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Google Video – illuminatiMATRIX explanatory video detailing the foundational root of hypnosis, religion, intellectualism and who and what god is.

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YouTube Video highlighting some of the subliminal elements hidden in the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem

Please read the next paragraph before watching the ROCK VIDEO.

On the ROCK VIDEO, the World Trade Center is mistakenly called the ROCKEFELLER PLAZA. The WTC was conceived and promoted by the Rockefellers. The Rockefeller Plaza is to the north of the World Trade Centre, on the MANHATTAN ROCK, or MANNA STONE. The WTC and the Rockefeller Plaza , along with the area of CENTRAL PARK, relate to the TEMPLE MOUNT in Jerusalem, and the Al Aqsa Mosque, the Dome of the ROCK, and the Temple Courtyard. These in turn relate to the North American West Coast. See page 39 for more details.

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The Holy Grail – The Whole Lie

The Foundation Rock under the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem is the Rock that jesus would build his church upon. Remember, CHURCH spelled in reverse is HCRUHC which is simply CROOK. This the foundational rock that the judeo/christian/islamic faith is built upon. Likewise, the word FAITH in reverse is HTIAF which is simply THIEF. Subliminal hypnotic suggestion only has to be similar in sound, shape or colour. In fact, the less obvious, but still very similar, creates the most powerful suggestion of all.

The Foundation Rock is not only the foundation stone of these human sacrifice religions in the world, this Rock is also the cup of blood that the luciferian entities have chosen for their flock to drink from. This is the long sought after Holy Grail. Of course, HOLY GRAIL is simply WHOL-E LIAR-Y when reversed, implying the WHOLE LIE. On this page you’re going to see into the not to distant future. The luciferian entities and their puppet rulers, have actually drawn a picture to show what will occur in the final push for control. You’ll see where the cup of blood will be filled, spilled and drunk by these demonic worshippers. Be very prepared as you continue reading, to see what is planned. Take the necessary precautions to get ready physically and emotionally for, the BIG ONE. Tell others to read this site and give them a chance to see if there is any validity in what is written, so that they too, can prepare.

California Wild Fires

The World Trade Centre attack didn’t just happen for money and oil. It wasn’t an isolated event so they could attack Iraq and build pipelines that would carry oil to the ocean ports. The purpose of the attack on the WTC was to get people’s attention focused on the middle east and eventually Asia. The whole time, people living in other parts of the world, and especially the western USA and Canada are about to be hit with devastation never seen in the history of the world. Something much, much bigger is in the works, as witnessed in part already, with the California wildfires of October 20 to 27, 2007. The fires that have struck California over the last few years are simply leading up to the attack. Just as the terrorism subliminal message was delivered years before September 11, 2001, so too, are the natural disasters striking the USA, over and over again, simply hypnotic practise shots across the bow of our subconscious.

Keep in mind, as mentioned on previous pages, that the original territory of New Spain, which stretched from the Canadian border to Panama, was called Mexico. Mexico is pronounced Meheko when given a Spanish pronunciation. Megiddo, the site of the Battle of Armageddon, is pronounced Meyhedo when given the Hebrew sound where the G is YUH. The western USA and the Sacramento Valley in particular, is the Valley of Megiddo, the site of the Battle of Armageddon. This valley is supposed to be filled with blood up to the horses bridles. This foreshadowing of events was written in the luciferian judeo/christian bible under the inspiration of the lucifer mindset. They wrote it so that when we witness the fulfillment of all these events, we’re supposed to know that this is god and this is his messianic kingdom. Talk about total control and the extent to which this group of demonic entities has gone to achieve success.

The wild fires this year happened just after the war games (against humanity) were unfolding in the states of Oregon and Arizona. On this site I have shown the symbolism of how Oregon is representative of Tower 1 and Arizona is symbolizing Tower 2 of the destroyed World Trade Centre. The war games took place from Oct. 15 to 20, 2007. The fires started on October 20 and continued until the full moon on October 25 when they slowly began to subside. To the satanic worshippers running these war games, these numbers are highly symbolic. The number 15 is the number of the deity, which is the luciferian egregore. The number 20 coincides with the number 8 on the 24 hour clock, and is the number of complete control. The word WAR reversed is RAW, and this is the name of the Egyptian sun deity, Amen RA. The significance of the fires subsiding somewhat on the full moon, is just more evidence of the occult mindset, and Egyptian sun god worship, driving the whole thing. It’s very difficult for humanity to accept the massive control this luciferian force has over the affairs of this world, but keep reading this page, study the charts very carefully and there will be no doubt that something very corrupt and with a definite purpose in mind, is being manipulated and is now being carried out.

The Stars Are Geographic and Hypnotic States

The diagram immediately below shows the hypnotic suggestion that is built into the stars and the universe as a whole. Both of these illusions do not exist! If you’ve ever wondered why most flags in the world seem to carry a pentagram star, the answer is simple, the states are the stars. States are nothing more than hypnotic suggestion based on the arrangement of the stars, which in turn are elaborate manipulative light tricks. They are conjured up illusions that carry with them the subliminal that you are present in a physical state, both geographical and bodily. The pentagram star is especially powerful in carrying this subliminal message, as it has the ability to penetrate quickly and deeply into the subconscious mind.

When Al Gore unleashed his lunacy regarding the global warming scenario, the whole thing was based on the location and presentation of the stars to the human eye. This global warming scam is nothing more than a continuation of the luciferian attempt to totally capture the awareness and wisdom of humanity. The number for total control is 8. It is no coincidence then, that there are 88 constellations, all divided up into 8 tidy groups.

See the diagram below that demonstrates the symbolism behind the state of Alaska, (which is, in reality, symbolic of the Al Aqsa moslem mosque in Jerusalem), and how it is the Little Dipper, Ursa Minor, the Little Bear. Also on this diagram, is the state of California, named after another Greek goddess called Calista. This combined with Orion, creates the name California. Calista was changed into the Big Dipper, Ursa Major, the Great Bear and her son was changed into Ursa Minor. It is this arrangement of the stars in the sky, where the Little Dipper pours into the Big Dipper, that will be fulfilled if the luciferians get their wish, to drown and destroy 80% of the world population. All just to prove, that indeed, the messianic new world order of the sun god deity has arrived.

Notice in the diagram below, that the Seal of California shows a huge ocean scene with the name Eureka at the top. This is the location, Eureka California, where the Pacific Plate and the North American plate meet and come inland towards the Sacramento Valley. Also on this seal, is the Bear. This is the symbol of the Big Dipper which will have water pouring into it from the Little Dipper, just as the mythological story goes about the Little and Big Dipper constellations. The water is building daily, in the Arctic Ocean (ARK-tic O-sun) with the melting icecaps. The rising sea level, along with the combined earthquake and tsunami along the west coast of North America, will deliver the water and the crack in the earth, to do the destruction so desired by these entities.

The flag of California also shows the Bear – the Big Dipper, and the North Star – the Little Dipper. It should be very apparent by now, that somebody knows something they’re not telling us. Even the flag of Alaska shows the North Star, which is Alaska, and the Big Dipper which is the Great Bear, California. Just slightly hidden, but not hidden enough to destroy any subliminal message intended for the masses.

On the diagram immediately below, the state of California has the big dipper drawn in and highlighted in dark tan. The cup portion of the dipper is at the north end of the state with the dipper handle bending around the southern coast. This is the shape of the Big Dipper constellation as seen nightly, in the northern hemisphere. The state of Alaska has the shape of the Little Dipper, with the panhandle bending in the direction similar to the constellation handle. This is all subliminal messaging, albeit on a rather grand scale. To the luciferian thinkers, extreme micro or extreme macro suggestion only enhances the believability of the trance state.

