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Google Video – illuminatiMATRIX explanatory video detailing the foundational root of hypnosis, religion, intellectualism and who and what god is.

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YouTube Video highlighting some of the subliminal elements hidden in the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem

Please read the next paragraph before watching the ROCK VIDEO.

On the ROCK VIDEO, the World Trade Center is mistakenly called the ROCKEFELLER PLAZA. The WTC was conceived and promoted by the Rockefellers. The Rockefeller Plaza is to the north of the World Trade Centre, on the MANHATTAN ROCK, or MANNA STONE. The WTC and the Rockefeller Plaza , along with the area of CENTRAL PARK, relate to the TEMPLE MOUNT in Jerusalem, and the Al Aqsa Mosque, the Dome of the ROCK, and the Temple Courtyard. These in turn relate to the North American West Coast. See page 39 for more details.

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the numbing number system – numbers 7 to 9 – reverse symbolism

Number 7


The number 7 brings with it unique characteristics. Some can be evidenced in the number 5 and the symbolism of the 5 pointed star. The triangle, circle and square can all be drawn without lifting the pen from the paper. All odd numbered stars can also be drawn in this way. Again, these nuances may seem trivial, but when considering that this is a powerful number in the manipulation of humanity, it’s probably best to look at why its so strong. The number 7 represents completion. It symbolically represents the touching of, or manipulation of the wisdom state, using the illusory body of humanity.

We have to understand, that humanity is not who we really are, and attempting to sustain, perfect, and perpetuate the body of humanity, is to attempt to sustain, perfect and perpetuate the illusion of the luciferian egregore group of thinking entities, who have designed this 3 dimensional illusion to separate us from WISDOM, FREEDOM, LIBERTY, and the ETERNAL BLISSFUL STATE of PARADISE.

This number also includes some word/sound manipulation. For instance seven sounds like heaven. We use the term seventh heaven. This is no coincidence. SEVEN also sounds like ELEVEN. 7 represents completion and perfection, however, it links in a subliminal sound and shape fashion to 11, which is the number of DEATH. The completion and perfection associated with 7 in this instance, is that of a PERFECT and COMPLETE DEATH. The death in question, is the death of any real connection to, or awareness of, WISDOM and REALITY. This death, or disconnection from wisdom, forfeits TOTAL CONTROL to the luciferian mindset to dominate and exercise all the power of the eternal state for its benefit.

Sound incantation manipulates the mind. Sound implants the VIBRATION aspect, or the ENERGY aspect, the ILLUSORY SPIRITUAL ASPECT, of the THOUGHT PROCESS. By itself, it wouldn’t have the strength to numb the mind. In conjunction with other seductions its destructive. For instance, apply this sound to the gambling passion that many have and you get a sense of its power. People will spend a lifetime and whole fortunes trying to roll a seven/eleven. Just mention the phrase 7/11 and the idea of a convenience store immediately pops to mind. This is the power of hypnotic suggestion. All this control of our thought process is brought about through incantation, or sound subliminals, meant to misdirect and implant a true hypnotic TRANCE STATE.

Narcisse Fox

Sun of a Gun – The Gift of the Magi

As the word/sound association is explored further, we see the last 4 letters in the word completion ending in – tion. These letters are pronounced shun. This is an exten-sion of the word Sion meaning sun. All words such as completion and extension are simply incantations of sound applied to some thought. A thought is the imagination (here we go again) or i-magi-na-tion or image na-sun.

IMAGINATION = IM A YI NA SUN substituting the G for a Y, as there is no G, J, or Guh sound in Hebrew/Sun worship. This substitution will be used repeatedly throughout this site and will reveal a vast amount of information meant to stay hidden.

The worship of gods, and the luciferian agenda has a strong connection to the constellation ORION.
ORION = ROYAL ION = ROSE ION or the electrically charged ION that ROSE to disconnect WISDOM and REALITY from our eternal state of being
For instance OREGON = OREYON = ORION
These 2 examples of subliminal substitution that will be used in subsequent pages.

IMAGINATION = I’M A EYN SUN = I’M A EYE SON or the SON of the EYE, the SON of GOD made FLESH. As is the messianic principle repeated endlessly down through these illusory ages.

An image alludes to an idol, symbol or the memory of any 3 dimensional thing. This is how we set up idols in our heart. Idolatry is happening all the time, in everything we do. Again, this isn’t sin, isn’t good or bad, it just manipulates us IF WE LET IT. This word imagination says more than that however. It’s telling us that images are magic tricks of the eye and of the sun. In other words, images, which are 3 dimensional impressions, are just magic tricks performed by manipulating light that is symbolized by the sun. If you’re familiar with the book of Genesis, the luciferian egregore CREATED LIGHT FIRST, and after that, this THINKING GROUP entity conjured up the illusion of the sun to act as a hypnotic subliminal and to symbolize light.

The aforementioned ORION, the SUN, the MOON, the MILKY WAY, and the whole 3 dimensional experience is simply an illusion, created to act as a massive subliminal to separate who we really are, from reality. NONE OF THIS IS REAL!

It is interesting to note that the ion (the 3 letters, ion, at the end of these words) is an electrically charged atom, molecule or radical (RA-dical – a group of atoms behaving like a single atom).

Worship Of The Woman

Here we see that 7, the number of completion and perfection, is a number relating to sun worship, through word/sound association, and the word heaven, eleven, … and so on. Sun worship is the worship of the atom, a beam of light, which manifests itself as the worship of the woman. The worship of the woman is the worship of the electron, the negative female energy, that forms the 3 dimensional image we see. This beam of light (ion or atom), when applied to humanity, causes us to conform through hypnotic numbing caused by the number system and we become radical in energy, (the illusory spirit), and are manipulated at will. (The word RA-dical also contains an incantation to the sun RAY god, the LIGHT BEAM GOD).

