59 – Princess Diana’s Engagement RING – Prince William And Kate’s Wetting – 444 DAYS From February 12-2010 Olympics Until MAYDAY MAYDAY MAYDAY! 2011 – WikiLeaks=WAIKIKI LEAKS – Tunisia/Egypt/Yemen/Syria/Jordan/Bahrain/Libya – The ARAB WORLD – ARAB=BA-RA=Sacrifice WATER – Bah-Rain – APRIL 19 – 109th Day Of The Year – APRIL 29th Royal Wedding – 119th Day Of The Year – 119=911 – Prince William Sound And Hurricane Katrina – APRIL 29 / 66th ANNIVERSARY of HITLER’S MARRIAGE TO EVA BRAUN – Oedipus Complex – William And Kate/Diana Wedding – The SACRIFICE OF SOLOMON The Son And The Moon – The Arab Spring Has Cracks – Yellowstone Lava Plume Bigger Than Believed April 11 2011 – OVAL OFFICE = LAVA ORIFICE = YELLOWSTONE CALDERA – Great Pyramid Of Giza – Washington DC Symbolism – PYRAMID = FIRE IN THE MIDST = YELLOWSTONE – The Ascending Passage of GIZA USA – White House Address 1600 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE = Sacrifice Of SOL-O-MON – George Washington Inauguration 222 Years To April 30 2011 – APRIL 22 Deep Water Horizon Sinking 04/22 = 4×22=88 – The Launch of ENDEAVOR=DEVOUR – The Marriage Supper Of The Lamb – VOLCANOS DIAMONDS CARATS CARROTS And BUGS BUNNY – Easter Bunny Eggs 2 Symbols Of Fertility – Diana’s OVAL LAKE BURIAL ISLAND – Prince William Sound 180 Degrees From Giza – FLOWERS FLOWING For Diana And Kate – REICH RICHTER ROCKETS – Beatification of Pope John Paul II May 1 – St. Catherine Feast Day April 29-30 – Beltane King Of The Wood/Green Man Sacrifice May 1 – VIETNAM WAR May 1 – BIG BROWN Horse Race – Chocolate Brown Rolls-Royce – Chocolate Beltane Cake – CHOCOLATE MOUNTAINS California – Devil’s Food Cake – License Plate JU5T WED – OSAMA BIN LADEN=OBAMA SIN LADEN – Obama Faked Birth Certificate – LITTLE BOY FAT MAN ATOMIC BOMBS=BAPHOMET PENTAGRAM PENTAGON Yellowstone Sacrifice – ATOMIC BOMB = A-BOMB =O-BOMB-A – Royal Visit To Canada And California On 7th ANNIVERSARY OF LONDON BOMBINGS – The Situation Room / Obama Sin Laden – ENDEAVOR LAUNCH Tentatively MAY 16, 2011 – ENDEAVOR = NEVER-LAND

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Google Video – illuminatiMATRIX explanatory video detailing the foundational root of hypnosis, religion, intellectualism and who and what god is.

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YouTube Video highlighting some of the subliminal elements hidden in the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem

Please read the next paragraph before watching the ROCK VIDEO.

On the ROCK VIDEO, the World Trade Center is mistakenly called the ROCKEFELLER PLAZA. The WTC was conceived and promoted by the Rockefellers. The Rockefeller Plaza is to the north of the World Trade Centre, on the MANHATTAN ROCK, or MANNA STONE. The WTC and the Rockefeller Plaza , along with the area of CENTRAL PARK, relate to the TEMPLE MOUNT in Jerusalem, and the Al Aqsa Mosque, the Dome of the ROCK, and the Temple Courtyard. These in turn relate to the North American West Coast. See page 39 for more details.

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Princess Diana’s Engagement RING



Honey – Referred to as the food of the gods.
Moon – symbol of the flood goddess.

Prince William and Kate – Marry on April 29th, 2011.
April 29th, the Eve of the 66th full year since Hitler’s death.
April 30th, the HONEY-MOON begins on the anniversary of Hitler’s death.
May 1st, MAYDAY! MAYDAY! MAYDAY! the ritual celebration of Beltane, goddess of death.

MAY 1st, 2011 – 444 DAYS from LINCOLN’S Birthday (including February 12, 2010)

2010 OLYMPICS FEBRUARY 12,2010 TO MAYDAY, MAY 1, 2011=444 DAYS

The LION KING / LINCOLN, is on the move!


Julian Assange = Jewel-Lion A-Sange, or BLOOD in French

WikiLeaks exposing cables involving Tunisia, initiated the protest for DEMOCRACY.
Tunisia initiated the overthrow of Mubarak in Egypt in the drive for DEMOCRACY.
Egypt’s protest initiated protests in Yemen, Bahrain, Syria, Jordan, and in LIBYA, all calling for DEMOCRACY.


Kilauea Volcano, home of Pele, goddess of volcanos.

APRIL 19 – A Very Peculiar Day Corresponding to the Number 6

April 19, 1933 – FDR takes the USA off the GOLD STANDARD
1933 to 2011 = 78 years – coincides with 6 on the 7th clockface
78 = 7+8 = 15 = 1+5 = 6
April 19, 1993 – WACO TEXAS MASSACRE
1993 to 2011 = 18 years – coincides with 6 on the 2nd clockface
18 = 6+6+6
April 19, 1995 – OKLAHOMA BOMBING / OK-LA-O-BOMB-A suggesting LA and Obama
1995 to 2011 = 16 years, the number associated with LINCOLN and OBAMA, 4×4 and 4 and 4, or 4 QUARTERS, the 4 SQUARE FOUNDATION coinciding with 4 on the 2nd clocface – 4+2=6
April 19, 2005 – Pope BENEDICT 16th becomes pope – suggesting BENEDICT ARNOLD the BETRAYER
16 = the number of LINCOLN the LION KING and OBAMA
2005 to 2011 = 6 years

More subliminal suggestion in the numbers 19, 109, 119 and 29

April 19 is the 109th day of the year.
The 4 Corner Cross States are located at 109 degrees W.
The vertical border of the 4 Corner Cross Sacrifice States points exactly to EASTER ISLAND – relating to the EASTER SEASON of SACRIFICE.
Easter 2011 begins on Palm Sunday April 17.
PASSOVER occurs on APRIL 19th 2011.
GOOD FRIDAY corresponds with April 22.
The Royal Wedding takes place on April 29th.
APRIL 29th is the 119th DAY OF THE YEAR.

119 = 9-11 in reverse

… and even more symbolic numbers!

April 7, 2011 – Japan experienced another huge aftershock of 7.1 mag.

April 7, 2011 = 04/07/11 = 4+7=11 + 11 = 22

March 11, 2011 = Japan’s EQ 9 mag.

March 11, 2011 = 03/11/11 = 3+11+11 = 322

Radioactive IODINE 131 is leaking from the FUK-U-shima Nuclear Plant.
The scientific symbol for Iodine is ‘I’, the 9th letter.
The number 131 coincides with 11 on the 11th clockface.

IODINE 131 = 9-11.


William and Kate’s Silver Ring Symbolism…


$20 Commemorative COIN For William And Kate


Prince William Sound EQ And Hurricane Katrina

April 29, 2011 – 66 YEARS to the day, that Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun were married

Just one day before they either, committed suicide, or were secreted out of Germany to who knows where. In any respect, what is significant with this date, is that it coincides with William and Kate’s wedding date.

William And Kate/Diana Wedding

With the symbolism of William giving Kate his mother Diana’s Engagement Ring, the Oedipus Complex of sexually possessing your mother in marriage and killing your father is subliminally suggested. The royal family is not at all adverse to the idea of incest, as it is, that the royal families of Europe affectionately look upon Queen Victoria as the Grandmother of Europe. Even Diana and Charles were distant cousins.

The ancient Athenian Greek tragedy play called ‘Oedipus The King’ was first performed in 429 BC. This is regarded by many as the Greek Tragedy par excellence.

429 BC = 04/29 or APRIL 29TH

William and Kate/Diana’s Wedding

Not only did William give Kate the BLUE SAPPHIRE ENGAGEMENT RING, encircled with 14 DIAMONDS.

Diana died 14 years ago, on August 31, 1997.

Kate wore a BEAUTIFUL BLUE DRESS as they announced their engagement to the world, exactly as Diana did when announcing her engagement to Prince Charles.

The similarities between Kate and Diana are staggering. Suffice it to say, that both are stunningly beautiful, able to captivate with their presence alone, and seemingly genuine personalities. The activity surrounding Kate and her fashion, and her sexual appeal relates to that extended to Diana as she wove her way into the hearts of the world to become the QUEEN of HEARTS.


On the chart immediately below, the painting in the lower left corner shows Oedipus explaining the Riddle of the Sphinx to the female Sphinx, which is symbolic of his Mother. This is the same symbolism associated with the Mother and Child, or Madonna and Child worship going back to ancient Babylon amd Egypt and now to modern day Mary and Jesus mythology.

