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Google Video – illuminatiMATRIX explanatory video detailing the foundational root of hypnosis, religion, intellectualism and who and what god is.

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YouTube Video highlighting some of the subliminal elements hidden in the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem

Please read the next paragraph before watching the ROCK VIDEO.

On the ROCK VIDEO, the World Trade Center is mistakenly called the ROCKEFELLER PLAZA. The WTC was conceived and promoted by the Rockefellers. The Rockefeller Plaza is to the north of the World Trade Centre, on the MANHATTAN ROCK, or MANNA STONE. The WTC and the Rockefeller Plaza , along with the area of CENTRAL PARK, relate to the TEMPLE MOUNT in Jerusalem, and the Al Aqsa Mosque, the Dome of the ROCK, and the Temple Courtyard. These in turn relate to the North American West Coast. See page 39 for more details.

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WASHINGTON DC – The National Mall

MALL – a public treelined walk
MAUL – a heavy HAMMER, usually of wood for driving in stakes or wedges
– to attack with VIOLENT CRITICISM

Thor’s Hammer – The National Mall

How many shopping days till Christmas? Try 12 Daze till Christmas. Better get your shopping done. Let’s head down to the Mall.

The last verse of the song 12 Days of Christmas is immediately below. The last verse sums up this hypnotic repetitious bit of lunatic trance inducement. This is a strange Christmas gift list to be sure. The first performance date of this song is not known. It was used in European and Scandanavian traditions going back to the 16th Century. It has become one of the most popular and recorded songs in America and Europe over the last century.

The 12 Days Of Christmas

On the twelfth day of Christmas
my true love sent to me:
Twelve drummers drumming,
Eleven pipers piping,
Ten lords a leaping,
Nine ladies dancing,
Eight maids a MILKING,
Seven swans a swimming,
Six geese a laying,
Four calling birds,
Three French Hens,
Two turtle doves
And a Partridge in a pear tree

Why are there 12 days to Christmas?

Christmas is the time that Santa Claus brings gifts. On previous pages, it has been demonstrated that Santa Claus is symbolism for the Flood, which in turn is the Global Warming Flood Waters from the North.

As the gifts are repeated in a cumulative manner each day of Christmas, the number of individual items is 364, which is one day short of the days in a year. On the 12th day, all 12 gifts are given yet again, whereby the receiver takes total possession of all the gifts. What transpires in this song, is TOTAL CONTROL through a cumulative hypnotic method of manipulation.

This is only one such mind control tool used over recent history to herd the mindset of humanity into buying into the illusion of the 3 dimensional experience. Now let’s examine what a shopping trip to the mall actually entails on a grander scale.

The chart below shows a satellite photograph of the National Mall in Washington DC. The overall shape is obviously a Cross. However, this is also the general shape of THOR’s HAMMER. Thor being the god of war who resides in the sides of the north. Thor is the god of Thunder and was considered to be red-haired and bearded. This is the same symbolism applied to Santa Claus, with obvious twists. Keep in mind, the suggestion is made, and it need not follow any rational rule of thought or reason.

Below is one depiction of Thor’s Hammer. Pay close attention to the Cross shape and the Owl Eyes in the handle. This coincides with the Owl Eyes of the Capitol Building in the handle of the National Mall.

NORTH = THRONE in reverse = THORN = THOR = ROTH in reverse and ROTH is the name of ROTHS-child or THORS Child.

Thor resides in the sides of the north and is Santa Claus, or Saint SAUL-C in reverse. SAUL = SOL = SUN and C = SEE or SEA. The word CLAUS is the Sun and Sea. The SUN = SON and the SEA = MAR. The word CLAUS is referring to Jesus and Mary. This dynamic duo who together, form the hypnotic manifestation of global destruction through the Global Warming Flood suggestion and the Environmental Green movement.

Hypnotic Mind Control And The Great Escape

Consider that the whole 3 dimensional reality is nothing but smoke and mirrors. A completely fabricated illusion conjured up by a luciferian egregore group of thinkers. This is hypnotic mind control that can be witnessed by watching a hypnotist on a stage as the subject is placed into a trance. The subject can only see and hear what the hypnotist suggests. Nothing else! If an earthquake were to occur in the 3 dimensional space that the audience watching the show is experiencing, the person in the trance state would not experience the earthquake at all. The audience would experience the entranced subject being moved, and possibly destroyed by the earthquake, but the subject on the stage, in the hypnotic trance would not experience any part of it. The earthquake is not real. It’s only an illusion that was conjured up in the minds of those in the audience. The hypnotized subject is also living in an illusion and will experience a whole different set of circumstances and will not experience the earthquake unless it has been suggested within the trance state. This subject is in a different 3 dimensional trance state than the audience, but it is still a 3 dimensional illusion, and the control and manipulation of that person will continue if they remain in that particular trance.

Keeping this in mind, the way to escape the planned coming devastation is to wake up out of the 3 dimensional trance, without going into yet another similar 3 dimensional mind control prison. To remain emotionally connected to any form of 3 dimensional illusory reality is to continue to be manipulated by the luciferian lunacy. Reconnecting to wisdom through awareness of what the whole luciferian agenda is all about, ends the bondage of the hypnotic 3 dimensional lunacy. In this way we not only escape experiencing the planned devastation that the elite thinkers have designed for us, but we bring the whole agenda to an end once and for all.

The agenda is based on hypnosis.

Without hypnotic control the luciferian thinkers have nothing. Of course, the difficult part is to be convinced that escaping this prison and reconnecting to freedom could be so simple. The programming of the trance state of all of humanity took this into account and programmed very deeply, that no one should approach such an irrational concept and through this suggestion they maintain TOTAL CONTROL of our illusory being. This illusion we call our LIFE, in turn, distracts us from reality and who and what we really are. Through this control of our minds, they force us to experience the coming devastation. When we reconnect to wisdom through awareness, we dissolve the lunacy that plays endlessly in our minds.


