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Information on this site is freely available to any and all who desire to know and understand the illusory nature of this 3D universal plane.

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Original paintings, limited edition prints, and sculpture pieces are available for purchase.

Bryan Kemila Fine Art EXPERIENCE Studio:

Will be open Saturday, November 10 and Sunday, November 11, 2018, … from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm.

Everyone is welcome to view the original watercolour, acrylic and oil paintings which are available for purchase.

On display are Kemila original sculpture pieces, also available for purchase.

Limited edition prints, open edition prints and art cards may be purchased as well.

Custom lay-away plans can be arranged.

Referrals are most appreciated.

Referral purchases of any large giclee print ($1,600.00 value), will reward the referrer with an $80.00 open edition print. Be sure to have your referral supply Kemila with your name, address, phone number, email, etc. … so that you can be correctly compensated. Without proper verification information, this offer is null and void.


Bryan Kemila Fine Art Studio is located at 3021 Rachel Road, Courten, BC.

Telephone: 1-250-338-7254 … call between 10:00 am and 4:00 pm Pacific Standard Time.


Bryan Kemila Fine Art EXPERIENCE is not just “another” art studio.

Kemila’s paintings and sculpture cause the viewer to contemplate everything they have ever been taught their entire life.

Kemila’s art and writings are recognized by literally millions internationally, as unique, … irreverent, … revealing, … possibly even mind blowing.

All of this can be EXPERIENCED first hand as Kemila shares a lifetime of insights.

November 4, 2018 … 11/04/2018:

Page 105 – Mexico / Megiddo / Mecca … Battle of Armageddon. Invasion of Illegal Immigrants. Sacrifice In The Valley of Decision.

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November 12, 2018 – Additional text on page 105 relating to, and associated with, the illegal caravan invasion of the southern USA border.

This time the FIRES of PARADISE city, and the relationship to the “judgement stone” and the “VOICES of the DEAD in PARADISE” which can be “HEARD” if one listens closely at the “pierced hole” on the “judgement stone”.

August 13, 2018 … 08/13/17:

Bryan Kemila sculptor: “Quiver of Eros”

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September 7, 2018:

First Nations Residential School Genocide – Church and State Crime Scene – Almost 200 years of preparation for the 911 EVENT!

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Readers have posed these questions:


… the ancient Egyptians referred to the “creator god” as THOTH.
… THOTH is a subliminal hypnotic suggestion which we refer to as THOUGHT.
… THOUGHT is the group entity, called the THOUGHT PROCESS.

Where did the Egregore group of Thinking Entities come from?

… the EGO is the source of this group of Thinking Entities.
… the EGO is evidenced by the characteristic called PRIDE.
… PRIDE “thinks” it knows something.

The EGO has conjured up this illusory 3D plane by implementing the THOUGHT PROCESS.
The EGO is an Eternal Concept.
The EGO has no beginning and no end.
Only the illusory 3D plane seems to have a beginning and an end.
This illusion is conjured up through the THINKING PROCESS, or THOUGHT PROCESS.
Thought is the evidence of an illusion, which is a lie, which is a distractive manipulation of Reality.

The EGO manifests as THOUGHT, and conjures up, or “creates”, a system we refer to as REALITY, but in fact, has nothing to do with REALITY or TRUTH.
Humanity is but an illusion and a product of “conjuring”.
Humanity is the enemy of TRUTH!

WHO and WHAT we Really Are, … is WISDOM!
Wisdom has no beginning and no end.
Wisdom is an Eternal Concept in the same fashion that the EGO is an Eternal Concept.
Who and What We Really Are, … are the ONE, … the WISDOM of the Paradise State.
We have no need to follow any path to attain this State of Eternal Peace, for we are ALREADY THERE, … Who and What We Really Are, NEVER LEFT.

Only the illusion that we, as humanity, has been hoodwinked and highjacked from our Eternal Paradise State, manipulates us to believe that we are this mass of physical flesh within this 3D Plane. This has nothing to do with Who and What We REALLY ARE!
This is the LIE, the LIGHT, the ATOM/ADAM, and EVE, the Coming of the LIE-ght, … working it’s hypnotic HEX, … it’s manipulative LYING SPELL, upon the whole 3D plane.
It is the whole 3D plane that is the LIE, … this is the product of the Thought Process, the conjured up illusion of the creator god THOTH, … none of which has any bearing in REALITY and TRUTH.

Know this, … and you will be FREE of the stupidity and ignorance of the process we call “thought”.

So … How Do We Know This?

A long time occasional reader of this blog has asked the simple question as to the source of the information found within this blog. My response is as follows:

Everything is found within the atom symbol. All things in this illusory plane are linked together via “Thought”, … or suggestions. This “source” was discovered after being willing to accept whatever the Truth may be, and in whatever form it may take. Upon submitting to this concept that it was my 3D person that was the stumblingblock, it soon became evident that my humanity was also the barrier separating my ability to discover Truth. I was the problem and the interference that kept my 3D illusory being from comprehending, reconnecting and recognizing Truth.

The Ego (Thought Process) that conjured up my illusory life experience is who and what we are in this 3D plane. We are the mouthpiece and the players, the puppets, that perpetuate the luciferian agenda. It’s this agenda that seeks to be “god”. When in Reality, there is no such thing as “god”, or the “devil”. Who and What we really are simply ignores the Ego (Thought Process) and continues on in Eternal Peace within the Paradise State, even as the Mindset of the Ego dances about, hoping to distract and manipulate the Truth. Which of course, can never be accomplished. However, the Ego doesn’t know this, for the Ego has no Truth, no Awareness, … and only functions by exercising Thoughts. These thoughts are conjured up through religious and intellectual exercises.

We are One Wisdom and We Know All Things, … and we have no need to think. We simply know. Therein lies Peace, Power, Purity, Perfection, and the Eternal Bliss of Paradise. All we have to do is reclaim, or refocus upon The Original State of Being which has the Power and Wisdom to direct our lunatic 3D mind to be silent and to take a back seat as we take pleasure and prosper within the illusion. Knowing full well that the illusion is just that, … an illusion. Not valid, … not real, … and is one massive lie.



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