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Google Video – illuminatiMATRIX explanatory video detailing the foundational root of hypnosis, religion, intellectualism and who and what god is.

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YouTube Video highlighting some of the subliminal elements hidden in the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem

Please read the next paragraph before watching the ROCK VIDEO.

On the ROCK VIDEO, the World Trade Center is mistakenly called the ROCKEFELLER PLAZA. The WTC was conceived and promoted by the Rockefellers. The Rockefeller Plaza is to the north of the World Trade Centre, on the MANHATTAN ROCK, or MANNA STONE. The WTC and the Rockefeller Plaza , along with the area of CENTRAL PARK, relate to the TEMPLE MOUNT in Jerusalem, and the Al Aqsa Mosque, the Dome of the ROCK, and the Temple Courtyard. These in turn relate to the North American West Coast. See page 39 for more details.

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The Olympics – Sun God Worship

This page will be dedicated to placing symbolism attached to the Olympic Religion and all the sacrifices offered to the Gods of Mount Olympus, and Zeus in particular.

8 – The Number Of Total Control

They’re going for the gold (the GOLDEN Messianic State – the new world order) through the subliminals presented through Michael Phelps winning 8 GOLD MEDALS in SWIMMING. 8 golds, (a NEW OLYMPIC RECORD) at the 08/08/88 games that started at 8:08:08, that was preceded by the Sichuan earthquake 88 days before the Olympics began, where 88,000 dead and missing were sacrificed.

Michael Phelps is called the FLYING FISH by the Chinese. MICHAEL = MY KILLPHELPS = Prince HELPS. The original saviour was NIMROD the Fish God. The Christian Fish god. The brothers Romulus and Remus sat on they’re respective 2 hills in Rome watching for BIRDS. The 2 birds hit the WTC and brought the 2 TOWERS, (WOTERS) down. These 2 towers are the Columns, the Columbe, the Dove that Dove down, the Holy Spirit, the mother of god, and all this implanted symbolism is directed at BRITISH COLUMBIA, or Bright Isis Columbe, or the Descending Spiritual Light of the EYE, that is meant to cleanse the world from now until the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver / Whistler / Mount Olympus Washington, and then onto 2012 and the return to London.

Alaska Mask – al-Aqsa Mosque – The Furthest Mosque From Mecca

On page 21 of this site, some preliminary information regarding Alaska and the symbolism connecting this state to the Global Warming Flood was introduced. The symbolism showed how Alaska is the Little Dipper state, and California is the Big Dipper. The Global Warming Flood water has been implanted within our subconscious mind for these illusory thousands of years through the stars and the mythical gods associated with them.

Now with the United States about to choose the 44th president, the players in this electoral process have taken shape, and the symbolism attached to each one is now becoming evident. With the introduction of Barack Obama and Sarah Palin into the political landscape, many subliminal suggestions have revealed themselves. Keep in mind when you read the information about to be presented, that the religious organizations in the world, and the intellectual systems throughout world society, are all based on symbolism relating to ancient Egypt and Babylon. Regardless of what these institutions and systems might call themselves, they are all hypnosis based, they are all Islamic, Judeau, Christian or Children of Abraham, which is to be a sun god worshipper. A sun god worshipper is anyone who is emotionally and intellectually attached to the 3 dimensional illusory reality, believing that it is real, and desiring to maintain this illusory 3D veil. The symbolism of these systems is based on sacred geometry, and has been developed to a fine art through Islamic religious thought. It is this thought form that the elite luciferian thinkers conjured up and are implementing subliminally as the War On Islamic Extremism, with another deceitful subtitle, the Global Warming Flood. All of this is occurring at the very same time that the Environmental Green Movement has risen to the surface as a Holy War against anyone who doesn’t choose to worship the Mother, Father and the Son, or put another way, the water, earth and air. The water, air and earth is the holy trinity of science and religion. Make no mistake, science and intellectualism are extreme religious concepts. To challenge the precepts of science and reason, is to appear a heretic.

Islamic extremism is evidenced in many names and symbolic imagery throughout the world. The name FREEMASON has this symbolism:

FREEMASON = FR father EE El, MA mother, SON son
FREEMASON = Father REE Ray or Ra, MASON a rock builder, the atom rock, the mother of matter

Freemasons, when they reach the 32nd degree, can apply to become a Shriner. To be a Shriner you must pledge allegiance to Allah. You then become part of The ANCIENT ARABIC ORDER OF THE NOBLES OF THE MYSTIC SHRINE. In other words, you become a follower of Islam. Keep in mind also, that many presidents of the USA are, and were, Freemasons, and therefore, are Islamic in faith. This demonstrates very clearly why the Bush family had close business dealings with the Bin Laden family, and after 911, they flew the Bin Laden family members to safety immediately. The Islamic brotherhood sticks together. However, don’t overlook the fact that the Pope, and all of Christendom is Islamic in deed, if not in word. This is just the flipside of the duality nature of the luciferian religious thought process. The symbols of Christianity are based on the symbology of the sacred geometry of Islam, which are based on the forms conjured up through the dissecting of a beam of light. This worship of the light goes back to the very beginning of the conjuring, and is the foundation of Judaism, Christianity, Islam and every religion in the world.

The Real Temple Mount

With this in mind the information to follow reveals the agenda behind the 44th presidential election, and it has virtually nothing to do with politics, and everything to do with the Global Warming Flood and the Big One Earthquake of the luciferian gods judgment on the ROCK. The ROCK is the TEMPLE MOUNT, also known as The NOBLE SANCTUARY, and is the Rock under the Dome of the Rock, which was represented in the Rock-e-feller Plaza of the WTC, and is now centred on the ROCKY MOUNTAINS stretching from Alaska to Mexico.

Islamic faith believes Muhammad was transported from the Sacred Mosque in Mecca, to the present location of al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem, during the ‘Night Journey’. This transportation of Muhammad involved a magic flying horse called al-Buraq al-Sharif. When Muhammad arrived at al-Aqsa he dismounted, led prayers with other prophets and then ascended into heaven on his magic steed from the Rock, (now under the Dome of the Rock). He ascended into the heavens known as the 7th Heaven where he conversed with Allah.

As you read this information, keep in mind that these are all hypnotic suggestions that have been implanted within the 3 dimensional illusion to manipulate and direct who we really are, into a false reality and disconnection from our original state.

The symbolism and subliminal suggestion thus far, is that the Night Journey is the journey through the land of the Night, or what is referred to now, as the land of the Inuit, the land of the midnight sun. The Inuit are the Eskimo people of the north. The name is derived from an old mythical Egyptian god. The Night Journey is referring to the northern ice shelf, and in turn, this is the inspiration for the name Islam, pronounced as Ice Lamb. As the northern ice shelf melts, the Global Warming Flood will descend and fill those parts of the earth the luciferian elite choose to cleanse. This is the luciferian Lamb of God, sent to sacrifice and cleanse the earth through a global cataclysm.

