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Google Video – illuminatiMATRIX explanatory video detailing the foundational root of hypnosis, religion, intellectualism and who and what god is.

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YouTube Video highlighting some of the subliminal elements hidden in the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem

Please read the next paragraph before watching the ROCK VIDEO.

On the ROCK VIDEO, the World Trade Center is mistakenly called the ROCKEFELLER PLAZA. The WTC was conceived and promoted by the Rockefellers. The Rockefeller Plaza is to the north of the World Trade Centre, on the MANHATTAN ROCK, or MANNA STONE. The WTC and the Rockefeller Plaza , along with the area of CENTRAL PARK, relate to the TEMPLE MOUNT in Jerusalem, and the Al Aqsa Mosque, the Dome of the ROCK, and the Temple Courtyard. These in turn relate to the North American West Coast. See page 39 for more details.

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The Real Age of Aquarius – The EYE of the Pacific Ocean – The SEE That ROSE – Islam and the Dome of the Rock – The REAL War On TERRORISM

We’ll now take a look at the old city walls of Jerusalem that were constructed over the centuries. This map of Jerusalem includes all the walls throughout the cities history. This map is then overlaid on the Pacific Ocean with special attention given to the Ring of Fire Plate fault lines. Remember now, the Pacific Ocean and Jerusalem actually have the same name, The SEE OF PEACE. When overlaid, the similarities between the old city walls and the Pacific Plates is interesting. This is just one more piece of symbolic evidence that a Master Thought Process has been behind the manipulation and creation of everything we experience. Something to keep in mind when making the connection between the old walls and the pacific plates is to reverse a word or two, or even part of a word. The words WALL and PLATES are deciphered below.

WALL = L-LAW = EL – LAW = AL-LAH or the law of EL, just one of the names for the illusory father of all gods.

Jerusalem is the city of the Hebrew people who were established by the LAW of their holy books and the 10 commandments on tablets of stone. It is this LAW that is their WALL of protection. Of course, the law was based on the rituals of the Tabernacle and the Temple. As shown on page 16, the law focused around the riches and wealth of commerce. For this reason the Temple treasure rooms were behind and around the altar which was within the holy of holies. In turn, WALL STREET in MANHATTAN is the LAW STREET of COMMERCE. Yet again, this is why the SISTINE CHAPEL has the exact inside dimensions as Solomon’s Temple and the LAST JUDGMENT PAINTING is painted behind the altar in the chapel. This painting is symbolic of the PLATES or TABLETS of the LAW of the god of ISRAEL.

As you progress through this site, it will become abundantly clear that the god of Israel is YHWH, Jehovah, who is Allah, or again, A LAW. The Law of the Hebrew people began in this illusory 3D experience, within the Arab world, in the Mesopotamian and Arabian region. The eventual establishment of Jewish faith, and the Christian faith, was simply a continuation of the worship of this illusory 3 dimensional realm, the earth, water and air, which was originally conjured up in Egypt, Babylon and ancient Sumer. This is Sun God, or Son of God worship. This is worship of the ENVIRONMENT (Environmental Green Movement). In turn, none of this 3D experience is real or has any validity, and is the distraction that has been designed to keep us separated from reality and our eternal wisdom Paradise State.

Furthermore, Solomon’s Temple is biblical jargon for the SUN TEMPLE or worship of the SUN GOD. Sol = Sun = Son. That’s why the Sistine Chapel is exactly the size of the inside dimensions of the Sun Temple. Roman Catholicism and Christianity in general, are worshipping the Sun God, namely Jesus, or Je-Zeus, or Hey-Zeus.

SISTINE = ISIS EYE = All Seeing Eye

PLATES = PLATE-s = PLATE a flat shallow dish – a platter or tablet of solid material – usually circular of porcelain or earthenware from which FOOD IS EATEN. Of course, the Pacific is circular, the plates are FIRED by the LAVA CORE and the FOOD TO BE EATEN are the innocents not invited to consume, but to be consumed, at the LAST SUPPER. This Last Supper, the Marriage Supper of the Lamb is even now being served. This is the law / wall of the Pacific Plates.

LAMB = OLAM (Hebrew) meaning AEON = ION = IRON = ORION the father.
The Lamb of God is the SEED of the ION, the SEED of the Great Hunter ORION.

