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Google Video – illuminatiMATRIX explanatory video detailing the foundational root of hypnosis, religion, intellectualism and who and what god is.

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YouTube Video highlighting some of the subliminal elements hidden in the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem

Please read the next paragraph before watching the ROCK VIDEO.

On the ROCK VIDEO, the World Trade Center is mistakenly called the ROCKEFELLER PLAZA. The WTC was conceived and promoted by the Rockefellers. The Rockefeller Plaza is to the north of the World Trade Centre, on the MANHATTAN ROCK, or MANNA STONE. The WTC and the Rockefeller Plaza , along with the area of CENTRAL PARK, relate to the TEMPLE MOUNT in Jerusalem, and the Al Aqsa Mosque, the Dome of the ROCK, and the Temple Courtyard. These in turn relate to the North American West Coast. See page 39 for more details.

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The Wedding PresentThe Wetting Present

What’s a wedding without a present?

The Marriage Supper of the Lamb has an extremely extensive menu as outlined throughout this site. A gift for the happy couple / trio? … is definitely in order. What follows is a description of the gift, courtesy of the Indie-Rock band (independent underground music) called the Wedding Present from Leeds England.


The Wedding Present band formed in 1985. From 1985-1989 they released their music on the independent label – RECEPTION – as in wedding reception.

From 1989-1993 the band released their music through RCA – Radio Corporation of America.

RCA is a flagship label of SONY Music Entertainment.


From 1994-1995 they recorded for ISLAND Records.

From 1995-1997/99 they recorded for COOKING VINYL Records.

From 1997-2004 they fulfilled contractual obligations to Cinerama, using studio musicians, which eventually became a full-time band. In 2004, Cinerama became rebranded as The Wedding Present.

The Wedding Present 2004

The name of the first album recorded in 2004 was called TAKE FOUNTAIN.
The first single released from their new album, on November 15, 2004 was called INTERSTATE 5.

Interstate 5 was a song about Interstate Highway 5, which runs from Blaine Washington, just north of Seattle at the Canadian border, where it turns into Highway 99. It follows the USA Pacific Coast all the way to San Diego in Southern California, on the border with Mexico and becomes part of the Mexican Federal Highway System #1. As mentioned on a previous page, Highway 99 in British Columbia, travels through Vancouver, through Stanley Park, then over the LIONS GATE BRIDGE and on to WHISTLER, the site of many 2010 Olympic Games.

The number 5 symbolizes SACRIFICE.
The number 99 = 9-11’s and is linked to the 99 names of god in Islam and the first day of creation to Judaism and Egyptian Coptic Christianity.
The number 1 relates to the New Age, or New World Order, in all of its different titles.

This song symbolizes that the coming WEDDING PRESENT / WETTING PRESENT will originate from somewhere north of California (the Wedding Table), and the vicinity of Seattle (the Seat of El), the location of Mount Olympus (the God Zeus / JeZeus), in the state of WASHINGTON / WASHING STONE, and Vancouver, Victoria, and Whistler.

The second single released by The Wedding Present was called ‘I’m Further North Than You’, released on April 11, 2005. An extremely strange title considering this band originates in Leeds, UK.

The third and final single released from theTake Fountain album was called ‘RIngway To SeaTac’, released October 24, 2005. This is a direct reference to the cities of Seattle and Tacoma Washington and their airport called SeaTac.

All singles, including the B sides, along with any acoustic versions were released on their 2006 album called ‘SEARCH FOR PARADISE…’

The Wedding Present’s new album, released in May 20, 2008 is called EL REY. A compilation of singles and remixes from this album was released in late 2008 entitled ‘How The West Was Won’. Accompanied by a single entitled ‘Holly Jolly Hollywood’.

The Wedding Present also covered the song ‘HIGH’ by the band called CURE, recorded for American LAUNDROMAT Records. This was a tribute to the band CURE entitled, ‘ JUST LIKE HEAVEN …’

The Wedding Present band has been used (unwittingly), to deliver yet another subliminal that has been set in motion to create the reality the luciferian Thought Process wishes for us to experience. As the agenda unfolds, it becomes increasingly evident what devastation they have planned and precisely where they intend to unleash it.


The recording industry is able to deliver an endless string of suggestion. Combining sound and images creates a force unequalled in its ability to distract and disconnect us from reality. With that concept in mind, consider the French word SANG, which translates as BLOOD in English. The word SANGUINARY in English, means to be attended with much blood, and bloodthirsty.

The recording industry pumps out these unending streams of MUSIC, the SONGS, which subliminally, are RIVERS OF BLOOD. The word MUSIC relates to the Muses of Apollo, the 9 WATER NYMPHS who playfully AMUSED their Lord.

Always keep in mind, though I speak of the ancient mythological god Apollo, this is all present tense. There is no such thing as TIME or SPACE, and all that is suggested through the gods of old, is current in this one eternal moment. Only the hypnotic trance state conjures forth the illusion of Time passing, and the obstacle of Space. Neither of which exist in reality.

ORION – The Key To The Kingdom Of Heaven





The chart immediately below shows the location of the Great Sphinx, just off the east coast of Vancouver Island. This chart is borrowed from page 43, showing the location of the towns of Cumberland, Courtenay and Canadian Forces Base Comox, and how they line up with the Pyramids of Giza. The Giza Pyramids in turn, line up with the 3 Stars of Orions belt. The main highway that goes from Courtenay to CFB Comox is called RYAN (ORION) Road. The Great Sphinx is symbolically located just off the shore of Vancouver Island, in the Georgia Strait, and faces directly towards the LIONS PEAKS at Vancouver, the site of the 2010 Olympics. This location, in the Georgia Strait, (deciphered on p.43 as the RED SEA), has a large population of SEA LIONS. The Sea Lion’s natural stance relates very closely to that of the Couchant Lion, and the Great Sphinx.



