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Google Video – illuminatiMATRIX explanatory video detailing the foundational root of hypnosis, religion, intellectualism and who and what god is.

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YouTube Video highlighting some of the subliminal elements hidden in the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem

Please read the next paragraph before watching the ROCK VIDEO.

On the ROCK VIDEO, the World Trade Center is mistakenly called the ROCKEFELLER PLAZA. The WTC was conceived and promoted by the Rockefellers. The Rockefeller Plaza is to the north of the World Trade Centre, on the MANHATTAN ROCK, or MANNA STONE. The WTC and the Rockefeller Plaza , along with the area of CENTRAL PARK, relate to the TEMPLE MOUNT in Jerusalem, and the Al Aqsa Mosque, the Dome of the ROCK, and the Temple Courtyard. These in turn relate to the North American West Coast. See page 39 for more details.

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This page is under construction.

This page will continue with the luciferian Judgment Day centred around the western United States and the Pacific Ocean. If you’re reading this page without having read the details of previous pages, what is shown on this page will come across as bizarre. If at all possible, try to read some of the other pages and then continue with pages 13 to 20 in order.

There is a fabricated war on terrorism, which is quite evident to most of the world population. Nothing makes any sense if you watch and listen to the puppets running the planet. The information on this page will lay out the REAL REASON for the WAR ON TERRORISM and how and why the religion of Islam was symbolically injected into the agenda.

Judaism, christianity and islam are the 3 main religions of Abraham. The population of christianity in the world is estimated at over 2 billion. Islam boasts 1.3 billion worshippers and Judaism lays claim to a huge host of devotees, approximately 1% of the world population. Together this thought form controls about 1/2 of the world population. This is an extremely important number when your whole agenda is built on duality and confrontation. The world is basically split in 2 when it comes to dogma and hypnotic indoctrination. Abrahamic religions are human sacrifice based and devoted to the doctrine of NO PAIN – NO GAIN. It is this suffering aspect that is the magical strength of their belief system. ABRA-KA-DABRA-HAM and presto – manipulate energy through duality and all kinds of powers are able to be used to control the world.

Bear with me for a moment as I quote from the book of lucifer, …Revelation16:12 -“…the Great River Euphrates; and the water thereof was dried up, that the way of the kings of the east might be prepared…”

Here we see the spirit of Babylon, the land of the Euphrates River, spreading to the East. This is referencing to the Asian continent and China in particular. The symbolism invoked here alludes to that occurring in the day of the lord’s vengeance, the time of the bloodletting by the gracious god who loves you. (That’s a mixed message if there ever was one). In the coming year, 2008, the world will be focusing on China and the city of BEIJING. The summer Olympics will take place on 08/08/2008 at 8:08:08 seconds. BEIJING is a new BEGINNING. (Follow down lower on this page to see the real meaning of Beg-INNING). It is from this date on, that for the next 4 years all sorts of horrors are going to unfold.

Just below is a painting of Playboy model Natasha Yi. This painting depicts the hypnotic sleep created by the luciferian mindset. The painting is entitled Origami Dreams. This is obviously a play on words and is an excellent example of hearing one word but thinking another. The further subliminal is the fact that she is a beautiful model of Asian ancestry, something that is being perpetuated throughout the world media, to condition all nations to think and look as one. The western images in the Asian world are also being force fed so that they too succumb and are conditioned to accept the ONENESS of this corrupt entity. Which is not oneness at all, but extreme DUALITY.

Origami Dreams

In the chart below, entitled the World Hexagon of Judgment, the NUCLEUS created from the miniscule atom particle, is once again portrayed. The direction and method of operation involved in destroying the non-elect of the sun god lucifer will become evident.

When the Dome of the Rock diagram is placed on the eastern edge of California and over the other 10 states of the western USA, a line can be drawn from the intersection of the International Date Line and the Equator straight through Hawaii, right through San Franscisco, exactly through Sacramento, on through the centre of Lake Tahoe (a symbol of Galilee) and continue completely through the 8 sided Dome of the Rock diagram, splitting it exactly in half. What is occurring here, is that 6 highly symbolic points are being connected with 1 straight line – and this line even has a name. It is called the ROSE LINE, as seen in previous pages. The ROSE in question is the SEA that ROSE, and will be RISING. This is the spirit of the ROS-LYN chapel in Scotland, the worshipful centre of Freemasonry in the world.


Read this next paragraph very slowly. 5 of these points demonstrate the myth stories of every religion in the world. Lake Tahoe, Sacramento and San Francisco are the star constellation of the 3 Kings (the 3 Wise Men of Orions Belt) who are following the Star (Sirius – the dog / god star) which is Hawaii. These 4 points then point to the Southern Crux (the CROSS of the zodiac) constellation where the christ saviour messiah will be found. This point, the Southern Crux, is symbolized by the intersecting lines of the Equator and the International Date Line. This is also the location of the PHOENIX ISLANDS, the symbol of resurrecting from the dead in power and glory.

This Southern Crux constellation can only be seen in the southern hemisphere, however its exactly where Orions Belt and the Sirius star point. Furthermore, this constellation and star point exactly to the place where the sun rises on December 25th, the birthdate of every saviour throughout history. What is occurring, is the SUN is exactly over the Southern Crux just below the HORIZON. This is Horus, the sun god, the Horizon, the Rising Sun. This is the source for the story of the sun on the cross who ROSE from the DEAD.

The sun god Horus is the source for the word HORSE in sound and shape association, which is symbolism. The painting immediately below entitled Mounts, is an example of luciferian manipulation. When we think HORSE, we think fast, powerful, riches and so on. But we also think mounts, as in mountains. It is for this reason that the Foundation Rock in Jerusalem became the inspiration for the Rockefeller Plaza name at the WTC. The Rock in both instances was a celebration of the sun god Horus. By the time the symbolism moves to the western United States, the Rock has become the Rockie Mountains. It is these mountains that are the rock, the mount, the temple mount, the symbol of the sun god Horus. This is also why horseracing is the sport of kings. Further worship of the sun god Horus – who is none other than the luciferian egregore of demonic entities.

Of course, people don’t consciously think this through in just this manner when they see a horse running or jumping. However, subliminally and subconsciously, we are being placed into a deep trance state. When this is repeated endless times throughout the day with a myriad of symbols and subliminals, we are completely hypnotized to believe it’s real.


As incredible as this story is, what’s more incredible is that this is all based on the atom symbol, and the hexagon of deceit that is symbolicallyformed within the atom. The energy atom is ATOM and EVE, the beginning of humanity. All the sexual subliminals that follow this hypnotic suggestion and which have been built upon for centuries, only serves to solidify the belief that energy and knowledge are of god or truth, and are therefore, a good thing.

On a bit lighter note, but still on the subject, the 3 Kings constellation form ORIONS Belt. Orion is just another symbolic word meaning O=eye / RIO=river. For some reason I now want an OREO cookie. The slogan for this chemical laced product is ,”Mr. Christie, you make good cookies”. (For those of you not familiar with that last line, The Oreo cookie has 2 sides of dark chocolate wafer with white icing in the middle. The white icing is the river of life, the great spirit, and the two dark wafers are the earth. The company who makes them is Christies – in this case think christ – and the subliminal message is obvious).

Subliminal messages don’t have to be deep, wisdom filled rants. They just have to plant a suggestion. In fact, the simpler the subliminal, the deeper it goes and the more powerful it is.

When you draw a line from 4 Corners, straight down the centre border between Arizona and New Mexico, and continue past the Equator, you end up in the vicinity of Easter Island. Drawing a line from this point to Beijing diagonally creates the elongated sun god sex ritual cross as it disects the International Dateline and the Equator as did the previous diagonal line from San Francisco to this point in the Pacific, at the Dateline and Equator. Now draw a line straight down from Beijing until you are at the same distance south of the equator as Easter Island line and connect these 2 points. What is formed is a rectangle with similar proportions to that of the Last Supper Painting by Da Vinci (as shown on page 18). Once again, all 4 intersecting lines cross at the dateline and equator which is at the exact centre of the rectangle.

This is incredibly symbolic as it speaks of a bridge, a time of CROSSING OVER from earth to heaven. The word bridge is itself symbolic of the bride that the groom is crossing over to claim. If we apply the Hebrew inflection to these words, where there is no gutteral G or Jay sound, the word bridge is simply BRIDYE orBRIDE.

Likewise, the word GROOM is Y-ROOM, as in the upper room used to serve the Last Supper. This stuff isn’t supposed to make sense, or appear logical by any stretch of the imagination. It’s only supposed to be a subliminal, a hypnotic suggestion, to manipulate you to do and think as the demonic entity desires.

The upper room was shown on page 18 to be Vancouver and the site of the 2010 Olympics. Why Vancouver? Simply because Vancouver, and as you will see lower down on this page, all of Canada is the upper room that is geographically, above the State of California. Together, this whole area serves as the site of the Last Supper, the Last Judgment, and the Marriage Supper of the Lamb of god. Some lamb!

Furthermore, anytime you see an RO together, as in Upper ROom, it is referring to the ROSE symbol of the sex ritual cross of the zodiac atom molecule. Remember also, that the western United States are just a large replica of the World Trade Centre, which in turn was a huge replica of the Foundation Rock under the Dome of the Rock. (See page 19 for the diagrams).

Continue to the bottom of this page for more unveiling of the Upper Room and the connection to the fabricated war on terrorism.

Row – Row – Row Your Mind – Gently Down The Stream

How about another subliminal messages. Ever heard the little tune –

Row, row, row your boat – gently down the stream,
Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily – life is but a dream

Here we see the ROSE and MARY. Who’s the ROSE? That would be jesus of course, who ROSE from the dead, whom along with his mother, Mary, he will marry at the last Marriage Supper of the lamb. All this will take place symbolically, at the Marriott Hotel, which was destroyed in the World Trade Centre attack, and is symbolic of the state of California.

Jesus marrying his mother Mary? A tad incestuous, but that’s how it goes with ISIS sun god worship. You just have to keep it All In The Family. Whoops, there we go again! This is the long running sitcom of Archie Bunker. The name Archie is simply Ark, the rising sun god, and the family is the trinity of the mother, father and son. This little show pretty much established stupidity in the North American family, right along with the putrid program called Father Knows Best. I wonder what father they could be refering to? All this is pathetic subliminal hypnotic suggestion.

Drawing a triangle on each flat line of the hexagon will give you the 6 pointed star, (the oldest sex ritual symbol in the world), which in turn, is derived from the atom symbol. The atom symbol is the symbol of energy and intellectual knowledge. This likewise, is what sex is. Sex is expending physical energy conjured up through intellectualizing sensuality. In other words, sex takes place in the mind, and we experience gratification in the flesh. Any and all references to energy and knowledge being somehow related to awareness is deceit. Energy is the light particle and the luciferian thought form is the bringer of that light and energy, which is knowledge. Not wisdom, just knowledge.

Now have a look at the diagram of the Hexagon of Judgment to be used to condemn the major portion of humanity.

World Zodiac

Play Ball – Take Me Out To The Ball Game

The following diagrams show how the Last Judgment of the luciferian mind will unfold. Keep reading and looking closely at the charts, because even the time frame and dates for this lunacy will be shown. The great fiery red dragon serpent is none other than the chap we call Satan and the Devil – even Diablo. This beast coincides with the seismic plate boundaries that weave around the world. This is the great red serpent who rises up out of the sea, having 7 heads and 10 horns, as mentioned in the luciferian bible, in Revelation. The numbers 7 and 10 refer to the number of completion (7) and the number of intensity (10). Together, these numbers symbolically refer to the whole world which is under the hypnotic spell. It is this whole world that this serpent, these seimic tectonic plates, weaves its way through.

Now for one of the most bizarre diagrams I’ve had to put together. This shows the Ring of Fire which actually engulfs the whole planet. These are the ribs of the serpent on the BASEBALL as seen in the stitching that weaves around in an endless figure 8 or infinity symbol. This is the serpent that swallowed its tail, as referring to the infinity symbol.

The word Base-Ball is shown on this diagram. Contemplate this for a moment and realize that this is just one more bit of symbolic hypnotic suggestion. The beneficial thing is, that when we’re made aware of it, the de-hypnosis process begins and the spell begins to unravel. Notice also, that this is a SPELL. The manipulation of humanity, through the SPELLING of WORDS and slick media incantations, deceitfully contain the subliminal messages needed to control our will.

