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Google Video – illuminatiMATRIX explanatory video detailing the foundational root of hypnosis, religion, intellectualism and who and what god is.

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YouTube Video highlighting some of the subliminal elements hidden in the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem

Please read the next paragraph before watching the ROCK VIDEO.

On the ROCK VIDEO, the World Trade Center is mistakenly called the ROCKEFELLER PLAZA. The WTC was conceived and promoted by the Rockefellers. The Rockefeller Plaza is to the north of the World Trade Centre, on the MANHATTAN ROCK, or MANNA STONE. The WTC and the Rockefeller Plaza , along with the area of CENTRAL PARK, relate to the TEMPLE MOUNT in Jerusalem, and the Al Aqsa Mosque, the Dome of the ROCK, and the Temple Courtyard. These in turn relate to the North American West Coast. See page 39 for more details.

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The luciferian egregore group of thinking entities have developed, very systematically, technological and industrial complexities which shape our reality in this 3D illusory experience. In Alaska, the H.A.A.R.P. grid has prepared our psychological apparatus with the concept of the elite being able to cause, and control, earthquakes and other natural phenomenon. Throughout the whole world, CHEMTRAILS abound, filling the atmosphere with heavy metals, viruses, sedatives, cancers, … establishing within our subconscious mind that a human cull is coming, is in the works, and even now, is being implemented.

However, there is another massive subliminal master-minded by the luciferian thinkers, and that is the massive water subliminal called the GRAND CANAL. This has been in production far longer than either chemtrails or HAARP, and has between $200 to $400 billion dedicated to its construction, in 1984 US dollars. Today, in 2009, much of the establishment of what the Grand Canal subliminal was intended to achieve, has already been produced. The way they achieved this massive bit of hypnotic suggestion was by establishing a network of dams across Canada, (the LARGE UPPER ROOM where the WATER BEARER went in to prepare the LAST SUPPER for Christ’s crucifixion), all with the intention of delivering water to the Canadian Prairies, the American Mid-West, and ultimately, the Southwest United States. This project was labelled the GRAND Canal, an acronym for Great Recycling And Northern Development.

Throughout this site, the symbolism uncovered to date, has insisted on inundating California and some of the other 11 Western States with a cataclysmic FLOOD and coinciding earthquakes. The text immediately below, is an interview from a few decades back, when this project was initiated. Corruption within the Canadian Government, Canada’s Police Force the RCMP, and major corporations, is presented in this portion of the text from that interview. Be sure to read this interview so as to get a bead on what the accompanying charts are relating to that follow the text.

As strange as this may seem, this Grand Canal Project is subliminally linked to the Health Care Reform being pushed so vehemently by Barack Obama. This Health Care Reform has nothing to do with preserving the health of the American citizens, but has everything to do with RE FORMING the ROLE of the luciferian egregore lord in this 3D illusory experience. Barack Obama hasn’t the slightest notion of the part that he plays in this luciferian thought process. As well, the elite of the world are pathetically stumbling through the motions of elite-dom (elite-dumb), totally oblivious to the agenda and the roles they also fulfill on behalf of their thinking egregore god entities. All this is illusory, and the players perpetuating the illusion are themselves, smitten with the illusion, and have succumbed heavily to the seductions of that illusion. The elite of the world are in a massive trance.


HEALTH = HELL-TH = EL-TH = EL THEO = AL GOD = ALLAH = LA (TH, THE, DE, LE, LA, etc., are all suggestions relating to god).

