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Google Video – illuminatiMATRIX explanatory video detailing the foundational root of hypnosis, religion, intellectualism and who and what god is.

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YouTube Video highlighting some of the subliminal elements hidden in the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem

Please read the next paragraph before watching the ROCK VIDEO.

On the ROCK VIDEO, the World Trade Center is mistakenly called the ROCKEFELLER PLAZA. The WTC was conceived and promoted by the Rockefellers. The Rockefeller Plaza is to the north of the World Trade Centre, on the MANHATTAN ROCK, or MANNA STONE. The WTC and the Rockefeller Plaza , along with the area of CENTRAL PARK, relate to the TEMPLE MOUNT in Jerusalem, and the Al Aqsa Mosque, the Dome of the ROCK, and the Temple Courtyard. These in turn relate to the North American West Coast. See page 39 for more details.

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illuminati goddess – the god of merchandising – sigil magic and the egregore thought form

The second set of 13 letters of the English alphabet is a strange arrangement of letters, innocently placed, but with malicious intent. The 1st set of 13 letters dealt with establishing the genetic family link of the illusory triune godhead. In other words, the first set of letters is very concerned with the physical life side of this 3 dimensional realm. The letters dealt with the corrupting luciferian group egregore’s ability to use sexuality to manipulate reality and the ability of who and what we really are, to be free.

This 2nd set of 13 letters is primarily concerned with the illusory physical death aspects of this 3D experience. Right from the 1st letter N to the last letter Z we have death and war written all over this group of sigil magic forms. See the diagram below and the manipulation used to instill fear into the illusory body called humanity, … and humanity, in turn, is used to distract and disconnect our real expression of who and what we really are, from our original wisdom state. Keep in mind that this form has been reversed for use in recent NaZi propaganda and that it was originally intended as a symbol for good. What is usually missed, is that this intention for good is nothing more than another deception of the luciferian mind. All symbols, in any form, are all meant to manipulate our focus from our original, non-dimensional, Reality State. All symbols, no matter how well intended, are still symbols and have hidden in them, the manipulating luciferian mind.

Keep in mind, that even the words I write, the diagrams I draw and the paintings I paint, are all designed to manipulate you. If you could hear me speak, the sound of my voice would likewise manipulate you. My intent is to inform you that if anyone is using sound, shape or colour in any 3 dimensional form, there is no absolute truth in it. There is an absolute TRUTH, and there is an absolute REALITY. However, it cannot be accurately expressed with the corrupting elements of anything 3 dimensional, such as sound, shape or colour. When reading these words, and studying these charts, comprehend what’s being spoken between the lines, in spite of the manipulative abilities within the lines, and the letters themselves. Realizing this reconnects us to our Original Wisdom State through this awareness. Realizing that no thought is accurate thought, (because all thought has a sound, shape and colour) then I only need to know ONE THING, and that is I KNOW NO THING. This removes the ego and any hint of pride, the exact opposite of the luciferian egregore intent for all 3 dimensional life experiences. This leaves only wisdom, that characteristic not learned, or associated with thought. When we trust wisdom to show us what to do, it’s there when we need it. Wisdom doesn’t know what to do until it arrives at the moment. For there is only ONE MOMENT, and the concepts of Time and Space are apparitions only experienced within the luciferian RITUALS called THOUGHT.

To easily grasp the falsehood of the concepts of TIME and SPACE not being real, do this exercise.

Consciously count from 1 to 10, with the number 10 being the word you’ll be focusing on, … out there, … in the future. The number 10 is out there in the future, … and as you count, and get closer to speaking the number 10, it’s still in the future. Be aware that the future has no reality contained within it. It doesn’t exist! It’s just a notion, a thought pattern, a PROMISE, that suggests there’s something there, … and eventually, something from the future, such as speaking the number 10, will be experienced in the present moment. When you speak the number 9, the number 10 is still in the future, still not part of reality, and still non-existent. Then, … as you begin to speak the number 10, something very peculiar occurs, … at the very moment of voicing the word called the number 10, … at the precise juncture of uttering any portion of that word, it’s already in the past! GONE! Still not real! Still an illusory notion, that was filled with promise of being valid when the moment arrived, but the moment never arrived.

It was always in the FUTURE right up until it was in the PAST, and both of these expressions of TIME are all there is, … and none of it was ever real. There is NO True Moment of Reality within the 3D life experience. The only True Moment in Reality that there is, is that Eternal Moment when NO THOUGHT, which means, no sound, shape or colour, has been initiated. The True Eternal Moment is recognized when there is simply the eternal concept of realizing that the Ultimate Expression of Being, (who and what we really are), KNOWS ALL THINGS ALREADY … characteristics we refer to as wisdom, freedom, liberty, peace, joy, strength, awareness, power, … and which form the non-dimensional Paradise State, … which again is who and what we are already. Wisdom is not a learned thing! Wisdom just is … and Wisdom is who and what we are. There’s no path to follow, no thing to learn, just become aware of the manipulative nature of the 3D Thought Process as being the hidden luciferian entity, designed and conjured up, to totally and completely fail. Realizing what the manipulation process is (the Thought Process), and to realize what the manipulation tactic used to distract and attempt to disconnect us from our Original Wisdom State is, returns to us, all the power, strength and eternal liberty that has remained hidden behind the veil of all things of sound, shape and colour.

These observations are not scientific. For all science, new age thought, religion, esoteric magic, aetheism … or whatever, are all based on a flawed number and language system, and are all luciferian ritualistic worship of a Creator God. Yes indeed, atheists are some of the most religious 3D folk on the planet. They believe in SCIENCE, which is SEANCE, or communicating with the Mind entirely devoted to the Thought Process of manipulation, …SCIENCE, or SEANCE is communicating with DEATH. Nonetheless, no one thought is better or worse than the other. None of these thought patterns are sinful, for sin is merely a fabricated notion which holds no basis in reality. However, all thoughts are purposely flawed, and purposely implanted within our illusory mind, designed to disconnect us from the freedom and strength that is rightfully, and already, ours.

See the diagram immediately below, that shows how the 3 dimensional world we see, is an illusion. Awareness was, is and always will be what reconnects us to the infinite eternal state of wisdom. When the luciferian mindset took upon itself to devise a number and language system, the whole 3D illusion occurred. Through the number and language system time could be measured and communicated and space resulted from measuring time. Everything took on a 3D perspective. If you remove time and space by removing the number and language system you return to the wisdom state. Removing the number and language systems, means to give no credence, or validity to these manipulative and illusory concepts. In other words, have no emotional attachment to anything initiated by the Thought Process, which includes the whole 3 dimensional realm.

Notice in the diagrams below, the vanishing point exists in everything 3 dimensional. This is physical evidence that nothing is really there. Everything has a vanishing characteristic. Everything is illusory. This vanishing characteristic creates a triangle / pyramid form which is the strongest form of the deity. If you insert numbers and language, which is thought, into the wisdom state, you’re back to the 3D illusion again. The 3 sides of the triangle represent the father, mother and son of god. Everything has this triune perspective as seen in the vanishing point perspective drawings. Everything has the Creator/Conjurer Trinity God aspect built within it. This is how we’re created in the image of god, which in turn is, the luciferian mindset. It is this Thought Form that drives the illuminati structure throughout the 3D realm, of which we (the illusory body of humanity) are the target of manipulation to be used in turn to distract who and what we really are, which is the eternal Wisdom State.

Let’s take a look at the word DIMENSIONAL.


This is simply another subliminal hidden in the pronunciation curve of the word.

The 3D experience is the one where humanity experiences the death illusion as a direct result of the luciferian egregore group Thought Form.

3D World

As seen in the previous pages, the 360 degree zodiac circle, the perfect pi system of 3.14 and the golden mean phi ratio of 1.61 are all examples of a ridiculous system of the luciferian Mind that was invented to manufacture all kinds of seductions. Everyone of these seductions is meant to deceive the world as it manipulates every aspect of the illusory body of humanity. It’s amazing how, even the seemingly enlightened people of the world, find the thought of giving up the everyday common practices of the 3D world as extreme. This is but another example of the hypnotic MATRIX illusion, where even the wise are not. There are no numbers or language systems in the awareness state. When these ‘teachers’ say that learned knowledge will set us free, understand that this a complete lack of awareness. It is, of course, learned knowledge that placed us in this circumstance we now find ourselves in. Wisdom knows nothing. Knowledge THINKS… it knows something. The Serpent in the fable of the Garden of Eden story said (as it pretended to speak with some authority) that Adam and Eve could eat of all of the fruit in the garden but not of the “tree of the knowledge of good and evil,…” or they would die. What a twist on reality. This is a perfect example of seeming to say something wise, when in fact, it’s laced with deceit.

First off there was no tree! Second, there is no good or evil! Third, we’re warned not to do something – hypnotic suggestion based on fearand then, the Serpent (the luciferian group of Thinkers) sets about to create a number and language system where you can’t help but eat the fruit of deceit. You’re illusory 3D life experience is trapped! We’re then taught to believe that this life experience is who we really are, and it’s one endless plunge into the hypnotic pit of deceit. You take the number and the name of the beast. There really isn’t a number or name that’s synonymous with the beast, that too, is a fabrication to enhance the illusion. Still, there is a number that carries with it, the subliminal meant to appear to keep us locked in a cycle of fear and death. That number is 6-6-6, or spelt out, SIX SIX SIX. The subliminal suggested is SICKS SICKS SICKS, and with that suggestion, fear and entrapment, and manipulation of reality ensues. (This will be elaborated on in later pages). However, simply using numbers and language is to support the luciferian Mindset. Every thought process and every molecule of information, is knowledge. Knowledge kills. Knowledge isn’t wisdom and knowledge can’t reconnect you to the wisdom state.