Baseball Serpent

This is one huge baseball game already in progress. We are now in the 7th inning. The 8th inning is actually in progress, even today, September 23, 2007.

This is the 1st day of the Fall Equinox and to the lucifer worshippers around the world, this is a most holy day. September being the 9th month, the number of the Fall. It is also the 23rd of the month, the number of death, even as 11 is associated with death. According to the Hebrew calendar, which this entity and its hourdes adhere to, the first day of the new year, this year, was on September 12, 2007. Therefore we are already into the 8th inning, the 8th year of the base ball game. However, before we proceed with the dates that this ball game will be completed in, let’s take a look at the earthquake hot spots in the continental USA.

Notice first, how the 11 western states, that were symbolized in the Rockefeller Plaza at the World Trade Centre and the Foundation Rock under the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem, are totally covered with varying degrees of seismic activity. Then, proceeding to the east, in the area identified on page 19 as Tornado Alley, there is virtually no seismic action. (Tornado Alley symbolizes yet another illuminati title, Moriah Conquering Wind). Now look at CAIRO, Illinois, at the very junction of the Mississippi and Ohio Rivers, there is a hot spot of seismic activity. What gives?

Again, study the chart slowly and consider the worship of ISIS, the mother of all gods, even as EL is the father of all gods. Consider what is transpiring here and what the symbolism is telling us. The luciferian mindset knows that we’ll never see this agenda because of the hypnotic state we find ourselves in. However, we do see, and the hypnosis is ending. It should also be noted where the name El, the father of all gods came from. It is just a short form of the word ELectricity, which is the energy atom, the creator of all things, not just the gods. The same with Isis, the mother of all gods. The name Isis, is just 2 words, EYE SEE, put together as one proper name. Eye See, is the creator again, who said “let there be light, and there was light…” From this, we were all able to see, and to be seen. In other words, we are light, we are the creation. Light wasn’t created so that this luciferian god could see what it was doing, the light was the creation of all things, including the lunacy of the god concept. This creation, is not however, a good thing, it is a complete hypnotic realm of deceit, death and horror.

Let me quote from the luciferian bible one more time, continuing with Revelation 16:16 – “…And he gathered them together into a place called in the Hebrew tongue ARMAGEDDON. (Then verse 17)…It is DONE…(verse 18)…there were VOICES,…THUNDERS…LIGHTNINGS… and there was a GREAT EARTHQUAKE, such as was not since men were upon the earth, so MIGHTY AN EARTHQUAKE, and so GREAT”.

First off, ARMAGEDDON is referring to part of New Spain, (see page 18) which is the original area of Mexico, which in turn is the area of the lower western United States shown in the Foundation Rock diagrams. Mexico is Megiddo, the location of the valley of the lord’s day of vengeance which in turn, is Armageddon. This is centred around the Sacramento Valley of California. What is important to see here, is that this lucifer mindset, the group of entities that wrote these words in their holy book, said there would be an earthquake which was not since men were upon the earth. This is written in just this fashion to create the ultimate deception that will cause us to believe that the messiah has come when we see this Great Earthquake occur.

So, what’s the biggest earthquake to have ever occurred throughout all of history. The one that comes to mind is the Continental Drift. The one where North and South America split from Africa and Europe and Antarctica drifted away from the Indian sub-continent, as did Australia. That was pretty big. Well, this ones supposed to be even bigger. Either this luciferian group of entities is full of hot air, or there’s going to be a big shake.

Human Sacrifice – The Method Used To Perform The Human CULL

Consider this picture of the pyramids in Sacramento, California and the Mayans structure, where countless thousands were sacrificed to the great sun god, the luciferian group of demonic entities. These pyramids are symbols of human sacrifice. You just have to ask the question, what’s this pyramid office type building doing in Sacramento? Just as you have to ask, what’s the same pyramid doing on the back of the American $1 bill?

Sacramento Pyramid

According to their holy book once again, when the messiah touches down on the Mount of Olives (OLIVES is symbolic wording for the place where O LIVES). O refers to the All Seeing Eye. This place where O Lives, is located at Diablo Mountain just outside of Oakland, California. Oakland is the Land of O. The earth will split from east to west and separate to the north and to the south. With that thought in mind, take a look at the seismic map below and see if that could possibly occurr. Keeping in mind also that the Pacific Plate and the North American Plate are sliding over one another in a northwest to southeast direction.

Earthquakes USA

Allow me to quote, once again, from the luciferian bible, this time from the old testament. Zechariah 14:3 – “Then shall the Lord go forth, and fight against those nations,…(v.4) and his feet shall stand in that day upon the Mount of Olives…and the Mount of Olives shall cleave in the midst therof toward the EAST and toward the WEST and there shall be a VERY GREAT VALLEY; and half of the mountain shall remove toward the NORTH, and half of it toward the SOUTH.


Did you ever wonder why they call it the WORLD SERIES? The 2 baseball leagues competing for the prize are both American with only 1 other team from out of the country, that being Toronto, Ontario. This does not constitute the world by any stretch of the imagination.

The reason it’s called the World Series is because of the Rose Line, or line of roses, which runs from Lake Tahoe, through Sacramento, San Francisco and Hawaii, finally ending at the Equator and International Date Line. This rose line is just simple geometric symbolism, but to the demonic mind, it is the strength necessary to deceive. This line includes a huge piece of geography that extends across North America and all the way into the middle of the Pacific Ocean. If you consider that the baseball diamond actually includes Foul Territory as well, the area completely outside the baseball diamond, the infield and the outfield, then the baseball game can include virtually the whole world. From this, we get the term World Series.

The foul territory in this case, represents those areas of the world that the royal elite power brokers find obnoxious. The areas inhabited by the poorer people, the black, brown and yellow people. This is the foul territory in this particular game of baseball.

Hawaii is symbolic of the DOG star Sirius, which in turn is the GOD star (when DOG is reversed = GOD). The word WOR-LD is ROW-LD (when reversed), that speaks once again, of the ROSE. This symbolic manipulation across half of the Pacific Ocean, ultimately affects the entire world. This massive symbolic game of World Series Baseball actually refers to, as everything ultimately refers to, the Rose God. Or put another way, the god who rose from the dead, or rose out of death. Everything in our 3 dimensional realm glorifies the luciferian rose god concept. The egregore group of demonic entities conjured everything up on illusion day, the first day of creation. Therefore, for the illusion to remain constant, everything must always and continually refer back to the entities that conjured the whole thing up. Even the word ILLUSION = ILL (lie when reversed) – U you – SION sun. Illusion means Lie you sun.

How many words have the hypnotic form of the word sion or tion in them? Very, very many to be sure.

Hawaii is the pitcher’s mound in this baalgame. (Kilauea Volcano,through simple sound association, means Kill Away All). Homeplate, located at the International Dateline and Equator, (the equator symbolizing fair judgment which will occur on the fulcrum of TIME, which is the date line) is the location of the main umpire judge, symbolizing the christ. All the Foul Line and Base Umpire Judges which are present in a normal baseball game are symbolic of the saints judging with the christ. This is the hypnotic subliminal, and the real reason why the baseball game, and sports in general are so revered in America and throughout the world. Sports act as one incredible mind manipulation tactic to destroy the awareness of humanity.

Of course, all of this is just insanity, but it is the plan the luciferian mind is going to follow. It will unleash its horror from the region of the Cascadia Ridge Seismic Fault Line off the West Coast of the United States and Canada. To feed its hunger it will feast on hot dogs (volcanic gods) and pop (papa – father god) as it waits for the BIG ONE to get slammed out of the park. These sarcastic string of words that I’ve just written, in spite of the sarcasm, are still representative of the subliminal messaging perptrated by this entity. Subliminals don’t have to make sense, they just have to suggest.

Giants – A’s – Padres – Angels – Dodgers

In California, all along the west coast, there are 5 professional baseball teams, or Base Baal teams. San Francisco has the Giants – a name referencing the Giant Hunter Orion (as in Orion the constellation). Giants also has that nasty little G letter in it, which can take the Yuh sound. Therefore, Giants is Yiants, or Eye-ants. Yet another suggestion referring to the All Seeing Eye god. The Oakland Athletics or A’s is a subliminal suggesting the pyramid. The letter A, with the capstone, All Seeing Eye, dividing line.

The San Diego Padres is another name for father, as in the father god (luciferian egregore). Los Angeles has 2 teams, the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim – 3 letter A’s or pyramid triangles, with a halo included in their logo. As well as, the Los Angeles Dodgers, have a truly unique nickname. In the game of baseball, dodging is really not part of the rules of the game. Dodging may be a phrase used to describe portions of a play in motion, but that’s about it. However, when you consider a future tidal wave will be entering the playing field, then dodging takes on some significance. However, there’s an even stronger subliminal at play here. That being, that nasty G letter again. Dodgers is Do-Dy-ers, or Do-Die-ers. The New York Dodgers lent their name to this team, as well as the franchise. It would have been established, in advance, by the serpent mind, where this team would be going and what would also be a truly symbolic name. New York is a name that simply means, North East West for NEW, the new world order subliminal. York means Roy or Royal, in reverse, which is Rose. Remember, to become royal you must rise above everyone, you must conquer, you must have ROSE above all.

Even the word Rock, that this whole insane illusion is based upon, is also a subliminal to the Rose. ROC in rock, is pronouned with an S or Z sound, this makes it ROS or ROZ. The K in the word Rock, or in any word, is always a subliminal for Killing or Death. Therefore the word rock, the symbol that the luciferian christ would build its church upon, actually means Rose and Death. The Rock is therefore the symbol for the Order of Death and the Order of the Rose. It is these two Orders that the royal elite, including the Bush family in the United States, belong to.

There’s really not much left to do then, but Pelee Baal, or Play Ball.

World Series

9 Innings – Extra Innings – Play Ball

The timeline for this World Series of Baseball will be demonstrated below. The 12 clockfaces represent the 12 years. The years start from the time of the World Trade Centre attack in 2001, up until the Olympics that take place in London in 2012. These 12 years are 12 INNINGS. When looked at more closely, the word INNINGS reveals yet another subliminal –

INNINGS = EYE n EYE n – wEYE S – remember G is the yuh sound of the letter Y. w-EYE is simply EYE followed by the S serpent subliminal letter.

This EYE word is derived from the 4 seasoned zodiac light chart developed exclusivley for this site, which is the All Seeing Eye. This all seeing eye symbol represents the time it takes for the earth to go around the sun. That time is equal to 360 degrees or days, or symbolically, ONE YEAR. So it stands to reason that these 12 years from 2001 to 2012 are 12 EYES or YEARS. Not a lot on this site stands to reason, but it does reveal hypnotic suggestion at every turn. These eyes or years are also subliminals referring to the 2 communicating senses associated with the EYES and the EARS. Those senses being sight and sound.

You must also remember that the word EAR is simply RAE or RAY in reverse, another bit of mirror imagery to play with our minds even more. But don’t stop there, NOSE is SON or SUN in reverse, again messing with our minds. The word MOUTH is THUOM or TOMB a burial chamber. Of course, we eat things we kill. From this killing and eating and placing in the TOMB, we gain eternal life. Just some more hypnosis for our spiritual palette. There just has to be a master hypnotist in control of all these subliminals.

Imagine how deep our trance state must be when you consider the depths to which religion, science and the vastness of intellectualism abounds in our world. Our consciousness is definitely overdue for a real awareness shift. This shift can only occur as we eliminate the 3 dimensional illusion and this thing called light energy. Yes, light energy, is the corruptor, the lie, the cause and root of all suffering and death. This is jesus, the way, the truth and the light. Jesus is nothing more than the old Greek god Zeus, the sun god. Say them together, Jesus – now Zeus. Je-zeus – Zeus. When you change the J in Jesus to a Y, as with the letter G. Then the name Jesus is actually Yesus or ye-Zeus. The letters Ye being a mere introductory sound such as is used throughout the bible. For example, “ye men of Galilee”, is simply saying, …”men of Galilee”.

Being that 1 clockface equals one year, we are now on the 7th clockface – the year being 2007. The month is September (as I write). This is actually the first month of the year for the luciferian illuminati thinkers. So even though we are on the 7th clockface, we are actually entering the 8th year. 8 is the number of complete control.

