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Google Video – illuminatiMATRIX explanatory video detailing the foundational root of hypnosis, religion, intellectualism and who and what god is.

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YouTube Video highlighting some of the subliminal elements hidden in the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem

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On the ROCK VIDEO, the World Trade Center is mistakenly called the ROCKEFELLER PLAZA. The WTC was conceived and promoted by the Rockefellers. The Rockefeller Plaza is to the north of the World Trade Centre, on the MANHATTAN ROCK, or MANNA STONE. The WTC and the Rockefeller Plaza , along with the area of CENTRAL PARK, relate to the TEMPLE MOUNT in Jerusalem, and the Al Aqsa Mosque, the Dome of the ROCK, and the Temple Courtyard. These in turn relate to the North American West Coast. See page 39 for more details.

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Honest Abe – 200th Birthday Sacrifice To the Lion King

February 12, 2009, the 200th birthday of Abraham Lincoln and the 200th birthday of Charles Darwin, a sacrifice was offered to the luciferian egregore. This is exactly 1 year before the 2010 Olympics begin in Vancouver/Mount Olympus/Whistler. At 10:17 pm, Flight 3407 crashed on attempting to land in Buffalo New York. The flight was on route from Newark to Buffalo, on a Canadian Bombardier Dash8-400Q plane. The tail registration #N200WQ. There were 50 people killed in this sacrifice. 44 passengers, 4 crew, and 1 off duty pilot. 1 man was killed when the plane crashed into his home. 49 were offered in the air, and 1 was sacrificed on the ground. One of the passengers to die was the widow of a victim in the World Trade Centre attack. The address of the crash was 1638 Long Street in Clarence Center New York, just 5 miles short of the Buffalo-Niagara Airport. The FAA have sent 14 investigators to the crash site. Witnesses to the crash described it as a ‘mini earthquake’. The cause is likely due to icing on the wings, as other planes were icing up within 20 miles of the airport. The commuter plane was operating for COLGAN Airlines, linked with PINNACLE and CONTINENTAL Airlines.

The symbolism of this event reads like this:

02/12/2009 = 2 Duality, 12 Fullness of Time, 20 Control and 9 Fall, with 2+9=11 death. 20+9=29 coinciding with 5 Sacrifice.

02/12/2010 – the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver / Mount Olympus / Whistler / Victoria begin.

10:17 pm = 10 Intensity, 17 coincides with 5 Sacrifice on the 2nd clockface.

Flight 3407 = 3+4=7 + 7 = 14. These numbers 1+4=5. Again, 14=two 7’s. Perfection and completion.

BUFFALO = BUPH-AL-O = BAPH-LA-O = Baphomet Sacrifice of Los Angeles (Sacrifice of Allah).

Canadian built DASH8-400Q. = Same subliminal as the Canadian geese that brought down Flight 1549 in the Hudson. DASH8=Death Ash Control. 400Q=400 Ku or sacrifice on the 4 Square Foundation with extreme intensity (00).

BOMBARDIER DASH8 = Sacrifice Bear of Death

N200WQ = Eyn or EYE 200, Lincoln Birthday, WQ=WOK=ROK=ROCK. The sacrifice on the ROCK.

50 sacrificed = 5 with intensity.

44 passengers coincides with the 44th president.

4 crew coincides with the 4 Square Foundation, the FOUR=RUOF=RUFF=BARK=BARACK.

1 off duty pilot and 1 victim on the ground = the New Age

49 = 7 seven’s = perfection and completion – 4+9=13 coinciding with 1, and 1+3=4 again.

1638 LONG STREET = 16 or 4×4 and 38=3+8=11 death. LONG=LION Street=SACRAMENTO / SAN JUAQUIN Valleys.



14 FAA = 1+4=5 sacrifice and coincides with 2 on the 2nd clockface.

A mini earthquake suggests a connection to California and ICING suggests the melting polar ice caps.

COLGAN = CALGON WATER SOFTENER and BATH AND BEAUTY products. Water softener implying a greater cleaning agent. Bath and Beauty suggesting some ROMANTIC liaison, as in a BRIDE BEING PREPARED FOR A MARRIAGE.
(also suggested water from the CULLIGAN Man = Water softener man “Hey Culligan Man” major Canadian company associated with this location on the Great Lakes and Niagara Falls, 2 internationally linked locations.

CULLIGAN = CULL, to separate the weak and unnecessary for destruction IGAN = EYE, the CULL of the EYE.

The chart below shows the subliminals in the name, catch phrases and logo that are related to the Flood of Cleansing implanted within our reality by the luciferian mindset. The COLGAN AIRLINE was simply created to NOW entrench this subliminal even deeper within the trance, along with all the other subliminals being taken even deeper on February 12 and 13, 2009. The crash of Flight 3407 was a sacrifice to the luciferian god. 3407=7-0-7, and coincides with the Stimulus Financial Bill being passed in Congress worth $787 Billion = 7-8-7, both numbers reflecting perfection, completion, and control.


CONTINENTAL = suggesting a CONTINENTAL event

These are just some of the preliminary subliminals being delivered with the crash of flight 3407. Notice that the numbers 1, 2, 4, 5, 7, 9,10 are most prominent, with 8 and 11 as secondaries. The number 2 and 4 standing out as key symbolic numbers, alluding to the number 5. The number 4 is symbolized with the number 16, with 4×4, or in the number 40, one 4 with intensity. What’s being delivered here, is the suggestion of 8, or TOTAL CONTROL based on the 4 SQUARE FOUNDATION of the luciferian agenda.

16×40=640 when divided by 144, (12×12=144 a perfect square) = 4.4444444444444444444444 …

The number 8 is 2 FourSquares overlayed, and is the DOUBLE CROSS. 4.4444444… + 4.4444444… = 8.8888888 or the number relating to the birth of the USA, 1776 divided by 2 = 888. This the DUALITY AGENDA for TOTAL CONTROL of the Paradise State.

The name of the pilot of Flight 3407 was Captain MARVIN RENSLOW.

The name Marvin Renslow is suggesting the rain swelling and the sea is a drink offering. The swallows of Capistrano suggest this SWELLING of the SEA, at the WELL of SOULS.



Flight 3407 crashed 5 miles short of Buffalo New York. The coordinates for Buffalo are 43 degrees N (7 on the 4th clockface) and 79 degrees W (7 on the 7th clockface). Buffalo is located on the northeast shore of Lake Erie, close to Niagara, right at the head of the Niagara River. I-90 (EYE 90), runs adjacent to Buffalo and along the southern shore of Lake Erie. 90=9-FALL with 0-INTENSITY. Buffalo is 17 miles from Niagara Falls. 17 coincides with 5, sacrifice. Buffalo = Sacrifice of LA.


Niagara Falls – Good Luck – Lust – Luv

The symbolism of Niagara Falls is blatantly obvious from a subliminal perspective by simply looking at the names associated with the Falls. The falls are known as the HONEYMOON capital of the world. Strongly associated with lovers, sex, and marriage. California is the land flowing with milk and honey, and this is exactly the meaning of the term HONEYMOON.