The Night Journey of Muhammad took place 12 years after Muhammad became a prophet, during the 7th century. These are 2 numbers of completion. 7 is perfection and completion, 12 is the fullness of time and completion. The journey begins as Muhammad was resting at Masjid Al Haram mosque in Mecca. The archangel (electrical arc angle) Jibril (Gabriel) appeared to Muhammad, then cut open Muhammad’s chest, took out his heart and purified it with holy water from the Zam-zam Well. The angel then restored the heart to Muhammad’s chest, leaving no wound or scar. Then the magic horse Buraq arrived. Muhammad rode Buraq, escorted by Gabriel, to the ‘farthest mosque’, now called al-Aqsa. In the Quran, the exact location is not stated, however, the charts immediately below show the location without any doubt. Tradition has held that Jerusalem is the location of al-Aqsa mosque.

The name Jerusalem means City of Peace. Poor choice of name if there ever was one.

geographical SITE OF PEACE

The subliminal offered here is that Jerusalem is the Sea of Peace.

The al-Aqsa Mosque, the ‘Farthest Mosque’, is in Jerusalem, the Sea of Peace.

The name al-Aqsa sounds like Alaska with a bit of a hiccup. Alaska extends from the west coast of North America past the international dateline, which they bent to accommodate the time zone date. Yet another cover story. The State of Alaska is literally in the Pacific Ocean, and to the north, borders on the Arctic Ocean.


The Pacific Ocean has the exact same name as Jersusalem, which is the SEA OF PEACE.

The name al-Aqsa Mosque means the furthest mosque, and in the Quran, this is in referrence to the Mosque at Mecca. To be the farthest away from Mecca, one would have to be halfway around the world. The world is a circle, a globe, and is divided into 360 degrees. Halfway around the word would be 180 degrees. Mecca is 39 degrees East. If you add 141 degrees to 39 degrees = 180 degrees. The vertical border of Alaska is 141 degrees West of Mecca, and points directly to Mecca, as all good Islamic symbolism is apt to do.

What has just been demonstrated is that the al-Aqsa Mosque has the same name as the State of Alaska. Both are located in the Sea of Peace. The name means the ‘Farthest Mosque’, and it could be no farther away on this globe we live on, than exactly 180 degrees, which is where Alaska is located. What this shows, is that we are living in a huge trance state, perpetuated by the elite of the world who manifest themselves as puppet gods on behalf of the luciferian mindset. The elite are mind controlled luciferian egregore god worshipping master hypnotic trance inducing arrogant lunatics who have all been indoctrinated through the religious and intellectual institutions of the world to conjure up the 3 dimensional systems that they’ve purposely taught all of us to worship as reality.

Pause for a moment, and consider, who drew up the vertical border of Alaska?

No doubt some Freemasonic trained bureaucrat who was so inspired and directed by some Freemasonic trance induced politician, who was inspired and directed by some Freemasonic super rich elite member of some elite think tank who run the world, who in turn was inspired and directed by voices ‘unheard’, to place the border at 141 degrees West, exactly 180 degrees from Mecca. The world is one huge Islamic, or Ice Lamb-ic, mosque, or mask, of fear based on the legalism of Allah (ALL HA) and his Ice Lamb saviour. Keep in mind, that this Islamic institution came along some 6 centuries after Christianity. Just as Christianity was built on the foundations of Judaism, which was built on the foundations of Egyptology and sun god worship, which was built on the notions of Babylon, so too is Islam just a product of Christianity. These are the Children of Abraham doing their hypnotic trance inducement of the illusory 3 dimensional entities we call humanity, to keep the ‘real us’ distracted and disconnected from the greatness of who we really are.

The Bleeding Heart Of The Virgin Mary… and Muhammad

The heart being cut out of Muhammad’s chest is the very same symbolism attributed by Roman Catholicism to Mary’s bleeding heart, and to that of Jesus, whose heart is represented many times wearing a crown of thorns and a flame. The horse Buraq, which literally means lightening, is represented by Barack Obama, who came on the political stage like lightening.


DONNER and BLITZEN, whose names in German mean Lightening and Thunder, are the names of the 2 reindeer on Santa’s Sleigh, Saints SLAY, who were magically moved to the front row in a movie (The Santa Clause – 1999) just prior to the WTC attack of 2001. Again, we see Lightening and Thunder symbolized by Barack Obama, moved to the front row, establishing the subliminal for the next 911 attack. The story of Muhammad and his magic horse al-Buraq al-Sharif has implanted this subliminal for hundreds of illusory years.


Keep in mind that the Pacific Ocean is 9,000 miles high and 11,000 miles wide. The weapon to be used to carry out the cleansing and judgment of the ungodly in the next and last 911 attack. It is certainly an opportune moment to remove oneself from the trance state or experience the horror just over the illusory horizon.

The symbolism of the Zam-zam Well, and the Holy Water from this well is derived from the ancient Iranian creator god Ahura Mazda.

MAZDA = ZAM-Death, or the creators death. The name Zam-zam literally means, ‘STOP FLOWING’ as the water from this well near Mecca, would not cease flowing, as . This is the subliminal connected to the Global Warming Flood. The water of the saviour that will cleanse the world.

According to Islamic tradition, Hagar, Abraham’s wife and hand-maiden of Abraham’s other wife Sarah, gave birth to Abraham’s firstborn son, Ishmael. God told Abraham to send Hagar and Ishmael out into the desert and there god would look after them. In a desperate search for water, Hagar ran 7 times between 2 HILLS, when miraculously, water sprang from the ground at Ishmael’s feet.

Now, to mix our religious mythology for a moment, these 2 hills are 2 columns, 2 Columbe, meaning Dove, the symbol of the holy spirit, the living water that came forth from the goddess of fertility Mary. Grab your atlas for a moment and see that the State of Alaska, situated in the far north, has for it’s symbol symbolized, the North Star. This star is the tip of the handle of the Little Dipper. The Little Dipper pours out into the Big Dipper in the sky. The Big Dipper has been shown on p. 21 to be California. Now follow the sequence as Alaska pours out into British COLUMBIA – COLUMBE, and on through WASHINGTON state, the WASHING-ION, and miraculously springs forth in CALIFORNIA, the location of the SACRAMENTS, the Sacramento Valley. The Sacraments of the Body and Blood of Christ. Here in the State of California, the Sacraments are sandwiched between 2 HILLS of OREGON – OREYON – ORION, and ARIZONA – HORIZON – ORIONS.

These 2 states of Oregon and Arizona have to very interesting acronyms. OREGON is OR = RO = ROYAL = ROSE. Arizona is AZ, or the beginning and the end. The same as the Alpha and Omega of the Greek alphabet. Yet again, Oregon, the ROSE is coupled with Arizona, the RISE, and together they produce an interesting word, ORAZ = AURAS, or an energy field. An energy field is the manipulation of energy being directed to a certain 3 dimensional position. As in the case of a human being, auras are present as energy has been directed through the sex act to conjure up a new 3 dimensional illusion. With the states of Oregon and Arizona, the auras, or energy, attached to the symbolism of these 2 states has been implanted for centuries, going back to Hagar and Ishmael.

