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Google Video – illuminatiMATRIX explanatory video detailing the foundational root of hypnosis, religion, intellectualism and who and what god is.

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YouTube Video highlighting some of the subliminal elements hidden in the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem

Please read the next paragraph before watching the ROCK VIDEO.

On the ROCK VIDEO, the World Trade Center is mistakenly called the ROCKEFELLER PLAZA. The WTC was conceived and promoted by the Rockefellers. The Rockefeller Plaza is to the north of the World Trade Centre, on the MANHATTAN ROCK, or MANNA STONE. The WTC and the Rockefeller Plaza , along with the area of CENTRAL PARK, relate to the TEMPLE MOUNT in Jerusalem, and the Al Aqsa Mosque, the Dome of the ROCK, and the Temple Courtyard. These in turn relate to the North American West Coast. See page 39 for more details.

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Music is built on repetition. Repetition is the ideal tool for instilling, and implanting subliminal hypnotic suggestion. Repetition, coupled with a state of paranoia, leads to an altered state of conciousness and an illusion based reality. The following 2 diagrams immediately below demonstrate the musical suggestion built into the World Trade Centre Twin Towers. The inspiration for music in the 3 dimensional experience goes back to the 9 MUSES, the 9 WATER NYMPHS of the god APOLLO. Apollo was the son of Zeus, the chief god of Olympus.


World Trade Centre – Music Score

For newcomers to the information on this blog site, who may not be familiar with the symbolism uncovered and demonstrated on this site, here are a few meanings set forth to help you make sense out of the chart immediately below. This site shows what the numbers, words, symbols and sounds, of the 3D illusory reality really mean, and the number 8 symbolizes TOTAL CONTROL. The major music scale is has 8 octaves, and the piano has 88 keys. This is similar to the subliminal suggestion implanted with the mythological star god fables, related to us through the 88 constellations all arranged in 8 groups. Yet again, the Beijing Olympics this year – 2008, which is also symbolically 8-8, (on a 24 hour clock), occurred on 08/08/8-8 and started at 8:08:08 seconds. The Sichuan Earthquake hit 88 days before the games began, with a total of 88,000 dead and missing. A record number of 8 gold medals was won by SWIMMER Michael Phelps. These are just a few of the number 8 subliminals implanted to bring about the reality, the illusory reality, that we are now witnessing. With this in mind, consider the symbolism in the chart immediately below, keeping in mind, that it’s the sounds, the shapes, and colours of words or symbols, that form the hypnotic suggestion and sinister misdirection of our conscious experience. Not the actually literal meaning of the word alone. When this is coupled with such things as music, or other sound affects, the resulting manipulation is guaranteed and appears real.


B and G Columns of Solomons Temple

The Treble Clef 5 line music staff, the top 5 lines of the Grand Staff, includes the treble clef symbol. This symbol is a stylized Golden Mean suggests the shape of the number 8 and the infinity symbol. The little curl that circles the 2nd line from the bottom of the treble clef is the G note. This G note lends its name to this staff, and is called the treble, or G, Clef. This is hidden symbolism referring to the G, or J column, symbolic of the south pillar of the Hebrew Temple. This letter G stands for Gachin, or Jachin, and in Hebrew, this sound is substituted for Y, as in yod. This south pillar was symbolized in the South Tower of the WTC.

The Bass Clef are the lower 5 lines of the Grand Staff. The bass clef has a Golden Mean that encircles the 2nd line from the top, or the F note. This staff is then referred to as the Bass Clef or the F Clef. This time the symbolism referring to the WTC Tower, comes from the name Bass Clef, or the B Tower Column. This refers to the North Pillar of the Hebrew Temple named Boaz. These two staff lines form the Grand Staff, yet another G name, which are divided into Bars, another B name. The WTC Towers are also divided into Bars, albeit hidden from view as floors dedicated to electrical, utility, or service floors of some nature or another. The BAR lines on the WTC TOWERS are clearly visible.

The word BAR is also a subliminal that refers to the Sacrifice – BAphomet – the Ram. BAR is a reference to RA, the sun god. Again, a suggestion of the father RABBi, or RAB EYE. All these suggestions are included in the subliminals built within the Grand Staff and which apply to the WTC design.

These next points are courtesy of Chris, who has helped enormously in exposing the illusory trance state. Here’s Chris’ explanation of how the Golden Mean is based on the Fibonacci Number Series, and therefore music is also based on the Fibonacci Number Series, as is light, shape and colour.

Chris says:

It all comes down to the Golden Mean in the end. Everything about musical frequencies and even light frequencies are built upon the Golden Mean so as to confuse the hell out of everyone I suppose.

I have been well entranced in music since I was very young. My parents put me in piano lessons at an early age and I play the guitar (not so much these days), so let me see if I can clarify some things.

The “Golden Ratio“, or “Phi” is derived from the Fibonacci Number Series:

1,2,3,5,8,13,21,34 etc.

so each consecutive number is the sum of the previous two.

Here are some piano keys… the basis of most music:


If you were to play the white keys, starting at C and ending at C, you would be playing the C major scale..

Doe Ray Me Fa So La Tee Doe

So what;s up with all the black and white keys?

Well… Basically they took the frequency 440 Hz for the note A

Why? I don’t know… maybe because 4 + 4 = 8, or 440 = 8 on the 36th clock face.

8 = total control. also 36 = completion and 3 + 6 = 9

ANYWAY… if you double the frequency you get 880 Hz which is also A but higher by one Octave, meaning if you start at A on the keyboard and go up 8 white keys you come to the next A which sounds the same except higher… like a tenor versus a baritone or whatever… a little boy can sing the same song as a big man with low voice because the frequencies match but the frequency is double or triple.

So then you divide distance between the low A and the high A into 12 steps… Why? Again everything relates back to the Golden Mean… Even the primary colours on the light charts are related to the Golden Mean.

A chord is made up of a bass note, a third, and a fifth,

So if the C major scale is C(1) D(2) E(3) F(4) G(5) A(6) B(7)

The numbers are assigned this way not because C = 1 but because C is the first note in the C major scale…. D is the second note… etc. (Whatever key you’re in, that key note will represent 1).

So a chord would include the First, Third, And the Fifth.

C E G is the chord and would sound quite harmonic.

So all music is made up of chords. I’ve come to understand that the reason chords are appealing to the human ear is because the inner ear of the human being is actually shaped like the Golden Mean. The inner and outer ear reflects the shape of the Fibonacci spiral, as do all aspects of the human body, and the universe for that matter. All the planets…. down to the smallest atom… the music is set up like the Golden Mean because the ear is set up that way, as is light.

The Golden Mean, like Pi (3.14) is a number that goes on infinitely and thus perpetuates a system that has no resolution to it…. just perpetual confusion. (I’m confusing the hell out of myself).

Each line and space in the staff is a note starting at A and going through to G before getting to A again, this time at twice the frequency. The basis of this is related to the Golden Mean and the nature of creation… A creation designed to instill confusion.

End of Chris’ comments on the Golden Mean in music.

FUCKING – Music and Romance

The F and G Clefs, of the Grand Scale, in the Key of Major C, include the Middle C is the space between the two, 5 line staffs. The name of the luciferian god, as we’ve seen on previous pages, is FUCK, based on the names of the pyramids of Egypt, – KHUFU, KHAFRE and MENKAURE. The name KHUFU being the main inspiration for the name. KHUFU = U-FUHK in reverse, or EWE FUCK, as in the sacrifice of the regeneration process, which was initiated with the thought process. A music score, in the Key of C, has the letter C in between the F and G Clefs. The word FuCKinG is also spelled with the same relationship. Only now the K is added, being the 11th letter of the alphabet, the number of death. The letter C suggests SEA, as in the MAR, or Sea, or O-SEA-N, or OCEAN. This inclusion of the F, C, and G situated in this manner, establishes the relationship between music, sex, and romance, or love, with love being nothing more than sexual lust.

The word LOVE = EVOL in reverse.
E-VOL = VOL. the abbreviation for VOLUME
VOL = VOLT or electrical measurement, which is emotional measurement
VOL = VOLCANO or passion, heat, and eruption
VOL = VOLUMINOUS or consisting of many volumes
VOL = VOLUME of loudness
VOL = VOLATILE as in fickle character, something that evaporates quickly
VOL = VOLUPTUOUS as full of sensual delight
VOL = VOL LUMINOUS as in shining bright light – the inspiration for the enlightened ones – the ILLUMINATI

All these words define different characteristics connected with the concept of love.

The word LOVE is MUSIC, is the GOLDEN MEAN, is the Fibonacci Number Series, is the trance inducement swirl on the Grand Staff, and is what’s literally fucking with our minds. This is why music is so pervasive in our society, so all encompassing, so embedded within the social fabric of the world. Music is the APOLLO MUSES at work, controlling everything down to the musical notes you hear and the colours and shapes we see. This is how hypnotic suggestion penetrates our illusory physical being, which in turn disconnects us from reality through seduction.

The Golden Mean is the NUMBER 9

With this in mind, consider the chart below, and see the symbolism of Music and the Golden Mean of hypnotic control built into the Holy Towers of the WTC, with their BARS highlighted. The Golden Mean is the shape of the number 9, and with the B and G names linking music with the Golden Mean, the number 9 is thereby linked to the WTC Towers and demonstrating how they symbolized 9 and 11. The shape of the towers forms an 11, and the musical characteristics symbolizes a 9. This is all based on the Hebrew pillars outside of Solomon’s Temple. The 2 towers symbolize the duality nature of the luciferian thinkers, Boaz, or BA, the sacrifice and Life Taker, and Gachin, or Gaia, the earth, the Giver of Life, the Generative letter of life.

Interestingly, Building 7 was called the Salomon Brothers Building. The WTC complex was owned by Larry Silverstein, a Jewish business tycoon. The first day of creation on the Hebrew Calendar is September 11, or 911. On September 11, 2001, the Israeli offices were closed in the WTC complex, as the employees were told not to come into to work on that Tuesday morning.

TUESDAY = TEWS an old English god, or TUZ, or ZU-T or ZEU-T, who is ZEUS, the chief Greek god of Mount Olympus – and DAY = DEITY.

911 is also the first day of creation on the Egyptian Coptic Calendar. The Greek, Hebrew and Egyptian mythological gods are all one huge hypnotic subliminal, along with the gods of Rome and those of Babylon and Sumer. All linked together, symbolically, and now exposed, through the symbolism in the terror they produce through the systems perpetuated by the elite of the world.


