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Google Video – illuminatiMATRIX explanatory video detailing the foundational root of hypnosis, religion, intellectualism and who and what god is.

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YouTube Video highlighting some of the subliminal elements hidden in the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem

Please read the next paragraph before watching the ROCK VIDEO.

On the ROCK VIDEO, the World Trade Center is mistakenly called the ROCKEFELLER PLAZA. The WTC was conceived and promoted by the Rockefellers. The Rockefeller Plaza is to the north of the World Trade Centre, on the MANHATTAN ROCK, or MANNA STONE. The WTC and the Rockefeller Plaza , along with the area of CENTRAL PARK, relate to the TEMPLE MOUNT in Jerusalem, and the Al Aqsa Mosque, the Dome of the ROCK, and the Temple Courtyard. These in turn relate to the North American West Coast. See page 39 for more details.

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This page may be slightly difficult to grasp. As it develops, it will become obvious as to what is being communicated.

The Age Of Pisces – Vesica Pisces – Age of SEX

Today is June 22, 2012. In 35 days the London Olympic Opening Ceremonies will take place as the 8,000th runner in the Torch Relay, carries the torch with 8,000 holes in it, and after travelling 8,000 miles (which is 12,800 kilometres – the number 128 coincides with 8 on the 11th clockface and = 8×11=88), to begin the XXX Olympiad. The Torch is 80 cm. tall, and weighs 80 grams. It will travel a 70 day route (or 69 plus the day of the Opening Ceremonies), with 66 EVENING CELEBRATIONS.

If all these 8 numbers have a ring of Beijing about them, this is precisely by design. The Beijing Olympics occurred and began precisely at 08/08/08 @ 8:08:08 seconds. With the Sichuan EQ event happening exactly 88 days before the Olympics commenced. Resulting in approximately 88,000 dead and missing.

XXX = Triple X SEX = SEX SEX SEX = 666

As demonstrated on the chart below, the numbers 8, 6 and 9, represent ORAL SEX, or ATE SEX, or again, EIGHT SIX = 86, or 68.

London Olympics – July 27 to August 12, 2012

During the London Olympics, August 6th and 9th, will mark the 67th anniversary of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. This date reads as 08/06/45 and 08/09/45. The number 45 = 4+5 = 9 and the number 45 coincides with 9 on the 4th clockface. So the dates subliminally and symbolically read as 8/6/9 and 8/9/9. These are the same numbers as found hidden within the Yin Yang symbol, which symbol is also a subliminal for the FISH GOD ORION, and suggesting the ORAL SEX ACT.

August 9, 2012, occurring on a leap year, is the 222nd day of the year. There’ll be 144 days left to the end of the year.

The word PISCES means plural fish in Latin. These 2 fish are seen in the numbers 6 and 9 as well as the fish symbol in the centre of the Yin Yang symbol, where the Christian Fish symbol is seen swimming towards itself. The 2 round dots in the round portion of the 6 and 9 represent the tops of Solomon’s Temple Pillars, and if viewed from the side, would form the number 11. The Yin Yang symbol is the CAPITAL at the top of each of the pillars, which decorate these pillars of sacrifice. This decoration is the FLOWER OF LIFE, or multiple Vesica Pisces, which is the female reproductive organ, and the symbol of regeneration. Just to reiterate, the term regeneration means sacrifice. Without sacrifice/death first, there can be no regeneration.

Jerry Sandusky Trial and Judgment Day – June 22, 2012

A major subliminal that has just occurred in regards to the Judgment Day and the cataclysm event, relates to the Jerry Sandusky sexual child abuse crimes. Just some of the subliminal suggestions hidden within this event are as follows:

JERRY = YERRY = RREYY = RAY = RA the son god.

Jerry Sandusky is AGE 68 years = coincides with 8 on the 6th clockface.
The world will enter the 68th year since the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki which occurred on the 06/08, and 09/08, 1945.
68 = SIX and EIGHT / or EIGH-T / EYE-Sacrifice = SEX and ATE = ORAL SEX.
68 = 6+8 = 14 the conception number.
Jerry Sandusky was an assistant coach at PENN STATE UNIVERSITY.
PENN = PENT = 5 = Sacrifice.
PENNSYLVANIA is the KEYSTONE State. The LOCKSTONE, that holds everything together.
Pennsylvania is the QUAKER State … as in EARTHQUAKE.

Jerry Sandusky was convicted on 45 charges.
45 coincides with 9 on the 4th clockface.
45 = 4+5 = 9.
Multiplying 9×4 = 36, or 6×6, and again 36 = 3+6 = 9.

Jerry Sandusky was pronounced GUILTY, … GUILTY, … GUILTY … 45 TIMES.
Symbolically, he represents the SON of GOD as mentioned above. It is this Son of God that all of humanity is suggested to represent. For, as the Christian Bible states, we are the BODY and BLOOD of the Christ. By implication then, we are, all of humanity, GUILTY AS CHARGED, and deserve to be judged.

Jerry Sandusky started a charity in the 1970’s called the SECOND MILE. In other words, an organization that goes a bit farther to achieve a successful result. This organization looked for boys who were in need of a father figure to guide them along. Jerry Sandusky used this as a cover to molest.

1 MILE = 5,280 feet.
5,280 divided by 12 = 440 (very symbolic number).
440 divided by 12 = 36.66666666 … or 6×6 … or rounded up to 37, the LION KING.
440 divided by 2 = 220, the number of floors in the 2 WTC Towers, and the day Jerry Sandusky was found quilty – June 22, 2012.
June 22, 2012 = 06/22/2012 = 06/ 2×11 /20-12 or 32, or 8 on the 3rd, which = 11.
June 22, 2012 = 6/11-11/11.
He was arrested in November, 2011.
November is NEUF, or 9, in French, and is the 11th month.

The ROCK of GIBRALTAR – The Pillars of Hercules

The chart immediately below shows the countries of Spain and Portugal. They’re situated within the coordinates of 0 degrees (Greenwich England), 44N the Lion King, 8W the Control Flood, and 36N SEX x SEX. At the very southern edge of Spain, the Rock of Gibraltar is situated on the north side of the Strait of Gibraltar. This is referred to as the north Pillar of Hercules. Immediately to the south, on the other side of the Strait, there are 2 mountains, MONS ABYLA and JEBEL MUSA, both of which represent the south Pillar of Hercules, depending who you ask. There’s disagreement on which mountain is the actual symbolic Pillar. However, upon taking a symbolic look at the mountain / pillars, it becomes apparent that both mountains, which are located close together, form the south Pillar.

The ROCK of GIBRALTAR (a B and G word) – 1,398 feet tall.
1,398 divided by 2 = 699.

MONS ABYLA669 feet tall.

JEBEL MUSA (a J and B word) – 2,790 feet tall.
2,790 divided by 2 = 1,398.
1,398 divided by 2 = 699.

All 3 mountains which form the Pillars of Hercules, have subliminal relationship to the number 69.
Further to this little ditty, the number 1,398 = 1+3+9+8 = 21, or 9 on the 2nd clockface = 9+2 = 11, or 9×2 = 18 which is 6+6+6.
The number 669 also coincides with 21, and 9 on the 2nd, with the same result as above.
The number 2,790 = 2+7+9+0 = 18, or again, 6+6+6.
Imagine that, … 3 mountains, … all having the same symbolic information, related to us in English foot measurements, even before English foot measurements were in use in this part of the world.

In 1713 AD, sovereignty over the Rock of Gibraltar was transferred to the UK.
2012 – 1713 = 299 years.
We are now entering the 300th year concerning the UK and control of the ROCK.

Before moving on from this chart, notice that the GULF of LION is located in the top right hand corner of the chart. The BAY of BISCAY (a B and B word) is located at the top centre of the chart. PORTUGAL is located on the left side of the chart, preisely centred on 8 degrees West, and follows a vertical plane. Note also, that the SIERRA NEVADA mountains are on the lower, centre right area of the chart. As well, not shown on the chart, are the PYRENEES mountains, which form a natural border between Spain and France. The border with France extends past 0 degrees, towards the GULF of LION and the BALEARIC Sea (another B word). Keep in mind the location of the PRYENEES when observing the next chart below the SPAIN / PORTUGAL ROCK chart.


The chart immediately below is a combination of Spain, Portugal and the outline of the 11 Western States shown in a black outline. Only now, Spain and Portugal are reversed and the 11 Western States outline is placed over top, but not reversed. The 11 Western States was originally part of NEW SPAIN. New Spain stretched from the Canadian border, through Central America and the west coast of South America, and over to the Philippines on the west side of the Pacific Ocean.

Some things to note, are the location of the PYRENEES mountains, which are now located on the top left corner of the chart, where the words OLYMPIC PENINSULA are located. The Olympic Peninsula is shown on the black outline just below the Canadian/USA border, and is the same general shape a the Spanish/French border, but extending out into the GULF of LION, which is now located over the PACIFIC OCEAN. The Pacific Ocean enters all the way into the Juan de Fuca Strait, and eventually passes under the LIONS GATE BRIDGE at VANCOUVER, the site of the 2010 OLYMPICS. It’s interesting to note, that the GULF of LION symbolically enters under the LIONS GATE BRIDGE, and the 2010 Winter Olympics started on LINCOLN’s (LION KING’s birthday), and are combined with the word OLYMPIC Peninsula, and OLYMPIC Games, all at a time when the XXX OLYMPIAD is about to take place in London.

The country of Portugal with it’s shared border with Spain, is located precisely over the area where the mountains meets the prairies in the 11 Western States. Portugal is mainly agricultural terrain, much like the prairies of the western states, whereas Spain is more mountainous. Also illustrated on the chart below are the coinciding geographical shapes concerning COLORADO and the area of Spain that juts out to the right in the same general distance as does the Colorado border.

Notice the location of the Sierra Nevadas mountains. Once again, this is bascially the same general location of the Sierra Nevadas mountains in Spain (before the map is reversed). The location of MADRID Spain, is located in the upper right corner of the NEVADA (meaning Navidad / Nativity / Birthplace). Madrid is situated almost directly over Salt Lake City UTAH, and the heart of the MORMON CHURCH. As well, MADRID is located just south of the SNAKE RIVER CANYON in southern Idaho, which leads to YELLOWSTONE (HOLYSTONE-JUDGMENT STONE) Park. On previous charts on this site, it what shown how the nation of Japan was the shape of the SNAKE RIVER CANYON, and how the HEAD of JAPAN, the northern tip of the country, coincided with the location of Yellowstone.

Interestingly, MADRID was bombed on MARCH 11, 2004.
The JAPAN EQ and TSUNAMI occurred on MARCH 11, 2011.
Exactly 7 years later.
And now, on this chart, they’re both shown to be in the very centre of the 11 Western States, and at the heart of the MORMON CHURCH.


What should be noted at this moment, is the MITT ROMNEY, a devout Mormon, is in the running to be president of the USA for the Republican party. This situation has been established to focus the attention of the American population on the 11 Western States, and in particular, the vicinity of Yellowstone. With the date of the Madrid Bombing and the location of Japan coinciding on this chart, it is conceivable that the LONDON BOMBING which occurred on July 7, 2005 (07/07/05), is might also be included on this chart. And it is! However, not quite straight out. More hidden, … more subliminal, … and relating to the number 69. (Hence the pre-amble higher up on this page).

The symbolism surrounding the London Olympics has been presenting itself for months, and never more so than during this month of June. Now, with the 30th birthday of Prince William, which coincides with the Summer Solstice, when the SUN / SON begins to die again (go lower in the sky), and the DARK NIGHT IS COMING, … and PRINCESS DIANA’s birthday on JULY 1, … which coincides with the CANADA’s 145th birthday, but presently (as of June 23, 2012), the 144th birthday, … then JULY 4, … USA birthday, … which coincides with the DELUGE, … or the annual FLOOD of NILE, … then JULY 7, the anniversary of the LONDON BOMBING, … and the eventual start of the LONDON OLYMPICS on JULY 27, 2012, and continues until AUGUST 12, 2012 (08/12/2012 = 8+12=20 and 8+12=20 again, or 20/20, or 8/8). During which time, during the 16 DAY EVENT of SACRIFICE by the athletes, the anniversary date of the BOMBING OF HIROSHIMA occurs on AUGUST 6. Following in short order, the anniversary of the BOMBING of NAGASAKI on AUGUST 9. The 2 bombings incorporating the numbers 6 and 9. Which are the 2 numbers that relate to the Age of Pisces, the 2 Fish, and in turn, relate to the VESICA PISCES, the female reproductive organs, which are symbolizing the FLOOD. The Vesica Pisces has also been shown to be the BULL / BAAL / the fertility god, on the previous page. Now, the Vesica Pisces is situated at the Rock of Gibraltar, and the Strait of Gibraltar, which symbolizes the FLOOD flowing between the sacrifice Pillars of Hercules (HERCULES = HER-CULL = CULL of MARY). Notice on the chart below, that the Strait of Gibraltar is located on the south border of ARIZONA, and water is shown to enter to the location of where PHOENIX would be. In other words, once again, the words of George Strait’s country song …“OCEAN FRONT PROPERTY IN ARIZONA” echoes loud and clear.

As obvious as these subliminals are, it doesn’t necessarily mean that there’ll be a cataclysm for the 11 Western States between these dates. It simply means that there’s more suggestion relating to the 11 Western States and the ‘judgment’ event, during the time of the Olympics, which will in turn, lend itself to the massive symbolism already extended. This may be the breaking point, and it may not. For certain, everything is building to an orgasmic event.

The coordinates of Hiroshima and Nagasaki relate to Los Angeles and San Diego:

Hiroshima = 34N / Los Angeles = 34N
Nagasaki = 33N / San Diego = 33N

Adding these coordinates = 34 + 34 = 68.
33 + 33 = 66.

Further more, the water is also demonstrated on the chart below, to enter into California right at the city of EUREKA, and CRESCENT CITY. Exactly where all the other charts on this site have demonstrated the FLOOD will enter.

The POTSDAM Conference = MAD-STOP Conference

Before the Atomic Bombs were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, a conference was held at Potsdam Germany between July 17 and August 2, 1945.
On July 26, 1945, Japan was given the ultimatum to unconditionally surrender, or face “PROMPT AND UTTER DESTRUCTION”.
July 16, 1945, witnessed the successful test of the atom bomb.
July 17, 1945, the Potsdam Conference convened.
Apparently the USA couldn’t wait to see the bomb in action.
July 26, 1945, the ultimatum was delivered to Japan.

The name POTSDAM = MAD-STOP in reverse.

The suggestion being a MAD STOP of the Age of Pisces, and the inauguration of the Age of Aquarius, … the AGE of WATER!

Bombing Japan was suggesting to bomb the Serpent, and to crush its head (Emporer Hirohito), which is symbolically YELLOWSTONE.