Alphabet Shapes-2

Let’s consider the word Na-Zi and the SWASTIKA symbol and try to experience the sound even as we look at the shapes and colours put forward. You’ll not be exactly the same as before you observed this diagram. You may not notice anything, depending on your sensitivity, but you’ll be changed to some degree, as with any observation of any form in the 3D realm. This is because N is a connecting letter in its sigil magic strength. This is why it starts off the second set of 13 letters. It is the sound and shape to connect both halves of the alphabet together. If you look at the shape of the M it’s very obvious that the shape continues into the letter N. This may seem a real stretch to attempt to reason, but remember this is not how we think, for all thoughts are simply implanted within our mind. This is how the intellectually driven luciferian Mind thinks. That Mind is obsessed with shape, sound and colour. … Why? … Because that’s all it has. If a word or letter, a combination of letters, reversed or normal, is used repeatedly in our language, then it has immense manipulative strength. The whole idea of the luciferian Mindset is to deceive and place us in a hypnotic trance. What better way to keep us in a deep hypnotic state than to establish a system where we willingly hypnotize ourselves. We are in a virtual state of perpetual deception, also called the Trance State.

NAZI – Swastika – Texas?

The word NAZI, as seen in the diagram below, show the N and Z overlayed. When you open the strokes up 45 degrees to form 90 degree right angles and keep them overlapped you obtain the basic swastika sun symbol. Opening these strokes up by 45 degrees is very symbolic to the luciferian Mind. 45 degree twists are applied in many places to achieve the sacred geometric shapes but none more important than when applying it to achieve the square, (the swastika is a square). From the light beam chart above you can see that the square is twisted 45 degrees with the point of the square facing up. This is mirrored in the Nazi use of the swastika with the point facing upwards. It should be noted here, the importance of the square is that, when it’s cubed it has a volume of precisely 3 pyramids. The square in its cubed form is another symbol of the triune god. Remember this as you observe how many corporate symbols include a square in their design. Notice in the diagram that a circle is also placed around the swastika. This is the circle of the universe demonstrated in the light chart. This is also the fabricated 360 day path that the earth takes to go around the sun. (Remember, it takes 365 1/4 days, and a couple of minutes…).

Laying of one swastika over another, with another 45 degree twist, achieves an eight pointed star, or an octagon. The octagon is the symbol of total and complete control. This is the reason, once again, why the new Freedom Tower – 1 World Trade Center being built to replace the World Trade Center Twin Towers is going to have a square base. From each corner of this square base a pyramid will rise to the top corners of a square at the roof of the building. This top square will have a 45 degree twist from the bottom base square. However, in the centre of the building, half way up, there will be a perfect octagon. This is why they were so quick to name the World Trade Center site, after the attack, as Ground Zero? This is Ground Zero, the starting point for the final coronation, or the establishment of the New World Order, the Messianic Age, the Age of Aquarius, or the ultimate ,… the Environmental Green Movement, being forced violently upon the world.

Be sure to read to the end of this site to see the vast amount of information pertaining to the name Ground Zero and the coming devastation the luciferian Thought Process agenda hope to achieve.

Be sure to continue reading the pages from here on, as the dramatic symbolism of the octagon, the 8 sided Freedom Tower, the 8 sided Islamic Dome of the Rock and the 135 degree angle of the octagon, all connect together with the fabricated war on terrorism and Al Gore’s pathetic scam of global climate change. The manipulation of reality using the global climate change scenario, is nothing more than the fabricated war on terrorism, which in reality, is a war on our original eternal state, using the illusory collective body we call humanity. This will culminate in a cull of the majority of humanity through a sequence of events. The pages just ahead describe the tools that will be used to attempt to put us through the horror devised from the Mind of this illusory supreme god of Thinking Entities. The information coming up in the following pages will connect all this preamble together. Be very prepared to be exposed to extremely troubling information.

What we have then, are luciferian Minded leaders in charge of directing the affairs of the world. As they build their buildings, we’re at a complete loss to see that they’re telling us, “Hey, we’re deeply entranced fascist luciferian minded reptilian brain oriented entities”… and we just say… “hmmm, nice building”.

Nazi 2

The view from the top of the Freedom Tower – 1 World Trade Center is seen at the bottom of the diagram. Everything is symetrical. The 2 swastika symbols represent the roof and the base. The octagon shape is slightly exaggerated in this demonstration so it is easier to see. (To read more information regarding the Freedom Tower go to Page 4 – Number System and Page 13 Freedom Tower – New Jerusalem – in the navigation bar at the top right side of the page).

Letter T – Sacrifice Cross – The Intercessor

The letter T is in the middle of the 2nd set of 13 letters. This is placed in the centre of the hexagon for the reason outlined in the example of the 1st Alphabet page. T is the first letter in the name of the Sun God (Son of God) Tammuz, the son of Nimrod of ancient Babylon. This is one early example of the Son of God being offered in sacrifice in the exact same fashion as Jesus. However, it has it’s origin more completely defined in the intersecting lines of the seasons of the Zodiac circle. These intersecting lines in turn, create 4 quarters, and 4 points, that form the 4 square foundation that the luciferian agenda is built upon. The symbolic importance of the number 4 is drawn from this intersection aspect, and the importance of the number 4, and 44, which relate to Lincoln and Barack Obama will become extremely evident throughout these pages. These intersecting lines give us the source for the notion that the Son of God is the intercessor, the saviour who would make things right with the Creator God on our behalf. Of course, this will only happen if we worship the son. Through the son, we supposedly worship the father. The son, in turn, is but the product of the mother and the father, so we end up worshipping the whole divine family. The letter T, in this respect, represents the whole triune godhead. Some religions claim to only believe in the son and the father and not the mother. This is an attempt to appear right in their belief. However, if you worship any Supreme God, in any form, by any name, be it the son only, the father and the son, or the father, son and holy ghost/spirit (the holy ghost is symbolized by the dove landing on the head of Mary, or Semiramis, etc.), it is still the worship of the luciferian saviour prince. Worship of any supreme being is luciferian mind play and the manipulation of reality by the egregore group Thought Process, which is hypnosis.

The Original Queen of Heaven

The subliminal within the ancient name SEMIRAMIS, today’s MARY, who was the original Queen of Heaven in Babylon:

SEMIRAMIS = MISS-MARIE anagram = MOTHER MARY = MARY, or MAR in Latin, = the Mother SEA

Other names for Semiramis in different empires and different ages:




Shing Moo

Titles of Semiramis:
Goddess of Love, of Hunting and Birth Crafts
War and Wisdom, of Growing Things
of Fertile Earth
of Marriage and Women
of the Hearth
Wife of Kronos (Father Time, the Creator)

Other aliasses applied to Semiramis:

Semiramis – The Wife of Nimrod

Allilah or ALLAH
Goddess with the 12 stars;
celibacy is required of her priests
Ishtar; Babylonian sun-goddess
Isis; Egyptian sun-goddess
Lady Liberty
Rhea; Goddess of the hunt
Sin; the moongod(dess)
Venus; (Goddess of Love)

This is a short list only.

The Letter S

The next letter ‘S’ precedes the letter ‘T’. This one’s pretty simple to see the symbolism. Of course it’s the snake serpent undulating form. It’s probably the most beautiful of all the letter forms and the magic that can be done with this form is unbelievable. Everything, from the scales of geometric design, as seen on most money in the world, to the treble clef of the music scale, the letter S, or any form of the double curve, is potent. Also, take 2 letter S’s, lay one over top of the other and reverse it, and the number 8, the number of total control, is formed. This is yet another reason why geometry is so sacred to the luciferian Mind. Geometric patterns are the complexion (so to speak), of the beautiful one. Notice that the S is the first letter of the word, SCALE, as well. Geometry is sacred to the luciferian Thought Process, for more than the ability to create formulas and symbols. The illuminati families are reptilian brain based and are the luciferian conjured up bloodlines of old. The old mythological serpent gods who used their kabbalistic knowledge to enslave the masses then, through hypnosis, continue to do so today. They totally worship their scales and degrees of repetition, their sacred geometry at work. This is the reason for the 33 degrees of Scottish Rite Freemasonry (10 degrees of the York Rite) and all the scale design on the front and back of the Freemason American $1 bill. The number 33, or 33 degrees, coincides with 1.1 on the clockface developed exclusively for, and shown on this site. The number 1.1 = 11 = 111 = the number of creation. (111,111,111 x 111,111,111=12345678987654321, or the creation/conjuring up, of all things)

Apply this same double S, letter 8 shape to the Mercury Caduceus symbol, (the medical symbol), also called the Hermes Caduceus, and you have to wonder what’s going on? This shape is also the infinity symbol and the eyes of an owl, and the breasts of a woman. What could possibly be the connection between all of these, seemingly unrelated subjects?

MERCURY = MER-CURE = MAR-CURE = SEA CURE = SEE CURE, the name Mercury symbolizes the sea cleansing the world.
HERMES = MERHES = MARIES = MARRY’S = Mother MARY’S MARRIAGE OF THE LAMB, the Queen of Heaven cleansing of the earth. The same meaning as Mercury.

Notice also, that the word SACRED, begins with an S. None of this is coincidence. All this is meant to manipulate you and to put you into a trance state. The alphabet and language are sigil magic incantations, creating a veil that disconnects us from our original wisdom state by manipulating our ability to be aware of what reality is. These alphabet shapes are meant to hypnotize you and make you believe that the luciferian egregore group Mind, the Light of the world, is God. That it’s the great I AM, or I MA, or I MOTHER, of the universe. This ‘I Am’ concept is implanted within the illusory body of humanity through religious dogma and doctrine. It is no coincidence again, that DOGMA, when reversed or mirrored, simply says AM-GOD. How much clearer can it be.

Of course, hypnosis is a dirty trick. The person subjected to hypnosis can’t see hypnosis working because part of the suggestion is, that you’re not under a hypnotic spell. The hypnotic Trance State can’t be broken if you can’t see, that you are indeed, in a trance. This is where wisdom alone, will know what to do, to reconnect with Reality, and our Original State Paradise State. Who and What you really are, already knows everything, you don’t have to take a path of enlightenment to get to the point where you can say, “now I have wisdom”. You are already wise and aware, and the Real you has just been distracted, or disconnected from your Original Wisdom State by this group entity which acts as a curtain of massive distraction, to keep you busy, and staying busy, hinders one from focusing on what reality is. However, don’t try to figure this out, whether this is true or untrue. This would just be more busy-ness. Just watch … and wait … simply observe, and you’ll reconnect, or bring the Wisdom State, and Reality, back into focus. This will once again, become your Reality, and you will reclaim the power and eternal bliss of the Paradise State.

