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Google Video – illuminatiMATRIX explanatory video detailing the foundational root of hypnosis, religion, intellectualism and who and what god is.

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YouTube Video highlighting some of the subliminal elements hidden in the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem

Please read the next paragraph before watching the ROCK VIDEO.

On the ROCK VIDEO, the World Trade Center is mistakenly called the ROCKEFELLER PLAZA. The WTC was conceived and promoted by the Rockefellers. The Rockefeller Plaza is to the north of the World Trade Centre, on the MANHATTAN ROCK, or MANNA STONE. The WTC and the Rockefeller Plaza , along with the area of CENTRAL PARK, relate to the TEMPLE MOUNT in Jerusalem, and the Al Aqsa Mosque, the Dome of the ROCK, and the Temple Courtyard. These in turn relate to the North American West Coast. See page 39 for more details.

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The Luciferian Blueprint – The Manipulation Agenda

As the THOUGHT PROCESS was initiated the one desired characteristic required by the egregore was the ability to MANIPULATE. The luciferian egregore didn’t exercise their ego with benevolent intentions in mind. MANIPULATION through confounding or CONFUSION was necessary IF THE AGENDA WAS TO SUCCEED and the control of the Paradise State be realized.

Keeping in mind that there’s no such thing as TIME and SPACE, that there is only ONE ETERNAL MOMENT, the first thing needed to be done was to CREATE THE ILLUSION of TIME and SPACE. (For those who haven’t viewed the video, ‘What In The World’s Going On’, now would be a good time to check it out). Click the link at the top of this page).

This video shows in a very simplistic fashion how the THOUGHT PROCESS initiated the illusion by conjuring up a WORD, which is a SOUND. This sound VIBRATES and vibration is ENERGY. Energy GLOWS and glowing is LIGHT. Light is made manifest by the FEMALE ELECTRONS that create the VIBRATION as they CIRCLE the PROTON and NEUTRON within the NUCLEUS. This THOUGHT PROCESS is the manipulation or conjuring up of MATTER one molecule at a time. However, MATTER is not REAL, just a THOUGHT that creates ENERGY, that GLOWS and appears as everything 3 DIMENSIONAL according to whatever shape was THOUGHT.

The following text will describe simplistically the steps involved in creating the illusory world, and that it was determined to manipulate humanity through CONFUSION. Even though this outline is laid out in written form, you’ll get a sense of confusion as you read. The luciferian thinkers are all about deceit and required a multitude of deceitful ‘fronts’. The egregore’s pattern of instilling confusion is meant to confound anyone trying to make sense of the confusion. We are swirling about, grasping for reality, and only left in AWE and WONDER. This AWE or AHHHS, is the OZ, and the wizard is the luciferian egregore.

The luciferian agenda conjured up the illusory 3D world. However, this 3D WORLD is far from stable or solid, and is completely able to be distorted and reshaped through the thought process. A few hypothetical steps are listed below that relate to the illusory creation of the Old World, with its original LAND MASS, and a brief suggestion of how it would be used in the agenda. STEP 10 relates to the establishment of the New World, and its LAND MASS and the Native INDIAN People of the New World. STEP 10 suggests how the same religious belief systems would be implanted with precisely the same principles as the Old World belief systems, only slightly altered to appear separated from the Old World agenda.

The chart immediately below shows how the ONE LAND MASS FORM of the original Old World broke apart violently and suddenly about 5,000 years ago. The dates in black are based on ‘scientific’ principles and reach out into the lunacy fringe of hundreds of millions of years ago. The dates in red, are based on the 3D illusory time line, or from the moment the illusion appeared in its physical form, and suggest the years in terms of thousands of years. Of course this isn’t accurate either, as there is no such thing as TIME and SPACE. However, in terms of illusory time lines, this gives us a more accurate assessment of ‘when’ things began to unfold. This ability of the egregore thought form to rip the continents apart is exactly what their desire is in the very near illusory future. Just as there are myths related to the Flood of Noah, to establish within our subconscious mind that a Global Flood can actually happen, the CONTINENTAL DRIFT, or as some call it, the LOST CITY of ATLANTIS event, is firmly entrenched in our subconscious mind, and unbeknown to our illusory life experience, we actually believe this can happen. Therefore, it’s completely able to come to pass. This is hypnosis, sinister misdirection of reality. Like all hypnotically induced trance states, if we can be made to believe the suggestion, then the suggestion manifests as reality, even though it’s simply an illusion.

Above all else, remember it’s all an illusion, and none of this is really happening, even though you might actually witness it happening. In reality, in the original Paradise State, none of the 3D illusory experience or life on this planet, is actually transpiring. The agenda is completely designed to draw your attention and focus, to be concerned and react, and to become EMOTIONALLY ATTACHED to this illusion, through intense FEAR and DECEPTION.


Here are some hypothetical steps the luciferian mindset would have established in order to implement their agenda within their conjured up world system.

The luciferian agenda for TOTAL CONTROL:

STEP 1. – Create TIME and SPACE through THOUGHT.

STEP 2. – Create within this TIME and SPACE scenario, a CRYSTAL RECEIVING MECHANISM, a 5 SENSE oriented device called the MIND, that is able to receive communication from the egregore.

STEP3.Indoctrinate this mind with REASON, LOGIC and RATIONAL consideration abilities, with total rejection of all other concepts that are not based on reason, logic, or rational consideration.

STEP 4. – The indoctrination program consists of basing everything on TIME and SPACE. If any of the indoctrination principles do not include an obvious connection of TIME and SPACE then LOGIC will dictate that it isn’t real. In other words, if events don’t occur in a simultaneous TIME FRAME, or within a close and common GEOGRAPHICAL SPACE, then the indoctrination principles will simply reject any connection. The mind will be conditioned to reject everything entirely based on other preconditions set down within the indoctrination program.

STEP 5.The indoctrination program must create a scenario where there is a total conviction to a BELIEF SYSTEM. A Belief System is a segment of the indoctrination program whereby the doctrinal beliefs of that system create a limited view or TUNNEL VISION of the already deceptive 3D reality ofTIME and SPACE. In other words, a tunnel vision or a narrow perspective is all that is allowed to view a portion of something that is already a lie. All that’s allowed is just a glimpse at a deception. With this indoctrination the luciferian mindset can appear as the Secret, or Sacred, Mystery of the Ages.

STEP 6. – Implant the suggestion that every Belief System will be deemed correct by its own adherents. Instill the belief within each of these systems that everything within the 3 dimensional SPACE has within it the GODHEAD or SOURCE, because everything is formed of this thought source, which are the electrons, protons and neutrons, the very essence of the egregore THOUGHT PROCESS.

STEP 7. – Through the use and manipulation of the illusion of TIME and SPACE, the origin and goal of the luciferian agenda will be implanted within society at the outset, as the attempt at total control of the Paradise State is undertaken. This will include the belief in a Divine Supreme Being that will act as a frontman or smokescreen for the egregore Thinkers. Even as the belief system is implanted within the illusory societies within theTIME and SPACE illusory world, it would also be suggested that ABUSE of the ENVIRONMENT and the 3 dimensional world will be of benefit to the most powerful, daring and uncaring.

STEP 8. – As the illusion of TIME and SPACE progresses, and as the 3 dimensional illusion EXPANDS, the same belief system would be incorporated into the NEW TIME and SPACE societies and locations. Only the names, rituals and symbols will be slightly altered, but the principles of the Belief System would remain identical, one to the other.

(As example here – The Belief Systems moved from Babylon to Egypt, to Israel/Palestine/Phoenicia, to Greece, to Rome and to the British Isles, always with some form of connected TIME and connected SPACE aspects).

This process of conjuring up seemingly diverse Belief Systems will create confusion and enmity among the illusory thought form beings collectively known as humanity. At the same time, these seemingly diverse Belief Systems would still maintain the principles of the luciferian agenda, with the ability to manipulate the masses in a synchronized fashion, one with another, through suggestions established on the concepts of TIME and SPACE. In this manner they will create a massive distraction from the original state of freedom and liberty.

STEP 9. – These Indoctrination Programs will be established within the elite people of the elite nations, with highly indoctrinated TIME and SPACE intellectual and religious systems. The most dedicated adherents to these systems will be rewarded to a greater degree financially than those of lesser indoctrination. This will automatically create a class system and manipulate the population into striving to belong to a higher class for higher financial reward. In so doing, this will establish a religious ritual of fervently desiring to become indoctrinated as much as possible in TIME and SPACE concepts so as to move to a higher class, and to be more closely connected to the divine aspects of the illusory space. In other words, this would financially reward devotees who dedicate themselves to luciferian principles.

STEP 10. – Establish exactly the same Belief Systems yet AGAIN, but this time in locations and societies with the APPEARANCE of a huge separation of SPACE and TIME.

(As example here – The New World was separated by the Continental Drift, however the Old World luciferian principles of TIME and SPACE were not separated).

Apply yet again the very same principles of the electrons, protons and neutrons, which create the illusion of TIME and SPACE, and still maintain the ability to receive the subliminal suggestions of the luciferian thinkers with only the names, words and symbols altered just slightly to avoid being detected as the same belief system.

STEP 11. – Maintain these SPACE separated and TIME separated societies at a simpler primitive level, for what will appear to be, thousands of years. These primitive societies will only appear to be primitive, and only appear to be in close communion with the divine supreme creator, which in reality is the luciferian egregore. These primitive societies will ultimately be used as yet another deception tool to instill confusion as the luciferian agenda creates the appearance of unfolding.

STEP 12. – These SPACE and TIME separated primitive societies will adhere fervently to the original indoctrination of TIME and SPACE concepts, which are the original concepts of the luciferian egregore. They will hold faithfully to the worship of the Divine Supreme Father God, the Great Spirit concept, which in turn holds the 3 dimensional physical space as the absolute godhead and source of all things and worthy of worship. These primitive societies will hold to the concept that every creature within the 3D SPACE is worthy of worship, as all things conjured up in this 3D creation are of the electron, proton and neutron.

ProTon – ElecTron – NeuTron = PEN+T = PENT = 5 Senses = Sacrifice

Furthermore, these primitive societies will become the pattern after which the PHYSICAL 3D ENVIRONMENT, which includes the Earth, the Water, and the Air, will dominate the consciousness of the illusory body of humanity as the luciferian agenda unfolds. This conscious environmental worship will NOT BE APPROACHED as a religious and spiritual awakening, but as a necessity, it will be established that it will be required to be done to save the complete illusory body of humanity. This will be implemented through government agencies, (whom humanity will have been indoctrinated for hundreds of illusory years), that governments are separate from religion. This, in spite of the fact that the governments carry out their rituals in TEMPLES, the high officials are called MINISTERS, and invoke GOD to BLESS the population in the very same manner that any religious body would do.