CARE = E-RAC = E-ROCK = Trinity ROCK


As In The Days Of NOAH – Water Subliminal


G.R.A.N.D. = Great Recycling And Northern Development

The Quebec Referendum
 – The Grand Canal Project – 
US-Canadian Continental Union by 2005
The series of postings that you are about to see tell a story so amazing, so full of callous corruption and greed, so destructive to the Quebec and Cree peoples and to the Canadian nation, and so *well-concealed* by those in the Canadian media who are *fully aware* of these details, that you deserve a full and clear introduction to each of the main narrators:
GLEN KEALEY: is the former Hull, Quebec, commercial developer who exposed the system of organized crime and corruption run by ex-Prime Minister Mulroney’s government and the complicity of the RCMP and the justice system.
In 1986 Kealey was asked for a bribe by Public Works Minister Roch LaSalle, who offered him government support for his project in exchange for 5% of all government contributions on top of $5,000 up front. Investigating, Kealey found evidence of a massive bribe and kickback scheme operated and controlled right out of the Prime Minister’s Office, and a close collaboration between the Tories, the media and the police. Kealey successfully charged 16 people, including members of the government and RCMP, with criminal conspiracy. He is co-chair of THE CANADIAN INSTITUTE FOR POLITICAL INTEGRITY in Ottawa [819 -778 1705; fax 613-747 1644]
SHELLEY ANN CLARK: the executive assistant to Germain Denis, Brian Mulroney’s personal appointee to the Free Trade Agreement negotiations, during which plans were made to dismember and demolish Canada, first by Quebec’s separation, and then by Continental Union in 2005.
GEORGE KRALIK: An eleven-year veteran of the Canadian Armed Forces.
Kralik: I would like to ask you about the water, our natural resources in water. What is it to be used for? How is it to be transported?
Kealey: Think of money. If you had your choice, if you could pull a genie out of a bottle and the genie could grant three wishes, what would your three wishes be? Remember your goal is to make the most money possible?
Kralik: I should really have to think a lot about that, but…
Kealey: I would say: ‘Number one, give me control over the sun. Number two, give me control over the air. Number three give me control over water.’ Now, leaving our little genie aside, we know we cannot control the sun, nor can we control the air. BUT WE CAN CONTROL WATER. On the scale of things that are required for human life, it is the most important element that can be controlled.
Kralik: What do you mean when you say ‘control’?
Kealey: OK. In GATT, General Agreement on Trades and Tariffs, it says that free-flowing water is not a’good’. The key wording is ‘free-flowing’. If you construct a dam it is no longer free-flowing and therefore it becomes private property, owned by somebody, capable of being sold to others, or mortgaged.
Kralik: If it is dammed?
Kealey: If it is dammed. Any time the free-flowing water has been obstructed. Of course in GATT, there is much talk about bottled water.
Kralik: It’s a side trick?
Kealey: It’s a side trick. The biggest scam ever to be pulled on the entire world is Free Trade and I’ll tell you why.
There is a lady in Ottawa by the name of Shelley Ann Clark. She was the executive secretary to the third highest negotiator during the Free Trade deal. His name was Germain Denis. His two visible superiors were Gordon Ritchie and Simon Riesman (a Freemason). Before he became Free Trade negotiator, Simon Reisman had a difficult job. He was the director of a project called the Grand Canal, which is to be built from James Bay.
In 1985-86, my offices were in Hull in the commercial part in Place de Portage, the government complex which houses the Supply and Services Offices. [NOTE: Hull, Quebec is just across the river from Ottawa, Ontario, and is filled with federal offices and civil servants] One day I was visited by a man named Art Bailey. Bailey was a former Assistant Deputy Minister of Supply and Services and had been following the development of my project, the Micot Building. I had raised a hundred and sixty million bucks to build this high tech centre in Hull. We had bought the land and were just about ready to start construction when Art Bailey walked into my office. ‘Mr. Kealey,’he said, ‘You’ve done a fantastic job of marketing this Micot Building. Nobody would ever have believed that anyone could raise a hundred and sixty million dollars to build a building in Hull – this is totally out of sync with anything that anybody believed.’ So he said, ‘We think you’re the best marketing man in Canada and that you should come and join our team and become the Marketing Manager for the GRAND CANAL.
I said, ‘What the hell’s the GRAND CANAL? I don’t know what you’re talking about.’ So he gave me a document -a twenty to twenty-five page document – which I read. This is what I read: James Bay is five hundred miles north to south, is a hundred and twenty miles across at the mouth, salt water on the average thirty-five to forty-five feet deep. If a dam were to be constructed at the mouth of James Bay and Hudson’s Bay and a second one, one third down, and a third, a third down again – therefore THREE DAMS – it would allow over a period of ten years for water to flow from the fresh water rivers and would push the salt water back beyond the dams and create the largest fresh water reservoir known to man. So much so that a canal could be built leading out of the south-east corner of James Bay, south over the mountain ranges with dykes and locks and whatever you need to lift water for eight hundred miles, then at Rouen-Noranda in northern Quebec, nature’s gravity would take over and the water would start going down the other side of the mountain range, in Ontario, the Ottawa River and the French River systems, past Kirkland lake and eventually it would end up in Georgian Bay [in Lake Superior]. The amount of water that would be brought back – fresh water from that Canal – could double the flow of water that now enters the Great Lakes. Of course, if you can double the water entering the Great lakes you can take half of the total water out without changing anything in the Great Lake System.
The water would be removed in two places: at the base of Lake Michigan – they don’t need it this year, this year they have enough water – they would open up the sluices and move water down to the Mississippi Delta, almost all the way to Mexico, in the Gulf of Mexico; the second outlet would be from Lake Superior, moving water across Manitoba, into Saskatchewan, then down into the United States to bring water to the Mid West and SOUTH WEST of the United States. We must understand, of course, that since we are living in a period of global warming, the bread basket of North America which is situated in one place now, moves further north as it gets warmer, making the bottom part arid. So water is absolutely critical to enlarge the bread basket of North America as the earth gets warmer.
There is another dimension: if Canadian waters, presently flowing into and towards the Arctic and the North of Canada, are diverted and artificially made to flow in a southerly direction (for instance diverted towards the United States for water use), then the Northern cold climate temperatures will move in a southerly direction and the Canadian terrain will become colder and more frigid; the balance of the Canadian climate will be reduced temperature, which will cause a massive environmental shift in Canada, all to Canada’s detriment.
This theory can be supported by simple physics and hydrology. The waters flowing north are of a warmer temperature and have a warm front pushing against the Arctic North temperatures; if removed, the Arctic North will move South. It doesn’t matter whether this occurs in summer or the winter seasons. If the rivers and waters are diverted to flow southerly then one will require more fuel to heat our homes and buildings; however, Canadians will only have what is available after the U.S. has its needs supplied under the NAFTA Agreement, etc.
The two transnationals who were pushing this plan were R. J. R. Nabisco (the biggest agribusiness in the United States), led by a Mr. Johnson out of Winnipeg -there’s been a film made of him recently called “Barbarians at the Gate” and it shows how he tried to take over the company with junk bonds and whatever; and the other one was Archer Daniels Midland, which cans and boxes or packages all of the agri-business that comes in from R.J.R. Nabisco and distributes it throughout the world. It is interesting, of course, that Mr. Johnson was Mulroney’s sponsor, bringing him on tours throughout the U.S. and that Archer Midland Daniels has just hired [ex-Prime Minister] Mulroney [who pushed both Free Trade and NAFTA through the Canadian Parliament] as a director.
I traveled across Western Canada and there have been public demonstrations recently in B.C., Alberta, and Saskatchewan over the building of dams and Kemano in B.C., Old Man River in Alberta and Alimeda and Rafferty dams in Saskatchewan. People ask why are they building dams where there is no water. Once you understand the relationship of the Grand Canal to the entire area you then know where the water will be coming from.
Kralik: Do you see any possible ecological disasters as a result this ?
Kealey: Of course. Some natives believe the sheer weight of the water behind the dams will cause the axis of the earth to shift and if you build a dam you change the chemistry of the earth. You cannot flood the areas that we are talking about without changing the configuration of the soil and landscape. But transnationals don’t think in those terms: they think in terms of money. In 1985-86 it was stated that the project would cost two hundred billion dollars (U.S.). It was also stated that the money was available.
American Express wants to be the banker and do you think that it is by coincidence that American Express was allowed, by Order of Council, to become a Bank in Canada, with Brian Mulroney breaking fourteen banking regulations just to allow them to achieve this status? …

(End of the first portion of interview).

The map chart of Canada, immediately below, shows the Alaska/Yukon border at 141 degrees west. This border points directly to MECCA, Saudi Arabia, the most holy site to Islam. A strong symbol within the Islamic faith is the Octagon, as demonstrated by the Dome of the Rock Shrine in Jerusalem, which covers the Foundation Stone. This Shrine is a perfect octagon.


Canada – The Land of ISLAM – ICE LAMB

The map chart of Canada immediately below, illustrates why the Canadian Provincial borders are laid out as they are. There are at least 8 implied octagon borders, making it an extremely symbolic nation for the luciferian agenda. Canada was originally called Upper and Lower Canada, named after Upper and Lower Egypt. With all the octagon borders, Canada represents a major key to be implemented as the luciferian agenda unfolds. As well, with these octagon borders scattered across Canada, this suggests holiness within the luciferian THOUGHT PROCESS. This perceived holiness aludes to cleanliness, and godliness, and suggests that purity must exist within this land. As has been demonstrated previously on this site, Canada is the large Upper Room where John and Peter prepared the Last Supper for the Messiah on the eve of his crucifixion. The ROOM is the NATION of Canada, and the cleansing is suggested to come from within that room. This suggestion includes all the waters of Canada, including the Arctic Ocean and the country of Greenland. The Messiah in question refers to Jesus (Je-Zeus), who was supposedly without blemish, a sacrifice acceptable to God.

As these words are read, keep in mind that this is all hypnotic suggestion, a complete and total fabrication of an illusory reality. A reality where Time and Space are presented as actually existing, when in fact, this whole agenda is unfolding without Time and without Space.