The next chart is also borrowed from p.43, with the addition of the California Sea Lion, so that a comparison can be made to the Couchant Lion, the Great Sphinx, the Lions Peaks, and Abraham Lincoln.

The Lions Peaks Mountains rise high behind the mountains closer to the coast off the Lower Mainland, near Vancouver, creating the impression of the Great Sphinx, or Couchant Lion, with its front legs outstretched. With the symbolism of the Great Sphinx being located in the Georgia Strait, and the Lions Peaks also reaching out to Georgia Strait, a very strong subliminal has been established, linking the Lion King, the Great Sphinx, to the area of the 2010 Olympics. The Lion King, is again, referring to LIN-COLN, in a subliminal fashion, whose birthday is on February 12, 2010, the same day the Olympics begin in Vancouver.

The Great Sphinx is a Lion King drawn out of the WATER. This Lion King of Egypt is ThutMose, an Egyptian Pharoah, or THOUGHT MOSES (a reference to the Thought Process). The Great Sphinx might well be located in the desert of Egypt, however, the desert is a symbol of the Sands of the Sea. What we need to comprehend, is that the myths surrounding the Great Sphinx and the Lion King, is that the myth is associated with WATER and the gods of Olympus, and ultimately the Olympics.

There’s another LION to add to the agenda at this point. This is the NEMEAN LION, who, its been said, fell from the MOON. This Nemean Lion was vicious and caused a lot of bloodshed and grief. He’s said to have been the offspring of the Moon Goddess Semele and the father being ZEUS, the king of the gods of Olympus. Semele and Zeus were also said to be the parents of a male God, who was very WOMANLY, or Man-Womanish. His name was Dionysus. Dionysus was associated with a BULL in many ways. Dionysus was also called Bacchus. This god was known as the liberator, with the ability to free humanity from their worries and cares through intoxication, the thearter, ritual madness and ecstasy.

Linking this little preamble together, we have a WATER LION KING who fell from the MOON. This was the son of ZEUS, who was very WOMANLY. His name was DIONYSUS and the symbolic form relating to the stance and form of the Great Sphinx is a CALIFORNIA SEA LION. Here’s what’s achieved with all this hypnotic suggestion, supposedly separated by TIME and SPACE, by cultures, desert and sea, but in reality, its all just one massive subliminal.


SEEK and you shall find = SEEK = KEES = KEYS


The story of the Great Sphinx, the Nemean Lion, Abraham Lincoln, the Olympics in Vancouver in 2010, etc., are linked to the extreme talent of Celine Dion, who has been entertaining in LAS VEGAS for 5 years (sacrifice number), performing her show entitled ‘A NEW DAY’.

Las Vegas is known as the ‘MARRIAGE CAPITAL OF THE WORLD’, where many go to be married under the most peculiar of circumstances. This relates to the Marriage Supper of the Lamb, and the crack on the Foundation Stone that extends from San Francisco to Las Vegas.
Las Vegas is also known as the ‘CITY OF 2ND CHANCES’.


SEPTEMBER 11, 1984

At the age of 13, Celine Dion sang for Pope Jean-Paul II in the Olympic Stadium in Montreal, before a crowd of 65,000 people. The song was called La Colombe (The DOVE). Here’s the English translation to that song. Keep in mind as you read these lyrics that the DOVE = the Holy Spirit, or the Living Water, the coming FLOOD cataclysm meant to cleanse the earth. The word SING = SANG = BLOOD in French.

A dove went on a trip
Around the world to carry its message
Of peace, of love and of friendship
Of peace, of love to share
And it’s its youth that makes it fly

A dove went on a trip
To have everyone sing along its path
Peace, love and friendship
Peace, love and truth
When it opens its wings
It’s for liberty

It flies
It’s looking for the sun
It dreams of wonders
It hopes to arrive
It believes
That there’s somewhere
A country of hope
And that it will be able to see it

SEPTEMBER 11 – 1984 = 09/11/84 = 09 / 11 / (1+9+8+4=22) = 9/11/11+11

Celine Dion was the 14th child born to her parents, in Charlemagne Quebec, March 30, 1968. The town Charlemagne was named after Charlemagne, who, according to Burke’s Peerage, was the most famous Monarch of France. Charlemagne was ONE of TWO common ancestors to the whole presidential bloodline, (including Celine Dion). The other ancestor being Alfred the Great, King of England.

A few cousins of George W. Bush include (besides Celine Dion if you go back far enough):

(Note the 9-11 oddity).

Dick Cheney – 9th cousin – 1x removed
Barach Obama – 11th cousin
Brad Pitt – 9th cousin
John Kerry – 9th cousin – 2x removed
Princess Diana – 11th cousin – 2x removed
Marilyn Monroe – 9th cousin – 3x removed

Other relatives include President Lincoln – 7th cousin – 5x removed

As well as:
Vlad the Impaler – Vlad Dracula
Pocahontas – Virginia native woman who assisted pioneers near Jamestown Virginia

Saint Francis of Assisi – Wedding Supper Chef

San Francisco is named after Saint Francis of Assisi. San Francisco coincides with the large crack on the Foundation Stone that suggests an earthquake, extending all the way to Las Vegas. California is filled with seismic fault lines, and the possibility of a fault continuing through the Sierra Nevada Mountains is not out of the question. Its recently been discovered, that the Seattle Fault does not stop when it reaches the Cascade Mountains, but continues east, through the mountains, in the direction of Yellowstone National Park. Again, the Seattle Fault, along with another fault line, are also shown on the Foundation Stone, and appear to coincide with the area around Seattle and the Strait of Juan de Fuca. Just the notion that 3 large cracks on the Foundation Stone coincide with some of the largest fault regions in the United States should be reason for some serious contemplation and how this could actually be occurring. However, the 3D trance state is designed to reject oddities and the irrational, thereby remaining safely hidden so as to continue the ongoing illusory world experience.