The ST. Acronym Of Alpha-Beta – St. Shania Twain

The letters S and T together give you the acronym ST. The acronym ST., is Saint. A Saint is a so-called holy person. It also has the sound / shape associated with the illusory entity referred to as Satan. (Remember, it’s the shape and sound association we’re going after, not some scientific mumbo jumbo). An excellent example of this shape and sound association can be seen in the name Shania Twain. Stare at the name for a moment. S (drop the letter H) A (drop 2 letters n and i) AT (drop the w) A (drop the i) N. The letters dropped were very incidental in the overall sound of the words. Those extra letters were just there to mask the subliminal message of how this person is UNWITTINGLY used to manipulate a huge portion of society. The basic sound and shape of this name is SAATAN or SATAN. The word SAATAN, or SATAN, comes from the Arabic word SHAITAN, which literally refers to the one bringing enlightenment, or knowledge into the world. This is the same meaning as LUCIFER, or LUCEM FERRE, the Light Bringer, or Light Bearer. This is a deliberate hidden anagram. LUCEM FERRE also has subliminals hidden within as well. The word FERRE = BEAR, as in Water Bearer. The Light Bearer, is the Water Bearer.

FE, or FER, or any compound formed of IRON OXIDE/RUST, has attached to it the symbolism, and subliminal associated with the BLOOD of ORION.

Water is the Holy Spirit, the Dove of Columbe, that is destined to cleanse the world of this illusory concept called SIN. The term, Water Bearer, is the symbolism used to describe the Age of AQUARIUS, the Age of Cleansing the earth of SIN. Yet again, FERRE is FE, or FER, the scientific symbol for IRON. The word IRON = FERRE, and IRON is the element that produces the colour RED. RED is the symbol of BLOOD… and just as the letter F in FERRE is suggesting the B in BEAR, so to is the B in BLOOD, suggesting the F in FLOOD, or the deluge of Water within the luciferian agenda, that’s designed to cleanse the earth.

Hypnosis goes in vicious cycles such as this, in a seemingly endless cycle of lunacy. If you get lost trying to track along, that’s the whole intent of this peculiar subliminal construction. The whole thing is not meant to be rational, or logical, it’s simply meant to instill confusion, which is the luciferian Trance State.

Extra vowels and consonants such as the letter H, which sounds like the letter A on it’s own, can be molded into the overall sound of the word. As important as the sound is, the actual physical shape of the letter is equally powerful.

Shani-a Diva – I’m On My Way

This name Satan is also derived from the name Saturn. Saturn in turn has a demi god (of east Indian religion) that is associated with Saturn called Shani Deva. Shania Twain, the woman, is definitely a Diva, and her name is Shani-a. The name Twain means two, and it wasn’t until Robert John (Mutt) Lange met and married and began to write and produce the recordings of Shania Twain, that she did indeed get “on her way” to extreme success and wealth.

Of course, Shania means (in the Canadian Ojibway Indian language) “I’m on my way”. Did Shania know the symbolism sigil incantation power of the name? I doubt it. Did Mutt Lange know the power of the name? Probably more than he would let on. Did Mercury Universal Records know the sigil magic luciferian potency of the name? Without a doubt!

Shania goddess

Mercury – Hermes – Messenger God – Merchandising

Mercury is the Roman god of Merchandise. (Consider also, A-Merch-and-Ise as in A-meri-can Ice). Mercury is the messenger of the gods. Mercury is the planet closest to the sun/son/sol/soul. Symbolically, the planet Mercury – or Merchandising – making Money – is the closest one can get to the soul/sol of the Sun God. In the Kabbalistic writing of the Key of Solomon, (not written by Solomon – Sol-o-mon is simply a sun worship name – SOL and MOON) on the 10th plate Mercury is mentioned. Yet another connection with the luciferian mind, the chosen people, the Jews, (just one more branch of the illusory God’s elite), and making merchandise in our modern times.

Mercury Universal – this second name, speaks of the universe and the egregore group Mindset of the Light Bringers, Lucifer, who agreed together to create, or conjure up the whole 3D illusory realm. When watching the videos and listening to the music of Shania Twain, the luciferian Mind, and Sun God symbolism is overwhelming. In the videos, done before Mutt Lange came on the scene, there were pillars, palm trees (sun symbol), church spires (pyramids), ovals, squares and endless other simple shapes and undulating movement. All fine and dandy. Really a joy to behold when coupled with this beauty. However, just as with all performing entertainers, they’re doing it to milk millions of dollars from us and to manipulate our minds (which are really their minds), into a hypnotic trance unequalled in history.

Much of the world fell into a trance at the sight and sound of this combination of sexual beauty and the simple sensuous sounds of sex in the voice of Shania Twain. This was all done on purpose, to distract, and nullify our awareness. The videos, after Mutt Lange took charge, have even more luciferian Thought Form symbolism. Freemasonry, just one Secret Society used to manipulate reality, came to South Africa (the home of Mutt Lange), from Holland (via the Dutch East India Trading Company) and set down roots within that country. As in the case of Mutt Lange, even if a certain individual doesn’t actually join the Masons, the effect on your reasoning by being raised in a Masonic driven society is dramatic and influential.

Check out the video, “You Win My Love”. There you see a huge black and white checkered racing flag. This is the magic square symbolism of Freemasonic Lodge floors. The numbers on the little go carts are 27 and 30, etc. all strong symbolic numbers.

27=3x3x3, or a perfect CUBE.
30=3×10, or the shape of the deity number, the pyramid, multiplied by the number of inTENsity.

Pillers Of Boaz and Jachin

There’s also a token column, a phallic symbol, where our little beauty, Shania, sits on top, simply to illustrate that she is a type of the Queen of Heaven. Columns represent royal greatness and divinity. That divinity is the power of wealth and commerce. For this reason the tallest buildings in the world were 2 columns called the World Trade Center, built in the financial district of Manhattan, New York. This was the symbolism used in front of the old Hebrew Temple, with the columns, or pillars referred to as Boaz and Jachin. Boaz and Jachin were pillars of sacrifice, situated at the Gate of the Porch to the Temple sanctuary, located just beside the Altar of Sacrifice. This is exactly the situation within the World Trade Center complex, where the sacrifice was prepared within the Pillars themselves. This is also the situation, where, in these illusory days in which we are currently experiencing the 3d illusion, the sacrifice is being prepared for the NEXT and LAST 9-11, however this time, on a massive scale that it defies comprehension from a logical, rational perspective. This site details just how massive the intended cataclysm is meant to be.

Throughout this site, the important symbolism attached to the Pillars of Boaz and Jachin, or Gachin, will become almost unbelievable. These 2 names are referred to as the B and G Pillars in Freemasonry. One example of the use of the B and G Pillars of Sacrifice was just put forward in the previous paragraph. This is how it works to establish the hypnotic Trance State within the 3D plane, even without the intended subject being aware of how they’re being used.

BILL GATES = B and G = BAAL fertility god, GATES the 2 faced god called Janus, the keeper of Gates/Control.
Gates, Portals, Windows, etc., … computer terms. The computer, the most powerful mechanical tool ever developed to indoctrinate the population in lunacy, all the while convinced they’re becoming filled with wisdom, or at least, wisdom is on a disk somewhere within easy reach.

This is how the B and G Pillars work in actual practise. This will be encountered numerous times throughout this site.

Shania’s videos are completely sex driven and filled with excitement and illusion. Again, all fine and dandy. A pleasure to see this beauty doing her thing. However, they take hundreds of millions of dollars out of our pockets, then turn around and give a few million back to a charity called Feed the Children. Just a moment here! Shouldn’t that be the other way around. Shouldn’t they keep a few million and give back hundreds of millions to the starving people of the world. Well, no. Not if you’re planning on buying a multi-million dollar chalet in Switzerland, the safe-country for the illuminati elite. Not if you’re also planning to buy a 60,000 acre paradise in New Zealand, (which will be shown to be the Zion Gate that the Messiah will symbolically rise out of). This is how the luciferian Mind works. It is so obsessed with hoarding and control and manipulating Reality through the most powerful manipulation tool of all, our sexuality.

This little ramble about Shania Twain has nothing to do with putting her down. She is no worse and no better than anyone else on the planet. This is just a demonstration of how the luciferian/illuminati agenda works to manipulate our emotions so they gently sift our awareness, our wealth and our physical health down to nothing. Incidentally, Shania’s real name is Eilleen Regina Edwards. Every one of these 3 names has extremely strong link potential to the Royal families of Europe. More will be said of Shania Twain’s symbolic position in the illuminati agenda on page 16 – See of Peace 911. Do not miss that page.

Many miles of words could be written about the symbolism and manipulation used through such artists as the Beatles, Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley, Celine Dion, … anyone with fame, fortune and/or power. Keep reading the pages ahead and the lyrics to Bill Haley and His Comets, Rock Around The Clock, on page 20. This describes the 12 years from 2001 to 2012, and the sequence of events, including the desired cataclysm meant to be experienced by many.

The Letter R

Now for a look at the letter R. This letter is a symbolic killer. Like the K, it’s designed to be destructive. It’s a combination of the P (16th letter-relating to Lincoln and Obama), and the K (11th letter-or DEATH), put together. The P symbolizes the Prince, the Pi mathematical Circle formula, Allah, etc). The K symbolizes the attack on someone or something. Together, P and K form the ILLUSORY Prince of Light and the Prince of Darkness, designed to attack all of illusory body called humanity. This in turn is the luciferian group entity of Thinkers, that insists on conjuring up and manipulating the 3D world in its own image, that which in turn is based entirely on the Thought Process.

