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Google Video – illuminatiMATRIX explanatory video detailing the foundational root of hypnosis, religion, intellectualism and who and what god is.

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YouTube Video highlighting some of the subliminal elements hidden in the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem

Please read the next paragraph before watching the ROCK VIDEO.

On the ROCK VIDEO, the World Trade Center is mistakenly called the ROCKEFELLER PLAZA. The WTC was conceived and promoted by the Rockefellers. The Rockefeller Plaza is to the north of the World Trade Centre, on the MANHATTAN ROCK, or MANNA STONE. The WTC and the Rockefeller Plaza , along with the area of CENTRAL PARK, relate to the TEMPLE MOUNT in Jerusalem, and the Al Aqsa Mosque, the Dome of the ROCK, and the Temple Courtyard. These in turn relate to the North American West Coast. See page 39 for more details.

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RCMP – Royal Canadian Mounted Police – Royal Canaanite Mountain Pole Ice

The RCMP are the national police force in Canada. Just like the Manitoba Legislative Buildings, described on page 22, this organization attempts to put forth a pretty face. Like everything else revealed on this site, only the elite movers and shakers are behind the symbolism connected to sun god worship and human sacrifice. Individual members of the RCMP are simply manipulated through subliminal signals to carry out their duties, completely unaware of the overall agenda.

The Taser – The Laser – Legal Murder

This Royal Canadian Mounted Police uses the same sun god symbolism as the Manitoba Legislative Buildings, and the history of this organization is riddled with Freemasonic blood. The RCMP has established a reputation throughout the world with their motto, “They Always Get Their Man“. For decades, they’ve been looked upon with respect. That respect has dwindled to virtually zero in the last few months and years. People around the world were treated to the killing of an extremely disoriented Polish visitor to Canada in December 2007, who was tasered to death for doing nothing more than being upset and confused. After hours of this visitor trying to get his bearings in the Vancouver Airport, 4 RCMP officers surrounded him, tazored him, knocking him down, then knelt on his throat till he died. There were other tazor deaths in Canada in 2007 as well, committed by the RCMP.

Here’s why?


Separation of Church and State – The State Is The Church Of ISIS


To think that there is no inter-connection between religion and politics, is like trying to explain how water has no moisture. The 2 are synonamous. Where the confusion lies, is when the politicians tell us that politics and religion are separate entities. Politicians don’t lie, right? The reality is, politics are the smokescreen to cover the luciferian agenda of manipulation. With one grandiose, supposedly elected body, governing the population and manipulating them to die in sacrifice in one way or another is effortless. All governments of the world are decoys for sun god worship and are instituted to destroy and imprison humanity. The government of Canada is no different. The RCMP was established as a Temple Guard to prepare the Last Supper in the Large Upper Room for the luciferian god’s day of vengeance on the world.

The RCMP are used as a subliminal message representing Egyptian sun god worship. Their Crest, or Shield, uses the same symbolism represented in the Manitoba Legislative Buildings. The face of the Bison is encircled with a cluster of Maple Leaves. The Bison is an apotropaic pagan symbol to ward off evil spirits, much the same as a Crucifix is looked upon as having magical qualities. This Bison symbol is not there to symbolically protect the Canadian population from evil, it’s there to protect the force from the Canadian population. The subliminal suggestion is obvious, yet undetected.

The RCMP and the Colour WHITE – The Colour of ION – Orion

The colours of the RCMP are yellow, blue and red. These are the 3 primary colours of a beam of light. Sandwiched in between the 3 primary colours, is the most dominant colour of all, which is white. White is the bright glowing colour of the constellation ORION, and the RCMP have adopted white as their dominant colour, suggesting to a gullible public, that it is more society friendly. The opposite is true. This colour is simply seducing the population so they see none of the lunacy in the coming devastation. This use of these colours is a very subtle way of displaying the All Seeing Eye throughout the force without giving rise to suspicion, that it’s a Freemasonic organization. One of the most famous members of this police force was Sam Steele. Sam Steele was part of the force when it was still called the North West Mounted Police. Sam Steele was a Freemason.

Pollice – Police – Pole Ice – Polar Ice – To Kill

More symbolic sigil magic markers used by the RCMP include the Red Surge. This is the symbol and colour of blood. The yellow stripe down the side of the trousers is a beam of light. YELLOW = YELLOH = HOLLEY = HOLY. Their dress hat has a large round brim with a 4 cornered pyramid, much like the State Trooper hats of American State police forces. When viewed from above, this hat forms a cross in a circle. Similar to the NATO logo, which is a simple Zodiac symbol. However, the most telling symbol is their name. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police is simple suggestive sound and shape association which should really read as Royal Canaanite Mountain Pole Ice. Royal refers to the Egyptian sun goddess Isis, not just the British Royal family. Canadian is symbolic of Canaan and the human sacrifice deity of that time and place. Mounted speaks of the Rock, Mountain or Mount, that has been traced from Mount of the Rock in Jerusalem, to the Rockefeller Plaza in Manhattan, to the Rockie Mountains of the western United States, and now to the Large Upper Room and the Shield Rock in Manitoba.

However, it’s this word POLICE, that comes from an old Latin word POLLICE. The phrase Pollice Verso means “with the turned thumb”. This comes from the days of the gladiator fights in the Colesseum.


Buffaloed By The Police

The Vestal Virgins, and the crowd in general, would indicate to the Emporer if the fallen gladiator should live or die. They would indicate either, ‘thumbs up’, or ‘thumbs down’. The words Pollice Verso, literally means To Kill or To Live. Whatever the final choice of the Emporer was, one thing remained constant. The Emporer and the powers that be, were in total control of the masses. The freedom of humanity, and connection to awareness, was killed with either choice. This is what the RCMP and every Police Force in the world is really all about. Taking total control of the whole of humanity on behalf of the luciferian master hypnotist.


RCMP Crest

The RCMP patrol cars used to be painted dark blue with white doors. A few years ago, they adopted a completely white car with the 3 primary colours forming a stripe the full length of the car. The name of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police comes from their use of horses in the early years. Today, horses are more symbolic, than practical. It’s this symbolism that’s portrayed on the patrol cars with the inclusion of the blue horse, rider and lance/pennant. The reason for the colour blue is that it represents water. The whole inner oval, the All Seeing Eye Oval of the RCMP Shield is also blue. Again, representing water. The diagram below demonstrates what some of this symbolism means.

The Blue Horse is symbolizing the Water Horse. Water Horse can be equated with electrical WATTS, the power of HORUS. Horus is the sun god, and the ions of electricity, or light energy, are measured in watts. From this, WATT-ER and HORUS can be broken down further to WATT-ER ROH-US (HOR in reverse). ROH-US = ROSE. Therefore, the words, Water Horse, or Blue Horse, symbolically mean, WATER ROSE. This is the subliminal the luciferian mindset wishes for humanity to adopt. This suggestion, linked with all the others, including the Octagon of the Dome of the Rock, and the Middle East manipulations, focus attention on the Polar Icecaps, thereby creating the big melt they so desire. The end result will be the Global Warming Passover lunacy.

The sun god Horus has it’s counterpart in Greek mythology called Zeus. This is Jupiter in Rome, and Jesus, YeZeus, in Christianity. Jesus was the one who ROSE from the dead. Jesus is the LIVING WATT-ER. Jesus is the WATT-ER ROSE, who’s coming the 2nd time, but this time in vengeance. What a load of crap! At least that’s their lunatic plan if we allow the hypnotic trance to play out. We can stop it at any time!

RCMP Water Rose

In the previous pages, it’s been demonstrated that the Canadian Shield Rock, centred on the North American continent, is the Rock of Judgment that the luciferian lord will extend his divine wrath from. The centre of this rock and continent, is Winnipeg Manitoba. This was once known as the Northwest Territories. This is where the North West Mounted Police, now called the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, take their original name.

When Canada was first settled, the Native people of Canada were spread across the country. By the 1800’s there came a real necessity, to further the luciferian/illuminati agenda, to control the country under British Rule. To conquer the Native population, an Act of Parliament was passed called the Gradual Civilization Act. This Act gave the Roman Catholic Church, the Anglican Church, and the United Presbyterian/Methodist Church, the legal right to force the Native children from their homes and into residential schools. This went on for almost 100 years, with documented evidence of rape, murder and torture. (See and the work of Kevin Annett) The only way that this Canadian Holocaust could have been carried out, was with the compliance and legal force of the RCMP.

There are accounts of RCMP gunboats pulling up to quiet Native villages, forcing the children from the arms of their parents under the threat of death. The children were taken to church run residential schools where they were given food laced with Tuberculosis. TB Sanitariums were built across Canada to supposedly take care of these children, but in reality, it was really a place to set them aside to watch them die. An estimated minimum of 250,000 children were killed in this way, when taking into account the untold numbers of babies born to the priest-raped young girls at these schools. The total killed from the beginning of British expansionism is actually in the millions.

This is how it went until 1984, when the residential schools were supposedly shut down. They were not! Today, the Native population of Canada is decimated and the majority live in squallor on reserves. Enforced by the RCMP.

Make Ready The Upper Room

The RCMP was the vehicle used to enforce the making ready of the Large Upper Room which would be used in the Passover Last Supper. The symbolic use of Roman Catholic and Protestant Churches, which are human sacrifice sun god religions, along with the Freemasonic ties of the RCMP, and the use of sun god symbols, shows that the leaders of all these organizations knew what the intent and purpose was for making ready, the Upper Room.

The Passover of Blood Protection that led the so-called Chosen People through the Water of the Red Sea, (Blood See), began in Egypt. Egypt has spread its’ wings far and wide to include the world of the Greeks, the Romans, the British and now…America. The truth is, this is all still Egypt, only the names have changed to protect the guilty. This is Rome! Rome never ceased to be the kingdom of the world. This is Babylon! Babylon the Great! Babylon is America! All of America, including the country of Canada, that lies so peacefully in the sides of the North, that kills off the so-called undesireable population through the will and might of the RCMP. All in preparation of the Great Day of the luciferian slaughter.

In the New Testament, Peter and John were told to go into the city. There they would see a man carrying a pitcher of water. Follow him into his house and this man would show them a large Upper Room. There, they were told, to prepare the Passover Supper. On the previous pages it’s been demonstrated that the Large Upper Room is Upper Canada. It has also been shown, that the Rock of the Shield centred in Manitoba, is the location of the Rock used in the lords’ day of vengeance and judgment. This Rock is the very same territory, the original Northwest Territories, that the RCMP helped prepare for this Last Supper of Vengeance.

KKK – Ku Klux Klan – Kukulkan Deity – Kanada

Wherever the sun god Rock of Christ is, both symbolically and literally, situated, there’s always a strong religious attitude established in the geographical area of that rock. In the case of the Canadian Shield Rock, that religious zeal has entrenched itself as Christianity, in all of it’s denominational forms. Including the Ku Klux Klan. The Ku Klux Klan is terroist white supremacy Secret Society. (Whenever you see the word ‘white’, it will always symbolize the ION of the ORION constellation, the power of the All Seeing Eye).

Saskatchewan is the Canadian province just adjacent and to the west of Manitoba. All across this province, and the 3 prairie provinces of Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta, their reputation as the Bible Belt is known far and wide. Saskatchewan held the distinction of having the highest per capita membership in the Ku Klux Klan in the 1920’s. This zeal reached into Montana and Idaho that border on the USA. In the 1930’s, the future CCF Premier of Sasakatchewan, Tommy Douglas, (see page 22), who formed the first socialist government in North America, wrote his thesis on state run social health care. This was simply another form of eugenics, the elimination of so-called undesireables. Tommy Douglas gathered his information and insight by studying Hitler’s concentration camp techniques in 1933 in Germany. Tommy Douglas was also a devout Evangelical Baptist minister and champion boxer. Being the 2 time Provincial champion of Manitoba.

