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Google Video – illuminatiMATRIX explanatory video detailing the foundational root of hypnosis, religion, intellectualism and who and what god is.

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YouTube Video highlighting some of the subliminal elements hidden in the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem

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On the ROCK VIDEO, the World Trade Center is mistakenly called the ROCKEFELLER PLAZA. The WTC was conceived and promoted by the Rockefellers. The Rockefeller Plaza is to the north of the World Trade Centre, on the MANHATTAN ROCK, or MANNA STONE. The WTC and the Rockefeller Plaza , along with the area of CENTRAL PARK, relate to the TEMPLE MOUNT in Jerusalem, and the Al Aqsa Mosque, the Dome of the ROCK, and the Temple Courtyard. These in turn relate to the North American West Coast. See page 39 for more details.

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11 Western United States Of Arabia

On the map below, the Arabian Peninsula exhibits that very telling implied 90 degree right angle that every ROCK associated with the luciferian agenda displays. This is the cradle of civilization. Put another way, this is the geographical birthplace of the conjured up 3D illusion. In the lands that form the ARAB world, ancient Babylon, Persia, Sumer, Egypt (and a host of other historical Biblical nations) are all gathered together in this one location in a mysterious quagmire of unrest, religious zealots, and the unfathomable riches of OIL EMPIRES. It would seem god has blessed the god-fearing folk of the Middle East. However, since there is no god, but simply a luciferian group egregore of THINKERS, it is worth while to examine the symbolism contained within this ARABIAN ROCK.

On the map below the centre of the ARABIAN ROCK includes an interesting 135 degree OCTAGON border that straddles Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. This is the same angle as that of California, based on the constellation Orion, and built into the angle of the Pyramids of Giza. This is a sacred angle to the luciferian THOUGHT PROCESS.

1+3+5 = 9 – the FALL.

180 degrees = a LINE = a NILE and subtracting 135 from 180 degrees = 45 – which in turn is 4+5=9 the FALL. Yet again, 1+8+0=9, the FALL.

The Arabian ROCK has been rotated 180 degrees to lend a clearer perspective when comparing it to the 11 Western States.


Oil and Water… MIX

The chart below includes Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Oman, Iran, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain, Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan and Israel. The 11 Western States have been overlayed on the Arabian ROCK, extended to coincide with visible land formations. Once again, the SACRAMENTO AND SAN JUAQUIN VALLEYS are inundated with water. The area around SEATTLE is likewise flooded as the Gulf of OMAR (Oh MARY) and the Persian Gulf (PURGE SIN GULF = PURYE SUN FLUY = PURGING FLOOD) reach across Washington State and Idaho and positioning exactly over the GREAT SALT LAKE in UTAH. This is the location of the Holy of Holies on the FOUNDATION STONE, the place where the SACRIFICE was offered up to god in Solomon’s Temple.

The Persian Gulf is the world’s busiest, and most dangerous OIL TRANSPORTATION ROUTE in the world. OIL and WATER work hand in glove, as this valuable cargo makes its way to the rest of the world. Notice that the Strait of Hormuz coincides exactly in location and direction as that of HELL’S CANYON that borders on Oregon and Idaho. The Strait of Hormuz is created as the United Arab Emirates extends out into the Persian Gulf, creating this narrow passageway. It was in this Strait, that just this week, (March 20, 2009), an American ship collided with another American nuclear submarine. This is a very treacherous waterway, befitting of a CANYON into HELL. The hypnotic suggestion established by transporting OIL through the Persian Gulf implants the notion of PURGING SIN, or CLEANSING the earth, as the ENERGY needed to drive the ECONOMIES of the world becomes synonymous with existence in the 3D plane.

All around this Arabian ROCK are bodies of water that yet again, coincide in a very interesting way, with the other charts and future North American maps showing the visible land mass after the luciferian desired deluge. From a subliminal perspective, all of the information distributed throughout the world in regards to OIL, ENERGY, and the GLOBAL WARMING CLIMATE CHANGE and the RISING FLOOD WATERS supposedly caused by GREENHOUSE GASES being emitted from fossil fuel burning machines, are all suggesting the same thing, … that the flood is coming.


water and oil are both symbols of IONS, or electrified atoms

(When used as a suffix in the English language, ION means an act or state – as in the word CONFUSION, or INDUCTION).

LION is KING = LINCOLN = NORTH and SOUTH WAR (North and South TOWERS / WATERS) to PRESERVE EAST and WEST UNION (New World Order suggestion)


When considering that the LINCOLN MEMORIAL symbolically coincides with the San Francisco (as demonstrated on the NATIONAL MALL page 29), then everything to do with LINCOLN, from a historical perspective, is concerned with WATER, and the coming DELUGE built into the luciferian agenda. For this reason Barack Obama has been fabricated in this illusory 3D experience to establish the suggestion that the time for LINCOLN, or the HOLY WATERS / OILY WATERS to be poured out in cleansing the earth, has now arrived.


GULF = FLUY = FLOO-EYE – the All Seeing Eye of Death = FLOOD
GULF = FLUY = FLU – disease requiring cleansing
BAY = BAG = B and G Pillars of Sacrifice – B and G COLUMNS of WATER – COLUMBA the HOLY SPIRIT or the OILY WATER

GULF and BAY symbolically mean the same thing.

Wherever the word BAY or GULF are used, the subliminal is that of sacrificial water. For instance, the Gulf of Mexico is the FLOOD OF MEGIDDO, and the BATTLE of ARMAGEDDON. In the luciferian Holy Bible, Revelation 14:20 (in reference to the ‘harvest of the earth’ at the final battle in the Valley of Megiddo) ‘… the WINEPRESS was trodden without the city, and BLOOD came out of the WINEPRESS, even unto the HORSE BRIDLES …’

As demonstrated on previous pages, MEXICO = MEGIDDO, and the WINEPRESS of the lord’s wrath squeezes the BLOOD to reach unto the HORSE BRIDLES.


The FIANCE / FINANCIAL CRISIS is symbolized as the RISING SEA – MOTHER MARY – the VIRGIN QUEEN, and even now (as of March 28, 2009), the MEXICAN DRUG CARTEL WAR is combining with the Oil Crisis, the Financial Crisis, and the Environmental Crisis, all of which form the luciferian cocktail of immense proportions that will reach into LA, the City of Angels, and the surrounding millions who live in the symbolic WELL of SOULS from San Francisco to the Mexican Border.

The BRIDE of HORUS, the SEA, has made herself ready to cleanse the world.

Consider the map chart immediately below, and notice how the layout of the Arabian World supports the notion of flooding occurring in areas that are most likely to experience this WETTING / WEDDING. Even as we observe the RED RIVER FLOODING in NORTH DAKOTA, (March 26 to March 31), symbolizing the NORTH TOWER, or NORTH COLUMN of Sacrificial WATER. Wherever North and South geographical zones exist, this is again, symbolizing the North and South Pillars of Sacrifice of Boaz and Jachin of Solomon’s Temple. Other North and South zones to watch are North and South Carolina and North and South BAJA (a B and J word).


Future Map Of North Amer-Bia

Compare the location of bodies of water on the Arabian ROCK chart above, with the future North American map, drawn with the intent of showing what portions of North America might be inundated as the Global Warming Flood Waters rise. Notice the angle that the water takes as it flows across Washington State and Idaho, and into Northern Utah. This is the same direction that the Arabian ROCK chart shows the Gulf of OMAR (FLUID Oh MARY), and the PERSIAN Gulf (PURGING FLUID), follow into Northern Utah. The State of California is totally covered in water, as compared to the Arabian ROCK that only shows the Sacramento and San Juaquin Valleys flooded. Other areas of flooding include the coastal areas of Texas and Mexico. The counterparts on the Arabain ROCK chart include the BLACK SEA, the CASPIAN SEA and the MEDITERRANEAN SEA. MEXICO = MEGIDDO, where the Battle of Armageddon will ensue, according to luciferian based scriptures, implanting the hypnotic suggestion that such events will occur. The MEXICAN DRUG CARTEL WARS currently going on, is part of this subliminal implant.

Other flooding that occurs on the Arabian ROCK chart includes the RED SEA, which ironically coincides with the flooding RED RIVER of North Dakota, at this present illusory time, (March 26-31, 2009) has just established a new record flood level that was last set in 1897, 112 years ago. The future map doesn’t show this flooding as its not associated with the Global Warming Flood Water because of the altitude. However, the flooding does occur with the snowmelt and run-off as the Red River makes its way to Hudson Bay, and the flooding occurs in Manitoba and Lake Winnipeg areas, covering most of the province. The Arabian ROCK chart is more accurate in these respects, showing flooding associated with the Global Warming scenario, as well as extreme weather conditions. The number 112 coincides with 4 on the 10th clockface, revealing the symbolic intent of the foundation, and intensity, that this flood is creating.