Everything we think we see in the 3 dimensional realm are simply light particles, energy atoms, swirling around at an incredible speed. There is virtually nothing physical in an atom. The swirl of atoms creates such an incredible blur that it is impossible to see through them. Therefore they appear real and physical, and ultimately the 3 dimensional world seems to take on substance or matter. If, however, they were forced to slow down and eventually stop, you would see right through them and into the eternal state and who we really are would be evidenced. This is much like a spoked wheel that spins very fast, creating a blur with no ability to see through the spokes. But slow this wheel down and eventually stop it, and you can see through it quite readily.

The upside in all this, is that there is a way to stop the swirling of the 3 dimensional realm. That way is to become aware of the luciferian entity that created everything, along with all its duality, and that everything was created to destroy us and to cause us to experience fear, misery, suffering and pain, before ultimately appearing to destroy us. Knowing that this is the fabricated great god who loves us, gives us the proper perspective concerning everything that’s taking place in the world, and the confusion and swirling going on in our minds, comes to a stop. This stopping, is the eternal paradise state of awareness and wisdom. This in turn, is the ability to see right through the spokes of the wheel of the energy atoms. After all, you’re only seeing the energy atoms swirling around, in your mind. They’re not really there, outside of your mind. Therefore, the place to bring them to a screeching halt, is in your conscious mind. In so doing you have achieved de-hypnosis and nothing can pull you into the trance state again.

Oregon Orion

_________________Greenland News Article____________________

Here’s a news article just released about the subliminal messaging going on regarding the Greenland Polar Bear. The inuendo concerning melting polar icecaps will go into high gear from here on in. This is the Passover water required to cleanse the earth of the undesirables.

December 13, 2007 – Greenland Iceburgs Melting

SAN FRANCISCO—Global warming may not be the only thing melting Greenland. Scientists have found at least one natural magma hotspot under the Arctic island that could be pitching in.

In recent years, Greenland’s ice has been melting more and flowing faster into the sea—a record amount of ice melted from the frozen mass this summer, according to recently released data—and Earth’s rising temperatures are suspected to be the main culprit.

But clues to a new natural contribution to the melt arose when scientists discovered a thin spot in the Earth’s crust under the northeast corner of the Greenland Ice Sheet where heat from Earth’s insides could seep through, scientists will report here this week at a meeting of the American Geophysical Union.

Icebergs float in a bay off Ammassalik Island, Greenland, in this July 19, 2007 file picture. A record amount of Greenland’s ice sheet melted this summer — 19 billion tons more than the previous high mark — U.S. scientists are reporting this week in an ominous new sign of global warming. (AP Photo/John McConnico, file)

Greenland Iceburgs

“The behavior of the great ice sheets is an important barometer of global climate change,” said lead scientist Ralph von Frese of Ohio State University. “However, to effectively separate and quantify human impacts on climate change, we must understand the natural impacts too.”

The corner of Greenland where the hotspot was found had no known ice streams, the rivers of ice that run through the main ice sheet and out to sea, until one was discovered in 1991. What exactly caused the stream to form was uncertain.

Ice streams have to have some reason for being there,” von Frese said, “and it’s pretty surprising to suddenly see one in the middle of the ice sheet.”

The newly discovered hotspot, an area where Earth’s crust is thinner, allowing hot magma from Earth’s mantle to come closer to the surface, is just below the ice sheet and could have caused it to form, von Frese and his team suggest.

“Where the crust is thicker, things are cooler, and where it’s thinner, things are warmer,” von Frese explained. “And under a big place like Greenland or Antarctica, natural variations in the crust will make some parts of the ice sheet warmer than others.”

What caused the hotspot to suddenly form is another mystery.

“It could be that there’s a volcano down there,” he said, “but we think it’s probably just the way the heat is being distributed by the rock topography at the base of the ice.”

___________End of Greenland News Article______________

The next diagram is a map of Greenland in a horizontal position. This map has not been distorted or manipulated in anyway. It shows Greenland as the head of a Polar Bear. Greenland is a big part of the weapon this luciferian entity will be using to manipulate and destroy humanity. This is Ursa Bear, used throughout history, to instill fear and control. This is an incredibly powerful suggestion. You see, you register, but you don’t perceive in the slightest, the manipulation being accomplished. This is yet, one more piece of hypnotic suggestion by the luciferian egregore group of demonic entities. This is exactly what has been done with the west border of Montana – Big Sky Country. There you’ll see the silhouette of a man’s face in the whole west border of Montana. It should really read Big Serpent Killing Eye (SKY) Country.

Greenland Bear Head

The god of war resides in the sides of the north. It becomes more evident with each investigation, just what the weapon of choice and the connection to the war on terrorism and humanity really is.

Below is another map of North America that shows the Russian Bear is just a re-assembled version of the word Ursa Bear. The subliminal used to have the masses focused on the Arctic Ocean was accomplished through the Bolshevik Revolution of the 1st World War and the ultimate COLD WAR. What was so Cold about this war? First off, it wasn’t a war, and it was dealing with a nuclear holocaust. Atomic bombs are about as far removed from the word cold as you can get. Of course, the hypnotic suggestion was to solidify in everyone’s mind, the concept of the Cold Bear Ursa Major attacking from the sides of the north. You see, hypnotic suggestion simply suggests what it wants to happen to the subject who’s caught in the trance state. Then it lets the subject, (all of humanity in this case), make it be their reality.

Our reality, without knowing it, is that there will be an attack from the north, with the melting polar icecaps. After the Cold War ended abruptly in 1989, with illuminati brotherhood puppet, Michael Gorbachev, the world has been getting endless subliminals about the environment, global warming and an endless doomsday scenarion. Guess what? We believe it, so therefore, we make it happen. Of course, it’s not really happening, but we go through it anyway, just as if it was happening, because this is now our reality.

Have a look at the diagram below, as see the significance of the new 4 Corners Cross in Canada. This was just created on April 1, 1999, just in time for the World Trade Centre attack. The 135 degree angle is again present in the corner of Alaska, the Al Aqsa Islamic Mosque). That angle is the number of the deity and the only subliminal needed to register total control in our consciousness. Also, take notice that the Polar Bear (the Paul Bear – as in Pall Bearer), has enough ice to raise the sea level around the world 23 feet higher. 23 is the number of Death! Interestingly, Greenland is 1000 feet below sea level, weighed down by the sheer weight of the thousands of feet of ice that it carries.


Shania Twain Polar Bear

Here we have just one more subliminal message to help heat up the melting polar icecaps and Greenland iceburgs. The question just begs to be asked, Why A Polar Bear? and Why Now? Just when the lie about polar bear extinction is greatly exaggerated, why does this beautiful, mind controlled slave of Mutte Lange and Mercury Universal come out with such an item for sale? Of course, to the freemasonic ritualistic mind of this woman’s controllers, it makes perfect sense to help push the luciferian agenda along. That agenda is to eliminate billions of people from the face of the earth with the rising global sea levels, combined with a multitude of other so-called natural disasters.

Shania Twain Polar Bear

In the diagram below, the cause of how global climate change really happens, is demonstrated. This principle can be applied to everything that happens in the world. WHIRLED. Without suggestion first, nothing appears or exists, for nothing appears real without subliminal hypnotic suggestion to implant the thought and illusion we call reality.

How Global Warming Occurs

The symbolism of the Bear seems to be running rampant in our culture, all of a sudden, just when it’s fashionable to do so. This page shows the importance of the polar bear symbolism in actually causing global warming. However, the bear symbol extends to the Bear Market of the Rockefeller Financial District of New York. The Ursa Bears, Ursa Minor and Ursa Major of Alaska and California. The great Russian Bear from the days of the Cold War is still with us, doing it’s subliminal 2 step. Then there’s the Bering Sea and Great Bear Lake of Northern Canada. Of course, the shape of Greenland itself is a Bears Head. If that weren’t quite enough to capture and concentrate our thought energy, there’s this first of a trilogy movie just out, called “The Golden Compass”.

