, and how the subliminal plays out today.
Justin Timerlake just returned to his recording career in the last few weeks.
His debut single is called SUIT and TIE, and the Logo for the single is a BOW TIE.
Already, within 1 week of its release, it tops out at #1 on the charts.

This bit of seemingly unimportant information is manipulating reality to include the notion that it’s time to get DRESSED UP FOR THE MARRIAGE SUPPER, the LAST SUPPER of CHRIST.
Meaning of course, that like the BIRD at a FEAST, we’re meant to be the DRESSED BIRD to be feasted upon.

Or, returning back to Las Vegas and the very odd entry of SHANIA TWAIN down the Las Vegas Strip with a herd of 40 Horses (Noah’s Flood #40 and the Horses created by Poseidon from breaking ocean waves) suggesting the WASHING, or CLEANSING in judgment which in turn relates to the name WASHINGTON.


Shania Twain is an Ojibway name meaning “I’M ON MY WAY!”

(Keeping in mind once again that none of these people know anything about what it is, the role they play in all of this. This goes for everyone, including Obama, the Bushes, Lincoln, Justin Timerlake, or Shania Twain, and the multitudes of other conjured up illusory beings utilized in this pathetic luciferan agenda. All of this is but a mystery and a secret from everyone of the centre stage players).

What this illustrates however, is that the state of Montana, Idaho, and Washington, all relate symbolically to the Moon Flood goddesses from mythological times to the present.

MONTANA = Mount INANNA a Moon Goddess.
IDAHO = DIAN-O = DIANA, relating to Princess Diana.
WASHINGTON = SHANIA TWAIN, relating to the NOW illusory present Moon Goddess.

These 3 States all line up against the USA/Canada 49 degree North border, suggesting 7×7, or perfection and completion. Also suggesting the year – 49 = 4+9 = 13, relating to 2013.

Yet another bit of more contemporary BOW TIE hypnotic wizardry.
The British entertainer – DAVID BOWIE # age 66, just released an album as well.


The Top Hat has a long association with the elite and with wizardy.
The Top Hat has been used for decades and beyond for magic stage shows.
The Top Hat is also the source for the term “HAT TRICK”, or accomplishing 3 of some thing.

The YEAR 2013 Suggested On the Back of the $1 USA BILL

The number 13 is associated with bad luck, and being that this is the year 2013, that number has a double whammy, with the number 20 coinciding with 8 on the 2nd clockface, which is a flood number.

Multiplying 8×2 = 16, the Lion King.
Adding 8+2 = 10, relating to California.
However, the endless 13’s on the reverse side of the USA $1 bill is nasty to say the least.
There are 13 stars forming a 6 Pointed Star which forms a HEX-a-gon.
There are 13 arrows.
There are 13 leaves.
There are 13 berries.
… and a few other 13’s to boot.

And when adding 2013 = 20+13 = 33, the very symbolic number in the Freemasonic scheme of things.


Today is January 24, 2013.

The American Stars and Stripes flag also sports 13 red and white stripes. Definitely not a wholesome and beneficial subliminal.
The flag’s 50 Stars on the dark blue background, are based on the goddess NUIT, or NUT, suggesting the NIGHT, … which corresponds to the Night Journey of Muhammad, the Knight Tour of the Templars, and the Batman / Obama Dark Knight Rising. In this Nuit/Nut/Inuit Night symbolism, the goddess gathers her children unto herself and suckles them. The notion being that the goddess is feeding her children MILK, which is symbolically speaking, the FLOOD.

There are an enormous amount of Trance inducing hints scattered randomly all throughout this 3D plane. All of which are converging in meaning and surfacing to a conscious level at this point in Time. So many of which relate to the BOW TIE / BOAT EYE, and the SHIP / HIPS symbolic BIRTH / BERTH of the New World.

For instance, president John F. Kennedy, who was assassinated on November 22, 1963, became a ‘war hero’ commanding the PT-109 boat. Kennedy was the 35th president. He was inaugurated on January 20, 1961.

The date 01/20/1961 suggests 1961 = 99 and 11 = 911.
The date 11/22/1963 suggests 11/11/1963, rotate the 6 = 69-3 = 66, or again, 11×9 and 99.
The number 35 coincides with 11 on the 3rd clockface.
Adding 3+5 = 8, the FLOOD.

However, as ridiculous as this obviously seems, the PT-109 boat he was piloting has its own curious circumstance.

PT-109 = P the 16th letter, the LINCOLN Lion King letter.
The letter T is the 20th FLOOD letter coinciding with 8.
The number 109 relates to the 4 Corner Cross states at 109 degrees West.
Adding the 16 and 20 = 36, or 6×6, or 66.

With this in mind have another look at the numbers on the Timex watch that relate to the time of day, 10:09 (AM) of December 14, the day and time of day of the Sandy Hook Massacre.


The time on the watch indicates 10:09 am and 36 SECONDS, suggesting 109, plus 16+20, or 36, and together delivering the subliminal PT-109.

Yet another curious SHIP / HIPS – BOW TIE / BOAT EYE subliminal relates to the decommissioned QUEEN MARY Cruise ship, which, for decades has been a tourist destination, as it is permanently docked at Long Beach California. In other words, the QUEEN MARY, or Mother Mary, the symbol of the WOMB which is to be delivered of a BABY and the NEW WORLD; … is parked right at LOS ANGELES.

Basically what this is suggesting is that ‘X’, or ‘SHIP’, marks the spot. This is implanting within millions of people that this is where the Big One will strike.

(Incidentally, on this day, January 24, 2013, the EQ situation in California is shifting upwards. For those interested in watching which way it goes, this is just a minor shift at the moment, but worth some attention).

Still another oddity regarding SHIPS, HIPS, BOATS, LINCOLN, Lion Kings and such, … the name CLEOPATRA has in itself, yet another layer of suggestion.

The chart on the bottom of the last page illustrated the Egyptian obelisk, or the Penis Needle, being placed inside a SHIP/HIPS, or the WOMB of the famous QUEEN to be transported to New York. This was referred to as Cleopatra’s Needle. So here’s the break-down on the name:

CLEOPATRA = C-LEO suggesting SEA-LION, or again LION-C, suggesting LION-K, yet again, LINC-OLN.
The word LINCOLN is also found in the word CLONE which has been bantered about for the last few years, with no apparent practical application, it just seems ‘brilliant’ to suggest it every now and again.
The PATRA portion of CLEOPATRA = PETRA = ROCK or STONE, and relates to the 11 Western States and Yellowstone.


… and yet another symbolic SHIP / HIPS, is that of the Royal Family of Britains’ Yacht, the BRITANNIA. The name BRITANNIA = BRIGHT INANNA, or the FLOOD GODDESS, Inanna.


Today is February 2, 2013.

Hitler’s 80th Anniversary January 30, 2013 … Enter The Serpent Dragon!

The 80th anniversary of Hitler coming to power came on January 30, 2013, and with great fanfare. However, the fanfare is only appreciated through awareness of how the whole 3D illusory plane is linked, (or LINCOLNED) together.

From January 30, until February 28, 1933, Hitler took total control rapidly, with the eventual Reichstag Parliament Fire, and the arrest of political opponents. In other words, certain events were in the works for 29 days, from January 30, to February 28, 1933, that set up the scenario for the complete Nazi takeover.

Now, 80 years later, with turmoil throughout the world, and extreme hardship being experienced by the majority of the world’s population, events are being coordinated within the luciferian Thought Process agenda that are directed at bringing about an eventual Total Control scenario, far surpassing that of the Nazi regime, but based on the formula used by the Third Reich.


Since January 30, 2013, and Hitler’s 80th anniversary, there have been a quick succession of earthquakes around the Ring of Fire in the Pacific Ocean. The Ring of Fire is the ultimate expression of the Olympic Games, which is perpetuated by the Torch Relay, (the FIRE), and 5 RINGS, … together suggesting the Ring … of … Fire.

Nazi Germany hosted the 1936 Summer Olympics, and it was at these Olympic Games that the TORCH RELAY was first initiated. The link between that of Nazi Germany and the USA in particular, is now unfolding on the Ring of Fire, and shall continue to do so for some time.