Throughout this site, there’s been many examples of different food dishes that suggest a feast at the Marriage Supper of the Lamb. Everything from the main course, to the condiments, to the desert and drinks has been suggested. However, one thing has been missing, to symbolically cook the whole thing up into one organized feast. That chef, or cook, is none other than Saint Francis of Assisi.

SAINT = SHAITAN = SATAN = STAN = STONE as in Foundation Stone.
ASSISI = A-ISIS Queen of Heaven

Saint Francis was the founder of the Roman Catholic Order of the Friars Minor around 1209 AD. Francis didn’t want to be called a priest, so they adopted the term of Friars. They became known as the Franciscans.


Saint Francis was the patron saint of animals and the ENVIRONMENT. This is a continuation of devotion to the Egyptian gods such as the HAPY Deity, the divinity of the Nile, who was portrayed in Green and Blue. This same Green and Blue is witnessed in endless fashion, in advertisements by corporations throughout the world today.

BLUE and GREEN = B and G words.

Saint Francis’ love of the environment is written in the ‘Canticle of the Sun’ written about 1224 AD. In this poem, Francis speaks of his appreciation of Brother Sun, Sister Moon, Mother Earth, Brother Fire, … and so on, and all of God’s creations. In ‘Canticle of the Creatures,‘ Francis writes ‘All praise to you, Oh Lord, for all these brother and sister creatures.’

This is obviously a man worshipping the SUN, not the SON. All religious dogma, founded on any concepts that include the notion of a supreme god, or gods, is simply worshipping the creature, the SUN, for there really is no SON, which in turn is the conjured up illusion manifesting itself through the Thought Process. The principles of hypnosis are based on exactly this form of manipulation. Appear to be saying one thing, but then, in actual practice, a complete slight of hand is introduced, whereby, the populace acts out their 3D life experience according to the intended order of things.

One other such slight of hand is the Democratic Party’s Donkey symbol. One might assume it has something to do with the stubborn attitude of the Donkey, or Jackass. This is the cover story revolving around this symbol, but in reality, the subliminal attached to this symbol is:


Saint Francis, on his deathbed, is supposed to have thanked his donkey for carrying him on his journeys. Supposedly the donkey wept.

WEPT = WATER EYES, the suggestion of WATER, plus the notion of a DAWN KEY, or the KEY to the DAWN, the coming of the LIGHT, or Kingdom of God in the New World Order.

In all fairness, the Republican Party of the United States has an equally odd symbol, namely, the elephant.

ELEPHANT = ALLAH-FAWN-T = ALLAH – To Bring Forth – To Fawn – To FLATTER in a SERVILE WAY – Pertaining to SLAVES or SERVANTS
ELEPHANT = LA FAUN = Los Angeles / Rural Roman Deity with horns and a tail.

The Land of the Free ???

The Democratic Party logo symbol refers to the Key which will herald the Dawn of a New Age, and the Republican Party logo symbol refers to Allah, the All Seeing Eye egregore group entity that will bring forth the New Age of SLAVERY.

Saint Francis was baptised by his mother as Giovanni di Bernardone in honour of SAINT JOHN THE BAPTIST. Yet again, 2 more B and G names. Giovanni’s father took to calling him Francesco, in honour of his commercial success and enthusiasm for all things French, and so the name stuck.


Saint Francis set up the 1st known NATIVITY SCENE. Though Saint Francis was Italian and lived throughout Europe, the state of Nevada is symbolic of this seemingly innocent event. Unknown to Francis, he was establishing a subliminal, a hypnotic suggestion ritual, that would eventually play a part in the luciferian agenda, where Las Vegas, ‘The City of SIN’, would fall under the Judgment of God in the fabricated day of the Lord’s vengeance.

NATIVITY = NAVIDAD = NEVADA, just to the east of San Francisco. Precisely located at the end of the Foundation crack leading to Las Vegas Nevada.

Saint Francis had a vision on September 14, 1224, which today is the feast day of the Exaltation of the Cross, which resulted in Francis receiving the STIGMATA, or wounds of Christ. Francis’ brother LEO (Lion) witnessed:

‘Suddenly he saw a vision of a seraph, a 6 WINGED ANGEL on a cross. This angel gave him the gift of the 5 WOUNDS OF CHRIST’.

San Francisco was originally called YERBA BEUNA = GERBA  BEUNA with a reverse substitution of changing the Y to a G.


Herbs are used for cooking, so therefore St. Francis or San Francisco now has its special herb for cooking the Marriage Supper of the LAMB. The name Yerba Buena referred to a fragrant MINT plant that grew along the shore. Mint is used in roasting LAMB.


During the 2008 Presidential campaign, Barack Obama had, for his campaign slogan, these words:

CHANGE We Can Believe In

Being that this was going to be the first black President to be elected, with the enormous symbolism connectiong Barack Obama to President Lincoln, and the SLAVERY issue, this slogan actual means, from a subliminal perspective:

CHAINS We Can Believe In



New York Stock Exchange – NYSE / S-EYN / SION / SON / SUN

NAZI = ZIAN = ZION = SEYN = NYSE = New York Stock Exchange


The chart immediately below illustrates the concept of the GOLDEN MEAN, (NeMEAN Lion), that fell from the Moon.
This is the inspiration for the GOLDEN RATIO, the Sacred Spiral, or Sacred Staircase.
This, in turn, is the foundation of the CADUCEUS of HERMES, MERCURY, or MOSES, or the Caduceus of the DOLLAR.


The word DOLLAR is an anagram representing the sacrificial SOLDIER, the SUN RAY, which in turn represents SOLAR ENERGY.


SON of a GUN = SOL of YUN = SUN of ION = Son of ORION
BULLETS = Seed from a Gun = Seed from the Father Ion




The Rise of the Nile at the annual flooding corresponded to the SUN entering the STARS of the constellation LEO. The suggestion being, that the Lion is the Lord. As implied with the title extended to the Christian saviour Jesus… ‘The Lion from the Tribe of Judah’.