This is the necessary element required for the illuminati agenda to work. Everything must polarize and point the same way. This is hypnotic suggestion. It doesn’t matter if we point north or south, just become radical and point in unison with the masses around you. Every word with the shun sound in it is manipulating everyone.

Another word/sound association which should be mentioned here, is the sound and the symbolism of the word star.



The Milky Way is know mythologically as the Great Nile Flood In The Sky. The STARS are symbols of WATER, and the significance of the STAR, as a symbol of SACRIFICE will be demonstrated in later pages. The symbolism will further extend to Los Angeles, or LA, Hollywood, and the STARS of the film and recording industries count heavily in the luciferian agenda.

The connection between WATER and the luciferian agenda will become exceedingly clear on this site. Suffice it to say, the AGE of AQUARIUS, the FLOOD of NOAH, the GLOBAL WARMING RISING SEA LEVEL, etc. … are all one and the same. The STAR, and especially the 5 POINTED STAR, the SACRIFICIAL STAR, is a symbol of WATTAGE, or WATER, meant to implant the suggestion of the world being cleansed by WATER as a PURIFICATION, or BAPTISM of a system gone astray.

The word STAR is just one of hundreds of simil-AR words (see what I mean) which use reverse symbolism and sound association. AR stands for RA in reverse – the ancient Egyptian sun god Amen Ra. Ra in turn is associated with a ray of sun. Again, back to sun worship. Furthermore, Ashtar (or Astarte – A-STAR-TE) is an ancient Egyptian goddess of love and beauty. The letter S in star suggests the serpent entity, or the deceiver.



The names ASHTAR and ASTARTE, mythological Queens of Heaven, mean STAR and in turn are subliminals for WATER SACRIFICE.

ISIS, another Queen of Heaven title, also means WATER SACRIFICE and the subliminal as ISIS = ICEY = HIGH SEA.

Mother MARY, another name for the Queen of Heaven, once again means WATER SACRIFICE as MARE means SEA in Latin.
MARE = MARY = MARRY = The Marriage of the Lamb of God or the MARRIAGE / MARY of the SACRIFICIAL LAMB

One further symbolic form of the word STAR representing the FLOOD, or WATER SACRIFICE, is in the word STAR reversed.


In India, RATS are revered as gods to many. RATS are allowed to run free, in countless numbers. This is symbolic yet again, of another FLOOD or STAR, a WATER SACRIFICE.

India is also acknowledged as a country that worships the COW. This animal gives an immense amount of MILK for domestic consumption. The slaughter of cows is not part of Indian religious culture and once again, the enormous numbers of MILK PRODUCING COWS is symbolic of the MILKY WAY, or the millions of STARS that form the subliminal FLOODING OF THE NILE, or the WATER SACRIFICE of the luciferian agenda.


The importance of this symbolism, the FLOOD, the WATER SACRIFICE and the ROCK, will become extremely evident in the pages to follow.

The Nile River fertility gods, of which there were many, were believed to be the cause of the annual flooding of the Nile on JULY 4 every year. (Also the inspiration for the birthdate of the United States of America). The Nile River, like most rivers, wound its way from Upper Egypt to Lower Egypt and the Delta, in the fashion of a SERPENT, or WATER SACRIFICE. This annual flooding is central to the luciferian / illuminati agenda of hypnotic control which will be revealed in the text and charts to follow.

The T, or cross, symbolizes the intersecting lines of the zodiac circle as well as being symbolic of every sun/son saviour throughout history. The majority of these saviours were all crucified on the cross – therefore, the inclusion of the subliminal T in the word STAR. The T also comes from the first letter of Tammuz, the ancient Babylonian Son of God/sun god, who also died for the sins of the world. This word/sound association runs rampant through the English language. Though the English language, as we know it now, didn’t exist at the beginning of this system, the sound and shape of the letters existed in primitive forms with vague meaning attached. As these illusory centuries past, the system perfected the combining of shapes, colours and sounds and became known as the CRAFT – bewitching craft or witchcraft. This is the craft of religion and science recognized throughout the ages as Magic. Today, English is used world wide and recognized by all as the universal language. This is not because English has the sweetest sound or the easiest to work with, but it is the perfection of sounds and shapes needed to push the buttons that manipulate the illusory body of humanity to once again disconnect our ultimate state of being from WISDOM. English has also been designed with the introduction of SILENT LETTERS, place holders, subliminal markers, interferring with the hidden meaning in countless phrases and terms.

Angles Are Angels

Sacred Geometry of the Great Architect of the Universe.

It should be noted that the word English, literally means, Angel-man. The word ANGEL is, in turn, derived from the word ANGLE. This is an extremely strong point to realize, as the whole power of the hypnotic trance working through the illusory body of humanity is based on the sacred geometry and the angles, or angels used, to develop the religious and scientific 3 dimensional space we exist in. There is actually no such thing as a spirit entity or an angel. The spirits that do appear to people from time to time, are only illusions, even as we, the physical person, are simply illusions. These illusions are actually there in a fake 3D sense, but they’re not spirit entities, other than that they’re illusory THOUGHT PATTERNS creating an IMAGE. They’re just hypnotic based manipulations of light, luciferian thought forms. There are only subliminal hypnotic suggestions, combined with geometric based formulas, incantations, chants, hymns, meditations, etc. Through this exercise, what is conjured up, is the illusion of a spirit, or magic. This is the basis of kabbalism, the Tree of Life, or, in more clear terms, HYPNOTIC MIND CONTROL.

