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Google Video – illuminatiMATRIX explanatory video detailing the foundational root of hypnosis, religion, intellectualism and who and what god is.

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YouTube Video highlighting some of the subliminal elements hidden in the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem

Please read the next paragraph before watching the ROCK VIDEO.

On the ROCK VIDEO, the World Trade Center is mistakenly called the ROCKEFELLER PLAZA. The WTC was conceived and promoted by the Rockefellers. The Rockefeller Plaza is to the north of the World Trade Centre, on the MANHATTAN ROCK, or MANNA STONE. The WTC and the Rockefeller Plaza , along with the area of CENTRAL PARK, relate to the TEMPLE MOUNT in Jerusalem, and the Al Aqsa Mosque, the Dome of the ROCK, and the Temple Courtyard. These in turn relate to the North American West Coast. See page 39 for more details.

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The text concerning the early Rock and Roll song by Bill Haley and the Comets has been borrowed from page 20 of this site. Read through the verses, keeping in mind that each hour on the clock represents 1 year since 2001, and ending at 12 o’clock, or 2012, before starting all over again, at 1 o’clock. The time for a New World Order to be experienced.


by Bill Haley and the Comets – 1954

Originally recorded by Sunny Dae (think Sunny Day – New World Order) in 1952

authership unknown (credited to Max C. Freedman and
James E. Myers pseudonym “Jimmy de Knight”)

(This is the same authorship – UNKNOWN – as shown on page 15 and the story of “A Visit From St. Nick”.)

VERSE ONE —————————————————–

One, two, three o’clock, four o’clock rock
Five, six, seven o’clock, eight o’clock rock
Nine, ten, eleven o’clock, twelve o’clock rock
We’re gonna rock around the CLOCK tonight

END OF VERSE ONE ————————————————

(Each number – 2001, 2002, 2003, etc. – represents ONE YEAR starting on September 11, 2001 (11/09/2001) with the World Trade Centre Attack)

VERSE TWO ——————————————————–

Put your glad rags on, join me, Hon

We’ll have some fun when the clock strikes ONE
We’re gonna rock around the clock tonight
We’re gonna ROCK, ROCK, ROCK, ’til broad daylight
Gonna rock, gonna rock around the clock tonight

END OF VERSE TWO ———————————————————-

VERSE THREE ———————————————————

When the clock strikes two, three and four
If the band slows down we’ll yell for more
We’re gonna rock around the clock tonight
We’re gonna rock, rock, rock, ’til broad daylight

Gonna rock, gonna rock around the clock tonight

END OF VERSE THREE ————————————————-

VERSE FOUR ———————————————————-

When the chimes ring five, six, and seven
We’ll be right in seventh heaven
We’re gonna rock around the clock tonight

(rock around the clock is rock around the world)

We’re gonna rock, rock, rock, ’til broad daylight
Gonna rock, gonna rock around the clock tonight

END OF VERSE FOUR ———————————————————-

VERSE FIVE ——————————————————–

When it’s eight, nine, ten, eleven too
I’ll be goin’ strong and so will you
We’re gonna rock around the clock tonight
We’re gonna rock, rock, rock, ’til broad daylight
Gonna rock, gonna rock around the clock tonight

END OF VERSE FIVE ———————————————————–

VERSE SIX ———————————————————-

When the clock strikes twelve, we’ll COOL OFF THEN
Start a’rockin’ round the clock again
We’re gonna rock around the clock tonight
We’re gonna rock, rock, rock, ’til broad daylight
Gonna rock, gonna rock around the clock tonight

END OF VERSE SIX ———————————————————


The LION KING Is On The Move



2010 March 16 4:04:00 am

MARCH 16 2010 = 16/03/2010 = Lincoln / Pyramid / INTENSITY TENSION 10-SION MISS-ION QUEEN of HEAVEN