The name OEDIPUS suggests the female sexual anatomy referred to flippantly as a PUSSY, which is a CAT which in turn is KATE.

KATE is a CAT which is the SPHINX which is the symbol of the female LUNAR GOD who is known by many names, and in particular, as DIANA.

Modern day psychologists refer to this sexual obsession that boys have with their mothers as the Oedipus Complex, which seems to arrive at the 3rd stage of sexual development called the PHALLIC STAGE, between the age of 3 to 6 years.

The symbolism in this ‘Menage et Trois’ type wedding, is suggesting the FLOOD of the LUNAR GODDESS. The actual day and time are not important, as TIME is ILLUSORY and does not exist. What is worth noting, is that the FLOOD of JUDGMENT will appear to occur when the luciferian Thought Process deems it crucial to bring it into our 3D conscious illusory reality.

William – The Sun / Kate – The Moon = SOL-O-MON

With the symbolic union of William the Sun/Son of ‘God’, and Kate being the Mother ‘God’, or the Moon Goddess Diana, the subliminal relating to the Sacrifice Pillars of Solomon’s Temple are in motion. (Keep in mind that the 2 Pillars are Al-AQSA, or ALASKA, and the 11 Western States, which is the Foundation Stone, or Judgment Stone). Just as the world became a very different illusory place to experience after the WTC attack of 9-11, so too will the world be a very different place after the events which are unfolding throughout the world, and those events still to come. In a very sick sort of way, the best is yet to come.

The relationship of the Royal Wedding to the EQ’s and Oil Disasters of recent times, and how they relate symbolically to Hitler’s life, marriage and death, are intended to suggest another HOLOCAUST = HOLY CAUSE. Even as Hitler exterminated many Jewish people, he also eliminated Blacks, Christians, homosexuals, and basically anyone not following the desired path which would keep in step with his vision of the Third Reich, or Holy Roman Empire reborn.

This Holy Roman Empire rebirth is the subliminal of a New Age, or a New World Order, which is always coming in the future in this 3D illusory life experience. For this reason the marriage and death dates associated with Hitler are again being associated with the Royal Wedding. A New World which will never be established, but will always be just out of reach like the proverbial carrot on a stick, and one that the masses will follow after, blindly, as they’re herded into the cozy gas chambers for delousing, which, in the United States of America is referred to as Homeland Security. The borders are being tightened so the masses can be deloused for sacrifice, with no option to relocate. Even if relocation were an option, the Sacrifice of Solomon’s Temple cannot be avoided by physical relocation. For the events that will bring to pass this ritual will be so far reaching as to make physical relocation useless. Just ask the Japanese, the Haitians, the Indian Ocean countrymen, of their experiences, and the reality sets in, that what’s meant to come to pass is beyond human comprehension in the 3D sense.

The only way of escape is through emotional disconnection to this 3 dimensional illusory joke. Everything within this 3D realm has an aspect of such incredible lunacy and insanity, and still, the people look to the leaders, the elite, the power-brokers for salvation and relief. When in reality, all of these elite movers and shakers, and the many not so elite conspiracy truthers, who are attempting to cause the masses to rise up like a lion to replace the head haunchos with yet another set of elitists, are the ones perpetuating the emotional connection to the 3D illusory experience. Escape is only accomplished by realizing that there is no path to follow to achieve oneness and the paradise state. For a path suggests distance, which is space, which is time, and Time and Space do not exist. Therefore, those who attempt to initiate a revolution of violence or non-violence, are leading the masses into a gas chamber of horrific proportions, even as they’re cheered for setting them free from the illusory bonds of corruption and deceit, only to be bound with a new fresh set of fetters, even stronger than the first. The only way of escape is through the mind, and the total emotional disconnect from believing that any of this hellish 3D experience has any validity or worth.

The Royal Wedding is a major ritual marker in the luciferian agenda. The Son, born when the sun was at its highest point in the sky, on the Summer Solstice, and born of a mother who was born on July 1, (Canada’s birthday) as the sun is descending and leading into the Flooding of the Nile on July 4, (USA birthday) and the regeneration of things to come. This is the Sacrifice of Solomon’s Temple, set in motion, for an illusory time, and an illusory place, in the not to distant future. The only way of escape is to come out of the Trance, … and reclaim what each of us already are, … which is the Wisdom State of All Knowing, … we are the Paradise State and nothing will ever change that Eternal State of Being.

Once this sacrifice is fulfilled according to the mathematical attitude of the luciferian agenda, the whole insane process will start all over again.

YellowStone-HolyStone-Judgment Stone

The Statue of Liberty has been demonstrated on this site to relate in a very strong subliminal fashion to Princess Diana (see page 40). In turn, the Statue of Liberty and DIANA relate to the state of IDAHO, with such geographical location names as Craters of the MOON (suggesting the Moon Goddess Diana). The tablet that Liberty holds coincides with the location of Yellowstone, and written on this tablet is the year July 4, 1776 in Roman Numerals – July IV, MDCCLXXVI.

As shown on p.58 of this site, the face of a man is etched into the border of Montana and Idaho, which is created by the Continental Divide, (the Crown of the Continent), and reaches all the way to Alaska, the actual physically shaped CROWN STATE. The state of Montana suggests a Lunar Goddess, called Inanna (amongst other names) and reflects the image of a man positioned facing the bosom of Liberty. This is suggesting the Mother and Child worship and therefore relates to the royal nuptials of William and Kate/Diana.

On April 11, 2011, new information regarding the size of the lava plume under Yellowstone is much bigger than previously believed. The chart immediately below show the size and shape of the plume using new imaging technology. The subliminal and suggestion of impending doom is obvious.

The series of charts below is courtesy of the USGS site. Excuse the overlap of the charts on the page list. Pay special attention to the last 2 charts showing the area of the plume rising below Yellowstone, and the previous eruptions that blanketed the USA with ash up to 3 feet deep. This is the Judgment Stone of the Lord, all prepped and primed for that very special day. It seems almost incredulous that the ash falls only on the states west of the Mississippi, which total 11 midwest and 11 western states, for a total of 22. Arizona, the SPHINX=PHINXS=PHOENIX=PHOENIX BIRD is completely covered in ASH. Suggesting the ASH that this BIRD will rise from as it regenerates along with all 4 Corner Cross States. Everything will depend on which way the wind blows on the Day of Daze.

Yellowstone National Park contains 10,000 geothermal features, including geysers and hot springs. The caldera is an active super volcano that has the potential to erupt.
Source: OurAmazingPlanet.com


Oval-Office = Yellowstone LAVA = LAV-A-TORY = a place for cleansing

The chart immediately below illustrates the symbolism of the West Wing of the White House, and in particular the OVAL OFFICE. The words OVAL OFFICE suggest LAVA ORIFICE, or Lava Opening. When the White House and the East and West Wings are placed over Yellowstone, the Oval Office is situated over Yellowstone and the White House itself lines up with 109 degrees W, which coincides with the 4 Corner Cross States. Keep in mind that the name ‘White House’ is suggesting the state of Wyoming, the ‘White Home’.

The ROSE GARDEN is immediately adjacent to the Oval Office, and suggests the Risen Messiah, which is symbolized by the Mother and Child worship, or the union of the Mother and the Son. This mythology is once again perpetuated by the upcoming royal wedding. Adjacent to the East Wing is the Jacqueline Kennedy Garden. The name of this Garden suggests Jack Kennedy and his heroism during WWII, where he saved many of his crew in their torpedoed PT109 boat. This occurred in the South Pacific, and creates the subliminal of the sacrifice destined to occur within the 11 western states, symbolized by the 4 Corner Cross, as the Son and the Mother O-cean/O-Sun work their cleansing ritual. All the 44 numbers relating to the state of Wyoming, the president Obama, and the coordinate 44, are all suggesting something for this time and place. Suggestions that will add to the previously suggested trance inducements.

Great Pyramid Of Giza = FIRE IN THE MIDST

Things are going to get just a bit weird with the following charts. The first chart immediately below shows a cross section of the Great Pyramid of Giza, named Khufu. Within this pyramid are the King’s Chamber, Queen’s Chamber and Subterranean Chamber. From the ENTRANCE to the right there is located an ASCENDING PASSAGE, leading up to the King’s Chamber, and a DESCENDING PASSAGE leading down to the Subterranean Chamber. There is also a HORIZONTAL PASSAGE leading directly to the Queen’s Chamber.

The word PYRAMID=PYRE, or FIRE, in the MIDST.

The definition of a PYRE, is a heaped mass of material for burning of a corpse.

In other words, the pyramid is suggesting death and fire, and mass of material to support that fire.

Washington DC Street Map Symbolism

The chart below shows the street map of Washington DC and some symbolic formations that have been identified. This chart is the work of an unknown author and is greatly appreciated. These symbols have been redrawn and isolated in the following charts below.