Whenever numbers appear opposite on the clockface, the harmony is bold and certain, and the subliminal is extremely pointed. These are COMPLEMENTARY HARMONIES, working in support of one another. When numbers appear in TRIADIC HARMONIES, such as 2-6 and 10, forming a triangle, these are secondary harmonies, where the support is strong, but the subliminal is more hidden, and more difficult to ascertain the intent. ANALOGOUS HARMONIES are numbers, or colours, side by side, such as 5 and 6 = the SACRIFICE and the SACRIFICER, and together, total 11, or DEATH. The numbers = the colours = the sounds = the forms that make up the conjured up illusory 3D experience, and the hypnotic tool used to manipulate who we really are from the wisdom of the eternal paradise state.


144 Days – 88 Days – 44 Days – 22 Days – 11 Days – 5.5 Days

On page 36, the date of September 21, 2009, was shown to coincide with the Fall Equinox, and occurring within the Jewish New Year of Rosh Hashanah which runs for 10 days from September 19 -28, 2009. The equinox occurs exactly 144 days before the 2010 Winter Olympics begin in Vancouver on:

February 12, 2010, or 02/12/2010.

The Beijing Olympics of 2008 were monopolized by the number 8, and numbers coinciding with 8 on the clockfaces. The Sichuan earthquake in China occurred 88 days before the Olympics started with 88,000 dead and missing. The number 88 coincides with 4 on the 8th clockface, and when 88 is divided by 2 = 44. The number 88 itself is a number that relates to 176, when divided by 2 = 88. The number 176 relates to 1776, the birthdate of the USA, and when divided by 2 = 888.

Since 144 days (12×12) falls on such a significant date as the Fall Equinox, its worth mentioning that 44 days is 88 divided by 2, and 44 days before the Vancouver Olympics occurs coincides with December 31, 2009, or New Years Eve. Not only is this New Years Eve, it is also a FULL MOON, that has been shown to coincide with many of the luciferian sacrifice rituals of the past.

December 31, 2009 = 12/31/2009, which symbolically coincides with 12, the FULLNESS of TIME, and 31 coincides with 7, COMPLETION and PERFECTION, on the 3rd clockface. The number 2009 = 20+09 or 29, which coincides with 5 – SACRIFICE on the 3rd clockface. As well, 2+9=11, or death.

When considering numbers, 88 days before the Vancouver Olympics begin, coincides with November 16, 2009. This date falls squarely on a NEW MOON, which again, is highly symbolic to the THINKING EGREGORE.

NOVEMBER 16, 2009 = 11/16/2009 = 11 death / 16=4×4 / 20-09=CONTROL and FALL

Interestingly, 50 days, or the number of SACRIFICE with INTENSITY occurs on CHRISTMAS DAY, 2009, which is not referring symbolically to Christ’s birth, but to his sacrifice, or death. The MASS in Christian churches refers to the EUCHARIST, or HOLY COMMUNION, which is sometimes called the LORD’S SUPPER, and is related to the LAST SUPPER of the Lord with his disciples. This supper has been demonstrated on this site to be a subliminal referring to the MARRIAGE SUPPER of the LAMB, which will occur when the illusory Jesus (ZEUS) returns in JUDGMENT and GLORY and the time of CLEANSING the EARTH will take place. Many of the 2010 Olympic events will take place in WHISTLER, at 50 degrees North. Interestingly, the Global Warming Climate Change meeting will take place in COPENHAGEN Denmark in December this year as well, but not as a serious meeting dealing with the fabricated illusion of Global Warming, but as a religious ritual celebrating the sacrifice which is desired to occur according to the luciferian agenda, sometime in the future. These sacrifices are occurring already, and for the most part are undetected. In the days preceding the 2010 Winter Olympics, which includes the remainder of the year 2009, the luciferian THINKERS will be manipulating events to create devastation and sacrifice to appease their need for blood.

December 26, 2009, Boxing Day occurs 49 days before February 12, 2010. The Winter Olympics take place at Vancouver, on the 49th Parallel North.

Taking the number 44 and dividing it again by 2 = 22. January 22, 2010, occurs 22 days before the Olympics begin on February 12, 2010.

JANUARY 22, 2010 = 01/22/2010
FEBRUARY 12, 2010 = 02/12/2010

Dividing 22 by 2 again = 11 or:

FEBRUARY 1, 2010 = 02/01/2010

It doesn’t take a lot of concentration to see that the numbers 1 and 2 dominate the symbolic days coinciding with dividing the numbers by 2, a total of 4 times from the number 88. Even the date, September 21, the Fall Equinox, are the numbers 1 and 2. If you divide 11 by 2 just one more time, or 5 times in total, you arrive at 5.5, or the number of SACRIFICE, or 5 – 11’s, HUMAN SACRIFICE & DEATH. Adding 5+11=16, or 4×4. This becomes a vicious circle with a very obvious symbolism manifesting itself, either as a subliminal to be fulfilled now, or building to an even grander cataclysmic moment at some time in the future. When that exact desired cataclysm is set to occur in its fulness, evades detection at this illusory moment. The symbolism is there however, that its desired to occur within the TRANCE STATE, therefore wisdom dictates that one should remove oneself from such a state of unawareness and suffering by becoming emotionally detached from the 3D illusory world.

It should be raising the curiosity of those reading as to how many of the dates in 2009, that precede the 2010 Olympics on February 12, fall on highly symbolic days in accordance to the movement of the SUN or the MOON. The Fall Equinox is 144 days before the Olympics. Christmas Day is 50 days previous. New Years Eve is 44 days previous. November 16th is a NEW MOON.

On the chart below consider some names of the coinciding locations of the 11 Western States with those of the Arabian ROCK, as the 11 States are laid over the Arabian world. This will reveal a wealth of information regarding the luciferian agenda, even as all the other ROCKS have done to this point, on this site.



The location of the little Arab principality of BAHRAIN coincides with the location of Craters of the Moon, in the State of Idaho. The symbolism of this geographical location and the name is remarkable. Its located right next to YELLOWSTONE PARK, or HOLYSTONE, the JUDGMENT STONE, and immediately above the HOLY of HOLIES which coincides with the Great Salt Lake in Northern Idaho. The symbolism of the MOON has been demonstrated to relate to the FLOOD, the FLOOD of the NILE in the SKY, in conjunction with the MILKY WAY, which is in turn, the COW THAT JUMPED OVER THE MOON.

MOON = MOO – EYN = MOO EYE = MOVIE = Mother’s Milk Flood Sacrifice – something from nothing

This is the subliminal, hypnotic misdirection of reality that has plagued our ability to stay connected to our wisdom state for thousands of illusory years. Look closely at the shape of the island of BAHRAIN then proceed down 2 charts where BAHRAIN is overlayed on the state of California.

BAHRAIN = BAH Sacrifice, and RAIN = the FLOOD, or REIGN, the result of power and control via the flood.



Simply put, the FLAGS that fly everywhere around the globe, are subliminals WAVING (think WATER) the message the LA will FALL. Substituting the G for a Y, we get FLAY, which implants the suggestion of FALL LAY, or FALL LA, as in WATER FALL LA.

Los Angeles is also a city of PALMS, with PALMS spread throughout much of Southern California. The word PALMS = PAY ALMS, or Charitable SACRIFICE. In the area of the Sultan Sea, which is 283 feet below sea level, just to the north, the voting district of MECCA is symbolically relating to MECCA in Saudi Arabia, as shown on page 36. This area surrounding Joshua Tree Park includes names such as 29 PALMS, PALM SPRINGS, 1000 PALMS, and so on. These are not innocent names.

29 coincides with 5 on the 3rd clockface, and 2+9=11, death.
PALM SPRINGS, refers to the SPRINGING forth from beneath, or to PAY ALMS, or PAY SACRIFICE, from the seismic activity that is intended to SPRING out of the earth in the area of the SULTAN SEA. The term SULTAN itself is an Arabic name, as is MECCA, and is a title given to one of princely position. 1000 PALMS refers to 1, the NEW AGE, with 000, or a symbol of TRIPLE / TRIUNE INTENSITY.