March 16, 2010 – 33 days since the 2010 Olympic Torch Relay ended in Vancouver after 106 days.
106 coincides with 10 on the 9th clockface.
March 16, 2010 – 30 days since February 14, Va-LENT-ine’s Day.
March 16, 2010 – the number 16 coincides with Lincoln, the Lion King, 16th president.
March 16, 2010 – 4.4 earthquake in Los Angeles coincides with Barack Obama, 44th president.
January 12, 2010 – Haiti earthquake occurred 30 days before 2010 Olympics on February 12, Lincoln’s 201st Birthday, and Darwin’s 201st Birthday.
March 16, 2010 – a

Time of the earthquake at the epicentre – 4:04 am



Tuesday, March 16, 2010 at 11:04:00 UTC
Tuesday, March 16, 2010 at 04:04:00 AM at epicenter

33.992°N, 118.082°W
(33.992=34N coincides with 10 on the 3rd clockface)
(118 coincides with 10 on the 10th clockface)

18.9 km (11.7 miles)


1 km (0 miles) ENE (62°) from Pico Rivera, CA
4 km (2 miles) SE (129°) from Montebello, CA
5 km (3 miles) SSW (212°) from Whittier Narrows Rec. Area, CA
8 km (5 miles) NE (37°) from Downey, CA
17 km (10 miles) ESE (115°) from Los Angeles Civic Center, CA



ALASKA – Al-Aqsa Earthquake @ 4:23:16 am March 16, 2010

Earthquake Details


Tuesday, March 16, 2010 at 12:23:16 UTC
Tuesday, March 16, 2010 at 04:23:16 AM at epicenter

(04:23:16 = 4 SQUARE / 23 DEATH / 16 LION KING)

65.940°N, 150.345°W
(65.94=66 DEGREES N coincides with 6 on the 6th clockface)
(150 W coincides with 6 on the 13th clockface)

18.5 km (11.5 miles)


49 km (30 miles) N (350°) from Rampart, AK
57 km (35 miles) W (263°) from Stevens Village, AK
96 km (60 miles) WNW (302°) from Livengood, AK
172 km (107 miles) NW (316°) from Fairbanks, AK


OREGON COAST 44N – 4.2 To 4.9 Earthquakes

Coinciding with the Chile aftershocks during the same week of March 11 to March 16, 2010.

BOMBINGS coincide subliminally with EARTHQUAKES.

Madrid is located in SPAIN.
CHILE is located in NEW SPAIN.

Earthquake Details


Saturday, March 13, 2010 at 04:53:41 UTC
Friday, March 12, 2010 at 07:53:41 PM at epicenter

44.358°N, 129.263°W

10 km (6.2 miles) set by location program


410 km (255 miles) W (273°) from Yachats, OR
413 km (256 miles) WNW (288°) from Barview, OR
413 km (257 miles) W (271°) from Waldport, OR
491 km (305 miles) W (276°) from Eugene, OR
537 km (334 miles) WSW (258°) from Portland, OR

London received the right to host the 2012 Olympic Games on July 6th, 2005.
Exactly 1 day later the London TUBE BOMBINGS occurred on JULY 7, 2005 – 07/07/05.
This July 7th, 2010, will be the 5th anniversary.
July 7th, 2010, will be the 6th anniversary.

The Olympic Games, the World Trade Center attack of 2001 (and previous attacks), and the Earthquakes throughout the world, especially those occurring in the Western Hemisphere, are directly linked with each other. All falling within the season of LENT up to this point, and establishing this illusory 3D reality in line with the luciferian agenda.

Hawaii – Higher Water Mythology

Hawaii – the 50th state of the USA, is filled with mythological gods and goddesses to challenge any culture of any illusory time period. The number 50 corresponds to the number 5 – SACRIFICE – and the number 10 – INTENSITY – with 10=5+5, and added together with the 5 of Sacrifice = 5+5+5. These numbers, 5+5+5=15, the number of the Deity.

One of Hawaii’s most famous mythological goddesses is PELE. Pele is the name of the goddess when she’s worshipped as the FIRE GODDESS, the goddess of the VOLCANO, and PELE is the name used when she’s present in her FIRE BODY.

Pele is also worshipped as a Woman On The Earth. Her name as a woman on the earth is Hina-ai-ka-malama. This name, in turn, has been adapted to represent the Goddess of the MOON, and shortened to simply HINA. This is exactly the same name as applied to INANNA, or ANANNA, or DIANA, etc., of other cultures throughout history.

