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Google Video – illuminatiMATRIX explanatory video detailing the foundational root of hypnosis, religion, intellectualism and who and what god is.

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YouTube Video highlighting some of the subliminal elements hidden in the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem

Please read the next paragraph before watching the ROCK VIDEO.

On the ROCK VIDEO, the World Trade Center is mistakenly called the ROCKEFELLER PLAZA. The WTC was conceived and promoted by the Rockefellers. The Rockefeller Plaza is to the north of the World Trade Centre, on the MANHATTAN ROCK, or MANNA STONE. The WTC and the Rockefeller Plaza , along with the area of CENTRAL PARK, relate to the TEMPLE MOUNT in Jerusalem, and the Al Aqsa Mosque, the Dome of the ROCK, and the Temple Courtyard. These in turn relate to the North American West Coast. See page 39 for more details.

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FEBRUALIA – FEBRUARY – Month of Purification

February 10 2010 = 02/10/2010
Last day of Olympic Torch Run – February 11, 2010 coincides with Washington’s birthday on the Julian Calendar – February 11, 1731.
Washington’s birthday on the Gregorian (NEW CALENDAR), adopted by Britain and the new country of the United States of America in the 1700’s, changing the birthdate of Washington to February 22, 1732.

The month of PURIFICATION begins 40 days after the birth of Christ, either on February 2, Candlemas, if counting from December 25. If counting from epiphany, on January 6, and the Armenian Christian Church does, then the month of PURIFICATION begins on VALENTINE’S DAY.

On the moon sequence chart below, from February 11 to 14, there’s a NEW MOON CYCLE. As shown throughout this site, many luciferian events occur during the NEW MOON. This coincides with the end of the Olympic Torch Relay which began in Greece on October 6, 2009. After 8 days, the relay began in VICTORIA, on Vancouver Island, and has travelled for 45,000 kilometres around Canada, for a period of 106 more days. The total days for the Torch Relay, from the time of it being lit in Greece, is 114 days.

114 coincides with 6 on the 10th clockface.
1+1+4 = 6
6+10= 16, the number of Lincoln, and the number of days that the Olympics last.
The number 106 coincides with 10 on the 9th clockface.
10+6 = 16, the number of Lincoln again, in unison with the number 9, the FALL.

The 2010 Olympics end on the 28th of February.
On the chart below, the FULL MOON coincides with the last day of the Olympics.
The season of LENT in the Christian church, begins on February 17, which, as demonstrated on the previous page, is linked to VA-LENT-ine’s Day on the 14th. From February 17 to April 2, or 44 DAYS, the number associated with the 44th president Obama, coincides with April 2, or Good Friday, which is EASTER.

EASTER = ASTARTE = the Queen of Heaven = MARY = many Queens of Heaven such as:

VICTORIA is the capital of British Columbia, and today, February 11, Canada’s Prime Minister Stephen Harper spoke to the British Columbia legislature, which is a very rare event, if ever occurring. Stephen Harper corresponds to St. Stephen’s Gate, the Sheep Gate, on the east wall of Old Jerusalem, (just above the Golden Gate on the east wall, which corresponds to the Golden Gate Bridge), and his arrival in Victoria and the legislative buildings, was symbolizing the opening of the Sheep Gate to allow the sacrifice entry into the Temple Mount, to prepare it for slaughter in the coming illusory weeks, months, and years.

More Queens Of Heaven


The name VICTORIA comes to us from Roman mythology. It means the Goddess of VICTORY. Therefore, the location, name, and symbolism of Victoria, and the presence of St. Stephen Harper addressing the legislature on this day preceding the 2010 Olympics, is suggesting VICTORY of some fashion.

The name VICTORIA is also related to BRIGANTIA, which means the “High Goddess”.

BRIGANTIA is derived from BRIGID, or BRIGIT, and is obviously referring to a BRIDGE. A bridge between god and man. For this reason, the symbolism of the LION’S GATE BRIDGE, (which is set symbolically into motion, by preparing the sacrifice), precedes the intended sacrifice just inside the GOLDEN GATE BRIDGE, when the MESSIAH comes pouring through in judgment, to cleanse the world of this thing called SIN.



VACUNA was a Sabine Goddess of Agriculture. VACUNA and VICTORIA both represented VICTORY, and both relate to the Greek Goddess NIKE, who was known for bestowing success in ATHLETIC GAMES. The games corresponding to this symbolism, are the 2010 OLYMPIC GAMES in Vancouver, and the surrounding area of VICTORIA, VANCOUVER, Mount OLYMPUS Washington, as well as Mount Washington, and WHISTLER.


Victoria also symbolized VICTORY over DEATH. As the luciferian Christian Bible states, DEATH is SWALLOWED UP IN VICTORY, or Victoria.

1 Corinthians 15:54 – “So when this corruptible shall have put on incorruption, and this mortal shall have put on immortality, THEN SHALL BE BROUGHT TO PASS the saying that is written, DEATH IS SWALLOWED UP IN VICTORY”.

In other words, when you see SIN BEING CLEANSED from the earth, this symbolizes VICTORIA=VICTORIA, VACUNA=VANCOUVER, and BRIGANTIA=BRITISH, combining subliminal/hypnotic forces to wash corruption from the face of the earth. This washing is symbolized by COLUMBE, the DOVE, or the HOLY SPIRIT, the LIVING WATER.


Brigantia / Britain, was depicted as an OWL.

The name BRIGID comes from the word BREO-SAIGHIT, meaning FIERY ARROW. (Cupid, and Valentine’s Day mind come to mind here). BRIGID had 2 SISTERS. She made a WHISTLE for calling to her sisters in the NIGHT.

WHISTLE = WHISTLER, site of the 2010 Olympics.
NIGHT = INUIT, the Night Journey of Muhammed, to the Al-Aqsa Mosque, the ALASKA MOSQUE, the furthest mosque from MECCA. Alaska being exactly 180 degrees from MECCA.

LOA = AOL America On Line, with their pyramid logo.

The LWA were the spirits of voodoo practiced in Haiti, and were referred to as the Mysteries, or the Invisibles.
These were the intermediaries between the Good God and man.

Many Catholic saints have become LWA, or LOA’s in their own right, where the LWA’s are actually served, and allowed to possess the servant.

Catholic LWA’s include St. PHILOMENA, St. MICHAEL the ARCHANGEL, St. JUDE, St. JOHN the BAPTIST, etc.
Irish slaves, who were kidnapped and brought to Haiti, intermarried with African slaves, and the resulting LWA voodoo spirits were thereby established by combining the belief systems of both.

Brigid / Brigantia / Brigitte, were also connected to HOLY WELLS (Well of Souls).
St. Brigette’s festival occurred at the beginning of February, (February 2), corresponding to CANDLEMAS, to GROUND HOG DAY, and to presenting JESUS in the TEMPLE, and was called IMBOLC.

Also known as:
IMBOLC was known as “The Festival of Lights”, … fire, initiation and purification.

Interestingly, the very same harbour where the 2010 OLYMPIC RINGS NOW REST ON A BARGE, all lit up for everyone to see, … in the very same waters, the FESTIVAL of LIGHTS, or CELEBRATION of LIGHT, draws 500,000 spectators every evening for a few days each summer, to watch fireworks being displayed by different countries from around the world. This last summer, there was a coinciding LIGHTENING and THUNDER STORM that upstaged the FIREWORKS DISPLAY. This lightening storm went on for hours, in precedent setting fashion. A very real subliminal conjured up by the luciferian Thought Process.

The Haitian Voodoo LWA spirit of Maman Brigitte has another characteristic that involves weaving a CROSS out of RUSHES at the bedside of a dying man being converted to Christianity. This relates to the saying “Don’t Cross Your Bridges”, with the obvious suggestion associated with death.

This connection of HAITI, to BRIGID, BRIGANTIA, BRITAIN, and in turn British Columbia, sheds light on what the Haiti earthquake was about. This was the BEGINNING of SACRIFICE and CLEANSING of the TEMPLE by the DOVE of BriGantia Columbe, or BRITISH COLUMBIA.