The chart below shows the symbolism that has been built into the RCMP Shield. The subliminal messages are very obvious. This shield is a Pyramid. The map of the Canada Shield symbolism and the RCMP Shield, show the location of the Hudson Bay, James Bay and the North Pole. If you recall from page 13, Henry Hudson explored the Hudson River region of Manhattan, and the site of the World Trade Centre. The river now bears his name. This was in 1609. In 1611, he and his crew explored Hudson Bay, which also bears his name. It was here, in Hudson Bay, that his crew mutinied and set him adrift. The symbolism of the years 9 and 11 must not be overlooked. This is subliminal messaging, and must be taken into account when exposing all aspects of the luciferian hypnotic agenda. This is one more link between the Rockefeller Plaza and the World Trade Centre attack, and the Rock of the Canadian Shield, and the World Passover attack.

James Bay, immediately below Hudson Bay, is another J (or G) and B name, used so frequently by these thinkers, from a symbolic perspective. This symbolizes the 2 Pillars of the WTC which are symbols of the 2 Pillars of the Hebrew Temple. Another subliminal link to the WTC attack.

North Pole Crown of Isis – May Pole / Maple Sacrifice to the Virgin

On the chart below, the top of the crown on the RCMP Shield has a Cross, but if you look closely, you’ll see that it’s an Octagon, much like the Iron Cross of Nazi Germany. In the centre of this Cross is a White jewel. This represents the North Pole. If you place this jewel over the North Pole and extend the beard of the Bison until it fits into James Bay, the Maple Leaves cover the entire Canadian Shield. The area of Hudson Bay is the head of the Bison, with the blue oval around the Bison being the Hudson Bay and the northern Arctic waters. The beard of the Bison fits nicely into James Bay in yet another massive subliminal that we’re totally unaware of. This chart once again indicates, that the elite of the world, who meet secretly in their think tanks, have KNOWN FOR CENTURIES, that they we’re going to kill most of the world population as a huge blood sacrifice to the luciferian god, the Virgin Mother of the sun god, Horus, Zeus, Jupiter or Jesus. Take your pick, it’s all the same lunatic story.

The Maple Leaves around the Bison head are symbols of the MAY POLE.


The May Pole virgin sacrifice day is May 1st. This year it coincides with a huge Freemasonic ritual in Massachusetts, where the oldest Freemason Lodge in North America, inducts an new puppet to the helm to commit even more sacrifice. This event begins on a New Moon, May 2, 2008. The celebration concludes on May 5, 2008. May 5, 2008, reads as 05/05/2008. It is their 275th Anniversary of the Grand Lodge. When you double that number, 275 x 2 = 550. Two more 5’s.

This is the same set up as the Virginia Tech Massacre, the blood sacrifice to Queen Elizabeth, in March, 2007. The event took place on a New Moon, 2 weeks before the visit by Queen Elizabeth to celebrate the establishment of the oldest colony in the New World. The 400th Anniversary of the State of Virginia, the state named after the not-so-virgin Queen Elizabeth the 1st. The arrival of Queen Elizabeth the 2nd took place on the Full Moon.

RCMP Shield

They Always Get Their Man – They Will Cull Humanity

The slogan of the RCMP, “They Always Get Their Man“, now takes on more relevance. It was a subliminal message, inspired by the luciferian thought form, and given to the elite of the RCMP to be implanted in Canadian culture. However, this slogan has gone around the world. Even though we saw the horrific deeds committed by the churches, under the protection of the RCMP, the Canadian population was confused, entranced and stupified to do anything about it. Now that the large Upper Room has been made ready, and the Global Warming floodwaters are about to be unleashed, “They Always Get Their Man” includes the majority of the population of the world.

The luciferian inspired New Testament says something to the effect, “Broad is the way, and narrow is the gate, and few there be that enter in“. This is subliminal bullshit meaning, the luciferian god is going to kill off humanity, through hypnotically creating the reality that it wants the population to experience. That reality includes almost utter and total destruction. After this hoped-for cataclysm, this group entity is hoping to be worshipped as the great supreme god once and for all, by anyone left alive. In this way, gaining total control of the eternal state which is right here, and is right now. The eternal state of awareness and wisdom is not some far off distant heaven separated by some illusory great wide gulf. All that keeps us from living in our eternal state of power and strength right now, is in how our minds have been manipulated to follow the luciferian hypnotic suggestion and laws. The interesting thing is, you don’t have to break any luciferian laws to reconnect to wisdom. You just stop believing the bullshit that takes place in the world, realize that everything is a lie, and the power and wisdom of the awareness state is yours. You reclaim your power and strength and original state RIGHT NOW. You go from a 3 dimensional, hypnotic trance state, to the non-dimensional eternal state of wisdom and awareness. Even while existing in the 3 dimensional physical body. The 3 dimensional world simply becomes very irrelavent. You still take care of the physical body, and in fact, you take care of your physical body much better when you’re reconnected to wisdom, but the importance of physical wealth and pleasure vanishes at a fantastic rate.


Pollice Verso – Vestal Virgins – Roman Catholic Nuns

The Vestal Virgins are symbolized in todays Nuns (also connected to Noon of ancient mythology), of the Roman Catholic Church. The Emporer Caesar symbolizes the son prince of god, a position akin to the Pope of Catholicism. Together they form the symbolic mother and son incestual marriage and decide who lives or dies as they pour out judgment. This is all subliminal hypnotic trance stuff.

See the painting below, titled Pollice Verso, and sense the bloodlust of Rome which is very much alive in Roman Catholicism and all of Christianity today.

Pollice Verso

The Stock Market Bear Of Manhattan – The Bear Of Manitoba

The Bear is the symbol of the judgment of god, as the Passover floodwaters BEAR down on humanity in judgment. In the old testament book of Amos, these luciferian thinkers wrote … it’s as if you run from a lion and a bear met you… let judgment come down as water, and righteousness as a mighty stream.

But why a Bear? The old Norse mythological gods referred to the Bear as god. The simplest way to see why is to look at the word symbolically.


It’s the subliminal message that’s important, not the historical accuracy or mythological correctness. Keep in mind, that since there is no such thing as time and space, all the myths of all the ages, of all the cultures of the world, are just passing us by in this moment. They never really occurred other than in the illusion of the 3 dimensional space. Every successive moment brings a whole new set of illusions, but still an illusion. Tricky stuff.

We’ve had the Bear symbolism hammering away at us for decades, leading us to this Global Warming scenario. It has nothing to do with CO2 gases, other than constantly talking about CO2 gases is a subliminal that further concentrates the thought energy onto the global icecaps, and they melt at an even faster rate.

Remember the Russian Bear and the fabricated Cold War subliminal manipulation tactic. That continued up until 1989. As soon as that had run it’s course, the environmental movement kicked into high gear. The environmental movement is peddled by the governments of the world, who are inspired by the well meaning, yet totally ignorant, new age type thinkers of the environmental organizations such as Greenpeace. These groups are creating the very disaster they desire to eliminate. Well meaning folks, but completely manipulated by the luciferian thought form.

These people literally worship light, energy, and all manner of alternative scientific thought. This is still all luciferian sun god worship, and sun god worship to the extreme. All their symbols and logos, etc. are straight out of sun god worship. Mobius loops in the shapes of pyramids and circles, all wreak of the luciferian god. Even the colour green is yellow (YELLOW = YELLOH = HOLLEY = HOLY) and blue (WATT-ER). Green is the colour that symbolizes Holy Water. This is the water of the baptismal, that all of humanity is going to be baptized in, when the great day of the loony lord’s wrath is unleashed. This is the Passover WATT-ER of the Bear, the symbolic waterBEARer of the Age of Aquarius.

The Bear Market – The Melting Bear

The Stock Markets around the world use the term, Bear Market. The manipulation of the stock market through 2008, is going to be used as a massive subliminal to melt the polar icecaps at an extremely excelerated pace. The drop this week, January 14-18, 2008, of over 900 points (the number of the fall is 9), is just one example of the Bear in our face. It might come up abit, but then it’ll drop in a most dramatic way. Then it’ll rise again, and everytime with the not to subtle phrase, ‘We could be entering a Bear Market‘. This will contine to happen next week, and the next, throughout the year, all to keep us on this emotional roller coaster. In the meantime, the elite of the world, who are being used to manipulate the Bear Market, are growing massively rich, with there sell-offs before a fall, and the use of the Put and Short options.

The Bear Market will continue to do this see-saw action throughout the year, sending the subliminal, to reinforce the subliminals already established through the octagon lunacy and the Middle East story lines. This makes humanity extremely vulnerable and open to suggestion, and the reality they wish for us to create, namely, the cull of humanity, comes into existance. The puppet people used to maneuver all these things into place, are in the biggest trance of all, and sincerely believe that it’s best if they have complete control. After all, they are the great thinkers of the world. They do this for their great god, the great architect of the universe, the luciferian nut case. Whoever needs to be eliminated in the process, well, that just pleases the great god to no end.

The Stock Market Crash of …???

The number of total control is 8. Just the mention of the words “STOCK MARKET CRASH OF ……” causes a person to think 1929? Most everybody does. This is the subliminal implanted 80 illusory years ago, when the market crashed. The crash didn’t just happen one day in 1929, it had to be manipulated through a period called the Roaring 20’s.

Here’s the subliminal. Lion’s Roar!

20 is also the number of total control as it coincides with 8 on the 2nd clockface. The 1920’s took place in the 20th century. By the end of the Roaring 20’s, the people were running from a Lion, and a Bear met them. The Bear Market! In 1929, exactly 80 years before 2009, when we’re supposed to be signing the Al de Gore’s Global Warming Treaty on climate control, the stock market turns into a Bear.

The Roaring 20’s Lion

This time, the Roaring 20’s are referring to the whole 20th century. A BIG LION has been roaring. The 20th century was filled with inventions, and seductions that stagger the imagination. In the year 2000 we were told to prepare for Y2K, which never came. And yet, … it did come! The subliminal trance state had been achieved by 2000 and the final devastation and control of humanity began with the attack on the World Trade Centre in 2001.

Exactly 80 years after the beginning of the Roaring 20’s of 1920 and 1921, the Lion has switched into a Bear, and even as we’re doing the Charleston for these last 8 years, the floodwaters are being created in our trance state to Passover us with the symbolism of a Bear.

The Global War on Terrorism is the subliminal used, in conjunction with the octagon 8 sided subliminal symbol of the Dome of the Rock, along with the POLICE Forces throughout the world, and a whole myriad of other subliminals, to cause the polar icecaps to melt. It doesn’t make rational sense, but it does make sense from a subliminal, hypnotic perspective. Remember, subliminal suggestion occurs just below the threshold of conscious thought. It is subconscious manipulation of humanity into a hypnotic trance state. If we were conscious of everything being created in this illusory 3 dimensional space, it wouldn’t be here. Once we become conscious, awake and aware of this hypnotic illusion, it fades away.

In 1931, the Empire State Building opened, exactly 80 years before the Freedom Tower will open, replacing the WTC.

In 1932, the US President Theodore Roosevelt, 33rd degree mason (TEDDY BEAR Roosevelt ROSE-EVE-LT or ROSE EYE) was in power. This coincides with the year 2012 and the triumphant return to London under the guise of the 2012 Olympics, exactly 80 years after the Bear, the Father sun god, has done it’s cleansing.

In 1933, Roosevelt commissioned the All Seeing Eye to be placed on the back of the US $1 bill (BILL = BAAL = fertility god), along with the pyramid and the six pointed star over the eagle, … etc., with the words “God has favoured our UNDERTAKING“. The word Undertaking, means to Bury the Dead. It’s right there on the dollar bill. This will take 80 years to accomplish and these luciferian elitists know they’re going to have to kill everybody who doesn’t tow the line. They just think they’re doing it for god and for goodness. All this will coincide with the victory celebration and the entry into the new world order called the messianic kingdom, the long awaited for Age of Reason.