With Canada being the Upper Room, the Messiah who will cleanse the earth is none other than the Living Water, the one called Je-ZEUS, who symbolically is SUEZ, (in reverse), which in turn is the Grand Canal that cuts the African continent from the Middle East. The SUEZ CANAL and the Gulf of Suez coincide with the location of Mount Olympus Washington State, and flow down the west coast of the USA, precisely through the Sacramento and San Joaquin Valleys, with the SUEZ CANAL portion going right through Los Angeles, as shown on the chart just below the Canada Octagon chart, (borrowed from page 25). Notice also that CAIRO, coincides with Riverside County in California.

CAIRO means The Vanquisher and The Triumphant

The black square just to the right of Cairo are the Pyramids of Giza which in turn coincide with the different PALMS locations and MECCA and the SULTAN SEA of southern California.


Peter and John and The Last Supper Preparation

John and Peter are symbolized by 2 Canadian Prime Ministers, John Diefenbacher (a Freemason lawyer), who held power (1957) during the construction of the Gardiner Dam and Qu’appelle Dam in Saskatchewan. With the reservoir being created bearing his name, Diefenbacher Lake. This was no small project, as it was the largest earth-filled dam in the world and is still one of the largest.

Peter is referring to the Jesuit educated, Pierre Elliot Trudeau, who was first elected in 1968, as an understudy to Lester B. Pearson, who was a driving force behind the United Nations and NATO and who won a Nobel Prize for assisting in settling the SUEZ CRISIS in 1957. Pierre, or Peter, was in power before, and after Prime Minister Brian Mulroney performed the deeds previously stated above, in the interview regarding the Grand Canal Project. Pierre oversaw much of the initial stages of promoting the development of the dams which have assisted in establishing the luciferian agenda and the cleansing of the world. Or stated another way, Pierre helped greatly in preparing the Large Upper Room for the Messiah’s LAST SUPPER. These 2 prime ministers fulfilled their parts (totally without their comprehension) in the illusory Last Supper Preparation for the cleansing in the Day of the Lord’s Judgment.

For those interested in the more seamy aspects regarding the lives and activities of Brian Mulroney and Pierre Trudeau, read the book by Cathy O’Brien, ‘TRANCE-FORMATION OF AMERICA’, a CIA sex-slave who frequented Bohemian Grove, and who writes vividly about her personal encounters with Brian Mulroney and Pierre Trudeau. The information in this book is extremely graphic so be for warned.

One more symbolic Canadian Prime Minister is Stephen Harper, the current leader of Canada. Stephen is symbolic of the Lions Gate Bridge at Vancouver, the site of the 2010 Olympics, which coincides with the Lions Gate on the eastern Old City Wall of Jerusalem, located just north of the Golden Gate, which in turn is the Golden Gate Bridge at San Francisco. (See page 16 for details). Keep in mind that all these gates are just next to the OCTAGON Dome of the ROCK SHRINE, just as, in Canada, all the dams are built, or being built with accompanying Octagon Borders spread all across the country. The Lions Gate is also called the Sheep Gate, or St. Stephen’s Gate, where the sheep were brought into the old city of Jerusalem to be sacrificed to God at the temple of Solomon.

And so it is, that the symbolism of the Last Supper is instilled within these 3 Prime Ministers of Canada. Time doesn’t allow delving into the symbolism of the other prime ministers, but with names such as William Lyon McKenzie King, or Louis St.Laurent, the symbolism will be there.

Canada is the large Upper Room, and the 4 Corner Cross shown at the border of Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Nunavut Territory, is symbolizing the cleansing Christ in the Upper Room. The cleansing is suggested to be implemented by the Living Word, the Living Water, and in turn refers to the vast waters that surround the Hudson Bay, James Bay, Quebec, Ontario, Manitoba, and the Canadian Arctic and Greenland. This is the time of Stephen’s Gate opening to allow the slaughter of the sheep to god. Of course, this is how the illusion is meant to unfold, and it is, without a doubt, simply an illusion.

Canada 7 Octagons


JeZEUS is King of ZEUS



The Saviour Son – the Messiah – is the product of the Father Water, and the Mother Mary Sea.
The Messiah, the WATER, born of the mother and father WATERS, is sacrificed and sacrifices.

Egypt Oasis in USA


Houston, we have a problem…

The symbolic floodgates opened very wide today, July 22, 2009. What follows are just bits of information, and for those who’ve read the site to this point, will understand what the subliminals are. The connection between the Summer Solstice Water Concert, St. John Baptiste Day, the sacrifice of Michael Jackson, the opening of the Statue of Liberty Crown, the push by Barack Obama for Health Care Reform, the never ending saga of the Roman goddess Juno/Sarah Palin, the misery concerning the California economy and the USA economy as a whole, … all this reached a plateau on this day, July 22, 2009. Be very prepared and emotionally detached from placing value on anything within this 3 dimensional illusory plane, as the agenda is ready to implement even more devastation.

Tomorrow is July 23, 2009.

23/07/09 = 23 coincides with 11/07/09 = death/perfection and completion/and the fall

Things will appear to be moving one way, in an outward sense, but behind the scenes, all manner of beam cutting is going on. Just as the World Trade Center was prepared weeks ahead of time, to be demolished by a controlled demolition, either by explosives, or directed energy, or both, so too, is the luciferian agenda now acting upon this subliminal delivered to the world through this attack, to have the 3D realm experience a very troubling period (for most). Emotional detachment from this illusory plane, and a complete separation from the trance state is required in order to reclaim the power and strength of our original state to assist in understanding the coming events.

Cremation of Care – July 12-2009

The Cremation of Care at the Freemasonic styled elite nature club at Monte Rio, just north of San Francisco, is now in its 10th day. MONTE RIO is named after MONTREAL, or MOUNT ROYAL. On the North American Craton ROCK chart lower down on this page, when the 11 Western States are overlaid on the reversed image of the Craton ROCK, the city of Montreal coincides very closely with the area of MONTE RIO.

July 22, 2009 = 22/07/09 = 2×11/07/09
22/07/09 = 2+2+7+9 = 11+9 = 20 coinciding with 8, or Total Control.

Barack Obama pushes his Health Care Reform evening news conference.
Pushing for an August deadline.

July 22-2009 – 10th Day of Mid Summer luciferian ritual.
July 22-2009 – Longest darkness of a total eclipse of the sun this century.
July 22-2009 – The New York Stock Market (Solomon’s Temple) closed at 8,881 – Total Control

The USA – DEA raided Michael Jackson’s personal doctors office – The ARMSTRONG Medical Centre in HOUSTON Texas today, July 22 2009.
The Space Shuttle astronauts are circling the earth on the 40th anniversary of the 1969 alleged MOON landing, as Neil ARMSTRONG gives a rare interview on July 21, 2009. HOUSTON, WE HAVE A PROBLEM!

Bohemian Grove, (a B and G word) is famous for its OWL statue, and symbol of worship. The Owl is a symbol of God, the ALL / OWL Seeing EYE, who in turn is ALLAH… and refers to the city of LA.

OWL is an anagram for WOL = WALL = LLAW = ALLAH
This is a symbol of an early Semitic deity, used in ancient Canaanite rituals of human sacrifice, and referred to as Molech.