It should be mentioned that these names associated with BriGid, are for the most part, B and G names. Victoria herself, is represented on top of the BrandenBurg Gate in Berlin Germany.

February 10 – 2010 – Land Of Lincoln Earthquake

February 10, 2010 – a day of INTENSITY on the 10th of the 10th. Just 2 days before the Vancouver Olympics begin.

The Burj Khalifa, (BURY CALIFORNIA) the tallest building in the world in DUBAI, UAE, which just opened on January 4, 2010, and followed within 8 days by the Big One HAITI EARTHQUAKE, just closed its doors unexpectedly, on Sunday, February 7, 2010. It appears to remain closed until VALENTINE’S DAY, when they’re resuming taking bookings for tourists to go up to the observation deck on the 124th floor.

February 10, 2010 – a once in 40 year earthquake just occurred in the Land of Lincoln, the State of Illinois, of 3.8 mag. located at 88 degrees W and located 40 miles from Chicago in the state where Lincoln is buried (Springfield Illinois). It occurred at 42 degrees N, which coincides with the northern border of California.

The earthquake occurred at 10:00 am, on the 10 day of the 10th year, UTC.

Earthquake Details


Wednesday, February 10, 2010 at 09:59:33 UTC (27 seconds short of 10:00 am UTC, or 4:00 at epicenter)

Wednesday, February 10, 2010 at 03:59:33 AM at epicenter
Time of Earthquake in other Time Zones

42.053°N, 88.412°W

5 km (3.1 miles) set by location program


2 km (1 miles) SSE (168°) from Pingree Grove, IL
6 km (4 miles) SW (215°) from Gilberts, IL
9 km (6 miles) WSW (243°) from Sleepy Hollow, IL
34 km (21 miles) NNW (344°) from Aurora, IL
65 km (40 miles) WNW (292°) from Chicago, IL

Throne Of Isis – 4 CORNERS – Easter Island -DUNG GATE

Easter Island was annexed by CHILE / KILL, on SEPTEMBER 9, 1888 – 09/09/1888.
There are 887 statues erected on Easter Island, and only 7 of them face out to the sea.
887-7=880 facing in towards land.

(EDITING NOTE – MARCH 5, 2010 – The Illinois Earthquake occurring at 88 degrees W, the year Chile annexed Easter Island in 1888, the number of statues facing inland on Easter Island, 880, all suggest the same thing, which relate to the Flood of the Nile, and which in turn relates to the number of CONTROL, the life and death struggle, so prevalent within the luciferian agenda. These events just listed now relate to the Chile Earthquake of February 27, 2010 – MAGNITUDE 8.8.)


2010 Olympics Opening Ceremonies

4.4 Earthquake – 44 Degrees N – NEW MOON – Battle Of MARJAH / MARY

Just as the 2010 Olympic opening ceremonies began, a 4.4 magnitude earthquake occurred just off the OREGON / ORION coast, at exactly 44.007 degrees N. The time of this quake was 38 min. 22 sec. past midnite Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). In Vancouver time, this was 3:38 PM, or just as the Opening Ceremonies were getting set to start.

This time coincides with the launch of the biggest military offensive in the Afghan War since the war began. This battle began on February 13, 2010, on the city of MARJAH.

MARJAH = MARYAH = MARY substituting the J for a Y.

FEBRUARY 13 is the 44th DAY of 2010.

Earthquake Details


Saturday, February 13, 2010 at 00:38:22 UTC
Friday, February 12, 2010 at 03:38:22 PM at epicenter
Time of Earthquake in other Time Zones

44.007°N, 127.514°W

24.6 km (15.3 miles)


268 km (166 miles) WNW (287°) from Barview, OR
269 km (167 miles) WNW (293°) from Bandon, OR
270 km (168 miles) W (279°) from Winchester Bay, OR
352 km (219 miles) W (271°) from Eugene, OR
420 km (261 miles) WSW (248°) from Portland, OR


February 13 is the 44th day of 2010. Georgian LUGER, Nodar Kumaritashvili, crashed in a training run on February 12, the same day as the Opening Ceremonies at the Olympic Games. He crashed on the 16th turn of the course (4×4 / Lincoln 16. He was ranked 44th in the world. He was travelling at 144.3 kmh at the time of the crash. He was the 4th competitor to die in the Winter Olympics since its inception.

GEORGIA = ROEY-YIA = ROY AYI = ROYAL = ROSE to RISE above all others.

In similar fashion to the Opening Day of the Beijing Olympics, when Russia invaded the country of Georgia, so too, on the opening day of the 2010 Olympics, Georgian LUGER Nodar Kumaritashvili, is killed in training. This time the Georgian athlete is killed at Whistler, on the coast of GEORGIA STRAIT.

NODAR = ORAN Death = ORION Death
= KU or KA the 11th letter and associated with the afterlife and death.
= T or Sacrifice
= ASH = Fire, Volcano, Seismic activity
= VILI = VILE = EVIL = LIVE suggesting cleansing VA, or WATER, and New Life

This LUGE accident was a sacrificial offering to the luciferian agenda, with suggestion attached to YELLOWSTONE, the STONE of JUDGMENT. Just as the Haiti earthquake which occurred exactly 1 month before the Opening Ceremonies of the 2010 Olympics.


The word OLYMPICS is actually referring to the LIONS PEAKS and the LIONS GATE of Vancouver and Whistler. This word has been used since ancient times, and has always had the LIONS PEAKS and the LIONS GATE as the focal point within its agenda. The games of the XXI Winter Olympics will continue for 888 days, from the day preceding WASHINGTON’S Birthday, on February 21, 2010, and continue until the Opening Ceremonies, July 27, at the XXX, triple X Olympiad, at the 2012 Olympics in LONDON.

LONDON = LOTAN the dragon protecting the Tree of Life in the Garden of EDEN / NEED
LOTAN = L’OTAN en francais = NATO’L in reverse, or simply NATO, North Atlantic Treaty Organization

Opening Ceremony Kafuffle

Even though no one was expecting the Vancouver Olympics to be the dazzling array as experienced with the Beijing Olympics, most fail to see that this was not the case. In 3D terms, looking only at the Opening Ceremonies as a few hours of entertainment, Beijing was the ultimate event. If, however, one looks at the Opening Ceremonies as beginning with the Olympic Torch Relay, and including the earthquake in Sichuan Province China, where 88,000 are dead and missing, then Vancouver/Mount Olympus/Victoria, are well ahead of Beijing in sacrificial terms, with 212,000 plus dead in the Haiti quake, which, as demonstrated on these last pages, relates to the 2010 Olympics, and is located in the Northern portion of the Western Hemisphere, and the death toll is still climbing.

The Beijing Olympics were initiating, or setting the stage for the Vancouver Olympics, which in turn, are in the process, right now, of setting the stage for the 2012 Olympics. As part of this manipulative process, which will include devastation in many parts of the world, including the west coast of North America, the Vancouver Olympics deemed it necessary to have Arnold Schwarzenegger, Governor of California / Khalif-Orion, carry the Olympic Torch at SUNRISE, through STANLEY PARK, immediately adjacent to the LION’S GATE BRIDGE (Queen of Heaven Brigitania), on the day of the Opening Ceremonies. Knowing how the Olympic Organization frowns upon the use of steroids, it seems sort of odd, to say the least, that they would invite Mr. Steroid himself, the TERMINATOR, to carry the Torch. Maybe our reality is being manipulated again?


During the Opening Ceremonies in Vancouver / VANCUNA Queen of Heaven, which means VACCINE in SPANISH (Swine Flu VACCINE, etc.), there were 4 hydraulic tubes that were to rise from the floor, which would be lit from 4 different positions, climbing up to ultimately light the main cauldren in the centre. However, only 3 of the 4 rose from the floor, creating a 3 sided pyramid with a very haphazard look to it. Almost a sense of it falling down. This was a major gaff from a 3D perspective. However, from a luciferian egregore Mindset perspective, this ‘gaff’ created a series of 3-X’s, or a triple X, when viewed from each side, initiating a connection to the XXX Olympiad in London. Everyone involved in this exercise has not the slightest notion of what’s transpiring. Not even the Terminator himself. However, this is the suggestion, and the subliminal, and things have been set in motion to coincide with the New Moon, the Marjah/MARY war, and what will ultimately continue to provide, a Valentine’s Day gift of blood for the world in the days leading up to the XXX Olympiad in London.