How many times do you see the letter R used in the English language? How many times in combination with the vowels? How many times used with the vowels but in reversed order? Take a look at the word REVERSE. Right there you see it used twice. But look more closely – REVER – S. Something fishy going on here! This word is telling me to REVERE – S. Well, S is the symbol for the snake or serpent, which in turn is symbolic of the idea of a Satan. This word is telling me to revere, or worship, Satan! Maybe we should call this fellow Reverend. Or maybe, do like the 32nd degree masons, who form the Shriners organization, and make REVER-IE.

When you combine the R letter with the vowels, what you get are the Kabbalistic sounds that are used extensively to manipulate. RA is one name for the creator God Ra, of ancient Egypt. This is Amen-RA, the source for the word Amen, used by Jews, Muslims and Christians alike, in their worship filled prayers. The Christian Lord’s prayer goes something like “Our Father which art in heaven, hallowed be thine name…” and ends up something like “for thine is the kingdom, the power and the glory, forever and ever…AMEN“. This is Amen-Ra, the ancient Egyptian sun god. Amen does not mean “so be it” or some other such notion. It’s the name of Amen Ra.

Consider the cheer – Ra Ra Ra! Ra Ra Ra! or the simple shout HooRAY! or she looks so RA-diant.


RA also gives us the word RAY as in the SUNS RAY. Another example of RA with more overt sexuality is the word RABBIT. Tammuz, the child saviour of ancient Babylon, is said to have liked rabbits. The rabbit is a HARE. In this word hare, the letter H (the 8th letter of CONTROL-H and 8 sound the same) suggest the name Horus, the child saviour of Egypt.

The letter A in HARE, is the PYRAMID with the All Seeing Eye capstone cross line. A is then combined next to the R which symbolically pushes our RA button (in reverse) and ends with an E next to the R. The E is silent, and when hare is read in reverse with a silent E, all it’s saying is RAH, the name of the Sun God. It can also be pronounced RAY, because the Sun God is the ray of light for the world, in the same manner that Jesus is the Light of the world. Ra is simply another earlier name for Jesus. The HARE word has the same sound as HAIR. Also, the silent E, (the 5th letter-representing HUMAN SACRIFICE), at the end of Hare is not just to look good. This the letter that refers to El, the father of all gods. This refers to the EL-ECT of god. This is derived from the beam of light energy atom symbol, and is symbolizing the Electrical Energy that forms the 3 dimensional illusory world we see.

The very concept of GOD being ELECTRICITY or ENERGY, and the source of LIFE and DEATH, is further identified in words such as THEO, which refers to GOD and THEOLOGY. From this word we get the name THEODORE, or THAD, or spelled abstractly as THEAD. (Vowels can be used interchangebly without losing the subliminal). This, in reverse, is actually suggesting DAETH, or DEATH, for this is the very notion of what God is,… but the giver of Life and the taker of Life, … God is Death! Using this fabricated dogma, the fear of death, puts the illusory concept of God in complete control over our Original State of Freedom and Liberty.

The sound and shape association described up to this point gives us the symbolism for the suns rays. For example hair is used as symbolism for the sun’s rays when speaking of the lion’s mane. The Lion from the tribe of Judah is actually speaking of the sun god of the Jewish nation, who are in truth, Egyptians. The HAIR represents the LIGHT, or ENERGY, which is moves in CURRENTS. This is also the method in which WATER MOVES, in CURRENTS. Light and Water are one and the same thing. They are both CURRENTS, and both produce electricity. This is the Living Water referred to as the Holy Spirit, symbolized by the form of the DOVE. This is the symbol of MARY, the Mother of the Son/Sun of God. MARY is MAR, in Latin, and refers to the SEA, or WATER. Once again, ELECTRICITY, WATER and MARY are all ONE AND THE SAME THING. The concept of introducing the notion of a person, such as MARY, being the representation of God, is to LINK, or CONNECT, through subliminal messaging, the notion that God and Humanity, can be ONE. The Life Force within a human such as Mary, is the BLOOD. Blood flows throughout our body in our veins. BLOOD flows in CURRENTS in the same fashion as ELECTRICITY, WATER and the LIVING WATER called MARY. Therefore, ELECTRICITY, WATER, MARY with her Bleeding Heart, and BLOOD, are all one and the same thing. To mention one, is to suggest, in subliminal fashion, all of the others. Of course, it doesn’t end there:


Keep this concept in mind progressing through this site. This is central to understanding the basis of this illusory reality, and the ability to reconnect to the Original Wisdom State.

Playboy – Pulling A Rabbit Out Of the Magicians Hat

More contemporary use of the rabbit and sexuality would be the Playboy Empire and the Rabbit logo. Just as the ancient Egyptian and Babylonian priests had many virgins and not so virgin girls attending to their every need, the luciferian Thinking Entities practise the same ritual needs to this day. In the Catholic Church, for example, the nuns are but a type of the old Vestal Virgins. The Playmates and other girls in the sex industry are fulfilling the same role as the ritual sex workers of ancient times. Of course, this is not sinful, or right or wrong, it’s just manipulative and designed to separate us from our Original Wisdom State. It really doesn’t separate us from our Original State, it just appears to, and the confusion and oppressive characteristics of this deceit hinders us from benefitting from the Power of our Original State.

This is not the corrupt scheme of the girls, or Hugh Hefner, or the men and women of the Playboy Empire who dream up this scheme. They’re just willing pawns, for what all of a sudden strikes them, as the thing to do. All that’s required as an antidote to the manipulation through the sex industry, is to be aware that this is the design and intention of the luciferian Thought Process, and this whole 3 dimensional plane was conjured up, based entirely on sexual desire. Therefore, enjoy sex in whatever fashion seems appropriate to each individual, however, be aware that this is not at all relating to who and what we really are. With this awareness, and to avoid being manipulated, the sex act can only be performed without any emotional involvement. Don’t attempt to make something meaningful or valid out of something that just physically feels good. Feeling physically good and satisfied is not an emotion. It’s similar to eating, … the hunger goes away, … and you feel good. Nothing emotional about any of that. The same with sex, … just keep it simple, … SEX without the emotional manipulation trick called LOVE, or CARING, loses its ability to deceive.

In ancient Egypt, the HARE was a hieroglyphic of eyes that are open and was a symbol of the initiation into the mysteries of Osiris. The Hebrew word HARE is ARNABET. This has the shape and sound association of the English RABBIT. Arnabet is compounded of 2 words that signify to Behold The Light. Therefore, the Playboy Rabbit symbol means to Behold The Light. That light, is the light particle and is the atom symbol, the 6 pointed star, the oldest sex ritual symbol in the world. The word Rabbi-t is also stating the obvious, that sex is the rabbi, the father of us all.

In subsequent pages, this HARE will be shown to connect to the World Trade Centre attack, the western United States, the constellation Orion and the attempted cull, or suggestion of a cull of humanity, all to gain control of our Original Paradise State.

From this it must surely be seen that there is much more going on in the sex industry besides just having sex. It is filled with sigil magic symbols to manipulate us through our sexual desires. It should be noted also, that the Kinsey report was published (which glorified more open sexuality, which on the surface is a huge improvement over the Puritanical forerunner), through the funding of the Rockefeller foundation, one of the major luciferian/illuminati pawn families.

However, as in all things luciferian, the way to create a smokescreen to hide the real agenda of what’s transpiring, is to use reverse psychology. By establishing a Victorian Puritanical age of so-called Purity, which goes completely contrary to the nature of how we’ve been conjured up, and then to create a backlash of rebellion to reclaim what we believe to be some lost human right, … in doing this, the intended manipulation of humanity to crave an open and free sexual society, is accomplished. When humanity regains what they believe they were fighting for, then the manipulation has been a success, and the luciferian agenda can move on to the next stage. In this particular stage of the agenda, this involves the World Trade Center attack of 2001.

Hugh Hefner, founder of Playboy magazine, was the son of a very religious Puritan family. It was his mother who loaned some of the money needed to start Playboy. Being a Puritan, or Christian, or religious in any sense of the world, means that you already worship the Son/Sun of god, which is always the luciferian Sun God. Therefore, it should be no surprise that Hugh Hefner’s mother would help finance this undertaking. Even though she says she didn’t see eye to eye with this type of material in a magazine, her belief system was really, completely compatible. This is hypnosis. Christianity, and all of religion, and everything in the 3D experience, is SEX BASED. To say otherwise is evidence of existence within the trance state. You say one thing, but always end up doing whatever it is you really believe in whatever hypnotic trance you find yourself in.

Having said that, I must reiterate, that Hugh Hefner, the Playboy Empire, the beautiful girls of Playboy, and the people in the porn industry in general, are not wicked, sinful, or any better or worse than any other person on this planet. The luciferian mindset however, uses this industry to distract and manipulate, just as it uses the movie and recording industries, and all industries within the 3 dimensional plane. We don’t have to destroy or curtail the porn industry to reconnect to our Original State. In fact, quite the contrary. We just have to realize that it can be used to deceive and mislead our understanding of what this 3 dimensional space actually is. In fact, I have met many people in the porn industry, including Hugh Hefner, who is a gracious and generous man. The people in this industry, are generally speaking, more open minded, caring and genuine than many people in society. It doesn’t matter if you enjoy porn, (whatever that is), or sexual content, as in Playboy magazine, or any other publication of any stripe, it only matters that you are aware of how it can control your ability to reconnect, and to remain focused on our Original Paradise State of Freedom and Liberty. Sex was designed to entrap and enslave. However, without emotional manipulation, it can be used to recognize what Reality and a Freedom really is.

For Those Living On The West Coast USA States

On page 18, 19 and 20 of this site, it will be made extremely obvious, that one part of the world to be attacked by the luciferian New World Order, under the guise of the 2nd Coming of Christ, or the Judgment of Allah, or the arrival of the Jewish Messiah, or the Age of Aquarius, or the Environmental Green Movement, etc., (different names for the same event), will be the state of CALIFORNIA, along with its movie, recording, porn and technology industries. By the year 2012, the cull of humanity will have been carried out to an even greater extent than we see occurring today. The rising flood waters of Al Gore’s subliminals relating to global warming will be one of the main weapons used to annihilate the so-called sinners of the world. All with the intended purpose of taking CONTROL of REALITY, and our Original Paradise State. This is the real New World Order agenda.