Now take a look at the 7th clockface below. What do you see, but a bunch of 8’s starting in the 9th month of the year. Right between 8 and 9 o’clock you have the numbers 80 and 81 right at 8 and 9 o’clock, the numbers of control and the fall. This leads us right into the 8th clockface and the eventual luciferian ritual called the Beijing Olympics. These take place in the month of August, the 8th month. Here we see the 8th month coinciding with the numbers 91 and 92. 91 coincides with 7 on the 1st clockface and therefore is the number of completion. 92 coincides with 8 and is the number of control. Together the symbolism is that the year 2008 will be one of completion and total control. The total control these entities are referring to is none other than the capture of our ability to connect to our wisdom and awareness. All of us, already HAVE complete wisdom but this egregore thought form makes certain we don’t connect to it and remain in servitude to its rule.

ROCK Around The Clock

Now we’re going to Rock and Roll. This term is derived from that old Rock and Roll band from back in the 30’s, 30 AD that is. When the angelic demons fictitiously rolled the rock in front of the tomb that the fictitious christ was placed in, the term rock and roll became part of everyday hypnotic suggestion. Then, aboard the fictitious Flight 93, during the World Trade Centre attack, when the fictitious passengers fictitiously attacked the fictitious Arab hijackers, one of the fictitious leaders said, fictitiously,…”lets roll”.

So…let’s roll with the timeline of this World Series Ball Game.

The time frame for the last World Series Ball Game, otherwise known as the Day Of The Lord’s Vengeance, has been told over and over and we just don’t get it. One of the clearest pieces of play by play is the song by Bill Haley and His Comets called Rock Around the Clock. Understand though, what we’re experiencing in this 3D realm is only hypnosis, and all this subliminal suggestion causes us to see what the luciferian mind wants us to see. We then believe it’s real, the event takes place, and we are further locked into the hypnotic lunacy. On the upside of all this, to stop the horror described in these pages, all that has to be done is to become totally aware that there is no value in this 3 dimensional space and that the luciferian thought form is playing god and playing the devil (duality).

Now let’s take a look at this name, Bill Haley.

BILL = BAAL the god of fertility HALEY = HALE to be forced to go (ex. he was haled before a judge)
HALE = HAIL means to welcome
COMET = COME T or welcome to the sun god, come to us, which is signified by the T cross sign

Now have a look at the lyrics of this song and a brief description of the time frame thrown in.


– by Bill Haley and the Comets – 1954

Originally recorded by Sunny Dae (think Sunny Day – New World Order) in 1952

authership unknown (credited to Max C. Freedman and
James E. Myers pseudonym “Jimmy de Knight”)

(This is the same authorship – UNKNOWN – as shown on page 15 and the story of “A Visit From St. Nick”.)

VERSE ONE —————————————————–

One, two, three o’clock, four o’clock rock
Five, six, seven o’clock, eight o’clock rock
Nine, ten, eleven o’clock, twelve o’clock rock
We’re gonna rock around the CLOCK tonight

END OF VERSE ONE ————————————————

(Each number – 2001, 2002, 2003, etc. – represents ONE YEAR starting on September 11, 2001 (11/09/2001) with the World Trade Centre Attack)

VERSE TWO ——————————————————–

Put your glad rags on, join me, Hon

(GLAD RAGS = G sounds like Y – the D symbolizes death – what you have is Y-LA or LAY DEATH RAYS)

We’ll have some fun when the clock strikes ONE
We’re gonna rock around the clock tonight
We’re gonna ROCK, ROCK, ROCK, ’til broad daylight
Gonna rock, gonna rock around the clock tonight

END OF VERSE TWO ———————————————————-

(The 3 ROCKS are those shown on the previous page and the one demonstrated at the bottom of this page – the Foundation Rock under the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem, is actually the source for the subliminal suggestion surrounding the Rock manipulation tactic, however, the ROCKefeller Plaza of the World Trade Centre and the ROCKie Mountains that are located in the Western United States and British Columbia and the whole of Western Canada that lies on the Canadian Shield Rock, the Rockie Mountains, including the Arctic and Greenland, is the 3rd Rock in North America. This is the New World, that this song is referring to. The fun their talking about, is the FUN-nel or Rython that is used to perform a Drink Offering to the gods. This Rython Funnel used to scoop up enough water, olive oil or wine, is the whole Pacific Ocean and the small funnel opening, to allow the water to pour out as a drink offering, is the opening under the Golden Gate Bridge that opens into San Francisco Bay.

This is the Sacrament which will be forthcoming, very shortly, to the Sacramento Valley.

The focal point is San Francisco, because of the Golden Gate Bridge being located there. However, the attack will come from the North and South, as symbolized by the airplanes used in the World Trade Centre attack. These airplanes symbolize the rising water, subliminally suggested to us in Al Gore’s Global Warming scam, as being caused by greenhouse gases. In actuality, the melting polar ice caps are caused by the luciferian thought form that desires to make our HYPNOSIS PERMANENT. The rising waters will, of course, spread around the world and destroy untold millions when combined with the seismic upheaval, THE BIG ONE, which has so clearly been subliminally suggested as coming soon.)

VERSE THREE ———————————————————

When the clock strikes two, three and four
If the band slows down we’ll yell for more
We’re gonna rock around the clock tonight
We’re gonna rock, rock, rock, ’til broad daylight

(BROAD DAYLIGHT=NEW WORLD under the luciferian messianic christ consciousness)

Gonna rock, gonna rock around the clock tonight


END OF VERSE THREE ————————————————-

(In the year 2002, the so-called Northern Alliance consisting of the USA and 3 or 4 allies, continued their killing spree in Afghanistan which was launched on October 7, 2001 (07/10/2001). Nothing truly alarming occurred during 2002 when the CLOCK STRUCK 2. The BAND SLOWED DOWN so we yelled for more.

What we got, when we yelled for more, was the INVASION OF IRAQ on March 20, 2003 (20/03/2003) when the CLOCK STRUCK 3. That wasn’t quite enough however, so when the CLOCK STRUCK 4 the world was graced with the horror of the MADRID BOMBINGS on March 11, 2004 (03/11/2004). If that wasn’t enough, just for some added flavour to the dance routine, this band threw in the natural disaster of the Indian Ocean Tsunami – Boxing Day – December 26, 2004 (12/26/2004).

Remember now, we’re watching demonic entities here, not just the USA administration or the CIA. I’m talking about the luciferian entity god that christians, muslims, jews, hindus, buddhists, atheists, and even conspiracy researchers, etc. worship).

VERSE FOUR ———————————————————-

When the chimes ring five, six, and seven
We’ll be right in seventh heaven
We’re gonna rock around the clock tonight

(rock around the clock is rock around the world)

We’re gonna rock, rock, rock, ’til broad daylight
Gonna rock, gonna rock around the clock tonight

END OF VERSE FOUR ———————————————————-

(In 2005 the band picked up the pace yet again as they continued to rock around the world. On July 7, 2005 (07/07/2005) the London Bombings occurred. This event etched the necessity, for the war on terrorism, into the manipulated minds of the entire world. 2005 also saw the manufactured disaster of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans. Once again, I must remind the reader, that this is a demonic entity manipulating the events of the world. The luciferian egregore group of thinkers, created the 3 dimensional existence and is totally capable of manipulating a hurricane or an earthquake through the same thought process.

All that exists and occurs in the 3D realm is simply an illusion and totally capable of manipulation through the thought process alone.

By the year 2006, when the CLOCK STRUCK 6, the War On Terrorism had expanded massively to include the ENVIRONMENT. The whole planet, including the frogs and turtles, were now all in danger of destruction. Al Gore won 2 Academy Awards for this exercise in mass hypnosis. Be certain to read to the bottom of this page and page 21, because the Global Warming scam is nothing more than kicking up the War On Terrorism to the destructive level needed to DEPOPULATE the WORLD. Of course, the war on terrorism, has nothing to do with terrorism, it is the WAR of RAW (Amen Ra – the sun god), to gain complete and total control of the consciousness of humanity. This is called absolute worship.

This was the spring board for the LIVE EARTH CONCERT of 2007. The CLOCK STRUCK 7 on a very appropriate day, July 7, 2007. (07/07/2007)

Of course, this ROCK CONCERT in 2007 consisted of ROCK MUSICIANS and was seen around the world by mega millions. (Do not underestimate the importance of the word Rock, as you consider these points). They were definitely in 7TH HEAVEN. The hypnosis was working. The musicians and the word MUSIC are derived, through shape and sound association, from the 9 WATER NYMPH goddesses called the MUSES. Their leader was APOLLO, the god of PROPHECY and MUSIC. These 9 water nymphs are symbolic of the FALL INTO DEATH because 9 is the number of the fall. This fall will occur as the AGE OF AQUARIUS, the astrological water bearer, is unleashed when the remaining clocks are struck. This fall – the number 9 and the associated flood of water, will combine with a massive earthquake and the result will be the number 11, the number of death. This is why the Pacific Ocean is 9,000 miles high and 11,000 miles wide. This is the next, and last, 9-11. This is what Al Gore was really saying in his documentary, he just used slightly different terms. The game of WATER ap-POLO is about to begin.)

Keep in mind that this is the intent of the luciferian illuminati puppets of the world. They didn’t think for a moment, that it would be discovered, that this is all one massive hypnotic spell on the world. Even that the world and the vast universe, is only an illusion. It is not there in any sense of the word. As we come to see the lunacy of catering to such an insane entity, and realize the entity is playing god and playing the devil, because there is no god and there is no devil, the hypnosis cracks, we wake up to our awareness and wisdom that we had all along, and the illuminati luciferian egregore thought form simply goes away. Within the Trance State this will appear to take place, but in Reality none of this will occur!

VERSE FIVE ——————————————————–

When it’s eight, nine, ten, eleven too
I’ll be goin’ strong and so will you
We’re gonna rock around the clock tonight
We’re gonna rock, rock, rock, ’til broad daylight
Gonna rock, gonna rock around the clock tonight

END OF VERSE FIVE ———————————————————–

(The CLOCK STRIKES 8 in 2008. 8 is the number of complete control – the Beijing Olympics start on 08/08/2008 – at exactly 8:08:08 seconds. They’re telling us that they’ll be going strong and so will you when the clock strikes 8, 9 , 10 and 11 o’clock. These are the years 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011.

In the previous years, since 2001, there have been total global control actions carried out, both entity and man made or entity driven on its own. The likelihood of massive natural disasters and continuing war, etc., to further imprison our consciousness, seems to be the pattern. In 2009, when the 9TH CLOCK STRIKES Al Gore wants all the world to sign a GLOBAL ENVIRONMENTAL TREATY on CLIMATE CHANGE to stop global warming. In other words, just as they were talking about protecting the world from terrorists before the World Trade Centre attack of 2001, they were actually making sure the pieces were all in place to carry out the attack so brilliantly formulated by the ancient luciferian sun god of Egypt, and which was revealed to the hierarchy of the illuminati families of the world and there Freemason puppets.

Therefore, something very devastating will have to happen between now and 2009 to push everybody into signing this DECOY TREATY. It has to happen, because they just told us they’re trying to protect us from having it happen. That is 100% PROOF the devastation will be unfolding by 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011. That is, if we let it. It will only occur if we continue to believe it will. And we do believe this lunacy, or we wouldn’t have allowed our societies to become so completely unaware and manipulated. We would’ve, at the very outset of human history, refused to be herded into religion, magic, alchemy, astrology, science, and all the other intellectual nonsense around us. However, we believed it, and so here we are. It’s time now, to take our power back, and reconnect with our wisdom and awareness.

Of course, every government in the world, and every leader are in their positions of power because the luciferian mind wants them there. Every country will sign this treaty if that furthers the deception. If there are holdouts, that’ll only be theatrics to help convince the masses that this is legitimate, with nothing to worry about. Everything up to this point has just been a RUSE, a SCAM, so that everybody looks to the completely fabricated political and military events in the world, and they totally miss the BIG PICTURE of a horrific calamity which is about to unfold in the Pacific Ocean and which is coming to fruition very rapidly now. This horror has been in the making for 6,000 + years.

Mount Olympus – Home of the Greek Gods – In Washington State

When the CLOCK STRIKES 10 we’ll be seeing attention shift to the VANCOUVER OLYMPICS. This religious ritual begins on February 12, 2010 – 12/02/2010. Vancouver is right at CONTROL CENTRAL symbolically, for the greek gods, the luciferian entity, to unleash the DEED – the DROWNING – the AGE OF AQUARIUS. Of course, that’s if they haven’t already done so in 2008 and 2009.

