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Google Video – illuminatiMATRIX explanatory video detailing the foundational root of hypnosis, religion, intellectualism and who and what god is.

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YouTube Video highlighting some of the subliminal elements hidden in the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem

Please read the next paragraph before watching the ROCK VIDEO.

On the ROCK VIDEO, the World Trade Center is mistakenly called the ROCKEFELLER PLAZA. The WTC was conceived and promoted by the Rockefellers. The Rockefeller Plaza is to the north of the World Trade Centre, on the MANHATTAN ROCK, or MANNA STONE. The WTC and the Rockefeller Plaza , along with the area of CENTRAL PARK, relate to the TEMPLE MOUNT in Jerusalem, and the Al Aqsa Mosque, the Dome of the ROCK, and the Temple Courtyard. These in turn relate to the North American West Coast. See page 39 for more details.

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the new world order – the messianic age – christ consciousness – the rock of christ – the three wise men – new york – san francisco – hawaii – the myth of jesus the soothsayer – the inspiration for the christian religious terms

Never let it be said that the luciferian mind does not have a sense of humour. After all, who is it that puts the laughter in slaughter? Perhaps even, the Ho Ho Hohorror and whore in christmas. It just makes you laugh doesn’t it? Wait till we take a look at the big joke – the big HA – in Ha-wai-i, the Big Island. Allow me to spell that correctly HA! – Why? EYE!

Of course, none of this is a joke except to the demonic entities known as the luciferian illuminati cabal. The painting below shows a simple basic amoeba type jellyfish sitting on the head of our very pretty model (Alexa Lauren – Penthouse). This painting is called Amoeba and in it I illustrate how the creation and evolution process is actually the same thing. In a moment, the luciferian egregore thought form created the woman with all kinds of technological and evolutionary processes built in. At the moment of creation, all manner of countless ions of time were built in to establish the myth of evolution as well as the myth of a great and loving god. Creation and evolution are both believable to a certain flawed degree, but both are totally and deliberately incorrect. Just believable enough to make you wonder, but not enough to prove it 100% as fact. Oh that luciferian mind, what a joker! Actually, let’s look at that word JOKER = YOKE – ER. The bondage of the yoke placed on the beast of burden which is all of humanity. That’s why the Democratic Party has a Jackass for a logo – that’s the people who make up the party. That’s why the Republicans have an elephant – again, the people who make up the party. Study the painting for a moment, then we’ll take another look at New York and then on to the Golden Gate Bridge and Hawaii.


On the previous pages it has been shown that New York City plays very importantly within the illuminatiMATRIX agenda. The luciferian thinkers have written a holy book, the old testament and the new testament, and through a calculated sequence of historical events, have set about fulfilling their prophetic notions.This page will deal with the rebuilt temple of god in the new jerusalem which is located in the new promised land. As we have seen from Page 13, it is not to be rebuilt in the new jerusalem which is modern day New York. Neither is it to be rebuilt in its former glory as a physical building. The new temple is going to be the luciferian supreme god of deception dwelling right amongst us in all of it’s hideous splendor. If you’re ready for this, let’s take one more look at New York – Manhattan to be more specific – before we move on to the promised land of old testament manipulation.

Consider the word MANHATTAN. In future pages, the understanding of this word will be very important. Listed below are 4 definite and meaningful locations that lead up to the final destination for the illuminati agenda. The names won’t mean to much at this point in time, but as you progress through this site, the link from one location to another, and the massive importance of each subsequent location will become evident.


The illuminati luciferian mindset invented the Hewbrew nation, the Jewish religion and applied the egregore thought form of kaballistic thinking so as to appear as gods to humanity. They used and abused this Jewish people just as they have done to every nation on the face of the earth. This has all worked quite effectively up until this point in history. All this on behalf of the agenda of death which is 911, the order of the Rose and the Order of Death. In other words, their Christ Rose from the Dead. I will now demonstrate what the agenda has in store in the immediate future.

Remember this verse – Revelation 21:22 – “And I saw no temple therein: for the Lord God Almighty (father god) and the Lamb (son of god / or sun god) is the light thereof.”

If you have trouble remembering who the father and son gods are, please see lower down on Page 1. There I demonstrate how the protons and the neutrons of an energy atom are indeed the father and the son. In the science community the proton is referred to as the male positive energy and the neutrons are the neutral (prince of peace) energy. In conjunction with the negative female electrons buzzing around the nucleus, this does indeed form a light beam. This is the, … shall we say, “spiritual temple” which will dwell amongst us as the light.

Below you will see a floorplan of the Jewish temple. (Based on the research of Tony Badillo – King Solomon’s Astonishing Temple Secrets).


Now see the same floorplan immediately below with a more opened up rendition. This is referred to as the Temple Man. The Hebrew Temple was designed to be a symbol of a man. Why a man? Simply, because it is humanity that they, the illuminati reptilian rulers are sacrificing to the son of god (the sun god).

The word TEMPLE should also be looked at more closely.

TEMP – LE = TEMP – EL – the father of all gods
TEMP = TEMPORARY the temple was never meant to exist very long

Of special interest concerning the word temple and temporary. Revelation 21:22 quoted above talks about a temple not existing in the new jerusalem for the lord (lucifer) is the temple thereof. This wordplay always means something symbolic to the secret mystery groups such as freemasonry, judaism and christianity.

The freemason inspired Skull and Bones society at Yale University had one initiate who took the name Temporary upon his initiation into the society. His name is George W. Bush. This is kind of a strange name for the puppet leader of the western world, (even the whole world for that matter), to assume in a luciferian secret society. People have thought that this name was chosen because of a lack of time to choose a better one. These secret societies do nothing haphazardly or off the cuff. Every step is methodically thought through. After all, they are intellectual think tank freaks. So, in light of the sound and shape association with the word TEMPLE and TEMPORARY, it becomes a bit more evident what they were thinking.

George W. Bush was asked in a presidential debate “what political philosopher or thinker do you most identify with and why? He responded “christ…because he changed my heart”. Curious isn’t it, how this leader identifies himself with christ. On these pages I have demonstrated that the luciferian mindset is the christ of the bible. Now we have W. saying he identifies mostly with christ who is lucifer. Isn’t that curious? Is he saying something we should be paying attention to?

Now let’s take a look at his father’s name chosen at the Skull and Bones club. George Sr. chose the name Magog. This is not a lighthearted name to take at one’s initiation into a satanic ritualistic group. These guys mean business with every drip of symbolism. Magog was the son of Japeth, who was the son of Noah. Magog came to be known as Magog who was from the land of Gog. Magog ultimately went out to deceive the four quarters of the world (see Revelation 20:7-8) to gather everyone together to the great battle of Armageddon. Fire is cast down from god out of heaven and destroys all of them except the saints.

Lets take a look at some of these words a bit more closely.

GO – GAM = GO – GAME this is the ultimate luciferian illuminati game plan – the battle of armageddon – this game is almost over

SAIN = SANE – TS – the righteous are those who are sane (sane according to their view of sanity) and worship the T and S which symbolizes once again, the luciferian son of god and the serpent

This is how father Bush symbolically chooses to be used by the illuminati agenda. Quite frankly, that is how Bush Sr. has been used to fulfil the last 50 years or so that he has had his hand on the throttles of power. His son W. is likewise only a temporary christlike (luciferian puppet) as they push forward the reptilian agenda. Watch this family extremely close in the next 5 years. Its all coming to a head as we close in on the date for the opening of the Freedom Tower.

Now have a look at the temple man with the opened up diagram.


Now have a look at the same temple man upside down. This is the most disrespectful position to sacrifice the victim. This is symbolized in satanic ritual groups as they pay homage to an inverted pentagram (the five pointed star). This is also the reason that the Pentagon is five sided pointing to the north. When the pentagram is upside down, the 5 sided pentagon shape in the centre points up. This is considered the most cruel and horrible position to take against humanity.

The diagram below is to assist in seeing the symbolism connecting an old Hebrew temple where the treasures are kept ever present and worn as a crown (hat) and that of the financial riches of New York. The symbolism of the old Hebrew Temple with the old sun worship of Egypt and old testament temple characteristics is very revealing. However, the symbolism doesn’t end there. Did you ever wonder where the term “Bull” market comes from? Or where the term “stock market” finds its roots. Consider this.

In ancient Tyre about 1000 BC, King Hiram was requested by Solomon to help build the temple. Tyre supposedly had many fine stone masons. (Hence the term freemasons). Tyre means rock. Why is the word rock associated with Tyre? Tyre is also the source of the term tryanny. Tyre was also famous for the production of purple die, the colour most desired by royalty. But ask yourself, why is purple most desired by royalty?

The answers to these questions are that Tyre is one form of symbolism of the real rock that the jesus christ myth would be built upon. That rock is tyranny. This rock is also peter, the slang term for the male sex organ. Through tyranny and the male sex drive, the christian killing machine builds an almost invincible fortress. As for the colour purple, it is a combination of red, which is symbolic of blood, and blue which symbolizes water. These 2 colours mixed together form purple. The reason all royalty desires this colour is because all royalty and the powerful rich elite throughout the world are genetically linked to the serpent illuminati race and spiritually linked to the power generated through the religious systems that this race has fabricated. (Be sure to read to the bottom of this page to see some almost unbelievable symbolism regarding the characteristics of the christian rock of christ).

When jesus was crucified, he was pierced in the side and out flowed water and blood. This is symbolic of red and blue, but when mixed together, they form purple. So, to the royal reptilian thinkers, this symbolic piercing and flowing of purple is the death chaos that must be created throughout the world in order to bring about the raising of a new world order. This is what they really mean when they say that christ will rise from the dead and that the saints will reign with him for a thousand years.