A similar title to SULTAN is that of AMIR. The AMIR of the Arab world is a Prince, chieftain, or governor, or a commander of an ISLAMIC NATION. The title of AMIR was one given to MUHAMMAD. If you recall, MUHAMMAD’S story is centred in MECCA. When considering what has been mentioned in regards to Muhammad on this site so far, and how his story is symbolic of the coming cataclysmic flood, it is no great stretch to see that:


The name AMERICA is referring to MUHAMMAD, the AMIR of MECCA.



From the term AMIR we get the word EMIRATE, as in United Arab Emirates. This name is then closely associated with AMERica, through the simple co-relationship of the word AMIR. The United Arab Emirates is in a massive building frenzy, constructing the tallest building in the world, the largest airport in the world, the largest hotel in the world, and building islands in the shape of a PALM when viewed from above, right out of the sand of the PERSIAN GULF, or PURGING FLOOD. All this is subliminal, hypnotic manipulation of our reality, implanting the notion of a NEW WORLD ORDER rising up like the PHOENIX BIRD, or PHONEY BIRD, which in turn is a PHONEY SACRIFICE, as in FAKE SACRIFICE, out of the water and ashes of the flood and seismic cataclysm desired by the luciferian THOUGHT FORM.


BAHRAIN – LA KHALIFA – Los Angeles California

The American Presidential High Priest’s mantra, pronounced every time he makes a public address, is exactly in the tradition of Islam, who praise Muhammad anytime his name is mentioned or implied. Since America means the Amir of Mecca, who is Muhammad, then the phrase God Bless America actually means that Muhammad will sprinkle blood on the DOG, which is the American population, of both the North and South America’s.


On previous pages, its been demonstrated that ZEUS is the equivalent of YESHUA, JESUS, and the acronym USA. The Flood of Zeus has been illustrated to be the SUEZ CANAL flowing down from Mount Olympus in Washington State. This CLEANSING FLOOD is also equated with the MOTHER GODDESS MARY, the SEA, that’s intended to demonstrate a similar cleansing. The name MUHAMMAD carries with it the same symbolism, that of the cleansing flood of the mother’s milk, purifying and nourishing a NEW WORLD ORDER into existence.

From this symbolic linking, ZEUS, or JESUS, which is again, the USA, are the same god as MUHAMMAD, or the Amir of Mecca, the AMERICA, and form yet another layer of total deception in the manipulation of our wisdom state through slight of hand, smoke and mirror styled lies.

Considering that the Arab world is the original breeding ground for such deceit, which in turn was exported in the form of Judaism, the Olympians, Hinduism, Christianity, Buddhism, Atheism, and every other intellectual system devised, a closer look at the country of Bahrain is in order. Along with the symbolic numbers of California zip codes and cities that form the Greater Los Angeles area.

The name BAHRAIN suggests sacrifice and reign/rain. The divine right of kings to rule is accomplished in the 3D experience, by the manipulation of our reality, which in turn is the manipulation of energy, ions, and which is most easily manipulated and found in abundance in the substance we call water. The ruling elite, who fulfill the luciferian agenda, are conjured into existence as heads of state, and royalty, with symbolic titles that assist in perpetuating the hypnotic trance. The ruling family of Bahrain is just one such example. The ruling regime of Bahrain bears the name of Al-Khalifa. This name could hardly be closer to saying LA California, without actually saying it. Notice also, that the shape of the island nation of Bahrain fits very nicely into the coastline of California, and partially extends into LA County. This whole region of southern California is the Well of Souls which is visible on the Foundation Rock on previous pages. Bahrain is just another example of the luciferian egregore directing attention in a subliminal manner to the 11 Western United States, without actually appearing to do so.

Another interesting occurrence in this area of California, and for that matter, the whole state of California, the zip codes with begin with the number 9, which is of course, the number of the FALL. This is done deliberately to support all other subliminal notions. Beverly Hills, and 90210, is a number anagram for 9-2010, alluding to the FALL of CALIFORNIA in 2010. From a financial perspective, California is well on its way to collapse, as this seems to be an ongoing custom for this state, only more intense than ever this time. This constant suggestion, implying a collapse, establishes the reality which will inevitably include the BIG ONE earthquake, as the Financial foundation of California is obviously on shaky ground. Of course, this notion has no basis in rational thought, or any logic whatsoever. However, its just the way it is.

Another curious postal code and name is that of LA CANADA FLINTRIDGE (pronounced more like Kenyada). This is a Spanish name, but suggests the connection to the flood waters which are meant to come forth from the Canadian Arctic. This is all part of NEW SPAIN, and the nation used by the luciferian thought form, to assist in spreading the agenda throughout the NEW WORLD. Acting in many instances, as the opposition to the English and French, but working hand in glove with the duality nature of the luciferian mindset. La Canada Flintridge zip code is 91011, or symbolically, this signifies a FALL, with INTENSITY, and DEATH.

La Canada Flintridge was once known as Rancho La Canada during the Spanish era.

Rancho La Canada = Ranch of the Gorge

This suggests that the word CANADA = GORGE which in turn = ROSE
This refers to the ROCK that ROSE, and is symbolically alluding to the North American Craton ROCK, and in particular, the Canadian Shield, the exposed portion of the North American Craton that has risen. In turn, this Shield represents the polar ice regions of northern Canada and Greenland which will melt, creating the Global Warming rising sea levels as part of our illusory reality.


These next lines are borrowed from page 38 and the WALL STREET JOURNAL prediction regarding the RECESSION ending.

April 10, 2009 – 04/10/09

NYSE Closed Today, however, the WALL STREET JOURNAL just announced that the RECESSION would be OVER in SEPTEMBER. It seems a bit strange that the Jewish controlled Wall Street would announce, one day after the PASSOVER, with a FULL MOON, on a GOOD FRIDAY, after a month of STOCK MARKET GAINS that closed yesterday at 8083.38, that the RECESSION WOULD BE OVER in September. This is exactly 5 MONTHS from now, and takes us into the JEWISH NEW YEAR, Rosh Hashanah, the FALL EQUINOX of September 21, and 144 days before the 2010 OLYMPICS START IN VANCOUVER, Mount OLYMPUS Washington. Of course, this shouldn’t be construed as anything to symbolic, because, after all, not a lot of symbolic subliminals occur in September, other than that thing called 9-11, back in 2001.

Here’s a bit of breakdown on what’s transpiring. Know for certain that WALL STREET, the FINANCIAL MARKETS of New York, the New York Stock Exchange, and MANHATTAN itself, is the TEMPLE MOUNT of the JEWS. This is the NEW JERUSALEM, the NEW ROSE, the NEW SEA of PEACE, the NEW YORK/ROCK, the NEW JERSEY/SEA. This is the Temple of Solomon, and is Egyptian, Babylonian sun god worship. Whatever happens in New York and the Financial Temple, and more specifically, in MANHATTAN, will dictate what will transpire in the TRANCE STATE and in this, the JUDGMENT DAY of the luciferian THINKERS.

Stock Market 8083.38 = 80 coincides with 8 on the 7th clockface
83 coincides with 11 on the 7th clockface – 8+3=11 death
38 coincides with 2 on the 4th clockface – 3+8=11 – and 2×4=8

These numbers signify 7, completion and perfection, 8, total control, and 11, death.

The word RECESSION = RE or RA, which is WE or WA and is the WATER subliminal


The RECESSION is the WATER SEASON, and should be OVER in SEPTEMBER. Not OVER, as in FINISHED, but OVER , as in OCCURRING, or TRANSPIRING, … OVER US. Exactly WHO it will be OVER FOR is unclear, however, it appears they desire someone should be taking a bath in September. Remember, this is subliminal messaging, and they create the reality for those who BELIEVE IT from a subliminal perspective. Those whose reality, (in their subconscious state), includes the data that the RECESSION will be OVER in September, will witness this event in their reality, in some fashion or another. The suggestion is there, so don’t buy into it. This is how we’re manipulated by the luciferian THINKERS.

As well, the PIRATES in the Arabian Sea, which coincides with the waters of Canada and the North on the Arabian ROCK charts just above, are still getting their due, as far as being used to establish our reality. The word PIRATES breaks down like this:

PIRATES = Pi – 3.14, or as shown on page 37, it breaks down to .55, or 5-11’s, or sacrifice when divided 5 times by 2. Nothing is quite as American as A-PPLE PIE, which is referring to PI from the POLES, or the WATER PI, that circumnavigates the globe.
RA = the SON GOD, and WATER
TES = SET = brother of RA who kills the LIGHT each SUNSET and is the sacrifice CROSS

PIRACY takes place on the HIGH SEAS.
PIRACY = Pi RA Sea = Sacrifice Sea

Consider the chart just below, giving special attention to the coinciding similarites of the 11 Western States to the World Trade Center layout, along with the Verizon Building and the United States Postal Service Building. These coinciding similarities established the subliminal that the 11 Western States would be the target in the Marriage Supper, or Feast Supper, when the Judgment Day transpires. This is occurring right now as California, Nevada (Las Vegas) and Arizona are collapsing. Incredible hardships are also occurring in the other western states, and the country as a whole.