Since the London 2012 Olympics, (represented by the German/British Royal Family of the UK), which Olympics included all of the symbolism relating to the Sandy Hook Massacre, the Olympic Games are now headed for Sochi Russia in 2014, on the Black Sea, and the ‘original location’ of the ‘Baby In The Womb’ as it gestates towards the birth when the water breaks in the Pacific Ocean. The birth pangs are becoming ever more evident, and increasing in frequency, signaling a hastening of the WATER BREAKING.

After a few weeks of very little major activity in the earthquake scene, all of a sudden things have heated up quite a bit. Here’s a list of the EQ’s recorded in the last 3 days that are 6 mag or more.

January 30, 2013:
– 6.8 Chile.
– 6.0 Santa Cruz Islands.

January 31, 2013:
– 6.2 mag Santa Cruz Islands.
– 6.0 Ketchikan Alaska region.

February 1, 2013:
– 6.0 Santa Cruz Islands.
– 6.3 Santa Cruz Islands.
– 6.4 Santa Cruz Islands.

February 2, 2013:
– 6.9 Japans northern island.
– 6.0 Santa Cruz Islands.

This follows on the heels over the last few months of occasional large earthquakes in the 7 to high 7.7 magnitude range around the Ring of Fire.

These earthquakes have occurred just as the month of January (Janus the 2 faced god) comes to a close and the month of February (and the celebration of Februalia) begins.
The month of February includes the birthdate of Lincoln, (the Lion King, the Sphinx, or Phoenix, who will RISE FROM THE ASHES) on February 12, and Valentine’s Day on February 14, the day for lover’s and sex, and the suggestion relating to regeneration.

February 14 is half way to February 28, 14 being the Conception number, and 28, the number relating to the Birth, to the WATER BREAKING and the FLOOD which heralds the MILK entering the Mother’s Breasts. February 28 coincides with the date when the Nazi’s gained complete control of Germany.

February 1, 2013 – The DOW JONES Crosses 14,000

For the first time since October 2007, when the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE / SION) ultimately went into its disastrous freefall, and the central banks of the world went into rape mode of the people’s wealth, the DOW JONES CROSSED THE 14,000 mark, closing at 14,009 points.

This occurred on February 1, 2013, exactly 14 days before February 14, and reaching 14,000.
Keep in mind that the NYSE is concerned with the FINANCIAL aspects of the 3D illusory plane.
The term FINANCIAL = FINANCEE, the Bride who’s made herself ready to Conceive, Gestate, and ultimately to GIVE BIRTH.

Symbolically, the coinciding nature of these number 14’s is curious to say the least.
Even more curious, is that Oregon and Arizona both joined the Union on February 14, Valentine’s Day, and Oregon corresponds to Tower 1 of the WTC complex, and Arizona corresponds to Tower 2 of the old WTC complex.

The WTC demolition sacrifice relates to the Big One Event that’s suggested to occur on the 11 Western States, and with each passing illusory day it obviously draws closer than ever.

Something to be aware of, is that the 11 Western States are the ultimate and last form of the Foundation Stone, or the Rock under the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem. This Rock has numerous previous mythological suggestions that have assisted in perpetuating the hypnotic scenario of the coming judgment and cataclysm for the 11 Western States, and by extension, that of the whole world.

One such mythological hypnotic suggestion is that relating to Joseph, and to the PILLOWSTONE upon which he laid his head (see Genesis 28:10-22). The PILLOWSTONE = PILLARSTONE, of which there were actually a pair of stones, or PILLOW / PILLARS. As Joseph slept, he dreamed that he saw ANGELS ascending and descending up and down a LADDER reaching to heaven.

The interpretation of this is that the PILLOWS are the PILLARS of SOLOMON’S TEMPLE.
The Pillars are the NORTH and SOUTH PILLARS, which are Tower 1 and Tower 2.
One Tower is Arizona where Joseph laid his head and dreamed.
The other Tower is Oregon, where the ANGELS / ANGLES ascended and descended.
These ANGEL ANGLES are symbolized in the 135 degree angle of California and Nevada.
Nevada means NAVIDAD, or NATIVITY, the place of the BIRTH of a BABE.
The LADDER in question refers to ANGEL/ANGLES as they CLIMB up from ARIZONA to OREGON on the ANGLED border of California and Nevada.
The LADDER is suggested in the name and location of the Mormon Church, the Church of Jesus Christ of LATTER DAY SAINTS, or more accurately, LADDER DAY SAINTS, which is located in UTAH = YUTAH = JUDAH, adjacent to NEVADA, the NATIVITY scene.

Now, consider the Old Testament verses that suggested this dream scenario:

GENESIS 28:10-22.

Chapter 28 = the number of the MOON, the MOTHER, the BIRTH, and the WATER BREAKING.
Verse 10 relates to everything dimensional concerning CALIFORNIA and LA, and
the complete DILATION of 10 centimetres of the cervix when the BABY IS READY TO BE BORN.
Verse 22 relates to the MARRIOTT HOTEL which included 22 floors in the old WTC complex, and was the shape of California.

For those interested it might be beneficial at this juncture in the luciferian agenda, to check the USGS website on a regular basis HERE, to watch what events might unfold in the short term.

Once again, Time doesn’t allow for further info. at the moment, however, understand that there is a massive amount of information to relate if circumstance allows.


Today is February 3, 2013.

Sandy Hook School Massacre BAPHOMET PENTACLE and the Freemason Fire Hall

BATMAN / OBAMA – The Dark Knight Rises.



On the chart immediately below is the PENTACLE in the Batman The Dark Knight Rises movie, showing the name Sandy Hook replacing a different name on the Gotham City map. That particular bottom point on the Gotham City map coincides with the inverted Pentacle Baphomet map just above, which points directly to the Sandy Hook School.

The Pentacle Baphomet is a Freemasonic sacrifice symbol.
The cleared forest area beside the school is also beside the Fire Hall.
Freemasonic lodges acquire a large number of their initiates from local Fire Halls.
Lodge No.18 is located in Newtown Connecticut.



Today is February 5, 2013.

Before reading the text and charts below, it’s beneficial to read the text and charts again at the top of the page in regards to the SUPER BOWL CHALISE created by overlaying the reversed images of the 11 Western States and British Columbia upon itself.

SUPER BOWL 2012 – The SUPER CHALISE 2012 – The STONE of DESTINY’S CHILD – The 11 Western States



The symbolism surrounding Beyonce and Destiny’s Child relates directly to the Foundation Stone which is under the Dome of the Rock on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. The Stone of Scone which the Royal Monarch’s of Britain have sat upon when being coronated, is referred to as the Foundation Stone, The Stone of Scone, The Destiny Stone, and the PillowStone of Joseph, … as well as other symbolic terms.

This Stone symbolism, in every instance is referring to the 11 WESTERN STATES, which is the HOLY GRAIL, the HOLY CHALISE which will hold the HOLY BLOOD of those sacrificed in that cataclysmic Battle of Armageddon in the Valley of Mexico. The Valley of Megiddo / Mexico extends from South America up to the Canadian border all along the west coast of the America’s.




