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Google Video – illuminatiMATRIX explanatory video detailing the foundational root of hypnosis, religion, intellectualism and who and what god is.

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YouTube Video highlighting some of the subliminal elements hidden in the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem

Please read the next paragraph before watching the ROCK VIDEO.

On the ROCK VIDEO, the World Trade Center is mistakenly called the ROCKEFELLER PLAZA. The WTC was conceived and promoted by the Rockefellers. The Rockefeller Plaza is to the north of the World Trade Centre, on the MANHATTAN ROCK, or MANNA STONE. The WTC and the Rockefeller Plaza , along with the area of CENTRAL PARK, relate to the TEMPLE MOUNT in Jerusalem, and the Al Aqsa Mosque, the Dome of the ROCK, and the Temple Courtyard. These in turn relate to the North American West Coast. See page 39 for more details.

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Oasis – Isis Mother – Horus Son – Osiris Father

Consider the information below very carefully and contemplate the reality that the elite of the world know something they’re not sharing with us. The luciferian thinkers are aware, and use the techniques of hypnotic trance manipulation to control and direct humanity. The information on this page is but one more example that the 3 dimensional space has been established through subliminal suggestion to completely deceive humanity and to use horror and devastation to fabricate the curtain that disconnects us from our awareness state.

Seeing the relationship in the shape of the map of Egypt with the World Trade Centre Building layout, as well as with the western United States, now continues when comparing the major Oasis areas of Egypt with the WTC and the western states.

The word Oasis comes from the Egyptian word ‘oiuh’, meaning ‘dwell’. With a little sound / shape association applied to the word ‘oiuh’, the similarity with the French word for ‘yes’ is ‘oui’, pronounced ‘we’. The English word ‘yes’ is simply a subliminal word that means ‘eyes’ or ‘Isis’. Likewise the French word ‘oui’, also sends a similar subliminal thought, by pronouncing ‘oui’ as ‘oye’ or ‘eye’.

These eye words are referring to the ‘eye’ of Isis, Osiris and Horus, the All Seeing Eye of the energy light atom. Also insinuated in the word Oasis, is the link between the Eye and Water. The Eye is the energy light atom. Energy is measured in watts. The word watts comes from water. This method of linking one thought process with another is the foundation of hypnotic suggestion. One thought from the luciferian mind suggests something just beneath the conscious level, and the incredible ability of humanities awareness fills in the blanks. Corruption and deceit do not naturally occur in the awareness state, therefore wisdom ingests all suggestion innocently, as deception is a totally foreign concept. In comprehending this subliminal suggestion technique, the very idea of creation becomes obvious. Creation of the 3 dimensional space, the physical world, is only a massive hypnotic trance established through thought, maintained and perpetuated through subliminal messaging.

The Egyptian word ‘ouih’ is also implying this thought, that of the eye, with the addition of the letter ‘H’, a reference to the sun god Horus. The son, who is one with the father, is also linked through marriage to the mother Isis (in mythological and religious teaching the mother marries the son). Together, the mother, Isis or Mary, which is the matter of the eye (the electron), and the son, Horus or Jesus (the neutron), who is the pupil in the nucleus hex of the eye, and the father, Osiris or Jehovah (the proton), the IRIS, the COLOUR, (colour in reverse is ROUL-O-K), form the trinity of the light atom particle.

The ROUL-O-K, or the colour of the iris of the eye means RULE OF KILLINGS or RULE OF KINGS, and implants the suggestion that the elite in the world have the god given right, or the Divine Right of Kings to Rule. This trinity of religion and science, which in turn is simply magic or hypnosis, is the basis of all intellectual knowledge. Intellectualism is demonism and it’s manipulative strength is hypnosis. The depth of the trance state becomes very apparent, when measuring the level of intellectualism in the world. For this reason, the ability to come out of the trance and to reconnect to wisdom and awareness challenges ones sanity.

Consider the subliminal shape below. The map of Egypt implies that it’s a square. It isn’t drawn as a perfect square, but the moment you see it, subconsciously, you know it’s a square. Everytime you see a square, subconsciously, you connect it to the square that encases the eye, the All Seeing Eye that is the light energy atom symbol demonstrated on this site, which in turn is the square of Egypt, and sun god worship. This is the reason for the square being revered in Freemasonry and Christianity. The square is a sacred hypnotic symbol. All that needs to be obvious is a right angle corner, and the subliminal and manipulation is accomplished. Consciously, this doesn’t register at all, and quite frankly, doesn’t make a bit of rational sense. Subconsciously, the blanks are filled in. Let’s look at the words CORNER and EGYPT and SQUARE.

CORNER = RE-N-ROC in reverse = RE-Ra-Ray = REIG-N ROCK, a corner is a reigning rock.

EGYPT = EYYPT = EYE – Prince T the cross, or Prince of the Rose-Cross.

SQUARE = ER, Re-Ra and Ra again in reverse, QU = K for Kill, S for Isis which is Eye See. A Square is the Killing Ray of Eye See. The Killing Ray of the Eye See is further suggesting, the the Killing Ray of the High Sea.

Even the name Jesus, which is pronounced phoenetically as Hey Zeus, is also a subliminal for Eye Sees. J takes on the Y sound, or the word EYE, making JE-SUS read like EYE-E-SUS, which sounds like ISIS, and is the All Seeing Eye of the holy trinity that form the one godhead.

The EYE is the energy light atom. The Prince is the P-Rinse, the Water Rinse of the T, the CROSS, or C-Ross, or Sea Rose, the See Rose. The words See Rose in turn, form the subliminal for the number Zero, or Zee Ro. This is why George Bush was so quick to refer to the WTC attack as Ground Zero. The WTC was Ground C-Rose, or Ground Cross, or again, Holy Ground. He was simply sending the subliminal on behalf the the luciferian thinkers, that the C Rose. The C-Rose is hypnotic suggestion that the Cross was lifted up, as is always done in sun god worship. The Zero following any number adds intensity, or tens times the original value associated with that number, and implies the strength of the Rose.

In the diagram below, Egypt is a suggested square, and Yellowstone National Park is also a subliminal square. Attached subconsciously to this subliminal square is the square of Egypt, for the reason that when rotated 180 degrees, the map of Egypt matches the shape of the WTC almost exactly. Now, with the shape of the WTC matching Egypt, albeit rotated 180 degrees, Egypt still maintains it’s basic subliminal square shape to cause humanity to link Egypt, the WTC and Yellowstone all together. In so doing, the suggestion is implanted that will cause humanity to create the reality desired by the luciferian mindset. Just as Ground Zero is Holy Ground, so too, is Yellowstone. Yellow is Yelloh, or Holley in reverse, which is Holy when shortened to the word intended. Yellowstone is Holy Stone, or Ground Zero, the Holy Ground or Holy Rock, for the next attack on behalf of the luciferian sun god. The subliminal has been implanted through the World Trade Centre attack, and the reality has been created that will bring the desired devastation to pass.

The squares are visible in the diagram below, but not consciously. Hypnosis doesn’t make sense, it simply implies.

Egypt Yellowstone Square

Freemasonic Magic Square Of The Sun And Saturn

On the chart below, two magic squares used in Freemasonic ritual show the relationship to the 2 coordinates that border Wyoming on the North – 45 degrees N., and on the West – 111 degrees W. (See the map of Yellowstone immediately below the magic square chart).

What this symbolism shows first, is the number 111, which is the number of days left to the end of the year from September 11th. This is the same day of the World Trade Centre attack, commonly called 9-11. The number 111 coincides with 3 on the 10th clockface. The number 3 is symbolic of the shape of the deity, the triangle pyramid. 111 also coincides with 15 on the 2nd clockface, the number most strongly associated with the deity. The number 111 is also 3 number 1’s, which is a trinity symbol. The number 111 is basically a fingerprint of the so-called deity, which is the luciferian egregore thought form, and this fingerprint has been left on the west border of Wyoming.

The Square of Sol, the Sun, has 6 rows of six numbers. All the numbers add up to 111 in any direction, thus the term, magic square. This magic square is also seen in the Last Supper painting by Leonardo Da Vinci, in the ceiling tiles, except without the numbers. (See page 16). There were no need for numbers, because the elite of the /strong>Priory of Sion, the Priority of the Sun, would know the numbers and the significance implied. 11 is the number associated with death. The number 111 contains two number 11’s, which represent the death, or destruction of the 2 Columns in front of the Hebrew Temple, and in turn the destruction of the Twin Towers of the WTC. Remember that these 2 columns are symbolic of Columbe, the Spanish word for Dove, and the Dove is the symbol of the holy spirit, the 3rd person of the trinity. The holy spirit is the mother god, who is Mary, in christian circles. Mary is Mar-eye. Mar-eye is Mare in Latin, and Mare is sea, which is water. Sea is furthermore See, the All Seeing Eye of kaballistic knowledge. The holy spirit is therefore water, the living water of the christ saviour. There’s just one more step, water is a crystal that creates the rainbow of colour when light passes through it. Therefore, the water of the world is the subliminal signal, that it is the christ, the saviour. With this intertwining of subliminals, humanity begs to be destroyed by it’s continual washings and baptisms. Everytime the christian flock lift up the cross, set it high on the wall, or mounted on the steeple of a church, the trance is maintained and perpetuated, and the bullshit reality is created where the C-ROSS, or the SEE-ROSE, which is the SEA ROSE of the Global Warming flood water.