Manhattan – Manna Stone – MOOLAH

The World Trade Centre was located in Manhattan, in the centre of the Financial District of New York. The World Trade Centre layout was patterned after the layout of Solomon’s Temple, with the Financial District representing the Priests Cells and Treasury Cells that encirlced the Holy of Holies. (As shown on previous pages on this site). On the chart below, Manhattan follows the Hudson River, then at the north end, the Harlem River continues to the East River, extending down to New York Harbour and the Hudson River, causing Manhattan to be an island. Liberty Island and the Statue of Liberty, along with ELLIS Island, are located in the Hudson River as it enters New York Harbour. Both of these characteristics, the islands, and the river, are part of a very critical subliminal in the luciferian agenda as will be demonstrated on page 40.


NEW YORK = NEW ROCK, the judgment ROCK of Allah, the ROCK of LA Judgment. The ROCK is the CHRIST who ROSE up on the CROSS. This CROSS is the subliminal for the representing the C-ROSE, or the SEA ROSE. The ROCK is the ROSE. This is the ORDER of DEATH and the ORDER of the ROSE of Freemasonic dogma.

MANHATTAN = MANNA STONE = the Judgment ROCK of Los Angeles.

With this in mind, consider now, that the biblical MANNA = BREAD from HEAVEN.
BREAD is another term for MONEY, the financial district of Wall Street.
BREAD = BEAR Death as an anagram symbolic of the Little Bear/Little Dipper, pouring into the Big Bear/Big Dipper.
MONEY is also referred to as MOOLAH.
MOOLAH = MULLAH an Islamic spiritual teacher of the Q’uran.
MOO = flood – as in the cow’s milk, and the Milky Way.
LAH = Los Angeles

On the chart below, KINGS County and QUEENS County, are thus named to represent the mother and father deities. In other words, New York, in every aspect of its design, is just another expression of Jewish religious zeal, perpetuating the 3 dimensional myth of god and his chosen people. Of course, Judaism has many faces, from numerology and astrology, to Islam, Christianity, the religions of Indian and Asia, the Native American worship of the Great Spirit, and Egyptian Sun God worship in all its forms throughout the world. All these are one and the same concepts posing as unique, but only the names are changed to deceive the unaware.

Consider the chart below, then proceed to the following chart where Manhattan is laid out in a vertical format.



This next chart illustrates how the Hudson River, in combination with the State of New Jersey, symbolically represents the Pacific Ocean, the Sea of PEACE, which is Jerusalem, the City of PEACE. (See page 16). The island of Manhattan is laid out in a very calculated manner. The Avenues and Streets are placed and named as they are, in yet another version of Solomon’s Temple, filled with countless astrological and numerological occurrences, perpetuating yet again, the luciferian agenda and how the JUDGMENT of ALLAH is meant to unfold. The custom in Solomon’s Temple, was one of CONTINUAL WASHING. Washing sacrifices, hands, feet, and clothing. All of this endless washing implanted the subliminal of how corrupt and lost humanity is, and how the cleansing blood of a sacrifice, or a saviour, or the righteous preaching of his prophets, was a prerequisite for salvation and eternal peace. In reality, all this was meant to do, was manipulate our focus from REALITY and WISDOM, and onto the 3 dimensional experience, which is this illusory plane we call life.

There are 5 points of interest marked on the chart below. Number 1 is the ROCKEFELLER PLAZA. This is just north of Number 2, the World Trade Centre which itself was suggested by Governor Rockefeller at the time, as being the location for a World Trade Centre. The whole of Manhattan is truly the ROCK of the ROCKEFELLERS, or the ROCK FELLOWS. John D. Rockefeller Jr. referred to New York as ‘HIS OWN’. The name of ROCKefeller, coinciding with the ROCK of JUDGMENT the JUDGMENT FOUNDATION ROCK in Jerusalem is not at all one of chance. This was a deliberate manifestation of the conjuring of the luciferian thought process, where once again, the name, the location, the shape and geographical peculiarties all reinforce one another to perpetuate the lunatic agenda of the luciferian thought form.

The address of the ROCKEFELLER PLAZA is 30 Rockefeller Plaza with the entrance on 50th Street.
The zip code being 10112 = 10-11-2

Number 3 is CENTRAL PARK. Parks are Holy Shrines to the sun god. Parks have been set aside for RECREATION and RELAXATION.

RECREATION = RE-CREATE-SUN = Conjure up anew
RELAXATION = RE-LAX-A SUN = Los Angeles Sacrifice

(As a sidenote, LAX is the name of the Los Angeles Airport, a basically marks a spot where the cataclysm will strike. The 16′ tall letters that greet visitors to LAX and the huge lighted tubes that appear to have BUBBLES rising inside them at night, all create a subliminal hypnotic trance state of sinister misdirection of reality).

ARKS = the ARK of the COVENANT with GOD

NOAH, ARKS, ARCS, are all one and the same referring to the THOUGHT PROCESS that conjured up the 3 DIMENSIONAL ILLUSION, which in turn is a mass of sub-atomic particles. Sub-atomic particles are simply thoughts. The whole of creation is formed of THOUGHTS. Thoughts in turn are illusions, without any basis in reality.

Number 4 location is that of the EMPIRE STATE BUILDING. Once, the TALLEST BUILDING in the world. The Empire state Building is located between 33rd and 34th Street at 350-5th Avenue.

33 coincides with 9 FALL, on the 3rd clockface.
5 = Sacrifice.

The Empire State Building became famous with the making of the movie KING KONG. When actress FAY WRAY who starred in the movie, died in 2004, the building stood in complete DARKNESS for 15 minutes.

15 = the number of the DEITY


FAY WRAY = FAR AWAY = the west coast – far away from New York

Of course, LINCOLN is the Lion King, the ION KING, the luciferian god king that conjured up energy, which is symbolically located on the west coast of California, in the area from Eureka to San Diego. (See page 29 and the National Mall information).

Number 5 is the location of the UNITED NATIONS, built on ground donated by the ROCKEFELLERS. This act of generosity alone suggests enormous benefit for promoting the illusory agenda of corruption and deceit. The United Nations is based on different concepts of one world government and unity. The more recent one is related to the Iroquois Indian people of the North American east coast and the legends surrounding a native elder named HIAWATHA.


Another is the unifying work of MUHAMMAD, as he brought the warring Arab tribes together as one body to stand against their common enemies. The United Nations is created in the spirit of CONTROL, DICTATORSHIP, FACISM, COMMUNISM, SLAVERY, and any form of rhetoric that appears to be of benefit in word, but limits our ability to reconnect to our original state of WISDOM through AWARENESS.

MUHAMMAD = MOO flood of MADAM mother of harlots

TOP of the ROCK Plaza

The Rockefeller Plaza refer to their observation deck as being the Top of the ROCK. The symbolism of this statement escapes the casual observer. However, a look at what makes up the ROCKefeller Plaza soon reveals a deeply religious, ritualistic temple complex devoted to the arts and the symbolism of luciferian sun god worship. The Rockefeller Plaza is worship of the trinity godhead of the Mother, Father and the Son, as evidenced by the surrounding counties that form New York. The Father – Kings County, the Mother – Queens County, and the Son is Manhattan – New York County, New ROCK County, or the MANNA STONE, the Living Bread from Heaven. The BRONX is the Sacrifice IRON CROSS, or ORION Double Cross. STATEN ISLAND on the south side (not shown), symbolically represents the State of CONTROL, the State of Eight, the State of Ate, the State of 8. Together, these counties total 5 – or Sacrifice. With Sun God worship, its always, continually, about manifesting sacrifice within the 3D illusory trance state.

Together, the surrounding counties, the Hudson River along with NEW JERSEY which form the New Jerusalem – the City of Peace/See of Peace, which in turn symbolize the Pacific Ocean, the Sea of Peace/See of Peace; all of these geographical locations lay the symbolic foundation for a Sun God Temple, or Son of God Temple. One example of a Sun God Temple is the belief in the son of god, Jesus Christ. However, as with all Sun worshipping temples, what is required is sacrifice, death and suffering. In the trance state that all sun worshippers find themselves locked in, the inability to recognize their trance condition, causes the worshippers to accept the offering up of themselves to their lord as a good and holy thing. Sun god worship always dictates that the followers be willing to die for their lord. All the way back to Babylon this was required, and all the way back to Babylon, all were convinced that their god was the one true, holy, saving, messianic god of heaven. Its through this intense messianic belief in a saviour god that the hypnotic trance state is most easily established.