This lays out a bit of what the luciferian agenda looks like. What will follow on this page is a closer examination of STEPS 10, 11 and 12. Steps 1 through to 9 basically deal with establishing the illusory Old World, with the old ideals of worshipping time and space, and abusing the hell out of it for reasons that will become apparent as you read on. Steps 10, 11 and 12 will deal with establishing the illusory New World and how this was meant to be used to manipulate control of the Paradise State, (which is who we really are), into the prison of the luciferian egregore thought process.

Consider the chart immediately below, (courtesy of Google Images), with additions made in red. This chart shows how and when the luciferian mindset, through the kabbalistic principle of intense thought form, went about creating the 11 Western States in the shape and form that is virtually the same as the FOUNDATION ROCK under the Dome of the ROCK. Scientific evolutionary dating is in BLACK. Illusory TIME DATING is in RED.

This chart shows how the NEW WORLD was conjured into its current position, held in store with all the principles of the luciferian egregore fully entrenched within the Native People of the New World. These people would continue for thousands of illusory years with the belief in TIME and SPACE, belief in the Great Spirit, belief in the Father God worshipped in the vastness of NATURE, which is belief in the luciferian egregore thought process.

The Air, the Earth, and the Water were deified, and the creatures and the creation were worshipped in adoration of the Father God, the Light Bringer, the luciferian Thought Form. This was the original Environmental Green Movement held in store, just waiting for the luciferian agenda to process the final illusory images within the 3D experience.

Once again the 5 globe chart shows the pliability of the molten ball of lava called earth. After 6,000 years of illusory existence it is still a ball of molten ROCK. Totally capable of reformation to any degree without revealing the identity of the luciferian egregore, or without revealing the hypnotic system of manipulation that would cause that reformation.

One New World Native belief was in the god called the Great Manitou who made a great RAFT, the size of a world-sized island. This is the Western Hemisphere of North, South and Central America, that floated away from the Old World to become the New World. The Great Manitou is the inspiration behind the Province of Manitoba, Canada, situated in the centre of the North American continent, on the relief, or exposed portion of the Canadian Shield ROCK. Therefore, the name of Manitoba is the name of the Father God. This would co-relate to Cronus, Jehovah, El, Yahweh, Allah, etc. Taking this relationship one step further, Manitoba, the Rocky Mountains, Manhattan, and Mount Moriah in Jerusalem, are all connected with the MNT acronym, which symbolizes the word, concept and shape of MOUNTAIN. This is the Pyramid Shape of the luciferian deity god and is evident yet again, in the name MONTANA, or Mount Ananna, the Queen of Heaven, who sits in symbolic judgment in the 11 Western States, waiting and ready to pass judgment.



On page 33, the Islamic HAJJ and Mormonism were touched upon. The Great Salt Lake of Utah coincides with the Cube in Mecca, and with the Holy of Holies on the Foundation Stone. Yellowstone National Park is really Holystone, and the Great Judge to execute the coming judgment is symbolically represented in the state of MONTANA, the MOUNTAIN of ANNA’s. In other scriptural writings, the God of Judgment is referred to as ELIAS, or ELIJAH. All of the 11 Western States are included, either in whole, or in part, in the Octagon that extends from the 135 degree angle of California. The names just listed will now be broken apart to show the subliminal within each.


Just in case some might have missed the subliminal in these names, they all refer to ALLAH and in turn, to OZ. This is why the Octagon, the 8 sided symbol of control, covers the Foundation ROCK in Jerusalem, and in turn, covers the ROCK of JUDGMENT in the form of the 11 Western States. The state of MONTANA actually means the Mountain of Allah just as it refers to Ananna, the Queen of Heaven. Yellowstone is Allah’s Holystone of Judgment. The city of Mecca is the Mesa, the Messiah, the Saviour God of Judgment, who is Allah, Zeus, Jesus, Jupiter, Janus, Horus or Tammuz, etc. With this in mind, it’s very obvious that Islam, Christianity, Judaism, and religion as a whole, is just the worship of the sun god, the light bringer, that conjured up this 3D illusion using nothing BUT LIGHT.

India – Indians – Indiana

Columbus – Columbia – Columbe – Columns

In 1492 Christopher Columbus discovered America. At least that’s the way the story goes. Supposedly he was looking for a sea route to India but ran into something called the America’s that interrupted this journey. We’re told that he was certain he’d discovered India and set about to call the native people ‘INDIANS‘.

Of course, this is just the story we’re expected to believe. In reality, Columbus knew this was going to be refered to as America, and calling the native people INDIANS was merely the beginning of a long list of subliminals that would be implanted over the course of the centuries that followed. Implanting the suggestion within the collective subconscious mind of humanity, that the America’s are India, was the beginning of many interconnections between the 2 continents, that would build the trance state and allow easy transference of hypnotic thought, word, sound, energy focus from one region of the world to another.

The Indies or East Indies (or East India) is a term often used to refer to the islands of Southeastern Asia, especially the MALAY Archipelago. In a wider sense, the Indies is also used to describe lands of South and Southeast Asia, occupying all of the present Indian Union, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, the Maldives, and also Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Brunei, Singapore, the Philippines, East Timor, Malaysia and Indonesia. This entire region, from a subliminal perspective, is easily transferred in the subconscious mind, to relate to the West Indies, and the America’s, where, after all, the INDIANS LIVE.

The East Indies includes Pakistan and India, and for this reason, they are two nuclear powers used in the luciferian agenda, with their respective common border aligning with the west coast of the Western States. The nuclear aspect of these two countries implants the subliminal of a massive explosive force. These two nations, both having that explosive force, suggests the explosive seismic power of the Cascadia Ridge Subduction Zone fault line that runs all along the west coast of North America, and links to the major fault lines of California, extending into Mexico and beyond. The border of Pakistan corresponds with the area immediately west of the coastline and extends into the Pacific Ocean. Notice that at one south eastern edge of the Pakistan border, it enters into the state of California just above San Francisco, in the area of Eureka, similar to other chart overlays demonstrated on this site. The map below the chart showing the Cascadia Ridge Abduction Zone, shows where the border of India and Pakistan line up with the west coast of North America. This border symbolizes the clash of WATER and ROCK, or the clash of THOUGHT ENERGY.


The 5 Globes chart just above, on this page, demonstrates the dividing of the One Land Mass that at one time was the only continent on the globe. Even though it was physically divided and separated by SPACE, the thought-word-energy that conjured this land mass into existence in the first place, still exists in both sections of the divided land mass. This is how it is with all physical matter. All physical matter is simply thought, and the aspects of the divided matter remain constant within both sections. This includes all aspects of that land mass, including the population residing in that land mass. With this in mind, whatever thought process occurs in the original land mass, in this case, the EAST INDIES, the effect will transmute throughout the whole land mass including the WEST INDIES. This is to say, that whatever events in the East Indies, the effect will build and eventually transmute throughout the rest of the body. This principle is recognized in many different fields of study as concerning the human body itself, such as chiropractic and kinesiology. The whole body characteristic is repeated throughout other sections of the body, in sort of miniature repetitious forms.

On the map below, the country of Pakistan (shown in blue/green), extends from California to an area reaching the northern tip of Vancouver Island. The Cascadia Ridge Subduction Zone with it’s accompanying AFTER SHOCK ZONE is overlayed in proportion to the west coast and the 11 Western States. Notice that the Subduction Zone fault line follows the general direction of the east border of Pakistan. Then, where the northern tip of Vancouver Island stops, the border of Pakistan extends into the mainland of British Columbia. The very same direction shift happens, that shows the Subduction Zone extending across Vancouver Island into the mainland of British Columbia. The combined width of the Subduction Zone and the After Shock Zone coincide with the width of Pakistan, and as you follow the After Shock Zone fault lines down the western border of Pakistan, they coincide with the exact same width. Pakistan therefore corresponds with the Pacific Ocean just off the coast, where the Pacific Ocean meets the west coast of North America.

When the words PAKISTAN and PACIFIC OCEAN are broken down to reveal the subliminal sound, they suggest the very same thing, the PEACEFUL SEA (Pacific) or LAND of the PURE (Pakistan). Both of these phrases suggest serenity and saintly attributes, that relate directly to communion with god. The luciferian egregore, masquerades as god, and is symbolized by the SUN.


Genie In A Bottle – Shaitan – Satan – Enlightenment

The painting immediately below, titled ‘Vanilla Extract‘, symbolizes the Genie in the Bottle. A genie is a JIN, or JINNI, the Arabic word for genie, or demon, or Satan. In Islam, Satan is pronounced SHAITAN, and is what the last 4 letters of STAN in PAKISTAN represent. SHAITAN is an allegory for KNOWLEDGE, or the one who brings enlightenment. In other words, Satan, or Shaitan, is just another name for LUCIFER, the Light Bringer, or the Light Bearer.


Following the Cascadia Ridge fault line down the west coast of the western states, and enters the state of California right in the area of Eureka. This coinciding feature has repeated itself many times, on charts throughout this site. Of special significance, is the coinciding features from a previous chart where the Flood of Zeus has been shown to initiate in the area of Mount Olympus Washington. Once again, this area of Pakistan demonstrates the Flood of Zeus to commence from the area of Vancouver Island, Mount Olympus Washington and Whistler British Columbia, the site of the 2010 Winter Olympics

Interestingly, the Himalayan Mountain called K-2, is located in this coinciding area.

K-2=Kill 2

The whole Himalayan Mountain Range extends all across northern India. This coincides with Canada, and the Canadian border, extending to Kathmandu and the highest mountain in the world, Mount Everest, located on the border with Nepal and China.


Mount Everest is 29,029 feet high. The number 29 coincides with 5 (sacrifice) on the 3rd clockface. 2+9=11, times that by 2 = 11-11, or death-death.

Mount Everest means ‘Head of the Sky’. A very obvious reference to god.

In subliminal symbolism terms the name EVEREST = EVER IS
The name HIMALAYAS = HIM ALL-AH-S = Him ALLAH’s a reference to god


ALLAH is the Arab counterpart of ZEUS, who again, relates to Jesus, Jupiter, etc.

The Himalayas are an obvious symbol of the mountains of god. The mountain of god is symbolized with Mount Olympus which is located in Washington State, as well as the Rocky Mountains of Canada and the ROCK of the Canadian Shield that extends across Canada and the Arctic region. This is the subliminal implanted with the co-relation between the East Indies and the West Indies. The judgment of god is meant to come out down from the mountains of god in the form of fire and water. The nuclear powers of Pakistan and India symbolically gain their Nuclear Strength from the NUCLEUS CORE within the Atom. This relates, in a direct symbolic sense, to the NUCLEUS CORE of the GLOBE and the seismic volcanic explosive potential of the Cascadia Ridge Subduction Zone, and the super volcanic region of Yellowstone.