Cana was the site of the Wedding Feast where the Christ did his 1st miracle of turning WATER into WINE.


Through the use of subliminal messaging, the beginning of miracles in Cana, which is Canada, where the WATER is turned into WINE, referring to the WIN of the NWO, the New World Order, the trance state was intended to be eternally established within the Paradise State.

Molech, for the most part, has been portrayed as a male horned beast with a fire in its belly. The male horned beast in turn is a subliminal for the creator god, lucifer, who is ALLAH, the All Seeing Eye, who is the OWL. So one symbol is actually suggesting another symbol, and yet another,… and the cycle of lunacy rotates endlessly.

Bohemian Gautama Buddha

Molech, the Owl, was not the original statue, or symbol of worship at Bohemian Grove. The original object of adoration was a statue of BUDDHA. From the 1880’s until the 1920’s, the Buddha occupied the attention of the Grovers. Buddism originated in India with the birth of Gautama, 563 to 483 BCE. This made Gautama to be 80 years old. The number 80 symbolizes Total Control.

Below are photographs of the Buddha at Bohemian Grove.

“These were took during the Hagemeyer period.   Hagemeyer was a famous photographer.  He was the one which took the pics”.
Donated by ‘Silver Lion’ (Permission granted to publish).




GAUTAMA BUDDHA = a B and G word

Buddha sat under a BODHI TREE – a B word
In BODH GAYA India – a B and G word

After 49 days of meditating he gained enlightenment in the 5th lunar / MOON month.

This is exactly the same as the Christian story where, after 49 days the disciples of Christ gained the Holy Spirit, (another way of saying enlightenment), at Pentecost / 5th COST / 5th PRICE the sacrifice price to pay, on the 50th day.

For this reason the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver will take place on the 49th parallel.
As well, the alpine events will take place in Whistler on the 50th parallel.
With a training facility at Mount Washington, also at the 50th parallel.
Mount Olympus is located in Washington State on the 48th parallel.
Seattle, the Seat of EL, or more explicitly, the Throne of God, is located on the 47th parallel, in KING COUNTY.

Just a reminder, this is all hypnotic suggestion. Sinister misdirection of reality, wherein there is no time or space. All of what is presented throughout this site, has no rational basis pertaining to how we’ve been programmed to reason. In spite of this, what is presented just happens to be the way it is. This 3D experience is an illusion… a very intense and believable illusory reality.

ONTARIO – AT ORION Shield and Club

Below are a few chart maps relating to the Canadian province of Ontario. The name Ontario is an anagram for At Orion.


This is suggesting that the 4 Corner Cross located to the Northwest of Ontario, on the Saskatchewan/Manitoba border, is the Club of Orion. The Club of Orion is the Christian Cross, or Thor’s Hammer. All different names, but using the same symbol and interpretation of meaning. The Canadian Shield which encircles the Hudson Bay, extends past the 4 Corner Cross, and is the Shield of Orion. When considering the Province of Ontario, this is definitely At Orion.


The constellation Orion, conjured up by the luciferian thought process, is the inspiration for the FISH GOD symbolism that permeates throughout all the mythical god scenarios in all societies since ancient times. A close look at the constellation reveals the FISH SHAPED TAIL, and when including the head, or eye at the top point, a fish image is visible.

Why A Fish God?

The luciferian Thought Process conjured all things we see within this 3 dimensional experience. All things sprang forth from a Thought, which is a Word, which is a Sound, which Vibrates. Vibration is Energy, Energy glows, and Glowing is Light, which in turn, is everything we see. This Glow is the ELectrically charged ION, or the EL-ION, symbolized by the LION. However, the Lion symbolizes the Sun and its power. So another symbol was introduced, namely the FISH, for its ability to breath under water. The suggestion of a symbol of god that can breathe underwater is blatantly obvious. The subliminal is implanting the notion of the Living Water, the Holy Water, the Water that will cleanse the earth of the infidel.

The electrically charged ION, the Atom, flows in CURRENTS and is measured in WATTS. Watts and currents relate to the characteristics of measuring electrical energy generated from WATER that flows in CURRENTS. Water sustains life in this 3D illusion. Water is therefore a symbol of God. The Holy Spirit, the 3rd person of the Trinity godhead, is referred to as the Living Water. The obvious question then becomes, what can live in this Living Water? Of course, the conjured up illusory creature called a FISH.

For this reason, the ancient god of Babylon was Nimrod, the Fish God, also called Oannes. Oannes is the source of the name John. From this early start in the luciferian Thought Process, the Fish God has been revered through the ages, until the present, where the Christian religion still carries on the tradition in the worship of Jesus, the Fish God, who is also John the Baptist. The biblical stories of Jesus feeding thousands with a few fish is well known. The association of Jesus as the Fish God is thereby established in our subconscious mind.

As mentioned on the previous page, John the Baptist was born 6 months before Jesus, on June 24, St. John Baptiste Day, and 6 months later, Jesus was born on the Eve of December 24, or Christmas Day, December 25. This never ending cycle of the Son / Sun being born on December 25, the Winter Solstice, and then beginning to die on June 24, the Summer Solstice, creates a never ending loop called Infinity, and the infinity symbol is simply a fish symbol signifying the birth and death of the sun / son, in endless succession.

The fish god became a major symbol within the Islamic religion. The most holy site to Islam is the Mosque at Mecca. This Mosque is constructed in the shape of a fish. The Fish shape of this mosque, as shown in the Orion chart just above, is derived from the shape of the Orion Constellation which looks like a fish when you connect the dots. The 3 stars that form Orions belt are the 3 Pyramids of Giza in Egypt, and the angle on the right side of Orion is the 135 degree angle of an Octagon. All of these symbols, the FISH, the 3 STARS, which are the 3 KINGS of ORIENT, are the 3 KINGS of ORION, the 3 Pyramids, a TRIANGLE, the OCTAGON, even a SQUARE, the CROSS, the SWASTIKA, are all based on the Constellation Orion. All these symbols in turn, then refer to the Sun / Son of god. The whole universe resorts back to the Sun of God, in one way or another. The Sun of God is the luciferian Thinking group egregore, that, through the Thought Process, initiated the illusion of light.

But why Orion? The ROYAL ION

The ION is ROYAL, it ROSE UP, it ARCED, it created a HORIZON, or H-ORIONZ, through the Thought Process to attempt to control all wisdom and power within the Paradise State. This is the Royal Ion, the ROY L ION, the RO LION, the OR ION.

The map of the Canadian province of Ontario is centred on the Canadian Shield. As mentioned above, ONTARIO is an anagram for the words AT ORION.


Ontario is Mecca is the FISH MOSQUE

The chart below illustrates the shape of Mecca when viewed from above, and the shape of the province of Ontario on a map. The 2 octagon angles are located in the same general location on both images. The overall general shape have the same characteristics.