This is symbolized in the Moses story when he ascends Mount Sinai to retrieve the tablets of the law, only to come down to find the Israelites worshipping a golden calf. He throws the TABLETS (a FLAT PIECE OF STONE – EARTHENWARE – the PLATES) down in anger and they break. He hurries back up the mountain, orders a new set, and returns to the repentant Israelites. Remember, Moses was the fellow drawn from the WATER by the royalty of Egypt. Moses is just one more symbolic personage, (who never existed as history teaches) but is used to implant the suggestion of the LAW, the WALL, the PLATES, the ANGER, the WATER, the JUDGMENT, the REPENTANCE, … and so on. All this to prepare us for recognizing the New World Order and the Messianic Age of the New Age Christ Consciousness when it’s unleashed. This is HYPNOSIS.

The world is living in the time, when the second set of tablets will be enforced under the new world order, or it could be referred to as the messianic kingdom of deceit. The plates of the ocean are going to serve a massive symbolic feast at the fault lines. These FAULT lines will lay blame on the supposedly wicked and corrupt poor and impoverished peoples of the world. After all, it will be shown that this is the reason that god hasn’t blessed them and judgment is in order. Even as Al Gore (EL GORE – the GOD of GORE) made known in the “Inconvenient Truth” documentary – the eulogy and epitaph – who they were going to be sacrificing throughout the TROPIC regions of the world. Interestingly, because the elite of the world are in the deepest trance of all, Al Gore, like his elite comrades who cater to the luciferian egregore that conjured up this 3D illusion, is completely unaware of the real role he plays in this agenda.

The Age of Aquarius – The Real One

The Age of Aquarius is the AYE or more accurately the EYE of AQUA-RIUS. (Again, there is no gutteral G or JAY sound in Hebrew and the word AGE is AYE which is pronounced EYE). The All Seeing Eye once again. All the Ages of Pisces, Taurus, etc. are not ages at all, just ridiculous structures of deception to cause the masses to focus on the Zodiac circle of deceit. In this way, as people await the EYE of AQUA-rius to be fully implemented, (still about 125 years in the future according to some estimates), it is going to suddenly engulf everyone today.



Remember these words from the luciferian Christian Bible – “AS IN THE DAYS OF NOAH, SO SHALL THE DAYS OF THE COMING OF THE SON OF MAN BE…they were EATING and DRINKING, MARRYING and GIVING in MARRIAGE and KNEW NOT till the FLOOD CAME and TOOK THEM ALL AWAY…”

Jerusalem Ring of Fire Wall

The luciferian Mindset has told us over and over again, just what, where and when these atrocities are going to unfold. Notice, as in the days of Noah, they were MARRYING and GIVING IN MARRIAGE and EATING and DRINKING. This is the Marriage Supper of the Lamb which will occur as the Eye of Aquarius is unleashed. For many illusory centuries the symbolism has been building, not to warn us of impending doom, but to prepare the waters for the next stage of the agenda.

Aquarius is the 11th sign of the Zodiac. 11 is the number of DEATH! This sign is represented by a water carrier or a WATER BEARER!

NOAH = NOAA = National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (USA) monitors the oceans and atmosphere. This is the subliminal that refers to the days of Noah and the suggested cataclysm associated with the days of some type of flood. This is NOAA and we’re now in those DAYS / DAZE of hypnotic trance inducement.

‘57 Flavours


Throughout the world people have been debating the beginning of the Age of Aquarius. In terms of months of the year, Aquarius coincides with the Babylonian Calendar month of ARAX SABA – “the Destroying Month“. This month is also called ARAX ARRAT ZUNNE – “month of the Curse of the RAINS“. Notice the word ARRAT. This is incredibly similar to Mount ARARAT upon which Noah’s Ark came to rest after the flood.

The Chinese equivalent to all this is the TIGER. Once again we run into a word with a G letter in it. This letter sounds like Yuh in the Hebrew, therefore tiger is tiyer or more specifically TYRE. This is the city state of ancient times, that was on the coast of the Mediteranean Sea. It was the Masons of Tyre that were called upon to help build Solomon’s Temple. Solomon, of course, is referring to the Sun and Moon Temple. The subliminal message here, is that the TIGER represents RITE, or RIGHT, as in RITUAL and CORRECTNESS, and PERMISSION GRANTED.


However now, in this Age of Aquarius, the symbolic mason builders of ASIA (which means LION) will assist in building the grand and glorious Solomon’s Temple – The Temple of the SUN and MOON. This will take place in the New World and on the Holy of Holies, the Holy Stone of Judgment, the holiest place of all, to Jews, Christians and Muslims. The location of this Holy site will be illustrated lower down on this page.