HONEYMOON = HONEY and MILK, the moon goddess, the heavenly flood, the cow goddess, etc.
To the luciferian thinkers, HONEYMOON = MONEY-OON, or the MON / ONE EYE, or MONEY, that perpetuates the flood driven 3 dimensional world systems.

HONEYMOON = MONEY-OON = ONE EYE NEW. Within the trance state, after the luciferian agenda is complete, the desired outcome is a total New World Order, where ALL IS BROUGHT into PERFECT VISION, by the year 20-20. The number 20-20 represents CONTROL and CONTROL. The direct result of the Double Cross, the Octagon, which is replicated twice, as East meets West, and like star-struck lovers, the 2 become 1 in WHETTED BLISS / WETTED BLISS. The octagon is 8 sides, multiplied by 2 = 16. The number 16 is 4×4, or 4-4’s, the inspiration for the symbolism of the 44th president, the 4 SQUARE FOUNDATION that this whole thing is built upon, and as shown above, it represents the 144,000 elect, who form this PERFECT SQUARE, regardless of whether there are a literal 144,000 or not.

Niagara Falls are located in both the USA and Canada. They are divided in the centre by GOAT ISLAND.

GOAT = BAPHOMET = SACRIFICE. Just as BUFFALO = BAPH-O-LA or sacrifice of LA. The Canadian side of the falls seen on the right in the picture below, are called HORSESHOE FALLS.


Horseshoe Falls is suggesting the WAY of WHORES will Fall PLEASING the gods.

Toronto is located 75 miles from Niagara Falls, on the North Shore of Lake Ontario. Highway 401 follows the North side of Lake Ontario in the same manner that EYE 90 follows the south side of Lake Erie. Highway 401 is known as Canada’s DEADLIEST HIGHWAY. The number 401 = 40+1 = 41 which coincides with 5 on the 4th clockface. Sacrifice on the 4 Square Foundation. 5+4=9, the FALL, the same as EYE 90, on the south side of Lake Erie. Yet again, 4+0+1=5, the sacrifice.

The American side of the falls are called the AMERICAN FALLS and the smaller BRIDAL VEIL FALLS.

AMERICAN = A-SEA-EYE-KAN = A Sea Kill and Contained Sacrifice.



The Year of the FALL – 2009


The luciferian mindset has been shown to follow strict ritualistic guidelines as pertaining to the days they choose to unleash their nasty deeds. The Sichuan earthquake in China occurred 88 days before the 2008 Olympics started on 08/08/8-8 @ 8:08:08 seconds. This earthquake left 88,000 dead and missing. Pretty precise and calculated for sure. All able to be achieved by implanting subliminal suggestion throughout the 3D world system whereby our reality is created and unfolds, on cue, in accordance with the agenda.

In 2010, the Olympics come to Vancouver, Mount Olympus Washington, and once again, the disaster sacrifices planned will occur on some symbolic day, and/or, time of year. The Winter Olympics of 2010, are of less symbolic importance from a societal perspective, but from a luciferian agenda perspective, they are tied directly to the events of 2009, as the 2010 Olympics occur from February 12 to 28, 2009, early in the new year. This is 16 DAYS of events, or 4×4. Therefore, the rituals planned for the 2010 Olympics will have to transpire before this date, throughout 2009 and early in 2010, and the rituals following thereafter, will be applied to the next Olympics of 2012 in London. These 16 days that the events take place, again refers to the 4 SQUARE Foundation. The 4 SQUARE is a PERFECT SQUARE, represented by any number multiplied by itself. When symbolizing the FULLNESS, or COMPLETION of TIME, the 4 SQUARE is symbolized by 12×12, or FULLNESS of TIME x FULLNESS of TIME, and = 144. A very significant number and marker in the luciferian plan as was seen with LINCOLN being the 16th President, (4×4), and OBAMA being the 44th President, another set of 4’s. Both numbers, 16 and 44 are multiples and/or the sum equalling 8, and relate to control.

Considering that the 2008 Olympics had their sacrifice offered on a date, 88 days previous to the opening of the Olympics, the number most strongly associated with the year of the FALL, is the number 9, and the FALL SEASON of the year. This is the time of year that the World Trade Centre attack occurred and is symbolically connected to the Hebrew Calendar, where September 11 is the 1st day of creation. The Jewish New Year, ROSH HASHANAH begins this year, according to the Gregorian Calendar, on September 19, 2009. This breaks down as 09/19/2009, or as 09/1+9=10/20+09=29 (5) sacrifice, or 2+0+0+9=11 death. Rosh Hashanah begins on a date symbolic of 9 and 11, with 10 for INTENSITY and 5 for SACRIFICE.

September 2009 also carries the distinction of the date 09/09/09. Definitely FALL numbers.

The ROSH HASHANAH New Year celebration lasts for 10 days (INTENSITY), known as the ‘TEN DAYS OF REPENTANCE‘, and culminates with YOM KIPPUR, the Highest of the 10 Holy Days. Yom Kippur is the Day of ATONEMENT and REPENTANCE, where god inscribes the VERDICT pertaining to each individual and which is SEALED up during these 10 days of repentance. Thereafter, each of the faithful consider themselves absolved from all sin against god. This year, 2009, YOM KIPPUR occurs on September 28. This is 09/28/2009. Once again the numbers read as 09/2+8=10/20-09. Symbolically, 9, 10, 11 and 5. Yom Kippur ends on the 28th, and the 2010 Olympics also end on the 28th. Both numbers indicating 10, or INTENSITY.



SEPT. 21/09-144 DAYS to 2010 OLYMPICS

A curious thing this year, 2009, is that the FALL season, the FALL EQUINOX, or symbolically, the EQUATOR, or the BALANCE of JUDGMENT, starts in the MIDDLE of ROSH HASHANAH, on September 21. This is EXACTLY 144 DAYS BEFORE THE 2010 OLYMPICS BEGIN IN VANCOUVER, MOUNT OLYMPUS, VICTORIA, WHISTLER, right on the 49th and 50th PARALLELS NORTH.

Vancouver (49th) and Whistler (50th) coincide with BUILDING 7 in the WORLD TRADE CENTRE attack. VICTORIA (49th), named after Queen Victoria, designer of the COMPASS and SQUARE Freemasonic Logo, on Vancouver Island, coincides with the VERIZON BUILDING, located right beside BUILDING 7 which was brought down by a controlled demolition. Mount WASHINGTON (Mount WASHINGSTONE) on Vancouver Island, where 2010 Olympic atheletes are now training, is also located at 50 degrees north. MOUNT OLYMPUS WASHINGTON is located at 48 degrees north. 48 = 4+8=12, the FULLNESS OF TIME. Washington State coincides with BUILDING 6 in the WTC Plaza. The year for the Olympics is 20-10 or 3-10’s, or intensity. September 21, the FALL EQUINOX is 9 days before the end of September.

The number 144 holds within it the symbolism of 9-11, and 16 and 44, all of which refer to CONTROL, through the FALL into DEATH, which has manipulated and disconnected us from reality and wisdom. Throughout the year of 2009, this agenda will play out according to their subliminals implanted throughout the 3D illusory space.

144 = 1+4+4=9

144 = 1x4x4 = 16

144 = 1×44 = 44

144 = 14×4 = 56 = 5+6 = 11

The number 144 = 14×4 = 56 further coincides with 8 (control), on the 5th clockface. 144 is basically a complete number, that contains all the desired control, fall, intensity, and death symbolism.