The chart below shows the Old World and the New World. The luciferian agenda developed a ‘voodoo type’ system of thought energy transference, by dividing the One Land Mass into two major sections, the East and West hemispheres. These are referred to as the Old and New Worlds. The design of both hemispheres is replicated so that the whatever occurs in one hemisphere can be transmuted to the other with the proper subliminal messages introduced into the societies as a whole. The closer aligned the societies of both hemispheres are, in function and social characteristics, this allows the subliminal messages to be more effective. For example, as fast food chains, convenience stores, department stores, automobile makers, retail giants, etc., made inroads into all corners of the globe, the world societies became like minded and manipulated into desiring the same things from the 3 dimensional experience. This allows for the transference of one mindset, or the hypnotic suggestion, in one hemisphere, to be transferred to the other subconscious mindset of the other hemisphere. This transference allows for the future illusory reality to be established, for example, in the Old World, and then experienced in the New World, and totally undetected as to how it came to pass. Wherever one travels in the world, the similarity of world societies is obvious. At one time, in this illusory world system, there was a kind of variety amongst cultures. Today, if you blink, you’ll miss the differences. This is the result of mass hypnosis through the media and all forms of intellectual and religious activity that guide our cultures.

This chart of the Greater Middle East shows the Arab/Islamic nations that form the major OIL producing nations. The OIL suggests LIO-N, and the energy ION. These countries are also located in a region of the world, where massive deserts exist. These deserts form an OCEAN of SAND that stretch for thousands of miles amongst mountain ranges and inland seas. These are just two types of suggestions that are transferred through all forms of mind manipulation techniques from the Old World to the New World, and the desired effect is recognized in the New World. This may seem bizarre, as we’ve all been indoctrinated to think in terms of TIME and SPACE as if they’re real aspects within a real existence. Nothing could be further from the truth. This isn’t some big mystery, as to how it works, although the luciferian egregore would have you believe it to be. Its a simple matter of creating rituals on a massive scale, that focus thought energy in the manner and to the location desired, and then, through hypnotic misdirection, on a subconscious level, place the ritual in motion, and transfer the thought energy through intense emotional connection. This happens all the time, at every level of the 3D experience. Hypnosis is what is being exercised by everyone, in relationship to everyone else. In the 3 dimensional experience, we’re led to believe that the thoughts implanted within our minds, are our thoughts, and then these thoughts are directed, ritualistically, to where the luciferian THOUGHT PROCESS intends.



The luciferian agenda includes suggestions involving the Sea, a Bear, a Lion, a Flood, an Earthquake, and countless other devastating scenarios. On the chart below, consider just a few of these scenarios, and see the similarity in location, names, symbolic land formations, etc. The similarities between the Hemispheres is remarkable, with even the name of the continents divided evenly with A names. For instance, the Old World includes AfricA, AsiA, AustraliA, and the New World includes N. AmericA, S. AmericA, and AntarcticA. In the middle of all this is EuropE, with the letter E at the beginning and end. A small thing it would seem, but one that suggests to the rest of the world, where the agenda is being directed from.

The country of Pakistan relates to the Pacific Ocean, and the other ‘STAN’ countries which have just recently come into existence, help to form the illusory future reality where the Global Warming Sea Levels will be utilized to attempt the ‘Flood of Noah’ notion. All of the ‘STAN’ countries form a Sea of Sand, along with the other middle east countries listed on the chart below. It is no coincidence that these countries are arranged and named as they are. Of course, if there were no such thing as hypnotic suggestion, then all these words are simply leaves whistling in the wind. However, because this is sinister hypnotic emotional misdirection of reality, and is what makes the 3 dimensional experience appear in the first place, then what is suggested through shape, sound and colour is the weapon used by the luciferian mindset.

The word ‘STAN’ derives from the Arabic word for SHAITAN, in a purely subliminal sense. SHAITAN is the ARABIC word for SATAN, which means KNOWLEDGE, or ENLIGHTENMENT. This enlightenment is the notion behind the name of LUCIFER, the Light Bringer. Thereby making Lucifer and Satan two names meaning the same thing. Both of these names then, refer to enlightenment, or coming to the light of the knowledge of the truth. This will be accomplished in the luciferian agenda in the Age of Aquarius, in the New World Order, the Kingdom of God on earth, when the world is cleansed of corruption and ignorance by the Global Warming Flood. Of course, the luciferian mindset, the THOUGHT PROCESS, created the corruption and ignorance in the first place, and will now step in with the ENVIRONMENTAL GREEN MOVEMENT to clean everything up, in the fashion of a Messianic Saviour. Hoping, of course, that the illusory body of humanity will continue focusing on their illusory lives, and totally miss the REALITY of who we really are. Who we are, is the wisdom eternal Paradise State, and its this state that the luciferian egregore group of thinkers desire to control perpetually.


The MALAY Archipelago and the Indonesian Island countries also coincide with the Northwest United States when overlayed on the Southwest Pacific Ocean, as seen on page 30. In particular, the area of Malaysia and the JAVA SEA coincide with the area around Seattle and Washington State.

MALAY = Mother ALL AH = Mother LA

INDIES=EYN-DIES or the EYE of Death

Just as the photograph of the ROCK under the Dome of the ROCK in Jerusalem is almost a perfect match to the 11 Western United States, and shows how the information recorded on this ROCK indicates that some elite citizens of Jerusalem knew about the 11 Western United States and their borders over 1300 years ago, the information that follows will also indicate an entirely different agenda that runs the world from the one we’re generally taught in the intellectual systems of the world. The luciferian mindset, working through the Mystery Religion and Intellectual Systems of the world, prepared the America’s, by establishing the American Indian nations as Sun God Worshippers, or worshippers of nature, to be used to manipulate the conscious reasoning of humanity, to believe, first off, that humanity is truly who we are, and that we’re REAL, and thereafter, to manipulate this lunatic notion to cause humanity to plead to maintain this 3D ILLUSION through the concept of the ENVIRONMENTAL GREEN MOVEMENT.

The manipulation tool used most effectively, as a smokescreen, is the Global Warming Flood scenario. The Global Flood has been suggested since the days of Gilgamesh, in ancient Mesopotamia, and the 11th Tablet regarding the Deluge, or Global Flood. Likewise, the story of Noah, and the Ark, implants this very same suggestion to be experienced in the late stages of the luciferian agenda.

Babylon – Nimrod – Tammuz – RABBITS and BUFFALO

In ancient Babylon, which would be located in present day Iraq and part of Iran, the god king Nimrod (Tammuz), son of Bel (Baal), and Semiramis (Rhea), is said to have liked RABBITS. Rabbits were supposedly deified because of their reproductive abilities.

According to the Two Babylons, by Alexander Hislop, ‘among the Indians of America there had evidently been something entirely analogous to the Babylonian custom of wearing the horns; for, in the “BUFFALO DANCE” there, each of the dancers had his head arrayed with buffalo’s horns; and it is worthy of especial remark, that the “Satyric dance,” or dance of the Satyrs in Greece, seems to have been the counterpart of this American Indian solemnity; for the satyrs were horned divinities, and consequently those who imitated their dance must have had their heads set off in imitation of theirs’. (End quote).


These are just 2 examples of deified animal gods of the Old World, repeated in the New World, and reaching back to ancient Babylon. This very same deification of animals, and nature itself, extends deep into the American Indian culture, predating Columbus and Christianity, by hundreds, if not thousands of illusory years. It’s this worship of the earth, the animals, the water, the sky and nature itself, that is the very same dogma and doctrine of the ENVIRONMENTAL GREEN MOVEMENT that has been thrust upon the world, under the guise of preserving the world for subsequent generations. In reality, this is the luciferian / illuminati agenda, whereby the father god of Babylon, Bel, the ‘God of Confusion’, (the complete egregore THOUGHT FORM) conjured up the religious/intellectual systems of the world, to enslave and control our very being, by manipulating humanity into passionately desiring to maintain the 3D illusory world.

The following text will show how the Babylonian religion of the Mother and Child was established thousands of years ago in the AMERICA’S. This is the religion of Semiramis and Tammuz (Ninus or Nimrod), or Mary and Jesus, etc. This religion would lie dormant, waiting to be used to manipulate, through CONFUSION, or AWE, as the WIZARD of AWES, works his SACRED SECRET MYSTERY at this illusory moment in TIME.


Approximately 600-900 years ago, (depending on the version of the story), a Native North American Iroquois ‘prophet’ from the Mohawk Tribe, named Hiawatha, was credited with uniting the 5 Iroquois Nations, the Senecas, Cayugas, Onandagas, Oneidas and the Mohawks into one unified group, to stand together against their common enemies. This agreement was called the Great Law of Peace. These Native People lived on the east coast of America, in what is now New York State. This unification, or UNION, is considered to be the forerunner of the AMERICAN CONSTITUTION, which would see separate states drawn together to form the United States of America. This is exactly the same unification principle used by MUHAMMAD, in the 7th century, where he brought about the union of the warring Arab Tribes, to create a single unified state. Unification through manipulation and deceit, is a characteristic of Islamic dogma, which is simply one term to describe sun god worship dogma. This unification was used as a smokescreen to establish the Islamic religion, hiding who and what, was really behind the rise of Islam. The luciferian thinkers were the ones who were really behind the rise of Islam, working through the Judeau/Christian elite, passing on the Mystery Religion principles of the Kabbalah.

This very same principle is being applied in the very illusory moment we find ourselves in. The rise of the Environmental Green Movement is acting as a smokescreen for the solidification of sun god worship throughout the world, which again is based on the principles of the Kabbalah. This entrenching is meant to perpetuate the agenda in an infinite cycle of deceit, distraction, despair and death.


Henry Wadsworth Longfellow wrote a poem called the Song of Hiawatha. Unfortunately for the people of the world, this poem wasn’t really about the Iroquois ‘prophet’ Hiawatha, but about a North American Native god called Nanabozho. But for 150 years, historians puzzled over attempting to coordinate the deeds of Hiawatha with the deeds of Nanabozho. Eventually, the confusion was resolved. This is just one more example of how the ‘god of confusion’, the luciferian thinkers, arrange the most bizarre incidents to confound the masses, thereby creating endless distraction. The name of Hiawatha was invoked because of the subliminal message attached to it, and it’s total agreement with the luciferian agenda of the Global Flood.


NANABOZHO was equated with Egyptian god THOTH, who has been credited with creating virtually every 3 dimensional system and function within the 3D world. (See the video ‘What In The World’s Going On” – click on the link at the top or bottom of the page)>/span>. Nanabozho was described as the creator of the earth. This is similar to the story of Jesus, who was ONE with the Father, (just as the neutron and proton are ONE in the NUCLEUS) ,who was the creator of heaven and earth. Even though most denominations give credit to the Father only, for creation, in actual practise, the christian belief is firmly, though subconsciously adhered to, that Jesus was with the Father in the creation of the world.

