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Google Video – illuminatiMATRIX explanatory video detailing the foundational root of hypnosis, religion, intellectualism and who and what god is.

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YouTube Video highlighting some of the subliminal elements hidden in the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem

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On the ROCK VIDEO, the World Trade Center is mistakenly called the ROCKEFELLER PLAZA. The WTC was conceived and promoted by the Rockefellers. The Rockefeller Plaza is to the north of the World Trade Centre, on the MANHATTAN ROCK, or MANNA STONE. The WTC and the Rockefeller Plaza , along with the area of CENTRAL PARK, relate to the TEMPLE MOUNT in Jerusalem, and the Al Aqsa Mosque, the Dome of the ROCK, and the Temple Courtyard. These in turn relate to the North American West Coast. See page 39 for more details.

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January 15, 2009, US Airways AIRBUS 320 crash landed into the HUDSON River in New York. It appears that the airplane flew into a FLOCK OF GEESE, disabling both engines, forcing the plane to make an emergency landing in the Hudson River. This event took place precisely 5 days before the inauguration of Barack Obama as 44th president of the USA. The pilot was Captain C.B. SullenBerGer, (a B and G name). The Captain did a magnicifent job of landing the plane, saving all 155 people on board. On the same day, on the Kuril Islands, near the Kamchatka Peninsula, Russia, at almost exactly the same moment, a 7.4 magnitude earthquake occurred at 47 degrees N. and 155 degrees E. The numbers 47=11 on the 4th clockface and 155=11 on the 13th clockface. The number 13=1+3=4, indicating 2-number 4’s, in the year of the 44th president. 13 also coincides with 1, symbolic of the New Age. Likewise 4+7=11 and 1+5+5=11. These numbers would, of course, appear to be just coincidental except for the fact that they’re based on the characteristics of a beam of light, which itself, is simply an illusion. Therefore, these number combinations are meant to perpetuate the illusion, and implant suggestions within our subconscious minds, thereby establishing our illusory reality.

Some of the images from the Hudson River plane crash are shown below. This event took place very near to the Financial District of Manhattan. The plane is seen below, with the Freemasonic Statue of Liberty in the background, situated beside ELLIS ISLAND. This is in the vicinity of BATTERY PARK City, on the lower edge of Manhattan. Also present in this photo, is yet another hypnotic sigil magic marker known as the Stars and Stripes, or the Star Spangled Banner, the flag of the USA.


STAR SPANGLED BANNER = Egyptian God NUT / NIGHT gathering the DEAD unto herself

The World Trade Centre attack occurred on September 11, 2001. The ‘Miracle On The Hudson‘ took place on January 15, 2009 – 88 months after 911. This was the 3rd plane aimed at New York and demonstrates the ongoing nature of the next and last 911, already in progress. New York coincides with Los Angeles as demonstrated by reversing the North American Craton ROCK, and the name NEW YORK refers to the NEW ROSE, or NEW AGE that will rise out of the desired luciferian world cataclysm. This plane, landing as it did on the Hudson, which symbolically relates to the Pacific Ocean, is establishing the suggestion that CALIFORNIA should be inundated. On page 1 of this site, the relationship to the 1st two planes used in the WTC attack, relate to Towers 1 and 2, that in turn relate to OREGON and ARIZONA, 2 names implying ORION.

Another bit of symbolism that comes to mind with the downing of Flight 1549, is the sinking of the TITANIC. The Titanic was named after the old Greek deities who were defeated by the younger generation of gods, led by ZEUS. See the symbolism connecting Flight 1549 and the sinking of the Titanic the state of California and the coming 2010 OLYMPICS in Vancouver / Mount Olympus Washington (approximately 4 charts lower down the page).


The Statue of Liberty is built on a base of an 11 Pointed Star. The number 11 has been associated with Death throughout this site, and the suggestion here, is that LIBERTY COMES THROUGH DEATH. Without death, according to all Sun/Son God worshipping religions, there can be no resurrection and freedom from the bonds of sin. For this reason, the new presidential limousine also includes the license 44, symbolizing 4-11’s, or death based on the 4 square foundational characteristics of a beam of light . The new limousine is a GM Cadillac, not a Lincoln as previously stated. The information regarding the limousine obtained on the internet conflicted with the actual car used in the inauguration ceremony. However, a Cadillac, carries with it, symbolism as well.

Here’s a bit of information about the CADILLAC that adds yet another touch of subliminal suggestion to the confusion regarding the limousine brand used by Barack Obama. (Thanks to Chris for this).

Cadillac is a brand of luxury vehicles owned by General Motors. Cadillac vehicles are officially sold in over 50 countries and territories, with the majority sold in the United States,Canada and Mexico.In the mid-20th century, the name became a synonym for “high quality”, used in such phrases as “the Cadillac of watches,” referring to a Rolex. Cadillac’s current slogan is Life. Liberty. And The Pursuit., in reference to the inalienable rights stressed in the United States Declaration of Independence. 1776 / 2 = 888

Cadillac was formed from the remnants of the Henry Ford Company when Henry Ford departed along with several of his key partners and the company was dissolved. With the intent of liquidating the firm’s assets, Ford’s financial backers, William Murphy and Lemuel Bowen called in engineer Henry M. Leland of Leland & Faulconer Manufacturing Company to appraise the plant and equipment prior to selling them. Instead, Leland persuaded them to continue the automobile business using Leland’s proven 1-cylinder engine. Henry Ford’s departure required a new name, and on August 22, 1902, the company reformed as the Cadillac Automobile Company. Leland & Faulconer Manufacturing and the Cadillac Automobile Company merged in 1905.

The Cadillac automobile was named after the 17th century French explorer Antoine Laumet de La Mothe, sieur de Cadillac, who founded Detroit in 1701.

In a strange sort of way, the Cadillac is connected to a Ford, which in turn is connected to a Lincoln. There’s always a subliminal attached for why things unfold as they do. We’ll just watch and wait to see what this one reveals.

CADILLAC = KA life/death force – DI Die – LLA LA or Allah – C sea


Lincoln was assassinated in the FORD’S THEATRE. John Kennedy was riding in a FORD LINCOLN limousine when he was assassinated on 11/22/1963.



Its all about symbolism and subliminal messaging when it comes to the luciferian mind. Without these tools of deception, they have nothing. The whole automobile industry has been perpetuated for the most part by Freemasons. The Interstate Highway System of the USA was established by the efforts of men such as Henry Ford. It is no small coincidence that the Transportation Systems of the world are referred to as TRANCE PORT A SUN systems. The ability to transport in a 3 dimensional perspective, solidifies the belief in SPACE and TIME. The ability to transport faster, higher, farther, even to the moon and beyond, completely seals the notion that time and space are real.

9-11’s All Over The Place

The numbers 9 and 11 and 4, or 44, or 8, are very much in vogue at this point in the luciferian hypnotic agenda. Here’s another that defies logic completely. Barack Obama was born on August 4, 1961, making him 47 years old as of January 19, 2009, one day before his inauguration. Michelle Obama was born on January 17, 1964, making her age 45. Obama’s August birthday makes him a LEO, or LION KING, and subliminally suggests LINCOLN, LLIONNC, or LION KING. August is the 8th month, the number of control. The 4th day relates to the 4 square foundation, and the 44th presidency.

45 = 4+5=9 and 45 coincides with 9 on the 4th clockface.
47 = 4+7=11 and 47 coincides with 11 on the 4th clockface.

Two birthdays coinciding with 9 and 11 on 4+4 clockfaces, or 44, or 4+4=8. As well, 9+11=20 which coincides with 8 on the 2nd clockface.

The next US CONGRESS will be the 111th with Barack Obama as High Priest. He began his Senate experience in the 109th Congress, and his Presidency with the 111th.


A bit more symbolism that links the World Trade Centre attack and the inauguration of Barack Obama to Abraham Lincoln is seen in the Lincoln Memorial itself. Remember, the people involved in the political and intellectual maneuverings of the luciferian agenda, are more in the dark than anyone, and for the most part, haven’t the foggiest notion what’s transpiring. Intellectualism is the darkest state of being.

The Lincoln Memorial’s strongest influence in design was based on the DORIC style of the TEMPLE of ZEUS in Olympia Greece. Olympia Greece is located at 37 degrees North, just as San Francisco, the symbolic location of the Lincoln Memorial, is also at 37 degrees North. The Olympic gods, led by Zeus, form a major portion of subliminal messaging in regards to the luciferian agenda for total control. The Lincoln Memorial is referred to as a memorial, but in reality is a TEMPLE to a god, and that god is Abraham, or Janus, or Zeus, or any number of mythical deities exhibiting FATHER LIKE, or RABBI (RABBIT) like characteristics.

Incidentally, speaking of RABBITS (or BUNNIES), Playboy Magazine just published their 55th Anniversary issue on January 2009. The number 55=sacrifice 5×11. Playboy moved from Chicago to Los Angeles, just as other symbolic aspects of the luciferian agenda have done, either in direct, or symbolic fashion.

The DORIC COLUMNS of the Lincoln Temple, echo the 2 faced God Janus, the god of DOORWAYS, Hallways, Corridors and Gateways. This symbolically suggests that Janus, or Lincoln, the LION, will open the GATE, or DOOR, symbolized by the GOLDEN GATE BRIDGE, that will allow the WATER and EARTHQUAKE to proceed from the LIONS GATE BRIDGE in Vancouver/Mount Olympus Washington, site of the 2010 Olympics, at some time in the future.