September 21, the Fall Equinox, is not only 9 days from the end of the 9th month, it is 101 days from the end of the year. 101 = 10+1 = 11, or death. The number 101 coincides with 5 on the 9th clockface, yet again showing the perfect sequencing of this illusory agenda with the dates and events that transpire.

The symbolism is in place. The numbers are coming to the surface. The Olympic hype is underway. One of the oddest teams to participate in the 2010 Olympics, the 21st Winter Olympiad, is the JAMAICAN BOB SLED TEAM. When considering the subliminals attached to the Caribbean Sea, the ARABIAN SEA, the Barack ION SEA, the DOG/GOD SEA, and the area around CUBA, the KAABA STONE, the hypnotic suggestion attached to this team being involved in the Winter Olympics in just one way of delivering the necessary subliminal sub-atomic particle manipulation to this religious ritual human sacrifice.

BOB = BAB = Sacrifice
TEAM = MATE or Marriage Partner


Stanley Park – P-ARK – RAK – ROCK

Lord Stanley of Preston was Governor General of Canada (a double G word), when, in 1888, they named Stanley Park after this Freemason ritualist. As mentioned before, the National Hockey League, the NHL TROPHY, is named in his honour, the STANLEY CUP. The NHL letters form a subliminal referring to the the NILE, NHL = NILE, and the NILE refers to the FLOOD that SUSTAINS ETERNAL LIFE. The game of hockey is played on a SHEET of ICE. The obvious hardly needs stating, suffice it to say that this is implanting the notion of the melting polar ice caps.

Here, on GEORGIA STRAIT, the site of the 2010 Olympics, we have another ROCK, a P-ARK ROCK, an ARK=RAK=ROCK, upon which the dear lord built his CHURCH=CROOK=KRUK=Killing RUK, or Killing ROCK. In the New Testament, Jesus said something to the effect, (Mark 14:25) ‘…I will DRINK NO MORE of the fruit of the vine, until THAT DAY that I (EYE) DRINK it NEW in the KINGDOM of GOD“. Remember also, it was GEORGE STRAIT, the 3rd biggest recording artist in history, after the Beatles and Elvis, who sang, ‘Ocean Front Property in Arizona’… and in that song he stated that he would ‘throw the Golden Gate in for free’. The New Testament also referred to the Street where Paul the Apostle was recovering from his blindness, as the Street called STRAIT. The word STRAIT is spelled STRAIT, not STRAIGHT, as one would suppose, given that the city of Damascus is a land-locked city with no STRAIT in sight. Subliminals come in all sorts of little disguises. Now the luciferian agenda calls for many to DRINK of that CUP. Exactly how these symbolic subliminals will play themselves out, and when and where is uncertain, but as the numbers surface, and the symbolism of the events become solidified, it will show for certain what the intention was and is. Many things will happen this year that will culminate according to the thinking egregore’s desire. This is the year of the FALL and what needs to FALL, within the trance state, will FALL. Thereby establishing our reality for the year of INTENSITY, and the 2010 Olympic ritual sacrifice.

DRINK = Death RINK and hockey is played in a RINK.

Remembering that this is all subliminal suggestion, and that there is no such thing as TIME and SPACE, this STANLEY CUP is referring to STAN EYE, or SHAITAN’S EYE, the SATAN EYE, that we will drink from in the NEW AGE, the New Kingdom of God on earth. The suggestion was made by the illusory Jesus, at this very moment, the one eternal moment, that we’re experiencing right now. It just happened, as part of the suggestion in this TIME RIDDLED ILLUSION. Throughout the pages of this site, it has been established that this is that point in the illusory moment of the agenda, when the New World Order, the Age of Aquarius, the Environmental Green Religion, the Kingdom of God on earth, will be brought forth. We are now being asked to DRINK from SATAN’S CUP of DEATH and SERVITUDE. Of course, we’re not going to be doing that, because this is all just an illusion, and the illusion has lost its sting.

Study the chart immediately below and additional text will be included following the chart.



The 2010 Olympics all hinge around what happens this year, the year of the FALL. This is why Flight 1549 FELL DOWN in the HUDSON. Then Flight 3407 FELL DOWN in BUFFALO. The number 9 is the number of the FALL. The Presidential jet is a 747 = 7+4+7 = 18 or 2-9’s. As well, 747 = 74+7 = 81 or 9-9’s. This gives a total of 11-9’s. Strange tally to say the least. The Presidential jet is called AIR FORCE 1. One for New Age. AIR=RAI=RA=WA=WATER. And the word FORCE=FORK=Father ROCK. This is Poseidon’s TRIDENT fork which will be thrust into the ground creating a massive earthquake. Poseidon was an Olympian god, the brother of Zeus. Poseidon was the god of the SEA, who, when ignored or offended, would thrust his TRIDENT into the ground creating earthquakes, drowning, chaotic springs and shipwrecks.

Everything associated with the FALL in the luciferian agenda, hinges around the number 9. Therefore, on BROCKTON POINT in STANLEY PARK, the 9 O’CLOCK GUN stands in eerie silence.


The 9 O’CLOCK GUN is pictured below. Notice the SQUARE divided into 4, and the CIRCLE that mimics the Light Beam Symbol on this site, which of course, is the ALL SEEING EYE.


When the 11 Western States are laid over the main body of Stanley Park, the state of California, which coincided with the Marriott Hotel in the WTC layout, now coincides with the West edge of Stanley Park. The Marriott Hotel was numbered as BUILDING 3 in the WTC plaza. Now, when overlayed on Stanley Park, Building 3, the MARRIOTT coincides with 3rd BEACH. The name MARRIOTT means MARRY Of DOUBLE CROSS, or MARY O’ SACRIFICE, and refers to the Marriage Supper of the Lamb. Now we see the MARRIOTT actually located right on the the SEA, the very SEA that the HUDSON RIVER symbolized as it flowed past the WTC plaza.

HUDSON = DUH-SON = DEW-SON = WED SON or Wedding of the Lamb of God, or Wetting of the SUN GOD. (This symbolism, of wetting the lambs wool is delivered in the old myth of the Golden Fleece for those who might want to delve into that information).

On the Northwest corner of Stanley Park, coinciding on the 11 Western States map with the area of Seattle and Mount Olympus, the LIONS GATE BRIDGE crosses Burrard Inlet. (Burrard was another Freemason). Right at this location, is the LIGHTHOUSE at PROSPECT POINT. A Lighthouse is a symbol of the illuminating god, or the eye of god, steering the ships through the fog and darkness. With this overlapping of Mount Olympus and this Lighthouse, the link with Mount Olympus Washington, just across Georgia Strait, is established. The name PROSPECT POINT is referring to the search for GOLD, and that gold is hidden in the agenda related to the FALL of the Old World and the creation of the New.