Nanabozho had an earthly mortal mother, called WIININWAA, or MISHABOOZ, which literally meant NOURISHMENT. This nourishment is, of course, the mother’s MILK. The name Wiininwaa comes from the Lakota Indian Tribe, also called the Dakota, Teton, or Teton Sioux Tribes. These tribes lived in the area of what is today, the states of North and South Dakota, Montana and Wyoming. For thousands of years, they worshipped Nanabozho, Wiininwaa, and E-bangishimog (father), as a trinity godhead. This Nourishment concept, and the name Wiininwaa is inspired by the breast shaped mountain range called the Grand Teton Range, which have no foothills leading up to the mountains themselves. Just like a woman’s breasts, they rise immediately from the base of the surrounding terrain.

Three of the main peaks of the Grand Tetons were also called ‘les TROIS TETONS’, or ‘the THREE BREASTS’, by subsequent French explorers to the area, echoing the NOURISHMENT of the Mother of God.

The name “Tetons” was originally intended to describe several hills near the town of Arco, Idaho. They were named by a French trapper who thought that they resembled the female body. (Ergo tétons, the French word for “nipples” or “teats”.) Many years later the name was mistakenly applied to the mountains of present day Grand Teton National Park due to poor map-making/map-reading standards of the time.

The Teton Sioux name relates to the Grand Teton Range, or the Grand Teats of the Mother of God, who, as mentioned, wasWiininwaa the Nourishment, referring to the Mother’s Milk.

Nanabozho’s father was a Spirit Father called E-BANGISHIMOG, which literally means, IN THE WEST. This Spirit Father coincides with the Great Manitou mentioned above, who coincides with Jehovah, Allah, etc.

Nanabozho was symbolized by the Great Hare, Great Rabbit, or simply, a RABBIT.

The Hebrew word for RABBIT is ARNABET, (A-RNA-BET = AN RABET = EYE RABBIT) and means ‘Behold The Light‘, which is the All Seeing Eye, or RAY of LIGHT. The Father, or RABBI, of the Light.

NANABOZHO is pronounced as NANABOZHO in the first person.
In the 3rd person, this name is pronounced WANABOZHO.
In the null person, this name is pronounced MANABOZHO.
Sometimes, depending on the story, it may be pronounced as NANABOZH.
Yet again, in actual dialect pronunciation, the 2 O’s sound like oo = NANABOOZHOO.
In some dialets the ZH = Z = NANABOOZ.
Still other dialects reduced the 1st A, and pronounced the name as WAABOOZ, finally arriving at the word RABBIT associated with the symbol for this god.


This is simply a long drawn out explanation to show how the luciferian mindset has developed a subliminal message used extensively within the English speaking society, that manipulates humanity to repeat a hypnotic suggestion endlessly, without the slightest notion of so doing. The letters WA have been replaced for the letters RA. The letters RA refer to the sun god RA, sometimes spelled RE. RA or RE mean the same thing, and from a subliminal perspective mean the same thing as WA. The letters WA refer to the WAY, the Way of the Cross, the correct WAY to live ones life, and that WAY is to be filled with the Holy Spirit, the LIVING WATER.


What’s being demonstrated here, is that the letters WA, RA, and RE are subliminal suggestions referring to WATER. For instance, when the word TOWER is read, the suggestion is hidden, but extremely discernible to the subconscious mind as TOWER = WOT-ER = WAT-AW = WATER. From this, the meaning of the World Trade Centre Towers is implanting the suggestion of the TOWERS or WATERS, that will fall on the MARRIOTT HOTEL, which in turn is the state of California.

By extension, the letters RA and RE, refer to God, the King, and gives way to the concept of the word RO, from which the word ROYAL is derived. The letters RA, RE, and RO, are all subliminals, suggesting WA-TER. From this interconnection, such mindless little ditties as ROW ROW ROW YOUR BOAT, conjured up by the luciferian thinkers, program the human subconscious mind to respond in a senseless trance, and establish our reality completely geared to including a Great Flood and devastation.

ROW ROW ROW Your boat,
Gently down the stream, (down into the Underworld)
Merrily, Merrily, Merrily, Merrily (Mer, Mer Sea, MERCY, Merci, Thank You)
Life is but a DREAM (life is but a TRANCE)

From this linking of short word and sound subliminal suggestion, the name of the World Trade Centre Towers takes on a new significance.

WORLD = ROW-LD = Water Rolled
TRADE = Sacrifice Cross of TIME – WATER of Death
CENTRE = Sea Eye Sacrifice Cross of TIME – of Water
TOWERS = Sacrifice Cross of TIME – of Water

Of course, none of this makes any sense from a logical, rational perspective. However, we’re not talking about logic here, not in the least. We’re talking about how it is that the luciferian, light bringing thinkers, use Freemasonic Islamic Jewish Christian Mormon Jehovah’s intellectual religious puppets to establish a hypnotic trance state called the 3 dimensional experience, to distract and disconnect and to bring suffering, misery and the illusory death experience, and then place it right in the middle of our eternal Paradise State.


So, this obviously brings us to our good old friend BUGS BUNNY (B and G words). That WASCALLY WABBIT!

Freemason elitists understand that if they use the words, symbols, colours, and the rituals associated with these, that they will unlock the power within. Therefore, operating from deep within this trance induced mindset, they go about the luciferian agenda business, working the Kabbalistic Secrets into our illusory daily lives, making our connection to wisdom all but a memory. One perfect example of this, comes to us, courtesy of Freemason Jack Warner, a Jewish immigrant from Poland, who settled in Ontario with his parents and 4 brothers in the early 1900’s before moving to the USA.

Jack was the youngest of the brothers, who eventually put together Warner Brothers Studios, that today, is a subsidiary of TIME WARNER.

TIME WARNER = EMIT WAR and WATER create chaos

These brothers were the first to include sound clips with feature length silent movies. What they are truly famous for, is the cartoon character BUGS BUNNY. Once again, the slippery luciferian mind, invents a whole new tool to indoctrinate the illusory minds of children, to conform to the desired reality they need to be established for their agenda to succeed.

First off, their last name was not WARNER, but WANSKOLASER. They incorporated their name and logo with the WB for Warner Brothers, however, all is not as it seems. Surprise! The WB is on a shield, a symbol of ORION, and a symbol of the Jewish Rothschild family.


The WB stands for WANABOZHO, which is a form of Nanabozho, the creator god of the Native North American Indians. Wanabozho, in actual Lakota dialect, is pronounced Waabooz, from which we obtain the English word Rabbit. The Rabbit was in turn, the symbol associated with Nanabozho, who was a TRICKSTER GOD. Warner Brothers Studios, adopted this WB, the symbolic name of god WaaBooz, and along with it, created an animated cartoon character called Bugs Bunny, who represents symbolically, the spirit of tricking, and causing endless troubles.

The hypnotic suggestion established with this character Bugs Bunny (a B and G word), was that of WAR. If anyone has any bewilderment why the United States of America is so thirsty for WAR at every turn, check out the way the children were brought up and programmed for all their childhood years. Take a look at the mindless subliminals that were pumped into the innocent receiving crystals, coupled with the endless suggestion of the AMERICAN DREAM, and there’s no other possible outcome, than to have a population completely obsessed with killing, conquest and war. In a great part attributed to Jack Warner, Freemasonic lunacy, and the Wascally Wabbit we call Bugs Bunny.

Bugs Bunny cartoons come to us in 1940, originating in Brooklyn New York. This year, 2009, will be his 69th year. The number 69 coincides with 9 on the 6th clockface. Yet again, another number oddity. 9 relates to the FALL and 6 to the SACRIFICER, the Sacred Secret Sexman, the Christ/Antichrist lunatic god of confusion. This number 69 is formed by 2 Golden Mean images, and is the symbol associated with the Western Astrological sign for CANCER. This number also symbolizes the act of ORAL SEX.



Together these names alone imply war, death, and some sort of royal divine flood. Coupled with the repetitious suggestions incorporated into the accent, slogans, and symbolism associated with that of Bugs Bunny, and a young audience is totally defenseless against the mind control techniques of the luciferian thinkers, whose only desire is to create an illusion, first, of the person themselves, in their 3D form, and then to use the mind within that 3D form, to separate us from our eternal state of wisdom through endless distractions.


Of Course You Realize … This Means WAR

One of Bugs Bunny’s famous lines was ‘Of course you realize… this means WAR’. Really? What sort of wholesome, beneficial suggestion is that supposed to implant within a young mind? Of course, you realize, this took place in the 1940’s, and America was just about to enter into World War 2. Through the encouragement of Bugs Bunny in the background, the young men and women were seduced, hypnotically, to agree with the very idea of going to war. Even glamourizing the whole charade. However, the ultimate intent of this hypnotic indoctrination by the Rabbit God, was to prepare a Baby Booming generation after the war, who would grow up with the subliminal implanted deep within their illusory minds, that they are AMERICANS, and they are GODS PEOPLE, and they have a DREAM, and let’s go kill anyone, and destroy anything that should stand in the way of this HOLY MISSION. Of course, not realizing for a moment, that their God is a Rabbit, their Dream is a Trance, and their Faith relates to a Rabbit’s Foot and a Fish’s Tail.

In the cartoon ‘VICTORY THRU HARE POWER’, the message suggested, is that Victory for God’s People comes through the HARE, or the Rabbit. The word HARE = RAH = RAW = WAR. Likewise, WAR = WATER, and the ultimate desire of the luciferian agenda, will be to wage WAR upon the American population, and throughout the world, with WATER. This is meant to be accomplished through the Global Warming Flood hypnotic suggestion. The mind preparation to believe this lunacy and to hypnotically create this reality, went into serious mode, 69 years ago, with the character of Bugs Bunny. The God of America.

Another slogan that Bugs Bunny is famous for, …‘What’s Up Doc’?,… is spoken sarcastically as he chews on a CARROT. Innocent enough, it would seem. However, close your eyes, and say these words slowly, and they sound close to WHATS AH DOCK? Yet again, WAT-AH DOCK? or WATER DOCK? This little subliminal suggests water, and a dock, and what you find in the water at the dock, are FISH. The word DOC = COD in reverse, and is the shape of the MECCA MOSQUE shown on page 33, where the Muslim people parade around in the Belly of this Fish, fulfilling the 5th Pillar of the Hajj ritual. This is exactly what Christians do by worshipping Jesus with their Fish symbol. It also hearkens to Jonah in the Belly of the Fish story, who is a type of Messiah, who is resurrected out of the Belly of Death.

MECCA = MESA = MESSIAH, the Messiah is a Fish God.