MAP 5.3 2013/02/06 03:28:55 -11.053 165.446 22.8 SANTA CRUZ ISLANDS
MAP 5.1 2013/02/06 03:25:19 -11.130 165.806 9.9 SANTA CRUZ ISLANDS
MAP 5.3 2013/02/06 03:19:06 -10.896 165.216 14.9 SANTA CRUZ ISLANDS
MAP 5.1 2013/02/06 03:06:34 -11.513 165.326 10.0 SANTA CRUZ ISLANDS
MAP 5.5 2013/02/06 02:58:22 -10.663 165.128 16.9 SANTA CRUZ ISLANDS
MAP 5.1 2013/02/06 02:57:45 -10.755 165.026 38.1 SANTA CRUZ ISLANDS
MAP 4.9 2013/02/06 02:44:27 -11.295 165.111 38.4 SANTA CRUZ ISLANDS
MAP 5.6 2013/02/06 02:30:49 -10.822 164.980 32.5 SANTA CRUZ ISLANDS REGION
MAP 2.6 2013/02/06 02:27:19 19.208 -155.536 37.2 ISLAND OF HAWAII, HAWAII
MAP 5.3 2013/02/06 02:23:12 -10.963 165.402 28.3 SANTA CRUZ ISLANDS
MAP 5.2 2013/02/06 02:18:15 -11.468 165.614 34.4 SANTA CRUZ ISLANDS
MAP 5.2 2013/02/06 02:06:21 -10.597 165.363 10.0 SANTA CRUZ ISLANDS
MAP 7.0 2013/02/06 01:54:15 -10.514 165.733 10.2 SANTA CRUZ ISLANDS
MAP 5.7 2013/02/06 01:48:43 -11.628 165.937 10.0 SANTA CRUZ ISLANDS
MAP 5.6 2013/02/06 01:33:37 -10.922 165.085 10.0 SANTA CRUZ ISLANDS
MAP 6.4 2013/02/06 01:23:20 -11.232 164.921 10.1 SANTA CRUZ ISLANDS REGION
MAP 5.6 2013/02/06 01:22:13 -11.366 165.768 10.1 SANTA CRUZ ISLANDS
MAP 8.0 2013/02/06 01:12:27 -10.738 165.138 28.7 SANTA CRUZ ISLANDS
MAP 4.6 2013/02/06 01:00:47 -4.352 134.710 32.8 NEAR THE SOUTH COAST OF PAPUA, INDONESIA
MAP 5.3 2013/02/06 00:46:01 -10.871 165.029 9.5 SANTA CRUZ ISLANDS
MAP 6.3 2013/02/06 00:07:23 -10.858 165.206 10.0 SANTA CRUZ ISLANDS

The USGS site can be located and followed HERE.


Today is February 6, 2013.

Santa Cruz – Solomon Island Earthquakes – 377 Days From Hitler’s 80th Anniversary To The Eve of Lincoln’s Birthday – January 30, 2013 to February 11, 2014.

Tic Tac Toe = 377 = 3 – 77 77 77

The number 77 suggests Perfection and Completion.
The Chile EQ – 8.8 mag on February 27, 2010, during the Vancouver 2010 Olympics, occurred 377 DAYS before the Japan EQ on March 11, 2011.
Interestingly, a straight line can be drawn from Santiago Chile to the northern tip of Japan, and passes through Hawaii.
The Solomon Islands/Santa Cruz EQ’s started on Hitler’s 80 Anniversary, January 30, 2013, and if 377 DAYS are added from this date, it lands on the EVE OF LINCOLN’S BIRTHDAY, February 11, 2014.
The 2010 Olympics began on Lincoln’s birthday, February 12, 2010, exactly 1 month before the devastating Haiti EQ.
February 12, Lincoln’s Birthday, is the 43rd day (44th on a leap year) and is 322nd days until the end of the year.
The number 322 is the number of the Skull and Bones / the SCHOOL SACRIFICE Secret Society.
The number 377 suggests 3x – 77 77 77, which in turn relates Washington DC, @ 38.5N / 77N and Washington State on the 49th parallel / 7×7.
Adding 77 as in 7+7 = 14.


Today is February 7, 2013.

SANTA CRUZ ISLANDS = SANTA CRUZ California – 37 Degrees N – Means HOLY CROSS

(Part of San Francisco Bay Combined Statistical Area of 11 Counties).

Santa Cruz means HOLY CROSS.
Interestingly, the lines on the chart immediately above forms a CROSS OVER the PACIFIC OCEAN.
The word PACIFIC means PEACE, suggesting the messiah, the PRINCE of PEACE.
Therefore, this CROSS is symbolically the Cross of Sacrifice, even as the 4 Corner Cross states are.
The line from Santa Cruz Islands points to the area of San Francisco, and more subliminally to Santa Cruz, which is exactly 37 degrees North.
Santa Cruz is also exactly 122 degrees West.
The number 37 relates to the Lion King, Lincoln, Obama, the Sphinx, the Pegasus, etc.
When the National Mall in Washington is overlaid on the USA as a nation, the Lincoln Memorial is situated in the San Francisco Bay area.
As illustrated on the chart above, adding 377 days from Hitler’s 80th Anniversary, = February 11, 2014, the Eve of Lincoln’s Birthday. This is exactly 4 years from the start of the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver, which started on Lincoln’s Birthday, February 12.
February 11, 2014, is the 4th day of the Sochi Winter Olympics, which begin on February 7, 2014, and go until February 23, 2014.
Keep in mind that Sochi Russia is on the BLACK SEA.
The Black Sea is a symbolic womb which links to the Mediterranean Sea, … links to the Gulf of Mexico, … and ultimately links to the Pacific Ocean.
In other words, the Black Sea is the Pacific Ocean as pertaining to the subliminal and the birth of a new world order.

February 7, 2013 – EXACTLY 1 YEAR UNTIL SOCHI Winter Olympics on the Black Sea

The earthquakes in Santa Cruz which began on January 30, 2013, (Hitler’s 80th), have continued unceasingly until February 7, 2013, … today’s date.
This is exactly 365 days, or 1 full year to the day, when the Sochi Olympics begin.
From this earthquake event of the past few days, it becomes more than obvious that the luciferian agenda which works through the Thought Process, is continuing as the method of operation for fulfilling whatever cataclysmic notions are in store.
This is not to say that the cataclysm will occur on February 11, 2014, but it does indicate that there will be more events leading up to that period when the cataclysm will appear to unfold. Up to that date, and beyond. It’s basically a cat and mouse game which conjures up more confusion and suffering.

In this same manner, the 2008 Beijing Olympics witnessed an 8.8 EQ, 88 days before the 08/08/2008 Olympics began at 8:08:08 seconds. Leaving 88,000 dead or missing.
Yet again, the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver which began on Lincoln’s Birthday, were accompanied with the 7.0 EQ in Haiti, on January 12, 2010, exactly 1 month before the Olympics began. leaving over 300,000 dead and missing.
Then, during the 2010 Olympics, on February 27, Chile experienced an 8.8 mag EQ, killing more than 500 people. This was 1 day before the end of the 2010 Olympics.
Still again, the 2012 London Olympics were filled with unbelievable symbolism relating to the SANDY HOOK SCHOOL MASSACRE, just a few short months after they ended on August 12, 2012.
From August 12 to December 14, the day of the Sandy Hook Massacre, there are 124 days.
The number 124 coincides with 4 on the 11th clockface.
Multiplying 4×1 = 44, the number that relates to Lincoln, Obama, the 4 Square Foundation that the whole luciferian scenario is conjured up on.

In other words, it becomes very obvious, that the Thought Process, which is the Hidden Hand, which is the coming of the Light / the Lie, is the corruption and manipulative force that will continue its regeneration process of life and death until its attempt at total control of Reality is established. Of course, this can never be accomplished, but the Thought Process maintains a complete lack of Wisdom, and therefore, has no ability to recognize the futility in its endeavor.

What the conjured up illusory body of humanity can expect then, is a massive build-up of subliminal suggestion in conjunction with the Olympic Games, using these natural disasters, financial collapse, environmental and adverse health conditions, ongoing wars, … etc. … all leading to the very worst case scenario of all. … but of course, in Reality, … it’s all just an illusion, and becoming aware of this illusory 3D plane for the complete joke that it is, is a perfectly simple means of escape. Unfortunately, the conjured up masses of humanity have difficulty in crossing that line of insanity, where becoming aware must only agree with their preconceived notion of what awareness is, or they’ll show no interest in relocating to that Eternal Wisdom State.

Keep in mind that the symbols associated with the Olympic Games are the TORCH of FIRE and the RINGS, .. which is again, the Pacific Ocean Ring of Fire. This Ring is by far, the most volatile seismic and volcanic area in the world, … and by now, it should be very obvious as pertaining to why it is as it is.

The Number 377

The number of days from the Chile 8.8 EQ to the Japan 9.0 was 377 days.

The number 377 suggests many other numbers relating to the fabricated day of judgment and cataclysm.