This very same trance is likewise accomplished in every form of advanced indoctrination in intellectual pursuits. The intellectual knowledge dispensed from the institutions of higher learning are simply temples for implanting incantational mantras and mind control, which in turn can be regurgitated to the whole world, creating a totally trance induced society. This trance state completely disconnects who and what we really are from our original eternal Paradise State of wisdom, wherein we already know all things.

Consider the chart below, showing just 5 locations on the island of Manhattan. Notice the very definite squared of, perfectly geometric cross-hatching of the Streets and Avenues. This indicates the Sacred Geometry of Freemasonic thinking, which in turn, hearkens back to the Sacred Geometry found in, and established in the Arab World.


Solomon’s Temple – Manhattan

With a little closer look at Manhattan in relationship to Solomon’s Temple, reveals the the Altar of Sacrifice coincides with the location of the World Trade Centre, and the sacrifice of almost 3,000 people. The Pillars or Columns of Boaz and Jachin coincide with the Twin Towers that stood before the Porch leading into the Holy Place.

PORCH = PORK = the UNCLEAN non KOSHER offering of the INFIDEL

The Porch in turn coincides in order with the Rockefeller Plaza which is situated just before Central Park. As has been demonstrated previously, Parks, Monuments, Forests, etc. are all shrines to the luciferian thinkers, aka – god.

Central Park coincides in order with the Holy Place of Solomon’s Temple, which in turn leads to the Holy of Holies. The Holy of Holies contained the Ark of the Covenant, which in turn relates to the Ark of NOAH = HAON = ION, the Arc of Electricity generated by WATER. The LAKE in the northern portion of Central Park symbolically acts as the Holy of Holies.

LAKE = LA Kill

The sacrifice offered to the THINKERS has always been the Spirit of LA, wherever it may be found throughout the world. Though Los Angeles is young when taken in respect to the Old World, the Spirit of LA reaches back to Babylon and is the central pivotal sacrificial point that the luciferian agenda revolves around.

BABYLON = BAB sacrifice YLON or LION = Kill LION = Killing LINCOLN
BIBLIOS = BIBLE = Word of God = Sacrifice of LIOS = Jesus LION from the tribe of Judah = LIOS = SOIL = SOYOL = LOGOS



The chart below illustrates how the burrough of Manhattan, which was a larger version of Solomon’s Temple, is now compared to the North American west coast. Just as Solomon’s Temple was located on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, which today is the location of the Dome of the Rock shrine and the Al-Aqsa Mosque, the North American west coast has the ROCK of the 11 Western States on the ROCKY MOUNTAINS, reaching up to ALASKA, the furthest mosque, with Solomon’s Temple situated in between. Solomon’s Temple, and the Holy Place with the Holy of Holies, coincides with Central Park, and now coincides with British Columbia which is located between the 11 Western States and Alaska. On the chart (4 charts above – The Last Supper) British Columbia coincided with Building 7 in the World Trade Centre Plaza, which was called the SALOMON Brothers Building.


Manhattan includes Liberty Island and the Statue of Liberty, as well as ELLIS Island, which is part of the Statue of Liberty National Monument. These islands are located just off Battery Park and the Twin Towers of the World Trade Centre site. These islands coincide with Los Angeles as shown on the chart below. The Twin Towers are the states of OREGON and ARIZONA, and Los Angeles, or LA, coincides with ELLIS Island and LIBERTY Island.


The Statue of Liberty on liberty Island is situated on an 11 pointed STAR BASE. These 11 points symbolize the 11 Western States, which in turn are symbolic of the 11 REBEL STATES who separated from the UNION in the American Civil War. Keep in mind that the Civil War was fought during the presidency of Abraham LINCOLN, a REPUBLICAN. The Statue of Liberty is symbolic of REBELLION and SACRIFICE, not FREEDOM from TYRANNY as suggested historically, and will be shown in more detail on page 40.

The YUKON Territory in northern Canada is shown in pale green and borders against Alaska. This area coincides with the northern section of Manhattan, both in order of arrangement and in general shape with the narrow tip of the Yukon coinciding with the narrowing shape of northern Manhattan, which coincides with the narrowing shape of the raised arm and torch of the Statue of Liberty.

The chart below shows a mass of OCTAGON angles in the provincial borders of Canada, representing the DOUBLE CROSS of the luciferian mindset. Canada has at least 8 of these angles, which are predominantly located in the west. There is only 1 in the USA that has been located to date, and is located in California / Nevada.


Building 5 and Building 6 of the World Trade Centre coincide with the states of Colorado, Wyoming, Montana (Building 5) and Washington State (Building 6). Interestingly, the Porch of Solomon’s Temple which coincides with the ROCKEFELLER PLAZA in Manhattan, is located between 5th and 6th Avenues, and between 48th, 49th and 50th Street. 5th Avenue then coincides with Colorado, Wyoming and Montana (Building 5) and 6th Avenue coincides with Washington (Building 6). 48th, 49th and 50th Streets then coincide with the the 48th parallels of Mount Olympus Washington, the 49th with Vancouver/Victoria, and the 50th parallel with Whistler and Mount Washington on Vancouver Island. The ROCKEFELLER PLAZA is situated to symbolically represent the 2010 OLYMPICS to take place in Vancouver / Mount Olympus / Mount Washington / Whistler. All of this transpires just above SEATTLE, the EMERALD CITY of OZ, which is situated at 47 degrees N. and is the SEAT of EL, the luciferian creator god.


Columbus Circle Manhattan and Vancouver

On the chart just above, the location of the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver British COLUMBIA coincides exactly with the COLUMBUS CIRCLE and COLUMBUS MONUMENT located at the southeast corner of CENTRAL PARK. Yet again, another coinciding of name and symbolism pointing to a luciferian agenda reaching back many illusory centuries.

Always, keep in mind. What you’re reading, and the 3D reality we’re taught to believe is real, has no basis in truth, reality, TIME or SPACE. None of this is really occurring but is an illusion with the sensation of TIME and SPACEd. The notion of someone called Christopher Columbus (Christ of Fer, the Christ of Father IRON, or ORION), just occurred in this eternal moment. Much the same as the words you’re now reading, they’re not really on the screen, and no time has actually transpired. This is all illusory magic that forms the 3D experience and the words I write are an attempt to remove the magic, or the trance state, conjured up through the THOUGHT PROCESS, to assist in reconnecting to truth and to reality.


Live H2O Concert – Going DIVINE in 2009

The following excerpts are from the Living Water official website @ This event is supporting the Globalization of the luciferian thought process, and is just one more elitist event, aimed at manipulating our reality into an even deeper illusory 3D TRANCE STATE prison. Those involved in putting this event together are only doing so with the sincerest of intent and desire for benefit for all. However, this does not mean that they’re aware of the luciferian corruption involved and how they’re unwitting pawns in the 3 dimensional game of deceit.

The GLOBAL concert set for the Summer Solstice on June 21, 2009, is a luciferian, light bringing ritual, centered in 9 GLOBAL locations. One being Vancouver, BC, another being Long Beach California. This concert is based on the LOVE frequency of 528Hz, not the normal tuning in music of 440Hz.

440Hz = 44 = Obama 44th president

An interesting characteristic about the number 528 is its relationship to 666.

528 divide by 2 = 264
divide by 2 = 132 (coincides with 12 on the 11th clockface)
         ”           = 66
         ”           = 33


33 = 3+3 = 6
66 = 6+6 
132 = 1+3+2 = 6
264 = 2+6+4 = 12 = 6+6
528 = 5+2+8 = 15 = 1+5 = 6
1056 = 1+0+5+6 = 12 = 6+6
2112 = 2+1+1+2 = 6
4224 = 4+2+2+4 = 12 = 6+6

The organizing group for this concert are hoping for 144,000 voices to chime in celebration at 528Hz, with millions chanting, and billions more praying for peace and love. This concert is dedicated to the Holy Water, the Living Water, and is intended to initiate everyone inLOVING RESONANCE, one to another, beginning on June 21, 2009. Devotees are asked to locate themselves near a body of water, to resonate this LOVE frequency throughout the world.


The purpose of this concert is to “…Honour the Living Waters for World Peace, Health and Sustainability“.
The GOAL is to have 144,000 voices on line
– millions chanting
– billions praying



The main driving force behind this concert is Dr. Leonard Horowitz.