Yet another famous line from Bugs, was the sarcastic phrase … in the cartoon FRIGID HARE – 1949 – where he tunneled to Antarctica … ‘shoulda taken a left toin at Albukoikee‘. Once again, we have a subliminal implanted with the South Pole, the Arctic Hare, and the Polar Ice Caps. Bugs is asking for directions to Albuquerque, one of the 4 Corners Cross States, and highly symbolic when pronounced as Al, as in LA, BU sacrifice, and KOI KEE, or QUOIS KEY, or Killing WATER KEY. Also, a Koi is another type of fish. The word QUOIS is that used in the name IROQUOIS, mentioned above. Spelled out in it’s normal fashion, with the subliminal translation, ALBUQUERQUE = AL Los Angeles, Allah-BU sacrifice you-Killing WATER-KEY

Nanabozho, the Rabbit god, was the Father God, the Rabbi Sacrifice God. He was a Trickster God, mentioned in various ways throughout most of the world, throughout many mythological god stories, for many centuries. This is the Double Cross god, the god of the children of Abraham. The god of the Islamic Christian Jewish Octagon of Control.

In yet another cartoon, Bugs tunnels to, (tunneling should be associated with the Well of Souls) what he thinks is, La Brea Tar Pits in Los Angeles. ????? He ends up in Scotland. Home of Roslyn Chapel and the holiest site to the Freemason Brotherhood. Bugs makes the statement …‘Therrre’s no La Brrreaa Tarrr Pits in Scotland’. What we have here, is the Scottish rolling R sound. Simple enough, but you’ve got to ask yourself WHY? What’s really being said here, from a subliminal perspective, is ‘WATERS ROLLING – NO LA – WATER BEARING – WATER PITS CAUGHT LAND’.

In the chart immediately below, the God of America, and the God of the New World, is settled between the B and G Pillars of Hebrew Islamic Christian Freemasonry. In the Middle is the Pillar of Sacifice – named YOU. This is the symbolism for the name BUGS Bunny. Although the co-director of this character was, a fellow named ‘Bugs’ Hardaway, or Joseph Benjamin Hardaway (a J and B name), there’s always a cover story to hide the luciferian agenda from being uncovered. Joseph Benjamin was referred to sometimes as J.B.Hardaway and was co-director of LOONEY TUNES and MERRY MELODIES.

As a bit of a side note here, Canada is the Large Upper Room for preparing the Marriage Supper of the Lamb. Or more specifically, preparing the WATER for the Marriage Supper. For those unfamiliar with the new Canadian coins, the $1 coin is a LOONEY, and our new $2 coin is a TOONEY. The water for the Global Warming Flood is being prepared in the large upper room of Canada, and this is the symbolic subliminal implant that has prepared this in our illusory reality. Merry Melodies, is a reference to the MER-RY, Mary Sea, the Marriage Sea, at the Last Supper, the Marriage Supper of the Lamb, being prepared as well, in the Canadian Arctic. Just as the World Trade Centre Attack was placed on the USA money bills of 2001, the Canadian coins have this message attached as well.
The original voice of Bugs Bunny was Mel Blanc = Mother El WHITE. Bugs’ next voice was that of Jeff Bergman (B and G). Greg Burson (B and G) was another Bugs voice in 1955. Billy West (B nameand the word WEST which refers to the name Father God E-Bangishimog) was another. Joe Alaskey (J name and the name of the al-AQSA Mosque and the Mother’s Milk of God) was another.


HOP EYE-ndians – HIP HOP – I-HOP

Here’s a quote from Native American Myths of Creation

In the beginning was only Tepeu and Gucumatz (Feathered Serpent). These two sat together and THOUGHT, and whatever they thought came into being. They thought Earth, and there it was

This is precisely the way the Hebrew / Christian Bible states that God created the Heavens and the Earth. Genesis 1:3 ‘God said let there be LIGHT…’ In other words God thought a word, that word was his son, and by him, his son, the WORD, were all things made.

This is no different than the ancient Egyptian god EL / ALLAH, who created THOTH / THOUGHT, who created ATUM / ADAM, who was considered the finisher god. When the North American Native myths are compared with those of Babylon, Egypt, and Greece, right up to our present illusory time, there is no difference whatsoever. Now consider some of the activities associated with the Native American people, and the subliminals attached to these activities and how they relate to this moment in the luciferian agenda.

The whole luciferian thought process is obsessed with the Marriage Supper of the Lamb. The Navajo Indians of Northeast Arizona, Southeast Utah, and Northwest New Mexico refer to themselves as the DINE, which literally means, ‘The People’. The marriage supper, the DINNER of GOD, has been symbolized on this site as the sacrifice of great portions of humanity to the luciferian egregore. The cartoon character Elmer Fudd, one of BUGS business associates, is symbolic of this notion:


Bugs Bunny is Nanabohzo. Bugs is god. Elmer Fudd was always hunting Bugs. This is the story associated with Orion, the great hunter, with his dog Sirius, who were hunting hares. Elmer Fudd tended to get the worst end of the deal hunting bugs, and so it was with Orion, who was killed. We, as this illusory form of humanity, relate to Elmer Fudd, and we are the IONS of ORION. Humanity is the matter, or the sacrifice, the FOOD for the Supper Table to be DINED upon.

Rabbits HOP – HOPI Indians – The Audicity of HOPE

With the election of Barack Obama, the subliminals established by the luciferian mindset are in evidence everywhere. One example is the connection with the RABBIT GOD of America, and the word HOP. Barack Obama wrote a book titled ‘The Audacity of HOPE’. This suggests the method of zig-zagging the mindset of intellectualism and religion to control our wisdom state, much as a rabbit maneuvers to avoid capture. The regeneration and hopping characteristics of the rabbit, are just two aspects that were instilled into this creature as part of it’s nature to suggest to humanity the oneness of this animal with god.

The Audacity of HOPE is simply referring to the power and nerve of the Rabbit God. The zig-zag principles of this luciferian rabbit symbol, relate to the sacrifice that is continually ongoing in this 3D illusory world, and in this time, (2009), the sacrifice is linked to the Financial Collapse around the world, that goes totally undetected by the masses. The Boaz and Jachin Pillars of sacrifice, the J and B pillars, are manifest in the subliminal message formed by one word – JOB. The repetitious use of this word JOB is linked subconsciously to the notion of SACRIFICE. The very nature of a JOB is how we make MONEY. Money is what we need to exist in this 3D illusion. Money is LIFE. God gives LIFE. Money, Life, and God are inseparable to the subconscious mind. Therefore, to lose your JOB, is to lose your LIFE, and likewise, to lose your GOD. The word JOB is BUY in reverse when using the Y for a J or G rule. To lose your JOB is to lose your BUY-ing power, or the power from God. The year, 2008, was the worst year for job losses in the USA since 1945. That statistic is deceiving because 1945 saw the soldiers returning after the 2nd World War ended, and were looking for JOBS. So, with that taken into consideration, 2008 was the worst year ever for JOB LOSSES, … which in turn is LOSING GOD. The subliminal in all this, that’s intended to shape our future illusory reality, is that we have rejected GOD, and now HUMANITY will have to PAY the SACRIFICE. Subtle, slippery, and sneaky … ZIG-ZAG … In reality, in the Paradise State, all is well, and we are all okay. Will we watch and wait, or will we react and worry, and be manipulated into some hideous pit, even deeper than our present pit of despair?

I-HOP – Pancakes Anyone?

The fast food industry has played a big part in perpetuating the illusory 3D reality. Yet again, the word HOP relates to the International House of Pancakes, who just recently, right on cue, started advertising with the acronym, IHOP = EYE HOP, which is a reference to the power and cunningAmerican Rabbit God. The primary food supplied by this restaurant is a PANCAKE = PANKAKE = PAY-EYE-KILL-KILL, which is a BATTER of MILK, FLOWER (ground wheat), and EGGS (eyes), that has to be FRIED on a HOT GRIDDLE.

Hopping Right Along – HAPI Fertility River God of EGYPT

The HOPI Indian Reservation is located right on the border of Arizona and New Mexico. This common border forms the upright segment of the CROSS of the 4 Corners Cross states. Located precisely on the border is an incredible ROCK formation called WINDOW ROCK. See photo below.


The Hopi Indians had a lot to say regarding the luciferian agenda. The language is straight out of an Egyptian Pharoahs mouth, or any sun god worshipper throughout history. The name HOPI relates subliminally to the River God HAPI, yet another name for the fertility god that flooded the Nile annually. (Hapi is also the suggestion behind the word HAPPY, as this was the happy time of the year, as the flood was required to fertilize the land). Here’s just a short quote from an interview done on the Art Bell radio program:

The Earth changes will take place in such a way, you know, that this whole planet, here, will become a different type of planet because of the changes in itself. It has happened before, as we mentioned earlier, that it did happen before that they went through these changes and they was taught they we weren’t supposed to go back to the same routine that we had gone through in the past life. That was the corruption that we were going through….what we’re going through, today. There is so much corruption, out there. These were the things that led us to these things and even animals, insects…

He has seen pictures of the crop circles that have been out there. These are, in his own mind, teachings also, and they’re telling us what is becoming of our time and where it is leading us. He has had a chance to look at a few of them, and he does understand what they’re trying to put through?..the message in the CIRCLE itself. It is telling us that we are very close to it and what we need to do in order to get ourselves back on track, and the other end of it?..when he says, the other end of it, where you get to see all the things happen and live again?..for a NEW LIFE to start.

He said that the crop circles were put there by outside, like the UFO people, but he’s not sure just who put those crop circles there. But, to get back to the question that is the last one here, the teachings from the Elders, he said, yes they know about the possibilities of other life forms on other planets. The “Old Ones,” the old people, the “Old Ones” way back had the knowledge and know-how of getting around, and they have traveled to other planets before and they know how it is out there, if there is life on other planets and they DO know that there is life on other planets and what planets are not liveable. But, they don’t know the exactness of how they will be helping us out or they will be going against us. They just know that when we are getting close to the end times, we will be visited by people from out there, and we’re not aware whether they’re going to help us or go against us. We do know that they have high technology to see what is going on.

There is a story that we do know that we did have a brother who was set out and he is out there and with that brother and, from the Society of the One Horned Clan, they made a pact that….from the One Horned Clan and the Society and the brother had make like a…’s a law that the purifying time would come. This was already done, it was like it had been already organized and it was, you know, established. The stories that there will be come a time that whoever is going to come and, you know, to purify the people.

End of Hopi quote.

This is precisely the language of all ancient civilizations who have experienced the 3D trance state, only to remain, totally perplexed and confused as to the luciferian mind controlling their Paradise State. We’re told by the Hopi grandfathers, that there will be changes to the Earth, because there is so much corruption, and a time of purifying will come, from the UFO alien civilizations.

Because the Native Indians repeat this story, the legitimacy of the myth becomes etched in Stone. However, it is only sun god worship. The worship of the air, water, and earth. Worship of the intellectual and religious THOUGHT PROCESS. This is the Egyptian Sun God, Serpent God, Alien God worship, … masquerading as wise Native Indian elders … and completely manipulating humanity into ‘seeing’ the pragmatism in adopting Environmental Green Movement perpetuated as by the luciferian thinkers to maneuver our wisdom into a mental and emotional prison.