Just as the World Trade Centre attack saw Building 7, which was located just outside the main plaza, so too, is British Columbia situated just outslde of the Western United States. Building 7 housed the CIA, the FBI, the New York Emergency Services offices, amongst other notable tenants, and the evidence had to be destroyed. The evidence, that showed how they controlled the attacks on the World Trade Centre, from this building.

Therefore, we now see Vancouver, Vancouver Island and the Puget Sound Region of Seattle playing host to the demonic mindset of the greek gods of old. It is precisely here, in the Pacific Northwest, that the Olympic Mountains, Mount Olympus and the capital city of the state of Washington, called Olympia, are located.

The FBI, CIA, New York Emergency Measures, etc., in Building 7, were symbolizing the power and presence of the old greek gods, of whom there were 12 main gods, and whom, in turn, are just distractions to keep us from seeing that it is all just the luciferian thought form having fun with our minds. Just as there were 12 greek gods and Chronos, the father of the gods, so too, we have Jesus and his 12 disciple. Jesus is just an elborate way of saying Zeus. Jesus is Ye-Sus, which is You – Zeus, as there is no Jay sound in the old Hebrew vocabulary.

When the CLOCK STRIKES 11 this BAND OF DEMONS will still be going strong. It is during this year, the year 2011, that they’ll be attempting to OPEN THE FREEDOM TOWER right in the NORTHWEST CORNER of the old ROCKEFELLER PLAZA of the WTC. Something has to happen, symbolically, in the PACIFIC NORTHWEST region by 2011, for the symbolism to be on track. They can only function according to symbolism because symbolism is hypnosis. Without hypnosis they have nothing.)

VERSE SIX ———————————————————-

When the clock strikes twelve, we’ll COOL OFF THEN
Start a’rockin’ round the clock again
We’re gonna rock around the clock tonight
We’re gonna rock, rock, rock, ’til broad daylight
Gonna rock, gonna rock around the clock tonight

END OF VERSE SIX ———————————————————

(When the CLOCK STRIKES 12 in the year 2012, they’re going to COOL OFF then. This implies that they must have been pretty HEATED UP to need to COOL DOWN. The year 2012 brings us back to LONDON and the 2012 Olympics. The heat of the cataclysm from the CASCADIA SEISMIC VOLCANIC RIDGE which is just off the west coast of Vancouver Island, Washington State and Oregon State and connects to the San Andreas fault which runs under the Golden Gate Bridge, will have happened by this time. The DEVASTATION and DEPOPULATION will have taken place in part or in total.

The start date for these, the LAST OLYMPICS, and it will be the last as we know it, because there’ll be a new world system and no further reason to use the competitions as a DECOY any longer. It will be a mess-eye-anic kingdom ruled by one lunatic entity, much like we see today, but without the bullshit. We’ll just be slaves, used and abused and just glad to be alive.

The start date for the London Rose Olympics is July 27, 2012 (27/07/2012.) These numbers stack up like this – 27 coincides with 3 the number of the deity. The month is 7 – the number of completion. 20 coincides with 8 and is the number of control. 12 is the number symbolizing that the FULL CIRCLE OF DECEIT has been fulfilled. 12 is the whole EYE, the illuminated one, the illuminati cabal.

By 2012, the messianic age, the new world order and the christ consciousness era of stupidity will have been sealed with blood. At least, that is their hope and deepest desire. They didn’t take into consideration that this would be UNCOVERED and the MYSTERY of the AGES revealed. The luciferian illuminatiMATRIX is done. They won’t succeed because the awareness of what they are up to has been uncovered. We, all of us, really knew this was going on all the time, but kept getting tripped up so we couldn’t express what we already knew. These entities and they royal puppets are the ones with the problem now, not us.

The completion date for the 2012 Olympics in London is August 12, 2012. This date reads like this symbolically – 12/08/2012. However, 20 coincides with 8 so therefore, the number should read more like 12/08/08-12. This is a very tidy little number to wrap up the whole thing with. 2 numbers – 12 – representing the FULL CIRCLE OF DECEIT being completed and 2 numbers showing complete control. When you do a little simple arithmetic, 12 + 8 = 20 and 8 + 12 = 20. The world should have 20/20 vision by 2012. However, once again, 20 is 8 – two times – therefore 88 is the sacred number they’re going for. This is yet another reason why the USA became a country in 1776, when divided by 2 = 888. Why also, the Olympic rings form a string of 8’s. TOTAL CONTROL! Take that even one more ridiculous step, and 8 is EIGHT or ATE – to CONSUME. This trail of 12 years is the consummation of the Day of the Lord’s Vengeance where he consummates the union with his bride. The bride of christ are the holy chosen people of god, the elite monsters who run the world.

After the Vancouver Olympics in 2010, the next religious celebration moves back to London, the central power city of the world. Have a look at their logo and the rose shape of the city, along with a break down of what the logo is really saying besides the year 2012.

London 2012 Olympics logo

London Rose

London 2012 Olympic ROSE

It appears, that when the clock strikes 12, it indeed is going to strike 12 in a massive big way. Notice also, that in these final numbers regarding the last Olympics, there are no 9’s, 10’s or 11’s. No more FALL, DEATH or INTENSITY symbolism needed any longer, for it will have all been finished.)

Clock - 1 to 6 faces

Now back to the 9th clockface.

Hypnotic Suggestion – More Subliminals

This sets the stage for the 9th clockface or the year 2009. It is in this year that Al Gore wishes for the world community to sign the document concerning the global environment. This is nothing more than a test to see if the hypnosis factor has kicked in enough to go to the next level of manipulation. Just as any hypnotist must proceed precisely in well defined stages, this luciferian thought form must not gamble with any wrong steps. When all is in order, then they’ll proceed to the next clockface and the year 2010. Notice though, that on the 9th clockface, the number 99 appears at 3 o’clock. 99 is 9 elevens (or 9 11). If you’ve read page 15, you’ll remember that the Skull and Bones Society at Yale University is 322. When reversed it is 223. Subtract 223 from 322 and you are left with 99. 99 is 9 – 11’s, the number of the fall and the number of death. 99 is also the number of the deity on the 9th clock face. This is why the Skull and Bones Society – the Order of Death – use this number symbolically, because it is the number of their deity god.

This Deity is the product of 2 clock faces. I’m sure you’ve heard the subliminal – about a person being 2 faced. This is the DUALITY of the DEITY. One symbolizes the man and one symbolizes the woman. One represents the night, one the day…and so on. The 2 – 12 hour clocks give you one full 24 hour day or Deity. These 2 clocks are then able to form a six pointed star, the oldest sex ritual symbol in the world. The product of sex, is the sun god, or the son of god. Of course, the 2 – 2’s in the number 322, represent the father god and the mother god, and the 3 represents the son of god. When you add up these numbers – 3+2+2 = 7 – which is the number of COMPLETION.

Al Gore knows the importance of this year 2009 and of this number 99 and its relationship to the demonic deity whom they worship as god. He also knows why the 911 attack at the WTC occurred. The World Trade Centre attack was merely a warm up for the BIG ATTACK from the luciferian demonic entity. That attack is the earthquake on the Ring of Fire in the Pacific Ocean, also referred to as the BIG ONE.

Al Gore is fostering the BIG ONE into this 3 dimensional reality. These people, the elite and puppet governments, are once again, purposely and knowingly, setting the stage to sacrifice the blood of the world. Their hope is that their lord will see the blood and PASSOVER THEM, as the rest of the lesser multitudes are consumed. Keep in mind that their lord is not one supreme being, but a collection of corrupt entities, grouped together with a common purpose, a common thought form. This is lucifer, a band of thugs, bullies, a street gang, with not a brain to share amongst the lot of them. They are pathetic, frightened and will turn on each other if they see no gain from co-operation. How do I know this? Just watch the people who worship them. The people who mimick their every move. The corporate giants, the leaders of government, the royal families, and so on. The proof is in the pudding, so to say.

99 coincides with 3. This is the triangle pyramid shape, the shape most strongly associated with the deity of the luciferian mindset. This also coincides with the number 15, the number most powerfully linked to the deity. If you look at the first 9 clockfaces, each one of them has the mulitple of 11 in each coinciding clockface number. For example 11 is on the 1st clockface, 22 on the 2nd, 33 on the 3rd, 44 on the 4th, 55 on the 5th, 66 on the 6th, 77 on the 7th, 88 on the 8th and 99 on the 9th.

Now here’s where it gets a tad creepy. On the 10th clockface we also see the number 110 which is 10 x 11. However, this is an even number. All the other faces had odd number multiples of 11. Introducing the symbolic number 0 or TEN, is introducing INTENSITY into the whole scheme. On the 10th clockface we have 110, 111, 112, 113, 114, 115, 116, 117, 118 and 119. That is a total of 11 elevens counting the 2 that make up the number 111. 11 is the number of death and here we have 11 of them. Anybody want to take a wild guess at what they’re going let loose in the year 2010? Whatever transpires, it will quite possibly take place very early in the year, if it hasn’t already taken place before this year.

The Vancouver Olympics occur in February, starting on the 12 day, 2010. This is one reason why the Hebrew Temple had the symbolism of the 10 and 12 times tables built into its order. It had to provide the symbolism needed for these last 12 years of destruction and control of the world according to the luciferian deity wish. The 10th year, the 12th day, the 2nd month. The 2 tables needed to display the BREAD and the WINE. These are the 2 prominant sacraments of the PASSOVER, and these OLYMPICS in Vancouver will be a continuation of the passover ritual.

One of the strongest subliminals used for years, to establish the 10 – 12 – 2 suggestion, were the old Timex watch commercials, where the hands of the clock had to be at 10 and 2, suggesting of course, the 12 in the middle. How do I know this was hypnotic suggestion with a lot of strength? Simply because I’m able to recall it easily. Therefore, it’s had an affect on conditioning my thought process in the way that it wanted me to go.

In the Hebrew Temple the showbread was placed on 10 tables in the Holy Place just inside the temple. This year 2010 ends with the number 10 and is represented by these 10 tables. There were also 10 tables where the Mennorah Candles were placed. 2 sets of 10 tables equals 20. As we’ve seen before, 20 is the number of control. This is the symbolism in the year 2010. This is the bread which was shown to the worshippers to be the spiritual food which would LIGHT the WAY, (the candles), the path for them to follow.

The 12th day of February is symbolized by the SEA of BRONZE which stood outside the temple next to the sacrifice alter. This Sea of Bronze was a huge molten bronze basin also called the Molten Sea. This is the symbol that represents the Pacific Ocean and its Ring of Fire, that again refers to the MOLTEN LAVA. This Ring of Fire (Pacific Ocean) is located right next to the Sacrifice Alter of the Sacramento Valley. The Molten Sea of Bronze basin was supported with 12 bronze bulls which faced outwards in the 12 directions of the clock face, or a compass rose. The water in this basin was used to wash the blood from the hands and feet of the priests doing the sacrifice.

Furthermore, water has symbolically represented wine throughout history when it comes to the ritual libation. This is where a drink offering is poured, usually on the ground, as a sacrifice to the gods. This is what we see happening here, the ritual washing over, or PASSOVER, by the Pacific Ocean, will be a libation offering and a cleansing of the blood from the hands of those taking part in this horror. This is the real age of Aquarius and peace and love and understanding are dreadfully absent.

Of course, there is also the story of jesus turning the water into wine, which was just a subliminal to be repeated endlessly through the ages. This repetition would condition humanity to recognize the messianic king and it’s new world order kingdom, when it comes.

The tool used to perform the drink offering was the RYTHON. This is similar to a wineskin and works on the principle of a funnel. It has a wide opening at the top and then narrows down to allow the liquid inside to be drunk more easily, or to pour on the ground in libation, as a sacrifice. When considering that the Pacific Ocean is the Rython, the small opening leading to the Sacramento Valley is through the GOLDEN GATE BRIDGE and up the Sacramento River.

So it is that these 2 tables, the 10 and 12 times tables, associated with the Hebrew Temple represent the BREAD and the WINE. The ultimate fulfillment, so to speak, of why they were established in the first place, will be enacted in the year 2010, the year of the Vancouver Olympics. This will be the year of the sacrifice, the SACRAMENTS of the BREAD and WINE that will be administered in the Sacramento Valley. It could be anytime during that year which will be starting in September of 2009. The tricky part in deciphering all this, is how much is symbolism and how much is literal. What has been evident in the past is that this entity does not shy away from killing tens of thousands at a time, so why should killing multi-millions be unthinkable?