Another location of interest in regards to the chart above (Spanish Banks BAILOUT), is that at Vancouver, the site of the 2010 Olympics, there are 3 fabulous beaches used by the locals during the warmer months of the year for different beach sports, swimming and sun bathing. The name of these beaches are the SPANISH BANKS, and they’re located on ENGLISH BAY.

All of the symbolism and subliminal messaging just mentioned above, is relating to the financial mess in the Eurozone, the USA and throughout the world. Keep in mind that the FINANCES = FIANCEE, and the bride is preparing herself for a night of passion. As go the financial situation of the world, so goes the establishment of the cataclysmic event … in one way or another.

‘Little Boy Bomb’ on Hiroshima – ‘Fat Man Bomb’ On Nagasaki


Little Boy Blue,
Come blow your horn
The sheep’s in the meadow,
The cow’s in the corn;
Where is that boy
Who looks after the sheep?
Under the haystack
Fast asleep.
Will you wake him?
Oh no, not I,
For if I do
He will surely cry.



There was a FAT MAN OF BOMBAY,
Who was smoking one sunshiny day,
When a bird called a Snipe
Flew away with his pipe,
Which vexed the fat man of Bombay

In both instances recorded in this poem and limerick, … there was suggested to be CRYING and VEXATION.


Chinese Moon Goddess CHANG-E – Flood Goddess

Barack Obama’s 2008 campaign slogan went something to the effect of:

CHANGE – We Can Believe In.

CHANGE is CHANG-E, the beautiful Chinese Moon Goddess, who, along with her husband HOUYI, symbolized the SUN and the MOON. In other words, this is yet another example of Sol-o-mon’s Temple Sacrifice Pillars.

This CHANGE = the CHAINS of CHANG-E, the CHAINS of slavery to the illusory Trance State we refer to as the 3D reality, and call our life experience.

(As shown in the chart above, the sun and moon are also found in the yin yang symbol of Taoism).

Chang-e, the moon goddess, is said to have a RABBIT for her companion as she lives on the moon. Yet another link to the PLAYBOY BUNNY symbol which connects SEX / SIX and the MOON / FLOOD / EIGHT. All of this, of course, has been suggested to be included within the luciferian agenda. Not that it’s good or bad, for there’s no such thing as good or bad, right or wrong, … it’s just the way it is.

The INTERNET = The WORLD WIDE WEB = SLAVERY = the CHAINS / CHANGE / CHANG-E, the FLOOD GODDESS, binding humanity to the illusory 3D Trance State for the simple purpose of casting a veil over Reality and Wisdom.

The INTERNET is built on LINKS = LINK-ON = LINCOLN = the LION KING = the SPHINX. This is yet another aspect of the FLOOD meant to perpetuate the Trance State.

All of the INTERNET PIRACY Bills, and PRIVACY Bills, being brought forward at this time by different governments throughout the world, is the LION KING at work, manipulating the masses to enter into the secret sacrifice chambers of lunacy. Not only does humanity enter willingly into this realm of madness, … they scream, they protest, they resist, they rebel, they resent, they retaliate, they reject any suggestion relating to their loss of freedom of speech and expression of thought… (kind of a sorry sight) … when after all, … it’s just an illusion.

Without the internet, the Arab Spring couldn’t have come to pass. All of the bullshit stories in regards to world events, especially since the WTC attack couldn’t have spread throughout the world, ever deepening the Trance State as people listen to whack-jobs and their ever-so-convincing orations that the world has entered into a mass awakening, … a bond with true consciousness, … when all the time, these charlatans are assisting in bringing to pass, the luciferian agenda of lunatic styled stupidity.

The elite of the world are so obviously indoctrinated in the insane notions of the egregore Thought Process, but it’s the TRUTHERS, the CONSPIRACY PEDDLERS, the REPTILIAN AGENDA nut cases, who unwittingly, and unknowingly, are a major driving force in fulfilling the agenda of hypnotic control. Bringing to pass unequalled confusion and hysteria never before seen in the illusory existence of this planet. … and none of this could be done or accomplished without the internet, … the computer, … that system established to allow the presentation of the Ego, … to perpetuate the insane Mind of the Thought Process, … to hide, to veil, to deceive, … with the single notion of the destruction of Truth, Reality and Wisdom.

… and so we worship the inventors of windows and gates (even as the 2 faced god Janus) … and we link into the madness of the 2 faced god of LINK-IN (1’s and 0’s, a penis and vagina), … LINK-ON, the god of Lincoln, … the deity of the Sun and the Moon. This is CHANGE, … definitely CHANG-e … the Flood Goddess we’ve been implanted to BELIEVE IN.

A Rose By Any Other Name … Would Smell As Sweet …

In Shakespeare’s play “Romeo and Juliet”, the name of something is not what should matter, only what things really are.

For instance the word ROSE, would still smell as sweet, even if it were called by any other name.

Below is the excerpt from the play:

O Romeo, Romeo! wherefore art thou Romeo?
Deny thy father and refuse thy name;
Or, if thou wilt not, be but sworn my love,
And I’ll no longer be a Capulet.

[Aside] Shall I hear more, or shall I speak at this?

‘Tis but thy name that is my enemy;
Thou art thyself, though not a Montague.
What’s Montague? it is nor hand, nor foot,
Nor arm, nor face, nor any other part
Belonging to a man. O, be some other name!
What’s in a name? that which we call A ROSE
By any other name would smell as sweet
So Romeo would, were he not Romeo call’d,
Retain that dear perfection which he owes
Without that title. Romeo, doff thy name,
And for that name which is no part of thee
Take all myself.

I take thee at thy word:
Call me but love, and I’ll be new baptized;
Henceforth I never will be Romeo.

So, … a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.

Some suggestions and subliminals connected to the word ROSE:

ROSE = E-ROS = EROS = Sexual Love
ROSE = EROS = god of love – son of Aphrodite – Aphrodisiac –
AFRO – African
ROSE = ROZE = ZERO = Ground Zero = The point on the surface of the ground or water at which or immediately below or above which an ATOMIC BOMB EXPLODES (Webster’s Encyclopedic Dictionary) = WORLD TRADE CENTER ATTACK = Nuclear devices installed below the WTC buildings for demolition purposes in 1966 so as to be able to obtain a building permit from New York City in the eventuality that demolition became necessary. Only the energy from an atomic explosion is capable of turning solid steel beams and cement to fine powder dust allowing for the free fall speed of the Twin Towers. Towers 1 and 2 were nothing but dust AS THEY BEGAN TO FALL! Not after they had fallen!


JESUS ROZE from the dead = RAISE or RAZE???
70 AD = Romans RAZED JERUSALEM = Total Destruction
JESUS = Je-ZEUS = Ye-ZEUS = Hey-ZEUS (Spanish pronunciation) = ZEUS = SUEZ in reverse = SUEZ Canal = Channel between AFRICA and Middle East for ships to navigate = CHANNEL and SHIPS = CLEOPATRA’S NEEDLE = PENIS in VAGINA = AFRO-DITE = AFRO-AMERICA = AFRO-A-MARY-KA = APHRO-A-MARY-SEA/SEE (Sacrifice Sea/SON Je-Zeus) = APHRO = OPRAH Winfrey Black Madonna – Oprah Winfrey Network (Los Angeles O.W.N./NWO New World Order) = APHRODITE Goddess of Sexual Love = EROS God of Sexual Love = the ROSE = The RIZE = the RAZE = JERUSALEM = The PACIFIC OCEAN = 911 World Trade Center Attack = Ground Zero = The 11 Western States = California = the Luciferian Agenda

So … the Rose, by any other name would smell as sweet. Maybe not so sweet.

The Rose leads us symbolically to the state of California and the luciferian agenda, which agenda is completely dominated by sex and fucking. California being the main production centre of sexually driven movies, both mainstream and pornographic, in the world. All of which is fine and dandy, but a major subliminal and hypnotic suggestion of what is intended to come to pass within this Trance State which we refer to as our 3D life experience. Which of course is what the whole 3D illusory plane is all about. Without death and regeneration and sexual activity there could be no 3D illusory plane, and thereby, no veil of deceit conjured up through the Thought Process, creating this 3D illusory experience and the notion of eternal life.

… and so, the word LUCIFER would smell as sweet by any other name … but again, … maybe not so sweet!


By simply reversing the first 3 letters of LUCIFERIAN, the syllable CUL = CULL meaning TO KILL.
This is the sacrifice of the SUN / SON, the Light Bearer / Bringing, LUCIFER.
However, vowels can be substituted or eliminated completely, and the suggestion is still retained and the word completely recognizable.

LUC can be changed to CUL then to CAL, with the “I” simply referring to the EYE, the ALL SEEING EYE, the supposed Creator God, which is the Thought Process, which in turn is the Creator God of Egypt THOTH.


The syllable FE is the chemical abbreviation for IRON, which is the basis for the words relating to IRON, such as FER-ROUS, or FER-ROSE, yet again PHAR-OAHS (the FAR ROSE), or FER-RIS Wheel the FER RISE, as in THE EYE of London, as in the Father Rose, etc.

The FERRIS WHEEL is usually placed next to the WATER’s EDGE, as the London Eye is directly on the THAMES, suggesting the EYE of the Father RISING, suggesting the WATER RISING. The word WATER = VATER = FATER, or FATHER.
THE WATER, VATER, FATER, FATHER RISING then translates into the MOTHER, MATTER, MATER, the ONE WHO MATES with the Father as he RISES in ERECTION (as the Ferris Wheel rises and falls), the Mother then reproduces MATTER and becomes a MATER / MOTHER.

IRON = RION = ORION = which is the River of Life / RIO of Life, linking (or Lincoln 1 mating ritual to another, repeatedly) , manifesting as the regeneration process courtesy of sex / birth / death sacrifice.

This incessant mating ritual of links, is the Sphinx, the Lion-King, the Lincoln, which will result in the RAZING and RIZING of the PHOENIX Bird = PHINIXS = SPHINX Bird from the ashes. PHOENIX BIRD = PHOENIX BURIED = SPHINX BURIED in the sands of Egypt for centuries.

ORION / IRON is the father god, the FER / FATHER of the SUN / SON, which is the seed of the father.
The SUN / SON is the Light of the World, sent from the FER / FATHER.

Again, FERIAN = Father ERIAN = Father ORION.
By rearranging the FERIAN letters, we get FERNIA.
Linking all of these syllables together = CAL-I-FER-NIA which is obviously suggesting CALIFORNIA.

Therefore, the LUCIFERIAN agenda is the CALIFORNIA AGENDA!

What this means then, is that, ever since the initiation of the THOUGHT PROCESS, and the Light Bringer, LUCIFER, the illusory creator god who miraculously conjured up the whole 3D plane through hypnotic suggestion, or the act of THINKING, this is actually referring to CALIFORNIA, the Light Bringer, or the Light Bearer. And the LUCIFERIAN AGENDA actually being more accurately described as the CALIFORNIA AGENDA!

Besides sex, hollywood, and silicone valley, etc., California is known for its sunshine, oranges, gold, and a whole host of other riches. Making it one of the 10 largest economies in the world. Now, as the symbolism attached to the razing of Jerusalem, and the sacrifice of Solomon’s Temple with its 2 Pillars of Boaz and Jachin (Towers 1 and 2 – Oregon and Arizona), all of this will be brought to nothing, completely RAZED, so that the illusory saviour, the SEA-SON, might be RAISED from the DEAD to restore the World in a New Order.

Quite a lot of mumbo-jumbo bullshit, this Californication Agenda. Of course, BULLSHIT = LLUB-SHIT = LUBE-SHIT = Vagina and Anus = the Vescica Pisces of sex ritual seduction. Or another way of phrasing that, would be SOL-O-MON, the Sun and Moon.

(Pity the poor reader who just jumps in at this spot without reading the first 63 pages, the 2 videos, and the charts …).

So what does the word CALIFORNIA add up to(as pertaining to the vowel placement = a value eg. A=1, B=2, C=3, etc.) if the vowels are eliminated:

CLFRN = 3+12+6+18+14 = 53
53 coincides with 5 on the 5th clockface. The number of sacrifice.
Adding 5 and 3 = 8, the number of control and the flood.

Adding CALIFORNIA with the vowels included:

CALIFORNIA = 3+1+12+9+6+15+18+14+9+1 = 88 the number associated with the Flood, and curiously enough the London Olympics.

The opening day of the London Olympics is July 27, 2012 = 07/27/2012 = 07+27+20+12 = 66 the number associated with SEX, SEX, SEX, (the XXX Triple X – 30th Olympiad) and SICKS, SICKS, SICKS.

The closing day of the London Olympics if August 12, 2012.

August 12, 2012 = 08/12/20-12 = 08+12+20+12.
8+12+20+12 = 52 = 4 on the 5th clockface.
Adding 4+5 = 9 the number of the FALL.
Multiplying 4×5 = 20 which coincides with 8 on the 2nd clockface.
Multiplying 8×2 = 16, the number of the Lion King, Lincoln, and Obama.
Therefore the date of 08/12/20-12 using the substitution rule for 20 being an 8, the date for the close of the London Olympics = 08/12/08-12 which in turn = 8+12 and 8+12 = 20 + 20 = 8 + 8 and suggests 88.

Curious it is, that California = 88, and the closing date of the London Olympics also = 88.

The birth of the USA is 1776 divided by 2 = 888.

The USA became a country on July 4, 1776.
Again, July 4 is the date assigned to the Flood of the Nile.
However, July 4 is 23 days before the Olympics begin.
The number 23 coincides with 11 on the 2nd clockface, the number of DEATH.
Multiplying 11×2 = 22, the number of floors in the MARRIOTT HOTEL of the destroyed WTC site.
The Twin Towers fell and crushed the Marriott Hotel, the MARRIAGE HOTEL.

These dates relate to all the disease and sickness generated into the 3D illusory plane over the last few decades, and especially since the Fukushima disaster and the Japanese 9 EQ of March 11, 2011. Even as these words are being written, on July 1, 2012, a massive protest of hundreds of thousands of people in Japan are demonstrating to keep the Japanese government from reopening the Nuclear Power Plants.

As well, 66.6% of a 360 degree CIRCLE coincides with the number 8 on the clockface.

The word LUCIFER adds up to:

LUCIFER = 12+21+3+9+6+5+18 = 74
The number 74 adds up to 7+4 = 11
The number 74 coincides with 2 on the 7th clockface = 2+7 = 9.
LUCIFER adds up to 9 and 11, or 911.
Adding 9+11 = 20, which coincides with 8 on the 2nd clockface, suggesting the FLOOD.