The story of Pele, as the Moon Goddess, has her being born in a land to the southwest, referred to as “close to the CLOUDS”. The suggestion here relates to the land of New Zealand, the land of the great white cloud, which in turn, through subliminal interpretation, and which refers to the southwest quarter of the Pacific Ocean, also suggests the SOUTH WESTERN United States. The southwest quarter of the Pacific Ocean links directly to the southwest USA in that the southwest states correspond to the southwest quarter of the North American continent, and the North American Craton Rock. This would include the states of California, Arizona, Utah, Colorado and New Mexico. Pele has a daughter LAKA, which is suggesting LA-KA, or Los Angeles Death. The name Laka also suggests the sacred LAKE, and WATER.

In the Flood version of Pele/Hina, the moon goddess, Pele’s husband is enticed from her, after which, Pele travels in search of him. As she enters into her search, it’s said, that the SEA COMES WITH HER, which pours from her head covering the land of KANALOA. The name KANALOA suggests the Sea-Wine (SWINE) of CANA, the location of the beginning of miracles of Christian belief. CANA in turn suggests CANADA, and the water of Canada, craved by the southwestern states. The sea covers the land of KANALOA in a fashion never before witnessed, inspiring the chant by Pele’s brothers that goes like this:

“A sea! a sea!
FORTH bursts the sea,
Bursts FORTH over Kanaloa (Kahoolawe),
The sea RISES to the HILLS…”

“Thrice” (3 times, according to the chant) the SEA FLOODS THE LAND, then recedes.
These floodings are called The-sea-of-Ka-hina-li’i.

Here’s what’s being suggested:

The sea bursts FORTH and these floodings are referred to as the sea of KAHINALII.

The key words, or syllables, form an anagram:

Hawaii is a 1,500 mile long archipelago. However, there are 8 main islands that form the populated area. These 8 islands are located opposite the Canary Islands, off the coast of Africa, which itself, has a violent volcanic, seismic island called La Palma, which is on the verge of some form of activity at any time. As demonstrated previously on this site, locations, and the events concerning the locations on opposite sides of the world, are mirroring one another, conjuring up an illusory reality to be experienced in the 3D realm.


The subliminal, and the suggestion attached to Pele, as she goes out in search of her husband, refers to the TSUNAMI WAVE, the SEA THAT COMES WITH HER, across the great Pacific Ocean. Pele is a Volcano Goddess, a future seismic event, and when Pele blows as she goes looking for her husband, … when Hawaii blows, the suggestion is, that a tsunami will inundate whatever stands in the way. As just mentioned, the land that Pele and the tsunami is aiming at, is CALIFORNIA, where Pele’s Wave BURSTS FORTH. Pele is angry, … the Flood Goddess is upset, … she looking to get her husband back, … and California is the site of the MARRIAGE SUPPER OF THE LAMB. This is the MARRIOTT HOTEL site within the World Trade Center Plaza. The Marriott Hotel was destroyed when Tower 1 and Tower 2 collapsed upon this building. The Marriott was the shape, and in the exact location of the as California.

Tower 1 is OREGON, and Tower 2 is ARIZONA. With the earthquakes that are occurring off the coast of Oregon, at 44 degrees N, and in and around the Baja and Mexico, Oregon and Arizona are subliminally situated within the subconscious mind of the world population to crash onto California, the site of the Marriage Supper of Judgment. As well, the increased frequency activity within California at EUREKA, at 40 degrees N, and increased activity in Los Angeles and the Sultan Sea area, the subliminal suggestion within this 3D illusory plane has taken hold and following the luciferian agenda precisely.


None of this is actually happening!

… and the escape from the horror is to recognize the emotional manipulation being perpetuated by the intellectually indoctrinated religious, political and scientific elite who worship the Hidden Entity called the Thought Process.