The last century, the 20th century – the century of CONTROL, conjured up a world society deeply entranced. This was the start of the Age of Aquarius. Now in this century, numbered as 2000 – 2001 – 2002, etc. the luciferian agenda goes has progressed to the point of attaining its goal. Remember though, this is only HYPNOSIS, only a trance, and like a bad dream we can wake from this and emotionally detach from any concern we may have for what’s about to transpire. It’s just a dream, a very bad dream… learn to recognize the subliminal messages of this 3D life experience. To stop believing that there is any value in this 3 dimensional illusory realm, causes the pain and suffering which is meant to manipulate the population, to be of none affect.

1912 – 2012 – Sinking the Titanic

The date of 2012 is exactly 100 years after the sinking of the unsinkable TITANIC which occurred on April 15, 1912. When the Titanic left Southhampton England on that day, (the 15th – the number of the deity) there were hundreds of tons of coal already on fire in storage bins at the bottom of the ship. The passengers were unaware of this and so they sailed off innocently, to the bottom of the sea. What’s truly curious about the year 2012, is how the Mayan Calendar has the history of the world coming to a conclusion, or an end, or some sort of change. This coincides with the 100th anniversary of the Titanic sinking, … coincides with the Age of Aquarius, … coincides with the Global Warming Climate Change manipulation, … and coincides with the Days of Noah. This is hypnosis once again. Where one suggestion supports a previous suggestion, and together, all suggestion supports the reality suggested and that ultimately conjures up our reality through all of the subliminals being suggested. All of what we experience daily, in the 3D realm, is nothing more than hypnotic suggestion, keeping us bound to an illusion, and keeps us thoroughly entranced.

Once again, keep in mind that there is no such thing as Time, and all of these suggestions occur in a sequence of building intensity which masquerades as the passing of Time.

(See Logan Marshall’s (author) and Bruce M. Caplan’s (editor) book “The Sinking of the Titanic”).

Gold – Sex – Hypnosis – 666 – SICKS SICKS SICKS

Quote concerning GOLD:

“It is well documented that the world’s holdings accumulated during all recorded history to the present is only about 120,000 metric tons. Understandably, it is rather difficult for the average person to relate to this measurement. Suffice it to say that the total world’s hoard of the shiny metal will occupy a single cube 60 feet by 60 feet by 60 feet. This is indeed a small volume of matter to have influenced the toil and destiny of so many people since biblical days. The value of this priceless cube would be approximately $1.4trillion“.

(End quote).

Yet again, the number 666 comes into focus within the 3D illusory experience. Just as the Freemasons divided up the whole of the United States of America into ACRES, using the measurement of 660 feet x 60 feet. It seems rather odd that an organization dedicated to recruiting its faithful from the Jewish, Christian and Muslim faiths, where the number 666 is symbolic of the Mark of the Beast, or Satan, or the Devil, or the Antichrist, etc., would be so intent on perpetrating this number in very strong symbolic fashion. Of course, this organization and the religions they garner their recruits from, have nothing to do with truth and honesty. The higher up in the pyramid one goes, in regards to the indoctrinated elite who work feverishly within their own trance state, and who labour to serve the Thought Process group egregore, the more one finds that these elite comprehend that manipulation and deceit is the spirit of the god they serve. For this reason, they implement the spirit of their lord at every possible opportunity.

ACRE = a town in Lebanon very near to Tyre, where Solomon supposedly engaged the Masons of Tyre to build the Temple in Jerusalem.

Symbols of Gold


The manipulators of every system in the world have their roots in ancient Babylon and Egypt. The pharoahs of Egypt, and the mythology associated with these ruling elite, conjured up much of our modern phrases used symbolically to establish the subliminal messages we use today in the English language. English has become the universal language of deceit. However, the sounds and meanings of English can be found throughout many of the languages throughout the world. Here is just one example of the influence of the Pharoahs, who were the rulers of Egypt and in reality, initiated the creation of the Hebrew nation. They inspired the Jewish religion, Christianity and the Catholic church along with the Society of Jesuits. They were the forerunner of the Knights Templar, the Priory of Sion, and the Freemasons of today.

Tuthmosis 3 was a militarily expansionist pharoah who founded
the Order of the ROSY CROSS.