JUDAH = YUDAH = YOU / WHO DIE – the tribe of Death



Climate Change / CHAINS Conference
Climate Chains Conference

December 7-18, 2009 – Global Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen
December 7, 1941 (Hawaii time – December 8 Japan time) Japanese attack Pearl Harbour
– Japan called this attack Hawaii Operation / Operation Z, which, in symbolic terms, is OZ.
December 8 – the Immaculate Conception of Mary – 66 DAYS (SICKS SICKS SICKS) before 2010 Olympics

October 5, 2009 – the 75th anniversary of the RED SNAPPER drink, more commonly called the BLOODY MARY

Immaculate Bleeding Heart of Mary Michelle

Michelle Obama’s unique red and black dress drew a bit of criticism on the night of Barack Obama’s presidential win. The photographs immediately below show the subliminal intended, (unknown to her), that relates to the centuries old image of Mary and her bleeding heart.

Michelle Obama’s home is Chicago Illinois, on Lake Michigan. Michigan, the state, was the location through which many slaves escaped to freedom in Canada. Lake Michigan, and the state of Michigan is right in the heart of the Great Lakes.

In Africa, the White Nile, the main Nile River source, begins in the Great Lakes region of Africa.
The Blue Nile, the secondary Nile River source, begins at Lake Tana, Ethiopia.

The Lion King, the Great Sphinx, (Obama / Lincoln), the child of the Moon Goddess Semele and Zeus, (is symbolized and produces an endless string of subliminals using the presidency of Barack Obama, his wife Michelle Obama, the talents of Celine Dion, the elite bloodline relatives of the Bush Family Tree, etc., all fulfilling the luciferian agenda of total mind control, which in turn relinquishes power over our eternal Paradise State.


Black Widow Mary – Black Madonna – Queen of Heaven


The SEAL Of Solomon – 7 SEALS Of Revelation

Celine Dion suggests many things, the most obvious being the California Sea Lion, commonly called the SEAL. Ancient religious manuscripts refer to the Seal of Solomon, and the Book of Revelation, which deals with the Apocalypse, describes something known as the Seven Seals. The name Solomon refers to the sun and the moon god, and the Seal, or the Sea Lion, is the hypnotic suggestion that has manifested in this 3D illusory reality as the Water Lion that has fallen from the moon as the vicious Nemean Lion.

SEAL = SEE All Seeing Eye serpent river god – AL or ALLAH or LA

The SEAL of SOLOMON is therefore referring to the LION KING, LINCOLN, the GREAT SPHINX (the trickster), and symbolized as the Seal, or Sea Lion. The Seal swims the west coast of North America, consuming massive amounts of SALMON fish. Interestingly, this year, only 10% of the Salmon returned to the spawning rivers. The number 10% refers to the intensity number yet again. This is all occurring in the area of the 2010 Olympic Winter Games in Vancouver.

SALMON = SOLOMON = SOLAMON Brothers Building 7 of the World Trade Center, which coincides with British Columbia

SALMON has a silent L to allow the creation of the SOL or SUN suggesting the LIGHT or ALLAH, and again, referring to LA (Los Angeles).

Building 7, the 7 Seals of Revelation, etc. are all terms referring to the perfection and completion aspect of the luciferian agenda.

The Seal isn’t the only creature living on the West Coast of North America that consumes the Salmon. The symbol of American strength and freedom, the EAGLE, also takes its share.

EAGLE = EAYLE = EYE-LE = EYE LA = EYE of ALLAH the All Seeing Eye.

The SE-AL, the S-AL-MON, and the EAG-AL, all have the suggestion of LA or ALLAH, attached within the words. All of these words imply the life sustaining abilities of the Salmon, the Sol-O-Mon, the Sun and the Moon god.

SUGGESTING The Neutron Bomb

The Sun and Moon gods, in turn, represent the Seed of Orion, the Seed of the Ion, the NEUTRON, symbolized in the Sun / Son, and reflected again, in the Moon. This Seed of the Ion is symbolized in the Neutron Bomb which yields about 10% (intensity) of the destructive blast as a conventional atomic bomb. However, it focuses more on destroying biological material rather than infrastructure material. Blast and heat effects are not eliminated with the Neutron Bomb.

The subliminal attached to the Seed of Orion, the Neutron, refers to the volcanic explosive power of Yellowstone Park and the Hawaiian Islands. Yet again, the Ring of Fire, which is picking up momentum in recent weeks and months, are all linked to the hypnotic suggestion attached within the media reports that refer to the Nuclear arsenals of the United States, Russia, Pakistan, China, Israel, India, and the hoped for ambitions of Iran and North Korea. All of which are suggestions relating to something beyond the control of the elite intellectuals of the world, and do refer to the Big One, the cataclysm suggested, which will combine earthquakes, seismic activity and massive flooding. The likes of which are already in motion.

RIYADH = DAIRY = Milky Way

The cradle of civilization is said to have been located in the Mesopotamian Valley of ancient Babylon and Arabia. The Biblical Garden of Eden supposedly stretched from the Nile to the Euphrates and the Tigris Rivers. The lushness of such a garden would tend to escape ones attention when observing the huge expanse of desert within the region. However, when organic material is buried and decomposes, it can turn into oil deposits. When a massive amount of organic material is buried and decomposes, it can turn into MASSIVE AMOUNTS OF OIL DEPOSITS. For this reason, the largest OIL DEPOSITS in the world are located in the Arab world. The greatest of these massive oil deposits are located in Saudi Arabia. The capital of Saudi Arabia is Riyadh. This is located in the virtual centre of the Arab World, and the centre of the Cradle of Civilization. This is the 3D physical location that the conjuring, the Thought Process, first manifested.

The name Riyadh is derived from an Arabic word RAWDHA, which means GARDEN. However, from a symbolic perspective, another suggestion is implanted within our subconscious mind. This is yet another subliminal relating to the ENVIRONMENTAL GREEN MOVEMENT, introduced at the very beginning of the illusory 3D experience.


