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The Children of Abraham:

The Mythological Gods of “Sexual Confusion”

Confusion regarding sexual orientation is the most misunderstood and destructive topic in much of the world today. All predominantly, courtesy of the religious element referred to on this blog as the Children of Abraham religion.

The Children of Abraham:

The symbols of the three branches of this insidious religious sex obsessed organization illustrate once again, that everything associated with the Ego and the Thought Process is a manipulation tool, … designed to conjure up a “chosen people”.

These “chosen people” then branch off into another sect of
“chosen people”, that then give rise to another branch of
“chosen people” … with all the self righteousness and indignation if even a hint of derision is cast their way.

All the while speaking great things to manipulate and destroy one another, to create chaos and confusion, leading to warring sects within the sects (think sex here), … even declaring that the original sect (Judaism) is missing the salvation of the Christian Savior. As time passes, the Christian sect is then chastised by the newer versions of the original Roman Catholic Christian sect leading to the Protestant Reformation which transpires into the Evangelical Christian movement.

Try as they might, this religious Children of Abraham religion assumes that simply putting lipstick on a pig creates a beautiful wonderful belief system, … but this does not change the fact that this religious indoctrination concept is still a pig.

Likewise, within the Islamic branches of the Children of Abraham, for example, Sunni and Shiite war against one another with total self-righteous abandon.

Consider once again, the symbols of these three branches of religious indoctrination:

Judaism = 6 Pointed STARSex Ritual Symbol … male triangle over female triangle.
Christianity = the SUNSex Ritual Symbol … two intersecting cross lines … inter-SEX-ing cross lines.
Islam = the MOONSex Ritual Symbol … two overlapping circles forming a vesica pisces … female genitalia.

What follows is a simple explanation relating to sexuality and its origins based on the foundational root of the Ego Thought Process. The 3 dimensional plane dares to address right and wrong moral concepts, even beyond the nonsense of the Children of Abraham. However, morality is a extremely loose concept that has no basis in truth.

The foundation of all things that seem to appear within the 3D plane are all based upon the structure of the Atom as shown throughout this blog.

Atom is Adam, … the proton, … the first man.
Eve is the Coming of the Light, … the electron, … the first woman.
Cain and Abel, … the neutrons, … are the first children offspring of the woman and the man.

Cain killed Abel = China – CHAIN – KAIN – CAIN (CAIN) killed ABEL (USA) = ABE L. = ABE LINCOLN = Lion King = SPHINX = PHINX-S = PHOENIX (which will rise from the ashes).

In other words, all “children” conjured up through the Thought Process will commit war, chaos, confusion and death.

The male proton remains constant as a male.
The female electron remains constant as a female.
The androgynous neutrons on the other hand, are both male and female.

Below are 2 charts from page one of this blog:

Note that in the above chart, the neutrons are not positive or negative, but are neutral, or androgynous. The neutrons represent the children conjured up by the Thought Process, when the positive and negative aspects of energy copulate (have sex).

The “children” are not actual eternal beings, but are illusory entities, appearing as real physical beings with an eternal spirit. When in actuality, they are simply illusory conjured up figments of the Egotistical Thought Process.

The concept we call “thinking”, is sexual procreation, or sexual conjuring. If something is “thought up” and repeated enough times, it becomes an illusion, … a mirage, … and gives the impression of authenticity.

For instance, the notion that Jesus, being the son of god, was a man with male sexual desire for the woman is ludicrous. Jesus was androgynous, henceforth, … he never married in the biblical myth story. The mythical Jesus being would have been sexually attracted to the female and the male, had he actually existed. The fact that Jesus never actually existed doesn’t phase the conjurers. Jesus is simply an updated version of the Zeus story, who never actually existed either. Religious texts of the Children of Abraham always hedge teachings in symbolism, which lends strength to the hypnotic suggestion being extended.

The thing to recognize within this narrative, is that the children conjured up in this 3D illusory plane are all androgynous. All illusory beings, either what appear to be male or female, are all androgynous to varying degrees. Some male apparitions gravitate more to the male sexual desire for male emotional contact. Some female apparitions gravitate more to the female sexual desire with another female.

No one is totally non-sexual, or asexual, … the inspirational inclination for sexual need is just too minimal, or, too small, to be recognized. Just the fact that people have been conjured up via the proton and electron copulating (via thought), then manifests as an androgynous illusory form, and exhibits some degree of sexual desire for the male and the female. Whether they appear to be male or female themselves, homosex is part of the natural order conjured up within the 3D plane.

There is no such entity as a gay, lesbian, … human entity. We are all bisexual (for lack of a better word), with a whole host of sexual variations we find desirable within our bisexuality. Close observation of the male phallic frenulum located on the underside of the penis is the sexually sensitive area of the male sex organ.

In the same manner, the female clitoris is the sexually sensitive area of the female sex organ. Shown in the images below, the similarity of the frenulum and the clitoris is quite intriguing. There is very little difference, other than the fact that one is located at the end of the male sex organ and the other is located immediately on the body of the woman.