For this demonic warlord, this is FUN. This is the source for the word FUN-ERAL, as well as the word FUNNEL, when considering it from a shape and sound association. This is why Death Valley is located in southern California, at the south and to the east of the Sacramento Valley, right next to the Funeral Mountains. These are FUN mountains to this demonic band of destroyers.

Southern California is also the area of the China Lake Naval Station, where thousands of human babies have been witnessed to being kept in cages for use as human sacrifice and future CIA sex slaves. This reported by the CIA sex slaves who have been allowed, unwittingly, to escape, to tell the story. The CIA slaves story had to be leaked to legitimize the information regarding the illuminati agenda that many people are now familiar with. All this information, and most of it is accurate, is then a huge distraction so the world misses the real plan, which is to massacre the population, quickly, violently and without mercy. Certainly, the royal elite politicians and illuminati families are depopulating the world through war, disease and untold corruptions. Nothing, however, will compare to the unbelievable slaughter they have staked out over the next 5 years, (from 2007)

This will be portrayed as ridding the world of the wicked and corrupt sinners, so obviously gathered together in Hollywood, Las Vegas (Sin City), Los Angeles and the porn industry, the gay community of San Francisco, not to mention all the poor people being allowed to escape from Mexico, into California, to be part of the slaughter. Of course, sin doesn’t exist, and none of these deeds are in the least sinful. However, the subliminal messaging is in place. The hypnotic trance state of humanity will see the righteousness in destroying such evil, and the new world messianic kingdom on earth will flourish.

It will be a fulfillment of prophecy, (the masses will be told), because the lord said he would gather them together into a place called Armageddon, and their blood will rise up to the horses bridals in depth. This is going to be fulfilled in the Valley of Megiddo which is the Valley of Mexico, the Valley of the Sacraments.

Energy Is The Light – Light is the Corruptor

This plan will be stopped, and will be stopped once and for all. The vicious cycle of war, death, greed and the like is doomed to failure. Realizing that this horror is only hypnosis, simply the manipulation of our minds through the manipulation of light, then it ends. Light is energy and it’s this thing called energy that is the culprit behind war, death, greed, etc. It is energy that must be destroyed, or more accurately, energy must be ignored as having any value. Of course, every scientific thinking person knows that energy can’t be destroyed and to even suggest such a thing is basically blasphemy. This is the hypnosis!

Energy is simply a thought form. Thoughts are always lies. Lies can be destroyed with awareness. Therefore energy can be destroyed with awareness.

To say that energy can’t be destroyed is tantamount to saying that lucifer, the light bringer, is indeed the great god, and that the doctrine of energy (light) not being able to be destroyed, is the eternal truth. However, science is seance, and the source of all scientific thought permeates, like everything else in this 3D realm, from the characteristics of a beam of light. Awareness of what this entity is, not only harmlessly and painlessly, annihilates its power, but it liberates all of humanity, never to be imprisoned again. That even includes the Bush family, corrupt as they are. They just don’t understand how they’ve been manipulated and do sincerely believe they’re doing the will of god and the very best thing for the world. Mind you, that world they envision is minus many millions of souls sacrificed, so that they can reign with their god.

Remember this, the lucifer entity is light. Everything is formed of light which is energy. Therefore, if you see something in a 3 dimensional form, you’re looking at energy, light and the luciferian entity.

Again I ask you to be aware of this. We’re not just up against human governments and the rich and powerful elite. We can only stop this lunacy by realizing we are up against a corrupt entity whose only power is hypnosis. That’s all it has! It’s hypnosis only affects us if we cling to the belief that this 3 dimensional realm has any worth. The real worth is realized when we take it all back, when we become aware that the 3 dimensional space is not even a fraction of the joy, beauty, power, wisdom and ecstacy of our original spiritual state. The light maker, the energy maker, the luciferian thought form, does not want you to be aware that light corrupts and kills. Light is, in itself, death. In other words light is darkness. This is the pupil, the hexagram of the all seeing eye, it is black when all the light energy is left together. This colour black, is the origin, the Matrix Womb of the thought form and the actual garden of creation.

Light is energy, light is death, and therefore energy is death. We’re taught to believe that the absence of energy is death, but that is a total distortion of reality. Energy is everything you see and hear in this 3D moment. We’re in this moment, but we’re not stuck here, and we do have the power within each one of us to take back our true eternal state, to take back reality. The only thing allowing the physical illusion to continue its’ hold is hypnosis. This understanding will pull the veils of deceit aside, and this awareness is the end of the lie. Realize that the lie is unawareness. Connect with the awareness already in you and the lie ends. The lie is a thought form that manipulates wisdom. Lies manipulate wisdom by spinning in circles, extremely fast, creating a 3 dimensional blur that you have no ability to see through. These are called electrons, the negative female energy of the atom. Everything 3 dimensional, the visible form we see, is the woman. This is the worship of the sun god, the worship of the son of god, also called the worship of the woman.

Thought/Sound Forms – The Foundation of Life/Death – The Basis of Duality – Kaballism – The Manipulation of Matter

Thoughts generate sound, that in turn creates a confusing blurring effect, to inhibit our ability to connect to our awareness and wisdom. This confusion and blurring is the result of the electrons of the atom spinning at an extreme rate of speed, causing the 3 dimensional realm to appear. This thought sound form is the basis of all matter. Thought/sound forms, cause vibrations and stimulus that interfers with the ability to connect to the non-vibrational wisdom, and non-vibrational awareness, and forms matter. Thought/sound forms are the basis and foundation, the very beginning, of light. And it is not good! Light in turn creates every illusion we see, and in turn every illusion we see is corruptible and temporal. Along with this physical illusion comes the subliminal message that things matter. Well, the truth of the matter is, nothing matters. Everything is corrupt and worthless. Only the awareness of this very concept, knowing that everything in the 3 dimensional realm is worthless, has any worth. All matter is energy, which is light, which is everything you see and hear. This light energy is thrust at us subliminally and not so subliminally, every second of every day. The trick is to not believe it as being real. Continue to do whatever it is you do, for no thing is any more corrupt than any other thing. Just don’t believe there is any worth in anything, in this 3 dimensional space. In so doing, this hypnotic illusion snaps, and you and me, everyone, is free. Realize that it is the luciferian master hypnotist just screwing with our minds, playing the good god and the wicked devil, and playing it very mercilessly.

What has just been described is the kaballism knowledge given to the so-called elect of god throughout the ages. This is the ability to basically create and manipulate matter one molecule at a time. This is the most powerful luciferian knowledge available to humanity. It is all based on demonism and deceit, and because of this, is practised in our everyday cultures throughout the world and considered common and normal. It is not common or normal. We call it christianity, judaism, science, magic, entertainment, business…and so on. Every world system employs Kaballa techniques, causing the massive lunacy we see everywhere.

Clock - 7 to 12 faces

The 11th clockface is very special to these thought forms. This is the year that they will hopefully be opening the Freedom Tower, 2011. The Freedom Tower will have that very special hallowed shape of the OCTAGON when viewed from above, just as the Dome of the Rock is an 8 sided octagon when viewed from the top. This 8 sided interlocking pyramid form is the symbolism that shows of the Islamic involvement in all this lunacy and the completely fabricated war on terrorism. The World Trade Centre attack had nothing to do with international terrorism, or Islamic extremists, it is all about luciferian control of the souls of man. The Foundation Rock located under the 8 sided Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem (if you remember, is shaped like the Rockefeller Plaza, and in turn exactly the shape of the western United States) shows how long this so-called terrorism card has been in the deck. It has been there ever since the beginning of the egregore thought form in the garden / womb of creation. Let’s just guess that this charade has been going on for about 6,000 years, plus a little bit. The scientific mind just goes crazy at the thought that all of the physical realm is only that old, but so be it, science is still seance, and complete lunacy.

Instead of showing any kind of respect for the 3,000 lives they purposely sacrificed at the WTC, they are erecting a monument that shows how the fake war against Islamic terrorism was all fabricated. The demonic entites that run the world through their puppet governments and royal elite absolutely need to erect this monument with 8 sides to symbolically show how they pulled it off, knowing that humanity is none the wiser.

Well, they almost pulled it off, but we are now, very much wiser. We don’t believe anything they say anymore and know exactly what the intent is.

The agenda is not just political, military or religious. The agenda is to trick humanity into becoming nothing more than machines who will worship the great messianic god in the new world order of things, and be forever convinced that this 3D illusion is reality, and be completely pleased to do so. They want us to believe that this indeed must be the messianic age, because look, everything that was supposed to transpire when the messiah comes, has just happened before our eyes…and happened in a very, very big way. The attempt to bring about the complete imprisonment of our ability to connect to our awareness will be set in concrete, if the luciferian lunatics get their wish, over the next 5 years.

Orion – When You Wish Upon A Star – Makes No Difference

Immediately below there is a diagram showing the Constellation Orion. The 3 large black dots at the waist form his belt or girdle. 2 large black dots form his shoulders and still 2 more large dots form his left knee and a buckle on his shoe. Have a look at this constellation and contemplate the fact that there are 88 constellations in the universe, all divided into 8 groups. 8 is the number of control and once again we see this number in the universe. This number is replicated in the date of the birth of the United States as a country, which was 1776 divided by 2 = 888. As well as the Interstate Highway System (EYE-WAYS shown on the previous pages) that surrounds the 4 Corners Cross states of Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado and Utah, = 176 divided by 2 = 88.

Orion was a great giant hunter with 2 dogs. The story goes that he hunted the hare, or rabbit. If you look at the diagram of Orion you’ll see this rabbit represented by Lepus. When these constellations are placed over the state of California, as shown 2 diagrams lower, the rabbit constellation of Lepus is in the area of Los Angeles. This is the location of the Playboy Empire and the world famous Playboy Bunnies. It is no coincidence that this company moved their offices to Los Angeles, from Chicago, a few years earlier. The symbolic move from Chicago, and the capital of world advertising, to Los Angeles, the capital of the movie and porn industry, would have symbolically followed Route 66 that winds its way from Chicago to Los Angeles.


In the next diagram, I’ll once again drag the state of California over the constellation of Orion to show the REAL inspiration for the shape of California. The diagram of the Dome of the Rock is also introduced in this diagram and is placed at the 135 degree angle of California. What is quite remarkable, is how The Dome of the Rock also fits into the angle of Orion’s shoulder, that extends down to his belt and then down to his shoe buckle, or right knee. This is sun god worship, where even the stars are purposely formed as a subliminal suggestion within the luciferian agenda to keep the masses in a trance. The stars are hypnotic subliminals on a massive scale. Keep in mind, that this is just HYPNOSIS, everything we think of as matter and time and space, is an illusion, a complete mind trick. None of this is really here. It is for this reason that Hollywood is the home of the Stars of the world, and all the illusory hypnotic dream states that it creates.


However, not only movie stars but porn stars. The mythological story goes something like this. It was Orion who loved Merope, but her father delayed the consent to marry and so Orion raped her. Merope’s mother Oenopian blinded Orion but an oracle predicted that he would see again if he exposed his eyes to the RAYS of the MORNING SUN.

What this means, is the people of Orion (symbolically Californians and the western states population in general) are blind in their wickedness. (Again, there is no such thing as sin, so this is all just artistic license on the part of the mythological writer). Because of this wickedness (the rape) the people of California will have their eyes opened to see again if they look to the morning sun. This morning sun is the rising sun, who is Horus, the sun god of Egypt. In the year 2008, the 8th INNING of this BASE (contemptible) BALL (Baal) GAME, the Olympics start in Beijing. All eyes will be focused on the land of the east, the place of the rising sun. All of us are symbolically grouped in with the state of California. We will all come to see in 2008, just what a beautiful thing it will be, when we all become ONE in the New Order of the Messianic Age.


Now have a look at the state of California overlayed on the constellation Orion. The diagram of Orion shows the 3 Kings Constellation on his belt. I have left them in the same position as shown in the first diagram of Orion above. However, I name them as San Francisco, Sacramento and Lake Tahoe, even though they don’t position themselves exactly on the map of California as they would really appear. What is being shown is the equal distance between the stars that coincides with the equal distance between these 3 geographical city locations. As well as the similarity with the direction they point, which is towards the Sirius Dog star, which, in this case, is the location of Hawaii. The final destination of this line of the constellation points to the Southern Crux (Cross) which is the earthly geographical location of the International Date Line and the Equator.