Riyadh is located in the historical region of NEJD, now called the Province of Riyadh.


The Garden of Eden is the Garden of NEED. NEED is the suggestion that conjures up fear, and in turn conjures up the ability to manipulate through hypnotic misdirection of reality. Having a NEED for food, for air, for water, for anything to sustain this 3D illusion, is the principle that conjures up an endless state of NEED, or FEAR of DEATH, if these NEEDS aren’t met.

The Garden of Eden is the Garden of the Fear of Death.

Finance/Currency – Fiance/Wetting – Cure/Sicksness

As stated previously:

WATER is measured in CURRENTS
MONEY is measured in CURRENCY
TIME is measured as CURRENT

… and there is yet another CURRENT, one which ties all the other CURRENTS together as one destructive manipulation ploy, and this one measures the SICKNESS, or SIX NESS, or the 666 NESS of the world.

The CURE and SEE / SEA

The CURE to restore our Energy, the CURE to restore our Water supply, the CURE to create a strong Financial system, and the CURE to extend the Years we experience in this illusory 3D experience are all brought together in one single CURRENT MOVEMENT through the manipulation of our HEALTH and the unending drive that creates the hysteria to prolong and perpetuate the illusory life experience at any cost. This is MASS HYPNOSIS that Hitler, Mao, Stalin, the Vatican, the British Royals, the Saudi Shieks, etc., have only hinted at, not at all aware that the luciferian egregore is an merciless master who conjures forth particular elite slaves to particular elite positions within the particularly peculiar 3 dimensional experience. All for their own, (the luciferian Thought Process’ power and glory), with the elite being sacrificed as the need arises, with absolutely no reward awaiting them in the afterlife.

Electricity, Water, Money and Time are one and the same, expressing themselves within this 3D illusory experience as separate entities, however, completely linked as one within the veil of the trance state.

The announcement on October 25, 2009, by President Obama, that the SWINE FLU was a national emergency, was orchestrated to ramp up the fear which has been building WITH THE AID OF THE CONSPIRACY MOVEMENT, who work unwittingly to further the trance state on behalf of the luciferian group of Thinking entities. The Swine Flu fabricated pandemic, and the accompanying vaccination hysteria link completely with the Financial chaos which is unfolding throughout the world. Its amazing that all these things should be coming to a head at the very same illusory moment in the agenda. The subliminal and the hypnotic suggestion contained within all this manipulation is as follows:

and this SIX NESS NEEDS A CURE = SIX NESS NEEDS / EDEN the Garden of the Dawning of a New Age

The foundation of this CURE and SEE / CURRENCY is based on the characteristics of the Light Beam. The Light is the Lie, and is that which illuminates all things. Which is to say, it makes all things appear as being real. This illuminated illusion is credited to the creator god that goes by many names, two of which are MERCURY and HERMES. The modern medical symbol with the 2 serpents climbing up a centre staff to a set of spread out wings, is referred to as the Caduceus of Mercury or the Caduceus of Hermes. Here are the two names deciphered:

HERMES = an anagram MERSEH = MERCY = SEA SEE / and again MERCY = MURKY as in the SEA KEY

DAZE of ELEVEN Leading Up To The 2010 Olympics

October 24/25 – 2009 – 110 to 111 days before the 2010 Olympics begin in Vancouver.
October 26 – 2009 – SWINE FLU vaccination program begins in Canada and many countries throughout the world.
The symbolism of this date links to Dawning of a New Age, 111,111,111 x 111,111,111 = 12345678987654321
This is 11-11-11-11-11-11-11-11-11 – or 9 sets of 11, or 9-11, the number 9×11 or 99.
The number 110 is 10×11.
The Olympic Torch Relay begins on October 30th, the Eve of Halloween, and initiates the longest Olympic Torch Relay in Olympic history, commencing in Victoria BC, travelling across Canada, to the Maritimes, up to the Northern Territories and returning to Vancouver in time for the opening celebrations.
November 1, 2009 is All Saints Day.
November 2, 2009 is All Souls Day.
November 2, 2009 – Prince Charles and Camilla start a 12 day visit to Canada.
CAMILLA = KA M ALLI = Life/Death Mother Allah

Camilla’s middle name = ROSEMARY = MARY Sea ROSE
Together, Charles and Camilla suggest the ROCK and ROSE
November 2, 2009 – FULL MOON
November 5, 2009 – 99 (9×11) days before 2010 Olympics
November 16 – NEW MOON – 88 (8×11) days before 2010 Olympics
November 27 – 77 (7×11) days before 2010 Olympics
December 7 – 2009 – Pearl Harbour Day / Start of Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen
December 8 – 2009 – Immaculate Conception of Mary
December 8 – 66 (6×11) days before 2010 Olympics
December 20-21 – Winter Solstice – 55 (5×11) days before 2010 Olympics
December 25 – Christmas Day / Boxing Day – 50 days before 2010 Olympics
January 1 – 2010 – New Years Eve – FULL MOON – 44 (4×11) days before 2010 Olympics
January 12 – 2010 – or 11/01/201033 (3×11) days before 2010 Olympics
January 23 – 2010 – or 01/22/201022 (2×11) days before 2010 Olympics
February 3 – 2010 – 11 (1×11) days before 2010 Olympics

February 12 – 2010 – Opening Ceremonies of Olympics and coincides with ABRAHAM LINCOLN’S 201st BIRTHDAY

February 13 – 2010 – Olympic Games begin.

This relates to the ORDER OUT OF CHAOS meant to be generated by the Swine Flu pandemic and the CURE and SEA which is initiated and meant to heal all things. This is the symbolic initiation of things to come over the subsequent weeks, months and years. All this is an illusion and manipulation of reality and is not actually occurring.

The Secret Societies of the world have an intent to create Chaos. Freemasons have a motto that translates as Order Out Of Chaos.