Arizona also has the Old Testament subliminal concerning the kingdom age when the ‘ROSE will bloom in the desert‘. The Rose is the Rising flood water that will be the DESSERT at the Marriage Supper of the Lamb.

The North Star is a symbol of cleansing and sacrifice, and when it’s inverted, the cleansing power of the sacrifice is being poured out. For this reason a great many countries throughout the world, including many Arabic countries, have the North Star, the Pentagram 5 pointed star, on their flags, as a symbol of the cleansing and sacrifice to come. The USA has 50 of these little sacrifice symbols sitting in a sea of blue. 5 is the number of the sacrifice, of the baphomet, and of humanity. The 0 in the number 50 is simply referring to the inTENsity of what is to come.

According to Islamic tradition, Ishmael was to be sacrificed by Abraham, but god stopped him, praised him for his obedience, and had him sacrifice a RAM instead. This RAM represents the people to be sacrificed in the trance state that the world finds itself locked in. The RAM is the MAR, the sea, the blood sacrifice, the saviour, that will cleanse as the water pours out of the Little Dipper of Alaska into the Big Dipper of California.

The Holy Water of the Zam-zam Well is symbolized again, by the Holy Spirit of Mary, the Holy Water of the Mar, or Sea, that will not stop flowing. The 7th Heaven visited by Muhammad, is the symbolized in the State of Alaska, the 49th state of the Union, or 7 sevens. In other words, Alaska is the 7th Heaven, or the Perfect Completion for use in the luciferian agenda. Alaska’s motto is ‘The Last FRONTier‘ along with ‘The Land of the Midnight Sun’, which symbolically connects it to the ‘Night Journey’ of Muhammad. A FRONT is a facade, a fake, a mask, (as in mosque) and this is the Last Mask to be used in the luciferian Night Journey in the land of the midnight sun.

This likewise coincides with Al Gore’s Live Earth Concert of 07/07/07. Which was also mentioned in Bill Haley and the Comets song, Rock Around The Clock, at 7 o’clock, the elite would ‘…be right in 7th Heaven’. 7 o’clock being the 7th year of introducing the kingdom age.

Of course, Sarah Palin is from Alaska and the symbolic connection to Juneau Alaska, the Roman God Juno, the god of marriage and child bearing. This links with the movie ‘Juno’, that came out in early 2008, where a young unmarried girl had a child. Sarah Palin, when she was introduced to the world, had just given birth to her 5th child. Many accused her of hiding the fact that it was her 17 year old daughters child. When in actual fact, her unmarried daughter is expecting a child just as in the Juno movie. The subliminals are relating to the Goddess Juno, who is the Roman type of Mary, or the Mar, the Sea. Again, the Roman goddess Juno is Hera of Greek mythology. Juno will marry Jupiter, who is the Roman counter type of Zeus of Mount Olympus, and in turn, Zeus is the Jesus of Christianity. What transpires from this symbolism, and the location of Juneau Alaska, is that the 141 degree vertical border of Alaska, which points to Mecca, takes a 135 degree angle twist towards Vancouver, the location of the 2010 Olympics. However, Vancouver is just a COUVER or COVER, to hide the fact that it is Mount Olympus Washington, just a mere stone’s throw from Vancouver, across the USA/Canada border, the home of ZEUS, who is JUPITER, who will be marrying JUNO, who is MARY, who is HERA of Greek mother goddess worship.

The Bridge To Nowhere

As Sarah Palin came into the national and world spotlight, there was a great deal of attention given to the ‘Bridge To Nowhere‘. Again, a seemingly trivial event, except when you consider the subliminal messaging here. On the map, Alaska is the shape of a dipper. Alaska’s symbol is the North Star, representing the Little Dipper, and it pours into the Big Dipper as seen on the state flag. When you look at the panhandle of Alaska, that extends south along the Pacific Coast, the position of Alaska is an upside down dipper pouring out into the Pacific Ocean and the Ring of Fire Aleutian Islands. The tip of the panhandle is the tip of the Little Dipper, (which points North in the sky), but now that it’s symbolically pouring out in an upside down position (as seen in the map of Alaska), and the North Star is located at the south end of the pan handle. This is the location of the ‘BRIDGE TO NOWHERE’. The name of the city at this location is KETCHIKAN Alaska.

Let’s try spelling Ketchikan the way it’s meant to be spelled. KET-Ki-KAN, or 11-11-11. K is the 11 letter of the English alphabet, and here we have 3 – 11’s. This is a sacred number to Freemason’s and one more reason for there being 33 degrees in the Scottish Rite. The borders of the world have all been established by Freemasonic thinkers, right down to subdividing the whole of the mainland USA into acres, 66 ft. x 660 ft. This is the inspiration behind the white supremacist group, KKK. 11 is the number of death, and 3 is the number representing the shape of the deity, (the luciferian egregore), and that shape is the PYRAMID. The Great Pyramids of Giza are called Khufu, Khafre and MenKaure. Now, in Alaska, which is al-Aqsa, we have yet again, another Egyptian symbol of death, with the city of Ketchikan and the Bridge To Nowhere.

The symbolism of the Bridge is that of rising from earth to heaven. The word Bridge, as has been pointed out before, is the BRIDE’S EYE, and the Bridge to Nowhere suggests something cataclysmic. Ketchikan means ‘Thundering wings of an eagle‘. Thunder is Thor, who is Zeus, and the eagle is just a symbol of the Phoenix bird rising from the ashes.

The Coordinates Of Death – KKK – Ket-Ki-Kan

Ketchikan’s coordinates are 55 degrees N, or 5 – 11’s, 5 numbers of death. 55 coincides with 7 on the 5th clockface. 7 is the number of perfection and completion. 5 is the number of the baphomet, the sacrifice and humanity. Ketchikan is also 131 degrees W which coincides with 11 again, on the 11th clockface. 2 more 11’s on one clockface. Yet again, add up the digits 1+3+1 = 5, the number of the sacrifice. Even adding up the of the clockfaces involved in this scenario – 5+7+11=23 which coincides with 11, which is again the number of death. Just for good measure, 23, when added as 2+3=5.They’re not straying very far on the coordinates to say the least. This is the next 9-11, and it’s already in progress.

The symbolism connecting Alaska, the Little Dipper, and especially Ketchikan, being the North Star of the Panhandle of the Little Dipper, one need only look at the Great Pyramid of Giza and the it’s alignment. The Great Pyramid is the most accurately aligned structure in existence and faces TRUE NORTH with just 3/60th of a degree of error. Ketchikan is the North Star, symbolically speaking, and has death coordinates relating to humanity. The pyramids of Egypt are a massive graveyard, a necropolis, a temple to the dead, a Bridge to Nowhere, and both of these locations are symbolically linked to the North Star.