Slaughter Of Atlantis


The 4th of July, being chosen as the birthday of the United States of America is based entirely on the annual INUNDATION of the NILE RIVER. Every year depended on the Nile being flooded so that nutrients could fill the surrounding land to enable fields to produce the necessary food. The Egyptian Calendar is based on the rising of Sirius, the Dog Star, or god star. Sirius rises on June 25, and shortly thereafter, the Egyptians knew the Nile would be inundated with water. Being that the ancient Egyptians worshipped the Sun, on July 4th, every year, the Sirius Star would be astrologically conjunct with the Sun. That’s to say, they would both appear to be in the same part of the sky at the same time. Therefore, July 4th was the day delegated to the FLOOD of the NILE, the beginning of a NEW YEAR, or a NEW TIME. So it is with the USA, July 4th is symbolically chosen to coincide with the flooding of the Nile and as hundreds of years of celebrations on July 4th occur, the illusory reality which includes the flooding of the land is inescapable.

The 4th of July celebrations in the USA include FLAG WAVING, (water subliminal) FIREWORKS (earthquake seismic subliminal) , PARADES (searching subliminal) , MARCHING BANDS (sea sacrifice subliminal) , and endless PARTIES and SPORTING EVENTS (religious circle rituals), etc. These are all religious rituals building a massive reservoir of emotion just waiting to burst it’s banks with the right catalyst, or detonating spark.

On January 20, 2009, Barack Obama will be sworn in as the 44th President, or High Priest of the USA. This is the symbolic Arab Prince born in the Upper Nile who is being used to connect the 4th of July, with the 44th High Priest, and the inundation based on the rising of the Sirius Star. On a previous page, it was shown how Lake Tahoe, Sacramento, and San Francisco form the 3 Stars on ORIONS BELT. These 3 Stars of the constellation point to the Sirius Star, known as Orions Hunting Dog that Orion used to hunt Rabbits, or Hares. The 3 geographical locations of Lake Tahoe, Sacramento, and San Francisco point to HAWAII, in exactly the same fashion as the constellation of Orion. The 3 Stars of Orion then point to the Southern Crux, or Southern Cross constellation, and in like fashion, the 3 geographical locations of California, point to the Equator and International Dateline after passing through HAWAII. Keep in mind that HAWAII = HIGHWAY = HIAWATHA = HIGHER WATER = IOWA in reverse. It is this ‘Highway’, that is being used to deliver the hypnotic reality with all it’s symbolic lunacy.

One interesting symbolic side note, is that, for the first time since Ronald Reagans inauguration, the LINCOLN TOWN CAR will be used by the President, instead of the customary limousines of recent years. This is a highly symbolic ritual as the highways of the world represent the TRANCE PORTATION tool used by the luciferian egregore. Saint John the Baptist is the Patron Saint of highways, or motorways.

What’s interesting to note, is that Barack Obama, the SUN/SON, spent 13 days vacationing in HAWAII, one of his childhood home states, which coincides with the SIRIUS STAR, before returning to Washington DC to be sworn in as High Priest. Here we have the Kenyan born Upper Nile Prince, returning from Paradise Island, the Sirius Star of Hawaii, to take his rightful place in the Temple of Solomon, called the WHITE HOUSE. The SUN and the SIRIUS STAR are CONJUNCT. All this is associated with the Flooding of the Nile on July 4th. Yet again, when comparing the WHITE HOUSE to the coinciding characteristics of YELLOWSTONE Park, demonstrated on the NATIONAL MALL page 29, the symbolism is even more complete. Barack Obama will be sworn in on January 20th, on the National Mall, looking out towards the Washington Monument, which coincides with the 4 Corner Cross States, with the Lincoln Memorial lying 2,000 feet beyond, which itself coincides with the City of San Francisco. The subliminal messages established between Barack Obama and Abraham Lincoln and in turn the Kennedy’s, has been monumental during the presidential campaign throughout 2008. On, and after January 20th, the luciferian agenda goes to another level.

Barack Obama has these geographical locations associated with him. The country of Kenya, and the Upper Nile. The State of Illinois, or Death Flower of Sion. The State of Kansas, or the land of OZ. The State of Hawaii, or Paradise Island, the Sirius God Star. The country of Indonesia, where his mother worked, and the seismic earthquake activity associated with that part of the world that relates to the 11 Western States as shown on page 30.

Symbolism of the SUN GOD – January 10 – 2009

Immediately below is an article from – CNN -1/10/2009 – in regards to the inauguration of Barack Obama. Keep in mind that an estimated 5 MILLION will attend the Inauguration, and 5 BILLION will watch on TV. The number 5 and SACRIFICE once again coming to the fore.


“President-elect Barack Obama, who in 10 days will be sworn in using the Bible of his political hero Abraham Lincoln, visited the Lincoln Memorial in Washington on Saturday night with his family.

Obama, wife Michelle and daughters Malia and Sasha made the unannounced stop shortly after 7 p.m. ET.

The family walked up the steps of the memorial on a chilly night in Washington and then visited the museum at the site. On the way out, they stopped at the edge of the reflecting pool.

The parents were seen pointing in the distance to the Capitol and the Washington Monument.

The Obamas spent about a half-hour at the memorial before returning to the Hay-Adams Hotel, where they are staying.

Obama will be the first president to use the Lincoln Bible for his inauguration since Lincoln used it in 1861. Inauguration organizers have said Obama’s inaugural theme, “A New Birth of Freedom,” was inspired by Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address.

The president-elect also plans a train trip from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, to Washington three days before the inauguration, following the final leg of the train route taken by Lincoln. “

End of CNN Article.

Deciphering the symbolism:

On 01/10/2009, or 01/10/8-9 Obama visits the Lincoln Memorial, 10 DAYS before his swearing in. 10 DAYS into the New Year, and 10 DAYS before his inauguration. He will also be using LINCOLN Town Cars for his little drive to the White House Temple, and the Inauguration Day Luncheon menu will include Lincoln’s favourite foods. (See the article from ABC News following the deciphering of this CNN story).

This year 2009 breaks down as 8-9, or 8+9=17, which coincides with 5 on the 2nd clockface. Again, 8-9 is 89, which coincides with 5 on the 8th clockface. Yet again, allowing 2009 to be 20+09=29, which coincides with 5 on the 3rd clockface. It’s very apparent that 5 and sacrifice seem to be the theme here. Coupled with the DUALITY, DEITY and CONTROL numbers, an overall picture of who, what and how things will transpire, continues to emerge. (See the charts on p.29 concerning the National Mall to get a better idea of what’s occurring here). All of this is incredibly historic. For 6,000 illusory years, the agenda has been waiting to pull this one off, and we’re watching the illusory event transpire right before us.

Obama stops at the EDGE of the REFLECTING POOL, the WATER POOL. Read this next word break down very slowly. This is:


He visited the Memorial just after 7 PM. 7=Perfection and Completion.

The parents were seen pointing in the direction of the Capitol Building and the Washington Monument. This is the same ritual performed by the Islamic pilgrims to the HAJJ, who POINT TO THE KAABA, as a sign of KISSING THE BLACK STONE that Muhammad kissed. The Stone in question, is the 11 Western States ROCK, and this is the Kiss of Death.

They then returned to the HAY-ADAMS Hotel. HAY-ADAMS = EYE ATUM, the beginning of the THOUGHT PROCESS. Adam and Eve. A NEW WORLD is about to DAWN.

Obama will use the LINCOLN BIBLE.

BIBLE = BAHY-BUHL = BAY BULL = Water Sacrifice Bull

A Bible originally was a BYBLION or Papyrus SCROLL.
BY-B-LION SCROLL = Sacrifice BEAR / LION SEA ROLLS = or more literally ‘The Sacrifice of the Sea Lion and the Sea Bear

The inaugural theme will be “A New Birth of Freedom” based on the GettysBurG Address. (This is a G and B word). Just as the Golden Gate Bridge is a double G and one B word. The famous line from this address by Lincoln, was ‘…4 SCORE and 7 years ago’…

A SCORE = 20, coinciding with 8 and a SCORE means a GOAL. 4 SCORES = 80, or 4×8=32, coinciding with 8 on the 3rd clockface, or Total Control based on the 4 Square/4 SCORE Foundation, and 7 = Perfection and Completion. Together, 80+7=87 which coincides with 3 (DEITY SHAPE) on the 8th (CONTROL) clockface. The number 87=8+7=15, the number of the (DEITY NUMBER). The GettysBurG Address was in reference to the events of the Civil War, or SEA VILE of WATER, and sacrifice associated with that war, (immense death and bloodshed by any world standard), are now associated with this Inaugural Speech by ABRAHAMA.

The TRAIN ride, the FINAL LEG (as Jesus said on the CROSS … it is finished, the GOAL is achieved), 3 DAYS, or 3 DEITY’s before the inauguration, from PHILADEPHIA – city of brotherly LOVE – PENNSYLVANIA, or PENN – 5 the KEYSTONE STATE, EL god, VAN EYE A or V for 5 sacrifice centre of the eye. The TRAIN = T-Time Sacrifice Cross – RAIN/REIGN, and follows a RAILROAD = RA-IL WA-IL, or WATER AISLE, and LIAR WAIL. The Jewish WAILING WALL of TEARS outside the Temple Mount, and outside the Foundation Rock, which are the 11 Western States.


Abrahama’s Book – The Audicity of Hope – what this book really means, and what the subliminal attached to this title is really suggesting, is NOT THE REVIVAL OF HOPE for America and the world, but the NERVE, the ABSOLUTE INCREDIBLE NERVE, of humanity to even consider they have ANY HOPE LEFT.

ABC News Article – Inauguration Day Lincoln Luncheon Menu

Marriage Supper of the LAMB Symbolism

As you read this MENU, (MEN-YOU), which is filled with symbolism again, keep in mind that the Lincoln Memorial coincides with San Francisco, and this menu relates to the Marriage Supper at the MARRIOTT HOTEL located at the World Trade Centre, which coincides with CALIFORNIA, and which was crushed by the Falling Twin Towers in the 911 attack. What we see transpiring is further messaging to establish the reality the luciferian THINKERS desire for us to experience.

Abraham Lincoln – 16th High Priest of USA = 4×4
Barack Obama – ABRAHAMA44th High Priest of USA

Obama Will Eat Like Lincoln on Inauguration Day
January 10, 2009 11:41 AM

On Inauguration Day, not only will President-elect Obama be sworn in using the Bible that was used to swear in President Abraham Lincoln, he will DINE like Lincoln as well.

The luncheon that will be served in Congress’s Statuary Hall to the president-elect and vice president-elect and their families — as well as congressional leaders, justices of the Supreme Court and pending members of the Obama Cabinet — will be modeled after foods that Lincoln ate and enjoyed.

The first course will even be served on replicas of the CHINA picked out by then-FIRST lady MARY Todd Lincoln at the BEGINNING of her husband’s term in office.