377 suggests 37. The Line / Lion, of the Spine / Sphinx.
377 suggests 77. Completion and Perfection.
377 suggests 44. 37+7 = 44, the number of Lincoln 4×4= 16th president, … Obama 44th president, etc.
377 suggests 80. 3+77 = 80, relating to the FLOOD 8 number with inTENsity 10 the Control number of California.
The number 80 divided by 2 = 40, which itself relates to the Flood of Noah.
377 suggests the location of Santa Cruz California @ 37 degrees North.
California is 770 miles High.
California became the 31st state, … 31 coincides with 7 on the 3rd clockface.
Adding this 7+3 = 10 which relates to California being 10 degrees high and 10 degrees wide.
The number 37 coincides with 1 on the 4th clockface.
Multiplying 1×4 = 4, relating to the 4 Square Foundation that the Thought Process is founded upon.
California became a state in 1850, … which is 163 years to 2013.
The number 163 coincides with 7 on the 14th clockface.
Adding 7+14, or 7+7+7 = 21, which coincides with 9 on the 2nd clockface.
Adding 9+2 = 11.
Adding 163 = 1+6+3 = 10, or suggesting the California number of inTENsity.

This number nonsense just goes on and on, but certainly, it’s obvious to see how the circle of insanity we call the Thought Process is constructed. It’s all just suggestion supporting all previous suggestion, until the constant repetition and support makes the Lie become the Truth.


Today is February 8, 2013.

SUPER BOWL LIGHTS GO OUT @ 13:22 Remaining In The 3rd Quarter

Here’s just some of the symbolism and hypnotic suggestion surrounding this event:

During the Super Bowl Game on Sunday, February 3, 2013, the lights of the stadium went out for 34 minutes.
The number 34 coincides with 10 on the 3rd clockface referring to Los Angeles @ 34 degrees N.
The date 02/03/2013 = 2+3+2+0+1+3 = 11 Death.
Hidden inside this date is a numerical anagram – 322:13.
The number 322 = Skull and Bones secret number.
The year is 13 = Bad Luck.

The POWER STOPPED @ 13:22 remaining in the 3rd quarter = 13:22 and 3.
The time on the clock referred to THE TIME REMAINING. This suggests AN END IS COMING!
The number 13:22/3, is a subliminal referring to the day, month, and year.
In other words, the date suggested is 3/22/13, or March 22/13.

On March 11, 2011, or 3/11/11, a similar suggestion was implanted into this lunatic 3D cycle of madness, when the Japanese 9 magnitude earthquake struck.
The date of 3/11/11 = 3/11+11, or 322. Skull and Bones secret number again.
The lights went out at the Super Bowl Game 9 days before Lincoln’s birthday on February 12, relating to the 9 mag of the Japan quake.

This does not mean that the cataclysmic event will occur on March 22, 2013, but it does add to the suggestion that this cataclysmic FLOOD is on its way.
March 22 is the 81st day of the year.
The number 81 = 9×9, or 99, or 9/11’s.
On March 22, there’ll be 284 days left in the year.
The number 284 = 28+4 = 32 coincides with 8 (flood) on the 3rd clockface.
Adding 8+3 = 11 Death.
Adding 284 = 2+8+4 = 14, Conception and Rebirth, or 1/2 MOON CYCLE.
The number 284 = 28, a complete MOON CYCLE, and Rebirth and Regeneration.
The number 284 = 28×4 = 112 coincides with 4 on the 10th clockface, which suggests California (10), and the FLOOD – 4×10 = 40, the DAYS of the FLOOD of NOAH.
The number 284 divided by 2 = 142 coincides with 10 on the 12th clockface.
Adding 10+12 = 22, the date of the 22nd, and the number of floors in the Marriott Hotel, which is the symbol of California in the old WTC building layout.
The 10 and 12 TIMES TABLES were part of the Temple of Solomon in Jerusalem.
Multiplying 284 as 2×84 = 168 coincides with 12 (Conception and Rebirth) on the 14th clockface.
The number 168 suggests 16, the Lion King, Lincoln, Obama, etc. … and the Flood Number 8.
Multiplying 16×8 = 128 coincides with 8 on the 11th clockface.
Multiplying 8×11 = 88, the number of the FLOOD doubled.
Multiplying 88×2 = 176.
Adding one more 8 to 88 = 888.
Multiplying 888×2 =1776, the birthday of the USA and the symbolic date of the NILE FLOOD.

The date of MARCH 22 is also 22% of the year.
22% coincides with March 21-22, which is the SPRING EQUINOX, when the SUN / SON RISES FROM THE DEAD, and the daytime sun lasts longer than the darkness of the night.

The Lights Went Out With 13:22 Remaining In The 3rd immediately following Beyonce and Destiny’s Child performing at the HALF-TIME show.
As mentioned previously, Beyonce is a subliminal suggesting the Stone of Scone, and Destiny’s Child is a subliminal suggesting the Birth of a Child on the Stone of Destiny.
Both Stones relating to the 11 Western States.
This show was performed by extremely talented singers and dancers, being extremely beautiful and sensuous as well. This occurred during the HALF-TIME of a 1 HOUR LONG GAME, which coincides with the number 6 on a full 60 minute clockface.
The numbers 6+60 = 66, and relate to the very sensual and sex driven performance by Beyonce and Destiny’s Child.

The BIBLE – The Book of Subliminal Hypnotic Suggestion

The Bible verse that follows next is from Genesis chapter 6:13-22.

The number 6 relates to the SEX aspects of the Super Bowl Half-Time Show.
The number 6 = 2×3, in conjunction with the verse numbers 13-22 = 231322.
These numbers suggest 3/22/13 x 2, relating to the 2nd March 22 suggestion.

Incidentally, Noah was the perfect symbolic age of 600 years when the FLOOD occurred. What follows is absolute and total bullshit, implanted by the luciferian Mindset, which is the Thought Process, with the sole purpose of conjuring up a Trance State, whereby an incredible cataclysm is designed to appear, … ONLY APPEAR … to transpire.

… oh but wait, … God loves you! Fuck that nonsense. There is no god but that the mind can be entranced to believe such bullshit.

There’s this thing called Reality and Truth which is our Original Wisdom State which is the One All Knowing Eternal Paradise, which is the Eternal Now, which is Our Ever Present State of Existence. Not will be, … but is NOW, and Always has been, our Eternal State. This One Ultimate Expression of Being is Who and What Reality and Truth are. The nonsensical Bible verses that follow are perpetuated by the elite of the world, for they lack all semblance of Wisdom or All Knowing and merely repeat the ignorance of the Light, or Lies, of the luciferian Light Bringing Thought Process.

Genesis 6:13-22

14 Make for yourself an ark of gopher wood; you shall make the ark with rooms, and shall cover it inside and out with pitch.
15 This is how you shall make it: the length of the ark three hundred cubits, its breadth fifty cubits, and its height thirty cubits.
16 You shall make a window for the ark, and finish it to a cubit from the top; and set the door of the ark in the side of it; you shall make it with lower, second, and third decks.
17 Behold, I, even I AM BRINGING THE FLOOD OF WATER ON THE EARTH, to destroy all flesh in which is the breath of life, from under heaven; everything that is on the earth shall perish.
18 But I will establish My covenant with you; and you shall enter the ark—you and your sons and your wife, and your sons’ wives with you.
19 And of every living thing of all flesh, you shall bring two of every kind into the ark, to keep them alive with you; they shall be male and female.
20 Of the birds after their kind, and of the animals after their kind, of every creeping thing of the ground after its kind, two of every kind will come to you to keep them alive. 21 As for you, take for yourself some of all food which is edible, and gather it to yourself; and it shall be for food for you and for them.”
22 Thus Noah did; according to all that God had commanded him, so he did.




MERCEDES BENZ = 119 = 911

DESTINY’S CHILD = A TRIO = TRINITY electron, proton, neutron = NUCLEAR BOMB / NEW MEXICO / MEGIDDO (same bomb as dropped on Nagasaki (which is known as CORE city) relating to Snake River/Yellowstone / Grail)

Sunday, February 10, 2013 – NEW MOON, coincides with Chinese New Year and the Year of THE SNAKE.

DESTINY’S CHILD REUNION TRACK is called NUCLEAR (was going to be performed at the game but cancelled for some reason)


February 12, Lincoln’s birthday.