Giza=Washington DC=USA Capitol Burial Hill

With the symbols from the Washington DC street map over layed on the Khufu Pyramid, some odd similarities emerge. Keep in mind that the Washington DC symbols include the National Mall shown in a green outline. The red pentagram just above the White House and the blue 6 Pointed Star at the right entrance of the Pyramid, are all based on the street formations within Washington DC. The terms used on this chart may refer to the Pyramid, to the streets of Washington DC, or to the United States as a nation. Attempt to track with the symbolism and coinciding features when reading through the charts.

Washington DC Street Map symbolism is based on the Chambers within the Great Pyramid of Giza. Study the following chart very closely, and notice how the King’s Chamber coincides with the White House / Yellowstone. The Queens Chamber coincides with the Washington Monument / the 4 Corner Cross states. The Jefferson Memorial coincides with the Subterranean Chamber / Mexico.

Notice the angle and direction of the Ascending Passage imitate that of Pennsylvania Avenue which proceeds from the Capitol Building towards the White House / Yellowstone, which is the King’s Chamber. The angle and direction of the Descending Passage proceeds from the Capitol Building towards the Jefferson Memorial, which coincides roughly with the location of the Subterranean Chamber. The Horizontal Passage that leads to the Queen’s Chamber, coincides with the Washington Monument / 4 Corner Cross states. The Pyramid is accessed through the Entrance which coincides with with the 6 Pointed Star, which is the Seal of Solomon, or the Star of David, the Star of Israel, and coincides with the Capitol Building, which is the Entrance to the Fiery Burial Mound of the United States.

What this shows is a definite agenda going back thousands of illusory years to the conjuring up of the Pyramids of Giza, and the SPHINX/PHINXS/PHOENIX subliminal which suggest the Sacrifice of Solomon’s Temple. All of the events in world history have been taking direct aim of the events we see unfolding throughout the world today, and especially since the WTC attack of 9-11. The luciferian agenda, and the Mindset that utilizes and initiates the Thought Process, conjured this whole lunatic plot as they exercised their EGO nature. Also, keep in mind that none of the participants, the elite and indoctrinated loons that perpetuate this horrific agenda, have no idea what part they play in the suffering of the masses, including themselves.


The luciferian agenda … going back to ancient Egypt … to the founding of the United States of America … just for the ritualistic fun of slaughter and pretending to be god …


The chart below shows the symbols of Washington DC overlaid on the USA as a nation.

Lincoln=LION KING ASCENDING To Yellowstone

The chart below illustrates how the United States of America was the central component in the luciferian agenda, going back to the illusory formation of the pyramids of Egypt, with the subliminal symbolism of the Great Sphinx, the Lion King, Lincoln, weaving its way to Yellowstone. This symbolism and the overall luciferian agenda is not recognized by the elite and powerful, who are just reacting to the impulses and implants of the Thought Process.

Notice the Capitol Building is centred on Kentucky, the site of Lincoln’s Birthplace at SINKING SPRINGS FARM which is located on NOLIN CREEK.


Following the ASCENDING PASSAGE of the GIZA PYRAMID, goes directly through LINCOLN COUNTY Missouri, then LINCOLN Nebraska, moving close to Mount Rushmore and the Lincoln carving, and culminating at LINCOLN COUNTY just adjacent to Yellowstone.

YELLOWSTONE = YELLOW colour of the Lion which is made of STONE.


The inauguration of the presidents of the USA now occurs on the steps of the Capitol Building. Understanding that the Capitol Building is symbolic for the Entrance To The Burial Mound of the Khufu Pyramid of Giza, which leads to the King’s Chamber of Yellowstone, (symbolically speaking), explains the ritual of the presidential parade from the Capitol Building to the White House after the inauguration. The White House has within its walls, the LINCOLN BEDROOM, symbolizing the KING’S CHAMBER of Khufu, as well as the QUEEN’S BEDROOM, symbolizing the QUEEN’S CHAMBER.

On the chart below, the blue vertical line at the top left corner of the chart represents 16th STREET, Washington DC, just above the White House. The number 16 is the number of LINCOLN, the LION KING, the 16th President, or High Priest. This is also the number associated with OBAMA, the 44th President, with Wyoming, the 44th State, and the Yellowstone Caldera, centred at 44 degrees North. Washington DC is also surrounded by the states of MARY-land and VIRGIN-ia, symbolizing the BLEEDING HEART of MARY. By assigning a number value to each letter of the words VIRGIN MARY we get a total of 136.

V = 22
I = 9
R = 18
G = 7
I = 9
N = 14

M = 13
A = 1
R = 18
Y = 25
Total 136 = 4 on the 12th clockface.
4 + 12 = 16, the number of the Lion King

PENNSYLVANIA = PENT 5 SACRIFICE – SYL, or SOL/SUN SON – and VA (with a value of 6 in Hebrew), or WA, WATER, the MOON FLOOD goddess.

Pennsylvania is referring to the sacrifice of the Sun and Moon, or SOLOMON. After the inauguration of a president, the high priest of Solomon’s Temple, the inauguration parade follows Pennsylvania Avenue to the White House, which is symbolic of the LION KING, LINCOLN, the Great SPHINX, ASCENDING TO THE KING’S CHAMBER, which is YELLOWSTONE and the pouring out of VENGEANCE in that fabricated day of the Lord. This has been going on for centuries, and interestingly, George Washington was the 1st president to be inaugurated in New York City in the Federal Building on April 30, 1789, exactly 222 YEARS AGO on April 30, 2011. This is 1 day after the Royal Wedding on April 29, 2011, and falls on the 66th anniversary of Hitler’s death/suicide/escape. Symbolically speaking, a lot of things are being suggested for the immediate and not to distant illusory future.

The Marriott Hotel at the WTC site in New York City had 22 stories. The Twin Towers totaled 110+110 stories = 220. The Twin Brothers of Romulus and Remus who founded ancient Rome are also types of the Twin Towers of Solomon’s Temple, as the myth surrounding these brothers suggests how a SHE WOLF = Mother FLOW/FLOOD nursed them as babes. And this April 29, on the Royal Wedding day, the Space Shuttle under the command of Mark Kelly, blasts off for the Space Station that his identical Twin Brother just returned from a few days ago. The Space Shuttle ENDEAVOR will be launched for the last time as President OBAMA will be in attendance, as well as Gabrielle Giffords, (upon the approval of her doctors), the wife of Mark Kelly who was shot in Tuscon Arizona a few weeks ago. In other words, many many things are being suggested to establish our illusory dream state in the days just ahead.


The launching of Endeavor on April 29, 2011 for the last time is an ORGASMIC SEX RITUAL relating to the sacrifice of the Virgin, which is related to the Beltane ritual, who is the goddess of death. This coincides with the royal wedding and is no accidental quirk, but is a major marker in the luciferian agenda. Keeping in mind that Time does not exist, these events are symbolically placed to coincide with certain calendar days, but this does not mean that they will necessarily come to pass on these particular days within this illusory time frame. What it does mean, is that certain events may unfold on these dates, and even a major portion of these events may unfold. However, what all of this subliminal suggestion is meant to achieve is that it will come to pass. There is a 100% certainty of everything suggested eventually surfacing to our conscious level, and the mass of humanity will experience the Day of Vengeance of the fabricated god of war. To put it another way, Mary and Jesus are going to fuck with us.

The launching of ENDEAVOR=EN-DEVOUR, as to consume a meal, and is suggesting the Marriage Supper of the Lamb of God, who is Zeus, or Jesus. This is the meal be suggested by the Royal Wedding. The Royal Wedding is a wedding of a German bloodline, Saxe-Coburgh-Gotha, which links to the inclusion of the happenings of Adolf Hitler within this luciferian scenario.

HITLER = RE, or RA, or WA, which is WATER, and HIL, as in HEIL, or HILL of WATER.

Heil Hitler=HH=the 8th letter=88

This is the CAPITOL HILL, or CHIEF HILL, symbolized by the Khufu Pyramid, which has been prepared for a Funeral Fire, (FF=66), in conjunction with the Hill of Water, or tsunami, a Wall of Water, to establish the New World when the primordial mound will appear from beneath the devastation.

Hitler is synonymous with the NAZI movement.
The intellectual know-how of Nazi Germany was imported into the North American Space program following the end of WWII.
NAZI Germany emerged as NASA.
NASA in turn is SAAN = SIAN = SION = ZION, which is symbolized on the ENTRANCE to the Khufu Pyramid as illustrated in the Washington DC street symbols shown on the charts above.
SION refers to the worship of the SUN and MOON, the Sol-O-Mon, the Light of the World.
SION is the ION, the electrified ATOM.
ATOM is the first man ADAM and the coming of the light EVE.
This is symbolized in the Khufu Pyramid in the form of the KING’S Chamber and the QUEEN’S Chamber.
The sacrifice of the SUN and MOON is further represented in the Pyramid of Khufu, with the SUBTERRANEAN Chamber, or the UNDERWORLD, the HADES, or HELL of the luciferian agenda.
The goddess of the Underworld was called HECATE, from which we derive the name CATHERINE, or CATE, as in KATE Middleton.
Hecate was the Greek goddess of MAGIC.
Catherine, Kate, Hecate, means PURE. As in the CAT PURRS.