HYPE – ‘intentional excess verging on deception that creates great popular enthusiasm for a person or product’

GNOSIS – ‘a divinely inspired knowledge‘ – ‘knowledge’

The word hypnosis simply refers to the lie perpetuated by the intellectualism associated with the 3 dimensional electrically charged ION.

I mention these points of how to reclaim freedom and what must be known to avoid emotionally experiencing the coming planned devastation. The information regarding this luciferian hypnotic agenda is getting massive and very revealing. The reader must be aware that even though it will be made extremely evident as to the assurity that this devastation will occur, there is a way of escape that the luciferian light bringers thought would never be discovered. Whatever the reader chooses to do, to remain in the trance, or to come out of it, know this, you are okay and your eternal state is secure. The only difference being, to remain in the trance is to continue experiencing the emotional manipulation tactics of the Thought Process. To come out of the trance is to bring the manipulation to an end, forever. Each individual must decide, and reclaim freedom or remain emotionally manipulated within the lunatic 3 dimensional experience.

The whole world does not have to have a collective consciousness recognizing this hypnotic agenda to bring about this escape.

The whole 3 dimensional experience is just an illusion in our mind. It’s in our mind that we change that illusion by being 100% cynical of the lunacy of this physical space. Neither the trance state nor the awareness state is good or bad, one just manipulates, and one liberates.

Keeping this in mind, continue to read and consider the charts presented and realize the time of their agenda and bloodbath is here now. This is not something that will be coming, it is here now. It is unfolding, and it will only increase in inTENsity as these illusory days go by. Keep watching in the very immediate days ahead, and as the Olympics in Beijing take place. Major disasters are about to take place. These have been directly manipulated to occur by events in the world, and especially the Pope’s 10 day visit to Australia which just wrapped up on July 19, 2008.

As with the Pope’s visit to the United States from April 20, 2008, coupled with the Triple Crown of Horse Racing, earthquakes were experienced in Illinois and Indiana. The Sun and Moon states. The Myanmar/Burma Nargisse Cyclone and the Sichuan China earthquake followed in short order. Coinciding with the Australian visit, Japan had a 7 Mb quake, the Sandwich Islands had a 6.7 Mb, and Indonesia one day later, registered a 6.4 Mb quake. All these quakes occurred on the final day of the Pope’s visit, as well as the day after, which is once again, the pronouncement of the Benediction of Death upon the masses.

Now all of this is impossible to the rational mind. However, we’re considering the subliminal hypnotic trance state, and logic has no value from such a perspective.

Though Your Sins Be As Scarlet – It’s Wash Deity

The National Mall actually extends to the Potomac River, the site of the Lincoln Memorial at the western most end of the Mall / Park complex. The Lincoln Memorial is in direct line with the Washington Monument and the Capitol Building. The White House, which lies just above the Washington Monument, forms another straight line with the Jefferson Memorial. The intersection of these 2 lines occurs at the Washington Monument. This is the Eye of the Penis in the very centre of the Pupil of the All Seeing Eye as demonstrated by the Light Chart developed for this site. The penis is the Washington Monument phallic symbol.

When the National Mall and the Potomac River are placed over the whole Nation of the United States of America, the curve of the Potomac River matches the coast of California. The deliberately constructed man-made Tidal Basin extends into the area covering half of Arizona in water. The designers of this Tidal Basin blindly followed the inspiration of the luciferian Thinkers who knew exactly where they wanted to direct the coming flood of devastation and shaped it accordingly.

The White House is located right below Yellowstone (Holy Stone) National Park, in Wyoming State, the 44th state of the Union. Notice carefully, how the southern state borders of Kansas, Missouri, Kentucky, and Virginia extend through the centre of the Mall Cross. The Washington Monument lies exactly over the 4 Corner Cross States. The Washington Monument is referred to as Milestone Zero. Now consider this title, Ground Zero, from the World Trade Centre attack, and the suggestion is extremely evident.

(In subsequent pages, the symbolism of the National Mall will be elaborated on).

The top arm of this Cross extends exactly to the top of the state of Wyoming and down to the bottom of New Mexico. Then exactly to the coast of California where the Lincoln Memorial is placed directly over San Francisco. The southern arm of the Cross extends into Mexico and coincides with the location of the Jefferson Memorial. The distance from the White House to the Washington Monument, and in turn, from the Jefferson Memorial to the Washington Monument is virtually identical.

What this indicates, is that the layout of the Washington Mall, and the placement of the Memorials was a deliberate sigil magic marker with a massive message of devastation. The whole American Nation has been deliberately placed into a deep hypnotic coma as their governments throughout the centuries have placed them willfully on the sacrificial chopping block. This is Egyptian sun god worship, this is Freemasonry, Christianity, Judaism, and Islam all rolled into one. The world is now ready to welcome the Asian serpent loving brethren to join the Western serpent loving counterparts, to form a New World Order that should rightly be referred to as the Kingdom of God on earth where all worship the air, earth and water as one. Where all worship in the holy hallowed halls of the Environmental Green Movement. The word Green not only refers to the combination of YELLOW = YELLOH = HOLLEY in reverse = HOLY, and BLUE for water, or HOLY WATER. The word GREEN also means EYE REEN or I REIGN. The Green Movement is nothing more than a massive trance inducement tool. All of humanity is sucked into worshipping and paying homage to an illusion of light.

MEN-T = Men Sacrificed

Study the chart immediately below and consider the implications associated with this hypnotic symbolism. This is the reality they want to create for the world, where we’ll be cleansed by the blood of the lamb.