The atom symbol is so completely symmetrical and geometric in its construction, that everything as pertaining to 3D manipulation, has to include, and cannot appear as 3 dimensional, unless it portrays geometry and symmetry to function and have an effect.

Let’s have a look at the number 7.

Number & 7

The LIVE EARTH Concert is luciferian based.

On this site I show the source of symbolism and reverse imagery. This concert is a fine example of luciferian THOUGHT PROCESS manipulation. First off, the date of this event is 07/07/07. Seven is the number of perfection and completion to the intellectual based luciferian mind. Next year, 2008, the Olympics in Beijing – begin on 08/08/08. Eight is the number of total control. Numbers and symbolism mean everything to these serpent minded / or water sacrifice oriented entities. The website to register your support is symbolic as well –

On this site that you’re now reading, I demonstrate how the English alphabet is filled with subliminal hypnotic symbols. The letter A is a pyramid with the capstone of the All Seeing Eye drawn in. Take a look at the website name again – AVAAZ with its three letter A’s. This is symbolizing the triune sun god deity of ancient times and all forms of christianity throughout the ages. Even the title of this concert is Live Earth. When you understand how these entities think, you soon realize

LIVE EARTH is just reverse phrasing for EVIL THRAE or, spelled correctly, EVIL THREE

(Editing note – June 23 2009 – page 39 and 40 show insight into the LiveH2O, or LIVE WATER, music concert initiated by Secret Society member Leonard Horowitz).

This is the subliminal message these thinkers want us to get. They want many of us to get the message that this concert is corruption based. They also want the people who support it to see it as an absolute necessity, if this planet is to continue functioning as our home. They’re really not to concerned about which side you choose, just as long as you do choose a side. In this way, the hypnotic suggestion that will be necessary to establish the the Global Climate Change scenario concerning the rising sea levels, and to create this as part of our reality will be achieved, and the hoped for devastation will ultimately ensue. In short, we’re the ones creating the devastation to come, because we fall for the lunatic suggestion, that it is indeed, coming.

The letter V in this web address stands for a myriad of notions, suffice it to say, Venus is the all encompassing thought projected here. Venus is the brightest planet in the sky and symbolic of the luciferian thought form called love. (Love is but another form of EVOL – or EVIL in reverse, when associating the sound of the word). However, when reversed, this word VENUS spells SUN-EV. This is refering to the evening sun or setting sun. From this term setting sun we get the name Satan. In turn, Satan, is further derived from the Arabic word SHAITAN, meaning the one bringing enlightenment, or knowledge. Just more references to the sun god whom the christian religion calls Jesus.

The letter V is also the Roman numeral 5. The number 5 is the number of SACRIFICE, and the LIVE EARTH concert is totally concerned with sacrificing the infidel (or those who will not conform). (JESUS is SUSEJ when reversed – which is SOOthSAYer – one who divines or predicts future events). As shown on page one, the name Jesus is just a pimped up contemporary name for Zeus, as in Ye-Zeus, pronounced like HEY ZEUS, and simply means Zeus. Again, the luciferian trinity THOUGHT FORM is attempting to place humanity, once and for all, in it’s complete control.

At various times, in different cultural beliefs, the name ZEUS has also been interchangeable with the name BAAL. By extension, JESUS is BAAL, the fertility river god, the fertility serpent, or WATER SACRIFICE god, the one who gives REGENERATION of SPIRIT, which is simply the ENERGY electron, proton and neutron illusion that we are, and this is further construed aseternal life.

The name BAAL holds an enormous amount of subliminal with its 4 letters. In later pages, the importance of this subliminal will be massively clear. For now, just consider the name BAAL and the breakdown of its meaning.

BAAL = BA sacrifice AL or LA, which is an acronym for ALLAH and LA, or Los Angeles.

The Z in this web address is subliminal messaging and hypnotic suggestion that alludes to the Nazi Thunderbolt and Swaztika symbol. This is shown on pages 11 and 15 of this site. It is this sigil magic form and sound association that the hypnotist can use to suggest sleep. This is the reason the Z is placed at the end of this web address, The hypnotist, the luciferian mindset, is saying,


Z has the subliminal shape of an HOURGLASS. The luciferian mindset has to continually hide the suggestion. Enough is allowed to suggest, but just enough is hidden so as not to expose. If you were to draw a line from the top left line of Z, down to the bottom right line, an hourglass shape would appear. The hourglass is a symbol of TIME, and to the luciferian mind, TIME is ETERNAL, or WITHOUT END, or INFINITY. In reality, TIME DOES NOT EXIST at all, let alone eternally. This subliminal then suggests the INFINITY symbol, or the letter 8, the CONTROL number, and is again, the letter S. The letter S suggests the winding river serpent, the WATER SACRIFICE, or the SACRIFICE of the Living Water, which has related to much of the world as being Jesus. As one can see, this gets to be a vicious, lunatic cycle of one suggestion supporting another, in endless, infinite fashion. This misdirection, which leads nowhere, is the basis of hypnotic control.



The luciferian egregore thought form relies totally on symbolism. One of their main symbolic forms are numbers. As just described above, concerning the LIVE EARTH concert on 7/7/7, consider these other numbers as well.

The Rothschild family is one of the main driving forces behind the illuminati / Moriah Conquering Wind agenda, working to further the blueprint of the luciferian THINKING entities. One of their younger generation, David Mayer de Rothschild, now 29 years old, (who will be 33 in 2012) has written a handbook detailing 77 Essential Skills to deal with combating global warming. Suffice it to say, global warming is not what the egregore group thinkers, or their puppet elite, declare it to be. Global warming is occurring in the most peculiar of ways, but it is a direct result of the luciferian thought form. It is not a result of CO2 gases created by man, although its made to appear to be. It is a result of the worship driven luciferian mind wishing to manipulate the masses into begging to be protected and taxed and imprisoned even more. Begging to maintain the 3 dimensional illusion, which has no basis in reality. That being said, the most important thing we should be paying attention to is the number77 in the title of this book.