The Golden Compass

The Golden Compass is produced by the same company that put out the Lord of the Rings trilogy. The Lord of the Rings completely captured the world attention and prepared everyone, hypnotically, for the Olympic Rings, and the Olympics which will take place in 2008, 2010 on the Ring of Fire in Beijing and Vancouver. Returning in 2012 to London. These years will see incredible devastation. The Lord of the Rings dealt with the theme of the middle earth and was able to hypnotically direct the thoughts of a great portion of the population of the world to create a subliminal Hot Spot in the very location needed to demonstrate global warming.

Now we have the Golden Compass subliminals, where a 12 year old female heroine is involved with armoured Polar Bears. What could possibly be the inspiration for such a story? Isn’t it a coincidence that such a massive work should now be captivating the world’s thoughts, just when the ice caps need an even bigger hypnotic jolt to melt even faster.

Popes John Paul 1 and 2 and a Benediction To Boot

The Popes of the Roman Catholic Church are also big players in this scenario. Far from being innocent loving old men, they are deceit filled luciferian thinkers. The name Paul is derived biblically from Saul of Tarsus. Saul changed his name to Paul after he saw the light, that he should stop persecuting the christians. Saul is just another name for the Sol, the Sun. When applying the reasoning of the luciferian hypnotic mind, if Saul is Sol, then Paul is Pol. Next, the word Pol is Pole, as in North and South Pole. Next step, these 2 Poles are also Pauls, as in Pope Paul 1 and Pope Paul 2.

It doesn’t end there however, Pope John Paul 1 and 2 includes the name John. John comes from the name Oannes, or One, the fish god, the god of the seas and water. This was Nimrod of Babylon. From this we can see that the name John Paul simply means Water Pole. There are 2 of these Water Poles, one North and one South, one John Paul 1st and one John Paul 2nd. These 2 popes chose their names, one right after the other, to implant the subliminal message concerning the Water Poles and the global climate change now upon us. They implanted the suggestion without anyone suspecting anything amiss, and now we’re right in the middle of the global climate change scam, aimed at destroying much of humanity.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t end with these 2 popes. The current chap is Pope Benedict. The Benediction given in the Catholic Church is the blessing, where the priest holds up the host (wafer), and makes the sign of the cross over his flock, gives them his blessing and sends them on their way. Well, in this case the sign of the cross can be seen all across North America in the diagrams on this page. The blessing is that of death. It is in death, that eternal life can only be realized, according to the sun worship principles of christianity, freemasonry, etc. This time they’re going for the big death, with the big cross, delivered by the highest priest, the luciferian mind itself. They’re going for the Big One and the only way to not experience the horror, is to step out of the trance state by not believing anything you see taking place. This disbelief diffuses the concentration of energy and thought needed to bring the devastation to a climax. A further benefit achieved through this disbelief and cynicism, is a definite reconnection to awareness and each individual person reclaims the power that is rightfully theirs.

3 Crosses of Calvary – Bearing the Sins of the World

North America – Golgotha – The Place of the Skull & 3 Thieves

Just below are the words to the old christian hymn – The Old Rugged Cross. Read them slowly and carefully and see the symbolism in the 3 Crosses of Calvary diagram that follows the words to this song. The Old Rugged Cross was written by George Bennard. As shown on this site many times, the name George simply means Rose. As in George Bush – Rose Bush. The last name Bennard is a reference to the BenBen of ancient Egypt and sun god worship. Last, but by no means least, is the AR (RA) in reverse, which is referring to Ra or Ammon Ra, the Egyptian deity. All this is followed by the D, the death letter.

For those who might have missed it up to this point, the way that GEORGE means Rose, comes from the substitution of the letter G or J for the Yuh sound of Hebrew. Therefore we arrive at the word Rose from the name George.

YEOR = ROEY reversed – then YE
ROYAL = RISE to be royal you must rise above all others

Of course, George Bennard had no say in the name he was given when he was born. However, the luciferian egrogore had everything to do with it and needed the symbolism to tag along with the song and the hypnotic suggestion it would convey later in this man’s life. This man didn’t have a say in the name he was given, but he did have a say in how he would be used as a tool to manipulate humanity.

The Old Rugged Cross – The Old Death Rose

(applying the same G to Y substitution – the title becomes:
The Old Deyyur Cross – The Old Dyer C-Rose – The Old Die Rose – The Old Death Rose)

That’s exactly what the Cross of the Zodiac Circle is, the Order of Death and the Order of the Rose. All of this is derived from the structure of the atom light particle.

Text: George Bennard, 1873-1958
Music: George Bennard, 1873-1958

1. On a hill far away stood an old rugged cross,
the emblem of suffering and shame;
and I love that old cross where the dearest and best
for a world of lost sinners was slain.

So I’ll cherish the old rugged cross,
till my trophies at last I lay down;
I will cling to the old rugged cross,
and exchange it some day for a crown.

2. O that old rugged cross, so despised by the world,
has a wondrous attraction for me;
for the dear Lamb of God left his glory above
to bear it to dark Calvary.

3. In that old rugged cross, stained with blood so divine,
a wondrous beauty I see,
for ’twas on that old cross Jesus (Ye-Zeus) suffered and died,
to pardon and sanctify me.

4. To that old rugged cross I will ever be true,
its shame and reproach gladly bear;
then he’ll call me some day to my home far away,
where his glory forever I’ll share.

Now have a look at the diagram below and see the glory, that this christ and his cross has in store for humanity.

Greenland Bear & Calvary

The 4 Corners Cross of Calvary

Immediately below is a chart showing just a few of the symbolic locations and names that help to implant the hypnotic suggestion within us. All this suggestion is required so that we believe everything around us is real. If we are firmly convinced everything is real, there is absolutely no way we will ever try to do away with our reality. However, as you keep examining the diagrams and charts on this site, and read the accompanying text, the trance will start to crack. It’s a very disturbing thing to have your reality begin to fall apart. This is usually associated with a feeling of losing it, or experiencing a touch of insanity. Whatever you sense, it’s all just a lie, to keep you from waking up. You’re not actually losing it. For the first time in your life, you will actually be getting it. Getting in touch with your awareness state and getting your power back. You will actually be leaving insanity behind.

Have a look at the diagram below. Notice how the crucifixion cross is placed over the 4 Corners Cross of the western United States. Look very closely now, and you’ll see the general area where the nails go into the hands of the christ, that 2 rivers of blood are drawn in. These 2 rivers are the Grand Canyon with the Colorado River (color river) running through. At exactly the same distance from the centre point of the cross, but to the right, is the Rio Grande river. These are the massive subliminal suggestions placed here on purpose by those wonderful luciferian sun god worshippers who run our governments (usually Freemasons) and who do all this hypnotic suggestion at every turn. They don’t tell you that this is what all this symbolism stands for, they just suggest it.

For example, the folks who live near the Sangre de Christo Mountains, don’t know why they’re called the Blood of Christ Mountains, they just are. Well, this is the reason why!

Now look at the State of Wyoming. This is the location of Dick Cheney’s blessed little piece of real estate that has voted him into office over and over again. This is the location of Yellowstone (Holy Stone) National Park. Yellowstone means Holy Stone with reverse symbolism (YELLOW = YELLOH = HOLLEY = HOLY). It is this Holy Stone, which is the Foundation Rock found on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, that the Messiah worship is built upon. This is the Rock, the Holy of Holies, that is sacred to the Jews as the innermost sanctuary and the closest that one can get to god. This Holy Stone Rock, this Yellowstone Park, is the sign written above the cross, that states, This is Jesus The King of the Jews.

Keep in mind, that this Jesus, is Ye-Zeus, the top elite god of the 12 elite gods of Mount Olympus of Ancient Greece. The last judgment day and the judgment coming from this Jesus, Zeus god, is symbolically located at Mount Olympus, Washington State, and is also found on this Big Rock of the whole western USA.