The luncheon is being put together by the Joint Congressional Committee on Inaugural Ceremonies, which has chosen as its theme “A New Birth of Freedom,” celebrating the 200th anniversary of the birth of President Abraham Lincoln on Feb. 12.

(Side note – FEBRUARY 12, 2010 – 1st day of Vancouver / Mount Olympus WINTER OLYMPICS – 201 years after Lincoln’s Birthday – 201 = 8 on the 16th clockface).

Mr. Obama has often invoked Mr. Lincoln on the campaign trail, from his candidacy announcement in Springfield, Ill., where Lincoln once toiled as a state legislator, to the 16th president’s “team of rivals” in his Cabinet, which Mr. Obama has replicated by putting three former Democratic presidential primary opponents in his, to his pick of Bible for the swearing-in.

On the Saturday before his inauguration, Mr. Obama will also travel by train to Washington, D.C., starting in the city of brotherly love, Philadelphia, where that other lanky Illinoisan spoke while traveling from Springfield, Ill., in 1861. On the Sunday before his swearing-in, Mr. Obama will hold a rally at the Lincoln Memorial.

Lincoln-y enough for ya?

The luncheon’s appetizer will be SEAFOOD stew in PUFF PASTRY — scallops, shrimp, lobster — served as a nod to the 16th president’s love of stewed and scalloped oysters.

The main course — DUCK breast with sour-cherry chutney and herb-roasted PHEASANT served with molasses SWEET POTATOES and WINTER VEGETABLES — is a nod to the ROOT vegetables and WILD GAME that Mr. Lincoln favored growing up on the frontier in KENTUCKY and INDIANA.

The APPLE cinnamon sponge cake dessert is a nod to Mr. Lincoln’s love of APPLES and APPLE cake.

The full menu was released by the Inaugural Committee on Friday, which also released the recipes for the meals should one want to try them at home.

Design Cuisine, is the Arlington, Va., caterer hired to create the meals for the Inaugural Luncheon.

End of ABC ABRAHAMA’s Lincoln Luncheon Menu article.

3 symbolic objects in Americana include:

1. APPLE PIE – a symbol of ZEUS / SUEZ and the A POLES, the Arctic and Antarctic Poles.
2. The LOUISVILLE SLUGGER baseball bat, produced in Louisville Kentucky, Lincoln’s boyhood state.
LOUISVILLE = LUIC-VILLE = LUCI-FILLE = LUCIFER the Father of Light, the V or 5 of sacrifice
50 PENTagrams of DEATH. 50×5=250 RAYS = 250 YEARS from 1776 to 2026
13 STRIPES – the number 1 on the 2nd clockface – a New Age born out of Blood (red) and Cleansing (white)

The 4th of July – CHRISTMAS in JULY

In recent years, the concept of ‘Christmas In July’ has been used by charities and business, and is referring to the time of abundance and commercial activity associated with Christmas. However, this abundance and commercialism of Christmas is completely symbolic for the abundant WATER and COMMERCIALISM associated with the Global Warming Flood.


The Flood of the Nile occurred over a few days, not just July 4th, even though July 4th is the day of recognition. Here are some symbolic dates associated with the flooding of the Nile.

June 20-21 – Summer Solstice

June 24 – St. Jean Baptiste Day – Saint John the Baptist Day.

John = YOHN = OANNES = ONENESS the Fish god of Babylon, called Nimrod. The god associated with water, even as John the Baptist is associated with preparing the sacrifice of the lord’s body FOR DEATH( which body are the believers).

Freemason’s have John the Baptist for their Patron Saint and celebrate his feast day on June 24 (after Summer Solstice). The other patron saint is John the Evangelist.

John the BAPTIST = One in BAP-T-IS-T = One in BAP-homet Sacrifice Cross Eyes Sacrifice Cross.
John the EVANGELIST = One in EV-ANGEL-EYES-Sacrifice Cross = One in LIGHT ANGLE EYES (feast day December 27 after Winter Solstice).

Read the words of a Freemason exhalting the choice of the 2 JOHNS:

St. John the Baptist, Patron Saint

Written by:
Phillip G. “Phil” Elam, Grand Orator (1999-2000)
Grand Lodge of Ancient, Free and Accepted Masons of the State of Missouri

By history, custom, tradition and ritualistic requirements, the Craft holds in veneration the Festival Days of St. John the Baptist on June 24th, and St. John the Evangelist on December 27th. Any Blue Lodge that forgets either of these important Festival Days forfeits a precious link with the past and loses an opportunity for the renewal of allegiance to everything in Freemasonry symbolized by these Patron Saints.

End of Freemason quote.

One more interesting oddity, is the Bible passage flogged endlessly at public events, with just the scripture verse name and number quoted, but rarely the verse itself:

JOHN 3:16 = ONENESS +3+1+6 = 1+3+1+6=11 = DEATH
or again ONENESS +3×16 = 1+48 = 49 = 1 on the 5th Sacrifice Clockface

John 3:16 reads as follows: “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life”.

In actual fact, there is NO GOD, and the luciferian egregore conjured up the world and use the world illusion with malicious ill intent. Furthermore, they never had a Son, and if you believe in the Son then you will be EMOTIONALLY CONNECTED to the 3D TRANCE STATE and experience the horrors caused by the Inundation of the Nile. We are all eternal already, so it makes no difference if you believe the lie or not. The only difference, is whether the freedom and liberty of that eternal state can be experienced by you, in your illusory body, right now.

The next day associated with the Flooding of the Nile is the birth date of Canada. This occurs on July 1, 3 days before the USA birth date of July 4th. Canada is the large Upper Room associated with the preparation of the Marriage Supper of the Lamb. This Marriage Supper is associated with the ‘man bearing a pitcher of WATER’, the zodiacal symbol for the Age of Aquarius, or the Age of Water and Cleansing.

All these days – June 20, June 24, July 1 and July 4, relate to the Flooding of the Nile, only now, these days relate to the flooding of the NEW NILE, the New EYE of ALLAH, the NEW ISLES, which is the New World, and in particular, the 11 Western States. It’s for this reason that the Freemason elite gentleman’s club called Bohemian Grove, just 80 miles north of San Francisco, meet for 2 weeks in July, to worship the OWL SEEING EYE GOD Molech. There sacred grove is 2700 acres very close to the Pacific Ocean, on the RUSSIAN RIVER. Bohemian Grove is basically the ALTAR (Water Sacrifice of ALLAH), which is used to summon the Sea of Cleansing to inundate California.

All of these dates and activities associated with them, form the notion of Christmas in July, and once again, assist in establishing the coming illusory water and seismic devastation within the TRANCE STATE. The Financial / Fiscal Crisis around the world have been artificially created by the luciferian THOUGHT PROCESS for this exact precise moment in the agenda. It took 42 presidents over 200 years to manufacture $1 TRILLION of National Debt for the USA. The presidency of George Bush created more than double that during his term. This was done on purpose. These numbers are just the public numbers. In reality, it’s much worse than that. To miss the importance in realizing where we are in the luciferian TRANCE STATE in regards to their agenda, is to be vulnerable to the emotional control this mindset will exercise in the immediate future.

CHRISTMAS = K-RIS-T-MOZ = Kill Rise Time Sacrifice Cross of Mother OZ – MOS-OZ the SEA OZ – the SEAS

FREEMASONS = Father Water Mother Sea Sons = Trinity of 4 SeaSuns = Circle of Life

Keep in mind, that all the players in this 3D illusion, have no idea, the real parts they’re playing. They’re given a script, they’re indoctrinated in the actions to take, and they mindlessly follow, on cue, the luciferian principles that form the agenda for total control of the Paradise State.

More Native Indian Symbolisms

TASTIE Supper of the LAMB-A

Baseball is a game played on a diamond, which in turn is a ROCK. The game of baseball is filled with symbolism when held up to scrutiny against the luciferian agenda. The BALLGAME idea began in MESOAMERICA, (ancient Mexico) and is the oldest game utilizing a rubber ball, going back 3,000 years. The game is played in a LONG NARROW COURT, with sloping sides, much as you would see bleachers in a baseball game, and the purpose of the game is to keep the BALL in PLAY. The long narrow court is symbolic of the Sacramento and San Juaquin Valleys with the 2 opposing teams being the 2 Valleys. The sloping sides are the San Lucia and Sierra Nevada Mountains that line the sides. The purpose of the game is to hit the ball back and forth, attempting to strike the ball over the opposing teams goal line. The game was played for simple recreational purposes, but at the elite ritualistic level, it involved HUMAN SACRIFICE. The modern day name for this sport in MesoAmerica is ULAMA.

ULAMA = You LAMB MA = YOU Los Angeles Sacrifice – Mother of Mer-Sea

The Marriage Supper of the LAMB is symbolically centred on the state of California. The game of Ulama suggests the Mother Sea, You-the LAMB of Sacrifice, and LA. With that in mind, consider that they play Ulama on a COURT called the TASTE (as in TAS-TEY). If the ball goes over the end line, a point is scored for the other team. The team that scores 8 points (total control) wins. The object of the game is to keep the BALL in PLAY and IN BOUNDS. Large formal matches were played on a HUGE STONE BALLCOURT leading to HUMAN SACRIFICE.

BALL = BAAL = SACRIFICE of LA (Baal was a fertility water god)

ULAMA is similar to Field HOCKEY or LaCROSSE.

HOCKEY = HAWK-EYE a symbol of Zeus
AK = AWK = OK another Native Indian name of god


The ball game of ULAMA and all sports, are designed to gather in one place, the collective emotional thought energy, and to focus this thought energy into forming our hypnotic illusory reality, with no limitations on TIME and SPACE, as both concepts are utilized to form the illusory 3D experience.

CHOCOLATE Dessert Time On The Desert

The Mayans and Aztecs are credited with the discovery of Cocoa. The Cocoa Plant is a small evergreen tree about 15 to 26 feet tall.


The seeds from the Cocoa Plant are used for Cocoa and Chocolate. The most active ingredient in Cocoa is THEOBROMINE, which is similar to CAFFEINE. On page 30, Caffeine was shown to be linked to the name of the Egyptian Pyramids and the names of Khufu, Khafre and Menkaure. The term THEOBROMINE in Cocoa comes from the word THEOBROMA, which means ‘Food of the GODS‘. Symbolically, it means


Together they suggest the sweet smell of sacrifice unto god.

This ‘Food of the Gods’ is the very same definition applied to BLOOD in ancient Egypt. Then when one considers yet again, that the Marriage Supper of the Lamb is centred in California, the CHOCOLATE Mountains of southeast California, refer to the ‘Food of the Gods’ Mountains, or the BLOOD MOUNTAINS. These mountains are located between the Sultan Sea, and the Colorado River, which flows from the Grand Canyon, and is one of the symbolic rivers of blood that flows from the 4 Corners Cross State. The other river of blood being the Rio Grande.