Again, LUCIFER broken down, and added together, 1 letter at a time:


L = 12 on the 1st clockface. Fullness of Time.
+ U or 21 coincides with 9 on the 2nd clockface = 9+2 = 11
L + U = 33 = 9 on the 3rd clockface = 12
+ C or 3 = 3+33 = 36 and 6×6, or 6 and 6 or 3+6 = 9, or 12 on the 3rd clockface,
L + U + C + I or
12 + 21 + 3 + 9 = 45 coincides with 9 on the 4th clockface.
9 x 4 = 36 again. Adding 4+5 = 9. Adding 9+4 = 13 coincides with 1 on the 2nd clockface. Adding 1+2 = 3, a direct harmony to 9.
L + U + C + I + F or 12 + 21 + 3 + 9 + 6 = 51 coincides with 3 on the 5th.
Adding 5+1 =6. Adding 3+5 = 8. Multiplying 3×5 = 15, the reverse of 51. Adding 15+51 = 66.
LUCIF+E = 51+5 = 56 = 5+6 = 11.
Multiplying 5×6 = 30 coincides with 6 on the 3rd. Adding 6+3 = 9.
LUCIFE+R = 56+18 = 74 and in addition to the symbolism mentioned above, 7×4 = 28, the MOON, Month, Birth, Water, Period, Marriage number.

Adding up the totals of all the letters of L+U+C+I+F+E+R as they occur = 12+33+36+45+51+56+74 = 307, or 30+7 = 37, the Spine Line of the Lion King.
Or 3+0+7 = 10 suggesting in-TEN-sity.
The number 37 also coincides with 1 on the 4th clockface.
The number 307 coincides with 7 on the 26th clockface.
Adding 7 + 26 = 33, which coincides with 9 on the 3rd once again.
Keeping in mind that the number 37 relates to San Francisco as well, and the Golden Gate which is the location of the Golden Gate Bridge, the number 307 coincides with 25 complete 12 hour clockfaces and the number 300, plus 7.
Multiplying 25 x 12 = 300, symbolizing the 2 Pillars of Solomon’s Temple BOAZ and JACHIN, and the hidden Pillar of the Gate to the Temple itself, or the 3rd pillar of Freemasonry, which is located between the 2 sacrifice pillars and set towards the back, suggesting entering the Gate to offer the sacrifice in the Temple.
Adding 25+12 = 37 once again. The Line of the Lion King’s Spine.
Multiplying 1 x 4 = 4, the number of the LION KING, LINCOLN and OBAMA.

Multiplying 8×2= 16, the number of the Lion King, Lincoln, or 4×4, the 16th president, and Obama, the 44th president.
The number 74 divided by 2 (duality) = 37, the number of the LINE, the SPINE of the LINE/LION King around the world.
The LINE which goes through OLYMPIA Greece, the original home of the OLYMPICS.
Through ATHENS Greece, the home of DEMOCRACY, which is another term for manipulated forced fascism and tyranny with the people’s consent.
And all of this nonsense throughout the world is occurring during the presidency of the 44th president, Barack Obama.

A few curious events for July 1, 2012:

July 1, 2012 – Princess Diana’s birthday.
July 1, 2012 – Canada’s 145th birthday.
July 1, 2012 – The Big Dipper hung straight down in the night sky and as the night advanced, it dipped lower as if to scoop up water.
July 1, 2012 – Jupiter and Venus (types of the Creator god and Moon goddess) equivalent to Zeus and Hera, or in today’s symbolic form, Diana and William, … line up and at their closest point from one another.
July 1, 2012 – Earthquake swarm at BaJa California @ 32 degrees N/ 115 degrees W.
July 1, 2012 – Volcanic eruption in Columbia.
July 3, 2012 – Full Moon on the eve of July 4, USA 236th birthday and Flood of the Nile.


Study the chart below very carefully. It reveals an incredible amount of the ‘unknown’ of Great Britain, and the luciferian / California agenda, linking the 2012 Olympics and current world events. (More text to follow if time allows).

Chariots Of Fire“The Spirit of the London Olympics 2012”

The 1981 movie “Chariots of Fire” has become widely called upon to conjure up a mood for the 2012 Olympics. The movie is a story of a Christian runner and a Jewish runner, in the 1924 Olympics in Paris France. A beach scene in the movie was filmed at St. Andrews in Scotland, which has already been duplicated with the 2012 rendition of the Olympic Torch Relay occurring presently in the UK, with a group of school children running on WEST SANDS BEACH, even as was portrayed in the movie.

The name WEST SANDS BEACH is obviously suggesting the West Coast beaches of North America, with some of the most famous beaches being located in California.

The 1924 Olympics occurred exactly 88 years ago, in respect to the 2012 Olympics. The number 88, of course, referring to CONTROL and the FLOOD.

The 1924 Olympics included 44 NATIONS, the number relating to the Lion King, Lincoln, the Sphinx, and Obama.

The OPENING CEREMONY in 1924, occurred on May 4.

The CLOSING CEREMONY in 1924, occurred on July 27.

This was an unusually long span for the Olympics, which nowadays, only last 16 days. However, if these dates are correct, then the games lasted for a period spanning 84 days.

The number 84 coincides with 12 on the 7th clockface.
The number 12 = FULLNESS of TIME
Together suggesting some notion of accomplishing a desired result.

Interestingly, the 1924 Olympics ended on July 27, 1924, even as the 2012 Olympics, 88 years later, begin on July 27.

The 1924 Olympics were the 8th, or the VIII, modern day Olympiad.
The number 8 suggests Control again.
The Roman numeral VIII suggests V = 5 x III = 555.
Again, Va in Hebrew has a value of 6, multiplied by 111 = 666 and suggests WATER, as VA is associated with the word WATER, or VATER.

The coordinates for the City of London, and in particular, the Grand Hall of Freemasonry, are exactly:

51.5151 degrees N / .1210 degrees W

51.5151 = 5+1. 5+1 5+1 = 6+6+6, or suggesting 666, or the number 18.

.1210 = 121 = 11×11, the number of DEATH x DEATH.

London itself, or more specifically GREENWICH, is exactly 0 degrees.
0 degrees could be written as ZERO DEGREES.

ZERO DEGREES suggests GROUND ZERO, as in the World Trade Center Attack which was referred to as GROUND ZERO.

The original meaning of Ground Zero, referred to the place, above the ground or below, where a NUCLEAR DEVICE has been detonated.

As mentioned previously on this page, NUCLEAR DEVICES had to be used to turn the Twin Towers and Building 7 in dust, so as to allow for the freefall speed and exceptionally accurate placement of the buildings in their own footprint.

The GROUND BREAKING ceremony which initiated the building of the Twin Towers in New York, took place on August 5, 1966. This was 46 years ago leading to 2012.

From the GROUND BREAKING until the World Trade Center opened, there wer exactly 6.66 YEARS, or exactly 80 monhs, to the day! Keep in mind that the number 66.6 % of a circle coincides with 8 on the first clockface

August 5, 2012, is the 9th DAY of the OLYMPICS.
The number 9 suggests the FALL, the very thing that occurred with the WTC Towers.

As mentioned previously on this page, August 6 and August 9, then follow August 5, and are the anniversary dates of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki nuclear bomb events. Suggesting again, a GROUND BREAKING.

Another curious notion, in regards to the 0 degree of GREENWICH is that, exactly 180 degrees in going either east or west, locates us at the International Date Line. The number 180 also suggests 6+6+6, even as the coordinate of the Grand Hall of Freemasonry in London did with its 51.5151 N coordinate.

The International Date Line then proceeds to go due north until it is manipulated to go through the BERING STRAIT which separates Alaska and Russia. This occurs @ 66 degrees N, and 166 degrees W. And, as shown previously on this site, Alaska is the Crown of British Royalty, albeit, lying on its side, with the peak of the crown being the Bering Strait.

ROSSLYN CHAPEL Scotland – St. Andrews – “The Home of Gold”

The symbolism of Rosslyn Chapel in Scotland, has become iconic over the centuries, and never more so, that at the present time.

Rosslyn Chapel stands on 14 Pillars.
The number 14 suggests the CONCEPTION.
Construction began on September 20, 1456, or 555 YEARS ago to September 20, 2011. The 2012 London Olympics will occur during the 11th month of the 555th year since construction began. The year 2012 is also the 11th year since the WTC Attack.

The name ROSSLYN suggests the ROSE / LYN or LION.
This implants the notion of the Lion Rose, or the Lion Rising.
The Lion Rose, is the Sun and Water, which in turn is the Mother and Son combination, and suggests Solomon’s Temple, the Sun and Moon.

Rosslyn Chapel is located very near to St. Andrews, and West Sands Beach, where the “Chariots of Fire’ movie was filmed. Looking at the chart immediately above, when the ‘SEAHORSE’ of the UK is reversed and rotated 180 degrees, Rosslyn Chapel, St. Andrews and West Sands Beach, are all located very close to the 4 Corner Cross States of the 11 Western States. It’s this location that’s the ‘spirit of the 20212 Olympics, and is suggesting SACRIFICE and WATER.

The phrase ‘Bring Me My Chariot of Fire’ is from the Old Testament, and is included in the British hymn JERUSALEM. However, as explained previously, JERUSALEM = The PACIFIC OCEAN, which ocean is 9,000 miles high and 11,000 miles wide, … or 9/11.

St. Andrews is also regarded as “The Home Of Golf”.

The game of Golf has 18 HOLES.
The number 18 suggesting 6+6+6 as well as 9×2, which adds up to 11, as in 9+2.
The game of Golf is played on a course of LINKS, suggesting the LION KING, Lincoln, and Obama.
In the game of Golf, 1 under par, on any hole, is referred to as a BIRDIE. As in the birds that Romulus and Remus watched for from their respective hills in ancient Rome, and which birds supposedly crashed into the WTC on 911.


In the game of GOLF, the objective is to attempt to get the ball in the HOLE in as few strokes as possible. There are also WATER TRAPS surrounding many fairways and greens that must be avoided. All of this suggesting the HOLE, or WELL of SOULS on the Foundation Stone, and the Pacific Ocean which is suggested repeatedly, to be entering through the Golden Gate to inundate California and adjoining states.

KKK – Krymsk Krasnodar Krai Russia – Flood Goddess CREAM Rises To The Top

On JULY 7, 2012 – 07/07/12 – the 7th anniversary of the London Bombing, a flash flood struck Krymsk Russia. It was described as a ‘tsunami’ wall of water 7 metres high. This was obviously a sacrifice marking the London Bombing anniversary and the Olympic games. This event occurred exactly 20 days before the games begin. The number 20 coincides with 8 on the 2nd clockface, the number of the Flood and Control.

The coordinates of Krymsk are 44.9 degrees N / 37.9 E. Both of these coordinates relate to the LION KING – SPHINX – LINCOLN – OBAMA.


Of course, as with everything else luciferian / Californian, consider the cream to be sexual orgasm in conjunction with mother’s breast milk.

Relating to the cream of the milky way, the milk of the Mother Moon goddess who is suggested, time and again, to present the world with a cataclysmic flood.

As of this writing on July 9, 2012, there are known to be 180 who have perished so far in this sacrifice.

The Magic of August 5th – Originally The 6th (SEX month) Of the Year

AUGUST 5th – The 9th day of the London Olympics, coincides with the GROUND BREAKING of the building of the World Trade Center in NY City in 1966.

August 5th also coincides once again with the 33 Chilean miners who were ‘miraculously’ pulled from a collapsed mine shaft in 2010. They were pulled out in a capsule called the PHOENIX (think SPHINX). The miners were trapped for 69 days. The number 69 relates to the VESICA PISCES, and the female reproductive organs. The miners returned to the surface through a symbolic re-birth canal.

August 5th also coincides with the laying of the CORNERSTONE of the Statue of Liberty. The Statue sits on an 11 Pointed Star. This event took place in 1884, exactly 128 years ago to 2012. The number 128 coincides with 8 on the 11th clockface.

8 x 11 = 88, the number of the Flood.

August 5th, 1914, during the 1st World War, the German minelayer Konigin Luise layed a minefield 40 miles long IN THE THAMES RIVER. She was ultimately intercepted and sunk by the British light-cruiser HMS Amphion. Interestingly, during the London Olympics, the Thames has become a haven for the British Navy and the military throughout London.

August 5th, 1944, during the 2nd World War, the Nazi’s began a 3 day massacre of between 40,000 to 100,000 civilians and prisoners in Wola, Poland.

August 5th also coincides with the 55th anniversary of Dick Clark’s AMERICAN BANDSTAND. A worldwide phenomenon promoting ROCK and ROLL.

August 5th, 2003, 9 years ago, a car bomb exploded outside the MARRIOTT HOTEL in Jakarta, Indonesia killing 12 and injuring 150.

The COLLAPSE of the TWIN TOWERS On 911 and Building 7

Solomon’s Temple had the Pillars of Boaz and Jachin at its entry Porch. All around the Holy Place and the Holy of Holies, were the priests quarters and the TREASURE CELLS for storing the massive amounts of Gold. It’s this symbolism that relates perfectly to the WTC Twin Towers (who represent Boaz and Jachin), and the Wall Street Financial District (Building 7 – Salomon Brothers Building).

When the Twin Towers and Building 7 were blown up with nuclear devices, the suggestion was that there would be a FINANCIAL COLLAPSE. The Twin Towers and Building 7 being the symbolic houses of finance. This would ultimately lead to what we’ve experienced with the 2008 financial crash, which was symbolically, one of the Towers being hit. Now, with the world financial system in tatters, shown to be in total and utter shambles courtesy of the Bob Diamond / Barclays Bank chaos, the 2nd Tower has now been struck and is ready to COLLAPSE. Of course, this current strike against the financial systems of the world has been reported to be much larger, and more devastating than that of 2008, (but as of this writing on July 9, 2012), it hasn’t yet been digested by the world at large. Things are still to comfortable, and all of the delightful things the world has come to enjoy are still there for most, to continue to enjoy … soon, very soon, this will all change, and just as AUSTERITY is hitting the Eurozone, the whole world will come under the sting of the Financial Collapse suggested with the Collapse of the WTC Twin Towers and Building 7.

A curious side note to this financial nonsense, is that Bob Diamond came to the fore to be used as a symbol of the financial situation within Barclays Bank and the banking system world wide. In the USA, Jamie Dimon, the head of JP Morgan, is also in a similar turmoil, having misplaced about $9 billion bucks.

Just looking at the symbolism of what’s going on here, it’s very easy to see that the names:

BOB DIAMOND and JAMIE DIMON are very similar.
Both last names DIAMOND and DIMON are suggesting DIAMONDS.
DIAMONDS are formed from VOLCANOS.
BOB DIAMOND = B Pillar of Solomon’s Temple.
JAMIE DIMON = J or G Pillar of Solomon’s Temple.
Bob Diamond is 60 years old.
Jamie Dimon is 56 years old.
Adding 56 + 60 = 116.
The number 116 coincides with 8 on the 10th clockface.
Adding 116 = 1+1+6 = 8.
Bob Diamond works for the London Bank Barclays who will be hosting the London Olympics starting on July 27.
Bob Diamond’s birthday is July 27.
… curious what his birthday present might be?