They’re going to use the Bear Stock Market to manipulate the thought energy of humanity towards the Polar Icecaps to create the water they need to cleanse the earth. The reason it’s called the Stock Market, is because humanity are nothing more than animals, or stock, to these thinkers. However, reaching the world with the information on this site destroys the plan and the lie, and the 3 dimensional trance curtain dissolves.

The luciferians pushed the agenda to far. We see the plan. We see the lie.


Roman Catholicism and The World Trade Centre Attack

The World Systems Built on the Duality of the DoubleCross – the Octagon

The major subliminal sigil marker used by the luciferian egregore and their elitist puppets for thousands of years has been the Octagon. It originated from the thought form that manifested the light beam and this thing called energy. From this light beam, the duality nature of corruption, the doctrine of life and death, was devised. One light beam zodiac cross diagram placed over another creates the hypnotic veil of lunacy, the Octagon, that is attempting, with one final thrust, to completely control the eternal state of awareness.

Double Cross

Study the Seal of the Vatican shown in the diagram below in red , the layout of St. Peter’s Basilica, and consider the Lock and Keys to the Kingdom of God. It becomes strangely obvious, that the heirarchy of the Roman Catholic Church knows about the sun god and manipulating humanity through the doctrine of illusion called life and death.

Vatican Lock and Key

Twin Pillars – Twin Brothers – Twin Towers – Twin Waters

There’s yet another symbolic step in following the luciferian Rock from Jerusalem, under the Dome of the Rock. This time it’s location is Rome. Ancient Rome to be exact, and the founder of Rome, Romulus, and his TWIN BROTHER Remus. They were Twin Brothers, who were abandoned and nurtured by a she-wolf. The story goes that one of the brothers, Romulus, originally founded Rome on Palantine Hill, located in a group of 7 Hills. Palantine was located to the North of Aventine Hill. Aventine, the Southern Hill, is associated with Remus.

TWIN = T-WIN the luciferian T cross is using the double cross of the Octagon to win control. This is why the Freedom Tower is an Octagon shape when viewed from above. This represents both Twin Towers made into One. This symbolizes the New World Order completion.


Twin BROTHERS = BROTH-ERS = BROTH a watery soup – of Re, Ray-isis

Twin TOWERS = WOT-ERS = WAT-ERS the waters of judgment = WATT-Re, Ray-isis

There’s a subliminal being delivered in all this Twinning. For thousands of years, the luciferian plan has been to take control of the awareness state. This is the state of knowing and wisdom. Humanity has been swindled out of its’ connection to this eternal state, even as we exist in its’ midst. Because of this disconnection from wisdom, humanity gains no benefit from what is rightfully ours. The Twin Brothers can be associated with the Twin Pillars of the Hebrew Temple and the Twin Towers of the World Trade Centre.

The She-Wolf is SHE WOLF or SEA FLOW in reverse.

This is the SEA / SEE, the HOLY SEE, the holy water of what is now called Roman Catholicism. This holy water is very central to Romanism, and the baptism by water and by fire, has been the subliminal message of Rome for thousands of years. The Roman Church, is the Rose-Man Church. Christ is the Rose Man, (even before it was called Christianity), and this concept of god rising from the dead, is what fed the concept of Rome, (symbolized by the Twin Brothers being suckled by a she wolf), and the notion of conquering the whole world on behalf of the luciferian sun god light worshippers. The final conquering act will be the Risen Living Water, the Rose Man, coming down in judgment, the Christ who Rose to cleanse the earth through the Global Warming flood.

Fast Food Subliminals

Let’s All Go To A&W – Hop In Your Car – Come…

What are we? Rabbits! RABBITS = Bits of Ra. I guess we are.

A-And-W = WAY – Jesus is the way. Now he’s peddling fast food in an OVAL All Seeing Eye logo.

The subliminals that have been used to accomplish the devastion in the world are absolutely beyond logic. One in particular is the fast food industry. This industry has destroyed the health of millions. The founder of McDonalds restaurants was a freemason. The founder of Wendy’s and Kentucky Fried Chicken were also freemasons. Prepare yourself, because here are some subliminals that have helped to cause Global Warming, using the fast food industry.

BURGERS and FRIES = Ice-BERGS and VOLCANOS. BurGers is also another B and G word.

Now consider the Mayan Chichen Itza Pyramid.

CHICHEN ITZA PYRAMID = CHICKEN and PIZZA. Buy the Colonel’s Chicken in a BUCKET, which is usually associated with carrying water. Now we use it for chicken. The subconscious mind grabs hold of the subliminal and fills in the blanks.

The soft drink companies had to get in on the act as well. Why did it become so necessary in the 20th century to have to create these bottles of chemical ‘refreshments’? Even the Carlyle Group of Investors used to own Dr.Pepper/7Up. The Carlyle Group and George Bush Sr. are business associates. The brand Coca-Cola is simply SOAK a SOL a. This refers to the Waters of Noahs Flood that will come down from the Canadian Shield in judgment. The Shield, Crown and Mountains on Canada Dry, along with the slogan “Drink Canada Dry“, reinforces this flood concept. Dr.Pepper and Pepsi are simply take-offs on Pepi the 1st, 3rd King of the 6th Dynasty of Egypt. All these drinks, and many others, were simply used to make you feel good, even as you consumed a liquid, and at the same time implanting the hypnotic suggestion that the floodwaters are coming. Subconsciously, somehow that seems refreshing. Therefore, because we subconsciously believe the flood is coming, we create this in our reality, and it comes to pass.

Pop Subliminals

Pizza comes in a square box and when you open it up, the round All Seeing Eye is looking at you, all cut up into the seasons and months of the year as evidenced in the zodiac circle. The melted cheese is symbolic of lava. The red sauce, symbolic of blood. The origin of the pizza? Italy! The home of Rome. The zodiac All Seeing Eye circle is the entire symbol of the Risen Christ, the Rose Man, the One who will judge in righteousness. As Amos said, ‘Let righteousness come down as a Mighty Stream’.

The Rose of Death

Romanism is the Rose of Sharon of Israel, the Rose of Greece, the Rose of Egypt and Babylon. Only the names have changed. All these empires Rose Up to conquer and spread the luciferian thought form. Today, the hypnotic trance established through manipulating humanity into mindless submission, is about to unleash the final conquest, the Final Rose, that of the Sea Level Rising in the Day of the luciferian lord’s wrath. This ‘rising’ is being accomplished through the Global Warming subliminal suggestions heard through the group thinkers media / mediums of TV, radio, and print. The media are the go-between, that link the corruption of the luciferian mind with that of humanity. In Canada, we even have a national TV station called CanWest Global. This is hardly subliminal.

The Rose of London – The Vatican Rose

The map of Greater London is layed overtop of the map of Vatican City. Just as it was an extremely close fit over Washington DC, Vancouver BC, the Pacific Ocean, China/Mongolia and North America, now it makes a close match to the Vatican. This is obviously by design and links all of the previous locations to a master agenda that has gone on for thousands of years. All of which is leading to the final conquest of humanity through the luciferian thought form.

Matthew 16:18 and 19 – Thou Art Peter – St. Peter’s Octagon Double-Cross – The Rock

Take a good long look at both of these maps just below. Consider why they would be so close in their overall shape. Why are two seemingly different points of view, protestant and catholic christianity, so symbolically connected with the shape of these maps? The one of the Vatican is very old and the one of London is current. What agenda has been carried on for thousands of years that demands this kind of iconic connection? Something very underhanded and very massive is taking place. What you’re looking at when you observe these maps is the mindset of the luciferian egregore. They never suspected that the sleeping masses of humanity would ever become aware enough to see this. The map is, of course, the Rock under the Dome of the Rock. This map fits over North America, the final, biggest rock of all. If you look at St. Peter’s Square, this is where the Hudson Bay area, and the melting icecaps of Greenland and the Arctic are located. Jesus said to Peter, ‘thou art Peter (meaning rock), and upon this Rock I will build my church…and I will give unto thee the KEYS OF THE KINGDOM‘.

Just above, the diagram shows exactly what the Keys to the Kingdom are. The keys are the Double-Cross Octagon of death and deceit that the luciferian lord, called Jesus, has used to massacre untold millions. This Double-Cross Octagon covers the Rock, even hides the Rock, so that nobody can see what it really represents. For hundreds of years the elite of the Catholic Church have known that they’re creating the devastation through religious hypnosis that is intended to drown the masses so they can rule as saints with their looney lord. Did you ever wonder why such a large portion of the tropic regions around the world are so dedicated to Catholicism? Simply because, these make up the majority of the sacrifice to the luciferian sun god and they had to be prepared to enter into a hypnotic trance state to bring about the sacrifice desired in the judgment day.

Vatican Rose

It’s because of this kaballistic knowledge received from the luciferian think tank, that the so-called great artists like Da Vinci and Michelangelo, both Priory of Sion members, and devout Roman Catholics, and both just a touch mad, painted in the flood of judgment, coming from the Pacific Ocean. Even pinpointing the Golden Gate Bridge in the Mona Lisa painting.

Santa – Global Warming Subliminal Provided By The Roman Catholic Church

The Tiber River that flows through Rome, was originally called the Alba or White River. This was the reclining river god – water god who had water flowing down from his hair and beard. This is the basis for the Santa Claus symbol worshipped in Christianity throughout the world. The Roman Catholic Church produced this image for the world, which goes way, before Rome, back to ancient Egypt and the river god, the water god, called Khnum.

Khnum was the life force aspect of Egyptian god-thought. This was referred to as Ka. Khum goes by the names of:

Ka – Khnum – Chnum – Knum – Khnemu – Cum

The life force of Ka, was said to be passed on to the children in the fathers semen. It was also looked upon as the personification of magic. The Hebrew concept of ‘Something from Nothing’. The river god Cum, the water god, was the creator of children on his potter’s wheel. That wheel is the zodiac wheel of light, the light atom/particle described throughout this site as being the basis of everything in this 3 dimensional illusion.

In the diagram below, the Santa Claus outfit suggests the flood waters of Global Warming coming down from the North. The red is symbolic of blood. Red = Ritu = Ritual = Blood. Blood is equated with the food of the gods which is gold. The hair and beard flow down over the whole world as seen in the hair and beard cascading all around dear old Santa’s head. There’s also one bold white stripe down the centre of this outfit, that represents the water coming down the centre, joining the world together as one, through this cleansing judgment, in the messianic kingdom of the new world order.

The wide black belt lies in the belly region, which symbolizes the destruction in the area of the Big One, the future, most massive earthquake to ever occur on the face of the earth. This will be in the region of Mexico/Megiddo, the site of Armageddon. In the tropic regions on this outfit, there is a wide white fringe that covers the loins of Santa. This is the symbolic of the IONS = LIONS = LOINS, or the electrical energy life force of semen, represented by the god called Cum. This is the fire in the midst, or the Pyre – Mid, the Pyramid, of sexual energy that is worshipped unwittingly as regeneration and rebirth, in christianity, which is simply religion by any other name, throughout the world. This is the Double Cross, the Octagon of control placed on humanity that is aimed at the tropic regions of the world to eliminate them.

Santa Flood

Santa Claus Is CUMMING To Town

On the chart below the 7 Hills of Rome are shown, along with the Vatican of Roman Catholicism, situated across the Tiber River. This location of the command centre of Romanism, outside of the main plaza area, or forum, is re-enacted in the Rockefeller Plaza layout of the World Trade Centre Buildings. Building 7 was outside the main plaza area, but was the building used to direct the attack. Building 7 housed the CIA, the FBI, the New York Emergency Measures, among other notable offices. It had to be destroyed even though it wasn’t hit by an airplane on September 11, 2001. The evidence would have been incriminating.