The other coordinate on the north border of Wyoming is 45 degrees. This comes from the Magic Square of Saturn and totals 45. The number 45 coincides with 9 on the 4th clockface, which is the number of the fall. The use of this number 15 hidden within a magic square, or even part of the form of this magic square, had to become part of society so the subliminal message could be established that this number is the deity and it is in control. Notice the keys on a touch tone phone, or a calculator, the diagonals, as well as the horizontal and vertical centre columns that form 2 crosses, will add up to 15. This is the Double Cross subliminal of religion and science. This is the Double Cross Octagon manipulating you everytime a phone call is made, or numbers are calculated.

Both of these magic squares indicate an association with the 9-11 attack at the WTC, and now we find them exactly bordering the Yellowstone, the Holy Stone, the Ground Zero of the most powerful super volcanic region in the USA. All of this messaging is not done without a specific purpose and intent. The elite of the world have plans to kill the majority of humanity. They’re doing this on behalf of the luciferian hypnotic host, the egregore thought form, that has promised them joint rule and reign in the new world. The shape of the map of Egypt was also shown, on page 23, to be the shape of the WTC building layout, and connects to all the 9-11 hypnotic suggestion tied up within that attack. In the diagrams above and below, the map of Egypt is also a subliminal magic square, which matches the square of Yellowstone National Park. The magic of a square is not only established by the interesting way the numbers total 45 or 111, or by the way the coordinates 45 and 111 border Yellowstone, but because of the hypnotic suggestion that is created that assists in fabricating mass hypnosis throughout the majority of the world population. Hypnosis has been the magic elixer of the elite for thousands of years, ever since the first subliminal messages established, what is called, creation.

The numbers 45 and 111, when added together equal 156. The number 156 coincides with 12 on the 13th clockface. This is symbolic of a completed agenda for the father god, represented by the number 13.

Light Chart Freemason Occult #’s

The Octagon Rock of Yellowstone – Holy Stone – Orion’s Belt

On the map of Yellowstone below, in the top left hand corner, you’ll notice that there is another 135 degree angle with the Octagon of the Dome of the Rock placed inside this angle. The borders of Yellowstone were extended past the Idaho and Montana borders with Wyoming so that 2 strange subliminals could be established for further symbolic use. One, is this 135 degree angle of total control. The other is the cross created using the border of Wyoming and Yellowstone in the lower left hand corner. In sun god worship, whenever you see a cross created by intersecting borders, then look for Orion’s Belt somewhere nearby. Orion is the mythical great hunter, and this map of Yellowstone illustrates yet again, what Orion, the Ion of the Rose, or the Power of the Rose, is hunting.

OR-ION = RO in reverse, ION the electrically charged atom. RO always refers to the symbolism of the Rose and the Royalty aspect, where the elite have risen above all others.

In the map diagram below, 3 locations line up in an Orion’s Belt fashion, they are Tower Fall, Mount Washburn and Artist Point. These 3 locations have rational explanations for why they’re named as they are. Everything in this 3 dimensional experience has a rational reason for why things are as they are, but the hidden reason, the subliminal message, is the main objective of the whole 3 dimensional space.

The name Tower Fall could hardly be more direct in the message they were conveying. The Twin Towers of the WTC fell, and fell due to the intense heat as the explosive thermite charges in the supports were detonated. The jet fuel quickly burned off, leaving a choking, smoking fire with virtually no heat present. As the previously planted charges exploded, the residue created was similar to that of a volcano. This subliminal has been entrenched in Yellowstone.

Mt. Washburn relates to the cleansing process the luciferian thinkers wish for us to pass through. The day of the lord’s wrath and judgment has to come with fire and water. These entities have written of this day, and how it’ll come in just this fashion, in their holy books for thousands of years. They fully intend on created the trance that includes this scenario. It seems impossible, because this simply just doesn’t happen. Of course, the World Trade Centre never fell before the day it was deliberately pulled. Events of this magnitude don’t sort of happen to give you warning, to prepare, to get accustomed to the idea. These events happen to alarm you, to create fear and stress. It’s in creating this environment of fear, that humanity falls prey to hypnotic suggestion.

Artist Point, the 3rd location on this belt, can be broken down as:

ARTIST = RA – T – ISis – T.
POINT = Prince – ION an anagram – T cross.

Every word has to maintain the trance state. Every letter, every number and every symbol must glorify the light and the energy of the sun god. If they was a flaw, a weak spot in the system, the whole agenda would fall apart. Of course, there was a flaw and a weak spot. Having everything constructed according to the characteristics of a light beam created a world that seemed unconnected and disjointed. Once a break down of these characteristics was undertaken, the similarities and interconnection throughout the whole world revealed a unified mind behind the creation of a trance state.

The constellation Orion, has the belt point towards the Sirius star. In this instance it is the Old Faithful Geyser. At approximately the same distance again, the belt points to the cross created by the borders of Yellowstone and Wyoming. The direction of this line then points to the Sacramento Valley and Los Angeles. This is the very same direction and location that the silhouette face in the western border of Montana points to.

The name Montana itself is a subliminal referring to the Madonna, the Virgin Mary. This is the same goddess as Inanna, the Queen of Heaven and Earth. She takes her son for her lover, just like Mary and Jesus, who is also called the shepherd king. Inanna had full power of judgment and decision. Just like Mary! So Mary is the Madonna, the Queen of Heaven, who is Inanna, who is Mount Anna, who is Montana, and is part of this Rock of Judgment.

Inanna was, like Ishtar and Aphrodite etc., identified with the morning star, the evening star, and took the Shepherd King (Dumuzi) as her consort. She also descended to the Underworld, died and was resurrected.

Inanna was one of the most revered of goddesses among later Sumerian mythology. She was said to descend from the ancient family of the creator goddess Nammu, who was her grandmother. Inanna held “full power of judgment and decision and the control of the law of heaven and earth.” Her sacred planet was Venus, the evening star.

She was often symbolized as a lioness in battle.

Along the Tigris and Euphrates rivers were many shrines and temples dedicated to Inanna. The temple of E Anna, Inanna’s House of Heaven, in Uruk, was the greatest of these. This temple was 5000 years old and had been built and rebuilt many times to hold a community of sacred women (similar to Catholic Nuns) who cared for the temple lands. The high priestess of Inanna would choose for her bed, one she would appoint as shepherd. He would represent Dumuzi, sacred son/lover of Inanna, if he could prove his worth.

Montana is home to the largest Madonna statue in the United States. It stands 90 ft. tall and sits at an elevation of over 8,000 ft. above Butte Montana. Just below is a photograph of this icon to sun god worship.

Montana Madonna

The Belt of Orion in Yellowstone points in the very same direction as the face on the west border of Montana. Over and over again, the question just has to be asked, ‘WHY’? Why does everything symbolic and subliminal, the stuff that’s barely hidden from our rational minds, why does it always point to the same location, with the same hidden message, the destruction of a multitude of people. The Sacramento Valley is in the sights of these luciferian thinkers, as well as the tropic regions around the world. They’re going to make a powerful statement soon. A statement that will seem to prove that they have been doing the will of god for thousands of years, and it’s now time to worship them as saints as they reign in their kingdom on earth. They’re going to cleanse the world of sin, and California would seem to be a fantastic head table. And so it should, they purposely created it to appear as the haven of debauchery just so they could pull off the biggest scam the world has ever seen. In other words, this is the New World Order solidified.

Yellowstone Map

The map above includes other curious names such as Golden Gate. That’s the gate where the Messiah will pass through when he comes to establish his kingdom on earth. In Yellowstone, the Golden Gate is on the north side of the park. Suggesting of course, that the Messiah will be coming down from the north. In this case, attach the melting polar ice caps and the melting Greenland mountain range, and you have an idea of what the subliminal suggestion is here.

The name Sheepeater Cliffs doesn’t sit well. We are the lord’s sheep. This is a subliminal hidden behind the obvious population of Mountain and Bighorn sheep in Yellowstone. The real symbolism refers to humanity.

Roaring Mountain gives us an idea about the sound we’re supposed to contend with. We’ve been told that elements will melt with fervent heat, and the heavens and the earth will pass away with great noise,… and all that other kind of bullshit. The name of Roaring Mountain is just place there to reinforce that notion.

Geyser Basin, (2 times), are two more G and B names. Symbolic of the twin pillars, the twin towers, the twin hills of Rome, the twin columns of the Hebrew Temple, all of which are symbolic of the cascading Global Warming flood water and the two columns of the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.

Old Faithful is a reference to the Ancient of Days, the creator of all this 3 dimensional stupidity. Let’s consider this Old Faithful chap as the Ancient of DAZE, and in the chart immediately below, the Canyons of the Ancients is located right at the intersection of the 4 Corner Cross states in Colorado.