On the chart immediately below, the Mission Patch for the Endeavor Launch is an ATOM SYMBOL. The is demonstrated by the ELECTRONS, the ELECT LADY, swirling around, forming a symbolic HEX, which is the illusory 3D realm we call our life experience. In the middle of this 6 sided Hexagon, there are 2 names that begin with the letter F, FINCKE and FEUSTEL. The letter F is the 6th letter of the alphabet, and therefore symbolizes the number 66 that form a HEX or 6 sided hexagon.

Also present on the patch are the names KELLY and CHAMITOFF. The name Chamitoff could read as KAMITOFF, creating 2 K names, which is the 11th letter. This suggests 11 and 11, or Death. Added together 11 + 11= 22.

The name VITTORI is also present. VITTORI starts with the letter V, which is a Roman Numeral for 5, or the Pentagram, the symbol of sacrifice. The letter V is the 22nd letter of the alphabet.

The last astronaut name is JOHNSON=OANNES-SON=ION-SON, or SUN/SON.
J is the 10th letter of the alphbet.

Adding all of these initials together:


The number associated with LINCOLN, the LION KING, OBAMA, YELLOWSTONE, WYOMING, etc. is the number 16 = 4×4, and the number 44, as well as the number 8.

The Endeavor Patch has 16 BLUE FORKS symbolizing WATER.
16 YELLOW FORKS symbolizing FIRE.
11 WHITE FORKS symbolizing DEATH and PURR-ification.
There are 16 SOLAR PANELS on the Space Station.
The mission number 134=1+3+4=8.

This is some of the symbolism being suggested in subliminal fashion on this NASA/NAZI mission patch, and all of it is intended to work in harmony with the success of the intended MISSION=MISS-SION=MY ISIS=MY EYES SEE, whatever that might entail.

The Royal Engagement Ring – 14 DIAMONDS / VOLCANOS

The following text courtesy of http://www.algebralab.org

All diamonds come exclusively from old deeply-eroded volcanoes. Diamonds are formed under intense pressure about 150 kilometers or more under the earth’s surface. Specifically, they come from carrot-shaped structures which represent the roots of ancient, small volcanoes called Kimberlite pipes. Inside these pipes, most gem quality diamonds are found in the Diatreme. The largest diamond mines of this type are found in Australia (Argyle mine), Botswana (Orapa mine), Russia (Yakutia mine), Canada (Diavik mine), Zaire (Mbuji-Mayi mine), and particularly in South Africa (Kimberly and Jagersfontein mines) where the DeBeers Company runs its monopoly of the diamond business.

(End of quote).

This explains the symbolism of the 14 Diamonds surrounding the BLUE SAPPHIRE / BLUE AS-FIRE stone on the engagement ring. The diamonds represent the volcanic Ring of Fire surrounding the Pacific Ocean.

Of course, Bugs Bunny fits nicely into this subliminal as well. MERRIE MELODIES = MARY M-ELO-DIES = MARY YELLOW DEATH cartoons indoctrinated millions around the world to unwittingly relate CARROTS to DIAMOND CARATS, and in turn to VOLCANIC ACTIVITY and the fabricated day of judgment. Hypnotic suggestion doesn’t follow logic or rational thought in the least, but it works its magic flawlessly.


(See Page 34 of this site for more Loony Tunes in regards to Bugs Bunny).

Just as the Hitler era ended on April 30, and the inauguration of the George Washington occurred on April 30, so too, did the Magic of Bugs Bunny first appear on April 30, 1938.



APRIL 29, 2011 = 33+44 = 77 WASHINGTON DC

APRIL 29, 2011 = 04/29/20-11
33+44= 77 = WASHINGTON DC
WASHINGTON DC 38.5 Degrees N x 2 = 77 / and 77 Degrees W
44+20=64 = 8×8

The Great Pyramid of Giza is located at approximately 30 degrees N / 31 degrees E.
Prince William Sound Alaska/Al-Aqsa, is located from approximately 146 degrees N to 149 degrees N, which is 180 degrees from the Khufu Giza Pyramid.

The Khufu Pyramid has incorporated the symbolism of the Washington DC Streets within its structure.

This is immediately adjacent to ANCHORAGE, the ANKE CROSS of Egyptian Sun God worship @ 149.8 degrees W.

William is BILL=BAAL=the fertility god that floods the Nile annually.

The very same as Mecca is located 180 degrees from the vertical border of Alaska, which is symbolic of the Al-Aqsa Mosque, or the ‘Furthest Mosque from Mecca’.


Gabrielle Giffords Present At Endeavor Launch…

Launch Date 3:47 pm April 29, 2011, or 15:30.

3+4+7=14 = The number for LOVERS (Valentine’s)
Tower 1 and Tower 2=Oregon and Arizona=February 14 joined Union
14=7+7=77 Washington DC
7×7=49 Canadian Border

15:47= 1+5+4+7= 17=8
15:47 = 15+47=62 coincides with 2 on the 6th clockface= 2+6=8
15+47=62 = 6+2=8

The number suggested with the launch time is 8, anyway you look at it.

Gabrielle Giffords was shot on January 8, 2011, another 8.
This was 111 DAYS before the Royal Wedding.
This connects the shooting of Gabrielle Giffords to the Royal Wedding symbolically speaking.
Mark Kelly, the commander of the Space Shuttle ENDEAVOR, Giffords husband, will receive the first ever phone call from a pope. Pope Benedict the 16th, (the number of the LION KING), will call the Space Shuttle.

Pope JOHN PAUL II Beatified On May 1, 2011

Immediately after the death of Pope John Paul II, on April 2, 2005, the new Pope, Benedict XVI fast-tracked the beatification process for the late pope. A process that usually takes decades, if not centuries, was meant to coincide with the royal wedding, the Endeavor Space Shuttle launch, and other intriguing dates that relate to such things as the May Day celebration on May 1, or the Beltane sacrifice ritual. 4 vials of blood were collected from John Paul II before he died, just in case he needed them for a BLOOD TRANSFUSION. They were never used. Obviously, they were never intended to be used, even though those in charge are never aware of what the luciferian Mindset will have them do as the agenda moves forward. One of the vials will now be consecrated and deemed a holy relic on May 1.

On May 1, 2011, a prayer vigil will be conducted at the CIRCUS MAXIMUS in Rome. This geographic location coincides with the Sacramento and San Joaquin Valleys in California when the 7 Hills of ancient Rome are laid over the 11 Western States.

Feast Day Of St. Catherine – April 29-30

March 25, 1347 to Aprila 29, 1380 – St. Catherine was one of at least 25 children, of whom half died in their youth. St. Catherine died at the age of 33. St. Catherine was a Roman Catholic nun, who had her first vision of Jesus when she was about 5 or 6 years old. By the time she was 7, she vowed chastity. She is one of two patron saints of Italy, the other being St. Francis of Assisi. (San Francisco is named for St. Francis), and is where the Golden Gate is situated where the messiah is to come through on the Judgment Day. This is to herald the RESURRECTION of the DEAD.


Walpurgis Night May 1

Walpurgis Night is a traditional spring festival celebrated on April 30-May 1. This festival is celebrated with bonfires, dancing and sex ritual activities. Named after St. WalBurGa. St. Walburga was born in 710 AD and died on February 25, 777 AD. Her feast day relates to the date of her canonization of May 1.

King Of The Wood/Green Man Sacrifice Ritual

The Green Man is a carving, or drawing, found in churches and taverns, and is a symbol of Resurrection and Rebirth. Green Man symbolism relates to the environmental movement of worshipping the plant life that is reborn with the advent of spring. Other forms of the Green Man are Green CATS, Green LIONS, and Green DEMONS. The Green Man is yet another symbol of the Mesopotamian saviour Tammuz, or Osiris of Egypt, and Jesus of Christianity. Still, other depictions of the Green Man include Robin Hood and Peter Pan, all mythical deities we come to recognize as normal aspects of society. Hypnosis is a powerful manipulator.

Beltane – BAAL-TANE – Celebrated May 1st.

Beltane is also known as May Day, Walpurgisnacht, and Roodmas.

Beltane was a time of fertility and unbridled merrymaking, when young and old would spend the night making love in the Greenwood. Older married couples were allowed to remove their wedding rings (and the restrictions they imply) for this one night. Women traditionally would braid flowers into their hair. Men and women alike would decorate their bodies. They would process back home, stopping at each house to leave flowers, and enjoy the best of food and drink that the home had to offer. In every village, the maypole, usually a birch or ash pole, was raised (RAISE ERECTION), and dancing and feasting began. Many communities elected a virgin as their “May Queen” (MARY), to lead marches or songs. To the Celts, she represented the virgin goddess on the eve of her transition from Maiden to Mother. Depending on the time and place, the consort might be named “Jack-in-the-Green”, “Green Man”, “May Groom”, or “May King”. The union of the Queen and her consort symbolized the fertility and rebirth of the world.

