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Google Video – illuminatiMATRIX explanatory video detailing the foundational root of hypnosis, religion, intellectualism and who and what god is.

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YouTube Video highlighting some of the subliminal elements hidden in the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem

Please read the next paragraph before watching the ROCK VIDEO.

On the ROCK VIDEO, the World Trade Center is mistakenly called the ROCKEFELLER PLAZA. The WTC was conceived and promoted by the Rockefellers. The Rockefeller Plaza is to the north of the World Trade Centre, on the MANHATTAN ROCK, or MANNA STONE. The WTC and the Rockefeller Plaza , along with the area of CENTRAL PARK, relate to the TEMPLE MOUNT in Jerusalem, and the Al Aqsa Mosque, the Dome of the ROCK, and the Temple Courtyard. These in turn relate to the North American West Coast. See page 39 for more details.

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How The Kaballism Message Works On The World Stage

The diagram below shows Death Valley California and Nevada, with it’s two – 135 degree angles. This is the same angle in the eastern border of California and the angle based on the pyramids of Egypt. It is the angle of the Octagon, the symbol of total control. The Octagon diagram used in the Death Valley chart below, is once again, the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem. When reversed, as in the blowup on the right side of the page, it is the shape of the western United States. If you look closely, you’ll see stairs going down under the Rock, into a cave. This is the cave that Islam believes contains the voices of the dead which can heard along with the rivers of paradise. This is the Sacramento Valley and the area of Death Valley and the Funeral Mountains. This is a major subliminal message that is delivered everytime we watch a baseball game. Death Valley and the Funeral Mountains were given these names for what is intended to happen in this location in the day of judgment. Very few people have actually perished from the severe heat of death valley. However, when you draw a line from San Francisco to Las Vegas, the line passes right through the centre of Death Valley and the Funeral Mountains. This line follows the huge crack visible in the photograph of the actual Rock under the Dome in Jerusalem. The ‘Big One’ earthquake is hypnotically suggested to travel in this direction.

The Rock of Judgment is located in the 11 western United States, and is positioned on the Rocky Mountains. The Big One will start at San Francisco, and more precisely, at Oakland. Remember, Oakland is the Land of O, or the Land of Oz. The letter O is the All Seeing Eye concept. Immediately behind Oakland is Mount Diablo, or Devil Mountain with it’s massive fault line. This is the Land of O, the Land of Oz, where O Lives. This is the Mount of O-LIVES. This has been the subliminal message delivered to the world for thousands of years, so that when we see the Big One occur and the earth splits in this manner, then know that this is the lord. Of course, this is all bullshit.

Allow me to quote from the luciferian bible once again. Zechariah 14:4 ‘… his feet (the lord’s feet) shall stand in that day (the judgment day) upon the mount of OLIVES, which is before Jerusalem on the east,…’

(Remember, we’ve reversed the Rock photograph and Jerusalem is now on the west. Jerusalem is the Pacific Ocean. The Pacific is Mare Pacificum, or Sea of Peace, and yet again, the See of Peace. Jerusalem is the City of Peace. A city is a site, a site is a geographical location, a site sounds like sight and sight is how you see, therefore the City of Peace is the See of Peace. The Pacific Ocean and Jerusalem have exactly the same name when it comes to subliminal suggestion).

To continue quoting Zechariah. ‘…and the mount of OLIVES shall cleave in the midst thereof toward the east and toward the west (from Oakland to Las Vegas) and there shall be a very great valley (the crack visible in the Rock); and half of the mountain shall remove toward the north, and half of it toward the south. (This is Mount Diablo splitting in half, then across the Sacramento Valley, through the Sierra Nevada Mountains, Death Valley and the Funeral Mountains and on to Las Vegas).

Continuing to quote Zechariah, v.5 ‘… and the Lord my God shall come, and all the saints with thee.’

The lord is the messiah notion, and the saints are the elect of god, or if truth be told, the elite luciferian puppets of the world. It’s for this reason that Bohemian Grove is located just 80 miles north of San Francisco where the elite powerful and rich royals of the world gather every July for 2 weeks (one forthnight of luciferian woopy). How very handy to have a private men’s club for the elite elect saints of god located right where the lord is going to come in judgment. It gives one a warm fuzzy just to contemplate seeing Henry Kissinger with angel wings. Picture George Bush Sr. with a halo. Or even ‘W’, once he’s been immortalized at the lord’s advent, might be able to put together one complete sentence.

Continuing to quote Zechariah 14:8, ‘… it shall be in that day that LIVING WATERS shall go out from Jerusalem …’.

Here we see that the Global Warming Flood Waters suggested by his holiness St. Al Gore, will proceed out of Jerusalem, (which is the Pacific Ocean), in the day of the lord’s coming.

Zechariah 14:9 – ‘… the Lord shall be king over all the earth: in that day shall there be ONE LORD, and his NAME ONE‘.

This is the ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT, when the messiah will be called ONE. ONE is WON. Just like a game of baseball, when you win the game, you’re number ONE.

To continue with Zechariah 14:12, the precious lord is going to get dirty at his coming; verse 12 ‘… this shall be the plague wherewith the Lord will smite all the people that have fought against Jerusalem; (this includes the majority of the world), Their flesh shall consume away while they stand upon their feet, and their eyes shall consume away in their holes, and their tongue shall consume away in their mouth‘.

The lord is going to be mighty pissed off. Zechariah continues to tell us that everyone throughout the whole earth will have to continue to keep the Feast of Tabernacles after the judgment day and after the ‘Big One’ earthquake. If anyone refuses to keep the feast, then there’ll be no rain for those heathens. In other words, life is intended to be totally controlled after the day of judgment. Controlled by the religious and political leader of the world, the messianic luciferian concept. The world will be administered by his saints, the elect, elite royal rich master hypnotists throughout the world. To think, they’re now ready and are making the final attempt at pulling this scam off.

Interestingly, Zechariah mentions, in verse 20, that ‘ … in that day shall there be upon the BELLS (or bridles – bridles is BRIDES) of the HORSES, HOLINESS UNTO THE LORD;… ‘ Remember these words as you read through this page. Bell, horses and holiness in the day of the lord’s return. This is a subliminal message referring to Bel, Baal, and Horus, the horse, the sport of kings, and the Bride of the Christ Horus.

Zechariah continues to say in verse 20 ‘… and the pots in the Lord’s house shall be like the bowls before the altar.’

The pots in question refers to POTS = STOP in reverse, or the Octagon subliminal STOP sign, the symbol of total control. BOWLS = BOW-ls as in submitting to total authoritarian control. This is the promise of the heavenly paradise.

Zechariah 14:21 further states that ‘… and all they that SACRIFICE shall come and take of them (take of the pots of holiness), and seethe (which means to slay or kill) therein…’

These POTS, or the symbolic 135 degree angle of the Octagon Stop signs are spread all across Canada in the provinces and territories, as seen on previous pages. It’s from the Canadian Arctic North and Greenland, that the judgment waters will come forth. Likewise, there are 2 – 135 degree angles, or POTS, or STOPS, in the borders of Death Valley and 1 in the eastern border of California. The thing to keep in mind is that this Old Testament book, and specifically Zechariah, was written by the luciferian egregore of thinkers who set this whole scheme into motion. There is no way their going to deviate from fulfilling the agenda they’ve laid out so very carefully throughout the whole of world history. The only thing that can stop them is to snap out of the trance that these subliminal messages have created, that in turn have conjured up our reality.