Building 7 then equates to the Province of British Columbia, when this is translated from the Rockefeller Plaza layout to the Western United States. British Columbia is referring to the Holy Spirit, the Dove of the Christ, of the mother goddess Isis/Mary. This is the Dove that, DOVE DOWN, from above. This is British Columbia, that is situated outside the Plaza, outside the Forum, and outside the country. This is the location of Juno (Juneau Alaska) and Jupiter (Mount Olympus, Washington), or Mary and Jesus, or Hera and Zeus, or Isis and Horus and their wedding preparation room. These 2 United States locations are strategically hidden at the top and bottom, western corners, of British Columbia. Both locations are in the United States, but identify the large upper room where the Marriage Supper of the Lamb, the Last Supper, is being prepared.

Finally, when the last overlay of the 7 Hills, or the Foundation Rock of Jerusalem, is situated over the area of the Canadian Shield Rock, the Command Centre equates to the Arctic Regions of the North Pole where the Global Warming scam is hypnotically centred. For those of you not emotionally prepared for this next statement, brace yourself … this is the home of Santa Claus! Saint SUAL-C in reverse, or Saint Saul, Saint Sol, Saint Sun, or Satan. Santa is an anagram, all on its own, for Satan. This equates, yet again, with Saul of the New Testament, who changed his name to Paul, or Pol, which is Pole, the NORTH Pole, the THRON-e POLE, the Throne of El-ectrical Poles. Electricity can’t travel without opposite poles, positive and negative. The electrical energy of the 3 dimensional hypnotic trance needs duality or it doesn’t work.

The Rock That Rose – The Rock of Abraham – The Religion of Allah – Muslim Christian and Jew

Immediately below is a shape comparison of the different stages that the Rock of Abraham, the Rock of human sacrifice, has taken over the centuries. All with the purposely intent of sending subliminal hypnotic messages to manipulate humanity to obey the luciferian agenda. The overall general shape in all instances, is mimicking the Rock under the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem. This is the Rock of the christ, that Rose from the dead. This is the pivotal theme that Global Terrorism and Global Warming are built around. The elite puppets of the world now want to attempt to complete the mission and destroy a major portion of the population of the world within the next few years.

Rock & Rose

All this is lunacy of course, unless you realize that it’s hypnotic suggestion. Subliminal messaging isn’t supposed to make sense, it’s just supposed to suggest, and in this way we obey the suggestion without realizing our obedience. In this case, it’s been suggested for centuries that we’ll be destroyed, or cleansed from the earth, unless we obey, by water and by fire in the day of the lord’s wrath. We believe it and therefore we create the reality that makes it appear real.

The diagram below shows yet again, through symbolism, how the elite of the Roman Catholic Church know about the manipulation of humanity, with the ultimate goal of creating the very judgment floodwater to destroy the flock. In so doing, it is the Roman Catholic Churches hope that they will then be worshipped as the saints of god, and will rule and reign with it, with all the other unholy, lunatic, royal, policital saints.

Vatican Star

Two Keys – Pennsylvania and Vatican – The Keystone – The Rock Of Hypnosis

The next 2 charts illustrate the symbolism and the subliminal suggestion that has been in effect for thousands of years. With the founding of the United States of America, the luciferian thinkers were able to at last put their final game plan into action. When the elite inform us that the United States of America was founded on principles expounding faith in god, they weren’t kidding. God is lucifer, the bringer of light, and the principles are those of deceit and the Double Cross. The Double Cross can be summed up with the word HYPNOSIS. Those educated in the religious and intellectual schools of thought, which are schools of energy and light, are schooled in demonism and corruption. Masqerading as knowledge, this higher learning is simply instruction in the art of hypnosis which in turn is the art of Kabalism. Kabalism is the ability to cause something to appear from nothing. The religious and intellectual world has this appearance of something, yet totally void of any worth.

With the layout of the first 13 colonies, the conquest by the ancient Egyptian, Greek, and Roman sun god took root. With the 1st state of Delaware and the 2nd state of Pennsylvania, the foundational symbolic significance of sun god worship practised by the founding fathers is revealed below.

Pennsylvania Keystone 2

The Mason-Dixon Line – The Street of Conciliation

2 Keys Pennsylvania and Vatican

Vatican Pentagram – Pentagon – Pennsylvania – Flight 93

The World Trade Centre attack involved 3 aircraft and 1 missile sized projectile that hit the Pentagon. The flight numbers of all of these aircraft, when they left the airports to launch the attacks, all had significant symbolic numbers assigned to them. For example, flight 11, on this day of 911, hit Tower 1. This was an American Airlines jet. The symbols to pay attention to are the number 11, 911 (which also equals 11 when you add 9+1+1), the tower hit was #1, and the AA of American Airlines is the 1st letter of the alphabet, repeated twice.

Tower 2, the smaller tower, was hit 17 minutes later by United Airlines jet (or a reasonable facsimile), flight 175. The name, United Airlines, symbolically links the 2 strikes against the twin towers into one event. The number 17 coincides with 5 on the 2nd clockface, and this in turn reproduces the numbers of the flight 17 and 5, or 175. This plane struck at 9:03, and collapsed first, 56 minutes later. Remember, these people were in complete control when these buildings were going to collapse. Each tower only took 10 seconds or so, to completely fall once the charges began to detonate. Therefore, the number 56 is significant, because 56 coincides with 8 on the 5th clockface. This is yet another 5, but this time combined with the number 8, the number of total control. Adding 5 + 6 also gives you another 11, symbolic of this day of death.

The next strike was against the Pentagon. This was flight 77, an American Airlines jet (which had an incredible shrink job performed on it in mid-flight). The hole entering the Pentagon was only the size of a missile, with no apparent engine marks on the walls. The number 77 is 7 – 11’s, symbolic of this day of death again. The number 7 is the number of completion. The number 77 coincides with 5 on the 7th clockface. The number 5 is the number of man. When adding 5 + 7 = 12. The number 12 is the full circle, a fulfilled agenda. American Airlines also repeats the 1st letter of the alphabet, to once again coincide with the 7 – 11’s, or 11, 11, 11, 11, 11, 11, 11. This is the lucky number at a gambling table. Roll a seven, roll an eleven, … you win. The attacks of 9-11, were a risky 7-11.

Obviously, the numbers of these first 3 flights to reach their targets, carried symbolic significance. The question that needs to be answered then, is why did the 4th plane, United Airlines flight 93, not reach it’s destination, as has been presumed by everyone. After all, didn’t George Bush commend the brave people on flight 93 for saving the Capitol Building or the White House from certain peril. George wouldn’t lie would he? The answer is quite obvious. If they gave George an enema upon his death, they could bury him in a matchbox. (A borrowed joke, so don’t credit me with that one). The truth is, that if all the other planes reached their target, so did flight 93, that crashed in the field outside of Shanksville, Pennsylvania.

Flight 93 was an United Airlines plane once again. The 1st jet was an American Airlines, the 2nd an United Airlines, that symbolically united the first 2 strikes into one. The 3rd strike, an American Airlines, hit the Pentagon, and the 4th was an United Airlines. The 4th plane, therefore, also united the 3rd and the 4th strike as one. The most obvious connection between the 3rd and 4th strikes is that they were both outside the Rockefeller Plaza and both outside of New York. The 3rd and 4th strikes are against the Pentagon and Pennsylvania. These 2 names are symbolic of the number 5, the number of man. These attacks on 9-11 were strikes against humanity. The number of humanity is 5. The number 5 is symbolized by the Pentagram, the 5 pointed star. Therefore, flight 93 had to be an United Airlines plane, uniting the double strike against the Pen of humanity. This Pen is equivalent to our 5 senses that act as controlling fences, to lock us into this 3 dimensional reality. When adding the number 9 + 3 (of flight 93) = 12. Flight 77 and flight 93, both have a symbolic number 12 that unites them. The number 93 also coincides with 9 on the 8th clockface. 9 is the number associated with the fall of humanity and 8 is the number of control.

What needs to be explained now, is what the symbolic numbers of 5, 7, 8, 9, 11, and 12, symbolized in these 4 airplane attacks, have to do with flight 93. Flight 93 will actually be shown to be as symbolic as any of the other strikes. Furthermore, the reason there were 4 strikes is because each strike represents one corner of the square, or one direction of the compass, the sum of which is the N.E.W.S., the new world order. The symbolic relevance of all these numbers will be shown in the following 2 charts. With the further addition of another significant number, the number 15, the number of the luciferian deity, for whom all these attacks were carried out for in the first place.

One of the first things to pay attention to, is the vertical north border of Ontario and Quebec. This border points straight north, and is located at 79 degrees west of Greenwich. Canada is full of these north pointing borders because of the symbolic Canadian Shield Rock that’s going to be the judgment seat of the luciferian lord’s day of wrath. These north pointing lines are all referring to the Global Warming floodwaters that will come down as judgment upon an unsuspecting world. All of the vertical borders within Canada have significant locations according to latitude as will be shown in the charts below. The one at 79 degrees W. between Ontario and Quebec, lines up with the crash of flight 93 in Shanksville, Pennsylvania.

The chart map immediately below shows the symbolic significance of why Flight 93 was meant to be purposely shot down in Pennsylvania. The numbers 15 and 80, and 9 and 11, are suggested in the flight path. The number 15 is the number of the deity and is achieved by combining Interstate 80 and Interstate 70 = 150. These two highways were used symbolically, as the path that flight 93 should take. Flight 93 followed Interstate 80 till it came to an end in Ohio. It then circled back, and headed southeast towards the intersection of Interstate 70 and 99. It was near this location that the mystery ‘white plane’ shot it out of the sky. The ‘white plane’ seen by eyewitnesses, is of course, symbolic of Orion, the white glowing constellation god. Highway 99 is symbolic of 9-11’s, and through this day of 9-11, that the luciferian deity attempts to take total control. For this reason, Interstate 70, which is the number of completion because of the number 7, is connected to Interstate 80, the number of control. The actual crash of Flight 93, culminated at 79 degrees. However, Flight 93 had to be fired upon at 80 degrees in order for it to crash at 79 degrees. The number 80 also coincides with 8 on the 8th clockface. As well, 80 is a number of 8 x 10, the number of intensity. 79 coincides with 7, which is the number of completion, and is the goal of the luciferian egregore group of thinkers.

Along with the name of the state of Pennsylvania and the Pentagon, these numbers, 70 and 80, symbolically point to the North Pole, as the shooting and crash site of flight 93 were located at 79 and 80 degrees W. As stated previously, this coincides with the border of Ontario and Quebec, and is the longitude number symbolizing total control.

When you follow this 80 degree W. longitude to the north pole, it crosses the 80 degree north latitude, that in turn circles the northern portion of the globe. Following the 80 degree N. latitude to the East, cuts through Greenland and right through the middle of a little insignificant island called Svalbard. It is at this Island that the Doomsday Seed Vault is being built at a cost of millions of dollars. The Bill Gates foundation, (another B and G word), has spent $750,000, the Government of Norway $9 million. The Rockefeller Foundation and the seed giant Monsanto have also contributed to the cause. With investors such as these, investing millions in a frozen wasteland, should be cause for notice. When following the 80 degree north latitude east, exactly where the Seed Vault is being built, the longitude 15 degrees E intersects. 15 is the number associated with the deity, and right at the Seed Vault, the number 15 intersects with the number 80. This is symbolically uniting the deity with total control. It’s for this reason that flight 93 was shot and crashed at 80 and 79 degrees W. and in the area of Interstate 99 that united Interstate 70 and 80.

The number 93 coincides with 9 on the 8th clockface. The numbers 15 and 80 = 95, which coincides with 11 on the 8th clockface. Once again, we see the numbers of control, 8, the number of the fall of humanity, 9, and the number of death, 11, all bundled up together in a field in Pennsylvania, and the North Pole region around Svalbard.

This North Pole area is symbolic of the Pentagram Star, the North Star, seen 50 times on the American flag. The 50 pentagrams on the American flag are not just placed flippantly in just any location or order. They’re all placed on a background of blue, which symbolizes the universe and the ocean. If you look closely, you’ll see that 2 vertical rows contain 9 stars, and 2 horizontal rows contain 11 stars. Another 9-11, subliminally placed for all to see, but not be aware of what they’re seeing. For this reason also, one of the airlines used in the attack had to be American, and the other United, to unite the duality of the attack into one.