One other notable location is, once again, the Cross formed by the border of Yellowstone and Wyoming. This takes the place of the southern Crux that the constellation of Orion points to, and signifies the place where the sun will rise from the dead, as it begins it’s climb back higher into the sky after the winter solstice and after 3 days of death. This is, of course, the birth of the saviour, called Christmas Day, December 25th, celebrated by every would be Messiah for thousands of years.

Freemasonic Spiral Staircase – Grande Staircase-Escalante

The direction, or form, that the Oasis of Egypt and the seismic zones of the western states take, is a curve. This is symbolic of the spiral staircase in Freemasonic and sun god worship groups. The spiral staircase symbolizes rising up to the eternal state, or entering paradise. In southern Utah, a huge national monument is called The Grande Staircase-Escalante, is right in the path of the seismic regions that curve California to Yellowstone to the Snake River Canyon. This follows exactly, the path of the Oasis of Egypt. If you were to turn Egypt right side up again, this curve forms the horn of the bull’s head. The term, ‘taking the Bull by the horn‘, is a subliminal message, engrained in society, to reinforce the concept demonstrated here. One suggestion only helps to reinforce another. Standing alone, they have little manipulative power. Together, anything in their path can be controlled.

The Gulf of SUEZ = ZEUS in reverse. Twist the map of Egypt upside down and the name of the flood of Zeus follows suit. GULF = FLU-EYE in reverse, or FLU-EYE of Death, which is a FLOOD. The All Seeing Eye is the eye of death. Therefore, from a subliminal perspective, the Gulf of Suez is the flood of Zeus.

The Ancient Of Daze – The God Of Hypnosis

Egypt Oasis in USA

The Arabic word for Oasis is ‘wah’. This is the basic sound of the word water, or wah-ter. An Oasis is a green fertile location in a desert region that includes a spring or a well. For this reason, the word ‘wah’ is applied. As is the Egyptian word ‘ouih’, which means ‘dwell’, implying the location of a well, or more accurately, a D-WELL, or Death Well. An Oasis, combines the hypnotic notion of fertility and abundance, through the association with water. The word ‘wah’ can also be pronounced ‘way’, and this subliminal is interpreted as the WAY of the lord. Such as Jesus is the WAY, the truth, and the LIGHT, or life. Jesus is also the living water.

The USGS site map of the western United States just below, shows the seismic regions and the intensity of the region by colour. Notice carefully how the strongest seismic area is right on the western coastal regions. In the area of Southern California the seismic region turns inland to the east, heading through Nevada, up into Utah, Wyoming and Nevada. Pay close attention to the shape of this curving seismic area. Keep in mind the area and shape of this seismic zone as you look at the map of Egypt just below the seismic map.

Seismic West Oasis


On the chart below, when the map of Egypt is rotated 180 degrees, the Nile River follows the general route of the low lying areas in the western United States. This area is called the Great Basin, where no water runs out to the sea. Once again, the Great Basin is another G and B name. Remember, that G and B stand for the names of the 2 pillars placed at the entrance to the Hebrew Temple. Boaz and Jachin (or Gachin). These B and G names are just subliminals that keep reinforcing the trance state without any apparent logic from a rational perspective.

Seismic Oasis

These are all suggestions that Jesus is Water and Water is Jesus. All the saviours thoughout history are based on the light atom trinity of the electron, proton and neutron. This atom can then take on the form of water, which is H2O, hydrogen and oxygen, which are two gases. When combined and accumulated in the ratio of H20, these 2 gases form water.

The word GAS = SAG in reverse, or SAG = SAY when substituting the G for a Y. To SAY, is to speak a word. Jesus is the word. Therefore, Jesus is a GAS. Methane is the simplest form of gas. Jesus, and all the saviours throughout history, have, at the very least, all reached this stage of saviourship, in that they’re all methane gas. You can experience the aroma, or the savour of the saviors of the world, by walking through a landfill dump or a barnyard manure pile. It’s this subliminal in the word saviour, that implants within us, the need to be cleansed of the dung that we are. Praying for the saviour to come and save us, is tantamount to praying to be drowned by the water of the Global Warming flood.

This is why the old city walls of Jerusalem have 8 gates, and one of them is the Dung Gate. The Dung Gate is synonamous with hell or hades, the underworld. The dung of the earth, who are the majority of humanity, will be delivered into the pit of hades upon the coming of the saviour, (the water form of the saviour), as the New World Order of the Messianic Kingdom is formalized through the Global Warming nonsense. The Suez Canal, in reverse, is actually referring to the Flood of Zeus. However, even the word canal has a subliminal in it.

C-ANAL = Kill ANAL, is referring to the elimination of dung.

Environmentalism – Sun of God Worship

All 3 forms that the saviour can assume, solid, liquid or gas, are all subliminals leading back to the All Seeing Eye, who is the luciferian group thought form.

and the ID = Eye Death

WATER = WAH = WAY = YAH WAY, and T cross and RE = RAY = LIGHT or EYE
LIQUID = LIQU = LIK = KILL in reverse, and ID = EYE DEATH, which means Kill Eye Death, or simply Eye.

GAS = SAG = SAY or YAS = YES = EYES, or the WORD, to SAY, is the LIGHT, or the EYE of the world.

The word of god is synonamous with the christ, the lord, and the Greek word for word is logos.
LOGOS = SOGOL in reverse, or SOYOL when substituting the G for a Y. SOYOL = SOIL, the earth. The word, the messiah, is the earth, the dirt and the water and the air, the environment. The environmental movement and the Global Warming scam is the final stage, the ultimate connection of sun god worship, where humanity and the luciferian thought form will be married as one. Environmentalism is reverence of the 3 dimensional illusory experience and attempting to maintain it for eternity. Environmentalism is religion and intellectualism in all its pathetic forms.

The marriage of humanity with this corrupt thought form, is called the marriage supper of the lamb, in christianity. Mar is Water, is the Virgin Mary, and to be Married to this entity, is the be Watered with a Flood. The Global Warming Flood of Noah.

Elvis – The King of Rock And Roll – Memphis – Sun Records

Hypnotic suggestion comes in countless ways. Subliminal manipulation is suggested, insinuated and implied, all to lead or direct the subject in the way the manipulator would have you go. Subliminal suggestion and hypnotic control is never rational, logical or able to be comprehended on the conscious level, unless a person is consciously directed to reconsider they’re focus and take a new perpective on how to reason the suggestion made. Even the word insinuation is a loaded manipulation tool.

INSINUATION = In Sin You Ate Sun

This word implies that sin is real. It states that you’ve ingested sun, which is the light. Light is the glowing energy of the sun that makes all things corrupt and die, and for this reason, sin is sun. In religious thought throughout the world, sin is death. As stated, sun is also death. Therefore, sin is sun. The implication of this word manipulates you to feel guilty, death and hell bound, and in need of a saviour. It doesn’t say that on a conscious level, it just insinuates it. Human beings are so incredibly wise that we grab hold of everything, process it in our pure innocent state of awareness and respond according to that information. Then we continue to move through this 3 dimensional experience with a death curse implanted in our illusory reality. We are manipulated to thereby conform and obey the systems promising freedom, liberty, life and prosperity. All empty promises, but the promises are further maintained by even more subliminal suggestion to keep you on the road of stupidity. This is how total control is manifested by the luciferian illuminati elite of the world.

Elvis Presley is regarded around the world as the King of Rock and Roll. Whether he actually was the King is debateable, however he definitely was the prime manipulation tool in using the recording industry to steer humanity into lunacy.

Elvis lived in Memphis Tennessee. Right on the Mississippi River. Memphis was the ancient city in Egypt, now just ruins, and was located on the Nile River just a few miles from Cairo. This is the area of the Giza Pyramids and the Necropolis, or temple of the dead. On previous pages, the Mississippi is a subliminal suggestion for the river goddess Isis. Tennessee, is also a subliminal supporting the Mississippi and Memphis suggestions of Egyptian sun god worship, Ten Eye See, or 10 Isis. 10 is the number of in-TEN-sity. The fabrication of Memphis, Tennessee, on the Mississippi, with the King of Rock and Roll, Elvis (EL the father of all gods – and VIS the Virgin Isis), who recorded at Sun Records, (SUN the son god – RECORD Ray-Rock-Death) was meant to intensify the direction for humanity to go, because the time of judgment on the Rock, by the Rock, and Rolling of the tide of cleansing water of the luciferian lord was due.

Yellowstone – Holy Rock Hot Spots – New World Acropolis

Immediately below is an aerial shot of Yellowstone National Park. In the charts following, a few of the coinciding symbolic features of the Acropolis at Athens and the Western United States and Yellowstone National Park will be demonstrated. Many more details could have been included, but for lack of space. Consider every word and proceed very slowly as a lot of information regarding the inspiration for the luciferian illuminati agenda, is shown.

Yellowstone Aerial

Continental Drift Creates Snake River Canyon

In the chart below, the sequence of coloured dots shows the direction that the North American continent moved as the stable volcanic core stayed in position, finally settling at it’s present location in Yellowstone National Park. Scientific data has the time span for this event occurring from 15 million to .62 million years ago. However, because this is subliminal manipulation, in actual fact it occurred over the last 4,500 years, with the suggestion, and scientific data implanted, that would suggest millions of years. In reality, it didn’t take 4,500 years to occur, because time and space is an illusion. In 3 dimensional terms, they must convince us that things evolve at a very slow speed so the probability of a cataclysm occurring within days or weeks is not part of the trance state reality. This creates a false sense of security and a willingness to remain in the hypnotic state.