The Christmas Story Told In 3 Lines

This is the christmas story. The 3 kings constellation (3 wise men), followed (pointed to) the star Sirius (Hawaii), that in turn continued pointing to the Southern Crux constellation (the equator and international dateline), where they found the saviour, (the rising sun on the cross on the horizon).

HORIZON = HORUS – RISING and in turn is the name of ARIZONA = A – RISE – ON

In the story of Orion and Merope mentioned just above, Orion raped Merope. Orion is the giant god, the lucifer entity. Merope is symbolism for water, the MER (as in MER-maid) which is derived from MARE which means SEA in Latin. (As in Mare Pacificum or Peaceful Sea). It is in this Pacific Ocean that we find the 2 hunting dogs of Orion, called Canus Major and Canus Minor. These are the constellations of Sirius – or geographically, the Hawaiian Islands). The devastation from the ocean, (Orion and his dogs), are going to RAPE THE BRIDE, symbolized by the western United States. This god becomes impatient and overwhelms her, and she becomes his bride, even his bitch, as suggested subliminally by the dogs in the hunt.

Furthermore, this MARE is a mare, a female horse. This is the symbolic act of the 2 HORSES, the sun god Horus (horse) and the woman of his desire, Mare (the mare), becoming ONE through the sexual rape.

Subliminal hypnotic suggestion doesn’t have to make sense. It doesn’t even have to connect cohesively or logoically. It just has to implant a thought, a simple suggestion. Wham! The damage has been done.


The CLUB on the right side of Orion – his left hand is in the position of the 8 sided Dome of the Rock when overlayed in the 135 degree corner of California. It is this CLUB of Islamic Terrorism which has been hammered into our consciousness over and over again. It’s not just in the last decade or two that the luciferian mind has been hammering this thought pattern into us, this has been going on for hundreds of years. Every time there was a war in the middle east, for hundreds of years, it involved the muslims against the jews or against the christians. They would continually tear down the walls of Jerusalem, then rebuild them, then tear them down, over and over again. This laid the groundwork for the war on terrorism so that when Cheney or Bush or Guiliani mention terrorism, the thought of them being ARAB Islamic Muslim extremists is the actual subliminal suggestion. Arab people, be they muslim, christian or jew, or whatever, are NO MORE TERRORISTS than any other human being living anywhere on this planet. There are just a very few who are manipulated into into their role of appearing as terrorists, just as every other human being that lives in this 3 dimensional hypnotic trance, is tricked into fulfilling the role we play.

The Stars Come Out At Night – In Hollywood

Hollywood takes its name from the holly wood WAND that a sorcerer uses to do his magic tricks. It is this trickery that Hollywood and the Porn Industry use to manipulate the whole of humanity. Again, it’s not right or wrong, good or bad, it’s just manipulation. Even in the sky we see a constellation filled with stars of manipulation that is repeatedly demonstrated in the 135 degree angle of the Old City Walls of Jerusalem, the Dome of the Rock, the State of California, the Freedom Tower…all this and even the lowly STOP SIGN on our streets.

When we consider that the Universe is the Tabernacle above (but still part of this 3D lie) it is no stretch to see where the concept of REVERSE IMAGERY comes from. As above, so below…or put another way; UNIVERSE above – REVERSE below.

In Orion’s constellation, there is a shield held in his right hand – positioned on the left side of the diagram. In his left hand is a club and in his right hand is the shield that symbolizes the protection of the gods of OLYMPUS just above Orion’s shoulders (California). This is none other than Mount Olympus in the state of Washington, and the Olympic Mountains which are part of the FOUNDATION STONE that the new world order and messianic nonsense has been built on. The capital city of Washington State is also called Olympia and the Olympics will be taking place in Vancouver, British Columbia, just a short skip over the Canadian Border, in 2010. The gods of Olympus can hardly contain their sexual delight before they let loose their ORGY of WEDDED BLISS and massacre the undesirables.

Baseball is the great American sport. Ask anyone! However, the first professional baseball game was documented to have been played in Ontario Canada. Some of the best players in the world are from Cuba, Japan and China. So what gives? It just so happens that the Great Baseball game, the game of BAAL, is to be played out in the Western States and the subliminals have to be implanted very, very deep to make it come to pass. Without the strong subliminals and the overwhelming suggestive rituals associated with the baseball game being implanted in the psyche of the world, this horrible Last Judgment Game could never occur. We are the ones making it happen because we believe there is worth and value in the things we do in this 3 dimensional realm. We believe that baseball and all sports are just good exercise and makes us physically fit and mentally alert. Bullshit! Sports place us in a deep hypnotic trance where we don’t know up from down.

Of course, it certainly doesn’t matter if you play baseball or don’t play baseball. What matters is whether you believe it’s real and of some worth. Wake up! It’s just a worthless thing we do where we hit a ball with a stick and run around in a circle and people cheer. How absolutely stupid have we become? Of course, we pay the professionals mega millions to hit the ball with a stick and run in circles, therefore it must be worthwhile. Bullshit! These steroid junkies, who we worship, are so far removed from doing anything even bordering on worthwhile, …but yet we cheer. We are worth so very much more than to have to stoop to this level of unawareness. Again, I must reiterate, this is not good or bad, right or wrong, for there’s no such thing. It’s just an absolute waste of what we really are. Play baseball, or hockey, or any other sport. Just be aware that sports are subliminals trying to place you into a trance.

Check out the painting below of Elizabeth Mary called Oval Office. This shows the serpent slithering into the highest positions of power to be used to manipulate the whole world. It’s such an honour for the game junkies, to have someone like the president, be called upon to throw the 1st pitch in a ball game. Our luciferian leaders participate to hypnotically suggest that sports have some worth. Entertainment, definitely! Worth? None whatsoever. We’ve just entertained ourselves into a very deep dark and nasty corner. We have to wake up extremely fast.

Oval Office

The THRONE ROOM of the Gods of Olympus

In the diagram below, what you’re about to see, shows exactly where the luciferian mindset will symbolically execute the final events of their fabricated last day of judgment from. This diagram shows the western United States and the west coast of Canada. Take your time when looking at this, as well as all the diagrams on this site. Consider each point as there is a huge amount of symbolic significance to be gleaned. These are only some of the more obvious observations. The only limits to how much can be shown, is the room available in each diagram.

This diagram below is, of course, the layout of the World Trade Centre previous to the attack of 2001. This is an actual photograph that I labelled to help understand the relationship between the WTC layout and the western states and British Columbia, and as you will see, the whole of Canada. The attack on the WTC was carried out from Building 7, the Salomon Brothers Building. Notice, it was Building 7, the number of completion. And the name Salomon is simply Solomon – the sun of man or the SUN of ONE – the Sun God Building. The sun god building is symbolic for Mount Olympus and the 12 main gods that supposedly reside there. You’ll notice that this building location at the WTC site, before the attack, coincided with the region around British Columbia and the northwest tip of Washington State. This is the actual location of Mount Olympus, the Olympic Mountains, the Olympic Ridge National Marine Sanctuary (remember that a temple or church is also called a Sanctuary), the Olympic National Park, the Olympic National Forest and Olympia, Washington, the capital of Washington State.

Zeus is Jesus – Jesus is Ye Zeus

Further symbolism, is seen in the 12 main elite gods, of whom Zeus was the top dog, on Mount Olympus. The father of these gods was father time, Cronus, the source of the word chronology, the tracking of time. This is precisely the story of christianity, where the Ancient of Days is the father god. His main, (or as christianity phrases it), his only begotten son, is jesus. However, as seen repeatedly on this site – there is no Jay or Gee sound in the Hebrew, so jesus is yesus, and in turn is Ye Zeus is simply Zeus. In other words, Jesus is Zeus!

Ye Zeus and his 12 disciple saints are coming to judge and rule and reign symbolically and literally, from Mount Olympus, in Washington State, which is in the northwest corner of the actual Foundation Rock, which in turn is the actual Holy of Holies, in the New Jerusalem. This in turn, was originally portrayed by the Relief of the Foundation Rock of Mount Moriah, located under the Dome of the Rock in Old Jerusalem. Then yet again, the Rock was further symbolized in the Rockefeller Plaza in New York. This was just another step in the New Jerusalem script, that would lead to the timetable unfolding, regarding the Rock and the Day of Judgment. The Rock finally being symbolized in the Rockie Mountains and the western United States.

In the christian myth there are 12 disciples minus 1, Judas Iscariot, who betrayed Ye Zeus (jesus), and hung himself. So the 11 disciples, plus Ye Zeus, totals 12, exactly the same number as Zeus and his band of thugs.

North America is the New Jerusalem

What we see then, is Mount Olympus in Washington state and the old Greek gods and the Zeus story is fulfilled completely and totally in Ye Zeus, the jesus myth, with his 11 disciples. Mount Olympus is the Rock, the Foundation Rock upon which Ye Zeus (jesus) would build his church.

Everytime you see national parks, national monuments, parks or forests, or world heritage sites and so on, it’s just a disguise for temples to the gods of Olympus, which are the gods of christianity. Of course, this couldn’t really be meaning that this is the actual location of the Greek Gods of the old mythology?

The old Greek mythological gods were nothing more than the egregore thought forms of the luciferian mind, the group of demonic entities, who would throw the whole world into chaos for 6,000+ years for the express purpose of controlling the wealth, health and awareness of humanity. This total control is created when hypnotic suggestion (a lie or implication of some sort) is implanted. These entities started in Sumer/Babylon and spread their stupidity throughout the world, creating different names, in different languages, with different symbols – BUT ALWAYS – THE SAME INTENT – which is the TOTAL CONTROL of our eternal state. Therefore, these demonic entities will choose wherever and whenever, they want their THRONE ROOM of MOUNT OLYMPUS to be located. So here it is, in the Pacific Northwest of the United States and Canada. They told us repeatedly that it’s here, they named every imaginable natural monument after Olympus, but because of our incredible trance state, we don’t have a clue what the real reason and intent is for these names and locations.

Besides Mt. Olympus, some other interesting peaks in the park are Mount Angeles (Angels) and this one, MOUNT DECEPTION which is 7,788 feet high. How much more of a clue are they going to give us before we figure this thing out? 7 is the number of completion and 8 is the number of control. As shown in the text above, the closing day of the London Olympics in 2012, symbolically adds up to 88, the number of total control.

Building 7 – The Throne Room

Building 7 has 47 stories. This coincides with the number 11 on the 4th clockface, the number of death. This region of the Pacific Northwest is therefore linked, symbolically, to the number and the order of death. When they pulled building 7 and pulled Tower 1 and Tower 2, the word PULL is symbolic terminology for POOL. When applying this word POOL to the catastrophic events and the use of the Pacific Ocean to POOL the western states (and great portions of the coastal world) with volcanic fire and ocean water in Passover Judgment, it takes on incredible new significance.

Mount Olympus in Washington and the Vancouver Olympics 2010

When you draw a line from Mt. Olympus, exactly straight towards Whistler, the main mountain site of the 2010 Winter Olympics, the line passes right through the middle of Victoria. The city of Victoria was named after Queen Victoria, who along with her consort Prince Albert, designed the Freemason logo of the Compass and Square. Freemasonry is the worship of the old Egyptian sun god, which in reality, is just a nice way of saying, Freemasonry follows the dogma to create chaos on behalf of the luciferian demonic entities so that the kingdom of this corrupt entity can be established in the earth. Because of this mindless worship, the folks who belong to Freemasonry, (and religion throughout the world), believe they will sit and reign and judge with their god in a paradise new world order.

If you look at the enlargement of the line (in the yellow circle) from Mount Olympus, through downtown Victoria, exactly through Stanley Park in downtown Vancouver, it points directly to Whistler, the site of the 2010 Olympics. Whistler is exactly in line with the 50th parallel north. 50 is the number of 5, the number of man, multiplied by the number 10, the number of intensity. On the 5th clockface, the number 50 coincides with 2. The number 2 speaks of the duality of the luciferian mindset, that manipulates humanity with intensity. Line symbolism is everything to these sacred geometry whackos. Mount Olympus is at the 48 degree north parallel, the number of totality, a completed circle of deceit, and on the 4th clockface, no less. This makes it 4 sets of 12, with 4 being the square of zodiac, judeo/christian worship.