Just in case anyone might have missed it, the 11 Western States coincide with the main body of Stanley Park. Right in the top left corner, in the location of Seattle and Mount Olympus, the City of Vancouver is right on the border with the USA. This is the location of the Lions Gate Bridge. Now, looking at this chart from the perspective of Stanley Park, and looking at the top left corner again, the Lions Gate Bridge in Vancouver, coincides exactly with the Lions Gate Bridge location on the 11 Western States map. It coincides so exactly that its extremely easy to miss the fact that these two seemingly unrelated representations, the map and the photograph of the park, are indeed more than coincidental similarities.

Stanley Park is 1000 ACRES in size. 1000 refers to the New Age = 1, with intensity 0, with intensity put into action – 0, with intensity completed – 0. 3 zeros = the trinity, the godhead complete. Stanley Park is 5.5 miles in circumference or 8.8 kms. The highway that comes off Lions Gate Bridge is 1A, New Age, and 99, or 9-11’s. The Lion’s Gate Bridge is named after the Lions Gate on the east wall of the Old City of Jerusalem, which is just north of the Golden Gate, which in turn relates to the Golden Gate Bridge of San Francisco. When Highway 99 passes through the Park, it symbolically goes through the Holy of Holies where Salt Lake City Utah is located. The curve of the Highway follows the same general direction of the Seismic region from Seattle, following the SNAKE RIVER CANYON of Southern Idaho, then making its exit through the Great Divide of Western Wyoming, which now coincides with Downtown Vancouver. Highway 99 now turns into KINGSWAY. This street takes you directly to NEW WESTMINSTER, named after WESTMINSTER, and the Government Buildings in London.

Lions Gate Bridge passes over Burrard Inlet, who was, as mentioned, a Freemason.

BURRARD = BURR, or BURY, or BEAR – RA, or WA, or WATER – Death. Burrard symbolizes that WATER BEARER, whom Jesus instructed Peter and John to follow into the house, and the WATER BEARER would show them a LARGE UPPER ROOM in which to prepare the LAST SUPPER. That LARGE UPPER ROOM is CANADA, and the LAST SUPPER is the MARRIAGE SUPPER of the LAMB.

Siwash ROCK – San Francisco – 9 PINE ROCK

Siwash ROCK sits just off the shore of STANLEY PARK. Its location coincides with that of SAN FRANCISCO when overlaying the 11 Western States. The name Siwash ROCK means ‘He Is Standing Up’ in the native language. However, the early Mariners sailing into this port referred to it as 9 PINE ROCK. Not only is there the 9 O’CLOCK GUN in Stanley Park, there’s also the 9 PINE ROCK, named so, because it vaguely resembled a BOWLING PIN. What’s stranger still is why is it called 9 PINE ROCK when there are only 2 types of popular bowling games, either 5 or 10 PIN BOWLING. Why wasn’t it called 10 PINE ROCK? Again, why is it called 9 PINE ROCK, and not 9 PIN ROCK.

As you continue reading this page, its been pointed out that Barack Obama signed the Stimulus Bill into law using 10 PENS. That phrase rings of 10 PIN BOWLING, or 10 Intensity5 PEN Sacrifice – and BOWLING (a B and G word), BOW=to submit, or BOWL=container, CONTAINMENT, or CONTROL.

The 9 PINE ROCK coincides with San Francisco, and like a BOWLING PIN, this ROCK subliminally and symbolically marks the spot of San Francisco, waiting to be struck down by the BOWLING BALL, (or should we say), the BOWLING BAAL, the FERTILITY WATER GOD.


Siwash ROCK is 50 – 60 feet tall depending on the tide. Once again, the numbers that refer to the Sacrifice 50 and the Sacrificer 60.

SIWASH = IS WASH = ICE WASH and is referring to the Mother Goddess ISIS, the Sea, the counterpart of MARY, who will WASH the earth clean.

If you look very closely at the photograph of Siwash ROCK above, on the very top bump, on the right side, there’s a HOLE carved out by the wind and rain. Once again, another bit of symbolism allowing the LIGHT TO ENTER and PURIFY. Subliminal hypnotic suggestion is incredibly relentless.



Just off the right side of Stanley Park, (on the map above), situated in Coal Harbour opposite downtown Vancouver, is a little island called DEADMAN, or DEADMAN’S ISLAND. This is the site of a bloody battle between rival tribes, where 200 warriors died and were buried. The island has been used for a burial ground after that battle and for Small Pox quarantine as well as for burying those who didn’t survive the Small Pox scourge. Now it sits as a constant subliminal reminder of DEATH in COAL HARBOUR.



van Coevorden – 7 Pointed Star – Completion

Vancouver was named after the explorer George Vancouver. However, this name derives from an old city in the Netherlands called van Coevorden. The term VAN, means ‘somebody from‘, and the name COEVORDEN is the actual name of the old city. Together VAN COEVORDEN = VANCOEVOR-DEN = VANCOUVER. The Netherlands are also synonymous for being a land at sea level, or below sea level. In fact the Netherlands is 27% BELOW SEA LEVEL. 60% of the Dutch live BELOW SEA LEVEL. The association with, and the suggestion attached to the name Vancouver, completely agrees with the symbolic break down of the name VANCOUVER as CENTRE of the ROCK, or EYE of the ROCK. Remember, Vancouver, and the 2010 Olympics includes Whistler Ski Resort, Victoria, BC and Seattle, Redmond, Medina, Olympia, and Mount Olympus Washington. This whole area is the EYE of the ROCK. The first generation of Olympics took place in Olympia Greece about 776 BC. The 2010 Olympics are again being played out in the area of Mount Olympus and Olympia Washington.

Below is a photograph of the old 7 Pointed Star city of van Coevorden. 7 representing completion and perfection.


Below is a photograph of the PANATHINAIKO STADIUM in Athens Greece, that was used for the 1st Modern Olympic Games in 1896. Notice that the main shape of the stadium is a long OVAL shape. Now, consider that this is the SACRAMENTO and SAN JUOQUIN Valleys, with mountains on each side. This same shape has been repeated endlessly throughout the ages, such as in the CIRCUS MAXIMUS in ancient Rome. Football fields, basketball courts, track and field ovals, all follow this same general configuration. All these are types of the STADIUM, or STAGE, where the luciferian manipulation is initiated. Ancient mythology suggests that Heracles, the son of Zeus built the first STADIUM, called a STADION = ST. A-DIE-ON. (Heracles in the counterpart of the Roman Hercules). The story goes, that after the stadium was complete, Heracles walked the length of 200 STEPS and called the distance a STADION.


Now consider that the modern day HOCKEY RINK, both Olympic and NHL, are 200 feet long. Both have the general shape of the Stadium, and the term HOCKEY = HAWK EYE, a symbol of ZEUS. Furthermore, though seemingly unconnected, the suggestion implanted with the election of Barack Obama and the historical significance of Abraham Lincoln share this 200 STEP distance. For it was this February 12, 2009 was Lincoln’s 200th birthday. Linking to the start of the 2010 Olympics on February 12, exactly 1 year later. Oddly enough, and seemingly disconnected yet again, is that February 12 was also the 200th birthday of Charles Darwin, the protagonist of the theory of evolution. A strange subliminal at 1st glance. However, Darwin did a lot of his research in the equatorial region of the Galapagos Islands just off the coast of Columbia and Equador. The exploration was done in the H.M.S. BEAGLE, or a ship named after a DOG=GOD. Lincoln’s birthday suggests the NORTH FLOOD and Darwin’s birthday suggests the SOUTH FLOOD. 2 POLAR OPPOSITES, or 2 COLUMNS of WATER. The 2010 Olympics will begin 114 years after the 1st ones of 1896. The number 114 coincides with 6 on the 10th clockface. 1+1+4=6. The number 6 relates to the sacrificer, 666, the trinity concept, and 10 suggests inTENsity. The numbers 2, 6 and 10 form an inverted triangle on the clock face, and represent the ‘thumbs down’, ‘death’, ‘sacrifice’ aspects of the letter V, which is a Roman numeral for 5, the sacrifice.