LAMB = OLAM in Hebrew = ION = MATTER = Humanity

Washington’s Reflecting Pools – The Global Warming Flood

In every instance that one more symbolic Rock has been placed over the Western States, the Global Warming Flood Waters are demonstrated to cover portions of the Sacramento Valley and / or the area around Arizona and New Mexico. It’s no different in this instance. The Reflecting Pool which was also purposely built at the west end of the Park / Mall, goes straight towards the Washington Monument. The Washington Monument coincides exactly with the 4 Corners States which lies at 37 degrees north. The Lincoln Memorial is directly west of this Monument (which is 666 feet in total length) and coincides with San Francisco which is also at 37 degrees north. Therefore, the Lincoln Memorial is symbolic for San Francisco, and the Reflecting Pool is symbolic for the flood that is intended to fill the Sacramento Valley.

They, the elite leaders, under the inspiration of the Thought Process once again, did this on purpose!

Interestingly, the Washington Monument is 555 feet above ground and 111 feet under ground. This is symbolic for the devastation that is intended to overtake many millions so that the ‘souls of the dead can be heard amongst the rivers of paradise‘. This according to the Islamic tradition regarding the Foundation Rock, under the Dome of the Rock, which is, as has been demonstrated on page 19, the 11 Western United States. The Sacramento Valley is the Cave under this Rock which is meant to be filled with water. These waters are the Global Warming Flood Waters spoken of in Al Gore’s hypnotic ritual called ‘An Inconvenient Truth’.

Reflect on the Reflecting Pool for a moment, and consider once again, how hypnosis is meant to control our reality so that we experience a most massive horror.

ABRAHAM – The Name of Father Mother Son

AB = father
RAHAM = RAM / sacrifice / son
MAHAR = MAR = SEA mother
BA = Baphemet Ram Goat / Lamb Sheep Sacrifice of the son / the SOUL



Lincoln is the Lion KING – El Ion King.

The part that Lincoln plays within the luciferian agenda will also be elaborated much more in the pages that follow.

Together, the names ABRAHAM and LINCOLN represent the mother, father and son trinity of sun god worship that will induce the calamity called Global Warmin, or the Flood of Noah. NOAH = HAON = ION.

Abraham symbolizes the Lamb of God.
Lincoln symbolizes the Lion of the Lord’s vengeance that will MAUL the NATION.
Together, Abraham and Lincoln, the Lion and the Lamb, shall lay down together as they cleanse the world using the Global Warming Flood of Noah as a main manipulation tool.

On page 27, the charts dealing with the American money bills, demonstrated the sigil magic markers that actually assisted in conjuring up the World Trade Centre Attack of 2001 within this illusory trance state. The paper money currency came into use in the American system of Commerce during the presidency of Abraham Lincoln. It was Salmon P. Chase, a member of Lincoln’s cabinet, who was Secretary of the Treasury who introduced this paper money system. Without the paper money sigil magic hypnotic trance inducement that assisted in establishing the reality of the World Trade Centre Attack, it would not have occurred. In turn, the World Trade Centre Attack was a major world hypnotic event that has implanted the subliminal message that is creating the reality of impending devastation.

This is all hypnotic mind control on a world scale. Become aware of this manipulation being perpetuated through hypnosis and you emotionally detach from that impending illusory calamity.

(It should be noted that Lincoln’s picture is on the $5 USA bill. The number 5 being the number of sacrifice. Lincoln is also on the copper PENNY. A penny is also referring to the number 5.)


The Goddess of the Underworld – Persephone

The National Mall is literally dripping with a whole litany of religious icons. So much for separation of church and state. The black statue at the top of the Capitol Building, Persephone, the goddess of the underworld, lines up precisely with the Washington Monument and the Lincoln Memorial. First off, what’s she doing up there? A straight line is a holy thing to the luciferian thinkers. A straight line is a beam of light, which is the basis of this whole illusory physical space. The ancient gods of Babylon, Egypt, Israel, Greece and Rome are strung together throughout the National Mall and the whole of Washington DC. These gods are hidden in folklore and historical figures such as Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, Theodore Roosevelt and Thomas Jefferson.

Have a close look at Persephone as she sits high above the sun dome of the Capitol Building, standing arrogantly upon 12 pillars of time, keeping a death watch.

The Lincoln Memorial – 23 – The Number of Death – North And South – 2020 Vision

The aerial photograph of the Lincoln Memorial immediately below shows how the line from the Capitol Building to the centre of the Lincoln Memorial divides the North and South. 23rd Street NW is above the line, indicating the North side of the city. Ohio Drive SW is below the line, indicating the South side of the city. 23 is the number associated with death, as it coincides with 11. This death number points directly at the centre of the Lincoln Memorial and the statue of Abraham Lincoln.

Ohio Drive SW is symbolic of the All Seeing Eye.

The name OHIO = O an EYE, HI or EYE, and O another EYE. The name Ohio is a word relating to the 3 parts of the trinity, the 3 parts of the atom, the proton, electron and neutron. These 3 parts form the All Seeing Eye, which forms the 2 dimensional light beam chart shown throughout this site.

This line divides the city, North from South. It’s this division that Abraham Lincoln is strongly associated with as a result of the American Civil War in which 620,000 soldiers, and countless civilians were sacrificed to the luciferian lord. Lincoln is most famous for bringing an end to slavery. However, this was just a by-product of the Emancipation Proclamation freeing the slaves. Lincoln saw the freedom of slaves as being used in providing soldiers to fight against the Confederate States. What was most important to Lincoln, was saving the Union, not freeing the slaves.

Quote from Abraham Lincoln:

“I would save the Union. I would save it the shortest way under the Constitution. The sooner the national authority can be restored; the nearer the Union will be “the Union as it was.” … My paramount object in this struggle is to save the Union, and is not either to save or to destroy slavery. If I could save the Union without freeing any slave I would do it, and if I could save it by freeing all the slaves I would do it; and if I could save it by freeing some and leaving others alone I would also do that. What I do about slavery, and the colored race, I do because I believe it helps to save the Union; and what I forbear, I forbear because I do not believe it would help to save the Union. I shall do less whenever I shall believe what I am doing hurts the cause, and I shall do more whenever I shall believe doing more will help the cause. I shall try to correct errors when shown to be errors; and I shall adopt new views so fast as they shall appear to be true views. I have here stated my purpose according to my view of official duty; and I intend no modification of my oft-expressed personal wish that all men everywhere could be free”.