At the same time that they labour diligently to cause us to believe in the evolutionary process, they also conjure up the thought process called religion, and creationism, and that all that we see is the result of the great creator god. In this scenario, we’re told that humanity will be eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage,… and knew not till the flood came and took them all away. This is a reference to the Flood of Noah that is supposed to occur when the lord comes in vengeance to judge the sinners of the world, and thereafter, the saints will live and reign with him, in his kingdom.

Both of these concepts are based on thought, energy and light. Both are of the light bringer, the luciferian thought form. Both are illusions conjured up, then placed in the midst of the eternal state of freedom and awareness to act as a 3 dimensional veil to keep us separated from knowing reality. We are in the eternal state now, but the luciferian thinkers and their elite puppets control our ability to draw on the riches of this wisdom state by placing this evolutionary, creationist veil in our way.

See the chart below and be aware that this continental shift occurred over a very short 3 dimensional space of time, and could have occurred in a moment, if the trance would be strengthened by so doing.


Snake River – Serpent Revered Canyon Carved In The Rock

On previous pages, the photograph of the Rock under the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem, matches all the states in topographical similarity, with exception to California, where the Sacramento Valley runs more east/west, than north/south. Part of understanding why this will occur, why the direction of the Sacramento will change, is shown in the close up section of Wyoming and Idaho, and centred around Yellowstone National Park and the Grand Teton Range.

Proceed very slowly as you look at the formation in the close up shot. The Rock photo was either carved in this fashion, was conjured up at the moment of hypnotic suggestion, called creation day, or was weathered over the years to form the shape it is today. Whatever transpired, it is what it is today, and it coincides with the western United States in shape, topography and symbolism.

First, notice how the hot seismic region that created the Snake River Canyon eventually stopped right where Yellowstone Park is located. Consider how the top exposed portion, the Relief, of a little mountain top in Jerusalem could take the shape of a portion of a continent, half way around the world. Notice how the Snake River follows the curved crack in the Rock photo. Don’t miss the name of this river as well; it’s called the Snake River. Snake, serpent, dragon; all of these symbols are common forms implanted into the human psyche as that of the luciferian god. In Idaho, the river even goes over the bump in the photograph of the Rock and continues on up through the Grand Teton Range and into Yellowstone.

title=’Yellowstone and the Dome of the Rock’>Yellowstone and the Dome of the Rock

The Deliberate Formation Of The Rock

Next, the Rockie Mountains start in Montana and enter Wyoming at a 45 degree angle, going through Wyoming until the Great Divide Basin interrupts there path. This basin is located exactly over the depression in the photograph. Again, this depression on the Rock was either manmade or created by the luciferian thought form. Either way, it was deliberate, with a particular subliminal message to assist in manipulating the elite puppets, who would then in turn, manipulate the masses.

Near the southern border of Wyoming, the locations of Rock Springs and Green River again seem well placed, and named, from a rational point of view. However, from a symbolic perspective, these locations, and their names, implant a suggestion to further create the trance state reality these elite thinkers wish for us to create. Rock Springs refers to the time when the seismic activity will pour out it’s storehouse of fire and water. Green River refers to the colours yellow and blue mixed together to achieve green. YELLOW is HOLLEY in reverse. Blue is the symbolic colour of WATER. Together, the colour GREEN means Holy Water.

This Rock under the Dome of the Rock, the Islamic Dome in Jerusalem, might seem incidental, but keep in mind, that all the wars in the Middle East, the war in Iraq, Afghanistan, etc. are ultimately a result of this little piece of real estate. This is the main manipulation tool used to fabricate the war on terrorism, the global warming scenario, and the ultimate and fabricated, coming ‘judgment day of the lord’. This Rock, is the Rock that the church of the christ (the church of the crystal – the light divider), would be built upon. Christ is the luciferian god of duality and division. Through war and death, fear and suffering, this luciferian group christ have placed the whole of humanity into a massive hypnotic trance. So deep is the trance, that even as obvious demonstrations of manipulation are shown, as in this photograph, the ability to grasp the ramifications of this evidence is next to impossible. Proceed very slowly as you consider this evidence. It can assist tremendously in reconnecting to the awareness state.

The next area to consider, is around the Great Salt Lake and Great Salt Lake Desert in Utah. The photograph shows a very flat box like depression in this area. The overall general size coincides with the geographical locations of the lake and desert.

The World Trade Centre Attack Was A Subliminal

Next, consider the Canadian border on the top of the photograph. The Dome of the Rock, which was built in 690 AD, was built 1177 years before Canada became a country in 1867. How did they know to put the border in place if it wasn’t yet a country? Of course, the border was placed to match the Rock of Islamic religious belief, because Islam, Christianity and Judaism are the One Religion, the human sacrifice religion of Abraham. They work hand in glove to fabricate the hypnotic trance placed on all of humanity. For this reason also, that Freemasonry acquires their members from the Islamic, Judaic and Christian faiths. As the initiates pass into higher degrees, they must, by the 32nd degree in the Scottish Rite, for example, pledge allegiance to Allah, if they wish to become a Shriner. If they take this vow to Allah, they become a knight of the Ancient Arabic Order of the Nobles of the Mystic Shrine. Islam, Judaism and Christianity are but one religion that incorporate all the control elements and symbolism of Islam. The whole intent of the homeland security measures and the heightened terrorism alertness around the world is just herding the sheep into the pen. The pen is the prison cell. Humanity has run headlong into this prison cell and pleads for the jail keeper to slam the door shut so that the terrorist, who is the jail keeper, who are the religious and intellectual wizards who run the world, can’t hurt them as they’re safely locked in their cell.


This is the Global Warming Ice Lamb of god who will be sacrificed to cleanse the world of sin and imperfection. The new age of enlightenment, the age of aquarius, the new world order will reign supreme. This is the promise of the Old Testament, where out of Zion will the saviour come. Zion is the Ocean.


The ocean is zion, out of which the messianic kingdom will be born.

Psalm 146:5 ‘…the Lord his God…
(v.6) Which made heaven, and earth, the sea,… (the air, earth and water – the environment)
(v.7) Which executeth judgment
(v.10) The Lord shall REIGN for ever, even thy God, O ZION (or O-CEAN).

All references to Zion in the luciferian holy books are referring to the waters and in particular, the oceans of the world. Zion is the Ion, is Orion, is the glowing white purity of the cleansing power of the WATTAGE of electrical energy derived from the waters of the world. All of this makes no rational sense. However, from a subliminal perspective, from a hypnotic point of view, this is what’s really taking place.

It is these Freemasonic sun god worshippers that have fabricated every world system, and none more so, than the systems and country, and the huge trance state of the United States of America. The majority of the population of this country believe that they are the most free, the greatest, the biggest, the strongest … . Even the conspiracy theorists who discover the corruption in the political, military and religious systems of the country, and who uncover the truth about the World Trade Centre attack, are yet in a deep hypnotic trance. More often than not the conspiracy searchers are sun god worshipping people with religious beliefs. You will never expose the great satan if you are unwittingly worshipping this luciferian thought form, (who is the great satan), at the same time.

The Canadian border was put in place when the USA and Canada became settled and developed to the state it is today. It was no accident! The World Trade Centre complex also had the Canadian border built in on the north side. Building 6 coincides with the state of Washington when overlayed on the western United States, and the street running north and south beside Building 7 and touching Building 6 is called Washington Street. The symbolism is always there, hidden, but not to well, just enough left to be a subliminal. If we had known the information was built into the Rock in Jerusalem, we could have refused to believe the manipulation tactics that led up to the final attack on September 11, 2001. First, there was a fire, in the early 1990’s, then a bombing a few years later, in which a handful of people were killed. In the meantime, the Oklahoma Bombing occurred, as well as a host of airplane hijackings, embassy bombings, etc., to reinforce the subliminal messages already being established by the Bush-Clinton royalty, that ultimately led to the 9-11 attack.

However, it was this attack on the WTC that was a subliminal, a sigil magic marker, a manipulative hypnotic tool, for the really big attack coming on the horizon, … literally. The WTC was the Temple on the ROCK-e-feller Plaza. With the 2 Pillars of the Hebrew Temple, the twin towers. The Hudson River was just beside, symbolizing the Sea of Bronze for cleansing the hands of the priests as they performed the slaughter that day. The gold and silver of Wall Street symbolized the Treasure Cells of the Hebrew Priests, as they were gathered all around the Holy of Holies, the World Trade Centre. The subliminal messages were there, foretelling of 9-11, but we didn’t recognize or interpret them as could’ve been done had we known. If we would have also known that the luciferian egregore established the whole trance state using the royal elite of the world.