See the diagram of Playboy symbolism below.

Playboy Rabbit 2

Kabbalah – Casting A Spell – Manipulating Light

RE is the prefix for the word REPTILE and is used in the normal form or reversed – ER – frequently. This is to establish the message very subliminally that the reptilian brained group Entity is in control. There is no such thing as an actual, real reptilian race running the world, come here from another planet, there is only a reptilian brain luciferian Thought Process, which has placed the whole of humanity into a deep and confused Trance State. This same Thought Process has called out some who have fallen most deeply into the Trance State, to take a leading role in exposing the Reptilian Race who supposedly control the planet Earth, when in reality, it’s simply a matter of hypnotic suggestion, through subliminal messaging, using the Thought Process that conjured everything into existence, that’s manipulating the whole show. Of course, the purpose of having a smokescreen cover story, such as the Reptilian Race, is to draw attention from the real luciferian agenda, which is far more sinister, and directed squarely at the Paradise State, our Original State, … and IS WHO AND WHAT WE REALLY ARE.

Remember now, (as in the word RE-member) this is constant and continual sound, shape and colour association which is sigil magic, which is Kabbalistic Knowledge and is used to deceive the world and to place all of this illusory conjured up body of humanity into a hypnotic MATRIX trance state. Humanity, itself, was designed, or conjured up to destroy Wisdom, or to disconnect us from the Power of the Eternal State.

Sigil magic is incantation. This is achieved by spelling the word – then attaching the sound of the word, or a sound symbolic of the word, to the shape and colour, or a symbolic shape that refers to the word, and repeating it endlessly. This is the SPELL put on humanity. This is the HEX of manipulating us through our natural S-HEX-ual desires. This is exactly the force established in all religious prayers and mantras, be they Buddhist, Catholic, Republican or Sacred Geometry of Freemasonry. It’s all religious jargon. Ritualistic incantation and hypnotic mantras don’t just stop with religions and secret societies. All intellectual institutions are nothing but religious institutions as well, creating elaborate incantations which must be studied and repeatedly endlessly until the desired outcome is achieved. This is referred to as the practice of SCIENCE.


Here’s an interesting little sigil marker.

Q – R – S – T equals QRST = CHRIST = CURSED.

This is by design. What you see here is the Q – Queen mother god, the R – Ra father god, the Serpent or Infinity symbol and the T, Sacrifice Cross, corresponding to the name Tammuz, the Babylonian Son God. The whole family makes up the name and sacrifice of CHRIST right in the centre of the second half of our alphabet.

More R vowel combinations include RI – for RITE or RITUAL. The word RICH will be a direct spin off from RITUAL. One of the strongest drives of the reptilian brain is the desire to obtain wealth. M-ER-chandising is the RE-LIGION of the lucifer Minded Thinkers. The word RITUAL does include sexual symbolism as well. The very nature of the word ritual speaks of REPETITION (the sex act itself).

Also, the RIGHT to perform the RITE. Just WRITE it down, as is the way of the Kabbalist. SPELL out the RITE and cast the SPELL. (This is crazy word play). So why does RITE sound like RIGHT and again sound like WRITE? It should be obvious of course! It’s all the same word, with the same thought and the same ritualistic affect. The luciferian conjured up, reptilian brain, is totally obsessed with doing things in threes, or trinities. Simply put, this is more symbolism referring to the triune Sun God. If you believe the science of language, that all that’s really going on is homonym, synonym, acronym stuff, then the spell has been successfully cast.

One other RI word to consider is the word RING as in the sound a bell makes. Such an enormous amount of English words have the ING sound in them, even the word ENG-lish has it. Albeit, it is disguised with the letter E. This is sigil sound which definitely pushes our buttons as the luciferian Mind commands. Again, this sound is associated with the BELL – BEL – BEELZEBUB – BAAL – BILL – (as in Bill Clinton and Bill Collector). The inspiration for this comes from the luciferian group egregore god, and is the reason for the Freemason symbolic use of the BELL. Societies throughout the world are constantly struggling to PAY THEIR BILLS. This is a massive subliminal, suggesting to everyone in such a situation, that they’re commanded to PAY HOMAGE TO BAAL. For this reason the world financial situation just goes from chaos to more chaos, manipulating all into a cycle of frustration and despair, which fosters unlimited fear, which is the breeding ground for further hypnotic control. The world financial situation was not designed to succeed, where prosperity would be shared by all. It was designed to fail! Furthermore, one sound associated with the education system is the school bell. We are forever mesmerized with this horrid thought. How many people can feel delight as they remember the sound of the school bell.

RO is the ancient word from which we get ROYAL. We also have words like ROPE – ROBE – ROCK (as in RO-CKefell-ER, one of the major ROYAL financial families). We also have RODE – ROGUE – ROLE – ROAM – ROME – ROAR – ROAST – ROSE (as in the OR-d-ER of the ROSE, the organization which takes its name from the petal appearance of the female genitalia). The massive use of the Rose symbolism will be demonstrated in the pages ahead. You must be very prepared for what you are about to see concerning the Rose, and the information associated with the ROCK and the ROSE. These are terms and words with incredible subliminal manipulative strength. All designed to lead us to a particular place, in a particular point in the luciferian agenda.

Then we have ROT (as in RO-THSchild, another major illuminati family). Is this a coincidence to have two of the major financial families with similar sigil symbols in their name? Both names, Rockefeller and Rothschild, have the RO in their name. What this represents, in both cases, is the Rose. The ROCK is the ROSE, and the ROSE is the ROCK. Two seemingly opposite expressions, however, within the luciferian agenda, this is the Rock that Rolls. The suggestion attached to this phrase, ‘Rock and Roll’ will become evident.

The RO in Rothschild, is symbolic of the Rose, but this time representing the god of war, as in THOR, which is an anagram of ROTH, written mainly in reverse form. Thor was the Scandanavian god of war. The Rothschilds are German, very close cousins to the Scandanavian families. ROTH also means RED, and suggests blood. The main purpose of war is to spill the blood of the people as a sacrifice to the luciferian egregore group of Thinking Entities.

The Salvation Army and their Red Shield logo, is derived from this Rothschild family name. This organization is a front for the real hypnotic enslavement of a portion of humanity. The Salvation Army was founded and funded through this family.

Roths-child = Red-Shield.

In later pages, the Red Shield will be illustrated to show what the ultimate intention of this organization really is. Even though those involved as volunteers and ministers within this organization have no inkling of what ultimate agenda they’re fulfilling, the luciferian agenda is nonetheless being fulfilled, in part, by the work of these people.

The Rothschild Jewish wealth also funded the Jehovah’s Witness Watchtower Society (or JW’s, an acronym for JEW), and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, (Mormans), based in Utah.

What about the word RO-TATION. This should really be spelled RO-T-ATE/8-SUN. This is the clock we use with the hands rotating from the centre pivotal point. This is the centre of the sex ritual symbol. This is the Eye of the Penis, at the intersection/INTER-SEX-SUN of the cross lines as shown on the Light Beam symbol on this site. This is where the seed of the luciferian thought form originates. From this position, using the centre of the EYE is the basis for measuring TIME and SPACE.

Notice also, that the arms or hands of a clock form little pyramids as they rotate around the face. As we look at the clock we see a big hand and a little hand, and we see the triangle or pyramid, the simplest first basic shape to capture space. Look at the clock right now. Are you late for anything? Is it to early to be going somewhere? you’re not in the moment, are you? Being out of the moment is to be out of step with wisdom, separated from the Original Wisdom State. In reality, there is no such thing as the MOMENT in this 3 dimensional life experience. Attempting to stay in the moment without perceiving that everything is an illusion, is a futile exercise. Everything is just PAST or FUTURE. Staying in the moment only occurs outside the Trance State, where there is no such concept as Time or Space. Coming out of the Trance State, and out from under hypnotic control, occurs when emotional detachment to all things 3 dimensional is recognized. This becomes our Reality when we recognize that everything, every thought, every bit of energy, and everything we believe to be real, is simply originating with the luciferian egregore group of Thinking Entities.

This is the origin, the genetic foundation, if you will, of the number and language system. From this ORIG – GENE – sound we get words like ORGA-NIZA-TION. This should actually be spelled ORG-A-NAZI-SUN. A form of total control derived from using the sun system of mind control. That’s how the luciferian mind thinks, that’s not how wethink. The name for the state of Oregon in the western USA, is also derived from this sound. This will become incredibly symbolic, this name Oregon, as we connect the World Trade Centre attack, and the North Tower, to the state of Oregon. This is the root sound for the term Ground Zero as well.

We also get the word orgasm from this sound and shape. You have to ask yourself, does the word orgasm, have anything to do with sex? Well, maybe just a bit. Whenever you hear the words with an ORG sound, or a GO or GRO sound, anything with a gutteral G sound (as in the word gutteral) then you’re being manipulated to respond accordingly. The words EGREGORE – AGORAPHOBIA – GREGARIOUS – CONGREGATION all have associated sound / shape sigil relationships. See more of egregore on the Armageddon page. The word Armageddon also has this sound. Armageddon is a play on words with Megiddo, the valley where the Lord’s Vengeance will be poured out. George Bush Sr. also took the name Magog as his nickname in the Skull and Bones Society. From this alone, we can be sure that something is amiss and it’s time to start paying attention from a symbolic perspectiive, to the sounds and shapes of our alphabet sigils. All of this will be described in the following pages.

George Bush The Rose Bush

The symbolic use of G or J in the English language, corresponds to the old Hebrew letter Yod. Whenever you see a G or J, the luciferian thought is always intending it to be read as Yod, the Yuh sound, instead of the G or J. For instance, the name GEORGE really means YEORYE, or in reverse EY-RO-EY. George means the Eye Rose Eye, or I-ROSE-I, or I Royal I. This is referring subliminally to the Great I Am That I Am, which suggests the notion of God. To simplify it even more, George means Rose. Attach this word Rose, to George Bush’s last name and you get Rose Bush. This is very important symbolism to understand as you go through this site. It will become very obvious, who and what is being used to perpetuate the insanity throughout the world, which has been symbolically initiated, using the Order of the Rose.