This same jesus is represented with the 2 rivers of blood flowing down to the Gulf of California and the Gulf of Mexico. This is the duality nature of the christ. The crucified christ embodies the brothers, of Cain and Abel, one good and one bad, according to the duality and death nature of sun god worship. These rivers also represent, Horus and Set, 2 Egyptian sun god brothers, one who ruled the Day – Horus or Horizon – Horus Son, and one who ruled the Night – called Set or Setting Sun – Setting Son, which in turn is Satan.

These 2 rivers further symbolize male and female, black and white, north and south (as in the Twin Pillars of the Egyptian/Hebrew temple), the Twin Towers of the World Trade Centre, the Twin Pilons of the Golden Gate and Lions Gate Bridges; anything where duality and division must be symbolized. This duality nature is the Saviour Messiah that the world worships and hopes for it to save them. In reality, all that this Messianic monster plans on doing, is killing a huge portion of humanity, and the ones left alive will have an awareness handicap so immense, they will believe and obey anything.

This duality is evidenced in materialism and commercialism, the very lifeblood of the 3 dimensional realm. This materialism and commercialism is the symbolic name of these rivers and pillars. If you remember, they were originally called Boaz and Jachin, the father and the son, the 2 pillars outside the old Egyptian/Hebrew temple. With no Gee or Jay sound in Hebrew, the 2 initials of B and J (sometimes G), translates into B and Y or BuY. BuY is the very essence, the spirit, the strength and illusion, of the 3 dimensional world of sun god worship.

Cross Blood Rivers

Hockey Hypnosis – 135 Degree Trance Angle / Angel

Just as baseball was one method used to manipulate the United States population into a deep trance state, so it is with hockey in Canada. The hockey game is a religious ritual in Canada, and absolutely has to be filled with religious ferver. The hypnotic suggestion, concerning the melting ice caps would never have been established without the game of hockey becoming a huge part of the fabric of this country. The suggestion had to imply ice, cold, north, blood, water, duality, goals, time, judging, imprisonment, death, sex, deity, and so on… Hockey fulfills these and many other subliminals perfectly. With the population so entranced, it only takes a slight suggestion, as seen in Al Gore’s pathetic deceit riddled documentary, “An Inconvenient Truth”, to turn the suggestion into reality. Of course, it was the Freemason, Lord Stanley, who the Stanley Cup is named after, which is undoubtedly, the highest prize in the game of hockey.

Hockey Hypnosis

Sports, in general, are not at all devised to keep your body healthy and strong. That’s just the front, the illusion, so that everything sounds legitimate. The whole time, the tool necessary to implant all manner of hypnotic suggestion, is furiously destroying any conscious connection to awareness.

The Sacred Angle – The Sacred Angel of Hypnotic Control – 135 Degrees

Have a look at the original hockey stick, developed back in Ancient Egypt, and even earlier, if the truth be told. Consider the implications of this angle, which should actually be pronounced angel, because of the sacred geometry applied. It is the 135 degree angle that is hypnotic. Just the basic shape of this angle has the ability to capture our awareness. This is the reason why the constellations of Orion, The Big Dipper (Ursa Major), The Little Dipper (Ursa Minor), the Pyramids of Gizah, the States of California and Alaska, the 5 – 135 degree Octagon Corners of Canada; all have the 135 degree angle.

Pyramid 135

If that weren’t enough to seduce us into submission, the ultimate angle of the female form, where our consciousness simply goes for a stroll, is also 135 degrees. Any shape, created by any part of the female body, that forms the 135 degree angle, is absolutely controlling. This form is beautiful, and a definite delight to behold! As long as we’re aware of the effect it’s meant to have on us, and the manipulation it’s attempting to achieve, then enjoy the beauty of this form. If, however, we’re not aware of the manipulation this beauty is designed to achieve, then a veil of deceit covers our contact with awareness.

Have a look at Natasha Yi (Playboy), and watch closely what happens to your thought pattern as you look at the 2 areas pointed out by the octagons. Natasha is an extremely beautiful girl and the impression she makes on our consciousness is decisive. Enjoy this incredible beauty but don’t lose track of your awareness. Realize the luciferian egregore entities conjured up this image to manipulate you into stupidity.

Vanilla Extract 135

The same goes for the gorgeous Kelly Kole (Playboy and Sopranos Series). Enjoy, but don’t forfeit your awareness. Know that the luciferian demonic group of entities, working to manipulate the illuminati puppets of the world, need to place you into a trance state, otherwise it has no power whatsoever, to control you or anything in this 3 dimensional space.

The Hood 2

This angle can be formed on the male body as well, just not as often, or as strong. The association with the subliminal of control is not associated in the same way as with the female form. This is simply because the negative female energy of the atom, is the female electron. This electron whirls around the nucleus where the male proton and neutron are situated. Everything we see in this 3 Dimensional realm is actually the woman. The strength of the woman is the male proton and the neutron, that’s within her. However, it’s the woman we see when we observe anything physical because we can’t see the male through the blur of the female electron. The ultimate angle of the woman, the most powerful angle to control our awareness and wisdom, is 135 degrees.

Retail Marketing Power Based On 135 Degrees

It’s also for this reason that major retail chains situate the locations of their stores in octagon formation. For example, the 7-11 stores and the British Columbia Liquor Stores in Vancouver, BC, follow this sun worship ritual of human manipulation.

This next diagram shows the sketch in red outlines, of the Foundation Rock under the Dome of the Rock, as viewed from above. The crossing lines indicate exactly where the centre of the rock is. This coincides very closely with the 4 Corner states of Utah, Arizona, New Mexico and Colorado.

Now take a close look at some of the names of the cities, forests and rivers, etc. within these 4 states. These are all named by the bureaucrats who run the governments of the world, who are always individuals ambitious to further the symbolism of the luciferian agenda. Natural wonders, unique locations and the like, are simply fronts, or Shrines built to the hypnotic luciferian god of deceit.

Luciferian Shrines

First take a look at the #1 – Sangre de Cristo Mountains in Colorado.

The Blood of Christ Mountains. The folks there are not to certain why they’re named that way, maybe its how they glow sort of reddish at sunset. No, that’s not the reason. The reason they’re named that is because this is the zodiac cross of a light beam particle, and this is the sun god, the son of god, the christ, on the cross, bleeding for the sins of the world. This is all bullshit of course.

Then there’s #2 – Zion National Park in Utah.

The word Zion is Sion, or sun.

#3 – The Grand Staircase National Park.

A staircase is symbolic of sun god worship, as in Freemasonry, where you’re going from one level to another, from earth to heaven, so to speak.

The same with #4 – The Natural Bridges Monument.

This again is symbolic of going from this lower plain to the higher plain. The word Bridges is simply BRID-G-ES or BRID-Y-ES which is the BRIDE of the christ, (when softening the G sound to the Yuh sound). Of course, having an intimate relationship with your bride is a heavenly experience and for this reason the term Bridges is applied to the sex act. The word SEX is really just saying X, which is referencing the 2 intersecting cross lines of the zodiac circle that divides the seasons of the year into 4. Again, in case you missed it on previous pages, the word intersection is actually inter – SEX – sun. One line crossing over the other, is like a bridge crossing over a river or road. This is symbolizing the sex act as a couple lie over each other. These are the crossroads of the Bride and the Groom. This is the Rose, the regeneration of life that is produced from the sex act. This is the christ who Rose from the dead, who Rose out of the sex act.

#5 – Hovenweep comes from the word to Heave.

As in the Heave Offering of Judaism. This offering will be fulfilled quite literally, when the rising sea levels around the world are heaved up, creating the Passover and the partaking of the Sacraments of the body and blood of christ. The Sacraments are fulfilled, of course, by destroying the supposedly ungodly, mostly non-white people, who are simply a cancer on the earth to the luciferian worshippers.

This is payback time, when the day of the lord’s vengeance is fulfilled, and the ungodly sinners, will be destroyed. This will take place in these western United States, which is the real Foundation Rock, that the fabricated jesus christ has built his church upon.