The Bridge To Nowhere – Except Maybe The Emerald City

MUSIC, which is HARMONICALLY programmed SOUND, has been mathematically constructed to coincide with the SACRED GEOMETRY of COLOUR and SHAPE that form the basis all of the intellectual systems of RELIGION and SCIENCE. The chart immediately below demonstrates the extent to which the mathematics of music have been incorporated into the whole 3D world system to assist in establishing our reality, which is for most, one of servitude and despair. The hypnotic trance induced state that forms the illusory world we’re experiencing has used the power of the muses of Apollo to disconnect us from our original state of wisdom. As the Caesars have been quoted as saying, ‘give them bread and circuses’, and you can control the masses.

The World Trade Centre Twin Towers formed the number 11 outwardly. However, inwardly, they were filled with the inspiration, and the water of the 9 NYMPHS that would seduce the world even further into the illusory trance state. The water in these towers fell on the MARRIOTT HOTEL, the MAR, located as the SEA in the MIDDLE. This suggestion has been implanted with the C MAJOR SCALE throughout the last few centuries. Middle C rests between the G Treble Clef, and the F Bass Clef. These are once again, 2 B and G terms.

The musical suggestion hidden within the symbolism of the World Trade Centre has been projected yet again towards the Pacific Ocean. This acts as a BRIDGE, a musical bridge, that will connect the South Tower of Australia to the North Tower of the 11 Western United States. The Salt Sea, the Pacific Ocean, acts as the Middle C on this Music Staff of sinister hypnotic misdirection.


Music Staff Of Australia and 11 Western States

The chart immediately below shows a close up of some of the significant border points that coincide with lines drawn in the form of a music staff shown on the chart immediately above. The initial line was drawn from the CENTRE of the OCTAGON at the Wyoming Border. It then extends through the area of Lake Tahoe, which is the shape and symbolic type of The Sea of Galilee. The line then extends through Sacramento, San Francisco, and on past the Big Island of Hawaii, and straight to the Equator and International Date Line.

The next line extends from the Eye of MONTANA (thanks to Chris for helping see this one), and another similar EYE of IDAHO, crossing at the southwest border of Oregon, right at the location of the seismic fault line and Crescent City. This coincides with the location that the Big Dipper crosses into the area of Northern California, demonstrated on previous charts on page 30. This line then extends south to the northern main island of Hawaii called Kaua’i, KA-UA’I. It then continues to cross the IDL and the Equator and into the region around the Solomon Islands.

The northern most line crosses right through the area of Seattle and Mount Olympus Washington.

The line immediately below the Equator line extends through San Diego, Las Vegas, the 4 Corners Cross and on through the junction of Kansas, and Colorado.

The southern most line extends through the Foot of the 4 Corners Cross.


The degrees used to chart the Western 11 States are broken into groups of 5. The number 5 is symbolizing sacrifice. From southern California at 32 degrees, to 4 Corners Cross, there are 5 degrees. From 4 Corners to Northern California at 42 degrees, another 5 is added. Yet another 5 degrees takes us to Mount Olympus and Seattle at 47 degrees. This totals 15 degrees, or the number of the DEITY. Then, adding 2 more degrees, takes us to the Canadian border, totalling 17, which also coincides with 5 on the 2nd clockface. The Canadian Border is located at 49 degrees, which coincides with 1 on the 5th clockface. All numbers have a strong relationship to 5, and to SACRIFICE.



Exactly 50 years to the day, before the 9-11 attack on the WTC, the countries of Australia, New Zealand and United States entered into a military alliance called ANZUS. This was signed on September 1, 1951. This is 11 days short of being exactly 50 years prior to 911. However, when you add in 11 leap days, the day of signing this treaty is exactly 50 years.

The acronym ANZUS is a subliminal for the name of the state of KANSAS, which includes the name of the luciferian egregore chief god of Mount Olympus, called ZEUS.


The name Zeus suggests ZOO, which in reverse is OOZ, or OZ. This little play on words establishes the hypnotic manipulation required to effectively push the control buttons of our reality. The ANZUS treaty shows that the World Trade Centre attack was in the final leg of it’s long illusory journey since the first creation day of 9-11, the first day of this conjured up creation according to the Hebrew Calendar. The trance control of our Paradise State was the purpose of this treaty which was then linked to the 1900 children’s novel, the WIZARD OF OZ. The year 1900, signaled the start of the 20th century, with 20 being a number of total control, the century to take control of our original state, once and for all, by the luciferian THINKERS. By 1939, the movie, Wizard of Oz, distributed by MGM (Mother EYE AM), and their symbolic LION, ran for 101 minutes in length. 101 coincides with 5 on the 9th clockface. Sacrifice and Fall. The year 1939 – 19 coincides with 7 perfection and completion, and 39 coincides 3, the pyramid deity shape.

The actors in this movie include:

JUDY GARLAND a J and G name who played DOROTHY GALE, another G name.
RAY BOLGER played the SCARECROW, a B and G name, alongside the name of RA or RAY, the Egyptian sun god.
JACK HALEY played the TIN MAN, a J name, and symbolic of the JACK or SON of Sacrifice, as in JACKIN or JACHIN or JUAQUIN.
BERT LAHR played the cowardly LION, another B name and a reference to LA ALLAH, and RAH sun god and the Lions Lair.
BILLIE BURKE played GLINDA another B-B and G sequence. The GOOD WITCH of the NORTH, or in this case, the THRONE.
MARGARET HAMILTON played the WICKED WITCH of the WEST, or WWW, which is symbolic of 666, or the WEB of DECEIT, as in the World Wide Web.
FRANK MORGAN played the WIZARD. FRANK alludes to the Father and Son, the Killing EYE. MORGAN = Mother Organ, or the Womb of the Mother, the SEA.

All these names have strong PILLAR names, which in turn are the Water Towers, or COLUMNS of sacrifice. Remember, this is just hypnotic suggestion. It has no basis in truth, but it has been used to create the illusory reality of the world as we recognize it today. Removing this illusory death experience simply requires a reconnection to wisdom, through awareness of what is transpiring, and the reality and freedom we are able to reclaim is of our original Paradise State.


The Golden Mean Rock of Judgment

The Golden Mean is linked to the WTC Towers in respect to the music Grand Staff and the Bass and G Clef names, which represent the B and G Pillars. The chart below now shows how the Golden Mean is the ROCK that the dear lord would build his church upon. With a little stretching of the Mean, the curve centres around Yellowstone National Park.


This is the ROCK OF JUDGMENT that the righteousness of the lord, or the RIGHTEOUS JUDGMENT, will come down from as a MIGHTY STREAM. The chart immediately below indicates the direction that this judgment will take. It starts at Yellowstone, then curves towards South Dakota and the Black Hills on the right, so that Presidents Roosevelt, Lincoln, Jefferson and Washington can watch it all happen from Mount Rushmore. Then the curve extends up to the Canadian Border, before passing through the seismic region of Seattle, the Emerald City, and Mount Olympus, then down the West Coast of North America to San Francisco and Los Angeles.

Notice also, that the large box of the Fibonacci Number System covers the whole lower states of California, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, New Mexico and Arizona and the southern portion of Wyoming in the area called FLAMING GORGE Nat’l. Rec. Area, SWEETWATER, ROCK SPRINGS, GREEN RIVER and LINCOLN County. The Northern borders of California, Nevada and Utah line up exactly with the border of the large black box in the lower half of the Golden Mean symbol.


Love To Be Mean – The Hypnotic Mean of Seduction

In the trance state, the beauty and seduction of the Golden Mean is no more evident than in the beauty of the woman. As well, many of our basic symbolic shapes relating to sexual love and sensuality are formed from manipulating this hypnotic shape. The chart below just illustrates a few, and with a little imagination, the list is endless.


The Wizard of OZ Notes From The Movie

What a WIZ,… if ever a WIZ there WAZ!

Here are a few notes to consider, keeping in mind some of the words and phrases throughout this blog site. Very little needs explanation as it’s just to obvious. Also, I must say, this was the first time that I actually watched the Wizard of Oz from start to finish in one sitting. I had only seen bits a pieces of it over my lifetime. I really have had no interest in fantasy type shows, even as a child.

Here are some of those words and terms:

Dorothy = Virgin
TOTO = OTO = Aleister Crowley – Ordo Templei Orientus – OTO – Sex Magick
TOTO = Black Terrier Dog = Barnie = Bushs’ Dog who just bit a reporter – TERRIER = TERRORIST
Professor MARVEL = MAR mother sea – V = 5 sacrifice son – EL = father god

Munchkins and Goblins = Munch and Gobble = Eating as at a supper table – the Marriage Supper of the Lamb
The Red and Yellow Swirl on the set is the Golden Mean = Oasis of Egypt = the Seismic Path of the Western 11 States
The Pool of Water on the set links with the Swirl = the Great Basin in Idaho, Nevada, Utah = the Great Artesian Basin in Australia
In the middle of the Pool and Swirl is a 7 tiered Pyramid stage7 States of Australia upon which stands the capital CANBERRA and the capital OLYMPIA Washington
Mayor of Munchkin City has a huge pocket watch at his waist set to 5 o’clock – SACRIFICE TIME
Black Munchkin Coroner brings Death Certificate


Movie starts with flying in the clouds – Somewhere Over the Rainbow – actually over the EQUATOR (Australia) – wish upon a star (DOG star – GOD STAR – Sirius – Hawaii) – Toto sits on seat (throne) of machine – Dorothy proclaims ‘we can’t go against the LAW’ (the WALL of the LAW of MOSES).

Auntie EM (Emily) says to Dorothy – ‘For 23 years (number of death) I’ve been DYING to tell you what I think of you’.

Miss GULCH (G word) GULCH = YULK = KYUL = KULL or KILL – wants to kill TOTO – OTO – SEX MAGICK

Prof. MARVEL – associated with the CROWNED HEADS of EUROPE – the elite puppets of the luciferian thinkers

Prof. MARVEL consults his CRYSTAL = CHRIST BALL used by ISIS & OSIRIS in the days of the Pharoahs of Egypt.

A TWISTER in Kansas (TWISTER MOVIE – Shania Twain song ‘No One Needs To Know‘ theme song of movie).


The Tornado Twister spins everything (CHAOS CREATED)- movie becomes coloured – Dorothy says ‘We must not be in Kansas anymore’.
They are now in the lush and strange land of the Pacific Southwest where the animals and vegetation are different from the rest of the world. They are now in OZ-TRAIL-IA. They will soon follow the OZ TRAIL called the YELLOW BRICK ROAD.