Dr. Leonard Horowitz is a Knight of the Sovereign Orthodox Knights Hospitaller of St.John of Jerusalem, an organization of FREEMASON – KNIGHTS TEMPLAR persuasion. Below is a press release and photograph from his website,, honouring Dr. Horowitz’s Knighthood.


NEWS RELEASE                          
Release: No. KN-01
Date Mailed: Nov. 12, 2006

Horowitz Knighted by Sovereign Orthodox Knights Hospitaller of St. John of Jerusalem

New York, NY—The title “Knight of Merit” was bestowed upon Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz today by Grand Prior Prince Michael of Russia in the company of a full regalia from the New York Priory of the Sovereign Orthodox Knights Hospitaller of St. John of Jerusalem.

The honor of knighthood was granted to Dr. Horowitz for his quarter century of humanitarian service to public health, consumer education, AIDS research, and natural healing advocacy. The ceremony required his vow that he would continue this work and his chivalry.

The sacred investiture ceremony was administered at The Cathedral of the Holy Virgin of Protection in MANHATTAN where officials of the organization acknowledged Dr. Horowitz’s meritorious career acheivements.

(End of article).

The OWL SEEING EYE of Secret Societies

Pictured below is Dr. Len Horowitz and the symbol of the ALL SEEING EYE going back to ancient Egypt, the OWL, the ALL.



(My words – As this page is demonstrating, MANHATTAN is the MANNA STONE, the Bread from Heaven. That Bread is the Body, the ROCK of salvation, that’s meant to be offered in sacrifice, and transmutes from Manhattan New York, the New Rock, to Manhattan, the Judgment Rock of the 11 Western States. This is the subliminal, albeit nonsensical, hypnotic suggestion that’s been implanted within our illusory minds).

Keep in mind, that it was Secret Society individuals who brought the world McDonalds Restaurants, Wendy’s, Kentucky Fried Chicken, A&W Restaurants, the invention of the Television, mass production of the AUTOMOBILE, the KODAK BROWNIE CAMERA, Warner Brothers Studios, the dividing of North America into 66’x660′ ACRES, the latitudes and longitudes that circle the globe, Daylight Savings Time, … the list is literally endless. Now, this same intellectual mindset wants the world to believe that the very same mindset, the THINKING PROCESS itself, that created all the worldly woes, is now, somehow going to fix the whole lunatic mess they created in the first place, with a weekend of chanting, singing, praying and all sorts of hypnotic mind control games. And all on the SUMMER SOLSTICE, coinciding with a NEW MOON, or NO MOON, the DARK MOON of death. Precisely 2 weeks before July 4, the traditional day from Egyptian antiquity, when the ANNUAL FLOODING OF THE NILE occurred. Of course, this is why the United States of AMERICA has its birthdate on July 4 as well, for we’re dealing with the AMIR of MECCA, the prophet Muhammad, in all this subliminal nonsense.


As with the Beijing Olympics that exhibited an over abundance of the number 8, in 2008, there are many curious coinciding number/date match ups occurring in regards to the 2010 Olympics on February 12, 2010 in Vancouver / Mount Olympus / Victoria / Whistler / Mount Washington.

Summer Solstice – June 21, 2009 – 06/21/09 = 06/03 (coincides with 9 on 2nd clockface) /09
Summer Solstice – 236 days before February 12, 2010
236 divided by 2 = 118 = 10 on the 10th clockface
Los Angeles coordinates = 34 N / 118 W = 10 on 3rd clockface / 10 on 10th clockface
1+1+8=10 – All of these 10’s occurring in the year 2010


June 22, 2009 – 06/11+11/09 – 1 day after Summer Solstice – NEW MOON – DARK MOON – DEATH MOON
235 days before 2010 Olympics – 2+3+5=10

July 1, 2009 – 07/01/09 – Canada’s Birthday – 226 days before 2010 Olympics – 2+2+6=10
07 Perfection and Completion / 01 New Age / 09 the Fall

July 4, 2009 – 07/04/09 – USA Birthday – Day of the Annual Flood of the Nile
223 days before 2010 Olympics
223 = 322 in reverse – the SKULL and BONES (Westhaven Connecticut) Secret Society number
07 Perfection and Completion / 04 the Square or Cross ROCK foundation / 09 the Fall

July 5-6, 2009 – 07/05/09 – 222 days before 2010 Olympics Entering into the FULL MOON cycle
2+2+2=6 the sacrificer

222 divided by 2 = 111 divided by 2 = 55.5 the sacrifice

The FREEMASON WASHINGTON Monument = 111 feet underground 555.5 feet above ground
WASHINGTON STREET intersected with Building 6 in the World Trade Centre Plaza
WASHINGTON STATE coincides with Building 6 of the WTC Plaza
Mount WASHINGTON – Vancouver Island – 2010 Olympics Training Venue
5,217 feet = 5+2+1+7=15 Deity number
50 N / 125 W = 50 coincides with 2 on 5th clockface / 125 coincides with 5 on 11th clockface

The name WASHINGTON / WASHING-STONE coincides in every instance with significant points in the luciferian agenda

October 23, 2009 – 10/23/09 – 111 days before 2010 Olympics
10/2+3=5 and 11 (coincides with 11 on 2nd clockface – 11+2=-13 New Age) /09
10/11/09 contains the numbers 9-10-11, the same as the area code of La Canada Flintridge in the centre of LA COUNTY, (shown above).

December 20, 2009 – 12/20/09 – Entering the Winter Solstice when the SUN/SON is put to DEATH
55.5 days before 2010 Olympics
12/8 (coincides with 8 on 2nd clockface – 8+2=10) /09
12 Fullness of Time – 8 Total Control – 9 the Fall

This is not a healing of the world’s woes. This is yet another step in the ultimate control of the Paradise State by the luciferian egregore group THOUGHT FORM. This website has been demonstrating this, and many other events meant to unfold over the next few years. Reconnect to your original state of wisdom. Realize the lunatic TRANCE STATE that has been introduced to separate our being from our original eternal PARADISE STATE. Do not react to anything you see unfold. Watch and wait, as everything is just an illusion meant to emotionally manipulate our awareness into a bottomless pit.


Keep in mind also, that the organizations and individuals involved in the concert are also locked within this hideous TRANCE STATE and have not the slightest notion of the consequences of their actions. They are sincere and mean only the best for all. However, they are pawns in the luciferian agenda, as is the whole of humanity. What we consider to be real, including the very lives we lead, and the minds we use to contemplate this 3D life experience, are nothing more than illusions with no basis in reality whatsoever.


This concert is designed to initiate the eventual cleansing of the earth of the whoredoms of the Spirit of LA which have permeated the world.
Of course, there are no such things as WHOREDOMS, or SIN, or RIGHT or WRONG. There are, however, luciferian egregore thought forms, hiding cowardly, and conjuring up illusory systems of judgment and deceit, with the ultimate aim of eternal control of our being.

This page will begin to lead into information regarding the Statue of Liberty, the sacrifice of Princess Diana, and the City of Paris and how they all tie together with this Worship of the LIVING WATER. This concert is yet again the manipulation and worship of the ENVIRONMENTAL GREEN MOVEMENT ideals, which veils the religious aspects of Babylon and Egypt, that have overtaken the AWARENESS ability of our being. The City of Paris is the City for Lovers, and for FALLING in LOVE. The Eiffel Tower is a symbol of that Love and Lovers.


The Living Water Concert is the concert associated with the LOVE frequency 528Hz

CONCERT = CONSORT = the partner / lover / bringing together the Mother and Son


These words are from his website:

Humanitarian, Clinician, Prophet, Scholar and Natural Healer Advances Global Healing Event:

Leonard George Horowitz (a.k.a., Dr. Len Horowitz, D.M.D., M.A., M.P.H., D.N.M, D.M.M.) has come full circle over the past 30 years beginning and triumphing in natural healing. A “World Leading Intellectual,” once christened “The King David of Natural Healing” for his award-winning books exposing the drug cartel’s medical mischief, he is now focused on a musical event that may change your life and heal the world of nearly everything that ails it.

Here are some quotes by Dr. Leonard Horowitz:

Dr. Len’s QUOTE of the WEEK:

“You are sung into existence every millisecond.

Your ‘Contract’ to be here IS the ‘Covenant’ of Moses and Noah.

(My words – MOSES = MUSES of Greek mythology, who were WATER NYMPHS under APOLLO. Moses means to be DRAWN from WATER. Noah = HAON = ION the ELECTRICAL ENERGY generated with WATER).