(As a sidenote, keep in mind the word piercing and how this word fits into the illuminati agenda concerning the Bush family. This will be addressed on Page 17 – The Next and Last 911).

Now just as there is symbolism in this little “rock, peter, purple story” I have just related, so too, is there symbolism in the words bull market and stock market.

Old Tyre was supposedly the birthplace of a beautiful goddess who was somewhat cowlike in features. Her name was Europa. This is the scource of the name Europe. Europa captured the attention of a WHITE BULL named Zeus who, one day, blended in amongst the herd of cattle and edged near to Europa. Europa saw the white bull and stroked the bulls thighs. Soon she had jumped upon his back. The white bull dove into the sea and swam away to a far land. Symbolically, this land was the island of Crete in the Mediterranean. In actual fact, the island is modern day Manhatten in America and the bull represents the thriving stock market of the financial district. This is the term, bull market, used for a strong financial market.

(Another sidenote: the name Zeus is simply another reference to lucifer. Almost every major western city pays homage to Zeus and casts the hypnosis ever deeper on humanity. In so doing we establish animal cruelty and animal worship in our Zoo’s, totally oblivious to the homage given to lucifer).

Back to the Stock Market information.

This is the reason for the huge Sea of Bronze wash basin near the alter of sacrifice in the old testament temple layout. See how this sea of bronze bowl rests upon 12 bulls. This is not a coincidence. (This bowl is also called the MOLTEN SEA which will be dealt with lower down the page). This bowl was used to wash the residue of the sacrifice from the hands of the priests after their slaughter was completed for sacrifice. Today, the sea of bronze is present symbolically in the city of the Bronx. This is the human sacrifice that helps to wash the residue of blood from the hands of the financial priests of lucifer, the stock brokers. It is a huge relief for the stock brokers and investors to see the suffering and poverty of the people around them, simply to remind them how worthless humanity is and how divine they themselves are. Nothing like cleaning the conscience with a little arrogance.

We, humanity, are the stock, the cattle and sheep, which the reptilian race sacrifice daily to accumulate wealth. Without a shred of compassion for the sufftering they cause daily to billions around the world, the stock brokers working in the stock market long for the stock to go up (in most instances) so they might worship the bull. This bull is another symbol of the sun god of Egypt. They manipulate all of us like cattle and sheep until we are eventually made broke. Broke financially and broken in every sense of the word.

Upside Down Man

What other place have we seen the importance of symbolism throughout these pages. The answer is of course, everywhere. Symbolism is what the old and new testament are all about. This is exactly what luciferian satanic cults are all about. They are completely inept at doing anything unless symbolism is attached to it. Ultimately, this lunatic obsession with symbolism is the cause of their demise. They think they’ll never be found out. But once humanity realizes the hypnotic state we’ve been placed in through this egregore thought form, then this hypnotic thought form placed on us crumbles and the energy derived from humanity, as a result of this hypnosis, dwindles. The illuminati elite then have to put in place the next stage of the agenda, which includes more symbolism, but once again leaving themselves even more open to detection.

It must be mentioned at this juncture, where the names America and Canada originate and what they mean. Canada and the United States of America are working hand in hand as a little brother and a big brother to deceive the whole world. The name Canada is derived through sound and shape association, with the ancient land of Canaan. Canaan was the grandson of Noah. Canaan’s father Ham saw Noah naked when Noah was drunk upon his bed and god (lucifer) cursed Canaan (who never did anything wrong) – just like poor little Canada never does anything wrong (at least in Canada’s eyes) we never do anything wrong) and was sentenced to a life of servitude to his brothers and to his uncles, (the sons of Noah). This is symbolic today, in the relationship of Canada to the USA. Canaan nonetheless means “merchant” and has come to be synonamous with the term Canaan.

America, on the other hand, is the big brother in this whole scenario. So let’s take a look at this word AMERICA.

AMERICA = A (a pyramid)
MER = MER – chandising – MER-CURY – the god of merchandising
I + C = as in EYE SEE – all seeing eye
A = yet one more pyramid

These are extremely strong symbols for delivering the message associated with the god of merchandising, who incidentally is Mercury. This is the American Dream, where fortune awaits the unsuspecting stock of humanity.

Look closely at the power generated within the holy of holies of solomon’s temple. This so called holy power is used by many individuals, groups and organizations in the world today. Freemasonry and other religions, every scientific theory, modern educational higher learning, the entertainment industry, business and banking, the medical and military sectors of society, everything we do today is a direct result of applying the demonic power and knowledge of the luciferian holy of holies ELECTRICAL ARK OF THE COVENANT. This is the power generated by the egregore thought form which anyone who wishes to be powerful, both financially and socially, must succumb to and ultimately implement this thought process in everything they do. This is the power that the reptilian brain must worship for the thought form to work. The powerful elite of the world know this and are ruthless in exercising it. Nothing will stand in the way of the pureblood reptilian elite.

This is the Kaballa enlightened knowledge of the all seeing eye. This is the knowledge that worships the almighty god of the dollar. For this reason the Freemason rulers of the United States of America put the all seeing eye and the deity pyramid on the back of their $1 bill with the words “god has approved our undertaking”.

Now look at what goes on in the holy of holies.


Take a look at the temple as a robotic looking man. The depiction as a robotic looking man is very accurate for this is how humanity really functions. We are mindless robots. We see our society floundering like a drunken sailor, yet we do very little to sober ourselves. We are the drunken sailors! Not the other guy over there…I am the drunk.

The diagram shows the treasures of the temple were kept in the area just above the holy of holies head section. Right in amongst the treasure rooms were the priests cells. This area is the hat or mitre worn by the priests of the Jewish faith. (Ultimately worn by the popes and other religious elite).

Now take a look at the map of Manhattan immediately below. Here we have a diagram of a little man (see the yellow portion of the map). This shape is that of a flacid penis. In other words a man upside down, not erect. At the lower end of this little man (remember this is the temple man upside down) we find the head section where the hat would be worn. This is the round portion, the hat section of Manhattan which points out towards the Hudson River and out towards Staten Island. This is the financial and business district of Manhattan. These financial and business fortunes of Wall Street are the hat worn by the priests of Solomon’s Temple. The priests in this instance, are the business tycoons, who are the powerful elite of the reptilian race who run the world. For this reason the city of their fortune is called Manhattan. This is the city and the spirit of their god. Let’s take a closer look at this word.

MAN – HAT – T (intersecting sex lines of sun god) – OWN

In other words Manhattan is owned by the sun god. This little man hat town is upside down in the most disrespectful way a sacrifice can be symbolically executed. Notice also on this map how manhattan is an island – EYE – land. The pure river of Revelation 22:21, the water of life is symbolically demonstrated by the Hudson and the East Rivers completely encircling the little man with all his financial and commercial fortunes tucked nicely away for safe keeping.

This lucifer… what a joker.

Manhattan Map

Let’s now move on to the other side of the USA. We’ll probably make a stop or two along the way, (maybe Kansas to see how Dorothy’s doing), but our immediate destination will be San Francisco / Oakland and the Golden Gate Bridge.

Golden Gate Bridge

The picture immediately above is the Golden Gate Bridge crossing San Francisco Bay. A beautiful setting to be sure with the mountains in the background overlooking Oakland, California. What must be pointed out at this time, is that the old city of Jerusalem in Israel is mentioned in old testament prophecies as the location that the messiah will return to redeem his people. More specifically, the messiah will touch down on the Mount of Olives and come down through the Golden Gate into the temple courtyard. A great earthquake is to be unleashed from east to west and the mountain will split and divide to the north and south.

The Mount of Olives should more accurately read the Mount where O – LIVES. The letter O once again refers to the all seeing eye, who is lucifer. Taken one step further, this is the EVIL O Mountain (when reversing the word Olive).

Now, back to San Francisco and Oakland. The oak tree was the original tree of worship in old Egypt. Trees always represent eternal life or immortality to the luciferian mind. Trees are worshipped because of their stature and longevity but it’s more than that. Trees are Threes, the number of the deity pyramid shape. Through sound and shape association Threes sound and look like Trees. In other words, the oak is again speaking of lucifer who promises eternal life if we just worship this little demon. Trees also touch the three levels of this 3D illusion. Trees touch the sky, the ground and the roots go deep into the earth.

Therefore, Oakland is the Land of Oaks or the Land of O – where O lives (Mount of Olives). This is the LAND OF OZ! Oz should be pronounced Oh – Z as in ozone. This the land of the All Seeing Eye, the Big O, the great I AM – EYE AM.

The land of Oz is a reference to the Wizard of Oz fairytale. However, it is not a fairytale. The Wizard of Oz is a mind control program thrust upon all of humanity, but especially aimed at children. It is children that are susceptible and easily manipulated by the suggestion in this horror story. The Wizard of Oz story is also used to program mind controlled sex slaves who are forced to work for the CIA in the MKULTRA and MKSEARCH programs. (See Fritz Springmeiers work regarding this information).

For sure, we’re not in Kansas anymore Dorothy!

DOROTHY = D – death
O = all seeing eye
ROTH = THOR the god of war and a reference to the Rothschild family
Y = wiseman

The next thing to become aware of is the Golden Gate that the messiah will supposedly pass through. This gate is the main gate on the old city wall of Jerusalem and faces the mount of olives to the east. The gate on the old wall in Jerusalem has been sealed with massive stones for centuries and according to old testament prophecies, (the prophecies of lucifer), it will not be opened but remain shut.