This sets the ground rules for the movie and from here on there are references to YELLOW, the soldiers costumes, DEATH – the CROW and KA KA. With thoughts that you’ve been THINKIN’ you could be another LINCOLN. If you only had a BRAIN.

APPLES are shown on the Apple Tree, (The Garden of the Hespirides – The Garden of Eden) as a symbol of ZEUS. As they’re on their way to the EMERALD CITY to see the WIZARD.

RAIN starts to pour UNEXPECTEDLY (Global Warming) and RUSTS TIN MAN.

Apples fall at TIN MAN’s feet – You’re PERECT now, … BUT(something missing) you need a HEART. (Instilling doubt).
If you have a heart you can …’be friends with the SPARROWS (Romulus and Remus who founded Rome went to their respective hills TOWERS or PILLARS) to watch for SPARROWS (birds – planes) and be friends with the BOY (BOG B and G word) who SHOOTS ARROWS (EROS – sexual distraction). All this is, as the movie says, ‘Just to register EMOTION, JEALOUSY, …DEVOTION … if I only had a heart’.

Bad witch throws FIREBALL from roof of house.

Up to this point Dorothy – the Virgin – goes down the yellow brick road with Tin Man and Scarecrow. Tin Man carries an AXE = AXIS of EVIL. They come to a forest of LIONS – TIGERS – BEARS.

The Lion now joins the other 3 and continue down the YELLOW BRICK ROAD. YELLOW = HOLY / BRICK = SACRIFICE ROCK / ROAD = ROSE of DEATH.

They come to endless fields and hills of RED (blood) POPPIES. The POPPY is the symbol of REMEMBRANCE DAY, VETERANS DAY, ARMISTICE DAY, and ANZAC DAY in Australia/New Zealand – symbolizing ‘Lest We Forget’. In reality, the POPPY, OPIUM, HEROINE and the drug culture totally ‘Make You Forget’. These poppy fields symbolize the drug culture of the West Coast of North America, and the Poppy is the state flower of California.

All 4 fall asleep in the poppy fields. It starts to SNOW COCAINE and the snow wakes them up. All snow flakes are HEXAGRAMS. The HEX. SNOW = WON-S = Isis WON
The foursome concurs … “Unusual Weather We’re Having” … now realized in our reality as ‘Global Climate Change’.

They now have the EMERALD CITY in sight and it’s prettier than ever. It’s located near the fields of POPPIES and on the edge of HUGE FORESTS. This is SEATTLE and MOUNT OLYMPUS Washington, one of the greenest parts of the world. Have a look on Google maps.

They go up to the EMERALD CITY (CASTLE) DOOR. A sign is placed on the door that says ‘BELL OUT OF ORDER – Please KNOCK. The Freemason slogan is ‘ORDER OUT OF CHAOS’. The word BELL = Sacrifice of ELL, which is CHAOS = SOACH = SOAK, which is ORDER OUT OF THE FLOOD. Please KNOCK = Please Kill as in GET KNOCKED OFF.

The foursome are told that no one has ever seen the Great OZ. Religious writings tell us that no man has seen GOD at anytime.

The EMERALD CITY and the scenery within the castle and streets are GREEN. This is the ENVIRONMENTAL GREEN MOVEMENT, the new One World Religion of the Trance State. There are horses of many colours, White, Purple, and Yellow, amongst others. These are the Horsemen of the Apocalypse. The HORUS’ of Death. The HOURS of Death. TIME that KILLS. KILLING TIME.

About this time in the movie the Wicked Witch does some sky writing on her BROOM STICK. She writes ‘SURRENDER DOROTHY’. These are the CHEMTRAILS we’re now witnessing in the skies around the world. Surrender the Virgin. Give up the purity and succumb. In religious writings we’re told that when the lord comes “he comes with CLOUDS and every EYE shall see him, even those that PIERCED him“. For this reason the CHEMTRAILS have to be sprayed, creating fear and suffering, telling us to SURRENDER to a POWER GREATER THAN US. Complete manipulation and mind control.

They now get in to see the Wizard. His throne is blasting out all sorts of fire, as in VOLCANIC EXPLOSIONS. The Wizard tells them that they have to KILL THE WITCH and bring her broomstick to him, then he’ll grant them their wishes. All begin to run down the HALL CORRIDOR (Janus, who is JESUS, or ZEUS, is the 2 faced god of HALLS, CORRIDORS, DOORS and GATES. These are WALLS, or the LAWS that contain us). Words such as CAN, VAT, VESSEL, or CONTAINER, are suggestions and symbols of the law. One example is the VAT-i-CAN.

There’s a bunch of CHAOS after this as the Tin Man, Lion and Scarecrow, GUIDED BY TOTO (OTO sex magick), attempt to rescue Dorothy, the Virgin, from the Witches Castle. The Witches HOURGLASS is filled with RED SAND and turned upside down giving Dorothy one hour to live. Time runs out to save Dorothy.

More CHAOS follows and eventually Dorothy throws WATER ON THE WITCH, melting,… melting her. This is symbolic of the Global Warming Flood Waters of the North and South Poles that will cleanse the EVIL (the scourge called humanity) from the face of the earth.

Of course, we’re now supposed to be implanted with the subliminal notion, that NO, we can’t let them do this to us. We must save the masses of humanity, we must maintain the 3 dimensional experience, we must worship the earth, the water and the air. We must join the ENVIRONMENTAL GREEN MOVEMENT, the religion of the EMERALD CITY, (Seattle and the west coast of North America) and save ourselves by RECYCLING and REUSING. Even the Pope has now declared that to not recycle is a mortal sin.

Having killed the witch they HALE DOROTHY who liquidated the Wicked Witch of the West (the 11 Western States), and off they go with the Witches BROOMSTICK to see the Wizard. The Wizard doesn’t want to grant them their wishes at first but then, BEING A KIND OLD MAN (the Ancient of Days / DAZE), concedes and gives Scarecrow a DIPLOMA. This is called a TH.D – Doctor of THINKOLOGY. A diploma is something MEN GET (not women – implanting division and duality), when they go to UNIVERSITIES to become GREAT THINKERS, who THINK DEEP THOUGHTS.

To the Lion he gives a MEDAL – for this will give him COURAGE. The Medal has RED and WHITE STRIPES as does the Stars and Stripes of the USA. Hanging from the Red and White stripe tab is a huge CROSS. He now belongs to the LEGION of COURAGE.

To the Tin Man he gives a RED HEART with a CLOCK that’s TICKING. Much like a TIME BOMB would tick. In the movie we’re told, ‘Those with a heart should not be JUDGED by how much they LOVE, but by HOW MUCH they ARE LOVED‘. So, we’ve been implanted with the suggestion that we’re going to be judged, especially if people don’t love us. Therefore, we better tow the line. Do as we’re told. Worship the earth, air and water, or it’s off to HELL WE GO.

The DIPLOMA, MEDAL CROSS and HEART are all symbols with sigil magic manipulation qualities. Simply seeing these objects conjures up a mind control incident, that relates and brings to mind, endless implications. At first it strikes us as silly, that just giving a diploma, a medal cross or a heart could actually instill knowledge, courage and emotion. In this 3D experience, that’s all it takes to become whatever you desire. If you keep focusing on the symbols which represent these notions, you will become indoctrinated with what the symbols portray. Whatever you believe and conceive, you will become entranced to achieve. Likewise, if you come to recognize the lunacy of this 3D light show, you will achieve a reconnection with the Paradise State.

To Dorothy the Wizard says – concerning her desire to return to KANSAS – ‘I now have to make a CATACLYSMIC DECISION’ … the wizard is going to do some STRATOSPHERIC FEATS … something from the sky … kind of feats. All in the hopes of returning Dorothy to the land of E PLURIBUS UNUM … ‘Out Of Many One’… where god has favoured our UNDERTAKING, or BURIAL.

The Wizard and Dorothy hop in his State Fair HOT AIR BALLOON to go back to KANSAS. However, things go wrong and Dorothy and TOTO fall out and Wizard flys off, not knowing how to control the balloon.

Then the Good Witch GLINDA (more G words) enters in a PINK BALL coming down from the sky. Glinda is a Good Witch representing the pinkness of the mother and her womb. Glinda tells Dorothy that she doesn’t need any help, for she had the power to go back to Kansas at any time she chose. Dorothy realizes that when you want your hearts desire, it’s right in your own back yard. In other words, be satisfied with the 3 dimensional bullshit that we’re fed everyday, and be content. Dorothy responds further, ‘It’s WONDERFUL TO BE TRUE…’ because of her realization in the magnificence of this 3 dimensional reality in her own back yard.

She’s then told to TAP her Magic RED SLIPPERS 3 TIMES and think to herself ‘There’s No Place Like Home … There’s No Place Like Home … There’s No Place Like Home …’ and she wakes up in the farmhouse, never ever wanting to leave her 3 dimensional space again. NEVER, EVER WILL SHE QUESTION her existence and her experience of where she’s at. She will be content with just being able to breathe the air, drink the water and till the soil of this blessed 3D illusion. In other words, she will be CONTENT TO BE A SLAVE all the while BELIEVING THAT SHE IS FREE.

Here we have the connection established once again, with the Civil War, the presidency of Abraham Lincoln, and the issue surrounding SLAVERY. All, both white and black, brown and bronze, have become entranced to think that when a black man becomes President or HIGH PRIEST, that they’re now … FREE AT LAST, thank god, they’re FREE AT LAST. However, just like Dorothy, it’s the maintaining of the 3 dimensional illusion that’s the PRISON. There is no freedom, and the intellectually trained HIGH PRIEST that is now president, will continue to maintain the 3D illusion, with a ferver and sincerity that will bring about the CATACLYSMIC DECISION of the WIZARD OF OZ.

The obvious question is then, ‘but it’s impossible to remove the 3D illusion’? The obvious answer is, ‘See how strong the trance is’?

Kind old Uncle Henry (Oh HENRY – HONEY) and Auntie EM (M and M’s – MILK of the Mother) concur. How Sweet!

All the mind control delivered in the Wizard of Oz has been directed at the MK-Ultra mind control victims who are ALL OF US. The mind control victims are all those who have come to believe that this 3D space is real and have totally lost focus with reality. The MK-Ultra victims are nothing more than a smokescreen to hide the fact that we are all totally compartmentalized, and controlled and manipulated in our ability to reconnect to our original state of wisdom. If we look to the situation of the mind control victims and consider how fortunate that we’re not in the predicament that they’re in, then we’re in that very predicament. We, like them, believe we’ve somehow missed the mind control and are somehow immune to the luciferian / illuminati inspired agenda. We then consider, (in our trance state), how we can, in someway, and somehow, maintain and protect our pretty little asses within this trance state. Not realizing for one minute, that SAVING OUR 3D REALITY is the WHOLE PURPOSE AND INTENTION of the AGENDA CONJURED up by the LUCIFERIAN THINKERS.