The 36 COLUMNS represent the DOVE COLUMBE or HOLY SPIRIT, the LIVING WATER, of the Queen of Heaven, Mary, or Maria, that will Cascade down through the Golden Gate following the Cascadia Ridge Subduction Zone and the Cascade Mountain Range. Each column is 44 feet high. This being the year of the 44th High Priest who will occupy the White House Temple, which itself coincides with Yellowstone/Holystone Wyoming, the 44th state to join the UNION, it seems more than fitting that the Columns should be 44 feet high.

Furthermore, the Lincoln Temple site was chosen 100 years before the World Trade Centre attack, in 1901. At that time it was SWAMPLAND, or land saturated in WATER. The land around the Lincoln Temple, including the Tidal Basin were purposely designed in the shape they are to coincide with the west coast of the 11 Western States, and showing where the inundation of water will occur in California and Arizona. On February 9, 1911, the Temple received authorization to proceed, 100 years before the FREEDOM TOWER is set to open in New York City, which will replace the World Trade Centre Columns. The Lincoln Temple finished construction on May 30, 1922, 90 years before the Summer Olympics take place in LONDON. Once again, its only fitting that the height of the Lincoln Temple is 99 feet high, echoing the 9 – 11’s of September 11, 2001. Furthermore, this height is symbolic of the 99 names that the Islamic faith has for God. This Temple is located on 23rd Street North West, symbolic of the the Pacific Northwest, and Mount Olympus Washington and the 2010 Olympics. The number 23 coincides with 11, the number of death. 2+3=5, the number of sacrifice.

Also on display for Barack Obama’s inauguration will be Lincoln’s topcoat and top hat. This symbolizes the magic of al-Buraq, Muhammad’s Magic Horse, and the Wabbit, Rabbit father god, of the children of Abraham. The 36 columns also have 20 conCAVE flutes (Well of Souls) representing CONTROL in the DORIC fashion. The number 3+6=9, the FALL.


The Titanic – Titans – Olympians – California

The symbolism in regards to the downing of Flight 1549 is associated with the sinking of the Titanic that links to California and once again, the Financial Crash throughout the world. In turn, being that the Financial District of New York was centred around the World Trade Centre at the ROCKeFELLER PLAZA, which again, is patterned after Foundation ROCK on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, Flight 1549 connects with all these aspects.

The night of April 15, 1912, saw the Titanic hit an iceberg and eventually sink at 2:20 am. 220= 2×11. At that time, just 6 miles away, the SS CALIFORNIAN, a YELLOW FUNNEL SHIP, captained by STANLEY LORD, had not responded to flares sent up by the TITANIC just after midnight.


Yet another YELLOW FUNNEL SHIP was in the area called the SS MOUNT TEMPLE. Once again, this ship didn’t respond to the flares or wireless signals from the TITANIC.

The wireless call signal for the SS Californian was MLQ = MLK = MILK.

The Californian was sunk by a German U-Boat on November 11, 1915. Another 11-11, in the year of the deity, 15.

Both of these ships, the SS CALIFORNIAN and the SS MOUNT TEMPLE were launched in 1901, 100 years before the World Trade Centre attack. This is the same year the site for the Lincoln Memorial was selected. The Californian, and the Mount Temple symbolize the 11 Western States, the Foundation ROCK under the Dome of the ROCK which is situated on the TEMPLE MOUNT in Jerusalem. The connection of both these ships to the desired luciferian flood which is to originate in the Northern Arctic waters of Canada is evident in that, the Mount Temple was owned by CANADIAN PACIFIC LINES, (CP SHIPS), and the Californian was captained by STANLEY LORD. This name, STANLEY LORD, is the reverse of LORD STANLEY, a Freemason, who lends his name to the world famous STANLEY PARK located right at the LIONS GATE BRIDGE in Vancouver, the site of the 2010 Olympics. This is the same LORD STANLEY that the NHL HOCKEY LEAGUE trophy, the STANLEY CUP is named after. The acronym NHL = NILE, which in turn symbolizes the Global Warming Flood. This game of ICE HOCKEY simply refers to EYE SEE, or the WAY, the name of god YAHWEH, the WAY of the WATER, and the term HAWK EYE, yet another symbol of Zeus.

As seen on page 34, the name STAN, as in PakiSTAN, etc., is an Arabic term that symbolically suggests the name SHAITAN. Shaitan is the Arabic term for Satan, or knowledge, and to be enlightened. Lord Stanley was a Freemason, supposedly one of the ‘enlightened’ believers in the All Seeing Eye, and his name suggests the LORD SATAN LAY. Taken yet one more step, it suggests, Lord Satan LA, or ALLAH, which again, is simply suggesting to our subconscious mind, the City of Los Angeles, or LA.

Flight 1549 was a 320 AIRBUS, and flares from the Titanic were seen once again at 3:20 am. Just another coincidence. The Titanic was an OLYMPIC CLASS passenger ship, and Vancouver will be the site of the 2010 Winter Olympics. The Winter Olympics are crucial to establishing the illusory future events, as they deal exclusively with SNOW, WATER, and ICE. All necessary components for conjuring up an illusory flood.

Another ship near the Titanic that night, was the CARPATHIA, which picked up passengers from the Titanic, now in life boats, and took them to New York to CHELSEA PIER 54. (54-4+5=9). The captain of Flight 1549 was CHESLEY B. SULLENBERGER III, echoing the Chelsea Pier in New York. Yet again, Captain CHESLEY Sullenberger was lives in Danville, California.

The image of the TITANIC sinking, one which most remember from the movies, and old newspaper clippings, is that of the ship launching up into the air, then breaking in two, with one section longer than the other. This image relates to the angle of California, the 135 degree angle of the Dome of the ROCK, and the angle of ORION’S Constellation. The break in the ship coincides with the area from Lake Tahoe, to Sacramento, to San Francisco. Which in turn points to the DOG STAR SIRIUS, which relates to HAWAII, or HAWAH, or HIGH WATER, and is the direction the DOG GOD, called BARK, or BARACK, came from on his trek to Washington. The break in the ship extends from East to West, the same direction as the crack on the Foundation ROCK that goes from San Francisco to Las Vegas. In both instances, the WATER pours into the BROKEN ship and BROKEN state of California. Interestingly enough, the state of California is suffering from an economy that can’t meet its bills. California is BROKE.


Below is a mock-up of a ‘Future Map of America’ after the Global Warming Flood occurs. (Thanks to Mike for finding this one). Take note of the water covering California, Oregon, Nevada, Utah and Arizona. (This hearkens back to George Straits song ‘Ocean Front Property (in Arizona)’, where he’ll throw the Golden Gate in for free). Also the areas along the whole west coast and those areas surrounding Hudson Bay. As well, more water is present in the Mississippi region, from the Gulf up towards Lake Michigan and the earthquake region of Cairo Illinois, once called ‘Little Egypt’.



When the Pope visited New York in 2008, the timing of his visit with the Kentucky Derby, the Preakness Stakes and the Belmont Stakes, coincided with the Myanmar/Burma Cyclone and the Sichuan China Earthquake. The Pope’s visit also coincided with the visit of the Dalai Lama to the USA. One very notable sports story that also occurred during these visits, were the accomplishments of a horse called BIG BROWN. This horse won the Kentucky Derby and the Preakness Stakes with ease. In both instances, the Mayanmar/Burma Cyclone and the Sichuan Earthquake almost simultaneously transpired with these events. Yet again, BIG BROWN has risen to the occasion, in the most hideous of ways. A BIG BROWN flock of GEESE flew into the engines of Flight 1549 and downed the airplane. The plane made a soft landing on the Hudson River with virtually no injuries. (There’s nothing softer than GOOSE DOWN).

At approximately the same time of the day, on the Kuril Islands of Russia, it was now January 16, 2009 (due to crossing the International Date Line). At 3:49, exactly 16 minutes after Flight 1549 came down, an earthquake magnitude 7.4 struck the Kuril Islands. The East coordinate was 155 degrees. There were also 155 people on Flight 1549. What’s curious here, is that, 5 days before the inauguration of Barack Obama, the 44th President, who so openly emulated Abraham Lincoln, the 16th President, an earthquake strikes 16 minutes (4×4) after the plane comes down at 3:33 (3×111 – Obama to preside over the 111th Congress), on the 16th (4×4) of January, and the time of the earthquake is 3:49 (3+4+9=16), at 7.4 magnitude (7+4=11). All these coinciding numbers revolve around the Hudson River, right at the doorstep of the old World Trade Centre site, which coincides with the Pacific Ocean symbolically. The Pacific Ocean coincides again, with the Potomac River at Washington DC, with the Lincoln Memorial on its banks, which coincides with the area around San Francisco, California. (As shown on the chart just above, demonstrating the sinking of the Titanic, California now coincides with the events surrounding the Titanic). Every one of these events includes water, the notion of sinking, lost riches as in a financial crisis, and the possibility of, or actual death occurring. But not just occurring anywhere, but all symbolically point to California.


LAC is the term referring to LACTOSE in MILK. Also called MILK SUGAR or SUGAR of MILK. The constellation Orion glows with a bright white, and is the inspiration, along with the Milky Way, for the name of the White House and a multitude of other geographical ‘White’ locations throughout the world. Along with the Milky Way, the Nile in the Sky, symbolizing the Great Flood, Milk is the sacred symbol of the ages that embodies the characteristics of the luciferian hypnotic flood. Those characteristics include MILK and HONEY, or the CRYSTALLINE SUGAR ONLY FOUND IN MILK, called LACTOSE. We’ve all heard of LACTOSE INTOLERANCE among some people in society. This is suggesting the Great Flood.

CRYSTALLINE = CHRIST AL NILE = CHRIST LA NILE the river of god in Los Angeles

The sacred symbol that provides this MILK is the COW. Cow’s Milk is 4.7% lactose.