The POTS, or Octagons, are as bowls before the altar of the lord. Remember, that it’s the 11 western United States that is the Altar of the Judgment Rock within the Temple of the Lord. The Jewish Temple only has this requirement to be holy and to be a temple. The Temple is any enclosed area by a wall or space. This definition of a Temple is also the description of a sigil magic marker, or a good luck charm, that is used in spiritism, voodoo, kabbalism, miracle making, and so-called satanic rituals. These physical characteristics that define a Temple are simply based on the knowledge of the kabbala, the tree of life, and understanding how all of creation appears, and how it can be manipulated to one’s own end. The principles of manipulation are not difficult to perform, they are just difficult to comprehend because the luciferian elite have created educational systems that completely contradict how it is that things function in the 3 dimensional sphere. This contradiction is designed to keep us blinded, and confused, and readily open to subliminal suggestion. In turn, this confusion keeps us imprisoned and clamouring to maintain the 3 dimensional illusion. The 3D illusion is structured so that we fear Death, fear Disease, fear Poverty, fear Loneliness, fear everything! Yet none of these things are real, just illusions manufactured to separate us from our wisdom.

A WALL = LAW, and the total confinement of the North American Craton Rock, under the quise of the war on terrorism and homeland security, creates the Holy Place of the Temple. The 11 western United States have the very same shape and even the topographical similarities as the Rock under the Dome in Jerusalem, which is the Rock of Solomon’s Temple, the Rock in the Holy of Holies where the Ark of the Covenant was kept. These 2 Rocks, the Rock of the western states and the North American Craton Rock, form the temple of the lord, that Jesus told Peter he would build his church upon.

All this will occur in the day of the BIG ONE earthquake, combined with the Flood of Zeus and his Global Warming Flood Waters, and the super volcanoes that have already begun to demonstrate their readiness.

The name, Zechariah, is itself a subliminal to help reinforce the suggestion regarding the ‘Big One’.

ZECHARIAH = ZEK – ARIAH = KEZ or KEYS in reverse ARIAH = ARYAN as in white supremacy = ORION the glowing white of the electrically charged atom – the ION
Zechariah simply refers to the Keys of Orion, the Keys of the Kingdom, the light energy 3 dimensional illusion that locks the door to freedom and awareness. The Keys to the Kingdom are not for opening the prison door, the Keys are for locking humanity into the prison of despair. In this way the Kingdom is controlled forever for the King. The King is of course, the luciferian egregore group of thinkers who are manifested in the elite royal powerful rich intellectual monsters of the world.

Death Valley Cave

The World Trade Centre Attack In New York / California

One subliminal message established in the WTC attack was that of the Twin Towers falling on the Marriott Hotel, crushing it. These 2 towers, are the 2 Waters (TOWERS = WOT-ERS), of Oregon and Arizona that are intended to decimate the Sacramento Valley and the population of California. Don’t be deceived into thinking this is not the intended agenda. The waters are the Global Warming suggestions being hammered into our heads daily, and the trance inducing tool of the friendly baseball game is but one method of delivering the subliminals. For instance, at a baseball game, the whole purpose is to hit a homerun, to knock one ‘out of the park’. The word PARK = P-ARK, and is suggesting the Ark of the Covenant with the Prince of Peace. Here we see the Covenant with the luciferian god being maintained as we intently focus on cheering it on with a simple homerun. This is the Ark of Noah, the Dove of Columbe, the Living Waters of the luciferian prince, that will cleanse the earth when the Flood Waters of Global Warming and the seismic Big One combine.

All this is furthermore suggested in the design of the baseball itself (see p.20), with it’s endless looping infinity figure 8 stitching. This is the world seismic ring of fire that encircles all the continents.

Further to this, 2 New York baseball teams have been relocated to San Francisco and Los Angeles in recent decades. (See page 20 for details). This was all part and parcel of the WTC attack and the subliminal suggestion that will be required to pull off the biggest earthquake the world has ever witnessed, in California and the Sacramento Valley. This earthquake will be triggered all along the west coast of North America, in combination with Yellowstone National Park, the re-awakened seismic region of Illinois and Indiana, located at 37 degrees north, (as is San Francisco and the 4 Corner Cross), and the melting ice of Greenland and the Arctic. This will be joined with the waters of Antarctica and the seismic activity now beginning to escalate in Chile, Columbia and Equador, and the Atlantic Ridge off Brazil which has now reawakened as of May 24, 2008.

When the Baseball Diamond (another right angle Rock) is overlayed over the western states, matching the right angles once again, the pitchers mound lies in the area of Yellowstone Park. Death Valley is in the centre outfield with its high wall of Funeral Mountains trying to keep one from being slammed out of the park. This is the Wall of the Jewish Temple, which in turn is the Wall of the 11 western states. (On a related hypnotic note, this is the Wall of Wal-Mart, the Mar, or Sea Wall of control). There’s a warning track telling the outfielder to watch the wall if he attempts to catch the fly ball. The north end of Death Valley, lies exactly at 37 degrees north. Taking part in a baseball game, whether as a spectator or as a player, is to be attending a religious christian/jewish/islamic/voodoo/satanic style ceremony. This is not to say that this is good or bad, for there is no good or bad. This is just pointing out that this is what is transpiring and the reason why there are such events as baseball games. This is a kaballistic manipulation tactic where those being manipulated to serve the master hypnotist have no idea they’re being manipulated. In fact, the manipulation and trance state is so deep, the manipulated subjects will insist to the death that they’re not in a trance or being manipulated.

Consider this. Why do we pay professional athletes millions of dollars a year to throw a ball? or shoot a puck? or kick a ball? or drive a car?

Why do we pay Hollywood actors millions of dollars a year to act, to lie, to entrance, to deceive?

Why do we give millions of dollars to church leaders, televangelists, Pope’s, Dali Lama’s, the Royals of the world?

We do this because these are the kaballistic rituals they, the luciferian thinkers need to maintain to perform their hypnotic manipulation whereby they perpetuate total control. Keep this in mind when you take in your next baseball game, hockey game, tennis match, golf game, church service, or watch your next movie, or listen to your next recording, or play your next video game. They’re attempting to manipulate you to become conditioned that they might use you at any specific time in the future as they gather you together in any of the before mentioned religious events.

The big bucks are paid to the top performers in their chosen ritual, thereby maintaining the quality of seduction to these religious events at a very high, irresistible level. The collective energy from these kaballistic rituals are then directed to any region of choice, depending on the next stage of the luciferian illuminati agenda.

37 degrees North and South carries a massive amount of symbolism and in turn, subliminal manipulation. The northern tip of Death Valley continues the hypnotic suggestion of the Blacksburg Virginia massacre, at 37 degrees N. This was the sacrifice to Queen Elizabeth, who came 2 weeks later to visit at Jamestown Virginia, also at 37 degrees N. This is all in preparation for the Big One earthquake, which is associated with the Olympic Games of Beijing and Vancouver. For this reason, the Olympic Torch relay made it’s only North American stop in San Francisco, amidst demonstrations, to establish the subliminal that the Big One is coming, and entering at 37 degrees N and extending southeast towards Mexico and the area of the Sultan Sea. (This is the background in the Mona Lisa painting for those who might have missed the information on p.18).

The Olympics come to the world from ancient Greece and the city of Olympia, at 37 degrees N. and the city of Athens, also at 37 degrees N. This is not a coincidence by any means but just one more building block in the luciferian agenda for total control of our eternal state.

What we have to realize is that this is subliminal messaging. The only way it will come to pass is if we participate. If we react and demonstrate. If we get caught up in the excitement and fervor leading up to the events as they unfold. We have within us, the ability to end the devastation they intend for us to experience. If we don’t participate in the kaballistic incantational symbolism of world events and hype, we stop the lunacy from taking place. If we get caught up in the excitement of the gods of Olympus (who are, by the way, symbolically located in Washington state), then it’s nothing short of playing Russian Roulette.

Batter Up – On Deck – Bull Pen – Dugout – Diamond


On the chart below, the BATTER at home plate is actually the BAITER. The pitch appears to go one direction, towards the northeast, the direction and position of the cornerstone of sungod worship. Then it abruptly changes direction, and like BAIT, as the BATTER hits the Ball, the masses get hooked in the excitement and just like MAGIC… lend their intense focus and energy to the kabbalistic manipulation of world events, including the manipulation of the natural elements, including seismic events. There is no way that the coming world devastation could ever come to fulfillment without the use of mass media and the luciferian kabbalistic rituals we call sports, religious gatherings, political rallies and elections, and just general entertainment. All this had to be put in place first, or none of the killing and natural disasters could ever be accomplished on a worldwide scale, and still be undetected as to who is responsible for them.