The symbolism has been building and moving right along with the earthquakes, cyclones and hurricanes that have been occurring since the year 2000. The pattern has generally followed the path from the Middle East, through the sub-continent of India, and the 2004 tsunami. Then continued, and is continuing through Indonesia and China, and is now moving into the regions around Japan and the Kamchatka Peninsula of Russia. Little by little the focus is shifting around the Pacific Ring of Fire. When you compare the Pacific Ocean to Jerusalem once again, the Western Gate, or Jaffa Gate, on the West Wall of the Old City, is also called Abraham’s Gate. The gate of Human Sacrifice. It is through this gate that the sequence of natural disasters, and the so-called ‘judgment of god’ has entered the Ring of Fire. This is the judgment that comes out of Zion, or through the Zion Gate located in the area of New Zealand and Australia. Think of this area as New Zion and Oz-tralia. Out of Zion will judgment come, and enter through the Jaffa Gate, and then pass through the NEW GATE of Beijing, and on to the DAMASCUS GATE, symbolized by the Bering Strait, where the world will get it’s Bearing’s Straight. Even as the apostle Paul (or Pole), was on the road to Damascus and was blinded by the lord for persecuting the Christians. They supposedly will see things as they should be seen. The action will then shift to HEROD’S GATE, also called the FLOWER GATE, where the water will FLOW uncontrollably from the melting Polar Ice Caps. This FLOWING will come down past Vancouver Island and enter the Strait of Georgia, the Strait of the ROSE, which is symbolically connected to the Russian Bear invading Georgia and then turning around and leaving. The Russian Bear is the rising global warming flood that keeps being implanted daily. This water will enter under the LIONS GATE BRIDGE in Vancouver, then symbolically head south to San Francisco and enter through the GOLDEN GATE BRIDGE and the saviour MARY and JESUS, or ZEUS and HERA, or JUNEAU and JUPITER, will cleanse the earth.

Good thing it’s not real!

Sarah was the wife of Abraham, the mother of Isaac, the first instance of HUMAN SACRIFICE in the bible.

SARAH = SA-RAH = SA-RA = ISIS RA, Sarah Sarah – what will be, will be

Ketchikan – Ket-Ki-Kan – Kick The Can

The next few paragraphs give a brief summary of interconnected subliminals connecting the 44th USA presidential election with the story of Muhammad, Islam, and the overlapping manipulation with the oil/energy crisis, the political/military crisis, the financial stock market crisis and the environmental crisis. All these are happening at the same time and are, in this illusory reality, establishing the devastation they wish for humanity to blindly experience so that horror and confusion will imprison us and separate us conclusively from our eternal paradise state. However, we now know the method and goal of the agenda. Therefore, they have failed miserably.

The K names in the state of Alaska almost defies luciferian logic. Just like the B and G names of the elite puppets and the symbolic pillars of temple sacrifice, the K words are giving up a bunch of insight. When the focus was on China leading up to, and during the Olympics, everyone must have noticed all the X names. K and X are essentially the same letter and sound, meant to instill confusion more than anything else. This simple letter shape and sound association in these different parts of the world sends a message, establishes a reality about what is to transpire, and goes about it completely undetected.

Looking at a map of Alaska, besides all the K names, which are almost endless, the amount of National Parks and National Reserves almost defies any common sense. The whole state is almost a complete national something. Remember, National Monuments, Parks, Reserves, and Forests are just front names, smokescreens, hiding the fact that they are shrines to the luciferian egregore god. They are places of worship and reverence. With this in mind, al-Aqsa Mosque is a religious holy shrine to Islam, situated on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. However, as we’ve discovered, al-Aqsa is Alaska, on the temple mount of the Rocky Mountains and the highest peak in North America, Mount McKinley, and this is why the state is so enshrined with nationally protected status. This is the location of judgment from on high. From the sides of the north. NORTH being the THRONE in reverse.

So when did this suggestion get established in our subconscious minds to become part of our reality? Of course, it hearkens back to the Pyramids of Egypt, and to the Night Journey by Muhammad on al-Buraq, his magic horse, as he flew to Jerusalem and then on to the 7th Heavens. But to really establish this as our reality, right now, in this time that we appear to be living in, consider when the mind control began.

KETCHIKAN = KET-KI-KAN. What does that sound like? Remember back to a game that many have played as children, in the dark, called KICK THE CAN. Everyone would run and hide, then the person protecting the can would try to find those hiding. If that person saw one of the kids hiding, they would run to kick the can before the one hiding could kick it. This little game has programmed our psyche, and assisted in establishing the reality we are now experiencing. The game of KICK THE CAN played in the NIGHT is the NIGHT JOURNEY of MUHAMMAD on BURAQ to al-AQSA.

Bear with me as I ramble out some subliminals that connect how the luciferian agenda has swiftly shifted from Beijing to Alaska and soon will shift to Vancouver and Mount Olympus Washington and then to London in 2012 as the ultimate goal comes to the fore:

the GAME = EYE AM = I AM
of KICK THE CAN = KET-KI-KAN = Kill Kill Kill = 11-11-11,
is played under the cover of the NIGHT = KNUT = INUIT, unimportant Eskimo land and people
SARAH PALIN – PRO LIFE = Prince ROSE EFIL or Prince ROSE EVIL – and PRO GUN = Prince EYE-ON – Prince ION
SARAH = wife of ABRAHAM father of Human Sacrifice and Death – SARAH = mother of death
PALIN = PAUL-IN = POLE EYE = POLAR ICE = ISIS mother goddess to cleanse and regenerate the land
arrives on BURAQ = BARACK = LIGHTENING and OBAMA = THUNDER, Donner and Blitzen pulling Santa’s SLAY from the North Pole
the MAGIC HORSE = MAGI the gift of the 3 wise men – kings of the Orient – 3 stars of ORION’S BELT – KKK PYRAMIDS of EGYPT – MAGI = I AM in reverse
and arrives in al-AQSA = ALASKA the furthest mosque from MECCA
and the BIG ONE = an EARTHQUAKE such as was not since man was on the face of the earth
the JUDGMENT and EARTHQUAKE = KICKING THE CAN in KETCHIKAN = the NORTH STAR aligns with the KKK PYRAMIDS of EGYPT = the Little Dipper is poured out
the columns of water pour from BRITISH COLUMBIA = COLUMBE = the HOLY SPIRIT WATER – the DOVE of cleansing
the SACRAMENTS are in place in the SACRAMENTO VALLEY as the Little Dipper pours into the Big Dipper
the GOLDEN GATE AWAITS for the Messiah to come pouring through
and wash away the sins of the heathen



Finding The Big And Little Dippers In The Sky

The diagram below shows how to locate the Big Dipper and the Little Dipper (not quite as easy) in the night sky. Understanding the simple positioning of these constellations will assist in understanding the suggestion attached to them when contemplating events occurring in the world at this present time.

The Marriage Supper – The Fiance Bride – The Financial Market

The Marriage Supper of the Lamb is the symbolism attached to the Big and Little Dippers. This is the marriage of the Bride, the Fiance, who has made herself ready to consummate, or consume, all things. This directly links to the Financial Market chaos of recent months (2008), and especially of the last 2 weeks of September, 2008. These words, FINANCIAL MARKET and FIANCE have exactly the same meaning, or suggestion, from a subliminal perspective.