In the old testament we read – Ezekiel 44:1-2 “…the way of the Gate which looketh towards the East…and it was shut… v.2 …said the lord unto me; this Gate shall be shut, it shall not be opened, and no man shall enter in by it; because the lord, the god of Israel, hath entered in by it, therefore IT SHALL BE SHUT…it is for the prince…he shall enter by the way of the PORCH of that Gate…”

Look at that! The messiah prince will enter in by the way of the PORCH OF THAT GATE. The porch of Solomon’s temple was the tall entrance way where the 2 tall gold or bronze pillars stood. These were right next to the Molten Sea or the Sea of Bronze which was used to wash the priests hands of any ritual sacrifice blood and residue. Here we have the Golden Gate Bridge twin towers or pillars and right next to it is the huge Molten Sea – the Ring of Fire in the Pacific Ocean. Keep reading, this is unbelievable symbolism.

The Way mentioned at the beginning of this passage is the christian THE WAY of believing in christ, who is lucifer. (It should be noted at this time that anytime you see the word WAY written, spoken or sung in any popular fashion, this will be more sublte subliminal suggestion).This gate (the Golden Gate) looks towards the east (the mount of Olives). Except that in reality, the mount of Olives is the Mount where O LIVES. This land where O Lives is Oak – land and the mountain is the mountain in the background of the photograph above and is called Diablo Mountain or Devil Mountain. Named by the Spaniards “Monte del Diablo” which really means “Thicket of the Devil”. However, the English (Angel Man) thought it meant Mount Diablo so that’s its name and for obvious reasons.

The verse just quoted in Ezekiel says the gate is for the prince (the messiah) to pass through. According to the jesus myth, this did happen 2000+ years ago. The luciferian agenda rulers then had the gate sealed up so that attention would rightfully shift to America and the new world.

The prince (lucifer / jesus) will enter in by THE WAY of THE PORCH. On page 13 I also demonstrated how the Porch was symbolized by the World Trade Centre Complex as well. The two pillars outside the Porch of the old Hebrew temple were also the twin towers at the WTC. The Porch is the tower immediately behind the twin pillars in the old temple and this coincides with the massive concrete jungle of skyscrapers that the Wall Street Financial District is famous for. All throughout old testament writings there is repetitive mention of pillars of fire and / or smoke used symbolically in reference to god’s people.

Through the attack (by way of the Porch of the WTC) sponsored by the illuminati elite, the luciferian notion of complete spiritual dominion has already entered the world consciousness. Now, lo and behold, this mindset will attempt to cement its hold on humanity by doing the hideous. It will unleash its fury from (shall we say – Command Central) Hawaii (the BIG EYE – LAND) – working along the RING OF FIRE of earthquake and volcanic activity which surrounds the Pacific Ocean (the ocean of peace).

We have already seen many attacks from this beast working through this ring of fire. The ring of fire is symbolism again, for the eternal flame of the enlightened knowledge of the eye of lucifer, the all seeing eye. Most recently, was the tsunami in the Indian Ocean, killing a quarter million in one stroke. Just this past Easter / Passover, a much smaller attack took place symbolically on the Solomon Islands. However, in spite of it being small, it is still totally connected to what has happened before, and what is still yet to come.

OCEAN = O all seeing eye – CEAN = SHUN = SUN

The Pacific Ocean is a mega big All Seeing Eye with 15 letter A’s in the names of the land masses forming the RING. (Oakland’s baseball team isn’t called the “A’s” just for the Athletics in their name). 15 being the number most strongly associated with the deity. See the light chart below to see how 15 coincides with the number 3 at 3:15 o’clock. On the 24 hour clock 3 and 15 are exactly at the same position.

See the Ring of Fire diagram immediately below.

Of special interest is the location of the Hawaiian Eyelands. The Eyelands start exactly 333 degrees from the International Dateline. (See the light chart below). This starting point coincides with 20 degrees up from the equator and again matches a highly symbolic number on the light chart – 3.33 minutes past midnight. Furthermore, this intersecting point is 70 degrees down from the North Pole (Throne Pole or Throne Elop-e) and coincides with 13.33 minutes past midnight. Amazing isn’t it, how those Freemasons put Hawaii just where they needed it in these troubled times.

Ring of Fire

You have probably noticed that this information is getting bigger than the Freemason organization, bigger than the Society of Jesuits, bigger than any one group or collection of groups. What I am describing is the blueprint of the luciferian serpent mindset. This is what is in store for humanity and it would probably be in our own best interest to become aware what is going to unfold.

This will culminate with the symbolic entrance of the prince of peace associated with the Golden Gate Bridge at or near the opening of the new Freedom Tower in 2011.

Taking into consideration that New York is the new Jerusalem as shown on page 13, it is quite comprehensible that the Golden Gate Bridge is indeed the Golden Gate the messiah will pass through symbolically to redeem his chosen flock. As well, a great earthquake is supposed to strike at the moment of touch down. I don’t know if any of you have ever heard of an earthquake happening in San Francisco, but it could. (Just a moment of levity here).

See the earthquake intensity map for Mt. Diablo just below.

Mt. Diablo Earthquake

Now let’s take a look at the 1906 San Francisco earthquake map. This shows the location of the San Andreas fault line remarkably well. The year 1906 has some interesting numbers, especially the fact that it did occur in 1906. As we move along with the information just ahead, you will begin to see the luciferian insanity built into the events, locations and times of the information given. Keep in mind, neither the Freemasons, nor the Jesuits, nor the Moslems, neither the atheists invented lucifer. Lucifer invented all these organizations and the symbolism they use. You will see that the luciferian symbolic notions go well beyond any mortals ability to implement. Pay special attention to the fact that the Golden Gate Bridge is directly in line with the San Andreas fault line.

1906 San Fran Quake

Below is a map of the San Francisco Bay area. With this map I will demonstrate the signifigance of the English alphabet letters B and G. I will also explain the significance of the phrase used throughout the world regarding the massive earthquake expected for the San Francisco Bay region. The world is waiting for the BIG ONE to hit. The big one is none other than the luciferian messiah concept and the declaration of the New World Order. So here we go, let’s look at the letters B and G with an I – EYE – in the middle.

The untouched map immediately below shows San Francisco Bay and the locations of the Golden Gate Bridge and the Bay Bridge. Notice anything odd about the sounds of these words? Golden Gate Bridge and Bay Bridge. They all have the B and J or G sound. These sounds became important to the whole scheme of things as we have seen above with the names of the 2 gold or bronze pillars in front of the Hebrew temple. See how even the words gold and bronze have a G and B. These 2 pillars symbolized 2 kings – a father and a son. One was called Boaz and the other Jachin. (These 2 pillars can also be symbolic for the male and female – depending on the scenario in which it is used). Boaz was the grandfather of King David and is represented by the pillar on the left. Jachin (or Jakin – or with similar sound association Gachin) was the pillar on the right. Boaz means strength and Jakin means to establish. The two pillars together symbolically mean that he establishes with strength or violence.

This symbolism then carries over to the world trade centre Twin Towers. Only this time the B and the G are symbolic of the 2 kings of the day. George Bush Sr. and George Bush Jr. The father and son dynamic duo.

Take a look at a few more B’s and G’s of modern times. First off the word BIG is extremely prominent in the USA. The 2 pillars of Boaz and Jakin (or Gakin) were the legs of the temple which reached up into the Porch of the temple. The Porch is symbolic in the drawings above of the Pelvis area. This is the sexual erogenous zone and the location of the Genitals or in slang terminology, Balls. Again, a B and G. However, the B and G are symbolized everywhere throughout American culture which places the whole country into a hypnotic state. This is mainly achieved with the power of suggestion in the word BIG. Big is a B and a G with an I – EYE in the middle. Again, the All Seeing Eye of lucifer.

In America much of the population has come to believe that they are indeed the BIGGEST, most incredible country to have ever existed. This also happened to Great Britian, the forerunner of the American Empire. There we go again, another B and G. However, take a look at these B and G mind plants. We have the Big Island of Hawaii, the Big Apple of New York, the Big Sky Country of Montana, and the Big One which is supposed to hit San Francisco in the future. Speaking of San Francisco, the freemason elite club of Bohemian Grove is just 75 miles north. Where did the freemason inspired Bohemian Grove originate? None other than Bavaria, Germany through the Bavarian illuminati. Again, more B’s and G’s. And who are members of the Bohemian Grove? Of course, all the modern day presidents are either members or have participated in the drunken, sex orgy, blood drinking, human sacrifice rituals there. We must now ask, who has been the spiritual advisor to all these modern day presidents to inspire them to take part in such a demonic club? Well, it is none other than Billy Graham, a 33 degree freemason for the last (almost) 60 years. Once again, more B’s and G’s.

We’re not done with B and G yet. B and G are letters and sounds that are sexual sound and shape symbols. Think Breast and Genitalia. The best vehicle for implanting sexual symbolism is through the entertainment industry. Think music and movies. One of the most successful TV sitcoms in America in recent years has been Sex In The City. This took place in the Big Apple of New York. On this show, the sexual tension between a dashing fellow called BIG and Carrie Bradshaw never seemed to end. Then there’s the recording industry and the BEE GEES. The Brothers Gibb. Even the name GIBB backwards is still BIGG.

So ask yourself, did the Bee Gees music affect American culture very much? Ever heard of Saturday Night Fever, which features John Travolta.

Saturday Night is Saturn Night which in turn is Satan’s Night. Fever is a reference to the sexual heat generated on a Saturday Night hookup between a BOY and a GIRL. (More B and G stuff).

The movie Grease, also staring John Travolta is saturated with subliminals in the same fashion as Saturday Night Fever. This one includes the Australian beauty Olivia Newton John. AUS-tra-lia = OZ-tralia, the land where O-Lives. There’s that word Olive – (in Australia they mine Olivine gems which I will interpret later on this page). Newton refers to a NEW TOWN or a new world. As well, the letters TOWN refer to the Eye – the T is the Cross or Eye of the light symbol, and OWN is suggestion of ownership or control. Together the letters T-OWN suggest that we are controlled, or owned by the Eye. Yet again, this breaks down into the sound and subliminal relating to the ION, the electrically charged atom. It is through the conjuring up of the Ion, that the whole illusory 3D world is made visible and in so doing, controls our paradise state.