The OR or RO in the name GEORGE, suggests the ROYAL elite of the world and the letter G suggests the genetics and sexual symbolism of the middle pivotal letter, in the first half of the alphabet. Both the RO and the G, are symbolic subliminals refering to the Sex ROSE demonstrated on this site as the light beam particle. To become Royal, one must RISE ABOVE all others. This is accomplished through genetic inbreeding and maintaining the lunatic intellectual indoctrination of the luciferian Thought Process. To rise above all others, is to become the one who ROSE above all others, and is to become Royal. (See Alphabet and Univeral Language page).

There are also words like GOLEM (artificially manufactured humanoids), GOG from the land of MAGOG and, as mentioned, MEGIDDO as in the Valley of Megiddo, the supposed location of the Battle of Armageddon. These words are all subliminal markers that are laced with instilling the Holiness of the Sex God. War, sex and blood, mixed together in a cauldron of hate, fear and greed just seem to belong together to the luciferian Thinking Entities.

RUSE – Rush – Russia – URSA

RU is the sound and shape associated with RUBY – RUDE – RULE – RUSE – RUIN – RUB – RUN – RUT – RUM etc., and even names such as RUDY – RUDOLPH, etc. What should be evidenced as you read the R words, line after line, is a strong feeling of repression (REPRESSION – when broken down into sigil terms RE-PRESS-SUN). The word repression is formed of the REPEATING PRESSURE sound and shapes which are meant to ST-RE-SS your system. This R sound is potent. From the shape alone of the letter R, it is strongly associated with the letter P, which is the 16th letter of the alphabet, and throughout this site, the number 16 plays a highly symbolic role relating to Moses, the Great Sphinx, Abraham Lincoln and Barack Obama. It is used all throughout our language excessively. But why? …Of course, the desire, (desi-RE) of the luciferian egregore, master hypnotist group of Thinkers is to manipulate you endlessly, through every waking moment of every illusory day.

UVWXYZ – You V-eye Double You Hex W-eye See

What these letters of the alphabet are suggesting is this:

V=6 (the Hebrew value of V, or W, which is a double V).
W=6 and 6
Y=G or J, Sacrifice Pillar associated with Solomon’s Temple
Z=Zee = See = EYE = O’s, or OZ, as in the wizard of Oz

The letters ZYX also sound like SIX, or the number 6.
All placed together:
V=6, W=6, and ZYX=6, OR 666.

Remember, ALL THOUGHTS ARE LIES. Lies are thoughts that are implanted within, what we’re led to believe, are OUR MINDS, that ultimately disconnect us from Reality and forms the 3 dimensional reality we believe to be real, and it is not. Everything 3 dimensional has shape, colour and sound, and therefore becomes visible and therefore deceptive. Removing these thoughts, and breaking out of the Trance State, affords the opportunity of staying in the moment. Breaking out of the Trance State reconnects us, to our Original Eternal State of Wisdom, even as we stand here in our 3 dimensional form. We return instantly to the Original State of Being through our reclaimed awareness. It’s just that quick and that simple. However, the intellectual mind can’t fathom that notion in the least. You just can’t make money, or control anything, with such a pathetic perspective. The intellectual, luciferian conjured up, reptilian brain, will always attempt to attach Time and Space, and thereby appear to attach value to something that is already, so pure, and obviously simple.

Duality – Do-El-Eye-T Shift

The letter U does indeed stand for YOU. Not just ‘you’ however, it stands for the opposite of you. This is reverse imagery – as in the term U-TURN – this letter is again referring to the luciferian Mindset. The letter U refers to Union and United. This is the act of joining things together, through a twist, or change of direction. As in the original 13 states of the American Union. Also, in the United Nations. Yet again in the United States, the European Union, the African Union and so on.

The letter U becomes incredibly symbolic when associated with the UNION of the United States, and especially concerning the 16th president, Abraham Lincoln. Further on, (in this site), the word UNION is shown to correspond to the New World Order, the stage of the luciferian agenda, when Total Control of our Original State of Being, has been accomplished.

The New World Order is not about taking political, military, financial and religious power into the hands of the world’s elite, although, that’s the smokescreen to hide the real agenda. The New World Order is about manipulating Reality to such an extent, that we believe that we must worship the environment, and sacrifice our selves to maintain and continually attempt to fix, what was purposely designed to be the unfixable.

This, of course, is meant to lead to utter despair and absolute control of Reality.

Notice the letters in this second half of the alphabet. They’re hard, powerful shapes and sounds, all combined together. This is the Death, or Darker portion of the alphabet. World War One – World War Two – War on Terrorism (T-ER-RO-RIS-M which is T the Sacrifice Cross and RE the reptilian brained luciferian Thinkers – RO the Rose that – RI rises – M always refers to the MATRIX womb of gestation, or the Mother Goddess, the Moon Goddess associated with the Universal Flood). This word alone is enough to show who really was behind the World Trade Centre Attack. The SM at the end of words also alludes to Sado Masochism in acronym form. The World Trade Centre Attack was carried out within their Trance State, by the very people who own and controlled this property. This is sado masochism on a big scale. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that these trance induced leaders would blow up their own building and kill their own people? This is how they feel pleasure and release sexual pressure. This is a holy thing to the luciferian egregore Mind. This is how they have fun. This is also why they quickly named it GROUND ZERO, which simply means:

EROTIC Y-ROUN-D = EROTIC ORYUN-Death or the Erotic Death of Orion.

It was Orion who was killed by his lover, as he swam out to sea, but was struck in the head by a STONE thrown by his lover. The significance of this mythological story will be elaborated on in the following pages. This mythology links the World Trade Center attack to the state of OREGON, or ORION, which is the North Tower of the World Trade Center Plaza. As well as to the state of ARIZONA, or ORIAANZ, which is just an anagram for ORIONS, and is symbolic of the South Tower. Of course, this also links to the state of CALIFORNIA, which again is just an anagram referring to the KHALIF (an Arab principality ruler), and ORIAN, or ORION.

CALIFORNIA = KHALIF-ORION, or the Ruling Father God Orion, who is killed, (just as Osiris was in ancient Egyptian mythology), so that the Son / the Saviour, will Marry/MARY the Mother, and cleanse the earth.

Oregon, Arizona, and California (with its 135 degree angle of the constellation Orion), together form the larger expression of what the World Trade Center was subliminally suggesting.

The World Trade Center Attack – Cupid’s Arrows


A closer look at the individual letters of GROUND ZERO:

U-double cross, u-turn, double back, to unite
N=EY-N – to connect two opposing things together, (EY-N=EYE), as in the letter ‘n which is the word “and”. This is also the sound of the Hebrew word Ayin, which means something from nothing. The letter N in any word, is just reinforcing the thought that everything comes from nothing, or that everything is simply the eye of the light particle.

ZERO = ERO-Z = Eros the greek word meaning sexual love. The god of love. This corresponds with the Roman god CUPID, who shot his arrows at the intended victim. The 2 aircraft hitting the Twin Towers were the arrows, (the word ARROWS = EROS) of Cupid’s love. Love, sex, blood and war, are always combined.

The Letter Y – Why – W-EYE

The 2nd last of the English alphabet is the letter Y. This letter has incredible symbolism. Some of the other letters lean symbolically on understanding what this letter represents. Y sounds like WHY, the word that asks a question. It is the Hebrew YOD – Yowd – Yode – Yud letter. Sometimes the Hebrew letter for YOD is placed within a triangle. (This Triangle suggests who the Hebrew god really is). It is the 10th letter (the number of inTENsity and is synonamous with WHITE LIGHT.

The number 10, coinciding with the Yod letter, also corresponds to the year 2010, and the events that will begin to unfold, in accordance with the symbolism associated with the 2010 Vancouver Olympics, and the symbolism of Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, the Great Sphinx of Egypt, the Great Pyramids, etc. All this is covered in later pages beginning about page 48 and on.

White light is the light of a rainbow, and is the inspiration for all the white symbolism throughout the world, including the white man, as will be demonstrated further on this site. It is also related to the name Jehovah, (J or G is the Yuh sound of YOD):

JEHOVAH=YHVH=YAHWEY=Ya WHEY= the White Milky fluid of Milk

This in turn, hides the subliminal associated with the Moon Goddess and the Flood of the Nile in the Sky, namely the Milky Way.

YOD also has connections to the Eye, or OY. Keeping this in mind, the English Y can be formed from 1/12 of the 360 degree circle or a triangle of 30 degrees. Greater and lesser degrees can also form the letter Y, but if it goes lower than 30 degrees, it’s subliminal strength is lost. If the angle goes greater than 120 degrees, it leans more toward becoming the letter T. The Y can be formed from inverting the 3 primary colour triangle as demonstrated on this site. See the diagram below.

ANGLES Are ANGELS – The Sacred Geometry of Freemasonry

A pentagram, the five pointed star, flipped upside down, has the strongest luciferian subliminal associated with this shape of the letter Y. The letter Y is derived from the shape formed by the two points at the top meeting in the centre of the triangle and then forming a line to the lower third point of the triangle. This Y is then joined from the top 2 points to the lower point. This forms a winged shaped triangle when combined with the letter Y in the centre. This wing shaped triangle is then shortened to read as WINGED ANGLE. The word ANGEL comes from ANGLE and to the luciferian inspired Mind, the part of the brain that is completely controlled by the luciferian egregore Thought Process, that seems to make a lot of sense.

This might help to better understand why geometry is considered sacred to sun god worshippers such as Freemasons, and all religious and intellectual organizations throughout the world. Every angle is an angel. Every manipulation, mathematically, of every angle, is a spiritual undertaking. This is the reason for the incredible drive and desire to build pyramids, skyscrapers, cities, and countries. It’s all a complete religious expression of the highest order, implanted by the egregore group of Thinkers, into the Sun/Son worshippers mind.