The financial markets are on ‘shaky ground‘ and are ‘melting down‘. The luciferian agenda is marching right along.

777.7 Financial Market Plunge – 7% LOSS – $700 Billion Bailout

The words above in the 2 or 3 paragraphs above were written on the morning of September 29, 2008 and entirely based on the symbolism gathered from tracking the luciferian thinkers agenda. It is now 7 pm PST on the west coast of Canada (not to break the 7 trend) and the thinkers agenda transpired in this fashion during the day.

Here are some subliminal suggestions that will be compounding with those already established regarding the Global Warming Flood of Noah.

Sept. 30 – at sunset – Jewish New Year begins (see p.18 halfway down, that mentions the symbolism of Rosh Hashanah, and how we should watch this holiday for the next 5 years). Rosh Hashanah carries with it a lot of the symbolism of September 11, or 9-11, in that 9-11 is the 1st day of creation according to the Hebrew Calendar. As it is with the Egyptian Christian Coptic Calendar. In other words 9-11 is the New Year and Rosh Hashanah is the New Year.

In 8 days (number of total control) Yom Kippur – the Day of Atonement arrives. The Day of Atonement is the day of shedding blood, or sacrificing, to pay for sins done against God. This day, in conjuction with Rosh Hashanah, form the Jewish High Holy Days. The most sacred days of the year. On the Jewish Calendar it is the 10th day of the 7th month. On the Gregorian Calendar, this year, 2008, it falls on the day after the 7th day of the 10th month. The Day of Atonement creates a perfect communion with God. A complete and perfect atonement.

The number symbolizing this atonement is 7.

So here are the numbers of the day, the numbers of the New Year, that lead up to the Day of Atonement in 8 days.

A proposed $700 Billion bailout was rejected by the USA Congress to bail out Wall Street. Notice the term ‘BAILOUT’. This is a term used when your boat has a leak and about to sink. A water subliminal.

The Financial Markets plunged 777.7 points. ‘PLUNGED’ is another term suggesting diving into water, or falling.

The Financial Markets lost 7% of their overall value. ‘OVERALL’ suggests yet again, being covered with something that can cover everybody at one time, such as water.

The Financial Markets lost over $1 trillion of value in one day. TRILLION = TRI or THREE LIONS – or 3 EL-ectrical IONS – the TRINITY.

New Zealand recorded a 7 mb earthquake today, at a depth of 21 miles or 35 km. On a chart previously done on p.16, the Zion Gate of the Old City Wall of Jerusalem, coincides with New Zealand, which is symbolically, New Zion. The number 21 coincides with 9 on the 2nd clockface. The number 35 coincides with 11 on the 3rd clockface. One more bit of symbolic 9-11 nonsense.

Keep in mind that the name Pacific Ocean, which means MAR PACIFICUM in Latin, or SEA of PEACE, is exactly the same name as JERUSALEM, which means, CITY of PEACE, Site of Peace, Sight of Peace, See of Peace, and ultimately, SEA of PEACE. Of course, the MAR is the RAM, or the sacrifice, the people of the world, offered to make atonement with the lord.

The High Holy Days from Rosh Hashanah to Yom Kippur, form the Yamim Noraim, or the ‘Days of Awe’. As the Financial Market took a DIVE into the RED, this symbolically establishes the reality in the days ahead, and for many days to come, that BLOOD will be shed to make atonement with God.

The RED in this instance refers to the subliminal previously demonstrated by the RED SEA of EGYPT which is the sea that flows into the Gulf of SUEZ or the Gulf of ZEUS. The Gulf of Zeus has been shown to coincide with the flood that will enter the Sacramento Valley as it comes down from the north, which is the area of Mount Olympus Washington. This will keep building up to, as well as after, the 2010 Olympics of Vancouver/Whistler, which is just a cover location for Mount Olympus. The RED SEA, the SEA of BLOOD, which co-relates to the PACIFIC OCEAN, was hypnotically suggested through the all the PLUNGING – DIVING – BAILOUT-ing – and OVERALL-ing of the Financial Mar-KET, (as in KETchikan – or K for Kill) or Fiance KET, or Fee On Sea Kill, or the Cost of Atonement, with this day in regards to Wall Street. These are the subliminals establishing the next 911 attack for total control of our paradise state. Exactly as was done the first time with the initial attacks on the WTC, and the subliminals that were “Right On The Money”, (shown on p.27) leading up to the attack of 9,11,2001.

How The Dippers Relate To Alaska And California

On the charts below, the Little Dipper is associated with the Global Warming Flood Waters pouring out of the Arctic, through the Bering Strait, and filling the Pacific Ocean. The Little Dipper is symbolic of the Flood of Noah.

The location of the stars on the Little Dipper coincide with the locations of Ketchikan at the south end of the Alaska Panhandle, which is the North Star, or KKK. The next star on the Little Dipper coincides with Juneau, or Juno, the Roman goddess of childbirth and marriage, etc. The next star lines up with St. Elias National Forest and is symbolic of Eli coming, or the saviour, the El god, the father/son, the creator of all things. The next star in the handle lines up with Anchorage, or the christ, who is the anchor, which is the cross, Thor’s Hammer, or the intersecting lines of the Zodiac chart. It’s all the same suggestion.

The Big Dipper, also called the Starry Plough, or simply the Plough, or the Buthcher’s Cleaver, is associated with the earthquake seismic activity that is suggested to strike the west coast of North America. The words Plough, Butcher’s Cleaver, and Dipper all have the same subliminal attached to them.

PLOUGH = a tool to rip up the sod when breaking new ground for planting.
BUTCHER’S CLEAVER = a tool chopping meat into sections for consuming as food.
DIPPER = RIPPED with a simple switch of the 1st and last letters.

The suggestion of NEW GROUND, a NEW SEASON, a NEW FEAST or CONSUMMATION of ALL THINGS, coming about through FORCE is the message attached to the Big Dipper.

The stars of the Big Dipper handle coincide with major population areas and geographical locations. The stars spread across the coast of California, in the area of the San Lucia Mountains (Saint Lucifer that is) and the King Range. The stars fall within the regions of San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco and the area between Eureka and Crescent City. All these names have strong religious, mythical and spirit driven overtones, or subliminal suggestion.

These 2 dippers have been hypnotic sublimimal suggestions implanting the concept of divine judgment. One dipper for cleansing and one dipper for destroying. The Old Testament says, ‘let judgment come down as waters, and righteousness as a mighty stream’… and yet again in regards to the lord’s day of wrath and judgment something to the effect of … ‘an earthquake such as was not since man was on the face of the earth‘ … ‘east to west‘ … where the land will split …’north to south‘.