The chart below shows both of these images side by side. The straight line within the diagram of Mecca illustrates the search that Hagar, Ishmael’s mother, went on to find water for her infant son Ishmael. This coincides with the same general direction of the vertical straight border between Ontario and Quebec.

To Islam, Ishmael was the heir to the promises of god given to Abraham, and not Isaac.

ISHMAEL = ISH MALE = ISH Father = Father ISH = F-ISH = FATHER EYES = the All Seeing Eye of God

Ishmael means Father Ishmael, or Father Ish, which is the Fish shaped constellation Orion, but which in turn is the product of the luciferian Thought Process, and is simply the subliminal referring to the electrically charged ION, the CURRENT that flows to conjure up the illusion of life. This illusory life is supported by the CURRENT of Water. As life passes by, this creates the impression of TIME, and when we keep up on the TIMES, we stay CURRENT. This CURRENCY, or keeping abreast of the latest trends, is valuable, and is able to generate MONEY, which is CURRENCY. All these CURRENCIES are based on the ROCK that REIGNS, or RULES as ROYALTY.


In the Islamic Hajj ritual, the faithful circumambulate 7 times around the KABAAH Cube in the centre of Mecca. They then kiss, or point to the Kabaah Stone, the Black Stone, which is set in the foundation of the Cube. This Black Stone is set in a silver mold and is the shape and look of a Fish Eye. (See page 35 for a photograph). This is said to have been placed in the foundation by Muhammad himself.



For hundreds of years the European explorers were looking for a route to the riches of the Orient. The story goes, that they ran up against a big obstacle in their path called the Western Hemisphere; North, South and Central America. However, this is the cover story, to hide the fact (unknown to the explorers) that they were really looking to settle the America’s in fulfillment of the luciferian egregore agenda. The fabricated ‘Search For The Orient’ was a subliminal meaning the ‘Search For Orion’. Orion being the Shield and Club that the agenda calls for, to manipulate reality into the clutches of the Thinking egregore. The search for the Orient, ultimately led to the discovery of the New World. This discovery, in turn, has placed our illusory reality right at the threshold of a so-called New World Order. For this reason, the New World had to be discovered in the order, and in the illusory time frame, that it was discovered.

One suggested route to the Orient was referred to as the Northwest Passage. This route was intended to go through the frozen northern waters of Canada. The route would includes the waters of the Canadian Shield, which is Orion’s Shield. This route also includes the 4 Corner Cross created in 1999 by the borders of Saskatchewan, Manitoba, The Northwest Territories and Nunavut Territory. This 4 Corner Cross is Orion’s Club.

On the chart below, the North American Craton Rock is reversed and laid over the Foundation Stone photograph under the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem. If we also included the borders of the 11 Western States, Hudson Bay would be right in the centre, coinciding with the area of southern Idaho, Utah and Nevada. This is the area of the Great Basin and the Great Salt Lake and Great Salt Lake Desert. This is what the search for the Orient was for. The Orient, besides being symbolized by the whole Asian continent, finds its fulfillment in the 11 Western States.

The Northwest Passage also leads from Greenland (upper left corner of the chart), which would coincide with the waters off Vancouver Island, Washington State, and Oregon. As mentioned before OREGON = OREYON = ORION. This is the area called the Pacific Northwest. The name given to the Northwest Passage, once again, overlaps the suggestion of 2 supposedly different locations, but subliminally, both are referring to the same future place and ultimate event.


The Passage then leads through the northern islands of Canada (upper right corner of the chart), and ultimately to ALASKA. As mentioned before, ALASKA = AL AQSA = which means the furthest Mosque from Mecca. Mecca, being the Fish shaped mosque in Saudi Arabia, exactly 180 degrees away from ALASKA, or more literally, exactly half way around the world. These journeys by the European explorers, including the Vikings, were the beginning of the NIGHT JOURNEY of Muhammad. The NIGHT JOURNEY, being the INUIT JOURNEY, through the land of the Inuit people of the north. This was the journey that Muhammad took on his magic horse, Al-Buraq, where he flew up to heaven to commune with God (who is ORION), in one NIGHT. He went from Mecca to the Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem, where he prayed with the Prophets. He then walked the short distance to the Dome of the Rock area, and the location of the Foundation Stone, from where he flew up to heaven. The Night Journey of Muhammad was the European exploration of the New World and the luciferian agenda.

Once again, we find another ORION:


EUROPE = EU-RO-PE = ERO-P = ERO = ARROW or EROS, the Erotic Arrows of the God Cupid

Even today, this frozen northland is in the news continually, as a result of the fabricated Global Warming scenario. As well, Stephen Harper, prime minister of Canada, is spending time doing photo ops in this part of the country, attempting to establish Canadian Sovereignty over the Northwest Passage and the north in general. For some unexplained reason, Russia and Denmark are also attempting to lay claim to much of the high north. All this, coupled with the Global Warming nonsense, is manipulating our reality.


Building 7 – World Trade Center – British Columbia

All the broken up islands of northern Canada also coincide with the 2 huge cracks leading from Seattle across northern Idaho, into Montana and Wyoming. See the chart just below. The coinciding nature of islands surrounded by water, somehow suggests Washington State, the Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park, and communities with names such as Walla Walla Washington. Definitely a lot oa WA WA going on. Besides the WA suggesting water, it also refers to WALL. As seen before, WALL = L-LAW = ALLAH in reverse.


To break it down even further:

WALLA = WAter LLA = WATER LA = WATER Los Angeles

Of course, this would make absolutely no sense whatsoever, if the Foundation Stone, (shown on the charts above and below), weren’t the shape of the 11 Western States, with a HOLE called the Well of Souls located in the vicinity of Riverside and Los Angeles counties. Islamic folklore states that the voices of the dead can be heard with the rivers of Paradise, in this hole. This folklore goes back many illusory centuries, and originated half way around the world before the North American continent was even discovered (supposedly).

Keep in mind that vowels can be substituted for each other when deciphering the subliminals. All vowels can be formed without closing the lips or teeth, making them strong relatives, one to another, from a subliminal perspective.

All vowels refer to the light, ion, water, time or money, in one way or another, depending on the consonants working in unison with them.

Interestingly, today, September 1, 2009, Los Angeles County is on fire. Experiencing one of the largest wildfires in decades, covering an area of some 190 square miles, and only 13 miles from downtown Los Angeles. The forests that are burning have been kept in store for this moment in the luciferian agenda. These areas haven’t burned for 50 to 100 years. Now, just as the 9th month, the number of the FALL, the month of September is upon us, these record setting blazes occur. Even as, just to the south, Hurricane Jimena is about to hammer the BAJA Peninsula and move on up to southern California.

JIMENA = YIMENA = MIY-ENA = MY EYN or MY EYE, in reference to the EYE of the HURRICANE.
The Eye of the Hurricane is symbolic of the All Seeing Eye of the Ion, which again, is symbolized by Orion.