John, of course, is the symbolic name of Oannes, who was the fish god of Babylon called Nimrod. Poor Olivia hasn’t a clue that this is what her name means or symbolizes. All this symbolism is imperative when it comes to the luciferian mind and the illuminati agenda.

The co-star with Olivia is John Travolta. A fine actor with a belief in Scientology which is but another form of Satan worship (if Satan were actually a real entity) even as all religions are. Religions are forms of sun god worship, which more easily understood as Satanic worship, or the dogma that seeks to maintain the 3 dimensional illusion. Again we see the name John (Oannes). So John is paired with John. Reverse symbolism again. They did form a lovely couple. However, look at the name Tra VOLT a. This is symbolizing the Kaballah ELECT-rical energy which the ELECT chosen people of god are endowed with to go out and do their deception.

Looking closer at the name TRAVOLTA we find this –

T the sex ritual religious cross of the messiah
RA = RAY – the rays of the sun god
VOLT = electrical energy
A = capless pyramid of the deity lucifer

Lets look at some of the titles of some other songs by the Bee Gees.

Stayin’ Alive – Lonely Days (think daze) – How Can You Mend A Broken Heart – Don’t Wanna Live Inside Myself – Jive Talkin – Boogie Child – To Love Somebody – The Lights All Went Out In Massachusetts (amongst others). 6 of their songs became #1 consecutively. Interestingly, 2 of the brothers were TWINS (like the Twin Towers).

We even have oddities like Boy George, of whom we couldn’t quite tell if he was a boy or a girl. However, what this did subliminally to the American subconscious, was to place it in a deep hypnotic trance. Then when president George Bush Jr. came along (the real Boy George) the American populace can’t quite make up there mind if he’s a good president or a bad one. It’s that simple!

We could get into many other examples such as the song “Georgia” by the great RAY Charles. Or even the Curious George childrens books. This stuff is endless but I’m sure I’ve made my point on the B and G letter symbolism.

Just one more new B and G (as of June 27, 2007), the new prime minister of Britain is GORDON BROWN. B is the fertility letter and G is the generative triune god letter. The sounds and shapes of these letters, in themselves, are subliminals and hypnotic in nature.

As one looks around the world, names such as the Ganges River opens into the Bay of Bengal.
NarGisse Cyclone struck Burma in 2008.
The Great Barrier Reef lies off the coast of Australia.
The Great Basin is in the interior of Australia.
The Great Australian Bight is on the south side of Australia.
The Great Basin covers part of the state of Nevada, Utah, and Idaho.

The list becomes endless. These are the B and G columns of Freemasonic thinking, and are based on the 2 pillars which stood outside Solomon’s Temple.

Golden Gate Bridge map

Now let’s look at the same map with the names placed. We have Sonoma, again another reference to the Son – of – Man, the sun god. There’s Napa, the wine region. Anybody want to wager what you do with wine? Of course, getting drunk comes to mind, but it is also symbolic of the grapes of wrath promised for the luciferian biblical end days. Always keep in mind, lucifer wrote the bible and plays both sides, the christ and the antichrist.

There is also a Daly City. This is, of course, referring to the deity. The deity, if you recall is Horus the son from which we get the word horizon and the term the rising sun. Satan, besides being a reference to Saturn, is referring to the father god, or the setting sun. Together, the rising sun and the setting sun forms one complete day – or deity. Therefore it is highly symbolic to have the name Daly City facing out to the Pacific Ocean.

Not mentioned on the map, but located near Berkeley, is the city of Brooklyn. This is another symbolic tie to New York, the new Jerusalem of biblical prophecy. Brooklyn is symbolic for Brook line or Broken Line. This is the fault line which cuts through the whole area. (Why do ask “Who’s fault is it?” when something goes wrong. Fault is the word for destruction. Remember lucifer’s senseo of humour now, FAULT = T – LUAF or LAUGH).This is identical to the fault line which also cuts through New York and the Brooklyn area. In an 1884 earthquake, the Ramapo fault line was thought to be 25 miles outside of Brooklyn. Subsequent research has shown the fault line epicentre is directly below Brooklyn. The scientists of the day didn’t know this, however, the luciferian entities knew the whole time and accordingly inspired the name of Brooklyn to be just that – Broken Line.

Of course, Diablo Mountain is off to the east and the San Andreas fault follows Interstate 101 and Highway 280 through San Francisco.

Devil Mtn. ROCK & olives

Just below we have a picture of the Golden Gate Bridge. This is the Gateway to the Golden State. This is very close to the location of the California Gold Rush. The Gold Rush began at Sutter’s Mill around 1848-1855. The name of this mill is symbolic in the illuminati agenda. Sutter should be pronounced Suitor as in someone who has romantic intentions towards another. In this case it is lucifer who is going after its bride (humanity). The mill idea is symbolic of the threshing floor of old testament times. The most significant threshing floor was the one located on the top of the little mountain called Mount Moriah. This is the exact location of the Hebrew Temple and at the present time, the Islamic Dome of the Rock. It is where the grain (the elite elect of the world) gets separated from the chaff (the rest of us commoners). So it is, that through the fabricated Islamic terrorism notion, humanity is being separated from its’ sanity. We are being driven into an incredibly deep state of hypnosis. This threshing floor of Mount Moriah is also where the illuminati take their current name of Moriah Conquering Wind. For it is that in old threshing techniques, the grain was thrown into the air and the wind was used to separate the grain from the chaff. We are being separated for consumption by the serpent race. Let’s now take a look at the word WIND.

WIND = WIN – Death. Not such a pleasant thought.
WIND = WIND with a long vowel sound on the letter I. We are being wound up in the serpent’s coil. The electro-magnetic coil of repetitious deceit.

The people rushing to get gold were called “forty-niners”. Forty nine is of course, seven 7’s. A combination of numbers that highlights the completion idea to the extreme. The year the rush ended – 1855 – again is symbolically referring to the manipulation of humanity with the two 5’s. Two more highly symbolic numbers with luciferian intent.

Golden Gate Bridge Twin Towers

Notice how the bridge picture above is red in colour. This symbolizes the blood of ritual sacrifices to lucifer. Remember that, whenever you see red, you’re looking at blood. Blood is the food or metal of the gods, which in turn is gold. The people in charge of picking the colour and the design of this bridge knew the luciferian symbolism which needed to be attached for the illuminati plan to succeed. There are also 128 lamps on the bridge. Lamps are symbols of the eternal flame of satanic groups. That would make 64 on each side. 64 is 8 eight’s. This is the number of total and complete control as seen in the Freedom Tower design.

There are 2 pillars holding the bridge up. These are symbolic of the pillars at the front of the Hebrew Temple as were the two World Trade Centre towers. (And, as you will shortly see, the towers of the Lions Gate Bridge in Vancouver). Each pillar has 4 openings above the span and 2 openings below. Notice the 2 openings below have X’s in them. This is symbolic of the intersecting (sex ritual) lines of the zodiac circle. The 4 openings above the span are symbolic of the 4 seasons of the zodiac circle. This symbolizes the fullness of time for the illuminati agenda. The four openings also symbolize a LADDER as in ascending (or descending) to the eternal state. The bridge span is also a suspension bridge. What we will shortly be witnessing is the suspense of the sun god. SUSPENSION = SUSPENSE – SUN. Furthermore, the cables symbolize the ark of the sun rising. Don’t mind that they’re upside down. Reverse or mirrored symbology is even better for the serpent thinker, so whenever they can slip it in, the more chance of success.

Transamerica Building

The photograph immediately above is of the Transamerica Building in the Financial District of San Francisco. Again, another building in yet another financial district. It is 853 feet high and was built between 1968 and 1972. These are some of the same years that the World Trade Centre was being constructed. This is another highly symbolic building, not only for its pyramid deity shape but for its name. The reptilian god lucifer has named it Transamerica. This is in obvious reference to the TRANCE that America has been placed in. A building the shape of an Egyptian pyramid is sitting right in the middle of the city facing the Golden Gate where the messiah is supposed to come through and ultimately setting off an earthquake – all this in the middle of one of the highest earthquake zones in the world – and the people don’t see it. Even when the building is designed to be one of the most earthquake proof buildings on the planet, the people don’t see it.

Take a good long look at this Trance Building. Does it remind you of some other building we’ve looked at on these pages? Of course, it is a simpler single version of the new Freedom Tower. The Freedom Tower incorporates two interlocking pyramids which creates an 8 sided form in the centre of the building. This trance building is simply a fore-shadowing of the Freedom Tower to come in 2011. This Trance Building has 1500 people a day come to work. The Freedom Tower is 1500 feet tall to the roofline. The Trance Building is 853 feet tall, when doubled (remember the Freedom Tower is 2 of these Trance Buildings) is 1706 feet high. This is 70 feet less than the combined height of the Freedom Tower with its 276 foot high spire. This missing 70 feet symbolizes the time alotted to declare the new world order. That time being September 11th, 1941 – the Pentagon sod turning – to September 11th, 2011 (or thereabouts), when the Freedom Tower will be opened.

In the photograph below, a peculiar charcteristic becomes obvious with the sign posted on the Golden Gate Bridge. Suicides are rampant on illuminati sponsored structures. The Eiffel Tower was suicide prone until a barricade was put in place. The Empire State building, which was opened in 1931, was also prone to many suicides, until yet another barrier was put in place. (The Empire State building also holds a significant place in the 80 years alotted to take complete control of humanity on behalf of the luciferian agenda).