Speaking of birthdays. August 4 just happens to be Barack Obama’s birthday. He’ll be 50 years old. Things just get curiouser and curiouser.


This financial collapse will ultimately present itself as cataclysmic judgment throughout the world, but in particular the 11 Western States. The chart immediately above, is meant to demonstrate this, in the very same manner as all the other charts on this site with the 11 Western States overlaid on them have shown. Just as KRYMSK Russia experienced a surprising TSUMANI TYPE FLOOD in the MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT, without any warning whatsoever, so too, will the cataclysmic flood of judgment be a shock to those not yet free of the Trance State. Their reality will be one of utter chaos and confusion. Strangely enough, even for the elite who have been working tirelessly on behalf of the luciferian / Californian agenda, but who have not an inkling of the role the ‘really play’ in the whole lunatic scenario.

The chart above shows once again, water covering California and infringing upon Arizona. Water also enters from the area of Washington State, hence the name WASH-ING-TON. Of course, Oregon is just below Washington, and the coordinates of KRYMSK at 44.9 degrees N lines up with the centre of Oregon, and 37.9 degrees E lines up with San Francisco and the Golden Gate where the ‘Messiah’ is suggested to enter and cleanse the Temple.


In 2003, George W. Bush landed on the USS ABRAHAM LINCOLN in a fighter jet. Curious that the aircraft carrier was called the Abraham Lincoln, which directly relates to the suggestion of the Lion King, Sphinx, and Obama.

The Abraham Lincoln was boasting a banner stating “MISSION ACCOMPLISHED”. The mission it (the banner) was referring to (not what George was referring to), was of course, the WTC attack and not the successful outcome of the Iraq war, for the was just beginning to take its toll of civilian lives, and a few more military lives. There was a lot more sacrifice and killing yet to be done.

The Abraham Lincoln had just left Pearl Harbour (suggesting the surprise attack by Japan).

The Abraham Lincoln was only 30 miles off the coast of San Diego California, when George and a ‘real pilot’ landed on the ship. Suggesting once again, the “Mission” would be “Accomplished” concerning California and the BIG ONE EQ and FLOOD. Remember now, George was standing on the deck of the LION KING, the SPHINX, and OBAMA was waiting in the ‘wings’.

The Abraham Lincoln then journeyed to its home port of Everett Washington, home of Mount Olympus (think Olympics and ZEUS/SUEZ Canal) and the WASHING STONE.

It was this very same message that the paramedic rescuers of the Chilean miners delivered to the world as approximately 1 billion TV viewers looked on. The miners were trapped in a 121 year mine.

121 = 11×11

The paramedics hoisted the 33 miners to the surface, but remained at the bottom of the mine to display a sign that read “MISSION ACCOMPLISHED CHILE” (in Spanish of course). This again, was referring to the Mission of the coming judgment scenario.

So, August 5 seems to hold a lot of interest for the luciferian / California agenda. It just so happens that August 5 is 37 days before September 11. The number 37 being the Lion King Spine number. So here’s what shows up symbolically with the date of August 5.

On a leap year, such as 2012, August 5 is:

The 218th day of the year.
218 divided by 2 = 109.
109 coincides with the 4 Corner Cross states @ 109 degrees W.

There are 148 days left in the year from August 5.
148 divided by 2 = 74 = 7+4 = 11 the number of death.
74 divided by 2 = 37.
37 is the number of the Lion King Spine and intersects 109 degrees W @ 37 degrees N to form the 4 Corner Cross of the 11 Western States.

Here’s a video that’s currently making the rounds. An incredibly well done work of animation loaded with symbolism of what’s to eventually unfold in this 3D lunatic pit. The makers of this video, like everyone else experiencing the Mindset of the luciferian / California agenda, have no idea of the suggestion they’re delivering to perpetuate the agenda.

I, Pet Goat II by Heliofant

July 13, 2012 FRIDAY the 13th

DOW JONES CLOSES @ 12,777.09

Here’s a bit of suggestion behind the number 12,777.09:

The number 12,777 is reminiscent of the crash of September 29, 2008 when the Dow Jones lost 777.7 points in 1 day after the government rejected a $700 billion bailout.
Here again we see the usage of the number 777, but this time after a rise on the day of 203.82, or 204 points.
The number 204 coincides with 12 on the 17th clockface.
12 + 17 = 29, which in turn coincides with 5 on the 3rd clockface.
Adding 5+3 = 8, flood and control.
Adding 2+9 = 11, death.
Again, adding 12 and 17 as 1+2+1+7 = 11, death.
The number 12 = Fullness of Time.
The number 777 = Perfection and Completion.
Even the decimal = .09 the Fall
Adding 12+7+7+7 = 33
or 1+2+7+7+7 = 24 = One Full Day / or relating to the number suggesting the Deity.
and so on …
The number 12,777 is suggesting that the everything is PERFECT and COMPLETE and TIME has accomplished what it set out to do.

Today, July 13, 2012, is exactly 14 days before the London Olympics begin on July 27, 2012.

In its own strange subliminal way, this date directly relates to the Munich Olympics in Germany, and what has become known as the MUNICH MASSACRE.

The Munich massacre in 1972 started on August 26 and went until September 10 (just 1 day before 9/11/1972).
This was 40 YEARS AGO this year, 2012.
GROUND BREAKING for the Olympic stadium took place in 1968 – 44 YEARS AGO. The elite of the world are really big in BREAKING GROUND… suggesting, of course, ground breaking.
TON September 5, BLACK SEPTEMBER Arab terrorists captured 11 hostages in the Olympic Village in Munich.
Of the 11 hostages, 2 hostages were killed in the Olympic Village – 9 at the NATO air base.
Another 911!
The stadium was built in a pit made by WWII bombs.
There were 8 terrorists! A Control and Flood subliminal.

So now, the 2012 Olympics start on July 27 – 14 days from now.
The number 14 suggesting conception.
The 2012 games last for 16 days until August 12.
From August 12 until August 26 (which is the start of Munich Olympics) there are 14 more days.
Adding 14 + 16 + 14 = 44.

The Munich Olympic motto was “The Happy Games”.
They were also referred to as “The Serene Olympics”.
The 8 terrorists took control using AK-47 machine guns.
AK-47 = 1+11+4+7 = 1+11+11 = 23 coincides with 11 on the 2nd clockface.
Munich Germany coordinates are 48.1 N / 11.54 E.
48 coincides with 12 on the 4 clockface, and adds up to 12+4 = 16, the Lion King.
The coordinate 11.54 = 11+5+4 = 11+9, or 9/11, and again 9+11 = 20, the flood.
The name MUNICH = MOON-EYCH = MOON and ICE = MOON-EYES suggesting MOON and EYE, or SUN and MOON, and SOL-O-MON.

The Munich Massacre prompted countries around the world to develop COUNTER-TERRORISM FORCES!
In other words, this was the beginning of implementing the 911 attack as pertaining to the use of TERRORISM as a front for manipulating humanity into the GAS CHAMBER of FEAR.
This links the events of the WTC attack of 911 to the Munich Massacre and the 1972 Olympics, which were the 20th Olympiad.
Now, London is hosting the 30th (XXX = SEX SEX SEX = 666 = SICKS SICKS SICKS) Olympiad.

The Israeli response to the killing of their 11 countrymen was the secret Mossad undertaking called:


If this sounds a bit similar to the ARAB SPRING and the OCCUPY WALL STREET events, then the suggestion of the Israeli government of the day has worked its hypnotic spell quite well.

The 1972 Olympics included 121 nations = 11×11.
There were 23 sports = 11 on the 2nd clockface.
The games lasted for 16 days = the Lion King, Lincoln, Sphinx, Obama.
Their logo was a SPIRAL = Golden Mean = Golden Ratio = EQ’s fault lines of the 11 Western States.
Included the 1st Olympic mascot – a Dachshund DOG / GOD called WALDI = LAWDI = AL-AW-DI = ALLAH DIE, or Sacrifice of the Saviour.

The Israeli’s also responded with the “OPERATION WRATH of GOD”.
If this sounds a bit apocalyptic, then that again, was the very intent. And here we are today, on the brink of some form of apocalyptic event.

Munich won the bid to host the 1972 games on April 26, 1966.
This was the same year that the WTC began construction in New York.
During the 1972 Olympics, Mark Spitz won 7 GOLD MEDALS in swimming.
This record was broken in 2008 when Michael Phelps won 8 GOLD MEDALS in swimming in BEIJING.
This time around, Michael Phelps will try for just 7 GOLD MEDALS, even as Mark Spitz did.
The suggestion being 7 and 7 once again, or Perfection and Completion.
Adding up all of these gold medals = 7+8+7 = 22.
The MARRIOTT HOTEL of the WTC site in NY, the symbol of the Marriage Supper of the Lamb (California), had 22 FLOORS.

The DOW closed today, July 13, 2012, Friday the 13th, at 12,777.09 for this crazy suggestion linking the Munich massacre and London, and the British / German Queen (yet another B and G combo).

Keep in mind that TIME IS NOT LINEAR!
Time is simply a SPIRAL, layer upon layer upon layer.
What occurs in 1972 intermingles with what happens in 2012, 40 years later, as events have no need to follow a linear time-line.
This is the same for all events which have appeared to occur through all of human history. All that appears to be, occurs simultaneously, with only the implementation of suggestion to push the correct buttons to bring everything to a conscious level. The conscious level, is of course, the 3D Trance State plane we call our life experience.


The Christian Cross that includes an oval hoop above the cross bar is called an ANKH. This cross has its roots in ancient Egypt, and is seen extensively in hieroglyphics found in tombs and temples.

The Ankh was called “KEY OF LIFE”.
Also called the “KEY OF THE NILE”.
And again, …”CRUX ANSATA” meaning “CROSS WITH A HANDLE”.

CRUX ANSATA = CROSS SAATAN = CROSS SHAITAN – the Cross of the Lightbringer.

In ancient times, the SERPENT represented FERTILITY or the CREATIVE LIFE FORCE.
This is the same notion attached to the ANKH, the “KEY OF LIFE”.

The Nile River of Egypt was also symbolized as a SERPENT, and every year the Nile floods, regenerating the planes with it’s nutrients, thereby sustaining life in a perpetual fashion. This SERPENT symbolism is the same notion as the “KEY OF THE NILE” associated with the ANKH.

Therefore, with a little bit of word meaning association, the ANKH is the SERPENT, is the LIFE GIVER, the ETERNAL LIFE GIVER, and this is exactly the symbolism of the $ Dollar sign, that shows the SERPENT winding up the centre POLE.

Therefore, the ANKH is the forerunner of the DOLLAR SIGN, and the Dollar sign is based on the SERPENT and the POLE that MOSES propped up during the Exodus from Egypt. With the instruction that if anyone gazed upon this brazen pole serpent, they would be healed, sustained and protected. In other words, this serpent going up the pole is the LIFE GIVER, and is the DOLLAR SIGN, and is the SAVIOUR, the MONEY, or MOON-EYE, the MOON-SUN, the MOON-LIGHT of the world, and is a symbol of SOLOMON, the SUN and MOON.

The name SOLOMON = SOLO-MON = 1 INDIVIDUAL – ONE – Solo = ONE and Mon = 1 or lst in French. Therefore SOLO-MON means the FIRST ONE, or that which is GOD.

Continuing to mangle the language even further, the religious symbol ANKH = DOLLAR SIGN = MONEY and is protected and cared for by the BANK-H’s, or the BANKERS.
MONEY is the ETERNAL LIFE GIVER, and without it, the societies of the world are meant to suffer and die.

In today’s illusory world, the BANKERS / the ANKH-ers are what’s referred to as the BANK-STERS (a play on words with GANGSTERS, and why not add WANKERS while we’re at it).

Just like the priests of ancient times in Israel, who cared for the treasure of GOLD and SILVER and other sacred relics, so too, in today’s culture, the BANKERS are hoarding and amassing all the wealth of the world unto themselves. Thereby perpetuating the notion of ETERNAL LIFE for their future generations. The priests of old surrounded their holy temples, such as Solomon’s Temple, with TREASURE CELLS and PRIESTS LIVING CHAMBERS, so as to keep the source of life, ever present and within their reach.



The world economy has been ‘attempting’ to come out of the recession caused by the 2008 economic downturn. Analysts have been warning of a DOUBLE DIP RECESSION ever since. The suggestion attached to this subliminal is:

DOUBLE DIP RECESSION = Little DIP-per of Alaska pouring into the Big DIP-per of California. (The reader must have read previous pages for this to make any sense).

The word RECESSION = RE / RA (the sun god) = WA, as WA WA or WATER SESSION.
The WATER SESSION = WATER SE of SION, or WATER SEE / SEA of SION, which of course, refers to the PACIFIC OCEAN, the SEA of PEACE, which in turn is JERUSALEM, the City/Site/Sight/See/Sea of PEACE.

The Double Dip Recession, is therefore a subliminal suggesting the water of the Pacific and of the Little Dipper of Alaska, pouring into California sometime in the illusory future.

Interestingly, some cities in California are now declaring BANK-RUPTCY, which is a subliminal suggesting the BANKS BEING RUPTURED. Obviously suggesting in turn, that there will be a seismic event causing the GEOGRAPHICAL BANKS OF CALIFORNIA to RUPTURE.

The word BANKRUPTCY suggests the BANKS-RAPTURE, the subliminal attached the evangelical Christian RAPTURE, where the dead rise from their graves/banks, when the messiah returns to take them to heaven. However, far from being the dead being raised to life, it’s simply referring to the ZOMBIE-BANKS and the ZOMBIE-FINANCIAL SYSTEMS of the world, that have absolutely NO LIFE LEFT IN THEM, and are only going through the motions of having value and worth. When in reality they’re the DEAD WALKING AMONGST US.

What is occurring in the world, with the Financial Crisis, is the Marriage Supper of the Lamb, where the LIFE and LOVE of MONEY has been accumulating in the hands of a few, creating revolts and protests throughout the world which will bring about the ‘JUDGMENT’ of the Lord upon the wickedness of the BANKERS, (think flood here), which will result in a cleansing of the masses through continued poverty, hardship, death and disease, and the ultimate cataclysm centred on the 11 Western States. All of which will appear to have done away with the greed and wickedness of the Zombie Priestly Bankers and the hoarding of the majority of the world’s financial resources. In reality, the financial manipulation will remain in the hands of the few, and supported and worshipped by the remaining population who will have been entranced with the great and magnificence of Divine Intervention of the Double Dip-per Recession.