The chemical formula for LACTOSE = C12 H22 O11 = 12 fullness of time – 22, 2×11 or death (coincides with 10 for intensity) and 2+2=4 square foundation. And 11 = death. As well, 12+22+11=45 which coincides with 9 on the 4th clockface.

4.7 = 47 = 4+7 = 11 or 47 coincides with 11 on the 4th clockface. Barack Obama is 47 years old as he assumes the presidency.

HOWEVER, Barack Obama flubbed a line in the official oath on January 20, 2009, so on January 21, 2009, Chief Justice Roberts went to the White House and repeated the oath with Barack Obama.

This date translates as 01/21/2009 = 1+21+20+9=51 which coincides with 3 on the 5th clockface. The number 21 also coincides with 9 on the 2nd clockface. Yet again, 5+1=6 the number of the sacrificer, the christ/antichrist notion. These numbers are all just nonsense if the symbolic subliminal strength isn’t taken into consideration. The subconcious mind takes it all in and muddles around with it all, attempting to make sense out of something that’s not meant to make any sense. However, when certain suggestions are made regarding the luciferian manipulation and the ongoing agenda of control, the masses of humanity react, feeling quite confident and certain that this is what they should be doing. All this is MASS HYPNOSIS THROUGH THE MANIPULATION OF LIGHT.


What’s An Inauguration Of The HIGH PRIEST Without A HUMAN SACRIFICE

On December 27, 2008, the Israeli Army began attacks on Gaza to silence the Hamas rocket attacks on Israel. The luciferian mindset, controlling both sides of the issue, directed the puppet leaders to perform this pointless HUMAN SACRIFICE RITUAL in honour of the incoming 44th HIGH PRIEST of Yeshua (USA). For 23 days (23 coincides with 11 = DEATH and 2+3=5 SACRIFICE), the Israeli’s hammered the innocent people of Gaza, (which coincides with the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Los Angeles) and the Hamas leaders fired rockets at the innocent civilians of Israel. The whole charade was complete insanity. By the time the inauguration of the 44th High Priest was due, the shelling stopped, a cease fire was established (sort of), and 1300 Palestinians and 13 Israelis were SACRIFICED TO BARACK OBAMA.

1300 or 13 coincides with 1 the New Age. The 100:1 ratio involved in Israeli to Palestinian sacrifice victims, demonstrates the SUN GOD, the SION GOD, the GOD of the ION, the Light Bringing God’s message to the whole world. There are a chosen people to follow and to admonish as the people of god, and to think to do otherwise will require MASSIVE SACRIFICE. Of course, this is the theme of the whole inauguration of the 44th HIGH PRIEST. Everyone must sacrifice in order to make the system work. Everyone must dig in and volunteer, and become a bleeding heart to attempt to fix and maintain something that is purposely designed to fail and destroy. In other words, EVERYONE MUST BECOME A SLAVE to the SYSTEM. As the 44th HIGH PRIEST preaches about an END TO SLAVERY, its really just the beginning of what the luciferian thinkers hope to be ETERNAL SLAVERY to a MINDSET perpetuating lunacy.

NUMBER 44 – SWASTIKA – RUFF – BARK – Sirius/Serious

The number 44 is the symbol of the CORNERSTONE of faith in the SION GOD. This is 1 corner of the atom symbol, OR 1/4 of the Light Beam symbol demonstrated on this chart, with the CIRCLE and SQUARE drawn around it.


The word:


When you take 4 – 4’s and reverse one of them, and place them back to back, you obtain a square. 2 of these squares, with 1 given a 45 degree twist, forms an OCTAGON. An octagon can also be formed by placing 4 fours in the order shown in the top left corner of the ‘FOUR CHART‘. Two 4’s also form an ‘HOURGLASS’, a symbol of control through the concept of TIME PASSING. The open-topped number 4, when overlapped 4 times, form a SWAZTIKA. They also form a SQUARE, with a CROSS in the middle. All the symbolism attached to the number 4, is multiplied by another 4, and another, and another. This is how the luciferian mindset replicates in perpetuity, the 3 dimensional light show flashing all around us. The number 4 is pronounced as FOUR, which eventually works its symbolism to express the BARK of a DOG. This DOG represents a GOD, and is the DOG STAR called SIRIUS, which coincides with HAWAII, (as shown on previous pages). This is the birthplace of Barack Obama, (on official forms), whose nickname is BARK and/or BEAR, and his name BARACK relates to the BARK of a DOG GOD, and suggests the BA sacrifice on the RK or ROCK.

The whole inauguration process began today, January 20, 2009, from the Blair House, where Obama travelled in his NEW CADILLAC LIMOUSINE called ‘The BEAST’, down 8th STREET (control) to St. John’s (OANNES the fish god) Episcopal Church. This church has 6 COLUMNS (the sacrificer) and is painted YELLOW and WHITE, (Holiness unto EYE-T God). The swearing in ceremonies began at 12 NOON eastern time, which made it 11 AM in Cairo Illinois, right in the fork of the Mississippi and Ohio Rivers. In Kansas, (Kans-OZ), and YELLOWSTONE, (Holystone), this event took place at 10 AM and in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Mount Olympus and Vancouver, at 9 AM. What symbolically transpired with these time zone changes, was the symbolic seismic locations of Cairo, Yellowstone, and the Western States, was another 9 representing the FALL, and an 11 representing DEATH, in the fork of the rivers that symbolize the NILE.

After the church service, the 44th High Priest is off to the White House Temple to have COFFEE and TEA with the 43rd High Priest. COFFEE = KHOFU and KHAFRE and MENKAURE, or KOFFEE, EEFFOK, or the name of the FUCK GOD. Tea = T, the sacrifice CROSS. All this chit chat occurred in the BLUE ROOM of the White House, or symbolically the WATER and SKY ROOM, symbolic of where NUT, the Night Goddess gathers the dead unto herself, ‘to protect them’.

The Oath of Office to swear in the next High Priest is only 35 words, which coincides with 11 on the 3rd clockface, yet another 11.

As one can see, this is not just a simple transition of power from one political leader to another, this is the highest form of symbolic SUN GOD WORSHIP disguised as some common aspect of the democratic process. There is no such thing as a democratic process, anymore than there is a tooth fairy.

Something that mustn’t be overlooked is the date of the inauguration itself. January 20, 2009 translates as:

01/20/2009 = 01+20+20+09 = 50 the number of sacrifice with intensity. This is the same number 50 that appeared on the $50 bill, 2001 series, (shown on page 27), with the subliminal implant showing the 2 World Trade Centre Towers collapsing, that ultimately killed almost 3,000 people.










Dome Rock Mountains Arizona

The 8 sided Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem, covers the Foundation Stone which relates to the shape of the 11 Western States. On the map just above, right at the lower left border of California and across the Colorado River in Arizona, the Dome Rock Mountains stretch for only 35 miles. These mountains are situated just at the edge of the 8 sided Dome of the Rock octagon that fits into the angle of California, and touches on all the 11 Western States when extended to the Canadian Border and to the outside edge of Colorado. The obvious question is, ‘WHY ARE THESE MOUNTAINS, WHICH ARE LOCATED AT THE EDGE OF THE DOME OF THE ROCK OCTAGON, CALLED DOME ROCK MOUNTAINS?’

On the map, RIVERSIDE COUNTY comes to the edge of the Colorado River. Islamic tradition states that the ‘voices of the dead can be heard with the Rivers of Paradise’ as you listen in the Well of Souls cave. Here again, another strange coincidence that Riverside County is adjacent to The Dome Rock Mountains. Also, IMPERIAL COUNTY is just to the south, suggesting something ROYAL. Again, BIG MARIA MOUNTAINS are situated in Riverside County. Big MARIA = MARY = SEA = SEE, the Queen of Heaven. Right in the middle of all this, are 2 sets of CHOCOLATE MOUNTAINS, with chocolate meaning the ‘FOOD OF THE GODS’. There’s even one more Egytian Sun God worshipping mountain range in this vicinity called the KOFA MOUNTAINS. The Great Pyramid of Giza is called KHUFU.


Some of these names are located in CALIFORNIA, which name, as shown on the chart below, comes from the term Caliphate, that refers to the Muslim leader, or the CALIPH. California has the angle of ORION’S constellation, (135 degrees). The combination of these 2 concepts creates the word:


The Muslim caliph who built the Dome of the Rock in 690-691 AD was called Caliph Abd al-Malik.

ABD AL-MALIK = BA sacrifice Death ALLAH/LA/Los Angeles MILK
The word MILK referring once again to the Great Flood of the Nile.

Some of these mountain range names are located in ARIZONA = A RISE ON = HOR EYES ON = ORION

Both ARIZONA and CALIFORNIA are inspired by the ORION CONTELLATION. As well, and mentioned on previous pages, Oregon, at the north border of California is also based on the word Orion. OREGON = OR-EY-ON = ORION.

With all this Islamic/Muslim symbolism just wreaking throughout the United States of America, it seems rather odd that this country has declared war on Islamic extremism, when nothing could be more extreme than creating a nation filled with massive Islamic symbology, and at the same time, ATTEMPTING TO HIDE IT!




Islamic/Muslim/Jewish/Christian Egyptian Sun God worship symbolism in the New World doesn’t end here however. The Island of Cuba, if pronounced as KAW-BA, is the very same name as the KAABA Stone in the Islamic Mosque of Mecca. Cuba is also known for its incredible baseball players, in spite of its small size. Taking into consideration the name CUBA = KAABA the sound of this word is almost identical to KAA-BALL, which in turn is the term given to the KABBALA, or the Tree of Life. The Kabbala is the ability to manipulate matter, one molecule at a time, and for centuries, has been referred to as MAGIC.