All children’s stories that have made it into the scope of worldwide acclaim are all mind control tools of the thinkers. All the works of Hans Christian Anderson of Denmark, including the Littlest Mermaid, The Princess and the Pea, and the Snow Queen are all flogging the agenda of the thinkers. Alice in Wonderland, Sleeping Beauty, Goldilocks and the Three Bears, etc. … everything is a mind control tool. All are indoctrinated within us as little children by the teachers within the educational systems based on lunacy. Once this is realized and recognized to manipulate us into believing that our 3 dimensional lives are of value and are real, it’s a simple HOP, SKIP and A JUMP (another subliminal) to lock us into the notion that we should then maintain the illusion at all costs. All this is indoctrinated into us in the HALLOWED HALLS of the EDUCATIONAL SYSTEMS. We know who the god of halls is!

So, this is the mind control involved behind the Wizard of OZ. Wasn’t that a WIZ, … if ever a WIZ there WAZ.

The Golden Mean of OZ TRAIL A

The OZ TRAIL follows the Ring of Fire on the West Coast of North America. It then heads straight south from the 4 Corners Cross at 109 degrees W. and 37 degrees N. 109 degrees coincides with 1 on the 10th clockface, which is symbolic of 1 and 1 with intensity. 37 coincides with 1 on the 4th clockface, and suggests a New World Order built on the 4 square foundation of the Light Beam.

The OZ TRAIL extends south, following the Ring of Fire, to EASTER ISLAND, also at 109 degrees W. and 27 degrees S. This is symbolic for the New World Order and the number 27 coincides with 3 on the 3rd clockface, suggesting the Pyramid, Triangle, Trinity, shape of the Deity. It’s this shape that conjured up the duality nature of the illusion and instilled the confusion, and for this reason, the Pyramid, or Tower, is associated with Babel and Babylon, which means confusion.

From Easter Island, the OZ TRAIL then turns towards New Zealand, Australia and Indonesia, where the seismic activity of the Southwest Quarter will conjure up the reality desired for the day of the lord’s judgment on the Rock of the Western 11 United States.

On the chart below, the continent of Australia is rotated 180 degrees. The Bass Clef, laid over the map, symbolizes the Golden Mean, the SWIRL of CONFUSION and trance inducement. This SWIRL follows the Great Divide Range and encloses the Great Artesian Basin in Australia, in the Province of Queensland. This is the SWIRL on the set of the Wizard of OZ movie. This symbolic journey is a mass trance inducement tool that assists in establishing our reality and the ability to keep us confused and misdirected as the luciferian agenda reaches it’s ultimate goal.


This same SWIRL is found in the Cascade Mountain Range of the Western 11 States, that circles across the Sierra Nevada Range and follows back north along the Rocky Mountains. This encloses the Great Basin of Nevada, Utah and Idaho region. There are a lot of similar names in the Western 11 States and Australia using the G and B pillar initials extensively. The SWIRL in the Western 11, follows the seismic regions from SEATTLE and MOUNT OLYMPUS down to Los Angeles, then over to Los Vegas and up towards Yellowstone Park. This is the ultimate destination of the Yellow Brick Road, having completed it’s hypnotic journey from New Zealand and Australia, the ZION GATE, and then through Indonesia, the Jaffa Gate, the COFFEE GATE, and finally through Asia and China and the 2008 Olympics and the NEW GATE. All the gates are now activated, so to speak, to open the DAMASCUS GATE located at the BERING STRAIT of ALASKA, already in progress with the introduction of Sarah Palin who will not go away. HERODS GATE, also called the FLOWER GATE, or FLOWING GATE, will be opened over the next few years. This will eventually culminate with the events connected to the 2010 Olympics of Mount Olympus, Vancouver, Whistler, as well as the events of the Beijing 2008 Olympics, and will ultimately lead to the 2012 Olympics in London. After all the Gates have been opened and believing the trance will have been solidified, (unfortunate for them they’ve already failed) the desire of the ELECT and ELITE of the luciferian lord will be to set their sights on the year 2020, when all will be complete, whole, in total control, and humanity will have PERFECT VISION, worshipping the Triune god of the Environmental Movement. Judgment will have been established in Jerusalem (the Pacific), on the Rock (the Western 11 States), and the SUPPER will have been served at the Marriage Table in the Promised Land of California. California is the Land Flowing With Milk and Honey. The very same term used to describe Israel, and the Promise given to MOSES, who are the MUSES of APOLLO, who were drawn from the WATER.


When SARAH PALIN keeps repeating the phrase ‘SUPPORT ISRAEL, or ‘SUPPORT the PROMISED LAND’ what she’s implanting, completely unknown to her, is the subliminal ‘SUPPER at the PROMISED LAND’ or, to be more specific, ‘the MARRIAGE SUPPER of the LAMB when he judges the WICKED and CORRUPT SINNERS of the WORLD’. This JUDGMENT has been promised to come down as WATERS, and RIGHTEOUSNESS as a MIGHTY STREAM. Yet again, the day of the lord’s nasty, is supposed to be combined with an EARTHQUAKE such as has not been since man was on the FACE OF THE EARTH. That’s pretty big.

Consider the chart immediately below and then have a look at the chart following, showing the subliminal suggestion implanted with the Jim Jones ‘PEOPLE’S TEMPLE AGRICULTURAL PROJECT’, and the JONESTOWN GUYANA MASS SUICIDE. This event and the name of the movement, is connected to the Environmental Green Movement subliminals already set in play, which have nothing to do with protecting humanity, but have everything to do with judgment and death and a massive cataclysm. This was the LARGEST MASS SUICIDE in USA HISTORY. The 30th Anniversary of this mass suicide is November 18, 2008. This coincides with the last day of the GOLDEN GUARDIAN, the Great Southern California Shake Out, now in progress as I write (Nov.15, 2008). At this very moment, wildfires are burning out of control in Southern California once again. This is all part of the bigger picture to be unleashed as the agenda unfolds.

Israel is the LAND FLOWING WITH MILK AND HONEY. California is also known as the LAND FLOWING WITH MILK AND HONEY. Milk is commonly known as being obtained from a COW. Milk is a combination of water and butterfat. When allowed to settle, the water and the butterfat separate and the resulting products are CREAM and a WHITE WATERY substance called MILK.

When we consider the word HONEY, the SWEETNESS of honey comes to mind. Mixing these ingredients together, MILK and HONEY, produces some incredibly tasty foods. Adding a few other flavours, such as SUGAR (the honey substitute), COFFEE, CHOCOLATE, VANILLA, ALMOND, etc. creates even more delightful dishes. To continue the process a bit farther, adding ICE WATER, or FREEZING these ingredients, or adding HEAT to BAKE them, produces an endless string of seductive treats.

The term, ‘LAND FLOWING WITH MILK AND HONEY’, is really a massive subliminal message established for thousands of illusory years, whereby our 3 dimensional physical forms have been indoctrinated to accept and believe that all is well as long as we get to taste our MILK and HONEY, in endless eating rituals, from the holy ‘COFFEE BREAK’, or GOD SACRIFICE, to the hallowed ‘DESSERT’, which is really a ‘DESERT’, a dry and thirsty, truth starved, population.

Even the health food protagonists suggest that if we substitute sugar or honey with natural sweeteners like Stevia, or to consume things ORGANIC, that somehow, this is not to be controlled by the world system. However, sweet substitutes and organic products simply have more vitality to usually produce more energy for the 3D physical form. What this does, is to make the consumer of organic and natural, unrefined products, MORE ENTRANCED with the things of the 3 dimensional realm, than those who consume the refined and nutritionally depleted foods. Because of an improved health factor, natural health enthusiasts fail to see that they’re still in a trance, still disconnected, and now, because of improved health, feel that they NOW KNOW SOMETHING. This is the EGO thought mentality of the luciferian mindset being implanted within the illusory human mind. From a 3 dimensional perspective, I would personally recommend that people SHOULD NOT CONSUME UNREFINED FOODS as much as possible, but be aware, that this has nothing to do with reconnection to wisdom, anymore than abstaining from sex, or any other 3 dimensional pleasantry. Just be aware of what’s really going on in this 3D space. That’s the key. Be aware of how everything is designed to weaken and destroy you, and do whatever you determine is best for you, in this 3d experience. Nothing is right or wrong, good or bad, but some things are more beneficial to you than other things.

MILK = Mother ILK, or Mother KILL
MILK = MIL 1,000 and K 1,000 = 1,000 x 1,000 = 1 MILLION or 1 ION MILL
of regeneration, the food that supports regeneration and replication
MILK = KLIM = CLIMB = the food required to be raised or to grow up

The sinister misdirection of reality that has created our desire for good tasting food, creates conditions for subliminal suggestion to be implanted as powerful as fear, stress and anxiety, and are, in themselves, totally based on FEAR, STRESS and ANXIETY. The extremes to which this sinister misdirection has extended will be shown in the charts and text that follow. It’s through this implanted desire to eat, this desire to stay alive, and this desire to enjoy food, that we associate as being our desire, and it is not. It is the desire of the luciferian egregore convincing us, creating the illusion, that eating, and enjoying food, is somehow tantamount to eternal life, and somehow equated with wisdom. This is why the Flooding of the Nile every spring, in Egypt was revered and looked upon as a sacred event. The population could grow food, keep eating, and continue living. Ultimately, death would come, but until then, EAT (ATE – EIGHT), DRINK (Death RING) and be MERRY (MAR – SEA RAY). This constant implanted need for physical survival kept the masses totally distracted, not seeing the futility in this ENDLESS CYCLE of lunacy. This endless cycle of SINISTER MISDIRECTION is the Golden Mean, the Golden Ratio, the MAGIC SWIRL of MIND MANIPULATION used in everything in this 3 dimensional experience. This endless cycle will be demonstrated in the charts to follow.

On the chart below, notice the 135 degree angle in the upper right side of the Border of Israel. This angle border is near the Sea of Galilee which also has a 135 degree angle border running through it. The border line outside of the Sea of Galilee includes the GOLAN HEIGHTS, (G words), which are part of the occupied territories of Israel. This 135 degree angle is the inside angle of the OCTAGON, the symbolic ANGLE, or ANGEL, or SPIRIT, of TOTAL CONTROL.