This luciferian / Californian agenda has been suggested throughout history in many religious rituals and practices. One such potent ritual is the AMULET, or the PHYLACTERY GOOD LUCK CHARM of Judaism. This practice involves prayer to God written on a small piece of paper, then placed in a small CUBE BOX (think Kabaah Stone here), then placed on the forehead, and held in place with a tie around the head. The same sort of PHYLACTERY is also placed on the left arm, close to the heart, and bound to the arm with a cord.

This ritual is designed to have the same effect as a Christian Crucifix, “the Sign of the Cross”, or as “Holy Water”.

HOLY WATER = YLOH WATER in reverse = YELLOH-STONE = YELOW STONE, or the Water that sprang from the stone that Moses struck TWICE with his rod in the wilderness.

The PHYLACTERY BOX of Judaism, is the KABAAH STONE of Islam which is located at Mecca Saudi Arabia (supplying arms to Syrian rebels) and is a symbol of YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL PARK, located at the top portion of the 11 Western States. Yellowstone is a square shaped park in the top left hand corner of Wyoming, and partially located in Idaho and Montana, with Montana being the state with the HEAD SHAPED border, that symbolizes the HEAD of the 11 Western States region, where the physlactery would be worn. The phylactery being Yellowstone, the Kabaah Stone.

The SIGN OF THE CROSS refers to the 4 CORNER CROSS STATES of Utah, Arizona, New Mexico and Colorado, from the southern portion of the 11 States up to Wyoming, the state where the SQUARE SHAPED YELLOWSTONE PARK, the phylactery good luck charm, is situated. The state of COLORADO = DOLOROSA, UTAH = YUDAH = JUDA, ARIZONA = ORIAANZ = ORIONS, and NEW MEXICO = NEW MEGIDDO, the site of ARMAGEDDON, where water and blood rise up to the horses bridles.

HORSES = HORUS the sun god.
BRIDLES = BRIDAL = BRIDE = Mother MARY, the Sea, the Pacific.

The SNAKE RIVER CANYON extends from YELLOWSTONE Park, west towards HELL’S CANYON, in Idaho and Oregon. Snake River symbolizes the eternal life of the serpent, the Ankh, and the Dollar, or MONEY! Just as the serpent represents eternal life and rebirth (such as Messiah does on the 4 Corner Cross states), it also represents SEXUAL DESIRE, and in the Garden of Eden, the serpent was a symbol of SEXUAL PASSION.

Together, all of these geographical locations, and the symbolism attached to them, form the GOOD LUCK CHARM or Talisman required by the elite Bankers of the world, who seek to perpetuate eternal life, POWER and GLORY, through a series of massive mind manipulations and financial wizardy, using the protesting and mindless masses as fodder. The masses of humanity who are being coached mindlessly by charlatans exorting the people to rise up, resist, resent, react, retaliate, and repeat the same nonsense all over again. Which charlatans have made a business and money making enterprises out of the luciferian / California agenda.


Today is July 18, 2012, and 4 top defense officials in the Syrian government were assassinated by a bomb planted in the National Defense Building, including the brother in law of President Assad. (Possibly a suicide bomber). The events in Syria relate to the SIRIUS DOG of Orion, his hunting dog. Syria is named after Sirius.

Here’s an abbreviated story of Osiris, husband of Isis (moon goddess) and father of Horus, or Ra (the story varies).

Osiris was killed by his brother Set.
He was tricked into a coffin.
The coffin floated down the Nile River and ended up in Byblos Syria, on the Mediterranean coast.
Isis looked for Osiris with the help of the jackal headed god (the Sphinx original form).
Isis found the coffin under the control of the king and queen of Syria.
Isis found vary with the king and queen and was granted a boon / favour.
Isis asked for the coffin which was formed by a tree that had grown up around the coffin of Osiris. The word DJED = DYED = DIED = DEATH. The Pillar of Death, which is a symbol of stability in ancient beliefs.
Isis extracted the coffin once under her control, and anointed it with MYRRH = MARY = MAR – the SEA.
Isis also wrapped the coffin in LINEN = LIENN = LION.
This became known as the Pillar of Djed.
The word DJED = DYED = DIED = DEATH. The Pillar of Death, which is a symbol of stability in ancient beliefs.

To sum up this little story, the events of LIBYA / LABIA and SYRIA / SIRIUS, and the SPRING RISINGS throughout the world, not to mention the FUKUSHIMA (Fuck You / Khufu event, the pyramids of Orion’s belt) all relate to the FINANCIAL / FIANCEE making herself ready for the Marriage with the Lamb of God, who is the Rock of Salvation, the ROCK of the SUN / SON, the ROCK of the 11 Western States. The Fiancee, Mother Mary, the Mar, Sea, Holy See, will become One with the Sun / Son as the events of the hunting dog SYRIA / SIRIUS, the hunting dog of ORION / OSIRIS / OR-ISIS, transpire.

The XXX Sexual Olympiad in London is the Bride exchanging the RINGS with the Groom. (A B and G term). The RINGS being the Olympic Rings. The Fire and Passion of the wedding event, is symbolized by the Olympic Torch, the Eternal Flame, or the Eternal Life of the Financial Dollar, which is the Ankh of the Bank-h’s.

The Wedding / Wetting is in motion, and the Bride has made herself ready. Symbolized by the flood in Krymsk Russia a few days ago. The ceremony of exchanging VOWS will ultimately lead to the passion of sexual desire and the CLMAX and CONSUMMATION of ALL THINGS. The timing and day of which makes no difference. Only be certain that it will transpire, and is now fully in motion.


July 20, 2012 – Exactly 1 week before the Olympics begin in London, the new Batman movie, ‘The Dark Knight Rises”, was being shown in Aurora Colorado. During the showing, a suspect gunman, James Holmes went on a shooting spree, just after midnight, in THEATRE 9, killing at least 12 people and injuring up to 50 people.

AURORA means “Goddess of the Dawn” in Roman mythology.
COLORADO is an anagram for DOLOROSA, suggesting the Via Dolorosa, or Way of Sorrows, and the path that the mythological Jesus took as he carried his CROSS to be CRUCIFIED.
Colorado is one of the 4 Corner CROSS states located in the 11 Western States.

The name of the theatre in which the shooting took place is called the CENTURY 16 theatre.
The word CENTURY = 100
The number 16 + 100 = 116 which coincides with 8 on the 10th clockface.
Adding 8+10 = 18 or 6+6+6, OR 666, OR SEX SEX SEX, OR XXX, which suggests the London Olympics XXXth Olympiad.
The number 116 rotated 180 degrees = 911.
July 20 is the 202nd day of the year with 164 days remaining.
This is exactly 1 week before the London Olympics begin.
The number 164 = 1+6+4 = 11.
The date of July 20 = 7+20 = 27 or 3x3x3, a perfect CUBE which is a folded CROSS forming a BOX.
The number 20 coincides with 8 on the 2nd clockface.
Adding 20+8 = 28, the number relating to menstruation, regeneration, rebirth, the flood and the moon.

The chart immediately below shows some of the symbolism in regards to the movie theatre where the shooting occurred. Notice the shape of the marquee sign is similar to the 11 Western United States, with the number 16 being boldly exhibited. The number 16 relates to the Sphinx, the Lion King, Lincoln and Obama. The shooting in this theatre is directly linked to the 911 events occurring throughout the world on a daily basis, and is now, bringing attention closer to its intended target, the 11 Western States.

On July 18, 2012, the Syrian government’s National Defense Building was blown up by a suicide bomber. This was the 200th day of the year with 166 days remaining. The number 200 carries an obvious symbolism of duality and double inTENsity, and the number 166 refers to 166 degrees West, and when combined with 66 degrees North, suggests the location of the Bering Strait and Alaska, the Little Dipper state.

The Syrian government’s defense minister, the foreign affairs minister, a deputy minister and President Assad’s brother in law and chief adviser were killed in the attack. This occurred 9 days before the Olympics begin in London, when the exchanging of the Olympic Rings, the Wedding Rings of the sacrificial Marriage of the Lamb will be ritualistically exchanged, and the Financial / Fiancee and her Husband Sun / Son, the SUN and the MOON-EYE, or the SON and the MONEY, will be manipulated into the next stages of the luciferian / California agenda.

AURORA 1891 – SILVER CRASH 1893 – Unsinkable MOLLY BROWN

Aurora Colorado was founded in 1891, known at the time as Fletcher Colorado.
Subtracting 1891 from 2012 = 121 years or 11×11.

In 1893 Colorado suffered a SILVER CRASH, hurting Aurora financially.
Subtracting 1893 from 2012 = 119 reversed 911.

Aurora is a suburb of Denver.
The Molly Brown House is located in Denver.
Molly Brown became known as ‘The UNSINKABLE MOLLY BROWN” due to the fact that she had survived the SINKING OF THE TITANIC!
Molly Brown’s real name was MARGARET BROWN = MARY-ARET, or MAARREY-T, MARRY-T sacrifice, or Sacrifice of MARY.

The NIGHT OF DESTINY Still Rising – Still To Come

The month of Ramadan features the “Night of Destiny” in one of the last 10 odd numbered days. If this has been transposed correctly from the Islamic lunar calendar to the Gregorian sun calendar, the dates would include July 31, August 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16 or 18.

These dates cover the period overlapping the Olympic Games from July 27 to August 12.

The Aurora shooting incident has claimed 70 victims. 12 of whom died, and 58 injured.
The number 70 suggests Perfection and Completion.
The number 70 coincides with 10 on the 6th clockface.
Adding 10+6 = 16 the number of the Sphinx, the Lion King, Lincoln, Obama, and now… the CENTURY 16 theatre in Aurora.
Multiplying 10×6 = 60, which coincides with 12 on the 5th clockface.

This event occurred as the Dow Jones marked a day of loss. Not only the Dow, but the Nasdaq and the S&P all marked losses. Keep in mind that the FINANCIAL DISTRICT of New York is symbolic of the Fiancee, the Bride, who has made herself ready for passion and sex, commonly referred to as marriage.

Here are the NY stock market numbers and the symbolism attached:

12,822.57 = 1+2+8=11 and 2+2+5=9 and 7, suggesting another 911 and Perfection and Completion using a 7.
Again, adding 11+9+7 = 27.
The number 27 = 9, or 3x3x3, the CUBE or folded CROSS.
Still another layer is 12 + 12 + 12 = 36 which suggests 6×6.
S&P – 1,362.66 = 12 + 12 = 24 which suggests 6.
NASDAQ – 2,925.30 = 21 reverse 12, when added together = 21+12 = 33, again suggesting 6.
In other words, all the numbers were ‘spiraling’ and suggesting 911, Perfection and Completion, the number 12 repeatedly, suggesting Fullness of Time, and the number 666, SEX SEX SEX, or again XXX, relating to the London Olympics.

On the chart immediately above it’s easy to spot 3 large coloured XXX’s in the huge marquee sign, down in the bottom left corner, which has been created by the angle of the photograph, that it was taken in the dark with the neon tubes fully illuminating the pattern.

It’s also worth noting, that Aurora is only about 20 miles from COLUMBINE HIGH SCHOOL, where, on APRIL 20, (Hitler’s birthday) 1999, exactly 13 years and 3 months until July 20, 2012, the same type of massacre occurred. These are suburb communities surrounding the city of DENVER, which of course, has become renowned for it’s ‘curious’ Freemasonic imagery and architecture at the DENVER AIRPORT.

It should also be noted that the first “DARK KNIGHT” movie, starring Heath Ledger, came out on July 16, 2008 in Australia. Note the number 16.
“The Dark Knight” was released on July 18 in North America. Note the number 18.
Then released in London on July 24, 2008, in the UK, where the Olympics are now ready to begin on July 27, with the games actually beginning on July 28, 2012.
It’s interesting to note that Heath Ledger died of an accidental overdose at the age of 28, shortly after this movie was released.
The release for “The Dark Knight Rising”, was of course, released today, July 20, 2012.
July 20 is 16 days from August 5, and as mentioned above, August 5 relates to the ground breaking of the WTC site, the laying of the Statue of Liberty cornerstone, the 33 Chilean Miners, etc.
Followed immediately thereafter by the anniversaries of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings on August 6 and 9.
All of which falls within the dates of the month of Ramadan and the “Night of Destiny”.

The Month of SHAWWAI Follows the Month of Ramadan

The month following the month of Ramadan on the Islamic calendar is the month of SHAWWAI.

The first 3 days of Shawwai are referred to as the “Festival of Breaking Fast”. Relating to the month of Ramadan, noted for its fasting ritual.


This does not mean that a Flood or Cataclysm will occur during the Olympics, or the month following Ramadan. However, it does mean that this is being suggested to eventually bring the cataclysm to pass in the not to distant illusory timeline. Much in the fashion of the WTC bombings and fires that occurred a few years before the attack on 911. Just be aware that it is coming, and the only way of ‘escape’, is through non-reaction, and realization of the Trance State and the hypnotic suggestion induced through the use of the Thought Process. All of this 3D plane is a complete fraud and fake, … demonstrated by the Banking System / which manifests as religion and intellectual pursuits.

JAMES HOLMES – Aurora Shooter – #16

Below is a photograph of the Aurora theatre shooting suspect James Holmes. Note that James Holmes is wearing #16 on his sportshirt. The same number as the theatre where Batman “The Dark Knight Rising was being shown, and where the shooting occurred. The name HOLMES is spelled the same as that of Katie Holmes, who’s been in the news of late, in regards to her divorce from Tom Cruise. Cruise was in the recent movie ‘ROCK OF AGES’, and Katie Holmes was asked to play CATWOMAN in Batman ‘The Dark Knight Rising”, but refused at the urging of Cruise. Katie Holmes is 33 years old, and was the 3rd wife of Tom Cruise. All 3 of Cruises ex-wives, all divorced him at age 33.

It should also be noted that, in February of this year 2012, the city of HOMS SYRIA, suffered through a DEADLY MASSACRE which killed at least 260 people. The name HOMS is spelled differently than the personal name HOLMES, however, the pronunciation is exactly the same.


The Batman Trilogy began in 2005, the same year that Barack Obama stepped onto the national political stage. What follows is a timeline of the movies and Obama’s political RISE TO THE PRESIDENCY.

Batman Begins – Release June 17 – 2005

On January 3, 2005 – Barack Obama became a US Senator, representing the state of Illinois. The same year that “Batman Begins” came out.

The DARK KNIGHT – Release – July 16, 18, and 24 – 2008

In 2008, Barack Obama was elected president of the United States. The same year that “The DARK KNIGHT” came out.

The DARK KNIGHT RISES – Release – July 20 – 2012

In 2012, Barack Obama is running for re-election for president of the United States. The same year that “The DARK KNIGHT RISES” came out.

The whole luciferian / California agenda has been perpetuated and centred around the children of ABRAHAM.