KAABA = KA-BALL-A = KA life/death force – BALL-A sacrifice of Allah/LA

In reality, and symbolically, Cuba derives its name from the Kabbala, the mysteries associated with the world’s Secret Societies (SECRET=SACRED=SEX) reaching back to ancient BA-BY-LON.



What actually occurs within the Kabbala secret space, where matter can be manipulated one molecule at a time, is that the sub-atomic particles have spin. When the particles are separated and removed to any distance from one another, (even light years apart – distance has no effect), those particles that were once associated at close range will keep spinning in the same direction. Interestingly, when the spin is changed on one separated sub atomic particle, the other separated particles will now change their spin in agreement. This is why, in voodoo, spiritism, religious miracles, satanic rituals, black magic, corporate advertising, etc. … whatever is chosen to be manipulated, some particle relating to that chosen subject must be OBTAINED or CREATED. Understanding that sub-atomic particles are originally created through the THOUGHT PROCESS conjured up by the luciferian egregore group of thinkers, then creating an intense focus upon a chosen subject, or a CHOSEN THOUGHT, with a like minded group, an EGREGORE, can direct and change the spin of the particles at any distance. This is performed endlessly in politics, religion, intellectual institutions and the media.

This Kabbalism Secret is then transferred to the game of Baseball. With the shape of the Ball Diamond to agree with one quarter of the Atom Symbol, (as demonstrated on this site) and with certain dimensions, rules, and symbols introduced, the game becomes a satanic (knowledge or enlightenment) ritual, that can change the spin of whatever is suggested, either subliminally or consciously as the game is played out. Interestingly, the game of baseball is played for 9 INNINGS, or 9 EYES, yet again, or EYN EYES, or simply EYES, and is the number of the FALL. Baseball can extend to extra innings in the event of a tie, and can go on indefinitely. In relation to the luciferian agenda, the duality game of baseball, which is the 3D experience, will continue on indefinitely, keeping humanity locked in a state of emotional hysteria and thereby controlling the Paradise State.

The name CUBA refers to the CUB, the Little Bear or the Little Dipper, or Ursa Minor. This is the KA-BA, or Killing Sacrifice. The Little Dipper, if you recall, pours into the Big Dipper in the sky, and this relates to Alaska pouring into California. The name has been picked up and used by the Chicago Cubs in Illinois, with their Blue and Red Circular logo, relating to the All Seeing Eye, or the Enlightenment, of the KA-BA, the CU-BA. The Chicago Cubs are also often called The Boys in Blue noting the team’s primary uniform color, (which itself is often referred to as “Cubbie Blue”) or simply as “The Cubbies”. The franchise is infamous for its 100-year title DROUGHT, NO WATER 1908-2008 the longest of any major North American professional sports teams. This has created an intense desire to end the drought, and this can only be achieved with a lot of water. Subconsciously, the suggestions are all in place. Consciously, it doesn’t make a stitch of sense, but from a sinister hypnotic misdirection perspective, and with the understanding of how sub-atomic particles can be manipulated by intense thought focus, it becomes so very obvious what is transpiring.

Yet again, we have the Little Dipper, the Little Bear CUB, pouring from the CHICAGO CUBS, or KIKAYO KUBS (another KKK) situated on Lake Michigan, (Archangel MICHAEL) down into the 11 midwestern states and the earthquake hotspot at Cairo Illinois also known as Little Egypt.

The CUBS logo forms the All Seeing Eye circle, and captures the colours of WATER with BLUE, and FIRE with RED.
The letters form:

C=SEA and UBS=SUB, or UNDER the SEA, or SUBMARINE, which is hidden in the words ROSE BUSH and the BUSH family and how the SEA will RISE over the USA and beyond during their place in the luciferian agenda.


This 100 year drought is achieved in the very same year that Barack Obama, from Illinois, is elected to be the High Priest of the USA. As demonstrated previously, the name BARACK OBAMA, relates to the lightning of Muhammad’s magic horse, al-Buraq, (Buraq means lightning) which in turn refers to the name of Muhammad, and the MOO/Cow/MILK symbolism relating to the Great Flood. So, the THOUGHT association between the CUBS, the BEARS, the KAABA, CUBA, the DROUGHT, 100 years, WATER, etc. and all the symbology associated with the game of BASEBALL, BUS-BA-LL, or SUB-BA-LL, assists in generating a NEW SPIN on the sub atomic particles that were once associated with these notions, NO MATTER HOW FAR APART they may be from the location of the original thought forms.

BASEBALL = BUS-BALL = SUB marine BA sacrifice of ALLAH or LA

See the Future Map of America just above, showing the water from Lake Michigan flowing into the Mississippi River region, on down to the Gulf of Mexico coast. Consider the flooding that has already occurred there over recent years, and the earthquakes in the area of southern Illinois and Indiana that coincided with the Pope’s visit in 2008. As well, Hurricane Katrina of August, 2005, illustrates the workings of intense thought focus and the manipulation of sub-atomic particles and the literal spin placed on this type of energy manipulation.

HURRICANE = HARRAH-KA-N = HAWAH-KA-EYE = HAYAH Hebrew for “He Who Is”, or I Am That I Am, from the triconsonantal root of HAWAH, which literally means to BLOW or FALL. Yahweh means “He who BLOWS‘, who makes certain things to FALL, (a storm deity). Yahweh lead the Israelites into the Land of Milk and Honey, after Yahweh, or God, appeared to Moses in the BURNING BUSH and revealed his name to him. (See the charts and text above regarding the Burning Bush that would not be consumed).

From wikipedia we get this:

In the book of Job (Iyov), ha-satan is the title, not the proper name, of an angel submitted to God; he is the divine court’s chief prosecutor. In Judaism ha-satan does not make evil, rather points out to God the evil inclinations and actions of humankind. In essence ha-satan has no power unless humans do evil things. After God points out Job’s piety, ha-satan asks for permission to test the faith of Job. The righteous man is afflicted with loss of family, property, and later, health, but he still stays faithful to God. At the conclusion of this book GOD APPEARS AS A WHIRLWIND, explaining to all that divine justice is inscrutable. In the epilogue Job’s possessions are restored and he has a second family to “replace” the one that died.

God appears as the WHIRLWIND, or the HURRICANE, or the HARAKAN, or ARAKAN, or ARK-AN, or RAK EYE, ROCKY
Yet again, ARAKAN = ARKANSAS and LITTLE ROCK being the capital

Abraham married SARAH and at 90 years of age (90 the Fall), Abraham’s son Ishmael was born to HAGAR the handmaiden of Sarah. This symbolism is repeated with the nonsense surrounding the Sarah Palin rhetoric eminating from the al-AQSA Mosque of ALASKA. Sarah Palin being a symbol of JUNO, the Greek mother goddess who brings children to the light. The name SARAH = HARAHS = the HURRICANE, or STORM DEITY once again. Its all the same bull shit repeated over and over again, without the slightest trace of logic whatsoever. Just remember, its not supposed to be logical, its just supposed to suggest, and in suggesting, the sub-atomic particles, all of this illusory reality, changes its spin.

Yet again, SARAH, who was barren, all of a sudden is not barren at the age of 90 (another FALL), and ISAAC is born to her. ISAAC = ISAAK = EYES KA = EYE of KA life/death force


Cuba – Magic Cube of the Cubbala

With the election of Barack Obama, one of the first High Priest orders to come down from the White House Temple was the CLOSING of GUANTANAMO BAY, the US Naval Station Detention Camp in CUBA. There are 250 prisoners left to either be freed, relocated or convicted and imprisoned within the next year. Guantanamo Bay is also referred to as GITMO, a type of acronym. Guantanamo Bay is another G and B name. Therefore it represents a Pillar associated with Solomon’s Temple. This means that it will be used as a symbol of deception as every pillar established within the luciferian agenda is used to manipulate and deceive. In this case, the very elite, presidents, prime ministers, generals, lord’s, and high ranking world manipulators, the very ones who created this torture chamber in the first place, are now calling for its dismantling. This dismantling is now of the utmost importance, and must be performed within the next year.

The Judgment of GITMO BEGINS

GITMO = EYE Sacrifice Cross Mother

The obvious question is “WHY”? Why was there such a rush to get it in place in 2001, with bounties in the millions of dollars placed on the heads of suspects in Afghanistan, and now WHY, is there such a rush to close it, and relocate, or convict, or set free, the prisoners by early 2010? The answer is that the 2010 Winter Olympics occur begin on February 12, 2010, and the suggestions are now being firmly put into place that will cause whatever hardship and turmoil the luciferian agenda hopes to bring to pass by the beginning of the Olympics. Already, the cost overruns are immense as the Olympic site is being built. The creditors have pulled out of financing the Olympic Village, all of which has coincided with Barack Obama being elected as High Priest. The city of Vancouver is on the hook for paying for hundreds of millions of dollars worth of lost credit.

The symbolism of setting the PRISONERS FREE, CONVICTING THEM, or RELOCATING THEM, carries with it the notion of a coming JUDGMENT PERIOD. This is the Judgment of ALLAH being taken to the next level, and the next few years will show that the Financial Crisis, the Energy Crisis, and every other fabricated Crisis, is a simple manipulation tool to show how utterly deserving humanity is of JUDGMENT, and we best fall in line and obey. Of course, it won’t be quite that blatant, but in actual fact, that’s how it’ll play out. According to the luciferian agenda, the PRISONERS will be JUDGED by Fire and Water, which refer to SEISMIC and FLOOD activity. Therefore, within the next year, there will be an increase in the natural disasters around the world, as well as increased natural disaster events in the western parts of North America, and in particular, the 11 Western States, and continued devastation in the 11 Midwest States.