Battle Of MARJAH / MARY – February 13-2010

The Town That Doesn’t Exist

On February 13, 2010, USA, Canadian, and British troops, joined by Afghan troops, launched an offensive against the city of Marjah, one day before Valentine’s Day. This was the 44th day of the year, coinciding with the symbolism attached to Barack Obama and the 44th presidency.

Below is an article from Associated Press, describing the offensive, and the battle in the city of 80,000 or more people, according to population numbers associated with information regarding the city of Marjah. Read the article carefully, taking note of the size of the area that the allied troops are supposedly attempting to secure:

February 21, 2010

Marines converge on Taliban holdouts in Marjah

AP – U.S. Sgt. U.S. Ryan Mack, 25, from Defiance, Ohio, spotter at left, talks at the radio as Spc. Thomas …
By ALFRED de MONTESQUIOU, Associated Press Writer – 10 mins ago

MARJAH, Afghanistan – Marines and Afghan units converged Sunday on a dangerous western quarter of the Taliban stronghold of Marjah, with NATO forces facing “determined resistance” as their assault on the southern town entered its second week.

The Marjah operation is a major test of a new NATO strategy that stresses protecting civilians over routing insurgents as quickly as possible. It’s also the first major ground operation since President Barack Obama ordered 30,000 reinforcements to Afghanistan.

In a setback to that strategy, the Dutch prime minister said Sunday that his country’s 1,600 troops would probably leave Afghanistan this year. Prime Minister Jan Peter Balkenende spoke a day after his government collapsed when a coalition partner insisted the Dutch troops leave in August as planned.

Fighter jets, drones and attack helicopters flew over Marjah, as Marine and Afghan companies moved on a 2-square-mile (5.2-sq. kilometer) area of the town where more than 40 insurgents have apparently holed up.
“They are squeezed,” said Lt. Col. Brian Christmas, commander of 3rd Battalion, 6th Marine Regiment. “It looks like they want to stay and fight but they can always drop their weapons and slip away. That’s the nature of this war.”
Insurgents are putting up a “determined resistance” in various parts of Marjah, though the overall offensive is “on track,” NATO said Sunday, eight days after thousands of Afghan and international forces launched their largest joint operation since the Taliban regime’s ouster in 2001.

Late last week, Maj. Gen. Nick Carter, head of NATO forces in southern Afghanistan, said he believed it would take at least 30 days to complete securing the Nad Ali district and Marjah in Helmand province, a hub for a lucrative opium trade that profits militants.
Once the town is secure, NATO plans to rush in a civilian Afghan administration, restore public services and pour in aid to try to win the loyalty of the population and prevent the Taliban from returning. …

End of Associated Press article.

What this article just stated, is that the portion of the city/town now under attack covers an area of 2 square miles. Once they secure this portion of the city/town, of its 80,000 plus residents, they’re going to RUSH IN A CIVILIAN AFGHAN ADMINISTRATION, RESTORE PUBLIC SERVICES and POUR IN AID to try to win the loyalty of the POPULATION…

There’s just one small problem here. The city/town of 80,000, and upwards of 125,000 residents, DOESN’T EXIST!

A look on Google maps quickly shows that there’s only a few homes and roads spread out over a large empty space. There’s no town, no city, no 80,000 residents, and therefore, NO PUBLIC SERVICES to be RESTORED, and NO POPULATION that needs to be WON OVER.

So… what’s going on?

According to an article in wikipedia, Marja is a city/town of 80,000 or more residents. However, a German-Afghan based journalist, Anita Girishki, has heavy doubts about the existence of the city of Marja.

Read the wikipedia article, and the following information regarding the subliminals and suggestion involved with the BATTLE OF MARJAthe BATTLE OF MOUNT MORIAH, the BATTLE OF MARIAH CONQUERING WIND, the Battle of the luciferian agenda.

Mount Moriah is the FOUNDATION STONE under the DOME OF THE ROCK.
This FOUNDATION STONE is the same shape as the WESTERN 11 UNITED STATES.
MORIAH, or MARJA, is referring to the BATTLE of the WESTERN 11 UNITED STATES.

This is creating the inTENsity that is designed to further establish the illusion of the BATTLE OF ARMAGEDDON, the DAY OF JUDGMENT, and the suggested COMING CATACLSYM.


The Marriage Supper of the Lamb is subliminal dominating the suggestion hidden within the Battle of Marja.

Beginning of wikipedia article concerning the population and existence of the city of Marjah.

Population and economy

Marja’s population has been reported to be about 80-85,000, rising to around 125,000 when surrounding areas are included in the count. But until now there is no official Afghan source for the count. Googlemaps and afghan maps just show a small village.

Germany based Afghan journalist Anahita Girishki has heavy doubts about the existence of a town called Marja. In Afghanistan Information Management Services maps of Afghanistan Marja appears as a small village, and on Google Earth no town can be recognized on the place where Marja is supposed to be.

It is geographically situated in one of Afghanistan’s major belts of poppy fields, which are a source of funds for the Taliban. According to one figure, 10% of global illicit opium production in the year 2000 originated from the Marja/Nad-i-Ali area. During the 1950s and 1960s the United States government irrigated the fields around Marja (Lashkar Gah/Helmand was nicknamed “Little America”), with many canals remaining to this day. …

End of Wikipedia quote…

The ‘poppy fields’ in the area of Marja corresponds to the Poppy, the state flower of CALIFORNIA, the California Poppy.


The coordinates of MARJA / MARJAH / MARJEH / MARY / MORIAH are 31 degrees N / 64 degrees W.

31 coincides with 7 on the 3rd clockface.

64 coincides with 4 on the 6th clockface.
and 4+6=10

California’s coordinates are 114 degrees W to 124 degrees west.
California’s N/S coordinates are 32 degrees N to 42 degrees N.

Los Angeles coordinates are 34 degrees N /118 degrees W
34 coincides with 10 on the 3rd clockface.
118 coincides with 10 on 10th clockface.

Marjah Battle – February 21, 2010 – UPDATE

The Battle of Marjah is continuing on February 21, 2010. It’s Sunday evening on the west coast of Canada as I write this section, and the Associated Press has just posted another update on the battle. Below are portions of this report, still insisting on describing the city/town of Marjah as a good sized community of 80 square miles, with insurgents dug in and putting up strong resistance. Supposedly 3 markets are partially open, according to the report, however, this is just a small village at best. Check Google maps to see firsthand, Marjah the city, does not exist!

The Associated Press article follows:

Outgunned Taliban mounting tough fight in Marjah

AP – U.S. Sgt. U.S. Ryan Mack, 25, from Defiance, Ohio, spotter at left, talks at the radio as Spc. Thomas …

By ALFRED de MONTESQUIOU, Associated Press Writer – 24 mins ago

MARJAH, Afghanistan – Outnumbered and outgunned, Taliban fighters are mounting a tougher fight than expected in Marjah, Afghan officials said Sunday, as U.S.-led forces converged on a pocket of militants in a western section of the town.

Despite ongoing fighting, the newly appointed civilian chief for Marjah said he plans to fly into the town Monday for the first time since the attack to begin restoring Afghan government control and winning over the population after years of Taliban rule.

With fighter jets, drones and attack helicopters roaring overhead, Marine and Afghan companies advanced Sunday on a 2-square-mile (5.2-sq. kilometer) area where more than 40 insurgents were believed holed up.

“They are squeezed,” said Lt. Col. Brian Christmas, commander of 3rd Battalion, 6th Marine Regiment. “It looks like they want to stay and fight but they can always drop their weapons and slip away. That’s the nature of this war.”…

… Teams of Taliban gunmen stayed in the town, delivering sometimes intense volleys of gunfire on Marine and Afghan units slogging through the rutted streets and poppy fields. …

… Afghan Defense Ministry spokesman Gen. Mohammad Zahir Azimi said the U.S. and its allies had expected the Taliban to leave behind thousands of hidden explosives, which they did. But they were surprised to find that so many militants stayed to fight.