One more point of interest, are the 2 stars that form the outer edge of the Big Dipper. These are the 2 stars that point to the North Star in the sky. These stars now coincide with the area off the Oregon coast, where just this summer (2008) there were swarms of hundreds of earthquakes which completely baffled the scientific community who study such phenomena. The earthquakes were not occurring as most earthquakes occur. The characteristics were unique. At the same time there were swarms of earthquakes just inside the Nevada border at Reno, and earthquakes across the state of Nevada. This is all establishing the reality that the Big One will occur, and will occur soon. The luciferian thinkers have an agenda and their agenda is time based, or illusory. It must happen in accordance with the subliminals implanted, as it is that the subliminals are what make it appear to happen.

Right On The Money Part 2 – MON-EY = ONE-EYE

On page 27 of this site, the sigil magic marker, or good luck – bad luck charm, showing the World Trade Centre attack on the $5, $10, $20, $50 and $100 bills, assisted in establishing our reality and the eventual attack of September 11, 2001. These bills came out in the early part of 2001, well before the attack occurred. Money is the lifeblood of the 3 dimensional reality, and is central and pivotal in directing the affairs of the world. The subliminal messages of this attack unfolded exactly as we’ve been indoctrinated to respond when we hear the phrase, ‘IT’S RIGHT ON THE MONEY’. This phrase means that something is DEAD ON, exactly as it should be.

Today, as of late September and early October, the World Trade Centre attack is about to be repeated in the next and last 911. On this site the World Trade Centre has been shown to coincide in a great many aspects to the 11 Western United States. The attack of 9/11, 2001, was but a suggestion that has all the aspects ready to unfold once more, but in a MASSIVE BIG WAY.

The World Trade Centre was located in the financial district of New York and the area close to Wall Street. The money bills, when folded as shown on page 27, demonstrated in sequence no less, the World Trade Centre attack. The money demonstrated conclusively, the images that we have all seen on TV and in print, of the actual attack. The attack was huge, bloody, horrific and deadly. However, it was only a centralized attack on a few city blocks, and the suggestions on the money bills corresponded to the size of the attack.

On this site, the charts and descriptions have been establishing the direction, and the next step in the luciferian agenda and how it will be carried out throughout the world, but in symbolic judgment on the 11 western states. Once again, the subliminal messages are RIGHT ON THE MONEY. The Financial Stock Market fiasco, and the BAILOUT, the DIVE, going in the RED, the PLUNGE, the OVERALL drop in value are RIGHT ON THE MONEY. Except this time the MONEY, is the MONEY of the world. The whole world financial system is collapsing has was demonstrated on the USA money bills on page 27. The World Trade Centre attack is now corresponding to the BIG WORLD TRADE CENTRE ATTACK which will be symbolically unleashed against the Western States, and caused to appear as the judgment day of the lord, the judgment of Allah, and the establishing of the Kingdom of God on earth.

The WTC had 2 towers that were attacked. The western states have OREGON = ORION, and ARIZONA = HORIZONS = ORIONS. The WTC had a courtyard wherein the buildings collapsed, crushing the MARRIOTT Hotel just below. These 2 towers were symbolic of the 2 pillars outside the Hebrew Temple, in the outer courtyard, called BOAZ and JACHIN. BOAZ being the north pillar and Jachin being the south pillar. The western states have the courtyard as well, called the Sacramento Valley to the north and the San Juaquin Valley to the south.


The name SACRAMENTO = SACRAMENTS = SACRIFICE = BOAZ / BOWS that shot CUPIDS ARROWS through the heart = EROS = ROSE the Sea that ROSE. The god of love preparing the Marriage (MARRIOTT) Supper of the Lamb of God.

The Judgment Of ALLAH – LA – LOS ANGELES

The charts immediately below lay out the area of earthquake and tsunami activity of recent years, in the Pacific Southwest. This quarter relates to the 11 western states in particular, and coincides to the ARMENIAN QUARTER in the Old City of Jerusalem. Jerusalem means City of Peace, and when broken down, means Sea of Peace. The Pacific Ocean means Sea of Peace, and the ARMENIAN QUARTER is the RAM, the sacrifice, or MAR-EYE-ON, or MARY-ION, or MARRYING, or simply MARY, the Mother Sea Quarter.

The ARMENIAN quarter is the MARRY-AN quarter.

Whatever happens in this quarter of the Pacific Ocean, in regards to seismic and tsunami floods, will be intended to directly result in the BIG ONE – the next and last 911 – to strike the 11 Western States and the west coast of North America. The earthquakes and natural disasters around the world, in conjunction with the wars, hunger and disease, are all building and establishing the hypnotic reality, wherein the judgment of god, ALLAH, JEHOVAH, etc., will eventually be poured out on the wicked and sinful of America.

This is the Land of AUSTRALIA, the Land of OZ, the Land of ZOOS, the Land of ZEUS. This will link directly to Mount Olympus and the Flood of Zeus from Mount Olympus in Washington State. Australia is subliminally connected to the USA as the charts below will demonstrate.


Pacific Ocean – Sea of Peace / Jerusalem – City/Site/Sight/See/Sea of Peace

The Pacific Ocean is symbolically identical to the old city of Jerusalem. The 4 quarters of the old city coincide with the 4 quarters of the Pacific Ocean when using the International Date Line and Equator as the Cross. Pay special attention as to how the International Date Line takes a few jogs, supposedly to accommodate neighbouring islands, keeping them on a similar calendar date. However, this is not the real reason for the jogs. Once again, a smokescreen has been suggested to hide the real symbolic reason for the jogs which will be illustrated a couple of charts lower.

The chart immediately below shows just a few things that relate to the 11 Western United States. Notice the curve of the island countries that form Indonesia and Melanesia. This area relates to Washington, Northern Idaho, Montana and Wyoming. Here’s a breakdown of these names.

, as well MOUNT refers to the MOUNTAINS, the pyramid shape of the trinity deity, the father, mother and son.
WYOMING = W-EYE OM ING = IO Mother EYE = I OHM = Electrical Measurement = OH MY the shock and surprise of the seismic judgment of Yellowstone. Wyoming (44th State). Judgment State. You Die State.


INDONESIA = EYE Death Of ESIA or ASIA (lion) = EYE DEATH of JESUS the LION from the tribe of Judah, who is JESHUA (888)- USA (888)

MELANESIA = Mother – EL father and ESIA the Lion SONMelanesia coincides with Montana, the mother, father and son.

(The EYE in the outline of the State of Montana is located at MISSOULA = Mother EYE SOUL A = MY SOUL or MY SON and A pyramid, see the JUDGE chart further below)

The country of Melanesia includes the SOLOMON ISLANDS and SANTA CRUZ ISLANDS amongst others. Solomon Islands coincide with the area just above Yellowstone on the 11 Western States map. On a previous page, Yellowstone was shown to coincide with the White House which in turn contained symbolism linking it to a type of Solomon’s Temple, and the site of the Holy of Holies, which is the Foundation Stone, or HOLY STONE, the ROCK OF JUDGMENT. The president being the High Priest, who will be the 44th High Priest, coinciding with the 44th state that is symbolically linked to the White House.

Notice that all of Indonesia and Melanesia are totally composed of island states surrounded by water.