This is the worship of the sun god (son of god). This Order was proclaimed in the 15th century BCE in the time of the 18th Dynasty. It should also be pointed out at this time that the title given to the PHAROAHS is actually based on the concept of this order as well.


Of course, the title ‘Pharoahs’ also hearkens to the distance that this order will spread in establishing the Order of the Rose – FAR ROSE.

Gold Symbols 2

What you’re about to see in the charts that follow reveals something very sinister in the making. Progress cautiously and consider the implications of the information presented.

The Dome of the Rock – The Real War On Terrorism

The old city of Jerusalem is shown immediately below. These are the present day walls with 8 GATES. The Golden Gate is sealed shut with stones. The significance of why this gate is sealed will be revealed throughout this site, and, as shown on page 16, the Golden Gate is symbolic of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. On the left side of the city, notice the 135 degree angle of the wall. This angle is just one of the inside angle corners of an OCTAGON which in turn is based on the angle of the constellation Orion. The Octagon is the shape of a STOP SIGN and the symbol of total and complete control. It is also the shape of the Dome of the Rock shrine of Islam in Jerusalem, located right on the Temple Mount, Mount Moriah. This temple mountain has a rock in relief form, protruding from the top. The Islamic Dome of the Rock covers this RELIEF of the ROCK which is believed to be the site of Solomon’s Temple. The centre of this rock is also believed to be the Holy of Holies, the most sacred part of Solomon’s Temple, where the high priest would enter annually, to offer up sacrifice to God.

Judaism – Christianity – Islam – The One Religion of Abraham

The Dome of the Rock Shrine in Jerusalem, and the Quartered City of Old Jerusalem, is the intended configuration of this religious site to fulfill the symbolic and manipulative principles of the luciferian agenda. The Islamic Dome of the Rock and the Muslim Quarter, along with the Christian and Armenian Quarters, and the Jewish Quarter, are purposely set up in this fashion to create the angst and hatred necessary to manipulate political and religious events throughout the world. There never was any intention to have it be any other way. Together, all these Quarters (the number 4), bring together all the CHILDREN OF ABRAHAM to manipulate and instill a deep hypnotic trance state that is used to establish our illusory reality.

What you are about to see in this next series of diagrams, is the symbolism connecting Judaism/Christianity/Islam. This symbolism shows a master mind, a master hypnotist if you will, working to propagate a scenario to deceive and plunder, manipulating the conjured up illusory masses of the world.

Once again, prepare yourself for the images you’re about to see, and the implications of what this means.

At first they’ll seem curious, maybe even interesting. Then, as you ponder the consequences of this symbolism, it hits hard, how we have been lied to and murdered, raped and robbed for centuries by the god of Abraham, the god of Judaism, Christianity and Islam. (All other religions play their part in the agenda, but fulfilling a different aspect of the luciferian agenda).

The symbolic number for the octagon is 8. The number 8 is spelled EIGHT but sounds like ATE. Once again, sound and shape association is critical to instilling hypnotic suggestion. Everything is always just slightly hidden beneath the obvious. Just enough to hide and to confuse within the subconsious mind, but not hidden enough to prevent it being brought to the conscious level when the appropriate buttons are pushed. Definitely not hidden enough to prevent it from being a strong subliminal hypnotic suggestion.

So the question is – who does know the real meaning and symbolism of all that’s being described on this site?

See the diagram below, study it carefully so as to get a feel for the position of the gates, the dome, and most critical of all, the 135 degree angle on the left side of the diagram.

Jerusalem Temple Dome

Who KNOWS? A lot of people know, but each only knows just a little, and only what is necessary to manipulate those who are willing participants in the luciferian egregore Thought Process agenda.

One of those who know what’s going on, but only in the slightest sense of the word, are the 32nd degree Freemasons. They must pledge allegiance to Allah if they want to become a Shriner. If they want to become a member of the Ancient Arabic Order of the Nobles of the Mystic Shrine. This is the reason for Arabic costumes, the Fez hat with the sword and crescent moon. The crescent moon symbolizes the horns of a COW. The moon is symbolic of the MOON GODDESS Diana. Shriners are worshippers of Allah, they are sun god worshippers, just as are Christians, and they believe in the motto of Freemasonry, Order Out of Chaos. Sun god worshippers are also moon god worshippers, as it is that the moon reflects the sun. This is the real meaning of the Jewish King SOLoMON, meaning the SUN and MOON.