We missed interpreting the suggestion the first time around and the subliminals are there again. This time established through the war on terrorism, the war with Iraq and the threat of war with Iran. The Global Warming scenario, is conjuring up the weapon of choice, which includes the oceans and seismic regions of the world. The world is supposed to be judged and cleansed with fire and water. All the trickery, manipulative tactics and deceptive scenarios that the elite can muster, are bombarding the world daily, establishing the reality in the trance state that this is what will transpire. If we continue to give this bullshit credence, then it’ll happen. If we wake up to the reality that this is hypnosis, we avert the devastation and reconnect to the state of awareness and strength. We literally become conscious and reclaim our sanity.

The Final Blood Sacrifice To The Luciferian God

But now we know! Now they’re going to unleash the lunatic new world order, the age of aquarius, the flood of Noah, the Global Warming flood, the new age of enlightenment and the kingdom of god on earth. They’re going to do it for certain, because the majority of humanity believes it’s going to happen. Take a look at all the Rocks throughout history. Lower down on this page a chart shows all of them uncovered up to this point, with the 90 degree right angle corner, implying the inside angle of the cross of the sun god. The inside right angle is a perfect corner. The word and shape of the corner is a suggestion meaning Reigning Rock. When the word CORNER is broken apart it reads as COR = ROC (in reverse) for ROCK and NER = REN (again in reverse) for REIGN. The word CORNERSTONE and the concept of the cornerstone used in Freemasonic sun god worship, is simply referring to the Reigning Power of the Holy Stone of hypnotic suggestion.

Consider all these Rocks and notice that all of them were set up to be purposely destroyed as blood sacrifices to the luciferian entity. Why should it be any different now? They’ve come all this way, manipulating of all of humanity to shed humanities blood to the luciferian christ god. Why would they change their mind now? Of course, they’re not going to change their mind. The masses never saw it coming before. The trance was to deep, and the evidence exposing the manipulation was to thin. Now, however, the evidence is overwhelming, and the purpose and timeline uncovered. Look at the ruins of Babylon, Egypt, Jerusalem, Athens, Rome and the British Empire. The scenario has been moving right along, with one destruction following another, but the whole time, the agenda, never for a second, went off track. Now we’re on the brink of the final attack, the final push, the final sacrifice.

The hourdes of humanity are given a choice by the luciferian thinkers, where we can choose the devastation scenario most palatable. Whether you call it the new world order, new age thinking, the age of Aquarius, the 2nd coming of Christ, the coming of the Messiah, or the judgment of Allah, it’s all the same event. Humanity chooses the perspective they find most appetizing, and unwittingly, the trance is solidified. Once solidified, the reality created within the trance comes to pass.

The most deceiving and manipulative scenario to melt all the nations together, and all religious, political and intellectual thought, into one sun god worshipping form, is Environmentalism. This movement is focusing, virtually all of humanity, into one imprisoned fear based society, ready and waiting for destruction.

The subliminal messages, the mysteries of god, (for this lunatic god does move in mysterious ways), are etched in this stone. These entities have promised for 6,000 years, that the elite will live and reign with them in the afterlife. The elite have been promised to have all the riches, glory, worship and control that paradise on earth can deliver. Read their holy books. They’re filled with blood, war, sex, astrology, money and ultimately hell fire for all who dare not comply. For this reason they have manipulated and killed millions throughout the ages. The World Trade Centre attack, a mere drop in the bucket of blood to these guys, was just the start button for the final conquest before they enter into the kingdom of their lunatic lord. Consider the implications of the chart below, and it will assist in breaking the trance.

Yellowstone and the Dome of the Rock

An Overview Of Yellowstone National Park

The map below shows the Yellowstone Caldera, and the incredible size of this seismic zone.

Yellowstone Caldera 2

Athens Walls – The Olympians – The Acropolis – 37 Degrees

The next rock used to scrutinize, that’s also been used in the manipulation of humanity, is the walled city of Athens, and the Acropolis Rock. This is considered the birthplace of western civilization, and for good reason. From this time and place in history, all of western culture finds its influence. The symbolism of Athens, and Greece, abounds everywhere in the western world.

Study the walled city of Athens just below, as it’s laid overtop of the western United States. Pay special attention to the Acropolis Rock, the location of the Parthenon, as it coincides with Yellowstone, the Grand Teton Range and Snake River Canyon. This is once again, totally by design. As the common symbolism in different sections of these overlaid maps is uncovered, the obvious conclusion is that a master plan is behind it all.

One such example is the Sacred Gate on the walled city of Athens, coincides with the Golden Gate Bridge of San Francisco. Outside the Sacred Gate is a road that leads to Eleusi, and the annual celebration of the Great Mysteries, the Eleusian Mysteries, the Secret Mysteries of sun god worship. These mysteries are the bullshit mysteries of how a whole world can be placed in a hypnotic trance through subliminal messaging, using the kaballistic knowledge provided by the luciferian group of thinkers. The road to Eleusia goes out into the Pacific Ocean when considering it’s direction from the western states. It’s this ocean, and the waters of the world, that will be used as the great mysterious regeneration, the rebirth of humanity, and the resurrection from the dead . Biblically speaking, we’ve been told, ‘we are the salt of the earth, if salt loses it’s flavour, how can it be made salt again’, or how can it get it’s flavour back? The answer is, you flood the world, destroy the flavourless heathens, then let the water evaporate, and you’ll have a fresh batch of salt left behind. We are the salt. Have a look at that word.

SALT = SAL-T = SAL or SOL or SUN. Salt is just sunlight. Sea Salt is just See Sun. We are a season of the astrological eye of enlightenment. On and on, the lunacy goes.

Notice the 2 long walls that extend from the bottom of the walls of Athens. These long walls extend into the country of Mexico when overlayed on the western states map. In previous pages, this symbolically is the Valley of Megiddo, the site of the Battle of Armageddon.

The name MEXICO = MEGIDDO = M-Eye-DO. The G in Megiddo is substituted with a Y. The letter G can stand on it’s own as a Y or as the whole word EYE, as seen in the Freemason logo. This letter G, or the EYE, is the All Seeing Eye and is the Cross formed by the 2 intersecting lines of the Zodiac light chart, and is the letter X. This is the reason for the letter X is MeXico. The letter D in Megiddo, means DEATH. The letter C in Mexico is a hard C and sounds like K. The letter K means KILL, which is DEATH. With this breakdown of the symbolism in these 2 words, Mexico and Megiddo are identical in meaning. Again, we have to ask ourselves why?

The name Wyoming itself is very telling as to the symbolic significance of this state.

the electrically charged atom
OHM the unit of electrical resistance
ING the trinity eye. I=EYE N=EYN G=EYE

Poseidon – The God Of Earthquakes and The Sea

Consider the Aglaureion, the sanctuary built in the crack of the cliff on the left hand side of the Acropolis. This sanctuary was built to Poseidon, the brother of Zeus. Poseidon was the god of earthquakes, the sea and horses. The location of the Aglaureion coincides with the Snake River Canyon that leads to Yellowstone. Both of these locations, the ancient Greek Aglaureion, and the seismic region around Yellowstone, are associated with earthquakes, the sea and horses. Wyoming is a horse and ranch state. Yellowstone is considered a super volcano by world standards. Some 2,000 or more earthquakes occur in Yellowstone, (Holystone), annually. The geysers that spring up from this seismic zone equal 50% of all geysers in the world. These geysers are not fresh water springs, but filled with minerals from beneath the earths crust.

Once again, the odds of this particular Acropolis rock lining up with Yellowstone by overlaying it on the western states is extreme to say the least. All the rocks uncovered so far, line up in one fashion or another with symbolism connected to the western states, and all reveal a further chapter of the luciferian agenda.

The name Acropolis was known as the CRANAA – which means ROCKY in Greek. This is where we get the world cranium – the Skull – the part that encloses the brain. It’s this symbolism that connects to the use of the skull in the Skull and Bones Secret Society at Yale University. The skull protects the eye of the light atom particle. This is the sacred All Seeing Eye of enlightenment. All the symbolism regarding the Rock is symbolism regarding the Skull. This extends to the Rockefeller Plaza in New York. This is just one more piece of symbolic evidence that links the Skull and Bones Society, of which the Bush family are members, to the attack on the World Trade Centre.

All the rocks are skulls. This symbolism goes way back to the mythical story of the crucifixion of Jesus, where he was taken out to the Golgotha, the place of the Skull. This is symbolic jargon for the place of the Rock upon which the christian church would be built. The rock of deceit, death, and judgment. The Rock of the great Eye Am / I Am.

Golgotha is the Holy Place or Holy Rock, the Skull that protects the All Seeing Eye of luciferian conjured up lunacy. Once again, there are coinciding locations with the ACROPOLIS, or CRANAA, (the cranium), the ROCKY, or the SKULL. This location coincides with Yellowstone, the Holy Rock or Holy Stone, which in turn is the Holy Skull.

Taking all this just one more hypnotic subliminal step further, the SKULL is the SCHOOL, the source of all intellectual knowledge.

Athens Walls Acropolis

The Grand Mother Athena – The Grand Teton Range

The Parthenon lays directly over the Grand Teton Range when the walled city of Athens is overlayed on the western states. The Grand Teton Range literally means ‘the grand teats’ or the grand tits. This mountain range symbolically suckles, or feeds the child, as well as providing sexual gratification for the lover. The Parthenon is the temple to the virgin mother goddess Athena. This is the inspiration for the city name Athens.