Here’s a closer look at what the word PENTAGRAM really means.

PEN a fenced in area, T – the zodiac cross, a symbol of the eye, A – the pyramid all seeing eye symbol, G – pronounced EYE, RAM is MAR in reverse. MAR = WATER in Latin.


The Pentagon and Pennsylvania both have the Pentagram symbolism of the North Star, or the North Pole, hidden in the names. The North Star is the 5 pointed star that appears on many flags throughout the world. A study of the state flag of Alaska soon identifies this. The north star stands all on its own in the top right corner, with the Big Dipper below in the bottom left. Once again, all these stars are on a blue, watery background. The Big Dipper is below the North Star, and as the mythology affirms, the Little Dipper, Ursa Minor, the Little Bear, pours into the Big Dipper. The North Star is at the tip of the Little Dipper’s handle, and on the flag of Alaska, it’s coupled with the Big Dipper which is subliminally pouring into the Big Dipper. This is further confirmed by studying the flag of California, with the Bear and the North Star once again displayed. The Bear is Ursa Major, the Great Bear, also called the Big Dipper. The Little Dipper is Ursa Minor, the Little Bear, also called the Little Dipper. The Little Dipper, the North Star, on the flag of California, is above the Bear, pouring into it. This symbolizes the Global Warming flood waters that will come down through the Bering Strait, out of the Little Dipper of Alaska, and pour through the Golden Gate Bridge, in symbolic triumph, of the cleansing of the great luciferian god of glory.

Flight 93 followed Interstate 80 up until Interstate 80 ends abruptly. At this point Flight 93 turned around and headed back to Pennsylvania and was shot down at the symbolic location near Interstate 99 (9-11’s), and Interstate 70. The number 70 is the number of completion. When you add 70 and 80 = 150, which coincides with 6 on the 13th clockface. 150 is 15 – the number of the deity, multiplied by 10, the number of intensity.

From this breakdown of Flight 93, the symbolism of the numbers and the names of Pennsylvania and the airline, United Airlines, points to the Polar regions and the Global Warming scam. United Airlines speaks of the Union of the Double Cross of Christianity sun god worship. The Uniting of Interstate 70 and 80 by means of Interstate 99, achieves this symbolism.

Pennsylvania Keystone - Flight 93

Flight 93 was shot down and crashed in Pennsylvania right at 79 and 80 degrees W. As stated above, the word pen refers to a containment area, and is symbolized with a 5 pointed star, that in turn relates to the 5 senses that keep us contained in this 3 dimensional space. The 5 pointed star can be drawn with 1 continuous line, symbolizing control. This is similar to the infinity symbol, a horizontal 8, which can also be drawn with one continuous line and is symbolic of the serpent swallowing it’s tail. The 5 senses are unique, one from the other, and yet, interconnected, just as the 5 points of the pentagram are distinct, but still form one star with one line. The name of Pennsylvania is therefore symbolic of controlling humanity. An inverted pentagram is even more blatant in that it is symbolic, in satanic worship, of kneeling in submission to the luciferian lord. When this name, Pennsylvania, is then combined with the 80 degree latitude, and Interstate 80, which cross just north of the symbolic Mason-Dixon line, the line that divides symbolically, the free from the slave, the true nature of this crash site becomes evident.

North of the Mason-Dixon line, during the American Civil War, all slaves were free. Those to the south were still in bondage. Flight 93, in conjunction with the other 3 attacks on 9-11, speaks of the god of war in the sides of the north, on the north side of the Mason-Dixon, who will cleanse the earth in judgment upon the corrupt segment of humanity. All performed symbolically through the floodwaters of the Global Warming scam. The sides of the north, is literally speaking of the North Pole regions and the areas that include the Canadian Shield Rock, Greenland, the Arctic and Svalbard Island. This is symbolically represented by the Pentagram Star called the North Star. The link from Pennsylvania, is then established through the 80th degree latitude leading straight to the North Pole, splitting the provinces of Ontario and Quebec at 79 degrees and continuing through Hudson Bay and James Bay, the very centre of the Judgment Rock called the Shield.

It should be noted, that the name of the Shield Rock is also referring to the Shield of Orion, which is the Shield of Zion, which has been written in the luciferian scriptures, that out of Zion, the saviour will come.

The real mind hiding behind the names of Pennsylvania, Mason, and Dixon, are all hidden by the names of the men who were involved in the cirmcumstances surrounding these borders. Remember, this is all subliminal suggestion, and the names given to these men were given under the inspiration of hypnotic suggestion to be used symbolically, at a later stage of their lives. For example, William Penn was a Quaker. This is sun god worship. The name Quaker comes from the trance induced shaking that occurs during their ritualistic meetings.

With this in mind, consider the christian sun god worship symbolism that links the northern rock with the southern rock of the western United States in the chart below.

The Vatican Pentagram – Hadrians Castle – Svalbard Pyramid Of The Pharoahs

The next chart map illustrates the symbolism of the 7 Hills of Rome and the Vatican, and their connection to the command centre, the location of The North Pole, the THRONE POLE, the Arctic Ocean and Svalbard Island. This territory coincides with Building 7 from the old World Trade Centre layout. When looking at Building 7 from the WTC layout, in respect to the western states layout, it translates to British Columbia. When comparing Building 7 on the Canadian Shield Rock, the Vatican, along with its Pentagram star and Hadrians Castle, coincides with the North Pole, Svalbard Island and the Arctic Ocean region.

The confusing part in this, is that British Columbia plays a dual role, in that it coincides with Building 7 in the WTC layout, when comparing it to the western states. British Columbia then takes the place of California as pertaining to the western states layout, but then comparing it to the Canadian Shield Rock. The North Pole, Svalbard Island, and the Arctic Ocean represent Building 7, and are linked to Building 6, which is Greenland. This same linking aspect of Building 6 and 7 of the WTC resulted through the use of Washington Street that ran north and south beside Building 7 and touched building 6. In the same symbolic fashion, Greenland and the North Pole, Svalbard Island and the Arctic Ocean are linked together to do the final WASHING or CLEANSING of the earth.

Svalbard Command

The Pharoahs Pyramid Seedhouse For The Afterlife

For thousands of years we’ve been taught how the Pharoahs built the pyramid tombs, which supplied all their needs in the afterlife. Even now, the elite of the world, who are in actuality, the Pharoahs of old, are preparing their Doomsday Seed Vault on Svalbard Island, on the smaller Spitsbergen Island. (SpitsBerGen – another B and G word). This vault has had millions of dollars spent on it by the Gates Foundation, the Rockefeller Foundation and the Government of Norway. The thing to keep in mind, is that they want us to know that this is what they’re doing and that it’s being done in the event of a world cataclysm of some sort. The message is clear, yet not to clear. The message is that disaster is on it’s way because they’ve suggested that it’s on it’s way. Therefore our reality is manipulated into believing disaster is on it’s way, and as a result, the disaster occurs. This is hypnosis through subliminal suggestion. The elite Pharoahs (Far – Rose) have been using this kaballism technique and knowledge for thousands of years.

The Divine Right To Fuck With Your Head

This is the basis for their claim to the ‘Divine Right of King’s To Rule’. The divine right of kings to rule, should be more properly stated as the divine right of the corrupt to fuck with your head anytime they see fit. They’ll screw you at every turn, and lie and cheat and manipulate and sacrifice our children and every one of us, just to remain in power. At the same time, appearing as if they were just looking out for our own good. After all, didn’t they propose building a Doomsday Seed Vault to feed us in the event of a world wide disaster? Bullshit! What they did was send a subliminal message that a world wide disaster is going to occur. They created the reality, whereby, they created the cause and effect of the disaster through hypnosis by manipulating the light energy of the 3 dimensional space through their egregore group based thoughts. They know this is what they’re doing. This is why the elite mingle with the elite. To maintain the arrogant spirit of elitism, which is demonism, that is perpetuated by intellectualism and religion. Of course, this is all an illusion that they’ve created, and as simply as it was created, it can be torn apart.

Charitable Organizations – Do Gooders – Joiners – Luciferian Puppets

It’s for this reason also that the most popular organization for firefighters, police, lawyers, judges, politicians, teachers, doctors and so on, to join, is Freemasonry, or any of the similar organizations such as the Knights of Columbus, Rotary International, Lions International, The Legion, The Elks, Jobs Daughters, The Chamber of Commerce, The Shriners (32nd degree Freemasons with their Childrens Burn Unit), National Cancer Society, and a whole myriad of other groups. All community based charitable organizations draw their members from the religious and intellectual systems of the community. Everybody joins because they see the other people join, and nobody wants to be left out, so they just ignore the inner knowing that’s telling them how stupid the works of these organizations really are. After all, those other joiners are upstanding folks in the community. Upstanding folks who don’t have a clue about what’s really going on. Everybody joins because everybody joins! How absolutely insane. The words Charitable Organizations, sounds so politically correct. Nothing could be further from the truth. There is more poverty, death, disease, war, terror, horror, greed, perversion,… you name it, and there have never been so many charitable organizations functioning in the world as there are right now. Somebodies jerking with us.

In the United States, the National Cancer Society has their head office at Fort Dietrich, the former centre of bio-terrorism for the United States military machine. Nothing has really changed except the sign on the door.

These are the ‘Joiners’ in the world. The people who like to network. In other words, you jerk me off, and I’ll jerk you off. That way you’re joined at the hip through the sickening ritual of 3 dimensional fear. These are the people, who are indoctrinated in the worship of the sun god. This pretty much includes every ambitious person on the planet. The purpose of these ‘do good’ groups is to implant unwittingly, on behalf of the luciferian group entity, the suggestions concerning the disasters that the egregore mindset want to occur. Prepare for this disaster, or that hardship, or try to eliminate pain and suffering in other parts of the world, all the while hoping it never happens to us. Yet, all the while, what really transpires, is the very hypnotic suggestion that will make it happen to us, and to everyone else in the world. Just keep reading this information, and in short order, your own personal trance will begin to break and the deep sleep will end.

Insanity – The Luciferian’s Last Wall Of Defense

Of course, the trance state has built within it, the suggestion that this is all bullshit. No matter. Everybody will be just fine. There’s no hell, no sin and no real death. However, if you want to assist in destroying the trance once and for all, continue reading and considering, that if this is an accurate assessment of the way things are, then this is also the way to end the lunacy once and for all. You will question your sanity as you begin to wake up, but persevere, insanity is their last bastion of defence. Climb over that wall of insanity and reclaim the eternal state of power that they so diligently keep us disconnected from.

Humanity is not in a battle with George Bush, the presidents of the United States, the Royalty of the world or any of the other elite nutcases on this planet. The luciferian duality gods would have us think that this is the case. We’re not in a fight with any segment of humanity, no matter how inhuman they appear, because they’re nothing more than another fragment of light manipulation. We’re in a battle with the luciferian egregore group of thinkers who use these weak and feeble puppets of stupidity to fulfill their agenda. The information on this site identifies who they are and how it is they manipulate and control. We, as humanity, have to attack that very power base and destroy it. The weapon at our disposal to perform this attack, is to be armed with the awareness of what’s really taking place. It’s that simple! We eliminate corruption, ignorance and stupidity with wisdom and knowing. Not intellectual knowledge or religious spirituality. Corruption and ignorance manifests itself in the lunatic forms of religion and intellectualism. Even the word LUNACY = LUNAR SEE = MOON SEE is a subliminal that states the obvious, without being obvious. Lunacy is the worship of the lunar moon goddess, the goddess of the sky, who in turn is the mother of the sun god, which shows itself in spiritual and scientific clothing.