The Musical Key to the House of David is the Ark that shall float the Faithful to safety and eternal salvation.

(My words – MUSIC = MUSES of APOLLO = A POLE O = North and South melting Poles).

(My words – the ARK = ARC of Electrical energy = the Father god EL = and his ELECT = the first man ATOM = ADAM).

This key is the heart of the ‘Perfect CIRCLE of Sound.’

(My words – The luciferian elite of the world refer to themselves as the CIRCLE).

The ‘Ark of the Covenant’ is a Drum that beats powerfully in this ‘key frequency’ of 528Hz.

(My Words – This is referring to the Key to the Kingdom of Heaven).

This is also the ‘key to the house of David,’ that floats you on the Living Water. Like Jesus who walked on Water, and said ‘I am the Living Water,” you flow naturally in this LOVE Potion Number 528″.

(My words – With a wink and a nod, the illusory Saviour Jesus has now become the physical oceans and bodies of WATER throughout the world. Furthermore, they state that this is now SCIENTIFICALLY PROVABLE, that the WATER of the WORLD, and the FREQUENCY of LOVE POTION Number 528Hz, is our SALVATION. Many decades ago, a ROCK SONG called LOVE POTION #9 prepared the subconscious for this illusory reality. This is the Saviour, the Sea, the MAR, the MARY, the MARRY, that is meant to cleanse the world and which is written about throughout this site. This is what the World Trade Centre attack was setting up. This very illusory reality, where the brightest INTELLECTUAL minds, and the most talented musicians and recording artists, would combine with politicians and notable celebrities to begin the series of events that would lead to the cleansing of the infidels and godless, the unclean and unholy, the sinners who pollute this holy planet).

528Hz is The Central Broadcasting Channel of LOVE in the Media (Water) that carries the Message (Read, The Message in Water by Emoto.)

FAITH is the power button that turns this hydrosonic system on to play for you personally the ‘Music of the Light,‘ universally transmuting the ‘Music of the night.

This system is free to enjoy (not manipulate or destroy) for the benefit of producers (not consumers)–powerful co-creators; not destroyers–those who choose to listen to this ‘Sound of Silence’ and calling from the Most High.

Dr. Len Horowitz, April Fools Day, 2009.



Corporate sponsors have signed up in support of this effort, including JORDAN MAXWELL,, etc.

More from their official site at

Heart Connections

Human hearts worldwide will “MARRY” the “Universal Solvent” Water, using the “Universal Language” Music, to produce the “Universal Healer” LOVE.

(My words – This statement suggests the desire of MARRYING humanity with GOD, for GOD is LOVE. Again, this statement is declaring the UNIVERSAL SOLVENT – WATER / MAR, the SEA, who is MARY – will combine, or MARRY, with the UNIVERSAL LANGUAGE – the WORD who is JESUS. This is the MARRIAGE SUPPER OF THE LAMB, they desire to take to the next level of SEXUAL BLISS and UNION as the MOTHER MARRIES THE SON. Just as HORUS married ISIS in ancient Egyptian mythology.)

More from –

For 72 hours, celebrities, authors, film-makers, recording artists, spiritual teachers, and religious leaders from all cultures will grace at least nine main stages internationally at venues adjacent important BODIES OF WATER.

For the first time in history, viewers worldwide will interact freely and synchronously, singing, chanting, and praying together over the Internet, engage dozens of “channels” of Water theme programming, thus produce their own experience in “real time” uniting with the millions of brothers and sisters everywhere.

Healing the world

Here you will engage the power of Water⎯“Creative Juice” ⎯to transform, restore, and sustain health, peace, and prosperity in all ways.

Two days of education and musical celebration will change the world simply by expanding awareness about these many miracles Water performs eternally without thanks. You will be far more thankful to Water, respect this life-sustainer and re-maker liquid crystal, than you have before.

Health-enhancing and life-extending knowledge about music as the “universal language,” and how it operates within your body Water, and your DNA, to sustain you. LOVE is the “universal healer,” and Water is the “universal solvent.” Put them together and you have the best-kept secret in history—a truth so freeing it will surely hasten the Spiritual Renaissance.

During the “LOVE Water Experiment,” on the final day of the broadcast, millions of people are expected to participate using their voices and retuned instruments to “hydro-sonically” broadcast the LOVE frequency of 528Hz into the oceans, lakes, rivers and streams. A prayerful “‘AH’ LOVE chant” will last 81 minutes and carry our human family’s heart-felt loving prayer for peace, health and prosperity into the “Living Water.”

(My words –
AH LOVE = AH LAH = ALLAH = LA = Los Angeles

81 minutes = 9×9
81 coincides with 9 on the 7th (perfection and completion) clockface
81 = 8+1 = 9

The starting point for this 81 minute chant / hypnotic TRANCE INDUCEMENT / will be LONG BEACH California, in LA COUNTY. This is the location of the historic Ocean Liner the QUEEN MARY – which happens to be 200 feet longer than the Titanic – Now we can comprehend why the Queen Mary is permanently BIRTHED in LA County – the Queen, the Mother, the Birth, the New Age).

(My words – The 81 minute hypnotic chant will circle the globe and then culminate back on the west coast of the United States. The State of California is referred to as the Land of Milk and Honey. The State of Israel is also referred to as the Land of Milk and Honey. This is suggesting the FLOOD and the SWEET sacrifice unto the luciferian thought form. What will happen to coincide with this worldwide hypnotic ritual, will be a determined effort to bring the State of Israel into the media over the next few months. Already, Barack Obama is attempting another move towards Middle East Peace through a 2 State System. Here’s the subliminal in regards to the CLEANSING FLOOD of LA and the MARRIAGE SUPPER of the LAMB:


The phrase, STATE of ISRAEL, is an anagram for TASTE of RISE LA, or the RISING MILK FLOOD which constitutes the main dish of the Marriage Supper with the HONEY basted LAMB).


The goals of LIVE H2O

To educate and spiritually uplift humanity to Water’s capacity to cure what ails us in every way: environmentally, socially, politically, economically, and personally.


The combined signal will enter Waters worldwide producing a virtual “LOVE potion,” so to speak—a homeopathic vibrating liquid crystal of LOVE that will be heart-felt by people everywhere whose bodies are, likewise, filled with Water. This “GLOBAL BAPTISM” will, according to Native and religious prophets and prophecies, return our global village to ecological and spiritual integrity.

Sing and Chant Online “All Together Now!” Using our Temple of Sacred Sound.

(My words – the return of the global village to ecological and spiritual integrity is another way of saying Worship of the Egyptian Sun God, or being one of the faithful to the religion of the ENVIRONMENTAL GREEN MOVEMENT.)


The chart below demonstrates once again, what ALLAH, or AH LOVE, really is. Its all about maintaining the 3D illusion and sharing prosperity, or money, with all. This does not answer the questions of sustenance – the questions of who, what, why, when and where – this only attempts to fill the hollow void with more illusory nonsense.




In February 2009, Barack Obama, the senator from CHICAGO, turned president, signed into law, the $787 BILLION stimulus bill. This was meant to stimulate the USA economy. He used 10 PENS / PINS to perform this little feat of deceit, (but completely unknown to him or those around him). The White House has a 10 PIN BOWLING ALLEY (and the president’s best score is 129), located in the city of WASHINGTON DC, the District of COLUMBIA. It faces north/south, and is situated under the driveway to the north portico.

BOEING Aviation is located near Seattle in WASHINGTON State, neighbouring BRITISH COLUMBIA to the north, with their head office located in CHICAGO Illinois. Boeing has manufactured commercial jet liners bearing the names 707 – 717 – 727 – 737 – 747 – 757 – 767 – 777 – 787. The last one to date is the 787.

Barack Obama signed the $787 BILLION Stimulus Bill into law in Denver Colorado, of which COLUMBINE Colorado is one community. The documentary film, BOWLING for COLUMBINE, by Michael Moore, was based on the massacre at COLUMBINE 10 years ago, in April 1999. On the 10th anniversary (10 = INTENSITY) of the massacre, the Stimulus Bill is signed into law in Denver, using 10 PENS / PINS.



TWIN TOWERS = TWIN WATERS = 2 COLUMNS = 7+8+7=22 or 2 -11’s

The 2 planes that struck the World Trade Centre Columns were supposedly BOEING 757’s.

Here’s the subliminal in regards to the Boeing airliners used in the attack-757’s, used as Air Force One-747’s, and the last production model – 787.

Ignore the 7’s in the numbers.