On the diagram immediately above, if you look just south of the Acropolis, you’ll see the area known as the Pnyx. This was the birthplace of democracy. Greece itself, is the birthplace of western civilization. Democracy and civilization seem to go hand in hand when it comes to hypnotic suggestion. The area of Pnyx Hill and the activities that occurred here show that something other than true democracy or anything resembling civilization was established here. What happened here was the establishment of systems of deception that would be perfected through the ages as the luciferian empires spread over the entire world.

The Pnyx is located on one arm of the western United States 4 Corner Cross. This 4 Corner Cross forms a Quadrant. Cities with strong sun god worship and Freemasonic influence incorporate the Quadrant into the layout of the city. The Quadrant is the symbol of the Cross, the worship of the luciferian sun god. One city with this Quadrant aspect is the old city of Jerusalem. Another is the city of Washington DC. Both of these cities are major political and religious Egyptian sun god worship cities. It’s for this reason that the Pnyx is located on and near the centre of the 4 Corner Cross. It symbolizes the oneness of politics and religion. The oneness of civilization and democracy. The oneness of intellectualism and demonism.

The Pynx Hill has a flat stone that’s called the Bema Stone. Meetings were called at this stone where people could voice their opinions on certain matters. Those taking part in the meetings were called the Ecclesia or the Assembly. This is the very same term used in many religious institutions of our day. The ecclesia or the assembly of believers, the priest, the ecclesiatical, are all terms that apply to the church and religion, but are founded in the roots of democracy. How then, can church and state be considered separate, when their foundation is on the same rock … quite literally?

The Bema Stone was the inspiration for the church pulpit, with it’s raised platform. This is the place of communion, where one communes with god. In the photograph immediately below, notice that the Acropolis and the temples to Zeus, Athena, and a whole host of other gods overlooks the Bema Stone. In a christian church, this same domination scenario of god is seen in the cross or crucifix, usually seen hanging judiciously on a back altar wall. This is democracy and this is religion. They can’t be separated.

This Bema Stone is the Rock of Judgment. In christianity you come to receive communion at the Bema Stone Altar, and in so doing, and according to some religious groups, be forgiven of your sins, or by further confessing to a priest. This is exactly the same as democracy in action. We pay taxes, we get forgiven, and we carry on being enslaved by the system.

This is religion. We pay our tithe, we get forgiven, and we carry on in the religion induced trance through the fear of hell and death. In the trance state, we reason that politics and religion, and church and state, are different entities. But why do we reason that way? Simply because the elite of the world have created the systems of the world that teach us that this is rational. We want to appear rational, and we do the most irrational thing of all, we become wilfully blind to the obvious.

Total control is still total control no matter how many names that are applied to it.

Pnyx Hill and Bema Stone

Ionism – Orionism – Zionism – Mayanism – Eye On Ism

The next chart takes a closer look at the area of the Acropolis and comparing the locations of the temples with the a few locations in Yellowstone and the Grand Teton Range.

Yellowstone and Acropolis

The following is a list of the temple areas numbered in the chart of the Acropolis site plan just above.

Acropolis was called Cranaa, meaning Rocky in Greek.


The Place of the Skull – Golgotha – Crucifixion

1. Parthenon – Temple of Athena the Virgin – (parthenos in Greek) protector of Athens.
The chryselephantine statue of Athena (meaning “plated with gold” – ‘chrusos in Greek’) and ivory (“elephas, elephantos” in Greek) that was inside the temple.

2. Old Temple of Athena – Athena grew the first olive tree on its slope

3. Erechtheion – built to replace the older temple of Athena. Named after one of the kings of Athens – Erechteus – sometimes identified with Poseidon

4. Statue of Athena Promachos

5. Propylaea –

6. Temple of Athena Nike – temple to Athena the provider of Victory (nike in Greek) – (The rising Phoenix bird in victory – Arizona – reborn from the ashes of the funeral pyre it made for itself)

7. Eleusinion – sanctuary of Demeter – (MEDITERR-ANEAN) – whose mysteries were celebrated at Eleusis – the starting point of the official precession occurring during the celebration of the Great Mysteries – leading to the Telesterion in Eleusis via the “Sacred Way” – (The Way – Wave) (VIA DELOROSA)

The Sacred Way – the road leading from Athens to Eleusi and further to Delphi, and on to the Telesterion, her temple in Eleusis.

8. Sanctuary of Artemis Brauronia or Brauroneion

9. Chalkotheke

10. Pandroseion – Sanctuary dedicated to Pandrosus, daughter of Cecrops the 1st king of Athens. Mystery cults were associated with her name – PANDROSUS = PANDROSEION = Pan (the god of flocks and herds – represented as a man having the legs of a goat and often the goat’s horns and ears) -Death-Rose-Ion

11. Arrephorion
12. Altar of Athena
13. Sanctuary of Zeus Polieus
14. Sanctuary of Pandion
15. Odeon of Herodes Atticus
16. Stoa of Eumenes –
17. Sanctuary of Asclepius or Asclepieion
18. Theatre of Dionysus Eleuthereus
19. Odeon of Pericles
20. Temenos of Dionysus Eleuthereus
21. Aglaureion – Sanctuary built in crack of cliff where Poseidon struck the Acropolis Rock with his trident and out sprang sea water

Gibraltar and Monte Hacho

‘Columas Plus Ultras’ – ‘Columns Further Beyond’ in the chart above, refers to the Columns, or Pillars that stood outside the Hebrew Temple. These were the North and South columns called Boaz and Jachin. At the Strait of Gibraltar, 2 massive rocks, one on the north side and one on the south, mark the opening for the water of the Strait of Gibraltar to flow through. The mountain Rocks at this opening are under the jurisdiction of Spain and England.

Interestingly, in the New World, the symbolic North and South Columns are located in areas once controlled by England and Spain. Of course, the Twin Towers of the WTC are obvious columns, but not so obvious, are the states of North and South Carolina, with names such as Columbia, Greensboro, Raleigh and Charlotte. These names all have subliminal water suggestion built into them.

North and South Dakota are 2 more columns, with names such as Devil’s Lake, Grand Forks, Rapid City, and Bismarck. Once again, names with subliminal water messages attached to them.

Oregon and Arizona, both mean Orion and Orions’ respectively. Oregon being the North Column and Arizona being the South. North and South Baja in Mexico, also symbolize the columns of the Hebrew Temple.

Something that all these geographical locations share, or will eventually share, is to mark the locations of sacrificial water passing through the columns. Just as in the Hebrew Temple, the sacrifice was brought through the columns into the holy place. So too, will the symbolic and literal waters pass through these columns as the Global Warming rising sea levels combine with cataclysmic seismic motion.

It’s for this reason that such monuments such as the Georgia Guidestones are located so geographically close to North and South Carolina, in Elberton Georgia. Just so people don’t forget to connect the instructions of what to do when the world devastation hits. The first guideline on these stones instructs the survivors to maintain the world population at 500 million.

South Dakota has Mount Rushmore, with 4 presidential puppets carved into the Rock as they watch the flood and earthquake devastate the western states. North and South Dakota support the 4 Corners Cross of Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Nunavut and the Northwest Territories just above the 49th parallel.

The state of Oregon (Orion) has Crater Lake which is symbolic of Orions Head, the shoulders being the 2 top corners of California, and Orions Belt is San Francisco, Sacramento and Lake Tahoe. The knees of Orion are located at Los Angeles and Death Valley. Arizona has Phoenix and the Sun Valley. Symbolic locations referring to the resurrection and rebirth after the cleansing of the earth has transpired.

North and South BaJa is another B and J word. These names represent Boaz and Jachin, the 2 Hebrew Temple Columns.

The largest of all the columns however, are the North and South Poles which connect with the North and South Pacific Ocean columns of water, and the North and South Atlantic Ocean columns of water. It’s these columns of ocean waters, or Oh Sun waters, that the Global Warming scenario is figured around.

The North American Craton Rock – Judgment of Zeus

The largest rock in the world is the North American Craton Rock. The exposed part in purple, shown below, is the Canadian Shield. If you flip this diagram horizontally, the city of New York would be the red dot on the left side of the diagram. Notice that not all of North America is the Craton Rock. The west coast has a weld, so to speak, holding it onto the Craton.

In the upper left corner the country of Greenland, with their 7,000 foot ice mountains, plus the 1,000 feet of ice that has sunk below sea level, and the polar ice caps, coincide with the area of Washington State if you overlay the Craton Rock over top of the western United States. This reaffirms the necessity of why the state of Washington is so named. This is the Washing Town of the Global Warming scenario. The subliminals have to be established repeatedly, and irrationally, so that they affect humanity subconsciously, and we thereby create the reality that the luciferian egregore wish for us to experience, which is, almost total devastation.

Notice once again, that the Hudson Bay and James Bay (another J and B word), coincide with the area of the Great Basin, and the Nile River on the map of Egypt, the Courtyard of Rockefeller Plaza, the Inner City of London on the map of London, the states of Nevada, Utah and southern Idaho on the western states map, and so on. This is a sacred holy ground to the luciferian mind and the royal elite who run the world. This is the place of offering of the sacrifice to the loony lord. This is the holy place of the Hebrew Temple.