Spiritual and scientific clothing manifests as thought, which are words, which are sounds, which are vibrations, that is energy, and energy glows and glowing is light. Thoughts are therefore, light. Light is the stuff you see. The word GLOW = EYE-LOW, which is YELLOW = YELLOH = HOLLEY in reverse, which is HOLY. For this reason light, the glowing aspect of thought, is considered holy. This is the holy see, this is the creator god, this is luciferian thought formed into 3 dimensional physical reality. However, it’s only light. It’s only hypnotic suggestion. It’s only an illusion. Everything is of the luciferian thought form and is designed to keep us disconnected from our power and eternal state of wisdom and awareness.

By eliminating the source of stupidity, by exposing the lie, you eliminate the strings controlling the puppets, who in turn have used this stupidity to control humanity. Have a look at the 3669 Mile chart just below. Be very aware that the Freemason motherland of Scotland is not very far removed from the command centre of world domination as they would have us believe. The re-emergence of the kaballistic brotherhood of Egyptian sun god worship was not reallydriven to Scotland for fear of their lives. They came to Scotland to continue plotting the course of world history from the isles in the sides of the north. Simply look at the coordinates of the mother church of Freemasonry in Roslin, Scotland, Rosslyn Chapel and Rosslyn Castle, and you soon see that 3 degrees W., the Deity number, and 55 degrees N., the number of humanity , symbolized with the multiple of 11, is 5 – 11’s, or 5 numbers of death, which is death to all the senses of humanity. These are both incredibly strong symbolic coordinates.

The number 55 also coincides with 7 on the 5th clockface. The number 7 is completion, and being located on the 5th clockface, again signifies that this is the agenda associated with the complete control of humanity. It was through this mindset of Freemasonic thinking, (that is the luciferian thought form), that all the coordinates in the world were established. It is the luciferian thought form, that indeed created the very existance we’re experiencing through the religious and intellectual puppets just mentioned, not just the coordinates applied to this 3 dimensional experience.

Be sure to continue lower down this page, to the chart of Egypt, if you want to see where some of the early BULL-Shit originated.

Svalbard-Washington DC 3669 Miles

Orion’s Belt East – West – North Central USA

The chart below demonstrates the worship of the god of the sky, the sun and moon gods, through the constellations. Before mass communication, the sky, or the universe, was the most effective tool to manipulate the population. The constellation Orion is the most prominent in the night sky and has been used for mass hypnosis, through religion, which is the early form of magic and science. Today, religion and magic find most of their potency in the lunacy called science. Orion’s Belt of 3 stars points to the brightest star in the sky called Sirius, the dog star, (the god star). This in turn points to the Southern Crux, the cross of salvation, the same distance as from the last star of the Belt star, to Sirius.

In the Eastern United States we have Boston, New York and Washington DC forming the Orion’s Belt. They in turn point directly to the Mississippi Delta and New Orleans. The Delta is located at exactly 90 degrees W. and 30 degrees N. To continue following the same line to the southwest, the same distance from Washington DC to the Mississippi Delta, lands exactly at Mexico City, the symbolic capital city of the Megiddo Valley. The word Delta = Death. Here we see Boston, New York and Washington DC pointing directly at death and Megiddo. It should be noted that Washington DC and New York City are not state status cities. They are city states. Megiddo is the site that has been subliminally suggested as the site of the Battle of Armageddon and just one major portion of the world to be hit with the Global Warming Flood Waters of judgment. Also, located close to Orion’s Belt line of 3 stars is the Freemasonic Skull and Bones Secret Society at Yale University, at New Haven, Connecticut.

The Western United States also has Orion’s Belt formed by Lake Tahoe, Sacramento and San Francisco. Following in a straight line through these locations leads to the southwest and directly to Hawaii, and by applying an equal distance again, lands directly at the cross of the Equator and the International Date Line. In the area of Orion’s Belt, just a few miles north of San Francisco, is Bohemian Grove, the Freemasonic 2700 acre grove of human sacrifice and sex orgiastic blood drinking rituals. All modern day presidents belong to, or have participated in events, at this haven of warlocks. Read the book by Cathy O’Brien called Tranceformation of America, for all the sordid details.

In the East Central region of the United States the cities of St.Louis, Memphis and New Orleans line up to form Orion’s Belt at 90 degrees W. New Orleans is exactly at 30 degrees N. These cities then point straight south to the centre of Guatemala, Guatemala City and San Salvador at 15 degrees N. The line then continues, at the same distance, to the Galapogos Islands, right on the Equator at 90 degrees W. In the area of Orion’s Belt cities, the Mississippi (Isis) River weaves back and forth across the Belt. Memphis is named after the old Egyptian city of Memphis, Egypt, located just a few miles south of Cairo, on the Nile, and just south of the location of the Giza Pyramids and the Necropolis, the temple of the dead. On the Mississippi, Cairo, Illinois, is just a few miles north of Memphis Tennessee, right in the fork of the Mississippi and Ohio Rivers. This leads to the conclusion that this is also the location of a present or future Necropolis, a temple of the dead. The fork of the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers is one of the hottest volcanic seismic regions in the United States.

Located in Nashville Tennessee, (N-ASH-ville), just a few miles to the east of Memphis, is an exact duplicate of the Parthenon, a temple of worship to the Athena, the Virgin, yet another name linked to the lunar goddess, mother of the sun god. In the 6th century AD, the Parthenon was converted to a Christian Church and dedicated to the Virgin Mary, the name of the current, reigning lunar goddess, and mother of the Jesus, the sun god.

The Parthenon in Greece, was then converted to an Islamic Mosque in the early 1460’s, after the Ottoman Conquest. The Islamic faith holds Mary in high regard as well and Mary is depicted as a Dove and a Flame of Fire, which is the All Seeing Eye. Mary is referred to in Islam as the Queen of Heaven and her feast day is August 22. The worship of the sun god is obviously the worship of the children of Abraham, who parade through history in coats of Greek gods, Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Not to mention the Roman, Egyptian and Babylonian deities that were also worshipped under different names. The Parthenon in Nashville is sending the subliminal suggestion that the Virgin is worshipped here. Furthermore, that the conquest of the Virgin and her husband son, Jesus, will be witnessed in this area of the Egyptian Necropolis, the temple of the dead.

Of course, this doesn’t make rational sense. However, the suggestion is there. The awe and wonderment of this structure and the interpretation it carries with it assists in creating the reality and the devastation so desired by the luciferian thinkers.

80-90 degrees Boston to Washington

The 7 Hills of Rome – The Church of Rome – The WTC Attack

Vatican and 7 Hills

Pope Santa – The Tiber River – White River – Alba Longa

The Vatican sits on Vatican Hill across the Tiber River from Rome. The word must be broken down as such:

VATICAN = VAT a large open tub or tank for holding liquid, suggesting a containment device with side walls
the steep walls that maintain control of its contents.

The subliminal messages delivered with the layout of these hills is described below.

The Vatican is a walled enclave city state. Paralleled by Wall Street and the Bathtub basement 6 floors of the WTC in Manhattan. This is also symbolic of the huge Sea of Bronze outside Solomon’s Temple where the blood of the sacrifice was washed from the hands of the priests, cleansing them of sin, just as the Vatican absolves the sin of its priests. This Sea of Bronze was for purification before the priest offered sacrifices to god. This Vat Can container is further symbolized by the Pacific Ocean just to the west of the 2 pillar/tower states of Oregon and Arizona. With yet the final parallel, when placed over the Canadian Shield Rock and Greenland, the Vat is Nunavut, the huge polar ice region that leads up to the North Pole and the melting ice caps. Nunavut is derived from the Egyptian water god Nun, the god of watery chaos. Nun-A-Vut is the Vat of Nun, the Vat-I-Can, the Vat of the Water God.

This all began in Babylon with the fish god, Nimrod, also known as Oannes, or John.

The Tiber River, originally called the White River, flowed between Vatican Hill and Capitoline Hill. The word White, is symbolic of Orion, and the glowing bright white of the constellation. The Tiber was also called the Alba, which also speaks of the white vestment that the priests of sun god worship wear. This includes Roman Catholic priests, Jewish rabbis and Freemasons. The Alb is the white tunic worn by priests at Mass.

Janiculum Hill – Washington DC – White House – Pentagon – Capitol Building – Jesus the Door

When examining the WTC layout in New York, the City of Washington DC has to be linked to the layout as well. Just across the Tiber River, but south and west of the 7 Hills of Rome, is the Janiculum Hill. This hill was not part of Rome, just as Washington DC is not part of Manhattan. Janiculum Hill is named for the Roman god Janus, who was a 2 faced god. This 2 faced characteristic sums up Washington DC and the 2 faced nature of politics. This is the double cross, deception of the war machine called the Pentagon, and the Temple of Isis called the Capitol Hill, filled with the high priests of the luciferian mind. Little else need be said when linking Washington to Rome. Politicians of any political persuasion, are the High Priests of the Worship of Isis. The Worship of Isis is the worship of the light, the 3 dimensional illusion that has created every system used to manipulate humanity.

Janus was the god of gates, doors, and doorways. These are the same attributes given to Jesus, the way and the door, no man comes unto the father but through Jesus. Janiculum Hill coincides with the location of Washington DC, and in turn with the White House, Pentagon and Capitol Building. The White House is the House of Orion, the House of Zion, the House of Jesus, referred to in Roman times as Janus.

In the WTC building layout, Building 7 is symbolically linked to building 6 of the WTC. On the map lower down, the street running on the west side of building 7 is called Washington Street. When Washington Street reaches Building 6, it stops at the main plaza area and starts again on the south side of the plaza. This symbolizes the washing, or cleansing, of the Global Warming flood waters passing over the Rock in judgment.

The god Janus was also the god of caretakers and janitors who clean the halls and corridors. Again, very fitting of the war machine of the White House, Pentagon and Capitol Building. This political/military monster is the major Puppet used as the front to hide and, at the same time, to deliver the devastation of the egregore mindset. The month of January is named after this god, and it is January that signifies the start of a new year, and, in the case of Washington DC, a new world order.

What this symbolism shows, is that the elite of the Roman Catholic Church, the elite of the government of the United States and the elite power brokers such as the Rockefellers and the Rothschild families, all knew, and have known for centuries, that this is the plan and ultimate goal. To seductively and deceitfully, place humanity into a hypnotic drunken trance, all with the desire to destroy the majority of us, so that they, the luciferian worshippers, can rule and reign over the eternal state of awareness as god.

Romulus and Remus were also said to have been born in Alba Longa, the city east of Rome. This is again symbolic of the long white vestment the priests wore, when holding Mass. Mass is simply a polite way of saying blood sacrifice. The mythical figures of Romulus and Remus probably never existed. However, the subliminal messages in their names can be seen as REMUS = SUMER. Sumer was the ancient kingdom of southern Iraq that eventually gave way to the Babylonian Empire. Sumer, like the kingdoms to follow, was founded on the fertile banks of 2 rivers, the Tigris and Euphrates. The river symbolism has to be included for the hypnotic suggestion of the worship of Isis to be implanted. The name of the twin brother Remus, simply recalls and instills the antiquity of Rome in the mind of humanity, without actually saying it on the conscious level. The name ROMULUS = ROM-U-SUL = ROM of SOL, the Roseman, or Royal Man, of the Sun. It was Romulus that actually founded Rome on Palantine Hill, according to the traditional story, thereby making him the Royal, the one who Rose to the throne.

Linking the 7 Hills of Rome And The 7 Buildings Of The World Trade Centre

The 7 Hills of Rome are numbered on the chart map above.

Capitoline Hill #7, is the tallest hill of the seven. Even though Vatican Hill is not numbered as one of the 7 Hills of Rome, it actually equates with Building 7 of the World Trade Centre, which was located outside the Main Plaza block. To continue the subliminal messaging, the suggestion must imply similarities only. If it’s a perfect match it’s no longer subliminal and therefore will have no effect in manipulation.

Capitoline Hill is synonamous with Building 6.

Viminal Hill #5 and Quirinal Hill #6, are combined to form Building #5 of the WTC. This is the reason the shape of Building 5 being an ‘L’ shape, symbolic of 2 hills/buildings in 1.