Learn to recognize the illusory concept of TIME and SPACE, recognize its falsehood, and how everything in this illusory realm is designed to work to distract us from what Reality REALLY IS, and thereby attempting to destroy the power and wisdom of the Paradise State. We are the Paradise State of Wisdom. This is our Original State of Being. We cannot be destroyed. However, this illusory body of humanity that we believe to be who we really are, has become the number one CONCERN, and the number one focus of CARING, and this is the luciferian power of corruption. This is the manipulation of Reality, the illusory 3D realm directly manifested through the Thought Process.




MARCH 22, 2010 = 3/22/10

The whole Congress in the USA have a combined total of 433 votes. Some of the subliminals that correspond to this contrived number are listed below, and relate directly to the Health Care Reform Bill passed on March 22, UTC, or 3/22/10.

433=4+3+3=10, corresponding to the year 2010.
433=43+3=46=4+6=10, again – 2010.
433=4+33=37=3+7=10, once again – 2010.

It should be noted that as the information presented below, relates directly to the Health Care Reform Bill, there are subliminals and unlimited suggestions being conjured up throughout this whole illusory 3D plane. One such example is that the NY Stock Exchange, (or SION), is now moving ever closer to 11,000, after being stuck in the mid 10,000 range for months. The number 11 is the number of DEATH. As the year 2011 approaches, this is the suggestion being extended from the activity on WALL STREET, or LLAW = EL-LAW=ALLAH’s STREET. Allah being just another name for the MOON, or FLOOD GODDESS.

March 23, 2010 – NY Stock Exchange

SAUDI Arabia – Home of MECCA – Holiest site to Islam

March = MAR-K – the SEA and the 11th letter K, or KA, or Ka – symbolic of Death and Afterlife.
23 coincides with 11 on the 2nd clockface.
20=coincides with 8 on the 2nd clockface.
CAPITAL = KA-PIT-AL = Ka, or Death Pit LA

The Arabian world is obsessed with geometry and mathmatics. It was in Arabia that the illusory 3D realm was initiated by the luciferian group egregore. These geometric symbols established our illusory 3D plane, with the OCTAGON, formed by a DOUBLE CROSS, or symbol of BETRAYAL, adding to the TENSION on this most hallowed of days within the luciferian agenda, and being one of the most relevant symbols of all. For this reason the NY Stock Market closed at a new high since the Fabricated Recession began in 2008:

March 23, 2010 – CLOSING BELL – Dow Jones – 10,888.8 = TENSION and CONTROL through the FLOOD of the NILE.

(America – 1776 divided by 2 = 888, and the year 2010 = 8 and 10).

Obama Uses 20 PENS

The signing of the Health Care Reform Bill required 20 PENS (for gifts to supporters of course).


Vice President Joe Biden introduces President Obama at the signing ceremony and whispers to him:

The word BIG is the ever present word symbolizing the 2 pillars of sacrifice plastered symbolically throughout America. (The Big Apple, the BIG ISLAND, BIG SKY COUNTRY Montana, etc.).

The word FUCKING refers to the SEX associated with a MARRIAGE celebration. In this case, the Marriage Supper of the Lamb.

The word DEAL = Death LA.

On Sunday evening, in Congress, an anti-abortionist Republican Representative, RANDY NEUGEBAUER:

NEW-GEB-AUER = NEW – G and B word – Hour, or New Time, a New Hour, a New Age, a New World Order is being formed

… shouted out “BABY KILLER”.

BABY = Ba or Sacrifice, and BY = BG, the Pillars of Sacrifice in front of Solomon’s Temple.
KILLER = KILL-RE, or KILL RA, or KILL WA, or Water Kill, … Mary the Sea.

The COST of the Health Care Reform Bill$938 billion.

938=9+3+8=20 (the numbers 2+0) or the number of control in this the 21st century, where all the years begin with the number 20.
938=93+8=101 (the numbers 1+0) coincides with 5 – Sacrifice – on the 9th clockface.
938=9+38=47=4+7=11 (the number 1) the number of Death.

The signing of the Health Care Reform Bill takes place today, March 23, 2010.
The number 23 coincides with 11, or DEATH, on the 2nd clockface.
Again, the numbers 1, 2 and 3, with 3 symbolizing the shape of the deity, or the PYRAMID.
The PYRAMID is the basis, or the 3 DIMENSIONAL aspect of the 4 SQUARE FOUNDATION, and the 3 PRIMARY COLOURS are 120 degrees apart within this PYRAMIDAL form. From this, the importance of the numbers 1, 2, and 0 are extremely relevant and symbolic.