North American Craton Rock

On the diagram just below, the area of Greenland and the polar regions coincide with Mount Olympus in Washington State. It is from Mount Olympus, where Zeus (Je-Zeus) and his 11 elite gods (11 disciples – Judas Iscariot hung himself) will pour out the waters of judgment that are supposed to cleanse the earth.

North American Catron Rock Reversed

Now have a look at the North American Craton Rock reversed, with the western United States borders overlayed, showing the Canadian 4 Corner Cross lining up in the general area of the western states 4 Corner Cross. This is yet one more example of the subliminal message entrenched in the concept of the Octagon, or the Double Cross of intellectualism and religion.

Once again, just as with the Gulf of Suez coinciding with the Sacramento Valley, the Great Lakes and Saint Lawrence Seaway cover the same area of the Sacramento Valley. Now it becomes more obvious why the Great Lakes are called Great. In the minds of sun god worshippers, such as the Freemasons, the religions of Abraham, any body of water is holy, but the water symbolizing the cleansing of the earth in the day of judgment, is not just holy, it’s GREAT, which = EYE-RAY-T, or IRATE, the anger of the luciferian thinkers. The tip of Lake Superior reaches into Arizona and touches on the city of Phoenix.

Notice how the country of Greenland lines up with Mount Olympus in Washington State. Green is a combination of YELLOW = YELLOH = HOLLEY in reverse = HOLY; and BLUE, which is synonamous with water, the BIRTH, or regenerative notion of BETA, the Greek fertility letter. BLUE = BLEW = BLEWE or BL-EWE, a female sheep, and signifies to be born of water. BLEW is also Bel-Ew, as in Baal, the fertility god. BLUE, or BLEW, also suggests the Baal Well, or the WELL of BAAL. The Well of Baal is the fertility characteristic of watering the earth. In the eyes of the luciferian thinkers, humanity forms the body of christ, the sheep or lamb, fit for sacrifice. Here the subliminals in the word GREEN reinforce this slaughter concept. This is the location of the flood of Zeus, or the Gulf of Suez, (as seen in the Egypt overlay on the western USA). This is the Club of Orion. The Shield of Orion is the Judgment Rock, and Yellowstone, or Holy Stone, is right in the middle of the Canadian Shield. The Hudson Bay is located right over Salt Lake City Utah, and the Great Salt Desert. The area around the Salt Lake Desert is the Great Basin, including much of Nevada, Idaho and Utah. All the water flowing into the Great Basin does not flow to any sea or ocean. This part of the western states is a dry and thirsty land just begging, (subliminally mind you), for a real good watering.

New York and the City of Los Angeles coincide perfectly. New York means New ROSE, and it’s the sea level rising that New York City, New York State, the ROSE STATE, and the ROCKefeller Plaza and the World Trade Centre attack are all about. The Rock of Judgment and the Water Rose.

The 37th Parallel – The 49th Parallel – The Number One

On the diagram immediately above, something that should not be missed, is that the bottom of the 4 Corner Cross in Canada, (the Black Cross), stops at the 49th parallel. 49 coincides with the number 1 on the 5th clockface. The vertical stroke in the Canadian 4 Corner Cross is formed by the border of Manitoba and Saskatchewan. On the chart above, this vertical stroke stops in the area of the 37th parallel, which is the horizontal stroke of the 4 Corner Cross in the western states. 37 also coincides with the number 1 on the 4th clockface. The number 1 is symbolic of a new age, a new world order, an age of reason, the age of Aquarius and a messianic kingdom. Or, in more literal terms, a time in history when bullshit reigns supreme because of the trance perpetuated on humanity.

Rocks Around The World

No Shortage Of Rocks – Arkansas – Little Rock – Rose Law Firm

The subliminal message hidden in the Rocks of sun god worship can be found throughout the United States. The State of Arkansas is no exception. This state mirrors the shape of Egypt as well as the general shape of the western states. Arkansas is just below the town of Cairo Illinois, the southern region of Illinois which is locally referred to as Little Egypt.The symbolic northern ‘Canadian Border’ is ever present on this map of Arkansas, as seen in the horizontal line at the top of the map, the implied 90 degree right angle, the Strait of Juan de Fuca and the direction of the Mexican border is also implied. The most disturbing element in this overlaying of Arkansas and the western USA, is that once again, the Sacramento Valley is being symbolically flooded. On the map chart below, Pulaski County, the red triangle in the centre of Arkansas, is the location of Little Rock, the capital city of Arkansas. This coincides with the area of the Great Salt Lake and the Great Salt Lake Desert. Salt is symbolic of humanity. We are the salt of the earth, it has been said. The symbolism in this geographical location speaks of the water of life having evaporated leaving behind the salt. The salt flats represent the mound, or hill, that will rise out of the ashes as the judgment of water, fire and brimstone is unleashed.

Keep in mind, this is all subliminal suggestion. The intended objective of the luciferian thinkers. Recognizing the trance state and the intended devastation can be eliminated by reconnecting to the awareness state.

Interestingly, Arizona, and the city of Phoenix, lie just below, just to the south of the Great Salt Flats. This city is symbolically located to rise from the ashes, just as the Phoenix Bird, the Benu Bird (Be New Bird), of ancient Egypt.

Little Rock Arkansas is the home of Hillary Rodham Clinton. She is part of the Rose Law Firm, the oldest law firm west of the Mississippi. Hillary Rodham Clinton has risen from the position of First Lady of the most powerful empire in history to rule the earth and is now attempting to be the first President of that empire.

The Next President Of The United States ?

Hillary Clinton

HILLARY = HILL a rise or mound of earth, AR = RA or RAY in reverse, Y = EYE Hillary symbolically speaks of the primordial hill, the first hill that will rise up out of the flood of judgment. Symbolically, Hillary represents the goddess Isis, Astarte, Hera, Juno or Mary.

RODHAM = ROD the Rose of Death, the power of royalty. Also, ROD = DOR in reverse, the entrance to the afterlife. ROD speaks of the Good Shepherd of sun god worship, the messiah who herds humanity to the slaughter. HAM = MAH in reverse, the MATRIX, mother, ma, womb of death.

CLINTON = CLIN, where the letter C sounds the word See and the letters LIN, or Sea Nil in reverse, and TON = TOWN.

The name Clinton symbolizes the Sea Nile and the town of Emphasis, which in turn is Memphis. The emphasis refers to the location where the North American Plate and the Pacific Plate converge and enter in the direction of the Sacramento Valley. This location is near the city of Eureka, California, which means, ‘we have found it’. The emphasis is the seismic action that the luciferian mind intends on implimenting, as the rising sea levels combine with the Big One, the long overdue earthquake on the west coast.

The subliminal message regarding Memphis, as the town of emphasis, has been established through the game of tennis. It is no accident that the Wimbledon Tennis Tournament is located in Britain. The home of the royals, who are the foundational roots of the royalty of American politics. Tennis originated in England in the early 19th century. Today, the Grand Slam of 4 major tournaments are played out as the Australian Open, the US Open, the French Open and Wimbledon.

The words GRAND SLAM mean (substitute the G for a Y or EYE) EYE RAIN DEATH or I REIGN DEATH joined with SLAM which is I-SLAM. The letter S always refers to ISIS, the fertility river water goddess. Therefore SLAM is IS-LAM, or the religion of ISLAM, the ICE LAMB which is being used by the elite of the world to bring in the new age of the messianic order. The word Grand can be shortened to simpling meaning EYE, as all 3 components, the G (eye), the RAN (light ray, rain, or reign), and the D (the all seeing eye of death), all refer to the eye. Therefore, Grand Slam is a hypnotic suggestion for the term Islam.

From a rational perspective this is sheer lunacy to contemplate anything this way. If you’re attempting to establish yourself as the great ruler god of the world through subliminal messaging, then this makes a ton of sense.

Memphis Tennessee is a subliminal meaning Emphasis, Ten Isis, or in rational terms, seismic emphasis has been implanted through the game of tennis, the game of luv. Luv is love, the game of sex ritual sacrifice. The score in this game is measured in Luv or Love. 15, the number of the deity. 30, the number of the christ/antichrist. 40, the number of the foursquare foundation that the church of deception and the double cross was built upon. Only now, in the game of tennis, the intensity number 0 is included with the number 4. The number 4 and 40 both coincide with 4 on the 1st and 4th clockface, once again establishing the subliminal of a new world order with the number 1 and the foundation it stands upon with the number 4.

LUV = LOVE, the game of love, refers to the time when the marriage supper of the lamb is completed, and Mother Mary, (the Mare or Sea), marries her son, Jesus, (or Hey-Zeus), as the Gulf of Zeus (Suez), and the River of Isis (Mississippi) merge as one. Killing the masses is so erotic and sweet to the Bush/Clinton royal bloodline.

The Sea Nile term is no accident, and is repeated endlessly in our culture. To be senile, is to have the infirmity of old age. Geographically however, the term senile speaks of a river valley, etc., reaching the end of an erosion cycle, called senility. The name Clinton is referring to the end of a cycle, the end of an age, or more to the point, the end of an AGENDA.