Another related story is that of Fidel Castro. After a long illness, and transfer of power to his brother Raoul, Fidel Castro has stated that he doesn’t expect to be alive in 4 years. Again, we have to ask, WHY, and WHAT is going to occur in 4 years? The suggestions are there, the subliminals implanted, and our illusory reality will take shape. Keep in mind, CUBA is the KAABA, the Kabbala, the Tree of Life, or more accurately, the Tree of Lies.


CUBA – KAABA STONE – The Devils Triangle

On the chart just above, the Bermuda Triangle, also called the Devils Triangle, or Isle of Devil’s, is shown with lines drawn in, that illustrate the area of very curious activities over the last decades and even centuries. Ships, airplanes and people have been known to just ‘DISAPPEAR‘ for no logical reason whatsoever. Depending on the researchers involved in attempting to decipher what’s behind these activities, the boundaries of the triangle will vary according to the information they have personally gathered. There is a general shape that emerges, however, as to the area that includes the Devil’s Triangle. This area coincides quite readily with the FISH SHAPE of MECCA, the Islamic Mosque in Saudi Arabia, where the Islamic people innocently perform their HAJJ ritual by circumambulating around the KAABA / CUBA STONE 7 times.

When this FISH SHAPED MOSQUE is laid over the Bermuda/Devil’s Triangle, with the KAABA / CUBA Stone coinciding, one above the other, and the FISH MOSQUE is stretched to the western limits of the Bermuda Triangle, the FISHES TAIL reaches the edge of Mexico in the Gulf of Mexico. Mexico is yet another suggestion relating to Megiddo, the site of the Battle of Armageddon as shown on previous pages.

The JUDGMENT of ALLAH Now In Progress

A breakdown of some of these names reveals yet again, the subliminals implanted by these names and geographical locations. All revealing the luciferian THOUGHT PROCESS and manipulation of sub-atomic particles through religious and intellectually inspired rituals. This illustrates the subliminal hypnotic misdirection of our reality and how events, both natural and manmade, are used in tandem, resulting in bringing our illusory reality into existence. The effects from the luciferian religious and intellectual rituals are directed to the EASTERN and/or to the WESTERN Hemispheres as indicated by the names and geographical coordinates.

This is the Judgment of Allah in the progress, being directed from the ROCK, which is the KAABA, the KABBALA and CUBA even as Yellowstone/HOLYSTONE is the Judgment ROCK of the 11 Western States.

The DUALITY NATURE of the luciferian mindset includes 2 hemispheres, east and west, upon which to pronounce Divine Judgment. There are 2 POLES, or 2 PILLARS of CLEANSING, north and south. There are 2 ROCKS of JUDGMENT, one relating to Jerusalem and directed at the SEISMIC riddled 11 Western States. The other Judgment ROCK relates to Mecca and the Kaaba Stone and directed at the FLOOD prone 11 Midwest States as judgment from the SEA comes from CUBA, or the KAABA. Both judgment ROCKS have Seismic regions, however the 11 Western States is larger. The 11 Midwest States include the area adjacent to Cairo Illinois and the seismic activity of this region, but the area is prone to hurricanes and flooding, greater than usually experienced in the 11 Western States. The duality nature of the luciferian agenda, also includes a DOUBLE CROSS, the Octagon symbol of total control. Duality is used to establish confusion and to create a smokescreen and veil of deceit.

Judgment is carried out by the ROCK, the MATTER of the Mother, which is the SEA and the SEIS-MIC activity of these regions. These are the 2 SEES, the SEIS and SEAS, that lend their meaning to the name IS-IS, or the 2 EYES, and is suggesting the 2 POLAR ICE CAPS that are melting as part of the cleansing process. This will ultimately be directed at the ROCK of the 11 Western States, even as it is NOW DIRECTED at the 11 Midwest States.

BERMUDA = BEAR-Mother-Death of Allah – the Triangle area centred from 75 degrees to approx. 100 degrees West.

BERMUDA = BURMA-MyanMAR Death of Allah = BEAR My Mother Sea – Site of the 2008 Myanmar/Burma Cyclone – centred from 75 degrees to approx. 100 degrees East.



Just as the 11 Western States have a symbol of ALLAH in the city of LA, or Los Angeles, the 11 Midwest States have a symbol nearby as well, and is the state of ALABAMA.

ALABAMA = ALLAH BAM A or the Thunder of Allah, the storm god THOR, or YAHWEH, which will be directed at LA.

On the east side of Alabama is the state of GEORGIA the location of the GEORGIA GUIDESTONES with instructions on how to restart a New World in the event of a global cataclysm.

GEORGIA = EYE ROSE EYE = I ROSE I or the Sea of Allah that will rise, again referring to LA.

On the west side of Alabama is the state of MISSISSIPPI, with the symbolism of ISIS, the Queen of Heaven, included with the name.

These 3 states were some of those in which slavery was widespread and which ultimately led to the Civil War and the Lincoln era. Now we see the same symbolism brought to the fore, with the election of Barack Obama, and the symbolic connections to Lincoln. Just as the 11 Western States are connected to the state of Alaska, the Little Dipper, the 11 Midwest States have ILLINOIS and the symbolism of CHICAGO and the CUBS, the Land of Lincoln, being the Little Dipper that will pour out into the 11 Midwest States. Just to the northwest of Illinois is the state of Minnesota, the NORTH STAR state, which is again symbolic of the Little Dipper pouring into the BIG DIPPER, which is symbolized by the state of OKLAHOMA with its PANHANDLE shape and a DIPPER CUP. The northern border of OKLAHOMA is right at 37 degrees north, and coincides with the 4 Corners Cross states and San Francisco. Oklahoma is the site of the Oklahoma Bombing which was a human sacrifice ritual conducted in exactly the same fashion as the World Trade Centre attack, with the exact same elite players involved, right down to the clean up crew used to carry the debris away. All of this is now directing the focus and energy, and directing the SPIN of the SUB-ATOMIC particles of the KABBALA principle, in precisely the same fashion as the HAJJ rituals of Mecca, and aimed towards the ultimate judgment on the ROCK of the 11 Western States.

The Devil Fish of MECCA

When stretched out to the eastern edge of the Bermuda Triangle where those studying this phenomena have general agreement, the FISHES NOSE coincides with the southern border of the triangle where the border makes a sharp turn and begins to extend in a northeastern direction heading toward the mid Atlantic Ridge fault line. Interestingly, the underside of the FISH SHAPE near the TAIL, coincides with the YUCATAN PENINSULA. Furthermore, the areas of Mexico, Texas and Florida, where the fishes body generally covers, much of this area is extremely low lying and easily covered in flood situations.


Hurricane Katrina – The Eye Of CUBE Of KAABA

Below is a photograph of Hurricane Katrina which led to the human sacrifice of almost 3,000 people in New Orleans. This occurred over the Island of Cuba, originating in the Bahamas, in the Devil’s Triangle.

BAHAMAS = BA sacrifice – HAMAS hammer = Thors Hammer, or the sacrifice cross

This name also relates to the Palestinian leadership in GAZA, calledHAMAS, which just went through a human sacrifice ritual of 1300 Palestinians and 13 Israelis. A 100:1 ratio. This sacrifice, is directed at Los Angeles as demonstrated on a previous chart showing Israel and the area of GAZA coinciding with the area off the coast of Los Angeles. As these hurricanes form in the Caribbean, but not always in the BAHAMAS, they always devastate the southern states to varying degrees. The hurricanes and tornados of these southern states and 11 Midwest States are a direct result of the STORM DEITY, the BLOW and FALL god called YAHWEH, again called ALLAH, and pronounced more symbolically as LA.




Applying the principles of the Kabbala to the Hajj ritual in Mecca shows the result of such Satanic ritualism. The circumambulation around the Mecca KAABA results in natural disasters such as Katrina, and not necessarily at the same time, or even the same year. There’s no such thing as TIME and SPACE, and as the rituals are performed, its like 2 geared wheels driving one another, one is smaller and one is larger, and it takes more illusory time for a large wheel to complete one revolution than it does for the smaller wheel with the same size gears. In precisely this manner, the rituals of the Kabbala and the SPIN placed upon the SUB-ATOMIC paricles, or the THOUGHT FORMS relating to the ritual, determines the end result at the desired moment. In this instance, Hurricane Katrina demonstrates how these storms are manufactured and directed at the desired time with the desired result. The time and location are determined by the subliminals attached to the ritual and to co-relationships outside the ritual boundaries that support the intent of the ritual. Such as those expressed through the media in all its forms. All tornados and hurricanes are a direct result of the Storm Deity meting out judgment. In this moment in the luciferian agenda, the judgment is severe, and aiming for an ultimate CLIMAX in the Marriage Supper of the Lamb.


With a simple observation of the Seismic region of the 11 Western States, the same circular motion, that of a Golden Mean is manufactured and ready and waiting for the unloading of Yellowstone/HOLYSTONE, and the Seat of Mount Olympus in SEATTLE Washington.



When the maps of the Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico are compared to that of Saudi Arabia and the Arabian Sea, the hidden subliminals in the names become obvious. The CARIBBEAN is the ARABIAN Sea. MECCA is MEXICO. The QUBA MOSQUE in Medina, is the 1st and oldest mosque of Islam, and is CUBA, in exactly the same way as the KAABA STONE is also a subliminal for CUBA. The CARIBBEAN is also BIRAC-ION in reverse, which translates to BARAC EYE ON, or BARACK SEE, the Sacrifice ROCK SEA. The city of Medina, the 2nd Holiest site to Islam, is in the MIDDLE, or the MEDIAN, between the 2 ROCKS of SACRIFICE in Mecca and Jerusalem. The name MEDINA = MEDIAN = MEDIA. The MEDIA spreads the laws of ALLAH, delivering his message through his messenger PROPHET / PROFIT Muhammad. That particular message being the subliminal hypnotic message of the coming flood.