The symbolism of the crash of Flight 3407 relates to the Great Lakes and the location as pertaining to the whole North American Craton ROCK. Below are some charts showing the North American Craton and the exposed portion of the Canadian Shield.

Canadian Shield

On this chart, retrieved from a previous page, the general formation of all ROCKS relates to the implied right angle and the implied curve, referring to one quarter of the atom symbol.

North American Craton Rock

Rocks Around The World

The chart below shows the North American Craton ROCK, which is the largest ROCK in the world. The ROCK has been reversed in this chart so that New York is now on the west side as indicated.

North American Catron Rock Reversed

On this chart the 11 Western United States are overlayed on the Craton ROCK, showing how Flight 3407 crashed in relationship to the location in California. The area of Buffalo, between Lake Erie and Lake Ontario, is just above the Los Angeles red dot, and coincides with the area of the WELL of SOULS, or the SWALLOWS of CAPISTRANO, which are set to leave GOYA Argentina on February 18. Today is February 13, Friday the 13th no less, and the Buffalo-Niagara CAPISTRANO SWALLOWS will be arriving in Los Angeles on March 19, 2009.

If this feels a bit EERIE, consider that it is Lake Erie, and that Lake Ontario relates to ONTARIO CALIFORNIA, a city in San Bernardino County, and adjacent to Los Angeles. Ontario CA is located exactly North of San Juan Capistrano, just a few miles from where the Capistrano Swallows will return on March 19. Ontario was named after ONTARIO CANADA by 2 Canadian engineers who developed it. Ontario is located in the symbolic location of the WELL of SOULS located on the Foundation Stone. The name of California is also suggesting the location of Lake Ontario within its borders.


The Sacrifice To RA of NiagaRA

On each of the ROCKS shown on the chart above, most of them will have some form of Holy of Holies, and some type of a Well of Souls. It will be hidden, but it will be there. For instance, the Holy of Holies in London, will be the Parliament Building at Westminster, where the Thames flows out, symbolizing the coming flood that will inundate the Great Basin in the 11 Western States. At the Vatican, the Holy of Holies is represented by the Sistine Chapel, which has been constructed with the exact measurements of Solomon’s Temple. The Well of Souls is less often symbolized, but in the Old City Wall of Athens, the Sacred Gate coincides with the Golden Gate Bridge in the 11 Western States. The area just below the Sacred Gate, will coincide with the Well of Souls. In the World Trade Centre Plaza layout, the Well of Souls is symbolized by the Marriott Hotel, that was crushed by the FALLING Twin Towers.

Below are 2 photographs showing the inside of the Well of Souls, under the Foundation Stone which lies under the Dome of the ROCK in Jerusalem.



1 Stimulust Bill – 10 PENS

On February 17, 2009, Barack Obama signed into law, the Stimulus Package worth $787 billion. On the same day, as sort of a side issue that all of a sudden had to be decided upon, Obama allocated another 17,000 troops to the war in Afghanistan. As the President signed the Stimulus Bill into law, he signed 1 LETTER of his signature with 1 PEN, then chose another pen, and signed a bit more. He used 10 PENS to sign the Stimulus Bill into law. The symbolism alluded to with this action, relates to 10 PIN BOWLING, as mentioned above, in connection to the 9 PINE/PIN ROCK situated at Stanley Park. Of course, there’s always a cover story for why 10 PENS were used. The PENS are souvenirs for all the different groups that assisted in putting the stimulus package together. In this case, 10 different groups were involved.

10 = INTENSITY and PENS = 5 Sacrifice. 5×10=50, or Sacrifice with inTENsity.
The 17th day = 5 on the 2nd clockface.
17,000 troops = 5 and 3 zeros
, symbolizing the trinity, or intensity being inititiated, put into action, and completed.
$787 billion = 7+8+7 = 22 which coincides with 10, or INTENSITY, on the 2nd clockface.

INTENSITY – the number 10 = 2-5’s. The number 22 = 2-11’s, or death. The number 22 also = 2+2=4, the Foundation.

The symbolism attached to 10 PIN BOWLING / 5 PIN BOWLING, relates to the symbolism of BOWLING GREEN KENTUCKY as well. Bowling Green is a B and G word. This is the location where General Motors produces all the Chevrolet CORVETTES, and CADILLAC XLR’s. Bowling Green is located at 37 degrees N, the same as the 4 Corners Cross, and San Francisco, and is also 86.444 degrees W. The subliminals of BOWLING PINS, SAN FRANCISCO, and the GREEN HOLY WATER of CLEANSING that will be used to usher in the New World Order, are linked together with the symbolism of Bowling Green, Stanley Park, and the signing of the Stimulus Bill with 10 PENS/PINS.


Bowling Green is also the world headquarters of FRUIT of the LOOM apparel. This is considered to be one of the most recognizable brand logos in the world.


The logo consists of an APPLE, a symbol of ZEUS, or SUEZ, the flood of Egypt or the flood of the Nile. The logo includes GREEN and PURPLE GRAPES. Green represents Holy Water, and Purple represents Royalty. Also included in the logo, are CURRANTS, which suggests CURRENTS of WATER. The 5th symbol are LEAVES = EL AVES = L AYES = LA. Notice also, that there are 5 symbolic fruits that form this logo. The number of sacrifice.

The name FRUIT of the LOOM is a play on words, (also known as subliminal suggestion), to a part of the HAIL MARY PRAYER, … Luke 1:42 ‘blessed art thou amongst women, and blessed is the FRUIT OF THY WOMB, Jesus’.

The real intent of this scripture should read more like ‘…BLESSED is the FRUIT OF THY WATER SACRIFICE, ZEUS‘.

Here’s what BLESSING really means:

Word History: The verb BLESS comes from Old English bldsian, blēdsian, blētsian, “to bless, wish happiness, consecrate.” Although the Old English verb has no cognates in any other Germanic language, it can be shown to derive from the Germanic noun *blōdan, “blood.” Bldsian therefore literally means “to consecrate with blood, SPRINKLE WITH BLOOD.”

Bowling for Columbine

The Columbine School massacre also carries with it the symbolism of BOWLING. On April 20, 1999, 12 students, 1 teacher and the 2 perpetrators, lost their lives. A total of 15 dead. The subliminal delivered through this act, relates to the COLUMNS of Solomon’s Temple. These COLUMNS represent COLUMBA, the DOVE, or Holy Spirit. This represents the WATER to be released in the Global Warming Flood. By some extremely strange twist, the game of BOWLING somehow became intertwined with this tragedy through the Academy Award winning work of Michael Moore and his documentary ‘Bowling for Columbine’.