Stop for a moment … read these next words very slowly

This Financial crisis, the Swine Flu pandemic, the Environmental Climate Change, the Energy crisis, etc., all of this is the Order Out Of Chaos, the 1st Day of Creation which is exactly identical to the Biblical account, and WHICH IS ABOUT TO HAPPEN. The original conjured up creation of imprisonment and servitude and total control of the Paradise State has not yet occurred. This is only an illusion we’re experiencing, meant to disconnect us from reality, and meant to keep us on an endless eternal cycle of deceit. The New World Order, the New Age of Aquarius, the Kingdom of God on Earth, this will also continue to be part of the illusion, however, with the added Mystery surrounding the Environmental Green Movement, wherein it will be considered sacrilege to question anything in regards to the Garden of EDEN, which will be intended to keep all in bondage and NEED endlessly. Of course, none of this is real, none of this is happening, however, the illusion, first initiated in the DAIRY LAND of RIYADH Saudi Arabia, will insist, through the Thought Process and the intellectual systems conjured up, that this is indeed, reality.

The Kingdom of God In Dairyland


The Time Zone called EAT!


The Kingdom Tower is 1020 ft. tall.

1020 = 2010 the year of the 2010 Winter Olymics


The BANK – B-ANKH – Temple of Solomon

The chart below shows the religious aspects involved with the financial monetary system. The dollar sign is just an Egyptian and/or a Christian Cross representing eternal life. Taking a 2nd Ankh Cross and rotating it 180 degrees and removing the cross piece which is still implied by the symmetry of the design, a dollar sign is created. The word DOLLARS is an anagram for SOLLDARS = SOLDIERS, which refers to the SUN DIE-R, or the SUN DIEING ON THE CROSS.

The Death of the USA Dollar which is now inevitable and unfolding within the luciferian agenda, is symbolic of the SUN DIEING on the CROSS and a NEW CURE and SEE / SEA or CURRENCY is now required.

On the chart below, the shape of the ANKH CROSS is the Keyhole of Orion. The fertility Key of Regeneration – the KA life force is meant to give a view into another world, the underworld, or afterlife. This underworld, or afterlife is what we’re meant to experience after the luciferian agenda has run its course. Control of the Paradise State is the intended prize for the Thought Process group entity within this illusion called the 3 dimensional life experience.




2010 Olympic Torch Relay

On the official map of the Olympic Torch Relay below, the Relay Route is highlighted in yellow.


NOVEMBER 2 – 2009 – Another 911


November 2, 2009 breaks down as 02/11/09, or another 911. Today the USS NEW YORK battleship, with some 7 tons of steel from the WTC buildings smelted into its hull, anchored in New York Harbour and performed a 21 gun salute. For those who read this site, the number 21 coincides with 9 on the 2nd clockface. Adding 9+2=11, the very same numbers in today’s date, and another bit of 911 symbolism.

This event is coinciding with the Swine Flu vaccination program, and the hysteria now built up to manipulate our reality. The World Trade Center complex was originally built in exactly 6.66 years, or 80 months. The number 666 relates to SICKS SICKS SICKS as stated on page 45. The World Trade Center was built in conjunction with this symbolic subliminal, meant to take, or SEIZE, control of our reality. This now coincides with the attack on our ability to focus on reality with the fabricated Swine Flu (FLUID), and to demolish our awareness of what’s transpiring in the 3D realm.

The Swine Flu is a DISEASE. Deciphering this word as previously done with the number 666, reveals yet another bit of misdirection of the truth.

DISEASE = Di-SEAS = Moon Goddess Sea = DEATH SEAS
DISEASE = Di-SEES = Moon Goddess = DEATH All Seeing Eye
DISEASE = De-CEASE = DECES or DEATH en francais (excuse lack of acute and grave accents)
DISEASE = Di-SEIZE = to take Moon Goddess CONTROL
DISEASE = Di-SEASE with 2 soft ‘S’s = De SIX or the number 6 en francais

What this reveals, is that the World Trade Center attack, and the building of the World Trade Center, coincides with the luciferian egregore agenda using hypnotic mind control, fabricating a manipulation tactic employing DISEASE to create anxiety, suffering and death, to establish absolute control of our eternal Paradise State. Absolute control is symbolized by the number 80, the number of months it took to build the WTC. The word DISEASE is telling us straight out, that this is the NUMBER SIX, the Di, the De, the The, the La, Le, or Al god called 6, or SICKS.

Three 6’s, or 666, gives us the Trinity of all religions. The word DISEASE also shows us that the numbers 6, 8, and 9 are completely bound together with geometric and mathematical cohesion. 6+8+9=23, which coincides with 11 on the 2nd clockface, the number of death.

November 5 – 2009 – 99 Days Before Olympics

H1N1 – Swine Flu

The text that follows shows some of the symbolism in the contrived title applied to the Swine Flu.

H1N1 = H the 8th letter / 1 / N the 14th letter / 1 = 8+1+14+1=24 / 2+4=6
or again 8+1+1+4+1=15 the deity number / 1+5=6

The title H1N1 relates to the 6, or SICKSNESS of the Holy SEE, or Holy CEASE, or the Holy SIX (en francais)

H1N1 = 8-1-N-1 = ATE ONE N ONE = Consummation and the number 1 and 1, or 11.

H1N1 = H + A the 1st letter / N + A the 1st letter = HANA = ANNA = ANANNA the QUEEN of HEAVEN = MARY the Mother of God = Saint ANN Mother of Mary = Immaculate conception of Mary by Saint Ann – 66 DAYS before Olympic Games begin.

H1N1 = HANA = ANN = December 8 – 2009 = Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen.

The H1N1 Flu is just another subliminal suggestion, linking the cleansing of the earth to the Environmental Green Movement, and the ancient illusory myth of domination of the Paradise State. The flu relates again to the Flood of the Queen of Heaven that fosters hysteria and fear, the prime ingredients for manipulating the population, keeping the distraction intact that separates us from our original wisdom state of freedom and liberty.