The hypnosis process, which is the thinking process, has conjured up illusory events and illusory geographical locations, with illusory names and terms that relate to different aspects of the illusion, even though they appear to be separated by TIME and SPACE. Through the unseen connection of sub-atomic particles, this illusory reality can be manipulated at will, endlessly, without the slightest hint of detection. For this reason, the original thought process is replicated throughout the world in countless ways, but all with just a subtle twist to hide the intent and manipulation tactics.

The locations of MECCA (1st Holiest to Islam), MEDINA (2nd Holiest), and JERUSALEM (3rd Holiest), are three such names that have hidden suggestions. MECCA sometimes spelled MAKKAW, has a double C, or double K, suggesting the plural sound of the letter X. With a bit of substitution, MECCA = MEX-A = MEX-CO = MEXICO. This also suggests MESA, as in MESOPOTAMIA, and MESOAMERICA, the region of Saudi Arabia and the area of the southwest USA.

One other name is the QUBA MOSQUE, just outside of Medina. This is the OLDEST MOSQUE in Islam, and its said that Muhammad assisted in laying the foundation stones. QUBA is the 4th Holiest site in Islam. Another subliminal linking ISLAM, the ICE LAMB, to the 4th Holiest site with the 44th President. On the map of the Caribbean just below, the country of CUBA is situated in the middle of the Caribbean and the Gulf of Mexico. The QUBA MOSQUE is again referring to CUBA in the Caribbean. The name CARIBBEAN really translates as ARABIAN C, and as the BIRAC-ION, or BARACK SEE, the Holy See of BARACK, as mentioned above. However, the BAHAMAS ISLANDS are also located in the area of the DEVIL’S TRIANGLE and the site of Christopher Columbus’ discovery of AMERICA. The name BAHAMAS is also referring to Barack Obama in a subliminal sense.


What this demonstrates is that the luciferian subliminal suggestion is not limited by TIME or SPACE. Size does not matter in this instance, has far as being able to conjure forth any illusory form, be it a SEA, a group of ISLANDS, a CONTINENT, nothing is impossible to conjure up. After all, its just suggestion, and this suggestion just supports and builds upon other suggestions, and the sub-atomic particles of all this suggestion takes off in a mad self-replicating orgy throughout the universe. The notion of a Barack Obama, and an ARABIAN BAHAMAS SEE as 44th High Priest President has been in the agenda for throughout these illusory millenia. Of course, because this is all sinister hypnotic misdirection of reality, none of the elite players really know who and why they do what they do. The trance state has been indoctrinated into each illusory individual person through religion and intellectualism, totally disarming these elite puppets to do the bidding of the thinking egregore.


The circumambulation of the Kaaba Blackstone in Mecca, which is also part of the worship of CHRISLAM in Nigeria, is referred to as ‘SPIRITUAL RUNNING’. Chrislam is a combination of Christianity and Islam, and this ‘RUNNING DELIVERANCE’ is looked upon as God’s LOVE. With this concept in mind consider, the MARATHONS of the world, based on the Marathon of ancient Greece and the Marathon events of the Olympics, and the indoctrination through physical exercise in the intellectual institutions of the world, and yet again, we see that SPORTS are part of the religious ritual associated with belief in god and attempting to maintain the physical 3D body as if it were a sacred form and that it were real.

SPORTS = S-POUR-T-S = Isis Goddess Pours Sacrifice Cross = ritual flogging associated with hero worship



This last heading doesn’t make a bit of sense. Of course, neither does this next phrase, unless its subliminally connected to some desired outcome. Everytime the Islamic faithful refer to Muhammad in their speech, or say his name, they must repeat the phrase:


What this literally means in English is ‘Peace Be Upon Him’.

The most glaring thing in this phrase is the extreme usage of the AL or LA sounds. Consider then, the whole Arabic language with its endless usage of the prefix al, or Al, or El, which all refer to ALLAH, but subliminally all refer to LA or Los Angeles. Now multiply this repetitious use of the sound LA or AL, by the largest religion in the world, Islam (some 1.5 billion faithful), who repeat this phrase endlessly whenever they refer to Muhammad or speak his name, and multiply that again by many centuries, and guess what? You have the largest satanic (Shaitanic enlightenment ritual, or knowledge ritual) the world has ever produced. A KNOWLEDGE RITUAL, is a THOUGHT RITUAL, and THOUGHTS are SUB-ATOMIC particles that transfer the thought content in whatever direction and to whatever destination is desired. However, combine that with all the El or Al, of the Catholic based Spanish language, or the le or la of the Catholic based French language, as well as the OF or THE which has the same subliminal root sound of the Christian English speaking world and this now includes another 1 billion or more of the world population all using the same satanic ritual incantation that relates to the judgment of LA, or the judgment of ALLAH. This sound refers to ALLAH, or JEHOVAH, or YAHWEH, and is simply suggesting A-WAY, or the destruction of the masses as a whole. Or as that wonderful little subliminal that the illusory Jesus mentioned, that in the day of the Lord’s Vengeance, god will say something to the effect of AWAY WITH THE SINNERS. Depart from me, for I knew you not. The worship of Allah, Jehovah, Yahweh, or any number of gods with the same subliminal sound, is not referring to redemption, it only suggests condemnation, or THE WAY, or AWAY with you.

On the map of Saudi Arabia just below, the locations of Mecca, Medina and Jerusalem are shown, along with the location of the ARABIAN SEA. Once again, this is the very same name as the C-ARIBBEAN SEA, with a couple of extra letters thrown in to hide the intent, but not the subliminal sub-atomic particle thought manipulation. Notice the order of these locations as well, Mecca, the southernmost, Medina in the Middle and Jerusalem to the north. Notice also, the many angled corners within the borders of Saudi Arabia, many of which are true octagons, and many are distorted octagons, or relate to other sacred geometric angles. Keep in mind that the Arabic world gave the English speaking world our Arabic number system and the sacred geometry used throughout the world to literally attempt to build the kingdom of god on earth. This part of the Middle East, or Mesopotamia, includes portions of the land of ancient Canaan, the land that Moses journeyed through on his way to the promised land. Canaan includes modern day Jordan, which also includes the angled borders. This ancient land now relates to CANADA, the new CANAAN in a subliminal sense, (as mentioned on previous pages), and CANADA is filled with 8 OCTAGON BORDERS, along with 1 OCTAGON BORDER in California, which has produced yet another subliminal symbolic connection to the Arab World and the hypnotic trance inducement relating to Egyptian/Babylonian sungod worship.



Following the order of the locations of Mecca, Medina and Jerusalem, from north to south, and comparing these locations to the west coast of North America, some very interesting comparisons are drawn. Mecca California, is a small census district with an incredibly symbolic geographical location. Mecca coincides with the location of the WELL of SOULS as demonstrated on the Foundation Rock charts, and which is located under the Dome of the ROCK in Jerusalem. Mecca California is located just north of the SULTAN SEA, which is 220 feet below sea level and is suspected to be the source of the BIG ONE earthquake, according to seismologist data. Mecca is located on Highway Route 111.

Medina Washington, is a city named after Medina Saudi Arabia, and is the home of Bill Gates, founder of MICROSOFT and WINDOWS. As you consider these charts, keep in mind that the Arabic world developed and worship SACRED GEOMETRY, as do FREEMASONS and all SUN GOD WORSHIPPERS. There is no man-made invention in this 3D experience that exemplifies SACRED GEOMETRY more than the COMPUTER and the simple MATHEMATICAL PRINCIPLES of GATES and PLATFORMS that it operates on. The COMPUTER is SACRED GEOMETRY. The COMPUTER AGE is the AGE of AQUARIUS and the age of cleansing the world by manipulating our ORIGINAL WISDOM STATE into believing the 3 dimensional experience is real and worth maintaining.

Medina is located in KING COUNTY along with Redmond Washington, the home of MICROSOFT. Also located in KING COUNTY is the city of Seattle, or the SEAT of EL, the EMERALD CITY of OZ. Medina Washington relates to the 2nd most holy site in Islam, the city of Medina Saudi Arabia and the burial site of Muhammad.

The third location is Jerusalem, the City of Peace, and is the State of Alaska. The CITY of PEACE = the SITE / SIGHT / SEE / SEA of PEACE, and Alaska is literally located in the SEA of PEACE, or PEACEFUL SEA, the PACIFIC OCEAN as it stretches more than a thousand miles out into the ocean.



The chart below shows a close up look at Jerusalem, Alaska, symbolically the Al-Aqsa Mosque located on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. This is the Little Dipper State as demonstrated on previous pages. Just how close to the Little Dipper this state is can be seen with the STARS of the Little Dipper placed over the Panhandle of Alaska, and the coinciding locations of Ketchikan, Juneau, Mount Saint Elias, Anchorage, Mt. McKinley, the Yukon-Koyukuk/Iditarod census area, and the Kuskokwim Mountains/Bethel/Red Devil region.

The Little Dipper STARS were drawn exactly from a photograph of the Little Dipper.

There was no manipulation or distortion involved, and the stars line up exactly with the cities and mountains of Alaska. What’s particularly interesting is that Mount Saint Elias, which refers to Elijah, a symbolic type of MESSIAH, and Mount McKinley, coincide exactly with 2 STARS on the Little Dipper as shown.

Neither of these, the STARS or the MOUNTAINS, were MANMADE!