RA is the Sun God symbolized by the 15th letter ‘O’, with 15 being the number most closely associated with god, according to Freemasonic teachings.

RA-BA-MA = RA the CIRCLE SUN, and BA is the SOUL / SOL / SUN aspect in Egyptian mythology, and MA relates to the MOTHER, MARY, MARE, the SEE / SEA.
RA-BA-MA then becomes O-BA-MA.
ABRAHAM = OBAMA symbolically speaking.

BATMAN = BA-T-MA-N = BA Soul / Sol / Sun / SON Sacrifice and MA Conception.
The 20th letter T coincides with 8 on the 2nd clockface.
Multiplying 2×8 = 16, the number of the Lion King, Lincoln 16, OBAMA 44 and the Sphinx.
The 14th letter N coincides with 2 on the 2nd clockface.
Multiplying 2×2 = 4, relating to the 4 Square Foundation that the luciferian / California agenda is built upon. The 14th day in the female menstrual cycle is the peak moment allowing for conception.
Adding 2+2 = 4 as well.

OBAMA BEGINS in 2005 following the release of BATMAN BEGINS!

OBAMA becomes president in 2008 following the release of The DARK KNIGHT!

OBAMA RUNS FOR RE-ELECTION for president in 2012 following the release of The DARK KNIGHT RISES!


Barack Obama is the offspring of his BLACK FATHER Barack Hussein Obama I.
His mother, ANN DUNHAM, is WHITE.
This has conjured up the illusory person of DARK COMPLEXION we know as Barack Obama.
This illusory president is running for president once again, attempting to continue RISING.

Barack Obama will turn 51 years old on August 4, 2012.
Adding the letters of BATMAN, allowing for each letter to be the value equal to its placement in the alphabet is:

BATMAN = 2+1+20+13+1+14 = 51!
This is the same number as Barack Obama’s age on August 4,2012!

The words DARK KNIGHT suggests a NIGHT of DOOM, as well as suggesting a person who is a Knight and operates in a mysterious fashion.

A closer look at the word KNIGHT = K-NIGH-T = K, or 11, and NIGH suggesting 9, as in K-9, Canine, a DOG = GOD, and T suggesting the Sacrifice.
In other words, the word KNIGHT is suggesting a 9-11 and the sacrifice of God, who is of course, the Son of God, who is the Lion King, the Lion from the tribe of Judah, who is the Sphinx, who is Lincoln, who is Obama, who is Batman.

All of this suggesting a very DARK 911!

Incidentally, Barack Obama’s middle name HUSSEIN, is the name of SADDAM HUSSEIN, who supposedly was hung on the December 30, 2006.

In the 2012 presidential election, Barack Obama is apparently running against Mitt Romney of the Republican Party.
Mitt Romney has been using his credentials as the head of the BAIN Corporation, to illustrate his ability to create wealth.
In other words, Mitt Romney and BAIN are opposing Barack Obama.

Here again, in the DC Comics of January 1993, the character BANE (BAIN), was one of BATMAN’s more physically and intellectually powerful foes.
BANE is best known for breaking BATMAN’s BACK in the “KNIGHTFALL” story.

The BACK is the SPINE.
OBAMA is symbolic of the SPHINX whose SPINE reaches around the world at 37 degrees North.
37 degrees North goes through San Francisco and the Golden Gate.
This suggests the SPINE of the SPHINX / OBAMA, will be broken.

Furthermore, the BANE character is in the last Batman trilogy film, “The Dark Knight Rises”, as the film’s main antagonist.
This is being played out in the election as Romney and Obama, or Bane and Batman.

The word BANE means to take a BATH.
This is suggesting a FLOOD.
The phrase Baine de Soleil in French means to SUN BATHE.
Sun Bathe suggests a bath in the Son, suggesting the Son of God.


On July 22, 2012 (yesterday), President Obama / Batman, visited Aurora Colorado, and met with the victims families. During his public media address, he made casual mention of the “the DARK NIGHT” which the community had just been through, but that a BRIGHTER DAY was upon them.

Interesting indeed, that the symbolism surrounding OBAMA and BATMAN, and the DARK KNIGHT RISES movie, would immediately see the president visit Aurora on 7/22/2012. Especially since Aurora means ‘Goddess of the Dawn’.

The date of July 22, is in itself a highly symbolic number, as the number 22 refers to the MARRIOTT HOTEL of the destroyed WTC and is the MARRIAGE HOTEL / California, which is suggested to be destroyed by the Twin Towers of Oregon and Arizona collapsing upon it.

The event in Aurora Colorado also raises a very curious situation. This, in regards to the H.A.A.R.P. installation in Gakona Alaska. The name AURORA means “Goddess of the Dawn” in Roman mythology. The initials for HAARP mean High frequency Active AURORAL Research Project. The word AURORAL is included in the middle of this list. Why would a reference to the Goddess of the Dawn be included? Obviously something else is in play here. And the initials in reverse = PRAAH = PRAY = PREY, as in to hunt something. Keeping in mind that Orion was a HUNTER in ancient mythology, and SIRIUS was his hunting dog, which is named after SYRIA, where the civil war is escalating daily, it becomes obvious that the Syrian conflict and the DARK KNIGHT RISES movie, and the ROCK of the 11 Western States are linked together.

Furthermore, the HAARP initials = 8+1+1+18+16 = 44, the number of the Lion King, Lincoln, the Sphinx, Obama and Batman.


The Batman comics and the current Batman Trilogy are the product of DC Comics.
The story line has Batman fighting crime in GOTHAM CITY.
The name GOTHAM CITY is based on WASHINGTON IRVING’s November 11, 1807 edition of SALMAGUNDI, and the town of GOTHAM, Nottinghamshire, England.
According to folklore, it was a place inhabited by fools.
Gotham is derived from the Old English word GAT (GOAT) HAM (HOME.
Literally meaning “Homestead where Goats are kept”.

Gotham City has become an ambiguous city in the Batman trilogy, and is meant to be whatever city one imagines it to be. Some of the original cities to be portrayed as Gotham City have been New York and Chicago, however, the subliminal attached to the name GOTHAM, or GOAT HOME, relates to Washington DC.

Washington DC is the home of the Pentagon, which is an inverted 5 Pointed Star, which in turn is the symbol of the Baphomet Goat, or sacrificial goat.
The Pentagon is the HOME of GOATS used for sacrifice.
The DC Comics series also suggests Washington DC, as does the name Washington Irving, who first coined the term back in 1807, on November 11, or 11/11/07.

Understanding that President OBAMA is BATMAN, then the subliminal suggestion that WASHINGTON DC is GOTHAM CITY further illustrates the hypnotic manipulation implanted within the Batman story.

The writing of Washington Irving in the November 11 edition of SALMAGUNDI also has a distinct subliminal attached.

SALMAGUNDI = SOL-MA-GUN-DIE = SUN MOTHER GUN DIE = The Son and Mother Gun Death = Sacrifice of Solomon.

The term Salmagundi actually refers to an elaborate salad mix, or a potpourri, or a wide variety of anything you might want it to be. This is exactly what Gotham City is meant to suggest, keeping the illusory veil covering the actual city it’s referring to.

JAMES HOLMES may have referred to himself as the JOKER, however, he is much more than just the JOKER.
JAMES the JOKER is also the GOAT, the BAPHOMET, all of which suggests again the Pillars of Solomon’s Temple. J+J+G+B, or James, Joker, Goat, and Baphomet.

The name James Holmes suggests the HOME of GOATS. A close look at one of the first pictures that was displayed immediately after the shooting, it’s very obvious that there are little tufts of hair sticking out on each side of Holmes’ head, suggesting a goat’s ears or horns.

Below is the picture of James Holmes, showing the suggestion relating to the goat, the baphomet, the symbol of sacrifice.

Of course, the most obvious indication that Washington DC is Gotham City, is due to the fact, that it is a “Place inhabited by fools!” No further evidence is required.

However, there’s more.

THE PET GOAT Story – September 11, 2001

The events of the last 11 years, began on the morning of 911.
George W. Bush was in Florida (Flowers / Flowing / Flood) his brother Jeb Bushs’ state, where martial law had been enacted just 2 days before 911, for no apparent reason, and there was George, reading The Pet Goat story to the children in the classroom. Holding the book upside down of course, in the fashion of the inverted pentagram or baphomet, as is the desire of any good Freemason who is on the verge of sacrificing thousands of people, even without the full comprehension that this is what they are doing. Hypnosis is that powerful.

All throughout religious books, the goat appears as a symbol of sacrifice, and even as a symbol of redemption, as in the example of the SCAPEGOAT.

Ever since the events of 911, the world has seen an incredible transformation, all leading to the illusory moments we’re now experiencing, and the GOAT STORY of Sacrifice is now more relevant than at any time in the last 11 years.

Below is a photograph of President Bush reading the Goat Story along with the class of children, and even after being told of the attack, continued for 7 minutes, reading along. The number 7, of course, refers to Perfection and Completion, and for this reason Mr. Bush had to sit there and fulfill his duty.

July 23, 2012 – London / Tower Bridge – Sacramento / Tower Bridge

Yesterday, July 23, 2012, A TAXI STRIKE was taking place in London England. The protest was about how the taxi drivers were only allowed to use 2/3’s of the routes leading to the Olympic Stadium. Leaving ample room for the sacred athletes to move freely about the area. One disgruntled driver took it upon himself to dive 25 feet off the TOWER BRIDGE into the water of the Thames, which is against the law in London. He survived of course, but the subliminal in this relates to the TOWER BRIDGE in SACRAMENTO CALIFORNIA.

The TOWER BRIDGE in Sacramento relates to the sacrifice and the Flood.
Sacramento = Sacraments of the Body and Blood of Christ.
The Sacramento Tower Bridge was built in 1935, or 77 YEARS AGO in 2012.
It was opened on December 15, 1935.
The Tower Bridge is 160 feet tall, the number of the Lion King with inTENsity.
The Tower Bridge is 16 metres wide, the number again, of the Lion King.
In 1935, it cost $666,000.00 to build, or 666, SICKS SICKS SICKS, SEX SEX SEX, XXX, again referring back to the London Olympics.

The suggestion in regards to the TAXI STRIKE in London is:


As for the Tower Bridge in LONDON / LONE DAWN, it was built in 1894, or 118 years until 2012.
The number 118 coincides with 10 on the 10th clockface, the same as the coordinates of Los Angeles @ 118 degrees W. As well as being 34 degrees N, or 10 on the 3rd clockface.

The suggestion implanted with this bit of nonsense relates of course, to the Marriage SUPPER of the Lamb, which has been suggested continuously for centuries, and now, in our illusory 3D life experience, is coming to pass in rapid fashion.


In other words, the Marriage Supper of the Lamb, is suggested within the sex act of oral sex, or drinking the Water of Mary’s Pussy. This is the symbolism attached to the FELINE, FEMALE subliminal of ancient Egypt, where the CAT symbolized the Woman and the DOG was symbolic of the Man.

July 23, 2012, also saw a strange and highly symbolic event at the European Parliament. A large number of dairy farmers loaded up their MILK TRUCKS, COW STATUES, and headed off to the Parliament and FLOODED the STREETS WITH MILK! They also sprayed truckloads of MILK ALL ACROSS THEIR FIELDS! Very obvious suggestion indeed!

Damascus Volcano and Syrian Earthquakes

Today is July 25, 2012.

ALARAB ONLINE website reports this on July 17, 2012 in regards to USA and Arab States attacking Damascus. Notice the names given to the operations, Damascus VOLCANO and Syrian EARTHQUAKES.

Damascus Volcano: Syria rebels launch full-scale attack operation

Syria’s rebels announced the launch of a full-scale attack operation, dubbed “the Damascus volcano and earthquakes of Syria,” as major clashes engulfed several districts of the capital.

In a statement released on Monday night, the Free Syrian Army’s central-Homs Joint Command said its operation was launched at 8:00 pm (1700 GMT), “in response to massacres and barbaric crimes” committed by the regime of President Bashar al-Assad.

End quote.


In the Hinduism faith, the term BRAHMAN refers to the One Supreme, Universal Spirit that is the origin and support of the phenomenal universe.
Brahman is referred to as the Absolute or Godhead, which is the Divine Ground of ALL MATTER, Energy, Time, Space, Being, and EVERYTHING in and beyond this universe.

According to Advaita (refers to the identity of the Self and the Whole), a liberated human being (salvation) has realized Brahman as his or her own true self. This is referred to as ATMAN, which is synonymous with the SOUL.

The suggestion attached to the combination of Brahman and Atman, or BRAHMAN ATMAN = BATMAN.

As mentioned previously on this page:

ABRAHAM = OBAMA = BATMAN = Brahman Atman = B-RA-MAN AT-MAN = RA the sun god and AT MAN, the SALVATION, or the LIBERATED MAN.
B-ATMAN = B-rah-Man Atman = SOUL = SOL = SUN = SON of God = the Sacrifice = OBAMA.

In other words, what’s being suggested with the name “BATMAN”, is the sacrifice of the Son of God for salvation. This doesn’t necessarily mean that Obama will personally be sacrificed, but it does deliver the subliminal and hypnotic suggestion so that the Son of God will be sacrificed, which includes the body of humanity, who are ONE with the GODHEAD, who are the Body and Blood of the Christ, who will be sacrificed as an offering to the God of Regeneration and Eternal Life.

Keep in mind that Obama = Lincoln = Lion King = Sphinx (Phinxs/Phoenix) = Lincoln = Batman (winged saviour) = Abraham = Brahman Atman…

This is the Bullshit suggestion attached to the Batman story.

July 26, 2012 – DOW JONES Symbolic Numbers

For months now, the earthquake activity has been incredibly calm and uneventful. However, just a slight increase in activity began yesterday, July 25, 2012, with a 6.4, a 6.5 and now, today, July 26, 2012, a 6.7 in the Indian Ocean. Of course, these are only relatively medium sized EQ’s, but interestingly, the increase in strength occurs just prior to the opening day of the Olympics. This should also be noted, that just off the coast of Northern California, within the last few days, there have also been a couple of 5+ EQ’s, with another 4.3 mag occurring today. Again, not terribly strong, but significant in comparison to very little activity over the last few months. Again, just prior to the Olympics.

What is significant from a symbolic perspective, is the DOW JONES index and it’s closing numbers for July 26, 2012, the eve of the opening of the Olympics.

The DOW JONES closed at 12,887.93, or rounded up, 12,888.