The THOUGHT PROCESS, and the INTELLECTUALLY BASED MIND, is absolutely obsessed with symbolism. Here, the concert is held on 7/7/7 and the off-spring of these luciferian worshipping thinkers writes a book of 77 Essential Skills. This is the number of perfection and completion. It just begs to be asked, What’s complete? and What’s perfect? Why all this number symbolism?

It just so happens that the sun spot activity was in its lowest 11 year activity cycle on 7/7/7. The earth was also at its most distant position from the sun on 7/7/7. It was, you could say, a double death for the sun. Now, I’m going to ask you to consider the word Sun, when speaking of these Sun Spots and Distance from the earth.

This day of JULY 7, 2007 (7/7/7) is the day the Son / Sun begins, symbolically, its continued manipulation of humanity, when the messianic, Rose from the Dead concept is further advanced, and heading now, to the finish line. The same warnings were there before the World Trade Centre attack, however we were completely unaware to look for the symbolism and the subliminal suggestion staring us in the face. As a result, we believed the suggestion and we, this illusory body of humanity, actually caused this horrific event, and other worldy events, to occur. These entities, and the world elite, know full well, that this is how it works, and play the Trance card full out, everytime.


Read pages 15, 16 and 17 for more detail on the Order of the Rose and the Order of Death notions of the luciferian mindset. These Orders together form the New World Order, the Messianic Kingdom of Jesus (Zeus, Baal, etc….) , and the New Age Christ Consciousness Age of Reason, or the Age of Aquarius, or the Environmental Green Movement. All are one and the same, and are corruptions of the THOUGHT PROCESS.

The 11 year cycle of sun spot activity, refers to the number of death. More is detailed about the number 11 on page 6. 7 is the number of completion. Together, this is symbolizing the end of the of suffering of the messiah and the time when he, the messiah, will begin to RISE UP and slay his enemies and establish a New World Order suggested by the title The Messianic Age. This RISE, is the Order of the ROSE. All of this is a complete lie and is absolute insanity. However, this chosen elite race of intellectually indoctrinated THOUGHT PROCESS elite believe they can, and will, make it come to pass on behalf of the Great Architect of the Universe.

The point to be made at this time, is how unlikely is it that all these numbers and position of the earth and sun spot activity could occur at the same moment, unless there was a unified entity manipulating the whole show with one objective in mind. This entity is orchestrating everything you see happening in the world today. The luciferian / illuminati agenda is not just corrupt men and women creating bloody events. The real agenda, and the top boss of the whole mob, is the luciferian group egregore thought form. On this site, it will be made clear, what it is, where it came from, how it perpetuates its agenda and most important of all, how to get rid of it once and for all.

Another interesting event which took place immediately after 7/7/7 on 7/8/7 or July 8, 2007, was the unveiling of the new Boeing Jet, the 787. Boeing is located in Seattle, Washington, USA. It employs 50,000 people. Seattle is a Freemason hotbed of activity. The symbolism of introducing a new jet on this day will be described more on page 18 and the hypnosis of Trance-Portation.

(Editing note – June 23 2009, the STIMULUS BILL introduced by Barack Obama was $787 Billion. The introduction of this 787 BOEING, and the $787 BILLION are completely connected from a subliminal perspective, which will be described in later pages).


Smashing Pumpkins and The Statue of Liberty

Subliminal messages are coming at us continually. Through pictures, books, movies, music and the like. Here is one more fantastic subliminal manipulation that tells a nasty tale. The Smashing Pumpkins music group have known an immense amount of success over the years. The reason any group or individual attains such success is because they are willing to be used to further the Trance State. For the most part, they do this unwittingly, however, that does not make the hypnosis any less potent.

Consider their latest album – Zeitgeist (Translated as Spirit of Time in German:

This was to be released on July 7, 2007 or 07/07/07. Have a look at the symbolic image of their album cover, then immediately below, read the lyrics to the song called Doomsday Clock.

(Editing note – June 23 2009 – pages 39 and 40 show the significant connection of the Statue of Liberty to this album and the number 777, and the manipulation of REALITY as pertaining to the luciferian agenda of TOTAL CONTROL).

Smashing Pumpkins 7-7-7

Now for the lyrics and the obvious suggestions made throughout this song that are meant to help mold the illusory reality humanity should have, along with the accompanying devastation.

Doomsday Clock

“is everyone afraid?
is everyone ashamed?
they’re running towards their holes, to find out
apocalyptic means are lost among our dead
a message to our friends to get out

there’s wages on this fear
oh so clear
depends on what you’ll pay to hear

they’re bound to kill us all
in whitewashed halls
their jackals lick their paws”

“i’m certain of the end
it’s the means that has me spooked
it takes an unknown truth to get out

i’m guessing i’m born free, silly me
i was meant to beg from my knees”

“we gotta dig in, gas masks on
wait in the sunshine, all bug-eyed
if this is living?
sakes alive!
well then they can’t win
no one survives”

“apocalyptic screams
mean nothing to the dead

kissing that ‘ol sun
to know all there is
come on, last call
you should want it all”

The suggestions here are obviously very intense. The lyrics have been inspired by the luciferian entity to further establish the previous examples of hypnotic suggestion, with the same sort of message, thereby creating our reality. According to the lyrics in this song, a massive devastation is going to be unleashed. This simply reinforces all previous trance inducing scenarios and this is now our reality. Without coming out of the TRANCE STATE, these events will certainly occur and the anguish of these events will be devastating. Yet, coming out of the TRANCE STATE, and losing all EMOTIONAL CONNECTION to the 3 dimensional illusion will reconnect our state of being with REALITY, and our ORIGINAL PARADISE STATE of WISDOM through AWARENESS of what’s transpiring, thereby making little difference what might come to pass within the TRANCE STATE. To all who read these words, … its ALL IN THE MIND. We’ve been imprisoned by manipulation of what we believe to be our mind, and our thoughts, and our choices. Freedom from the devastation and luciferian ‘hoped for cataclysm’ is achieved by rejecting the notion that our mind actually is OUR MIND. These are not our minds and these are not our thoughts. Nothing could be further from the truth and reality.