Here we see that the Golden Gate Bridge is also suicide prone. On average, 1 person jumps every 15 days from this structure. 15 is the number associated most strongly with the deity. It seems the deity lucifer enjoys a meal of humanity at least once every 15 days. Unlike the Eiffel Tower and the Empire State Building, the people of San Francisco do not want a barrier to stop the jumpers.

Golden Gate Bridge Suicide


Let’s move on to Hawaii.

If you thought this stuff about the Golden Gate Bridge and Mount Diablo and the Mount of Olives was a little crazy, then hang on to your hat, this is going to get really bumpy from here on in. It’s going to be earthshaking to say the least.

Immediately below is a diagram of the Pacific Ocean. This is another All Seeing Eye. This is a massive big eye. However, this is the last Big Eye to be used to bring in the illuminati satanic order. In the middle of the eye is Hawaii. HA – WAI (why) – I (eye?). So, to answer that question, why the extra I in Hawaii, let’s proceed.

There are 15 A’s in the names associated with the land masses in the ring of fire around the Pacific Rim. Pacific means peace and this is the ocean of peace for the prince of peace to command its empire from. The word Rim is also significant in that it is MIR spelled backwards. Mir might not seem to symbolic for anything on its own until you connect it to the other 2 locations in this trilogy of new world order mumbo jumbo. The Golden Gate on the old city wall was also called the Mercy Gate. Here we have the Golden Gate Bridge on the RIM of the Pacific Ocean and can also rightfully lay claim to the name Mercy Gate.

The first location was New York and the gold and riches of Wall Street. We saw all the temple symbolism of Manhattan and the Financial district.

The second location was San Francisco and the Golden Gate and Mount of Olives symbolism. The name San Francisco is a reference to St. Francis of Assisi who founded the Franciscan monks. St. Francis had a strange occurrence in that he received the Stigmata, which are bodily marks, soars and sensations correspondiing to the crucifixion wounds of Christ. This is symbolized with the word Francinsense. Or more literally FRANCIS – IN SENSE – or sensory overload. This is symbolic of the drug culture and free love of the hippie movement which completely redirected the course of the world within one decade.

The third location is now Hawaii on the Pacific Rim. Rim is Mir when reversed. This is the sweet smelling perfume of Myrrh. What these 3 locations represent are the 3 gifts of the Magi, the 3 wise men, who brought their precious gifts to the baby jesus. Bearing Gifts They Travel Afar! We just didn’t realize how far they bore their gifts.

The Golden Gate Bridge of San Francisco takes its name from the Golden Gate or Gate of Mercy on the old city walls of Jerusalem. The Gate of Mercy lies on the Rim of the Pacific Ocean. Therefore the Mercy of this symbolic gate applies to this biggest of all seeing eyes on the planet. Mercy is just another sound and shape association with the gift of Myrrh. All of these gates on the old city wall of Jerusalem are quite literally the gates to a hellish eternal flaming torment.

You have to ask yourself why this gate is called Mercy? As I present the information it will become very evident what the mercy relates to.

The Ring of Fire diagram immediately below has most of its activity on the North, East and West sides. The reason for this will become extremely evident as we begin to look at the Pacific Ocean and the Rim in particular.

Ring of Fire

Hawaii #’s

We must keep in mind that the Light Beam Charts which have been developed for this site are a blueprint into the mind of lucifer. This entity is completely powerless without symbolism. Below is a trimmed down version of the light chart which displays the 4 seasons of the year which are the 4 quarters in the old city of Jerusalem. Once you understand that Jerusalem is nothing more than a large zodiac symbol a lot of information just drips from its gates.

Right through the middle of the old city you see 2 intersecting lines that cross in the centre. This is symbolism for the intersecting (inter-SEX-ion) lines of the light chart zodiac circle.

Let’s look at this word ZODIAC.

ZODIAC = DOZ reversed – IAC these letters represent the eye, the eye and the eye. it is for this reason the the CIA intelligence organization created a name that could adopt these letters without looking to terribly satanic in doing so.

ZODIAC is therefore really meaning that we DOZE or are hypnotized under the EYE of lucifer, which is what the Zodiac cirlce really is.

These crossing lines are a sex ritual symbol. This is where we get the concept of the son of god on the cross. The son is the sun after which this circle is representing. The sun/son dieing on the cross speaks of the waning seasons until winter arrives at the winter solstice, and then 3 days later, on December 25, the sun/son has a birthday as the sun begins its ascension once again. The sun/son rises from the dead. This is old Jerusalem.

MELAS – U – REJ = MALICE YOU RAY or more literally, the RAY of the sun god turns malicious against you. Jerusalem is a satanic occult designed city which captures the imagination and the blood of the entire world.

In the diagram immediately below you see the Muslim quarter. This is why the islamic terrorist propaganda scenario has to be introduced into world events in these days. The islamic religion is represented in the old city and therefore must play its role as the illuminati cabal bring their agenda to fruition.

Next we see a Jewish quarter. This is the group of people manipulated to appear as god’s chosen people when in reality god is lucifer and these jewish people he uses are abused mercilessly to live a life dedicated to a complete lie. The real chosen people of lucifer are the elite reptilian royal power brokers of the world. These power brokers hide behind the notion of a chosen elite bloodline, such as the Jewish people, to hide their real intent and to enslave completely, the human race.

Next we see the Armenian christian quarter, which in reality should be looked upon as a mixture of muslim and christian with just a dash of jewish flavouring. This quarter is part of the old city because the Bosnia – Herzegovina (former Czech states) and the Armenian region of the world had to be introduced in our time for a particular purpose.

The fourth quarter is the christian catholic quarter and the role that this organization has played in world events needs no repeating.

Together, these four quarters are symbolic for the big picture which are now being played out in these times. Believe it or not, this old city is symbolic of the Pacific Ocean and the event which is taking place even as I write. The event that will ultimately herald the new world order and the messianic age is going to unfold in the Pacific Ocean and around the Pacific Rim. Did you ever wonder why the Pacific Ocean is the largest body of water on earth and covers an area larger than all the landmass put together and yet it still seems to play a very small part in world events. That is all about to change very soon.

Let’s look at this word WATER.

WATER = WATT the measure of electrical energy – ER reversed symbolism for the reptilian race

OLD Jerusalem 4 QUARTERS

On the old city wall diagram immediately below, you see the intersecting lines which I mentioned above. On the east wall facing the mount of olives, is the Golden Gate. On the east wall again, but slightly to the north is the Lions Gate. The Lions Gate is also called the Sheep Gate. On the north wall we have Herod’s Gate named after Rome’s client king who was ruler over the Jews. Also on the north wall there is the Damascus Gate. This gate will play into the notion of Saul on the road to Damascus where he saw the LIGHT. Then on the west side to the north we have the New Gate which was built as recently as 1889. The Jaffa Gate lies below the New Gate and the Zion Gate on the south side to the west end. Last but not least in symbolism is the Dung Gate on the south side towards the east end.

The Golden Gate is the gate of mercy. It is through this gate that the messiah is going to come through to redeem his people. He will touch down on the mount of Olives and the earth will split east to west and separate to the north and south.

The Lions Gate is where christ supposedly began his walk along the Via Dolorosa, the Way of Sorrows or the Way of Grief. Let’s look at this word SORROWS.

SORROWS = ROS – WOR when reversed
ROS – WOR = ROSE WAR or the war against humanity through the Order of the ROSE whereby the christ rising from the dead (the Order of the Dead) would lead to the death of countless millions throughout history.

The word WAY is also highly significant as it applies to the following thought forms to manipulate humanity.



and JESUS is the WAY, the truth and the light JESUS = SUSEJ = SOO th SAYER one who divines and predicts future events.

Herod’s Gate to the north is symbolic in that he was the ruling military political figure of the day in Palestine, even to be referred to as Herod the Great. Let’s have a peak at that name HEROD.

HEROD = DORE reversed – H
DORE – H = DOOR the portal to the underworld – H horus the sun god

The north wall represents the location of the god of war in the sides of the north. Just as today the Pentagon war machine is pointing north, which, when reversed is THRON or THRONE (silent E). It is through war that the serpent king holds his choke hold on the human race. War is brought about through religion and religion causes hypnosis. In todays terminology, this war machine of the north is the USA and the former USSR, which is once again called RUSSIA. Notice the symbolism in the letters. The USA = use ‘a – a slang way of pronouncing user and uniting 2 ideas as one.
USSR is very direct and is pronounced USER.
RUSSIA likewise is pronounced RUSE along with USS-IA which is again USER. The USA, USSR and RUSSIA are all symbolic subliminals which condition everyone in these war producing countries to UNITE for the cause of A – the all seeing eye pyramid deity.

Remember, it’s sound and shape association that means everything, not what they’ve taught us in the illuminati reptilian school systems.

Old Jerusalem 2008

Dome of the Rock2

Now were going to enter some very tricky rough waters. I must warn you before you read the next words that must remain calm and know that everything is unfolding right on schedule and that the luciferian illuminati agenda will not succeed. You must read what is written but YOU MUST NOT REACT – DO NOT SEEK RETALIATION or REVENGE. Humanity is the power source for the reptilian mind and they bleed our energy by causing FEAR – ANGER – ANXIETY – STRESS and so on.

Study the chart immediately below very closely before you continue to read. Every word has a mass of symbolic interpretation.

Sea of Peace 8 Gates

The first thing that should be pointed out about this chart is the size of the Pacific Ocean. It is 9,000 thousand miles high and 11,000 miles wide at its widest point. This is one more symbolic sign of lucifer the supreme god of the old testament, the creator of 9 11 symbolism. The Hebrew calendar just celebrated its 6,000 year in 1999 AD and according to that calendar, the first day of creation was September 11 – or 9 11. 9 is the number of the FALL and 11 is the number of DEATH. At creation (which was performed by lucifer) we all FELL into DEATH. The messiah notion was then introduced to “rescue” us poor death experiencers by concocting the ROSE from the DEAD story. This is the Order of the Rose and the Order of Death which the George Bush family belong to, as do many powerful leaders throughout America. As I have pointed out on Page 15, the 322 of the Skull and Bones is symbolic of the number 99 – or 9 11’s.