The number 12,888 = 1+2+8+8+8 = 27 coincides with 3 on the 3rd clockface.
The number 27 is the date that the Olympics open.
Multiplying 3x3x3 = 27, the perfect CUBE, or folded CROSS of Mecca, the Kabaah Stone.
KABAAH = KA or 11, the 11th letter, and BAAH = the SOUL, the sacrifice.
Subtracting 11 – 2 = 9, and the number 27 is suggesting a 911 will come to pass, but not necessarily on July 27.
The BA sacrifice is suggested in BArack OBAma / ABraham / BAtman / BRAHman Atman.
The number 3 is a direct harmony with 9, suggesting the FALL.
Adding 3+3 = 6, or SICKS, SEX, etc.
Adding 2+7 = 9 or the FALL once again.
Multiplying 2×7 = 14, the number relating to CONCEPTION.
The number 12 suggests the Fullness of Time.
The number 888 = 888 x 2 = 1776, the year the USA became a country.
The number 8, in all of it’s incarnations refers to the FLOOD and CONTROL.
Tomorrow, July 27, 2012, the UN votes on a motion to control SMALL ARMS throughout the world.
Furthermore, the Dow gained 211.88 points today.
Adding 2+1+1+8+8 = 20 coinciding again with 8 on the 2nd clockface.
Adding the closing number 12,888 = 12+888 = 900.
The number 900 suggests the FALL again, with inTENsity TWICE!
The DOW also gained 1.67% = 1+6+7 = 14 again.
Rounding up the number 1.67 to 1.7 = 1+7 = 8.

All of this must be held up to the backdrop of the WTC attack, and the collapse of the Twin Towers, which symbolize the 2 Sacrifice Pillars of Solomon’s Temple. These symbolic numbers, when established with such manipulation of the Thought Process, which is the luciferian MINDSET, indicates an extremely strong spiral, or layered circle which will culminate in extreme events, as the world has witnessed over the years since 911.

Fighting in Syria has also reached a fever pitch in their 2nd city of ALLEPO.
This is considered to be the pivotal city which will determine the outcome of the Syrian crisis.

ALEPPO = PPOLE LA = or the Sacrifice Pillar of LA.
Suggesting the PEOPLE of LA will be sacrificed.

Again, not necessarily on July 27, 2012, but the suggestion is there for it to come to pass.
This is how MASS HYPNOSIS works.

July 27, 2012 – Olympic Opening Day – Hebrew 11th Month of AV

This weekend, on the day that the Olympic Games actually start, July 28-29 or the 9th of Av in Israel , is the Jewish holiday Tisha B’Av. It is in remembrance of five horrible events that all fell on the 9th day of Av. The two most notable events being the destruction of the Two Temples of Jerusalem. Av is the 11th month on the Hebrew civil calendar. So all of these things happened on a 9/11. So this weekend is a 9/11 weekend
coinciding with the start of The Olympics. Jachin and Boaz and The Olympics all at once!

888 Days Since George Washington’s Birthday During 2010 Winter Olympics

As mentioned previously on this site, during the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver which began on Lincoln’s 201st birthday, there were 888 days from the eve of George Washington’s birthday which occurred on February 22, or 02/22, until the games actually start on July 28, 2012, in London. This date coincides with the previously mentioned Jewish holiday of Tisha B’Av on the 9th of Av, the 9th of the 11th month on the Hebrew calendar.

Since February 22, 2010, the world has experienced financial collapse, they just haven’t advertised it yet. There have been major natural disasters; earthquakes, tsunamis, oil spills and radiation catastrophes. There have been wars, uprisings, the Arab Spring, Occupy Wall Street, mass murders; Norway, Aurora Colorado, etc. There have been laws enacted allowing the creation of a fascist world state, where the notion of freedom is simply what it’s always been, just an illusory pipe dream.

What’s come to pass within these last 888 days is precisely what the luciferian / California agenda and Thought Process intended to come to pass to manipulate the masses into believing in the illusory plane as reality and of value and worth. Still, in spite of all of which has transpired in the last 888 days, the grandest of events is yet to come. All of the groundwork has been laid. Set in Stone quite literally, and it’s absolutely imperative that their be no reaction, resentment, or resistance, as the events unfold. All of what is occurring, is conjuring up a new edition of a New World Order, with the financial gurus who are warning of impending doom, (which is accurate, but still manipulation), and the truthers and conspiracy activists who would have the masses ‘wake up’ and respond with resistance and retaliation, and who are preaching a NEW WORLD ORDER by bringing down the elite (the elite who are so obviously installing a merciless version of a New World Order, but still this too, is manipulation), all of this contradiction and resistance is the product and goal of the luciferian / California Thought Process agenda.

Mass confusion. Mass hypnosis. Mass hysteria. All designed to mask the reality that all of humanity, including the elite and the truther / conspiracy groups (who are just 2 sides of the same coin), … all who want a New World Order, are just servants of lunacy, and servants of the luciferian Thought Process. All of humanity are unwitting agents of deceit, perpetuating a belief in the illusory 3D plane, and that 3D plane can be fixed and made right if we can just remove the elite bastards and replace them with jello-headed new age thinkers, and/or those who wish to spread ‘love all over the world’ like some peanut butter and jelly type concoction.

Humanity cannot ‘wake up’, and humanity cannot spread this ‘ultimate love’, simply because humanity is an illusion, and the concept of ‘ultimate love’ originating with, and being extended from the mind of an illusion (the mind of humanity), is absolute insanity. The Mind, and everything seemingly emanating from the human mind, has been implanted by the luciferian group egregore of thinking entities. And the notion of ‘love’ and the ability to ‘wake up’ is the grandest facade, and this is the ultimate goal of the whole New World Order movement which the luciferian Mindset has successfully conjured up within, and is, the 3D illusory plane. This is what the 911 event was intended to bring to pass within just a few short years. It was intended to bring to pass such a sickening doctrine whereby universal love and peace (words alone), would engulf the world, when not one individual in the world has any greater integrity, or moral character than the next individual, for morality and integrity are also non-existent. No human being does any act or deed out of goodness and benefit for others, but because they see some form of benefit for themselves. Again, this is based on the absolute foundation that the whole 3 dimensional realm is a total and complete fraudulent scheme conjured up through this thing called the Thought Process.

Humanity cannot ‘wake up’ and cannot ‘love it up’. Humanity must realize that the manipulation of 911 is to convince the masses that they’re doing the right thing by resisting and retaliating against the powers that be. When in reality, the resistance and retaliation IS THE OBJECTIVE AND GOAL OF THE NEW WORLD ORDER, and the ELITE WHO PERPETUATE THE THOUGHT PROCESS.

The manipulation is sort of like a FALSE FLAG OPERATION occurring to hide yet another and even bigger FALSE FLAG OPERATION, which in turn, hides the Truth, Reality, and our Ultimate and Original State of Being.

In the USA, there’s this continual nattering about the ‘Constitution’ and the ‘Founding Fathers’ bullshit. As if the founding fathers were something approaching morality, justice, fairness, and wisdom. In reality, they were illusory beings with elitist tendencies, fostering the hypnotic Trance State and the illusion of American Exceptionalism. If you tell a segment of this illusory body of humanity that they are exceptional, and if you repeat it enough times, they’ll tend to believe it, and some of it will stick. At the same time, there’s a segment of that same population that goes ‘what the fuck’, we’re the people involved in the majority of all the wars going on in the world, with bases that circle the globe, and now this very same military has turned upon us and created one monster military prison called the United States of America. No fucking way are we EXCEPTIONAL! Many American citizens see the manipulation, and a very few see the double agent, triple agent agenda at work.

This is what the FOUNDING FATHERS envisioned. In 1776 divided by 2 = 888.

FOUNDING = FOWNDING = F, or 6, and OWN, or New World Order, – Death, ING = INY, or EYN, something from nothing.
FATHERS = 6+1+20+8+5+18+19 = 77.
The number 77 refers to WASHINGTON DC, or GOTHAM CITY, GOT’EM City, and the coordinates of 38.5N / 77W.

George Washington was the first president, and one of those special 33 degree Freemason FOUNDING FATHERS.
Washington State is the home of Mount Olympus, the home of the god ZEUS, which in turn links Washington to the Olympics occurring on this day, 888 days since the first presidents birthday, which occurred during the Winter Olympics of 2010. … and now we’re into the 2012 Olympics. What a ride its been.

Aurora Shooter and Mind Control

July 28, 2012 – Immediately following the Aurora Colorado theatre massacre, the usual mind control statements began flooding the internet. Almost, … one could say, … as if on cue, … as if, … just maybe, … those making the statements are exhibiting some form of MIND CONTROL THEMSELVES.

Without a doubt, James Eagan Holmes was being mind controlled by the luciferian Thought Process, in one form or another. However, the general public, and in particular those following and perpetuating the “doom and gloom, let’s go get’em, retaliatory myths”, are also locked into the same form of mind control without even realizing the hold it has upon them. Of course, that’s why it’s referred to as ‘mind control’.

A favourite phrase these ‘researchers / repeaters’ use is that of MKULTRA. This is a mind control experiment undertaken by government agencies, however, the intent was not just to control a few, but to control the many, by manipulating a few, and in turn, manipulating the many.

The term MKULTRA is just one example of putting the information out there, with the outward appearance of trying to hide it, but allowing enough information to become available so that it’s evident that this mind control experiment actually exists. Then, hidden within the mind control information is the magic button, the manipulative buzz word, that immediately throws the masses into a state of hypnotic frenzy and hysteria. Also referred to as chaos.

This term suggests the CULL and T sacrifice of the MAR, or the SEA, the Holy SEE, that will sacrifice the masses when the cataclysm comes to pass in this illusory time line.

Every instance in which this term is used and expressed in viral fashion throughout the 3D illusory plane, the masses are yet one more step closer to the cataclysmic event. This is not to say that the whole body of humanity is doing anything wrong, or right, or good, or bad. It’s just the way it works, and every time the term MKULTRA and other such hypnotic button pushing terms are used, the Trance State is moved deeper and closer to its ultimate goal. This is by design, and nothing, and no one can stop the Thought Process from achieving its desired end. However, one can become aware of the manipulation and become emotionally detached from the events occurring within the 3D realm, and just watch, … wait, … and simply observe the nonsense.

The World Trade Center Number Symbolism cont’d…

July 28, 2012 – Everything about the WTC attack has been shown repeatedly, to be all about Control, the Flood and the Sacrificial event referred to as the Judgment Day. All bullshit of course, but nonetheless, the driving force behind why this event occurred.

The WTC was built in exactly 6.66 years, suggesting 666, SEX SEX SEX, SICKS SICKS SICKS, and XXX, triple X sex, relating to the London Olympics.

6.66 years is exactly 80 months, to the day, and the ground breaking of the WTC occurred on August 5, 1966, a date which also relates to the London Olympics in that this anniversary date is right in the middle of the Games and includes the number 66, and 9, which is a 6 rotated 180 degrees. Subliminally speaking, the suggestion is the same, and even enhanced when a 69 appear together, as the vesica pisces is suggested, which is the female sex organs and symbolizes reproduction.

The WTC Twin Towers were each 110 stories high.
Using the number 80 months as a percentage, such as 80%, and multiplying 110 by 80% = 88, the number of Control, the Flood, and Sacrifice.
There were 2 Towers, so multiplying the number 88 x 2 = 176.
Adding another number 7 into the equation = 1776, the birthday of the USA.
Dividing 1776 by 2 = 888. This continues for as many 7’s as one might want to add into the equation.
The number 176 = 1+7+6 = 14, the number of Conception.
The number 176 = 17+6 = 23, which coincides with 11 on the 2nd clockface, the number of Death, and is a direct harmony to 5, the number of Sacrifice.
The number 176 = 1+76 = 77, the number of Perfection and Completion.

What this indicates, is that the height of the Twin Towers with 110 floors each was exactly what was required to have them be symbols of the Flood and Sacrifice. They are, without a doubt, the TWIN TOWERS or the T-WIN WO-TERS, and the numbers involved in there construction further bear this out.

The new FREEDOM TOWER – or 1 World Trade Center, has been designed with the inter-breeding of the Twin Towers, so that all of the symbolic significance is retained and enhanced, and the suggested Flood and Control sacrificial nonsense is perpetuated.

The Freedom Tower will be exactly 1776 feet tall.
Dividing 1776 by 2 = 888, or the FLOOD, CONTROL and SACRIFICE.
This death wish of a building is set to open sometime in 2013.
Once again suggesting a cataclysmic event.


The LIBOR scandal has created the scenario whereby the end of the financial world structure as we now know it, is finished. It just hasn’t been advertised as such to the masses, just yet. The manipulation of $800,000,000,000,000 (TRILLION) everyday, is highly symbolic. The number 8 suggesting the FLOOD and all those zeros symbolizing extreme IN-TEN-SITY. In fact 14 zeros suggests conception, and the ultimate birth. The term Trillion = 3 LIONS.


The suggestion relating to the luciferian Old Testament words that states, in that time of cataclysm and judgment, the masses will run from a LION and a BEAR will meet them. The LION is the ION, the electrified Atom, the WATT, the WATTER, the WATERS of sacrifice. The BEAR is the WATER-BEARER, the Age of AQUARIUS, and together, these hideous manipulative terms, suggest a cataclysm and FLOOD. This is LIBOR.

Some of London 2012 Olympic Symbolism

July 28, 2012 –

Lots of Hospital Beds, Nurses, A Massive Baby Skull, 7 Young People Receiving the Flame from 7 Olympic Legends, who received the Flame from 5 Time Olympic Rowing Legend STEVE REDGRAVE (suggesting ST.EVE BLOOD GRAVE). There were other endless symbolic features as well. However, death, sickness, pollution, and sacrifice seemed to be the theme of the day.

2012 Olympic Producer DANNY BOYLE = DANNY BOY

July 30, 2012 –

DANNY BOYLE = DANNY BOY – Written by Frederick Weatherly
Who Wrote “THE HOLY CITY” (Jerusalem)
which was made famous in the movie SAN FRANCISCO which was based on the

Here are the words to DANNY BOY:

Oh, Danny boy, the pipes, the pipes are calling
From glen to glen, and down the mountain side
The summer’s gone, and all the flow’rs are dying
‘Tis you, ’tis you must go and I must bide.
But come ye back when summer’s in the meadow
Or when the valley’s hushed and white with snow
‘Tis I’ll be here in sunshine or in shadow
Oh, Danny boy, oh, Danny boy, I love you so.
And if you come, and all the flowers are dying
If I am dead, as dead as well may be
I pray you’ll find the place where I am lying
And kneel and say an “Ave” there for me.
And I shall hear, though soft you tread above me
And all my grave will warm and sweeter be

And then you’ll kneel and whisper that you love me
And I shall sleep in peace until you come to me.

or I’ll simply sleep in peace until you come to me.
or And I shall rest in peace until you come to me.
or Oh, Danny boy, oh, Danny boy, I love you so.

Danny Boy is a gruesome bit of death wishing. Exactly the theme presented by the opening ceremonies of the 2012 Olympics.