The Health Care Reform Bill consists of 2,700 pages, (almost as long as this blog).

A perfect CUBE has the volume of 3 PYRAMIDS.

When this Bill is stacked, 1 sheet of paper upon the other, the resulting shape is virtually a PERFECT CUBE if the sheets of paper used are of equal dimensions.

Health Care Reform Bill Passed

The passage of this bill has nothing whatsoever to do with health care for the American people, but has everything to do with their demise, and the suffering of untold numbers throughout the world. This is the luciferian agenda, now approaching its critical stage. Notice how the numbers 0, 1 and 2 come into play once again. Everything is associated with the Lion King on the move, as mentioned in recent pages. The Vancouver 2010 Paralympics ended as this Bill was being voted upon. The suggestion associated here, is that of PA-RA-LYMPICS = FATHER RA LIONS PEAKS. Follow along with the next pieces of information to see the subliminals and the extreme importance of why the Health Care Bill doddled away for months on end, creating the emotional nonsense required to establish our current illusory reality,

March 21 – 22 – 23 – 2010

The USA Health Care Reform Bill passed in Congress on Sunday, March 21, 2010. This occurred on March 22, March 2010, Universal Time Coordinated (UTC). Keep in mind that the Capitol Building in Washington DC is a TEMPLE.

This vote occurred on the SPRING EQUINOX, the EQUATION, the EQUATOR, the Earth Quaker, the EQ, the QUEEN of HEAVEN called MARY, also known as Diana, … and even ALLAH, the MOON GODDESS.

This is the Judgment Day of the illusory Lord. The Day of Equating, the Day of Decision, the Day that the Scales of Justice, the Day of Lady Liberty, continue moving along to the luciferian, light bringing, water bringing, agenda.

MARCH 22 = 3RD MONTH / 22 DAY = 03/22 = 322

The Vancouver Olympics started on February 12, 2010, with 322 days left in the year.

The Georgia Guidestones were dedicated on March 22, 1980, or 03/22/80 = 322 again.
The Guidestones have 10 NEW COMMANDMENTS that the world should follow in the event of a major cataclysm. This year, 2010, being the year of INTENSITY and TENSION, the number 10 is extremely symbolic. The original 10 COMMANDMENTS were also conjured up to assist in establishing this profound illusory reality we now experience. Of course, the WATER BOY, historically called MOSES, was the bringer, or BEARER of these 10 COMMANDMENTS. Moses is the WATER BEARER of the AGE OF AQUARIUS, and for this symbolic reason, you’ll find the statue of Moses in the Manitoba Legislative Building in Manitoba Canada, right in the legislative chambers.

(Previous pages on this site, have shown that the Manitoba Legislative Building relates to the symbolism associated with the World Trade Center attack in Manhattan, and the Rocky Mountains, and the Temple Mount Moriah).

Number 1 on the list of the Georgia Guidestones is that the WORLD POPULATION SHOULD BE MAINTAINED AT 500 MILLION.


The angled border of Manitoba also points directly through the HUDSON BAY which corresponds to the HUDSON RIVER, the site of the WTC attack of 2001.
This angled border points exactly to MECCA.
This angled border, when extended in the opposite direction points directly to WINNIPEG, then to the 4 Corner Cross of the USA, exactly through MOUNT RUSHMORE South Dakota with its 4 PRESIDENTS who faithfully stand guard and watch for the cataclysm to unfold, and directly through PHOENIX Arizona, and on to the North and South BaJa border of Baja California in Mexico.

The Health Care Reform Bill vote went as follows:

1st vote – 219 YES / 212 NO

Once again, the use of the numbers 1 and 2, along with the number 9, symbolizing the FALL.

219=2+1+9=12, or the numbers 1 and 2, and suggesting the FULLNESS of TIME.
212=2+1+2=5, again the numbers 1 and 2, and suggesting the SACRIFICE.