The word WEEP, is of course, referring to the christ who WEPT. Weep also refers to the Jewish people who WAIL and WEEP at the WAILING WALL just outside the Foundation Rock location in Jerusalem. The Wailing Wall is composed of the 11 states that form Tornado Alley as shown on the previous page, and is just outside these 11 western states that form the Foundation Rock. Weep, also refers to Rachel, of old testament writings, who weeps for her children. Yet again, weep also refers to the Souls of the Dead who can be heard crying and their voices are mixed with the Rivers of Paradise, in the Well of Souls in the Sacramento Valley. This, according to Islamic tradition. This almost sounds poetic, the only problem is, this is a subliminal message referring to the untold millions who are now being drowned in one way or another, and will ultimately be drowned and otherwise destroyed, throughout the world, with the judgment seat of this luciferian god being the Sacramento Valley of California. (This Well of Souls is shown a couple of diagrams lower down).

#6 – The Canyon of the Ancients in Colorado is referring to the Ancient of Days, the luciferian god.

#7 – Arches National Park in Utah. Arches is referring to the ark of the rising sun god.

#8 – Capitol Reef is referring to Capitoline Hill in Rome, the site of the ancient worship of Semiramis, the mother sun goddess of Ancient Babylon. Capitoline Hill is now the site of St. Peter’s Basilica, the home of the Pope, the Holy See, the All Seeing Eye chap of Rome. And why do they call it a REEF? Reef’s are supposed to be under water. Well, maybe some of this will be under water, and very soon.

Then there’s #9 – Dinosaur National Monument.

This is referring to the DIN-ing, the Meal, which will be taking place at the Marriage Supper of the Lamb, who is the luciferian prince. This is the last supper. DIN-O SAUR = DINE of O the all seeing eye – SAUR when reversed is RUAS or ROSE.

Everytime you see or hear of references to the age of the Dinosaurs, it will always be a subliminal to lock you deeply into the trance state by suggesting that this earth and this 3 dimensional reality is billions of years old. It is only a few thousand years old, and in reality, it has no age at all, because it doesn’t exist. The carbon dating and fossil remnants are simply built in subliminals for the science minded (seance minded), the intellectually indoctrinated into demonism minds, to slide ever farther into lunacy. That’s not to say that dinosaurs didn’t exist. They existed just as much as we do. The only thing is, we don’t really exist in this 3 dimensional space. What a feast for the ROSE, the Dinner of the Rose, the Order of the Rose that manipulates all of humanity.

Then there’s #1 – las Cruses – the “City of the Crosses” in New Mexico.

Also in New Mexico is #2 – Roswell, the home of the UFO crash of 1947.

Roswell is another strong hypnotic subliminal and symbolic name referring to the ROSE-WELL. This is the well filled with the rose and death as described at length on this site. This, just like the dinosaur story, completely solidifies the ridiculous false concept of the great far reaches in the Universe, and the belief in time and space and this 3D stupidity. These things, these UFO’s and the accompanying little Grays are real, and again, just as real as you and I, but they’re not from outer space. These entities are simply the subliminals conjured up by the luciferian thoughtform. Interesting though, that both the dinosaur, referring to extreme TIME, and the UFO’s, referring to extreme SPACE, are both symbolized here, in the 4 Corners portion of the Foundation Rock of the sun god. The luciferian sun god many call jesus the christ. Jesus is simply a slick English version of Ye-Zeus, the most powerful of the elite 12 Greek gods of Olympus. Hypnosis is a tricky little devil.

Utah Dome of the Rock


What You’re About To See Was Never Supposed To Be Uncovered

Immediately below is a topographical map of the western United States. This map shows the different elevations in the states. You can see mountain ranges, the prairies, rivers, valleys and so on. It gives a nice 3 dimensional feel for the terrain in this part of the world.

West USA Topographical map

Now I’ll place the same western state borders over top of the Foundation Rock, which is under the Islamic Dome of the Rock. The purpose of this is to show the extreme similarity in the topographical features of the Relief of the Rock called Moriah, that lies under the dome, and the Relief of the Rockie Mountains located in the western states. Examine these similarities, one state at a time, and notice the overall general appearance of each state on the map is basically the same as in the photograph.

Each state is generally the same until you get to California. Where you should be seeing the Sacramento/San Jauquin Valley going Northwest to Southeast, it is now going almost straight East/West. What you’re witnessing here is the earthquake that is going to happen within the next few years. The earth will split and the flood and devastation of the Sacraments of the day of the lord’s vengeance will be poured out on the people of California and Nevada. If you notice, the new valley goes from San Francisco and slightly north, straight through to Las Vegas. This will connect the human sacrifice pyramid in Sacramento with the human sacrifice pyramid of the Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas.

Allow me to quote what the luciferian thought form wrote in the new testament, in case you missed it on previous pages. Remember, the lucifer egregore demonic entities, who pretend to be god and pretend to be the great satan, wrote the whole lunatic bible. In this passage you will see the hypnotic structure set up so that, when everything comes to pass, as it is written, the lunatic demonic god, called jesus, can appear to be the saviour of humanity. So here goes…

Revelation 16:16…”He gathered them together into a place called in the Hebrew tongue Armageddon…v.18 there were voices, and thunders, and lightnings; and there was a GREAT EARTHQUAKE, such as was not since men were upon the earth, so MIGHTY AN EARTHQUAKE, and so great. v.19…the great city was divided into three parts, and the cities of the nations fell: and GREAT BABYLON came in remembrance before God to give unto her the CUP OF THE WINE of the fierceness of his wrath. v.20…And every island fled away, and the mountains were not found.”

This dude has some serious temper! Here goes with the interpretation. Armageddon is the Valley of Megiddo. This is really the Valley of Mexico as seen on previous pages. Mexico being much of the North American continent and in particular, the Sacramento/San Jauquin Valley. The Great Earthquake is supposed to be greater than any preceding earthquake since man was on the earth. If you take a look at the California crack in the photograph of the rock just below, you’ll see that it goes right through the Sierra Nevada Mountains straight towards Las Vegas. However, this is not just an isolated incident, the cities of all nations will fall. The cities of the nations will fall politically as well as be devastated geographically. This is the NEW WORLD ORDER scenario, when all sovereign individual nations and all the cities will be stripped of any power they thought they had. All this will be taking place by 2012, even as it’s already well in progress.

The great sinful city of Babylon, everything from New York to San Francisco, will be brought before this messianic nut case, to receive the CUP of the fierceness of his wrath. This Cup is the Holy Grail, the cup that caught the blood, supposedly, of the crucified saviour. Now he’s come back to get his vengeance and the whole world better be with him, or…as George Bush so eloquently stated…“if you’re not with us, you’re with the TERRORISTS”.

This luciferian god of duality sets up laws which we are forbidden to break, then merrily goes about creating systems and seductions, that completely entice us to break the so-called spiritual and man-made laws so that we’re totally guilt ridden and convinced we’re worthy of condemnation. This hypnotic suggestion is what’s causing us to experience, and continue to experience, the wrath of the luciferian god in the day of his judgment. We’re believing the whole ridiculous scenario deep within our conscience and therefore we’ll make it come to pass. Just give it up, let it go, see the stupidity of believing anything in this 3D reality as having any worth.

Foundation Rock borders

The Elite of The World – The Chosen Elect – Judgment Of The Sinners – Ruling With The Christ

The commentary below will relate to the above 2 diagrams of the Rock and the Western States. There are, however 2 more diagrams below that show half of the states right beside half of the corresponding Foundation Rock photograph. Take your time when you look at these diagrams. The implications are immense. How could this rock on the top of a little mountain in old Jerusalem be the same shape as part of the most powerful nation on earth? How can it have the same name as the Rockefeller Plaza, and the Rockie Mountains? And as you will see below, the same name as Yellowstone National Park. If the leaders of the world are taking such massive risks and going to the incredible extremes to keep things hidden, there must be a huge payoff at the end of all this, much more than oil and expansionism. How about, the elite of the world consider themselves to be god’s chosen people, and therefore, they know that this is the time alotted for the judgment to take place, and they sincerely want to reign and rule with the luciferian god, in its new world kingdom on earth. They don’t think of god as a demonic entity, far from it. The elite of the world think of this great god as jehovah, allah, and jesus, amongst other aliases. The god of love and peace and total control.