The pitcher pitches the ball with it’s world seismic plate stitching from the pitchers mound. This mound is located at Yellowstone (Holystone), one of the world’s largest seismic super volcanoes. The volcanic lava spewed forth from this region is gas and ash being formed by the melting rock and organic matter, called pitch. It was pitch that good old Noah used to seal the cracks in the ARK. Keep in mind also, according to the myth, that it was Noah and his family, the elect elite of the world that were saved while the multitudes drowned. This is the message of the story of Noah. The name NOAH also reveals it’s root meaning. NOAH reversed is HAON or the suggestion of the ION of the electrically charged atom. The Ion is a beam of light, the Ray of the Egytian sun god Ra, and is the Serpent ION of SION. The ion is able to self perpetuate and to keep winding endlessly as it snakes and conjures up the 3 dimensional illusion. This is symbolized in the Caduceus of Hermes, or the Caduceus of Mercury medical symbol, where we see two snakes intertwining around a pole with wings that represent the spirit of god. It is this SION serpent, which again is the ZION serpent that is the Serpent of duality that is the driving force behind all sporting events and the Olympic games.

On the Baseball Diamond (a Baseball Diamond is yet another Rock with a right angle and an arc), the location of Death Valley is in mid centre field. This is the perfect location where the Sacrifice Fly is generally directed in the game of Baseball. This location gives all the outfielders or the shortstop and 2nd baseman an opportunity to put the batter out. The message here is that we, humanity, are up to bat and we will be expected to be a sacrifice to gain a run, which is eternal life.

Rock Baseball Diamond

Sports – Religion – Politics
and Other Satanic Rituals

All major world events, whether political, religious, sports, entertainment of all descriptions, and so on, are simply fronts for the satanic ritual known as Kaballism. This is where the group egregore thought form agrees together, knowingly or unknowingly, to manipulate a certain event to appear in the 3 dimensional reality.

The egregore group of unwitting pawns at these gatherings are none other than the audience. They are persuaded in the trance state, the absolute necessity to attend such events, and once present at the event, the set, or stage, has been made ready to manufacture the necessary agreement to manipulate other events at any distance from the gathering. The audience has no idea whatsoever as to what events they are being used to manipulate, or the degree to which the event has an affect. The manipulation of the luciferian master hypnotist is unseen and unheard, on a conscious level. However, on a sub-conscious level, the subliminal messages are extended and the human mind has an incredible capacity of power and ability, to manipulate anything from the miraculous to a natural disaster.

Consider the chart below and the Roman goddess Copia, or the mothering Goat goddess Amalthea who was said to have suckled the infant Zeus. Amalthea was thereafter pictured with the Cornucopia Horn of Plenty, along with other goddesses of other times. Amalthea is thought to have been the mother of Oceanus. The name Oceanus is referring to the Sea of Purification that will cleanse the world of the corrupt sinners. All different names rising out of different empires, but always the same subliminal message and manipulation of the masses to kill themselves and to destroy each other.

On previous charts it has been demonstrated how the Flood of Zeus comes down from Mount Olympus in Washington State and surges through the Sacramento Valley down to Mexico. This has been the subliminal message repeated many times on this blog site. The god Zeus (or Je-sus, Jupiter, Horus, or Tammuz), represents the top god on Olympus. The illuminati families are the perpetuators of this Olympus myth, and during the 2008 Beijing Olympics, and the 2010 Vancouver Olympics, they will be manipulating world events to cause humanity to be herded into a cell of lunacy. This will involve everything from financial collapse, escalating wars, political instability and natural disasters. The charts following will show some of how this is accomplished. All this is simply hypnotic suggestion and is not really happening. If humanity stays in the trance state, and continues to support the 3 dimensional subliminal hypnotic suggestion, through sports, religion, politics, etc., the events will come to pass in their chosen reality, and will appear to be as real as the 3 dimensional trance we are now experiencing.

Note also that New Orleans is located at 30 degrees north and 90 degrees west. This is significant as we look at the charts that follow.

The blog site has changed a lot of the formating template, so the images are not as clear as they’ve been downsized. The chart immediately below is just illustrating the shape of Mexico and the geographical location in relation to it’s coordinates.

Mexico Horn

On the chart below, the drawing and photograph of the Cornucopia Horn is placed next to the continent of South America and Mexico. These 2 geographical bodies are purposely shaped this way by the master luciferian hypnotist. The continent of Africa, with it’s Cape of Good Hope is also a type of Cornucopia Horn, but for the moment we’ll just focus on the New World Cornucopia Horns of South America with it’s Cape Horn, and Mexico. and the sacrifice of plenty that these horns represent.

These geographical forms come about by thinking, through suggestion, not by physical labour. Knowing how to manipulate matter through thought, is the only tool necessary to conjure up any illusion, large or small. Keeping in mind that matter itself is non-existant, and only the result of thoughts, which are words, which are sounds, that vibrate. Vibration is energy, energy glows and glowing is light. Light is everything you see in the 3 dimensional realm, and only the suggestion of solidity, colour, and shape, etc. is all that keeps humanity locked into believing it to be real. All this suggestion is simply thought projected from the minds of the luciferian thinkers and their elite puppets who run the world.

On the Cornucopia chart below, the Flood of Zeus, which is the Valley of Megiddo, the location for the Battle of Armageddon, occurs predominantly between the Tropic of Cancer, that runs through the centre of Mexico, the Northern Cornucopia Horn, and then through the centre of South America and the Tropic of Capricorn, the Southern Cornucopia Horn. These 2 tropic borders are located at 23 degrees North and South. 23 coincides with 11 on the 24 hour clock, and is the number of death.

Some other numbers to notice are 15 degrees north, which touches the approx. area of the southern tip of Mexico. 15 is the number of the deity. 87 degrees west is the eastern border of Mexico and coincides with 3 (the shape of the deity) on the 8th clockface. 8 + 7 also = 15. The number 32 coincides with 8 on the 3rd clockface, the number of control and the shape of the deity. 117 coincides with 9 on the 10th clockface, and therefore is suggesting the fall (9) and intensity (10).

Mexico City was the site of the 1968 Olympics and the massacre of many hundreds, if not thousands of students. 20 years later, in 1988, the Olympics took place in Seoul, (soul – Sol – Sun) South Korea, a geographical location at 37 degrees N. The same latitude as Athens and Olympia, Greece. The same latitude as many significant locations across the USA as has been pointed out previously, and will be again, on a chart lower down. The Olympics in Seoul in 1988 had one captivating story. That of Canadian sprinter Ben Johnson, (another B and G name) who one the 100 m sprint and set a new world record. Later he lost his medal as he tested positive for stanozolol (anabolic steroid) use. This was hypnotic suggestion being established through an unwitting pawn who bore a name symbolizing the 2 Hebrew Pillars – Boaz and Jachin.

This is but one more example of subliminal messaging delivered through yet another human being to further the agenda of hypnotic control. Keep in mind that world events, the actors in these events, the names of the participants in these events, and every detail concerning the events are just illusions keeping us completely distracted from observing what reality is. The extreme to which this extends can be summed up with the realization, that everyone reading these words is reading an illusion, a complete distraction from reality. As I write these words, it’s to offer a new suggestion, to connect to the powerful simplicity of awareness, and not to heed the messages within 3 dimensional words. This suggestion seems to be conflicting. How can someone heed a suggestion that instructs you not to heed suggestion. To perform this little 2 step, just observe what’s really going on, listen to the wisdom that you are already, and no matter how bizarre, hang on to what you know.