Number 8

Number 8 is hideous in that it represents the fascist mentality of the luciferian mind. Total absolute control is all this number represents. Nothing matters but the luciferian domination of our original eternal state utilizing the intellectually indoctrinated illuminati elite. As you progress through this site, you’ll see the incredible significance of the NUMBER 8, the word EIGHT, the word ATE, the shape of the OCTAGON, the 135 degree angle of the octagon and the INFINITY SYMBOL. The number 8 suggests destruction to anything that attempts to hinder this control. The endless coil of the 8 is symbolic of the electromagnetic coil wrapped around humanity. Keep in mind, we are conjured up by the luciferian egregore thought form as illusory light energy and therefore are electrical and magnetic in our 3 dimensional makeup. This light energy form of how we physically appear is riddled with deceit. The coils of our three dimensional reality are manufactured to squeeze DISCONNECT US FROM REALITY, just as a snake coils around and strangles its prey. Everything in our 3 dimensional existence acts upon our consciousness endlessly coiling and manipulating our actions to fulfill the aim of the agenda. The number 8 is symbolic of infinity. It is a never ending symbol. Its the serpent that swallowed its tail and maintains relentless control.

As you read these first few pages, the information may seem rather dull, however, these pages are just laying the groundwork to help comprehend the information in the later pages. You must read the later pages as the information is alarming and is not available anywhere else in the world.

The evidence is overwhelming that the world systems control us. The systems have all been established using manufactured number systems and are completely designed to destroy all connection with REALITY we might dare to retain. Every major empire throughout history has furthered the cause of world fascist control, which is simply a front, or a SMOKESCREEN for luciferianism, and today we see the American Empire taking its turn at the helm. The American Empire will be the last one used to bring in the one world fascist regime for those left alive. Keep in mind, this fascist mentality is total manipulation of our original state of being. Through indoctrination of the luciferian mindset, working its insanity, we are taught to believe that freedom in the 3 dimensional scheme of things is somehow … FREEDOM. Being FREE in the 3D sense, without realizing that EMOTIONAL CONNECTION TO, or BELIEVING that the 3D experience is real, has no freedom in it whatsoever. And this is the MANIPULATION of our eternal Paradise State. Belief in the 3 dimensional realm as being real, and assigning VALUE and CREDENCE to it, is the ULTIMATE FASCIST IMPRISONMENT and CONTROL.

The United States was established in 1776. Not such a notable year when observed from a calendar perspective. However, look at it from an entity driven perspective and something quite sinister appears. Luciferian symbolism is obsessed with adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing. This is the magic of sacred geometry. They also mirror numbers, and mirroring anything in this existence if it serves their purpose. So the year 1776 divided by 2 = 888. Now mirror this number – it’s still 888. Trying mirroring it in any direction – above – below – left – right – it’s still 888. From this you should see that the date for the creation of the United States was no accident. Its highly significant in the plan of the agenda. Just how significant the United States is concerning the luciferian THOUGHT PROCESS for TOTAL CONTROL is almost indescribable, and was never meant to be uncovered. Patiently bear with these words as more groundwork is laid, to assist in understanding the complete lunacy that has pieced together this whole agenda, and for that matter, the entire UNIVERSE.

(More 888 examples will be shown on page 19, 20 and 21 regarding the Olympics of 2008 and 2010).

It should also be noted that after the luciferian mind controlled government elite and agencies used to attack the World Trade Centre using the American administration, secret service agencies, etc. and destroyed the complex, the new Freedom Tower is already under construction and will be 1776 feet tall. When observed from directly above, the shape is a perfect octagon. Once again, the symbolic number of 1776 divided by 2 = 888. Is this really Freedom?

Furthermore, July 4, the birthdate of the United States is the number 4 – the FOURSQUARE FOUNDATION of the mother goddess, which represents the whole trinity of all religion. The 4th of July is 14 days (or 2 x 7) after the summer solstice, a high point in occult, or hidden, or SECRET, circles. Its also the 7th month, the number of perfection and completion. Combine all this number symbolism with 1776 (which is two 888’s) and you have a highly significant date in regards to the birth of the USA.

The number 4 has significant symbolism, and thereby significant manipulation attributes. Used in combination, the words FOUR and SQUARE, refer to the FOUNDATION STONE that the whole of the luciferian agenda is built upon. This is what the words attributed to the illusory Jesus were referring to when he said to Peter, ‘thou art Peter, and upon this ROCK I’ll build my church’.

FOURSQUARE = 4 ERAUQS in reverse = 4 ROCKS

ERAUQS also is the source behind the name IRAQ, the CRADLE of CIVILIZATION, or more appropriately, the CRADLE of the CONJURED 3D EXPERIENCE, of the luciferian agenda in BABYLON.


As one reads through this site it becomes extremely evident that vowels can be interchanged at will. For all words in the English language can be understood without any vowels at all.

Also, this is important to consider:

All vowels represent LIGHT, or the ALL SEEING EYE, from which the LIGHT, ENLIGHTENMENT, or LEARNED KNOWLEDGE proceeds.