MICHAEL = Michael -Archangel – LAKE MICHIGAN
MOORE = MOOR water dock – MOO-RE milk-cow-water

BOWLING – a game played on an ALLEY = LA = Los Angeles.
5 or 10 PINS form a triangle pyramid.

In this instance, 10 PIN BOWLING is being represented. The 9 PINE ROCK of Stanley Park suggests that 1 PIN is lacking. That PIN would be the 10th PIN. Los Angeles coordinates are 34 degrees N and 118 degrees W.

34 = 10 on the 3rd clockface.
118 = 10 on the 10th clockface.
1+1+8 = 10.
Los Angeles is the 10th PIN in 10 PIN BOWLING.


Close Up View Of The WELL OF SOULS

Some locations of significance show up when the North American Craton Rock is placed under the 11 Western States. The St. Lawrence Seaway enters Northern California in the area of San Francisco and northward. The seaway and Atlantic Ocean connect to the Great lakes, which extend through the Sacramento and San Juoquin Valleys, and into Arizona. Flight 3407 crashed in the Buffalo / Niagara Falls area, which coincides with Joshua Tree Park, which in turn coincides with the WELL OF SOULS on the Foundation Stone. The Well of Souls is seen from above on the Foundation Stone as a small hole, however, underneath the hole, the cave spreads out to include a much wider area, as seen in the photographs above. The Well of Souls symbolically includes all of Southern California, reaching up into the areas of San Francisco and Sacramento.

Lake Ontario coincides very closely with Ontario California. Los Angeles has a professional basketball team called the LA LAKERS. Why? Los Angeles is not known for having lakes in its immediate territory, so why the LAKERS nickname? Also in the public consciousness these days (Feb.09) is the BIG 3 AUTO MAKERS. The BIG 3 are located in DETROIT = Death THREE, or DE THREE, Of Three.
Detroit coincides with the location east of the Sultan Sea. The Sultan Sea has massive amounts of SALT as does DETROIT and WINDSOR. This is a subliminal meaning:


The Financial Stimulus Bailout has been hammered into everyone’s consciousness for months on end. Yet again, another BAILOUT. The luciferian agenda really wants us to know that we’re SINKING. This Financial Stimulus Bill relates to the romanticism of Niagara Falls, the Honeymoon Capital of the world, and all the STIMULATING sexual overtones associated with Honeymooners. This then relates, in a subliminal fashion, to the Marriage Supper of the Lamb, which will occur in California, at the Honeymooners head table that relates to the Marriott Hotel, or Building 3, in the WTC Rockefeller Plaza.

The Financial Crisis has focused largely on how the DOW JONES in New York reacts. This is again relating to the subliminals relating to the Messiah and the coming Saviour who will work his MIRACLES.


The illusory Jesus took 5 LOAVES and 2 FISH from a LAD = LA Death, and promptly went about feeding 5,000 people. The food that was left over filled many baskets. The number 5 represents sacrifice, and 5,000 represents sacrifice, in action, and completed. This suggestion is now transferred through the Financial Stimulus Bill to the State of California. Some states are now hesitating and suggesting that they’ll refuse the Stimulus Money. Governor Schwarzenegger has offered to take any MONEY the other governors don’t want. In other words the governor is implanting (unwittingly), the desire of the people of California, to want even more stimulus money, more bailout money, or more literally, more WATER, or DESTRUCTIVE CATACLYSMIC EVENTS. Be they natural disasters, or financial hardships, the illusory population are being set up as a sacrifice that will played out endlessly throughout the world. All this to distract and disconnect us from our eternal Paradise State. As you’ll see in the charts to follow, MONEY is equivalent to ONE EYE, or the EYE of the luciferian GOD. This term not only relates to the Financial Crisis and the stock markets of the world, including the DOW JONES index at NYSE, but it also refers to the tiny city of NOME ALASKA. Be it ever so humble, there’s no place like NOME.

One other coinciding point of interest that occurs when laying the 11 Western States over the NA Craton ROCK, is that WINNIPEG Manitoba, the geographical centre of Canada, and near geographical centre of North America, coincides almost exactly with the 4 Corner Cross States. Manitoba is one of the provinces that borders the 4 Corner Cross in Canada. This brings into focus once again, the subliminals attached to the WINNIE the POOH characters and the mind control methods used by Disney cartoons, and the importance that the luciferian agenda places on these programs of manipulation by having the location of Winnipeg coincide with the 4 Corners Cross of Sacrifice.


Royal British Islamic Jewels


Prince Charles is known to have converted from Christian Anglicanism to Islam. This shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone, as the charts below will show that the Church of England, and the British Monarchy are Islamic, as is the Roman Catholic Church with its reigning Pope’s. The creation of the Islamic religion was merely another stage of the luciferian agenda for achieving total control of our eternal Paradise State. Islam is worship of a supreme god, the light bringing god, the All Seeing Eye god, called Allah, to the Islamic faithful. This is Jehovah or Yahweh to Christians and Jews, and an endless list of other names to other religions. This belief in a supreme god, or gods, who form the supreme power of the universe, goes back to ancient Babylon and Sumer. Those willing to be enticed into worshipping this supreme being have been promised power, wealth and prosperity in this life, and in the life hereafter. The manifestation of this divine prostitution is no more evident than in the British Monarchy of today.

The symbolism and numbers of the illusory British Monarchs keeps repeating itself in endless fashion. As seen earlier on this page, the number 44, 40, 16, 10, etc. keeps appearing in the luciferian manuscript. So it was some 400 years ago when Queen Elizabeth I reigned on the throne for 44 years. The THINKERS decide who will reign, where they will reign, and for how long. The world looks upon this as divine providence, when in reality, its just the THINKING EGREGORE moving on to the next stage of the illusion and have to eliminate the PUPPET or PAWN Monarch in the way.

The British Royal Family has in its possession, the British Royal Crown Jewels. This includes the Coronation Throne, with the Stone of Scone built into the seat. This is the Stone of Destiny (covered on a previous page) and refers to the Foundation Stone, the Stone that the builders rejected, but which has become the CHIEF CORNER STONE, or, more literally, the 11 Western United States. The Stone of Sacrifice.

Another Royal Jewel of religious significance is St. Edwards Crown. This is the official Coronation Crown worn by the Monarchs as they ascend to the throne. Only Queen Victoria and Edward VII (1901-1910) chose not to wear it at their coronations. Ever since Christmas Day in 1065 AD, the crown has been worn at every Coronation of a British Monarch. The chart below shows Queen Elizabeth II wearing the crown, albeit a newer rendition of the old head piece. Queen Elizabeth II will have reigned for 60 years by the year 2012, after having inherited the throne with the death of her father in 1952.

But what’s so special about this particular crown and the symbolism it must represent, that it must be worn exclusively, barring the Victoria/Edward boycott, which was also symbolically trance induced? To answer this question, the chart below also shows a map of Alaska place on its flat side, a picture of The Last Judgment Painting by Michelangelo, which adorns the huge altar wall in the Sistine Chapel, and a simple outline of a HEART.