There is without a doubt, a demonic entity at play here, and we are being played to the hilt.

The Rock – The Grail Cup – The Lie – The Hypnotic Trance

What this examination achieves, is to put forward the question of “How could a rock halfway around the world have such similarity to a continent yet undiscovered in 690 AD, when this dome over the rock was built?”

Have a closer look at the similarities of the western United States, this time with just half of the topographical map placed beside half of the photograph of the Foundation Rock. Allow for the photographic distortion where it relates to locations 6, 8 and 9 in the Foundation Rock photo on the right. The 2 black dots, 6 & 8, are the Grand Canyon/Colorado River and the Mojave Desert/Aquarius Mountains, respectively. If the photograph had been taken from directly above the Rock, then the distortion would have been minimal and the locations would have been very precise.

Of particular note, is the name of Yellowstone National Park.

Rockefeller – Holy Stone – Yellowstone

when reversed

Therefore, Yellowstone means Holy Stone, the Foundation Stone, the Rock holy to islam, judaism and christianity. The main parkway through Holystone Park is called John D. Rockefeller Parkway. A very obvious connection to the Rockefeller Plaza and the World Trade Centre.

Notice how the roughness of the mountains on the west side of Montana matches the indentations in the photograph. The angle of the mountains is very similar to these indentations in the rock photo. Then the state of Wyoming has #1-Yellowstone (Holystone) National Park, #3-John D. Rockefeller Parkway and #4-Bighorn National Forest. The Bighorn is but a perfect symbol of the RAM, the old Egyptian sun god and the Ram’s horn that the Jewish world blows as part of it’s satanic ritual. This is just one more prime example of why countries keep making parks, forests, monuments and preserves of many of the natural wonders. They are simply luciferian symbols that give all kinds of glory to the great god of lunacy. It is this god that the Rockefellers, Rothschilds, Hapsburgs, Bushes, Kennedys…and so on, worship and kill on it’s behalf.

Pay special attention to the rounded swoop and angle of the mountains as they pass through Wyoming.

Next we have the state of Utah and the centre of Mormon (Roman) worship of the sun god.

MOR-MON = ROM when reversed – MON

This religious sect was founded and started by funding from the Rothschild fortune. Their name, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, suggests a new religion. This religion was to place a distraction and manipulation in place, right in the centre of this huge Foundation Rock in the Rockie Mountains. The Rothschild clan did exactly the same thing in New York by funding the Jehovah’s Witness Watchtower Society, in conjunction with the Russell Family drug money, (Charles Taze Russell – was the founding leader) which is located in Brooklyn. (The Russell Trust also funded the Skull and Bones Secret Society 322 – The Order of Death at Yale University).

The Mormons are expanding extremely fast and building a new church temple every day. On this map you’ll notice the red #2 shows the location of the Great Salt Lake and the Salt Flats Basin area of Utah. The photograph on the right of the rock has exactly the same indentation in exactly the same place.

The state of Colorado, likewise, shows the state divided in half by the Rockie Mountains and plains. Both the map and photograph are virtually identical.

Now look at the numbers 6 and 7. These are on the arms of the cross, right where the nails would have been driven into the hands or wrists of the crucified christ, if he would’ve ever lived and been crucified. From exactly these 2 locations, on both sides of the cross, equidistant from the vertical border line that forms the cross, are the 2 rivers called the Colorado River and the Rio Grande. The Colorado flows through the Grand Canyon after beginning in the area of the Vermillion Cliffs. Vermillion is a blood colour. The Rio Grande flows from Colorado after forming in the area of Sangre de Cristo Mountains (the Blood of Christ Mountains). Both of these rivers flow south to the border of Mexico, which is Megiddo, the site of Armageddon.

The location of the Colorado River #6, would have fallen in the correct position if the photograph had been taken from directly above. Likewise with #8-The Mojave Desert and the Aquarius Mountains. On the previous page it was shown how Mojave is but another form of writing Jehovah, also spelled THE WAY, after the way of following christ. Of special interest here however, is, why are the mountains in the Arizona desert called AQUARIUS Mountains? Again, somebody knows something they’re just not telling us. As you can see however, we have figured it out. This, and a whole lot more. Yes, the Age of Aquarius has come, and should be forced upon humanity in all it’s hideous completeness by 2012, after the onslaught of floods, earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes, and melting icecaps.

The Titanic and Islam

The year 2012 is not just signifant because of the calendar date used by the blood thirsty Mayans, but it is the date of the sinking of the TITANIC. The Titanic was the 2nd ship of a trio of ships. The 1st was called the OLYMPIC. Of course, the illuminati are also called the Olympians and this site goes into great detail concerning the symbolism of the upcoming Olympics of 2008, 2010 and 2012. The building of the Titanic was made public to the world on April 23 (23 is the number of death), 1908. 19 refers to the 20th century and 08 is the number of total control. This announcement took place almost 4 years before its sinking. The Titanic hit an ICEBERG on its maiden voyage to New York at 23:40 on Sunday April 24, 1912. The ship didn’t sink for about 2 1/2 hours on Monday, April 15, 1912. Remember, 15 is the number of the deity, and 12 is a complete cycle of the zodiac year. 2 extremely strong numbers to be associated together. The ship broke into 2 pieces and sank. As stated on a previous page, the Titanic left its English port with a fire already burning in a hold deep in the ship. Supposedly, nobody knew this was happening.

The Titanic was financed by J.P.Morgan, a private banking and mercantile marine company associated with the Rockefeller clan in many ventures. One of the most hideous being the Federal Reserve Bank. The shipping company that owned these ships was called the White Star Line. The name White always keeps showing up, wherever the symbolism of the ROSE, the London Rose, is found. Again we see, the 3rd ship was supposed to be called the GIGANTIC, but after the sinking the name was changed to BRITANNIC, an obvious reference to the British and the Rose.

What this Titanic information alludes to, is the year and the date of April 15, 1912. It is the day and the year that the Titanic, the Titan gods who preceded the gods of Olympus, hit an iceberg and sank. The Age of Aquarius will be a result of the ICEBERGS MELTING and will then PASSOVER the bulk of humanity as the gods of Olympus (the Olympics of 2008, 2010 and 2012) perform their hypnotic two step.

This Passover and Global Climate Change, in conjuction with the Age of Aquarius notion, has been demonstrated on this site to be symbolized with the Dome of the Rock Octagon which fits into many 135 degree corners of Canadian provinces and especially the Yukon territory. This Octagon has its symbolism connected to the Islamic faith, via the Dome of the Rock shape, although the octagon really has nothing to do with faith. The real connection to the Octagon is the number 8 and the word ISLAM.


The Titanic was a lamb sacrificed after being pierced with an iceberg. The Aquarius Mountains in the Mojave desert are named Aquarius for this very same reason. The western United States, and all these symbolic names, form the Symbolic Rock upon which the judgment day of the luciferian god will attempt the most massive con job the world has ever seen. The Foundation Rock photograph shows the crack in the earth that symbolizes the earthquake extending from the west coast of California to the Las Vegas area. This also includes the area of the Aquarius Mountains in Arizona.

#9-Phoenix Arizona is an obvious reference to the sun god of Egypt rising from the ashes. #10-the Coronado National Forest is centred right at the foot of the cross, and is symbolic of the Coronation, the Crowning of the Sun God, the Son of God.

April 15, 2012 – Man The Lifeboats

Keep this date, April 15, 2012, in mind as the events unfold. The Olympics in London take place later in the summer of 2012 and it should be very evident what has transpired by late 2011. April 15, is 104 days before the London Olympics start on July 27, 2012. The number 104 coincides with the number 8 on the 9th clockface (demonstrated on this site). 8 is the number of control. 16 days later, the London Olympics end, on August 12, 2012. This is 120 days after April 15. The number 120 coincides with 12, the number of a complete zodiac circle, the number of total deception. 120 is also the total of multiplying 10 x 12, the 2 tables used in the whole manipulation package throughout history. This is indeed, a very curious date to watch.