Vancouver Olympics 2010 and the BIG ONE

Victoria and Vancouver are evenly split with the 49th parallel north, with Greater Vancouver sitting on the 49th. On the 5th clockface, 49 coincides with 1, the number associated with a new day, or in this case, the proclamation of a New World Order. Greater Vancouver also lies 123 degrees west of Greenwich. The number 123 coincides with 3 and 15 on the 1st and 2nd clockfaces, thereby making it the number of the deity as well. The number 123 is situated on the 11th clockface, with 11 being the number of death. The total area of Greater Vancouver is also, 1,111 square miles. The date of the World Trade Centre attack happened on September 11, which is 9-11, this is 111 days from the end of the year. The highway that passes over the Lions Gate Bridge at Stanley Park is 111 metres high. The highway that passes over the bridge has 2 identities, Highway 1A and 99, with 99 being 9-11’s. Yet another new bridge slated to open in 2009 is called the Golden Ears Bridge. This name hardly hides the real intent or the real name, of Golden Years Bridge, referring to the Golden Age coming. Also, the word EARS, when reversed is RAE-S. Therefore the Golden Ears Bridge is also, the Golden Rays Bridge, an obvious double reference to the sun god of old Egypt. The cost of this bridge is fixed at $808 million. 8 being the number of total control. This bridge will link Highway 1 and Highway 15. With 15 being the number associated with the deity, and the number 1, associated with a new day. Make that a New Deity, the father of all gods.

All this symbolism and yet it escapes us that anything is amiss.

The HARLOT on the Back Of The Fiery Red Dragon

Once again, I feel the need to quote from the luciferian christian bible. Rev. 17:1 “…Come hither; I will show unto thee the judgment of the great whore that sitteth upon many waters:…v.5…and upon her forehead was a name written, Mystery, Babylon the Great, The Mother of Harlots…v.7…I will tell thee the mystery of the woman, and of the beast that carrieth her.”

These words are written under the inspiration of the demonic luciferian mindset. There is no desire whatsoever to tell us what the mystery is regarding the great whore, the mother of harlots. This harlot rides upon the beast that, as Revelation 13:1 states,…”I stood upon the sand of the sea, and saw a beast RISE UP OUT OF THE SEA,…”. The beast rises up out of the sea. This is shown in the baseball diagram above and is the volcanic seismic plate that weaves its way throughout the world, much like the stitching on the baseball. Subliminal messaging to be sure. The harlot rides upon this beast, upon the volcanic seismic fiery dragon.

Now if you take a look at the diagram immediately below, you will see the west coast of the United States and British Columbia and Alaska. Take a very close look at the islands called the Queen Charlotte Islands. These are named after the consort Queen of England, called Queen Charlotte. She was of German birth and married King George III if England in 1761.

GERMAN = REG when reversed – MAN
REY – MAN = RAY-MAN again the old sun god RA or RAH

We have already looked at the symbolism of the name GEORGE on other pages, and it’s simply a name that means ROSE. This name Charlotte however, is quite consistent with the theme here and should be pronounced as c-HARLOT-te. This is the symbolism of the harlot riding upon the beast rising out of the sea and she, Queen Charlotte, is the mother of harlots. Queen Charlotte had 15 children, many of whom were daughters. 15 is the number most strongly associated with the deity. These Queen Harlot Islands lie right on the Alaskan Pacific Plate / Cascadia ridge seismic fault line. The waters between the Queen Charlotte Islands and Vancouver Island are called Queen Charlotte Sound and the channel between Vancouver Island and the British Columbia mainland is Queen Charlotte Strait. It is right at this location, on the Strait, that a large inlet into the British Columbia mainland is called KINGCOME INLET, exactly at the 51st parallel north. 51 lines up with 3 on the 1st clockface, making it symbolic of the deity as well.

You just have to ask yourself, “what’s going on here?” Somebody who named these locations, just had to know something. All these harlot names located right over the fiery red dragon that’s going to rise up out of the sea, and it’s located at a place called Kingcome Inlet! Of course, this is the mystery that was supposed to be revealed to us in the biblical text, however they just bantered away telling you nothing of the sort.

Have a close look at the diagram below, and keep in mind that every religious writing in the world, every scientific thought, every morsel of intellectualism and mythological nonsense, is all of the luciferian serpent mind. This is all subliminal hypnotic suggestion. Anything that springs to mind as you look at the diagram will be connected to the plot being described in these pages. If it springs to mind, if you remember something, it was implanted for recall at the appropriate time. Just imagine what sort of subliminal suggestions are just lying beneath the surface of the mass of humanity, waiting to be called up at the most meaningful moment. All the references to the gods of Olympus, or any biblical jargon, are all subliminal suggestions to prepare you for the New Order of things to come in just a few short years.

The triangle formed in the yellow circle enlargement below, then goes from Whistler straight across to Mount Washington and Victoria Peak on Vancouver Island. From this point a triangle can then be formed pointing down towards the western states, the direction where the main attack will be originating. You just have to ask the question, why is there another Washington in this whole scenario. First we have George (which means Rose) Washington (which means washing town). Then Washington DC, with its symbolic American Beauty Rose. Then we have Washington State with its Mount Olympus throne. Finally, there’s Mount Washington, just waiting for something to begin. It even gets crazier than this. Immediately south of Mount Washington is Forbidden Plateau (plateau is plate – as in seismic plate). Then immediately south of that is the Comox Glacier. This is a beautiful 5,000 foot tall glacier mountain with a flat top, just like a pyramid with the capstone missing. (See page 12 for the photograph). The word COMOX = COME – O – X. This is translated as a yearning for the O, the All Seeing Eye, and the X, the cross of the sex ritual crucified christ, to COME and establish his kingdom.

These 3 locations are all found in the Beaufort Mountain Range. Beau refers to a lover. Fort refers to a fortress of safety. This is symbolically referring to the beau, the christ, coming for his bride, to free her from the sinners of this world and into the safety of his fortress, commonly thought of as his fathers mansion.

Olympus Building 7

This next diagram was borrowed with a few additional details thrown in. Whoever did the original seismic plate chart portion, let me know so I can give credit.

I’ve drawn in a long black line oval symbolizing Orion’s shield. This takes in the area leading from Vancouver Island, down to California. This oval follows a line of dozens of active volcanoes, (see the red triangles) and formerly dormant volcanoes, that are now starting to come back to life. This whole area follows the Cascadia Ridge Subduction Zone, part of the Juan de Fuca plate, that forms a junction of the Pacific Plate and the North American Plate just at the north end of California. The Juan de Fuca Plate is moving inland while the North American Plate is moving out to sea. This is creating the pressure and tension that is about to snap. It just keeps getting tighter and tighter, only being released a little occasionally, but generally, it is always building pressure. This is the tightest seismic plate area on the whole ring of fire, with a potential force equivalent to that of the Indian Ocean earthquake of Boxing Day, 2004.

The 2 seismic plates actually form a border, or crack, that comes inland at Orion’s shoulder, at a town called Eureka, California. This crack then heads in the general direction of Sacramento, the symbolic epicentre of the sacrifice to the luciferian god.

Cascadia Subduction Zone

As In The Days Of Noah

The diagram immediately below demonstrates the locations for the increased WATER VOLUME that will be used to fulfill the horror that the luciferian serpent mind has in store for humanity. The symbol that identifies these locations is the octagon shaped STOP SIGN, the Dome of the Rock octagon of Islam. Islam should really be read EYE SLAM, as in a violent attack. Of course, this is not really referring to the doctrine of Islam the religion, but a reference to the manipulative way that this religion has been used to further the scheme of these demonic entities who seek to imprison all of humanity. Islam is just a symbolic way of saying, total control. The octagon stop signs that are spread far and wide, are just hypnotic suggestions to remind us continually of this very thing, total control, and the connection to Islam, not realizing this is connecting to the luciferian entity in exactly the same way that christianity and judaism do.

This is Noah’s Flood. Complete with Noah’s Ark.

NOAHS = NOS = SON reversed = SUN
ARK = RA reversed – K the killing symbolic letter

Stop In The Name Of Love

This song, “Stop In The Name Of Love” was recorded by Diana RossDIANA (moon goddess) ROSS (rose) and the SUPREMES (luciferian supreme god) as a simple mind control tool. When all these seemingly harmless tools are placed end to end, day after day, extreme hypnosis is the result.

Octagon – STOP SIGN Subliminals – Total Control

One massive hypnotic tool is demonstrated in the map of North America below, with the octagon shape of the Dome of the Rock placed in the 135 degree octagon angle state and province borders. There’s one in California/Nevada – Quebec/Ontario – Manitoba/Ontario – Alberta/British Columbia – North West Territories/Nunavut Territories in northern Canada.

The fabricated war on Islamic terrorism is only symbolic language regarding the role that the religion of Abraham – Jews, Christians and Muslims – are manipulated into fulfilling. The luciferian elite puppets in the world couldn’t just tell you that they want you to kill each other through war because they want to be our god given rulers and worshipped as such for eternity. Somebody might have caught on and refused them this devotion and sacrifice. So the subliminals had to be created, where society thinks they’re receiving about 80% of what’s going on, when in reality, they receive nothing. Everything we hear and see is a complete distortion of the truth. The subliminals however, manipulate how we think and act.

For instance, here’s another subliminal. In Genesis 1:3 & 4 – the luciferian mind said “Let there be light: and there was light. And God saw the light, that it was good: and God divided the light from the darkness.”

The subliminal is, that if light is good, then darkness is bad. It doesn’t say it, it’s just suggested. Then the luciferian thinkers divided the light from the darkness. Again, reinforce the subliminal, with yet another subliminal. In other words, to be divided is also good. This is duality, the foundation that all war is built upon, is suggested to be good and of god. Again, it doesn’t say it, it just suggests it. We fill in the blanks.

But why do we fill in the blanks? Because people don’t know how to lie. You have to be taught how to lie. People don’t know that other people, or demonic entities can lie, we have to learn that through experience. Then people try to counter the lie by lieing also, and the vicious circle of duality is off and running.

The luciferian entities knew this, they had no qualms about lieing, so off they went to play god and the devil.

Now, his holiness, Al Gore, wants us to believe that there is a global climate warming occurring. Also, that this is caused by CO2 greenhouse gases. This will destroy much of the world ecology and affect millions of people very negatively. This is a luciferian subliminal telling you one thing and letting you fill in the blanks, because we all know the story, in one version or another, of the calamities that are supposed to befall all of the world as we draw near to the end of the age, the end of the world, or time as we know it. Pick a term that suits you. There are many other phrases that describe this change, but it doesn’t matter which one you adhere to, because ther’re all the same one.

We all have some kind of concept that some unbelievable massive change is supposed to occur, and for some inexplicable reason, we all know it’s supposed to happen about now. Why? Hypnosis!

Then the folks who argue the point with Al Gore and his puppet master, say that the sun is warming up and the whole universe is actually warming and there aren’t cars and factories on Venus or Mars, so it couldn’t be CO2 greenhouse gases that are causing the whole warming issue. This is yet another subliminal that we, the general population, get to fill in the blanks on.

We’re all given the suggestion that the universe is a great and grand spectacle, and the real scientists, the ones who really know what’s going on, are really going to deliver us from this fabricated Al Gore horror story if we can just accumulate more knowledge. Not just knowledge, but accurate, scientifically based knowledge. Knowledge that, they say, is the truth. And the truth will set us free. I’m a bit cynical about that last statement though, because that’s what the christian bible says, the truth shall set you free. As I’ve just pointed out previously on this page, jesus christ is zeus, the Greek sun god. Jesus is SUSEJ backwards, or soothsayer, someone who devines or predicts the future. I don’t think I want to trust jesus. I don’t think I want to trust Al Gore or the counter climate control gurus. I’m going to place my trust in my intuition that tells me everybody’s lieing, either on purpose or inadvertantly. It doesn’t matter at this late stage of the game. If we don’t see through the mess, through this hypnotic tale, then it’s just going to get a lot more difficult for those of humanity left alive after their devastation scenario is played out.

This whole thing is one huge hypnotic trance, with one subliminal supporting another, endlessly. That’s why there has been so much uncovered in the last few years regarding the illuminati agenda. So much of it has shed light on so much of the corruption taking place throughout the world. But none of it is based on the fact that this is all totally luciferian based, and based on the structure of a light particle, the lowly atom. Without that foundation, everythings a guess. A shot in the dark. With that foundation of what simply is, each person can move with complete confidence, trusting in their own intuition and awareness. Every person can find out, on their own, what is really going on.