This comparison alone, should cause one to consider that there is really very little difference between the male and female sex organs, … thereby, allowing for sexual attraction and stimulation occurring between male/male, and female/female. In every instance sexual pleasure manifests as a result of stimulation of the frenulum or the clitoris, as they are rubbed frenulum against frenulum, or clitoris against clitoris, … or frenulum with clitoris.

Sexual pleasure originates in the mind and is then directed through our imaginations encompassing the whole body. How it manifests is unimportant, … with the only thing hindering the pleasure of homosex, is the religious moral doctrine conjured up, explicitly forbidding and condemning any sexual act between humans that might not conjure up more illusory beings.

Religion needs, even demands, that we conjure up more Sacrificial Lambs for the Egotistical Thought Process. Sacrificial Lambs must, of necessity, be conjured up or the whole 3 Dimensional plane would collapse.

The chart below shows the manipulation through sexual activity (the Thought Process), that manipulates the primary colours (how we see things), … conjuring up illusory forms.

Notice that the manipulation process begins with the 6 Pointed Star located within the Atom symbol, … which is a combination of “science” or “seance”, … and “religion”.

Because of this very “nature” of thought, that all of humanity manifests as, … we cannot stop being bisexual to whatever degree we find ourselves. For instance, the homosex desire of man to man, and woman to woman, functions on a percentage type of sliding scale. Religious zealots who demand sexual reorientation (man should not be sexually stimulated by another man’s genitals, and a woman should not be sexually stimulated by another woman’s genitals ), … is emotional and mental cruelty. Which is precisely why this is dogmatically attempted within the religious Children of Abraham order.

Humanity has lost its senses when it comes to sexuality. Sex seems to be everywhere, in everything, … still, the world has almost totally lost the concept of how to have, and how to regard sex. Courtesy again, of religious constructs such as the Children of Abraham. When sexuality is understood without being stigmatized by dogmatic organizations, … it becomes apparent that “sex is” the 3 dimensional illusory plane. Participating sexually with thoughts, words, or physical interaction, keeps the person sane and liberated. (NOT LIBERAL).

The more that any human can assimilate homosex into their illusory life experience, the more content and the more that freedom is experienced. Religious and intellectual indoctrination may seem to agree with this to some degree, but then make up terms (gay, lesbian, bisexual, etc.) … when in fact we are simply sexual and sex gives us pleasure, comfort, and vibrancy. Homosex participants are not obsessed with sex, we understand that we just “are sex”. There is no need to attempt to be sexually stimulated, for sexual stimulation just occurs naturally, continually, comfortably, without effort.

Religious indoctrination fights the homosex nature, … fostering frustration, perversion, and anger. This tends to ultimately lead to varying degrees of sexual abuse. Homosex practitioners accept and prosper with the knowing that our sexual desires are natural and beneficial to our well being in this illusory plane. We understand (or hopefully should come to understand), that enjoying homosex experiences alongside any heterosex experiences (if any), manifests as the deepest, most satisfying sexual existence of all.

The mythological gods of old were basically looked upon as being androgynous. The result of what has just been explained above on this page. One should be encouraged by this understanding of one’s sexuality. And that, for whatever reason someone is attracted to someone else, be it male/male, or female/female, or male/female, … know that this is how we have all been conjured up. To fulfill one’s sexual desires without harm, hurt, or abusive acts, is normal. Whatever those pairings might involve.

The terms homosexual and heterosexual were unheard of until the advent of Christianity, … and not until 1869 in Europe was the term “homosexual” even used. In times past, if men had sex with men, this was to be expected and normal. If women had sex with women, this was also a normal function. Homosex is “not a condition“, but an activity participated in, between people who reject dogmatic manipulation by those who would choose to have power over us.

One should also consider the hexagon located in the centre of the Atom symbol. The neutron, … the androgynous entity is located in private conditions within the hexagon (Hex), along with the proton. This relates to the most common, or natural form, of male homosex. Virtually always a private occurrence. Male homosex is not an act that has a high visual appeal for the most part. Male homosex is highly sexually charged. This attraction through “visual” phallic observation tends to be followed by physical penis/penis contact if desired. Remember, that male/male, or female/female homosex is our natural primary sexual act.

Female homosex is greatly appreciated in its foreplay stages. Usually out in the open, visually exhibiting the beauty of the woman’s body, and the female sexual “flirting”. From there, female homosex goes private if conditions allow.

One must understand that homosex has many degrees of participation. For most it remains simply a latent “lust” that can be called upon to initiate sexual gratification. For many others, … it includes a strong sexual desire to be carried out in full.

In other words, we must come to understand the foundational sexual function and platform that we have been conjured up to be. Otherwise, societies will continue to flounder into a disastrous heap of stupidity and blood. We must learn to enjoy to the fullest our sexual nature, … which most definitely includes homosex activities. Short of that, we will always remain a frustrated neurotic social joke. Always on the make to “discover” that missing sexual element for personal gratification. Which inevitably leads to spousal abuse, child abuse, dissatisfaction, and other horrendous acts.

Learn to cast off societal stigmas indoctrinated via the Children of Abraham religious ignorance.

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