(End quote).

This concept is now being fulfilled with the election of Barack Obama, who symbolically fills the shoes and the suggestion suggested by the illusory 3D life of Lincoln. The desire of President Obama is to see the world as ONE, working in harmony, using the slaves of this 3D realm called humanity, to bring this to pass. So, what’s the harm with a world getting along in harmony and peace? The problem is, there will be no 3D illusory harmony and peace, as the 3D illusion is entirely based on, and perpetuated by DUALITY. Duality = Division Disease Death! All this is done unwittingly on behalf of the luciferian Thinking egregore, to distract and disconnect who and what we really are from reality and our original eternal wisdom state. This is the agenda of the luciferian Thought Process. To seize complete control of REALITY and to imprison any concept of what freedom and liberty truly is.

The Thought Process and intellectualism, with all its many tentacles, is the hidden unseen entity we refer to as God.

Note that there are 8 columns facing North, and 8 columns facing South on the Memorial. 8 is the number of total control. Also, there are 12 columns on the East side and 12 columns on the West side. 12 is the number representing a full circle of deceit and the fullness of time. When adding 12 + 8 = 20. The number 20 is also the number of total control. There are 36 columns on the Memorial in all. Accounting for the doubling up at the corners. The number 36 is symbolic of the fullness of time as it coincides with 12. The number 36 occurs on the 3rd clockface, the trinity, pyramid, triangle shape associated with the deity concept.

Immediately to the west of the Memorial is the Potomac River. This coincides with the Pacific Ocean when the National Mall is placed over the whole nation. The Memorial lies within the centre of a circle, representing once again, the All Seeing Eye. To the west is the Reflecting Pool that is symbolic of the Moon goddess that reflects the Sun god. The National Mall is now reflected in the Mauling of the Nation, as the subliminal suggestion has been established through centuries of mythology and intellectual lunacy. The World Trade Centre Attack launched the events that will lead up to the luciferian lord’s day of wrath and judgment. From the year 2012, 8 more years of control and transition will take place until the world will see clearly in the YEAR of PERFECT VISION, 20-20, that this indeed was the lord’s doing.

Honest Abe – 2 Faces of Janus

In Roman mythology, Janus (or Ianus) was the god of GATES, DOORS, DOORWAYS, BEGINNINGS, and ENDINGS. When the National Mall is layed over the nation, the Lincoln Memorial lines up with San Francisco and the Golden Gate Bridge. This is the Gate that Honest Abe has the KEY. This Gate is to be opened to allow the devastating flood waters to engulf the Sacramento Valley. The rising waters of O-HIGH-O will pour into San Francisco and Los Angeles, or LA, the Sacramento and San Joaquin Valleys, and beyond. This has all been written down in subliminal messaging for centuries. The mighty earthquake, the BIG ONE, accompanying this flood will be coupled with the Yellowstone Caldera erupting. Not to be left out, the area around Seattle and Mount Olympus Washington, to the north and south, up to ALASKA will experience the cataclysm along the Cascadia Ridge Subduction Zone. These natural disaster occurrences will come to pass as the subliminals increase in inTENsity, using the whole 3D life experience, with all its social, political, religious, etc., events and persons, to manifest the destruction of the Old, and the implementation of the New. This is all courtesy of Honest Abe, who is Janus, the 2 faced, Double Crossing god. This is also courtesy of George Washington, who, as well, cannot tell a lie.

Read about the deeds of Romulus, the founder of Ancient Rome, and the wrath that Janus, the 2 faced god sent upon these men.

When Romulus and his men kidnapped the Sabine women, Janus caused a volcanic hot spring to erupt, (Yellowstone comes to mind) resulting in the would-be attackers being buried alive. In honor of this, the doors to his temples were kept open during war so that Janus himself may easily watch this happen. The doors and gates were closed in ceremony when peace was concluded.

Janus was frequently used to symbolize change and transitions such as the progression of past to future, of one condition to another, of one vision to another, and of one universe to another. This symbolizes the coming of the New World Order and the Kingdom of God on earth. This is what is being orchestrated during the presidency of Barack Obama.

Janus was worshipped at the beginnings of the harvest and planting times, as well as marriages, (the Marriage Supper of the Lamb), births and other beginnings.

Janus heralded the Golden Age, introducing MONEY, laws and agriculture.

The Fingers of Janus – Fingers of Lincoln – The Mayan Calendar – December 21 – 2012

Now we degenerate for a moment as we ponder the finger

Have a look at Honest Abe, who was inspired by the 2 Faced God Janus, to deliver this little subliminal to the world.

Pliny the Elder recorded that the God Janus’ fingers were configured in such a way as to form the Roman number 355. This was supposed to be representing the 355 days of the old Roman Calendar. This is CCCLV in Roman numerals. Now have a look at Honest Abe’s fingers, in combination with his 2 faces, in combination with his memorial being located symbolically at the Golden Gate, and then consider that the Mayan Calendar is meant to end on December 21, 2012, (the 355 day of the year on the Gregorian Calendar), and a whole lot of hypnotic deception is unravelled.

As well, Lincoln’s birthday occurs on February 12. On 12/01/2010, the first day of the Winter Olympics in Vancouver / Mount Olympus Washington State, Lincoln will be 201 years old. The whole year of 2009, up until February 11, 2010, will be Lincoln’s 200th year. Being that the luciferian Thought Process and its group egregore of egotists does everything symbolically, this 200th year of the Lion King, Lincoln, will see enormous events unfold. (This page is being edited on December 14, 2009, right in the middle of the Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen. See page 48 for details of some of the events prior to this date and continue to keep abreast of events as they unfold leading up to February 12, 2010). Notice also, the numbers used in reference to the Mayan Calendar, Lincoln, and the Olympics, and it becomes very obvious that the numbers 0, 1 and 2 are dominant. This links the events of Lincoln’s 200th year with all that will unfold up and until, 2012.