Esquiline Hill #4 and Caelian Hill #3, are also combined to form Building #4 of the WTC. Again, Building 4 of the WTC was ‘L’ shaped, symbolizing 2 hills/buildings in 1.

Circus Maximus is synonamous with Building 3. The Circus Maximus was not a hill, but a valley, and is symbolic of the Marriott Hotel, the State of California, and the Province of British Columbia. This symbolism being linked to a valley will be described a bit farther down the page.

Aventine Hill #2, associated with Remus, symbolizes Tower 2. The South Tower of the WTC. This was the slightly smaller Twin Tower just as Remus was the lesser in power of the twin brothers.

Palantine Hill #1 symbolizes Tower 1, the North Tower of the WTC, the taller of the 2 towers, and symbolically linked to Romulus, the founder of Rome.

The WTC Buildings – The Western United States – Canada, Greenland, The Arctic Ocean and Alaska

The western United States coincide with the WTC buildings as demonstrated on previous pages, and in turn coincide with the Canadian Shield provinces, Alaska, Greenland, and the Arctic Ocean. The confusing part in this breakdown, is that British Columbia coincides with Building 7 in the WTC layout, and then coincides with Building 3, the Marriott Hotel and California, when comparing the layout to the Canadian Shield Rock. Simply keep in mind, that these Buildings, Provinces, States, Territories and geographical boundaries are only symbolic and are meant for subliminal manipulation only. They are not meant to be defined precisely, even as it’s impossible to define when one hill in ancient Rome ends, and another acutally begins. In point form, the World Trade Centre buildings match up as follows:

Alaska = Tower 1. (Palantine Hill) – Oregon State

Saskatchewan = Tower 2. (Aventine Hill) – Arizona State

British Columbia = Building 3. (Circus Maximus – A Valley) – California

Manitoba and Ontario and lower 1/2 portion of Nunavut = Building 4. (Esquiline Hill & Caelian Hill – 2 provinces/buildings in one). – New Mexico, 1/2 Colorado

Quebec, Labrador/Newfoundland and upper 1/2 portion of Nunavut = Building 5. (Viminal Hill & Quirinal Hill – 2 provinces and 1/2 territory/2 1/2 buildings in one). 1/2 Colorado, Wyoming, Montana

Greenland and Arctic Ocean = Building 6 linked with Washington DC. (Capitoline Hill linked with Janiculum Hill) – Washington State

The THRONE – Northern Polar Regions circling the North Pole and Svalbard Island = Building 7. (Vatican Hill) – British Columbia

Svalbard Island/Nunavut Territory – Command Centre – The Vatican – Building 7 – British Columbia

The Island of Svalbard, just off the northern tip of Greenland, just a bit north of BEAR Island, in the Arctic Ocean, is linked to the Nunavut Territory and Building 7 symbolically, and is part of the Command Centre, so to speak, in establishing the subliminal suggestion to be used in the Global Warming Flood. This is why the Bill Gates foundation, the Rockefellers, and Seed House conglomerates such as Monsanto have spent $30 million to build a Doomsday Seed Vault on Svalbard Island. This is the filming location of The Golden Compass and Orions Belt. They do these things, then let them be publicized on the internet and elsewhere, to implant the subliminal still deeper. That message is, that Global Warming is happening and it’s best that we focus all our thought and energy in that direction.

SVALBARD = S VAL BAR D = S-isis, VAL-veil, BAR-bear and rabbi father god, D-death.

The World Trade Centre Courtyard – The Courtyard Of Global Warming

The WTC Courtyard is synonamous with Utah, Nevada and Idaho. In the Canadian matchup, this aligns with Alberta, The Northwest Territories and The Yukon Territory. This Courtyard was also layed out in the 7 Hills of Rome.

Circus Maximus – The Marriott – California – British Columbia

There’s just one building left to describe symbolically. That is the Marriott Hotel – building 3. However, there are no more hills left to equate it to, … but there is a valley. That valley is the location between the Palantine Hill and the Aventine Hill called the Circus Maximus. The Marriott Hotel was different from all the other Buildings, in that it wasn’t an office building, but a hotel and banquet facility. A place of eating, drinking and sleeping, (amongst other activities). The Marriott Hotel is symbolic of the Circus Maximus, the huge outdoor sports and entertainment amphitheatre, where tens of thousands of spectators could be seated. It was the Caesars that said of the masses, … ‘give them Bread and Circuses’, or entertain them endlessly, and controlling the populace was no problem.

On the chart immediately below, the angle of the Circus Maximus lies northwest to southeast. This is also the angle of the Marriott Hotel. As shown on previous pages, the Marriott Hotel is synonamous with the State of California, and once again, the angle of California is northwest to southeast. Taken one step further, the Province of British Columbia in the Canadian Shield layout, also equates to the Circus Maximus, the Marriott Hotel and the State of California, and it also has the northwest to southeast angle.

The Circus Maximus was a place of entertainment, as was the Marriott Hotel. California – with Hollywood movies, recording, Disneyland, the porn industry, and endless other delights, is also the place of entertainment. British Columbia carries title of Hollywood North, and the whole province is a virtual playground of skiing, hiking, boating, mountain adventures, sightseeing,… and so on. Just like the Circus Maximus, the Marriott Hotel was a building of only 47 stories, dwarfed by the 110 stories of the Twin Towers. The State of California has the Sacramento Valley, which is virtually identical in ratio and angle to the Circus Maximus. The Interior of British Columbia is sandwiched between the Coast Mountains to the west and the Rockie Mountains to the East. This forms one extremely large valley, once again, virtually identical in angle to the Circus Maximus.

All this is simply subliminal messaging. The hope of the luciferian entity, was that this would never be discovered. Once the lies that created the illusion are uncovered, the lie ceases to have any power to maintain the illusion and the whole thing collapses. Of course, part of the suggestion built into the illusion is, “no way … “. It’s just a matter of reconnecting to reality and awareness and the old stupidity fades away.

The Tiber – The Hudson – The Pacific – The Arctic – Waters Of Cleansing

When comparing the 7 Hills layout to the Rockefeller Plaza and the WTC, the Hudson River flows on the north and west side just as the Tiber flows on the north and west side of Rome. The Pacific Ocean lies to the north and west of California and the Arctic Ocean lies to the north and west of the Canadian Shield. The inspiration for the courtyard in the Rockefeller Plaza comes from the main Plaza area called the Roman Forum, the Colosseum and the Temple to Isis in ancient Rome. These areas coincide with the open areas of the courtyard and the Compass Rose Cross that was paved into the floor of the Rockefeller Plaza. When overlaying the Rockefeller Plaza on the Western United States, the Temple of Isis, disguised as the Compass Rose, is located at the 4 Corners Cross of Utah, Arizona, New Mexico and Colorado. The Temple of Isis is the Temple, or the Rock of Christianity, the Peter, the John, the Jesus. It’s all the same stuff with a bunch of labels thrown in to confuse but not to destroy the subliminal message of hypnotic control.

7 Hills of Rome

Roman Forum – WTC Courtyard – Idaho Nevada Utah – Yukon Alberta Northwest Territories

WTC Buildings & 7 Hills

Worship Of The Mother Of The Mother Of God – Ah NUTS

The God Nun and Goddess Nunet – The Nunavut Territory

Another Egyptian god who flooded the Nile annually, was called Nun. He was the god of watery chaos. The story goes that Nun guided Ra, the sun god, to dry land. The subliminal in this, is that flooding leads to cleansing, and, as in the case of Noah and his flood, a new world order will emerge. Nun’s female counterpart was called Nunet. Together, this chaotic floodwater is symbolized in the new Canadian territory of Nunavet, the location of the new 4 Corner sacrifice ritual cross, created in 1999, just west of Hudson Bay on the 60th parallel. This is the location of the Global Warming floodwaters that are being sacrificially prepared in the hypnotic trance state that the world finds itself locked in.

The flooding of the Nile can be understood symbolically by looking at the name.

NILE = LIN-E in reverse. The Nile River is a line. The line is 180 degrees. This straight line is a beam of light. The beam of light is the energy thought process of the luciferian mindset that has created the whole 3 dimensional illusory world. When this line is passed through a crystal (christ all) it still contains 180 degrees total, in it’s inside angles. The number 180 = 9, the number of the fall, when added together. When multiplied, 1 x 9 = 9 as well. When reversed, 180 = 081 which equals 9 nines. When 180 is divided by 9 it = 20. 20 is the number of control as it coincides with 8. These numbers all have significant symbolic strength and therefore are looked upon as being divine. The Nile, or any river, is referred to as Isis, Nut, Nun, and a whole host of other gods. In reality, this is just double-talk to hide the deceit, that all these gods represent the different aspects of the luciferian egregore thought form.

Inuit Pyramid

The Origin of the Rock of Sacrifice – Egypt USA

Isis was the mother of Horus in Ancient Egypt. She was the the wife of Osiris. Osiris was killed and so the mother, Isis, married the son, Horus. Together, they formed the trinity godhead of Egypt, just as the father, Jehovah (Yahweh, etc.), Mary and Jesus form the trinity in christianity. Three parts, yet one god. The chart immediately below demonstrates some of the early subliminal suggestion that has developed to such a refined position as a simple graphic on a map. This symbol acts as a sigil magic marker to manipulate the thought of humanity in the direction the luciferian thought form wishes us to go.

When the country of Egypt is isolated, the very obvious form of a Bull appears. This is the Bull of sacrifice, the apotropaic symbol to ward off evil, as seen in the buffalo statues in the Winnipeg Legislative Buildings and the buffalo head on the RCMP crest.

When this Bull of Protection, is rotated 180 degrees, it is the shape of the World Trade Centre Building layout.

This was the inspiration for the layout, and the complex itself, was the Bull to be used for sacrifice to appease the luciferian gods. Just take a moment and consider the implications here. The shape of Egypt, is the shape of the World Trade Centre Building layout. This has been shown throughout this site to be the Rock under the Dome of the rock, the 8 sided Dome Mosque. The new Freedom Tower is going to be an 8 sided skyscraper. The WTC is also, the Vatican in its symbolic shape, the city of London, the Western United States and the shape of North America, as evidenced by overlaying the London Rose over all of North America. What are the chances of any one of these geographical locations being similar to any other, especially when the similarities always involve a civilization that has ruled the known world at the height of their power. The chance of this occurring without the powers that be in charge not knowing is extremely unlikely. This is the reason that the Stock Market also has a symbolic Bull Market. The financial district of Wall Street surrounds the WTC plaza, the home of the Bull Market. It’s going to be this Bull Market that will be sacrificed as the Bear Market takes over and conquers and cleanses the world.

As mentioned, the Bull is a good luck charm to ward off evil, exactly as a crucifix, or cross is used in christianity as a sign of protection. For this reason, a compass rose, a zodiac circle, which has a cross symbolized in its form, was bricked into the courtyard of the WTC. The cross signifies the Bull, that in turn is symbolic of an Eagle (the rising Phoenix bird – or Pole Bird – or Pole Byrd), or a Lion (the suns rays), and represents the god of the sky and thunder (the northern Bear god Thor). In actual fact, all the gods, with all the symbols, are simply the one luciferian group of hynotic trance inducers. This Bull of the financial district of the New York WTC, was furthermore sacrificed as the lamb to the luciferian god in the 9-11 attack of 2001, symbolizing the hoped for, Global Warming Flood of judgment from the slain lamb of god. Again, all bull-shit, but nonetheless, based on the bull of Egyptian sun god worship.

Egypt Bull Rock

The Western United States of Egypt – Horus – Zeus – Jesus

When Egypt is rotated 180 degrees and the borders of the western United States are placed over top, the names of cities and geographical locations take on significant, and erry, meaning. First off, the name and location of the Suez Canal is situated in the southern half of California. It follows an area close to the southern end of the Sacramento Valley and Los Angeles. SUEZ in reverse is ZEUS. Just as the map of Egypt was turned upside down, so too, is the subliminal suggestion in the name reversed. It’s there, obvious as can be, a great little hypnotic suggestion, and yet, it remains hidden. This Suez Canal is a subliminal suggestion for the Zeus Canal, manipulating our attention on the sun god. In particular, the water passageway of the sun god.