We Are All Just Illusions – Believing We’re Real

We are all just illusions, tricked into believing who and what we appear to be. We’ve been conjured up through trickery and deceit and this is not who we are. Ben Johnson, the sprinter, is not really Ben Johnson, the sprinter. He’s greater than that. He’s a massive powerful being of wisdom who has been manipulated into playing the illusory game on a world stage, just as everyone of us is duped into believing this is who we really are. Year by year, decade by decade, century by century, the luciferian egregore killers cause humanity to become more obsessed with and obedient to the 3 dimensional realm of slavery. All the while they’ve been promising humanity a life of leisure, and all the while we’ve achieved a life of imprisonment and illusions. It’s time to leave the trance behind.

Now, in 2008, another 20 years later, the Olympics take place in Beijing China, and already the Olympic Torch relay, the Tibetan demonstrations, the Myanmar/Burma Cyclone and the Chinese earthquakes are harbingers of things to come.

What will be demonstrated with the charts to follow is how the Armageddon hypnotic suggestion is centred in the western United States, and is manipulated to the tropic regions of the world through subliminal suggestion established at major world events. The tropics lie between the 23 degree borders, north and south of the equator. The areas affected include those regions extending up to 37 degrees, again, north and south of the equator. As always, there’s symbolism in these numbers, and when you add up 23 and 37 = 60, which coincides with 12, or the full deity (a full day) on the 5th clockface (5 – the number of man). Again, if you simply add the numbers 2+3+3+7 = 15, this is also the number of the deity in Freemasonic logic.

The name Cancer has death overtones, and has been a driving subliminal force established over the last few decades with the fabrication of cancers of all descriptions. This disease has been used to establish the trance state so that the tropic region to the north fulfills it subliminal duty and creates the reality whereby we associate Cancer and Death simultaneously.

The name Capricorn has death overtones as well. This is the Horn of the Harvest, the Horn of Plenty. The only problem is, we’re the harvest. We’re the dear little sheaves, and the sheep of the harvest of Jesus (for those who are christians), who are unwittingly creating their own harvest of themselves through hypnosis.

These two tropic borders, Cancer and Capricorn, are both located at 23 degrees north and south, the number of death. Have a look at the location of these tropic borders in respect to the new world.

Mexico Cornucopia

Copia – Copulate – Copper – Cop

Inserted immediately below are 12 – 12 hour clockfaces. This is the source of the luciferian illuminati number symbolism. The first 12 hour clockface assigns symbolic meanings to the different positions on the clockface. These symbolic meanings are then relayed to the same position on any subsequent clockface, with the added symbolic significance of the clockface number that the number coincides on. For instance if a number lands on the 3rd clockface, such as 32, this is the number of control as is the number 8. However, 32 also has added symbolic interpretation, in that it has the number 3 from the 3rd clockface adding to it’s symbolic and hypnotic importance. 3 is the number most closely associated with the shape of the deity illusion. This is the triangle or the pyramid. Therefore, the number 32 and the control associated with it, will be symbolically connected to the concept of the deity and the foundation that the deity mindset is based on. In this instance, the number 32 is 4 – 8’s. The number 4 is the foundation, the foursquare of sun god worship, the 4 cardinal directions, etc. and 8 is again, the number of control. This causes the number 32 to be very powerful in symbolic terms.

Use the clockfaces in this fashion. Whenever you see numbers referring to locations, distances, earthquake magnitude, wind speed in a hurricane, the score in a sporting event, the number of people at that event, … on and on it goes. All these numbers establish the trance state over and over again. You’ll soon see that in the year 2008 there are many numbers popping up that are 8 based on one of the clockfaces. Learning to observe this ritualistic imprisonment of the wisdom of humanity assists in breaking the trance as we witness how the whole world population is being toyed with just like a dog with a stick.

Clock - 1 to 6 Faces

Clock - 7 to 12 Faces

The Vatican Coat of Arms – The Vat and The Can

Just below is the Vatican Coat of Arms. Have a close look at it in it’s normal position. Then take a close look at it when it’s turned upside down 180 degrees. The Owl of Molech of ancient Egyptian sun god worship is looking right at you. The owl, the octagons, the keys of the kingdom, all come together in the Vatican Coat of Arms. How very Christian/Muslim/Jewish. How very Abrahamic!

On the chart below, make special note of the 3 tiered crown, the Triple Crown of the Vatican Coat of Arms. Everything in a design such as this, is not at all done for the esthetic appeal alone. Far more important is the hidden subliminal message. In the case of the Vatican Coat of Arms, one very telling piece of symbolism is the cleverly hidden form of the owl. This is one symbol of ancient Egypt sun god worship, and the god Molech. Another ancient goddess was Lilith, the temptress, a harlot, a whore … who was symbolized by an owl. This symbolism is repeated at Bohemian Grove, the private club of the elite of the world, 80 miles north of San Francisco. The owl is a symbol used in Freemasonic ritual. The owl form appears on the grounds around the Capitol Building in Washington DC and appears 2 times on the front of the American $1.00 bill, using George Washington’s face as the beak. (See the photographs on page 8). Notice carefully, that Washington and the Owl appear on the money together. Washington DC and the Owl appear on the grounds layout together. Yet again, Washington State and the Owl of Bohemian Grove appear on the west coast of America together. The two symbols are inseparable. The reason for this is to establish the hypnotic suggestion of the washing of the world.

The Owl represents the All Seeing Eye, the light of the world, the sex driven 3 dimensional system of death. The name Washington symbolizes the cleansing, or washing of sin and corruption from the world. Together these symbols establish the concept that the world will be washed with, and through, death. For example, through the death and the blood of Christ, christianity teaches us that we can be born again and resurrected in the last day. Out of death the world will rise from the ashes anew. Christianity is completely based on washing sinners and cleansing the world of sin. In the Vatican Coat of Arms the symbolism of the crucifixion cross, the cross of washing sin from the world, is represented by the crossed Keys to the Kingdom. This crossing of the Keys has nothing to do with a loving saviour who died to save us from our sins. First off, we can’t sin, because sin isn’t real. The purpose of the cross and the dead Christ upon this cross, is to manipulate humanity in a subliminal sense, to want to die for the saviour who died for us. What a load of bullshit. Christ never existed! Not Jesus, not Krishna, not Zeus, not Tammuz, not Jupiter, … none of them ever set foot on this planet. This is a complete manipulation tactic where they have us create our reality through lies, insinuation and deceit, hoping nobody catches on.

The Owl is the All Seeing Eye. This Owl is the god of Christianity. The name of Washington is the washing of sin from the world. It’s for this reason that the 2 symbols appear together in the Vatican Coat of Arms. They appear on the money of the USA, because Americans trust in god …? They appear together at their main house of government, the Capitol Building. These 2 symbols appear on the Rock of Judgment on the west coast of the USA.

Study the symbolism in the Vatican Coat of Arms just below. Notice subliminal Octagons, crosses, the Triple Crown, the Rose and Roses, the Rock, … every subliminal shape which can be linked to the construction of the light beam is implied in this simplistic Coat of Arms design. It is after all, a Coat of Arms, many arms, to use as weapons to disconnect humanity from who they really are.

Vatican Owl

Sinchaun China Earthquake MAY 12,2008

THAT START ON 08/08/08 @ 8:08:08

Ring Around The Rosey – The Rose Sea – The Sea Rose

A child’s game with not so childish motives. Ring around the rosey is indoctrination yet one more time, of the children of the world to be conditioned to listen to lunacy as they go through life. The word GAME = EYE-AM-E when substituting the G for a Y. EYE-AM-e is stating I AM, the great god of the hypnosis process.

Children sing and play this game that speaks of the RING of FIRE that circles the ROSE, the rising sea of the Pacific Ocean. (See page 16 charts and how the London Rose map fits over the Pacific Ocean). In this game, children are taught subliminally to hush, be quiet, just listen and fall down, or submit, to a higher power.

In the chart immediately below, 2 strong hypnotic symbols of the Vatican include the Pope’s Ring and the Vatican Coat of Arms. As seen above the Coat of Arms is simply a stylized version of the Owl which represents the All Seeing Eye. The Pope’s Ring is a small, yet powerful symbol of the Pacific Ocean and the band of death that circles the globe in the tropic regions. Here again, in the symbolism of the Vatican, the Coat of Arms represents the Owl and the Ring represents the Pacific Ocean which is being used to cleanse the world of the corrupt. This is the Owl and the Washing appearing together in the symbols used by the Pope.