2nd vote – 220 YES / 211 NO

The 2nd vote (even the fact that they symbolically had to vote 2 times, puts the numbers 1 and 2 in play again), was 220 to 211.

4 and 4 = 44, corresponding to the 44th president, OBAMA.
4×4=16, corresponding to the 16th president, LINCOLN.


The Sacrifice of Jesus, during what is now called the SEASON of LENT in the Christian Church, proceeded until the night of the PASSOVER. The Jewish PASSOVER just happens to occur on March 30, 2010, following the 88th day of the year 2010. This is a TUESDAY (SEUT DAY, or ZEUS DAY), symbolically written as 30/03/10. Good Friday occurs on the Friday following, on the 44th day of LENT.

(March 30, 2010, the LARGE HADRON COLLIDER in Geneva Switzerland (CERN) will be starting up once again, to attempt to understand the mysteries of the BIG BANG. If that sounds a bit symbolic, in regards to a New Heaven, a New World, a New Age, a New PRIMORDIAL MOUND … and on the Jewish PASSOVER, …??).

Jesus ATE / EIGHT / 8 his LAST SUPPER (Marriage Supper of the Lamb of God), with his 12 disciples, then went with 3 disciples, Peter-ROCK, John-FISH, and James-I AM the elder, into the Garden of Gethsemane. Here we’re told, that Jesus told his disciples to stay and watch, while he prayed to the Father for strength concerning what was to unfold, namely his crucifixion and ultimate sacrifice. The 3 disciples kept falling asleep, and Jesus went through his ordeal in agony, pleading with the Father God ‘that the Father’s will should be done, … not Jesus’ will, … but if the CUP could be removed, … so that he wouldn’t have to drink from it, …’ . All this, is of course, MASS HYPNOSIS and manipulation of Reality.

Here’s what really occurred:


Changing the G to a Y, the word GETHSEMANE becomes YETHSEMANE.
YETHSEMANE then becomes YOSEMITE by substituting the TH for the letter N.
Now say the 2 words one after the other.
YOSEMITE sounds almost exactly the same as YETHSEMANE.
The letter N is formed in exactly the same way, and in the same part of the mouth as the letter T.

YOSEMITE = YO-SEMITE = or YOH, as in HELLO, equates to YELLOW, which in turn is HOLY.
YOSEMITE = YO – SEMITE, or a Semite, ethnic Jewish heritage.

Yosemite National Park in California received from Congress, on June 30, 1864, and signed by PRESIDENT LINCOLN, the YOSEMITE GRANT, setting aside this incredible land expanse for preservation (environmental worship), and being the first such act of Congress to do so. This was the precedent that assisted in allowing YELLOWSTONE to actually become the 1st National Park formed within the USA. Yosemite is symbolically LINKED (LINCOLNED) to YELLOWSTONE, the Stone of Judgment.

The Garden of Gethsemane is simply a subliminal used for thousands of illusory, non-existent years, to manipulate reality to the lunacy of our time. This lunacy has been carried on in the same fashion as described on a previous page, in regards to the cartoon of BUGS BUNNY. However now, YOSEMITE SAM chases BUGS BUNNY (Son of God) in endless fashion, trying to KILL the poor RABBIT / RABBI, at every turn.


Yosemite Park is located at 37 degrees N, the same as San Francisco, and is in line with Las Vegas, as well as the area around OLANCHA California, where earthquake activity has been building for a few months now.


After the LAST SUPPER with his disciples, Jesus went to Gethsemane, or YOSEMITE, and prayed, or PREYED. After that he began his 14 STAGES of the WAY of SORROWS, the Via Dolorosa. The location of the 1st stage of the Via Dolorosa begins at ST. STEPHEN’S GATE, the LIONS GATE (Stephen Harper, Prime MInister of Canada, the 2010 Winter Olympics at the LIONS GATE at VANCOUVER). The Via Dolorosa is located in the Muslim Quarter of Old Jerusalem, where the sacrifice was prepared for slaughter on the Temple Mount Altar, just outside the Twin Pillars (Twin Towers WTC), at the Porch to Solomon’s Temple.