Removing all incidental letters that don’t affect the general sound of the word, Hurricane becomes:

What this activity in California is referring to is the scenario established in the World Trade Center attack. Throughout this site, Building 7 has been linked to the Province of British Columbia. Building 7 was occupied by the FBI, the CIA, and the New York Emergency Services, not to mention companies such as ENRON = EYN-RON = ORION, and was basically the command post for the attack on September 11, 2001. British Columbia, (or Building 7), just experienced forest fires all across the lower southern part of the province, leading up to the area of Whistler BC, the site of the 2010 Olympics. The fires started just north of the British Columbia border with Idaho. Right where, on page 40, the Statue of Liberty Torch was shown to symbolically reach up into BC. From this general vicinity, the fires began, and proceeded west until communities such as Pemberton and Lillouett, just outside of Whistler, were battling fires. This was the subliminal relating to the Olympic Torch relay, which is the Torch of Lady Liberty, and the symbolic logo of the Olympic Games. Lady Liberty also refers to LA DIE, and so the fires in Los Angeles begin to burn on the 1st day of the 9th month.

Keep in mind, that the province of British Columbia is a mirror of the State of California. Whistler, Vancouver, Victoria, Mount Olympus Washington, and Mount Washington all coincide with Los Angeles and the southwest corner of California. The 2 vertical borders of both British Columbia and California are 120 degrees west of Greenwich. 120 is 10 x 12, or the 2 tables used in the luciferian agenda to establish the trance state. 120 degrees represents the fullness of time on the 10th clockface, followed by the 11th clockface which represents death. Where the fires started in southern British Columbia, was right on the 120 degree west. Also, coinciding with 50 degrees north, in the Okanagan Valley, and the area around Kelowna, BC. 50 degrees north is the latitude of Whistler and Mount Washington to the west, where the fires eventually proceeded.

The fires in Los Angeles county are related to this fire situation in southern BC. From a subliminal perspective, in which sub-atomic particles are manipulated by intense thought patterns, as shown on previous pages in regards to the HAJJ ritual in Mecca, this little trick of manipulating our reality, and manifesting devastation is not a rarity, but is what’s occurring continually, on a daily basis. Its just that, we look upon this as normal, without the slightest understanding of it being luciferian manipulation.









The Grand Canyon and the Grand Canal, along with the Great Lakes, are linked subliminally by name and by location, when the North American Craton Rock is reversed and overlaid on the 11 Western States.













British Columbia / California / 120 Degrees

Number symbolism has been used repeatedly throughout the luciferian agenda. The numbers 0-1-2, used in any order reveals a lot regarding the ongoing initiative to manipulate our reality. Consider the use of the numbers in the chart below, paying special attention to the coastline of British Columbia, as its laid over the coastline of California. The Queen Charlotte Islands (site of the largest Seismic Plate Earthquake in Canadian history), point in towards the area around Mount Carmel, where in Israel, the prophet challenged the Baal priests. The result of the challenge led to fire and rain to fall from heaven to consume the sacrifices made unto the Lord.

In the chart below, the Alaska Panhandle enters California in the area of Eureka, (once again), and Ketchikan, the North Star of the Little Dipper (shown on previous pages) lines up exactly over San Francisco. Vancouver Island lines up with the curved shoreline just off Los Angeles, historically, the site of the largest Crustal Earthquake in Canadian history.

The 120 degrees W longitude runs exactly through the vertical borders of British Columbia and California. Both BC and CA have a 135 degree octagon angle in the same general locations.





The 9’s Have It – Dressed To The 9’s

New York Stock Exchange – passed into the 9,000 plus range in the 8th month of August. All in preparation for the some symbolic FALL in the 9th month. With many symbolic dates such as 09/09/09, as well as Barack Obama’s NATIONAL DAY OF SERVICE slated for SEPTEMBER 11, 2009.

UNEMPLOYMENT stands at 9.4% – coinciding with 10 on the 8th clockface.

US GOLD value is set at approximately $955/oz.
EURO GOLD value is now set at approx. 666 Euros/oz. 666 = 999 when flipped.

(Editing date August 21, 2009) California’s unemployment rate is now 11.9% 11.9 = 9.11 when reversed.

Yet another 9 has manifested. Barack Obama is introducing a $9 Trillion – 10 year deficit.

All these symbolic 9’s are set in place in time for the 9th month, in the 9th year (2009).

August 21, 2009 – NYSE Opening Bell was rung by SHAW GROUP – SHAW = WASH
Shaw’s slogan – “A World Of Solutions” – SOLUTIONS = WATER for the World
Shaw’s logo – a PYRAMID
12 people rang the BELL = BAAL
President and CEO J.M.Bernhard Jr. – a B and J name.

NYSE Closing Bell for August 21, 2009 rung by GAP 1969 – GAP = PAY when reversed and substitute G for Y. PAY is a reference to sacrifice.
1969 = 19+69=88
69 = sex position = 6+9=15 deity number
1969 = 1+9+6+9 = 25 or 1 quarter ‘The Cornerstone’, coinciding with 1 on the 3rd clockface.
10 people rang the BELL = BAAL

The numbers 10 + 12, referring to those ringing the opening and closing bells, symbolizes the 10 and 12 times tables within the Temple of Solomon. 10 tables hold the shewbread and candelabrum. 12 Bulls act as a table to hold the Sea of Bronze water bowl just outside the temple Porch.

August 21, 2009 – the number 21 coincides with 9 on the 2nd clockface. 20 in the year 2009, coincides with 8. The number 21 = 2+1 = 3, the shape of the pyramid relating to the deity. Therefore, August 21, 2009 could be read as – 09/08/20-09 or 09/08/08-09. This is a mirrored date, and mirroring BELOW, what originates ABOVE is sacred to the astrological mindset of the luciferian agenda. Occurring precisely following the New Moon of August 20, 2009.

August 21 is 1 month from the FALL EQUINOX of September 21/22, the first day of AUTUMN = ATOM = ADAM. Overlapping with ROSH HASHANAH, the Jewish New Year, which falls on a New Moon. The 1st day of AUTUMN is exactly 144 days from the beginning of the 2010 Olympics beginning on February 12, 2010, in Vancouver, Mount Olympus, Mount Washington, Whistler, Victoria, the location of the Lion King.

(See page 6 for details on the Lion King, the Great Sphinx of Egypt, and the relationship to Lincoln and the Olympics of February 12, 2010, Lincoln’s Birthday).

August 25, 2009 – Another 9 raises its head. The CDC in the USA has declared that upwards to 90,000 USA citizens could die this fall and winter from the Swine Flu. They predict that 50% of America could contract the disease.