Janus also has a temple at Rome with double doors, which they call the gates of war; for the temple always stands open in time of war, but is closed when peace has come. These Gates of War now symbolically form part of the Reflecting Pool Memorial in Oklahoma City, where the Alfred P. Murrah Building once stood. This the memorial dedicated to the Oklahoma Bombing.

The temple of the Argiletum with the Gates of War was not the only place where the Romans worshipped Janus. On the other side of the Tiber, an altar was dedicated to this god on the ‘hill of Janus’ (Ianiculum). A second altar was erected on the hill Oppius, which played a role in the ceremonies when a boy became a man.

Abraham Lincoln – Union Maker – One World Government Subliminal

Abraham Lincoln is remembered as the president who held the Union together. This is the subliminal message embedded within the minds of the population of the world, of the Union of a One World Government, a New World Order, the Kingdom of God on Earth, the Age of Aquarius, the Age of Reason and Enlightenment, the Environmental Green Movement, … or to sum up, the worship of the mother, father and the son, the worship of the sun god, the AIR, WATER and EARTH.

As of December 14, 2009 (date of editing), the Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen working diligently to produce this One World Religion and Government, that will be used to cleanse the earth.

The Sun-Eating Dragon – Total Solar Eclipse – The Diamond Ring

The solar eclipse of August 1, 2008 will exit at Xian Shaanxi China. The pronunciation of Xian is similar to SHE-AHN, or in more literal English terms SI-ON, or ZION. This solar eclipse is the Diamond Ring of betrothal, the engagement ring, of the upcoming nuptials of the Bride and Groom at the Marriage Supper of the Lamb in the Sacramento Valley of California. The marriage of the mother and the son, when the sky, the sun/son and the sea, the mother, mar-y will consume the earth. This is the hypnotic suggestion established throughout the centuries and refers to the Consummation of All Things. The city of Xian forms a perfect line with Chengdu Sichuan China, the site of the Sichuan earthquake that left 88,000 dead or missing, and Beijing, the site of the Olympics occurring 8 days after the Solar eclipse and the corresponding New Moon.

The darkness of the New Moon on August 1, 2008, will be reflecting the total Solar Eclipse. This is the most ancient and the most powerful method of mass hypnosis. What ever is done in heaven will be done on earth. For this reason the moon is approximately 400 times smaller than the sun, however it is approximately 400 times closer. This is the 4 square foundation that the luciferian method of hypnotic control is based on. 4 plus 4 = 8. Yet again, 4 times 4 = 16, which coincides with 4 on the 2nd clockface. (These numbers 16 and 44 will be shown to relate in strong symbolic fashion to Lincoln and Obama).

This moon reflecting the sun notion is the inspiration behind the reflecting pools of sun god worship. The Reflecting Pools within the National Mall are religious icons intended to manipulate through hypnotic suggestion. The same notion is found in the reflecting pool in front of the bomb destroyed building of the Alfred P. Murrah Building in Oklahoma City (MURRAH = MER-sea and RAH-ray) and the 2 Reflecting Pools that will grace the footprints of the 2 World Trade Centre Towers. This is how the Freemasonic/Christian/Judeo/Islamic sun worshipping thinkers honour their god. They build monuments and reflecting pools where the sacrifice occurred, …or will occur.

Another interesting thing to notice on the chart below, is the corresponding shape of the Shaanxi Province map to the country of England. This isn’t without precedent. The Greater City of London map forms a Rose shaped form that also fits nicely over China and Mongolia, the last dynasty to rule China from 1644 to 1912 AD, and has been shown previously on this site. London is the Serpent Dragon and the Nemian Lion that guard the Apples of Zeus in the Garden of Hera. This is referring to the religious thinking serpent and the intellectual thinking lion of hypnotic lunacy that were meant to keep the masses entranced as they were trucked off to the slaughter house of sacrifice.

Xian – Zion, is the site of the Terracotta Warriors and Horses. These life-like warriors were discovered during an excavation and number 8,000. There are 100 chariots and 30,000 weapons. The coordinates of Xian are 34 degrees N. (coincides with 10 – intensity) and 109 degrees E. (coincides with 1 – a new world or new season) on the 8th clockface.

The Terracotta Warriors are pictured below. This site is referred to as the 8th Wonder of the World.

What’s So Great About An Eight – Ate – 8

The myths surrounding Father Time, or Cronus (associated mistakenly, but mythically, with Chronus), who swallows his children after they’re born, is the inspiration for the number 8 / ate. This number has been suggested through the centuries as the number of consummation and control. The Great Architect of the Universe is the mythical luciferian egregore god who created / conjured up all that is in this 3D realm. The agenda throughout these 3D illusory ages has been to bring forth the hordes of humanity, only to consume the majority through systematic manipulation of war, disease and death. As a result of this systematic eating of it’s creation, the luciferian thinkers maintain the focus of our being, upon the illusory, so that we miss reconnecting with reality.

USA Map After A Polar Shift

Thanks to Michael for spotting this map.

The maps below show the locations of the Reflecting Pools of the National Mall as demonstrated by the futuristic map of the USA after a Pole Shift / Hypnotic Trance Illusory Reality. Both of the Reflecting Pools coincide with the predicted 2 major Global Warming Flood Waters which will be combined with the earthquake zones that coincide with these low lying areas.

135 Degree ANGLE / ANGEL Of Orion

The chart immediately below shows an inverted triangle drawn along the 135 degree angles of California, (that extends northwest out into the Pacific Ocean), and the line drawn from Manitoba (that leads into Hudson Bay). The line drawn from Manitoba (Manitou, the Great Spirit), (and one of the provinces that forms the Canadian 4 Corner Cross, points directly to the 4 Corner Cross intersection of the United States and joins the line drawn from the California 135 degree angle. Both of these lines meet precisely at PHOENIX ARIZONA.