The face of the Pope’s ring has an engraving of Peter, (the first pope – 1 coincides with the New World Order), throwing his net into the sea to catch fish. All of humanity represent the fish, and we are being caught in a net of subliminal messaging that is aimed to deliver us into perpetual submission. We are the fish being snared for the feast of the Last Supper, the Marriage Supper of the Lamb. Consider carefully, that when fish are caught in a net, they soon die and are made ready for the feast. It’s no different in the planned agenda of the luciferian elite with regards to humanity.

The Pope’s ring is made of gold. Pure gold is 24 Carots. The tropic regions of the world lie between 23 degrees north and 23 degrees south. As the world is cleansed of the corruption that the elite of the world desire to eliminate in the tropic regions around the world, the world will be made pure as gold. The world will be purified by fire no less, the fire of the seismic ring of fire that borders the Pacific Ocean. Having eliminated the band of impurity spanning 23 degrees north and 23 degrees south, the new world, the age of reason and the kingdom of the lunatic god on earth will hope to be established.

It should be noted that on May 2 to 5, 2008, the Freemason Grand Lodge of Massachusetts installed their new head wizard in the oldest lodge in the USA. This coincides with May 2, 2008, the day of the Myanmar/Burma Nargis Cyclone. The names Myanmar and Burma are used interchangeably for the same country. MYANMAR = Mayan Mar = Mayan Mare = Mayan Sea Horse. Myanmar is a not so subtle reference to the Mayan Mar, or the Sea of the Mayans. This links to the Mayan Calendar and the Mayan human sacrifice culture of Mexico, which is Megiddo, and the Sea of Mary, the Pacific Ocean that is intended to inundate the western USA and Mexico. These links are all subliminal, totally non-scientific, completely irrational, but still, certainly the means of creating the illusory reality that the elite of the world wish for us to experience.

BURMA = AMBUR = AMBER a fossil resin for making jewelry. BURMA = RUMBA a Cuban/African sensuous dance. BURMA = BEAR-MA = Mother Bear the Mother Sea. Myanmar refers to the sun god Horus and Burma refers to the mother of the sun god, Mary. It’s for this reason that this country goes by 2 names, to establish the subliminal connecting the Mother and the Son. The Freemason Grand Lodge installment of their head wizard was meant to coincide with the Papal visit, the Triple Crown of horse racing, the Tibetan Buddhist Monk demonstrations, the Olympic Torch Relay and the Indianapolis 500. All these events linked together with the NHL, NBA and Major League Baseball sporting events and the Democratic political gyrations in the USA are leading to an even grander event. June 3, 2008, Barack Obama wins the Democratic nomination, still without concession from Hillary Clinton until Friday, June 6, 2008. This date is special for conceding, because it reads as 06/06/2008. More precisely, it reads as 06/06/08-08, when the number 20 is substituted with 8 from the 2nd clockface. As with everything else the luciferian thinkers do, concession publicly, means victory secretly. Victory for the agenda, and ultimately, victory for Hillary Clinton in one way or the other. On Saturday, June 7, 2008, one day after the concession is formalized by Hillary Clinton, the Belmont Stakes run in Elmont, New York. The 3rd leg of the Triple Crown. Already, the week preceding June 7, has seen earthquakes of 6 or greater magnitude, dotted from Iceland to the South Atlantic just off the coast of South America. To the Indian Ocean, Indonesia and the Solomon Islands. These dates have all been based around new moons and full moons for many months. This is the year, 2008, to take control of our ability to connect to our original awareness state once and for all.

Flowers – The FLOW Of RAYS – The Flower Gate

It must be mentioned at this point that the Triple Crown of Horse Racing has a nickname for each race.

The Kentucky Derby is the ‘Run for the Roses’.
The Preakness Stakes are the ‘Run for the Black Eyed Susans’.
The Belmont Stakes are the ‘Run for the Carnations’.

These are all races, or runs, for flowers. Taking a closer look at these words reveals something quite different than just trying to get a ring of flowers around your horses neck and a million or two bucks in the bank.

The word RUN = RUIN.
The word ROSES = ROYAL ISIS = the Divine Rising Waters
The BLACK EYED SUSANS = Death – the All Seeing Eye – and Zeus-ans
The word CARNATIONS = C or See or Sea – and CAR = RAC or RAISEARN = RAN or RAIN or REIGN – TIONS = SION or sun.

These are all FLOWERS.

FLOWERS = FLOW – ERs – as in water FLOWS from RE or RAY, the sun god. These flowers are one of the 3 gates on the north wall of the old city of Jerusalem. Herod’s Gate is also called the Flower Gate. The Flower Gate coincides with the area of Canada when the the Pacific Ocean is observed from the perspective that it is a large clock or Zodiac circle. Creating a similar perspective with the Old City of Jerusalem shows the Flower Gate in the north and eastern corner of the old city. (See page 16 for the charts outlining the location of the gates around the Pacific Rim). With this in mind, remember, it’s from the Canadian north that the major subliminal Global Warming messages are built around. It’s the melting icecaps of the Arctic polar regions of Canada and Greenland that form the FLOW-ERS that are thrown around the neck of the HORSE – which symbolizes HORUS, as the horse wins the RACE, or RAISE (as in raising the sea) and enters the WINNERS CIRCLE to be crowned.

The Winners Circle – Isis Renew and Kill

The WINNERS CIRCLE = in reverse S-REN-NIW or Isis RENEW
Together the Winners Circle means Isis Renew to Rise and Kill

In the chart below the Triple Crown of Horse Racing is linked to the Triple Crown of the Vatican Coat of Arms.

On April 20, 2008 the Pope visited New York City. At the very same time, the Dali Lama, the Tibetan leader in exile, arrived for an American tour as well. This occurred on a full moon and on the Jewish Passover. The number 20 is the number of control in the same manner as 8, and for this reason, the visit was calculated to fall on this day. This visit took place during the 2 week long pre-race hype of the Run For The Roses of the Kentucky Derby. May 2, Cyclone Nargis hit Myanmar/Burma. May 3 the Kentucky Derby ran. The name Nargis means Narcisse, and is the term for self adulation and self glorification. NARGIS = RAN-EYE-IS, which is RAIN, or REIGN EYES, or yet again, I REIGN. This is narcissism or Nargissism, or, in reverse, Rain Isis-ism. This cyclone rose up with a massive wall of water generated from a cyclone circling violently off the shore of Burma. The water rose up and flooded the delta regions of Burma.

Now consider some of the aspects of the Kentucky Derby. The Sport of Kings. The pre-race hysteria begins in Louisville Kentucky 2 weeks (a luciferian fortnight), before the actual race day of May 3, 2008. By May 2, the anticipation and excitement and collective energy surrounding the race is at it’s height. This is the day that the Nargis Cyclone begins to devastate Burma. The horses at Louisville can ‘run like the wind‘, as they go ‘round and round‘ the racetrack. After all, they’re going to Run for the Roses, the flower prize, the Flowing Prize at the end of it all. This describes in brief, the kaballistic luciferian building of the cyclone off the Burmese coast, through incantation and symbolic energy transfer. This process involves millions of people gathered together with a common thought form causing massive shifts in the 3 dimensional reality wherever it is directed. In this instance, with the coinciding visits of the Dali Lama and the Pope, and the sudden Tibetan Buddhist Monk demonstrations centred around the Olympic Torch Relay through Tibet, the energy shift was directed squarely at Myanmar/Burma and southern China.