The Rosy Cross – The C – ROSE – The CROSS

Now have a look at the Pacific Ocean with the Gates of the Old City of Jerusalem highlighted and the real meaning behind global warming and the RISING SEA.

Sea of Peace Two

Where we’ll begin on our Pacific cruise is at the very centre of the ocean. Here we see the International Dateline which intersects with Equator. This is exactly the position of the 2 intersecting lines of the light charts which I have developed on this site that show these intersecting lines to be a sex ritual symbol. These intersecting lines also referred to as THE EYE OF THE PENIS (from the male perspective) and the VAGINAL LIPS (from the female perspective). It is at this crossing point of the lines that the ORGASM of DELIGHT (or with sound and shape association GROW – A – MASS OF LIGHT) is experienced by the man and woman. It is at this sexual cross symbol in the Pacific Ocean that the ORGASM from LUCIFER WILL ERUPT. Let’s look at the word ERUPT.=

ERUPT = when reversed T – Tammuz the Babylonian sun god the son of NIMROD
ERUPT = T – PURE an eruption or orgasm is PURITY or PURIFICATION or CLEANSING

Immediately below is a photograph of the Phoenix Islands and the major island in this group is called Rawaki. The Phoenix EYE lands take their name from the old egyptian sun god bird who rises from the ashes to live once again. These
Phoenix EYE lands in this photograph are just southeast of the intersecting lines of the International Dateline and the Equator. It is in this region, along with the northeast corner where the Hawaiian EYE lands, the northwest corner where the Marshall EYE lands and the southwest corner where the Solomon EYE lands along with many other EYE lands are located. Hawaii is the cornerstone in all this and will be the foundation upon which this deed will be done. This is the region of the erogenous zone of the luciferian mind in the pacific. The SEED of the LUCIFERIAN FATHER will ERUPT it’s LAVA up into the womb (WOMB = WOMAN with the B fertility letter) of MOTHER EARTH. This is the area that the eruption or eruptions will manifest to set off the BIG ONE that will lead to the inauguration of the New World Order and the Messianic Age of the Christ Consciousness.

Phoenix Rawaki

As should be very apparent by now, the zodiac cirlce light charts are the foundation that the old city of Jerusalem and the Pacific Ocean are patterned after. The Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco lies exactly to the east of the intersecting lines of the Dateline and the Equator. (Notice how everything that was once considered West is now in the East – such as San Francisco is now on the eastern edge of this luciferian scenario). This is the position of the Golden Gate on the old city wall of Jerusalem. Then, to the north on the east wall we have the Lions Gate Bridge in Vancouver. A Bridge is a symbol of crossing over. Anytime you see the word Bridge, with its B and G symbolism, it is referring to the sex ritualism of luciferian confusion. It is this Lions Gate on the old city walls once again, where the christ supposedly began his WAY of SORROWS (Via Dolorosa) as mentioned previously.

Then there’s Herod’s Gate – the DOOR or portal by which the god of war (from the sides of the north) unleashes its fury. This is symbolized in the 2 great warring countries of RUSSIA and the USA meeting symbolically across the BERING STRAIT, bearing the gifts of the magi for the world. Herod’s Gate symbolically lies within the area of Alaska and northern Canada (the True North strong and free – not really) and is one of 3 gates on the north wall of old Jerusalem. The Bering Strait is actually the location of the Damascus Gate as the vertical centre street of the old city of Jerusalem is the vertical line through the Bering Strait called the International Dateline.

The Damascus Gate is known biblically for the conversion of Saul of Tarsus who, on the road from Jerusalem to Damascus, saw the light. Saul is another name for Sol – or Sun. This bible passage is basically saying that the “Sun saw the Light“. This exactly the way that the luciferian mind glorifies itself in everything within this 3 dimensional experience. Saul saw jesus (who is a myth of the lucifer mind, the angel of light) and was confronted and blinded for persecuting the believers of jesus. However, he received his sight once again and now he can SEE TO DO THINGS RIGHT in the eyes of this god. Saul has his name changed to Paul and he goes out to evangelize the world.

Let’s slow down for a moment on this gate.

Saul is blinded for being a persecutor but soon receives his sight. SIGHT is the ability to SEE and here we see the DAMASCUS GATE located on the SEE of PEACE at the BERING STRAIT. This is symbolizing the position of ONENESS between the East and the West. It is from this symbolic position that Seeing the Light, getting ones BERINGS or directions, the ability to see clearly, (so to speak), is refering to. And just what, according to the luciferian mind, is Seeing the Light referring to? Of course, that we should all be one in slavery to the luciferian entity. That we should worship the religious sun god and its scientific based systems of greed and war.

How about that word EVANGELIZE.
EV – the evening when the setting sun Satan rules
ANGEL – a spirit being – all spirit beings are of lucifer because humanity has no need of a spirit guide or protection in anyway for we are wise, powerful and love
IZE – just one more reference to the luciferian entity adoring it’s EYES

Now we’ll look at the position of the NEW GATE. This is at the 10:30 position on the light chart zodiac circle and also on the NORTH wall. This is the New Gate on the old city wall of Jerusalem and is where we find BEIJING and North Korea located on the Pacific Rim. It is symbolically located just slightly before 11 o’clock – the number of death. This is the site of the 2008 Summer Olympics. 200 8, the year that lucifer will begin the screw tightening upon humanity.

Immediately below are 2 modern olympic symbols. One is the 5 rings of the continents. The other below that is the olympic torch. This is the symbolism that has prepared humanity for the slaughter which is unfolding and which is about to step into high gear. The RINGS and the TORCH together symbolizes the RING OF FIRE of the Pacific Ocean. Beginning in 2000 – the Olympics were in Australia. On the RING OF FIRE. Then on to ATHENS to symbolically include the birthplace of the Olympics. Then on to Beijing in 2008 – once again on the RING OF FIRE.


Olympic Rings

The number of complete control is 8. The opening ceremonies for the Beijing Olympics is August 8, 2008. That is 08-08-08. When you also take into consideration that 20 coincides with 8 on the 24 hour clock, the date then becomes 08-08-0808. Any doubters out there, about who’s really behind this agenda and what kind of disaster is just around the corner.

Consider this passage in the luciferian christian bible, this entity is TELLING US WHAT IT’S GOING TO DO… “As in the days of Noah, so shall the days of the coming of the son of man be, they were eating and drinking and marrying and giving in marriage until the day THE FLOOD CAME AND TOOK THEM ALL AWAY.”

In other words, the economy is cruising along pretty good, most everybody in the industrialized world has enough to eat and drink and life is pretty much normal, then BAM, as in the BAM, Iran earthquake (THREEQUAKES)… and the Indian Ocean Tsunami… and the Taiwan earthquake… and then on to the RING OF FIRE and the Olympics of 2008. Then on to Vancouver in 2010, who are also waiting for the BIG ONE to hit at anytime. Then the Freedom Tower opening of 2011…and the new world order will be proclaimed, in some incideous way, to have finally come. Dare we see what the world will look like when the summer games of 2012 in London rolls around. Their logo is a stylized 2012 but if you look at it carefully, it also carries the word ROZ or ROSE in it, except in REVERSE ORDER. The Order of the Rose will have done its’ deed.

Olympic Torch

See the photograph immediately below with all the number 8 symbolism of the Imperial Royal Palace in Beijing – the Forbidden City. Why Forbidden? Because this is the symbolic city that the new world messianic kingdom will use to begin the countdown to 2011.

Forbidden City

Now we’ll take a sneak peak at the Jaffa Gate. This is A – FFAJ or FAY or FAITH gate. (Remember, sound and shape). It is through this gate that the final war to control humanity HAS COME. In 2003 – on Boxing Day in the western world – which is December 26, a massive earthquake his BAM, a city in Iran, killing 80,000 (that number 8 again). It measured 6.6 magnitude. Then 1 year later on Boxing Day December 26, 2004 the Indian Ocean Tsunami hit, killing 229,866 people and measuring 9.0 magnitude (think 9 11). These magnitude numbers are very strong symbolic examples of the luciferian mind behind the whole thing. 6.6 is a reference to the christ/antichrist notion. 9.0 is the number of the FALL. 7.2 is 6 – 12’s, again speaking of the christ/antichrist and the total circle of events which are about to unfold.

The epicentre for this Tsunami was 100 miles off the coast of SUMATRA. Let’s look at this name.

SUMATRA = TAMUS reversed is TAMMUZ babylonian sun god – RA the sun god again

(TSUNAMI = SOON AM I). Then, moving steadily towards the Ring of Fire in the Pacific Ocean, on Boxing Day, exactly 2 years later, on December 26, 2006 – the huge earthquake in HENGCHUN, Taiwan – with a magnitude of 7.2 struck.

The Jaffa Gate is the Western Gate on the old city wall of Jerusalem. Now it is on the western side of the Pacific Ocean but in the East or Orient. The Jaffa Gate is known as the Beloved Gate and is a reference to Abraham who was willing to do HUMAN SACRIFICE by killing his son Isaac. It is this gate that is symbolically placed in this part of the world to demonstrate how the luciferian serpent mindset is now going to enter the Ring of Fire through the Beloved Gate, the gate of human sacrifice. The Beijing Olympics 2008, the Vancouver Olympics 2010 and the Freedom Tower opening are the 3 events that will be used to accomplish this hideous form of deceit. All the earthquakes of 2003, 2004 and 2006 on Boxing Day are the signal that massive destruction is ahead. From the year 2003 to 2011 it will be 8 years (that control number again) to fulfill their agenda. This will also fit into their manner of using decades to symbolically bring in the messianic age. It will be 70 years (the number of completion) from the time of the Pentagon sod turning on Sept. 11, 1941. It will also be 80 years from the time of the Empire State Building completion on May 1,1931 (the May Day celebration of the Sacrifice of the Virgin). The lights of the Empire State Building were turned on from Washington, D.C. by President Herbert Hoover. This marks the beginning of total control by these luciferian entities. A total of 8 decades will pass by 2011.