A closer look at the province of British Columbia, with its 135 degree angle of Orion, is similar in shape to California with its 135 degree angle. Both of these regions are in turn, similar to the MARRIOTT HOTEL that was located in the old World Trade Center plaza.

The province of Alberta, that shares the 135 degree angle with BC, is similar in shape to Nevada, that shares the 135 degree angle with California. Alberta symbolically means the BIRTH of AL, the creator god. Nevada symbollically means the NAVIDAD, or NATIVITY, the BIRTH of CHRIST.

The province of Saskatchewan is basically an isoceles trapezoid, with the north and south borders parallel, and the east and west borders becoming narrower at the top. This also occurs to some degree, with Arizona. Both regions form the southwest corner of their respective 4 Corner Cross.

SASKATCHEWAN = SAS-CAT-SWAN = ISIS CAT symbol of female sexuality SWAN symbol of ZEUS.
Saskatchewan is symbolizing the Mother and Father gods of Egypt and Greece. The Cat suggests the regenerative force, or the ability to reproduce.

ARIZONA = HORIZON = ORIONS – the electrically charged atom, the ION, that which can regenerate or reproduce.

Saskatchewan and Arizona have basically the same meaning to their names, though, simply reading them wouldn’t suggest that in the slightest. The city of PHOENIX also coincides with the capital city of Saskatchewan, called REGINA. Regina refers to the Queen City, again referring to Isis, the Queen of Heaven. Phoenix is the major city of Arizona, the ORIONS. Regina is another bit of subliminal speech trickery, and means ORION.

REGINA = REYINA when substituting the G for a Y.

Queen Elizabeth has her roots in Germany. SAXE-COBURG-GOTHA (G and B names).
REGINA = AREYIN = ARYAN = White Supremacist ARYAN NATION – Nazi Germany / Third Reicht refers to the state as the successor to the Holy Roman Empire.

The province of Manitoba, with its 135 degree angle, coincides with New Mexico and the similar location in the southeast section of the 4 Corner Cross. Manitoba derives its name from the MANITOU, the Great Spirit. New MEXICO is pronounced as MeHeeKo in Spanish, which is a similar sound to MEGIDDO when substituting the G for a Y, which produces the sound of MeYeeDo. New Mexico and Manitoba are referring to the Spirit of the Lord, and the Final Battle of Armageddon in the Valley of Decision, the Valley of Megiddo/Mexico. Mexico / Megiddo refers to all of New Spain which extended from the southern tip of Chile to the Canadian border and also included the Philippines.

It should be noted that CHURCHILL Manitoba was named as such, many decades before the 4 Corner Cross was formed there in 1999. Once again showing a luciferian Thought Process bit of symbolism already in play. Churchill is also the location of a vast population of Polar Bears that Global Warming is supposed to be endangering. Yet again, a curious coincidence, the Polar Bear, the Water Bearer, in Manitoba, the Manitou Spirit, forming the CROSS, on the Canadian Shield, next to Ontario, or AT ORION, … coincidence? … or part of a Master Plan?

The Yukon Territory, right next to Alaska, is very similar in shape to Idaho. This also coincides to part of the shape of the Courtyard in the old World Trade Center Plaza, which extended up towards Building 7, which then coincides with the province of British Columbia. The Yukon now extends up into the Arctic Ocean, creating a leapfrog progression, a massive subliminal (if you will).

What is occurring here isa complex hypnotic suggestion originally conjured up in the ancient Arab world. The Foundation Stone under the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem, (amongst other symbolic ROCKS scattered throughout the 3 dimensional realm), laid the ground work for the eventual building of the World Trade Center Plaza, which in turn, set the stage for a leapfrog progression to the 11 Western United States, whose shape coincides almost identically with the Foundation Stone, just many times larger. These 11 Western States now relate to the western provinces of Canada and the territories, which in turn are directly joined to the Arctic Ocean, Greenland and Hudson Bay. It is this area that has now become one of the focal points of the Climate Change Conference currently being discussed in Copenhagen (as of December 15, 2009, date of editing). This should not be misunderstood to be a quirk of chance. This is all by design and according to the luciferian Thought Process agenda and principles.

The Climate Change scenario is a symbolic gathering of luciferian indoctrinated leaders, who are not preventing the climate from changing, but are doing exactly the opposite. They’re unwittingly conjuring up the reality they desire for our illusory beings to experience. That being the Flood of the Nile, and the Judgment and Cleansing of the world by the Moon Goddess Diana. The name IDAHO = DIAHO = DIANA.

The current UN Secretary General addressing this conference is BAN KI-MOON. Yet another symbolic illusory figure suggesting the Flood.

BAN = Ba the soul, the sun, that must be sacrificed.
KI = KEY the Key of the Kingdom, the Keyhole of Orion.
MOON = the COW, the Milk, the Flood of the Nile in the Sky.

BAN KI-MOON = BANK EYE MOON = BANK MON-EYE – Money / One Eye / temple / currency / currents / water / flood / MOON

YUKON = NU-YOKE = New SLAVE = Great SLAVE LAKE Northwest Territories immediately adjacent to the Yukon Territory and LESSER SLAVE LAKE in Alberta, just southeast of the Yukon

YUKON = NEW YOKE meaning NEW YORK as pronounced by the locals of New York, the site of the WTC.
NEW YORK in turn, means NEW ROY-K, or NEW ROCK, the ROCK that ROSE.