This is the Love Dance of the Gods, the Wedding of Heaven and Earth, the Bridal feast of the Goddess!

April 27, 2011 – The Royal Wedding is now being endowed with GREENERY and TREES within Westminster Abbey. The celebration of BELTANE, the sacrifice of the King of the Wood, the RAISE ERECTION of the Messiah, the Green Man of Fertility, symbolizing the rebirth of the world is upon us. How fucking quaint!

Keep in mind, that no matter how much this seems to be by design and absolute awareness to what is actually transpiring, the lunatic elite are simply reacting and enacting, according to the rituals of the ages with which they have been indoctrinated from birth. They know nothing of what they’re really perpetuating, as the Thought Process moves undetected through their ranks, bringing to pass in the illusory days, weeks, months and years ahead, endless suffering and a relentless war on Truth and Reality. To even consider the notion that the leaders who perpetuate this 3D freak show (we call of LIFE EXPERIENCE), have any inkling of what is transpiring, is to give them credit beyond all possibility.

Vietnam War – Fall Of SAIGON=SAIYON=SION – MAY 1, 1975

November 1, 1955 to May 1, 1975 – the Vietnam War ended after 19 years, 180 days, with the fall of Saigon, on May Day, the Feast of Beltane, Walpurgis Night, etc.

Over 1 million Vietnamese died, and possibly up to 3 million. Over 200,000 Cambodians, 20,000 – 200,000 Laotians, 58,000 + Americans, and approximately 5,000 Canadians were sacrificed to the God Beltane/BAAL.

It should be noted that the Beltane ritual begins on November 1 in the southern hemisphere, as opposed to May 1 in the northern hemisphere. This demonstrates that the Vietnam war occurred from Beltane to Beltane, and therefore the whole war was a ritual sacrifice to Baal, the fertility god.

Japan 9.0 Magnitude Quake 2001 – 49 DAYS Before Royal Wedding On April 29, 2011

The Pacific Ocean is approx. 9,000 miles high and 11,000 miles wide. As stated on page 16 of this site, this is the weapon to be used, along with many others, in the next and last 9/11 sacrifice ritual to Baal.

On March 11, 2011, a 9.0 magnitude EQ with an ensuing tsunami with more than 70 foot high waves left thousands dead and missing. This EQ occurred exactly 49 days before the royal wedding of William and Kate which takes place on APRIL 29th, 2011.

APRIL 29 is the 119 day of the year, which, as mentioned previously, is 9-11 in reverse.
As of APRIL 28, 2011 there are 11,600 dead and 16,450 missing in from this EQ and tsunami.
The total is at least 28,050 dead and missing. That number is certain to rise and will therefore coincide with the dat of the 29th of April. Approximately 29,000 dead and missing to ‘celebrate’ the 29th day, the wedding day, the day prior to the sex ritual celebration of Beltane and Walpurgis Night.

It should also be noted that Kate Middleton, was born on January 9, 1982, and is 29 years old, and in her 30th year. William was born on June 21, 1982, is 28 years old and is in his 29th year.

This is precisely the same scenario that occurred before the Beijing Olympics of 2008, when 88 days before the Olympics began on 08/08/08@8:08:08 seconds, the EQ in Sichuan Province China officially killed 87,587 (or 88,000) people dead and missing. The Sichuan EQ occurred on May 12, 2008.


In keeping with the symbolism that the luciferian Mindset has a fancy of displaying, it is not at all out of the question that there should be an 11 magnitude EQ to act as a bookend to the 9.0 that devastated Japan. The USGS site informs that such a magnitude can’t actually be described, fathomed, or capable of happening. Yet, consider the State of Alaska, Yellowstone Park, the Cascadia Ridge Subduction Zone, the Hawaiian Island volcanos, and the San Andreas Fault of California, all of which are some of the largest and most active seismic regions in the world, and are all located on the west coast of North America, and all are overdue for a ‘burp’, … when these go in domino fashion, the result will be indescribable, unfathomable, and it shouldn’t have been able to happen. All of these seismic regions are symbolically suggested in the mythological teachings, or lies perpetuated through the ages, where, it’s been declared that there will be an earthquake, such as was not since man was on the face of the earth. The world has seen a 9.4 magnitude quake. It would be very symbolic to throw an 11 at us since that is what is being suggested since the illusory start of this massive charade.


Neptune was the god of the sea, rivers and springs. As well, he was the god of horses and a patron of horse-racing, the sport of kings.

NEPTUNE = PENT-ONE = 5, or the Sacrifice One
NEPTUNE is derived from the word NUPTIAE, which means the MARRIAGE of HEAVEN and EARTH. The marriage which is suggested to occur through the union created by water. In the beginning, we’re mythologically lied to, when the waters we’re separated one from the other, those that were above from those that were below, and dry land appeared. Now, the waters are to come together again to perform a magical marriage.

Another mythological god (or hypnotic subliminal trance inducement tool) related to Neptune, is that of Consus. Consus was connected to horses and horse-racing. An underground altar to Consus is located in the valley of Circus Maximus at the foot of Palantine Hill in Rome. It’s at the Circus Maximus that the prayer vigil will be held prior to the beatification of John Paul II on May 1, 2011. The chart immediately below was borrowed from page 23 of this site, showing how Palatine Hill corresponds to the North Tower (Oregon) of the WTC and Aventine Hill (Arizona) corresponds to the South Tower. In between these 2 hills is the Circus Maximus, which corresponds to the Marriott Hotel, which in turn, is California. The prayer vigil at Circus Maximus is subliminally focused on California.


Kate will be arriving at Westminster Abbey in a chocolate brown Rolls-Royce. This may seem insignificant except that the name ROLLS-ROYCE is suggesting HORSES, HORUS, WHORES, HOURS and ROSES.

ROLLS = ROADS = ROSE, suggesting water rising
HORSE = HORUS = HOURS, suggesting TIME

A few years ago Pope Benedict visited the USA and in particular, New York. At the same time the Dalai Lama was visiting the USA and the Kentucky Derby was being run. The winner of the Kentucky Derby was a HORSE named BIG BROWN. Big Brown went on to win the next race of the TRIPLE CROWN, which is the name of the Papal Crown, but lost the last race of the three. Not only did Big Brown not win, he came in last. Big Brown is a B and G and B name and was symbolizing what we’re seeing today with Kate riding to the NUPTIALS in a BIG BROWN ROLLS-ROYCE.

Kate will arrive at WESTMINSTER ABBEY, which in itself is suggesting the WESTERN 11 UNITED STATES, and California in particular. Just as the name suggests, Big Brown and the Chocolate Brown Rolls-Royce relate to the CHOCOLATE MOUNTAINS just below Death Valley California, and just to the east of Los Angeles. Also, the Aztecs of ancient Mexico were credited with inventing this decadent food, and Mexico/Megiddo is now embroiled in the makings of Armageddon with its DRUG WAR.


Then there’s the wedding cake chosen by William. The Beltane Cake which is made of Chocolate and Biscuits and a secret ingredient from a secret family recipe. Supposedly, Williams favourite as a child growing up. This Chocolate Cake symbolizes the OATMEAL ASH COVERED CAKE (suggesting VOLCANO and YELLOWSTONE), that was originally given to whoever was to be sacrificed to the King of the Wood (or God), and was part of the Beltane fertility sex ritual which relates to the nuptials of Neptune and the Marriage of Heaven and Earth/The Marriage Supper Of The Lamb.



May 1-2, 2011 = 444 Days From Vancouver Olympics 2010 – Lincoln’s Birthday – February 12.
May 11-12, 2011 = 444 Days From Washington’s Birthday during the Vancouver Olympics – HALFWAY TO THE START OF THE LONDON 2012 XXX OLYMPIAD.

The Royal Wedding is simply the mid point celebration heading to the Summer Olympics in London, which begin on August 27, 2012. The Summer Olympics occur at the high point of summer, or MID-SUMMER, and the exact centre date of the Olympics will be exactly 45-46 days from the Summer Solstice on June 21. This relates to the chants within Bohemian Grove where the members cry out to their stone owl for MID-SUMMER TO SET THEM FREE.

XXX – The 30th Olympiad

The letter X originally meant FISH to the PHOENICIANS. Keep in mind that the PHOENICIANS is suggesting PHOENIX = PHOENIX BIRD = SPHINX of Giza.

This is the FISH GOD ORION. By drawing a line from the shoulders of the constellation Orion with the lower stars representing the knee or shoe buckle, and crossing at the centre, at Orion’s Belt, the letter X is formed. This is the CROSS of the Atom Symbol chart on this site, and is the Zodiac 4 season cross. This is the ION, the Royal Ion, and is the foundation that the Thought Process is built upon. This is the initiation of the 3D SEX BASED 3D illusory world we’re experiencing, and relates to the term Triple XXX sex. This, in turn, is what the London Olympics are meant to celebrate, the FISH GOD triumphant. Of which the royal wedding is but a ruse to bring it to pass.