The Bush/CLinton royal bloodline has been the puppet government running the White House, (Orion’s House), and the luciferian agenda for 50 years. These puppets in turn, take their orders from puppets higher up, as seen in Cheney and Kissinger, two elite members who obediently fulfill the luciferian agenda and who never seem to go away. There would seem no point to switch the coach in the match game.

The 11 states immediately west of the Mississippi represent the number of death. As do the 11 states of the western-most states. These 11 states immediately west of the Mississippi are called Tornado Alley. This includes the state of Kansas. Barack Obama, the other Democratic candidate seeking to take the Democratic ticket, is originally from Kansas. The close fought battle between these two candidates was designed to focus attention on their home states of Arkansas and Kansas. These states are part of Tornado Alley, and on previous pages it’s been demonstrated that Tornado Alley coincides with the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem. The Wailing Wall is just outside the temple courtyard where Solomon’s Temple is said to have originally stood. This Wall is as close as the Jewish faithful can get to Mount Moriah that lies under the Islamic Dome of the Rock, and was the location of the Holy of Holies of Solomon’s Temple. Mount Moriah in Jerusalem is symbolized by the elite luciferian name Moriah Conquering Wind, and Tornado Alley references this notion.

The 11 western United States symbolize that Rock called Mount Moriah, the Rock of Judgment. The 11 Tornado Alley states symbolize the Wailing Walland also inspire the name Moriah Conquering Wind, another alias that the illuminati brotherhood go by. Mount Moriah was a threshing floor rock, where the grain is separated from the chaff, by the wind. That wind is Moriah Conquering Wind, symbolically fulfilled by the Tornado Alley states, whose recent record tornados, (even in the middle of winter, and out of season), have coincided with the Democratic primaries. Not only tornados, but record blizzards and floods, all originating in Tornado Alley. The Wind of Moriah is separating the grain from the chaff in preparation for the coming feast at the Marriage Supper of the Lamb. Moriah Conquering Wind is conquering the minds of humanity as all are herded into sun god worship under the guise and deception of environmentalism and the green movement. We’re manipulated to believe that we must clean up the earth, the water and the air. These 3 parts of the environment are the holy trinity of Egyptian sun god worship. How useless to think that a clean environment can ever be attained when it’s very foundation is built upon corruption and lies. The corruption and lies are the thoughts, and thinking process of the luciferian egregore who conjured up energy, light and the whole 3 dimensional space of air, water and earth.

The Wailing Wall gets its name from Old Testament scriptures, (more subliminal messages), where Rachel is found ‘weeping for her children’ and could not be comforted. Rachel is weeping at the Wailing Wall, the 11 Tornado Alley states, for the sacrifice that the luciferian lord is attempting to fulfill on the Rock of Judgment. The Rock of Judgment is symbolized by the 11 western United States.

Arkansas Little Rock

The picture of the Summum Pyramid is in Salt Lake City Utah. This pyramid is a legal winery and is used for modern embalming techniques.

Summum Pyramid

The Middle East Eyes – The Eye Rock War

The country of Iraq, in similar fashion to Egypt, has a right angle border. It’s hidden discreetly within the jagged boundaries, however, it is unmistakably there. The real reason for the war in Iraq is locked up in these boundaries. Like all the other rocks demonstrated on this site, the judgment of the luciferian god, and all the subliminal messages that have been established within humanity for centuries, are all exposed in these diagrams and charts. They had to tell us, subliminally, what it is they’re planning to do. However, they had to do it without being detected, or the hypnotic spell, the hypnotic reality they hoped to create would not come to pass.

On the chart immediately below, the countries of Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Iraq and Iran have a very common theme hidden within their names. They all make reference to the Eye. Iraq is especially unique in the shape of it’s border, in that it points directly to Israel, and almost exactly at Jerusalem. Study the location of Iraq and Iran before you move on to the next chart. Try to get your bearings as to which direction the yellow arrow is pointing from within the border of Iraq, through Jordan, and into Israel, ultimately reaching the Sinai Wilderness.

Jerusalem Iraq Iran

Rock Around The Luciferian Clock Of Blood – Winnipeg – Winnie the Pooh Bear – Al Eyore Gore – Tigger Tigris – Pooh Sticks

Iraq Two Hour Glass

On the chart below, the first thing to notice is how the common straight line border of Iraq and Jordan lines up exactly with the angled border of Manitoba, the geographical centre of North America. This coincides with the area of Israel, and the triangle span of the Jordanian border reaches to Hudson Bay, which coincides with the Mediterranean Sea. Going in the opposite direction, extend the Jordanian border into Northwest Mexico, the Baja region, (another B and J word – North and South Baja, no less), and then turn northwest with the line till you reach the northern end of the Sacramento Valley near San Francisco. Turn to the northeast at San Francisco, and the line coincides with the opposite border of the Jordan span and joins at the Hudson Bay. This shows once again, the area intended to be struck by the luciferian think tank.

Now take a look at the border of Iraq. Extend the common straight line border of Jordan and Iraq and draw a line all the way down to Arizona, (the rising sun), stop in the area of Phoenix, (rising from the ashes), then draw a line from Phoenix to Eureka (we have found it) California. This line follows the angled line (angel line) of California and continues straight to Eureka, which coincides with the shoulder star on the constellation Orion, as mentioned on previous pages. This is the location of a seismic fault line. From the area around Eureka, draw a line to match up with the other side of the Jordanian border and this line eventually joins at the the Hudson Bay.

The Jordanian border follows the Manitoba border then extends through the centre of the 4 Corner Cross states, right in the area of the Canyons of the Ancients. The line then extends to Phoenix and the Baja. The opposite line passes from the northern end of the Sacramento, through the northwest corner of Yellowstone (Holystone) National Park, and on to Hudson Bay.

The common straight line border of Iraq and Jordan follows the Manitoba border as well. However, take a close look at where the opposite border of Iraq, that starts in the area of northern California, ultimately points. It crosses over right at Winnipeg Manitoba. This is the exact geographical centre of Canada and also the centre of North America.

Notice the map of Jordan overlayed on the province of Manitoba. The 135 degree angle of the Octagon places the Dome of the Rock diagram directly over the vertical stroke of the 4 Corner Cross of Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Nunavut and the Northwest Territories. The Octagon is the symbol of total control and is formed by 2 crosses overlayed and twisted 45 degrees. This is the Double Cross of Islam, Christianity and Judaism.

Iraq Iran N.America

Now consider the same map of Iraq, but given a clockwise twist and laid over top of the western United States.

Iraq Iran Pyramid

Iraq – Iran – The Rock And The Rain

The chart below now shows the location of Iran below Iraq. Iran is a simple sound suggestion when reading Iran with a long, or glided ‘A” vowel. The word Iran is referring to the Rain, or the Reign, emanating from the Eye of the Light Beam. Keep in mind that the Light Beam is the foundation that sun god worship is based on, and all of what is illustrated and written on these pages is not supposed to make any sort of rational sense. It is subliminal messaging, and the suggestion is induced just below our conscious level of reasoning.

Once again, we see that the water of judgment is intended to flow from Northern California, southeast towards Arizona and New Mexico. How this could possibly occur seems impossible, with the Cascade Range and the Sierra Nevada Mountains in the way. Don’t forget, that along with the cleansing flood water, the largest earthquake to ever take place since man was on the face of the earth is supposed to coincide with the rising sea levels.

Study the location of Iran, Iraq and the western United States. Once you’ve established clearly where the borders of these 3 countries are, then proceed to the map chart below, and see the incredible symbolic locations that coincide with Iraq, Iran and the western states.

Iraq - Iran - Western USA

Queen Ester – The Star – Hollywood – Hamadan Iran

When the maps of Iraq and Iran are overlaid on the western states, some interesting alignments occur. Again remember, from a rational logical perspective, how they’ve taught us to think, none of this makes any kind of sense. But this is hypnosis. Mass mind control of a whole planet. With that in mind, the city of Queen Ester of the old testament, is Hamadan Iran. This lines up exactly with Los Angeles, the home of Hollywood and the Stars that dwell in Hollywood. Queen Ester was means the Star. Hollywood is referring to Holy Wood, the type of wood used as the magicians wand.


Google Video – illuminatiMATRIX explanatory video detailing the foundational root of hypnosis, religion, intellectualism and who and what god is.

Click here to watch video.

YouTube Video highlighting some of the subliminal elements hidden in the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem

Please read the next paragraph before watching the ROCK VIDEO.

On the ROCK VIDEO, the World Trade Center is mistakenly called the ROCKEFELLER PLAZA. The WTC was conceived and promoted by the Rockefellers. The Rockefeller Plaza is to the north of the World Trade Centre, on the MANHATTAN ROCK, or MANNA STONE. The WTC and the Rockefeller Plaza , along with the area of CENTRAL PARK, relate to the TEMPLE MOUNT in Jerusalem, and the Al Aqsa Mosque, the Dome of the ROCK, and the Temple Courtyard. These in turn relate to the North American West Coast. See page 39 for more details.

Click here to watch the new Rock Video on YouTube.

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