The Super Dome advertising of the BOWL suggests the first moments of the first BIG BANG that was the TRINITY test. Atom = Adam, gods first SON/SUN.

The Super Bowl took place on February 3, 2013, exactly 47 days before March 22, 2013.
The number 47 relate to the floors of Building 7, which is British Columbia, which was also brought down with a NUCLEAR DEVICE on 911.


Today is February 10, 2013.

To add to the subliminal recorded in Genesis 6:13-22, (see above), … when the numbers are reversed, from 13-22 to 22-13, … the Bible suggests the same sacrifice, but this time with FIRE in the form of a RAM caught in a thicket, which Abraham went and took and offered as a BURNT OFFERING instead of his son Isaac.

Genesis 22:13

King James Version (KJV)

13 – “And Abraham lifted up his eyes, and looked, and behold behind him a ram caught in a thicket by his horns: and Abraham went and took the ram, and offered him up for a burnt offering in the stead of his son.”

In chapter 6:13-22, the sacrifice was by WATER, and now in 22:13, the sacrifice is a BURNT OFFERING. The water suggests a FLOOD and the burnt offering suggests VOLCANIC / SEISMIC events. This suggestion was repeated in the WTC demolition sacrifice in 2001, when the NUCLEAR DEVICES were detonated under Towers 1 and 2, and Building 7. This caused a massive release of energy which saw the slurry wall in the basement of the towers, threatened with the Hudson River pouring into the pile of rubble. Of course, the time hadn’t come yet, to allow this suggestion to be fulfilled, and so the slurry wall was stabilized to prevent any major flooding.

As Abraham went up to Mount Moriah (the Foundation Stone under the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem), to offer his SON Isaac to god, Isaac asked of Abraham where the sacrifice was. Everything else was prepared except for the sacrifice. Supposedly, god supplied a RAM to be offered instead of Isaac, and so Isaac was spared.

The hypnotic suggestion offered up in this tale, is that the RAM, which is a GOAT, which is a KID, would be offered in place of Abraham’s SON Isaac.

The RAM, or GOAT, refers to the KIDS, or SHEEP, that have to be sacrificed on behalf of the Thought Process, which is the luciferian Mindset, which in turn, is the duality nature of life and death, which is the regeneration process and the lunatic notion of eternal life.

This is what drives the elite, who unknowingly, and unwittingly, manufacture in their deepest hypnotic ignorance, so as so please their gods of duality. This is why the wars (with the new instrument of sacrifice seen in the Drone attacks), natural disasters, pollution, environmental disarray, financial chaos, etc, … keep escalating at a phenomenal rate. The elite must perpetuate sacrifice, in order to appease the gods of Thoth / Thought. This belief was part of the Mayan and Aztec cultures as well, where the belief was that life was stolen from the underworld by humanity, and in order to appease the gods so as to avoid destruction and annihilation, human sacrifice had to be undertaken.

So it is today, the elite of the world, throughout the world, even without consciously recognizing what their belief system entails, simply know within the Trance State, by the thoughts implanted within the Trance State, that human life must be offered to the gods in sacrifice or the elite will suffer the consequences along with the serfs and slaves of the common people.

This is the force and intent that brought about the Sandy Hook Massacre, the Columbine Massacre, the Virginia Tech Massacre, the Drone attacks in the middle east which are now finding their way into the USA. Human sacrifice must be done in substitute of god (Abraham), offering his only SON / SUN (Isaac / K-OZ-EYE), that the kingdom of the gods might prevail.


Abraham offered his son Isaac on the 11 Western States, which was called Mount Moriah in Jerusalem. Mount Moriah was a threshing floor. The elite, the secret societies of the world, refer to themselves as MORIAH CONQUERING WIND.

CONQUERING = KON-KER = CANCER in all its SICKNESS / 666 forms.
WIND = WIN – Death.

The suggestion in this name implants the thought that, like the wind, which is unseen, the luciferian agenda implemented through the Thought Process, can’t be seen, but the effects determine this illusory reality we call life. Of course, Awareness totally cancels out this hypnotic suggestion along with every other suggestion implanted by the intellectual and religious systems of this 3D illusory plane.

The 11 Western States have the attention of the elite square in their sights. Like the cross-hairs on a gun, everything that’s suggested continually points to sacrifice of this region, as well as the USA as a whole nation, along with North America, Central America (Megiddo), and South America. The Ring of Fire corresponds to the BURNT OFFERING made by Abraham. Abraham is LINCOLN, the LION-KING, is OBAMA, is the SPHINX, etc. The Pacific Ocean is the FLOOD, the MAR / MARY Mother of the gods, and the Pacific Ocean is the Prince of Peace, and married to the mother of god. Together the Mother and the Son symbolize the Torch and the Rings, the symbols of the Olympics which will begin on February 7, 2014, on the Black Sea, which itself symbolizes the watery womb of the Pacific Ocean, and the child that will rise from the ashes of sacrifice.

Suggestion, suggestion, suggestion. … That’s all it is, and it’s aimed right at the 11 Western States.

More from the Book of Hypnotic Suggestion:

Revelation 22:13, the reverse number again, of 13-22.

Revelation 22:13

King James Version (KJV)

13 – “I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end, the first and the last.”

… just to reinforce the previous suggestions offered up in the previous Genesis verse, Revelation 22:13 arrogantly suggests that the god of Israel, Isaac and Jacob, is the BEGINNING and the END. Fuck that!

The Eternal State of Wisdom ALWAYS IS!
The Paradise State of Total Awareness ALWAYS IS!
Peace, Purity, Power, and Beauty ALWAYS IS!

Where the fuck does this arrogant boasting come off stating that this is the BEGINNING and the END?

HYPNOSIS, … HYPNOSIS, … Hyping SION, … Hyping ZION, … Hyping the ION-Z …

… that’s where!



Today is February 11, 2013.

Pope Benedict XVI Announces Retirement February 11, 2013

The name “BENEDICT” means “The Blessed” in latin.
The term “BLESSING” means “… MAY BLOOD BE SPRINKLED ON YOU in German”.

Pope Benedict knows perfectly well, that this terminology relates to humanity offering themselves as a sacrifice unto god, and supposedly, thereby attaining eternal life.

Only 1 problem with this scenario, … the whole body of humanity is an illusory 3 dimensional concept, conjured up through the religious and intellectual Thought Process, and once the 3D illusory life, or light, of every human on the planet ceases to whirl about and shine, the game is over for that aspect of the illusion. Therefore, this chap has missed the boat as pertaining to truth and reality, and is making way for some very sinister event down the future 3D illusory Timeline.

Joseph Aloisius Ratzinger’s Resignation Effective On The 80th Anniversary of NAZI CONTROL of Germany – February 28, 2013.

Pope Benedict professed that he liked to be close to the people. Therefore, he shall be referred to as simply “Joe”.

“Joe’s” dad was named JOSEPH.
“Joe’s” mom was named MARIA.
“Joe’s” a little JESUS, … subliminally speaking.

Anyone Smell A RAT-ZINGER? in all of this.

Joe was born on APRIL 16, 1927.
Joe’s birthday looks like this – 04/16/27.
The number 4 relates to the 4 Square Foundation that the Lying / Light Thought Process is built upon.
The number 16 corresponds to the number of Lincoln, the Lion King, Obama, the Sphinx, etc.
The number 27 = 3x3x3, and is a PERFECT CUBE, the KABAAH of MECCA, which in turn is a folded CHRISTIAN CROSS.

The Pope who re-instated the previous papal custom of wearing RED SHOES, which symbolizes WALKING IN BLOOD, will cease to be Pope on the 80th anniversary of TOTAL NAZI CONTROL of GERMANY.

This is 1 day after the 80th anniversary of the Reichstag Fire of the German Parliament which created the situation whereby the Nazi’s were able to manipulate and maneuver themselves into the seats of power.

Interestingly, the Santa Cruz Earthquakes of the last 12 days, which began on the 80th Anniversary of Hitler becoming Chancellor of Germany, and have continued until today, February 11, 2013, correspond to the Reichstag Fire, which was immediately followed by the ultimate Nazi takeover which began the following day, on February 28, 1933.