The diagram below with all the octagons, shows where the manipulation of the New World, the North American continent, took place.

The octagon is a symbol of war and confrontation. Therefore, you find them in located in California, the Spanish/American/Mexican wars. You find them in Quebec and Ontario, the French/British wars. Again you find them in Ontaria/Manitoba, the Louis Real Rebellion and the confrontation with the North West Mounted Police, the forerunner of the RCMP. This confrontation furthered the genocide of the Canadian Native population, by the christian churches of Canada with the knowledge and assistance of the Canadian Government (The Gradual Civilization Act) and the help of the North West Mounted Police. Many of these police officers were also Freemasons, such as Sam Steele. Sam Steele is basically a Canadian hero.

This very same war in the Northwest occurred in Alberta and British Columbia, where the luciferian elite massacred the native people, who numbered originally in the millions, to what exists today as a mere fraction of their original numbers. The majority of the native people live on reservations or in the larger cities and for the most part in horrid conditions. Of course, Canadians see this and simply think to themselves, they’re just native indians… (yet another subliminal), ,,,you fill in the blanks.

All these state and provincial borders are the locations of war and murder. All these borders have the 135 degree angle of the Islamic octagon. What gives? Hypnosis, yet again.

Canada USA Octagons

The 135 Degree Angle of Total Control – ISLAM – The ICE LAMB

Now for the biggest angle of all. The 135 degree angle in the Yukon and the Northwest Territories of northern Canada. You’ve probably heard the expression, “I don’t know what their angle is” or “What angle are you coming from”…Why would we say that? The reason we say that, is because intuitively we know that we’re all being lied to continually, everyday, in everything. We know this, but we don’t know why we know this. The luciferian thought form of demonic entities had to create this octagon angle of deceit and implant it subliminally within us, so that even as we see the lunacy of these days unfold we would be hard pressed to put a finger on what’s really going on. In other words, get the whole world so completely filled with subliminal messages that they don’t have a hope in ever breaking through to whatever is really going on. Then, when the confusion is at its pinnacle, through the fabricated war on Islamic terrorism, drop the next stage of Islamic terrorism, the war on Global Climate Change, on humanity. They’ll never see it! They’ll never catch on! The Islamic octagon is just a symbol of total control. Whenever they hear anything that suggests that we have to take control, or regain control, and the shape is subliminally attached to it, as in the 135 degree borders of the states and provinces, (and even in the angles of Orion, the Little Dipper and the Big Dipper), humanity will respond.

The Kingdom of God On Earth – The Real Age of Aquarius

In the diagram below, notice how the octagon in the Yukon and Northwest Territories, when stretched out to meet the northern borders of the provinces, covers a huge area of the Artic. This is the North West Passage area where the polar ice is melting at an incredible rate. Much faster than anyone anticipated. This is simply because it’s part of the egregore thought form and the luciferian thinkers are simply suggesting it to be this way. Then the media, acting as agents of these entities, report it to us word for word, and we believe the subliminals, and we make it happen. It didn’t really happen, we just make it happen in our mind because we’ve been conditioned, hypnotized that is, to believe it’s real, and therefore, it’s real.

Al Gore doesn’t tell you this. Neither do the super scientific counter Global Warmingists tell you this. But this is what’s going on, and this has been the ultimate plan in the luciferian illuminati agenda from the very beginning, some 6,000 + years ago. This is the attempt to establish the fabricated Kingdom of God on earth. This is the fabricated Age of Aquarius, the age of peace and love and a lot of water. This is the fabricated New World Order, when wars will come to an end, …for certain this time. It’s all the same stupid insanity. Nothing will change, because we still have the luciferian loons running the show and the 3 dimensional realm pretending to be our reality.

The Global Warming Passover

In the diagram below, you’ll notice a quote from Luke 22:9-12 from the luciferian holy book.

Peter and John ask Jesus where they should prepare the Passover. Interesting choice of words when you consider that the Passover is referring to water passing over the undesirables of humanity. Why water? Simply because water is WATTS, the measure of electrical energy, which is what this whole illusory 3D realm is.

Jesus says, “when ye are entered into the city, there shall a man meet you bearing a pitcher of water…”.

The city is Jerusalem. Being that we’re dealing with the future Jerusalem, the city in question is New Jerusalem. The location of this city is everywhere that the New World is located. Everything from New York, to the Pacific Ocean, and even including the Pacific Ocean, as seen on page 16, is New Jerusalem, in one way or another. Jerusalem is the City of Peace. A city is a site, and when Peter and John have entered into the site, basically North America as you will now see, they will meet a man bearing a pitcher of water.

The man in this instance is the province of Manitoba. Almost half of this province is covered with lakes and and on the top right corner you’ll find the huge body of water called Hudson’s Bay. This is the fulfillment of this biblical passage.

The man is the sun god, the son of god, it is the christ saviour himself. The Province of Manitoba borders on the Province of Saskatchewan. This border goes straight up to the Nunavut Territory and the North West Territories, creating a 4 Corner Cross exactly as in the 4 Corners of the United States of Utah, Arizona, New Mexico and Colorado. The Nunavut Territory is less than a decade old and was all of a sudden rushed into existance for some inexplicable reason. After all, there are only a very few thousand people living there, but the authorities just had to make another territory. They needed the symbolism of the sun god cross and they needed it now.

The man bearing a pitcher of water is the astrological symbol for the Age of Aquarius. This just happens to coincide with the Mayan Calendar, and the Hebrew Calendar regarding the coming of the Messiah, and the Christian Calendar regarding the 2nd coming of Christ. I wonder? Could all these calendars actually be the same calendar, the same play, with just different names and actors, but the same plot? (This is a subliminal suggestion where you get to fill in the blanks).

The New Nile – The ISLAM – ICE LAMB Sacrifice

Jesus then instructs Peter and John to ask the man where the guestchamber is where they can eat the Passover. He then shows them a large Upper Room. That Upper Room is Canada. Canada is the 2nd largest country in the world, area wise, so it doesn’t get much bigger than that. The inspiration for the term Upper comes from old Egypt and the names Upper and Lower Egypt. Yet another link to sun god worship in Egypt. These names were based on the elevation, not the latitude above or below the equator.

Upper and Lower Canada used to be Ontario and Quebec, in central and eastern Canada. This is the site of the octagon shown at the east end of the Great Lakes bordering Ontario and Quebec. It is also interesting to note that there were Great Lakes in Egypt as well, where the Nile River began it’s trek to the Mediterranean Sea. The Mississippi is the New Nile River, that starts in the Great Lakes region and flows south to New Orleans. New Orleans is actually NEW OR-LEANS or NEW RO-NAEL when reversed. This translates as New Rose Nile or New Nile Rose. Nile itself means Line, as in the Rose Line of Freemasonry and the Roslyn Chapel and sun god worship.

Furthermore, New Orleans is exactly 90 degrees west of Greenwich England, which is exactly half way to the International Dateline at 180 degrees. This made it a significant and symbolic target for the Katrina hurricane hit of 2005. Similarly, the bridge collapse in Minneapolis/St.Paul, was also targeted because of their location on the Mississippi, the Isis River. These are just subliminal hypnotic messages, much like the smaller attacks on the Murrah Building in Oklahoma and the 1st WTC attack, years before the big attack of September 11, 2001.

This upper room is located just above all this Egyptian sun god terminology. When you consider that this is the Upper Room, and the farther west you go in Canada, the more upper you get, in terms of elevation. Eventually you arrive at the Rockie Mountains, and the highest point in the Rockies is in the Yukon Territory. It’s in the common border of the Yukon and the North West Territories that this octagon of Islam fits ever so perfectly. It’s here, in the Upper Room, that the IS-LAM sacrifice, the ICE LAMB sacrifice is being prepared.

California is the head table in all this, where the Passover Supper will be served. Other tables are set of course, but California is the head table. This will all take place if we keep believing the hypnotic suggestion. If you dare to see the lunacy in how this is all being manipulated to bring it to pass, to attempt to lock our awareness into a nice little prison cell, then spread this message, and these events will not take place. If the hypnosis keeps you from seeing how this could be possible, you’re still okay, still a perfect individual, but you’ll have to experience the events written on these pages until such time as you leave this 3 dimensional space. If we don’t come to terms with this hypnotic lunacy, then the cycle of stupidity will continue unabated and become ever more difficult to stop.

Study the diagram below very carefully and consider what has been written.

Canada Upper Room

Saul is Sol As Paul is Pol

When you consider all the writings of the new testament, something that becomes very glaring, is how the majority of this book is written, supposedly, by one man, his name being Saul who changed his name to Paul. With such a massive influence on the course of world history over these last 2,000 years, it is absolutely necessary to consider the symbolism attached to the Epistles of St. Paul to all the churches in the area. This fellow, whose name was Saul (meaning Sol or Sun) changed it to Paul (meaning Pol or Pole). This is established just through shape and sound association, which in turn is subliminal hypnosis.

This word Pole, refers to the Polarity of North and South, up and down. This symbolically is the duality, or polarization of the dividing of light by the luciferian entity, as stated in Genesis 1:3 & 4. Therefore, the word Pole simply means divided light, which is the rainbow of colour we see in this 3D realm, and is another term for the All Seeing Eye. The references to the Polar Icecaps melting are direct references to this chap called Paul. All his epistles to the churches are therefore, epistles from the All Seeing Eye, the Egyptian Sun God.

Even the Bridge collapse at Minneapolis/St. Paul was a ritual start date for the attack to now commence. Keep watching, it is almost 2008 on the calendar, and these events will transpire as has been symbolically laid out for thousands of years.

Now look at the diagram below and see how the Rose map of Greater London fits ever so nicely over the North American continent with the exception of Alaska and Mexico. Alaska is not physically connected to the contiguous United States and the symbolism of why this is so, will be shown on Page 21. The name Mexico is symbolic of Megiddo, the location for the Battle of Armageddon, and is actually included in the United States western states. The point that reaches out into the Atlantic Ocean is pointing in the general vicinity of Bermuda, the site of Columbus’ initial discovery of the new world. Of course, Florida fits like a glove over the finger on the Rose map of Greater London.

North American Rose

It is quite remarkable how this Rose map can fit over the city of Washington DC, the Pacific Ocean, The Qing Dynasty of China and Mongolia, and now over the North American continent. They all have some form of Rose as their floral emblem, with the exception of the Pacific Ocean which will, however, be the main ocean that Rose to the occasion, so to speak, when the Global Warming scenario is played out.

See the Light – Get Your Bearings Straight

The melting Polar Icecaps that will the devastation are based on the symbolism of the apostle Paul. Paul, who symbolizes the Poles, was found by a man called Ananias, (think AA-EYEs with this name Ananias) who had a dream that he would find Paul, in the street called Straight. This is symbolic of the Bering Strait, which has been shown (on page16) to be the Damascus Gate on the north wall of the old city of Jerusalem. It was while Paul was on the road to Damascus from Jerusalem, to continue his persecution of the christians, that he was blinded by a bright light. (This would be lucifer). He was blinded but eventually regained his sight when Ananias visited him and performed a miracle. He changed his name to Paul from Saul because, he saw the light, and thereafter, got his Bearings Straight.

It doesn’t say he got his bearings straight, it’s just implied. Again, shape and sound association, another subliminal message where we all get to fill in the blanks.

Hypnotic suggestion doesn’t have to make sense, it just has to suggest.

To continue, go to page 21 and follow the diagrams regarding more insight into the coming luciferian agenda.


Google Video – illuminatiMATRIX explanatory video detailing the foundational root of hypnosis, religion, intellectualism and who and what god is.

Click here to watch video.

YouTube Video highlighting some of the subliminal elements hidden in the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem

Please read the next paragraph before watching the ROCK VIDEO.

On the ROCK VIDEO, the World Trade Center is mistakenly called the ROCKEFELLER PLAZA. The WTC was conceived and promoted by the Rockefellers. The Rockefeller Plaza is to the north of the World Trade Centre, on the MANHATTAN ROCK, or MANNA STONE. The WTC and the Rockefeller Plaza , along with the area of CENTRAL PARK, relate to the TEMPLE MOUNT in Jerusalem, and the Al Aqsa Mosque, the Dome of the ROCK, and the Temple Courtyard. These in turn relate to the North American West Coast. See page 39 for more details.

Click here to watch the new Rock Video on YouTube.

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