Australia and New Zealand are known as the LAND DOWN UNDER. This is a subliminal implant, yet again suggesting that the Rock of Judgment will be inundated and under water.

The 11 Western States have the 4 Corners Cross states of Utah, Colorado, New Mexico and Arizona. On the chart below the Cross coincides with the area between New Zealand (New ZION) and Australia (the land of OZ). Australia and New Zealand both use the Southern Crux / Cross star constellation on their flags, etc. as it situates prominently in the southern sky but no longer in the northern hemisphere. Yet again, star constellations are used on state flags as with Alaska and California, and numerous other countries of the world. It should be noted again, that there are 88 modern constellations forming 8 groups. This being the year 2008 or 8-8, choosing the 44th high priest of JESHUA, with a value of 888, is eerily connected to the stars.

Pay special attention on this chart to the Octagon shape of the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem that fits ever so nicely in the angle corner of California, extending up to the Canadian Border, and all the way to the bend in the International Date Line. The International Date Line is the D-EIGHT Line, or the Death 8 Line, named after the Octagon shape with it’s 8 – 135 degree angles. The number 135 coincides with 3, the pyramid shape of the deity, on the 12th clockface.

The chart immediately below shows the 11 Western States now laid over the Southwest Quarter of the Pacific Ocean.

The word QUARTER = KWAR-T-ER = RA-T cross – RAWK or RA ROCK, the ROCK of RA. This is the ROCK of JUDGMENT, the ROCK under the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem, that ALLAH will hold his LAST JUDGMENT on. The judgment is not referring to the name of god, for that name is FUCK, named after the pyramids of Egypt. What ALLAH does refer to is AL-LAH, or AL-LAY, which is Los Angeles.

For this reason, the 8 sided OCTAGON shape of the Dome of the Rock Mosque fits perfectly between California, over to the International Date – Death 8 Line and on up to the Canadian (Caananite) border. This is the Rock of the Judgment of Allah, the Judgment of LA. This is of course, total subliminal suggestion, conjuring up a scenario where a portion of humanity is to be used as a sacrificial lamb, so as to seal up the illusion of this 3 dimensional space once and for all, and making it seem real.


Java – Jaffa – Lava – The Gate of Abraham – The Western Gate

The Old City Wall of Jerusalem has 8 Gates. The number of total control. On page 16 of this site, it’s been shown that the Western Gate of Jerusalem coincides with the area of Indonesia when the Pacific Ocean is placed over Jerusalem. The Western Gate was also called Abraham’s Gate, named after the first incidence of human sacrifice in the Bible, where Abraham was going to sacrifice Isaac to god. This gate is also called the JAFFA Gate, and coincides with the JAVA Sea and the country of Java. Now, when we introduce the 11 Western States over the Southwest Quarter of the Pacific Ocean, the area of SEATTLE and the home of STARBUCKS COFFEE, which is also referred to as JAVA, coincide with the sea and country of JAVA and coincides as well, with the JAFFA GATE. The sound and subliminal of JAVA and JAFFA are almost indistinguishable. Once this subliminal is extended a bit more, JAVA = JAFFA = LAVA = ALLAH and so on. The seismic activity of this portion of the world is building the reality meant to be experienced on the west coast of North America, and especially in the Sacramento Valley, the Valley of Megiddo. In the trance state, all this connects to the plunging (another water term) Financial Market, the Bizarre USA Election, the Oil Energy Crisis, and the Environmental Green New World Religion Movement.

Java – JHVH – Jehovah – Joe – The Christ Saviour – A Real Pick Me Up

The subliminal suggestion with the term JAVA, which relates to KOFFEE, which in turn is relating to Kharfe, Khufu and MenKaure, the 3 Egyptian Pyramids, has been implanted in the most insidious way through the USA political election. The term Java = Jo = Joe. Both major political parties, Democrats and Republicans, have been used to deliver the Hot Java, Jo Lava, hypnotic suggestion which relates to the coming earthquakes on the Western 11 states. The nonsense involved with ‘JOE the PLUMBER’, which has no basis whatsoever, even in 3 dimensional logic, has been thrust upon the electorate to completely mask the agenda and hide the real intent of the luciferian goal. The name JOE is referring to the saviour lord ‘JeHoVaH’, or JAVA. We’ve been conditioned for decades, even centuries, to consider Java, which is Coffee, as a real ‘pick me up‘, and ‘fix‘, to get us through the day. In other words, coffee, is a real saviour as pertaining to being able to function.

The word PLUMBER has to do with water. Both, clean water CUMMING in for cleansing, and dirty water being expelled through a sewage system. The sewage system is referring to the DUNG GATE which is in the Jewish Quarter of the old City of Jerusalem. This is implanting the message that the saviour, JOE JAVA or HOT LAVA, will come with hot and cold running water, the rising Global Warming Flood waters, combined with the Earthquakes associated with the Big One that is suggested to strike in the Mount Olympus Seattle area, Yellowstone Park area, and those of California area.

JAVA JOE has also been suggested by Sarah Palin, who hearkens from ALASKA, the furthest Mosque from Mecca, and the state with some of the most active volcanic, seismic occurrences. Sarah Palin, fulfilling the role of the Roman goddess Juno, (Juneau Alaska) goddess of marriage and childbirth has coined the term for use in this campaign, JOE SIX PACK. This refers to JAVA = LAVA = HOT SEX, and PACK = PA father CK kill or Killing Father.

JOE isn’t a recent subliminal either. For decades children have grown up being conditioned to revere the term GI JOE = EYE JEHOVAH = I Am God = I Am Saviour.

Yet again, Barack Obama’s Vice Presidential running mate is a J and B name. JOE BIDEN has declared forthrightly, that there will be a CRISIS, that will test the 47 year old president early in his term. We know what the name JOE refers to, and BIDEN refers to the B = Beta fertility life/death sacrifice and IDEN = EYE DEN = EDEN and the garden with the golden apples of immortality, the Apples of Zeus. The age of Barack Obama is 47, that coincides with 11 (death) on the 4th clockface.

CRISIS = C or SEA RISE ISIS = the Rising Sea of Isis. Joe Biden has emphatically stated, we are going to have a CRISIS.

CHRIST = SEA RISE T = KA killing life force of the RISE T cross. The Rising Sea is the Cross being LIFTED UP with the Saviour Sea on it.

BARACK OBAMA = BA the sacrifice of the BAPHOMET Goat, the people, – which occurs on the RACK = ROCK. Barack means Lightening, and THOR, the god of thunder, (and thunder is the after effect of lightening), is a counterpart of Zeus. The name OBAMA suggests a loud noise, a BAM, a thunder clap, and follows immediately after the name BARACK, that means lightening. This Lightening kills the sacrifice on the RACK, which is the ROCK of the Western 11 states.

Always keep in mind, this is all subliminal suggestion conjured up to manipulate the whole world, to distract and disconnect us from our reality and Paradise. The luciferian mindset, the thinkers have built this system of deceit with the express purpose of controlling the whole eternal state of wisdom that they might appear as god. The elite puppets of the world, and those indoctrinated in intellectualism and religious dogma are promised varying degrees of lordship with this luciferian think tank, hoping, believing, that such a vile group mindset will deliver on their promise.