If CHOCOLATE EASTER BUNNIES come to mind right about now, the connection between Bugs Bunny, and Chocolate, the Food of the Gods, and the old Mesopotamian goddess ASTARTE, or ISHTAR, which is EASTER, may have something to do with it. Ashtar was connected with fertility, sex and war. (Sounds like Sarah Palin, Queen of the al-AQSA Mosque).

Neighbouring mountain ranges next to the Chocolate Mountains include BIG MARIA, (B and G Mother Mary name), PALEN Mountains, (Sarah Palin – Water Payback symbolism), OLD WOMAN Mountains, (reference to the Queen of Heaven), the CHUCKWALLA Mountains, (KUK-WALLA – or Killing Water LA), and the SHEEP HOLE Mountains, (located very near to where the Well of Souls, or the HOLE in the Foundation ROCK, would coincide) amongst other mountain ranges in the area.


The Russian Bear and The Coming King

The chart showing the Old World and New World transmutation characteristics, shows MOSCOW as the Mosque of the COW, because of the relationship in the Old World, to that of ALASKA in the New World. Alaska is the al-AQSA Mosque, the Mosque where Muhammad walked on his NIGHT JOURNEY to the Dome of the ROCK Mosque. Muhammad is the MOO Cow, Mother’s Milk, and this is the symbolism in the word MOSCOW. MOZ-COW or Mother OZ Cow. This is the inspiration for the KREMLIN or the CREAM LINE, the CREAM NILE, the Great Flood of the Nile in the SKY. The Milky Way.

The GAS problem in RUSSIA, concerning Europe being cut off, is a major event. They still aren’t delivering GAS, or G-OZ, and the subliminal here, is the one associated with the RUSSIAN BEAR. What’s being implanted, is not just that the people need gas, but because the association is so strong with Russia as being the BEAR, the Polar Bear, the Sea Bear, the water subliminal is once again suggested. It’s winter up north, and its cold, and the ice, snow and freezing temperatures are all associated with WATER. Wanting and needing GAS to stay warm, forms a subconscious notion of the ICE MELTING, and thereby, producing more water. This is going to translate in speeding up the polar ice caps melting.

Just as the invasion of GEORGIA coincided with the Beijing Olympics, this GOZ or GAS/mosque/MASK of MOO-HAM-MAD’s MAD-COW-DISEASE, is going to translate towards the Olympics in Vancouver and Mount Olympus. Incidentally, the Olympic Village that they’re building in Vancouver had the creditor pull out because of the Financial Crisis. Now the City of Vancouver is on the hook for almost a billion dollars to finish it. This is all by design of course. Its how the subliminals get worked into the minds of the population to bring about the reality the luciferian thinkers desire. The new mayor of Vancouver is Gregor Robertson, (a G and B name).

The word GAS is highly significant in terms of symbolism and reverse speech techniques.

GAS = YAS when substituting the G for a Y.
YAS = SAY in reverse.
SAY = WORD and the WORD is the CHRIST, the Messiah, and the Bible tells us, that BY HIM, the WORD, were all things MADE.

The largest producer of Natural Gas in the world is GAZPROM / G-OZ-PROM, Russia’s largest company. When Russia cut off supplies to the Ukraine and European countries, the suggestion implanted is that of the Lord, the WORD, the SAY, the YES, the GAS, the ETERNAL FLAME, burning forever, … and NOW, in danger of going out. This GAS fuels ETERNAL FLAMES symbolically throughout the world over Freemasonic Memorials and at religious ceremonies such as the OLYMPICS. The Olympic Flame is GOD.


On January 19th, there’ll be an Inaugural Eve Concert for America’s Children at the VERIZON Centre in Washington DC. The Verizon Building was right next to where Building 7 used to be in the WTC complex at Rockefeller Plaza, and relates to Vancouver Island. In the next paragraph it will be explained, that once again, VERIZON (Vancouver Island) and BUILDING 6 (Washington State), link together with BUILDING 7 (British Columbia) and the 2010 Olympics, through the election of Barack Obama, Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King, the Kennedy’s and the trance state created through these illusory 3D people. On page 31, the last chart at the bottom of the page, shows the similarity in name and location. VERIZON and VancouVERISLAND or VancouVERIZONE.

On Sunday, January 18, 2009, there’ll be a concert and speech by Barack Obama at the Lincoln Memorial. Keep watching the concert at the Lincoln Memorial and brush up on the context of the speech by Martin Luther King given at that Memorial in 1963. King said ‘I HAVE A DREAM’ exactly 100 years after Lincoln introduced the Emancipation Proclamation abolishing slavery. Now, Barack Obama, will be delivering a speech on January 18, 2009, and then inaugurated on the 20th, coinciding with the 200th Anniversary of Lincoln’s birth, Feb.12, 1809. February 12th is the day that the 2010 Olympics start in Vancouver, on Lincoln’s 201st birthday. Notice the symbolism in all this? Lincoln’s birthday and the start date of the Vancouver Olympics coincide on Feb. 12. Don’t miss the numbers 12, 2010, 201 either. We’ve got 12 – 21 – 21, or 3-3-3. The start of the Vancouver Mount Olympus Olympics is February 12, 2010. This translates as 02/12/2010. Yet again, as 02/12/8-10.

One other symbolic date oddity is that of the birthdate of Martin Luther King. January 15, 2009 will be King’s 80th birthday. This is the number of control, linked with the number of intensity. The date breaks down like this:

01/15/2009 = 1-New Age / 15-Deity / 20-Control – 09-Fall

In this speech, King repeated NOW is the TIME, over and over. NOW=NWO=WON. New World Order.

King also quoted Amos 5:24 from the Old Testament – A verse that I quote on this site a few times, …“Justice (JUDGMENT) rolls down like WATERS, and RIGHTEOUSNESS like a MIGHTY STREAM.” This is what’s transpiring right before us. This speech took place as part of the MARCH ON WASHINGTON. This translates to WASHINGTON STATE, which at this very moment is buried in record SNOW and FLOODS. Coincidence? Not at all. King then quotes Lincoln, “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal.” He goes on to state in his speech, “We will be able to hew out of the mountain of despair, a STONE of HOPE.” Exactly the motto of Freemasonry, ORDER out of CHAOS.

STONE = ROCK and HOPE = HOP, the Rabbit God, the OZ God of America, NANABOZHO, or the GOZ the EYE of OZ. Even as the Rolling Stones sang in their song, ‘Jumpin’ Jack Flash, its a GAS GAS GAS’

King further states, “Let freedom RING (BELL-BAAL-fertility river god of the Nile), from the snow-capped ROCKIES of Colorado (11 Western ROCK States), Let freedom ring from the curvaceous slopes of CALIFORNIA (sounds a tad sexual to me), Let freedom ring from STONE MOUNTAIN of GEORGIA.” … then he ends off with “FREE AT LAST! FREE AT LAST! Thank God Almighty, we are FREE AT LAST!

Everything associated with Lincoln, the LION, the Kennedy’s, who endorsed Obama from the beginning, and Martin Luther King are all coming to fruition in the SYMBOLIC saviour High Priest Barack Obama. At least that’s the hysteria they’re creating for the people throughout the world.

I’ve Been To The MountaintopI’M MOSES

King is also known for another speech, “I’ve Been To The MOUNTAINTOP”. This was his last speech given before his assassination in Memphis. It was a speech mostly concerned with the MEMPHIS SANITATION STRIKE. Most would overlook this part of the speech, but it is a major hypnotic suggestion in regards to the CLEANSING OF THE WORLD by the New World Order, or the Kingdom of God on earth. In this speech, King refers to himself as a type of MOSES, by stating that god …’allowed me to GO UP TO THE MOUNTAIN. And I’ve looked over. And I’ve SEEN THE PROMISED LAND.

The PROMISED LAND IS CALIFORNIA. King stated, I MAY NOT GET THERE WITH YOU, just as Moses was told by god that he wouldn’t enter the promised land. King continues, but as a people ...’WILL GET TO THE PROMISED LAND.’ King finished off his speech with “Mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the Lord.” The opening line of The Battle Hymn of the Republic. The song written in 1861 about abolition, and used during the Civil War, during Lincoln’s tenure, as an inspirational song based on the life of JOHN BROWN, (a J and B name). This speech was delivered at MASON TEMPLE in MEMPHIS TENNESSEE. This was just one day before King was assassinated on April 4, 1968. Mason Temple was a Church of God in Christ church. The largest in Black America at the time. It is not a Freemason Lodge, in word, but in actual function, it fulfills the requirements of perpetuting the illusion and lunacy of Freemasonry. There are a great many famous Freemasons who are Baptist ministers.

There’s also one other KING who lived in MEMPHIS and his name was ELVIS.


January 8 was Elvis’ 74th birthday (1935). He was the KING of ROCK and ROLL. He combined White and Black sounds to cause him to be crowned the King. Barack Obama combines Black and White, literally, and the world has made him their KING.

Lincoln, is the LION. The LION is KING of the Beasts of the Jungle. Martin Luther KING, renamed by his father after visiting Germany, from Michael King to Martin Luther King, in honour of the PROTESTANT activist. Martin Luther King is a KING. John Fitzgerald Kennedy’s initials are JFK, which translates as EYE FK = I FUCK, the name of the luciferian god. JOHN Kennedy and BOBBY Kennedy are remembered as the brothers, and together form another set B and J pillars of the luciferian agenda. The president of the United States is commonly referred to as the leader of the Free World, thereby making him KING. When the Messiah comes, he will be crowned KING, and that Messiah is coming, … and he’s coming through the Golden Gate, …right where the Lincoln Memorial coincides in San Francisco, with the Lincoln Memorial on the National Mall. The Messiah may not be coming by January 20, 2009, but sure as hell, this is all being presented to create the reality whereby we will know HIM… when we see HIM. Of course, the Messiah is the CLEANING GUY, Mr. Clean, shall we say, and is the Pacific Ocean, the Sea of Peace. The SANITATION aspect of Martin Luther Kings speech from the Mountaintop.

What an incredible place in this 3D illusion to be experiencing this part of the agenda. Watch very closely to the symbolism that transpires over the next few days.


Google Video – illuminatiMATRIX explanatory video detailing the foundational root of hypnosis, religion, intellectualism and who and what god is.

Click here to watch video.

YouTube Video highlighting some of the subliminal elements hidden in the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem

Please read the next paragraph before watching the ROCK VIDEO.

On the ROCK VIDEO, the World Trade Center is mistakenly called the ROCKEFELLER PLAZA. The WTC was conceived and promoted by the Rockefellers. The Rockefeller Plaza is to the north of the World Trade Centre, on the MANHATTAN ROCK, or MANNA STONE. The WTC and the Rockefeller Plaza , along with the area of CENTRAL PARK, relate to the TEMPLE MOUNT in Jerusalem, and the Al Aqsa Mosque, the Dome of the ROCK, and the Temple Courtyard. These in turn relate to the North American West Coast. See page 39 for more details.

Click here to watch the new Rock Video on YouTube.

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