“We predicted it would take many days. But our prediction was that the insurgency would not resist that way,” Azimi told The Associated Press in Kabul.

In a statement Sunday, NATO acknowledged that insurgents were putting up a “determined resistance” in various parts of Marjah, although the overall offensive is “on track.”

Marine spokesman Lt. Josh Diddams said Sunday that Marines and Afghan troops were continuing to run into “pockets of stiff resistance” though they were making progress. Diddams said no area is completely calm yet although three markets in town — which covers about 80 square miles — are at least partially open.

“Everywhere we’ve got Marines, we’re running into insurgents,” Diddams said. In many cases, the militants are fighting out of bunkers fortified with sandbags and other materials.
Before the assault, U.S. officers said they believed 400 to 1,000 insurgents were in Marjah, 360 miles (610 kilometers) southwest of Kabul. About 7,500 U.S. and Afghan troops attacked the town, while thousands more NATO soldiers moved into other Taliban strongholds in surrounding Helmand province.

It was the largest joint NATO-Afghan operation since the Taliban regime was ousted from power in 2001. Blog comment – (Since 9-11).

NATO’s civilian chief in Afghanistan, Mark Sedwill, said the military operation was moving slowly “because of essentially the ruthlessness of the opponent we face and the rules that we’ve set for ourselves” to protect civilians.
“We could have swept through this place in a couple of days but there would have been a lot of casualties.” he said.

Gen. David Petraeus, who oversees the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, said on NBC’s “Meet The Press” that Marjah was the opening salvo in a campaign to turn back the Taliban that could last 12 to 18 months. (Blog comment – or until the 2012 Olympics start in London).

During Sunday’s fighting, Marines found several abandoned Kalashnikov rifles along with ammunition hidden in homes, suggesting that insurgents intended to blend into the local population and fight back later. (Blog comment – There is no local population, it’s just a small village)

Sporadic volleys of insurgent machine-gun fire rang out through the day.
“They shoot from right here in front of a house, they don’t care that there are children around,” said Abdel Rahim.
Abdul Rahman Saber, chief of the local council for Marjah, said the situation in much of the town was improving — that some residents had been able to return to their homes.

Anxious to begin the task of restoring government authority, Zahir, the new district leader, said he plans to meet Monday with community leaders and townspeople about security, health care and reconstruction.

“The Marines have told us that the situation is better. It’s OK. It’s good,” said Zahir, who like many Afghans goes by one name. “I’m not scared because it is my home. I have come to serve the people.”
Life in Marjah, however, remains far from normal. The price of food had soared, with the price of sugar and other staples doubling as the fighting continues.

…On Saturday, President Hamid Karzai urged NATO to do more to protect civilians during combat operations to secure Marjah, although he noted the military alliance had made progress in doing that — mainly by reducing airstrikes and adopting more restrictive combat rules.
NATO forces have repeatedly said they want to prevent civilian casualties, but acknowledged that it is not always possible. On Saturday, the alliance said its troops killed another civilian in the Marjah area, bringing the civilian death toll from the operation to at least 16. (Blog comment – Since this is a small village, 16 dead would be a large percentage of the civilian population).

End of Associated Press article.


The details in this article, once again, paints a rosy picture of the kindness, compassion and caring of the allied forces. However, since there’s no city/town, or significant population that they’re protecting, every word is a blatant lie and manipulation tactic for something BIG being established.

Tomorrow, February 22, 2010, is the 10th Day of the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver, or VACUNA, Queen of Heaven.

February 22, 2010 = 22/02/2010
22 coincides with 10 on the 2nd clockface.
All numbers are 0, 1 and 2.

February 22 is WASHINGTON’S Birthday.

Today, February 21, 2010 – The DALAI LAMA gave a speech in the GIBSON AMPHITHEATRE in Los Angeles.
This is the 14th Dalai Lama. (Corresponding to the date of February 14, Valentine’s Day).

The Dalai Lama’s name is TENZIN GYATSO
GYATSO a G word.

The last time the Dalai Lama visited the United States he arrived at the same time as the Pope visited New York. What followed his arrival to the Illinois, Indiana part of the country, was a significant earthquake. The visit of the Pope coincided with the Mayanmar/Burma Cyclone, and the Sichuan earthquake in China, 88 days before the 2008 Olympics.


The article below is from MSNBC, and continues the myth of the Battle of MARJA / MARY, which is the subliminal suggestion used to establish the MARRIAGE SUPPER – JUDGMENT DAY OF THE LAMB

DALAI LAMA = Death ALLAH LAMB = Death LA Los Angeles Lamb

Interestingly, the Dalai Lama received his Nobel Peace Prize on December 10, 1989, and 20 years later, to the day, December 10, 2009, Barack Obama received his Nobel Peace Prize. Before the Dalai Lama spoke in Los Angeles, he visited Barack Obama in the Whitehouse.

This article describes the task of rebuilding Marja, (the Primordial Mound of the New World Order, the New Heaven and New Earth), when in fact, it never existed in the first place, EVEN IN 3 DIMENSIONAL TERMS.

Beginning of article:

Coalition considers task of rebuilding Marjah

The Washington Post
9:47 AM EST February 21, 2010

A U.S. soldier with 4th Brigade combat team, 2-508, 82nd parachute infantry regiment sits at a lookout in the Arghandab valley in Kandahar province in southern Afghanistan. 
© Reuters
On the satellite photographs of Marja that Marines scrutinized before launching a massive assault against the Taliban a week ago, what they assumed was the municipal government center appeared to be a large, rectangular building, cater-cornered from the main police station.
Seizing that intersection became a key objective, one deemed essential to imposing authority and beginning reconstruction in this part of Helmand province once U.S. and Afghan troops have flushed out the insurgents.
But when Marine officers reached the area, they discovered that two-dimensional images can be deceiving. What they had thought was the flat roof of the municipal building turned out to be a concrete foundation, and the police station was a bombed-out schoolhouse.
Although thousands of Marines and Afghan soldiers remain engaged in a grueling fight against Taliban holdouts concentrated in southern Marja, top commanders and civilian stabilization advisers face an even more daunting task: how to establish basic local governance and security in a place where there are no civil servants, no indigenous policemen and apparently no public buildings.
“The real challenge is still ahead of us,” said John Kael Weston, the State Department representative to the Marine brigade conducting the Marja operation. “We’re just in the opening act.”
How that effort plays out here will amount to the first major test of President Obama’s new counterinsurgency strategy in Afghanistan, providing insight into whether more U.S. military forces and civilian specialists will be able to turn around a foundering, eight-year-old war.

End of MSNBC article.

MARJA Battle – February 23, 2010

After 10 days of Battle in the southern Afghanistan town of MARJA, the city/town that doesn’t exist, the NATO forces continue to describe the battle in great detail, as if the city/town actually did exist. Read the following report to gather a sense of the manipulation involved in such a blatant case of the tail wagging the dog. Keeping in mind, this town does not exist, however, there is a region with a few civilians just southwest of the capital of Helmand Province, known as MARJA.