The Hebrew Pillars Won The Kentucky Derby – B and G Brown

The winner of the Kentucky Derby was Big Brown (B and G in BiG, and B repeated in Brown). This name is symbolic of the 2 B and G pillars outside of Solomon’s Temple. The horse to come in 2nd was Eight Belles. She was the only filly in the race and in the cool down after the race, she came up with 2 broken front legs and had to be killed right on the track. The name Eight is 8, the number of control. The name Belles, is Bel or Baal, the river or water fertility goddess. This symbolism, of the race in general and the names of the horses, coupled with the Tibetan Buddhist monk demonstrations just before this time period, set the kaballistic rituals in play for a massive natural disaster to occur.

Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama having been involved in a ‘horserace’, so to speak. Almost a photo finish, totally manufactured for maximum impact. On the day of the Kentucky Derby, Clinton and Obama both visited the stables of the Kentucky Derby. Handsome, brown skinned Obama picked Big Brown to show, (to come in 2nd), however Big Brown won. Clinton, the only woman in the Democratic primary race, put her arm around the only filly in the race, the only FEMALE in the race, named Eight Belles, and picked her as the winner. Eight Belles came in 2nd, but unfortunately broke both front legs and had to be killed on the track.

The name Eight Belles, besides being symbolic of total control and Bel, or Baal, the river water goddess, it also symbolizes maritime law. Every 4 hours a new watch begins. Every half hour during every watch, a bell is rung, one ring after the first half hour, 2 rings after the 2nd half hour, 3 rings after the 3rd… and so on. This continues until the end of the watch when the bell is about to ring 8 times. For the 8 bells to be rung, permission must be granted by the captain of the ship, indicating the end of a watch. It is this horse called Eight Belles that symbolizes the end of a watch, and the maritime law of the sea rose up on Myanmar/Burma, in the form of a devastating cyclone and drowned over 100,000 people. Hillary Clinton did her part in directing the kaballistic energy towards Cyclone Nargis. Barack Obama did his part in doing same. Do they do this unwittingly, unknowingly, completely oblivious to their influence? The answer is yes, and no. They believe they do it for Jesus, who is Zeus, or Je-Zeus. They do it through the blindness of the intellectual instruction that they’ve received in the universities of their choosing and the churches of christ that they attend. They do what they do blindly, but with full conviction that they do it for god and their non-existant saviour Jesus Christ.

Now, on June 6, 2008, Hillary Clinton will concede, one day before the 3rd leg of the Triple Crown, Belmont Stakes. The questions just beg to be asked, ‘Why is the democratic primary coinciding perfectly with the Triple Crown of Horse Racing, the sport of kings, and why did the 2 candidates both attend the Kentucky Derby on the same day and pick the 1st and 2nd horses that had symbolic significance to themselves? Why does the Triple Crown relate to the Triple Crown that the Pope wears and is the focus of the Vatican Coat of Arms. Why did the Pope visit the United States on a FULL MOON, on the Jewish Passover, just as the Kentucky Derby hysteria began 2 weeks prior to the June 2 race? Why did the Sichuan China earthquakes then strike coinciding with the Preakness Stakes 2 weeks later? Yet another FORTNIGHT, another FULL MOON sequence.

These events involved directing Kaballistic energy to manipulate the natural elements based on the historic hypnotic suggestion regarding the gods of Olympus. This is the year of sacrifice to the Olympian gods, in Beijing, August 8, 2008, @ 8:08:08. The Pope, Clinton, and Obama, are all christians. Christianity is simply worship of the sun god, the son of god, and is based entirely on the rituals of Mount Olympus, the Greek gods of Athens, the HOME OF DEMOCRACY. Democracy is where we get the word DEMOCRAT. The Olympian god called Poseidon, carries a Trident, (Triple CROWN – Triple SeaRoseEyn), and is regarded as the god of the Oceans and Seas, (Myanmar/Burma Nargis Cyclone Sea Rose). Poseidon is also the god of Earthquakes, (Sichuan China earthquakes). Poseidon is also the god of HORSES, (the Kentucky Derby, the Preakness Stakes, the Belmont Stakes – the Egyptian sun god HORUS).

Of course, this is all bizarre and beyond the scope of anything bordering on rational. However, it is the way things have always been controlled, with the ultimate goal of total control involving massive sacrifice of the masses to appease the luciferian egregore’s demands.

Tibet – Buddhism – Dali Lama – The Daily Lamb Ma – The Son and Mother

The Tibetan Buddhist monks have as one of their symbols the Windhorse Prayer Flags, and the demonstrations which were manipulated in Tibet during this period were to be linked to the Papal visit, the Tibetan Dali Lama visit to the USA, and the Triple Crown Horse Races. The Windhorse Prayer Flags are the Five Pure Lights, representing the 5 elements and are Red, White, Blue, Yellow and Green. These represent, not purity by any stretch of the imagination, as they are the symbolic colours of sun god worship. These 5 colours are also the colours of the Olympic Rings with the exception of the centre ring, which is black. However, the rings are produced on a white background and the black ring portrayed against the white is simply symbolic of the duality nature of the luciferian mind.

Blue (symbolizing sky/space)
White (symbolizing air/wind)
Red (symbolizing fire)
Green (symbolizing water)
Yellow (symbolizing earth)

In reality these Prayer Flags represent the subliminal intent listed below.

White=Orion the Warrior
Blue=Cleansing Water and Sky (as above, so below)

33.3% of each colour of Red, Yellow and Blue creates Gold.

Green=Yellow and Blue=Holy Water and Hoy Spirit

May 3, 2008 was the 134th running of the Kentucky Derby. 134 coincides with 2, the duality number, on the 12th clockface. The number 12 symbolizes a full circle, or completion. The number 134 divided by 2, (division symbolizes destruction), equals 67, which in turn coincides with 7 on the 6th clockface. The number 6 is the number of the christ/antichrist, and relates strongly to the duality number. The number 7 represents completion, which relates to the number 12. All of these numbers are by design and are subliminal sigil magic markers used to manipulate and direct kaballistic energy.

The name Dali Lama also carries hypnotic suggestion as it implies the Mother and the Son.

DALI = DAY-LIE = DEITY-LIE or the Lying Deity
LAMA = LAMB the son – MA the mother

Together, the Dali Lama suggests the lying duality nature of the full deity, the mother and the son.

Pope\'s Ring

Sunday – May 25, 2008 – the largest aftershock in China since the quake of May 12. Measuring at 6, it occurred on the same day of the Indianapolis 500. This was the 92nd running of the Indianapolis 500. The number 92 coincides with 8 on the 8th clockface. The number of CONTROL. Once again, a major RACING sporting event where the racecars were topping speeds of 220 mph. Going repeatedly around the racetrack in Speedway Indiana ‘like a tornado’. However, the Chinese aftershock was only the culmination of this kaballistic death ritual. The tornadoes in California (abnormal event), Colorado and Kansas for 3 straight days, subsided as the race excitement drew to a close. The Indianapolis 500 hype started on May 10 and 11, and culminated with the Firestone Freedom 100 on Friday, May 23, 2008. (23 is the number of death). The number 100 is symbolizing 1, the new world order. May 12, 2008, the Sichuan Earthquake hit. This was just one day after the Indianapolis 500 activities began. This coupled with the hype of the running of the Preakness Stakes, the 2nd leg of the Triple Crown, on May 12.

This is the process that subliminal hypnotic suggestion follows. There is no rule that says hypnotic suggestion has to be limited in size and scope. After all, this is exactly how the whole 3 dimensional illusion came into existence. Even the massive illusory universe is based on the number of control, just like the 2008, or the 8-8 Olympics in Beijing. The universe has been mapped out in 8 groups of 88 constellations.

The name of the race Firestone, carries with it the suggestion of FIRE from a STONE. Not unlike an earthquake, and/or, seismic activity. Freedom suggests the same thing as the Freedom Tower in New York City and it has nothing to do with freedom but something more akin to slavery.

FREEDOM = FATHER RAY DOM = Father Sun God Dome.

On May 23, 24 and 25, the tornadoes of the west and midwest states took place and the Indy 500 took place on Sunday May 25, coinciding with the Sichuan Magnitude 6 aftershock. What’s next on the luciferian agenda will link to the NBA (National Basketball Association Playoffs), the NHL (National Hockey League Playoffs), and the baseball season getting into full swing. This will all occur in the month of June 2008.