August 24, 2009 – In keeping for the preparation of the 9th month, the luciferian mind decided it was now time to re-install the LAST STEEL BEAM left standing after the World Trade Centre attack of 2001, into the foundation of the new Freedom Tower. This event occurred exactly 60 days after Michael Jackson’s death, which was officially declared a homocide on this date as well. Michael Jackson’s death, if you recall from the previous page, is linked with St. John Baptiste Day, which occurs 6 months before Christmas, or the birth of Christ. August 24, leaves exactly 4 months until the sun is dead, and born anew on December 25. The burial of Michael Jackson also drags on, in morbid symbolism. The burial date is now set for September 3, 2009, at 7 pm, PST, at HOLLY TERRACE in the Great Mausoleum at Glendale Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Glendale California.

What’s so special about September 3, 2009? Its the eve of entering into the FULL MOON on September 4. September 3 is exactly 70 days since the sacrifice of Michael Jackson. The number 7 is completion and perfection. September 3 is 8 days before September 11. The number 8 represents control. This coincides with September 11, 2009, 8 years after the WTC attack, and which Barack Obama declares to be the 1st National Day of Service. At this time, consider the National Day of Service to be double-talk for fascist styled mind control.

Still another 9. Michael Jackson is sacrificed in the 6th month and buried in the 9th.

September 3, 2009 = 03/09/09

SWINE FLU = When Pigs Fly

As with everything else in the luciferian illusion, constant manipulation is the method of operation. The chatter surrounding the planned luciferian egregore Swine Flu pandemic is yet another perfect example. Duality is always the name of the game. In the case of the Swine Flu, the elite of the world, (in strict obedience to the Thought Process), have successfully instilled within this illusory reality, that a pandemic is upon us. Of course, this took months of hypnotic suggestion to achieve, but that’s the way it is with hypnosis. Repetition, repetition, repetition… You nudge the victim, slowly, carefully, into the trap. Using the duality principle, where an opposing side is manifested, appearing to be a legitimate and accurate voice of reason, the manipulation of entire populations is achieved. The opposing voice of reason, is of course, the emotional plea by those equally manipulated, where we’re being advised to not take the Swine Flu Vaccination. We’re being told the vaccination is worse than the flu.

What this exercise in duality achieves, is the belief within our hypnotic trance state that the Swine Flu is actually real. Some who insist that this world is a ‘dream state’ are among those who declare with confidence that the Swine Flu is a real disease. How could that be? Because this is an illusion, a dream, and the Swine Flu must be a illusion as well, being that its part of the 3 dimensional dream state. Of course, those who speak such double talk, only assign certain elements within the 3D illusory world, to the rank of illusion, but most things, to those in the trance state, remain real and tangible. Things, such as our body, our mind, our spirit, our soul,… all these things are still portrayed by those locked within the trance state, as being valid. This is a total fraud.

Both sides of the Swine Flu duality picture are working unwittingly, on behalf of the luciferian Thought Process and the egregore group of thinking entities. The MAINSTREAM elitists propose that a pandemic will come in a 2nd WAVE. They propose a VACCINE to counter the disease. The ALTERNATIVE elitists warn of the danger of the VACCINATION as being worse than the disease itself.

What has just occurred with this duality manipulation, is that, no matter which side you choose to believe, the manipulation principles are in place, because of the subliminals implanted on a daily basis, and our reality is established, whereby, refusing to get the vaccination will, in a massive way, result in contracting the Swine Flu. On the other hand, the information regarding the destructive nature of the vaccination has established within our subconscious mind, that even if we get the vaccination, the consequences will be dire. Either way, the subliminal hypnotic misdirection of our reality, and disconnection from our original state of wisdom, is once again compromised. Either way, we’ve been manipulated to believe, that the 3 dimensional experience is real, and that the preservation of our 3D illusory mind, body, spirit and soul is of the utmost importance. Once again, this is a total fraud.

Becoming aware of how this manipulation permeates throughout the 3D plane is what’s most important. Everything is set into motion by the luciferian egregore thinkers, to continually have us worrying about our 3D illusion, and in so doing, separate us from our power, strength, wisdom, ecstasy, beauty, liberty and freedom of the Paradise State. This is the purpose and the desire of implanting such lunatic notions within this illusory world. The luciferian mindset cares nothing for whether we contract the Swine Flu or not. This lunatic Thought Process is only obsessed with total control of the power and strength of the Paradise State, whereby they can appear to be lord over all. Using this process of manipulation, the duality method of operation, insures that disconnection from the reality state is guaranteed.

So … what to do? Do nothing! Simply watch and wait … reconnect to the original state of wisdom, through awareness of what’s transpiring, and your reality will be just that … one of wisdom, peace, power, liberty and freedom. We manifest that which we focus upon. Focus on either the Swine Flu or the Vaccination and one or the other will become your reality. Focus, and become aware of the manipulation of the luciferian mindset, and reclaim the immunity within the Paradise State. This is how our reality manifests. One is real, one is illusory. Choose wisely.

SWINE FLU = S suggests the letter 8, for control – suggests also, the infinity of the endless life and death struggle – this is ISIS, Queen of Heaven – mother of life and death.
WINE = the drink at the Marriage supper of the Lamb – the blood of Christ.
SWINE = NON KOSHER = elite Jewish subliminal to avoid contracting the disease within the trance state
– much the same as how the Israeli offices in the World Trade Center attack were told to not report to work on 9-11, thereby avoiding the carnage.

VACCINE = VAKSIN = KA life/death V or 5 for sacrifice – SIN suggesting that we’re worthy to be sacrificed

September 11, 2009 is Barack Obama’s National Day of SERVICE = SERVE ICE.

Ted Kennedy

The Lion of the Senate

The End of Camelot

Be prepared to read about the judment of LA, the judgment of ALLAH, and the B and G Pillars of Secret Socities, and again, some more number 9’s.

Edward Moore Kennedy died – August 25, 2009. This was the symbolic end of the romantic royal legacy of the Kennedy era sometimes referred to as Camelot. King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table is another symbolic type of Christ and the 12 Disciples. In other words, another Zodiacal bit of manipulation. Whether real or fictitious, the subliminal manipulation of this legend has played an important role in the luciferian agenda, leading to the ultimate goal of the Thought Process entities.

Here are the names of King Arthur and the 12 Knights of the Round Table which, in themselves show the luciferian pillars of manipulation:

1. King Arthur ARTHUR = RA-THOR = the Eyptian sun god RA and Scandanavian god THOR.

Arthur has been linked to the Celtic name ARTOS VIROS meaning BEAR MAN and a connection to Irish ART STONE.

1. Sir LancelotLANCELOT = LEO CLAN T = LINCOLN Sacrifice – 1st Knight of the Round Table – son of King Ban of Benwick (B names) (BEN BEN) and Queen ELAINE = EL AINE = LA = Los Angeles.

Legend tells us that as a child, Lancelot was left by the shore of the lake, where he was found by Vivien, the Lady of the Lake. She fostered and raised him, and in time Lancelot became one of history’s greatest knights.

This is the story of MOSES, the story of the Egyptian Lion King, the Great Sphinx, (see page 6) and is paralleled in peculiar ways with LINCOLN who was born on SINKING SPRINGS FARM.