The tallest mountain in North America is Mount McKinley at 20,320 feet, and the 2nd tallest mountain in North America is Mount Elias at 18,009 feet, and both of them coincide with 2 stars on the Little Dipper. Mount Saint Elias also coincides EXACTLY with the 141 degree West border of Alaska, which points exactly towards MECCA at 39 degrees East. Mount Saint Elias is exactly 60 degrees North, which coincides with 12 on the 5th clockface, and symbolizes the FULLNESS OF TIME, and the SACRIFICE of HUMANITY.

Look very closely at this chart and as the stars of the Little Dipper are placed under the cities of the Panhandle, they line up perfectly with the city of Ketchikan, which is the Polaris Star, or North Star. The next star lines up precisely with Juneau, which is named after the Roman goddess Juno, the one who brings children to the LIGHT. She was the goddess of childbirth and marriage. The next star coincides with Mount Saint Elias. The next star coincides with Anchorage, the ANCK CROSS, and is an Egyptian Hieroglyph symbol meaning ‘LIFE’.

Anchorage is named after an Egyptian hieroglyph.

This cross is also called CRUX ANSATA, which is Latin for CROSS-WITH-A-HANDLE, or in this case, PANHANDLE.


This symbol is also known as the KEY OF LIFE, which is the TREE OF LIFE, or the KABBALA, and represents life/immortality and death.

Directly north of Anchorage is Mount McKinley, the highest peak in North America. This peak coincides exactly with another Little Dipper Star. To the west of Mount McKinley, the census area of YUKON-KOYUKUK and the abandoned gold mining town of IDITAROD and the community of HOLY CROSS locations coincide with yet another Little Dipper Star. The name KOYUKUK is another of those symbolic names that refers to the KKK, or 3 Pyramids of Giza, or the EYE of OZ, in Egypt, that symbolizes life and death.

The IDITAROD TRAIL is the site of the Iditarod Dog Sled Race held annually, stretching from Anchorage to Nome Alaska, at the mouth of the Bering Strait. The words:

IDITAROD = EYE TID A ROD = High Tide A Rose Death

This is the race that Sarah Palin’s husband TODD, has participated in. The ceremonial start of this race is in ANCHORAGE, but the official start to the race was moved in 2008, from Wasilla, just north of Anchorage, to WILLOW, just a bit farther north, so as to ensure enough snow for the start of the race. Willow is located at 61 degrees N/ 150 degrees W. The number 61 coincides with 1, a New Age, and 150 coincides with 6, on the 13th clockface. 150 = 15 the deity number. 13 symbolizes 1 as well, and a New Age, and 6 is symbolic of the Sacrificer, the christ/antichrist, or CROSS inverted. The site of Iditarod was established by John Beaton (J and B name) on Christmas Day in 1908, with the discovery of GOLD. The Iditarod Trail used for the Dog Sled Race is 1,161 miles long from Anchorage, however from the official race start location of Willow, the Northern Route is 1,112 miles, which of course, is slightly flexible over such a great distance. The obvious symbolic number is 1,111 miles. The Northern Route is run on EVEN NUMBERED YEARS, and next year, 2010, the year of the Olympics in Vancouver/Whistler, Mount Olympus, Washington, will be on the Northern Route of 1,112 miles. The Southern Route is 1,131 miles, and both routes share the first 444 miles before breaking off into different directions. The number 444 of course, is symbolic with the 4 square foundation that the entire luciferian agenda is built upon. Both the North and South routes also share a common 441 miles for the last leg of the race. Once again, another repetitious use of the number 4. Symbolism is everything to the luciferian thinkers. The official distance is set at 1,049 miles for symbolic reasons relating to Alaska being the 49th state.

1049= 10 or INTENSITY and 49 = 7×7, or PERFECTION and COMPLETION.
49 coincides with 1 on the 5th clockface. Symbolizing a New Age and the Sacrifice.
4+9=13 coinciding with 1 again, and 1+3=4, the 4 Square GOD/DOG number.

FOUR = ROUF = RUFF = BARK = DOG = GOD = LIGHT = LIFE / DEATH CROSS sacrifice and 3 D hypnotic trance

The ceremonial beginning to the Iditarod Race takes place on 4th Avenue in Anchorage, the site of the huge earthquake on GOOD FRIDAY in 1964. The race first ran in 1973, the same year the World Trade Centre opened in New York.

The last star of the Little Dipper coincides with the KUSKOKWIM Mountains, and the TAYLOR Mountains. With neighbouring communities of Bethel and Red Devil. Another KKK reference to the Pyramids of Giza, and TAYLOR is an anagram for ROYAL T or ROYAL CROSS.

All of the Little Dipper Stars coincide with locations that are named with the Pyramids of Giza – Khufu, Khafre, and MenKaure – in mind:
Ketchikan = KetKiKan, KoyuKuK, KusKoKwim
Or the Roman goddess Juno = Juneau
Or the Cross – Taylor and Anchorage
Or the Messiah – Mount Saint Elias and Mount McKinley = McKINLEY = Son of Killing NILE = Son of the Great Flood In The Sky


Medina – Medium – Media – MESSENGER MUHAMMAD

Recognizing that the whole 3D illusion is simply a mass hypnotic trance, with no basis whatsoever in reality, consider the city of Medina Saudi Arabia. As mentioned, Medina is the location of the burial site of Muhammad in a mosque called Al-Masjid Al-Nabawi. Notice the use of the AL letters once again, referring to Allah, or Los Angeles. Also, the use of the WB in Nabawi.

NABAWI = I-WA-BA-N = Eye Water Sacrifice and relates to the Wanabozho RABBIT/WABBIT god mentioned on the previous page.

Muhammad was the MESSENGER of GOD, or the MEDIUM, the go-between GOD and the common man. Muhammad was the MEDIA for the Islamic faith. Muhammad received the laws and the 5 daily prayers, and relayed these to the people. This is precisely the task and position of the MEDIA in todays world. The media delivers the laws from the luciferian egregore thinkers, that in turn establish the illusory reality we experience. Some of these laws and 5 DEITY PREYERS are shown on this site. The 5 Daily Prayers delivered to Muhammad suggest the Sacrifice of the Deity Preying upon our Paradise State.

Medina, in Washington State, is the home of Bill Gates, and the home of MICROSOFT in REDMOND Washington, right next door to Medina. The invention of the computer, and the introduction of WINDOWS facilitated the most widespread, interactive MEDIA FORM the world has ever witnessed. The INTERNET! This is the MESSENGER PROFIT of the luciferian god. And its buried symbolically, in MEDINA WASHINGTON.

As mentioned, the use of WINDOWS, PORTALS, GATES, etc. suggests, the 2 faced god Janus, who was the god of Doors, Hallways, Corridors, and Gates, etc. Of course, this doesn’t make any kind of rational sense, however, we’re not dealing with anything rational in the whole 3D whirlwind.

A few other computer terms that suggest something of luciferian inspiration are:

RAM = MAR Sea or Sacrifice
BYTES = To Eat, Supper, Dine, Marriage Supper
CASCADING STYLE SHEETS = Web design format = Cascadia Ridge Subduction Zone = Cascadia Range
BITS = 8 Bits equal 1 BYTE = CONTROL
MOTHERBOARD = Mother Sacrifice Death
DAEMON = DEMON alternate spelling – computer program that runs in the background – UNSEEN – MYSTERY – SECRET/SACRED
DAEMON – ancient Greek myth – ‘a personal demon’ equivalent to a modern day ‘guardian angel’
DAEMON – BSD DAEMON – ‘cute devil mascot’ called BEASTIE
ICQ = I Seek You
JOB = J and B word – Twin Columns or Pillars or Towers
LOTUS Software = founder Mitch Kapor – Teacher of TRANSCENDENTAL MEDITATION – Lotus Position
ORACLE – a relational database management system
PENTIUM – number 5 – sacrifice – PENT
YAHOO – ‘Yet Another Hierarchical Officious Oracle’

The COMPUTER, with all its accompanying symbolic terms is MUHAMMAD the MESSENGER, delivering the SACRED GEOMETRY that assists in conjuring up and maintains the 3 dimensional illusion. The MESSENGER is the MEDIUM, the MEDIA, the one that connects us to the luciferian THOUGHT PROCESS, and convinces us that its real. Remember, its not good or bad, just a major manipulation tool in perpetuating the 3D light show.


Mecca California – ALLAH’S Well of Souls



When all the names of these Middle East places are considered one after the other, in the context of this page, it becomes blatantly obvious that the creators of the New World had the Arab World, and Islam, Muhammad and Allah in mind the whole time. North America is the sacrifice judgment ROCK of ALLAH. The Foundation Stone that symbolizes the 11 Western States, and the Mecca Mosque with its KAABA, based on the KABBALA and the QUBA Mosque of CUBA, all relate to, and are tools of the luciferian mind control agenda. This mind control then becomes equated to control of our Paradise State as we’re manipulated into a mindset of confusion.

The census district of MECCA California is very small and insignificant from a size and population perspective. From a symbolic perspective, it holds a very important place in the luciferian agenda. This area coincides with the HOLE on the Foundation Stone, known as the Well of Souls. Islamic tradition states that the ‘Souls of the dead can be heard with the RIVERS of Paradise’ as one listens from within the Cave beneath the hole. The location of MECCA is in RIVERSIDE COUNTY. Just slightly north of the Sultan Sea which is about 220 feet below sea level. Also within Riverside County is the JOSHUA TREE NATIONAL PARK. Joshua is another name for YESHUA, or JESUS, who is ZEUS, and yet again, is the YUSA, or USA.