The London Telegraph newspaper ran this headline yesterday:

Climate change belief given same legal status as religion

This headline was based on the court case regarding employment dismissal of Tim Nicholson, 42, of Oxford UK. It was concluded that strong environmental conviction is tantamount to the philosophical views of a religion.



The month of November in the year 2009, is a month of 9-11’s. Everyday this month is associated with the symbolic numbers of 9, the 9th year, and 11, the 11th month. The events built into the luciferian agenda will come to some sort of symbolic fruition during this month, either reaching a plateau, or initiating the next stage. Events are unfolding extremely fast, and for the most part, not being detected by the population for what’s really transpiring.

November 4, 2009 was exactly 1 year since Barack Obama was elected President of the USA. At his acceptance speech, Michelle Obama wore the Black Widow dress shown above, which relates to the Bleeding Heart of Mary, the Queen of Heaven.

November 5, 2009, in honour of this luciferian egregore ritual that brought the desired President into the fore, a sacrifice must be offered. This involved the manipulation capacity of the Thought Process, the luciferian Mindset, as it set into motion certain principles and players that would eventually play out at Fort Hood Texas, and the killing of 13 people and wounding 30 more.

Major NIDAL MALIK HASAN – aged 39 – a follower of Islam, shouted ‘Allahu Akbar’, ‘God is great’, and began shooting. Hasan, a soldier for more than a decade, was trained at VIRGINIA TECH, the same school that saw the massacre of April 16 2007. The massacre occurred in Virginia as the state was about to celebrate the 400th Anniversary of its founding. Named after the Virgin Queen Elizabeth, the present day Queen Elizabeth II was about to pay a visit, and in symbolic fashion, the luciferian egregore provided a sacrifice for the occasion.

As custom dictates, the British Royals are once again on the move, and on the North American Craton Rock, as Prince Charles and Camilla are visiting Canada, beginning on November 2 and continuing for 10 DAYS until November 12. These events may seem unconnected and of no relevance one to another, but only from the 3D perspective and how the Thought Process has indoctrinated the population to reason. One day after the Fort Hood attack, the Royal couple visited VICTORIA BC, named after Queen Victoria, a Freemasonic icon, to symbolically do the Royal Rounds, but in actual fact, this was to acknowledge the location of the 2010 Winter Olympics in British Columbia. Keep in mind once again, that this is not done knowingly by these elite members. They are operating, and functioning according to the luciferian Thought Process, which is complete and total mind control. They have not the slightest inclination of the ritualistic symbolism they’re fulfilling.

In 2007, Queen Elizabeth II visited Virginia to celebrate their 400th birthday. The same celebration is now initiated by Charles and Camilla, as they’ll be visiting a small community on the east coast of Newfoundland, called CUPIDS. This is the first English speaking colony established in Canada in the year 1610. The 400th anniversary celebration will be initiated by Charles and Camilla.

400 = 4 square foundation x 100
1610 = 16 or 4×4 = the 16th president Lincoln / Lion King and 44th president Obama
1610 = 10 inTENsity

The month of November began with the Swine Flu hysteria and the initiation of the vaccination program. Then the shortage and further confusion and stress was introduced. At the same time, the ongoing Health Care Reform Bill is bouncing around like a rubber ball in the American Senate Chambers, and the war in Afghanistan is falling into disarray. Pakistan has likewise become a flurry of instability. Then the shooting at Fort Hood occurs. … and the British Royals … the man who would be King … visits the ROCK.


November 5 – 2009 – The NY Stock Market – NYSE / SION / NAZI – passes 10,005 for the first time in many weeks at almost the exact time that the Fort Hood shooting occurs. Another 10.
The Fort Hood shooting occurs just outside the town of KILLEEN / KILLING Texas.
The building where the shooting occurred is a CROSS SHAPE inside an OCTAGON, or the symbol of SACRIFICE and CONTROL, the very same symbol demonstrated in Saint Peter’s Square at the Vatican in Rome.
November 6 – 2009 – Unemployment in the USA reaches 10.2%. Another 10.
November 6 – 2009 – The price of GOLD sours to $1093 oz. Another 10.

The IN-TEN-SITY is building as we head into the year 2010, which will initiate further manipulation and sacrifice on behalf of the luciferian egregore, which is the Thought Process. None of the players in this process, the elite and the powerful of the world, have the slightest clue as to the integral part they play. The elite and the powerful are indoctrinated to the deepest extent within this illusory realm, and being that they are experiencing the deepest trance state of all, have no comprehension of the manipulation of the luciferian egregore.

The shooter at Fort Hood Texas:

= NILE Death
= HASAN = SAHAN = SION = SUN = ALLAH = All Seeing Eye

The Fort Hood massacre occurred 99 days before the Olympics. The attacker was an Islamic Major in the US Army. Islam has 99 names for God. The number 99 is the mirror of 66, which represents SICKS SICKS from a subliminal perspective. At this moment the Health Care Reform Bill in the USA drags on, in what seems to be, a never ending exercise in futility. In actual fact, this is a Death Induction ritual being foisted on the American people and the rest of the world. The repetitive nature of repeating the terminology associated with Health Care, is in actual fact, implanting the very idea of death, not life or health.

FORT HOOD = FORT HUD = 4 T DUH = For Sacrifice DEW = For Sacrifice WED = 4 WEDDING SACRIFICE
FORT HOOD = 4 Son Sacrifice HUD = 4 HUD-SON Sacrifice

Fort Hood is suggesting the Wedding of the Son, which links to the Hudson River and New York City. On September 11, 1609, exactly 400 years ago this year, Henry Hudson first sailed into what is now New York City, and up the Hudson River. In 1610 Hudson discovered Hudson Bay while searching for the Northwest Passage to the Far East. Once again, the 400th anniversary coincides with another symbolic date, the 2010 Olympic Games in Vancouver in 2010. In 1611 Hudson’s crew mutinied and set him, his young son, and a few loyal sailors adrift in a small boat, never to be heard from again. The year 2011, if the pattern holds true, should be a year of some form of DOUBLE CROSS.