The name Moses means to be drawn from the water. Of course, the traditional understanding is that the babe was rescued by the Pharoah’s daughter, the King’s daughter, as he floated in the reeds on the Nile River. The Pharoah’s daughter adopted Moses, making him a Prince, or future King. This is a subliminal suggesting that Moses is actually drawn, or designed as WATER, referring to the ION, the EL-ION, the El-ectrical ION, the electrically charged Atom, that holds the CURRENT of LIFE, that is the LIVING WATER, that is in fact, the PHYSICAL WATER. Water flows in CURRENTS, and to be CURRENT, or knowledgeable of the latest information, or to be in TIME with CURRENT EVENTS, is of great value, and can generate CURRENCY, which in turn is MONEY.

What should be realized here, is that the ION is WATER, is TIME, is MONEY. The cleansing and judgment of the luciferian group egregore god mindset will use the ION, the LION, (Moses, the Lion King, Lincoln subliminals), and the ENVIRONMENTAL WATER issues (Global Warming, the Green Movement, etc.) and TIME pressures, anxieties and worries, along with the MONEY (Global Financial Crisis) to establish our reality.

Page 6 illustrates how the Great Sphinx is located symbolically in the middle of Georgia Strait, which will coincide with the RED SEA, the Sea of Blood that the illusory LION / ION / WATER KING Moses crossed through on the Exodus from Egypt. (I’ve placed the charts from page 6 just below).

Symbolically, Georgia Strait, or the Red Sea pours into the Gulf of Suez, the Gulf of Zeus (in reverse), which in turn coincides with Mount Olympus Washington, and the west coast of the USA when rotated 180 degrees and overlaid on the 11 Western States. The Gulf of Suez then pours south into the Suez Canal which flows directly through the Sacramento Valley. Once again, symbolically linking the 2010 Vancouver, Whistler, Mount Olympus Olympics with the rituals we’re observing in these days.

Moses is the water ion, the Lion King, or the Great Sphinx. He passes through the Red Sea and symbolically sits in the middle of the Georgia Strait. The Great Sphinx, the Lion King faces east, sitting in the Georgia Strait, facing exactly towards the LIONS MOUNTAINS, the site of the 2010 Olympics at Vancouver, Whistler, Mount Olympus Washington, and Victoria. The Great Sphinx faces the Lions Gate Bridge, named after the Lions Peaks, which in turn coincides with the Lions Gate on the East Wall of Old Jerusalem. The Lions Gate was also called the SHEEP GATE where they brought the SACRIFICES into the Temple Square to be sacrificed in Solomon’s Temple. This Gate was also called St. Stephen’s Gate, and Stephen Harper is the current Prime Minister of Canada, the Prime Minister who helped fund the 2010 Olympic Games.


… the Georgia Strait has the same name as the Red Sea. The Sea of Blood. The Sea that flows up to the horse’s bridles in the Battle of ArmaGeddon.






The death of the LION of the SENATE, Teddy Kennedy is of major symbolic importance.

The rest of the Knights of the Round Table:

2. Sir Gawain – a G name – the GREEN KNIGHT – Environmental Green Movement.

3. Sir Geraint – a G name – restored all of the possessions of SIR YNIOL = RISE LION, and then married his beautiful daughter LADY ENID = LADY DINE.

4. Sir Gareth – a G name – married Dame LIONESSE, of the Castle Perilous.

5. Sir Gaheris – a G name – arrived at Arthur’s court following the Battle of Bedegraine – B and g names.

6. Sir Bedivere – a B name – had the task of throwing Excalibur (the sword pulled from the STONE) back into the lake, where the LADY of the LAKE came up and retrieved the SWORD into the water.

STONE = JUDGMENT 11 Western States
LADY of the LAKE = LA Los Angeles DIE – LA Los Angeles KA DIE
SWORD = Sacred Word = River REVERe Isis Word

7. Sir Galahad – a G name – one of 3 knights on a quest for the Holy Grail.

8. Sir Kay – KA – the Life / Death Force in relation to the Egyptian Afterlife:

Called one of the “Three Enchanter Knights of Britain” for:

9 nights and 9 days his breath lasted under water, 9 nights and 9 days would he be without sleep. A wound from Cai’s sword no physician might heal. When it pleased him, he would be as tall as the tallest tree in the forest. When the rain was heaviest, whatever he held in his hand would be dry for a handbreadth before and behind, because of the greatness of his heat, and, when his companions were coldest, he would be as fuel for them to light a fire“.

9. Sir Bors de Ganis – a B and G name – a chaste knight – but the daughter of King Brandegoris fell in love with him. With the aid of a MAGIC RING, forced Bors to fall in love with her.

10. Sir Lamorak – LA-MORAK = LA Mother ROCK – killed by Gawaine in retaliation for Lamorak’s relationship with Morgause, Gawaine’s mother.

11. Sir Tristan TRI-STONE = Trinity Stone of Judgment.

12. Sir Percivale – one of 3 knights in search of the Holy Grail.

TED KENNEDY – 9-40-77-88

– the youngest of 9 children
– elected 9 times to the Senate
– July 1969 – 40 years ago – involved in death of MARY JO Kopechne after he drove off the DIKE BRIDGE in his OLDS DELMONT 88, into the Poucha Pond.
– died at the age of 77

Ted Kennedy the LION of the SENATE = DANIEL in the LIONS DEN.
DA-NIEL = Da LION = Death Nile
August 26 – Tropical Storm “DANNY” forms of the east coast of the USA and could turn into a hurricane.

They have since floated Ted Kennedy’s body on his boat, down to Boston to lie in state.

This is symbolic of the Boat that has been suggested to deliver the sinners souls into Hades. (See page 16).

BOSTON = BA-STON = Sacrifice Stone.

Boston – 42 degrees N. coinciding with 42 degrees N. of California’s north border.
71 degrees W. coinciding with 11 (death) on the 6th clockface.

If you look at the North American Craton Rock chart just above on this page, where the Craton Rock is overlaid under the 11 Western States, Boston coincides with the general area around San Francisco.


Google Video – illuminatiMATRIX explanatory video detailing the foundational root of hypnosis, religion, intellectualism and who and what god is.

Click here to watch video.

YouTube Video highlighting some of the subliminal elements hidden in the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem

Please read the next paragraph before watching the ROCK VIDEO.

On the ROCK VIDEO, the World Trade Center is mistakenly called the ROCKEFELLER PLAZA. The WTC was conceived and promoted by the Rockefellers. The Rockefeller Plaza is to the north of the World Trade Centre, on the MANHATTAN ROCK, or MANNA STONE. The WTC and the Rockefeller Plaza , along with the area of CENTRAL PARK, relate to the TEMPLE MOUNT in Jerusalem, and the Al Aqsa Mosque, the Dome of the ROCK, and the Temple Courtyard. These in turn relate to the North American West Coast. See page 39 for more details.

Click here to watch the new Rock Video on YouTube.

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