Reading the Rock – What It’s All About

This whole manipulated world scenario just has to have a goal, an ultimate prize waiting at some point down the road. There’s no way that the corruption and deception through all these centuries was just based on greed and lust for the powerful elite. The real driving force behind the whole scam is the lucifer entity. The group of demonic beings wanting desparetly to be god, the supreme hauncho. Money and power is what these entities use to seduce the royal elite bloodlines to do their bidding, but money and power can’t be spent where these entities reside. It’s worship that they’re after. Complete, total, nothing held back…worship.

If you never became familiar with the events that are going to unfold in the next few years, even as they’re unfolding around us today except much more extreme, you might be just as deceived into believing that this drama which is to come, really is of a supreme god. Let’s continue then, to take a look at what’s going to transpire, according to the demonic mind of these luciferian beings.

Immediately below you’ll see only half of the Foundation Rock photograph on the right side. On the left side is the coinciding half of the Topographical Map of the western United States. This diagram is meant to assist in showing the similaties and/or differences between the two.

The dark area at the top of the photograph is mostly caused by inadequate lighting when the photo was taken, however, one can still see alot of similarity from the topography map and the photo indentations in the state of Montana. The line of the mountains is distinctly similar in both halves. Montana’s nickname is BIG SKY COUNTRY, and on the left side of the state the silouhette of the side view of a man’s face is clearly shown. This face is looking down on Idaho and ultimately California.

In the state of Wyoming, the mountain ridge line follows along right through midstate but with a few new indentations. These indentations are #1-Yellowstone National Park, which, as shown above, is really saying Holystone National Park. This Holy stone, is again, just more hypnotic symbolism, to cause humanity to achieve a warm feeling towards the elite rulers of the world, without knowing they’re being manipulated in such a way.

As you can see, the John D. Rockefeller Parkway (#3), is the main road through Holystone Park (PARK = KRAP reversed = CRAP). This is the family who built the World Trade Centre and gave it their name – Rockefeller Plaza. This is, of course, simply ROCK-RELLEF when Feller is reversed, and in turn is ROCK RELIEF, the form of the Foundation Rock under the Dome of the Rock mosque. That being the RELIEF of the ROCK called Moriah.

This name has followed the luciferian plan for thousands of years. Ever since Abraham took his son Isaac to the place called Moriah and purchased this threshing floor. It was at this threshing floor that Abraham was going to sacrifice his son Isaac to god. This is nothing less than instituting ancient Babylonian, Egyptian sun god worship, which is human sacrifice worship. All under the guise of being worship of the one true living god. Well, that’s who the Babylonians and Egyptians thought they we’re worshipping as well. They willingly, albeit painfully, sacrificed their children to the great god of war and insanity.

It is for this reason that the illuminati luciferians take the name Moriah Conquering Wind. It is the name derived from this Rock, this Threshing Floor, this Relief of the Mountain Rock called Moriah. As shown above, the city of Bakersfield, California is a direct spinoff from this threshing floor concept, and will be right in the centre of the events to come. Bakersfield is symbolic of the Bread, the baking of bread, the body of christ, and this will be one of the sacraments offered to the sun god. The wildfires of California in recent years are just symbolism that relates to the heating of the oven that will do the baking. The oven extends from the north end of the Sacramento Valley, at Sutter’s Mill, all the way to the south end of the San Juaguin Valley.

The other sacrament, is of course, the WINE. Fresno, California, which lies just north of Bakersfield in the Sacramento/San Jauquin Valley, is the RAISIN CAPITAL of the world. Of course, you make raisins from grapes, which are used to make wine. It is these grapes that will be squeezed out symbolically, in the Winepress of the lord’s great day of vengeance. This entity will attempt to do this literally, through all this hypnotic suggestion being subliminally thrown at us. The world will experience this insanity if we remain unaware that this is what is happening. We are simply on a stage, with a master hypnotist, and we believe every suggestion thrown our way. We hear the hypnotists voice, we don’t see the hypnotist, but we know that everything we hear and see is real. This is without a doubt, all bullshit. Nothing is real!

The reason you can’t see the hypnotist as one supreme being, is because it’s not one supreme being. It’s an egregore group of demonic entities who have no ability to appear as one great god. You see them manipulate through many individual personages, but you never have and never will, see one supreme being FACE TO FACE. You may see a front man, posing as a christ, but never will you see some great imposing god. It just doesn’t exist!

This Foundation Rock shown below, is the threshing floor where the Rockefeller family gladly lend their name to continue the human sacrifice and bloodshed for the demonic entities. Oh how they think they will be rewarded in the great hereafter for this wonderful act. They think! What a devastating shock this will be as each one slips from his earthly shell and sees the horror and grief they placed on humanity. This is the Rock where the Last Judgment of god will take place according to judaism/christianity/islam. Of course, the adherents to these religions don’t know this, because religion is hypnosis. They don’t recognize that they are the sacraments to be offered at the last judgment, but, what the hell, this deception will make it all the more horrific. Just in case you’re missing it, the last judgment will take place in the Western United States, on the Rockie Mountains, not at the Dome of the Rock with its Foundation Stone, in old Jerusalem. The last judgment takes place in the New World, in the New Jerusalem, and will establish a New World Order. This is the hypnotic suggestion. This is the lie.

Hypnosis takes on a myriad of forms. In comes in the form of science, religion, intellectualism, magic, literally any world system…these are all one and the same. They are all 3 dimensional and energy based and are all lies.

If you look to the bottom right corner where New Mexico comes up from the border with Mexico, it then goes over to the left, then up again then over to the border with Texas. This are exactly the directions the Foundation Rock takes in exactly the same position. The length varies on each of these dimensions, from that of the topography map, but they have to allow some differences or the subliminal isn’t very subliminal, and therefore of none effect. How could this little corner have come so incredibly close to being the same as the rest of the Western States map? How indeed!

Subliminal hypnotic suggestion has to remain hidden. If you think you’re being tricked or lied to, for even a moment, you will not do what the manipulator is attempting to make you do. If this sounds like a politician, a lawyer, a preacher, a doctor, a teacher, and so on…then you understand what I’m getting at.

West States Right Side

Here’s the real troubling part of this whole scam. The left half of these western states have some nasty indentations. Washington State has basically the same line patterns on the Rock photo as the Topography map. Even though these lines are in the darker light of the photograph, they are visible and similar to the map. Again, because of the distortion of the photo, the top left corner, with the big cut-away corner is the same corner as the Juan de Fuca Strait that curls around Vancouver Island. It is from this area that a big crack extends to the right all the way to Idaho. This is the location of the earthquake activity which is extreme of late in Seattle, Washington. This area includes #6-Mt. St. Helens volcano, #7-Mr. Rainier volcano, and #8-Mt. Baker volcano.

Then, if you look immediately below the Washington/Oregon border you’ll see #11-Mt. Hood volcano. Continue down about two-thirds of the way into the state of Oregon, yet another crack appears on the photograph at about the location of #5-Crater Lake – another huge volcanic area.

That’s not the end of the volcanic line. If you go just below the California border, you come across a place called the #12-The Lava Beds. Just below that is #16-Mt. Shasta, yet another volcanic mountain. Finally, we reach the north end of the Sacramento Valley. This line of volcanic mountains is pointed directly at this valley. It is an active volcanic ridge as has been demonstrated by eruptions and plumes in recent years.