Joshua fought the Battle of Jericho in the old city of Jericho, and after 7 days of circling the city, the WALLS CAME TUMBLING DOWN. As stated earlier on this page, the circumambulation of the KAABA STONE in MECCA during the Hajj, is based on this activity of Joshua bringing down the walls of Jericho through this satanic ritual of manipulating sub-atomic particles, which is to manipulate THOUGHT FORMS. This is the secret of the Kabbala and the mystery of the ages. The Joshua Tree Natl. Park is yet another shrine to the god Allah, or Jehovah, or the luciferian thinkers. Another name in this area is TWENTY NINE PALMS. The Palm tree is worshipped by the Egyptian sun god mindset, as are many trees. With the name TWENTY NINE PALMS, the symbolism is 29 coinciding with 5 on the 3rd clockface. The number 5 = SACRIFICE and 2+9=11, symbolizing DEATH. Another name in this location is PALM SPRINGS, signifying something coming from beneath, or springing forth. This delivers the same subliminal as the SPRINGFIELD cities splattered throughout the USA.

The name Joshua tree was given by a group of Mormon settlers who crossed the Mojave Desert in the mid-19th century. The tree’s unique shape reminded them of a Biblical story in which Joshua reaches his hands up to the sky in prayer.

As a reminder, the charts from page 19 are placed immediately below that show where the Well of Souls in relation to the location of Mecca California and where the Joshua Tree National Park are located. There are endless symbolic locations in this area, some of which will be touched upon.

Foundation Stone Dome Reversed

Foundation Stone USA

SWALLOWS of Capistrano Los Angeles

The Southern Pole – The Antarctic Flood – Well of Souls

Considering that the Well of Souls represents the area around Los Angeles and Riverside and Imperial Counties, here’s another bit of symbolism that once again, tells the same story, in a subliminal fashion, of devastation coming to this area in the form of a massive cataclysm. Keep in mind, that if everything is done in this sort of subliminal, hypnotic suggestive fashion, then that exposes the devastation, and the luciferian agenda as being simply that, JUST SUGGESTION. None of this is real, neither does it truly affect our Paradise State, other than when we buy into it, and believe that it is real. The affect doesn’t change our wisdom, or eternal state, but it surely keeps us distracted and controlled and unable to experience the power and freedom of that eternal state RIGHT NOW. For all that’s shown on this site, and shown on the internet throughout the world, NONE OF THIS IS REAL. There’s really nothing wrong or falling apart IN REALITY, we’re not going to hell in a hand basket, because that too, is just a part of the myth.

The Well of Souls, shown on the chart above, shows the big hole coinciding with the area in southern California. Already, the Joshua Tree National Park, with its symbolism has been pointed out. The Census Area of Mecca, the Sultan Sea, and now, one more oddity is the Roman Catholic Mission of San Juan del Capistrano. In symbolic terms this would read as:

SAINT OANNES (the fish god of Babylon) DEL (death of EL, AL, or LA)
CAPISTRANO = KA-Pi-Saint-RAIN/REIGN Over = Life/Death force – Pi diameter formula of Circle – St.Rain/Reign/Rule Over Us.

The Mission Capistrano lies on south edge of Los Angeles. It is the oldest building in regular use in California. It was built in 1776 USA birth year – 888 and was formally opened on NOVEMBER 1, 1776, All Saints Day. (11/01/1776 or 888 when divided by 2). On December 12, 1812, a 7.5 earthquake struck the San Andreas Fault in the area of Joshua Tree Park, many miles from the Mission. However, the Mission received damage resulting in 40 parishioners being killed. The number 40 is symbolic of 4 square once again, the foundation of the luciferian agenda.


DECEMBER 12, 1812 = 12/12/12 – the number symbolic of the FULLNESS of TIME and COMPLETION

As far back as 1776, the agenda for total control within a certain alotted completion of time, was in the works. Of course, it goes back 6,000 illusory years when the whole agenda was conjured up, but here we see, that it hadn’t faltered at all with the establishment of the United States of America.

On DECEMBER 21, 1812, yet another earthquake struck, with an estimated magnitude of 7. This is the number of perfection and completion.

December 21, 1812 = 12/21/12 – or exactly 200 years to the day before the Winter Solstice of 2012.

A very strange event takes place every year at the Mission San Juan del Capistrano. An untold number of SWALLOWS fly south in migration, from Capistrano (Los Angeles) to Goya Argentina.


In other words, the SWALLOWS FLY from LA to LA, or from GOD to GOD, albeit under cover of symbolism. Every year they leave Goya on February 18, and return to Capistrano (Los Angeles) by March 19. They return to the same nest, and have been doing so for almost 200 years. Here’s the symbolic significance of this event.


The migration of the Swallows is symbolizing the flood coming from the Antarctic Ice Field, and just as the melting Arctic and Greenland Ice mass is symbolically set to pour down from the COLUMN of British Columbia, the Antarctic Ice Field is set to pour into Los Angeles and beyond, from the COLUMN, or Pillar, of the country of COLUMBIA. These are the North and South Towers, or Columns of the DOVE, the Living Water, the HOLY SPIRIT of the lord, that’s meant to cleanse the world with a Global Warming Flood. As seen previously, in reference to the term HOLY, YELLOW is HOLY, as in YELLOWSTONE, or HOLYSTONE. The term GEL = YEL, the first 3 letters of YELLOW. This word can be equated with GEL = WASH = WATER in a symbolic fashion.

WASHINGTON DC = Washingstone Death Sea

YEL = GEL = EYE EL = EYE of GOD = ION the electrically charged particle. Electricity, ENERGY, the Eye of God, FLOWS LIKE WATER. Electricity is measured in WATTS, derived from the term WATER, and for this reason the river gods throughout the ages have being looked upon as fertility gods, and the WATERY SEAS looked upon as the tool of cleansing the whole earth. The fertility concept extending from the electrical energy within the WATERY ION EYE of the luciferian mind, which is the THOUGHT PROCESS. The cleansing relating to WATERS ABILITY TO REMOVE CORRUPTION or SIN. These notions together, then relate to the sublime, and the subliminal HYPNOTIC MANIPULATION using the hidden mysteries of the KABBALISTIC MANIPULATION of matter, one molecule at a time. This is the learned knowledge of the luciferian thinking egregore, of how to direct the spin of sub-atomic particles using the presence of heat generated from a religious, political, sporting, entertainment, or any other emotional gathering of people.

The emotion is the heat, and the greater the gathering, the greater the emotional heat, and the ability to manipulate matter by building the heat, by changing a solid into a gas, by changing emotion into a subliminal event, which is hypnotic suggestion, can thereby conjure forth the illusory world and continue to manipulate it at will.


SUBLIME – to arouse the sensation of awe.
SUBLIME – to pass directly from a solid to a vapour state, usually by the action of heat.

Once again, we have another hidden subliminal intent on cleaning. Yellowstone is then the WASHING-STONE, or the Judgment Holy Stone of cleansing. Also, the WASHING-STONE = WASHINGTON. For this reason, all the symbolism attached to the name WASHINGTON throughout the USA is referring to the Holy Washing Stone of Judgment. There’s nothing nice planned for the USA, and by extension, the rest of the world. The whole illusory Kabbalistic 3d plane was designed to grab our focus through despair, disease, war and death. Today, as we watch the manipulation of our reality with the Financial Crisis (Fiance Sea Rises), the natural disasters, and so on, the judgment bullshit is transpiring before our eyes and the masses of humanity haven’t the slightest notion of what is actually transpiring. The manipulation of the illusory mass of humanity, has turned into the hidden gases of the sublime, and the subliminal, and the hypnotic tools used to manipulate our reality thereby disconnect us from our true WISDOM REALITY.


WASHINGTON STATE = WASHING STONE ST.8/EIGHT/ATE the consummation of all things under the total control of a few.

Washington State has Mount Olympus. Seattle, the Seat of El. Medina, the Medium/Media/Messenger of Muhammad. Redmond, the home of MICROSOFT (My Cross Of Sacrifice). Also located here, on the 49th parallel, are the 2010 religious Olympics at Vancouver. This symbolism is coupled with a massive earthquake zone shown on the Foundation Stone that extends all the way to YELLOWSTONE. Yellowstone, as was just stated, is WASHING-STONE. Likewise, WASHINGTON, is WASHING-STONE, and the region from Mount Olympus Washington to Yellowstone is intended to break in judgment and wash the world of the contrived notion of sin. This can only have an effect upon those who stay emotionally connected to the 3 dimensional illusion, placing value and worth on the light show, and thereby remain within the trance state.

(See the Foundation Stone charts just above showing the huge deep cracks of the Seattle Seismic Region).

Keep in mind that these areas of Washington State, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming and Colorado form Buildings 5 and 6 on the World Trade Centre layout. The numbers 5+6=11, or Death. These were lesser buildings that were damaged in the attack, though not directly attacked and were subsequently demolished to rebuild the whole site anew. So it is again, these coinciding states will not be attacked in the luciferian desired cataclysm, but will nonetheless be demolished for a complete renewal. The obvious question is WHEN? The obvious answer is SOON! Keep watching and waiting, and be concerned for nothing. This is all an illusion!



Google Video – illuminatiMATRIX explanatory video detailing the foundational root of hypnosis, religion, intellectualism and who and what god is.

Click here to watch video.

YouTube Video highlighting some of the subliminal elements hidden in the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem

Please read the next paragraph before watching the ROCK VIDEO.

On the ROCK VIDEO, the World Trade Center is mistakenly called the ROCKEFELLER PLAZA. The WTC was conceived and promoted by the Rockefellers. The Rockefeller Plaza is to the north of the World Trade Centre, on the MANHATTAN ROCK, or MANNA STONE. The WTC and the Rockefeller Plaza , along with the area of CENTRAL PARK, relate to the TEMPLE MOUNT in Jerusalem, and the Al Aqsa Mosque, the Dome of the ROCK, and the Temple Courtyard. These in turn relate to the North American West Coast. See page 39 for more details.

Click here to watch the new Rock Video on YouTube.

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