All of these events earthquake tsunamis happened on December 26 – one day after the birthday of the supreme god, the sun god, the son of god, the messiah…when the sun begins its ascension from the winter solstice and the days get longer. In other words, the sun rises from the dead. So let’s have a look at the word SUPREME and GOD and see what we can SEE.

SUPREME = SUP – REM – e (silent e)
SUP – REM = PUS reversed – MER reversed
PEWS rows of seats in a CHURCH
MYRRH = the beautiful smelling perfume and incense
PEWS = PUS = PUSSY the power of the pussy – the ribs of sensual pleasure in the vaginal canal
MYRRH = the perfume scent of the woman – used to mask odour and used for EMBALMING dead bodies
CHURCH = CROOK in reverse = the door to a church is the labia lips of the vagina which leads down the aisle (EYE ALL)
past the ribs of sexual delight (the PEWS or PUSSY) and ends at the altar (ALTARED or ALTARS of MIND CONTROL) and forms an intersection line or cross at the front pulpit. PULPIT is the PUPIL of the EYE of SATAN. SATAN is the more modern form of SET. The church altar is a SET, the name of the old egyptian sun god. This is derived from the SETTING SUN or, again, back to SATAN.

So, long story short, the SUPREME GOD (lucifer) is the POWER OF THE PUSSY or the POWER (electrical energy) of the sexual act between the man and the woman (or any version of sexual stimulus). GOD is DOG and the female dog is commonly referred to as a Bitch. Again, a bunch of sexual overtone. This demonstrates the power of the female form. It is this form that is the image of the supreme god. However, it is the male, the father and the son, that is driven by the image of this form to willingly walk in the manipulation of this powerful pleasure. It is in this hypnotic state that the male has taken the whole of humanity into the darkness of luciferian worship. Interestingly enough, this is also the reason the most popular pets of humanity are the cat and the dog. The pussy and the bitch. This pussy and bitch still refers to the male and female entity which is lucifer, and can apply to male or female symbolism as they see fit… . So, this is the SUPREME GOD.

How supreme is this god? Have a look at the Olivine Atomic Scale just below. This shows some of the characteristics of olivine rock. This is where we get the name Mount of Olives and the symbolism which is used to create the notion that the messiah will touch down on the Mount of Olives and set off an earthquake. Well, the mountain where O symbolically lives is Mt. Diablo in Oakland and the earthquake will be set off, (if it indeed gets to that point) by the luciferian mindset. Notice in this Atomic Scale how there is OXygen, Silicon and Magnesium / Iron. This OX is the sacrificial Ox of the old testament and symbolizes all blood sacrifice. When you remove oxygen from a physical body death follows. The oxygen is in the blood, so blood is just symbolic of oxygen.

Olivine stone is only green in colour. It comes in shades of green from greenish-yellow to brownish-green, but still green. This is why the olive tree and its fruit were chosen as the symbol connected to the messiah. The messiah concept is conjured up from the characteristics of lava rock with its oxygen, silicon and magnesium/iron. Just a symbolic yarn to manipulate our ability to reason clearly. Throw in alot of sexual inuendo and endless reference to sex and the people are hooked.

Olivine Atomic Scale

The Hawaiian Islands are at the centre of this giant all seeing eye called the Pacific Ocean. Some details regarding these islands are as follows:

Mauna Kea – 13,000 ft. tall and if followed to the base on the ocean floor it is the tallest mountain in the world.
Kilauea Volcano – Let’s look at this wordl. KILAUEA = KILL A WAY A. Whenever you see the word WAY or the sound of WAY, know that this is subliminally suggesting the A pyramid shape a sound. This letter is the all seeing eye pyramid and suggests the very best and first.

How about the word VOLCANO = LOV when reversed – CANO or CANAL.
The volcano is a love canal or more to the point, the eurethra tube of the penis which delivers the sperm seed of the male to the womb of the female. In this instance, the eurethra is the volcanic channel delivering the lava from Valhalla (the underworld) into the womb of Mother Earth. The source of magma rising from the sea floor is called a HOT SPOT. This again has sexual overtones. All this is symbolism, but placed together it forms the illusion that everything is real.

One other characteristic of the BIG EYE LAND is that it is a pyramid shape and is formed from 5 volcanos.

See the diagram below (this diagram is not my creation and I don”t know the creator – thanks to whoever did it) and see the fashion in which the seed is delivered to the surface of the earth.

Hawaii Magma

Below we see the map of the Hawaiian Islands. There are 8 of these EYE lands. The number of total control.

Along with the atolls and all the islands, the Hawaiian Archipelago is 1500 miles long. 15 is the number of the diety.

Hawaii starts at exactly 333 degrees west of the International Dateline. 180 degrees to Greenwich England and the another 153 degrees west. This reference to 333 is very occultic in its symbolism as it coincides with 11.1 o’clock on the zodiac light chart. 11.1 o’clock is the number 111 which speaks of the 111 days to the end of the year from September 11th, the first day of creation on the Hebrew calendar. If you go up 20 degrees from the equator, this coincides with 3.33 minutes. Again, if you come down 70 degrees from the north pole it coincides with 13.33 minutes. One more unique connection is that 111 degrees coincides with 3.3 o’clock. Bizarre stuff, but the serpent mind just has to have everything based on geometry and formulae. Without it these entities are impotent. The valuable lesson in this realization is that if humanity could just stop giving credence to these 3 dimensional thought forms they would cease to exist and the spell and hex on humanity would end. In other words, we would truly have woken up. The new age christ consciousness, crystal healing folks are just one more step farther into the pit of darkness. They continue to look at the physical world and trying to make it be a better, more perfect functioning form. This can never happen because it is a complete luciferian thought built purposely on a flawed shape, sound and colour system.

The new Freedom Tower will have these same numbers upon completion. It will be 1500 feet tall to the spire and will be 8 sided when viewed from above. It will be formed by 8 interlocking pyramids such as in the letter M or W.

Hawaiian Islands 2.gif

Lava rock also has another interesting name characteristic. Molten lava is called NEPHELINITE ROCK. This Nephelinite is the source for the word Nephelim which is a reference to the fallen demonic entities who brought these heavens and earth into the illusory form we see today. The Nephilim demonic entities are also the “sons of the gods” who bred with the women that they created to produce the luciferian inspired royal elite bloodlines who run the world to the present time.

Nephelinite Rock also has another name – that of CHRYSOLITE. This is the source for the notion of a Christ or Messiah. This Chrysolite is speaking of the symbolism of Christ the Light of the World. Of course, christ is lucifer, the one who comes as an angel of light but is the prince of darkness. Still, there is another type of volcanic rock called Xenolith or foreign rock. This is referred to as Xenocryst. This type of rock is what we produce CRYSTALS from. Crystals are what is used to transmit radio waves. From crystals we can produce the glass prisms which also break apart a beam of light to cause all manner of shapes and colours to appear real. What we see then, is yet another characteristic of literal rock which was used by the luciferian deceitful thinkers to create a system of manipulation to enslave all of humanity to do their bidding. I would say it’s time for this end. (The word CRYSTAL = CHRIST ALL).

Hawaii Emperors Seamount Range

Just above is a map showing the Emporer’s Seamount Range of volcanic islands and/or underwater mountains. It connects to the Aleutian Ridge of Alaska as well as taking a southeast turn from the Big Island of Hawaii. What this creates is a great big LETTER S, more or less. What is less detailed is the lower portion of this letter S near the Phoenix Islands just below the intersection of the equator and the Dateline. This will soon change as the molten sea of old testament manipulation begins its upheaval. Then the letter S will be completed more definitively and the Dateline will be the vertical stroke which will cause it to be a DOLLAR SIGN.

The Phoenix Bird sun god symbol of ancient Egypt will rise from the ashes in a carefully orchestrated manner in the area of the Phoenix Islands. This has been shown to us for many decades, if indeed not centuries, but we’ve failed to see. Take a look at the photograph of the four corners monument which is located at the intersection of Colorado, Utah, Arizona and New Mexico. These intersecting lines are once again symbolizing the sex ritual cross of the zodiac circle and the light charts on this site.

4 Corners

Now take a look at the map of the USA and those 4 states and then extend the vertical cross line all the way down to the lower Pacific Ocean. This vertical cross line is 109 degrees west of Greenwich (Green Witch) England. It is exactly in line with Easter Island in the Pacific Ocean which also is 109 degrees west of Greenwich. This is why Easter Island is really called Easter Island because it is at the foot of the christian cross, the biggest christian cross on the planet. It may well have been discovered by some explorer on Easter but it is very obvious that it is the EYE LAND at the foot of the cross that mythical jesus (soothsayer) was crucified on.

Take a close look at how this cross. This is symbolism to the extreme. Easter Island is the pyramid rock that holds the cross in place. This is the cross that jesus is lifted up on so that all the world will see him. If you take a look at the horizontal line on this cross you will see that the left side points to San Francisco exactly. The cross will be symbolically visible when the messiah comes through the Golden Gate … Bridge. When the Devil Mountain splits from East to West and separates to the North and South the cross will stand triumphant. Or something to that effect. This lucifer mind, how bloody theatrical is it going to get. Excuse the pun.