The 757’s = 5 or Sacrifice planes – PLANES = ARROWS = EROS = ROSE = RISING FLOOD WATERS
The 747’s = 4 Square Foundation = 4×4 = 16th President Lincoln = 44th President Obama
The 787 = 8 for Total Control = 2-4’s = 44 or 4+4 and 4=FOUR=ROUF=RUFF=BARK=DOG=GOD=BARACK

The chart below illustrates the BOWLING PIN following the west coast of North America, from Alaska, (AL-AQSA), the BRITISH CORONATION CROWN, to Los Angeles and Southern California. Today, May 8, 2009, it has been announced that the Statue of Liberty Crown will be opened to the public commencing on July 4, 2009, for 2 years. This takes us to 2011, the YEAR of DEATH, or SACRIFICE.

AL-AQSA = LA AQUA = Los Angeles / the Age of Aquarius = the 11th (DEATH) SIgn of the Zodiac
The GULF of AQUABA = the northeast arm of the RED SEA = the FLUI or FLOOD of A-KABAAH = Flood of KABBALAH
AL-AQSA MOSQUE = known as the NOBLE SANCTUARY to Islam
SANCTUARY = SANK sacrifice cross RA (WATER) EYE


Manhattan California

On a previous page, when the North American Craton ROCK was overlaid on the 11 Western States, New York City coincided with Los Angeles. Once again, the name of Manhattan New York coincides with Manhattan Beach in LA County. One interesting characteristic in regards to both of these communities, is that they are two of the most expensive communties to live in, in the USA.

Notice the shape of LA COUNTY in the chart below. Of course, this is very similar to the World Trade Centre Plaza, and all the other ROCKS portrayed on this site. Manhattan New York also has a 135 degree ANGLE of ORION, the ANGLE of the OCTAGON, as does California. Keeping in mind that MANHATTAN = MANNA STONE = Bread from Heaven = Money from Heaven, then the symbolism of the name Manhattan, in combination with the ANGLE of ORION in the heavens, reveals the subliminal intent. That of the CONTROL and RICHES acquired by the elite through the perpetuating of the luciferian THOUGHT PROCESS agenda.




Invention of the Nuclear Bomb

1944 – 66 YEARS before 2010

Begun in 1942, the Manhattan Project continued until 1946. In 1944, the location at Chalk River Ontario, was developed to accommodate scientists, engineers, and the trades, from Canada, Britain, Wales, Scotland, New Zealand, Australia, France, Norway, etc. who provided their contribution to the WW2 effort. In other words, the intellectual luciferian light bringers of the west, set up their luciferian egregore light shop in Chalk River Ontario, so that by 1945 the USA could drop 2 Atomic Bombs on Nagasaki and Hiroshima in August of 1945, with a 3rd one planned for August 18th of 1945, and still 3 more planned to be dropped in September of 1945, and 3 more to be dropped in October of 1945.

A total of 9 BOMBS were planned if needed to obliterate the Japanese. The USA is the only country to have ever used a nuclear device in time of war. This is the American Way of the American Administration, and is the American Dream.

Consider the chart below and the location of Manhattan Beach when the 11 Western States are overlaid on LA COUNTY. Manhattan Beach is situated in the vicinity of the SULTAN SEA, where seismic experts believe the BIG ONE EARTHQUAKE will initiate. The power of this BIG ONE will be the equivalent of many nuclear blasts as its unleashed. This of course, brings to mind the MANHATTAN PROJECT and the development of the 1st ATOMIC BOMB originating in Manhattan, by the USA. This work was directed by American physicist J. Robert Oppenheimer (A- J and B name)


Below is a map of the different locations of the Manhattan Project in the USA. Notice how the PROJECT CAMEL in southern California coincides very closely with LA COUNTY when LA County is overlaid on the 11 Western States. J.ROBERT OPPENHEIMER was a physicist from Berkley, in the area of San Francisco. 5 other Manhattan Project locations are located in the 4 Corner Cross States, the most famous being LOS ALAMOS New Mexico.

LOS ALAMOS = LOS LA A MOS = SOL LA A Moses = SUN and WATER of Los Angeles

3 more locations of interest, include the HANFORD site in WASHINGTON STATE and the Metallurgical Laboratory in CHICAGO, and the WASHINGTON DC location. Also, though not shown on the map below, is the importance of BOHEMIAN GROVE and the CHALET, some 80 miles north of San Francisco, where many of the ideas regarding the Nuclear Bomb were conjured up.

The Manhattan Project consisted of 4 SECRET LABORATORIES, (amongst other locations in the USA, Canada and Britain), established during WW2. This included Los Alamos, New Mexico – Oak Ridge, Tennessee – Richland, Washington – and Chalk River, Ontario. On the chart below, these locations (Chalk River not shown, just north of the Lake Ontario), all coincide in regions with active seismic earthquake zones. Herein lies the subliminal to establish our reality yet again. The Atomic Bomb, and the devastating force of a Nuclear Blast, intentionally direct our attention to the earthquake prone regions of North America, and the regions meant to experience some form of devastation.

The Richland WA site is located in the Seattle to Snake River to Yellowstone region.
Oak Ridge Tennessee is located is the vicinity of the seismic hotspot around Cairo Illinois.
Los Alamos NM is located in one of many seismic regions of the 11 Western States, and interestingly, these locations have a strange coinciding characteristic to the Egyptian Oasis shown on previous pages.
Chalk River Ontario, in the OTTAWA RIVER VALLEY, is located near CAMP PETAWAWA, on the PETAWAWA RIVER, today, one of the world’s main suppliers of medical ISOTOPES used in detecting disease.


Chalk River coincides very closely to DEATH VALLEY California, as shown on page 36, when overlayed on the 11 Western States.


What seems very odd in all this Nuclear Bomb research, is that they named it the MANHATTAN PROJECT, the MANNA STONE PROJECT, and many of the locations for research are located in highly symbolic regions associated with the JUDGMENT ROCK of ALLAH, namely the 11 Western States and the area around CAIRO Illinois. Manhattan is, as shown above, simply a well hidden type of Solomon’s Temple, and sacrifice and the shedding of blood is what took place in this ‘holiest of places’.

= J or EYE
ROBERT = ROSE BEAR CROSS or Water Bear Sea Rose

The suggestion implanted with this project reaches far beyond a manmade nuclear catastrophe, but shapes and manipulates our reality to include a world cataclysm, instilling fear and foreboding, and total manipulation of that reality. The suggestion is so extreme, such a cataclysm need not even occur, as the desired effect has already been produced. However, the luciferian mind relishes misery and the illusory death experience, and has established a foundation of deceit that is intended to convince eternally, who is god.



IDAHO – LIBERTY – Craters of the Moon

The chart below shows why the State of Idaho is bordered in the fashion that it is. IDAHO is DIANO = DIANA, the Moon Goddess. The Statue of Liberty is the State of LIBERTY = LA-BER-TY or LA Water Bearer – TY sacrifice cross. Idaho is home to a geographical location called the Craters of the Moon.


Craters of the Moon = Sea waters of the Moon, or Diana, or Liberty, etc.


Liberty – RE-OPEN CROWN July 4, 2009

July 4th – The Traditional Annual Flooding of the Nile River in Egypt, and the day that inspired the birthdate of the United States of America, is re-opening the Statue of Liberty Crown to the public on this day. It will be open for 2 years, and then closed again for more safety upgrading. This will take us to the year 2011, which coincides with the year of death. The opening of the Crown, coincides with entering into the FULL MOON cycle and 2 weeks after the NEW MOON and the music concert. This then coincides with the 222 days before the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver.

2009 = the FALL
2011 = DEATH

The LIVEH2O Concert state in a press release that:

‘Water Concert Brings John Lennon’s PLAN and Beatles saga to life.”


Google Video – illuminatiMATRIX explanatory video detailing the foundational root of hypnosis, religion, intellectualism and who and what god is.

Click here to watch video.

YouTube Video highlighting some of the subliminal elements hidden in the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem

Please read the next paragraph before watching the ROCK VIDEO.

On the ROCK VIDEO, the World Trade Center is mistakenly called the ROCKEFELLER PLAZA. The WTC was conceived and promoted by the Rockefellers. The Rockefeller Plaza is to the north of the World Trade Centre, on the MANHATTAN ROCK, or MANNA STONE. The WTC and the Rockefeller Plaza , along with the area of CENTRAL PARK, relate to the TEMPLE MOUNT in Jerusalem, and the Al Aqsa Mosque, the Dome of the ROCK, and the Temple Courtyard. These in turn relate to the North American West Coast. See page 39 for more details.

Click here to watch the new Rock Video on YouTube.

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