A = a PRYAMID, or a PRISM, dividing the LIGHT into a RAINBOW of Colour.
E = the 3 PRONGED TRINITY, the Electron, Proton and Neutron, the ELECT, ELECTRICITY, or SPIRIT of the LIGHT Beam
I = EYE – the All Seeing Eye – or ALL A – as in ALLAH – and the ENLIGHTENED Ones
O = the CIRCLE – another symbolic form of the EYE, and the LIGHT extending from that EYE
U = YOU – the vowel symbolizing our illusory physical form, which is a LIGHT ILLUSION – a vessel, cup, with arms upstretched, worshipping the luciferian THOUGHT PROCESS

All vowels can be pronounced without closing the lips or teeth. There are 5 vowels, representing the SACRIFICE of our connection to REALITY.

Each ROCK is 1/4 of a SQUARE, or 25% of the whole (see The ROCK Video on YouTube)

The number 888 is a multiple of 111 x 8 which equals 888. Where and why does this show up? The number of the christ/antichrist is 666. The antichrist is the manipulated ‘black side’ of religion and intellectualism, (derived from SUBTRACTIVE COLOUR MIXING) – while at the same time, the fabricated christ, is the ‘white side’, (derived from ADDITIVE COLOUR MIXING) – together they represent 333 + 333 (or 111 x 3 + 111 x 3). The 10th clockface shows the number 111 coincides with the number 3. The number 3 is symbolic of the strongest form, or shape, of the deity, and is the pyramid triangle. The number 111 is also highly symbolic being located on the 10th clockface, as 10 is the number of inTENsity.

As well, 1+1+1=3. The 3 sides of a triangle (male), and the 3 sides of the triangle (female), which totals 6. This is the DUALITY NATURE of the 3D illusion. Multiply these 6 sides by 111 and the sum is 666.

911 – The 1st DAY OF CREATION

According to certain oral teachings among some Hebrew faithful, the day of September 11, or 9-11, is considered the 1st day of creation. The Egyptian Christian Coptic religion adheres to 9-11 as the 1st day of creation as well. Of course, there really was no creation, only a conjuring up of an illusory 3 dimensional plane. Immediately below is the source for the symbolic day of 9-11 being chosen as the 1st day of creation.

When the number multiply 111 111 111 is multiplied by 111 111 111 the sum = 123 456 789 876 543 21 .

Take a close look at what’s going on here. There are 18 number 1’s. Section off these 18 number 1’s into the number 11, and you have a total of 9-11’s. Multiplying, or regenerating the square root of 111 111 111, brings every other base number into existence, from 1 through to 9 and then in reverse back to 1. In other words 9-11’s, or the square root of 111 111 111, has the ability to conjure up any mathematical set of digits.


The mathematical concept of 9-11 is then, the centre piece, or the FOUNDATION ROCK, that includes 3 consecutive numbers, such as 1,2 and 3, and on this ROCK the luciferian THOUGHT PROCESS has built its CHURCH.



This is the Sacred Geometry, or Sexual Geometry, that holds the conjured up illusion in tact. Without this mathematical wizardry, nothing would appear as 3 dimensional.


Taking a closer look at the number 111, its composed of 3 lines. The 2 outside lines represent the 2 pillars of BOAZ and JACHIN or GACHIN, that stood outside Solomon’s Temple. These are the B and G Pillars of Secret Societies such as the Freemasons. The 3rd pillar in the middle is set back. Joining the 2 – B and G Pillars to the 3rd middle pillar, forms a triangle, pyramid. The angle of this pyramid, at the 3rd pillar can produce a variety of angles, depending on the depth of placement, however, the angle of CONTROL, relating to the number 8, would be that of 135 degrees, the angle of the OCTAGON. This angle is based on the angle of the constellation ORION, which literally means, the ROYAL ION, or energized ATOM. This is the first ATOM, or ADAM, the conjuring up of the illusory body of man, or humanity. This angle then relates to the 51 degree angle of the Great Pyramid of Giza. A perfect match would be 45 degrees, however, as you proceed through this site, very few principles within the luciferian agenda match perfectly. Otherwise, it would be a simple matter to see what is being suggested, and the subliminal effect, and the total confusion of our TRUE REALITY STATE would not be influenced. For we would easily see the deceit and fabrication.

51 however, is still symbolically strong.

51 coincides with 3 on the 5th clockface, which means, the god of 111 is centred on sacrifice, or the number 5. Also, 5+1 = 6.


As one reads through this site, its important to understand that the Hebrew Jewish faith do not say the name of GOD. For this reason they substitute the G or J sound in GOD for the letter Y sound, producing the word YOD. This substitution rule will apply throughout this site, and not to the name GOD, or YAHWEH, which stands for JEHOVAH, but will apply to any name, figure, symbol, location, etc., and is a major linguistic tool used to decipher the luciferian agenda, (that even the Hebrew Jewish population are unaware of, for they, like everyone, are merely pawns).

All names or words with the B and G or J letters featured prominently within the word, are subliminals of power relating to the B and G pillars, or the 2 outside pillars of Solomon’s Temple. These in turn are the 2 outside number 1’s in the number 111. From this, the whole conjured up illusory HYPNOTIC MIND CONTROL lunacy came into play, fabricating the illusion of TIME and SPACE, of which, there is neither. The perpetuation of this TIME and SPACE concept is then multiplied endlessly through RELIGION and INTELLECTUAL indoctrination, and a complete separation from our ORIGINAL WISDOM STATE, and our PARADISE STATE ensues.