Beginning of Associated Press article:

NATO commander makes televised apology to Afghan

Associated Press
AP – U.S. Marines from 3rd Battalion, 6th Marine Regiment rest after a three day operation in Marjah in Afghanistan’s …

By DEB RIECHMANN and HEIDI VOGT, Associated Press Writers – 1 hr 17 mins ago

KABUL – The commander of U.S. and NATO forces in Afghanistan went on national television Tuesday to apologize for a deadly airstrike, an extraordinary attempt to regain Afghans’ trust while a mass offensive continues against the Taliban in the south.
Two U.S. Marine battalions, accompanied by Afghan troops, pushing from the north and south of the insurgent stronghold of Marjah finally linked up after more than a week, creating a direct route across the town that allows convoys to supply ammunition and reinforcements.
In a video translated into the Afghan languages of Dari and Pashto and broadcast on Afghan television, a stern Gen. Stanley McChrystal apologized for the strike in central Uruzgan province that Afghan officials say killed at least 21 people. The video was also posted on a NATO Web site.
“I pledge to strengthen our efforts to regain your trust to build a brighter future for all Afghans,” McChrystal said in the video. “I have instituted a thorough investigation to prevent this from happening again.”
Sunday’s attack by NATO jets on a convoy of cars was the deadliest attack on civilians in six months and prompted a sharp rebuke from the Afghan government. McChrystal apologized directly to President Hamid Karzai shortly after the incident. The video is another sign of the military coalition’s intense campaign to win public backing for the Marjah offensive with a strategy that involves taking all precautions possible to protect civilians. …

The civilian deaths occurred as 15,000 NATO, U.S. and Afghan soldiers were in their 10th day of fighting insurgents in the town in Helmand province.
Although the airstrike was not related to the Marjah offensive, civilian casualties undermine NATO’s goal of turning back the Taliban and restoring the Afghan people’s confidence in their own government — one of the main objectives of the southern operation that hopes to rout the Taliban, set up a local government and rush in aid.
In Berlin, Richard Holbrooke, the U.S. special envoy for Afghanistan and Pakistan, said civilian casualties were “great tragedies,” but stressed that Gen. McChrystal has done the utmost to avoid civilian deaths, noting especially the new guidelines restricting airstrikes. Holbrooke added that the insurgents have no qualms in using civilians as shields.
Meanwhile, a Tuesday morning explosion in Lashkar Gah, the capital of Helmand, left eight people dead and at least 16 others wounded, according to the Interior Ministry. Police chief Gen. Asadullah Sherzad said explosives in a parked motorbike were detonated by remote control in front of the traffic department.
The alliance said its planes fired on what was thought to be a group of insurgents in Uruzgan province on their way to attack NATO and Afghan forces. Interior Ministry spokesman Zemeri Bashary said the airstrike hit three minibuses of civilians, which were traveling on a major road near Uruzgan’s border with Day Kundi province.
In Marjah on Tuesday, U.S. Marines from the 1st and 3rd Battalions, 6th Marines Regiment finally managed to link up after more than a week of hard marches through insurgent fire and mined poppy fields.
“This is a very important step,” said Lt. Col. Brian Christmas, commander of the 3rd Battalion, explaining that NATO forces now control a continuous north-to-south route through town that hinders insurgents’ ability to move freely.
Sporadic fighting continued Tuesday as strongly entrenched Taliban units appeared to have regrouped in a heavily defended stronghold to the north. But other areas were calm enough that police were able to hand out aid to residents. The provincial governor joined Afghan officers in piling bags of rice and tea onto blankets and distributing them in central Marjah.
On Monday, Adm. Mike Mullen, the chairman of the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff, told reporters at the Pentagon that the efforts against the Taliban were “messy” and “incredibly wasteful,” as was war in general. “But that doesn’t mean it’s not worth the cost.”
The incident in Uruzgan “reminds us of just how fragile and how tragic any move we can make, any move we make can ultimately be,” he said.
“These are split-second decisions that commanders in combat on the ground have to make,” he added.
Mullen said the troops in Marjah are making “steady, if perhaps a bit slower than anticipated, progress.” He cited the prevalence of planted bombs and the care taken to avoid civilian casualties for the slow pace.
Karzai has repeatedly called on NATO to do more to protect civilians during stepped-up military operations.
In recent months, NATO has limited airstrikes and tightened rules of engagement on the battlefield to try to protect the Afghan people and win their loyalty from the Taliban.
It was the second time in nine days that NATO has apologized for killing civilians. On Feb. 14, two U.S. rockets slammed into a home outside Marjah, killing 12 people, including six children. According to NATO, at least 16 civilians have been killed so far during the offensive; human rights groups say the figure is at least 19. Though NATO is working hard to reduce civilian casualties, it has acknowledged that completely eliminating them is difficult.
Bashary said investigators had recovered 21 bodies from the Uruzgan airstrike and that two other people were missing.
The Afghan Cabinet reported a higher death toll, saying 27 civilians were killed, including four women and a child, and 12 other people were injured. The ministers urged NATO to “closely coordinate and exercise maximum care before conducting any military operation” to avoid further civilian casualties. …

The controversy about the Uruzgan strike came as a suicide bomber detonated explosives at a community meeting Monday in eastern Afghanistan, killing 15 civilians including a prominent tribal leader widely criticized for failing to prevent Osama bin Laden’s escape at Tora Bora after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks in the United States. …

Associated Press writers Rahim Faiez and Tini Tran in Kabul and Noor Khan in Kandahar contributed to this report.

End of Associated Press article.

Marja – The Tail Wagging The Dog

Since placing the information concerning the Battle of Marja on this site, the information in wikipedia has been updated. The numbers of the population has been downsized to around 50,000, and the reference to the German journalist, based in Afghanistan, who had doubts about the existence of the city/town, has been removed.

Below is a map of the supposed location of the city of Marja, just a bit southwest of the capital of Lashkar Gah, Helmand Province.

This next map shows a closer look at where Marja, the city, is supposed to be located.

On the chart below, the area in red, is the general location of Marja. This is basically a suburb of Lashkar Gah, the capital of Helmand Province, Afghanistan. However, as one can see, the name Marja is not listed on the Google map. If it were such a city/town, as they portray it to be, it would most certainly be named and located on these maps. The reason for this discrepancy has been uncovered and will be shown below.

An Even Closer Look At The Most Populated Area Of Marja

The Closest Satellite Image Available

As is readily apparent, even the most populated portion of Marja is a village setting, surrounded entirely by poppy fields.



A-VA Water-INANNA Queen of Heaven, Moon Goddess, MARY

The name Afghanistan is derived from the related form of AVAGANA, an early Persian name.
The name Avagana breaks down symbolically as listed immediately below:

(Read this next group of connecting sentences, to see the luciferian agenda in brief. You must be familiar with this site, or much of the symbolism will appear meaningless.)

AVA or VA, WA, meaning WATER
GANA = YANA = INANNA or ANANNA who was the early Mesopotamian goddess, who was the daughter of the MOON Goddess NANNA. This portion of the name refers to the Flood of the Moon, the Mother’s Milk, the Flood of the Nile in the sky.
The word STAN is referring to the ancient Iranian (ORION) word meaning ‘PLACE’.
The PLACE is the Foundation STONE, the STAN, which is called Mount MORIAH.
Mount MORIAH, is MARY, is the Queen of Heaven, which is INANNA, or ANANNA.
The Foundation Stone is the shape of the 11 Western United States, so the name AVAGANA STAN, is corresponding to the 11 Western United States, and in particular, MONT-ANA.
INANNA was also the WAR goddess who overcame the MOUNTAINS of EBEH (EBAY) the internet market place.
EBAY is a branch of the HUDSON BAY COMPANY, the oldest corporation in the New World.
The Hudson River, the site of the World Trade Center Attack of 9-11, and the Hudson Bay, were both discovered in 1609 and 1611.
The number 16 refers to LINCOLN, the LION KING, as well as to OBAMA, the 44th.
The year 1609 corresponds to the number 9 in 9-11.
The year 1611 corresponds to the number 11 in 9-11.
The symbols of INANNA are the 8 POINTED STAR, which will form an OCTAGON, which is the angle associated with California.
Another symbol is the ROSETTE, or ROSE, as in the Sea ROSE, or Ground ZERO’s
INANNA is also symbolized by a LION
The LION again, links to LINCOLN, the Lion King, and the Great Sphinx.
This in turn, relates to the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver, or VACUNA, another Queen of Heaven, and the LION’S Gate Bridge.
The Olympics Opening Ceremony was on February 12, Lincoln’s Birthday.
February 13, 2010, the Allied troops attacked MARJA, or MARY, the village poppy fields on the outskirts of the capital city of Helmand Province Afghaninstan.
February 14, 2010 was VA-LENT-INE’s DAY. February 17, the beginning of LENT, the season of sacrifice, continues to April 2, 2010, for 44 days.