The 3 Wise Men – The 3 W-EYES Men

This Y letter, that asks the question why?, is just waiting to fill your head with knowledge. ASK and you shall receive … knowledge. In other words, the Y-EYES are WISE – the luciferian light bringer is there to en-LIGHT-en you with knowledge and make you wise. Unfortunately, knowledge is not wisdom.

Every season, or see-sun, shown in the diagram below, has 3 wise men. (The 3 wise men of the Christmas story). The word season creates the subliminal the SEE of the SON, or the All Seeing Eye, the Eye of God. This is the ability to shed light from the sun in every season, or quarter portion of the year. The 3 wise men will also apply to the triangle created by the 3 primary colours shown with the 120 degree intervals. The letter Y, and the 3 wise men, are therefore, most distinquishable, and have the greatest hypnotic suggestion when observed from 30 to 120 degrees. This a span of 90 degrees, or 1 full season of 3 months, or 3 moons. This is another link to the worship of the moon and the moon goddess.

The 3 Wise Men will be shown in later pages, to be symbolic of the belt of Orion’s constellation. Just how significant this is to the World Trade Center attack and the Last Judgment Day of this lucifer Thinking egregore god, will be laid out.

All this, of course, is just suggestion. It’s just the manipulation of light, which is a lie. Don’t try figure it out to see if this adds up, or is correct, according to historical records. None of this stuff really exists. It’s just hypnotic suggestion, piled one layer upon another, with tales of religion, magic and science thrown in, to make it appear that there must be something to all this lunacy.

12 Disciples – 12 Death Eye Pupils

3 wise men per season, multiplied by 4 seasons gives you 12 wise men. This is the scource of the 12 tribes of IS-RA-EL (ISis – RA – EL). This is where the symbolism for the 12 disciples / apostles originates. Also, the 12 knights of the Round Table. Why a Round Table? This is a ROY-AL luciferian CIRCLE, or EYE, and the Round Table is symbolic of the Zodiac Circle derived from the beam of light as shown in the charts on this site. This Zodiac Circle is the All Seeing Eye, so therefore, the Round Table is the All Seeing Eye.

These 12 Knights were of King Arthur’s Round Table. The word King is self explanitory. The name ARTHUR means RA-THUR or RA-THOR, the god of war.

Vowels can be interchanged to see the true intent, as all vowels can be sounded without touching the lips or teeth together.

All consonants must be formed by the scissor action of contact between teeth, lips, tongue and/or throat.

There are 5 vowels, with the number 5 suggesting Sacrifice, which are used basically for deception, more than for diction. The Hebrew numeric value for the VAH, or WAH letter, is 6. With this in mind, the word VOWEL = 6-O-66-EL = 6-EYE-66-ALLAH.

These examples of 12 elite, holy, or main characters pay homage to the great god of hypnosis, whom some call ALLAH, and from that we derive the importance of the number 13, or the 12+1. This is symbolized by the 6 pointed star, with all it’s points and intersections. This number 13 refers to:

The 12 elite gods of Olympus, Zeus being the main god, plus Cronus – Father Time.
The 12 tribes of Israel plus Jehovah – The Ancient of Days.
The 12 apostles minus Judas Iscariot plus Jesus (Ye-Zeus) – plus The Father – Yah Way, etc.

… and so on. All this is just the same story, with a different illusory Time aspect, but the same hypnotic suggestion is repeated endlessly.

If this was the only place that this symbolism showed up, well, we would have to consider that a coincidence. However, everything can be shown to come from the diagrams based on the characteristics of a beam of light.

The other 2 little points of the pentagram out to the lower sides, represent the ears of the Baphomet, the luciferian sacrificial goat ram symbol. The goat, ram, bull, is a symbol of protection and male verility. Keep this in mind progressing through this site. There’s also another symbolic bull to add to the list, that being the North American Bison, or Buffalo.

EARS = S-RAE which is SEE, or SEA RAY when reversed and interpreted. In other words, ears are still words meaning rays of light, because sound, what we hear with our ears, is also light energy. (See the picture below.) This is the Baphomet, the Sacrifice, with a pentagram emblazened on his forehead, and from his horn tips to his chin, the letter Y is represented. This winged spirit entity, or angel, or angle is the great creator god, the god of the illusory concepts of black and white, good and bad, and is the corrupter and destroyer of our ability to reconnect to our Original State of Wisdom.

Thoughts Are Light

Thought = Words
Words = Sound
Sound = Vibrates
Vibration = Energy
Energy = Glowing
Glowing = Light



The great creator god of Egypt was called THOTH.
Thoth brought the Light into the world.
Exactly as the Book of Genesis says, ‘God Said Let There Be Light…’

THOTH = THOUGHT= LIGHT = the 3D illusory sphere and our 3D life experience.

All thoughts, including those extended through subliminal suggestion, manifest as 3 dimensional physical objects that form the Time and Space in this 3D experience. Nothing’s really there, just the luciferian egregore Thought Patterns, suggesting that everything is there, and is real.


The Pentagram – Pentagon – Pentateuch – Pentacost

PENT = FIVE = 5 the Number of Sacrifice

The pentagram is a combination of the HORNS, (another form of HORNS = ORHNS = ORIONS = Pentagon and killing), the EYES (the Y – triangle shape and eye sound) and the EARS (ea – AR – S – another reference to RA and Sun Ray in reverse). This pentagram shape is totally concerned with communicating knowledge through sight and sound. The shape of 5 overlayed interlocking triangles form of an ARROWHEAD or SPEAR.


SEXUAL LOVE = the INTER-SECT-ING Cross Lines of the Zodiac Circle. This inter-SEX-tion is symbolic of the God of Creation, or the God of Love, which is obviously, the God of Lust and Sex. In reality, there is no such thing as the fabricated notion of love, there’s just the suggestion of some abstract concept called love within the Trance State.

ARROWHEAD has the further sexual overtone of oral sex, and giving head, or oral sex. The word SPEAR, in reverse, is RAEPS or and anagram for RAPES, and needs no further clarification.

If you feel that the alphabet is to small, to incidental, to disconnect us in any way from our wisdom, then it’s best to re-consider that perspective. The subliminal programmers at the hypnotic keyboard manipulating your life have conjured up and conditioned our Thought Patterns very cleverly. We are trained to look for size (both physical and intellectual), scientific data, peer recognition and societies acceptance of a certain Thought Process. In other words, size does matter in respect to our 3 dimensional teaching. Or put another way, if it’s NOT NORMAL we’ve been conditioned to discount what is presented. Clever devil!

Pentagram Y

Humanity-Our Own Worst Enemy – Disconnecting Us From Wisdom

The luciferian Thought Process totally dominates our conscious and subconscious minds. The place where we believe that we reason things out. The Thought Process dominates our mind, simply because Our Mind, is NOT OUR MIND, but is the Mind of the egregore group of Thinkers, who initiated the Thought Process, and as a result, our physical, mental and spiritual/energy life experience became manifest. Our Minds, are the Minds, and the property of the luciferian Thought Process. This group of Thinking Entities have initiated the mathematical system of language and numbers, that have put into motion, the system that suggests subliminally, what our reality should be, and that illusory reality is then brought into existence and made to appear real.

However, the luciferian Thought Process does not dominate, nor does it have any strength or insight to enter the Wisdom domain of who and what we really are. We’re only tricked into considering, or focusing on this suggestion, that these Thinking Entities can go there. The Thought Process can create a thought, and through the thought, word, sound sequence, … present this lie so as to distract us from our Original Wisdom State. The luciferian egregore group of Thinkers cannot destroy Wisdom, and cannot Control our Original State of Being, it can only distract us with lies, by creating a 3 dimensional realm, that takes our focus away from who and what Wisdom is. Wisdom is the One, and is Who and What we really are.

Humanity is not who and what we really are!


We are our own worst enemy!

There’s nothing missing in the centre of our being. In reality, WE HAVE NO CENTRE! The only concept that suggests a CENTRE, is the luciferian Thought Process, that’s conjured up the Light particle, with its divisive and duality nature, that has a CENTRE. This Light particle is the Zodiac Circle generated by luciferan egregore, and that Circle has a Centre.

Constantly, we here the instruction of so-called Enlightened Teachers, instructing their followers to be CENTRED and in the MOMENT. When in reality, what they’re suggesting, in an extremely subliminal and deceptive manner, (even to themselves, the teachers) is to stay in the Trance where there is no eternal Moment. In Reality, we are not to be CENTRED, simply because being centred is to be controlled. We are not the CENTRE of anything, because to be the CENTRE is to be of the EGO, which is what conjured up this whole illusory life experience in the first place. We are more than to be simply CENTRED, we are the Wisdom that know’s no boundaries, is liberated and free, … and this All Knowing Freedom is present, only outside the Trance State.

To reclaim this invincible Paradise, there has to be an awareness of what’s transpiring in the 3 dimensional plane. Becoming aware, and breaking out of the Trance State, is to break out of the CENTRE, out of the LIMITS of INTELLECTUALISM, which is the Thought Process, and is to reclaim and reconnect to the Eternal Paradise State.

Within the Centre there’s only the constant hammering away at Our Eternal Wisdom State, through subliminal messaging, where we experience deceit and lies, and are told to believe that we are in fact, corrupt and corruptible, and in need of a saviour or guide.

The Letter V – 5 – PENT – Sacrifice

The Roman Numeral V=5.

The letter V is sort of like the thumbs down signal from the Roman Emporer, as he decided to have the loser killed, or spared, in the Coliseum. V is VENOM – VEGAS – VENGEANCE – VENERATE – VEIL – VENUS – VEHEMENT – VIRGIN – VAGINA – VEX and so on. It comes to us with a little shroud of secrecy, in that it can be pronounced Vay, as in the letter W, (double U), which is a duble vey, or Double V. The letter V is just another form of the letter Y, with almost the same shape, only more attack and death oriented, than the letter Y.

The illusory notion of Love is described as follows:

LOVE = LOAVE = BREAD = BRED = SEX the bread of life.

or LOVE = E – VOL = El father god and VOL = the abbreviation of VOLUME – VOLCANO – and VOLT. The importance of these last 3 words will become self evident as you read through this site.