Alaska – Al-AQSA – The Farthest Mosque From MECCA

Every child who attends school is exposed to the distortion of the Mercator Projection Map. The farther north or south that the land masses are located, the more distorted they become. This has made it possible for the shape of the CORONATION CROWN with its subliminal suggestion to be implanted into the psyche of every illusory individual schooled person. Alaska is the Al-Aqsa Mosque, the farthest mosque from Mecca.


If you look closely at the chart below, the little city of NOME Alaska is situated in the middle bump on the top of the map. This is precisely on the BERING STRAIT, which coincides with the DAMASCUS GATE on the old City Walls of Jerusalem. This is the gate that led to Damascus from Jerusalem, where the Apostle Paul, or symbolically, Pole, travelled as he persecuted the Christians. On this road he was reportedly blinded and taken to Damascus to reside at a home on the STREET CALLED STRAIT, (spelled STRAIT, not STRAIGHT, even though there’s no WATER STRAIT near Damascus) where he miraculously received his sight, seeing the error of his ways, and got his BEARINGS STRAIT. The subliminal is obvious.

DAMASCUS = Death Mother ASKAS = Death Mother AL-AQSA = ALASKA


Taking the simple HEART outline and placing it over St. Edwards Crown reveals an incredible similarity in the curve of both objects. This is the Golden Mean curve of sacred geometry, or secret geometry, which is SEX-ton geometry. This same heart curve is then placed over the LAST JUDGMENT PAINTING and yet again, a striking similarity in the curve of the Heart and the curves in the painting. Keep in mind that the HEART is a symbol of BLOOD and LOVE. The definition of Blessing given earlier on this page, comes from the German word to sprinkle blood upon something. This HEART has been in popular use in advertising the I LUV New York tourism campaign, but it really means, blood was going to be sprinkled on New York. This was accomplished in the WTC attack of 9/11/2001. Now, that same heart is seen to be situated on St. Edwards Coronation Crown, and on the LAST JUDGMENT PAINTING. Yet again, the same meaning, deciphered from the same heart form, speaks of blood being sprinkled on the NEW YORK, or NEW ROCK of the LAST JUDGMENTof the 11 Western United States. Only this time, the Coronation Crown is the State of Alaska, the Farthest Mosque From Mecca.

The next overlapping example to be demonstrated is that of St. Edwards Crown placed over the Last Judgment Painting. What occurs is that the Crown is almost swallowed up by the detail of the painting as the similarity in shape and ratio of detail is extraordinary. The hidden symbolic meaning of the crown is derived from these 2 similar objects. The Coronation Crown speaks of Blood being sprinkled on the masses in the Last Judgment Day when the lord will purify the earth with a flood and with fire. For this reason, the Coronation Crown is inlaid with aRED VELVET CAP and an ERMINE (weasel fur) border, symbols of BLOOD and PURITY. The ERMINE WEASEL fur turns white in the winter, and therefore is symbolic of the FROZEN WATER, or the WHITE ICE of the POLAR ICE CAPS, that will melt and cleanse the earth.

The Crown also contains 4 Fleur-de-lis and 4 CROSSES along its bottom edge. The Fleur-de-lis is a symbol representing many things, most commonly, the LILY, the flower of death. This coincides with HEROD’s Gate on the north wall, east end, of the old City Wall of Jerusalem. Herod’s Gate was also called the FLOWER GATE = FLOW-ER Gate, which then coincides with the FLOWING WATER from the Arctic Waters of Canada, that will flow through the Bering Strait (Damascus Gate), to cleanse the earth.

VELVET = 5 AL 5 ET = 5 LA 5 Sacrifice
ERMINE = RE-MINE = RA or WA or WATER MINE or My Water for purification

The symbolism in the Last Judgment Painting shows the people of the world being judged whereby, those going into the New World Order, or the Kingdom of God on Earth, will be unified as ONE. The East and the West become ONE = WON = NOW = OWN. The luciferian suggestion is that this cleansing will lock up the eternal Paradise State in absolute and eternal control of our wisdom, liberty and freedom. This is the meaning of St. Edwards Crown. Its a crown of death, destruction and domination.


Crown of 444 Precious Stones

This is a strange sort of number of HOLY STONES!

444 = 4+4+4 = 12 the Fullness of Time and Completion.
444 = 4×111 coinciding with 3 on the 10th clockface.
444 = 4x4x4 = 64 = 6+4 = 10 or 64 = 8×8.
444 x 4 = 1776 the year of USA Birth and July 4th the Annual Flood of the Nile
4+4+4+4 = 16 President Lincoln
44 = President Obama
4 = Foundation

Iditarod Trail GOD SLAYED RACE

On page 35, the Iditarod Trail Dog Sled Race was brought up. Below are some of the numbers as pertaining to the distance of this race. Notice that the 1st leg of the race, whether they use the North or South route, is the same and is 444 miles long. The very same number of PRECIOUS JEWELS in St. Edward’s Crown. The last leg of the race also shares a common 441 miles. When reversed 441 = 144, or 12×12, … The Fullness of Time x The Fullness of Time. The Iditarod Race symbolically contains all the suggestion qualities of the numbers 444 and 144. When they run the Southern Route of 1131 miles, if you subtract 444 and 441 = 246 miles. In turn, 2+4+6=12, the Fullness of Time. When they use the Northern Route, on even numbered years, the length of 1112 – 444 – 441 = 227. This adds up to 2+2+7=11, Death.


Here’s the copy from page 35:

The Iditarod Trail used for the Dog Sled Race is 1,161 miles long from Anchorage, however from the official race start location of Willow, the Northern Route is 1,112 miles, which of course, is slightly flexible over such a great distance. The obvious symbolic number is 1,111 miles. The Northern Route is run on EVEN NUMBERED YEARS, and next year, 2010, the year of the Olympics in Vancouver/Whistler, Mount Olympus, Washington, will be on the Northern Route of 1,112 miles. The Southern Route is 1,131 miles, and both routes share the first 444 miles before breaking off into different directions. The number 444 of course, is symbolic with the 4 square foundation that the entire luciferian agenda is built upon. Both the North and South routes also share a common 441 miles for the last leg of the race. Once again, another repetitious use of the number 4. Symbolism is everything to the luciferian thinkers. The official distance is set at 1,049 miles for symbolic reasons relating to Alaska being the 49th state.

Both routes finish in NOME ALASKA.

As the British Monarch is coronated, Messah Oil from the Crocodile of the Nile is administered in anointing. Messah = Messiah. This OIL is symbolic of OIL RICH ALASKA, where the Messianic Flood will descend from.




St. Edwards Crown is used on Coats of Arms, flags, and other symbolic items such as Police Badges. The chart below is from page 23, and shows St. Edwards Crown on top of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police crest. Since this crown is an Islamic symbol of control, and symbolizes the FLOOD and SEISMIC cataclysm being initiated and pouring out from the Bering Strait of Alaska, it explains why the favourite organization for policemen to join are the Freemasons. Freemasons are Islamic / ICE LAMB-IC sun god worshippers, as are the British Royals and the Popes, and as you study the next 3 charts, it will become obvious how the symbolism of Police Forces are devised to create our reality and the desired coming devastation.