“Joe” was born on April 16, 1927, and interestingly, he was elected to be Pope on April 19, 2005, the EVE of HITLER’S BIRTHDAY, on April 20, 1889.
This means that Joe was elected pope 116 years after Hitler’s birth.
The number 116, when rotated 180 degrees = 911. No surprise!
The number 116 = 8 on the 10th clockface, suggesting the FLOOD (8) of CALIFORNIA (10).
Multiplying 8×10 = 80, which is the 80th anniversary when Joe will step down as pope.
Joe will have been pope for 8 YEARS minus 50 DAYS.
The Catholic Church will remain popeless until sometime near the end of March.
This would be close to the Spring Equinox of March 22, the date suggested on the clock at the Super Bowl when the lights and power went out.

The announced resignation of “Joe” as pope follows the Mardi Gras celebrations which lead into the Easter Season, the season of Lent, and the arrival of Spring, when the SUN / SON of god, the god of the daytime light, RISES FROM THE DEAD, and overtakes the darkness of the night by lasting just a bit longer than the night. (Crazy concept to base one’s whole life meaning and belief upon, … but hey, … hypnosis is a wild and crazy thing???)

Almost 600 Years Since The Last Papal Resignation

The last pope to resign was Pope Gregory XII, in 1415.
At that time there were 3 pretenders to the papal throne, who desired to be God’s Ear.
The other two were the Avignon anti-pope Benedict XIII, and Pisan anti-pope John XXIII.

Gregory resigned to end the “Western Schism” that kept the church divided for 4 decades. Pity the poor suckers who were given the ‘last rites’ and received all sorts of other pardons for their sins from the 2 fakers. They must be burning in hell right about now.

From today’s date of February 11, 2013, to the Spring Equinox of March 22, 2013, there’ll be 40 days, including February 11. The days ahead should be interesting to say the least.


Today is February 16, 2013.


On Lincoln’s birthday, February 12, 2013, Chris Dorner, the ex-LAPD officer who supposedly shot and killed 3 people, was supposedly cornered in a cabin near BIG BEAR LAKE California.

He was cornered in this cabin directly across from a police command centre. Handy location to say the least, from the perspective of those doing the cornering.

President Obama, symbolic of Lincoln, the Lion King, the Sphinx, etc., … was also going to deliver his State of the Union address on February 12, 2013, which just so happened to be Lincoln’s birthday, and exactly 3 years to the day, after the beginning of the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics.

Just a few minutes before Obama was about to deliver his address to the nation, the cabin that Chris Dorner was cornered in was SET ON FIRE by the police, and Chris Dorner was offered as a BURNT OFFERING just minutes before Obama’s State of the Union address.

Chris Dorner was sacrificed at Big Bear Lake = Ursa Major = the Big Dipper of California. Suggesting the Water Bear-er which will eventually be unleashed.

= DRRONE = DRONE = BEE = HIVE = Fertilizing Male Honeybee.

The relationship to all of Obama’s DRONE KILLINGS around the world relate directly to fertilization of all the QUEEN’S EGGS / QUEEN of HEAVEN’S EGO’s, which are designed to hatch in short order, into a New and Totally Controlled State of the World.

This is the symbolism attached to the HONEY BEE in Freemasonry. This is the symbolism attached to ancient worship of the bee.

“The bee, found in Ancient Near East and Aegean cultures, was believed to be the SACRED INSECT that bridged the natural world to the underworld.” (Wikipedia).

In other words, the Drones used by Obama and the allies, are actually ritualistic death cult events designed to bring to pass, the hatching, or birth, of a Hitler style New World based on a system of Total Control, and designed to be implemented through the DRONE MATING WITH THE QUEEN through a fabricated hypnotic FLOOD EVENT that MARRIES THE MOTHER TO THE SON.

The luciferian Mindset is no respecter of Time or Space, and the technology of incorporated into the Drone surveillance systems was an aspect of the luciferian agenda ever since the initiation of the Thought Process. Only those locked within the Trance State are unable to grasp this simple aspect.

The land ‘Flowing With Milk and Honey”, the promised land of Israel, which is symbolically referring to California, is the land that will literally be overflowing with Water and Drones and the birth of totalitarian state which will be shared with the whole world.

… just watch, … wait, … simply observe! This is all an illusion and manipulation.

The whole body of humanity is a fraud.
The whole 3D illusory plane is a fraud.
Everything has been designed to fail.
Do not react to anything.
Do not retaliate against anyone.
Do not seek revenge for anything.
This is not Who and What we really are.



Today is February 18, 2013.

Choosing The 112th POPE At YELLOWSTONE / HOLY STONE and the White House

The chart immediately below shows the Vatican City map overlaid with a black outline of the 11 Western United States. On page 29 of this site, when the Washington DC National Mall is laid over the entire USA as a nation, the White House coincides with the location of Yellowstone. Yellowstone is of course one of the most active seismic volcanic regions in the world. In other words, Yellowstone is capable of producing massive amounts of SMOKE and STEAM.

Just below Yellowstone, is the Grand Teton mountain range, which is symbolic of a mother’s teats (in this case a SOW, or a COW according to Egyptian mythology) necessary to feed a new born.
Immediatel below the Grand Teton’s is LINCOLN COUNTY, named after the Lion King, the Sphinx, Lincoln, etc. … who was the 44th President, and is located in the 44th state at 41 to 43 degrees North. Interestingly again, LINCOLN COUNTRY WAS CREATED on FEBRUARY 21, 1911. Yet another 9-11 subliminal.

February 21 is the EVE of GEORGE WASHINGTON’s BIRTHDAY on February 22. This is exactly 1 month before SPRING which occurs around March 20 to 22.

Yet again, Lincoln’s Birthday on February 12, is exactly 37 DAYS before the SPRING EQUINOX</span, and from this it’s very apparent that the president’s and their birthday’s are relating to the movements of the SUN / SON, and in both instances, these president’s were conjured up to fulfill an incredibly important role in the luciferian agenda.

Lincoln was also born on SINKING SPRINGS FARM in Kentucky, also at 37 DEGREES NORTH.
The name of the farm relates to the NIGHT TIME FADING AWAY INTO THE SPRING as the daylight hours overtake the length of the night.

Lincoln is buried in SPRINGFIELD Illinois, located at 40 degrees North (FLOOD NUMBER) and 90 degrees W.
The number 40 coincides with 4 on the 4th clockface.
The number 90 coincides with 6 on the 8th clockface.
Adding 4+4 = 8, the Control and Flood number.
Adding 6+8 = 14, the Conception and Regeneration (1/2 moon / month number).
Adding 8+14 = 22, the number relating to the MARRIOTT HOTEL, which is symbolic of California and the destruction as the result of a cataclysm.

The birthplace of Lincoln, on Sinking Spring Farm, is now a memorial Shrine Temple at 37 degrees North. The Cornerstone was laid in 1909 by president Theodore Roosevelt (a 33 degree Freemason).
The Lincoln Shrine Temple was dedicated by president William Howard Taft in 1911, with the years 1909 and 1911 suggesting yet again, the 911 attack of 2001, which occurred 90 years after the Lincoln Shrine Temple dedication.

William Howard Taft was the son of the Skull and Bones secret society co-founder.

… now to continue with the chart immediately below:

The White House in Washington DC includes the West Wing (11 Western States suggested), with the OVAL OFFICE (Lava Orifice), the president’s office.

The White House also includes the LINCOLN BEDROOM and the QUEEN’S BEDROOM. These names are hidden subliminals corresponding to the SPHINX / PHOENIX Bird of Egypt, and the MOON / FLOOD GODDESS, who will rise from the ashes of Yellowstone, and the Flood Waters of the Prince of the Pacific / Peace in the fabricated Day of Judgment, when the SMOKE and STEAM will rise after the cleansing takes place.

On the chart below, notice the pink Vesica Pisces, the female sex organ, formed subliminally by the rounded arms of St. Peter’s Square. In the centre of St. Peter’s Square is a phallic symbol obelisk (affectionately referred to as Peter’s Peter : … sorry).