Usa map

There is a lot to be aware of in this map immediately above. If you notice the Bermuda Triangle is, first off, another PYRAMID, the most powerful form of the deity. Maybe now it’s beginning to sink in just how full of itself this deity is. The Bermuda triangle is also called the DEVIL’S TRIANGLE.

Bermuda Triangle

This triangle connects Bermuda, Peurto Rico (PORT TO RICH) and the southern tip of Florida. Draw a line from the bottom of this triangle and it cuts exactly through New Orleans, the direction Hurricane Katrina followed, and if you continue the line it hits exactly at the intersecting lines of the 4 Corners Monument. This line then travels down the vertical stroke of the 4 Corners cross to Easter Island. Easter EYE LAND is the south east extremity of Polynesia. If you draw a line to Hawaii from Easter Island and then down to New Zealand another huge pyramid is created called the POLYNESIAN TRIANGLE.

On the walls of old Jerusalem, there is a gate called Dung Gate which lies exactly in the position of Easter Island when you lay the old city overtop of pacific region. The dung in this case is referring to all the people who dear old jesus died to save from eternal hell. (Big lie being told here). This time, when the messiah returns, he’s going to turn the tables. After all, he’s mad as hell, and he’s not going to take it anymore! Why is he so mad? Simply put, this fellow is a sex addict and he only gets to come twice. Actually, this time jesus is going to clean up house and get rid of the rubbish and dung. This is where the name DUNG GATE comes from. It’s the gate they used in old jerusalem to remove the garbage and refuse from the city. Now, as the messianic age of the new world order is introduced, the less desirable poor and hungry suffering people of the world are going to be eliminated.

Have a look at Easter Island just below. It is one big pyramid made from a large volcano and 2 smaller ones. The carvings of this Island are shown dotted around the shore of this country. Now you know why there is a significant religious connection to christianity. Christianity is luciferian worship and this Easter Island name and carving symbolism is all part of the human sacrifice religion that is christianity.

Easter Island

Immediately below there is an illustration of the Polynesian Triangle. This makes up the whole Polynesian region and goes from Easter Island to Hawaii and down to New Zealand and then across to Easter Island. When it comes down to New Zealand this coincides with the ZION GATE in the old city wall. This gate is interesting in that it is the name for the sun or SION and is the name of the ZIONIST movement that is yearning for the coming of the messiah in Israel. The Zion Gate will usher in the SHEKHINAH GLORY OF THE LORD. This is the CLOUD of the LORD that followed the Israelites on their exodus from Egypt. It was a cloud by day and a pillar of fire by night. (Think world trade centre pillar). New Zealand’s historical name means LAND of the LONG WHITE CLOUD. This is the symbolism needed for the serpent mind to connect the old city wall with the country of NEW ZEALAND. The luciferian prince is going to unleash its fury even more in the days ahead and needs to demonstrate that these events are the fulfillment of prophetic biblical writings. After all, humans are so stupid, they’ll eat this stuff up completely.

So, we now have a great white cloud in New Zealand. There was a great white dog in the Hawaiin Pele story and a great white bull in the New York stock market. Three white symbols let’s me know that the white man and his great white god (the white light at the end of the tunnel) is behind this whole affair. However, the symbolism for the country of New Zealand and the Zion Gate and the SHEKHINAH GLORY doesn’t end here.

Polynesia Triangle

If you’ve stuck with me this far, in spite of the tales I tell, wait till you hear this next one. The Zion Gate in the old wall in Jerusalem is directly south and slightly to the west on the old wall. This is precisely the location of New Zealand on the Pacific Rim. In fact, if you look at the illustration above of the old city wall, you’ll even see that the main vertical street veers off to the east just a bit at the lower end. This is very similar to the Dateline which veers off to the east near New Zealand to include certain islands in a common time zone. Even the word NEW in combination with Zealand is a reference to the new world order. NEW stands for North – East – West, which will all be made one through this deceit and manipulation that I’m describing. Zealand is also a reference to the last letter of the English alphabet, the letter that relates to being asleep, and this is the last part of the illuminati serpent agenda to steal the heart of humanity as we sleep in our hypnotic stuper.

The Shekhinah glory is referring to the female goddess spirit. It is the mother, the lover and the beauty of the feminine side of the fabricated notion of god. This is symbolically being fulfilled in the person of Shania Twain. Along with her husband Robert John Mutt Lange and their son, the symbolism is in place for the luciferian mind to proceed. SHEKHINAH = SHANIA. With shape and sound association this isn’t much of a stretch. SHANIA means “I’m On My Way” in the Canadian Ojibway Indian language. It’s a name that is completely laced with symbolism. I’M refers to the great I AM – the luciferian light bringer, aka god. WAY is the term used over and over again to make reference to the WAY of faith, the WAY of the JEW, the WAY of YAW-WAY, the WAY of christ. The sound of the word WAY is simply a sly way to say the letter A, the all seeing eye letter, with all its sigil magic, incantational strength. It is no coincidence that Mercury Records insisted she take a new name.

So here’s where the Shania connection starts. Shania was just an 8 year old girl who was very poor in Timmins, (think TIME in MINUTES left) Ontario, Canada. Many times her ambitious mother would wake this little 8 year old girl to go sing after midnight in smoke filled bars. Shania (Eilleen) hated to do this but had to do it anyway. This is child abuse and the beginning of separating the mind for further manipulation. By the time she was a young woman her mother and adoptive father were killed in a car accident after getting hit by a logging truck. This shock was all it took to have young Eilleen broken and ready to be manipulated by someone, also prepared for many years, to take control of guiding her career. That person was Mutt Lange.

It wasn’t long after Eilleens’ parents died and she took control of raising her brothers and sisters, that Mutt Lange called her from London and they began to write songs over the phone. Eventually they met, fell in love and within six months were married. Now here’s where it gets sticky. They bought an estate in upstate NEW YORK. The home of the ROSE and the EMPIRE state. They sold this estate not long before the World Trade Centre attack of 2001. They then bought a chalet in the most expensive country in the world to live in, Switzerland. This is the world centre of Freemason activity and power brokers. This is why the Swiss Banks are where they are, completely untouchable by the rest of the world. This is why the Swiss Guards are symbolic guards for the Pope. The brotherhood of the snake stays very close.

On August 12, 2001 – exactly 1 month (one moon in occultic terms) before the World Trade Centre attack, their son was born. His name is EJA D’ANGELO LANGE. EJA = A – YA even reversed it is AY – A. This is another way of hiding the word WAY and the letter symbol of the PYRAMID. The middle name D’Angelo means OF ANGELS. In this case the angels are Eilleen and Mutt LANGE. Again, with shape and sound association, L-ANGE is ANGE-L with the L placed at the end. This is a very simple form of reverse or mirror imagery. So Eilleen and Mutt are the angels that EJA is born of. The name EJA also means ANGEL, as well as meaning LION in Asia. The name EILLEEN is also a dirivative of the sun god ELI. Such wonderful symbolism. Their child is now approaching 6 years old and by 2011 will be 10. The name EJA is also the sound of the continent of the eastern orient, or Asia, that the Olympics are being held in 2008. But there’s even more.

Shania and Mutt Lange bought a 60,000 acre sheep ranch in New Zealand and are now building a house there. This is symbolism for the bulk of humanity who are the sheep and the 60 number is referring to the number of the christ / antichrist who is about to sacrifice MANY LIVES on his bloody altar. The SHEKHINAH GLORY is about to be unleashed out of ZION (New Zealand) in the Pacific Ocean. This Glory is going to hook up with the spirit that has already entered in through the Jaffa Gate, the gate of HUMAN SACRIFICE and then it’s on to Beijing in 2008. Keep watching. The symbolism of the HARLOT riding upon the SERPENT having 7 heads and 10 horns is immense. This is all it is. SYMBOLISM! Symbolic hypnotic suggestion! The serpent king can do nothing without attaching symbolism to every action it takes. Does Shania know this is what’s going on? … Not very much. Mutt Lange definitely knows a bit more … as he has MANIPULATED SO many people to the top of their game to not be in tune in some respects with the overall plan and technique. Of course, the child Eja is innocent, but the luciferian mind will work on that.

But there’s another symbolic connection to the great serpent thinker. Lava rock, which is the MAGMA in the core of the earth, can form a PLUTON. This is magma rock that has cooled under the surface and not visible above ground. The rock surrounding a PLUTON is called COUNTRY ROCK. This is the music that Shania won over the world with. She is the biggest selling female country rock artist of all time. Let’s look at the word PLUTON.

PLUTON = P – LUT – ON = POLLUTION which means to make unhealthy or impure. This is what country rock music does to the world. So much so, that many country rock singers, and country singers in general, are a big part of the drug trade.

This is the Zion Gate of the illuminati agenda. This is the Shekhinah Glory. It’s all a complete fabrication that has manipulated humanity for thousands of years. And this is the Old City Wall of Jerusalem – the City of Peace – the See of Peace, and this is the Pacific Ocean – the See of Peace.

Angel Island


Google Video – illuminatiMATRIX explanatory video detailing the foundational root of hypnosis, religion, intellectualism and who and what god is.

Click here to watch video.

YouTube Video highlighting some of the subliminal elements hidden in the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem

Please read the next paragraph before watching the ROCK VIDEO.

On the ROCK VIDEO, the World Trade Center is mistakenly called the ROCKEFELLER PLAZA. The WTC was conceived and promoted by the Rockefellers. The Rockefeller Plaza is to the north of the World Trade Centre, on the MANHATTAN ROCK, or MANNA STONE. The WTC and the Rockefeller Plaza , along with the area of CENTRAL PARK, relate to the TEMPLE MOUNT in Jerusalem, and the Al Aqsa Mosque, the Dome of the ROCK, and the Temple Courtyard. These in turn relate to the North American West Coast. See page 39 for more details.

Click here to watch the new Rock Video on YouTube.

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