Located in the top left corner of Egypt, in the area of Washington State, the Olympia Mountains and Mount Olympus, indicates the general location for the throne of Zeus. When the Global Warming flood waters are coupled with the ‘Big One’, the long awaited earthquake off the west coast of North America, the waters of Zeus will flow down the west coast of California, come through the Golden Gate Bridge in magnificent symbolic fashion, and flood the Sacramento Valley. This is the area seen on the chart below, that coincides with Gulf of Suez.

The Global Warming flood waters and the Big One have been perpetuated through the political, religious and emergency measures organizations, (through the media), for many decades. All of this combines to create the reality the luciferian thought form demands, in order to maintain complete control. Every organization in the 3 dimensional realm is designed to worship and sustain the 3 dimensional experience, and it’s this 3D experience that’s completely disconnected humanity from who and what they really are.


The words three dimensional are yet another subliminal that states that the 3 dimensional experience is the death experience for humanity, and is, the All and All, the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End, for the luciferian sun god. Every system developed by the luciferian principle is completely obsessed with maintaining the 3 dimensional illusion through the fear of death. Every action that humanity is involved in, indicates a total obsession with staying alive. This is the ultimate end, the ultimate power, the high point of the luciferian trance state, to keep humanity in subjection through the fear of death. Amazing isn’t it! Because death isn’t real. The only thing that appears real is the fear of death. Once that fear is conquered through knowing who’s manipulating us through this fear, then the fear of death vanishes. It completely ceases to exist. The fear of the transition from this illusory life state, to the even stronger illusion of death completely vanishes. The fear of pain and suffering is gone. However, not just the fear of pain and suffering is gone, but the pain and suffering themselves, cease to exist. Knowing and awareness releases us into the huge powerful state of freedom. Pain and suffering are simply subliminal hypnotic suggestions that keep us locked into the death trap. Believing that pain and suffering are real, keeps them real. Only when you’re attention is focused on pain and suffering, do you experience pain and suffering. When your focus is shifted to the reality of what’s going on, you no longer give any credence to the hypnotic suggestion, that fear, death, pain and suffering are anything, they totally lose their stranglehold on who you really are.

For this reason, the real luciferian illuminati agenda, is to manipulate us to fight to maintain our worldly freedom, our worldly possessions, our worldly health, our worldly positions, our worldly beauty, our worldly systems … and we fall for it, hook, line and sinker. We are being herded like sheep by the very people who are warning us not to be herded like sheep. If anyone is telling you that we should maintain, or attempt to maintain this 3 dimensional experience, and the energy, light, and thought that goes with it, they’re sun god worshippers, they’re luciferian puppets and are being unwittingly used to maintain stupidity. Of course, the people I’ve just described, who continue to lead us into lunacy, are all of us. Nobody falls outside of this insanity. We can, but we don’t. It’s time now, to wake up, the flood is coming.

The word SUEZ = ZEUS. Just like SUEZ the word GULF also has another meaning hidden within. The letter G is the symbol for the EYE. The G has the Y sound as mentioned many times on this site. The Eye is the All Seeing Eye, the light of the world, which is the 3 dimensional Death experience. The word GULF = EYE-ULF or FLU-EYE-D in reverse. FLU-EYED = FLUID when adding the D, the Death letter, that is associated with the EYE of death. The Gulf of Suez literally means, the Fluid of Zeus. That fluid is water. Zeus was known as the cloud gatherer. Clouds have rain. Zeus is the mythological chief god, and therefore, Zeus rains / reigns over the world.

On this chart map of Egypt and the western states, (immediately below) the rain / reign of Zeus will cut off the Wilderness of Sin (the Sinai), of southern California. It’s in this area of the Sinai, from the Egyptian perspective, that Moses wandered for 40 years because the children of Israel were a rebellious lot. The subliminal message implanted for thousands of years has been, when you see the wilderness of sin destroyed, then know that I am god. Here in California, which was part of the original Mexico, the fabricated notion of sin, is now going to be destroyed. As well, many in other areas that include the original Mexican territory, once called New Spain, will continue to fall victim to the earthquakes, tornadoes, wildfires, and floods that are already being perpetrated in godly judgment. This area includes the region from as far north as North Dakota to southern Chile and the Phillipines. This is the Ring of Fire of the Pacific Ocean and is the altar of sacrifice for the Olympic Games, and the Olympian gods and their Olympian illuminati blood families to continue their sacrifice of humanity. The judgment of this loony lord is already being carried out and over the next few years will intensify to an unparalleled fever pitch. The only way to stop it is to wake up, realize the manipulation tactic, have no fear of death or losing anything in this 3 dimensional space, and the horror will stop. The trance will end.

On the map below, consider the names and positions of Moses Lake in Washington State. What’s Moses Lake doing in Washington State? How about the Giza Pyramids located in the general area of Death Valley and the Funeral Mountains. Just south of the Funeral Mountains is a location called the Devils Playground. Why are they so closely situated? Why does the Gulf of Suez follow the exact same direction as the Sacramento Valley? Why is the Mediterranean Sea covering the area of Mexico and the Gulf of Suez covers the Sacramento Valley? Why does MEDITER-ranean have the same subliminal in it as the name of DEMETER = MED-ETER, another name for Aphrodite, Venus, Ashtarte, Isis and the Virgin Mary? Why does Mediterranean mean the middle, the Mediator, the Peace Maker, the Saviour of the Terra, the Earth? Why does the Pacific Ocean, mean Peaceful Sea, or See of Peace, the very same interpretation as the Mediterranean See, or the Demeter See? Why does Demeter mean the goddess of the Fertility of the Earth, fertility is life giver, just as Mediterranean is the Mediator of the Earth? Why is the Salton Sea, at 283 feet below sea level, called Salton, even as the the elite of the east are called Sultans? Why is King’s Canyon National Park just west of Death Valley and just south of where the Valley of the Kings Necropolis is located near modern day Luxor in Egypt? Why is Joshua Tree called Joshua Tree? Why does the Columbia River (Columbe – the Dove), the mother goddess, cascade down from the north and why is the Cascade Mountain Range called Cascade? As well, why is the Cascadia Ridge fault line, the most stressed fault line in the world, located on the west coast of Vancouver Island and Washington State, just north of California, called Cascadia? Why does Snake River Canyon cross near where the Nile River flows south into California? Why does the active volcanic zone from Canada to California follow the direction of the Nile River when Egypt is overlayed on the western states? Why is Mexico City, at over 7,000 feet above sea level, located in the general area as the Island of Crete in the Mediterranean, (in this overlay of maps)?

Why does MEXICO = M mother, EX sex subliminal, I eye, C with a K sound = kill, O = eye.
Why does MEGIDDO = M mother, EG eye fertility letter, I eye, DD death death, O = eye.

Mexico and Megiddo mean exactly the same thing.

Why is El Paso, Texas called El (father of all gods), and Paso, the Passover, when the Israelites (Isis – RaEl – Eye-tes), were delivered from slavery in Egypt? Why is El Paso located on the Rio Grande River, the blood of christ river? El lends it’s name to El-ectricity, the light of the world, the energy of sun god worship, that nasty little light beam particle that has created the whole veil of deceit in our midst.

These are just a few of the questions that need to be asked and answered. Why are all these names and locations here, and why are they vaguely hidden? The people that run the world, the elite rich, powerful, royal and political powers that be, know that this is what they’re doing, and they know they’re taking the world into this oblivion state of total control on behalf of their luciferian lord. They just believe, that’s in the best interest of everyone concerned, and of course, most importantly, in their best interest. They simply believe that maintaining the 3 dimensional illusion is a wonderful concept, especially if they get to rule and reign with the luciferian thinker. They’ve trained all of us to follow along, and we say, that’s not a BAAA-AAA-D idea.

Egypt Nile Sites USA

After Egypt – Greece – Rome – London – New York – Western USA – Canada

Thou are Peter and upon this Rock I’ll build my church“. These words of Jesus are the words of Zeus. For 4,000 years before the fabricated Jesus entered the picture, the Rock theme was pretty much established. All it took to entrench the Rock as the weapon for total world domination in these last 2,000 years was a name change, a few redesigned logos, a new slogan here and there, and a whole new marketing team called Rome.

Below is a photograph of Aphrodite’s Rock in Paphos, Crete. This is the location of the birth of Aphrodite, the Dove, who is today’s christian Mother Mary, (Mar-y = Mar-Eye = Sea-See = the Holy See) the Dove, the Holy Spirit, the Holy Water, the third person of the trinity. It is said that Cronus, (father time), cut off Uranus’ testicles and threw them behind him into the sea. The genitals were carried over the sea a long time, and white foam rose from the mortal flesh, with it a girl grew to become Aphrodite, the goddess of sex, love, lust, beauty and war.

Aphrodite comes by many names through the ages, however it is always a reference to the Queen of Heaven. She is symbolized throughout time as a lion, horse, sphinx, dove, star, star in a circle, the sea, dolphins, swans, pomegranates, apples (Appal-achian Mountains), myrtle, rose, lime trees and sparrows. The symbolic birds mentioned in this list, are the birds that Romulus and Remus watched for from the Aventine and Palantine Hills in ancient Rome. These birds were symbolic of the Queen of Heaven, Aphrodite, also called Hera, in Greece, and represented the rising up of the sea in the judgment day of god. In turn, these birds were symbolized by the crashing of aircraft and missiles into the WTC Twin Towers, the Pentagon and the field in Shanksville Pennsylvania.

In witchcraft circles, Aphrodite goes by the names of Isis, Ashtarte, Diana, Hecate, Demeter (Mediterranian Sea), Kali and Innana. She is the lunar goddess and symbolozed with pierced nipples. As mentioned in a chart above, the Spanish name for Dove is Columbe. The dove and pigeon family belong to the Columbidae family. The sub family is known as Columbinae. This is the source for the name of Columbus, Columbia and Columbine.

British Columbia has exactly the same name as The District of Columbia, when broken down in symbolic subliminal fashion.

BRITISH = B fertility letter associated with Aphrodite.
IS = ISIS = the queen of heaven – the holy see

The meaning of the word British is Sex Ritual Rising Sea.

Columbia = Columns = Pillars = TOW-ERS = WOT-ERS = Waters

British Columbia means Sex Ritual Rising Sea Waters, the very same definition shown above on the 3669 mile chart for the District of Columba. The only difference are the letters B and D. However, even these two letters refer to Death, the fall into the 3 dimensional death experience, through Birth. Also, keep in mind that Vancouver, British Columbia will be hosting many of the 2010 Winter Olympic events right at sea level, right on the Pacific Rim Ring of Fire. The Olympics are a religious festival of ceremonies and sacrifice and are initiated by 11 priestesses at Athens Greece with the lighting of the eternal flame. The illuminati families also go by the name of the Olympians.

Aphrodite’s Rock


Google Video – illuminatiMATRIX explanatory video detailing the foundational root of hypnosis, religion, intellectualism and who and what god is.

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YouTube Video highlighting some of the subliminal elements hidden in the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem

Please read the next paragraph before watching the ROCK VIDEO.

On the ROCK VIDEO, the World Trade Center is mistakenly called the ROCKEFELLER PLAZA. The WTC was conceived and promoted by the Rockefellers. The Rockefeller Plaza is to the north of the World Trade Centre, on the MANHATTAN ROCK, or MANNA STONE. The WTC and the Rockefeller Plaza , along with the area of CENTRAL PARK, relate to the TEMPLE MOUNT in Jerusalem, and the Al Aqsa Mosque, the Dome of the ROCK, and the Temple Courtyard. These in turn relate to the North American West Coast. See page 39 for more details.

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