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for pricing, availability, and to find out more about Bryan Kemila, the MATRIX and HYPNOTIC MANIPULATION, and the creative process behind this massive work of art and the written word.


When visiting the Fantasy Fine Art site, check the drop-down menu under MATRIX BLOG where a short break down of the symbolism in the paintings is available. As time permits, the explanation of the symbolism in all the paintings will hopefully be accomplished.



The HOLOGRAPHIC DISCLOSURE video series which has illegally used my copyrighted material without my express written permission.

My blog site,, does not in any way suggest that the 3D illusory plane is a hologram. What it does state repeatedly, is that the whole 3D universe is simply a product of hypnotic subliminal suggestion, and that everything “we think we see” is illusory. Unlike a hologram which has to originate from some solid form, which is a lie. Hypnotic suggestion conjures up illusions from no original solid form.

This theft by the Holographic Disclosure creators is a perfect example of the luciferian Mindset taking the Truth and manipulating it to mean something that it is not.

Holographic Disclosure credits me in their videos of which I had no part in creating the series. In no way did I authorize that they might use the information originating on this blog and subsequently selling the information in their video series. They then go about stealing the message and twisting it to mean something that is opposite to my blog message. For the True message of what’s transpiring, read this blog only.

Bryan Kemila

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on this site will be listed here.

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P.88 – March 29, 2015

The 88th Day of the Year – Lady Solomon – The NEW JERUSALEM – Carly Simon “Working Girl” movie 1988 LET THE RIVER RUN – Andreas Libutz Co-Pilot Blamed for CRASH of Flight 4U9525 – SHANIA TWAIN ROCK THIS COUNTRY Tour – Bank of England Central Banking System Began 322 YEARS AGO from 1694 to 2016 …

* *

… events are happening at an extreme pace. Watch and wait, … do not react to anything! Do not choose sides! Everything is illusory! …

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