Rational – Logical – Reasonable

The Golden Age of Lunacy and Thomas Jefferson

GOLD = EYE OL D = YEL-O Death = O-LEY Death = HOLY Death
RATIONAL = RA SUN EL = SUN RAY ELectrically charged ION – father of all gods

The Jefferson Memorial pictured just above, is another All Seeing Eye when viewed from above. The Memorial is situated on the Tidal Basin which was deliberately trenched to be in this size and position. The Tidal Basin, the Potomac River and the Reflecting Pool located between the Washington Monument and the Lincoln Memorial coincide with the hypnotically suggested flooding that is meant to occur along the west coast of North America and into the Sacramento Valley. Ultimately flooding into Nevada and Arizona and south into Mexico.


Thomas Jefferson was a Deist. He believed in a supreme god, but did not believe that this supreme god, (whom Jefferson believed to have created the world), took an active role in directing the events of the world. Jefferson belonged to a Secret Society called the ‘Fat Hat Club‘, a name derived from the Mason mortarboard square hat worn by graduates. There is little evidence that Jefferson was a Freemason, but French doctor, Dr. Guillotin, did attend the ‘lodge in company with Mr. Jefferson and Mr. Paine (Thomas) from the American States’. Jeffersons nephews, son-in-law, and favourite grandson were Masons.

Thomas Jefferson was the principle author of the Declaration of Independence. He was co-founder and president of the Democratic-Republican Party. This ONE political party eventually became divided in name only, to create the illusion that America is a democracy, and thereby confusing the population into believing that they indeed have a say in the governing of their country. Today, and in this year, 2008, the only candidates given any media respect are those of the Democratic-Republican tickets. Nothing has changed!

Jefferson was a man of the ENLIGHTENMENT. This refers to the time of intellectual and philosophical developments of the 18th century. This was the ‘Age of Enlightenment’ in which REASON was advocated as the PRIMARY SOURCE and BASIS of AUTHORITY.

The whole educational system of America, and now, that of the whole civilized world, is based on reason, rational thought, logic and intellectual consideration. This educational system based on reason created the methodology that has herded the population of the world into a prison of lunacy that is now ready to deliver a devastating death blow to the undesireables. The elite masonic thinking Jefferson, and the elite puppets of the day, perpetuated the educational system of logic and reason for the masses, but in secret, in those secret chambers of those secret societies. The mysteries of the ages, the subliminal hypnosis tool of manipulation, was being implemented to direct the events of this illusory world.

In other words, the intellectually indoctrinated elite of America (and the world) created a system of educational lunacy that would instruct the population in lunacy and brainwash them to accept whatever the elite (under inspiration of the luciferian Thought Process) chose to be right and good , and the whole time, the elite went forward with establishing the hidden subliminals, the sigil magic markers, NOT AT ALL BASED ON LOGIC OR REASON, that would create the reality that would ultimately lead to the devastation and cataclysm of the Global Warming Flood and the BIG ONE Earthquake.

The elite teach the common man logic, but control the world through Kabbalism, the Magic of Hypnotic Subliminal Suggestion. This indicates that the BLIND ARE LEADING THE BLIND, as the leaders of this world are in the deepest trance of all, and have not a clue what the real and ultimate intent of the Thought Process entails.

Its All In Our Mind

It should be pointed out again, that, in exposing the illuminati agenda, it must be from the perspective of revealing what conjured up the illuminati world players, and what conjured up the 3D world and the Universe itself. As well as what is controlling the 3 dimensional life experience and the Mindset behind it. As real as this 3 dimensional system appears, its only suggestion, and not one atom has any reality or validity. Unlike other sources, that only attempt to reveal the illusory 3D elite players that have been conjured up to perpetuate the luciferian agenda, this site reveals the actual creators of the intellectually indoctrinated elite leaders. This site exposes the group egregore initiating the agenda, the weapons of manipulation, what the agenda entails, and how its transpiring before us. This site also instructs how to break out of the trance state, thereby reconnecting to the original eternal wisdom state, which is to reclaim freedom and liberty. Its all in our mind that this reality appears to exist. Its through our mind, therefore, that we reclaim our original wisdom Paradise State.

The Jefferson Memorial is situated directly below the Washington Monument. The Washington Monument coincides precisely with the 4 Corner Cross states. The Jefferson Memorial coincides with the foot of the cross, directly south of 4 Corners, and is located just inside the northern border of Mexico / Megiddo. This area is called the Coronado Nat’l. Forest, representing the Coronation, or lifting up on the cross. Jesus said, in John 3:14 – ‘… as MOSES lifted up the SERPENT in the wilderness, even so must the Son of man be LIFTED UP‘.

Even as Moses lifted up the serpent, in the very same way, the sun god Jesus, must be lifted up. Lifting Jesus up on the cross in crucifixion, would cause him to appear to be the victor over death. In turn, if anyone believed in him and his victory, they would inherit eternal life, thus making Jesus to be coronated as the King.

The subliminal suggestion here is that, like Moses, who was drawn from the water, and parted the Red Sea, the sea of blood, so too will Jesus be of the water, to cleanse the earth, as he parts the Global Warming Seas into 2 columns, North and South, to cleanse the earth. This holy cleansing water, this holy spirit suggestion, is meant to instill fear within the illusory remaining population, thereby consolidating total control of the eternal state without question.


The American Dream / Trance

Yeshua / Jesus / Joshua / Zeus fought the Battle of Jericho. The name Jericho means MOON in Hebrew. The moon reflects the sun and Joshua was the successor of Moses who would lead the people into the Promised Land. Here we see Joshua reflecting Moses, and Jericho is a reflection of America.


The Walls of America Come Tumbling Down

The demise of America, the perceived judgment of the lord, is perpetuated by the elite who run America and who run the world. For instance, George W. Bush appears to be a dumb-founded president with little sense. He was taught this from birth on his Freemasonic father’s knee. He was taught to play dumb. Consider this, nobody but nobody is as stupid as George W. Bush appears to be. It’s absolutely incredible how famously he’s played his role as the buffoon. America and the world has bought into this buffoonery that has created the reaction, resentment, resistance and revenge that is meant to bring about the long promised flood. George W. Bush set the stage for Barack Obama, and now they’re talking Climate Change and the Rising Sea Levels in Copenhagen Denmark (December 15, 2009). “W” just wasn’t the nitwit everyone supposed him to be.