The Vesica Pisces forms 2 Crescent Moons that overlap, illustrating the Egyptian, Islamic, Muslim secrets of this religion, and the whole religious group of Abraham’s children, … the Jew’s, Christians, and Muslims. These 2 moon’s, the phallic obelisk, and the vesica pisces, are all contained within the OCTAGON symbol which is inlaid in St. Peter’s Square, and which relates to the Dome of the Rock Shrine which covers the Foundation Stone on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.

What this all shows, is that the resignation of Pope Joseph “the Rat” Benedict is extremely orchestrated by the luciferian Thought Process, to occur at precisely this time, at precisely this extremely troubled time in the 3D scheme of things. Keep in mind that the Nazi’s came into power by February 28, 1933, just one day after the Reichstag FIRE, which one would assume caused a great deal of SMOKE.

Speaking of smoke and chimneys and such, … LINCOLN wore a STOVEPIPE HAT. Lincoln County is also the shape of a STOVEPIPE and lies just below the Grand Teton’s and Yellowstone, … so it’s symbolically located to have SMOKE POURING OUT OF YELLOWSTONE as would be suggested when a Pope is chosen, or being chosen, at the Vatican Conclave. Again, this is just suggestion helping to establish the cataclysmic event, somewhere down the 3D illusory Timeline Trail.

So here’s the chart:


Before leaving this nonsense concerning the SMOKE coming out of CHIMNEY’S and so on, which relate to selecting a new Pope, which in turn is actually the selecting of another symbolic Lion King, Lincoln, Sphinx, Sun / Son God symbol, … the word CHIMNEY is deciphered as:

CHIMNEY = MICH-GEN = MICHIGAN (changing the Y back to a G rule).

Springfield Illinois, the burial site of Lincoln, has Illinois bordering on Lake Michigan, which is next to Michigan State.

Santa Claus comes down the CHIMNEY at CHRISTMAS, or on the BIRTHDAY OF THE SUN / SON GOD. When the SUN begins to overtake the long hours of the NIGHT.
By the Spring Equinox SANTA / SAINT / SHAITAN / the LIGHT BRINGER, who again refer to LINCOLN, the LION KING, the symbol of the Sun, the Light Bringer, the luciferian Thought Process will conquer the NIGHT / the DARK KNIGHT, the NIGHT BAT, the BAT MAN, 44th President Obama, the NIGHT JOURNEY of Muhammad.


Today is February 23, 2013.

New York Stock Exchange CLOSING NUMBERS Friday February 22, 2013

… a reminder that the NYSE is the creation of the luciferian Thought Process which is designed to perpetuate the agenda associated with “Solomon’s Temple”, … the worship of the Sun and the Moon, … the worship associated with conjuring up a 3D illusory reality that delights in the continual sacrifice and regeneration process that humanity refers to as life and death.

New York Stock Exchange = NYSE = SEYN = SION

The number 14 corresponds to the Conception Number, or the halfway point in the female menstrual cycle of 28 days when conception is most likely to occur.

The number 28 corresponds to one complete menstrual cycle and one complete lunar month. (… curious!)

The month of February has 28 days, with 29 occurring on a leap year.
February is symbolic of a lunar, regeneration month, which leads into SPRING 20-22 days later.

The Reichstag Fire in Germany on February 27, 1933 occurred on the eve of February 28, 1933. The eve of full symbolic lunar month.
The Nazi’s began their Total Control campaign of Germany on the day following this fire.
Now, in the month of February, 2013, exactly 80 years later, to the day, February 28 is already being singled out as a day of ‘significance’, in relation to the financial decisions that have to be dealt with regarding the so-called “SEQUESTER”, and the debt ceiling relating to the USA financial system, which is to be considered on March 1, 2013.

To emphasize this particular event, and to implant the suggestion of how it will direct this 3D illusory reality, the NYSE (Solomon’s Temple) closed with many interesting numbers on February 20, 21, and 22.
February 20 – 22, is exactly 1 month before SPRING officially and completely arrives.
Closing numbers on the 20th and 21st broke down symbollically to 9’s, 13’s, and 10’s with a couple of 11’s thrown in for good measure. Those who have read this site on a regular basis will know what these numbers signifty.

However, the Friday, February 22, 2013 (yesterday’s) numbers are the ones of particular interest as the previous 2 days were ‘leading’ into this set of numbers.

NYSE / ZION Closing Numbers:

DOW JONES: CLOSED @ 14,000.57

The number 14 with 3 – 0’s suggest TEN x TEN x TEN, or subliminally, massive inTENsity.
The number 10 in turn relate to the state of CALIFORNIA with all of its symbolic 10 number characteristics and its symbolic relationship to the MARRIOTT HOTEL of the old WTC layout.

This 14,000.57 number occurred on Washington’s birthday, which occurs exactly 10 days after Lincoln’s birthday. As mentioned above, Lincoln’s birthday occurs 37 days before SPRING, and Washington’s birthday occurs 27 days before SPRING.

The number 27 = 3x3x3 which corresponds to a perfect Cube (think Mecca and Kabaah Stone) and is a 3D Folded CROSS of SACRIFICE.
The Kabaah Stone is yet another version of the Rock of Sacrifice, the Rock of Solomon’s Temple, relating to the ROCK of the 11 Western States, but hidden in a unique CUBE form.

The closing number of 14,000.57 coincides to 14 in yet another way.
The decimal number 57 coincides with 9 on the 5th clockface.
The number 9 suggests a FALL.
The number 5 suggests SACRIFICE.
Adding 9+5 = 14, or the Conception and Regeneration number which suggests life and death.

The Dow Jones rose 119.95 points on February 22, 2013.
The number 119.95 can be rounded up to 120, which is 1/3 of a 360 DAY CIRCLE, or 33.33% of that Circle, which is also symbolic of the Clockface charts on this site.
The number 120 = 10×12, … which are the 2 Tables symbolized in Solomon’s Temple.
The 12 BULLS hold up the Brazen Bowl just outside the Temple where the priests that slaughter the sacrifice can wash the blood and other residue from their hands, in a symbolic gesture of cleansing themselves of any guilt for slaughtering the sacrifice.

… after which, the priests then carry the sacrifice into the Holy Place which is then passed onto the High Priest, who just once a year, would go into the Holy of Holies and offer the sacrifice to god.

All of this is just hypnotic suggestion relating to what we’re now witnessing in the financial chaos throughout the world. The sacrifice is being slaughtered on an on-going basis, day after day, all of which is heading deliberately to an ultimate offering by the High Priest (the Lion King, Lincoln, Sphinx, … who is OBAMBA), to be eventually taken into the HOLY OF HOLIES, … which is of course, … the YELLOW OF YELLOWS, … which in turn is THE YELLOWSTONE, or HOLY STONE, which is the FOUNDATION STONE under SOLOMON’S TEMPLE, … which is now called the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem, and is a shrine to the Islamic faith, which is designed and meant to throw us off the track as to what’s actually transpiring.

When the Dow Jones rose to 14,000.57, this resulted in a rise of .86%.

Then number 86 = 8+6 = 14 suggesting Conception and Regeneration again.
The number 86 corresponds to 2 on the 8th clockface.
Adding 2+8 = 10, suggesting California.
Multiplying 2×8 = 16, suggesting the Lion King, Lincoln, OBAMA, … etc.

Other closing numbers on the NYSE which support the Dow Jones:

NASDAQ: 3,161.82 = 3+1+6+1 = 11 suggesting DEATH.
The decimal number of 82 coincides with 10 on the 7th clockface.
The number 10 relates to California and multiplying 10×7 = 70, Perfection and Completion.
The number 82 = 8+2 = 10, inTENsity relating to California.

The Nasdaq rose 30.33 points, again supporting the suggestion in the 119.95/120 point rise of the Dow Jones which was 33.33% of a Circle.

This rise of 30.33 points = .97% rise.
The decimal number 97 = 9+7 = 16, the Lion King, etc.