The Start Of The British Royal Shamily

William The Conqueror – King of England from Christmas Day 1066 AD
a.k.a. – William The Bastard – Died September 9, 1087.

The Norman Conquest of Britain established the lineage of today’s Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, 945 years ago.

This rings of the NORMANDY INVASION of France, during WWII, and the ultimate defeat of Hitler. The invasion took place from June 6, 1944 to mid-July 1944. The NORMAN CONQUEST and the NORMANDY INVASION occurred some 900 years apart. Taking place in the year 1944, the number of the LION KING, on 06/06/44, the number of OBAMA, and linking William I who was born in 1066, etc.

Remember, that this is all suggestion and doesn’t have to make the least bit of rational sense. With this perspective, all things come into focus very clearly.

CURIOUS PAINTING – Bridal Eyes – 2004 And Kate Middleton

License Plate JU5T WED

William and Kate rode off in their stylish BLUE sportscar with the License Number JU5T WED, with the number 5 used instead of the letter S in the word JUST. The number 5 symbolizing SACRIFICE. Allowing each letter to hold the number value of how they appear in the alphabet we arrive at this total:



56+32= 88

The letter S had to be replaced by the number 5 or the total wouldn’t have worked.
Furthermore, 58 coincides with 8 on the 5th clockface, and 32 coincides with 8 on the 3rd clockface. Adding the clockface numbers of 5+3=8 again. Adding 56+32=88, and yet again, adding 5+6+3+2=16 which is the number of the LION KING, LINCOLN, and 16=8+8.

May 2, 2011 Osama Bin Laden Shot In Abbottabad

Osama Bin Laden was supposedly killed in an early morning USA Navy Seal raid on a compound in Abbottabad Pakistan. Then, in a desperate attempt to honour their sworn enemy, they took possession of his body and supposedly received Islamic clerical advice on how to bury Osama at sea in accordance with Islamic tradition, laws and customs. Only problem is, according to Islamic clerics at the largest mosque in Cairo Egypt, you can only be buried at sea if you died while on a boat. Otherwise you must be buried in the ground with your head pointing to Mecca. This is the correct way to be buried according to Islamic law and tradition.

Obviously, this is another attempt to manipulate the world population with deceit, to inspire anger, to instill fear, to add to the confusion, to GET A REACTION. However, it’s not the USA administration that orchestrates this, as is suggested, it’s the mathematical sequencing of the luciferian Mindset, and is how the egregore group of Thinkers, (which is the Thought Process), unfolds in the 3D scheme of things. This mathematically constructed 3 dimensional illusory realm cannot help but manifest yet again, as we’re witnessing with the fabricated death of Osama Bin Laden, in a fashion that conjures up the intended illusory 3D reality we’re meant to experience.

Osama Bin Laden is a type of LION KING, even as Lincoln, Kennedy and Obama are types of the Lion King, which is symbolized with the Sphinx of Egypt.


This is the symbolism of the SPHINX, which is the SUN and MOON, the SON and MOTHER, which is SOL-O-MON’s Temple.

Osama Bin Laden was supposedly SHOT IN THE HEAD, just like the Sphinx has had its nose shot off as these illusory centuries have past by. The same for Lincoln and Kennedy, both types of the Lion King, were shot in the head. And now, the suggestion is becoming very potent, as the name of OSAMA and OBAMA are becoming inexplicably linked together in one nasty subliminal. All one has to do is switch the BS, and we obtain this:


In other words, the Lion King, the SUN/SON of sacrifice, is LADEN WITH SIN, which are the SINS of THE WORLD and this world deserves to be judged and cleansed. It was just yesterday that Obama publicly ridiculed DONALD (Trump) concerning the DONALD’S comments regarding his nation of birth. Obama played a clip of the Lion King movie in a gesture of back-handed humour, (so much deserved by Trump), to establish his birth event, and yet, the suggestion is, of course, that Obama is the Lion King. Even though Obama has no idea of the suggestion that he’s implanting, or the seriousness on a 3D level, that this will create for himself.

The DONALD = The DAWN of ALLAH = The Judgment of God
TRUMP = T, or Sacrifice, to Conquer

Lincoln and Kennedy were shot in the head in their last year in office of their first term. Osama was supposedly shot in the head and buried in the ‘SEA’. The Sphinx was shot in the head and buried in the SANDS of the SEA, or the SAHARA SAND, or RAAAHS SAND. Ra is the Sun God, the Son of God, and is symbolized by the SEA/SEE, who in turn takes on the male/female aspect of mythological gods, and appears also as the Mother. This Mother Sea is RA’s Sea, and will RAYS UP, or will RAISE UP, or will RISE UP, and will be the one that ROSE UP to cleanse the earth, by sacrificing her Sun/Son, so as to be a sacrifice for the world, that none shall be LADEN WITH SIN anymore.

This is the Night Journey of Muhammad on his magic horse Al-Buraq, or AL-BARACK, the BA, the Sacrifice ROCK, that ROSE UP TO THE 7TH HEAVEN to talk with Allah. This Night Journey began in Mecca and in 1 night, continued to the Al-Aqsa Mosque/ALASKA, the ‘Furthest Mosque’ from Mecca, and then just a few metres to the Dome of the Rock/The Foundation Stone/The 11 WESTERN STATES, which are literally the 2 hottest earthquake regions on the North American coast of the Pacific Rim, whereupon Muhammad leapt into heaven, the highest heaven, the 7th heaven, to talk to god… and to negotiate a deal for his followers.

Claymation Humour And Trance Inducement



Barack Obama Faked Birth Certificate

Follow the link to see definitive proof that President Barack Obama’s birth certificate was faked using adobe illustrator program. Since it was absolutely faked, the question remains, why was it faked? And why was it faked so badly, with very little skill employed by whoever did the faking? The answer, of course, is that the Mindset, the luciferian agenda, needs it to be discovered as being a fake. The Thought Process, which is the luciferian egregore group of Thinking Entities must manipulate the masses into a frenzy and state of confusion, so as to bring about the events that have yet to unfold surrounding the 44th president and all things Lion King related.



The atomic bombs dropped on Japan during WWII were built in the shape of a torpedo. The FAT MAN BOMB was yellow in colour, suggesting YELLOWSTONE, and was the 2nd bomb dropped on Nagasaki. The colour and shape of this bomb relate very much to the street symbols of Washington DC, with the PENTAGON PENTAGRAM inverted to form the Baphomet Sacrifice Goat, which is then situated above Yellowstone, which coincides with the White House as shown in the charts above on this page. Once again, keep in mind, that the leaders of the land have not the foggiest notion of the luciferian agenda that they’re perpetuating, or the demise of their own nation and the manipulation of Reality. … but that seems to be the way it’s always been within this illusory timetable.

This is the subliminal used to suggest YELLOWSTONE BLOWING. The inverted PENTAGRAM, the Baphomet, crosses through Washington State (symbolic of George Washington), through Idaho State (symbolic of the Statue of Liberty or LADY LIBERTY DIANA), through Montana State (Mount INANNA, a flood goddess), and North Dakota State (symbolic of the North Tower). The horizontal line of the Baphomet follows exactly along the 49th Parallel (7×7, relating to Washington DC 77 W coordinate), and stretches along the length of the border until it meanders off around the Great Lakes.


Obama – 44th president
Yellowstone Caldera – 44 degrees North
Wyoming – 44th state to join the Union

The Atomic Bomb was developed under the auspices of the MANHATTAN PROJECT, with much work being done in the 11 Western States. Notable amongst these locations, is that of Bohemian Grove, just north of San Francisco, and the playground of presidents and elite power brokers throughout the world. Much of the Bomb development was conceived at Bohemian Grove.

MANHATTAN NEW YORK is the location of the World Trade Center attack.
MANHATTAN BEACH is located on the southern coast of California near Los Angeles.
The World Trade Center building layout coincides with the 11 Western United States.
The 11 Western States are the shape of the FOUNDATION STONE under the Dome of the Rock on the Temple Mount, or the Noble Sanctuary, on MOUNT MORIAH
Solomon’s Temple was located on the Temple Mount with 2 Pillars, the B and G Pillars of Sacrifice set in front of the Temple.
These 2 Pillars coincide with the Twin Towers of the WTC.
The Twin Towers coincide with the States of Oregon and Arizona, which stand at the entrance to the 11 Western States when entering from the Pacific Ocean.
Oregon and Arizona straddle the state of California with Yellowstone and Wyoming in line, directly ahead when entering the 11 Western States.
On the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, the illusory Messiah is to enter through the Golden Gate.
The Golden Gate was sealed up centuries ago.
The Golden Gate Bridge/Bridye/Bride is now located at San Francisco, centred between Oregon and Arizona, the 2 SACRIFICE PILLARS, located just north and south of the SACRAMENTO VALLEY, ready to be consumed in PASSION/PASSIFIC.

