Page 118 – January 21, 2021 – 1/19/2021 Joe Bidens Pre-recorded “Fake” Inauguration

January 21, 2021


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Pre-recorded Video of Joe Biden’s Formal Inauguration Events Produced on January 19/2021.

Released 10 hours After the Event Took Place! And just a few hours before the inauguration supposedly went “LIVE”.

January 19/2021 = 1-19-21

1-19 = 911 …

1-19-21 = 9-11-9 … 21 coincides with 9 on the 1st clockface

January 19, 2021 was 7070 days since 911.

“Think” … James Bond – 007 – J and B Pillars of Solomon’s Temple etc.

7070 = 0077 = Suggests the 2nd 911 strike … 1st strike on 9/11/2001 “flight 77″ hit the Pentagon @ 77 degrees W/ 38.5 degrees N. (38.5 = 0ne Half of 77).

All the fences erected around the Capitol Area, along with cement barricades, dozens of traffic check points, and some 30,000 plus troops kept the crowds at a distance while the supposedly “fake inauguration” was viewed by a couple of thousand political interests who participated in the illusory event within the Capitol Building .

These formal pre-recorded dignatory scenes inside the Capitol Building on the National Mall may have been produced inside the Capitol and inserted in between the “live” crowd scenes. It’s all very sketchy at this point, but worth paying attention to.

The information is very uncertain and confusing at this point. But something unusual is unfolding. All of this inauguration was presented on January 20, 2021, and the MSM “confirming” over and over again that this was a “live event”. No it wasn’t! it would seem … at least not totally “live”.

The populations of the world are being “played”, one way or the other. What ever bears out to be “truthful” according to 3D “truth”, the events are most interesting.

President Trump has left the White House.

The military is now “supposedly”, in control of running the military aspects of the USA country, with no Pentagon cooperation with the Biden Admin.

The Biden Admin. can “supposedly” do some civilian duties and a bit of foreign duties, … but “supposedly” nothing military.

Eventual arrests are expected in the days and weeks ahead, but nothing for certain as of this writing.

… as always, … watch, … wait, … simply observe.

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