On the chart below, a set of name co-relationships are demonstrated to show how the subliminal locked up in the Battle of Jericho, is really the Sacrifice of America delivered through the Double Cross of religion, symbolized by Abraham Lincoln, the Lion and the Lamb, and symbolized by Thomas Jefferson, the intellectual who instilled Americans with the White Supremacy fascist mentality of Exceptionalism and Superiority. These two icons are the Nemian Lion and the Serpent Dragon, who are one and the same, who guard the Golden Apples of Zeus, the Apples of Immortality in the Garden of Hera, that no one should ever eat these apples, which is to discover the truth of the hypnotic kabbalistic method of total control.



When the letters U-S-A, are shouted out in repetition in any situation, the chant is for the sun god, Zeus of Olympus. These letters are subliminals referring to Yeshua, Jesus, Joshua or Je-Zeus. It was this thinking, the thinking of Socrates, Plato and Aristotle, that Thomas Jefferson was emulating, and that he maneuvered into the American psyche and was rewarded with incredible stature. Socrates, Plato and Aristotle helped lay the foundations of Western Philosophy. Plato, for instance, used his dialogues to teach philosophy, logic, rhetoric and mathematics. These things Jefferson implanted within American society, for these are the trance inducing tools of lunacy. Of course, the whole western world has succumbed to this lunacy, however, the United States of America is on the chopping block of sacrifice at this very illusory moment, and the trance must end for whoever might hear, so as not to emotionally experience the planned cataclysm.


The White House – The Temple of the Lord

Throughout this site it has been demonstrated that the whole of religion is based on the structure of an electrically charged ION. This ION is symbolized by the atom symbol, which has within it, the 6 Pointed Star. This is the Star of David, the Star of Israel, and is emblazened on the Flag of Israel. The 6 Pointed Star is the oldest sex ritual symbol in the world, formed by the overlaying of 2 pyramids, the sacred symbol of Egypt and of the Mystery Religions such as the Knights Templar, Freemasonry, and stretching all the way back to the Eleucian Mysteries.

The charts below will demonstrate how the White House, the presidential residence, is a type of the Temple of Solomon, the Temple of the High Priest, the President, and how the State of Israel is symbolized deep within the core of this temple. Furthermore, the flags of Washington and Israel both illustrate the symbolism of the World Trade Centre Towers, and how these towers were prepared as a lamb for the slaughter.

Additive and Subtractive Colour Mixing – The Temple

What is the significance was of mixing red and green together, because red and green don’t create yellow. When mixing light, where no physical pigments are present, red and green create yellow. For instance, when a beam of light passes through a raincloud, a rainbow is formed. There are no pigments being mixed, there’s just the light beam being broken apart, or divided. The same with a TV screen or computer monitor. If you look very closely at the dots being fired at the screen, all you’ll see are RED, GREEN and BLUE. These 3 primaries are then adjusted to different levels to create the full colour spectrum. Notice also, that these colour names are highly symbolic. Yet again we have B and G words in Blue and Green. Red is the name of RE or RA, or Death Ray, the sun ray illusory god. The letter D in RED is representing Death. Light is a death ray, and the colour red is symbolic of blood and sacrifice, or death. BL-UE is Ba, Bel, Baal, the Baphomet, and Baal the fertility god, and these two suggestions are coupled with the notion of UE, or EWE, the sacrificial lamb. This sacrifice has been suggested to be able to wash the sins of the world away, and is a subliminal associated with the coming world flood of Noah, or in modern terms, the Global Warming flood. The colour GREEN symbolizes Holy Water, or Holy Sacrifice, a combination of Yellow and Blue.

Subtractive colour mixing is when pigments are used. This form of colour mixing is symbolic of the physical 3 dimensional world, where colours are absorbed or reflected. This form of colour mixing takes on the characteristics of the surface being absorbed into, or reflects the surface colours of those objects nearby. Additive colour mixing is symbolic of the spiritual heavenly ethereal state, and subtractive symbolizes the underworld. This is the duality nature that was conjured up from the mind of the luciferian thinkers who brought us this illusory 3D lightshow. The WHITE HEXAGON in the centre of the Additive atom symbol is meant to represent GOOD. The BLACK HEXAGON in the centre of the Subtractive atom symbol is meant to represent BAD or EVIL. Working against each other in every system of the 3 dimensional realm, these 2 forms of colour mixing form the basis of the subliminal hypnotic process that entraps every person in the prison of lunacy. As we focus on the 3 dimensional reality, we totally lose our connection to and recognition of, our wisdom state.

With this information, consider the colours of the rooms in the White House. Keeping in mind that it is called the White House in reference to the spiritual, heavenly, ethereal notion that alludes to the subliminal that this is the house of the lord. The Temple of Solomon, no less.


Google Video – illuminatiMATRIX explanatory video detailing the foundational root of hypnosis, religion, intellectualism and who and what god is.

Click here to watch video.

YouTube Video highlighting some of the subliminal elements hidden in the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem

Please read the next paragraph before watching the ROCK VIDEO.

On the ROCK VIDEO, the World Trade Center is mistakenly called the ROCKEFELLER PLAZA. The WTC was conceived and promoted by the Rockefellers. The Rockefeller Plaza is to the north of the World Trade Centre, on the MANHATTAN ROCK, or MANNA STONE. The WTC and the Rockefeller Plaza , along with the area of CENTRAL PARK, relate to the TEMPLE MOUNT in Jerusalem, and the Al Aqsa Mosque, the Dome of the ROCK, and the Temple Courtyard. These in turn relate to the North American West Coast. See page 39 for more details.

Click here to watch the new Rock Video on YouTube.

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