Along the right side, or eastern border of Israel, the JORDAN RIVER (a J word), flows straight down to the DEAD SEA, the LOWEST PLACE on EARTH. How much lower can you go? You can’t!

The area marked with a #1 represents the NORTHERN area of Israel. #2 is the HAIFA region. #3 is CENTRAL. #4 is TEL AVIV. #5 is JERUSALEM. #6 is SOUTHERN DESERT bordering the SINAI on the left. The WEST BANK is on the left, or West Side of the Jordan River. Consider carefully, the border of the West Bank, and the border of the Northern area before you move to the next chart where the Israeli border has been placed over the state of California.

We know, and have known for many illusory centuries, that the Jews control the wealth of the world, they control the GOLD OF THE WORLD. We know, and have known for this illusory time span, that they’ve been fucking with our minds with their 10 COMMANDMENT LAWS and their PROPHETS. Now we’re going to see how the elite Jews, the elite of Islam and the elite Christians, are all fucking with our minds, as we consider the symbolism of the land FLOWING WITH MILK AND HONEY.

The LAWS of Judaism are symbolized by MOSES. Moses means to be DRAWN FROM THE WATER. The 10 Commandments were delivered to the people on 2 STONE TABLETS. These 2 tablets of STONE, are the ROCK of 2 PILLARS, or the 2 COLUMNS of SACRIFICE outside the Hebrew Temple. 2 TABLETS with 5 COMMANDMENTS each, the number of SACRIFICE. These are the 2 TOWERS of the WTC which were THROWN DOWN in anger, just as Moses threw down his Commandments in anger. Moses told the people to repent, do as their told, and he would go and get a NEW SET of TABLETS from God.

The NEW SET of TABLETS from God have been delivered to us in many forms of MOSES. The most notable, being the ‘Inconvenient Truth’ documentary, delivered to the world by Al Gore.

AL GORE = EL BLOODY SACRIFICE = EL ROYAL substituting the G for a Y.

Now, as the world panics over the Global Warming Flood and possible extinction, ROYAL EL has gone back to god to draw up a New Set of Commandments for a New Age. The year 2009 is the year the world will be drawn into focusing on the Global Climate Change Treaty. Even the Pope has hopped his pretty little ass onto the bandwagon of hope, declaring that it is a MORTAL SIN to NOT RECYCLE. And,… oh yes, ALIENS from other planets are cool too!

The PROPHETS of Israel symbolize the future of the Promised Land and eternal destiny. In reality, the PROPHETS, symbolized by ELIJAH, are the PROFITS obtained through implementing the LAW of Moses upon an unsuspecting world. The LAW of Moses, the 10 Commandments, form the foundation of the subliminal hypnotic suggestion and sinister misdirection of reality we see in every intellectual and religious system of the world today. The implementation of this LAWS of lunacy, this ENDLESS CYCLE of distraction, has resulted in the elite Jews of the world, to amass unimaginable PROFITS and TOTAL CONTROL of the every world system. The LAWS of Moses, produce the PROFITS of Elijah.



The New Promised Land of California

The Jonestown Massacre – November 18, 1978 – 30th Anniversary 2008

The country of Israel has borders that form the shape of a Rython flask. This is a funnel shaped object used to scoop up water to drink from, or to offer a DRINK OFFERING to god. Consider the chart below, as the RED BORDERS of Israel are overlayed on the other Promised Land Flowing With Milk and Honey; the state of California.

The NORTHERN Area – The SACRAMENTO VALLEY – The North Pillar

The Northern Area #1, of Israel, coincides with the Sacramento Valley of California. The Sacraments refers to the SACRIFICE of Jesus upon the CROSS. The Northern area of Israel is the location of Nazareth, the birthplace of Jesus, the SACRIFICE, and the location of the beginning of MIRACLES in Galilee. Jesus was to be known as a NAZARENE.

CROSS = SEA ROSS = SEA ROSE – symbolized in Jesus being raised up on the cross

The Sacramento Valley is the Valley of Sacrifice. The North area of Israel, is the North Pillar, Column, or Tower of the Temple of the lord.

SACRAMENTO = SACRIFICE = BA the soul, the part of the person associated with the afterlife, or death.
BA = BA’s the sound a Baphomet Goat, or Sheep, or EWE, or YOU, as the sacrifice makes
BA’s = BOAZ = BOWS that shoot the ARROWS of CUPID, the EROS, SENSUAL LOVE, that manipulates and kills

BOAZ was the North Pillar of in front of Solomon’s Temple, and is the #1 Northern area of Israel, and is Tower #1 – the NORTH TOWER of the WTC plaza. All this coincides with the Sacramento Valley in Northern California as it lies just to the South of OREGON / ORION, that coincides also, with the layout of the WTC building layout.

On the left side of the Israel border, still in the Northern area #1, the name of Bohemian Grove (B and G) is located just above Santa Rosa (SAINT ROSE), and very close to the town of UKIAH. This is right on the coast of California and coincides very closely with the city of TYRE in southern Lebanon. TYRE was the city that Solomon supposedly brought the STONE MASONS from, to build the Temple in Jerusalem. The name TYRE has other spellings in other languages, but similar, such as TIBRIS. However, the name TYRE means ROCK. Here, on the coast of California, the STONE MASON city of TYRE, the city name where the FREEMASONS derive the inspiration for their name, coincides with the location of the elite Freemasonic Gentleman’s Club of the World, Bohemian Grove, the location of CIA SEX and SACRIFICE SLAVES and the worship of the Egyptian Owl God Molech.

MOLECH = Mother LECH or Mother CHEL, as in Mother KILL.

The OWL GOD is the ALL GOD, the OWL SEEING EYE GOD, or the ALL SEEING EYE GOD. Bohemian Grove is a Freemason inspired, ritual driven club, located on the ROCK of the Western 11 states, and coincides with the location of ancient TYRE, the ROCK, and the ancient STONE MASONS who built the TEMPLE OF GOD.

Here on the west coast of California, they have their club of life and death debauchery, waiting for the god of the heavens, the dear lord JESUS, ZEUS, JUPITOR, HORUS, THOR or TAMMUZ, (take your pick, it’s all the same bullshit), to come in JUDGMENT and GLORY, and they fully intend on ruling and reigning with the luciferian lord in the New Age Kingdom on Earth, as he unleashes his FLOOD and FIRE and BRIMSTONE at the banquet table filled with all the tasty delicacies that the Milky Way the (Mother Killing Highway) and the Yellow Brick Road of confusion can provide.

The town of Ukiah, the original location of the Jim Jones (J words) People’s Temple, coincides almost exactly with the ancient city of TYRE. The people of TYRE were invaded by ALEXANDER the GREAT, who, by the age of 33, had conquered the whole known world. In the seige of TYRE, the people with captive in their island city fortress with walls 150 feet high. (150 – 15 deity number). Alexander was not deterred, and promptly set about building a causeway, a road, a BRIDGE TO NOWHERE, to capture and kill the population. This he achieved in short order. This is the subliminal attached to the Jim Jones People’s Temple, who established Temple locations throughout California previous to 1978. The cities are marked with GREEN DOTS on the chart below.

Jim Jones then moved his flock to Jonestown GUYANA, (J and G word), whose capital city is GEORGETOWN, (Rose Town). Here he started the Jonestown PEOPLES TEMPLE AGRICULTURAL PROJECT. This eventually ended in the largest mass suicide in USA history with 918 people eventually being killed. This established the subliminal needed for this time in the luciferian agenda, where it is suggested, that as the FINANCIAL Crisis, the ENERGY Crisis, the ENVIRONMENTAL Crisis, the AUTOMOBILE INDUSTRY Crisis, and all the other CRISIS’ were experiencing at this illusory time, the PRISON WERE IN, can only be escaped from through SUICIDE and DEATH. These luciferian thinkers are manipulating us into seeking death. If not death, then bring judgment, and if judgment can cleanse the world, the population now clamours and pleads for the New Age, with it’s New Laws, the NEW PEOPLES TEMPLE AGRICULTUAL PROJECT, the ENVIRONMENTAL GREEN MOVEMENT.

From within the TRANCE STATE, the population knows full well, that refusal to obey the ENVIRONMENTAL GREEN MOVEMENT, refusal to RECYCLE, REDUCE and REUSE could result in MASS SUICIDE.

Do you get the feeling we’re being just a tad manipulated right about now?

PRISON = PIRSON = PERSON. Our 3D physical form is our PRISON. As we worship the 3D experience and attempt to maintain it at the expense of disconnecting from reality, we become imprisoned.

The WEST BANK – San JOAQUIN – South Pillar

On the chart below, the West Bank coincides with the San JOAQUIN VALLEY. The San Joaquin Valley is the St. JACHIN Valley, the South Pillar of Solomon’s Temple. This is the Jack, the Prince, the Son Sacrifice, that will be attempted to come to pass in our illusory reality. For this reason, the 2 cities of FRESNO and BAKERSFIELD represent the WINE and the BREAD respectively. The 2 symbol sacraments associated with the death of the son of god. Fresno is known as the RAISIN capital of the world. Raisins are made from GRAPES, that is, in turn, associated with WINE. The word RAISIN suggests the RISING EYE.


Bakersfield suggests the harvest, the bread, and the oven. The BREAD is the other symbolic sacrifice element. The BREAD symbolizes that the HARVEST has been brought in and the WHEAT has been SEPARATED from the CHAFF. The OVEN suggests the seismic activity of the state of California.

The next location to consider is that of Jerusalem, #5. This coincides with the Greater Los Angeles area. Just west of Los Angeles, and still in the West Bank, is the DEAD SEA, the lowest point in the world. This coincides with the area slightly north called DEATH VALLEY and exactly with the area called the FUNERAL MOUNTAINS. This is also the area of the SULTAN SEA, a very Arabic sounding name, and is 283 feet below sea level, the lowest point in the USA. Interestingly, the Sea of Galilee is 660 feet below sea level, and the lowest fresh water lake in the world, and Lake Tahoe, which has the same shape and similar 135 degree angle border running through it, is the highest fresh water lake in the USA, and one of the deepest.

The HAIFA, #2 area of Israel, coincides with San Francisco. San Franscisco has within it’s boundaries, the streets of HAIGHT & ASHBURY. An intersection of 2 streets that has become synonamous with the city itself, through the drug culture and the liberal attitudes developed during the 60’s hippie, FREE LOVE movement, that redirected the luciferian agenda throughout the whole world.