The Via Dolorosa actually means:


The angled border of Manitoba points from Mecca, through the Hudson Bay, through Winnipeg, the geographical center of North America, through Mount Rushmore, and slices right through COLORADO, the VIA DOLOROSA. Many have wondered why all the Freemasonic symbolism in the DENVER INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT? This is the reason why. This is stage 1 of the Via Dolorosa, the beginning of the CRUCIFIXION of the SACRIFICE of the Son of God. Colorado is the start of the Way of Sorrows.

The line from Mecca passes through Colorado, then proceeds exactly through the centre of the 4 Corner Cross of the USA, then through the area of Phoenix.

March 29-2010 – 88th DAY OF THE YEAR


Dozens of people have been killed in 2 separate suicide bomb explosions in Moscow. The name Moscow suggests the name of Moses, who was drawn from the WATER. This name Moscow, also suggests the the MOSQUE, even the MASK, that provides the cover story, and the smokescreen for what is actually transpiring.



These bombings occur on the Eve of the Jewish Passover which begins of March 30, 2010.

The 88th Day of the Year, and the Jewish Passover coincide with the onset of the FULL MOON cycle.

These bombings also occur in the last week of LENT, following PALM SUNDAY (Pay Alms, or Sacrifice), which ultimately climaxes on Good Friday, the 44th DAY OF LENT.

March 30, 2010 PASSOVER – Health Care PASSED – Full Moon

Today, March 30, 2010 is the Jewish Passover. This date reads as:

30/03/10 = 30+3+10 = 33+10 = 43 = 4+3=7 Perfection and Completion.
43 coincides with 7 on the 4th clockface.
Whenever a number breaks down to a simple digit, and this in turn coincides with its position on the 1st clockface, the intention is strong.

The numbers 7 and 4=11, the number of Death. Passover is completely dedicated to the aspect of Death.

With all the hype surrounding the American Health Reform Bill, it finally gets passed and signed into law today, on Passover, on a FULL MOON cycle.

Passover is a Jewish Holy Day.
Solomon = SOL and MOON, or SUN and MOON.

PASSOVER = PASS-O-RE-V = PA father SS mother ISIS – O son god RE water – V sacrifice

PASSED BILL = PASSED BAAL = PA father SS mother ISIS death BA sacrifice AL, or LA, fertility god.

On this same day, the CERN, Large Hadron Collider in Geneva Switzerland established a new record by creating a charge of 7 TRILLION ELECTRON VOLTS, with the hope of duplicating in a very small way, the BIG BANG event, which is supposed to have created/conjured up the world, 14 BILLION YEARS AGO.

The number 14 billion corresponds to the Days of Lent, initiated by VALENTINE’s DAY on February 14th, and officially beginning on February 17, 2010. With 41 days having passed since Valentine’s Day.

14=41 in reverse.
41 coincides with 5 Sacrifice – on the 4th clockface.
5+4=9 the number of the Fall.

What’s transpiring here, is the mathematics of the luciferian Thought Process. Everything has been set in motion with the initiation of intellectual conjuring, and just as the numbers associated with mathematics and geometry cannot deviate, one from the other, so to, does the luciferian agenda follow along a rail track with no ability to deviate or wander.


Google Video – illuminatiMATRIX explanatory video detailing the foundational root of hypnosis, religion, intellectualism and who and what god is.

Click here to watch video.

YouTube Video highlighting some of the subliminal elements hidden in the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem

Please read the next paragraph before watching the ROCK VIDEO.

On the ROCK VIDEO, the World Trade Center is mistakenly called the ROCKEFELLER PLAZA. The WTC was conceived and promoted by the Rockefellers. The Rockefeller Plaza is to the north of the World Trade Centre, on the MANHATTAN ROCK, or MANNA STONE. The WTC and the Rockefeller Plaza , along with the area of CENTRAL PARK, relate to the TEMPLE MOUNT in Jerusalem, and the Al Aqsa Mosque, the Dome of the ROCK, and the Temple Courtyard. These in turn relate to the North American West Coast. See page 39 for more details.

Click here to watch the new Rock Video on YouTube.


This page is under construction.


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