When Henry Hudson set out to explore for the Northwest Passage in 1607, he sailed to Svalbard, located at 80 degrees N. This is the site of the much publicized Seed Vault built in the side of a mountain and financed by the government of Norway. The Seed Vault is meant to contain the seeds necessary to start civilization over again, in the event of a world cataclysm. Hudson sailed to this remote northern island in an 80 ton ship called the HOPEWELL. The symbolism needs no elaboration.

November 9, 2009 – 09/11/09 – The FALL of the WALL

The 20th Anniversary of the FALL of the Berlin WALL occurred on this date. Another piece of symbolic reality manipulation. 1000 huge plastic styrofoam dominoes were set in place to tumble one into the other, symbolizing the collapse of communism and the advent of freedom. Neither of which actually transpired. The plastic dominoes followed the route of the Berlin Wall which extends for 100 miles. The significance of the numbers 1000 and 100 is meant to emphasize the INTENSITY of this illusory time we’re experiencing.

This WALL was located in Berlin Germany – B and G
Important locations include:
Brandenburg Gate – B and G
Gleneike Bridge – B and G

Important person involved:
Mickael Gorbechev – G and B

Swine Flu Vaccination – Montreal – Prince Charles Visit

November 9, 2009 saw a mass vaccination program against the Swine Flu in Montreal. Of all locations symbolic, the site chosen was the OLYMPIC STADIUM, the most symbolic of all. At the very same time, the Art Exhibit of John William WATERHOUSE was on display in Montreal, courtesy of the Montreal Museum of Fine Art. One of the paintings was called ‘Circe Offering the Cup to Ulysees’. In this painting Circe, the sorcerer, offers a cup to Ulysees that has already turned the crew of Ulysees ship into SWINE. Circe, the witch, now turns her attention to Ulysees to attempt to turn him into SWINE as well.

This echoes the Bible story where Jesus is reputed to have ordered many demons to enter into a herd of SWINE who then ran straight away over a cliff and drowned. This suggestion, and the fabricated Swine Flu pandemic, and those set to follow, are meant to create hysteria amongst the population, creating a madness, (also suggested within the recent MAD COW DISEASE</span), that will cause many to seek death to escape. The far reaching tentacles of 666 – SICKS SICKS SICKS – are designed to perform this task.

The good lord wants to CAST PEARLS BEFORE THE SWINE. Pardon me… this should be read as PERILS BEFORE THE SWINE.

Of course, the luciferian Thought Process has instilled many times, within our subconscious minds, that we are the scum of the earth, and worthless swine.

The exhibition of John William Waterhouse runs from October 2, 2009 to February 7, 2010, right up until the start of the Winter Olympics on February 12, 2010.

JOHN = OANNES = ONE / WON / NOW = 1 – the New Age
WILLIAM = BILL = BAAL = B and J name

The subliminal intent with the Swine Flu vaccination program, orchestrated in the Olympic Stadium, on the EVE of the visit of Prince Charles, (not the most revered person in Quebec by a long shot), and the connection to the John William Waterhouse Swine themed painting involving the magic of a witch, tends to leave one in awe. The hypnotic suggestion, though obvious, is meant to lack logic and any rational concepts whatsoever. However, this is how its done. This is how the whole 3D illusory realm appears to be real, and manifests itself in the first place. The elite players involved, once again, have not the slightest inclination of being illusory puppets, perpetuating the agenda of suffering and death.

November 10, 2009 – DC SNIPER Execution

Today is set to be the execution of John Allen Muhammad. The name is slightly symbolic once again.


Known as the DC SNIPER, because of the event occurring in Washington DC

District of Columbia = DC = Di-SEE = Di-SEA = Di CEASE = Di SEASE = Di SEIZE = Di SIX

As mentioned above, in respect to CELINE DION and the relationship to DIONYSUS and the LION KING, the suggestion of Di Cee is once again present:


1604-1611 AD- 400 YEARS – King James BIBLE

Another event that directed the course of this illusory 3D experience, was the creation of the King James BIBLE. The translation began in 1604, with the translation completed by 1610, and printing completed in 1611.

The King James Bible was the 3rd official translation. The 1st being the Great Bible during the reign of Henry VIII.
The 2nd official translation was the Bishop’s Bible, 1568. All of these Bible translations are B and G words. This indicates that the translating of the Bible into these official translations was in accordance with the B and G Pillars of secret societies. The B and G Pillars, also called the North and South Pillars, demonstrated their sacrificial significance with the collapse of the North and South Towers of the WTC attack. It is therefore, no coincidence that the King James Bible was produced in 1611, to coincide with the 400th anniversary of the events unfolding today within this 3D illusory experience. The intensity of these events will symbolically heighten as the 2010 Winter Olympics initiate even further, the direction that the luciferian agenda must take.


Google Video – illuminatiMATRIX explanatory video detailing the foundational root of hypnosis, religion, intellectualism and who and what god is.

Click here to watch video.

YouTube Video highlighting some of the subliminal elements hidden in the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem

Please read the next paragraph before watching the ROCK VIDEO.

On the ROCK VIDEO, the World Trade Center is mistakenly called the ROCKEFELLER PLAZA. The WTC was conceived and promoted by the Rockefellers. The Rockefeller Plaza is to the north of the World Trade Centre, on the MANHATTAN ROCK, or MANNA STONE. The WTC and the Rockefeller Plaza , along with the area of CENTRAL PARK, relate to the TEMPLE MOUNT in Jerusalem, and the Al Aqsa Mosque, the Dome of the ROCK, and the Temple Courtyard. These in turn relate to the North American West Coast. See page 39 for more details.

Click here to watch the new Rock Video on YouTube.

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