Already, other events, such as the mission to MARS, which landed in the last days of May, 2008, is assisting in establishing the subliminal death suggestions to coincide with the Running of the Belmont Stakes, the 3rd leg of the Triple Crown, on June 7, 2008. MARS is symbolic of the god of war. The word MARS = Mary Isis which in turn = Mare – the Sea of Isis.

Barack – BAR-RACK – in reverse RAB father – ROCK – Obama – O-BAM-A

BAR son of = in reverse RAB – RABBI father – Jewish
ACK = in reverse KCA = KA the Egyptian concept of the life force, Khnum or Kum, semen Cum, the ROCK or KCOR of the earth (in reverse) the bringer of life – the CUMMING of CHRIST the ROCK
O = all seeing eye – sun god – Christian
BAM = devastation = MA mother of B fertility letter Beta
A = the shape of the deity – Allah – Islam

The subliminals and hype from these sporting events will be coupled with the Democratic Party nomination primaries taking place in the USA. Already the subliminal messages are being established surrounding the Kennedy family and Barack Obama. Barack Obama has written 2 books, the 2nd of which is titled ‘The Audacity of Hope: Thoughts on Reclaiming the American Dream‘. This echoes of Martin Luther Kings words ‘…I have a dream“. As well as John Kennedy’s oration ‘… ask not what your country can do for you…’. These 3 central figures of American politics and social action from the 1960’s are linked together in death and a hope and a dream.

Senator Edward Kennedy was a powerful influence on Democratic thinking as he threw his support behind Barack Obama. On May 23, Senator Kennedy suffered a seizure related to an oft times fatal brain tumor. On May 24 Hilary Clinton made a comment to the effect that campaigning for the Democratic nomination has continued into June in the past, and that even Robert Kennedy was campaigning in June just before his assassination. These suggestions have been subliminally implanted for decades and now, in the illuminati luciferian push for total control, we’re about to witness what those assassinations from the 1960’s were all about.

To top off these obvious suggestions to cause people to focus on the safety of Barack Obama, Vanity Fair magazine published their latest issue with a black and white cover of Robert Kennedy with the caption ‘The Hope, The Tragedy‘, yet again heralding back to the black and white days of the 1960’s and the Kennedy era. The era of Camelot. Barack Obama’s book ‘The Audacity of Hope…” is echoed in the caption on Vanity Fair. Hillary Clinton’s little slip referring to Robert Kennedy’s assassination, was not a slip of the tongue but was an experienced 6th degree illuminati witch dropping a suggestion just at the right time to help establish the next phase of manipulation. This slip of the tongue is not just aimed at focusing attention on Barack Obama, but combined with other hidden messages, it is directed to the world stage and the hoped for devastation.

To make yet one more connection to Indiana and the recent visit of the Pope to New York, Indiana and Illinois experienced their strongest earthquakes during the papal visit. This area is referred to as the New Madrid Seismic Zone. The name Indiana is symbolic of the Eye of Diana, the moon goddess. The name Illinois is symbolic of the Elect of Sion (in reverse), the sun god.

IN = Eyn, the EYE.
DIANA = the moon goddess.

ILLI = Eye Lie = Eye ELI = god’s Elect Eli.
NOIS = SION or ZION, the god of the ION, the sun god. Symbolized in the constellation ORION.

The papal visit by Pope Benedict XVI (16) pronounced this benediction on the flock. The benediction occurs when the pope raises his cross to bless the flock as he sends them on their way. The only problem here is that the cross is a symbol of death. From a subliminal perspective, death is all that will occur as the reality humanity is manipulated into creating, comes to pass after these hypnotic signals and incantations are pronounced.

The whole 3 dimensional system is but one endless mind play that is, and always has been, a nest of satanic kaballistic rituals. Consider the chart below and observe how even the smallest of symbolism is being used to manufacture death and suffering around the world. This information is irrational, without logic, completely unscientific, and borders on the absurd. Actually, it doesn’t border on the absurd, it’s gone way past that border. However, this is the luciferian seat of defense. Teach the masses what is absurd and not absurd, and then get away with doing whatever your heart desires. As the trance state within each individual starts to break, this absurdity loses it’s irrational perspective, and becomes extremely wisdom based.

On the chart immediately below, the world map has been divided into sections depicting a finger ring. In this instance, the ring in question is that of the Pope. The Pacific Ocean has been overlayed with the Octagon, the symbol of control and the secret symbol recognized by the elite of the world, as the Double Cross of sun god worship. The main portion of the band of the ring includes the tropic regions of the world, from 23 degrees north to 23 degrees south. 23 coincides with 11 on the 2nd clockface, and is therefore the number of death. The tropic ring band also extends to 37 degrees north and 37 degrees south, however, the degree of devastation weakens the closer one gets to 37 degrees north or south. 37 coincides with the number 1 on the 4th clockface, and therefore is symbolic of a New Age, a New World and a New Beginning. Interestingly, the natural disasters that occur in today’s world are mostly centred within the tropics, and to a lesser degree, to the 37th degree. Beyond the 37th degree, very little extreme devastion occurs. You would almost think it was planned that way.

Now look very closely at the continent of Africa. The whole of Africa fits within 37 degrees north and south. Upon closer examination, the most devastated areas of Africa lie between 23 degrees north and 23 degrees south. The country of Zimbabwe and their current political genocide lies just within 23 degrees south. To the north, the devastated countries of Ethiopia, Sudan, Chad, etc. are all within 23 degrees north. Continuing to follow 23 degrees north, towards the east, this latitude goes through India and centres right in Bangladesh, Myanmar/Burma and Southern China. Areas of the world devastated by natural disasters unseen above the 37 degree, or below 37 degrees south. All this is by design and corresponds exactly with the subliminal message delivered in Al Gore’s documentary film, ‘An Inconvenient Truth‘. This documentary film was produced to help continue the devastation and to create the hypnotic reality whereby the tropic regions of the world would be ravished.

Tropics Sacrifice Pure Gold

Double Your Pleasure – Double Your Judgment

The chart immediately below lays out a few coordinates the luciferian lord uses to establish the hypnotic suggestion that he / it, wishes to carry out on humanity
as they flounder in their trance state. All this to prove that the thinkers are indeed god, as they deliver DOUBLE judgment upon the heathen. The egregore group of thinkers refer to themselves as the Great Architect of the Universe, and demonstrate their wisdom of architecture on a grand scale, (illusory but grand), through the coordinates that Sir Sandford Fleming (Freemason – Royal Society of Britain) used to establish Standard Time Zones for the world in the 19th century as he built the railroad across Canada.

This Great Architect is the lord of death. The creator of the 3 dimensional experience. The creator of light. The symbolic number for death is 11, which occurs in the 1st 12 hours of the day (deity). In the 2nd half of the day (deity), the number 23 occurs during the night and coincides with the number 11, thereby making it a number of death.

On the chart below, the 2 tropic regions each have 23 degrees assigned to them. Major natural disasters have occurred in these tropic regions more than in any other area of the world. From 23 degrees to 37 degrees, north and south, natural disasters and wars occur, but with a sense of transitioning to less destruction as it nears 37 degrees. This coordinate marking 37 degrees lines up with the 4 Corners Cross of the United States, Athens Greece, Olympia Greece, and so on. This is the latitude symbolically representing the messiah and the judgment of the lord in the day of his vengeance. Another interesting marker with 37 degrees is that it is also the southern border of Kansas. Kansas then extends north to 40 degrees, and is directly in line with Mount Olympus in Greece, the original home of the 12 Olympian gods. This latitude of 40 degrees then extends to Beijing the home of the 2008 Olympics.