Great Pyramid of GIZA

GIZA = YIZA = AZIY in reverse, (reversing is suggested by the 111 square root as demonstrated above) = OZ EYE

The Pyramid of Giza is just one representation of the WIZARD of OZ, which will be elaborated on in subsequent pages.


The number of completion and perfection is 7 or multiples of 7 x 11 (77) or 7 x 111 (777). The number of humanity is 5 x 111 = 555 (5 sense reality). The Pentagram, the Pentatuch, the Pentacost, are all luciferian egregore sun god terms. Tripling these symbolic numbers by the 3 sides of the pyramid (as seen in the number 3) symbolizes the sun/son god present throughout this illusory reality. More will be written about the significance of 111 when we get to number 11. Suffice to say for now, that 111 is historically significant according to the agenda of to manipulate and control the eternal Paradise State. All that we see and believe to be real in this 3D sphere is simply an illusion, used mercilessly to disconnect us from our original state of wisdom.

Octagon Magic Sigils

Throughout different world societies, the OCTAGON, or 8 pointed stars or shields, show up. These symbols are magic sigils or powerful shapes that contain notions of total control. We are hypnotically numbed into responding to the symbol without conscious thought. We just respond mindlessly. We mustn’t resist the symbolism, for resistance is the whole objective of the luciferian agenda. However, resistance is what we’re being manipulated to do. The luciferian THOUGHT PROCESS, and the egregore group of THINKING ENTITIES, manipulate and control our eternal state, and separate us from our incredible power, as long as we resist and react, and remain emotionally attached to things of the 3 dimensional experience.


The number system was devised for this very purpose. They want us to RESIST the control being forced upon this illusory body of humanity. REACT, when the manipulated elite, in turn, do their political manueverings to bring about less sovereignty and greater suffering for the nations of the world. But we mustn’t resist and react to this control. What the intellectually indoctrinated elite and their luciferian egregore want is for us to become that RADICAL element (again it doesn’t matter which side we choose). We can be either for them or against them. If we react and if we resist, we give them the manipulative power to continue keeping the veil intact, that separates us from our eternal ALL KNOWING STATE. By resisting and reacting, we’re demonstrating that we believe the subliminal hypnotic suggestion, thereby making it our reality, and the events they wish to occur, and that they wish to appear real, will occur and it becomes our reality.

The Cares of the World – The Theme of Luciferianism

They want us to be concerned with caring about the things of the world. They want us to care about our physical wealth, physical freedom and the materialistic world. This is why the number system was devised. The NUMBER SYSTEM, in turn, is RELIGION and INTELLECTUALISM. The Book of Numbers in the Old Testament isn’t there to simply list the begats and begottens. The Book of Numbers is there to implant the notion that there’s POWER IN NUMBERS. Numbers are meant to create systems which produce riches, power, glory, and the like, which in turn, seduce our awareness. Faith in any form of god, appeals to the greed that’s been instilled by the luciferian THOUGHT PROCESS, into this illusory body of humanity. Religion promises an eternity of peace and riches if we put our faith in the luciferian conjured up notion of its SACRED GEOMETRY. RELIGION and INTELLECTUALISM are both designed to manipulate the faithful into desiring more of the 3D experience. Again, nothing in this 3D realm is good or bad, or right or wrong, and there’s no such thing as sin. However, when the distractions of this 3 dimensional illusion maintain a disconnection from reality, we forfeit our power and strength. It makes no difference whatsoever what we do, or how much we do in this 3D experience, just don’t believe its real, or lend credence and value to this illusory plane. These riches and these systems are more prevalent now than at anytime in history. We become horrified at the thought of losing our 3 dimensional possessions and will resist and react furiously at the thought of losing them, …just as they want us to do.

This resistance and reaction is the manipulative tool that they need to keep perpetuating the veil that disconnects us from REALITY. Without the fear they purposely manufacture through wars, genocide, religion and science, and so on, they would have nothing. Fear is the manipulation machine they need. Fear is resistance. Fear is reaction. Fear, resistance and reaction is mind control hypnosis of the masses. We have no need to fear, react or resist. The world systems should have no hold on us and the loss of anything gained from the 3 dimensional world should be incidental. The reason it shouldn’t have a hold on us is because it’s not real. 3 dimensional physical wealth in any form, is just energy, a light molecule whirling about, mascarading as something real and it’s simply not there. ENERGY is THOUGHT, and this THOUGHT orginated with the exercising of the EGO in the eternal state by the egregore thinkers.


Why should we then be concerned about losing something that’s not there in the first place?

There are no numbers in the infinite awareness state. Everything in the 3 dimensional natural realm is based on Real Pi (3.141…with endless decimal numbers) and the Golden Mean, or Phi (1.618…with endless decimal numbers) which have no ability to support any religious, magical, geometric, mathematical, algebraic, chemical, astrological or numerological formula. Pi and Phi are concerned with light energy, which is the corrupting force in this physical realm, and is what the physical realm is totally formed of. Then, when the egregore thinking entities play the natural forces it created against the man made systems it also inspired, (a process called DUALITY), that incorporate the sacred geometric equations, the result is illusion of endless greed, death, disease and fear. To those in the illusory TRANCE STATE, the greed, death, disease and fear all seem totally real, yet, it remains a complete fabrication and separation from REALITY.

Have a look at the number 8 in the diagram immediately below. Notice, that when 2 SQUARES are overlayed, and given a 45 degree twist, an 8 POINTED STAR, or OCTAGON is formed by connecting the points. This 8 POINTED STAR is formed by 2 SQUARES, which in themselves are 2 CROSSES, formed by the intersecting lines that DIVIDE the SQUARE into 4 SEASONS. These 2 SQUARES, or 2 CROSSES, form the DOUBLE CROSS of religion and intellectualism, the manipulation tool used to perpetuate the illusory world separating us from REALITY.