These volcanic areas are only some of the mountains that are volcanic. They extend up into British Columbia, which up until the last month, (October 2007) ,had been thought to be dormant. Just outside of Quesnel, BC, (October 2007), a volcanic tremor was felt from a depth of about 20 kilometres. Also, in the southern BC interior, another earthquake occurred (late October 2007). These volcanic areas are becoming more active and in conjunction with the Cascadia Ridge fault line off the West Coast of Vancouver Island represent one huge earthquake zone. Couple all the action that takes place daily in Alaska and the Aleutian Islands, which all link together on the Ring of Fire with the West Coast of North America, and you have the most tightly wound up earthquake and potential tsunami region in the world.

The Cascadia Ridge fault line, the Juan de Fuca Plate, The Pacific Plate, The North American Plate, The San Andreas fault line…the list goes on. All these pressure zones are ready to snap. Everyone is waiting for the BIG ONE to hit off the west coast of Vancouver Island. Everyone is waiting for the BIG ONE to hit the San Francisco area and Los Angeles. Well, the BIG ONE is going to hit, bigger than anyone could ever imagine, and it will hit soon if we continue to believe this very strong subliminal suggestion that will cause it to take place.

Take a look at the photograph on the right below. The Sacramento Valley doesn’t go north and south anymore. It goes east to west.

Allow me to quote what the luciferian demonic entities wrote in the old testament… Zechariah 14:3…”I will gather all nations against Jerusalem to battle…”(this is Armageddon … which is the area, as explained previously, of Mexico or New Spain).

Verse 4:…”his feet shall stand in that day upon the mount of Olives…” (Mount Diablo – behind Oakland – where O LIVES – O is the All Seeing Eye – the Land of O’s – the Land of OZ) more hypnotic suggestion.

verse 4 cont’d….”the mount of Olives (Mt. Diablo – Devil Mountain) shall cleave in the midst thereof toward the east and toward the west and there shall be a very great valley…half of the mountain shall remove toward the north, and half of it toward the south.”

With this thought in mind, now take a look at the state of California, and the huge valley created that goes from the Diablo Range of mountains, and in particular, Mt. Diablo itself, which is behind Oakland, all the way east, through the Sierra Nevada mountains and ends in the vicinity of Las Vegas.

Why Las Vegas? Why San Francisco? Why California? Why the Western USA?

How about this scenario…

Las Vegas is called Sin City. Gambling, legal prostitution, the mob…
San Francisco is the site of the hippie movement, free love, the gay lifestyle, drug use…in other words Sin, Sin, Sin.
California has Hollywood, the movie industry, the porn industry, the recording industry…in other words Sin, Sin, Sin.
The Western United States is the home of much of America’s military might, the Test ranges of the war machine are spread across these western states, the home of the nuclear bomb development, silicon valley and the accompanying computer technology assisting the greedy to acquire even more…in other words Sin, Sin, Sin.

Of course, none of this is sin, because sin doesn’t exist. However, the gullible religious, intellectual science based minds, who are in total OBEY MODE to the hypnotic trance, will see the curtailment of such a sin based culture, as certainty that this was the lord god who destroyed all of it in the day of his vengeance. Not that the lord will get rid of gambling, drugs, computer technology, sex in all its forms, or the mass media forms of deceit. No, the lord will only get rid of all the poor common class people who partake in this way of living. This will establish the credibility this group of entities is hoping to achieve so as to have total control, complete worship of their supreme deity.

Now let’s continue reading from the luciferian holy book …Zechariah 14:5…

“and ye shall flee to the valley of the mountains;…and the Lord my God shall come, and all the saints with thee.”

This is seen in the Last Judgment painting by Michelangelo, (on page 18) where the saints are all gathered around christ, judging the sinners. The saints are the elite of the world and this painting is nothing more than one huge sex orgy as the elite and their luciferian god kill off the majority of humanity.

verse 8 continues…”and it shall be in that day, that living waters shall go out from Jerusalem:…”

These living waters are death waters. Everything is done in reversed or mirrored imagery in some form or another. In other words, they lie. The word living comes from live.

LIVE = EVIL when reversed. So these waters are actually EVIL WATERS that go out from Jerusalem. Jerusalem, if you remember from the Pacific Ocean chart, (page 16), is the city of peace.

SEE = The All Seeing Eye

Jerusalem is the See of Peace.

Furthermore, JER = REJ in reverse, which is another way to spell RAY, the light ray, the RA of Egyptian sun god worship.

SALEM = MELAS in reverse = MALICE or the will to do harm to another.

Therefore, when you read that living waters will go out from Jerusalem, it is really saying that evil will flow with malice from lucifer, the light of the world.

The subliminal message is there. Hidden, but still able to be interpreted by your subconscious mind.

Now have a look at the cracks that go east to west, not only across California, but across Oregon as well.

LEFT West States

Another interesting location in Washington state is the location of the city called Moses Lake. Moses was the fellow in old testament folklore that brought us the original Passover, where the children of Israel sacrificed a lamb, sprinkled the blood on the doorposts and lintels, and were thereby spared from the wrath of god when he freed them from Egypt.

This blood sprinkling has taken place with the sacrifice of the innocent in the World Trade Centre attack fabricated by the American admininistration and others. This, along with all the other bloody sacrifices since then, have insured that they will be spared when the Flood of Noah comes in this last Passover from the area of Moses Lake. Bizarre, I know, but stay with me on this one.

After the Israelites wandered in the Wilderness of Sin for 40 years, they eventually came to be without water. Exodus 17:6…lucifer states “I will stand before thee there upon the ROCK in Horeb; (think Horrible) and thou shalt smite the ROCK, and there shall come water out of it, that the people may drink…”

Then in Numbers 20:11…still from the luciferian old testament…”Moses lifted up his hand, and with his hand he smote the ROCK TWICE: and the water came out ABUNDANTLY,…”

These western states will be struck twice, according to the Foundation Rock cracks. One crack in Oregon and one crack in California. Of course, this will be happening all over the world, but the symbolism that demonstrates who’s doing it is focused on the head table of California, which is symbolized with the constellation Orion, (see above). The head of Orion is located in the area of Crater Lake in Oregon. OREGON = OREYON = ORION.

The World Trade Centre – the ROCKefeller plaza – was attacked twice, with 2 planes, one from the north and one from the south. The melting north and south icecaps will be raising the sea level and acting as two strikes against the western states, when coupled with the earthquakes on the Ring of Fire. This will cause the two massive cracks demonstrated in the photograph of the Foundation Rock. All this will come symbolically from above, from the region of Moses Lake.

Poor old Moses was only supposed to hit the ROCK one time. This made the loving god real mad. Therefore Moses would die before he would enter into the promised land. These waters were then called Meribah, which means strife, which is to create enmity out of rivalry. It just so happens that just below the area of Moses Lake, Washington is the area known as Hell’s Canyon in upper northeast Oregon. Talk about symbolic rivalry, Moses and Hell!

The symbolism gets massive, when looking at the names, symbols, coordinates, and cultural nuances. I’m sure you get the picture, literally, that this whole experience in this 3D illusory world is nothing more than one huge subliminal message and a work of mass hypnosis, totally similar to what was witnessed in Germany, under Hitler, in the 2nd World War era. Except this time it’s much bigger, and going for broke.


Google Video – illuminatiMATRIX explanatory video detailing the foundational root of hypnosis, religion, intellectualism and who and what god is.

Click here to watch video.

YouTube Video highlighting some of the subliminal elements hidden in the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem

Please read the next paragraph before watching the ROCK VIDEO.

On the ROCK VIDEO, the World Trade Center is mistakenly called the ROCKEFELLER PLAZA. The WTC was conceived and promoted by the Rockefellers. The Rockefeller Plaza is to the north of the World Trade Centre, on the MANHATTAN ROCK, or MANNA STONE. The WTC and the Rockefeller Plaza , along with the area of CENTRAL PARK, relate to the TEMPLE MOUNT in Jerusalem, and the Al Aqsa Mosque, the Dome of the ROCK, and the Temple Courtyard. These in turn relate to the North American West Coast. See page 39 for more details.

Click here to watch the new Rock Video on YouTube.

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