The 12 Olympian gods had Zeus (Je-sus, Je-Zeus) as the chief ruler of Mount Olympus. Zeus was the god of weather. Zeus had 2 brothers, Poseidon and Hades. Hades was the god of the UNderworld. Poseidon was the god of OCEANS and SEAS, the god of EARTHQUAKES, and the god of HORSES. Poseidon was also called the Earth Shaker. When Poseidon was displeased he would throw his TRIDENT, a 3 pointed spear, and cause earthquakes.

On the chart below, the subliminal hypnotic suggestion of the Poseidon myth was carried out with the visit of the Pope to New York on April 20th, 2008, with the symbolism of the Triple Crown of the Vatican Coat of Arms. This coincided with the beginning of the Triple Crown of Horse Racing and the kick off for the Kentucky Derby. After 2 weeks of hype leading up to the race, the kaballistic energy of the Poseidon suggestion unleashed the Myanmar/Burma Cyclone Nargis. Big Brown won this race as mentioned above.

2 weeks later the Preakness Stakes, the 2nd leg of the Triple Crown of Horse Racing, (remember, Poseidon is the god of horses), and after 2 weeks of more horse hype, the Sichuan China earthquake occurred. Poseidon is the god of earthquakes. Again, Big Brown won the race, and was well on his way to capturing the Triple Crown. It should be pointed out that Poseidon has a Triple Pointed Spear, a symbol of power, which relates to the Triple Crown of the Vatican Coat of Arms and the Triple Crown of Horse Racing.

With one more race of the Triple Crown to be run, the Belmont Stakes, Big Brown seemed a certain winner. To the shock of all concerned, Big Brown came in dead last, with Da Tara, a 38-1 odds colt, who was expected to finish last, came in 1st. There were no big earthquakes, no cyclones, no major natural disasters, and no Big Brown win.

There was however, a major shift in the Democratic political scenario as Hillary Clinton finally decided to discontinue her run for the presidency, after delaying her announcement for 4 days to coincide with the loss by Big Brown at the Belmont. Big Brown has a symbolic connection to Barack Obama, as mentioned earlier on this page, and a symbolic connection to the assassination of Robert Kennedy. This is not to say the Barack Obama is in danger, but it will be worth watching to see if Hillary Clinton is picked for Vice President. Her concession speech was perfectly scripted to get the admiration of an entranced populace, that will allow her to be very favourably positioned in the minds of people to become President, should Barack Obama not be able to fulfill his duties if elected to that office. The whole election process has been one huge manipulation tactic right from the beginning, just as all political events. These are simply luciferian mind control rituals. However, this particular primary election process was blatant. Nothing hidden or discrete. Something more, and something huge, is yet to come in 2008. The master hypnotist is working overtime.

Just as Big Brown went all the way to the final race, a sure winner, so too is the victory of Obama, and the concession of Hillary Clinton, a manipulation tactic for something much bigger than even the presidency of the United States. It should also be noted that Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama met after the victory by Obama. Their meeting took place at the Bilderberg meeting in Chantilly Virginia. The Bilderberg group (another B and G word) are the elite unelected power brokers who basically call the shots in world events on behalf of the luciferian think tank.

Even the name of Chantilly Virginia carries with it a powerful subliminal relating to natural disasters. The old rock and roll singer Jerry Lee Lewis is famous for his song ‘Great Balls of Fire‘. One other song of note is Chantilly Lace. Some of the words in this song include, …Chantilly lace and a pretty face and a pony tail hangin’ down … . Interesting combination of lyrics, which makes reference to the meeting place of the Bilderberg (subliminally of course), a female face, and a pony tail. A pony tail is of course, referring to a horses tail. Hair hanging down has been symbolic of a flood for thousands of years. Besides these rock songs that Jerry Lee Lewis is famous for, he is also well known for marrying his 14 year old cousin. There’s an outside chance she may have been a virgin.

Subliminal messaging is not limited by time. Hours, days, weeks, years and decades can pass but the button pushing mechanism remains active.

Consider the chart below and how the luciferian egregore lord, the number 23 in the sides of the north, is unloading DOUBLE JUDGMENT upon the 2 tropic regions of 23 degrees each. Yet another interesting statistic concerning the Sichaun earthquake is the number of dead and missing. This earthquake occurred 88 days before the Beijing Olympics that take place on August 8, 2008. This number reads as 88 days before 08/08/08-08, @ 8:08:08.

Sichuan China Earthquake –
The dead and missing are listed at approximately 88,000

– 87,652 as of July 1, 2008 – the number varies

Some numbers to pay attention to on the chart below, include the two 23 degree Tropic regions. The other 23 degree area extending from 37 degrees to 60 degrees includes the areas of white population power in the northern hemisphere. This 23 degree zone of white supremacy is being used to destroy the population of the two tropic zones through kaballistic ritual events, such as sports, religion, politics and things of major media hype.

Another number to consider is the 40 degree line. This line goes exactly through Mount Olympus Greece, and through Beijing, the site of the 2008 Olympics. Interestingly however, is that it also passes exactly on the north side of the state of Kansas. Kansas is famous for it’s tornadoes and of course, the FBI/Disney mind control movie, the Wizard of Oz. This 40 degree line demonstrates why Kansas was bordered from 37 degrees north to 40 degrees north. 37 degrees is the number associated with 1, the New World Order. The number 40 is the foursquare symbol of the cross, of the sun god christ. This is the foundation that everything is built on. Two foursquare symbols, equals a Double Cross which in turn is an Octagon, or 8 sided symbol, the number of total control. This is the wrath of Zeus, the wrath of Jesus, the sun god, in the days of this loony lord’s vengeance. The lord’s wrath will come like a whirlwind as it builds towards the great day of devastation. Or, at least that’s the plan, barring a trance breaking experience, where humanity finally gets reconnected to their wisdom and see the lunatic activities we get involved in. Everything we do as a world society is geared to maintaining the 3 dimensional illusion through inspiration directly fed to us from the luciferian mind, through the powerful elite of the world and their media empires.

From 37 degrees north to 60 degrees north, a 23 degree wide band stretches around the world and includes basically all the power mongering nations of the world. These nations are predominantly white. 37 degrees is the latitude of the 4 Corner Cross states in the USA, and many other important locations from a subliminal perspective, going back to Olympia and Athens Greece. The 60 degree line is the location of the Canadian 4 Corner Cross, that marks the northern edge of the 23 degree band of white supremacy around the world. This 23 degree band is filled with the hypnotic suggestion that will deliver the vengeance and the judgment of god in the day of his wrath. This is the god of Orion, the god of the ION, the god of Zion, the god of the Olymp-IONS, that will deliver devastation in a DOUBLE DOSE upon those two 23 degree tropic zones around the world.

Not shown on the chart below for lack of space, is the location of the 2010 Olympics at Vancouver / Whistler. The coordinates for these Olympics are as follows:

Mount Olympus Washington State – 48 degrees North
Victoria / Vancouver British Columbia – 49 degrees North
Whistler Ski Resort – 50 degrees North

Whistler Village is located right near the Twin Lions mountain peaks that the Lions Gate Bridge of Vancouver is named after. On page 27, the real meaning and symbolism of these Lions is enlarged upon. Suffice it to say, the Lions are guarding the immortality of the gods of Olympus.



Google Video – illuminatiMATRIX explanatory video detailing the foundational root of hypnosis, religion, intellectualism and who and what god is.

Click here to watch video.

YouTube Video highlighting some of the subliminal elements hidden in the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem

Please read the next paragraph before watching the ROCK VIDEO.

On the ROCK VIDEO, the World Trade Center is mistakenly called the ROCKEFELLER PLAZA. The WTC was conceived and promoted by the Rockefellers. The Rockefeller Plaza is to the north of the World Trade Centre, on the MANHATTAN ROCK, or MANNA STONE. The WTC and the Rockefeller Plaza , along with the area of CENTRAL PARK, relate to the TEMPLE MOUNT in Jerusalem, and the Al Aqsa Mosque, the Dome of the ROCK, and the Temple Courtyard. These in turn relate to the North American West Coast. See page 39 for more details.

Click here to watch the new Rock Video on YouTube.

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