This is some of the suggestion used to establish what’s coming in our 3D illusory realm. Not to mention the incredibly violent tornado situation which has just occurred during the month of April in the southeastern states, setting an all-time record for number of tornados, the number of deaths, and the longest tornado path in history. This is right on the heels of a record cold winter and the Gulf Oil disaster where the clean up crews and local population are slowing succumbing to incredible sickness.

LOUISIANA = LA (lucemfer/lucifer and Inanna)
North and South CAROLINA = N and S CALIFORNIA

… and it’s all happening now … shaping and establishing our dream state and our illusory 3D future.

Cinqo de Mayo – MAY 5, 2011 = 05/05/11

President Obama lays a wreath at the WTC site in celebration of the supposed killing Osama Bin Laden.

The date of 05/05/11 is ominous, and the date of 06/05/11, or May 6, 2011, is 66 days before July 11, 2011, or 07/11/11, which is 4 days before 07/07/11, or is 7 days before 07/04/11, the birthday of the USA… 7+4=11.

William And Kate Visit CALIFORNIA 07/08,09,10/11

According to the San Diego Historical Society, California became a political subdivision of the northern territory of New Spain on August 22, 1776.

The Californias: 1776

The government of New Spain, of which the Californias were the most remote province, was under Viceroy José María Bucareli y Urstúa, a capable administrator desirous of expanding and strengthening his domains. Felipe de Neve, governor of the province with his capital at Loreto, was likewise extremely capable; his task of administration was both military and civil. He would ultimately become the Commandant General of the Provincias Internas, a political subdivision of the northern frontier of New Spain planned by Gálvez and established by Teodoro de Croix at Arispe, Sonora pursuant to a Royal Order of Carlos III of 22 August 1776.

Essentially military in nature, the de facto administration of the Californias was under the commandants of the presidios who were directly responsible to Neve. In command at Loreto was Joaquin Cañete who was also ultimately the commander of detachments of soldiers at the Real de Santa Ana and at Santo Domingo, the northernmost Dominican mission on the peninsula. Fernando de Rivera y Moncada served as commandant of the presidio of Monterey, established in 1770, but in 1776 he directed military operations from the presidio of San Diego where he sought to restore order.

The missions were, nevertheless, the principal bastions of Spanish civilization in the Californias.

(End of article).

The chart below shows the symbolism attached to the license plate on the front of William and Kate’s wedding car. When studying the chart, keep in mind that this is symbolism associated with the luciferian agenda, of which the royal family is incredibly linked to, but who, like all the elite who perpetuate this lunatic agenda, have absolutely no comprehension of the role they play. And speaking from a 3 dimensional perspective, William and Kate are a very pleasant, almost perfect young couple, that wouldn’t conjure up any notion of harm or insult to any segment of humanity. Of course, they knowingly wouldn’t bring harm, but unfortunately, they don’t know their role in the agenda. Futhermore, those who attack the elite, the royals, the popes, etc., as if these elite know what’s actually transpiring, are giving these elitists way to much credit. And are in fact, playing out their own role in the luciferian agenda, on behalf of the Thought Process which is intent on nurturing resistance, reaction, and retaliation to succeed. There are those who teach of the PROBLEM, REACTION, SOLUTION tool of manipulation that the illuminated elite of the world use, and then instruct their followers to peacefully, and/or, violently, react and resist so as to change the hierarchy. Only to be replaced by a new set of hierarchy which changes absolutely nothing. Reaction, resistance, and retaliation, even if it’s passive, is still resistance and is fulfilling the luciferian agenda, which is perpetuated by the illuminati agenda, which consists of the elite of the world, and those who oppose the elite of the world. The only way to gain victory over this illusory 3 dimensional mess is to realize that this is illusory and then to emotionally disconnect from the illusion, and realize that all of humanity is simply an illusory Thought Form conjured up to be the enemy of Wisdom. For Wisdom is Who and What we really are, and attempting to fix the illusion is ludicrous, for it simply doesn’t exist. Again, all that need be done is to watch and wait, just observe, for everything in Reality, in our Original State of Wisdom is just fine, and it’s only the 3D illusion that’s filled with horror and confusion, and can only inflict suffering if we respond to it. Which is exactly what the reactionaries are inciting throughout the world today.

London BOMBINGS 07/07/05
Royal Visit to CALIFORNIA 07/07/11

The London Olympics 2012 were awarded to London on:

July 6, 2005 – 07/06/05 – a COUNTDOWN to something.

The 7 years since 07/06/05 have been event filled to say the least.

The Royal Visit to California occurs from July 8-10, 2011.

July 8-10, 2011 – 07/08,09,10/11 – another COUNT UP to something.

The announcement for the Royal Couple to visit California was made on May 6, the day following (Cinqo de Mayo, the 5th of May), the wreath laying at the WTC in New York @ Ground Zero by Barack Obama. From May 6, until July 11, 2011, when the royal visit has been concluded, there are exactly 66 days. All of this is done by design, by suggestion, by working within the MATHEMATICAL (MYTHOLOGICAL) framework of the illusory gods of the ancient world.

The Bavarian Illuminati were formed in the year 1776, the same year as the USA became a nation, and the northern territory of the California’s became a political entity of New Spain.

1776 divided by 2 = 888 the number of the Flood and Total Control.

The license plate of William and Kate’s WEDDING CAR, or WETTING RAC/ROCK suggests precisely this event at some point in the future illusion.

Jerusalem – Dome of the Rock UFO – Jan.28, 2011

The video below is just another example of subliminal manipulation of world events. A UFO hovered over Jerusalem on January 28, 2011. But not just anywhere in Jerusalem. It hovered over the Dome of the Rock where Muhammad supposedly leapt up to the 7th Heaven to commune with God (Allah – All Seeing Eye) to receive spiritual instruction and to NEGOTIATE how many times believers should pray every day. Allah was looking for 50 times a day, but Muhammad got it down to simply 5 times a day.


This video has been placed here to see if it coincides in any way with the launch of the Space Shuttle which has been delayed a 3rd time until at least May 16, 2011. From January 28, 2011 until May 17, 2011, will be 109 days. 109 degrees W is one coordinate of the 4 Corner Cross states, which extends down to EASTER ISLAND.

OBAMA SIN LADEN – The Situation Room

Dr. Steve Pieczenik of the USA military and close associate of past presidents has stated that Osama Bin Laden died of MARFAN SYNDROME over 9 years ago. He had met Osama Bin Laden before the WTC attack and recognized that Osama didn’t have much longer to live. Surmising from this, that he died just prior to the attack or shortly thereafter. This is the same disease that is suggested to have struck Abraham Lincoln, as it’s linked to tall men. The suggestion in this relates to Barack Obama, another tall man, with an incredibly similar appearance to Osama Bin Laden as well as having a very similar name. All of this is suggesting something, and that something relates to the LION KING, or LINCOLN, and the MARFAN SYNDROME.

MARFAN SYNDROME = MAR-FAN – SIN-Death MORE = MARY (Pacific) MORE SIN Death, or the Sacrifice of the Lion King.

Barack Obama’s middle name is HUSSEIN, which relates to Saddam Hussein, the former president of Iraq, who was hanged on December 30, 2006, just prior to the precise moment that the Festival of Sacrifice, The Sacrifice of the LAMB, for the Muslim faithful was to begin on December 31, 2006. After the conviction of Saddam Hussein, the execution went ahead with incredible expediency. Saddam Hussein belonged the BAATH PARTY, which suggests water and flooding, similar to the Order of the Bath in the British political/royal structure.

Space Shuttle ENDEAVOR LAUNCH = DEVOUR LUNCH – May 16, 2011

Space shuttle Endeavor is set to launch May 16, 2011, on its last flight into space to rendezvous with the International Space Station. Some interesting bits concerning this date, which was originally set for April 29, 2011, coinciding with the royal wedding, the date was moved to at least May 8, and then to May 16.

Keeping in mind that the number 16 is the number associated with LINCOLN, the Lion King, and Barack Obama, the date May 16 is symbolic in that regard. The number 16 = 4×4 suggesting Lincoln the 16th president, or 4 and 4 suggesting the number 44 and Obama the 44th president. 16 coincides with 4 on the 2nd clockface = 4+2=6, and 44 coincides with 8 on the 4th clockface = 8+4=12, or 4+4+4=12, suggesting total control and the Flood scenario.

This is also a 16 day mission, that will include 4 spacewalks.

The really curious thing in all of this, is that with the delayed launch date to May 16, is that it coincides with Endeavors first space launch which occurred on May 7, 1992, with the return to earth on May 16, 1992. In other words, the end of the beginning for Endeavors initial flight coincides with the beginning of the end for Endeavors last flight. Endeavor will spend 16 days in space and return on June 1, 2011.

Things get even more curious when taking into account that President John F. Kennedy announced to the USA government on May 25, 1961, that the USA should undertake “…LANDING A MAN ON THE MOON AND RETURNING HIM SAFELY TO EARTH…” before the decade was finished. This was supposedly accomplished by June 20, 1969. This speech was made precisely 50 years ago on May 25, when Endeavor will be in its 9th day of orbiting. The number 9 being the number of the FALL.