Below are an assortment of control and death symbols, commonly referred to as BADGES of AUTHORITY. Notice the LINCOLNSHIRE Police Badge is an 8 Pointed Star, which is a very nice way of hiding an OCTAGON of CONTROL, which in turn is a symbol of the DOUBLE CROSS. This badge is nicely topped off with St. Edwards Crown symbolizing the coming Global Warming Flood and Earthquake activity. One shouldn’t worry however, because, after all, the POLICEMAN is your FRIEND.



One of the most common forms of the POLICE BADGE is shown placed under the North American continent. North America symbolically means the THRONE SEA KILL. North America was conjured up for the sole purpose of being used as the ROCK of JUDGMENT in the Day of the Lords Wrath at the Marriage Supper of the Lamb. For this reason, the ISLAMIC / ICE LAMB religion had to be created to become the world’s largest religion, and then coupled with Christianity and Judaism, so that the ICE LAMB cleansing saviour of god, with all its subliminal sinister hypnotic misdirection of reality, could be delivered into our Paradise State by every deceitful method available to the luciferian THINKERS.

Notice how the vertical border in the State of Alaska, which is the Al-Aqsa Mosque, which points directly to MECCA, is precisely lined up with the top left angle of the badge underneath. The curve of the badge then completely misses the Alaskan Panhandle and follows almost exactly, the west coast of North America. The curve then turns to follow the southern edge of California, Arizona, New Mexico and then curves again to coincide nearly perfectly with the southern point of TEXAS. This is another massive subliminal, directing our reality in the way of lunacy.

The BADGE is in the form of a SHIELD. As the right side then extends along the East Coast of the USA, it then curves out again to include the majority of the Canadian SHIELD. The very centre of this particular BADGE also has a rectangle with red bars in the centre. The centre of this rectangle is almost exactly centred with WINNIPEG MANITOBA, the geographical centre of Canada, and almost that of North America. The word POLICIA is also place at the top edge of this badge, coinciding with the notion of POLAR ICE in the North.


Marshall – SHARIF – Sheriff – AL-BURAQ

Police, marshall, cop, sheriff, … where did these words originate?

Salad Dressing for the MARRIAGE SUPPER

On the map showing the St. Lawrence Seaway and the Great lakes entering California, a very strange thing occurs. As has occurred throughout this site, different food items have symbolically become part of the luciferian agenda. Another such item, which would be very fitting for a MARRIAGE SUPPER, is SALAD DRESSING. On previous pages DALLAS was mentioned as being SALLAD in reverse. When SALAD is served at a MARRIAGE SUPPER, salad dressing is always called for. Study the map below and locate the St. Lawrence Seaway, the Great Lakes, where the Province of Quebec would be, (just above the St. Lawrence, extending to Hudson Bay), and the Province of Ontario (covers northern Arizona and most of Utah).


Thousand Island Dressing

Thousand Island Dressing symbolizes the Thousand Islands in the St. Lawrence, which are located at the west end of the the St. Lawrence Seaway, just before entering Lake Ontario. This puts the 1000 Islands right in the middle of the Sacramento/San Joaquin Valleys. The Thousand Islands are located in Ontario and New York State.

French Dressing

The next dressing to be served up is FRENCH DRESSING. When overlayed on the 11 Western States, FRENCH QUEBEC covers about half of California and most of Nevada. Quebec is the FRENCH DRESSING.

Besides these symbolic Salad Dressings of the St. Lawrence Seaway and Great Lakes/Quebec/Ontario region coinciding with the State of California and Nevada, there are also symbolic locations in the western states that refer to this form, this SALAD DRESSING form, of subliminal messaging. Always keep in mind as you read this nonsense, that this is hypnotic suggestion. It doesn’t make any reasonable or rational sense, but its how we’re being manipulated. This manipulation is performed just below our conscious threshold, just below our ability to recognize deceit and misdirection. This is the power of the lie of the luciferian mindset. This is their power to control. Some of these Salad Dressings are listed below.

SALAD = DALLAS = Death AL-LAHS = DEATH LA (Death Los Angeles)

Roquefort/Bleu Cheese – ROCK 4 T/BLUE CHEESE Dressing

The 11 Western States form the Judgment ROCK of GOD (Four-Ruof-Bark, 4 Square Foundation, 44, etc.). BLEU = BLUE, the Judgment Water, desired by the luciferian thinkers to cleanse the earth.


Russian Dressing is symbolized by the Russian River that goes right through Bohemian Grove, the elite playground of the luciferian puppets who do the bidding of the THINKING EGREGORE. Bohemian Grove is situated 80 miles north of San Francisco, right where the St. Lawrence Seaway enters California.


Another dressing is RANCH and the SALAD is DALLAS. Dallas is located in
Texas, the mecca of RANCHING.


Catalina Dressing is symbolized by Catalina Island, just off the coast of Los Angeles.

Once again, keep in mind that this is all subliminal suggestion. Our reality is being shaped for us by the luciferian THOUGHT PROCESS, by the symbolisms that are introduced within our psyche completely undetected on a conscious level.


Originating in Tijuana Mexico, CAESAR Dressing is symbolically located in CAESARS PALACE in Las Vegas.


In many cities across the USA there are parts of metropolitan areas known as LITTLE ITALY. In San Francisco, one such area of North Beach, includes Little Italy, as well as RUSSIAN HILL, symbolizing 2 salad dressings. This area includes the Church of St’s. Peter and Paul, and the CROOKEDEST STREET IN THE WORLD.

As a bit of a side note, but not too much, as all things of major world significance are aiming at the desired cataclysm of the luciferian Thought Form, the tumbling STOCK MARKET of the last few days needs to be mentioned. The subliminals are almost overwhelming, and today, March 2, was exactly 105 years ago that Dr. Seuss was born in 1904. Dr. Seuss was born in Springfield Massachusetts, which name alludes to the flooding of California. He also used the pen names of THEO (meaning GOD), as his name is THEODOR, which in itself, symbolically means DEATH ROSE.


Another symbolic pen name used by Dr. Seuss is ROSETTA STONE. This is the Judgment ROSE STONE of the 11 Western United States. Today, March 2, 2009, the Stock Market fell 300 points to close at the Dow Jones at 6763, an 11 year low. This is getting awfully close to a symbolic 6,666, so it will be incredibly interesting to watch if they have something planned for this number of sacrifice. Dr. Seuss’s 105 birthday coincides with 9 on the 9th clockface.


Google Video – illuminatiMATRIX explanatory video detailing the foundational root of hypnosis, religion, intellectualism and who and what god is.

Click here to watch video.

YouTube Video highlighting some of the subliminal elements hidden in the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem

Please read the next paragraph before watching the ROCK VIDEO.

On the ROCK VIDEO, the World Trade Center is mistakenly called the ROCKEFELLER PLAZA. The WTC was conceived and promoted by the Rockefellers. The Rockefeller Plaza is to the north of the World Trade Centre, on the MANHATTAN ROCK, or MANNA STONE. The WTC and the Rockefeller Plaza , along with the area of CENTRAL PARK, relate to the TEMPLE MOUNT in Jerusalem, and the Al Aqsa Mosque, the Dome of the ROCK, and the Temple Courtyard. These in turn relate to the North American West Coast. See page 39 for more details.

Click here to watch the new Rock Video on YouTube.

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