Number & 8

The Number 9 – Fall Into Death

Number 9 is derived from a number of sources. Three sets of threes – or 3 x 3 is the most obvious. The three primary colours, shapes and sounds each have 3 principle parts. The total of these 3 sets of 3 = 9. The senses used in this manipulative task are aimed at the sense of sight and the sense of sound. These senses were purposely conjured up within our illusory forms for their communicable characteristics, able to receive the THOUGHTS of the luciferian group of THINKING BEINGS, causing us to believe that these THOUGHTS are OURS.

COLOUR – red, yellow, blue (subtractive) or red, green, blue (additive)
SHAPE – curve, line angle
SOUND – pitch, rhythm, beat


Another representation of the origin of the number 9 is the CUBE. The CUBE has a volume of 3 times that of a pyramid. Religious systems using the cube as a symbol are still devoted to the same sun god. It really doesn’t matter what name you call your god, it just matters to the luciferian THOUGHT PROCESS that you have a god, for they are all one and the same and the concept of god is always that supreme lunatic, the luciferian group entity of THINKING BEINGS.

Have a look at a simple Magic Square below. This is the basis for the power of the Magic Cube. A number is assigned to each of the 9 squares. Each row adds up to 15, even diagonally.

15 is the strongest number that represents the deity.

3 is the strongest number in regards to the form, or shape, of the deity.

… but 15 is the number most strongly associated with the luciferian god concept. It just so happens that 15 coincides with 3 on the 24 hour clock, or the 2nd clockface shown on this site. Then, when you total the three 15’s, you get the number 45. 45 coincides with the number 9 on the 3rd clockface. 9 is the number of the fall, the beginning of the FALL SEASON, and is the symbolic number of the FALL INTO DEATH, in respect to the 3 dimensional creation of the luciferian thought form. It is the 9th month, September, and the 11th day, that is regarded in oral tradition on the Hebrew Calendar, (to many Jewish faithful) as the 1st day of creation. The 1st day of the fall into death. 11 is the number thereby associated with death, as it is the 11th hour, the last hour before midnight and the coming judgment.

(See the text above, and the number 111, in regards to the reverence and belief that 9-11 is the 1st DAY).

All of this is just symbolism, but symbolism implements the power of hypnosis, the power of the deity to control our eternal Paradise State. We’re in Paradise NOW, however the 3 dimensional experience that perpetuates the TRANCE, separates us from reconnecting to the WISDOM and ETERNAL POWER of our ORGINAL STATE. Becoming AWARE that this is what’s transpiring, completely liberates us from the TRANCE and we RECONNECT and RECLAIM the POWER and WISDOM of that ETERNAL STATE RIGHT NOW.

Magic square

The number 9 can also be derived from the Magic Square of Saturn, shown above. Saturn is another source for the name Satan. Satan is derived from the Arabic word SHAITAN, which alludes to the ONE WHO BRINGS ENLIGHTENMENT, or KNOWLEDGE. This is also the same meaning to the name LUCIFER, and though the exact terms are not originally found in the Bible, the whole Jewish / Christian Bible is completely devoted to the LIGHT BRINGER, who is Jehovah, and who Christians believe, is Jesus, the LIGHT OF THE WORLD. All these names, or terms, refer to the CREATOR / CONJURER, who should rightfully be referred to as the luciferian egregore group of thinking entities, who agree together to perpetuate deceit to manifest a hypnotic trance illusion. This illusion manipulates our reality through the CHRIST / ANTICHRIST concept, or the number 666, which, when inversed, are symbols of 999, or 9 x 111, which in turn represents the FALL into DEATH.

With this particular example there are 3 rows of 3 squares – one on top of the other. The numbers 4 – 9 – 2 are placed in the top row. 3 – 5 – 7 are placed in the middle row. 8 – 1 – 6 are placed in the bottom row. No matter which way you add these rows up – across – up and down – or diagonally, you always get 15. The number 15 is the number most strongly associated with the deity sun god. Saturn relates to the Greek god Chronus from where we get the term chronology. SATURN and the SUN, though appearing as opposites, together symbolize the DUALITY NATURE of worshipping the 3 dimensional experience as if it were real.

Chronology, the science of computing time, and another god related to Saturn, is the god Shani. This is a demi god of India. Any of these terms can be used with reference to the number 9. When you add up the 9 numbers in the magic square you get a total of 45. 45 coincides with 9 on the 4th clockface illustrated on this site, and is the number of the fall. 45 = 4+5 = 9. Divide 45 by 9 and you get 5. The connection to the 5 sense reality which is synonamous with the fall into death experience. This symbolism just keeps connecting all over the place, and is the motivation behind the term, SACRED GEOMETRY. Quite apart from being incidental, it is how we are all connected, and for that matter, how we ALL APPEAR TO BE REAL, to the manipulation taking place on a grand scale.

Number & 9

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Google Video – illuminatiMATRIX explanatory video detailing the foundational root of hypnosis, religion, intellectualism and who and what god is.

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YouTube Video highlighting some of the subliminal elements hidden in the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem

Please read the next paragraph before watching the ROCK VIDEO.

On the ROCK VIDEO, the World Trade Center is mistakenly called the ROCKEFELLER PLAZA. The WTC was conceived and promoted by the Rockefellers. The Rockefeller Plaza is to the north of the World Trade Centre, on the MANHATTAN ROCK, or MANNA STONE. The WTC and the Rockefeller Plaza , along with the area of CENTRAL PARK, relate to the TEMPLE MOUNT in Jerusalem, and the Al Aqsa Mosque, the Dome of the ROCK, and the Temple Courtyard. These in turn relate to the North American West Coast. See page 39 for more details.

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