67 – SHANIA TWAIN Another Great Mother Flood Goddess CAESARS PALACE December 1, 2012 – CAESARS PALACE = KAISERS PALACE (Hitler) – WINGED VICTORY of Samothrace – The ELEUSINIAN MYSTERIES / Aleutian Mystery of Al-Aqsa ALASKA / Illusion Mystery of Hollywood – All On The Dome/Tomb Of The ROCK – Poseidon Creator Of HORSES FROM WAVES – Mesuda Beheaded Mother Of PEGASUS / Winged Victory Horse – Behold a BLACK HORSE Drought Famine and Inflation Rides Into Las Vegas – PEGASUS Thunder-Bolt Carrier of ZEUS – Thunder-Bolt SS Symbol of NAZI GERMANY – SS Thunder-Bolt Means VICTORY – SAMOTHRACE Temple of the Great Gods – Caesars Palace Garden of the Gods – Poseidon God of the Sea / Storms (Sandy) / Horses / Earthquakes – November 28 / 333 Day of the Year – 10/11’s of the Year / 33 Days Remaining To End of 2012 – MGM GRAND Hotel / Las Vegas From Space – MGM GRAND Las Vegas / The Lion From The Tribe of JUDAH-UTAH – MGM Grand / The KA Theatre – Shania Twain Descendant of the Merovingian Royal Dynasty – Shania Twain The PERFECT FACE – Friday the 13th and the number 4,444 – BLACK SWAN EVENT – The REICHSTAG FIRE and the WORLD TRADE CENTER DEMOLITION – Hitler and the Nazis = The Democrat/Republican Party – The Black Swan Rape of LEDA by ZEUS the SWAN – The SWAN SONG Sacrifice of ZEUS – HELEN of TROY / EILLEEN TWAIN The Face That Launched A 1000 Ships – Celine Dion / DIONE The Consort of Zeus – The Trojan War / The Trojan Horse A BLACK SWAN EVENT – Adolf Hitler and The Spartans – The GEORGIA GUIDESTONES and Adolf Hitler – BaJa CALIFORNIA EQ’s December 14, 2012 / More Shania Symbolism – SANDY HOOK School Shooting – TIME-X Sacrifice of MEXICO – Waterbury Clock Company – December 14, 10:09:36 – SATURNALIA / CHRISTMAS and the SACRIFICE OF LITTLE CHILDREN to the Sun/Son of God – Superstorm SANDY / SANDY HOOK School Shooting / SANDY EGO Earthquakes – July 4, 1776 = 9-11 – The HUNGER GAMES and SANDY HOOK – Batman The DARK KNIGHT RISES and SANDY HOOK – Meet the FOCKERS! – The LIBOR Scandal and Aurora and Sandy Hook Mass Murder Links – MASS SCHOOL SHOOTINGS and SKULL and CROSSBONES / SCHOOL SACRIFICES – More To Come = MORTICUM or DEATH – The SALMON Swim In SCHOOLS – BATMAN OBAMA the Dark Knight Rises – The BAPHOMET of the PENTAGON / Sacrifice of the GOAT = KIDS – Pentagon Washington DC Blood Sacrifice Altar to Zeus / Jesus – Hi Yo! SILVER AWAY! The Lone Ranger – OCTOBER 30, 2015 NO ONE DIED AT SANDY HOOK SCHOOL! » Helen-of-Troy-Eilleen-of-O


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