Here Come Da JUDGE

Substituting the J and G for a Y, the word JUDGE reveals something rather troubling.


The judgment day has already been predetermined. The wicked sinners will be cleansed from the earth as the Judgment, or YOU DIE MEN T, of ALLAH is levelled upon LA.

The chart immediately below illustrates a subliminal judgment implanted within the Atlas, in the silhouette shape of the Judge and the Judgment Seat. We’re told that ‘no man has seen god at anytime‘ . Quite the contrary. We’ve been looking at the litter bugger for over a hundred years. Have a look at the lord just below. Notice that the EPAULET on his shoulder is YELLOWSTONE PARK. Yellowstone is Holystone and PARK is PA father RA-Kill. What a loving father in heaven! The little devil has been planning to kill us all along.

Of course, this is the luciferian egregore group of thinkers who established the subliminal bullshit to take who we really are, and make us appear as this massive sea of humanity, which we are not, and through endless suffering, war, disease and death, control our eternal Paradise State. That eternal state is here, right now, right where we are, and it has nothing to do with 3 dimensional form or sound. The Paradise State is one of awareness. Having lost that awareness and having been manipulated to focusing on the 3D experience, we gave up our power, our strength and our freedom, and the luciferian thinkers and their elite puppets, the political, religious and financial monkeys control the whole thing. The strangest thing in all this, is that these thinking elitists don’t really care a fig about politics, religion or money. What they want is to remain in control and for all to know that they are god. All these world systems are simply the tools to allow them to lay claim to the ‘DIVINE RIGHT OF KINGS TO RULE”.

If anyone should doubt the symbolic significance of the use of the Atlas in deciphering the subliminal messages hidden therein, consider this. The King of the Olympian gods, Zeus, ordered ATLAS to carry the SKY UPON HIS SHOULDERS. Zeus ordered Atlas to BEAR THE HEAVENS. The name Atlas signifies the BEARER, to endure, and to suffer. This is the BEAR we now see occurring with the onset of the BEAR FINANCIAL MARKET. (Oct.2008). In the chart below, the State of WYOMING form the SHOULDERS of the JUDGE. Upon these shoulders is the State of MONTANA, also known as BIG SKY COUNTRY.

All through this site, the different geographical locations depicted from any atlas, have been used to show the subliminal shapes and hidden messages that are then used to create our illusory realty.

As you study the silhouette in the chart below, keep in mind the iconic image of SIR Alfred Hitchcock, who, for decades walked into the outline of his shadow at the beginning of each show. Sir Alfred is most notably remembered for his movies, NORTH by NORTHWEST, that takes the audience to the locations of New York, Chicago and Mount RUSHMORE.

Another memorable movie is ‘The BIRDS’, located in, and based on a strange bird incident that actually occurred in California in the middle of the last century. Keep in mind, that Romulus and Remus of Roman origins, sat on their respective hills, watching for BIRDS. The Twin Towers of the World Trade Centre were symbols relating to these hills, and were struck by BIRDS.


Now for one more subliminal stretch, in modern day western culture, the SuperHero, Captain MARVEL has the stamina of Atlas granted to him.

MAR-V-EL = Sea V EL = SEA of EL

Take Me Out To The Ball Game – A Whole Lott’a Shakin’ Goin’ On

The 2008 World Series Champions – the Philadelphia Phillies won the World Series on Oct.29, 2008. Their team logo is the Liberty Bell displaying the CRACK and set on a Baseball Diamond. At the same time California experienced more earthquakes. Considering that the Liberty Bell is a subliminal, filling the purpose of a sigil magic talisman charm, and that the World Series Game was a luciferian ritual filled with intense emotion, hysteria and hype, compare the CRACK in the BELL to the coastline of California, Oregon, and Washington, all the way up to Mount Olympus in Washington state.

The name PHILADELPHIA, city of brotherly love, should more accurately be spelled, FILL A DELL, or FILL A VALLEY, with love. The concepte of LOVE to the luciferian mind is BLOOD. As in the bleeding heart of MARY. Yet again, the I (HEART) NY logo. This is just one more subliminal hypnotic trance inducement, using deliberate sinister misdirection to conjure up the calamity and reality the world will shortly be experiencing.

The name Phillies is a reference to the Sea Rose, or the Sea Horse.

Here’s a partial list of quakes – Greenwich Mean Time – Oct. 29, CA TIME

Update time = Thu Oct 30 4:45:58 UTC 2008

MAG UTC DATE-TIME y/m/d h:m:s LAT deg LON deg DEPTH km Region

MAP 2.6 2008/10/30 04:43:59 20.068 -155.968 9.1 HAWAII REGION, HAWAII
MAP 3.5 2008/10/30 03:52:43 33.063 -115.906 0.7 SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA
MAP 3.6 2008/10/30 03:49:45 33.063 -115.892 0.0 SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA
MAP 3.0 2008/10/30 03:48:12 33.063 -115.904 0.0 SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA
MAP 2.5 2008/10/30 03:44:53 33.058 -115.900 1.4 SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA
MAP 3.2 2008/10/30 03:38:12 63.302 -142.311 15.2 CENTRAL ALASKA
MAP 3.3 2008/10/30 03:27:37 33.069 -115.907 0.0 SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA
MAP 2.9 2008/10/30 03:26:35 33.066 -115.907 0.1 SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA
MAP 2.9 2008/10/30 03:01:11 33.060 -115.909 1.8 SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA

USA Electoral Votes For A Flood On West Coast

Another subliminal message from the ELECT of the luciferian lord. The West Coast of the USA is GOING BLUE. Consider the number of electoral votes and the symbolism of each number with each state. This shows that even the population of each state has been purposely controlled to bring about the symbolic electoral votes per state. Interestingly, Washington state is number 11 = death. The total number of those states with 5 as a common denominator = 80. The number 5 being the number of death. Of course, California is twice blessed, in that they have 55, or 5-11’s, all to coincide with the Valley of Megiddo and the Battle of Armageddon.


Google Video – illuminatiMATRIX explanatory video detailing the foundational root of hypnosis, religion, intellectualism and who and what god is.

Click here to watch video.

YouTube Video highlighting some of the subliminal elements hidden in the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem

Please read the next paragraph before watching the ROCK VIDEO.

On the ROCK VIDEO, the World Trade Center is mistakenly called the ROCKEFELLER PLAZA. The WTC was conceived and promoted by the Rockefellers. The Rockefeller Plaza is to the north of the World Trade Centre, on the MANHATTAN ROCK, or MANNA STONE. The WTC and the Rockefeller Plaza , along with the area of CENTRAL PARK, relate to the TEMPLE MOUNT in Jerusalem, and the Al Aqsa Mosque, the Dome of the ROCK, and the Temple Courtyard. These in turn relate to the North American West Coast. See page 39 for more details.

Click here to watch the new Rock Video on YouTube.

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