The words to The HOLY CITY:

As you read these words, keep in mind that we’re now talking about San Francisco.
The temple is referring to the 2 Pillars of Solomon’s Temple, symbolized by the States of Oregon and Arizona. The state of California is the Porch, or entry Gate into the Temple, symbolized by the Golden Gate Bridge. The name, Jerusalem means City of Peace, and the Pacific Ocean means Sea of Peace. As demonstrated many times on this site, the CITY is the SITE, is the SIGHT, is how we SEE, is the SEA, is the Pacific Ocean, is the MAR, is Mother MARY, which will flood California, covering San Francisco, transforming San Francisco into ONE WITH THE PACIFIC OCEAN, which is JERUSALEM, which is the HOLY CITY.

The Cross on the Hill, is the 4 Corner Cross States in the Rocky Mountains.
The New Earth is the New World Order.
The Tideless Sea is tideless as the Flood has occurred.
The Gates were Open Wide refers to the Golden Gate where the Messiah enters through, which is the Pacific Ocean.
The New Jerusalem is San Francisco.
The NIGHT IS OVER, refers to the Night Journey of Muhammad, and the Flood which cleanses the earth, removing the dung, the infidels, the protesters, the rebels from the earth.

The words to The HOLY CITY:

Last night I lay a-sleeping
There came a dream so fair,
I stood in old Jerusalem
Beside the temple there.

I heard the children singing,
And ever as they sang,
Me thought the voice of angels
From heaven in answer rang.

Jerusalem! Jerusalem!
Lift up your gates and sing,
Hosanna in the highest!
Hosanna to your King!

And then me thought my dream was changed,
The streets no longer rang,
Hushed were the glad Hosannas
The little children sang.

The sun grew dark with mystery,
The morn was cold and chill,
As the shadow of a cross arose
Upon a lonely hill.

Jerusalem! Jerusalem!
Hark! How the angels sing,
Hosanna in the highest!
Hosanna to your King!

And once again the scene was changed;
New earth there seemed to be;
I saw the Holy City
Beside the tideless sea.

The light of God was on its streets,
The gates were open wide,
And all who would might enter,
And no one was denied.

No need of moon or stars by night,
Or sun to shine by day;
It was the new Jerusalem
That would not pass away.

Jerusalem! Jerusalem!
Sing for the night is o’er!
Hosanna in the highest!
Hosanna for evermore!


San Francisco the movie, made famous The Holy City hymn. The movie was released in 1936, the same year as the Berlin Olympics at which the Olympic Torch Relay was first introduced by Hitler into the games. The year 1936, or simply 36 = 6×6.

The Torch relay is symbolic of the Pacific Ocean Ring of Fire which will unleash the cataclysmic event referred to throughout the ages as the Judgment Day. This year, in the UK, the Torch was carried for 8,000 miles, by 8,000 runners, was 80 cm. high, weighed 800 grams, had 8.000 holes, and will take place in the 8 month of August.

The person who sang the song with incredible passion and skill was Jeannette MacDonald, who was also an actor perviously, in the 1936 film ROSE MARIE. ROSE MARIE = ROSE MARY, or the Sea of MARY ROSE, and in this instance, symbolizing rising over California.

The Holy City and Danny Boy were written by Frederick Weatherly. Some other songs written by Frederick Weatherly were:

When Noah Went-A-Sailing. (No kidding!)
Little Lady Of The Moon. (No kidding again!)
Beyond The Dawn. (No kidding yet again!)
In Sweet September (… “)
John Bull. (J and B word)
The Devoted Apple (A symbol of Zeus)
Sleeping Tide. (Flood suggestion)
The Star of Bethlehem.
Bid Me Good-Bye. (Death and G and B)
The Last Watch.
London Bridge. (Bridging the gap between London and California)
The King’s Highway.
… and a whole lot more.

Weatherly wrote more than 3,000 popular songs.

When the 11 Western States are overlaid on the city of San Francisco and the city map is rotated 180 degrees (6+6+6+0), the following lineups occur as demonstrated on the chart immediately below.

The 1936 BERLIN Olympic GAMES – B and G Word

It should also be noted that the current LIBOR scandal and Banking Cartel mob scenario is directly linked to the Berlin Games, and to Berlin in general even today, as Germany is front and centre in manipulating the austerity measures befalling many Eurozone countries … (symbolically speaking), … which of course is the real scenario behind this whole financial upheaval. The LIBOR term has been broken down previously on this page as:

LIBOR = BROIL (the highest heat setting on a kitchen oven) = BR-OIL = BEAR LIO = BEAR LEO = BEAR LION.

August 2012 is also a BLUE MOON MONTH, with 2 FULL MOONS occurring on August 1, and August 31, the 15th anniversary of Princess Diana’s death. In 2012, Princess Diana was born 51 years ago, on July 1, 1961.
The number 1961 reads as 1961, reversed or rotated.
Adding 19 + 61 = 80, the number of the Flood and inTENsity.
Adding 1961 as 1+9+6+1 = 17 = 1+7 = 8 the Flood.
Adding the numbers 15 + 51 = 66.
Princess Diana was 36 years old when she died.
The number 36 = 6×6.
Diana is a symbol of the Moon Flood Goddess.
The XXX Olympiad is in the UK at this highly symbolic moment.
The Olympic athletes have been provided with 150,000 condoms as part of the XXX, SEX SEX SEX, SICKS SICKS SICKS, 666 Ritual of Sacrifice and Death.

The Dark KNIGHT FALLS – Loses $440 Million

August 1, 2012 –

Once again, the KNIGHT is in the news, and it’s once again a DARK ONE. On the NYSE (SYEN/SION), the KNIGHT CAPITAL GROUP (KCG) lost $440,000,000 dollars in erroneous orders precipitated by faulty software installed the previous evening. Blamed on a huge bug in the software, Knight Capital Group lost 33% on the day. Knight had fallen as much as 54% by Thursday morning.

All of the symbolism in this event relates to the Dark Knight Rises Batman movie. This is simply a continuation of suggestion in regards to the coming events surrounding world turmoil and chaos, eventually leading to the cataclysmic event. The loss of $440 million relates to the Lion King, Lincoln, Obama and the Sphinx. The initials of Knight Capital Group KCG:

KCG = 11+3+7 = 21 = 9 on the 2nd clockface.
Adding 9+2 = 11 thereby suggesting another 911.

Knight Capital Group also suggests K-K-G, or 11+11+7 = 29 = 5 on the 3rd clockface = 5+3 = 8.
KKG = Ka Ka G, or Death Death and G, a pillar of Solomon’s Temple.
The name KNIGHT = 11+14+9+7+8+20 = 69, which suggests the Vesica Pisces, the female reproductive organs.
This event is occurring just prior to August 6 and 9, (Vesica Pisces numbers), the anniversaries of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings in WWII.
Of course, huddled right in between August 6 and 9 is the date of August 8 (Flood Number), which can be written as 08/08/2012 or 08/08/20+12, or 32, which coincides with 8 on the 3rd clockface.
Therefore 08/08/2012 = 08/08/08 is a highly symbolic date with very definite suggestion attached.
Preceding August 6, is Barack Obama’s 51st birthday on August 5.

BARACK OBAMA’S birthday suggests BARACK O-BOMB-US.
Along with endless other suggestions along the same vein, anytime anything relating to the president and ‘his decisions’ is made, the suggestion “OH BOMB US” is suggested.
Of course, the Obama / O Bomb Us suggestion has played out exactly as intended with the endless Drone Strikes in the Middle East, which are now beginning their activity on American soil. Starting with Spy Drones but which will ultimately translate into Bombing Drones.
This in turn will lead to the ultimate BOMB, the BIG ONE, the Earthquake and Tsunami off the West Coast of the America’s.

August 2, 2012 – DOW CLOSES @ 12,878.88 – Drops 92.18 Points

August 2, 2012 – Although the Dow Jones only dropped 92.18 points today, there’s a definite suggestion attached to this number. As mentioned above on July 13, 2012, the Dow closed at 12,777. Then on July 20, 2012, just after midnight, The DARK KNIGHT RISES Batman movie opened in Aurora Colorado. On July 27, 2012, the Opening Day of the XXX London Olympics, the Dow closed at 12,888. Then, on August 1, 2012, the KNIGHT CAPITAL GROUP lost $440.000,000, or 33%, courtesy of a software glitch. Today, August 2nd, 2012, the Dow closed at 12,878.88. Down 92.18 points.

Adding 12,878.88 = 1+2+8+7+8+8+8 = 42, which coincides with 6 on the 4th clockface.
Adding 4+2 = 6 or the same number as 42 on the 4th clockface.
Multiplying 6×4 = 24, which coincides with 12 on the 2nd clockface.
The number 24 is the reverse of 42 and once again = 6.
Adding 42 and 24 = 66.
The number 66% coincides with 8 on the 1st clockface.

The drop in the Dow was 92.18 points = 9+2 = 11.
And 1+8 = 9. Therefore, today’s drop was another 911 suggestion.
And adding 9 and 11 = 20 which coincides with 8 on the 2nd clockface.

The drop of 92.18 points was -.71% = 7+1 = 8.

The NASDAQ also displayed some symbolic numbers along with the Dow.
The NASDAQ closed down 10.44 points.
Adding 10.44 = 1+0+4+4 = 9.
Or adding 10+44 = 54 = 5+4 = 9.
The number 10 suggests inTENsity and 44 suggests the Lion King, Lincoln, etc.
The drop of 10.32 points = .36% = 3+6 = 9.
The NASDAQ closed at 2,909.77.
Adding 2+9 = 11, and adding 0+9 = 9, another 911.
The decimal numbers of 77 suggests Perfection and Completion, and totals 7+7 = 14, the conception, regeneration, Moon Goddess number.
Adding 2+9+9+77 = 97 = 9+7 = 16 the Lion King number.
Or again, 16 = 1+6 = 7, Perfection and Completion.

Keeping in mind the Dow Jones, the NYSE and the WTC site with the destroyed Twin Towers are all symbolic of Solomon’s Temple, and the destruction and death associated with Solomon’s Temple, these numbers are then significant suggestions, relating to things yet to come to pass in this illusory 3D reality.

The name DOW JONES = DOW YONES (substituting the J for Y).

Number 37 – Olympic Lion King Sphinx Number

The number 37 is symbolic in regards to the Lion King and Olympics.
The Olympics originated in Athens Greece @ 37 degrees N.
Olympia Greece is also situated at 37 degrees N.
Colorado is one of the 4 Corner Cross states, also located at 37 degrees N.
San Francisco and the Golden Gate Bridge are also located at 37 degrees N.
The Washington Monument in the National Mall, is also located at 37 degrees N, when the National Mall is overlaid upon the USA as a nation.
The Capitol Building in Washington, is likewise situated at 37 degrees N when overlaid on the USA as a nation.

Below is a list of extremely symbolic numbers that are linked to the number 37, which is a Prime Number. Notice that 37 multiplied by any number breaks down to the number that 37 is multiplied by. Then, every 3, 6 and 9 breakdown number has a strong link to the number 11. The numbers 3, 6, and 9 on the clockface, or the Zodiac chart, are 3 points relating to the CROSS, or the CUBE, and 3+6+9 = 18 or 6+6+6.

37 x 1 = 37 = 3+7 = 1+0, or simply 1.
37 x 2 = 74 = 7+4 = 11, or 1+1 = 2.
37 x 3 = 111 = 1+1+1 = 3.
37 x 4 = 148 = 13 = 1+3 = 4.
37 x 5 = 185 = 14 = 1+4 = 5.
37 x 6 = 222 = 2+2+2 = 6.
37 x 7 = 259 = 2+5+9 = 16 = 1+6 = 7.
(37+7 = 44, showing the relationship to 16 Lincoln, and 44 Obama). As well as the relationship to Washington DC @ 38.5 N and 77 W.
37 x 8 = 296 = 2+9+6 = 17 = 1+7 = 8.
37 x 9 = 333 = 3+3+3 = 9.
37 x 10 = 370 = 3+7+0 = 10.
37 x 11 = 407 = 4+0+7 = 11.
37 x 12 = 444 = 4+4+4 = 12.
(This demonstrates the relationship to the number 12, the Fullness of Time, similar to the number 7, Perfection and Completion, and the number 7 relationship to Lincoln, the Lion King, Obama and the Sphinx).
Moving ahead 3 more numbers:
37 x 15 = 555 = 5+5+5 = 15.
(This number shows the relationship to the Washington Monument at 555.5 feet tall, the number of Sacrifice, and the number 15 which is the number which is most closely associated with the illusion of God). The number 15 also breaks down to 6.
37 x 18 = 666 = 6+6+6 = 18. Also breaks down to 9.
37 x 21 = 777 = 7+7+7 = 21. Also breaks down to 3.
37 x 24 = 888 = 8+8+8 = 24. Also breaks down to 6.
37 x 27 = 999 = 9+9+9 = 27. Also breaks down to 9.

What this demonstrates is the reasoning behind the Thought Process as to the sacredness of certain numbers. Demonstrating that 3, 6 and 9 are the ‘cardinal points’, along with 12, and point to the 4 directions in this 3D illusory plane.

Based on this breakdown of the number 37, the date of November 11, 2013, or 11/11/13, (which is Remembrance Day, or Veteran’s Day), and is exactly 4,444 days since the World Trade Center attack of 911, this holds incredible symbolic significance.


The Space Shuttle Endeavour ended its 1st flight on May 16, 1992.
The Space Shuttle Endeavour started its last flight on May 16, 2011.
The date for the 1st and last flights of ENDEAVOUR occurred on the 16th day, (the number of the Lion King, the SUN/SON of God), in the month of MAY, or the month of MARY, the month of the SEA/SEE.
The 1st flight was in the 20th Century.
The last flight was in the 21st Century.
The name of the Aurora / Denver theatre was Century 16.
The Endeavour flights occurred in 2 different centuries.
The Denver shooting is related to the 911 attack and was part of the “Project For A New American Century”.

Just more suggestion relating to the coming cataclysm.


Google Video – illuminatiMATRIX explanatory video detailing the foundational root of hypnosis, religion, intellectualism and who and what god is.

Click here to watch video.

YouTube Video highlighting some of the subliminal elements hidden in the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem

Please read the next paragraph before watching the ROCK VIDEO.

On the ROCK VIDEO, the World Trade Center is mistakenly called the ROCKEFELLER PLAZA. The WTC was conceived and promoted by the Rockefellers. The Rockefeller Plaza is to the north of the World Trade Centre, on the MANHATTAN ROCK, or MANNA STONE. The WTC and the Rockefeller Plaza , along with the area of CENTRAL PARK, relate to the TEMPLE MOUNT in Jerusalem, and the Al Aqsa Mosque, the Dome of the ROCK, and the Temple Courtyard. These in turn relate to the North American West Coast. See page 39 for more details.

Click here to watch the new Rock Video on YouTube.

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