The ORDER that sun worshippers desire, and manipulate to create, gives them, and the hourdes who worship with them, total control to use the 3 dimensional life experiences of humanity, (which were conjured up for the purpose of creating a massive distraction) that would separate who we really are from our original wisdom state. Total control is symbolized by the 8 sided octagon of Islamic faith in Allah. These Freemason leaders, who are gleaned from the religious organizations of every society throughout the world, design the layout for our countries, our states and provinces, our municipalities, our cities and towns, everything…right down to the 8 sided STOP SIGN. They’re our mayors, our presidents, our prime ministers, our judges, our lawyers, our fire chiefs, our police chiefs and secret service agencies, everybody…with any amount of power is, or has strong community ties, with the Freemason organization, and any other functioning body that is devoted to being indoctrinated in the Thought Process initiated by the luciferian egregore group of Thinkers. Intellectualism reigns supreme! It will not be allowed to be any other way.

It is for this reason that the FOUNDATION STONE under the Islamic Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem is covered by an 8 sided OCTAGON shrine. This is the central theme of Freemasonry, and intellectualism in general, to unwittingly, establish Order out of Chaos. Order is Control. If you examine the words order out of chaos, you will see that CHAOS is SOACH or SOAK when reversed. It is this soaking that is carried out daily upon humanity as we’re saturated in the flood of lunacy these intellectual sun of god worshippers perpetuate. As you continue through this site, this SOAKING, or CLEANSING of the world population is central to the luciferian agenda and the final Judgment Day of the illusory Lord’s wrath.

The word ORDER is OR or RO when reversed. Remember now, RO always signifies the Order of the Rose, the ROYAL ORDER that so many of the elite belong to. Again, RO is the ancient word from which we obtain ROYAL, those who have RISEN, or ROSE, above all others. Then we have the letter D, the DEATH letter in the middlle of the word Or-D-er. Followed by ER which, when reversed, is RE for REPTILIAN thinker, the sun god RE, or RA. Reverse symbolism is used endlessly, both with words and shapes. RE or RA, is also suggesting WA, or WATER, and water is no stranger to the reptilian creatures in this 3D illusory trance state.

RA refers to the SUN, the SION, the electrically charged ION. From this, the WATTs generated from WATER, links back to the SION, the SUN, the RA or RE, or RAY of LIGHT. Every time the RE, or RA is used in a word, (which is very frequently), the suggestion is to WATER and to the coming cataclysm, the so-called Day of Judgment, within the luciferian agenda. Hypnotic subliminal symbolic suggestion, (or stated another way), LYING, is the only power the luciferian Thought Process and their elite servants have, and they will not do anything without symbolism. Symbolism is sound, colour and shape, and when coupled with multi-layered suggestion, it becomes subliminal messaging.

When the World Trade Centre attack occurred, the elite knew what was transpiring, … sort of. However, they really didn’t know the ultimate purpose of this historic event. They knew only what they needed to know, because that’s what they’ve been studying for years to be a part of. Global domination of the 3 dimensional realm is what they’ve been entranced to believe their purpose is. In reality, their ultimate purpose is to achieve complete domination of the eternal Paradise State. This they do unwittingly as they’ve been indoctrinated within the intellectual and religious institutions of the world. As an added twist to the whole thing, the people exposing the corruption, the CONSPIRACY THEORISTS, are also being manipulated into exposing only the easy to find, the obvious corruption, of the political and religious faces of those involved. They are not however, exposing what is really going on. What is really going on is shown on this site and is based on the luciferian egregore Thought Process, the luciferian 3 dimensional centred Mindset, (the Atom – the First Adam), and together, this foundation of deceit is perpetuated through hypnotic suggestion, using the conjured up illusory masses of humanity.

Freemasonry is worship of the sun god of Judaism/Christianity/Islam (amongst other religions) and it permeates our society and perpetuates the hypnotic trance. They understand this principle and method of manipulation. However, they don’t understand that humanity was conjured up to be the ENEMY OF WISDOM and the eternal Paradise State. In other words, we are our own worst enemy.

The Most Influential Piece of Real Estate

Now for a look at the most important piece of real estate in the physical 3 dimensional realm. Not from a edifying or beneficial point of view, but from the most destructive, death ridden point of reference you will ever see. Multi millions of people around the world have suffered, died, killed and were enslaved over what this piece of rock emcompasses.