The country of Afghanistan relates directly to the 11 Western United States, and for this reason the attack on the World Trade Center was supposedly directed from the mountains of Afghanistan by Osama Bin Laden.
Osama Bin Laden and Al-Qaeda, were supposedly, originally located in HERAT province just outside the city of HERAT.
HERAT AFGHANISTAN coordinates are 34 degrees N/ 62 degrees E.
LOS ANGELES coordinates are 34 degrees N/118 degrees W.
HERAT, or the HEART of AFGHANISTAN, the HEART of INANNA, the HEART of MARY, and Los Angeles, are both exactly at 34 degrees North.

When adding the 62 degrees East of HERAT and 118 degrees West of Los Angeles, the total is 180 degrees, or EXACTLY ONE HALF WAY AROUND THE WORLD. Exactly similar to MECCA and the Al-Aqsa Mosque, which is ALASKA, and which are EXACTLY 180 degrees apart.

SUPER-BOWL 44 – Miami SUN LIFE Stadium – Number 44

Super Bowl 44 was played on February 7, 2010 – 07/02/2010
It would’ve normally been played on February 14, but conflicting sports events, such as the 2010 Olympics necessitated the move to February 7.

07/02 = 7×2 = 14 / 2010

The New Orleans Saints won Super Bowl 44.
This was their 44th season.
The game ended with .44 seconds on the clock.

In keeping with the religious overtones of the New Orleans Saints, that ‘Come Marching In’, consider these date numbers:

The Season of Lent started on the 17th of February.
LENT lasts for 44 days with Good Friday occurring on April 2, 2010.
Easter Sunday is on 04/04/2010 – 4 and 4, or 44, or 4×4=16, both referring to Obama and Lincoln, the Lion King.

The Health Care Reform Bill in the USA is in a ‘do or die’ mode, and a decision is being slated for just before Easter. (All subliminal messaging).

The Battle of MARJA /MARY has moved into a new stage with the Afghan flag being raised in a former Taliban stronghold. (More subliminal suggestion).

8.8 EARTHQUAKE CHILE – 27/02/2010

The Gods of Olympus, Zeus, and his brother Poseidon, the god of the SEA, EARTHQUAKES and HORSES, struck Chile on the last day of the 2010 Olympics, before the Closing Ceremonies. This earthquake is on the RING OF FIRE, (the RINGS and TORCH of the Olympic illusory gods), just off the coast of CHILE = KILL.

The EQ was located a few miles from CHILAN = KILLING
as well as CONCEPCION = CONCEPTION the CONCEIVING of the SON of God.

The magnitude was 8.8, or the number relating to the FLOOD of the Nile symbolism. This quake occurred within 5 days (5 for SACRIFICE), of Washington’s birthday of February 22, 2010. This is 15 days (the deity number), from LINCOLN’S birthday, the Lion King is on the move. This occurred 46 days after the HAITI Earthquake.

The number 46 coincides with 10 on the 4th clockface.
10 + 4 = 14 relating to the Season of Lent (VaLENTine).
4+6=10 the number of TEN-SION and In-TEN-sity.

February 27, 2010 = 27/02/2010
27 = 3x3x3 a perfect CUBE

Earthquake Details


Saturday, February 27, 2010 at 06:34:14 UTC
Saturday, February 27, 2010 at 03:34:14 AM at epicenter

6:34:14 = 6 Sacrificer – 34 coincides with 10 on the 3rd clockface – 14 relates to Va-LENT-ine
3:34:14 = 3 Deity shape – 34, or 10 again – 14, or the Season of LENT = LEND = DEBT = DEATH (Financial Crisis subliminal surfacing again, as with the HAITI EQ).

35.846°S, 72.719°W (35 round up to 36S and 72 round up to 73W)

35 km (21.7 miles) set by location program



100 km (60 miles) NNW of Chillan, Chile
105 km (65 miles) WSW of Talca, Chile
115 km (70 miles) NNE of Concepcion, Chile
325 km (200 miles) SW of SANTIAGO, Chile

The chart below shows the initial 8.8 EQ in Chile and the relationship to San Francisco and Los Angeles as pertaining to degrees North and South. This is the subliminal included within the North and South Towers of the World Trade Center attack. Which in turn are the North and South Pillars associated with Sol-O-Mon’s Temple.


The subliminal hidden in the HEIGHT of the Burj Khalifa – BURY CALIFORNIA

HAITI / CHILE – North and South Towers

The World Trade Center attack involved the North Tower being hit first. The South Tower was hit second. However, the real target of the attack was the MARRIOTT HOTEL. This is the main piece of symbolism connecting the attack to the State of CALIFORNIA, the MARRIAGE SUPPER of the LAMB, or the DAY OF JUDGMENT and establishing of the New World Order. Haiti and Chile are both 72 degrees W of Greenwich/LONDON. One country being North of the equator / the JUDGMENT LINE, and one being South.

72+72=144 the fullness of time x the fullness of time. In other words, it’s time to go for the goal within the luciferian agenda.

GOOGLE Winter Olympic ICE-Y Image

2010 Olympics – February – The Month of Cleansing

The Chile earthquake occurred on February 27, 2010, just as the FULL MOON cycle was beginning. VaLENTine’s Day, and the Season of LENT / LEND, began on the NEW MOON, setting the ritual of sacrifice in motion.

As the Olympics drew to a close on February 28, the host country CANADA, which had never won a GOLD MEDAL at the Winter Olympics, not only won a gold medal, but won 14 GOLD MEDALS, an all-time Winter Olympic record. The number 14 corresponds to February 14, and Va-LENT-ine’s Day once again. In exactly the same manner as Gregg Phelps 8 record Gold Medals in Beijing corresponded to the Olympics of 08/08/08, which started at 8:08:08 seconds. The number 8 in turn, relating to the Flood, or Cleansing of the earth and the establishment of the Kingdom of God, the New World Order, or the Age of Aquarius, all under the heading of the Environmental Green Movement.

Some of the symbolism at the Closing Ceremonies, included 60,000 MOOSE Antler hats given to the whole audience, with inflatable MOOSE floating around the stadium.

MOOSE = MOO-S = the sound a COW makes – which in turn corresponds to the Flood of the MOO-N goddess, Diana, Victoria, Vacuna/Vancouver, Brigantia/Britannia, Columbe/Dove, Avananna, Isis/ICEY, Ashtarte, Juno, Aphrodite, Venus, … etc. the list goes on.

As well, the world-renowned MOUNTIE was also put on display in a light-hearted fashion.

MOUNTIE = MOON-T = Moon Sacrifice Cross – (curiously, on the night of a FULL MOON).


Canada’s athletes were training under a program called Own the Podium. It was labelled as a ‘no more mister nice guy’ anymore. Go out there to win! And win they did!. However, with a very deadly consequence, completely unrealized by those involved, both in conjunction with the Haiti and Chile earthquakes, as well as what is to come.

Here’s the subliminal within the Own the Podium phrase, and how it links to the MARJA / MARY battle also occurring at the very same time in Afghanistan.

OWN THE PODIUM = NWO THEO OPIUM-Death = New World Order God and Pappa/POPPY Death, or Death of the Father God – relating to the POPPY producing OPIUM FIELDS of Afghanistan, the Queen of Heaven, called AVAGANNA, where Canadian troops are stationed and fighting in the region of KANDAHAR.

KANDAHAR = KANADAHR as the British would pronounce CANADA


Los Angeles California has its counterpart in the very heart of the Chilean Earthquake event. March 3, 2010, records again, one more aftershock of 6.0 mag, very near to Los Angeles Chile. This city is the capital of BIO-BIO province.

BIO = Organic life, or the course of life.

Symbolically, it suggests BIO-BIO = B-EYE B-EYE = BYE BYE, as in a parting salutation.

Earthquake Details


Wednesday, March 03, 2010 at 17:44:25 UTC
Wednesday, March 03, 2010 at 02:44:25 PM at epicenter

36.452°S, 73.069°W
(LOS ANGELES CA is 34 Degrees N – 34+36=70, the number of completion).

19 km (11.8 miles) set by location program
(19 coincides with 7 on the 2nd clockface – the number of completion).