HAIFA = HIGH Father = High God

HAIGHT & ASHBURY, or HEIGHT, or HIGH ASH BEAR EYE = HIGH ASH (Fire and Brimstone) BEAR / BAR (Water Sacrifice) EYE = High GOD

The old Scandanavian symbol of god was the BEAR. Thor, the god of thunder, was equated with the BEAR, and for this reason, the Bear is on the flag of California. This is the god of the North, as symbolized by the North Star, representing the Little Dipper, also on the flag of California.

Yet again, HAIGHT & ASHBURY = HATE & ASH BURY. The god of judgment, with fire and brimstone, and waters.

A no brainer here once again. Consider the seismic activity of the San Andreas Fault (St. ANDREWS FAULT) that tracks under the Golden Gate Bridge. As well, the massive fault that lies directly under Mount Diablo, or DEVIL MOUNTAIN, behind Oakland, and it is self evident, the suggestion included in the names HAIGHT & ASHBURY. When the earthquake strikes, the resulting flood will combine the ASH and the BEAR, BAR, and BURY.

The Central Area of Israel #3, and the Tel Aviv Area #4, coincides with the central coast of California. This area extends from Haifa, and Mount Carmel in Israel. The Mount Carmel range then extends southwest from Haifa, along the Mediterranean coast and slightly inland.

In California, exactly at San Francisco demonstrated on the chart below, is the location coinciding with Mount Carmel, Israel. The Mount Carmel Range of Israel, that extends southwest, coincides with the San Lucia Range and Diablo Range of California. This includes the county of MONTEREY = MOUNT RA, which in turn has a city, valley and river named CARMEL. These mountain ranges lead to the town of CARMEL-BY-THE-SEA, and the nearby MOUNT CARMEL.

The location of Mount Carmel and the CARMEL RANGE is associated with the PROFIT ELIJAH and his challenge against 450 BAAL priests.

According to the biblical account, the challenge was that whoever could persuade a deity to light a sacrifice by sending fire down from heaven, their god was the real god in control of the land. After the others had failed to achieve this, Elijah poured water on his sacrifice, prostrated himself in prayer, and the fire fell from the sky, and consumed the sacrifice. Shortly afterwards, in the account, clouds gathered and the sky turns black, and it rains heavily.

This is the subliminal given through the profit of Elijah. Whereby the flood and the fire and brimstone of the BIG ONE earthquake will combine in obvious proof of who god is. Mount Carmel in Israel is the home of the BAHAI faith.

BAHAI= BA sacrifice HAI from on high.

The priests of BAAL were challenged by Elijah on Mount Carmel. This is the location of the Shrine of the BAB, where the founder of BABISM, and his forerunner BAHA’U’LLAH, are buried. All one can say at this juncture is, BA BA BLACK SHEEP have you ANY WOOL to pull OVER THE EYES of the BAHA’GULLIBLE?

Speaking of BAHA – BAJA California – the BAJA Peninsula – the BAJA PEN, the BAJA 5, is divided into North and South, and is in direct line with the San Andreas fault and numerous other fault lines running parallel with the mountain ranges of California. Baja is part of New Spain, and therefore part of the special events planned for the New Spain, which is the symbolic Valley of Megiddo, the Valley of Jezreel, or the Valley of Armageddon. Yet again, another set of holy pillars, with those B and G letters. All part of the BA, the soul to sacrifice.

Mount Carmel is also the site of the Catholic Order, ‘Our Lady of Mount Carmel‘. This is referring to MARY, the MAR, the SEA, the coming Global Warming Flood.

One more thing to keep in mind concerning Mount Carmel as you proceed through the information on this page. Mount CARMEL = CARAMEL. That yummy topping you put on top of ICE CREAM or some other DESSERT, or DESERT, that you’re about to consume.

Mount Carmel is derived from the Hebrew name KAREM EL, which translates into CARMEL. However, this also translates subliminally to KAREM, or KREAM, or CREAM of EL. This word CARMEL refers to the CREAM, the richness of the MILK, the sweetness of the HONEY, of California.

KAREM EL literally means the vineyard of god. This is the luciferian egregore’s wine, his sweet dessert, the sacrifice and oblation, used to take total control of our eternal state.



If It’s In The News – About Israel – It’s About California

Because California is the New Land Flowing With Milk and Honey, all events, suggestions, turmoil, etc. reported and communicated to the world, in regards to Israel, are establishing the illusory reality and the coming cataclysm in regards to California and the 11 Western States. Such things as the continual Middle East Peace Treaty between the Palestinians, neighbouring Arab countries and the Israelis is simply implanting subliminals, establishing a reality in California and the Western 11 States, where natural disasters will, or are now, occurring. This is the power of the Kabbala, and the ability to manipulate matter through INCANTATION, which is to literally create a huge hypnotic trance state, where distance makes little difference. The thought patterns are established through the different media forms, and the whole world population that receives these messages is manipulated into agreeing with, and creating the reality they wish for the Middle East and Israel in particular. However, what is wished and hoped for, in regards to Israel, is actually being transferred to California, the 11 Western States and to a lesser degree the 11 Midwest States of Tornado Alley.

What the world is now hoping for, is that they would just get this damn thing settled, done, out of our face. The world is tired, simply had it, with the ongoing stupidity of political maneuverings that go nowhere. In actual fact, the Palestininians and Arabs who live amongst the Jewish people in Israel get along quite well. There neighbours who have lived side by side for generations, and in some cases, for centuries. It’s simply the political and religious elite who conjure up the turmoil, whereby the emotional energy of the world will be focused on The Land Flowing With Milk and Honey, and through manipulation in a subliminal subconscious manner, that land is California and the Western 11 States.

Subliminal manipulation of the subconscious mind occurs with words, phrases, mis-pronunciations, reverse symbolism, normal symbolism, repetition in all it’s forms, gathering together and congregating, chants, mantras, music, sounds of all descriptions, varying colour usage, … anything within the 3 dimensional realm can be used to manipulate and misdirect the subconscious mind if the sinister desire is there.

One such manipulation tool are the flags of countries. These are extremely powerful sigil magic markers, or good, or bad luck charms, depending on whether you’re on the receiving or transmitting end. Consider the symbolism on the flags of New Zealand and Australia, with the Union Jack and the Southern Crux, the Southern Cross symbol. The Southern Crux is the Cross of the Saviour, based on Egyptian and Babylonian sun god worship.


Now consider the UNION JACK, which has been nicely featured in the top left corner of the flags of Australia, New Zealand and even the state of Hawaii. Everything is placed for maximum manipulation potential. It has nothing to do with good esthetic design alone, but with, how will this emotionally manipulate the population in conjunction with the propaganda surrounding the symbolism on the flags.

To break the Union Jack apart, into it’s 3 original flags of England, Scotland and Ireland, reveals a nasty agenda.

The name ENGLAND = ENG or EYE LAND. Hence the term ISLAND. The flag of England is the flag of the Knights Templar, the forerunner of the Freemasons. The RED and WHITE symbolizes blood and cleansing. This is called St. Georges Flag, however, the name GEORGE means ROSE when substituting the G letters for a Y.


St. Georges Flag is symbolic of the ROSE EYE or RISING SEA. This notion has been implanted with such phrases as seeing everything through ROSE COLOURED GLASSES. Which is to consider things with a less than honest perspective.

St. Andrews Flag is the flag of SCOTLAND. The name SCOTLAND is pronounced more like SCUTLAND by the Scottish.


The name SCUTLAND is referring to CUTTING THE LAND by the Serpent Isis, the fiery water goddess. The Serpent that weaves it’s way around the world are the seismic plates that form the different continental shelf formations. One seismic plate is suggested by the name St. ANDREWS Flag.


St.Andrews Flag is symbolizing the Fiery Red Serpent, the seismic plate of the West Coast of California that will CUT THE LAND at the San ANDREAS FAULT.

The Flag of IRELAND is called ST.PATRICKS Flag.


The name St. PATRICKS = PA-TRICKS = Father TRICKS = or Father LIES.

Of course, we’ve all heard of KISSING THE BLARNEY STONE in Ireland. This kissing endows the kisser with the ‘Gift of the GAB‘ (more B and G words), great eloquence, or skill at flattery. This word has come to mean CLEVER, and COAXING. In other words, a LIER, and a MANIPULATOR. One such symbolic example that comes to mind would be HENRY KISSINGER.

Origins of where the STONE came from include the notion that it was the ROCK that MOSES struck with his STAFF to produce WATER for the Israelites on their flight from EGYPT. As shown at the top of this page, the STAFF is the hypnotic manipulation of the MUSES. In Ireland it’s referred to as LIA FAIL, or STONE OF DESTINY, part of the King’s Throne, with MYSTERIOUS POWERS. Another tradition holds that a witch revealed the STONES POWERS to the McCarthy’s (the Lord of Blarney) when she was saved from DROWNING. The Blarney stone was a piece of BLUESTONE placed in the walls of Blarney Castle in 1446. ( More B words).

1446 = 1+4+4+6 = 15, the deity.
1446 = 144+6 = 150, the deity intensified
1446 = 144 – Twelve 12’s and 6, the christ/antichrist deceit
1446 = 1x4x4x6 = 96 = 9+6 = 15, the deit

Yet again, the Flag of St. Patrick symbolizes the Lie and the Watery Flood, just as the Flag of St. Georges symbolizes the Flood.

Of course, we mustn’t forget that St. Patrick’s Day is thought by many, to be the day that the SNAKES WERE LED OUT OF IRELAND into the SEA. However, there were no snakes on this island, and the date is supposed to be linked to the day of his death, which is also uncertain. Nonetheless, tradition dictates that St. Patricks day should be on March 17 every year. Here’s the reason why.

MARCH 17 = 76th day of the year. On leap years it is the 77th DAY of the YEAR.
77 = 7 – 11’s
77 coincides with 5 (sacrifice) on the 7th clockface. Thereby making it 777. The number of completion.
On a leap year, there are 290 days left in the year. 290 = 29 with intensity. 29 coincides with 5 (sacrifice) on the 3rd (deity) clockface.

MARCH 17 = 1+7 = 8 total control.
MARCH = MAR the Sea and CH Kill, the SEA KILLS

The Blarney Stone is the B sacrifice EYE Stone. The Blarney Stone is supposed to be the other half of the YELLOWISH RED Sandstone STONE OF SCONE. This is the stone, which, up until recently, was kept in WESTMINSTER ABBEY, under the THRONE SEAT used for CORONATION of the BRITISH MONARCHS. This has strong symbolic significance, as all the symbolism relating to the STONE or ROCK, is referring to the ROCK of the 11 Western United States, which are located on the North American Craton Rock. It is no coincidence that the city of NEW WESTMINSTER is located in Greater Vancouver, the site of the 2010 Olympics, and is the site of Mount Olympus in Washington State. All this symbolism is demonstrating the CORONATION of the luciferian messianic lord and the messianic kingdom, as the Global Warming Flood increases.