Foundation Stone Dome

The diagram just above, shows the Foundation Stone or Rock underneath the Dome of the Rock. This is considered to be the Holy of Holies location of Solomon’s temple, of the Jewish faith. It is the threshing floor of Mount Moriah, (the inspiration for the illuminati name – Moriah Conquering Wind) where Jews and Christians believe that the Kingdom of the Messianic Age will be centred around. This is the ROCK that is symbolically, the CHRIST. It is also the location where Muslims believe Mohammed ascended into heaven and is the location, in Islamic folklore, where the Judgment Day will take place.

Remember now, this is very important:

it is at the Foundation Stone or Rockthat the Judgment Day will take place.

Make sure to keep reading and following the charts below and it will be demonstrated just where the Judgment Stone (Rock) is located. It’s not in the Jerusalem of Old, or in Israel, neither is it anywhere in the Middle East. This Stone is Holy to Muslims, Jews and Christians. Rightly so, for they are one religion with 3 faces. Even as luciferianism, is one sun god, but composed of a father, mother and a son, in turn, this is the electron, proton and neutron.

Its not at all a coincidence that the octagon shaped Stop Sign is riddled throughout much of the world. It is a constant subliminal that we are captives. How extremely captive our 3D life experience is, can only be realized that what we believe is our life, and our free will, is in actuality, just a conjured up illusory form consisting of energy, which is thought, and has in itself no relationship to freedom, liberty, wisdom or eternal peace. Our 3 dimensional life experience is always being controlled and this control keeps us in a constant state of hypnosis. For this reason we must emotionally detach from placing value or any credibility on this illusion.

This is why the automobile and the subsequent off-shoots of motorization and vehicular movement had to be invented. There really would have been no need for this constant subliminal of control (the Stop Sign), without the automobile and the massive road system needed to exalt this invention. Imagine a stop sign situated where everyone is walking or riding a donkey…? What we think to be liberation, the ability to travel at will, is nothing more than hypnotic suggestion to take us deeper and deeper into the abyss of an illusory trance state.

The Rock under the Dome in Jerusalem is a REVERSE IMAGE, or a REVERSE SYMBOL. Much like looking in a mirror. This Rock has to be flipped horizontally to bring it into proper perspective. The subconscious mind has no problem receiving the information in its original form, but consciously, it makes no sense and means nothing. Flipping the image horizontally now allows the subliminal to come to the surface, and to be recognized consciously.

Foundation Stone Dome Reversed

The 11 Western United States ROCK


The Rock is only 60 feet or so in size. It is almost identical in its exterior form to the 11 Western United States as shown below, when the 11 states are laid over the Rock photograph. This Dome and the wall built around the Rock were constructed in 690 AD, or 1,319 years ago (in relation to this year 2009). The 11 Western States were not configured into this overall shape until recently (comparatively speaking). For over 1,000 years, this Rock shape of a country not yet ‘discovered’ was already being preserved in a country half way around the world, and hidden from view by a dome and religious dogma, so that all who entered therein would be viewing it from within the trance state. (The author included).

This Rock is the Cornerstone, the Christ, referred to by Christians as Jesus. However, this is just hypnotic suggestion, and as stated on page 1 of this site, Jesus is just a play on words for Zeus, or Je-Zeus, or Hey Zeus. Zeus is in turn referring to Janus, Horus, Tammuz, etc. All saviour gods with the same illustrious background as Jesus.

Foundation Stone USA

Old City Wall of Jerusalem – Worship of ORION

The chart below shows the 135 degree angle of the old city wall of Jerusalem that originates with the constellation Orion. Orion is simply a suggestion relating to the Father God, only by a different name. Orion is the Royal Ion, or electrified Ion. Central to the luciferian agenda of hypnotic mind control. This angle is also that of California, which is another play on words, relating to the Caliph rulers of the Arab world and the worship of Orion, the mighty hunter. Together, these 2 terms Caliph and Orion, create the name of CALIF-ORNIA. This is the reason for the 135 degree angle of California and the symbolism that relates this to the Rock, or Stone, of Judgment, the Judgment of ALLAH.

Octagon of California & Jerusalem

The chart below shows how the octagon will touch every one of the 11 western states, all the way up to the Canadian border. As stated previously, the name California is derived from the Caliph and Orion terms. In the Hebrew language they don’t use the G or J sound, but substitute it with the Y sound, as in GOD = YOD. This is always done in this fashion.

Therefore the name of OREGON = OREYON = ORION.

Along with the name California, it becomes very apparent what the subliminal intent is. In the following pages, this will be uncovered even further.