Assigning a simple number value to each initial:
JFK = J 10th letter, F 6th letter, K 11th letter.
10+6+11=27, or 3x3x3, the CUBE, the symbol of Islam, Mecca – KABAAH.

Another take on the initials JFK=

The mission number of Endeavor is STS 134.

Again, assigning a number value to each letter and number:
S=19, T=20, S=19, 1+3+4 = 66

Yet another curious May 16, occurred in 1941 with the last major German air attack on Britain. This is exactly 70 years from 2011, linking Hitler to current NASA / NAZI events, in a subliminal sense.

The space program throughout the world has simply been the cover story for performing ritual phallic worship to luciferian Thought Process entities. For this reason it was symbolically linked to the Royal Wedding, occurring on the 66th anniversary of Hitler’s wedding and at the same time linked to Endeavors 1st and last space flights.

The Royal Wedding occurred on April 29, 2011, leading into the Beltane Ritual of Death. Beltane occurs over a few days, before and after May 1, or MAYDAY. This year, 2011, Beltane coincided with a NEW MOON on May 2. Exactly 2 weeks later, on May 16, the Endeavor Launch Date, will be a FULL MOON. There will be Wicca ritual celebrations held in different locations around the world, and in particular, within the USA. The next couple of paragraphs describe one such ritual which will occur on May 16, 2011, in LINCOLN Nebraska.

(Beginning of quote).

Church of Transformational Wicca, Lincoln Nebraska.

Full Moon Circle Public Ritual May 16, 2011 –

Come to Full Moon Circle to enjoy a time with like-minded folks. Grail rituals celebrate the turning of the Wheel of the Earth and all life who depend upon her. That includes people! All who walk their path with positive intent, loving heart, and open mind are welcome, regardless of faith. Theme this month is a Council of the Plants.

Location is the UNITARIAN CHURCH IN LINCOLN, 6300 A Street (yes, we have a street in Lincoln). Discussion starts at 6 pm and ritual starts as close to 7 pm as we can manage. Following ritual we customarily go to Village Inn on 66th and O Street in Lincoln for snacks and chat. We generally don’t wear ritual robes for public work. Ritual gear that you feel is appropriate to wear in public is welcome.

(End quote).

May 25th is the 145th day of the year. The number 144 = 12×12, or the Fullness of Time. The number 145 suggests, therefore, a new day, or Time, beginning to emerge. With 365 days in this year, minus 145 = 220 days left. The number 220 relates to the total floors in the 2 WTC Towers, and 22 = the number of floors in the Marriott Hotel within the old WTC site.

NASA is ripe with ritualistic symbolism, with numbers, shapes and names. Some interesting name and numbers include the Saturn V (5 sacrifice) rocket, which is 111 metres long x 10 meters diameter. The Kennedy Space Centre and Cape Canaveral are located on MERRITT ISLAND (suggesting MARRIOTT HOTEL NY / and CALIFORNIA), which is 55 kilometres long and 10 km. wide.

The Kennedy Space Centre is located at 28 degrees N/80 degrees W.
28 coincides with 4 on the 3rd clockface.
80 coincides with 8 on the 7th clockface.

These numbers suggesting the number of Lincoln, the Flood, as well as 7.
4+3=7, perfection and completion.
As well as the 7th clockface.
Two number 7’s suggests Washington DC @ 38.5 N (one half of 77) / and 77 W.
Two number 7’s= 14, the number associated with lovers and sex.

Apollo 11 was launched on July 16, 1969. Once again choosing the number 16 for launch date of the 11th Apollo LUNAR mission.

President Barack OBAMA is symbolic in many respects within the luciferian agenda. Even to the point of going to Cape Canaveral in Florida to watch the Endeavor launch on April 29. Of course, without any comprehension of the symbolic role he was playing in spite of the fact that Endeavor didn’t launch, neither was supposed to lauch in accordance with the luciferian Time element which pushed it towards May 16. Now we watch to see what transpires on May 16 and onwards, if indeed, Endeavor does launch.

OBAMA = O-15, B-2, A-1, M-13, A-1 = 15+2+1+13+1 = 32
32 = 3+2 = 5 sacrifice
32 coincides with 8 on the 3rd clockface.
8+3=11 or death
Adding 5+11=16, or 4×4, suggesting 44.

The Endeavor launch also includes the Gabrielle Giffords symbolism. Her husband Mark Kelly is the commander aboard Endeavor, and Ms. Giffords was present for the initial launch date, in spite of suffering fall a bullet wound to the head and the removal of part of her skull. Keep in mind that this shooting took place in Arizona, which coincides with Tower 2 of the WTC layout, and one of the victims to be killed in the attack was a 9 year old girl, who was born on September 11, 2001.

Gabrielle Giffords is a GBG name, thereby marking her involvement in this ritual in a very important way. Keeping in mind, that she seems to be a very lovely woman with not the slightest inkling of her role in all of this.

All of this coming to pass with the fabricated ‘icing on the cake nonsense’ concerning Osama Bin Laden being killed by Navy Seals, and the Arab World Uprising, which is being referred to as the Arab Awakening, or the Arab Spring. All of which is suggesting something is disturbing the LION KING, the SPHINX of the ARAB WORLD, and this in turn relates to Lincoln, who is symbolically located on the National Mall, at the top of the CROSS, which in turn, coincides with San Francisco and the Golden Gate Bridge, a GGB name.

Subliminal Suggestion Oddity …


Today is May 15, 2011. Space Shuttle Endeavor is scheduled to lift off May 16, 2011.

Endeavor was built from spare parts intended for Shuttle CHALLENGER that blew up 73 seconds after lift-off on its 10th mission. Challenger completed 9 missions.

Challenger’s ID # was OV-099.


Challenger was the 2nd shuttle built for the NASA / NAZI SHUTTLE PROGRAM
Endeavor is the 2nd last shuttle to fly in the Shuttle Space Program.
The last shuttle to fly will be ATLANTIS.

Challenger was named after the Lunar Module used during the APOLLO 17 LUNAR / MOON mission.

This LUNAR/MOON space program is known for its MOON ROCK collecting activities.

The shuttles were built by ROCKWELL International Space Transportation Systems Division in DOWNEY</span, California.

The Space Shuttle Program began on April 4, 1981, with the launch of COLUMBIA (COLUMBE – Queen of Heaven – DOVE – Living Water – MARY – SEA/SEE, etc.)

APRIL 4, 1981 = 04/04/81 = 4+4 and 9×9

Columbia blew up on the 28th mission – number STS-107.

STS-107 = 19+20+19+1+0+7= 66, the same total as Endeavor STS-134.

7 crew members died on Challenger.
7 crew members died on Columbia.
7+7 = 14, the number associated with Lovers, Nuptials, Weddings, etc.
Oregon and Arizona, correspond to the North and South Twin Towers and entered the UNION on February 14.
7 and 7 corresponds to 38.5 (1/2 of 77) degrees N/77 degrees W of Washington DC.
Washington DC was originally known as COLUMBIA.

The suggestion is extremely obvious, and based on the mythology of the old ancient gods of Rome, Greece, and Egypt. These mythological gods are conjured up using the MATHEMATICAL / MATH-OLOGICAL subliminal suggestion tools made available by indoctrination into the Thought Process.

The chart immediately below illustrates the link between the seemingly unlinkable events surrounding the Endeavor Space Flight, the Neverland Ranch of Michael Jackson, and just a bit of the symbolism relating to the ancient illusory gods. The choice of names and numbers used during the Space Programs, are purposely chosen to tap into the ancient ‘knowledge’ of the hidden mysteries, with the hope of achieving success through ritualistic symbolism.

Everything surrounding the Space Shuttle Program, and the Space Program as a whole, is total hypnotic suggestion, conjuring up our illusory 3D reality and the events that are meant to be experienced in this illusory realm. Keep in mind that none of the participants are the slightest bit aware of the roles they play. So, there’s no need to be angry, or to point blame to anyone in particular. Humanity as a whole is the manifestation of the luciferian Mindset, and we are all perpetuating the myth of this illusory 3D Trance State as we believe our own validity and worth.


Google Video – illuminatiMATRIX explanatory video detailing the foundational root of hypnosis, religion, intellectualism and who and what god is.

Click here to watch video.

YouTube Video highlighting some of the subliminal elements hidden in the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem

Please read the next paragraph before watching the ROCK VIDEO.

On the ROCK VIDEO, the World Trade Center is mistakenly called the ROCKEFELLER PLAZA. The WTC was conceived and promoted by the Rockefellers. The Rockefeller Plaza is to the north of the World Trade Centre, on the MANHATTAN ROCK, or MANNA STONE. The WTC and the Rockefeller Plaza , along with the area of CENTRAL PARK, relate to the TEMPLE MOUNT in Jerusalem, and the Al Aqsa Mosque, the Dome of the ROCK, and the Temple Courtyard. These in turn relate to the North American West Coast. See page 39 for more details.

Click here to watch the new Rock Video on YouTube.

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