On St. Patricks Day it’s customary to wear GREEN. However, it’s also customary to wear ORANGE. Orange is the combination of YELLOW AND RED, the colour of the Stone of Scone. The BLARNEY Stone is a blueish coloured ROCK, and up until recently, St. Patick was asscociated with the colour BLUE, not GREEN. On the chart below, the flag of the president of Ireland shows what the symbolism of St. Patrick really represents. The blue background is inspired by the blue originally associated with St. Patrick. The silver and gold colours represent the riches of the elite. The shape of the HARP represents the shape of the ROCK of the 11 Western States. The Music created by the HARP represents the Cascading Water from the North, and the CASCADIA RIDGE SEISMIC SUBDUCTION ZONE just off the west coast of North America. This follows in the same direction as the Cascade Mountains that go through Washington and Oregon, down into California. The HARP symbolizes the HAARP technology located in Alaska, that has the ability to altar the natural elements. This technology implants the subliminal that creates the reality whereby the weather can be controlled by science. Evidence of HAARP technology was witnessed just a few hours prior to the Sichuan earthquake in China. The sky was filled with rainbow coloured lights, that formed a wave across the sky.

Observing St. Patrick is symbolized with the colours GREEN, ORANGE and BLUE. These colours are produced by combining RED and YELLOW for ORANGE, andBLUE and YELLOW for GREEN, and WHITE and BLACK for establishing a chosen darkness or lightness.


St. Patrick was the Patron Saint of Ireland, along with Saint COLUMBA. Here’s what wikipedia has to say about St. Columba.

Saint Columba (7 December 521 – 9 June 597), sometimes referred to as Columba of IONA, or, in Old Irish, as Colm Cille, – COLUMBKILL, COLUMBKILLE or Columcille

(meaning “Dove of the church“) (you’ve got to be kidding)?

was an outstanding figure among the Gaelic missionary monks who, some of his advocates claim, introduced Christianity to the Kingdom of the Picts during the Early Medieval Period. He was one of the Twelve Apostles of Ireland.

Along with St.Patrick and St. Columba, St. BRIGID of KILDARE


was also a patron saint of Ireland. She was a Catholic nun who was named after the one of the most powerful goddesses of the pagan religion that her father DUBHTHACH practised. The pagan BRIGID was the goddess of FIRE.

St. BRIGID was the partron saint of babies; blacksmiths; BOATMEN; CATTLE; chicken farmers; children whose parents are not married; DAIRYMAIDS; DAIRY WORKERS; fugitives; infants; Ireland; Leinster, Ireland; mariners; midwives; MILK MAIDS; newborn babies; nuns; poets; poultry farmers; poultry raisers; printing presses; sailors; scholars; travellers; WATERMEN.

St. Brigid is the goddess of all things perceived to be of relatively high dimensions such as HIGH RISING FLAMES, highlands, HILL-FORTS and upland areas; and of activities and states conceived as psychologically lofty and elevated.

The patron saints of Ireland are symbolized in the TWIN TOWERS of the WTC, the PILLARS of Solomon’s TEMPLE, the States of OREGON and ARIZONA, the Valleys of SACRAMENTO and San JOAQUIN, and the COLUMNS of WATER that will flow from the melting polar ice caps.

The patron saints of Ireland all correspond to the Flag of St. Patrick, and the BLARNEY Stone, and the lunatic luciferian judgment day of the lord.


The Coronation Stone of Scone is used, and was used, for Queen Elizabeth II’s boney little ass to sit on, as she was CROWNED Queen of the Commonwealth of Britain. This stone is the other half of the the Blarney Stone that corresponds to St. Patricks Flag, and in turn, corresponds to St. Georges Flag on the Union Jack. This stone was originally located in Scotland, and for exactly 700 years, (the number of completion), from 1296 to 1996, was taken to Westminster Abbey in London. In 1996 it was returned to Perth Scotland, it’s original location.

It is referred to as the Stone of Destiny, in that it symbolized the luciferian agenda, and the Day of the Lord’s Judgment, when the 11 Western United States would be brought before the lord in judgment at the Marriage Supper Table of the Lamb. This is the symbolism included in the World Trade Centre attack, and now the attack in Mumbai, India.

Remember, this is all subliminal messaging, creating the reality they desire for us to experience. The elite of the world are acting on behalf of the luciferian mindset, who they worship as the one eternal supreme god. They have been promised eternal power, riches and worship if they will fulfill the hypnotic agenda as outlined on this site.

Queen Elizabeth II – HAVING A NICE SHIT On Her Throne

MOOT HILL = TOOM HILL = TOMB HILL = BOOT HILL, a western COWBOY TERM meaning a GRAVEYARD. The Queen of England was coronated SITTING / SHITTING, on the symbol of a graveyard, but not just any graveyard. The symbol is the ROCK of the 11 WESTERN UNITED STATES, and the judgment of death and destruction of LA, ALLAH, Los Angeles. Her SITTING / SHITTING on the Western USA symbolizes the cleansing of the DUNG, through the DUNG GATE, within the JEWISH QUARTER of the old City Walls of Jerusalem.

Wherever HRH Queen Elizabeth II travels, she must have a BIDET (an OVAL Bathroom appliance used for WASHING the GENITALS) installed in her bathroom. This is so she can WASH her Royal Ass with WATER, as this is a RELIGIOUS RITUAL symbolizing the destruction and cleansing of the DUNG from earth.




An unusual feature of the Coronation at Scone was that those attending the ritual carried the earth of their own lands INSIDE THEIR BOOTS, which they emptied after the ceremony. The Abbey, which was destroyed in 1559, was said to have stood on the mound formed by the earth.The Stone of Scone, also called the sacred Stone of Destiny, was thought to have been Jacob’s pillow on which he rested at Bethel. It was purloined by Edward I in 1296 and taken to Westminster Abbey. There the Stone was incorporated in the Coronation Chair which was used for the coronation of all monarchs.

In 1953 Queen Elizabeth II was crowned on the Stone.

In 1996, after 700 years, the Stone was brought back to Scotland. The 152 kilo yellow rock joined the Scottish regalia in a closely-guarded museum in Edinburgh Castle.

Scone Palace, opposite Moot Hill, is a 16th century mansion which was extended in the 19th century. It is the home of the Earl and Countess of Mansfield who seek to maintain the historic house and the surrounding Estate that is also famous for its 100-acre Wild Garden and its historic Pinetum where Douglas Firs and Sequoia Redwoods, planted at the beginning of the 19th century, are still growing. Some are more than 50 metres high.

The Stone of Scone – The STONE OF DESTINY

The Stone of Scone, also commonly known as the Stone of Destiny or the Coronation Stone is an oblong block of red sandstone, about 26 inches by 16 inches by 10.5 inches in size and weighing approximately 336 pounds. The top bears chisel-marks. At each end of the stone is an iron ring, apparently intended to make transport easier. Historically, the artifact was kept at the now-ruined abbey in Scone, near Perth, Scotland. It was used for centuries in the coronation of the monarchs of Scotland, the monarchs of England, and, more recently, British monarchs. Other names by which it has sometimes been known include Jacob’s Pillow Stone and the Tanist Stone.

JACOB (a J and B word)



(As I’m writing these words on November 29, 2008, the Mumbai India Massacre is winding down, and the Space Shuttle is preparing to land. The Space Program is simply a religious ceremony marking sacrificial events within the luciferian agenda).

The UNION JACK then symbolizes the Rising Sea of the Red and White CROSS, or C-ROSS or Sea Rose. Combined with the Earthquake at the San Andreas Fault, and is established on the Lies and Tricks perpetuated through the Saintly ANGRY Father God myth.

Whenever you see the Union Jack displayed, this is the subliminal message being implanted, and the location that the sigil magic form is aiming at, which is California.




The Southern California Wild Fires – Nov.12 to 18 – 2008

The Great Southern California Shake Out was disguised as a Earthquake preparedness drill. What occurred was the worst wildfire outbreak in history, since records have been kept. Today, November 18, 2008, the fires are still smoldering, but now coming to an end. This wildfire outbreak was a direct and purposeful subliminal suggesting earthquake, seismic, and volcanic events, just as occurred with the eventual World Trade Centre attack. Earthquake activity is caused by tectonic plates sliding over one another, hitting a snag, causing pressure to build, and then a sudden release causes an earthquake. The tectonic plates relate to seismic and molten volcanic lava movement, or in simple terms, fire down below.

The WTC was hit by a fire on February 13, 1975. The fire broke out on the 11th FLOOR. The number of death. There were no water sprinklers in the building. As the wildfires hit California, a common occurrence was, a shortage, or inadequate, or non-existent, water supply. Up to 30 minutes sometimes, before water pressure came into fire hydrants. The fire that hit the WTC in 1975 coupled with movie ‘Towering Inferno’ at a later date, and the manipulation of our reality was in affect. In the same way, the wildfires of Southern California are establishing the reality that the luciferian thinkers desire for us to experience in the future.

The WTC was then car bombed by a 1500 lb. explosive on February 26, 1993. Again, in February, and on the 26, or the 13th x 2. The year 1975 = 1+9+7+5 = 22. The year 1993 = 1+9+9+3 = 22. The 1500 lb. explosive coincides with the number of the deity, or 15. This car bomb attack further manipulated the subconscious mind of humanity to focus on the inevitable. Again, this is the intent behind the wildfires of Southern California, where fire is used to destroy and create fear and devastation, and at the very same time, instill an incredible desire for water, and a lot of water.

The fires have only been increasing over the last few months and years, and just as the fire and car bombing of the WTC, (that occurred previous to the attack of 911), so too, are these wildfires and minor earthquakes establishing the reality for the Big One and the luciferian day of judgment.