40 km (25 miles) N of Concepcion, Chile
85 km (55 miles) W of Chillan, Chile
130 km (80 miles) NNW of Los Angeles, Chile
400 km (250 miles) SSW of SANTIAGO, Chile

The amount of aftershocks from this quake is staggering. The seismic plates on the Ring of Fire will certainly be affected by this subduction zone activity.

Obviously, the name Los Angeles corresponds to that of Los Angeles California. However, Chile also has cities called:

SAN BERNARDO (San Bernadino CA)
SAN FERNANDO (San Fernando CA)
SANTA CRUZ (Santa Cruz CA)

etc. …

CHILE = CHALI = suggesting Cali-Fornia

Afghanistan – The BLEEDING HEART of MARY

The topographical map chart of Afghanistan, immediately below, shows the coinciding coordinates of Afghanistan and the 4 Corner Cross states in the USA. The northwest region of Afghanistan, bordering on Pakistan, is the Tora Bora region, and the supposed hideout of Al-Qaeda and the illusory Osama Bin Laden. The location of Tora Bora would therefore coincide with the state of Colorado, which is located on the northeast corner of the 4 Corner Cross. The 4 Corner Cross intersection in the USA is located at 109 degrees W. To be exactly 180 degrees from this location of marked by the cross sign on the map in Afghanistan, subtracting 180-109=71 degrees E. This location of the northeast mountainous region of Afghanistan is therefore exactly 180 degrees, or a perfect mirror image, as pertaining to opposite coordinate positioning. Both CROSS LOCATIONS are 37 degrees north, and separated by exactly one half of the earth’s diameter. The mountainous terrain of this region of Afghanistan also corresponds to the Rocky Mountain regions of Colorado, Utah, and New Mexico.

As discussed earlier on this page, the city of HERAT (HEART of MARY, or HEART of AVAGANA-AFAGHANAstan), coincides exactly with Los Angeles, at 180 degrees distance.

Likewise, the Al-Aqsa Mosque of Jerusalem, coincides with Alaska, also at 180 degrees distance.

Another curious relationship to the area just to the north of the 4 Corner Cross states in the USA, is that Wyoming and YELLOWSTONE Park are located in a region that now coincides with the eastern edge of CHINA, the ASIAN part of the world where the population has traditionally been referred to as the YELLOW RACE. The name ASIA means LION in certain languages of this area, and the LION is a GOLDEN/YELLOW animal. The LION = EL-ION, which in turn relates to the LION KING who, (as has been demonstrated previously), is LINCOLN. However, the LION of ASIA includes CHINA and MONGOLIA, which were basically one empire under GENGHIS KHAN, called the MONGOL EMPIRE. The subliminal here is hidden in GENGHIS KHAN = KING KONG = Kill LIN-COLN. (Keep in mind that TIME is an illusion, so all of this suggestion simply builds upon itself, and the Trance State is perpetuated endlessly). The Mongol Empire included much of Central Asia and China, which in turn corresponds with the area just north of Afghanistan, and is located exactly 180 degrees distance from the centre of YELLOWSTONE at 44 degrees N and 110 degrees W in both locations, that of Yellowstone, and that of the Mongol Empire.

Symbolically speaking, YELLOWSTONE means YELLOW ROCK, which is hidden in the term YELLOW RACE. Yellowstone derives its name from the Yellow Colour of the ROCK formations within the park. The parks name is therefore, based entirely on colour. Not just any colour, however, for YELLOW = YELLOH = HOLLEY in reverse = HOLY STONE. The Holy Stone is speaking of that of the Saviour, the ROCK of our Salvation, or to many, this is the name of Jesus, who in turn is Je-ZEUS. This is the LION from the Tribe of Judah. All of this subliminal symbolism relates to Asia and China.

ASIA CHINA = ASHE KINA = A SHE-KHINA Glory = SHEKHINAH Glory, the female embodiment of God that followed the Hebrews out of bondage in Egypt. The Shekhinah Glory was the PILLAR of FIRE by NIGHT (ASIA or ASH-E), and a CLOUD by DAY.




Exactly 180 degrees from the 4 Corner Cross USA. Mary’s BLEEDING HEART will BLEED as the TROOPS continue to spill the BLOOD for all. On the exact opposite of the world, the 4 Corner Cross MIRRORS what is intended for the 11 Western States. Just as HERAT MIRRORS Los Angeles, and the Al-Aqsa MIRRORS ALASKA… EXACTLY

TROOPS = SPOORT = SPORT = OLYMPIC GAMES, etc. – rituals designed to shed blood.

March 5, 2010 – James Patrick Bedell shoots 2 Pentagon police officers and is shot and killed.
BEDELL = BLLEED = BLEED the subliminal just described.


The chart below takes another perspective on the Central Asian region including Afghanistan at its heart. There are 11 countries that have been reinstated, or created, with the collapse of the Soviet Union. This collapse was again, purposely designed to be an important move in the luciferian manipulation agenda of this illusory reality. These 11 State nations either end in the syllable STAN, or correspond in some manner to the ROCK, under the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem. The word STAN = SHAITAN = SAINT = SATAN = STONE or ROCKM, the One who brings humanity to enlightenment, or knowledge.

On the chart below, the curve on the left side of the 11 Western States map, coincides almost exactly with that of Iran, Pakistan, Georgia and Armenia. These states are once again on the opposite side of the world, not exactly at 180 degrees, for the STAN States are larger than the 11 STONE States. However, the mirroring subliminal effect is still in tact, and what transpires in this region of the 11 STAN States, will directly accumulate within the 11 Western States future illusory events. Some coinciding locations are that of the country of GEORGIA, being very near to that of GEORGIA STRAIT near Seattle/Vancouver. This country was attacked by Russia on the opening day of the Beijing Olympics of 2008, and a Luger from GEORGIA was killed on turn 16, prior to the opening of the 2010 Vancouver Olympics. All compounding subliminals, and very important, when one realizes the meaning of GEORGIA = ROYAL and ROSE. Which in turn links to the subliminals attached to the name of the BUSH family, the GEORGE BUSH, or ROSE BUSH family.

The nation of INDIA corresponds as well, to that of MEXICO = MEGIDDO, the Valley of the Battle of Armageddon, the Valley of Megiddo. For this reason, the TENSION between the 2 nuclear powers of Pakistan and India is located here. This again compounds the suggestion and subliminal message of an impending cataclysm in the area of the 11 Western Stone States.

Jewish Holiday of PURIM

The Roman month of Februalia, the month of cleansing, has a similar holiday in the Jewish faith.

During the Babylonian captivity:

According to the Book of Esther, Haman, royal vizier to King Ahasuerus planned to kill the Jews, but his plans were foiled by Esther, his queen. Mordecai, a palace official, cousin and foster parent of Esther, subsequently replaced Haman. The Jews were delivered from being the victims of an evil decree against them and were instead allowed by the King to destroy their enemies, and the day after the battle was designated as a day of feasting and rejoicing.

This is PURIM. … it was an evil decree to have the King of Babylon planning to kill the Jew. However, it was NOT REFERRED TO AS AN EVIL DECREE for the Jews to be allowed by the King to DESTROY THEIR ENEMIES. This is PURIM…

The holiday of Purim falls on the Hebrew calendar date of Adar 14. (14, the number of days from February 14, Va-LENT-ine’s Day).
The coinciding secular date for 2010:

February 28, 2010

The Chile EQ occurred 1 day prior to Purim, Adar 14.
The day celebrated for killing the enemies of God’s people.

Earthquake Intensity Increase

The scientists at the USGS site insist that the frequency of earthquake activity isn’t really increasing. There’s just a greater frequency of earthquakes occurring in populated areas. Below is a chart based on information at the website listed below, showing that there actually is an increase in earthquakes of 6 to 8 magnitude over the last century. Obviously, data gathering techniques are more complex now, however, the curious thing is, how come, right now, during the year 2010, are these earthquakes striking populated areas in such rapid succession? This increased frequency in populated areas is also occurring just prior to, and during the SEASON of LENT. The Haiti earthquake set the ball rolling, with its 7 mag. on January 12. This was just after the Christian holiday of Epiphany on January 6, which links directly to the SEASON of LENT, and Va-LENT-ine’s Day which begins some 40 days after Epiphany. LENT then continues for 44 days, until Good Friday, (this year from February 17 to April 2). Lent is the SEASON of DEATH leading up to the crucifixion of the so-called Son of God with the subliminal for this hidden in the FINANCIAL in-DEBT-ed-ness of the world population. The cataclysmic devastation, that the whole world is intended to experience, step by step, is locked up in many hidden messages, and LENT = LEND = DEBT = DEATH is just one of them.