The S&P 500 closed at 1,515.60.
The number 15 is the symbolic number most closely associated with god according to Freemasonic teaching and doctrine.
Therefore, 1,515 = God and God = the Father and the Son.
This relates to the Father (Abraham) sacrificing his Son (Isaac) on the Foundation Stone (Mount Moriah), which relates to the 11 Western States.
As mentioned previously on this site, the S&P symbolizes the 2 Pillars of Solomon’s Temple, … the G (or J) and B Pillars of Boaz and Gachin.

The closing numbers of 1,515.60 for the S&P represents a rise of 13.18 points.
The number 13 relates to the year of 2013, which suggests 20=8=FLOOD, and 13=Bad Luck, etc.
The number 18 = 6+6+6, or again = 1+8 = 9 the FALL.
This rise of 13.18 points represents a .88% rise.
The number 88 relates to the FLOOD and TOTAL CONTROL.

Interestingly, the LIBOR INTEREST RATE FIXING CRIME SCANDAL, where 16 central banks decide on a daily basis what they’ll charge each other to borrow money from each other, … and which is decided upon at 11:00 GMT daily, also relates to the number 88, … or the FLOOD and CONTROL.

Multiplying the LINCOLN, Lion King, OBAMA number of 16 x 11 Death = 176.
Dividing 176 by 2 = 88, the FLOOD and CONTROL.
This again relates to the year the USA became a Cunt-ray in 1776 divided by 2 = 888.
This number of course, relates to the LION KING, the SPHINX of Egypt, which is located on the Nile River, and where the annual Flood Date is celebrated, beginning on July 4th, the birthday of the USA.

The number 176 = 1+7+6 = 14, yet again.
The number 14 = 7+7 suggesting 77.
The number 77 suggests Washington DC @ 38.5 N / 77 W…
as well as Washington State @ 7×7 = 49 degrees N.

March 22, 2013 – SPRING ARRIVES

March 22, 2013, is the first complete day after Spring has completely arrived on the 20th and 21st.

This dates reads as 3/22/2013, or 322 / 2013.

The number 322 relates to the Skull and Bones secret number, which by now, isn’t a secret at all.

The state of NEVADA which means NAVIDAD, which in turn means NATIVITY, or the BIRTH, is also 322 miles wide.
Nevada borders on California and shares the 135 degree angle of Orion.
The number 135 coincides with 3 on the 11th clockface.
Multiplying 3×11 = 33.
The number 3 is a direct harmony to 9, the FALL.
Adding 3+11 = 14, the Conception and Regeneration number.
The number 14×2 in turn relates to the number 28 and the WATER BREAKING and the BIRTH taking place.

The state of NEVADA is called the SILVER STATE.
Nevada is also the 4th largest producer of GOLD in the WORLD.
The manipulation of the Financial systems throughout the world, which has purposely robbed people of a vast amount of their wealth and created hardship for countless millions of people, has resulted in a desperate call to return to the GOLD STANDARD and for people to buy physical GOLD and SILVER as a means of trying to protect what wealth they might have left.

This endless communication referring to Gold and Silver, is referring to the 2 Pillars of Solomon’s Temple, which Temple was overlaid with massive amounts of Gold and where the priest’s treasure cells surrounded the Holy Place and the Holy of Holies outside the Temple proper.
In turn, this continuous talk referring to Gold and Silver, relates to the state of Nevada, the NAVIDAD, and the NATIVITY, or the BIRTH of the BABE, the SAVIOUR is suggested to be BORN.

When observing the shape of the state of Nevada on a map, the shape narrows down to a point at the lower right hand corner. It’s at this corner that the HOOVER DAM is located, holding back the WATERS of the COLORADO RIVER.
This Way of Sorrows relates to the path that the illusory Jesus followed leading up to his CRUCIFIXION.
The Crucifixion is symbolized with the 4 Corner Cross States of Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado and Utah.
This is the Path the Lion King, Lincoln, the Sphinx, and Obama have taken which will lead to the cataclysm and the eventual Flood and Totalitarian Control of the 3D illusory world.

The HOOVER DAM was named after President Herbert Hoover.
The HOOVER DAM is located in the Black Canyon on the Colorado River.
Herbert Hoover was president from 1929-1933.
The year 1929 was the year of the STOCK MARKET CRASH. (suggesting a CRASH!)
The year 1933 was the year Hitler and the NAZI’s came to power and took TOTAL CONTROL.
Herbert Hoover was president until MARCH 3, 1933, which is symbolically written as 3/3/33.
Yet again, another symbolic event corresponding exactly to the Hitler Nazi takeover, which curiously coincides with the story of the LONE RANGER and TONTO and the famous slogan “Hi-Yo, SILVER AWAY” which began on February 28, 1933. The date of the Hitler/Nazi takeover of Germany.

Shortly after Herbert Hoover was president, J.Edgar HOOVER formed the F.B.I. in 1935.
J.Edgar Hoover was head of the F.B.I. from March 22, 1935 to May 2, 1972.
The beginning of his reign over the Nazi styled F.B.I. (or FIB, as in LIE) occurred on the first day of SPRING, or 3/22/35, the number relating to the Skull and Bones secret number of 322.
J.Edgar Hoover was a 33 degree Freemason and well aware of what the symbolism of 3/22 represented.
For this reason he was also in control of the F.I.B. for 37 YEARS, the number relating to the Lion King, Lincoln, OBAMA, and the Sphinx, etc.

To top it off with just one more bit of numerical sybolism, J.Edgar Hoover died on May 2, 1972 at the age of 77 YEARS.


A look at a picture of the Hoover Dam and athe state of Nevada, shows that its shape relates to that of the female reproductive organs, the vaginal / birth canal, the uterus, and the ovaries, etc.. The Dam is curved, holding back the water that ultimately will not only proceed downstream through the spillways, but the dam will break at some point and Arizona will literally become ‘Ocean Front Property’, as related in the George Strait song of the same name. The song in which the suggestion of “IF YOU”LL BUY THAT, I’LL THROW THE GOLDEN GATE IN FOR FREE”! This of course, relates to the Pacific Ocean rolling through, over and under the Golden Gate Bridge of San Francisco when the BIG ONE is finally unleashed.

The OVAL OFFICE in the White House corresponds to YELLOWSTONE PARK when the National Mall is overlaid on the USA as a whole Nation. Hence, the name NATIONAL MALL. The word MALL = MAUL, which is what a Lion King does to its prey.

Yellowstone is the location of one of the world’s most active volcanic calderas.
There’s also, the Long Caldera that extends from California into Nevada, and ultimately extends towards Yellowstone

The LAVA suggests the LUVA.
The LUVA suggests the LOVER.
The LOVER suggests Conception and Regeneration.
The OVAL OFFICE = the OVARIES of the female reproductive organs.
The OVARIES, the VULVA, the UTERUS of NEVADA, the NAVIDAD, the LAVA, the LUVA all correspond to the LOVER of the Mother and the Son, the Moon and the Sun, when the WATER BREAKS at the HOOVER.

Of course, this little bit of nonsense just related, in regards to the Hoover Dam, Nevada, the Silver State, the Gold Standard, and the Flood of the Water Breaking from the dam, relates to the Triumphant Entry of Shania Twain as she rode her Black Horse / Black Swan, along with 40 horses in total, down the Las Vegas Strip, symbolic of the Flood of Noah and the sacrifice being delivered to the god called THOTH / THOUGHT.


Google Video – illuminatiMATRIX explanatory video detailing the foundational root of hypnosis, religion, intellectualism and who and what god is.

Click here to watch video.

YouTube Video highlighting some of the subliminal elements hidden in the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem

Please read the next paragraph before watching the ROCK VIDEO.

On the ROCK VIDEO, the World Trade Center is mistakenly called the ROCKEFELLER PLAZA. The WTC was conceived and promoted by the Rockefellers. The Rockefeller Plaza is to the north of the World Trade Centre, on the MANHATTAN ROCK, or MANNA STONE. The WTC and the Rockefeller Plaza , along with the area of CENTRAL PARK, relate to the TEMPLE MOUNT in Jerusalem, and the Al Aqsa Mosque, the Dome of the ROCK, and the Temple Courtyard. These in turn relate to the North American West Coast. See page 39 for more details.

Click here to watch the new Rock Video on YouTube.

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