This is a very, very, very penetrating sound. It is meant to make us pay attention. You hear the word VIRGIN or VAGINA and your ears prick up. This is by design. It immediately implants within our crystal brains, sexual notions, and we enter into SEX mode.



Sex is the All Seeing EYE, and is the conjured up notion of Death, symbolized by the K, the 11th letter of death.

This is the reason for the name VENUS given to the goddess of love. Even the word LOVE has a V so as not to miss the intentional penetration into your life experience and ulitmate manipulation and disconnection from Reality and Wisdom.

VENUS = SUN-EV = SUN-EVE, or coming of the Dawn, the Light, or the New Age.

The mispelled form of LOVE is LUV. This is meant to be a sharper and deeper penetrating form. Also, as mentioned above, the letter U is a subliminal that is filled with deceit and double cross. In the word LUV, we have the symbolism of L – who is EL, the father god, and U, the double cross, and V, the thumbs down, sacrificial pyramid. Remember, it’s the sound and shape of sigil magic forms that do their destructive work. The V is, after all, an inverted pyramid.

The VEIL of deceit is built around this basic triangle shape. The word VEGAS comes from the BRIGHTEST STAR in the constellation LYRA (suggesting LIAR and LYRE, the musical instrument which relates to the entertainment industry of Las Vegas). The City of Las Vegas is patterned after just that concept. The fastest growing city in America today and famous worldwide for its dazzling strip. The name Las Vegas means City of the Brightest Star. The brightest star, is of course, the luciferian egregore Thought Process, the Bright and Morning Star, the name Jesus called himself in the Book of Revelation.

In further pages, it will be shown, that the home state of Las Vegas which is Nevada, is actually Navidad, the birthplace or Nativity location of the so-called saviour of the world. Even now, today, they are planning to build a 142 story hotel tower in Las Vegas. The number 142 coincides with the number 10, the number of intensity, on the 12th clockface demonstrated on this chart. This is a combination of the 10 and 12 times tables, the source of which goes back to the Hebrew Temple.

This tower will be 1,888 feet high. Remember, 8 is the number of total control, and the number directly relating to the Flood of the Nile. Which now corresponds to the Flood intended to be poured out in Judgment on the 11 Western States. This Tower will be a few hundred feet taller than the Freedom Tower. It is planned to be opened in 2012 if all goes well. The name of this structure wil be the CROWN Las Vegas. This symbolizes the crowning of the king.

The State of Nevada, or the Nativity, is NOT REFERRING to the so-called 1st Coming of Christ, but IS REFERRING to the 2nd Coming, and the Birth of a New Age, of a New World, and of the Age of Aquarius, where the Lord is meant to execute His Judgment on a godless world. For this reason the State of Nevada borders on the State of Arizona, with the city of Phoenix symbolically placed to rise from the ashes, symbolized in turn by the BENU BIRD and the BEN BEN STONE (BIg Ben), which in turn is the BE NEW BIRD and the PRIMORDIAL MOUND, the beginning of a new earth. Even as suggested in association with Egyptian mythology.

The COURTYARD of the World Trade Center, corresponds to the States of Idaho, Utah and Nevada. This is the COURT, where the Judgment of Allah, Jehovah, or Zeus, … etc. (pick a name, it’s all the same), will be handed out. As well, the Marriott Hotel, which was Building 3, and is the State of California, has a chain of hotels called the Marriott COURTYARD. Thereby suggesting that the judgment will also be handed out in respect to California.

When you read the upcoming pages you will see why this is so completely symbolic of the New World Order and the Messianic Kingdom of this luciferian god illusory god.

W – Double Your Pleasure – Double Your Fun

The letter W relates directly to the letter V. The W, like the letter M, is 3 triangles interlocking. This is the mother, father and son trinity of religious thought. Only now it is mirrored or inverted. 2 of the triangles are coming from above and one from below. Combining the V, which is situated right next to the W – or double V, creates the symbolic 666 again.

The value of the V, or VAH, in Hebrew is 6. Therefore, VW (suggested by the Volkswagen automobile), is suggesting:

VW=VVV=666=SEX SEX SEX = SEEKS SEEKS SEEKS = SICKS SICKS SICKS , all of which initiate Death.

Consider the word WHAMMY. (A term used to describe a SPELL being placed on a person goes something like ‘Having a WHAMMY put on you. This is referring to having a magic spell in control of your 3D life experience.

The sound of this word, whammy, immediately gives you a feeling of losing your balance. It happened very quickly, not long enough for you to describe what happened, but read it again, and once again, it really is a destabilizing word. This is because the the letters together, just the shapes of the triangles pointing up and down repeatedly, further disconnects us from our awareness. These triangle shapes are energy bolts or arks. We get short circuited as we read letters put together in such a manner. As this takes place, another interferring, electrical current, another subliminal audio/visual Thought Pattern, can be introduced and cause us to become further distracted that leads to further manipulation.

Consider the words WORSHIPFUL MASTER as used in Freemasonry. W from Worshipful and M from Master are mirror images of each other. When you hear these words together there’s a sense of awe and wonder. This detracts, and uses our 3D illusory person, to even further manipulate us from remaining focused on our Original Wisdom State. This is just more sigil magic manipulation. Of course, this isn’t magic at all. This is just knowing what pushes our buttons and if you have no awareness, or comprehension of what, or why, things are transpiring as they do, then the sky’s the limit as pertaining to controlling and manipulating reality to serve the luciferian Thought Process.

X – Hex – Sex – Vex – Tex – Mex

The letter X follows the letter V and W. The X is made from the 2 intersecting lines of the zodiac circle that symbolizes of the 4 seasons. This is the shape within the light beam that perpetuates, the passage of time. The seasons are passing, or changing. Furthermore, this X shape is the hourglass, another simple form (another symbol of Freemasonry), that instills within us the passage of time.

From this shape we further get the term, the hourglass figure of a woman’s body. The term X RATED is derived from these intersecting lines. Try TRIPLE XXX, the number corresponding to the XXX, or 30th Olympiad in London in 2012. All this is pleasurable and sensuous stuff, for some, however, the luciferian Mind is trying to manipulate reality through this symbolism. The word intersecting is the source of the word SEX, as mentioned before, from the sound of intersection. Broken down it looks like inter-SEX-SUN. All this sexual suggestion is amplified by having the V and W (the destabilizing letters) placed immediately before the X in the order the alphabet is written.

Of course, it’s up to our teachers in grade school, to indoctrinate us in this sex ritualism. Repeat after me, we hear, over and over again. It doesn’t take long and soon we’re so totally entranced in lunacy, anything can be suggested and we believe it.

More X words which helps to understand the sigil thought combined with a shape are HEX – EXCITE – EXHILERATE – EXPEL – EXTREME and so on. A recent extremely popular TV show was called the X-Files. This whole show was based on the story of the Egyptian god Isis and Osiris, and the sun god Horus. Have a peek at the YouTube video for a compelling breakdown of the symbolism employed.

Just the title made people pay attention.

The Letter Z – The Doze-iac – Zodiac

The letter Z is a strange one. It refers to sleep (as in – I’m going to catch some Z’s) and it refers to the first number ZERO, which is EROS, or sex, (EROS is also ROS-E), in the number system. However, ZERO represents emptiness or nothing. This refers to the source of creation, the initiation of the conjured up 3D world, symbolized by the Light Beam, or the ATOM/ADAM, and corresponds to the concept of Something from Nothing.

The letter Z is a portion of the NAZI LIGHTENING BOLT symbol. It is the sword fighter symbol as in the word ZORRO. (Notice that Z-OR-RO has a few ROYAL and ROSE things going on with it as well).

The real strength in this letter however, is the Z-ERO connection from letters to numbers. They have to make them link. Subliminal messaging must not have a weak spot, or break in the suggestion. The connection is again, sexual, as Z-ERO is the sound and shape, and a simple anagram of ERO-Z, or EROS by shuffling the Z to the end of the word ZERO. This is the Greek word of sexual desire. From EROS we get EROTIC – EROSION, or EROS-ION, the electrified Atom, which in turn is CORRUPTION. Corruption is not sin, it just means that things die. All this is just wordplay, and nothing scientific about it at all. However, that’s the way this 3 dimensional illusion is actually conjured up. We are in a 3 dimensional system brought about by a language and number system, conjured up with the initiation of the Thought Process, which in turn is the mathematical structure of the 3D universe.

We are in a BAD DREAM and none of this is real.

The next page 12 – Chemtrails – He Comes – will lay a bit of ground work for the New Jerusalem page to follow. Be certain to keep reading this site, this information is not available anywhere else in the world. You have to become aware of what’s coming so as to have a foundation upon which to stand. The luciferian Thought Process working tirelessly through the minds they’ve implanted within our 3 dimensional being, has created this Trance State designed to use the whole body of humanity as a weapon to take control of our Eternal Paradise State. It’s through the mind, that the manipulation takes control, and it’s through the mind, by breaking out of this hypnotic Trance State, that we escape the horror intended to be executed upon the world, … in a battle for control of what rightfully belongs to Us, … for we are the Original Eternal Paradise State.


Google Video – illuminatiMATRIX explanatory video detailing the foundational root of hypnosis, religion, intellectualism and who and what god is.

Click here to watch video.

YouTube Video highlighting some of the subliminal elements hidden in the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem

Please read the next paragraph before watching the ROCK VIDEO.

On the ROCK VIDEO, the World Trade Center is mistakenly called the ROCKEFELLER PLAZA. The WTC was conceived and promoted by the Rockefellers. The Rockefeller Plaza is to the north of the World Trade Centre, on the MANHATTAN ROCK, or MANNA STONE. The WTC and the Rockefeller Plaza , along with the area of CENTRAL PARK, relate to the TEMPLE MOUNT in Jerusalem, and the Al Aqsa Mosque, the Dome of the ROCK, and the Temple Courtyard. These in turn relate to the North American West Coast. See page 39 for more details.

Click here to watch the new Rock Video on YouTube.

This page is under construction.

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