The fire of 1975 and the car bombing of 1993 were minor compared to the attack of 2001. So it is again, the wildfires and minor earthquakes are minor compared to the coming Big One. Next year, 2009, Al Gore is leading his campaign of Global Climate Change into a funnel of decision, hoping to have the world sign a Global Climate Control treaty. This will further manipulate our reality into the clutches of the luciferian agenda. This is all subliminal hypnotic suggestion on a massive scale. This is the power of the kabbala, the power of magic, the power of HYPNOSIS, or sinister misdirection of our focus, the power that is supposed to show us, once and for all, just who the hell GOD REALLY IS. Just be aware of these words, and as the agenda unfolds, the ability to remove yourself from the trance state will occur. Always keep in mind, the entranced elite puppets being used to perpetuate this agenda, haven’t a clue that they’re doing this on behalf of the thinking egregore. They choose to refer to the thinkers, as the Great Spirit, or the Grand Architect of the Universe, and all is unfolding as it should.

The wildfires that occurred this week, coincided with the Great Southern California Shake Out, the 30th Anniversary of the Jonestown Mass Suicide (today Nov.18, 2008), the launch of the Space Shuttle ENDEAVOR, and the natterings of SARAH PALIN who will not go away for some inexplicable reason. SARAH = HARAS = HARRAHS = EROS = ARROWS = A-ROSE = or the CHRIST who ROSE from the dead. This is the SEE, the HOLY SEE, the HOLY SEA of cleansing. This cleansing will come forth from the Mosque of God, the al-AQSA mosque of ALASKA.

Sarah Palin is the Governor of Alaska, or in more accurate terms, the high priestess of al-Aqsa. For this reason, Sarah Palin did not go away, so as to further implant the suggestion of the Bridge between god and man, the UNION that will once more put us in the lord’s favour. This is the reason for the Bridge to Nowhere lunacy. As well as Alaska and Russia, who were once connected by the now submerged Land Bridge under the Bering Strait. Sarah Palin is symbolic of the Roman goddess Juno, the one who BRINGS CHILDREN TO THE LIGHT, and the goddess of sexual love and marriage. Juno is symbolized by Juneau Alaska, and is one of the stars in the Little Dipper of Cleansing (as shown on a previous chart on p.30).

Some interesting numbers surrounding Sarah Palin include:

11th Governor of Alaska
– born on February 11th, 1964
44 years old in 2008, running to be Vice President for the 44th USA president
– attended Wasilla High School 44 miles north of Anchorage

MALAMUTE – Todd Palin and IDITAROD Trail

However, we mustn’t overlook the husband of Sarah Palin.

TODD PALIN is a champion sled dog sled MUSHER. He’s raced in the IDITAROD TRAIL sled dog race. 16 dogs cover 1,161 miles in 8 to 15 days. The drivers are called MUSHERS. The Alaskan MALAMUTE is the original sled dog. It’s tail is the shape of the Golden Mean.

IDITAROD = DORATIDI = DOOR A TIDE = the Door that Brings the Tide.
MALAMUTE = ETUMALAM = E-TOMB-A-LAMB or the Tomb of the Lamb
MALAMUTE = MA mother LA – Allah Los Angeles and MUTE to silence, unable to speak. Malamute is the Sacrifice of the Lamb made to silence LA.

The race goes from ANCHORAGE TO NOME, in other words, right from the ANCHOR, or Thor’s Hammer, the CROSS, to NOME, right on the Bering Strait where the water will come flooding through. The TIDE will FLOOD through the DOOR. The name and word NOME comes from the city states of Egypt that existed for 3,000 years.

Anchorage is one of the symbolic stars on the Little Dipper handle. The symbolic North Star on the Little Dipper handle is Ketchikan, Alaska – or KET-KI-KAN. The zip code for Ketchikan is 99901.

The wildfires coincided further with the tumbling FINANCIAL MARKET, and the BAILOUT of the BIG 3 AUTO MAKERS. See page 18 for information regarding the symbolism in the auto industry and the Interstate Highway systems. These are all subliminal suggestions, misdirecting our focus, and establishing the reality the luciferian thinkers desire for us.

The Milky Way – The Golden Mean – The Great Flood


The Milky Way is derived from the name HATHOR, of the old Egyptian House of Horus. Hathor was worshipped as the COW-DEITY. She was the mother of Horus, who was later associated as the wife of RA, the sun god, or son of god.

The Milky Way was seen as the WATERWAY in the HEAVENS and referred to as the NILE IN THE SKY. Alternate names for HATHOR include – MEHTURT – also spelt Mehurt, Mehet-Weret, and Mehet-Uret). Hathor was responsible for the yearly flooding of the Nile. This is the same symbolic attributes assigned to Isis, and to Mary, the mother of Jesus. Mary and Jesus are both associated with the Holy Spirit, the Living Water, that descends from the heavens in the form of a DOVE. This Dove is Columbe, or the Columns of Water, that are symbolized by the word Columbia, as in District of Columbia, and by the symbols of 2 Towers, Pillars or Columns.

Another consequence of the name MEHTURT, and the annual flood of the Nile, was the association with the breaking of the AMNIOTIC SAC and the IMMINENT BIRTH OF A CHILD. When the mother’s water breaks, the resulting flood indicates the child is to be born extremely soon.


In this mythological symbolism, the subliminal suggestion has been implanted for thousands of illusory years, establishing the reality that is now ours in this present day. The luciferian thinkers, along with their elite intellectuals, continue to perpetuate the myth, to the point where now, the FLOODING of the NILE is the GLOBAL WARMING FLOOD that is to flood the world. The worship of this COW-DEITY is upheld yet again, in the worship of the father, mother and the son, which is the ENVIRONMENTAL GREEN MOO-VEMENT, which itself is the worship of the ELECTRON, PROTON and NEUTRON. The worship of the 3D illusory reality.

The Milky Way was also known as the PRIMAL SNAKE called WADJET, known as the GREEN ONE. This is symbolized on the heads of the Pharoahs, where the Cobra snake protrudes in an upwards coil. Holy days associated with Wadjet, included the ‘GOING FORTH of WADJET‘, celebrated on December 25 (Christmas Day in Christianity – Christianity goes back to Tammuz of Babylon). As well, June 21, Summer Solstice was associated with her. As was March 14, the 73rd day of the year (73 coincides with 1). She was also assigned the 5th HOUR OF THE 5TH DAY OF THE MOON. 5 is the number of sacrifice, the BA, Baphomet, the sheep, goat or ewe = YOU. The BA was part of the Soul that would live on in the afterlife, or to put it more bluntly, the BA was death.

Hathor’s cult became associated with dancers, singers and other entertainers, who were priests and priestesses. Actually, no different than that which has come out of modern day Los Angeles and New York. These are the Muses of Apollo working their Golden Mean. Hathor also became associated with the TURQUOISE MUSICAL NECKLACE worn by women called the MENAT.

MOON = MOO-N = MOO-EYN = MOO-EYE = COW-EYES eyes of seduction.

In the illustration below the Milky Way is shown with it’s color arm(s). (Courtesy of Wikipedia)


CYAN – 3-kpc and Perseus Arm
PURPLE – Norma and Cygnus Arm (Along with a newly discovered extension)
GREEN – Scutum-Crux Arm
PINK – Carina and Sagittarius Arm

There are at least two smaller arms or spurs, including:
ORANGE – ORION ARM (which contains our own Solar System and Sun)

The Yellow Brick Road From Beijing – The Way of Mother’s Milk

The straight yellow line demonstrated on the chart below, is drawn exactly as it appears on a globe. The distortion in the drawing is to allow for the curvature of the globe. Using a Mercator projection map, creates other lines, all of which bear out similar symbolic suggestion. What this line connects, are locations of symbolic significance, and simply reading the names of these locations, suggests a sequence of events. The line extends from Beijing and passes exactly through Anchorage Alaska, passing very close to Ketchikan Alaska. Ketchikan is the location of the ‘Bridge to Nowhere’, that was to be built from Ketchikan to GRAVINA ISLAND, over the TONGASS NARROWS, but was never built. Ketchikan is also symbolic of the North Star of the Little Dipper Handle. The Little Dipper represents the Water being poured into the Big Dipper of California and the 11 Western States. This Water is the MILKY WAY, the Great Flood, the Nile In the Sky, established through the hypnotic mesmerizing form of the Golden Mean Spiral. This is the Spiral Staircase of Freemasonic ritual, and the stairway to heaven in religious and spiritual teachings.


The Milky High Way Poured From the Little Dipper Of Alaska

The chart immediately below shows the Temple Mount within the Old City Walls of Jerusalem. This Temple Mount has the al-Aqsa Mosque and the Dome of the Rock Mosque. The al-AQSA lines up directly with the Dome of the Rock, which symbolizes the pouring of the Milky Way – the GREAT FLOOD in the heavens, from one Domed Mosque to the other. More accurately stated, it symbolizes one DIPPER, the LITTLE DIPPER, pouring the Mothers Milk, Hathor’s Milk, into the other DIPPER, the BIG DIPPER.

Muhammud rode his magic horse, al-BURAQ from MECCA to al-AQSA in one night, called the NIGHT JOURNEY. Al-AQSA meaning the furthest mosque, and symbolized by the al-Aqsa in Jerusalem. However, the NIGHT JOURNEY was actually the journey through the land of the INUIT in the far north, and al-AQSA is the State of ALASKA, which is the Little Dipper. For this reason, Alaska’s flag bears the North Star, the tip of the handle of the Little Dipper, the POLARIS STAR, and coincides with the location of Ketchikan and the BRIDGE TO NOWHERE. Alaska’s flag also bears the Big Dipper below the North Star, symbolizing how the Little Dipper pours into the Big Dipper.

These subliminals are simply the continuation of the luciferian agenda and maintaining of the illusory Deluge, the MILKY WAY Great Flood, the Age of Aquarius, the Flood of Noah, and are being fulfilled in this time we’re experiencing under the pretext of the Global Warming Flood.



The Movie MILK – November 27 2008 – USA Thanksgiving



Google Video – illuminatiMATRIX explanatory video detailing the foundational root of hypnosis, religion, intellectualism and who and what god is.

Click here to watch video.

YouTube Video highlighting some of the subliminal elements hidden in the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem

Please read the next paragraph before watching the ROCK VIDEO.

On the ROCK VIDEO, the World Trade Center is mistakenly called the ROCKEFELLER PLAZA. The WTC was conceived and promoted by the Rockefellers. The Rockefeller Plaza is to the north of the World Trade Centre, on the MANHATTAN ROCK, or MANNA STONE. The WTC and the Rockefeller Plaza , along with the area of CENTRAL PARK, relate to the TEMPLE MOUNT in Jerusalem, and the Al Aqsa Mosque, the Dome of the ROCK, and the Temple Courtyard. These in turn relate to the North American West Coast. See page 39 for more details.

Click here to watch the new Rock Video on YouTube.

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