War On Terrorism

Cornerstone Christ

Mount Moriah / Manhattan / Rocky Mountains


ROCKefeller Inspired World Trade Center and The ROCKefeller Plaza of Manhattan

What are the odds that the top of a small mountain in Israel, (which has stood there for thousands of illusory years), being the same shape as a portion of the major continent empire of our time. The continent of North America was supposedly not discovered until 1492 AD by Columbus!


The western states were not mapped for centuries after that, and eventually taking the form we see today. What is the possibility of this occurring unless there is a master luciferian group egregore mind in control of the whole thing. A master hypnotist, an egregore group of thinking entities, implementing hypnotic suggestion and subliminal manipulation in every possible area of this 3 dimensional existence.

This is just one more bit of symbolic evidence that the luciferian group of Thinkers created the 3 dimensional illusion and all the symbolism that goes with it. All this, just to establish the trance state, so that who and what we really are, is manipulated by the illusion we call humanity, to attempt to lock us into the lunacy of this horrific 3D illusory prison. We’re manipulated by our very own being, or what we have been convinced to believe is our own person. This is the veil of deceit and manipulation. WE ARE ILLUSIONS, conjured up by the Thought Process, used to manipulate reality by creating the illusion of Time and Space, which is the 3D illusory reality.

Have a close look at at the diagram below and contemplate the similarities of the shape, the names which include the word ROCK and the unnatural manmade cuts in the original rock that follow the Canadian border, the cut-in where the Juan de Fuca Strait, the San Francisco Peninsula, the states of Texas and New Mexico jog in and up, and the straight line that follows the eastern edge of the states of New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming and Montana.

There is a luciferian group egregore Thought Process at work here. This is THE LIE that has been its source of power for all these illusory millenia. Uncovering the lie, destroys the power of the lie!


The Rockefeller family inspired the construction of the World Trade Center on the island of Manhattan. They also built the Rockefeller Plaza to the north of the World Trade Center, just at the southern edge of Central Park, (which is also filled with extreme symbolism and described in subsequent pages). Manhattan is known as the City of the Rockefellers. New York is their city. As these images of the Foundation Stone are contemplated, the reason for the stature of the Rockefeller family will become abundantly clear. Manhattan is the ROCK, the Temple Mount of Moriah, just another type of the New Jerusalem, used to prepare the way for the luciferian desired cataclysm.

Foundation Rock is shown in RELIEF FORM inside the Dome of the Rock

ROCKeFELLER is ROCK – e – RELLEF or RELIEF when reversed

Rockie Mountains is ROCK – ie – MOUNTAINS yet another Relief.

Foundation Rocks

Strange as all this may seem – here’s an even stranger consideration:


We’re just sleeping, having a bad dream and because of the deep hypnotic suggestion we stay sleeping, wrapped in our nightmare, sincerely believing it’s real and happening. It isn’t real and it isn’t happening. The only reason it’s happening is because we keep believing the subliminal suggestions of the 3 dimensional world and thereby continue to remain in this hypnotic state. As soon as we wake up to this trickery played out on our conciousness, we stop believing the lie, stop supporting the promises of this physical 3D lunacy, and the believability of the whole 3D illusion collapses within our mind.

What then?

We reconnect to our original wisdom state through awareness of what’s transpiring. The manipulation of this 3D experience become incidental. We’re literally the saviour we’ve been waiting for. We are, once again, in control of our eternity, and have not forfeited control of our original Paradise State to some lunatic fringe of Thinking entities.


Google Video – illuminatiMATRIX explanatory video detailing the foundational root of hypnosis, religion, intellectualism and who and what god is.

Click here to watch video.

YouTube Video highlighting some of the subliminal elements hidden in the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem

Please read the next paragraph before watching the ROCK VIDEO.

On the ROCK VIDEO, the World Trade Center is mistakenly called the ROCKEFELLER PLAZA. The WTC was conceived and promoted by the Rockefellers. The Rockefeller Plaza is to the north of the World Trade Centre, on the MANHATTAN ROCK, or MANNA STONE. The WTC and the Rockefeller Plaza , along with the area of CENTRAL PARK, relate to the TEMPLE MOUNT in Jerusalem, and the Al Aqsa Mosque, the Dome of the ROCK, and the Temple Courtyard. These in turn relate to the North American West Coast. See page 39 for more details.

Click here to watch the new Rock Video on YouTube.


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