The earthquake chart below, shows the increase in earthquake activity from 1900 until 2008, graphed in 5 year intervals. By the year 2000, a significant increase in activity is obvious.

As mentioned previously on this site, the Sichuan China earthquake occurred 88 days before the Beijing Olympics. Almost 88,000 people have been declared to be dead or missing. (The official number so far is 87,587, or virtually 88,000). This replays the symbolic number of 8, used throughout the year 2008, and the Olympics which began on 08/08/08@8:08:08 seconds.

HAITI DEATH TOLL – 222,521 = 2+2+2+5+2+1=14 – The SEASON of Va-LENT-ine

The Haiti quake occurred exactly one month, or 31 days before the Vancouver Olympics of 2010 of February 12,/span>. The number 31 coincides with 7 on the 3rd clockface. 7+3=10, again coinciding with the year 2010. The date of January 12, 2010 = 12/01/2010, and along with all the other 0, 1 and 2 symbolic numbers, surrounding the Vancouver Olympics, another one is emerging. The number of dead and missing in the Haiti earthquake now stands at 222, 521, repeating the number 1, the number 2 – four times, and the number 5 signifying the sacrifice.The Sichuan number of dead also included the number 5 in its official count of 87,587.

A closer look at the number 222,521 = 1x number 1 and 4x number 2’s and 1x number 5. One symbolic suggestion in this number of dead, relates to the 1+4, or the 1x number 1, and the 4x number 2’s, which in turn suggest 14th, corresponding to Valentine’s Day, … with the number 5 suggesting sacrifice.
When adding the number 2+2+2+5+2+1=14, again the 14th, or Valentine’s Day.

USGS Worldwide Deadly & Destructive Earthquakes between Magnitudes 6 and 8.

Why the numbers 0-1-2?

So why the symbolic use of the numbers 0, 1 and 2? Other than the fact that Tower 1 and Tower 2 of the World Trade Center attack were numbered in this way. Below is a chart from page 1 of this site. The 3 primary colours represent the basic triune, or 3 based system, the pyramid system, that the illusion is based upon. The 3 primary colours, and the degrees, when added together = 120+120+120, or 360 degrees, or a full circle, which in turn is the All Seeing Eye. The numbers 0, 1 and 2, or in typical luciferian manipulation, 1, 2 and 0, or 120, are the key number of degrees, or the ANGLE / ANGEL, used to establish the whole 3 dimensional illusion. For this reason, the coordinates of the world are just an expanded version of the the simple Atom symbol, and everything must follow the luciferian Line of Thought in every detail.

The luciferian, Light Bringing Mindset cannot be changed or altered. The Thought Process conjured up this rigid formula, but once discovered (and as revealed on this site), the rigid formula cannot deviate, but has to continue to self-perpetuate in what appears to be an endless cycle, or circle of deception. However, because it’s just an illusion, and because TIME and SPACE does not exist, by simply not believing TIME and SPACE to be a real valid concept, one escapes the manipulation and the horrors associated with EMOTIONAL CONNECTION to the Trance State experience.

To ‘escape the horrors’, doesn’t mean that the 3D life experience doesn’t actually see and hear the horrors that are ongoing in the Trance State. The term, ‘to escape these horrors’, simply means that the suffering, pain and confusion STOP BEING EXPERIENCED as suffering, pain and confusion. Suffering, pain and confusion are only experienced when we emotionally attempt to save, fix, or perpetuate the illusory 3D life experience. By detaching emotionally, and realizing that this life experience was PURPOSELY DESIGNED TO FAIL, with the single purpose to manipulate who we really are, then we reclaim the Peace, Rest, Joy, Freedom, Liberty, Power, Strength and Eternal Wisdom of the Paradise State. There’s nothing that needs to be done! Because we are all, ALL OF US, … the who and what we really are, is this One Ultimate Expression of Being, right now!

This Ultimate Expression of Being has nothing to do with our energy, or spirit, or aura, … for all these things form the New Age Enlightenment Thought Process, … generated by the ever increasing insanity of the luciferian, Light Bringing Entities. This Ultimate Expression is wisdom, simply knowing, … and knowing that this is all subliminal hypnotic manipulation of reality, … is all we need to be aware of … to reconnect, or reclaim, our Original Paradise State, … right now!

Contrary to what the religious and intellectual systems of the world instruct us to believe, that ‘FREEDOM COMES AT A COST’, the truth is, ‘IF FREEDOM ISN’T FREE, … THEN IT ISN’T FREE-DOM’. Freedom COSTS NOTHING! Just take it, it’s ours! It already belongs to who and what we really are, and we are not this body of humanity, this conjured up illusory body of deceit.

Light Beam

The word GOD stands for DEATH:

GOD = YOD = DOY = DIE = DEATH = THEAD in reverse = THEO = GOD


March 11, 2010 – 11/03/10 – 6th Anniversary of Madrid Bombings

The continuing earthquakes in Chile are coinciding with very symbolic days. March 11, 2010 quakes occurred on the 6th anniversary of the Madrid Train Bombings on March 11, 2004. Bombings suggest explosions, which in turn suggest volcanic and/or seismic activity.

As the earthquakes continue to occur in Chile, there are other related events ongoing in Africa. The Islamic/Christian feuding in Nigeria, near the city of JOS, first flared up on January 17, the same day as the largest swarm of earthquakes in Yellowstone’s history began. Which began 5 days after the Haiti EQ. The number of dead in this first clash of Islamic/Christian believers, accounted for approximately 300 dead. The retaliation attack occurred on March 7, 2010, the 66th day of the year, where the Islamic faithful entered 3 smaller communities near JOS NIGERIA, and in the middle of the night, fired their guns to frighten the men, women and children to run into the streets where they used machetes to massacre the people. This was in retaliation for the previous attack on their communities.

The coordinates of this attack occurred at 9.9 degrees N/8.8 degrees E.

The precise coordinates of JOS, expressed as a decimal:
9.933333 N / 8.883333 E

Nigeria contains at least to hidden anagrams:



Flag of Nigeria:

Green is formed of YELLOW and BLUE = HOLY WATER

The chart below illustrates the current EQ activity in Chile. The city of Conceptcion was actually moved 10 FEET WEST in the initial quake of February 27, 2010.

Earthquake Details


Thursday, March 11, 2010 at 14:39:44 UTC
Thursday, March 11, 2010 at 11:39:44 AM at epicenter

34.259°S, 71.929°W

11 km (6.8 miles) set by location program


110 km (70 miles) W of Rancagua, Chile
130 km (80 miles) N of Talca, Chile
140 km (85 miles) SSW of Valparaiso, Chile
145 km (90 miles) SW of SANTIAGO, Chile


Google Video – illuminatiMATRIX explanatory video detailing the foundational root of hypnosis, religion, intellectualism and who and what god is.

Click here to watch video.

YouTube Video highlighting some of the subliminal elements hidden in the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem

Please read the next paragraph before watching the ROCK VIDEO.

On the ROCK VIDEO, the World Trade Center is mistakenly called the ROCKEFELLER PLAZA. The WTC was conceived and promoted by the Rockefellers. The Rockefeller Plaza is to the north of the World Trade Centre, on the MANHATTAN ROCK, or MANNA STONE. The WTC and the Rockefeller Plaza , along with the area of CENTRAL PARK, relate to the TEMPLE MOUNT in Jerusalem, and the Al Aqsa Mosque, the Dome of the ROCK, and the Temple Courtyard. These in turn relate to the North American West Coast. See page 39 for more details.

Click here to watch the new Rock Video on YouTube.

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